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No. 59965 Systemkontra
162 kB, 1169 × 1391
No. 59966

Systemic knowledge is developing for more than a century now in the west, though. Cybernetics was the attempt of a universal science, but it failed. One reason was that scientists wanted to separate themselves from hippies who took up those concepts as well. So they took notions that were used in cybernetics and took them back to their disciplines, the knowledge dispersed. Then there are two type of systems thinking, one that is hierarchical and more bureaucratic and one that is about open systems though a German philosopher says it's still mathematical etc etc not really about newness

I really like the etymology of science as it seems to come from indoeuropean skei, which is divide, same with analysis...both are about the splitting up of things to understand them, the elements are important, probably their relation as well, but a system is more defined by its structure/relations than their elements I think.

I think what I'm more concerned with is not what is better, science/splitting and dividing, digital mode, or some analog seamless systemic relation holism. But that there is a divide between the two in itself. The worst is you can either take this relation between the two modes as a divide, as digital, as well as focus on their relation so to make it more analog, if that makes sense. Either gap or no gap?

A system probably has no root. Which is funny, because it shows what kind of thinking you apply.
Anyway, I'm with you that it is not somethign to be discarded, you cannot explain the forming of the earth and its element as cultural history. Though ofc there are cultural histories of elements. Jussi Parikka wrote about a media history that is not just concerned with (immaterial) media effects but the work that goes into making media materially and its effects.

>How would you approach that in a "holistic" way? You can't, you have to go granular

And that is why it will always remain patchy.
No. 59967
>A system probably has no root. Which is funny, because it shows what kind of thinking you apply.
An existing system (or let's say the current state of a given system you are observing right now at this moment) probably not, but an emerging system of course does. It needs to have a nucleus somewhere from which the system can emerge. Or a system can form through connections between different elements, which all of course also need to come from somewhere.
Though I suspect we are talking about different kinds of "systems", so we'd need to define that term more precisely.
No. 59970
A definition of a system is tricky. I want to read a book about system as genre. It is tricky as system is used in various contexts, I assume you come solely from physics and the notion of physical systems?

Just an observation from my side: America ball was talking about western fascination with individuals. And your post as well is built from the assumption that there are individual elements that constitute a system. Elements connect. The element with inherent boundaries comes first, is primary. Probably that is what is called Atomism and perhaps is also set for the standard model of particle physics I guess. Philosophically foremost, an alternative would be to say the relation is the first "entitity" to exist. Elements are what they are through the relation.
No. 59973
for some reason woke up randomly after 3 hours of sleep. it's been half a day and I think I'm having minor visual hallucinations.

the mouse on my screen seems to vibrate, and I keep seeing dark shapes in my peripheral vision. ebin

most exciting thing that happened to me all month
No. 59975
No, I work with living things, which already warrants viewing things in a larger scope than the single cell, for example. Still, we can't ignore that single cell because especially for microbes the "systemic" relations aren't well enough understood yet (for example microbial communication/quorum sensing), so e.g. for designing a nutrient feed you still need to consider the needs of a single cell and then scale that up to a whole reactor, in simplified terms.

And if we are talking about science, I don't think that any of it is the result of any kind of western fascination with individuals.
Science has been done "individually" in Nazi Germany, in the UdSSR, the chinese are doing it and every other collectivist or solidly united society. Focus on individual elements or entities is an effect, not a cause.
No. 59977
>No, I work with living things, which already warrants viewing things in a larger scope than the single cell, for example.

Yes, interesting. Biology and system thinking have a long history. The organism could be thought of as a forerunner.

>And if we are talking about science, I don't think that any of it is the result of any kind of western fascination with individuals.

I think we really run into problems if we say science just mirrors social imagination. Yet I guess you can trace science and philosophy of the west (ancient greece etc) and make some interesting discoveries, what that could mean and what I mean exactly I cannot say. As I haven't read too much about it, just bits that briefly mention it. I mean before an elaborate scientific practice or method was declared as the way to go we have philosophy. I'm interested in traces left, and the other of science and its method as we understand it in a way. I mean I read this more or less on the side, while it plays a role in my studies as a sophisticated form of knowledge.


I've been reading lectures on the beginning of Marx Kapital, the chapter on the commodity. Interestingly Marx it seems, unsurprisingly perhaps, takes note of the sciences of its times. It's the century of Darwins publications e.g. and for him, the commodity is like the single cell of the system. Hence the explanation of the system has to start there. Maybe a sort of phylogenesis for the capitalist society. Though Hegel plays its part I guess, don't know exactly which and to what extend. Besides turning him upside down, as the phrase goes.
No. 59978 Kontra
>philosophers talking about Darwin
Only good things can come out of that lol

But seriously, I haven't read Marx, but I suspect he also misunderstood the theory of evolution.
No. 59979 Kontra
It's a question of concepts. I think you don't understand that philosophy is conceptual and not a life science. Then again, is Marx a philosopher? Marx talks about the structuration of society via the commmodity form. I don't think that Marx intended to make a Darwin copy anyway. Again, concepts and their deployment are what is going on.

The argument he is trying to develop according to the book is to start with the basic that everybody agrees on is the case and then go from there. I don't know enough about life science, but it sounded like it's still the case that the cell makes a basic uni/element of that science. The commodity is equally basic for the capitalist society. Ofc there is an analogy to the organism in that case, but that is the case for systems theory anway, biology developed, among others, the systems approach out of organicism. To treat something like a system, some people will say it is because functionality-wise, it seems to work well to use the concept lots of examples were system approaches failed though
No. 59980 Kontra
Don't worry, I wasn't being entirely serious.
But of course is Marx a philosopher. A political philosopher, what else would he be?

That said, I don't dispute using a cell, being the smallest functional unit of an organism (though that isn't entirely correct either), and discussing their role in an organism, if the analogy works, it's ok.
I was talking about Darwin's theory of evolution being commonly misunderstood as you had mentioned him, and made the connection to Marx, or made the connection based on the connection you made.
No. 59981
Reminds me of Engels looking for negation of negation in math:

> It is the same in mathematics. Let us take any algebraic quantity whatever: for example, a. If this is negated, we get -a (minus a). If we negate that negation, by multiplying -a by -a, we get +a2, i.e., the original positive quantity, but at a higher degree, raised to its second power. In this case also it makes no difference that we can obtain the same a2 by multiplying the positive a by itself, thus likewise getting a2. For the negated negation is so securely entrenched in a2 that the latter always has two square roots, namely, a and — a. And the fact that it is impossible to get rid of the negated negation, the negative root of the square, acquires very obvious significance as soon as we come to quadratic equations.
No. 59982 Kontra
I think that Marx like others of the time was interested in scientific ongoings and the concept of evolution, perhaps back then often broader understood as a kind of development, was going viral to frame it in a contemporary metaphor. The thing is, being interested in knowledge, its production and travel/modification and application, I think it was an interesting thing to make this connection. The lectures on Marx don't point it out, it was just a guess from my side that this very much sounds like biological concepts found their way into his thinking. And I'm sure somebody already followed that path in form of articles and books as it seems rather obvious. In what way and what that means for the argument of Marx itself is not a question I can answer right now. It's an interesting thought to use a starting point everyone will agree upon and then develop the built of a society that is implicit or can be deduced from that basic element (and its interaction perhaps) everyone agrees upon. Surely on its way something can go wrong. But I think he did quite well in choosing that basic element, at least it seems like it. Since the lectures only deal with the chapter on that element I will have to see myself what he does make of it in the rest of Kapital.
No. 59985 Kontra
>Though Hegel plays its part I guess, don't know exactly which and to what extend. Besides turning him upside down, as the phrase goes.
The way Marx develops the first part of Capital 1 is similar to the way Hegel develops his Phenomenology of Spirit. This is what Lenin meant when he said this part of Capital cannot be fully understood without having read Hegel. Of course people have argued (e. g. Sahra Wagenknecht in her PhD thesis under Hans Heinz Holz) that Hegel is actually more materialistic than he is considered usually, so Marx did not really turn him upside down after all.
Funny though: Marx had the highest respect for Darwins work but disliked his writing style as being dry, which he attributes to be stereotypically British writing, so I assume he wished for Darwin to write more with the developing ("German") style of Hegel.

>A political philosopher, what else would he be?
To me Marx is a (political) philosopher sometimes, just like he is a political economist at (most) times or a political activist etc. meaning it depends on the part of his work and/or life you look at, though of course those overlap each other and sometimes views change over time.
No. 59989
I suspect that the Logik der Wissenschaft, which I read builds on the Phenomenology, is also crucial in understanding the scientific aspect or aspirations. Dunno. I read a few orthodox Marxists lately and I always wonder how they can be so secure about certain things. Maybe Hegel is one key. But I think that the start of Kapital is also key in developing a good argument for the functioning of a capitalist mode of production and all its consequences as described by him. At least over reading most of the lectures I finally can grasp why he starts with the commodity and why this is so important in developing a good argument.

>Marx is different things

Yeah, too many things go into his writings to give him just one label.
No. 59991
63 kB, 640 × 717
The gods? What?

I am not talking about whatever retarded New Age misappropriation of the term. What I mean by holistic is closer to dictionary definition, that is, the integrative systems approach using nonlinear thinking, inductive logic, lateralized thinking etc.

My chief problem here being that yes, if you want to talk about a certain period of European industrialization in history class you also end up needing to talk about the science, math, culture, etc. that went into the time period. None of these things exist within a vacuum. There is likewise a reason certain technologies got well developed and popularized and others didn't, like for example how the Soviets were focusing more on bacteriophages than antibiotics, or why the automotive industry took off here while Europe kept its rail networks, differences in historic and geographical reasons for urban planning etc. etc.

> a top-down approach is though that by observing the system as a "whole"
I do not consider it a top down approach at all.
> it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions because you explicitly didn't even try to get to the root and thus some effect you see might be caused by something you don't know yet, yet you still have to explain it.
While this is one strength of the truncative approach, it still presumes a singular pathway of cause to effect. Like I said, the assumption that always in nature it must go from point A to B to C, when fact is a lot of things end up greater than the sum of their parts. This is one reason why for example we have such utterly inferior approaches to mental illnesses and why we have no clue how the brain actually works, why we are still not that great at predicting the weather, and why pretty much the moment you get to large dynamic systems connected to each other it basically just becomes "idunno lol here eat lithium salts maybe that works." Maybe it will. Maybe it will not. Maybe it only sometimes works. Maybe the entire approach to say depression is completely retarded as is the peddling of SSRIs and whatever becomes the fad treatment, that may work for some but not for others.

Or look at the other systems I mentioned like economics. This is literally a "lol idunno" field just like psychiatry, where all these people with their fancy degrees haven't got any clue at all how things work until they've been long experienced enough to develop the right wisdom and instincts for predicting it rather than reading some medieval tier guidebook.

Basically I look at things more as relative, in that yes modern medicine for example is light years superior to dumb shit the Greeks or medieval French were doing, many of which were built on faulty premises to begin with like the bodily humours that went unchallenged for a couple millenia. At the same time, everyone and everything around me is pretty barbaric, and often becomes a mixture of well meaning dogmatists being challenged for the wrong reasons by the wrong people who seemingly want us to start backsliding into neolithic tribals. What I propose is that to truly advance the sciences requires a different paradigm, one that takes fuller accounting of the impacts of things like chaos theory, especially considering the basic presumption is often an Occam's Razor approach where A and B may merely be incidental.

> If it can't be reproduced,
I already basically accounted for that factor when I said I understand how and why reproducibility is a major component and yet you said
>it is my duty, as a scientist, to question it.
How much of our modern understanding is even reproducible? Do you think that we can just reproduce Venusian oceans vaporizing in a lab? Is everything from climate change, to pandemic modeling, to economic modeling, etc something we have reproduced in a lab over and over again? No we have not, and in fact our reliance on that faulty thinking is precisely one of the components to why all those things are routinely shocking to the experts because the real world is not some sterile lab conditions where you're testing one dissected segment at a time to figure out how the insect works of it is even alive.

That is also something I'd presume to be why we have such utter idiocy I experienced and still do experience with people from trying to say animals are all just robotic and don't feel real pain the way we do, to the fedora tendency towards claiming we are "just computers" without understanding the difference between our utterly inferior and artificial modeling versus the real thing any more than a man shooting a high velocity lead pellet at a bed of sand in some lab and trying to talk about the dinosaur extinction as if it were the same thing.
No. 59992
89 kB, 960 × 960
Do you understand what I am even saying? I am attacking the very individuistic ego-obsessed premises of the modern society itself. I am saying that bleeds into literally everything else we do, and that while it may be miles beyond the dark ages it's still a bunch of barbarians who think they're geniuses because they figured out a few linear logic problems. But then again, it is highly unlikely we'll be able to model this stuff properly without quantum computing anyway so it's a moot point in the lab and only relevant towards fundamentally changing our thinking and approach to a problem.

>How would you approach that in a "holistic" way? You can't, you have to go granular, right into the human mind.
By understanding the interrelated human processes that makes a thing like music appealing or invented to begin with, which I might add some of what you're talking about remain open mysteries anyway.

You're still doing it too. What is "the human mind"? How is that granular? Is "the mind" itself one singular, concrete object? Are you talking about the brain at physical level? Or the human experience of consciousness? Or something else? What parts of our evolutionary history would lead us into developing music? What are the different associated parts of human neurology that factor in to developing an appreciation for music or creating it? Which neural systems are fluff? Where do those connections begin and end?

What you are doing is trying to talk about individual transistors, and there is a time and place for that; what I am trying to do is talking about the whole entire machine and how all its different components work together, because while that also is useful to understanding how and why firmware is written to behave in certain ways, it ultimately amounts to completely fuckall when you're troubleshooting a system error. Or rather, does the individuistic, truncative approach help to diagnosing a singular problem if it is one problem then yes it does, but it amounts to fuckall if you're wanting to actually build an entire machine and write an OS for it and all the firmware making sure all its components are functioning properly together.

It is a well known fact that the current approach to the Scientific Process works very well for what it does or is designed to do in part, however on the whole it's utterly shite on figuring out anything from a systems level. It is a methodology derived from a mentality that is always going to doom humans to having to suffer stupid shit like famine because they couldn't connect their new product to inadvertently wiping out bee populations and thus causing agricultural collapse, or to figuring out what pants on head retarded economic system they are running that is dumping lakes of water on Arizona golf courses while our clean freshwater sources are drying out globally, or to connecting the dots between industrialization then and disrupting all the different global systems later. In the latter case, it's not just economics driving the propaganda to claim climate change doesn't real, but a fundamental incapacity of wide swathes of the human populace to think that way due in part to them never having been trained to be able to think that way, and that is always going to lead those humans to being at effect of the universe rather than having not simply causation over it, but a wisdom of knowing their causative agency over it.

The lack of that is precisely why it's become a common fiction trope to have an "oops" moment with some scientist or other, because they have their face pressed so close to the treebark they hadn't even considered it being a part of the forest. That is the fundamental idiocy behind driving our stupid technical decisions as a race because we're quite simply not looking at how changing X might change all these other systems because all we want to do is look at X->Y and then it's all "oops well the Cane Toads did completely fuckall for our pest infestations and now we're flooded with Cane Toads. who could possibly have foreseen this"
No. 59993 Kontra
One word: emergence

>Anyway, I'm with you that it is not somethign to be discarded, you cannot explain the forming of the earth and its element as cultural history.
That's because the forming of the earth preceded all earth life and therefore first of all, no human culture could have anything to do with that event, and second of all, it is saying "because this one thing in the future is not directly related therefore understanding interrelations between systems is irrelevant" when clearly any tiny little permutation in the earth's cosmic history would make the place uninhabitable by man, not even mentioning the fact that as per applied chaos theory the changing of one tiny thing that long ago will rapidly ripple outward across time in different consequences.

To put it in more understandable and human scale terms, imagine that say 9/11 didn't happen. Imagine all the children who'd never have been born since that time. All the different social connections, the culture. This one event in our lifetimes may not have directly impacted any of us at that time, but the long running chains of causality would eventually lead to dramatically different lives all of us would be living from deep personal impacts, like hitting a 5 ball trick shot. You thought it was unrelated only because you did not foresee the direct personal consequence of it across time.

But in cosmological scales, us simply not being hit by the theorized Theia collisionwhich itself clearly all these theories are not reproducible and thus many things we take at face value are ultimately strong conjectures anyway until proven otherwise or us not having the moon to stabilize our tilt, or anything that could change our plate tectonics or position of our orbit, would likely lead to us either never having developed life, or it being extinguished. See also: our failed twins Venus and Mars. The broader the scale across space and time the more tweaking on tiny parameter is amplified to impact everything else.

That of course will eventually impact the rise of these tool using apes and how their cultures formed around the natural landscapes of the earth and so on, so it really is only a matter of when connections between things become that relevant it bears mentioning or where in the causitive chains of existence's Factorio it springs up.

Ah yeah that's it
which is funny in the sense that yes, we now have understanding of atoms and atomic theory, but even the atoms are themselves divisible and related components of protons, neutrons, electrons, and are themselves composed of divisible and related elements of quarks and that is now reaching the absolute cutting edge of modern physics.
If you do not understand the relation between all the trees then you neither will understand the forest nor the tree; likewise, atomism and the idea of dividing to separate individuated parts can be very good at dissecting the tree which is necessary to help understand the forest even if it is horrible at seeing the overall bigger picture and thus why the tree itself or the forest works that way.

This was the essence of my criticism, which posits that on some fundamental level the atomistic approach is rooted in that developmental pathway and those ways of perceiving, that is to say, when I criticize "Westernist science" what I am saying is that it is rooted on the faulty premises of what constitutes the self, and the manner in which a human being is seen as a singular, indivisible, concrete, and eternal "soul" and that that presumption becomes the guiding fundamental presumption behind the development of Western scientific approaches.

As to USSR, it too is ultimately Western in that sense, that is to say, it still is rooted in a people guided by Roman and Christian principles of thinking and that Marx himself was both a Western and a Jew and so likely had at least some underlying presumption about the nature of the self, whose system in turn became adopted into some mutation of itself as the Chinese Communist Party, in which case you cannot strictly talk about the CCP either by only mentioning Wect material blah blah or Chinese history, because it is ultimately synthesis of both.

In other words, a counter question could be "what would science and the scientific method look like if it was developed, guided, and used by Buddhists since the very beginning instead?"
No. 59996 Kontra
tl;dr: I am fat and just blurt out my fat breath because I am too fat (or lazy) to try and understand what other people are saying.

>In other words, a counter question could be "what would science and the scientific method look like if it was developed, guided, and used by Buddhists since the very beginning instead?"
Had you actually read my posts, you'd have caught my example. The scientific method has developed like it did because it just werks, no matter your belief, creed, race or anything else, just like punching. Funny, right now I also feel like punching.
No. 59998 Kontra
You could have addressed some points. While it works, does not mean there are no problems, or problems that are just internal hair-splitting.
No. 60000
Today I ate boar for the first time. It was gud. 5/5

Thank you for listening.
No. 60001 Kontra
I never claimed there are no problems, but that question itself implies that a buddhist developed scientific method would be substantially different from the "western" (which isn't a western, but a universal) one.
No. 60002
353 kB, 1360 × 1532
I made a meme. Pls rate.
No. 60005 Kontra
67 kB, 625 × 469
Pretty good, I laughed!
No. 60006
>I never claimed there are no problems

But you said it's all bullshit, but really just pointed out/claimed the scientific method originated in the west is a universal method applicable by everyone. Which I think is true. But as he pointed out perhaps the history of this method interferes with what is called context of justification, and while science is built on the premise of it being completely untouched in that sense. Science that way posits itself as neutral, god like observer in order to keep the sacred grail of objectivity rolling. So maybe with a different culture, it would be possible to have a different understanding that still would "work". I don't say that it would be totally different, but I don't think that is what the American said either. And when I say it has problems, I refer to what the American said more or less. I don't deny that it works, obviously, but I wonder in how much it actually works and if we really understand how it works.
No. 60007
87 kB, 580 × 800
158 kB, 760 × 456
46 kB, 504 × 375
128 kB, 537 × 750
Some of my recent shoop adventures. Pic 4 censored because it's offensive :DD
No. 60008
65 kB, 640 × 410
Dugin says that in American ontology there are no objects and no subjects (at least in usual meaning of these words). There are only relations between them which are either "it works" or "it doesn't work".
This is why every American has a freedom to consider himself fascist, woman and/or Elvis Presley. Because "it works for him".
No. 60009
The emphasis of scientific research and way it is conducted yes would operate differently ic Abrahamic religions and the ancient Greeks never existed, yes. I do not know why this is so difficult for you to understand and accept.

>claims others are fatposting

This but also it literally doesn't just work, as in the wide variety of dynamic and complicated interdependent systems, that again, is partly why we are such complete shit at actually predicting a lot of things beyond the individualist-primacy centric mode of Western thought. The basic assumption that you somehow exist as an island completely independent from any other formative factors is a complete farce that we rationally know is a farce, and yet the unconscious presumption remains and therefore helps inform the way we go about everything else, from social policy to academic research. I mean hell even our way of crediting inventors and researchers is this very corner cutting way of saying "and so here we see Ernst Septembrus, who discovered so and so through his research" while it was in fact a variety of your assistants and other researchers helping the collaborative effort to which your name is attached. Some people ironically did research on his this research and accrediting is conducted
although I think it's a different study of which I'm thinking. One of our great astronomical advances comes to mind
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrietta_Swan_Leavitt whose historical significance tied into Abrahamic religious ordering of society, and likewise just as certainly underlying assumptions and mentalities lead to specific orderings of society so too does it inform some of the most fundamental ways we go about things stemming from those fundamental modes of operating and perceiving things, just as surely as a research project can become tainted by having the whole experiment's parameters built upon basic flawed assumptions that then taints the whole outcome of that research to begin with and create either junk data or only creates one flawed part of the bigger picture.

So I will say it again that yes certain aspects of Western approach to research are inherently flawed by failing to take fuller accounting of the fact a greater thing can arise than the sum of its parts, i.e. emergence. It is indeed very good at what it does and does generally try hard to isolate a specific thing so it is not influenced by co-factors or contaminates the research results, however even in just defining those parameters can the experiment itself become flawed, and so too do we end up horrible at understanding systems as complex as say the human brain or accurately predicting outcomes that are not dependent on that atomistic, Western individualist approach to everything. That is exactly the kind of pants on head retarded thinking that results in say, trying to isolate "the one" psychotropic compound in Marijuana, and then simply declaring that it is THC that makes you high, and then shbsequently trying to synthesize and patent dumb shit like Marinol rather than asking and trying to understand "but what is the greater picture here? What other compounds and systems could be at play here while we try and develop our cancer drugs?"

Do you really not see what I am saying here? The very basis of our thinking and perceiving as according to those presumptions leads us in drug development to simply assume that there is one thing in Marijuana, made even worse by yet another corner cutting of universalism and expecting everything to work the same for everyone and thus getting really strange or paradoxical reactions because not everyone is wired the same because of the nature of their own biological systems. In that case it is a necessary analytical corner to cut, however the fact remains we may totally miss a much better medical compound simply because we expect there to be primacy of "the one" chemical that gets you high and causes all those other potentially useful therapeutic effects, and going even further is partly why we had such utterly idiotic drug laws to begin with that barred medicinal and scientific inquiry.

