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No. 59853
98 kB, 728 × 593
Which part of Europe would you like to be in during the absolute deepest pit of the Dark Ages?
No. 59855 Kontra
I know to little about the time to make a decision. Probably Frisia as I like the North Sea.

I know this probably comes from ideas discussed yesterday, but why not the history thread?
No. 59856
Magyars so I can invade and settle south of the carpathian mountains and make mad all until I begome catholic :3
No. 59874
It would be Ravenna I think. It's a great and super fortified city having survived barbaric invasions with a relatively good weather. I would maybe engage in a fringe monastic order and exile in the countryside to create a short lived utopia. Two or three hundred years later, I would have wanted to live a short dangerous life in the great fairs of Champagne even if I know not very much about them.

I just learned watching the wikipedia article that Ravenna have been take in that century by the lombards. I would argue that it was in 752 and I would be long since dead.
No. 59876 Kontra
The only sensible answer is Constantinople.
No. 59881 Kontra
I thought about it and watched a clickbait youtube video about european city population and constatinople seem to have lost 3/4 of it's population the century prior. Probably due to some great historic plague.
No. 59890
Probably somewhere in the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy. Live that Ceorl life of being a dipshit free peasant degenerate.
No. 59893
I find the question why would you want to be in the absolute deepest pit of the Dark Ages more interesting.
No. 59910
Pretty sure that was the plague of Justinian which was y. pestis iirc. There have been many others taken down by smallpox. It's amazing to me how dumb people were to oppose the smallpox vaccination and elimination campaign. That one virus did more damage to us as a species than all our wars combined, and it along with plague are two of our species most mortal enemies that always had been holding us back.

Really the entire bedrock of modernity is a combination of fossil fuels and modern medicine, and you needed both. If you have one without the other you basically just plunge back into a more comfortable medieval era. Empires were frequently stricken by one pox or another, and often one calamity followed in footsteps of another which is why Pestilence's companions were famine, war, and death. Spanish flu and black death both followed war which helped incubate and spread them everywhere, followed by surging through economic routes like arteries into every major urban zone and outpost. Where a pestilence began first, often food supply would collapse, it would trigger the roiling strifes to boil over into open war. Any one of these things could take down a decaying empire, but the combination of all three will often spell the doom of the old order.

Now that I think about it I dont know what took down different caliphates and Islamic empires. I do know for sure though that the Black Death was the second major plague epidemic, with most scholars seeming to agree that the 7th or 8th century Plague of Justinian was the first known recorded outbreak.