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No. 5999
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 6002
317 kB, 1206 × 708
66 kB, 667 × 585
5 kB, 549 × 272
I will slowly bump this little threda with my attempts of overclocking old and rusty geforce video card.

So here is the patient. It is a Geforce 8600gt with 512 Mbs of video memory. Default clocks are 540 MHz for GPU, 400 MHz for RAM. On attached picture you can see the videocard itself. I outlined most important parts. There is GPU chip, 8 memory chips, two phases of Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) for GPU and one VRM phase for memory as it consumes less power than GPU. And the voltage controller which is most important for us.

I have already tried overlocking it from OS with default voltage and failed horribly. All I got was 600 MHz for GPU and 430 MHz for memory which isn't enough for me. As I read this card can achieve 1000 MHz! after voltmod, so I grabbed my soldering iron and started looking into datasheets of voltage controller which can be seen on second picture. It is a RT9259A. This is controller responsible for regulating voltage to GPU. Memory's voltage controller is on other side of videocard, we will comeback to it later. Now we have to find two important legs(pins) of this controller which will help us to control output voltage to GPU. First leg is FB which means FeedBack. What does it do?
Here is quote from datasheet.
>Buck converter feedback voltage. This pin is the inverting input of the PWM error amplifier. FB senses the switcher output through an external resistor divider network.
Basically it senses resistance and outputs necessary voltage based on this resistance. How do we change resistance? As we know from school classes, adding more resistance won't do anything cause electricity looking for easiest path. So we lower it. How do we lower it? We solder resistor with less resistance(Ohms) between FB and GROUND ( which is our second leg) so now electricity will find even easier way to flow!
No. 6010
41 kB, 940 × 627
>Old 3470's getting a bit long in the tooth. Time to think about upgrading

t. Me in 2020
No. 6011
Aren't in video games thread we are disscusing computer hardware too?
>There we disscusing videogames, videogames companies, share gaming news, additionally disscus PC and console hardware share news about other software.
No. 6019
As if all the threads should be consolidated.
By the way, it's /meta/ talk, if you wish to continue on the topic, please do it there.
No. 6028
157 kB, 1212 × 717
88 kB, 679 × 883
Soldering is done. These two brutal variable resistors are 20 kOhm each, attached to videocard with little help of hot glue. As you can see voltage controller for memory is exactly same as for GPU so pins are identical, 4 for FB and 7 for GROUND.
Now, after I put my soldering iron away I am thinking that I should have soldered this molex to the legs of capacitors, so I won't have trouble measuring voltages.
No. 6052
Dear Ernst,

I'd like to have an automatic watering-system for my plants, based on a Rasp Pi (Cant into Arduino) but I'm afraid that it's going to be way too expensive.

Wat nou?
No. 6055
Choose Banana Pi, Orange Pi or another cheaper RaspPi clone and leave worries.
No. 6072
161 kB, 1210 × 796
114 kB, 1086 × 769
56 kB, 518 × 345
Soldered molex to the points of voltage measurings. Red for GPU voltage and yellow for memory voltage. Now I don't have to hold multi-meter's sticks with my shaky hands.
Found more or less decent cooler, drilled a couple mounting holes in it and soon it was installed on my little 8600 gt.
And now comes the best part. Overclocking! I went for GPU overclock first and to my bad surprise software tool known as MSI afterburner was limiting maximal clock with just 702 MHz. I pushed voltage to 1.5 volts on GPU and went for 702 MHz. Videocard was stable and after benchmarks in Portal 2 I tried to overclock memory. And here was the problem. No matter what I tried card wasn't stable with 430+ clocks. I even put small radiators on the memory chips thinking it was a temperature problem. Pushed memory voltage to 2.1 V. Nothing. 2.15v. Nothing. 2.2, 2.25, 2.27. Same nothing. So I gave up and blamed it on bad memory. But situation was even worse. Videocard couldn't pass a Portal 2 benchmark with 430 MHz so I had to lower it to 424 MHz. That's a real shame I have to say. Memory is a huge bottleneck in this card. 8600 gt usually comes with gddr3 memory and this one got ddr2 so overclock could really improve performance.
Anyway, GPU clock limit wasn't reached so I searched for similar programs as MSI afterburner and found its successor RivaTuner. Clock limit of this tool was higher and after voltage push to 1.57, it was achieved as well. 810 MHz. After such a huge milestone I was ready to rise clock limit even further but another problem went in my way. Temperature. It was close to 90 degrees of Celsius which means cooler isn't sufficient for overclock any longer.
So here comes end of my overclock story. Later I might use a bigger cooler but it needs long thinking about how I will attach it to the videocard. For now I stopped at 810 MHz for GPU and 424 MHz for memory. Performance boost is ~30% more fps in Portal 2.
No. 6130 Kontra
BananaPi: >30€
RaspberryPi A: 22€

BananaPi is only good when you go for the bigger models like the router board. (for example, to built a small series of 10-20 custom routers for a big-assed asterisk/VPN setup, etc...)