I say Western, because we have our own unique theological and cultural concept of the self's relationship to the world, the self's relationship to other selves, and the fundamental nature and relationship of the self to itself, that is rooted partly in our Abrahamic conceptualizations of the soul, and its teleological view of nature which again informed the assumption of Signatures in medicine

If however your entire concept of the Self is that there is no true self, that you are not eternal, and that you are more the emergent property of the relationships between various things, and that you are a different "you" now than seven years ago and say "that self is dead" then yes your way of going about things like setting up research is going to be coming from a very different place. It is your basic assumptions about the nature of self and reality which can help shape and inform your very methodology.

It is partly for these reasons that something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrupted_Blood_incident would be totally unforseen by epidemiologists because they are, again, approaching it from the truncative viewpoint and so some of that mass behavior within these systems wouldn't have even occurred to them to test for and thus making the very conclusions to their research flawed. I will also say however that my view doesn't contradict the fact you could end up with that flawed disaster preparedness anyway if you do not account for the individual subsystems within those systems, i.e. the individuals.

My basic criticism is aimed at what I see as the inherent flaw and weakness to our present systems of knowledge acquisition and categorization, flaws in which they are need of hotpatches and bug fixes imo. I am not saying to throw things out, but rather vertical and horizontal integrations of other systems, for example in the emphasis on emergence. What I am saying is that the present knowledge system is like having one air traffic controller so laser focused on his one airplane operating in the weather conditions that he then loses sight of all the other planes moving simultaneously and after accidentally causing a midair collision goes the same how could this possibly have happened?! route as usual.

I think that is partly why our system is such complete ass at predicting and preventing obvious cascade failures, from market crashes, to the OxyContin opioid epidemic, to impacts of climate change, to just about everything about 2020, and everyone going how unprecedented how could anyone have possibly foreseen this??

tl;dr you need to see the forest and the trees, not just the trees or the forest alone, and everything else while you're at it if able
No. 60010
Good meme.
No. 60012 Kontra
> I do not know why this is so difficult for you to understand and accept.
Because it's just not true? Because people have conducted "research", to call it by a modern term, even before jews have existed? Or the Greek? Do you think the wheel did just pop into existence? Or bread? Or the hand axe? Discoveries and inventions and innovations have always been made (around the globe independently from each other), and it has always been based on finding out on what works and what doesn't (= trial and error, which the "western" scientific method is based on). And that is, as I have said before and you have clearly missed, universal in all humans.
But why am I even replying? You're just ranting on and on and on and not hearing anything. Fatposter.
No. 60014
96 kB, 1024 × 791
It's hard not to consider 30 lines of hippie gibberish as fatpost. Science works with systems of objects as well as with separate ones, and abstraction (viewing group of trees as forest) is a very common instrument of it. What is "body" in physics? System of particles. What you do is take your "muh individualism" preconception and try to apply it to everything you see, including science, but world is more complex than your personal grievance.
No. 60016
I really, really need to stop coming here and driveling on just because it's vestigial from well over ten years of my life I wasted on imageboard shitholes, and EC doesn't even have the decency to be shitty and retarded enough to wash my hands of IB culture altogether. And to stop not expect discussions online but keep acting like a cunt to people in general. And to just focus on acquiring wealth and advancing myself or at the very minimum solely watching astronomy videos instead.

Actually nevermind. I wrote the above before reading any posts after. Strike that, I actually should be as much of a raging cunt to people online as possible.

I said approach towards, you imbecile, not simply trial and error which isn't what post enlightenment methodology is unless you want to expand it to such a point as being meaningless but why should I even bother? You clearly aren't reading or responding to the points I made about anything. There's that one German whose posts I liked about cybernetics. I doubt that is you.

Where the fuck did you get "hippie" from you FASposter? I already rather specifically outlined a variety of examples where we take a flawed approach, such as the case of Marinol, or not viewing the broader implications but solely seeing it as "cue ball hits ball 4." It is a general shortsightedness.

Fatposting is not bothering to engage in discussion and posting solely just to shitpost. If you're not even going to read any points I made then you're fundamentally unable to post a counterargument or do anything other than countryball posters and shitpost at them, which is pretty much the definition of fatposting.
No. 60017

I don't speak russian. But I've read Dugin. And What even is American ontology? He probably speaks of french ontological speculations that have been adopted in cases by American scholars. Either way, Dugin himself is interested in such an ontology I guess, I've read his interpretations in his 4th political mumbo jumbo. He has some fascination for french philosophy that goes against classical European notions of the subject (Descartes etc). On another note: The classical scientific paradigm to come about in Europe works with a clear distinction of subject (observer) on object (observed). This has been called into question. It works apparently, but could be a reason why we have problems in science as well.

>There are only relations between them which are either "it works" or "it doesn't work".

You need to clarify.
No. 60018
I'm interested in the history of cybernetics and systemic notions that still are relevant today in science in other parts of society, largely when it comes to organizing. So I think you are not right by saying systems thinking does not play a role in the west. It has in various ways infiltrated our lives. There are even systemic approaches in psychotherapies. I think one problem is that both ways of viewing and conducting research happen in parallel, because as we can agree on, the classic view is still quite effective and will probably stay quite effective. One big trouble that occurs and I know of by the history of cybernetics is circular causality, which is against classical notions of causality. Another is philosophical problems stemming from quantum physics and the role of the observer (also measuring instruments) and observed. Usually and afaik, engineers work with closed systems I think, while second order cybernetics and the counter culture (that was fascinated with "oriental" notions) were and are interested in open systems, and I think you as well are interested in open systems. I think one obvious problem with systems is the complexity and there have been attempts to use systems science in social policy that failed, why? A question I cannot answer, but might not be the end for applying such notions. Another thing is that system theory was used to reduce complexity and to claim humans do exactly that, reduce complexity to be able to act within environments, so as I understand it, we are limited in our abilities to work with complexity thus we reduced and simplify. Which would go against your claim we should take hold of complexity. Maybe computers can help. But again the modeling/simulation is on our part I think.

What would be good by the other German is to clarify what the trial and error method means exactly. Because today I assume what is meant is hypothesis, experimental testing. There are other suggestions on how science is conducted, Ian Hacking for example says that experimenting is more crucial and theorizing.
Since the German comes from life science I would like to know what he thinks of Hans Jörg Rheinberger and his experimental systems and epistemic things

No. 60020 Kontra
>If you're not even going to read any points I made then you're fundamentally unable to post a counterargument or do anything other than countryball posters and shitpost at them, which is pretty much the definition of fatposting.
Oh so you mean like you do by seeing a random word in a post and then freestyle ramble in a widely unrelated manner? Or acting like mundane revelations of yours are some kind of profound insights?
But please, feel free how explain what you actually meant, because the way you're wording your, let's call it "thoughts", is really not clear at all. You posed the question, do you dare answering it? And by the way, I don't enjoy your posts either, at all.

>Because today I assume what is meant is hypothesis, experimental testing.
Yes, experimenting and adjusting your hypothesis IS trial and error, at its core. I don't quite understand the following sentence, but experimentation is absolutely neccessary, but without a proper working hypothesis you're just doing random shit, so they're inseparable. Conversely, a hypothesis stays a hypothesis until you have done something to either prove or falsify it.

>Since the German comes from life science I would like to know what he thinks of Hans Jörg Rheinberger and his experimental systems and epistemic things
I mean, what's there to think about it? It's a theoretical formularization of the daily lab work. It's kinda cool to have someone approach it like that, but in the end, it doesn't really matter for my work, because it's just giving a name to what is "intuitive". Like if I were to describe walking. "Walking has the leg component and the balance component. First you put one leg in front of the other, then you shift your weight, then you put the other leg in front of the first one and repeat that until you have reached your destination". Sure, you can describe walking like that, but it's completely unnecessary outside of a theoretical framework because everybody knows how to walk. Same is here. It's nice to theorize and be assburgers about things, but that's not something of consideration for the person actually conducting those experiments.
No. 60021
Yes, experimenting and adjusting your hypothesis IS trial and error, at its core. I don't quite understand the following sentence, but experimentation is absolutely neccessary, but without a proper working hypothesis you're just doing random shit, so they're inseparable. Conversely, a hypothesis stays a hypothesis until you have done something to either prove or falsify it.

Similar to what Popper said. Yes the sentence about hacking was weird. I wanted to say that for him it does not work like that, theory/hypothesis is not what comes first all the time in scientific ongoings. Hacking gives examples for that.

>I mean, what's there to think about it?

I haven't read him myself so far. Only about him. I knew beforehand that this does not affect scientific conduct today, I mean science is too big for a book to change it like that. It works to people's satisfaction so far, why bother. Yet I wonder if this is more than a description of what you are doing, as this has epistemological implications for what science/scientists are doing and what that means for its results in comparison to claims made by scientists themselves, as far as I understood. Rheinberger has an education as a life scientist himself at least.
No. 60022
>I wanted to say that for him it does not work like that, theory/hypothesis is not what comes first all the time in scientific ongoings. Hacking gives examples for that.
Ah, I see. Yeah well, that's also nothing new. Experiments are dynamic, which means that an experiment you conduct to answer question A might lead to questions B, C and D.
But there is ALWAYS at least some kind of idea what you want to achieve when experimenting, because as explained earlier, without your hypothesis you won't even be able to properly plan your experiment. So any kind of experimental setup without at least some kind of direction will be what? Driving nails into your knee and seeing what happens? And in hacking you also don't hack into blue air. That said, maybe I am not thinking far enough, can you give a concrete example?

>Yet I wonder if this is more than a description of what you are doing, as this has epistemological implications for what science/scientists are doing and what that means for its results in comparison to claims made by scientists themselves,
Well, I mean, all he does is describing the daily life from what I could gather.
For example, this from his german wiki page
>Im Gegensatz zum üblichen Selbstverständnis der forschenden Wissenschaften zeigt Rheinberger auf, dass weniger Planung und Kontrolle, sondern mehr Improvisation und Zufall den Forschungsalltag prägen.
This is really nothing new. In fact, it's exactly my own experience and at least the people I know don't have this kind of self-conception. Though granted, a huge factor here was that most institutes are constantly short on money and you have to McGyver everything. Parafilm and clamps basically. I once heard the saying
>The definition of insanity in science is doing the same thing over and over with the same parameters and expecting the same outcome
Doing experimental work, especially with living systems, warrants a very high frustration tolerance because half the time nothing works, despite proper planning and instrumentation. That's also why "never change a running system" is such a paradigm. You just don't have the time to spend another two years rebuilding a setup from the ground up if it already works, even if not optimally.
Plus, most breakthrough discoveries were by chance. Yet you can't make any discoveries by being unorganized and without strict control of parameters.

As I said, it's interesting to talk about, but in the end, it's only of concern for those interested in that topic.
I also noticed this in the german article
>Erkenntnis ist also weder zwangsläufig noch vollständig.
Which is also nothing new. If there were no new things to discover, we wouldn't conduct science. And nobody would ever say we know everything.

The impression I get here is that it's less interesting for scientists, but more for the general public and laymen who still don't seem to understand how scientific work works. And to bring that into the minds of people is indeed really important.
No. 60023
The thing is you say it is nothing new, but in thinking about science it is. The fact that people are interested academically in how science is done practically (with the help of empirical/anthropological research) is rather young (70-50 years old). Ofc there are exceptions in history and you will find people who thought about it, but that it became a main focus is rather young in research about science itself as an object of inquiry. There is however a big pile of theorizing about science as in the philosophy of science, Popper, Carnap, Putnam and all the anglosphere names that are tied to it (some of them were not born in the US).

Regarding Hacking I had a hard time really understand it, I don't have the time to read him thoroughly as I have topics that I really need to take notes and understand that need my time. I can give some quotes from an article that is about Hacking though.
Hacking is a person that is interested not so much in science and representationalism but in science as doing, as action, knowledge is actively produced not simply discovered as in a representationalist approach would have it, if that is correct wording. I think Rheinberger would be in the same line, as as far as I understand his epistemic things (his ponderings according to him are only for the life sciences as he was trained in that and did not want to say something about physics, some people say it is also the same in a way for physics and others) for example include that life sciences do research with certain animals etc. There is some philosophical stuff in it I cannot put my finger upon as I don't read nor understand enough of it rn.

Anyway, about Hacking:

>Voller Anekdoten und Beispiele aus der Wissenschaftsgeschichte rekonstruiert Hacking die Tätigkeiten von Wissenschaftler_innen an und mit ihren Instrumenten, bis in Details beschreibt er die verschiedensten historischen Begebenheiten experimenteller Wissenschaft. Aus diesen Beschreibungen geht hervor, wie heterogen und verschlungen die Wege zu naturwissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen waren. Hacking zeigt, dass die operative Tätigkeit von Wissenschaftler_innen vor allem von praktischen Fertigkeiten und geschickten Eingriffen abhängt. Die theoretischen Annahmen, die dabei eine Rolle spielen, sind zunächst wiederum gar nicht so sehr auf eine abstrakte Theorie zur Erklärung beobachteter Phänomene gerichtet, vielmehr dienen sie der Kontrolle des Experiments selbst, etwa dazu, die Funktionsweise seiner Apparatur zu verstehen oder Resultate zu erfassen und einzuordnen (vgl. hierzu auch Hacking 1992). Solche theoretischen Elemente kommen im Spekulieren, Kalkulieren, Messen und in der Konstruktion von Modellen zum Ausdruck. Hacking entkleidet das Experiment seiner bloßen Funktion, vorhandene Theorien auf die Probe zu stellen. Es können vorher bereits zu überprüfende Vermutungen vorhanden sein, müssen aber nicht. Die zentrale Eigenschaft des Experimentierens liegt nicht in den theoretischen Überlegungen und Prämissen, sondern im Machen und Ausprobieren – und im genauen Erfassen, was passiert.

>Den Kampf zwischen Realismus und Anti-Realismus theoretisch auszutragen, führe also in die Irre. Nicht in transzendentalen Erkenntnisbedingungen – das heißt auf der Seite der Theorie – sei die Frage der Wirklichkeit zu entscheiden, sondern auf einer ganz pragmatischen Ebene. Wenn es heute standardisierte Verfahren gibt, in denen Elektronen gezielt eingesetzt werden – z. B. indem man mit ihnen schießt oder sie versprüht – um an einem andern Ort kausale Zustandsänderungen zu bewirken, die zudem genau vorhersagbar und messbar sind, dann entspringe jeglicher Zweifel an deren Existenz einem „antiphilosophischen Zynismus“

For me, Hacking is interesting as he is a realist but also not totally against social constructivism. He wrote a book about problems with the ubiquitous deployment of the notion of social constructivism. So things have their place, but we need to be more careful when to say what is what.
No. 60024
Ah shit lol I thought you meant hacking as in computer hacking.
As for Rheinberger's epistemic things, with how they're described in the article they're merely a transient state until they become those technical objects, provided of course you keep on pursuing the subject at hand.

As for Hacking, that's what I was talking about
>Hacking entkleidet das Experiment seiner bloßen Funktion, vorhandene Theorien auf die Probe zu stellen. Es können vorher bereits zu überprüfende Vermutungen vorhanden sein, müssen aber nicht.
by mentioning those emerging questions. Still, from that excerpt it isn't mentioned at all where the first experiment came from. Also, I don't know how a "theory" is defined here, because a "theory" means you have already made an observation and now try to explain that, so you can't necessarily put a theory to test - you are testing your hypothesis. Of course with more data someone can develop a better explanation, but that's the nature of the matter.

>Die zentrale Eigenschaft des Experimentierens liegt nicht in den theoretischen Überlegungen und Prämissen, sondern im Machen und Ausprobieren – und im genauen Erfassen, was passiert.
This is kinda obvious, because if you were only theoretizing, you weren't experimenting. Experimenting is experimenting, not pondering. And note how they mention the exact documentation.
I don't usually like quoting popsci stuff, but you might know that quote from Mythbusters
>It's not science until you write it down

Interestingly, that is basically what I am talking about all the time, the application in the real world and how merely thinking about stuff has no effect on the real, material world.
Man I really should start reading more properly written german stuff, I realize more and more how utterly un-eloquent I am. I already asked on /b/, but can you recommend (belletristic) stuff written in a good and elegant german? Just don't say Mann, I find him extremely boring.

And I like that part about the electrons. Mass spectrometers are still really fucking cool.
No. 60025
80 kB, 500 × 500
Happy birthday to me.

After burning 2000 calories in cardio that morning, I spent my Saturday night dining out with my mother at a fancy steakhouse ordering a wide range of dishes: cocktails, French onion soup, potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach, New York strip au poivre and some dessert.

Yesterday, I also dined out at a fancy restaurant and ordered pork osso bucco and banana bread pudding after first burning 2000 calories in cardio. Sorry dad. I know you wouldn't approve. I did come out as agnostic, so it's not like I still pretended to be a Muslim

Today, I'm going to, again, burn 2000 calories in cardio and have some sweets and tea at my local bakery. No idea what I'll do for dinner, but the day is still young.
No. 60026
Hacking is a "classic", published in 1983, by that time, experiments and experimentation weren't a big concern to a philosophy of science that was invested in question about how theories represent the world accurately. Hacking thinks it is a wrong field to debate realism. By now, experimentation has become a field of its own.

>Also, I don't know how a "theory" is defined here, because a "theory" means you have already made an observation and now try to explain that, so you can't necessarily put a theory to test - you are testing your hypothesis. Of course with more data someone can develop a better explanation, but that's the nature of the matter.

Maybe a theory is a set of propositions or similar. Also a theory is hypothetical. Popper said: it's theory, then experiment in order to test theory. Hacking says you don't need to have clear hypothesis, curiosity can also work, but ofc and he did not deny that: many experiments follow after a hypothesis was made. Maybe: experiments are set up to make observations if that makes sense? Hacking agrees that the observation comes before the theory, but I think with Popper it is that the theory comes first and that is Hacking's critique of Popper. Basically Hacking (and I'm just gathering from what I underlined briefly) says that before theories are set up there can happen a lot of fundamental work in experimentation first.

>writing it down

There are books on classification and inscription of scientific endeavors and the role of objects/media in science

>Interestingly, that is basically what I am talking about all the time, the application in the real world and how merely thinking about stuff has no effect on the real, material world.

I think this is quite a vast statement. Science works, but this is not all that can be said about what is actually happening, there are different positions on why it works, or does not work actually etc.
That is the most interesting question, it works, but in what way and how does it work. Scientists have their theory, their practice, but i think there is more in that to be found than both us might imagine. Since you come from the field you might lack what I imagine as I had a different training. Yet I wish I could also study STEM sciences. Besides those questions I'm interested in sciences and aesthetics, this has nothing to do with science inherently but is inevitable. From your perspective, it might be boring, repetitive lab work most days.

>can you recommend (belletristic) stuff written in a good and elegant german?

This really depends on what you understand is good and elegant. I've read more experimental literature stuff than classic stories. You could try translations in German as well btw. Otherwise, why not read Rheinberger or Hacking (in German) :DDD

I also want to know if you can recommend me introductions to life sciences. Baby tier introductions as well as common academic books, I know all STEMs have those hundreds of pages books with many editions that are gathering the basic knowledge every student has to learn more or less, usually from big presses. I know they exist for math, engineering and biology. But I don't have access to the library where I strolled through and found them (Lehrbücher I guess is the German term)
No. 60027
Today was cool.
Translation studies lecture was very good. Lot's of interactivity and plenty opportunities to share my views. (Because I decided that since we don't know each other with the people in the lecture hall, and I also have a seminar with the lecturer, it's no problem if I act like an unashamed nerd who tries to answer every question. Fuck you, it's my education, not yours.)
Though it's making me go crazy how we could discuss even fragments of words almost endlessly.

Turns out one of my former HS classmates also attends the lecture. I was surprised when I received a text saying we just missed each other, since I arrive five minutes late and she usually leaves 5 minutes early.
We could meet today and spent like 20-30 minutes talking. She's learning Russian.
Before parting I told her we should meet again sometime.
I kind of think I should maybe try asking her out. Is this not an opportunity dangling in front of me I should grasp?[spoiler]

Picked up a short monograph on Daoism, because I'm tired how every single class only mentions philosophical Daoism while only barely mentioning mystical Daoism.
The uni bookstore is a treasure trove and it's going to bankrupt me. There's a lot of stuff there. Like I saw a book on Arthurian legends which is something of a blindspot for my epics/mythology collection but I didn't get it because I had no more money on me.

A lot of people seem to be having a slight dry cough at university. Lot of runny noses too.
Could be covid. Or just the common cold. I don't know.
I have a slight cough too. I'm surprised how apathetic people are about it. A year ago you sneezed and people would avoid you like the plague, but not any more.
No. 60030
>Maybe a theory is a set of propositions or similar. Also a theory is hypothetical.
Yes, and this is where we differ: I already explained what a theory in my field is - for example to go back to the theory of evolution, there is nothing "theoretical" about it, evolution is an observed phenomenon. However, HOW EXACTLY evolution works, THAT is up for debate. I mean, Darwin already had an "outside" idea and his conclusions were sound, but of course he didn't know about genes and the like. For example if we talk about Lamarckian evolution, we know today it's bogus as he had envisioned it, but nonetheless epigenetics for example are a similar concept in that genes can be up- or downregulated at a human's runtime and then passed on. Or you could call it micro- and macro-evolution.
So to come back, a theory can't be hypothetical. A theory is an explanation of an observed phenomenon. Of course that theory can serve as the base for further hypotheses (and that is how research topics are carried on).

>Maybe: experiments are set up to make observations if that makes sense?
Yes, that is what I was saying. You want to make an observation. But you still need a general direction of what you want to observe. And that is your working hypothesis. But at this point it basically comes down to semantics:
>I will add chemical A to this organism to see what happens
would be one of those "curiosity" motivations.
However, we can also formulate the same motivation as
>If I add chemical A to this organism, it will die from it
and that is my hypothesis. It doesn't change anything about the experimental setup and preparation, yet I am not just experimenting into the blue. Or take the early electricity researchers who hooked up things to a current. They already had an idea that something would certainly happen. And if they didn't expect anything to happen, it could be because they were searching for an insulating substance. Do you get what I mean?

>From your perspective, it might be boring, repetitive lab work most days.
Ho boy, the work I did could have been done by a trained chinese child, yet I couldn't even get a student worker because I would have had to train him in a very short time to do what took me around a year to establish. But that's how you generate data, and especially in living systems with their inherent heterogeneities more data is always better because outliers become less severe.

>I also want to know if you can recommend me introductions to life sciences.
Sorry, no idea here. I had my Lehrbücher, but it was mainly what we gathered from the lectures. Aren't there online lessons on youtube? Like those MIT ones with Feynman on physics? Apart from that, no book can substitute actually working hands-on in a lab, gathering the experience, riding the emotional rollercoaster and so on.
And popsci stuff has never interested me, but if you want you can of course read Dawkins. Apart from that I barely know anyone who has written "entry-level" stuff. Maybe Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard has written something, with being a female nobel laureate etc. But I don't care for names anyway. The results of a C. Nüsslein-Volhard or a C. Venter should be as much subject to critical review as much as some noname paper from Iran.
As for Lehrbücher, there is always the Campbell. It's basically what every first semester biology student buys for a hundred Euros and never opens. It contains basically all biology fields on a slightly-higher-than-Leistungskurs level.
Apart from that I only have books on more specialized or advanced topics (from a layman's perspective) like Stryer Biochemistry, a book on biological reaction engineering by a certain Dunn, Fuchs' General Microbiology and so on.

