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No. 59900
247 kB, 1200 × 713
324 kB, 700 × 431
97 kB, 728 × 469
232 kB, 1080 × 1286
How do you think, what will be world like in 10 years? In 50 years?
No. 59903
68 kB, 548 × 767
10 years: Same as today with some technological advancements.
The music charts are full of distorted samples of people screaming at eachother with lounge music in the background.

50 years: Same as today with a lot of technological advancements, way higher population and average life expectancy, even more fucked wealth distribution. All modern entertainment forms are AI generated.

100 years: Population starts to decrease

250 years: Only a few million people left

500 years: The last humans create a time traveling device with which they go back billions of years and create a big bang. Here it all will start from the beginning.
No. 59904
>10 years

There's a lot more stuff in orbit and a lot more of the stuff on Earth is integrated with that. The first experimental space-based solar power stations are being constructed, IIoT and proper smart cities become much more mundane to even common people.

Summer is too hot.


Probably a period of mass social/religious/revivalist movements. UBI will exist in many countries but it will be a poorly implemented shitshow that merely funnels money into the pockets of landlords with nothing left to actually live on and which constrains where you can live (UBI varying on local cost of living).

Summer is very hot indeed, oh god make it stop.
No. 59909
I support this topic, although I suspect in 100 years human civilization will crash as it did many times before. Most knowledge of this period will be lost because it will all be stored on fast fading technological mediums. A great deal of what we did will be lost for good and it will take centuries to get back to where we once were. The main habitable zones are going to be further north and south, and if civilization keeps burning long enough half the world cities will be new Atlantises and Antarctica would melt, where I doubt we will find much arable soil.

It will all in all be a post apocalyptic complete hellscape. I have zero faith in climate change doing anything but being accelerated in that time period. Most nationstates of the old order simply won't exist anymore. Things will eventually be driven to localization out of necessity, while others are reliant even moreso on far flung territories.

Worst case scenario is phytoplankton collapse. The air will become thin and extremely hard to breathe in the next hundred years. If enough of the oceanic plankton gets taken out we'll lose considerable amounts of atmospheric oxygen which itself will only worsen everything.

In geological terms, we are at the first section of a mass extinction event. Large volumes of plastics and strange isotopes will be detected in the sediments. It remains to be seen what will become of us, and if we will find a way to rebound or go extinct in the next millenia. Most people don't have any ability to think broadly so I think this will come as quite a shock to the low IQs that are zoomers now as they get older. Towards the end, we are going to get ripped apart by wars everywhere, both regional and civil.
No. 59911
>10 years
Don't know
>50 years
Don't know.
No. 59919
My fantasy or speculation ability is just as blank. I just go back to the 1980s history I was dealing with some time ago and what they imagined the future to be like. Somehow like we imagine our future, but different in the end. So it will be still like now but also vastly different in a sense.
No. 59947 Kontra
> How do you think, what will be world like in 10 years? In 50 years?
> "Races of the USA"

This is why we can't have serious discussion.
No. 60042 Kontra
No. 60074 Kontra
I was confused what you're talking about until checking once again and realizing you meant the fourth pic. How marvelous. It's like such stupid shitposts make my eyes glaze over so much now it doesn't even consciously register and I solely saw the first 3 pics.

Poses an interesting question where the marketing retards finally can do away with even pretense of talents altogether and the corporations can simply maintain high profit margins and control without even bothering to sign IP right deals, however I question how much it would become popular for the same reason people have moved away from everything like Hollywood, the recording industry, AAA gaming and so on. Of course large market segments are always going to be the same mouthbreathers who will believe anything no matter how transparently stupid or psychotic without even questioning it so long as enough critical mass of other idiots takes it seriouslyapparently one of the top news stories is some missing young blond woman like who gives a shit why does anyone care about this but I still question the success of a thing like that even under market liberalism.

You also seem to be assuming things will run smoothly for mostly the rest of this century which is laughable. I fell asleep listening to leutin talk 40K lore which apparently came out with hilariously good timing

That's 2071 A.D. There is liable to be at minimum one more global pandemic of likely far greater severity and at least one more global war within that timeframe, to speak nothing of resource depletion and ecological collapse, which as should've been shown by the great 2020 toilet paper shortage can be triggered be seemingly small things and then the collapse happens fast.

I also knew nothing about the great British fuel shortage in the early 2000s. It is definitely true that a mind as devious and determined enough could being down the whole social order in about a month simply through the concerted spreading of rumours and conspiracy theories online. If I could hire out small stuff too I'm pretty confident I could bring the modern world down or screeching to a halt in about a month for the cost of a used car. Maybe a new one.