No. 6140
But what about Orange Pi?
No. 22966 Kontra
No. 22968 Kontra
No. 23830
Oh fuck there was already a threadfrom a year ago but still
No. 23862
78 kB, 564 × 800
You guys think anyone is going to push 3nm R&D after 5nm pays for itself or will they start looking down non-planar avenues?

I don't know much about hardware but I remember HBM memory from AMD as being some kind of stacked memory. If it's possible to create that I assume there's got to be something like heat problems holding them back. I was thinking about it and I was wondering if they could have atomic pipes working on peltier effect pumping heat away.

Kind regards,
Man who knows nothing about anything
No. 23863 Kontra
Holding them back from making CPU with that kind of tech*
I meant to post
No. 24377
Well, fuck. I'm not even sure my mainboard is compatible. How do I figure out if a 4gb Radeon RX 550 is compatible with a Dell 0NW73C motherboard other than buying? And yes, I checked on pc-specs.com but I didn't even see that board listed anywhere...this may not bode well
No. 24379 Kontra
121 kB, 1004 × 565
Okay for some reason this seems to me to be a good indicator. I think?
If the GTX-1060 would work shouldn't an AMD RX 550?
No. 24391
Its compatible. For graphic cards motherboard should have pcie slots. You need only to check the size of it.
No. 24418
127 kB, 1268 × 664
What Ersnstchan recommend me in therms of storage device?
I want to buy adittional internal hard drive to save here for very long time a lot of stuff. What technology more reliable nowdays - SSD or HDD? I know that this new SSD thing is fast, more energy effective and blah blah blah, but what actually live longer? I don't want loose my data after some years just because disk deda.

Of cource I'am shure it depends on quality and manufacturer, but mine 2008 Seagate barracuda 250gb works perfectly without broken segments even thought it is mine mine hard drive across 3 computers I owned since this 2008.
No. 24419
Regular HDDs obviously live longer. SSDs are best used for the software that loads a lot and loads often, like graphics and 3D modelling software and modern bulky videogames, and also the OS itself. There's no point to use SSDs for storing big amounts of data like movies and music (regular HDDs would be simply cheaper for the same volume) or downloading torrents (SSDs are vulnerable to rewriting).
No. 24420
Why is it obvious that HDDs live longer than SSDs?
In theory SSDs should live much longer than HDDs and in practice I've had two HDD failures and no SSD failure so far; though that is a skewed statistic because I've bought roughly 30 HDDs and only about 10 SSDs in the last ~15 years.
No. 24421
I too have the overall perception that HDD is just better for everything except needing super fast read/write for huge amounts of data like rendering something and playing big modern vidya games. HDD is slower in this regard but seemingly much more durable. The main problem is weight and movement, making it an incredibly poor choice for a laptop. If you have an HDD in a laptop it's probably eventually going to fail and adds a lot of weight, but for an immobile desktop or backup external it's great imo.

Also Russia, if you only want to backup movies and music and such either one works but might as well get SSD, even a Seagate. Just don't get a Seagate for anything important in your tower as a main drive. Cheap Seagate SSDs are known to be failure prone pieces of shit.
No. 24424
Since when does Seagate produce SSDs?
No. 24428
Since HDDs are a dying industry. Why are their SSDs so expensive though? They're more expensive than Samsung. Why would anyone buy a Seagate SSD?