Sure, go for it, what do you have to lose? Better to try and fail instead of having never tried. Just test the hypothesis "If I ask her out, she will say yes".
No. 60035
>However, we can also formulate the same motivation as [...] and that is my hypothesis. It doesn't change anything about the experimental setup and preparation.

I doubt the latter. Curiosity seems more open. While with a hypothesis you have a certain setup in mind to test. You can be curious about the test and the question behind it though ofc.

>As for Lehrbücher, there is always the Campbell. It's basically what every first semester biology student buys for a hundred Euros and never opens. It contains basically all biology fields on a slightly-higher-than-Leistungskurs level.
>Apart from that I only have books on more specialized or advanced topics (from a layman's perspective) like Stryer Biochemistry, a book on biological reaction engineering by a certain Dunn, Fuchs' General Microbiology and so on.

Ah yes Campell, will libgen it perhaps. But I think a smaller book giving general ideas would be better. Maybe a Feynman-like lecture does the same job. I assume those specialized books already need a certain amount of knowledge anyway.

She said says she'd like to meet you again? Then yeah, do it. You received a text so at least she does not hate you :DDD

Happy birthday, whish I could eat like that some time again.
No. 60036
>Curiosity seems more open. While with a hypothesis you have a certain setup in mind to test.
And how to you get to your curiosity setup in the first place?

Those more specialized books weren't supposed to be recommendations anyway, just me naming things from the top of my head, sorry about that.
Though I doubt you will find a small book with general ideas. But being interested in history, why not start with a single one of the older fields? Botany and zoology, classic systematics works, Linné and the like, and work your way to the inner workings of a cell until you're in structural biology which is strongly looping back to physics. Or just skim wikipedia a bit, it's more than enough for a superficial overview.
No. 60038
72 kB, 615 × 689
I recently realized that my exentricity was not correlated to any intelligence. Feels bad man. Also it's possible that I larped all my life as somebody intelligent just because people told me I was so I acted as if it was the case.

Today in the train everybody was reading books, it felt pretty grand.
No. 60039
Congrats, I guess?
"Sicheres Auftreten bei völliger Ahnungslosigkeit" is not just some hollow phrase, but a recipe for success.

Congrats to you, too. Happy birthday, Ernst. Have a good one.
No. 60040
It's not hard to think that; the average person is a complete dumbass. It only occurred to me within the last year or two that partly the reason I think approximately 80-90% of people are pretty stupid could just correlate more to my own intelligence in that your perceived baseline for "average" is usually going to be yourself, ergo if it's pretty consistently only one in five to one in ten people that make you feel dumb, it's not saying others are stupid so much as your own intelligence level which is simply perceived as "normal" to you. Then again I always prioritized the wrong things regardless if others kept saying I was "gifted" or something like that, and I'd argue wisdom and common sense are far more important to life than raw intellect.

I've always wondered what it means to be genuinely stupid. Drunkenness never seemed to simulate that. There is of course the obvious, which is that like in psychopathy, truly stupid or malicious people don't see themselves as being stupid or evil, but rather see everybody else but them as being that way.

It goes into that whole normalization of self perceptions thing. I suspect that when you reach a certain level of stupidity, a part of you instinctually knows it, but your perception is that you yourself are "normal" and thus everyone thinks, behaves, and believes in ways you do not because surely they must be stupid as opposed to your self perceived "right minded" thinking. Similarly I've heard debates on psychopathy and whether they are able to perceive there as being anything wrong with them, and my suspicion is they knew from birth they were different, but simply didn't connect that it isn't others being "stupid" but having empathy and thus working from different logical pathways. This is why I continue to argue there is such a thing as being mentally intelligent but an emotional or moral retard that results in the same unknowing self deception: the belief it is everyone else who is stupid, not you.

I still consider this the great conceit of EC, because yes the bydlo are retards but if they operate at very high social success rates then it makes your minmaxed assburgers look pretty retarded.
No. 60041
Happy bday. I always thought of you as really skinny for some reason.
No. 60046
Thanks :3

Yeah, I'm a fat fuck, although I've lost 50 lbs since intensifying my cardio in April. This week, I'm going for a 10000 calorie burn. I've burned 4000 so far; just 6000 to go.

I went to a Turkish joint tonight and ordered a mixed grill: kofte, adana kebab, gyro meat, chicken shish and lamb shish kebab over a bed of Bulgar wheat with a side of pickled cabbage, lettuce and onions. The dishes have condiments of yogurt and biber salçasi. As always, I load up on yogurt because it's seasoned with an healthy amount of garlic.

Today was a good day.
No. 60048
113 kB, 640 × 480
158 kB, 720 × 923
Spent a few days researching more about the far right in Portugal during the 90s-00s. I read almost the entirety of a blog that was ran by an infamous hammerskin leader, primarily known for his role in the murder of a Cape Verdian in 1995.

My favorite find was image #2, a beautiful piece that explains why tax evasion is a lawful revolutionary act.
No. 60049
Every single time you post something Portugal related, I realize again and again that I know NOTHING of Portugal, except that it has a funny sounding language.
How did actual nazis even get into Portugal?
No. 60050
84 kB, 1280 × 720
818 kB, 2048 × 1365
30 kB, 400 × 330
97 kB, 760 × 633
There is probably a worthwhile longer answer to this, but to put it shortly, skinheads of the 88 variety first found expression as an amorphous subculture in the late 80s and later creating cells as part of football 'claques' (something like hooligans). Shortly thereafter some individuals broke from the football tradition and formed politically oriented movements and gangs. Hammerskins being the most notable. It was probably until 2006-2009 that they were at their higher watermark, with a few hundred active members in the hammerskins and a notable even if fringe adjacent political party was propelled to the national forefront after a series of controversial ad campaigns. Even during this time, said party was a fringe party with no presence in the parliament and shortly thereafter, a series of police investigations ended up shattering the more militant hammerskin group. It's worth noting that while overlap existed, there was still a source of tension from ideological differences between the hardliner race warriors and the more "far-right nationalism" types I suppose some are still around, but it's all a fringe of a fringe.

In truth, the history of nazis in Portugal goes back to the 30s, with people that are best classified using the term 'germanophile fascists'. In a twist of fate, the most famous of these germanophile fascists would all become champions of democracy, one even becoming a martyr of what is now referred to as the antifascist cause.
I had a relative who was a genuine nazi in the 30-40s. Coincidentally, his name was Adolfo He also had the Chaplin 'stashe And he was given a signed picture of Hitler by a German submarine commander who surrendered in the Azores His wife threw the picture to the sea after he died
No. 60053
I started to read Asimov's book about history of USA, but he writes about history of Portugal and their exploration of Africa. =D

> url(6).jpg
When you want to do some attention whoring and meanwhile show how underground and dangerous you are. Many underage thots in Russia do this.
No. 60054
I heard from a Lisbonian friend there even was a pretty conscequent Portuguese branch of kkk or kkk larpers. Is it true or are they just miscategorized hammerskins ? How linked are far right groups with the traumatism of the Angolan war of independence ?
No. 60056
80 kB, 640 × 422
The history of Portugal is the history of the world :Dd

He must have meant this hammerskin group. I say this because if there had been a Portuguese KKK branch, I would have for sure known about it :DD
This far right surge is only indirectly related to the Ultramar War, being only related insofar as the independence of all these territories and their descent into civil war caused a mass migration of Africans (the first immediate wave being white Africans, the second being black Africans) here.
No. 60058
113 kB, 1024 × 721
Anybody of you has more to tell about research by private companies? How important is it, who uses it besides the company itself etc.

Google is one example:
No. 60064
I'm largely ignorant of the Portuguese skinhead scene, so any information related to this would be appreciated. There's only a handful of RAC bands, but curiously, about 10 or so NSBM bands, half of which formed within the last decade and are actively recording and releasing music.

The only RAC bands from Portugal are Guarda de Ferro, Guarda de Honra and Endovélico. Of these, I am most familiar with Guarda de Ferro and Endovélico. Guarda de Ferro primarily plays Oi! with a few Ska, Hardcore and Heavy Metal tunes thrown in the mix for whatever reason. Endovélico is pure 100% New York-style Hardcore Punk. Guarda de Honra plays metallic Hard Rock in the vein of later Skrewdriver along with influences from heavier bands from decades earlier.

Speaking of Portugal, we have a huge Azorean diaspora community here in Southern New England, especially East Providence, Fall River and New Bedford. I went to school with plenty of Portagee kids and what I call Portaguidos (half Portuguese/half Italian). In my limited experience, Azorean-descent ones tend to be bydlo whereas mainlanders are much more erudite and sophisticated.
No. 60069
68 kB, 1024 × 768
Gay furry comics are the only type of porn that depict sexual relations semi-realistically.
Specifically I mean the pre-coitus ritual, flirting, engagement, etc.
There's usually no idiotic tropes like "oops I tripped and got hold of her boobs, and that somehow ended in ambiguously-consensual sex", like in japanese stuff.

I do not know what to do with this information, but I guess this is a rare observation to make, so I thought it needed to be shared.
No. 60070
288 kB, 800 × 640
Found this quite interesting for some basic numbers regarding insdustrial research in Germany: https://www.research-in-germany.org/en/research-landscape/facts-and-figures.html

I suppose it's situated somewhere between the more open academic research & the more secretive gorvernment/military research.
I might be wrong, but my impression is that industrial R&D work that is mainly along the lines of "routine" engineering, but lately big companies have also been investing in innovation centers and the like which are basically in-house start-up incubators. Though I wonder whether these actually amount to much other than publicity, showing off prestige and attracting younger people to work for these corporations.

I'm also curious about the extent to which big private companies like Google, Palantir etc. do government/military research. A big precedent for this stuff was the "old boys network" that developed out of the Research & Analysis division of the OSS during WW2. They mostly employed academics who then went on to work in different sectors after the war but stayed connected through the OSS Society etc.

Lately I've also heard rumors about Theranos (notorious failed medtech startup) actually being a front for other research interests, nothing too substantial but perhaps worth looking into.
No. 60073
79 kB, 599 × 573
5,9 MB, 2:33
There's Ódio which is the most famous one. They're directly connected to the hammerskin movement. Their members actually served time for various racially motivated homicides, which at least means they're not hypocrites. The lyrics are pretty damn retarded, but I guess par for the course in this genre. .mp3 related is their best song.

The reason why you see Azorians as bydlo is that bydlo mainlanders don't move to North America, preferring to move to other European countries.
No. 60075
I don't think that word means what you think it means.tif

Skinheads are one of the most thoroughly cancerous and degenerated forms of misshapen man. Random killings is incel tier and basically amounts to if you're degenerated hoodrat "imma keepin it real" tier or only social posturing. Hypocrisy is when the AB gets butthurt about you talking to black people after doing deals with and snorting drugs some black man carried inside his ass for hours.
No. 60076
Yeah I'm wondering what to think of it. For example in Germany, the automotive sector is strong as the ministry points out. I wonder what kind of research that is mostly. As you said probably routine engineering.
But I think more interesting are other industries and especially Google/Alphabet and all the companies that belong to it. You said government and military research, I guess it interferes and I wonder what does it imply that google works and researches for the government. After all, you could imagine Google/Alphabet itself like a mini-government doing its own research for the infrastructure and technology they built and hold, shaping our daily lives.

Anyway, the private sector spends the most. I remember reading about conservatives back in the 1970s or similar complaining about research budgets being to big and let the industry do it, get the knowledge from university, this partner staff etc. There was also the argument that regardless of what you spent on universities and state funded research institutions, at one point there is no gain. Wonder a) if this is true and b) what is funded is completely left out of debate but is in the hands of a market. Seems a bit like depoliticizing research. To make it provocative: Imagine oil firms pump massive amounts of money into research that builds on oil energy even though other energy resource would be more rational to research.
No. 60077
>I don't think that word means what you think it means.tif
They'd be hypocrites if they'd be calling for others to commit random murders of minorities, racemixers and the sort while they'd just stay home larping. As I said, they might be murderers, rapists and drug dealers - but at least they aren't hypocrites.
No. 60078
I had to write a short text about an article for my German class yesterday.
The teacher read it on the spot and his comment was that "this is a beautiful English text. The words are in German but the structure is almost completely English."
Though this is nothing knew. I never could write anything in German worth shit, even though I always did well on the Leseverstehen and the Sprechen components of exams and tests.
The class starts at 8 in the evening, so I had a coffee beforehand, which was a very bad idea ultimately, because I couldn't sleep at all afterwards, and what little I did sleep was full of nightmares and uncertainty about whether or not I'm actually asleep or awake.

I got home very late, but it was interesting to observe the streets and the noises. They essentially turned into iterations of themselves. Almost completely different places thanks to the lighting and sound and time changes.

Translation practice class was pretty good.
Turns out I was the only one who dared to create a French-Hungarian mixed text instead of an English-Hungarian one using Macaronic language. (We were given the option of creating either, but I felt that I'd be much freer to when it comes to style with Frenchficiation than with shoehorning random English components into a text.)
Compared to what the others turned in, I was generally satisfied with my rendition of the text.
Though there's this idiot in the seminar who is so far up his own ass I kinda want to tell him to shut the fuck up. He's saying genius shit like
>Footnotes are a 19th century thing I never see them in books nowadays
>I don't know German because they taught us articles and words instead of the language!
This pseudo-intellectual retardation is killing me, especially how he's talking semi-confidently.
And then he goes on to compliment my work. No, I don't need your condescending compliment of "I'd give you an A", fuck you retard.

Next week I'm holding a small presentation comparing two translations of the Grimm's fairy tales. I haven't prepared yet, but it shouldn't be too much reading. Just pick ~3 Märchen and then read all of them in German and two Hungarian versions and write down my hot opinions and namedrop the expression "Bowdlerization" while I'm at it and also draw a cool graphic.

Had my first meeting with the leader of the workshop's Chinese cabinet. We were trying to decide on a topic for my seminar.
We decided to see if I can handle a modern Chinese drama using a dictionary and then translate fragments from that and write on the socio-historical context and the history of Chinese drama in the 20th century a bit. (Basically the only requirement for the end of the semester is to hold a small lecture at the end of it. And then by the second semester I'll need to write a small paper supposedly.)
I'm currently testing the text and from what I can tell it's not overly hard, I recognise a lot of the grammar, it's just that I need to use a dictionary to look up the characters before I piece stuff together.
It's going to be a lot of work but probably worth it.

I'm rambling a lot, but there's a lot of things happening right now, even if ultimately they're of little consequence for now.
I should probably start writing my actual journal again, but it's a bit easier to just type, even if I'm doing it in a foreign language.

I think my life was better before I read your observation on the topic.
Also, that picture is very cool.

>She said says she'd like to meet you again? Then yeah, do it.
Yeah, she said so.
>You received a text so at least she does not hate you :DDD
I found that strange at first but it's probably a good sign.
No. 60079
79 kB, 754 × 394
143 kB, 1280 × 853
>Also, that picture is very cool.
Contrary to what the filename would have you believe, that is not a Finnish man in heaven, but instead it's the severed head of a Galician serial killer who operated in Águas Livres aqueduct in Lisbon. He'd throw his victims over the aqueduct, simulating a suicide. It's believed he killed over 40 people in such a manner. His skull was preserved by a phrenologist who wanted to study the link between heda shape and culture of kill.
No. 60080
>I found that strange at first but it's probably a good sign.

I don't want to burst any bubbles that might have formed along the way until now, but one thing that is possible would be her not knowing people, and thus she seeks you out to not be alone in a very platonic way. This really is decidable only upon other action that will happen.

Uni is still some weeks away. I'm going to be tutoring people it seems. Too bad the pay is bad but at least I can see how I like being in front of a class and talk about texts with them and I perform doing so. Shitting my pants tbh.
No. 60092 Kontra
Went to inter-workshop general meeting.
The only lesson I can take away from this is that I should never attend one of these ever again.
If this is what politics in practice is like then I don't want any of it. This is horribly boring and tiresome, and no amount of fancy words like "committee" or "annual report" will change this. Three hours spent on basically nothing besides electing a new cabinet where there was only one cabinet standing for election. And that cabinet only different from the current one in the person of the president. Though I'm sure Sir Humphrey would consider this to be hours of fruitful work.

>I don't want to burst any bubbles
Please do.
No. 60093 Kontra
There are lots of those tbh. You find them outside of academia as well. It's bureaucracy. I for the first time agreed to get myself in such a situation a few months ago, now in my master program. I've heard it before and it was just like described and most people know what you and I experienced. Sometimes interesting decisions are made though.

Concerning the Bubbles I said what I said. You can't safel say anything rn. Might be another chance, might be just an I don't want to be alone under 1000s of people and they all seem to know someone else.
No. 60097
Is it possible to not fall in love with a woman the moment you enter a permanent social group like a workplace or uni, etc?

I look back on the times when I've entered a new social environment and immediately had a crush on someone, and cringe. Do normal people experience this? Do women?
No. 60099
903 kB, 730 × 550
Are you a virgin? Have you ever had gf?
Do you have a profound feeling of loneliness as regular baseline?
I remember having crushes all the time until I got my first actual GF (a few weeks of teen love don't count). After that, not really. I still undress every attractive woman in my mind (it's more of a reflex at this point; as a teenager I had the compulsion to look at everyone's ass, even of fat, ugly, old or male people), and for example I had something which I wouldn't call a crush, but some strange subtle infatuation in that my thought often wandered to her, on a colleague of mine. She was nice and all, but then I inevitably had to extrapolate "what if I GF her, are we even compatible, I don't actually know anything about her" and so on, which doused the flame rather quickly. I should note here that I have a GF whom I dearly love, so even if it had been an actual crush, I would have never made a move, as I would never cheat on her. What I want to say is that you can't really control what feelings you get, I guess.

No. 60102 Kontra
Normal for me.

But as >>60099 said I usually don't get too obsessive about it as I don't know them. Sexual attraction does not make me go nuts like it did as a teenager. But then again without gf I find myself also women that go beyond mere sexual attraction in these places.

I looked up professions of party members ranging from greens to free market fans to the Marxist Leninist Party and surprisingly the member lists show dedicated profiles, so yeah the Marxists actually and notably consist of many working-class people unlike the anti-corona policy party that was founded not long ago and just like the less radical movement on the street consists of manly self-employed people.
No. 60103
I prefer "Romantically challenged", thank you.
But yeah, the post was in relation to the previous discussions, and remembering back when I had a relatively normal job. These day, I do not even interact with more than 4 people on a day to day basis, so there's no "temptation" so to say.

I've basically gotten over my loneliness, being a diagnosed schizoid probably helps. I've thought about what it takes to create a social circle around yourself as a working adult without social media, and concluded that it's too much effort. Also, seeking out social groups for the sole purpose of finding a potential gf feels vaguely pathetic.

Good thing I have option B in the form of family friends trying to set me up with some of their daughters who don't have a job or bf. Take them off their hands so to say :-DDD.
There seems to be a genuine shortage of halfway functioning men in this country.
No. 60104
>Also, seeking out social groups for the sole purpose of finding a potential gf feels vaguely pathetic.
I mean, that's the motivation (though not necessarily the chief motivation) of most people for joining clubs. What heterosexual man would join a dancing club, for example, only out of interest for dancing? Or let's say, it's not for finding GF in particular, but finding company in general.
And frankly, waiting for acquaintances to set you up with their shelf huggers seems a tad more pathetic to me.
But I think it comes down if you value activity or passivity. Being active means going out and consciously seeking company, whereas being passive, well, you just wait for stuff to happen, which of course warrants having patience and a capacity for suffering.

But if you have managed to deal with your loneliness, all the better. I actually only un-Bernd'd (yes, it's been some time) myself because the loneliness became unbearable. I mean I still am an introvert who finds (large) social gatherings exhausting and is awkward to downright insulting (unintenionally) from time to time still, but despite my general disdain for people I can emulate a regular normie, and on a good day what some people call a "Chad", pretty well. People actually move out of MY way on the street now.
No. 60105
Yeah, that second part was a joge. I still find it funny it's an actual thing here. Feels barbaric man. Also, I'm barely getting by myself, can't support a daughterbasket.

Perhaps my hesitance is caused by my suspicion that I do not actually want a gf, but to "tick the check-mark" so to say. Social expectations, ego maybe. Spooks. And it feels wrong to involve another person in such a selfish pursuit.

Also, I might be beyond extroversion and an outright recluse. I have a limited capacity for even 1 on 1 socialization. Usually, once a week or two of a couple hour long conversation is enough for me, any more and I get annoyed. Hard to imagine a relationship like that.
The old schizoid catch-22. The only people schizoids can socialize with is other schizoids, but it's unlikely for a schizoid to socialize with another schizoid, because if a schizoid were to socialize, they'd no longer be schizoid.
No. 60106
>Also, I'm barely getting by myself, can't support a daughterbasket.
I mean, if she can housekeep, you could at least share the load.

>And it feels wrong to involve another person in such a selfish pursuit.
Now this is interesting, because you're implying it's not some reciprocal relationship, but that you're basically kidnapping someone and forcing them into something they don't want.
However, what if other people are the same? You both get together because of some selfish pursuit, but work together to turn it into something good.

That said, what became of your teaching those kids computer lessons? Or was that another brick?
No. 60107
>Good thing I have option B
And option C to raid a settlement and kidnap a woman you like to steppe. =D
No. 60108
204 kB, 400 × 480, 0:00
>I mean, if she can housekeep, you could at least share the load.
I don't think that'd be a terribly interesting relationship. Also, some uncomfortable power dynamics involved in essentially having someone financially depend on me.
>Now this is interesting, because you're implying it's not some reciprocal relationship, but that you're basically kidnapping someone and forcing them into something they don't want.
That is an interesting question. The inner machinations of other peoples' minds are an enigma to me. I assume that if my endeavor is successful, and someone reciprocates, they will be getting something out of it. What that something might be, is beyond my purview. Like, I hang out with a number of people online, and I never really think about why they continue engaging with me, but they do, so they must have good reasons.
Maybe I'm in the habit of dehumanizing others as I dehumanize myself. Very transactional thinking on my part. This is actually hurting my brain a bit, thinking about it. I'm trying to think of a reason to want a relationship, besides psychological needs, or straight up extracting utility (which I can get elsewhere), and coming up short.
Other than "they just like me (conceptually), lol", which sounds stupid.

The "kidnapping" analogy might actually be apt. Relationships are about mutual responsibility and dependence, but the way I've learned to socialize, is a detached kind of no strings attached ordeal, where I can drop in and out at my own discretion, and the other person does the same. So, situations where two parties become mutually entangled is a deprivation of freedom, kind of.

Wait, I'm rambling again. see, this is the problem.

Unfortunately, that's illegal now. Evil western imperialists have subverted our traditions with their morals, now I have nogf.
No. 60109 Kontra
>That said, what became of your teaching those kids computer lessons? Or was that another brick?
Still going on, although very sporadically.
I'm scatterbrained so I sometimes forget, and they "conveniently" don't remind me.