I wonder who produces their chips. Western Digital bought SanDisk a few years ago, so their SSDs are just rebranded SanDisk SSDs. But Seagate?
No. 24429
Well, yeah, modern SSDs are probably on par with HDDs londgevity-wise (and I strongly suspect that they make new HDDs shittier deliberately: 1 TB Seagate I bought five years ago lived only for three years, 160 GB WD died after six years or so, and my 40 GB Seagate I bought in 2002 only started getting bad sectors after fifteen years), except for maybe those weird-ass QLC ones, but I still think that buying an SSD strictly for storage of big amounts of data is not a very good idea simply because of the price. You can buy a 4 TB HDD for the price of 1 TB SSD.
No. 24430
They have for awhile dude

I myself have got one of these idk if it's an SSD though
It's ultra cheap and my backup drive for all other drives. I've got tons of the damn things lying around at this point too from all my old broken machines and random computer parts from other people including I think a few old ass 8gb HDDs for whatever reason but none of them have got the storage capacity for me to use as a new hard drive in my tower so I guess it looks like time for yet another one since I'm not using that Seagate for anything but backup and then immediately putting it away into storage because I don't trust the thing not to fail if I keep using it.
No. 24433
>idk if it's an SSD though
It's not.
No. 24478
25 kB, 1185 × 591
Uh oh
It says under specs
>cooling: liquid
Wtf does that mean
I don't have any of the tubes or any other parts for this and I never saw any pictures of the part with tubes. Is this optional? Does this mean it's supposed to be cooled by attaching some other radiator part and fan piece with a water cooling system with the GPU, or is all that extra shit supposed to come pre-installed or ship with it? This is still an expensive piece of equipment for me and I have to not only go out of my way to pick it up (and thus expend some resources to do so as well) but if I buy the stupid thing and it doesn't work and I have to return it it's still going to cost me a chunk of money in taxes all of which adds up with transport costs. Can't I just drop this thing into my PCI slot without doing anything else?
No. 24530
So I have the ficking thing slotted and I can use my machine but I haven't yet seen if it's recognizing the card. I don't have a black screen and the display cable is hooked to the video card so that means it's at least not incompatible right? I am assuming since at least I can use my computer normally albeit minus running any game more complex than solitaire atm means that at the very minimum I should be able to use that card in theory. This is a good sign right?

Thing is, fucking AMD does not give drivers for that fucking card except on Windows 7 and Windows 10 for some reason and I'm on 8.

Meanwhile I found this https://drp.su/en/devices/video/amd/radeon-rx-550-series?os=windows-8.1-x64 which I don't even know what that site is but it's at least offering drivers--for 8.1, which I never upgraded to.

So now I'm frantically backing up all the rest of my games and documents I haven't already in case the update from 8 to 8.1 somehow fries my files, which afaik it's going to wipe ALL my programs, which reminder to myself also means the fucking thing is going to kill not just my entire terabyte game library but also any other programs I might need like flux, utorrent, fast capture, whatever. I don't even know if it wipes save files. Oh right, and itll probably kill steam.

Just what, exactly, does upgrading from 8 to 8.1 even do? Am I going to have my entire steam folder erased? What does it mean by uninstall? I also need to go from A9 to A14 motherboard drivers.

Help me out ernst.

I don't even know at this point any of it is going to work. I don't know how trustworthy that site is or if it will give me my drives because it only shows XFX basic and I haven't found the 550 GPU detected yet. Of course I have literally hundreds of broken registry keys and sometimes need to boot from CD anyway so I start to think I just need a complete OS reinstall, but cold day in hell I put myself through misery to get windows 10 and win7 I'm pretty sure is going to make many of my games unplayable?

I just want to see if those drivers work for 8.1 with minimum loss of stored data. I also realize it will take some time, but once I commit to the 8.1 upgrade how long is it going to take i have to leave it on installing the 8.1 OS?

Or is here some workaround where I can try to get drivers for Windows 7 or 10 to download and work in like a comptability mode for 8?

Oh and lastly I got the kernel security check failure or whatever last night. I know this is driver related from trying to install 7 and 10 RX 550 drivers. Thing is I never uninstalled any other drivers. If I uninstall my display drivers right now, wouldnt that kill my display and make my computer unusable? Or at very minimum make it so my old GPU won't work if this fails? How do I go about uninstalling drivers and installing new ones? Is that .su site even trustworthy to give me working drivers?

Please advise
No. 24534
WAIT can I just put a pirated copy of win10 on a partition or another drive to boot from without fucking with my OS just to get the drivers for my GPU and then after installing them shut down and boot from Windows 8 like normal?
No. 24547 Kontra
> Please advise
Just stop using computers. Running Win8 today and not being able to fix shit your self is a good indicator that you have no idea what you are doing. If you had you wouldn't be using Win8.