Not sure what that means, either that they're disinterested and hoping I forget, or they think I'm, disinterested and hope they forget. Asking is not an option because I already know they will give the "correct" answer, not necessarily the truth. And by "truth" I mean what they think, not "truth" in the absolute sense, since they might be mistaken in what they think is true.
No. 60111
>This is actually hurting my brain a bit, thinking about it. I'm trying to think of a reason to want a relationship, besides psychological needs, or straight up extracting utility (which I can get elsewhere), and coming up short.
>besides psychological needs
Why else would you seek a relationship? A (love) relationship between two people is, first and foremost, a mind thing. You might fall in love based on some tingling sensation in your crotch, but beyond that, it's all in your head. Love and caring is not something you can, or should, rationally approach. Of course you need to assess whether this specific relationship you are entering is sustainable, i.e. if you get with a notorious cheater or someone who is violent, you of course need to put an end to it. But otherwise? You do it because a normal person can't stay without company without suffering.
No. 60112
Every time I forgot to take a train ticket and an inspector was there, he or she let me pass because I look innocent and clueless enough. Maybe it's also due to my socio-ethnical background, having the right accent and skin color can help in such cases.
Happens to me. Though, I'm a sexually frustrated virgin.
No. 60113
A friend called me to tell me that a former friend of ours died. We broke contact with her after she started with heroin/medical surrogate. That was 2-3 years ago. I never thought she'd die that quickly. Apparently no overdose, just died in her sleep. She was not even 40. I don't know what to feel. I think back to my years 19-24 where we meet quite often, sometimes few times a week when I was meeting. Then we did not because I had gf and started uni again. Later she told a friend of ours she did heroin. I don't know. I feel guilty for breaking contact. but it wasn't like the years before anymore. Really did not think she would die so quickly. Still, I will keep her in good memory for the days we had together. She taught me thinks about dealing with life and people. But she still was a drug addict.
It feels so weird, I don't even know what to think or feel.
No. 60114
Been toying with hosting a streaming service. The situation is a bit of a shitshow.
Okay, apparently since the RTMP support was dropped from browsers, there is no way to do video streaming in-browser without Javascript. Every protocol requires javascript on the front end, because the built-in video player in browsers only does static content streaming, and is incapable of playing live-streams. You need to use a HLS player in-browser.
It is still possible for the FOSS-inclined to connect via VLC, though.
Also, RTMP + HLS (which is used by Twitch) is a super old solution that's being phased out in favor of MPEG-DASH (Netflix, Youtube), and Web-RTC (Discord), but being old, it has lots of out of the box solutions. The latter two have scarcer implementations and documentation.

That leaves the question, should I install a barebones nginx server with a streaming plug-in, keeping JS to a minimum, or get an off the shelf solution that just provides a full stack webapp with chat and authentication and other bells and whistles?
What do you guys think?
I'm thinking go for the easy stuff first, and toy with the others while I have at least something working.

I see.
Doesn't sound very appealing when put in those terms, tbh. My suffering levels are quite tolerable. It's mostly bruised ego from not meeting societal expectations, I don't feel "lonely".
Can't imagine a relationship where I'm extracting utility from someone like a sociopath, without actually enjoying their presence (as I said, I find physical companionship irritating) would be a healthy one.
I don't think I'm capable of emotionally reciprocating, so it's probably good for me to remain alone for now.
No. 60122
Visited the university's central library for the first time today. It's amazing building.
Didn't really know how things worked, but the staff helped and it took 30 minutes all together from registering to borrowing a book I need for class. (Though I don't know why I need to register separately at this library too when I've already registered at another member-library before, but whatever. Administrators are gonna administrate, and it took a couple of minutes to fill out a form.)
The shelves looked amazingly rich, full of books I've never even heard of on topics I didn't even know interest me.
Makes me feel like my home library is just me wallowing in intellectual poverty in a sense.

It's a strange observation but my feet hurt. Probably because I'm wearing a shoe with a flat sole, since my mother told me this pair goes better with most of my clothes than with my non-flat shoes that are brown.

On the way home it was very windy, and I got this urge to just simply run up the quiet street I was walking up on on the way home after getting off the bus. So I ran, wind through my hair, bag swinging besides me.

Pretty good day overall. I wanted to do some studying after I got home, but I'm feeling a bit tired.
But I think I finally managed to shake off the cold I had for the past 3-4 days, which is nice.
(Strangely enough my sister got it before I did, and she's still suffering from it, worse than I ever did, which is pretty strange. I have this suspicion that it's covid, but it seems like nonsense because she had it a few months ago so she should have natural immunity, and I have an overly active immune system so it should kinda fuck my shit up if I were to get it, but then again, I didn't get it last time all three other members of my family had it, so there's no saying what can and will happen.)

Classical Chinese is a very interesting language. It's less about "grammar" in the western sense, and more about analysing context and word relations.
"You have words and you use them" as the lecturer put it, which sentence with its slight awkwardness and simplification was very much to my liking.
I have this bad habit of finding things at random amusing or funny. This is one of them.
The bad thing is that I can never explain the exact quality that makes things funny for me. I just find something absurd and amusing in a sense because of the wording or some weird offhanded implication and it makes me grin like an idiot.
No. 60130
13 kB, 316 × 320
Well, today it happened. For the first time in my life I asked to speak to someone's supervisor.
The poor woman was an ebay customer service rep. I had returned an item, but wasn't creditted by the seller. She was the third person I had spoken to over the course of two hours and....forget it, the details don't matter. What matters is I'm one of them now. I ask to speak to supervisors. I have crossed a line and there's no going back.
No. 60132
I don't need to ask why Apple is such a shitty company or why their overpriced hardware fails or is garbage
although it does surprise me they flat out just put a fan connected to literally nothing inside one laptop to simulate the sound of cooling I guess

What confuses me though is what kind of absolute idiot actually kisses the ass and plays apologetics of companies like that? Why? For what purpose? I see this same literal non-person behavior all the damn time on Steam, where if you point out any problem in a corporation or something about their product, rather than fixing it they literally tell you shit like "you are holding the phone wrong." Is this connected to that weird self loathing or contempt for poor people or whatever thing connected to class? Is it some bizarre ultra cancerous form of tribalism? I just cannot even get into the headspace of the kind of person who, upon seeing someone note how horrifically fucking stupid Apple engineering is for their antenna, tells it's you who is the the problem, not Apple, and therefore you should hold the phone differently rather than complain.
No. 60133
Wait how the fuck did you get a rep? I had an issue before where there flat out wasn't any working phonelines and basically the only people to help me was other ebay customers, that I realized was another hilarious example of us literally not needing or having any use for the parasite class owners at all because everyone on there isnt ebay, and ebay dropped all customer support and yet they had the fucking audacity of first taking a huge percentage take off my sale and secondly me knowing I'll have to report for taxes but with none of the support.

Also that's not the real problem. It's the problem of the system by basic design to essentially have poor people deflecting other customers from corporate. Your key objective should always be basically not being cuntish to the people you're dealing with, then finding some way for it to eventually get made into corporate's problem and then trying to be as vindictive as possible to the company itself and causing reputation, financial, legal, or other risk of damages. The issue with being a karen is when people start off by acting like rude entitled shitheads, and proceed to say that more out of entitlement and as a petty form of condescension to people working there. Keep in mind that a lot of the employees themselves fucking hate the company they work for just as passionately as you do.
No. 60135
Damn negro, why are you so vitriolic all the time? Cheer up, friend.
No. 60136
98 kB, 580 × 635
>Wait how the fuck did you get a rep?
Got lucky. The chat bot was no help, and my prior live chat agent couldn't do anything other than make a note in the file. So I left my number for a call back and the wait time was literally 1 minute. Guess no one else had any problems at 10 on a Friday morning.

>Your key objective should always be basically not being cuntish to the people you're dealing with, then finding some way for it to eventually get made into corporate's problem
This. The rep was poorly trained and seemed to know less than I do about ebay. That's bad management. She should never have been put in that position without the tools to perform.
No. 60143
387 kB, 1200 × 1200
I've read some Grimm fairy tales for my presentation. It's interesting how the German, a pre-war Hungarian translation, a post-war and a post-communist one relate to each other.
Some of the tales are different to how my grandmother used to tell them. It's like after the collection from the volksquelle it got "revolkified" or how should I put it.
Can't really comment on what it means, but I found it interesting.

I've been thinking about bringing a laptop with me to uni to do some editing work on the spot if I had to, since sometimes I have like 2-3 hours between lectures. But my "normal" laptop is incredibly large, and I can't fit it in my bag.
So I asked my mother if I can have her old netbook from like a decade ago. It has a 1.66GHZ processor and 2 gigs of ram with Windows 7 starter edition.
Trashtops are back on the menu, boys.
(It's kinda slow, but I don't know if xubuntu would improve it or not. My old trashtop could handle a lot with a similar hardware before breaking, and I actually like a lot of the software linux has, like Music on Console. But ultimately I'd only use it for editing texts.)

I kinda had to confess myself that I actually bricked my normal laptop while trying to make it dualboot. Windows wouldn't boot, but linux didn't get installed either.
So I nuked the whole thing and it has linux now.
The older I get, the worse I am with technology for some reason.
(But my family for some reason thinks I know computers, which is suffering.)

Currently testing Cao Yu's drama "Thunderstorm" in Chinese for my seminar.
I don't want to disappoint, so I'm going to really apply myself to this.
No. 60145 Kontra
After 4-5 years of uni where 2 years in I brought my laptop of 4kg to the library I bought a slightly less than 1kg and fanless notebook to work with texts and browse the internet. I can only advise to at least find the lightest weight to work with. I know those lightweights can be expensive, I spent 2-3 months of my scholarship back then. So probably not an immediate option.
No. 60146 Kontra
Oh, don't worry. This small thing is like a kilo and very quiet.
It's not gonna run crysis, but it can run word and a browser maybe. But Word is all I need, really.

When I started uni my father promised me a tablet with a keyboard, but the 'rona put a dent in the family budget, so it never materialised.
It's not like I "need" one, but it's nice to have something to fall back on.

>I can only advise to at least find the lightest weight to work with
Yes, I know that. I already carry at least a book, my notepad, wallet, a flask of tea and my coat around every day. I'm not going to lug around a laptop if I don't need it, one because it'll make my back hurt, two because my bag will literally fall apart if I do that every day.
No. 60157
Just came back from doing my voter duty and learned that i have to work on my stamina.

300m or 400m upwards, and then again downwards on the way back and i'm out of breath.

I guess if we get a red/red/green government i just move to a country where i fit in better. Is there still empty space in the US?
No. 60177
101 kB, 606 × 604
Had a skype call with relatives. They constantly watch news and worry about irrelevant things.

Two people bought watermelon and died from poisoning. "Hey, do you buy watermelons? How often? Where do you buy it?" There are 140 millions "people" in Russia, two died and they worry. Same with Corona. I asked them if they know any person diagnosed with it. They say: no.

Interesting how media changed people's perception of reality.
No. 60181 Kontra
Went to a small exhibition of a contemporary artist. My mother wanted to see it but didn't want to go alone and asked me weeks in advance, so even though I had no time really, I still accompanied her.
It was very trite, abstract art adapting biblical and mythological themes. Basically just slightly misshapen geometrical forms and colours contrasting and then accompanying each painting was a half a page "interpretation" (as in, sucking the artist's dick how deep and intricately meaningful that line slightly left of the centre is) by a critic. The kind of writing that'd land you an F in high school because you're talking about nothing.

Whenever I encounter modern paintings or film I feel like an utter prole. People think of me as a culture-man, but I can't for the life of me like this shit.
Tried going in with an open mind, but there was just nothing to it besides the pretty colours at times.

Can't believe Merkel is gone.
I'm kinda anxious what an SPD-Green-Left government would mean for Hungary. I don't want the EU/Germany to bully this country over its social policy more than it already does. But then again, it's not like the German megacorps would let the German government actually fuck with an investment zone where they can syphon profits out by the truckload via manufacturing.

>"Hey, do you buy watermelons? How often? Where do you buy it?"
What a scene it must be. You receive a bad quality skype call from a Brezhnevka and they ask you about watermelons.
Very Russian. Also sounds incredibly asinine. Do you talk often?
Listening to the retardation of relatives is bearable every once in a while, but I'd probably voluntarily disown myself if I had to talk to the extended family on the regular.
No. 60182
I should vote but I feel too indolent. Not like my personal vote casts any change, but should probably go out there and get it done. Alas, maybe in 4 years.
No. 60184
96 kB, 1280 × 824
I call them once in 2-3 months and talk for hour or two. Apart from their dementia grandparents are very nice people. They are so old (85 years), especially by Russian standards, so it's not surprising that their hedas don't work like they used to. There is a joke that every Russian was brought up by same-sex family mother and babushka, but for me it were grandma and grandpa.
Father is schizo, but in a same way like I am (maybe to smaller degree than him) so we understand each other.

I didn't participate in "elections" because of pic related.
No. 60185
One of the only old friends I tried reconnecting with had it and his uncle died from it. Considering you guys drink perfume and catch AIDS in between shooting krokodil I really don't think "Russia" when imagining health and safety standards.

Fun fact, I also only somewhat got over idea of Russian viruses. I used to see .ru link the way I'd see a Liberian hooker, and to some extent there was reason for that, however I remember I once forgot a laptop on some trip and absolutely needed something like that so I went to buy some pad on layover. The guy was showing it to me and he forgot to turn off the cyrillic and into English so I immediately decided against buying it. These days I suppose seeing used tablets or other hardware owned by a Russian I may buy it anyway, though I'd still strongly consider a fresh install.

Don't. Most things modern are unspeakably shit. This is partly because the sole purpose of Western alleged "art" is either generating money or as some financial instrument for the storage and transfer of capital, and a banana with a piece of duct tape on it can function the same as that asset class as something genuinely good, its value largely derived by social connections and nepotism among the urban aristrocacies.
No. 60192 Kontra
It's don't.
The results are the shittiest I've seen but then again I don't see how parties will really change something as in radical change. We will have an Ampel. Another Groko would be the biggest joke. With an Ampel we will still have a government that is interested in German domination when it comes to Europe and the economy.

I hope you don't want to make an argument why it is better to better trust your close environment instead. While media shapes perception - and this goes beyond le evil mass media has an impact (namely technological devices condition perception for instance) - your close environment can also be a very bad indicator when it comes to bigger processes that go beyond your village.
No. 60198
Perhaps the path to enlightenment is not caring about things beyond your village.
No. 60199
Good God nuMTG is so cancerous sometimes. I just wasted another 20 minutes of my life thinking I was drawing this guy down. See, you automatically lose the game when you have to draw from your deck library but can't, and the guy had 4 artifacts for drawing a card when your have more life than when you started. He got up to 102 life by the end of it and I was around 36. We fought each other to a standstill with him occasionally clearing out everything with some destroy all creature spell, and I had a vampire deck so neither could gain the advantage. I even checked his variety of artifacts and enchants out just to make sure he didn't have some bullshit "if you must draw and cannot you don't lose the game" rule so I was confused why he didn't mount some final futile assualt when he was about to draw down.

What I didn't realize is his fucking angel generating life gaining legendary artifact said at the end "you cannot lose the game and your opponents cannot win the game." This is why I think Wizards of the Coast got so goddamn cancerous over the last decade. I still remember thinking the "indestructible" rule was such complete and total bullshit back when it came out, but even that had some workarounds from sacrifice permanent. I lost yet another game solely because some guy at his last points of life had a land with "sacrifice this permanent, if you have 10 gate lands you win the game." It just feels like they completely gave up on even pretending to make more nuanced decks ten years ago and just started introducing all these complete bullshit "you cannot lose the game" or "you win the game" automatically cards, like they didn't even try.

The reason this is so especially retarded to me is the literal reason why they started restricting and banning all kinds of shit to begin with across formats was precisely to tamp down on people who came up with creative rules lawyering bullshit combos which at least took a lot of creativity to build and pull off well. Now it's like everything is just nakedly done to make as much money as possible from low IQs. I swear everything is just designed for stupid lazy people these days. Now they outlaw actually smart and creative combos not because they're bullshit OP plays, but just to churn through legal sets while making as much money as possible and providing the absolutely dumbest fucking person an ability to simply win the game automatically or play some card which flat out states you can't lose now.

I not knowing this of course didn't bother putting any artifact destruction because I figured my mono black could always work around things like that, and in fact usually didn't even have huge problems against enchantment combos. But then again, I also thought introducing planeswalker cards also was completely retarded and Ive had to rework my burn deck because I keep forgetting that according to new rules "planeswalker" is a specific type of non-creature enchantment type of permanent which in any other time literally is just a global enchantment with activated abilities and counters on it. I think that's pretty retarded just because my understanding since I started right around Tempest or 5th Edition and Urza cycle was that you, the player, are a planeswalker. In that case it's at least my fault for forgetting "3 damage to target creature or planeswalker" does not mean player.

I don't mind losing because of some retarded mistake on my part in not interpreting what a word means or how a rule works or remembering some ability that gets triggered, but fucking come on. Stuff like this reminds me one reason I started losing interest in MtG years ago in the first place. It's fucking absurd that WotC spent all this time bitching about how what should be a legal and valid deck is "too OP" and then just sells cards with "you can't lose the game, your opponent cannot win" rules. Even poison counter decks at least took some kind of effort or creativity to pull off, not "I search my library for 10 lands and tap this permanent that says automatic I win button." I'm positive I did not get smarter so my only readily apparent conclusion is everybody is getting greedier and dumber.

Oh well. At least I did see some pretty humorous or just outright impressive decks so far in historic formatI was wrong btw you can search for an craft any card you want up to some years ago and use any deck construction in historic format which is a lot more fun since these shenanigans with smarter players exist. It is kinda bullshit from my end having 100 card decks since apparently mill decks are popular again, but then again having such a fat deck already penalizes me anywayit's reliable math odds problem because you're 4 card copy limited so bad draws and failed combos are way easier. Doing exactly what I once did gradually expanding to huge decks in MTGA until figuring out what works or is wasted space before paring down to 70, and man there's lotta potent combos.

In my experience you usually know who wins by turn 3-4. These white life/angel deck combos are the biggest pain in the ass though mysteriously protection from spells are absent, which used to be the most annoying white thing, that or blue control which is still annoying though I wish more control magic tiers existed because the muh bike deck was my favorite IRL because I stole everybody's shit, not just their bike but also their lands, enchantments, fuck stealing people's permanents was hilarious. Basically vampire and cleric/angel token decks seem you can basically hit with multiple 7/7 deathtouch/lifelink by turn 3 on a lucky enough draw. Those white decks wrecked me for the longest time. Mono Green is kinda shitty as usual. Red plays the same, hard and fast then you run out of cards and die/forfeit.

Most entertaining is still people using multicolor combo decks. They have some of the funniest bs rules lawyering and I've seen some pretty creative shit from 1dmg infinite loops to some guy dumping almost his entire library and 50+ tokens with dmg per attack in one turn loops. Then there's people who just spam counterspell or wrath of god spells until they can play their "you win the game and cannot lose" bullshit.
No. 60218 Kontra
Ignorance is peace? Could backfire one day.
No. 60222
194 kB, 900 × 1200
Wenn jeder an sich denkt, ist an alle gedacht.

That said, raze all cities, cull all city dwellers, problems weren't anymore.
Arachno-Primitivism is the only solution.
No. 60223
New year of uni class. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel able to go talk to people and socialize. It’s not normal for me and I’ll attribute it to a social isolation’s side effect. I really feel like a piece of crap, plus, everyone already has a group of friend. Makes it harder.

It’s also linked with me recently giving more importance to blending in. The idea in itself isn’t that bad, I can meet and discover new types people and their social interactions. But I also began to want to be more normal. Fact that I’ll also attribute to social isolation. Turns out I hate it and I’m very bad at it. Also it made me discover that there’s a shit load of them social norms depending of your subculture(TM), so you will never be able to blend in in every type of group. Groups of people are naturally distanced from each other and some are incompatible. Conclusion, better get back to beeing myself with more confidence and accept that there’s only so few people who interest me and who I interest and stop caring about other people’s opinion.
No. 60224
>there’s a shit load of them social norms depending of your subculture(TM)
Like what lol
No. 60225 Kontra
Maybe I failed this sentence. Social norms will differ depending the group you are in. Some people will smoke pot and find it perfectly normal and others will despise pot smokers.
No. 60226
Oh, I see. But that isn't so much a thing of subcultures and more of certain social or even age strata.
No. 60227
Most people have a similar age strata and to a lesser extent there’s also a correlation social strata in uni. I genuinely think that it’s the place where those factors play the smallest in the formation of social groups. Thus, different uni social groups often adopt a subculture.
No. 60228
Yeah, but are they so averse to pot? The only subcultures I can think of that would shun you for smoking one would be straight edgers (though I have never met such people in my life) and some kind of BWL Davids who think pot is a gateway drug. Everyone else, from normies over goths (if present) to metalheads and hiphoppers smokes pot.
No. 60229 Kontra
Yeah the only people I know who have manifested active adversity to pot are not social enough to actually be considered as part of a group. Bad exemple.
No. 60230 Kontra
Wenn jeder an sich denkt, ist nicht an alle gedacht, denn es würde das alle gar nicht geben.

Society is the only answer.

This does not work for pot and thus probably not for other things. Pot is consumed in all social strata and also the age group goes from 14-50+
They make up an important factor nonetheless.
No. 60231 Kontra
Did you come up with that or is that an already existing one? Because it's dripping with butthurt and far less clever than it tries to appear (and btw, I wasn't being entirely serious, if the picture I posted didn't make that clear enough).

That said, are villages not societies? Is my tribe not society? How can those savages in the bush and the jungle even survive if they don't have society? Will you go there and tell them that they need society?
No. 60232
91 kB, 1200 × 716
My supreme wisdom has caused the Germans to begin fighting each other again.
Only by freeing ourselves from agriculture and the tyranny of grain will we have free societies
No. 60233
Today I returned a van I had rented for a day. Upon returning the van, I realized I had left my bank card in the van. I'm thinking if I should immediately turn around and go get it, call the bank and cancel it or pick another option.
I decide to drive home and decide from there, the rental company was closed for lunch and I wasn't gonna wait outside.

Upon returning home, I find the missing card on top of my desk.
It seems usual trope of goblins and demons that normally steal and hide my belongings for their amusement have decided to help me out this time.
No. 60234 Kontra
It is substantial though, Thatcher correspondingly said there is no society. This is wrong given that individuals are not actually separable and their relation determines who they are.

If we go back to Ferdinand Tönnies, the village is a community, not a society. A society is more anonymous and differently organized to regulate itself and the people within it. A bigger system. Also, a village does not necessarily include ignorance beyond its borders. I just said that not thinking beyond your immediate surrounding is not a very clever way of dealing with things, the village obviously provoking butthurt as it feeds a common trope. At least not in a world like ours this is necessarily the case. Obviously, there have been forms of social organization before modern society, duh.
No. 60235 Kontra
Oh, so you're coming from a very narrow and very eurocentric (and I presume also "higher educated"-centric) concept of "society", but especially the notion about increased anonymity is exactly what I expected.
Yet I still fail to see how a "society" as outlined by you is advantageous to such a smaller "community".
Like, what does such a community gain from being part of this larger "society"? I can write books without a society. I can feed myself without societies, I can take care of sick people without societies. Trading is also something that has existed before "society". So why is "society" the only answer?
No. 60236 Kontra
>I can write books without a society. I can feed myself without societies, I can take care of sick people without societies.

Well as I said there have been other forms of social organization before, so why should I doubt that basic tasks and needs can be met by a small community, it has worked before. It does not work at the scale we have now for all people. Society should allow everyone to participate in the wealth that is produced by its form of social organization. A separate village community even with trade might not be able to get this wealth. But I'm not interested in discussing moral now. It is irrational to go back now.
No. 60237 Kontra
>Society should allow everyone to participate in the wealth that is produced by its form of social organization. A separate village community even with trade might not be able to get this wealth.
What wealth? They have food, houses and all other needs satisfied. The only thing lacking here is consoomerism. Why are you so bent on having that?
No. 60238 Kontra
The development of science and social organization is only a correlation but I guess I prefer the conveniences of modernity over your romanticism. That said I don't think that all products produced are useful or necessary. Consumerism is a follow up of capitalism where unnecessary things become commodities and usually have to be marketed to people in order to instill a desire in possessing them. Society is not necessarily capitalism.

I say it again: At this scale, it does not make sense to me. Maybe you can, for a change, paint a picture of small communities on earth of eight billion people and how that is organized.
No. 60239 Kontra
Science and social organisation also works in smaller communities.
And how is society necessary "at this scale"? If we come back to "everyone in his village", we're still at the same place, just this time we don't have any countries that provide this "society". Doesn't change anything about the number of people, except that without those societies you won't have capitalism that directly causes an over- and underabundance of what you call "wealth" because those shady transfer pathways don't exist anymore and there are no governments try to acquire soil and so on. Because your modern conveniences are directly bought with taking from others.
As I am writing this, I am, in fact, coming to the conclusion that ABANDONING society as you describe it is the only way.
No. 60240
I'm pretty much of sonbasket but I still know people from different countries and social stratum no, I mean IRL, not imageboards. So personal experience is much more than a local village. Plus I still rely on it when I read news and decide whether to believe them or not.

This discussion reminds me of my mother being "in charge for Cuba" when she was in school. Her duty was to monitor news about this country and then report them on pioneer meetup or something like that.

Return to monkey, white men.
No. 60241 Kontra
What I was going to aim at is that for instance, a mathematical model can be more useful than some personal experience.
No. 60242 Kontra
What you describe could fit anarcho-capitalism.
No. 60255
Not necessarily true although to be fair I smoked when I was younger and quickly developed the paranoia. I hate the feeling of being high. So I can be around others, it's just I find stoned people kind of annoying.

Actually come to think of it the bigger reason why I avoid people so much now is only half about avoiding their drama, conflict, and overarching stupidity as well as general self interested betrayals, and other half is just not wanting to be around stoned or drunk people anymore. I don't think they understand how annoying they are or can be.

I wouldn't say any of that is subcultures though. You can be some beamer driver Wallstreet guy to a ghetto ass crackhead to anything between and do cocaine. So yes lots of people of lots of backgrounds do those things and I don't think it's much subculture more than say drinking.

It's so hard when you get older. Basically everybody that doesn't do it is either too busy with their families, or the annoying kind of Evangelicals, or former druggies or prison inmates or something like that, and everybody else likes getting fucked up. Which is fine, it's just I don't want to be around it, and that has severely restricted who there is even to talk with. My experience is drinkers and such is so superficial and banal.
No. 60282
Got one day off today after my 49 hour week (day off to day off). Got a short week starting tomorrow though of 2 days, 18 hours, then I get the rare treat of two days off in a row. Feels good man.
t. prole
No. 60283
First workshop lecture went well. It's basically a more Orient-oriented take on the Religious Studies class I had in the first semester, which I liked very much. I remembered a remarkable amount of the literature we had to read for class, which came in handy.
I have to write a 10 page essay talking about the rituals and the relationship of emperor and court of a Chinese dynasty. I think I'll go with the Zhou, that seems to be the easiest. (Of course next semester we will have a different topic.)
Stayed to talk with other members of the workshop for a bit afterwards. We had a nice chat.

Assembled an anki-deck for my classical Chinese class. Currently it has 250 cards in it. I think the notes/textbook frontloads a lot of characters that are common in the first two chapters so thankfully I don't have to know 4000 characters by the end of the semester.
Though I've definitely become more effective at learning Chinese characters.
Still kinda can't believe I'm actually able to formulate sentences in Chinese. At one point in my life it seemed like arcane magic that can't be learned.

Working on my presentation because I don't want to do it last minute. I don't care that it'll lose me sleep. I have a lot on my plate right now.
I'm reaching the point again where everything is covered in scraps of paper, books and random clothes I just throw everywhere.
At least I'm not worried in the slightest. I held 45 minute long presentations in HS, so talking 15 minutes about literal children's stories for 15 minutes shouldn't be much of an issue.

I took culture studies as my minor, and it's the sweetest of ambrosia and most vile of poisons at the same time. I enjoy it immensely, yet it leaves me depressed.
It was a good choice ultimately.

Literally a verse in the Daodejing lmao.
No. 60295
I have successfully tested several live streaming solutions. Discared one of them.

Two remain, one is basically a complete webapp that bundles everything together, including a chat and a control panel. Unfortunately, it has no user/account system, one account per instance. Also, it listens on domain root level, meaning I can't put anything else on the website without setting up a reverse proxy with nginx.

The other one is way more barebones, basically just a streaming server with nothing else. More freedom, but more work.

There's a third one I haven't tried yet, but it's like the previous one, does exactly one thing. It's newer and supposedly has better performance.

I think I'll use the first one for now, and tinker with the other ones while I have something that just werks for now.
No. 60301 Kontra
Makes sense that the Chinese would realize this. Here I am, enjoying myself now that harvest season is over and all is well - while my neighbor worries about the inflation rate of Turkmenistan and its greater geopolitical implications in Central Asia.
No. 60304
Worried I might have diabetes, frens
No. 60305
Go see a doctor, then
No. 60309
Ernst whatever happens..

I always loved you..
No. 60310
63 kB, 468 × 480
452 kB, 600 × 600
Hey, America Ball that was ranting against "western" science lately:

Might want to read the chapter titled "Ontological Theatre" in Andrew Pickering: Cybernetics Brain. Sketches of another Future. 2014.

I'm currently re-reading it for understanding theoretical development in the area of humanities I'm studying myself. Pickering, who studied physics himself, is talking about the differences between modern sciences and a modern ontology and cybernetics and its nonmodern ontology. And that this difference makes a difference in the world so to speak I think.

t. media and history of knowledge Ernst

  • Also, I bought Douglas Hofstadter's "I am a Strange Loop", hopefully it is readable.
No. 60311
22 kB, 480 × 360
Don't worry, you're going to be fine
No. 60329
77 kB, 670 × 793
My little brother had another falling-out with my parents and ended up calling the cops on them. He's claiming that my dad threatened him with a knife(!), very hard to believe for me. I know my parents can work themselves into some good screaming fits but they've never been violent.
So he's staying with me for now and I have to play the role model and mediator etc. Kind of a pain in the ass tbh since now I have to deal with his lazy ass (he overslept school again today after assuring me how self-responsible he is). I hope they'll just make up and he'll go back to my parents soon.
In addition my TV broke and I've pulled some shoulder muscle, truly had some better weeks.
No. 60330
>he overslept school again today after assuring me how self-responsible he is
Threaten him with a knife. It seems it's the only way he'll learn.
No. 60331
Today I saw a man in subway: he was subscribed to dozens of vatnik Telegram channels (can't say how many, he didn't scroll until end, but at least 20-30) and was reading them. 80% of them were explicitly about hohols.

I wonder if he works in propaganda or does it for leisure. I presume the first option because he got embarrassed and switched off his phone once he noticed that I'm looking there.
No. 60333
It smells like wet leaf, the sky is blue and the wind slowly shakes the trees. I am satisfied by the weather. I wish a nice autumn to anyone on the right latitude.
No. 60334
53 kB, 600 × 419
I let off genuine laughter.

While a knife might be too much, you could and perhaps should kick his ass verbally and he will see you are a responsible adult just like your parents who don't take up with teenage bullshit moods. We all know school sucks more or less, but he needs his certificate. He sounds like any other teenage boy who does not have a certain amount of self-stabilizing routine going on. Most of us have probably been there and even fall back at times. Beware.
No. 60335
In his defense, at one point I was also subscribed to various Russian far right telegram groups.
No. 60336
It took me two weeks to notice that my colleague is trap (still not sure about that). And it took me three months to notice that another colleague is actually two different people with similar names and appearances. I could get it earlier: one is a nice person, and another one is very unpleasant to deal with. On the other hand, I rarely see those two IRL, mostly we communicate online.
How many more discoveries are awaiting me? It's like in those joke, "Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are not husband and wife, but 4 entirely different people".

I used to be subscribed to one because admin graduated same university where I studied in and occasionally told funny gossips about it. But he annoyed me with multiple posts per day about "Natashkas jumping on shitskins dicks". I have many perversions, but interracial is not one of them.

Also once I subscribed to a dozen channels of drug addicted sluts. Attempt to suicide with Lidocainum overdose or drinking vodka despite being on lsd and vomiting with blood are very curious adventures, but they got me bored after a week. Unsubscribed from everyone except my friend's gf. Funny but couples between such women and nerds are quite often. Maybe because both are outcasts of society?
No. 60337
>"Natashkas jumping on shitskins dicks"
Well, this certainly gives me great hope.
I don't think I've seen this combination of drug addict slut dating a dork much, but I suppose on some level it would make sense. If not for both being outcasts, at least both being dysfunctional.
Actually, I have seen this play out once before. They were both similar, I just guess the male counterpart didn't have a path open involving free drugs and casual sex.
No. 60339
Today was an eventful day.
Held a small presentation on the translation of Grimms' fables. It went very well. Though I think I could have done more reading on the topic than just the primary texts and a few afterwords in books. But that's my little secret and the lecturer doesn't need to know. She was satisfied with my views and presentation, so there's no reason I shouldn't be satisfied.

Then I went and had breakfast. Ate it while afoot on the way to the uni library. I dropped off the book I checked out, because as it turns out, lugging around a 600 page fable collection isn't good for your back.
All this fucking walking I do every day is killing me. Up the stairs, down the stairs, into the metro, through the street. My feet hurt so much it's unbelievable.
But hey, it's healthy at least. I'd rather have muscle on my legs than be fat.

Then I went to the library of the Far-Eastern Institute to take a look at a Chinese-language copy of Cao Yu's Thunderstorm. I wanted to compare my e-book with a print version because for some reason I was suspicious that it's so short in the online version, but as it turns out, the Chinese version is like a hundred small pages. The Hungarian edition that I picked up today was like 200 so I was a bit suspicious.
Though what I discovered is that the online version has a "prologue" while neither the Hungarian print edition, or the 1978 mainland Chinese edition has that part of the text. (And strangely enough, this edition from the PRC also uses traditional characters for some reason.)
So basically I just created more questions for myself.
Also worked a bit on translating from it but I was a bit tired so I focused more on scrounging up some secondary literature.

Honestly, I kinda like this small netbook. It's a decade old, but the battery is really fucking good, and it's reasonably fast while also not being too cumbersome to carry around like my actual laptop that has a shit battery and weighs like 2-3 kilos.
It's a trashtop, but a very cool trashtop.

Had Chinese history class for the first time this semester. It was held by a prominent Hungarian Sinologist. He has a very lively lecture style.
After class we talked a bit, mostly about books and the works of Ferenc Tőkei, who is basically the father of Hungarian Sinology. Tőkei is bit of a saint because of how prolific he was, but it was funny and refreshing to hear criticism of some of his works, like the "Asian production method" or his theories about Chinese poetry, which the lecturer characterised as "fucking bullshit".
Anyway, got a few cool recommendations out of the chat. There's much to be read and much to be learned in general.

After classes I picked up my package and went home, I had a few slices of spongecake, bid farewell to the dog and then went to my workshop German class, which was okay.
The dog had surgery today. She's fine. Or at least I hope so.
Thankfully my mother and sister took care of the problem nicely.


Everything is getting muddy, and even the night sky is dirty brown at times. Autumn and winter fucking suck.
No. 60340
354 kB, 1280 × 720
>All this fucking walking I do every day is killing me. Up the stairs, down the stairs, into the metro, through the street. My feet hurt so much it's unbelievable.
Students require hardship, be thankful at how easy you have it.
No. 60342
Ok, I have an extremely hot take.

Being open minded and valuing subjective experience, multiple interpretations, being impartial and appreciating works that are antithetical to each other in intent and meaning, etc., are good strategies for consuming art. Because it allows you to maximize your enjoyment of all kinds of art.
This strategy gets wrongly applied to the process of making art as well.
It is actually more helpful to be strongly opinionated, maybe even biased, perhaps bordering on assuming objectivity, emphasizing authorial intent, etc., when it comes to creating art. There is no motivation to saying something, if you don't believe that what you are saying is in some way "objectively" right and true. It is important to be passionate and zealous about a particular assertion when you are trying to add something to the space of ideas in human culture.

Most of my favorite artists are extremely opinionated, and I sometimes read people expressing confusion about how they can be so "close minded" to certain ideas. I don't think there should be any confusion, that's exactly how it's supposed to be. They wouldn't be making the things they do if they didn't think that what they are trying to say is, in some way, more true or important than what others are saying.
In fact, maybe being too open to too many ideas and letting those things seep into one's work is harmful, in that it dilutes the message, and the work ends up not saying much of anything at all.
No. 60345
Extremely hot take? That's almost a truism. An artist is by design an obsessed person, a monomaniac of sorts who says what he wants to say first and foremost. If that artist says what people want to hear, thereby adopting other people's opinion instead of nurturing his own and expressing it, he stops being an artist and becomes an entertainer. That doesn't necessarily mean that all art must be transgressive though, sometimes artist's and audience's interests may be similar, it's just that an artist goes further in exploring these interests than a regular person and creates something that people didn't know they wanted to see or hear up until the moment it was created.
No. 60346
Depends on the passion. Ideologues, not so much. In fact some of them are world famous for being absolutely terrible, like Christian rock. A Perfect Circle and TooL also were good bands, except when they decided to use it as anti-Bush era political posing.

True art requires a sort of thoughtless headspace, an irrationally passionate sphere true, but not something calculated to express some ideology. If it veers towards ideology pushing that's how you get the worst art ever made. A current topic people get butthurt about is wokeness, which indeed had ruined anything it touched, but frankly it could just as easily be woke right as woke left. A good example of that on tabletop is this https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Racial_Holy_War which is one of the worst PnP games ever made.

I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't infuse your religious or political ideas into it, but it has to be done with absolute sincerity, a passionate and truthful expression of your soul, and not something that feels like it's designed by some committee that's consciously calculated to sway the viewer towards agreeing with some ideological nonsense. It requires a type of a poetic or artistic soul, which I think is that secret ingredient no art class can ever teach you, and it's because ideological art feels like a lecture whereas true art often feels like voyeurism. Art is something that feels like it's private, something clearly done to be seen or heard, but like it's also something done while ignoring the audience watching. It could be just as beautiful hidden in the attic for decades and just as relevant then. Trash can "art" is seldom relevant thereafter, and is nothing without the audience, because it does not exist independent of them.
No. 60347
It is a scathingly hot take among most, let's say, intellectuals who are involved with art but don't produce art. Various types of academics, critics, journalists, etc., as well as the average "smart" normoid.
The notion that an artwork can have some inherent meaning independent of subjective interpretation is offensive to some people. A lot of critics and journalists have this almost parasitic approach of using "death of the author" as an excuse for supplanting the author, and using the artwork as a vehicle for expressing their own ideas through it. Like, you don't have to make anything in order to propagate your ideas, you just have to take something already made and "analyze" or do "commentary" on it. I think it's kinda pathetic tbh.
No. 60348
I've managed to steal not one, but two freshly stocked sandwiches from the vending machine. Good omens.
No. 60349
Eh, it doesn't bother me much, because I strongly believe that any sort of criticism or commentary says more about the person doing it rather than about the work itself. A lot of that criticism is very far-fetched with some of it pretty much being overly verbose non sequiturs, so the criticized work is often not even a "vehicle" but simply an excuse to express their opinions. So as long as they don't claim their interpretation to be the only correct one, it's fine; just treat their blabbering as entertainment for humanities' students. And yes, it is kinda pathetic, but what can you do when you want to say something so badly but lack necessary skills to do it properly. :-DDDDDDD
No. 60351
Hottest take of all:

Art should always speak for itself, appeal to the pathos first and foremost and anything that needs a page of explaining is not (good) art.
No. 60352
I cannot be bothered with reading the other posts right now, but I think you can be multi perspectivist and see things from different angle and still be very convinced of one angle, because you have certain reasons for it. From what I've read lately it is no problem to let go of one perspective and not slip into stupid relativism by giving good reasons for chosing a perspective. Not all perspectives are equal, that is virgin relativism vs. chad situated knowledge

Therefore, artists don't need to be close-minded when it comes to creation, just convinced and convincing of what they try to do.
No. 60353
Spicy take. The intention of art and the conclusion of art are different things. Art conveys experience but the observer interprets that experience. That interpretation doesn't change the conveyed information, just how it was understood.
No. 60354 Kontra
pro tips, lots of art relies on other art, and no, not just for the last 100 years but longer. So the creatio ex nihilo is mostly a fairy tale made up by romanticists to blow up their own ego. Which is funny, since they will attack and equal people's intellectualism with over-blown egos.
No. 60355
77 kB, 828 × 811
I found out today the money I roughly spent monthly on groceries equals the budget for groceries in germoneys minimum of social welfare bux. The problem? I only have left about 50-70€ while neet buxers have 300 left. Thank dog I have some money left on another bank account for hardships.
No. 60356
How much is it and how much do you earn?
When I was living on barely 1100 (netto) I spent like 80 Euros at most per month on food.
At that time my diet consisted mainly of potatos, cabbage, onions, pasta, rice, and so on, with the odd stick of Salami thrown in from time to time to have something.
No. 60358
Agreeable statement, but I don't see what it has to do with anything in the post you're replying to.
Either you're under the impression that I claimed that artists are never influenced by other artwork, or you're saying that criticism/analysis of an artwork equivalent to an artist making a piece influenced by another piece. Or both.
Just in case, I'll reply to both statements.
If you mean that I claimed that artists are never influenced by other stuff, well, I didn't, and even then I disagree slightly. I think that even when artists take multiple influences to create their own work, new information IS created ex nihilo. Because combining things in new arrangements obviously produces new information. And also because the contrary would mean that the experience of observing an artwork could be replaced with just observing its influences and imagining the artwork really hard, with no change to the experience because duh, nothing new was created. Which also brings up the question of where did the artworks doing the influencing come from themselves, if nothing new was created.

If you mean that critics/journalists who do bad faith analyses of artworks are themselves also just making a kind of art that is merely "influenced" by the subject of the analysis, rather than using it as a vehicle, I don't see the equivalency, but I'd be interested in this point being elaborated further because it sounds like a fun discussion to have.
No. 60359
Also, I'd like to add that one can be influenced by something without using it. For example, "I think this is such a great example of everything that is terrible and wrong that I'll make sure to not do any of the things it is doing, or even do the opposite".

I think the core of the disagreement here is whether taking a particular stance, or believing something to be true, is an exclusive position or not. As in, if you believe that X is "true", does that imply that things that are not X or less like X, are also correspondingly "less true"?
In my opinion yes.

I find it difficult to imagine being incredibly passionate about a concept, but also regarding the complete antithesis of said concept as "just another valid perspective".
No. 60360
Gib examples. It's somewhat true: good art requires passion and effort, and ideologically charged people are often to have it.
On the other hand, it's easier to LARP as fanatic, than to not be cringe as a real one.
No. 60361
Eh, I wasn't talking about ideology at all.
More like an explicit stance on how things should be done, or should be viewed, what's important in art, or what even constitutes art.

David lynch has very particular opinions on the art of cinema, and even on how movies should be viewed. He'd tell you that if you watched a movie on a phone or a laptop, you didn't really experience it. The only real way to experience a movie being in a cinema.
Jonathan blow of braid and the witness fame has strong opinions on what makes video games good or interesting, and I think there's only like a dozen or two games in the entire history of video games he considers good, lol.
Then there's people in inherently more auteur endeavors, like chefs, who don't filter themselves at all when talking about other peoples' food.
Basically, most anyone who's actually serious about the shit they do, rather than treating it as a job/hobby or whatever, has strong opinions on their field of work.

I have this feeling that this whole attitude of "agree to disagree different strokes for different folks it's all subjective :)" is another instance of capitalist commodification, this time applied to the arts rather than the products. There is no value but market value after all.
No. 60362
>I think that even when artists take multiple influences to create their own work, new information IS created ex nihilo. Because combining things in new arrangements obviously produces new information. And also because the contrary would mean that the experience of observing an artwork could be replaced with just observing its influences and imagining the artwork really hard, with no change to the experience because duh, nothing new was created.

But is that really ex nihilo? More like emergence. I think the death of the author reflects the case that the creator of an artwork might not be aware of all things, for example knowledge and cultural things that go into his work and that went into unintended. While the author or creators have intentions, many things went into their artwork without their conscious reflection. That is why you can subtract the author from a work of art and interpret it differently, as there is more than one meaning in that work of art to be found. Meaning depends on made experience and that can vary depending on the person who experiences the art, therefore an creators intention made explicit by them is one interpretation, but not the only one. It is therefore also a problem to speak of inherent meaning; intended meaning is ok, though. This goes for a critic as well, he or she won't propose to have the ONE meaning when they do interpret a piece of art. Maybe your smarty from the local gallery does, but that is stupid zeal at best.

> who do bad faith analyses of artworks are themselves also just making a kind of art

In what way do they make bad faith anaylses? While studying literatire I never came across such. Critic is its own genre though and can be different from a mere interpretation I'd say. Because they mock artists work sometimes or make themselves poetic interpretations. Infact, before the academization, art critics where themselbes very poetic in their writings about pieces of art, so you could claim their made their own art doing so. I'd say they don't make art really, but they provide an explanation that positions the work of art in its relations to culture/history, social world, and philosophy, or even the sciences.