> but X Y and Z forces me to
No. Just no.
No. 24554
You don't need to pirate anything. You can still upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 for free, Microsoft just doesn't shout about it for some reason. Set up your build without the GPU and just follow the steps here:


I think it's unlikely that Win 8 is the problem but it's definitely a possibility since manufacturers didn't have much time to prioritise Win 8 before the 8.1/10 bandwagon rolled on. May as well try it anyway.
No. 24555 Kontra
Remember how 3-4 years ago every said they'd never install Windows 10 with all its survaillance and shit?
Now almost every cunt has it installed.
No. 24557 Kontra
I use it for vidya and some applications that won't run elsewhere. Linux for day-to-day use though of course.

We've already learned that the ordinary computer user doesn't give a shit about privacy anyway, people literally walk around with microphones and GPS trackers that send all their information to Google.
No. 24558
I still on Win7 and don't have any reason to switch to Win10 and get shitty compability with many old applications as bonus.
No. 24559
I don't have Win10 on my personal PCs.
No. 24567
>We've already learned that the ordinary computer user doesn't give a shit about privacy anyway, people literally walk around with microphones and GPS trackers that send all their information to Google.

To me, the frustrating part is to keep true to principle but see everyone around me fail.
I still don't have a smart phone (or mobile phone in general), which puts me in a >1% minority in Germany.

My gf got a smart phone last year before traveling and despite swearing she won't use it for anything but the most vital things, I've seen her fixated on it way too often. Once even during diner, which resulted in a fight.

I actually don't know a single other person IRL that has no Windows installed on any computer. Everyone seems to have some Windows somewhere for games. Except me. Feels bad.
No. 24569
6,0 MB, 480 × 272, 1:40
9 kB, 460 × 276
>You can still upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 for free
lol absolutely fucking not. I'd almost rather just toss my whole fucking PC onto a bonfire. That is not a fix. I would rather spend another fucking $60-100 on a comparable nVidia than ever have to suffer that kind of fucking horseshit.

It isn't even about the built in spyware, which keep in mind I have electric tape over both sides of my shitty NSA phone and I'm probably just going to upgrade to a cheap flip phone the next time because I fucking hate those things. So already while that by itself should be a deal breaker, fucking this webm related right here
Do you seriously think I am to put up with that shit? I have posted here multiple times in the past about how my single greatest fear about eventually bricking my PC from some hardware failure is be forced to get a new one which even on craigslist is going to give me a win10 system and how my great fear is how much a pain in the ass it will be to rip out that fucking system by the root and completely formating my entire fucking drive just to make sure there is as little trace of it as possible anywhere at all and having to do a complete reinstall of a possibly pirated copy of Windows 7 on it.

I think I need to emphasis this: if I got a brand new $2,000 gaming PC on it and it had Windows 10 I'm formating the entire fucking drive.

And that isn't even beginning to touch on the fact that every single fucking time I see somebody has a problem trying to run a Steam game, it's fucking ALWAYS a Win10 game. Which means putting that evil blaspheming abomination of a fuckhole OS onto any machine of mine practically guarantees I'm going to end up with multiple broken ass games that now I can't play, in which case the most sensible option is waste another day of my time and even more money just to avoid that.

Also I actually did check and I'm pretty much stuck with windows 8 despite how much I hate both it and win7 because both are some sort of tablet abortion and every time I see the word "app" my eye starts twitching just a little. I wish I could just install and run XP but I can't. In fact I can't even use windows 7 like I wanted to because I've got a few games now that have minimum requirements of win8 to run. Which now means I am solely going to use win8-8.1 from now on.

This is what happens when you're as lazy and dumb/busy and dumb as I am to keep using this garbage bullshit proprietary OS. I should probably note that for some fucking reason AMD supports 7 and 10 and also supports a ton of other really obscure OS'

I should also add, some fucking Russian pidor put this garbage called driverpack solutions on drp.su which looked sketchy but I said what the hell and tried it. I had to manually delete the files as it was hidden from programs in add/remove programs and wound up seeing dozens of shitty software removal tool sites in runglish that offered a way to remove it. The fucking thing also tried to set my default to yandex.

And you think ernst is okay with this? I am not.