Maybe one day I will write my theoryfiction book, then I can tell you more about the process :DDDD
No. 60363
I'm a poor student that lives by parent's money and uni job. All in all 650€/month, maybe a bit more soon.
No. 60364 Kontra
179 kB, 700 × 551
>this whole attitude of "agree to disagree different strokes for different folks it's all subjective :)"

This is interesting, because that is pure relativism. My liberal free market defending roomie always uses this sentence when whe discuss and he doen't want to argue further. I think that art critics or similar people are not that sort of relativists, they still want an argument for your opinion, even though there are multiple interpretations possible, they don't buy every shit that is pinned down as interpretation. It is different from "it is all subjective (every bullshit is accepted)" (because that is what that sentence implies)
No. 60370
204 kB, 400 × 480, 0:00
The virgin "reading a lot in order to catch up to the last 3000 years of development in human thought"
The chad "laying in bed and thinking really hard"

Some say that all of western philosophy is just footnotes to Plato. Well, Plato's work was just footnotes to Parmenides, and Parmenides didn't have shit to write footnotes to, so he just sat in a dark room and THOONKED really hard.
No. 60371
No. 60373 Kontra
180 kB, 1108 × 805
>he just sat in a dark room and THOONKED really hard

Is that how philosophers are borned or the typical 4clover dweller? In this day and age, the line is only a few particles thin.
No. 60374
Dabbling in philosophy is a moot undertaking anyway, since the probability you'd come up with a profound new insight is close to zero.
In all those hours I have lain in bed, awake and anxious, I have come to the conclusion that because man is, despite all his cultural and superficial differences, still pretty much made out of the same stuff, the possible conclusions to be reached by a human brain are finite.
Which in turn means that if in thousands of years of philosophy nobody has come up with something good, chances are
a) you won't either or
b) independently from one of those develop the same ideas
The only thing you can do here is read up on those thousands of years worth of ideas in order to discard those on your way to your own "original" thoughts.
No. 60375
96 kB, 800 × 1200
Philosophy then is engagement with the absolute limits. I out in the open and close to madness. I'm more extreme than some guys jumping from a mountain or doing loopings close to the ground in some airplane 8-)
No. 60376 Kontra
pic related is me on my way to archive astral brain. It's like in one of this american movies where some asian master is doing a sort of meaningless practice (no useful material result) everyday but the ignorants don't know he is just processing astral brain insights.
No. 60377
Philosophy is old males talking about their feelings.
No. 60379
True, but consider that those 3000 years of history are not actually the objective record of reality written byu god or anythjijng ,but rather a historical narrative written collectively by certain people from certain cultuires in a certain period of time, and then reinterpreted, curated and distoirted by otehjr poeople later, and the same thing happened to their interpretation opf history as well.

so why bother reading some autistic academic's fancfiction of some autistic monk's fanfiction of some ancient aristocrat's fanfiction of cultural mythos and hearsay of his time when you can just write yoiur own history and shiot know what I meanb?

and ther'ss something to be said about the value of starting from first principles. i mean, if you mererly read about an idea insteead of coming uipl wih the idea on your own, did you TURLYK comprehend the idea, or did you just get a surface level descriptuion of the diea? lioke readijng a plot synopsis of a movie instead of watching the movie you kjmnow what I[;m saying

and another thing is that you have to have the balls to assert the primacy of your own existence. like, time is actually a spook, there's only just objects that have the physical evidence of the effects of time. but from your own experience, the only "time" that you can perceive is the length of the moment you can hold in your awareness at one time, which is like 5 seconds at most knowing the attention span of the average person. so the world is perpetually only 5 seconds long, so how old something is doesn't really matter.

like, reading shit and thinking about it vs looking at shit and thinking about it is the same thing because they're both just taking in empiric data and interpreting it, fundamentally. like you literally have to look at a book in order to read it so how is it differnet than looking at a tree or anything eles. it isn't.

the true chad philosophy is when you're just standing there and taking in all of the sensory information hitting your awareness and contemplating it, you doikjmnjkl't even have to do anything like moving in space and shit because space already moves around you, so yopu get new information FOR FREE by not doing anything, cuz you're just a mind floating in space and all that new information is washing over you every microsecond just automatically
just being a big dick mind/awareness floating in space taking all that shit in you know what i'm saying.
there's twop times in my life when I experienced pure heavenly bliss or zero-context existence, once when I got really good at meditation and could jsut enter this state of hyper-awareness and observe all the sensory input coming in, and second time when I got out of mental hospital from schizo episodes, and an acquintance offered me some weed and I smonemklted it even though doctor said it'd trigger schizo episodes and I didit anyway, and I got really really high and had an out of body experience where I was flating in space and observing my own body walking around in third person shit was so cahsj
No. 60380
Brick go home you're drunk
No. 60381
29 kB, 250 × 250
You're just too mentally weak to derive primal existential satisfaction from just laying on your back, facing a light source, and tracking your eye floaters on their path to beyond your field of vision.

It is the ultimate form of meditation.
No. 60382
Midwit talk.
I can track my eye floaters even without laying on my back and facing a light source.
Apply yourself.
No. 60383 Kontra
66 kB, 1200 × 675
No. 60384
Compromising your floater tracking performance by willfully putting yourself in a gravitationally disadvantaged position (floaters fall down instead of going in all directions) and reducing floater visibility, just for bravado and a misguided desire to impress others. Pathetic.
Your ego has blinded you, you are already a hylic. You won't reach enlightenment and the demiurge laughs at you.

I bet you watch anime.
No. 60387 Kontra
Inspired by cucumber salads with Chinese chili crisp oil I made a sandwich with goat cream cheese, siracha/hot sauce, and cucumber slices.
No. 60389
147 kB, 640 × 480
I have been wearing glasses for most of my life. I have meditated upon my own molecular structure and know all the reflections and artifacts.
I have no need for any crutches, unlike you. If you can only reach Zen without any diversions, you will never reach Zen.
No. 60397
90 kB, 640 × 640
Classical Chinese is very interesting with all the weird grammar functions, but I kind of dig it.
When we arrived to class the lecturer was talking with someone regarding the publishing of something, and I squinted really hard to see the title of the book and what it is and apparently I wasn't very subtle, because after a few minutes he asked the guy to lend one of the copies to the young man, because he's interested in this sort of thing, so I got to spend 5 minutes with something, that is to my knowledge an unpublished Hungarian translation of the Thousand Character Classic, and it's the best thing since sliced bread by the looks. All the characters drawn in six styles, so it's not only a limited Hungarian-Classical Chinese dictionary but also a "style-dictionary" too, accompanied by the original text, a translation and a few studies, A4 size.
I feel incredibly privileged that I had the opportunity to look at it even if for just a brief time and I hope they find a publisher because it's a shut up and take my money! kinda book.

Not much else of interest happened today. I'm organising files on my cloud drive so that I can use it more effectively. I don't want to fuck around with a pendrive all the time to synchronise files between my PC and my laptop constantly.
No. 60398
I wish I still had the same enthusiasm for my field.
No. 60404
When did you lost it and do you lost it completely?
No. 60406
During my PhD studies. The way academia works in Germany (today) is predestined to suck any passion out of anyone, provided you're not currently working in a meme field like AR/VR or diabetes/cancer research (although those have other, very severe problems).
I haven't lost it entirely, but right now, I don't see myself ever working at a university again. Maybe if I get a cozy PI job at a FH or so.
No. 60407 Kontra
106 kB, 828 × 1026
I've been thinking about this for a while, and I noticed that whenever I have to discipline the dogs, I never think they do what I'm disciplining them for out of malice, which is exactly the opposite of what I think about cats.
Don't know if it's just me, but I don't think dogs are capable of malice, unlike cats. (Not that I'm saying cats are necessarily capable of it, but I can see a cat doing something just to fuck with me, unlike with a dog that does things because it's a dog and isn't necessarily capable of controlling its instincts.)

My mother told me she can't stand listening to me talk about my studies and things I'm doing, which is infuriating, considering she told me like a week ago that I'm "sour" and that all I can do is criticize things that I think are beneath me. (Basically it was the same as this letter Schopenhauer received from his mother.)
I mean just because I called some commercial TV dance show a "retarded circlejerk" it doesn't mean I don't enjoy things in life. When I show passion then I'm "tiresome".
It's just that the things I enjoy are so radically different than what she enjoys that we can't effectively communicate about it.

Today I'm going to study Classical Chinese some more. 之 is a bitch of a particle and I want to get the translation homework right. I'm really starting to understand why there's like 6*10^23 Daodejing translations.
One day hopefully I'll add one to the pile and make the world a slightly more cluttered place by doing so. Just out of arrogance lel.

Dog had surgery on Thursday, I've been a bit anxious about it since. Having stitches on your body is hard as a human when you have almost full control over your urges, can't imagine what it's like for a dog.
Though I still think that paying to have surgery performed on a dog is a bit of a luxury (or rather a better term would be a "limp-wristed bourgeois thing"), but my feelings got the better of me. I like this dog. I like having a poodle, I don't want to part with it until I absolutely have to.

Anyway, I'm writing this post because I'm trying to get a bit more used to the keyboard on this small as fuck laptop.
No. 60408
Imo cats are just retarded and whatever lack of understanding anything they have is amounted to their "character" by their owners. They're basically "that kid" of pets.
Dogs on the other hand are just domesticated wolves, never forget about that. They probably still have something deep inside of them they don't understand themselves.

I feel your mother problems, mine is the same. In fact, her being completely uninterested in anything I do is something I would like to accuse her of, but which I have not yet had the opportunity to do, because I am not one to bring up stuff out of nowhere.
>It's just that the things I enjoy are so radically different than what she enjoys that we can't effectively communicate about it.
That's exactly how it is. We are completely different and if I didn't look like her and had inherited her stubbornness there would be no indication of us being of the same blood.

Also, I see what you did there, but remember it's 6,022 x 10^23.
No. 60411 Kontra
Well, it's ultimately just me humanizing an animal out of emotional attachment. Cats I know relatively little about because I never had one but the media always portrays them as "more intelligent" and "independent". (Which when you consider it, makes the Japanese "obedient catgirl servant" character-type completely retarded. I don't know what the fuck am I on about really, but I think you get the meaning.)

>We are completely different and if I didn't look like her and had inherited her stubbornness there would be no indication of us being of the same blood.
Personally I'm constantly surprised how similar I am to my parents (both in looks and manners) despite the fact that I have completely different and "more high brow" interests.
It's especially strange considering how my father was constantly on business trips when I was little, and didn't talk to me much when he was home either, and yet, we react to things with the same phrases and often make the same joke a millisecond apart at lunch. (Or my mother would often remark how I said word-for-word the same thing my father did when she's telling me a story she told my father too.)

>but remember it's 6,022 x 10^23.
I don't think we ever went into that much detail in chemistry class :D
HS chemistry was fucking awful and I'm so glad I didn't have to do any of it in grade 11 and 12.Though biology became biochemistry in grade 11 and grade 12 so it's not like it matters
No. 60414 Kontra
You are experiencing identity effects.

Regarding parents: I've alienated quite a bit from my parents in what interests me, fate of every academically enthusiastic person that as parents who aren't as invested I think. I do have habits of them internalized, though. And why do you guys think that parents and kids have to be that similar? There is so many chances of divergence, it took me a long time to realize parents are humans with many flaws and they can be strangers to you. You don't sound very interested in your parents, why should they be interested so much in your interest? Because they are your parents? Well, you are their grown-ass kids!

Did you know that before you started your Phd? I mean I expect it to be like any wage labor job: tiresome as it is due to that principle. What were your expectations and what disappointed you then?
No. 60415 Kontra
>Did you know that before you started your Phd?
Kind of. It's not even so much that I lost the interest because I am not interested in the subject anymore, I am still an explorer through and through, but because all the stuff around sucks so much. Like how school sucks the joy out of literature by doing all that dumb discussion and interpretation shit nobody cares about.
And I studied something that usually warrants getting a PhD for getting a decent job, so there was little choice of doing something else. It's a classic sunken cost situation.
I wrote a long and angry rant in the university thread, so I won't talk about that here.
No. 60417 Kontra
One thing to add though:
>I mean I expect it to be like any wage labor job: tiresome as it is due to that principle.
If you treat it as that, sure, but doing your PhD is not like a wage job in that you can leave it at the door, because all you do you are also doing for yourself, because you want to get your title in the end. So all you do all day is thinking about what to do next day, what went wrong, what can be done better, and so on. In fact, if it was just a regular wage job I wouldn't have had any problems with it. Also remember that usually people are only on 50% positions because "half of the work is just for yourself anyway".
No. 60418
I just came back from the Aldi and some guy slowly passed me on his bike, exhaling smoke. It was a joint, the sweet but also irritating burned weed smell. Had to think of the proposition that many weed these days is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids to have a strong effect while being low production cost. Just a little impression from the less glamorous side of the synthetic age.

>how school sucks the joy out of literature by doing all that dumb discussion and interpretation shit nobody cares about.

It's fun, just not in school. Once it's a job it becomes more like you describe yours. From all the wage labor I can choose so far academia sounds the most interesting while being much working hours. I worked menial jobs and fuck no, not for the rest of my life. A dead boring office job, public relations sounds equally shitty. Book publishing might be cool. There might be alternatives, but if I have the chance to get a wage job that lets me follow my interest, I should pursue that. I could also imagine growing food or having my little corner food jointI'm pretty confident in letting most other food joints in that town look like ass when it comes to that dish as I did plenty of research and practice already, but this is only one thing you need to manage, more so the business side and customer service which I know little, though I know people I could talk to about that. But this is not less work in the end and not very mind-stimulating and that is what I seek.
No. 60419 Kontra
Yeah, but not all other wage labor is left at the door these days.
No. 60420 Kontra
If it was better paid, I would go back to being an ambulance driver. At least it's not the very same every day.

True, but this is different, trust me. Even with aforementioned ambulance work where you're with one foot in jail all the time and have to see, hear and especially smell stuff you don't forget that quickly, it's not as bad as realizing you just blew three months on something that doesn't work, but still have to get up tomorrow and do more of the same because you, personally, need the data.
No. 60422
Interesting job. Made me think of how I thought becoming a paramedic is also a job I would deem worth the effort. Besides casual missions, they are lifesavers after all, and as you said I also imagine it as more varying. Ofc as you said you take it home. Same for therapists and to a certain degree other care work. But I was also thinking about other jobs that demand availability or creative work etc.
No. 60423
Is it you RTW-Bernd btw?
No. 60424 Kontra
No. 60427
I thought about that but then I realized it would just be dealing with some of the same people I hated and everything I disliked about certain other jobs up to 11 complete with piss, puke, and shit.

Why even would they though? It's not like it's hard to get or grow and I'd think the hassles, cost, and risk just wouldn't be worth it to bother particularly when the average weed smoker just wants weed and isn't into all that other crap the way hard druggies are. My recollection was that potheads would immediately drop a dealer they even suspected of lacing shit but then I don't have a clue what zoomers are like so maybe their Tide pod smoking arses would see it as benefit. Even still, I question the whole point. Don't you guys have free travel and lots of legal zones? Unless you live in a complete draconian shithole far removed from civilized society I can't imagine the benefit to sourcing real weed and then spraying chemicals on it considering how easy it now is to get genuine good weed from some nearby state. If you lived somewhere like Oklahoma where it's a distant trip and a weed charge could get you 20 years in jail then I don't see the point to adding chemicals. Maybe if you used something that wasn't legal on fake weed so there was no THC that could make sense but

Wait a minute I'm thinking too rationally aren't I? I keep assuming things when already I know criminals must be stupid because the numbers never add up. I was thinking in the shower lastnight how the highest profit margins would need to be for making theft make any sense at all and realized maybe they are arrogant enough to think they won't get caught and stupid enough to keep doing it because they never calculate lost income from working a real job while sitting around in prison on top of legal and other fees from the case and what hourly income a phone thieving hoodrat thinks he makes in short term to justify that behavior. Maybe retards spraying weed think like that?
No. 60429
I was ready to say "I'm glad to leave Zambia" and talk about how this trip was shit but today I went to see Victoria Falls and now think everything was worth it.
No. 60430 Kontra
Being a paramedic in Germany is different to the job in the US.
Basically a "Rettungsassisent" is the next highest medical professional in emergency work after an actual doctor. They (usually) have most of the competences a doctor has, save for applying non-directly life saving drugs (as e.g. adrenaline during CPR or an anaphylaxis, or simply injecting glucose into an insulin comatose person, for example) and they're not bound to specific emergency algorithms (if I understood that correctly about US paramedics having their "codes" and not having any actual room for their "own" decisions beyond that).
HOWEVER, those are things that have just developed over time and had never been legally fixated (at least during my time), so if you even just placed an access as Rettungsassisstent and something, no matter what, went wrong, you could get reprimanded harshly. This led to some people (I personally knew) not placing any access until either in the presence of the doctor or just having the doctor do it, just to be legally safe. I think they changed some of those laws (akin to your Good Samaritan laws), but that was when I was already out there.

That said, I never had a problem with people or anything, but I am very sensitive to smells. Entering a room and basically getting punched in the face by the smell of old blood is something you won't forget. But I liked it. Apart from driving people to their dialysis and watching them slowly die you had those moments where you actually had the feeling you had made a difference, or done something good, and that was nice.
I certainly would go back into that line of work, despite the shit hours and pay, before letting myself get locked up in an office.
No. 60431
I'm not very familiar with growing weed, I know people had small plantations. Those won't do it but I suspect the larger part is imported stuff from North Africa, even in Germany large-scale illegal plantations exist. But you don't have to grow quality weed, you just need buds and then spray them, maybe even die them, kek. Heard that is done as well. It's cheaper to just grow any bud and the quality while growing is a secondary aim. The amount of buds is more important; then spray them and you get that quite potent weed while low effort growing.

At least that is how I imagine it. It's just about cost cutting in production of a substance.

>you had those moments where you actually had the feeling you had made a difference, or done something good, and that was nice.

That is what I meant with a job worthy of consideration when it's not seeking out a passion that concerns my mind.
My grandma was saved by a motorcyclist because of cardiac arrest while she was cleaning the front door of her apartment building in summer on a rather busy outward road. She lived more than 10 years after that event. Her actual downfall bodily and especially mentally started only half a year before her death being in her early 90s.
No. 60433
490 kB, 1024 × 811
207 kB, 625 × 466
The virgin Niagara Falls Daredevil vs. The Victoria Falls Chad.
No. 60442
106 kB, 381 × 563
>Well, this certainly gives me great hope
You are firstie with money and citizenship. Plus you are latino macho.
I bet you get raped each time you cross Russian border.

>I don't think I've seen this combination of drug addict slut dating a dork much, but I suppose on some level it would make sense. If not for both being outcasts, at least both being dysfunctional.
I've seen a lot, for a example a math professor in marriage with pornography actress.
Dugin says that in European culture true love must be tragic and incompatible with real world: you love her but she is from House of Capulet/ drug addict / male / whatever. This may be another reason. Have you read "Idiot" by Dostoevsky? True man of culture must marry mentally unstable bitch, get cucked by her, drink vodka and cry.
No. 60443
>cucumber salads with Chinese chili crisp oil
>sandwich with goat cream cheese, siracha/hot sauce, and cucumber slices.
Both sound ebin. Reminds me I need to order a new jar of Laoganma :D
Btw what kind of cucumbers do you use? Just regular Salatgurke?
No. 60447 Kontra
I at lunch twice, yet I'm still hungry for some reason. It's as if throughout the week I consumed inordinate amounts of energy and I'm trying to make up for it somehow.
But then again, I'd rather eat than suffer the pain of not being able to eat. I should be grateful for what I have, which is the healthy feeling of hunger.

Well, yes, I'm experiencing a constant identity crisis on the grounds of nationality, familial relations and class.
Don't know how to fix it.

It's not that they should be interested in what I do, rather, if I can manage to tolerate their mundane jibber-jabber every day about what goes down at the office between 45 year old juvenile fat people who tell stand up jokes from 1985 then I at least expect them to tolerate me talking about this cool new book I came across or this funny historical anecdote about a Chinese warlord from the 1920s.

That image is scarily accurate of me when I've drunk some alcohol.
Btw, is Dugin basically just a political celeb in Russia who says the darnest things?
The more I learn about Eurasianism and Russian politics, the less sense anything makes, and I'm feeling more and more inclined to actually open a fucking book to clear up stuff.

>Spraying them
The thing is, "synthetic weed" (or Herbál) is a crapshoot. It's literally any fucking chemical dogshit that will get you high. The bigger issue is that it might also just as easily kill you.
Gyppos love this shit. Like half the Eastern part of the country is smoking it apparently. (The other half drinks flavoured ethanol.)
Nobody knows what's in it, or how it acts, they just assemble a new molecule somewhere in Yunnan or Albania to evade blacklisting and make it legal for a few weeks.
No. 60449
Yes, regular Salatgurke, they both also taste ebin. The sandwich is my to go breakfast at the moment.


one of these two I used to prepare the salad

Also have this vietnamese song I just discovered on tiktok. I have no idea what this is but I like the trashy style together with a language I don't understand very much.

No. 60451
>Well, yes, I'm experiencing a constant identity crisis on the grounds of nationality, familial relations and class.
Don't know how to fix it.

Accept that it is just an effect and not reality.

you have to listen to this to solve all your problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zjxwrgJNFc

>I'm feeling more and more inclined to actually open a fucking book to clear up stuff.

Dugin's solution to politics is weird indeed, mysticism and french philosophy and Heidegger's term for existence as revolutionary subject, make it make sense.

>Nobody knows what's in it, or how it acts, they just assemble a new molecule somewhere in Yunnan or Albania to evade blacklisting and make it legal for a few weeks.

Yeah, I was expecting them to be research chemicals. When I was still consuming drugs regularly there were also lots of RCs going around, available online and the story of Chinese labs producing them but no studies on how that substance effects you and your mental and bodily health.
No. 60452
>The more I learn about Eurasianism and Russian politics, the less sense anything makes
They just make the less sense, the more you read about them. It might be possible it's just a scheme to get you to buy more and more books.
No. 60456
Dugin is a meme, first of all. There are really few people besides westerners who take him seriously (I don't even think that Dugin himself is one of them).
I like his videos. He is clown but funny and charismatic one (unlike Zizek for example). However I tried to read his books, one about conspiracy theories and some others, and they are incredibly boring. Maybe this is done like this deliberately.

Agree, Russian political situation must be hard for westerner (and for Russian) to understand. It's somewhat simple: a few powerful people selling oil to wect and holding everyone else by the balls. But byproducts of this situation are really weird. Plus it has unusual prehistory with soviet experiment and it's collapse.
No. 60461
>I at lunch twice, yet I'm still hungry for some reason. It's as if throughout the week I consumed inordinate amounts of energy and I'm trying to make up for it somehow.
Ditch sugar, eat more fat and salt.

>if I can manage to tolerate their mundane jibber-jabber every day about what goes down at the office between 45 year old juvenile fat people who tell stand up jokes from 1985 then I at least expect them to tolerate me talking about this cool new book I came across or this funny historical anecdote about a Chinese warlord from the 1920s.
You study the classics, yet you do not understand 孝 and 禮.
No. 60464
I'm a northern 匈奴 barbarian, how do you expect me to grasp hat it means to have 德 and be 仁 after a mere two years of study :D

>Ditch sugar, eat more fat and salt.
I've been eating spicy chicken with salad, so it's not the sugars probably.

>Dugin is a meme
Heard many Russians say that, but in the west he's hailed as some sort of "criminal mastermind" who's orchestrating Putin's foreign policy and building a new Russian World Order.
The difference between Russia's own perception of the topic and how the west paints it is amazing.
Another figure who suffered a similar fate was Limonov, because National Bolshevism became a shit meme in the west about hating both Jews and capitalists, while in Russia it's more of a punk thing I gather where you're just trying to make as many people mad as possible by being an outrageous retard.
No. 60465
141 kB, 1130 × 785
798 kB, 1280 × 720
730 kB, 1280 × 720
I always have to think about this anecdote about Dugin by Egor Letov (legendary punk musician, btw he was also involved with the Nazbols for some time IIRC), hope the Google Translation is legible

Also re Eurasianism, it was already a pretty big deal around the beginning of the 20th century, e.g. there were quite a few Silver Age poems etc. inspired by it. I especially like this one by Alexander Blok, probably one of the most famous ones: https://allpoetry.com/The-Scythians
No. 60467 Kontra
But Negarestani has nothing to do with OOO?

I suspect Dugin is interested in a sort of new human. A typical theme for more radical politics. Or his I'm this and that is really Heideggers Dasein also sort of revolutionary whatever. I could look up the review of one of his books I wrote down here in the lit. thread.
No. 60468
> Heard many Russians say that, but in the west he's hailed as some sort of "criminal mastermind" who's orchestrating Putin's foreign policy and building a new Russian World Order.
Yes. Both by /pol/tards and establishment. I was really surprised then they deleted his youtube channel. As I remember, it didn't even contain any edgy stuff, just long boring lectures about philosophy.

> Limonov
In Russia he is mostly famous as "guy who sucked BBC".

With Letov there is an interesting story. Don't know how it was in 80-s and 90-s, but in 00-s he was usually listened by bydlo (together with Ария and Король и Шут). But recently GrOb had a second wave of popularity, now mostly among well educated and high IQ youth.

> it's more of a punk thing I gather where you're just trying to make as many people mad as possible by being an outrageous retard.
As I understand, average nazbol was socially inept teen who wanted to feel cool and revolutionary. If you are really curious and autistic and know Russian, here are interviews with some former nazbol leaders:

>a pretty big deal
Cmon, it was the same if not worse. Some decadent aristocrat poets showing off.
No. 60469
Limonov goes to an interview and thinks:
"Now this young scoundrel will ask me the first thing - what did I have with the black man?"
I’ll probably answer it this way: all this is a literary fantasy. No, not convincing ...
I'd rather say that it all happened, but not in this way. No, it's also unconvincing ...
Then I will say that this question itself is disgusting and for it you can be punched in the face for it."
And while Limonov was pondering, he reached the place. Interviewer meets him, asks the first question:
- Eduard Veniaminovich, is it true that you are a racist and a fascist?
- ME??? Racist??! But I sucked a black dick!...
No. 60470
I'm really not familiar with Negarestani, but ended up reading this blog post (https://socialecologies.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/the-inhuman-core-of-reza-negarestanis-philosophy/) and it concludes with:
>I used to think Land was dangerous, but Reza Negarestani has taken Land into the academy under the cover of an elaborate inhumanist Rationalism that will like Land leave nothing human remaining.
Don't really know OOO that well either, but I think you can roughly group them together as inhumanist/posthumanist philosophies.
But yeah, I think Negarestani was also complaining about how Dugin misreperesented him.

>Some decadent aristocrat poets showing off.
Sounds good to me tbh :D

No. 60471
Social ecologies nice blog. I will read that entry, a fairly young one.
Afaik Reza does not like the posthumanists. His labor of the inhumane is a plea for dynamizing what the human is, so what is human is basically up to process and contingent, which can open the doors for all kinds of stuff that can be interpreted as anti-human. Posthumanists might differ, as it is more about decentering the human, embed humans in networks of things, animals, non-humans basically. So that the human is distinctively different from then but but not necessarily above them hierarchically. Posthumanists are interested in ecologies as concept for understanding, I'd say. At least the posthumanism I've actually read. My studies deal with that sort of thoughts.
What they all might have in common is the abandonment or at least modification of classical humanism, and what that claims to be is human, what the human is, and the humans position in the world.
No. 60476
How come that the perceived activity on /b/ diminishes over the weekend, whereas /int/ seems to be more active?
No. 60481
52 kB, 1000 × 1000
I was always a sissy at eating spicy things. A few weeks ago i started training my spice resistence and am now at the point where i can take a spoon full of pic related with no trouble or take half a bottle in my dinner.

I'm going to go for some actual hot sauce next and i am scared.
No. 60483
836 kB, 1024 × 1024
645 kB, 1024 × 1024
>Sounds good to me tbh :D
Cringe as fuck if you think of it. Noble pussy who spent years of his life in Europe larps as Asian savage in his artsy poems. And after October revolution instead of gladly living among Scythians he asks soviet government "pls let me leave".
No. 60486
>How come that the perceived activity on /b/ diminishes over the weekend, whereas /int/ seems to be more active?
I wonder myself why especially on sunday afternoon, where I'd expect most people having spare time, activity on /b/ is usually very low. Kinda sad because I'd enjoy some company in these hours. On the other hand, activity in the late evening/night has risen. Doesn't help me that much though, since I mostly go to bed relatively early.
No. 60487 Kontra
You will get resistent to a certain extent. Does your shitting change? I can eat spicy food but my belly will tell me it doesn't like it afterwards. Also try those small green chilis from an Asia store :DDDD
No. 60488
One time years ago i ate really, really hot and it actually burned in my butthole, but no such thing at the moment.
No. 60489
I have a job interview tomorrow. On Friday evening I got a call from some HR slut from another job that they decided on another applicant. I've been kinda bummed ever since and don't feel like being presentable tomorrow. I just feel tired, sick and tired. I want to work and they just won't let me. And I am sick of acting like I care for their dumb shitty company and sick of them acting like they care for me. I work, you pay me, it's not that complicated. I am competent, reliable, punctual and hard working. What? You dont want to train people? But you want people with experience? Well, how the fuck am I supposed to get any experience if nobody is willing to give me the opportunity to? Fuck them all, if I weren't so uncreative I would just find something to sell. Selling dumb shit to idiots is always profitable.
I am already drinking, but so far I don't feel anything but a deep sense of angry ennui.
No. 60490 Kontra
Then you don't eat spicy enough(?). I don't have a burning asshole from siracha, but preparing an Indian recipe with the actual amount of chilis and chili powder gets me every time. It also is noticeable in digestion as it hurts.
I just wonder if that stops if I would eat it regularly. Siracha and medium hot dishes few times a week don't help with that, just for upholding resistance.
No. 60493
6 kB, 276 × 183
>I've been eating spicy chicken with salad, so it's not the sugars probably.
So you're eating like, 300 calories per meal, and wondering why you're still hungry?

>The difference between Russia's own perception of the topic and how the west paints it is amazing.
The west is incapable of attributing any dynamism to Russia. In the Western mind, Russia is simultaneously the Soviet Union, a chaotic shithole run by mafia, and a fascist state run by 5-dimensional chess master Dugin.

>I'm a northern 匈奴 barbarian, how do you expect me to grasp hat it means to have 德 and be 仁 after a mere two years of study :D
The way is clear to all with a clear mind.
Confucianism is just boomer advice gussied up with philosophy to make it attractive to nerds. This is why it's the most advanced philosophy.
I'm only half kidding
No. 60498
Did the boar taste like pork?

I ate crocodile for the first time this week. I can't say exactly what it tasted like because the sauce was strong and hid the flavor of the meat. I was pleased enough with the dish that the next day I ordered a different crocodile dish but it had a similar problem. I suspect that crocodile doesn't have much of a flavor which led the restaurant to do this. Alternatively their cook might have a different philosophy about whether a meat dish should be more about the sauce or more about the taste of the underlying meat.
No. 60500
Probably gator which tastes like swamp chicken.

Ironically my not just morals but also honor code makes eating apex predators perfectly ok, although it still runs into the problem of did I personally Hunt, kill, and gut them or not. Man has simple philosophy here I don't fuck what I wouldn't marry and I don't eat what I wouldn't kill myself.
No. 60506
Did not taste like Pork at all, tasted closer to some beef cut.
No. 60525
1,5 MB, 1126 × 1181
Did German Ernsts ever taste this? Just bought it for the first time, maybe it's because I'm hungry af, but they taste good and the texture is nice.
No. 60526
They look familiar, but I actually can't remember ever eating them. Weird.
No. 60527
The funny thing is, I exactly know what you mean, at least I think so. Because they look like they've been around forever, the name and the tacky gold makes them look like sweets from the 70s. I've seen them in stores before but today they were on offer and I decided to give them a try instead of the usual suspects (Ritter Sport on offer as well)
No. 60528
189 kB, 1920 × 1491
Local LIDL sells a lot of these German chocolates, yet none with the EC color scheme.
What is the best Rittersport?
No. 60529
89 kB, 800 × 533
1,0 MB, 1380 × 920
957 kB, 1380 × 920
Pic relateds are my favs. Though I only buy when they're 50% off, but they are so pretty regularly

t. other Ernst
No. 60530 Kontra
214 kB, 1500 × 1500
Can cause autism if overdosed.
No. 60531
All Ritter Sport are the best. Whenever they're on sale I usually buy all kinds of them for about a tenner.
No. 60532
104 kB, 1200 × 932
124 kB, 1181 × 955
97 kB, 1200 × 932
362 kB, 800 × 800
There are those tiny Ritter Sports where you get 10 or 15 or so in one package. Good to try different ones.
Pic related are some of my favorites. Also Nougat.
No. 60533
Yes, I ate them before but it's been a while. They are quite nice.

Is this one rather new? Haven't seen it before but I don't buy chocolate that often... My favorite RitterSport gotta be Marzipan and the white one with nuts.
No. 60534
But they miss too many.

My vote goes to Knusperflakes or Orange Almond, then Macadamia, then other nuts (and the nut raisins one). Generally, I've eaten too much fancy expensive chocolates by now though I rarely buy one , so it usually tastes too sweet for just chocolate. The Knusperflocken's sweetness on the other hand is balanced by the rye cookie that is covered by the chocolate.
No. 60535
215 kB, 1500 × 1460
81 kB, 640 × 518
49 kB, 640 × 449
53 kB, 640 × 445
>But they miss too many.

They get the most common ones. I guess some special edition for the other ones would be nice.
No. 60536
I just ate a Knusperkeks. It was great.
No. 60546
9 kB, 240 × 200
No. 60547 Kontra
>open up PDF reader on shitbox laptop
>everything is in French for some reason
>can't change it because for some reason French is the only language installed
>On a laptop using Hungarian as the system language
lmao what the fuck

The workshop classes are kinda comfy if a bit weird. Basically we have a topic (like divinity and rulership) and then with the help of the lecturer we compare our major's civilisation's stances/approaches to the topic (with some research of course.)
I think my literacy is paying off, simply because when comparing myths it's very useful that I know a lot about the Greeks and also read a lot from the Bible. Genuinely, I feel at least semi-literate, which is good.

Trying to read this drama in Chinese. Kinda hard. It's not necessarily the grammar, it's the vocabulary. I have to use the dictionary a lot and it makes me feel kind of inferior in a sense. (There's also a bit of grammar I don't necessarily get, mostly limited to specific particles, rather than entire structures, so I guess I better look shit up in a reference-grammar or something)
Kinda feels like I'm overdosing on Sinology right now.
I'm really into both my major and my minor, which is a blessing.

Latin is a bit of a burden on my back 2bh. I like dead languages and ancient cultures, but having it on top of an already hard language as a mandatory subject because of the workshop is really putting a strain on me and I can't perform well because I keep fucking up the declinations and the coniugations.

This bagged tea I've been drinking for over 20 years feels especially vile for some reason in recent weeks. Don't know why. I drink from it and sometimes my face looks like as if I licked a lemon.
I still drink it though, can't imagine my life without the family tea-jug.

I'm like a reverse fat person when it comes to eating. I constantly over-estimate how many calories are in the stuff I eat.
At least to me, eating 4-5 tortillas filled with meat, tzatziki and salad should feel fulfilling, even if I spread it out throughout the day. But as I said, I have the exact opposite problem of what most people suffer from when it comes to eating.
No. 60548
It's kinda weird to hear Ernsts voice. I know on the radio there is also the possibility but I don't listen to it. But behind that, I also wonder what all the Ernst look like. I just suspect nobody imagines me the way I am and neither have I any idea of what you guys might look like.

Also, you probably find Ritter Sport at Aldi ... I looked at the page, no Ritter. But you can get Knoppers, it's another German staple sweet with chocolate.
No. 60549
I think I've given up all my aspirations, ideals and sentimental notions in order to procure myself some stability and comfort. What I got in return is that I am no longer (as) deeply ashamed to be alive, and own a few thousand dollars' worth of consumer goods.

I guess it was worth it?
No. 60550
I am not really endemic to imageboards, therefore not really an Enrst, as I was a gaymer primarily. Imageboards came later.
No. 60553
571 kB, 4911 × 3472
I'll just leave this picture here.
No. 60555
To be honest I don't entirely buy this model of needs.

Undeniably there have been millions of people who lived in the past and had no access to the comfort and safety I enjoy, yet have led fulfilled, driven lives. There's even people today who live with disease or mental illness, poverty, etc., and still manage to pursue things outside of immediate physical comfort, or at least do both.
I think different people have different thresholds of material security at which they can fully commit to a noble pursuit. It helps for that threshold to be lower. Maybe that's what we call "willpower".

Material security, is then, a sort of filter that cuts off people below the threshold from doing much with their lives. There's a reason so many artistic and scientific breakthroughs came from the aristocracy in the past, and today, are funded externally.

I just wish I was above that threshold, either by wealth, or by "willpower".
No. 60556
10,2 MB, 1981 × 2385
It has only really lately just occurred to me the full magnitude to how much a lot of the 40K lore is basically just space Communism and what would happen if people like Beria, Kruschev, Malenkov, Zhukov etc. basically just let Stalin get canonized as Messiah and formed a fake religion around him so they could fuck off and continue running things behind the scenes through increasingly retardedly convoluted layers of bureaucracy and centralized hierarchical power.

Why in fuck people take this at face value again? Do people seriously just not know the lore at all? Or maybe more like Lenin being canonized as a deity and having a religion worship him and people praying to their tractors and throwing incense oils on their plows to work properly. It also makes me question what exact manner of delusional retard might actually believe those gay space Communism memes at face value either, since clearly the only possible option is dystopia.
No. 60559
39 kB, 750 × 498
>let me tell you how this fictional fascist space theocracy is actually communism
>and that's why communism will never work, because warhammer 40K, duh
Shartpost of the century.
No. 60560 Kontra
...and I thought the Red Scare had been over for decades
No. 60563 Kontra
>Or maybe more like Lenin being canonized as a deity and having a religion worship him
I can't even imagine.
No. 60564
Communism has been influenced a lot by religion even from the very beginning, you can't really escape the cultural context you're in.
No. 60570
I'll raise you one further, and say that 40k contains genuine deep spiritual truth. Chaos is a useful paradigm to describe how human beings degrade themselves, especially to people who just laugh off equivalents in traditional religion.
No. 60571
I enrolled in a China Studies Bachelor for benefits of lower insurance & student ticket, but now I'm kinda considering studying it in earnest, such cases.

>Is this one rather new?
Yeah, from 2019 apparently
>white one with nuts.
Used to like this one too, maybe need to try it again though I'm afraid it's too sweet

Thx for the recipe, second channel is nice, kinda ASMR voice and makes me feel good about my chopping skills :D
And lmao at the contrast between the voices in that song
No. 60572
Bought a bag of those today. Tasted familiar, but I just can't remember ever eating them. What the actual fuck
No. 60576
I was actually originally intending it to shitpost on reactionaries taking 40K at face value before realizing the same concept could just as much shitpost on people who really believe our super advanced utopian fully automated gay space Communism is far more likely to devolve into some horrible dystopia that looks more like 40K than Star Trek.

Part of the whole central point behind this being, that the Emprah was really just this kind of Stalin figure. If he worshipped anything it was science and technology, set down anti-alien tech rules mostly just to impede trade with potentially hostile xenos or make us open to internal sabotage or being overly reliant on aliens think basically the modus operandi of the Tau, had to humour the red priests of Mars because he needed their shit and even that was less devolved than modern superstitious illiterate peasants basically pantomiming things they heard how a dead technician got some machine to work. In fact IIRC the Emperor himself got wind of some planet worshipping him and had a purge of the planet, that in turn further alienated the retarded Wordbearers. If he was alive he'd probably obliterate the whole Eccliasiarchy, hence one of many reasons why I don't understand the same people glorifying it when basically all its centralized bureaucracies is more reminiscent of Soviet style ordering of society but then again I guess anyone wanting to replicate life in the Imperium at face value probably isn't very smart to begin with.

Not really. People in the Imperium degrade themselves and each other all the time without help of Chaos, and when Chaos is playing a role it pushes them to extremes before mutating. The only equivalent is the obvious inspiration for it which is drug addiction in terms of that. Although honestly what makes Chaos in general more interesting is because they seemingly took certain occult principles from the real world and applied them. Otherwise it's basically "we're going to burn you to death for not believing our religion that's a blatant lie and heresy against the emperor's will because our ancestors were lying retards and because we're all afraid sneezing the wrong way invites chaos to take advantage of us" when the system of informing on one another is closer to East German life tier and probably is more used to take out rivals since the Inquisition mindset is more "better to kill 99 people informed on by their neighbor for personal advancement or something petty if even one of those could actually be flirting with the dark powers." It should be kept in mind too that everybody is at least modestly psychic compared to us, and the then twisted empyrean being a reflection of us, which I think makes Nurgle conceptually the weakest because he's the one that's an external event and isn't even shown as the god of bad hygiene, unless you wanted to argue despair and apathy leads to decay and disease.

But then again I'm also of the wildly non-canonicaland absolutely heretical view that the emperor is himself a warp entity and one of the most ambitious of the five main dark gods, who hashed some agreement with the other four, because all the dark gods rely probably more on humanity than all the other races combined, and that the Imperium is basically functionally at fault for the great rift and for pouring so much fuel into the empyrean. I think it could well be argued that he's more a god of fanaticism, and that if he's really been dead for 10,000 years and the Astronomicon is just lit by constant burning of highly bright souls enshrined an altar for human sacrifice doubling as a reliquary for some long dead past emperors bones, then that the imperium itself has been unwittingly birthing a new dark god just as the Eldar's hedonistic excess did This could tie into why he became so fanatically atheistic, because of an ambition and jealousy to become the only dark one operating in and obsessed with the material world, as having a different plan than the scheming and fighting on the other side.

Canonically though, the explanation for his worse than Stalin tier view leading to the exchange with the last priest of Terra is that he simply wanted to protect us from the warp by drowning us in cold reason, logic, and scientific rationality, because he knew any belief from emotionally and psychically reactive beings offered an entrypoint to dark gods. We can see though that in case of things like Genestealer cults that you can completely toe the line with imperial religion and basically use that imperial cult worship as a cover for being aliens that will doom all life in the world, hence making enforced ignorance and superstition not just dangerous for its own reasons but also routinely failing to intercept the threats it's designed to face. This is all a tangent though, with original point being the way the warp functions is I'm pretty sure originating from real world occultists like Peter Carrol. Okay I had to look it up and basically yeah, 40K and occultist published works like Carrol's Liber Null came out basically around the same time, so I'd need a fine grained understanding of exactly which things came out in which order between Psychonaut or various Codexes.
Okay Rogue Trader came out in 1987, but Warhammer Fantasy was like 1982, which precedes Liber Null and Psychonaut even though those came out earlier.
But in terms of as a thing, chaos magic itself came out back in the 70s apparently. Considering Gygax was operating back then and I'm sure some of the old tabletop nerds were into doing both they probably ended up cross pollinating things between the fiction and fantasy sections, with Grant and Spare among others going back to the 50s or earlier, which all ultimately traces back to people like H.P. Lovecraft being influenced in his writings by then extant spiritualist movements and Theosophists or Golden Dawn members among others.
in case my smartass remark wasn't obvious enough in short it depends on whether you think the figurines are real or not or think the d20 is actually doing something to an alternate dimension
No. 60577
>taking at face value
So you're trying to tell me there are people who think 40k is real?
No. 60580
I managed to sleep 3 hours yesterday night, so I was really tired when I got up. So tired in fact, that I had random parts of my body hurt as I got ready for the day. Downed a shot of espresso and then I went off to Latin class before the sun rose.

I managed to survive classes and then came home and slept four hours.
On the way home I bought this rugged copy of Dmitry Merezhkovsky's "Secrets of the East" and a penguin selection of Euripides' plays for 70 cents.

>I enrolled in a China Studies Bachelor
Uh.. Based Department?

It's usually the teenage internet neonazis and fascists that take the Imperium of Man at face value as some sort of great system, not the tankies.

Now then again, you could also argue that despite its shortcomings (if you're viewing it from the paradigm of western liberalism), the imperium is doing everything it does because every other outside force is a thousand times worse for humanity.
No. 60581
1,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
51 kB, 714 × 884
AIDS or orthodox radio? Make your choice, Neo.

To be precise, what you describe (militaristic totalitarian centralized state) is socialism. According to commies, you establish socialism and then it eventually turns into don't ask me how, it's dialectics communism -- one big hippy commune.
No. 60582 Kontra
>Make your choice, Neo.
Господь Иисус Христос
No. 60583
Wait, so AIDS in russian is "SPID"?
If so, what is the drug called, then?
No. 60584
Same. Like if you don't have homonyms in your language.
No. 60585 Kontra
So you can get spid by injecting spid on the Russia :D
No. 60586
Right now I can't think of any homonyms of acronyms that aren't intentionally formed to sound like the word they spell out and some slang expression for a drug, especially since we stopped germanizing stuff.
No. 60589
>I enrolled in a China Studies Bachelor for benefits of lower insurance & student ticket, but now I'm kinda considering studying it in earnest, such cases.

Why not? If you have nothing better to do. You can take seminars etc and then have a look.


Maybe interesting. But foremost another small dossier on China. There is a small interview snippet with an Amsterdam-based scholar for China's digital culture.
No. 60618
>I enrolled in a China Studies Bachelor for benefits of lower insurance & student ticket, but now I'm kinda considering studying it in earnest, such cases.
Not the dumbest idea since China and its development is one of the more interesting things going on on this planet currently.
No. 60619 Kontra
P. S.: Maybe it's about time we open a China thread specifically since there seem to be several Ernsts interested in the topic?
No. 60624
Just open a China thread already you assburgers :DD
No. 60628 Kontra
The main justification not just the Imperium but also fans of playing Imperial factions uses is that by and large it's a universe filled with hostile factions with many of whom diplomacy is impossible Orks, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, Necrons Chaos etc. or are otherwise self absorbed and untrustworthy like the Eldar though even in the latter case and with Tau they've stopped shooting each other long enough to deal with bigger picture threats like nids and Chaos.

The main problem with this logic is not even that clearly the Tyranid threat itself represents a galaxy ending scenario if everyone keeps shooting each other rather than build a coalition with the other two semi-reasonable big powers, but also that we simply don't know what earlier now extinct races were like and it's precisely because of our behavior that diplomacy with anyone not-Man seems impossible. I think the greatest irony is the fact hyper self involved polities leading to collective doom is exactly the reason the Great Crusade put so many independent worlds to the sword to begin with, because only united as one Imperium could humanity survive the greater threats out there. It's pretty clear as a result that the rational, Emperor tier logic would be forming alliances with Eldar and Tau to at least deal with the Chaos and Tyranid problems barreling down on everybody, in case the latest batch of silent Imperial worlds on this side of the massive warp hole tearing the Imperium in half didn't make it obvious enough.

And so now we have the Terra and Puritan retards sitting on their fat asses like some sort of world declaring its independence from Man during the Great Crusade being all "nah cunt we'll be fine" as a massive Waaaagh comes barreling down on them. It's very clear by internal logic that teaming up with the only two even half sane races is the right thing to do against the other massive threats they can't handle alone.

But basically yeah it's a fictional universe where allegedly every single faction is insanely evil and wants humanity exterminated with same yadda yadda stuff about how was long night so bad, aliens and chaos preying on mankind for millenia after end of the Golden Age, only space Stalin can save us from external threats and so on. It's heavily implied in universe that a lot of efforts at peace with aliens ended in failure and so everyone develops this kneejerk reaction to exterminate all sentient nonhuman life on sight although frankly this partly comes from a retarded part of Imperial dogma stating that humanity is the most perfect species to ever exist so it's ideological even though the ideology is probably just an excuse just like banning use of alien technology was done not so much because of thinking our tech was perfect as a way to convince the standard Imperial pleb not to make mankind reliant on trade with aliens and their tech or open up a vulnerability through its use. To be fair certain species used warp energy to power their technology, but then again literally so does the Imperium on a daily basis. Yeah there's a lot of lore, a lot good though of the stuff downright cringey it's often to do with the Imperium which probably makes me more biased since the non-Imperium stuff is often more interesting and not "Rageman Litany McAngron took his sword made of FierceStone and singlehandedly slew 100,000 Eldar titans that day out of his great rage at..."