I can't help the fact that my PC came with 8 preinstalled but at least I can deal with that fact because it's a cozy enough middleground of hell where it's so new just about everything can run on it and but still just barely old enough to run just about every other game that mostly doesn't require like a DoS emulator or is native to something like Windows 95. I mean hell, I can and do actually still play my old Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, and StarCraft original directly off disks on this machine, and I can all but absolutely guaran fucking tee you that that won't any longer happen the moment I am trapped or tricked into somehow having win10. On the plus side, I only anticipate it every happening from me outright buying some prefab retail outlet machine or some OEM crap at which point since fucking nothing comes on computers as a software bundle anymore (literally you can't even get fucking microsoft word or antivirus to come with a brand new PC anymore I remember when personal home computers all had complete software suites) that means literally nothing of value will be lost so it will be zero aggravation to torch everything on the drive. Preferably also running back over it with some file shredder and then sprinkling some holy water over it just to be certain it's all gone after flashing the RAM.
No. 24571
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
>I'm pretty much stuck with windows 8 despite how much I hate both it and win7
install gentoo

On a serious note, just stop using windows and playing video games.
If you have to use windows for gaymen, use wine or a VM.

This post in not very suitable for this thread anyway. Please post all software related posts here:
No. 24573
I know. It's here because I was posting about trying to install new hardware and while seemingly not having any like BIOS related issues or problems with my mainboard being incompatible like the guy at the store said I might, I ended up having OS related troubles because for some fucked up reason AMD decided to not support windows 8/8.1 anymore on their new stuff, in spite of the fact they even support other OS' including CENT OS and SLED as well as supporting Windows 7 and 10 but for some absolutely absurd fucked up reason they won't support 8/8.1

It even says on the fucking box
>supported operating systems:
>Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 64 bit
and yet I don't find out until I get home that absolutely everything I feared about it not working wasn't a problem, and instead the entire problem is because I actually can't get the drivers for it on my win8 system. Hence the tangent into it becoming software discussion from hardware, because my hardware issue turned into a software one in which case I have no idea how to get a workaround to make the damn thing usable on my system except I did find this https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/AMD/AMD-Radeon-Adrenalin-Edition-Graphics-Driver-17-12-1-for-Windows-7-64-bit.shtml being given as a possible solution that supposedly running a win7 driver package on my win8 was supposed to workwhich btw is what that fucking Russian garbage apparently meant by "8.1 drivers" it's just win7 drivers that malware linked me to without specifying which one and I found that specific link in an obscure thread on hardware forum although I haven't tried that specific one because the last time I was screwing around with different win7 drivers it kept giving me kernel security check errors and rebooting.

Hell it never even detected the hardware. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. I plugged my monitor cable in through a VGA-HDMI adapter directly into my new graphics card and it just went to windows basic display adapter and it never even recognized the hardware being present. Like, it clearly wasn't a completely at hardware level issue, I never got a blackscreen, the fan whirred up fine and it clearly was "working" but the very existence of my RX 550 being plugged into a PCIE slot wasn't there, not even under hidden things. It just never showed up. I was also told it could be your hardware wasn't being recognized because of a driver issue but meanwhile all i could do was try to update the shitty basic display adapter which either told me it was up to date with the best drivers or immediately crashed to kernal security check error and went to reboot the moment I tried to manually installing a couple other drivers.

The whole thing has been such a complete fucking pain in the neck that it honestly wasn't even worth the damn savings to begin with (which I did, I mean I did get it like really super cheap for a 4gb card barely much over a hundred before taxes) but holy shit dude was this absolutely not worth it at all to such a degree that I think I may now actually be moving AMD to my personal hardware blacklist alongside HP, particularly now knowing that the fuckers won't even be supporting my OS at all on any of their hardware so what's even the bother. I do now suspect that this may also be why I've got two games I used to run that now don't play at all due to some obscure seemingly unfixable driver issue I cannot figure out because I'm also running an old 1gb Radeon HD series card which must've been that they simply pulled all driver support for my OS on that one too. Or something.

At any rate I think the lesson may have been learned. I've got less than two weeks to return this thing and no free time this week so I can't til probably a week or more but I sincerely doubt that I'm even going to be able to resolve my issues before then and at which time I've gotta ask myself, for fucking what? Because I actually already know for a fact that this card is going to be giving me a series of massive problems in the future for those very reasons and by the time I can return the card I'm probably just gonna try and get a GTX for fucking probably up to double the fucking money I originally planned on spending because at least nVidia still supports my OS (but for however little longer that is I don't actually know).