But yeah tl;dr it became a neverending cycle of humanity being such genocidal nutjobs anything not pure evil/Tyranid just shot humans on sight since humans shot them on sight because humans expected them to shoot on sight etc.
No. 60631
69 kB, 750 × 553
>Not really. People in the Imperium degrade themselves and each other all the time without help of Chaos, and when Chaos is playing a role it pushes them to extremes before mutating

It exists independently of the specific problems of the Imperium, so you're kind of missing the point.

You also don't understand how Chaos works in Warhammer. Chaos is empowered by all human emotions taken to excess, regardless of specific intent to empower Chaos. Chaos is no more than the supernatural embodiment of those pathologized human emotions, and the pathways to literal Chaos corruption with mutations and daemons and shit are perfect analogies to the paths of degradation that humans follow in real life.

Take Nurgle, for example. It represents at the most fundamental level pathological fear, compassion, and weakness overall. The motif of rot and decay isn't superficial, it goes to the heart of that kind of corruption. Just look at the stereotypical pseudo-lefty promoting fat acceptance, sporting an intentionally-ugly haircut and outfit, and pulling out the "literally can't even" "I'm so tired" and other cop-outs and deflections at the slightest hint of negativity. Instead of trying to overcome their problems, they try to overcome their natural feelings of shame and inadequacy by embracing personal decay, and weaponizing compassion in defense of their decision (i.e. "you can't say that because it makes me feel bad", although usually with 1 or 2 shallow levels of rationalization).

Basically, pic-related. On the left is a Nurgle cultist, and on the right is a true servant of the Emperor's will.

>bla bla Emperor sucks and Imperium is hypocritical
The Emperor's militant atheism was always doomed to fail, and him becoming the literal god of mankind is intentional irony. And you're wrong to view the God-emperor as a negative force. The Imperium is shit, and mankind always fails to live up to its noble aspirations, but the Emperor is the literal embodiment of all the positive impulses and emotions of mankind, the uplifting counterpart to the degrading forces of Chaos. His Imperium may be in a bad spot, but the God-Emperor himself only ever acts as a positive force for mankind.

And this is why Imperium-LARPing isn't entirely negative. If you're not some fucking nazi, it's not about blamming degenerates, but about the struggle between men who try to live up to some ideal, and corruption itself. Watching that struggle play out against the backdrop of a nightmare galaxy is the soul of 40k.

I'm pretty sure you're the Christian American, so just think of the Imperium as a direct equivalent of historical Christendom, if the Muslims and pagans surrounding them were literally man-eating monsters and devil-worshippers. The corruption of the church and upper classes was inexcusable, and tons of horrible stuff was done in the name of the faith, but the truth and the example of Christ remained as positive influences on men despite that.
No. 60638 Kontra
468 kB, 910 × 496
What the fuck
I'm wondering if you are not understanding the Empyrean or the point that I was making including about the very premise of the Imperium being the decayed and degenerated husk of what the Emperor was trying to build, and that includes the very fanaticism he was fighting against.

As to all those memes you're definitely the starting to sound exactly like the type of person I was describing taking it at face value. I don't know where you're getting this bizarre "pathoogical weakness" and tying it to those other things from but the type of person you are describing is first of all more in common with Slaanesh, and second of all you entirely miss the central point of Nurgle which is fatalism, apathy, and slow decay, but as I pointed out previously Nurgle is the one who really doesn't fit as well and kinda never did because he's more the embodiment of something external than internal like the other ones. A plague does not come out of something internal, like lust or unbridled greed or rage and war. It can be spread by being an unhygienic dirty bastard let us burn our masks praise papa Nurgel :--DDDD but it quickly gets to the point where it's the habits of Slaanesh enabling it. In other words on a national stereotype scale, Russia would embody papa Nurgle best, not Berlin or whatever the fuck you are talking about.

Okay nevermind I'm sort of understanding your point but man "ifunny.co" meme are you serious m8? Anyway it still sounds to me like you have no clue what you are talking about. How the fuck is pathological fear and "pathological compassion" even related? Oh wait a minute you're that guy. I was afraid of you two textwalling about pop music or whatever but I think you're also missing the entire point about Imperium larping too, which is they're not living up to some higher ideal, and they were being simps to space Stalin 10,000 years ago before the Imperium degenerated to the point that literally all of mankind is oppressed by and trying to live up to a grand lie.

In a very real sense with Lorgar there is double irony to the fact that not only did he find out there are real gods that actually do exist and they're all terrible and the emperor was lying, but that now everyone worships him as a god and are doing everything he fought against in his own name while the Imperium itself stagnates and decays. Hence my original point, which was that lore wise it was all very tongue in cheek over the top but also a bit fedora tier, and that there's the double irony of all these basically NPCs taking it at face value and then wanting to enact IRL the very thing that's false and the emperor despised, with a triple irony in that this is the more likely outcome of that luxury homosexual space Communism meme.

I actually didn't expect people to respond much tbh, but I did find myself thinking imagining as an early emprah walking into one of these Apple "Genius Bars" and thinking "I have an incontrollable urge to smash Capitalism. But how do I get a bunch of reactionary simps to go along with it? I know I'll just put skulls and German crosses everywhere. Yeah worked for 322 Lodge, just replace the Apple logo with a skull. What could go wrong?" Anyway it was a funny thought at the time.

Polite kontra because I should've known where posting my thoughts on the Emperor being space Stalin would lead, but if you're one of those guys taking 40K Imperium lore at face value my point resolutely still stands about people not knowing or understanding the lore and how it's a lowkey or over the top parody.
No. 60643
4,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
My mother's birthday is coming up, so I had to get a present. We agreed with my sister that we're going to get a book of that artist whose work she's into right now and split the costs.
So my sister found this "5 books of the author for 13k HUF" on facebook marketplace and I told her there's no fucking way I'm dropping 6.5k on 5 books that won't ever be read.
So we decided on a used copy of a single novel of his.
The guy's a special kind of faggot though (probably literally too, since he's a Fashionist who lived in Spain and you can just see on his face that he likes cock, no matter from which direction it approaches him.) because every single novel of his is multi-volume or a "trilogy" or some shit and it's not like it's a box-set or you can get them together, no each volume sold separately for 5-6k HUF, so I basically made a bargain with this used two volume novel for less than 5k. Still a highway robbery if you ask me, but anything to make maman happy.

So anyway, I pick up the book, come home and I have to hide it. What better place is there to hide a book than behind more books. Take off a pile of books and I fucking find a literal treasure chest with roughly 220 Euros worth of Hungarian monopoly cash.
Like, fuck, why do I keep forgetting about where I put my money?
Increased my savings by around 50%.

Wrote my first progress report for the research seminar of the workshop. The lecturer was delighted that I wrote in detail and was aware of the challenges I'm facing and that I managed to assemble some information and draw conclusions from it.
She also stressed that I'm in no hurry and the point of this is to go at my own pace and bend the goals of the research according to my interests.
Now that I'm actually doing something that can almost be called research, I'm really starting to realise how Hungarian Sinology is quite underdeveloped when it comes to secondary literature. We produced a fuckload of translations of primary literature and such, but there's barely anything if you're looking for literature on something specific.
And I'm also starting to realise that besides Chinese and English, the most useful language for the studying of China isn't German, but rather French or Russian, so later down the line in my life I'll probably be forced to pick up either of them. Or not, depending on how good my Chinese gets.

Also, there's something that I wanted to write about for quite a few weeks now. Recently private companies started putting out electric scooters to the streets of Budapest you can use with a debit card to ride to places, and honestly, fuck the retarded soyfag cretin in Silicon Valley who thought up this degenerate, visually polluting abomination of an idea. People leave this shit all over the fucking sidewalk and it looks like fucking ass.
Fucking soylatte drinking westerner retards pushing their idiotic scooter autism onto us. No, it's not youthful, it's not "environmentally friendly", you look retarded riding that fucking piece of shit kids' toy and then you leave it on the sidewalk like some sort of animal who is unable to function as a member of a society or a civilisation.
It makes me fucking livid that they put these fucking eyesores everywhere and visually pollute every street with them. Why are technocrats intent on terrorising everyone living in cities?
No. 60644
> Recently private companies started putting out electric scooters
Oh, has this now finally reached Hungary too? Hate that shit, when they started out they even parked their shit on regular parking spots for cars. More than of of them landed in the bushes. But zoomers seem to like it, there's always some H&M clad kid with a dumb haircut riding one.
No. 60645
I don't mind them standing around, i hate the ones people own privately way more.
Imagein you have to go into a totally overgrowded bus in the morning and in front of you is some asshole who takes two seats for his stupid scooter.
Why have it if you take the bus anyway.
No. 60646
People own them privately? I think all we have here are those "shared" ones with that smartphone sensor thing or whatever.
But yeah, it's fucking retarded anyway.
No. 60647
Yeah, there are some people who, for whatever reason, have their own ones.
I saw them selling at Lidl for 200 € a while ago.

I don't get the why people like them. I would have loved them when i was 12 but why would a grown up want one?
No. 60648
> but why would a grown up want one?
People are lazy
People think it's environment friendly
You're not getting shunned anymore for being offensively retarded

That's what I think.
No. 60649
Is this possible that we under or overestimated the world's population from an important facor? If many coutries are lying about inhabitants (to inflate their GDP per capita for exemple) or just bad estimations on the third world. If even first world countries like germany fucked up its census by two millions in the 21st century just imagine the rest. Is there an official UN uncertainty?
No. 60650
>Recently private companies started putting out electric scooters to the streets of Budapest
I first saw them in Prague and Basel and after that it came to Germany (they had to figure some stuff first because of license plates and insurance or something like that) . You'll get used to it quite fast.
Kinda wondering if there'll be e scooter graveyards soon, like with China and rent bicycles, because of different companies trying to win the market. So far it seems different companies try to focus on different cities here.
No. 60651
3,4 MB, 720 × 720, 0:31
3,3 MB, 720 × 720, 0:28
No. 60652
What's with the scooter hate? Conceptually, they seem like a winner. Shared transportation, there will probably be one around if you're in an urban center. The real flaw in the system is really just the human element, people throwing them around and vandalizing them for a laugh. I've talked city dwellers who really hate them because they're "ugly and thrown around" but once again that seems not to really be the scooter's fault.
What's up with the dudes just breaking them with rocks as a crowd cheers? Mysterious urbanites.
No. 60653
To me they expose the hypocrisy of "kid rides skateboard in wrong carpark gets security on him, but the yuppie flying down a crowded footpath on an electric scooter is acceptable". Also in terms of shared transport, I'd take a fuggen tram over those things any day.

There's a reason old people carts don't go that fast, and it's not just for the old person.
No. 60654 Kontra
Scooters are shit because scooterists are the same as cyclists, just more annoying. At least cyclists usually know their place, these assholes just let their scooters behind where they jumped off, which results in pavements being blocked, parking spots being blocked, and so on.
Plus, that whole electromobility stuff that's so pushed by those leftist-green retards is directly built on the backs of bugmen and I hate hypocrites.
No. 60656
128 kB, 900 × 506
130 kB, 590 × 365
2,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:46
You may have seen it, Russia built WH40K Cathedral with pentagrams, Putin and Stalin on walls. /pol/tards coom at it, but to me it looks fake and gay, just like all the WH40k setting. Why are you wearing camouflage, church, we can see you anyway =D
However with few small changes (black color instead of khaki and so on) it would look more decently and be suitable for satanic rituals like webmrelated.
No. 60658
Tragically, Stalin mural was removed. Can't have shit in Russia.
No. 60659
This kind of thinking leads to commieblocks or American urbanism. They're ugly and stupid. That's the only reason I need to hate them.

Glad I don't have to deal with this shit myself. In an odd twist of fate, our shitty urban design which more or less requires using a car means that we're safe from the scooter plague, even in California.
No. 60660
What is not ugly and stupid?
No. 60662
395 kB, 848 × 565
7,6 MB, 3840 × 2390
23 kB, 474 × 193
1,5 MB, 1225 × 667
You already know.
No. 60663
Open Lisbon or Prague in Google Maps, select street-view. It's really few streets in historical center, everything else is either commieblocks, either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTVaHwEtqJc , either something in-between.
No. 60664
299 kB, 1112 × 1000
>It's really few streets in historical center, everything else is either commieblocks
Not the case for Lisbon. There's a big belt of commiesque blocks but you don't have them in most of Lisbon proper. More like pic related, some shittier, some better.
No. 60671
There was news about lots of scooters being thrown from the Rhine Bridge into the river Rhine, you know the famous one near the Dom in Cologne.
No. 60676
129 kB, 980 × 566
There are many cities in Europe and Japan/Korea/Taiwan with functional and aesthetically pleasing urban design even out into the fringes.

Odd thing about (free) East Asia is that they make it look good despite 99% of buildings being modern and utilitarian. Somehow they make modernism work.
No. 60705
I have noticed an unpleasant phenomenon where if you're misaligned with the mainstream narrative, even if otherwise reasonable and far from being a crackpot weirdo, you will inevitably keep rubbing elbows with these people whether you want to or not.

Which doesn't make sense a bit, because, human social grouping isn't supposed to be a linear or binary structure, like you should be able to be on the fringe without being with everyone else on the fringe as well.
But keep seeing this happen. Like, the works or ideas of pundits or philosophers or "media figures" who don't align with the turbo-normalfag narrative, but are otherwise normal, end up in the same informational space as genuine extremist schizo weirdos.

Kinda annoying to look up and read on a dude with an unconventional opinion on some philosophical topics or whatever, and one click away is some dude talking about UFOs and new age spiritual mumbo jumbo.
No. 60706
Did you live in a cave for the last ten or so years?
People are only able to think in black and white anymore, which means naturally that if you're not for A, you must be for B.
So a fringe opinion is not mainstream opinion, thus it is the opposite mainstream opinion, i.e. the bad one.
Or, easier: If you're not for us, you are against us.
No. 60707
In the opinion/perspective of the mainstream, that is true. And this would make sense if it was the dominant group forcefully grouping the fringe.
But the groups in the fringe are, presumably, grouping themselves based on their own views, so it's weird that everyone on the fringe ends up on the same platform voluntarily.

Maybe it has to do with the content curation algorithms lumping everyone together, or that there's a limited number of "platforms" (channels for audience attention), so everyone coalesces on a small number of "neutral" grounds to maximize non-normie viewership.
No. 60708
What exact example do you have in mind?
Because even with your further explanation I find my suggestion still valid.
Because if you publicly declare your disdain for option A you are, willingly and knowingly, pushing yourself into the corner "pro option B", independently of whether you prefer option C, D, E or F. So anyone of option C-F would, by declaring they don't like option A, be put, or put themselves, right into option B corner.
No. 60709
What about a quasi-Republican form of government where in order to run for office you must secure the votes of a body of electors and those electors are in turn a priest caste whose requirement for the cloth is not just seminary but also holding a scientific degree for eligibility to run and that they are in turn voting for by the public laity? As in, a popular vote for local scientific priest magistrates who are in turn responsible for electing those two a position on the Supreme Senate? I am of course partly thinking this in terms of scaling up to extra planetary and eventually extrasolar civilizations and not just regional nationstates

As to who can eligibly vote, that's probably preferably just a popular one that's automatic at age 18, though I can also see some argument being made for either a military, trade school, seminarian, or academic secondary school certification, or possibly a fifth branch of society I haven't thought of I can imagine a debate between allowing the bydlo to vote and schemes of manipulating them or just outright buying their votes but frankly a lot of those people already don't even bother voting anyway and it still wouldn't stop some of the worst craven schemes being enacted on the voters so I lean towards preference of universal voting including for felons, retards, and the unemployed since even the worst case scenario should probably only be local corruption.

Downside: it will be slower and more indecisive when it's needed. Upside: it will be slower and more indecisive thus less able to fuck anything up for everybody.
No. 60710
I think there is an easier way to protect elections from populism.
At voting station everyone can choose: to actually cast a vote or to get free bottle of vodka.
No. 60711
I doubt a single vote of mine will change anything, but a bottle of vodka will certainly get me fucked. I've made my choice.
No. 60712
I've had some rather autistic and unrealistic ideas of reinstating monarchy.
You'd have a Kaiser, in the sense of Friedrich II., so an enlightened absolutistic monarch.
However, the monarch is elected and can, by general voting (i.e. at least two thirds of voters) be removed.
He can also not just change the constitution like he wants.
Beyond that, he has wide authority over basically everything.
He is also elected for at least eight years, so, if necessary, he can actually see through (unpopular) reforms etc.
Also, at the end of his reign, he shall be judged for whatever he has done during that time, so if there was a plague for example, and due to his decisions there were lots of otherwise avoidable deaths, he would be held accountable for that, or if he started a war, and so on. Furthermore, every other transgression will be judged much sharper than in a regular citizen, because he's the head of state and all that and should be held to only the highest standards.
Which brings us to the elegibility. Who even qualifies for such an office?
In general, every adult person between 35 and 60 can apply for emperor. All those applications will be made public. The current emperor as well as a board of experts will then sort out people who don't qualify in the first place, like retards, politicians, known crooks, and so on.
The most promising ten or so applicants will then be tested, intellectually, psychologically, reputation, whatever kind of knowledge and experience they have through education, training and job, just every single bit of their life will be investigated. Should anyone have any skeleton in the closet (like some mental illness that wasn't known before or work in any political party etc.) they will be instantly thrown out. The emperor doesn't need to be an academic, if, say, a bricklayer manages to qualify he should have all the chances anybody else could have.
The one thing they all have in common is a strong sense of servitude towards the people first and foremost, and their country.
Provided there is a first emperor, qualifications will start at halftime, i.e. after four years, and then the applicants will be chosen, sorted and checked until the current legislation period is over. After that time there will be a vote and people can either choose to keep the current emperor if he did a good job or elect the new one.

I think there was more, but I started drinking already.
No. 60713
This is the inevitability of the free and open internet interfacing with combined forces of democratization and market liberalisation in conjunction with its inevitable consequence that is ad clicks and marketing algorithms. It is one of the many reasons I try and avoid certain topics on youtube for example because one wrong click and instantly half of your videos are some stupid fucking shit like "watch liberals get OWNED" "See stupid thing Trump said #8347" "PROOF the world is hollow" and so on. Thank God I am at least not one of those bydlos though. Every once in awhile I'll have to clear my cache etc. and the front page will be the most insanely idiotic and insipid videos imaginable and I catch this horrifying glimpse into the normalfag world.

If you truly want to peer into the eye of terror, just go into your browser settings and click erase on all things. Then click just a couple things at random. Holy fuck. Well at least it stopped subjecting me to people like pewdje and markiplier and those other obnoxious fucking idiots of the early game reviewers.

In terms of normal people I think it at least seems more palatable becauss they'll self censor half the crazy shit they believe and have enough otherwise reasonable parts about them that you can just dismiss it as a person having some funny ideas about [insert thing] rather than subjected to a tidal wave of nutjobbery. Of course if it does eventually get to the point where all you're seeing is that, problem could be you. For instance if you start seeing nothing but new age bullshit, it may be time to start questioning your beliefs or health practices. If all you're getting is "watch this Fox reporter get OWNED" then it may be time to start questioning being a politically obnoxious fucking faggot. If all you're seeing is guys ranting about the end of the world selling you t gallon buckets of cornmeal, maybe you should be questioning if you're properly aligning your risks and rewards analysis as compared to your financial expenditures of what's needed versus what things arr most likely. Things like that. Like 80% of my recommended playlists is just animal videos, science documentaries, and computer hardware, so I'm seldom ever annoyed without reading comments and can only infer I should get out more. That whole "you are who you're around" truism also comes to mind.

Not necessarily. It used to be people of wildly varying interests and political views congregated on sites like abovetopsecret or godlikeproductions. I think part of the problem is like 90% of those people just want to bitch about Jews and Mexicans now so it's become a gravity well of stupidity that's pulling in all previous topics to it in the search algorithms. Like you're going to get saddled with Qanon shit the minute you look up something like "history of Freemasonry" or Skull and Bones membership and intelligence agencies or whatever.

This all goes right back to the problem of combining information democratization with marketing algorithms. The exact same kind of low brow individuals who vicariously like watching men run around with balls or celebrity gossip are inevitably the ones driving all that marketing traffic. In turn, an actual like conspiracy scholar is never going to get read by those people, so even the conspiracy theories are getting progressively dumber alongside all other forms of media, entertainment, or information. Like if you take a stance against some mainstream opinion, even if you cited an academic article, nobody's going to read it, and the few who even heard about it will make some youtube video, who someone else will make a youtube video about that video playing chinese whispers and eventually dropping all that actual data to begin with. You will notice that literally what these people argue with as "facts" to back themselves is some nobody talking for 8 minutes on youtube. This serves to dumb down every topic, discredit actually credible things like microwave weapon technology for example, and propagate not just stupid erroneous bullshit but even destroy the population's ability to know how to look for credible information.

It's the perfect mix of things to produce the worst sort of nihilism and impending dark ages. Nobody will know anything anymore as twitter and shitbook increasingly become cited in what tatters remain left of scholarly work. It's basically Idiocracy and it's being done because the only sole thing that matters is making money and it's already begun suffusing the upper crust with the same imbecilism as afflicts the worst bottom rung of society. Eventually this leads to you getting lumped in with the idiots too because even if you had a semi-valid point like 99.99% of all adclicks qre generated by and for imbeciles which immediately makes people conclude "oh you must be one of them." Of course at the same time, it's become a moronic binary "if you disagree with me you must be X" done partly because people are lazy and unbelievably fucking stupid among other sins so they can't or won't bother imagining people who strongly take a third position, and it benefits the wealthy and powerful ruling classes that the ability to reject both options presented doesn't exist either so they're too busy squabbling amongst each other. It reminds me of Neo in the Matrix getting team red pill vs team blue pill. Real free choice involves rejecting both options and refusing to take a pill at all.
No. 60714
97 kB, 1200 × 675
So the emperor and his clique decide who gets to be on the ballot?
No. 60715
335 kB, 1823 × 953
325 kB, 1832 × 958
I don't like it. There is no lawns, just asphalt and concrete so everything is gray. Plus those streets are too narrow. Wouldn't you like to have some space?
And there is no playgrounds, no benches to drink beer on while being afraid of shariah police.
No. 60716
Just noticed that there is no single parked car on second pic. Strange.
No. 60719
No heads of state, only council decisions basically. But yes the problem is whether they would eventually find a way to make some minister of war or diplomat etc. position into defacto and then actual head of state and then proceed vesting more power into him later until he dissolves the ruling body but that's basically just a problem inherent to any similar form of goverment. The other problem is it moving like a mammoth.
No. 60720
You are like kids. When you say "council", the first thing you should think is who elects/appoints those council. They don't just exist in vacuum.
No. 60724
Negative identity formation works on both ends. As the mainstream gets more puritanical and aggravating to non-conformists, non-conformists begin to define themselves more in terms of their opposition to the mainstream.
No. 60740
Literally five and eight posts above you. It's not hard to follow the reply string. Are you that same Russian who was complaining about journalists? Why respond to things you don't even read? Is it your histrionic need for attention?