All I want to do at this point is just drop the goddamn thing in and install the drivers and be done with it and I at least do know for as close to a fact as possible that the GTX 1050 actually does work on my exact specific model of machine and OS. I've also got a really old ass PSU but supposedly I think the nVidia GTX 1050 Ti is going to work fine on a 460 watt output like my dust filled thing can do.
No. 30331
You really simply should use 10. All the things you tried to better your situation made things worse - doesn't that ring a bell for you?

8 is one of the shittiest versions to clinge to you could have chosen - it combines all the fails of 7 and 10.

Don't argue - I'd only laugh.
No. 30337
I've unironically grown to like many things about 8.1 though it's still a shitbox. And "upgrade" to 10 are you fucking kidding me??? No way in goddamn hell there bud. Like I said before each system got worse after win95 and more user unfriendly which i fucking hated to no end with 8 true but no way in hell am I tolerating 10. You sound like a terrible sad little person stuck in a terrible sad situation of having to use 10. I'd try anything I could to cheer myself up to, including pretending.

10 is like all the spyware of a google shitbook built into firmware combined with a nearly Windows XP like inability to run any games. Win 10 is only good if your idea of "gaming" is playing some absolutely shitty bydlo game like Fortnite because it's sure as hell not going to want to allow you to play much of anything else.
No. 30343
5,1 MB, 2140 × 4464
>Win 10 is only good if your idea of "gaming" is playing some absolutely shitty bydlo game like Fortnite because it's sure as hell not going to want to allow you to play much of anything else.
Well then, guess I was mistaken about enjoying the things I do and I'm in fact a 13 year old, because I've had more issues with 8 and games than I have with 10.

Plus, it's trivial to disable information gathering in regedit even for a computer retard like myself.
No. 30349
>Plus, it's trivial to disable information gathering in regedit even for a computer retard like myself.

Go ahead and run Windows 10 in a VM (on a Linux host with with kernel>=5 and nftables enabled), route the VMs network through a bridge on your host that isn't used for anything else and let wireshark sniff all packets passing the dev on the other side of that bridge.
Disable what you can in the registry.
Now write an E-Mail, visit a website, play a game offline, do whatever you want and look at wireshark.
Then look in the mirror and repeat with a straight face

>it's trivial to disable information gathering in regedit even for a computer retard like myself.

I really, really, honestly want you to do this. Not to waste your time or because I'm a jerk but because experience has shown that people simply do not stray from their beliefs until they themselves take action to challenge their assumptions. From my end I can only tell you that you are wrong and how to verify this fact.
No. 30373
If I didn't have to use 10 because of gayming and audio software I'd use something like Linux Mint. I used it to recover some files when my 10 installation completely borked itself, and it felt really sleek and efficient - not just in performance but in the way everything was designed.

t. find it it too much hassle to dual boot
No. 30403
Yo, dude.
Ive got a 9800gts(i think) and a 1st gen used i series system.
The main thing is i want to mod their VRM-s.
1.The gpu has a horrific coil whine even though its relatively a low power gpu.(it still has that 3dx/voodo support)
2.When overclocking the server cpu 3,2Ghz+ it starts to coil whine hard.

So i want to know how much can i play around with tolerances etc and what i definetely should not do.
1.Like the aluminium corpus capacitors, if for example i install 2x larger capacitance caps there,with the same, if not lower resistance how much can it change the circuit?
Considering the vrm is some buck boost converter @150-300khz cant i just remove the caps and add an expansion pcb with a larger cap bank?But can the newer connections fuck up the circuit in this case with added contact resistaces and parasitical inductances?
2.How is the ripple current rating/value related to the caps own resistance and how should it be treated as?
3.Any tips on choosing mosfets?
No. 30409
>sell Wii with Wode mod to lady on ebay
>she calls me today
>mister somehow the thing does not work
>oh yeah the lower part?
>my daughter ripped it apart
she ripped the ribbon cable out of the console
>now I have to repair it again
never sell modified stuff to normies anons

they could have had a console that plays
but of course normies must give tech stuff to their children to destroy and then complain about it
No. 30410
Tbh, Im going off of what my computer person workmate said. Though he said that it might not work on non-enterprise pcs to be fair. He gave a workaround with finding and blocking certain servers where shit gets sent but it was a bit fiddly for me.
No. 30748
Which means you do not know how much of the data collection you have disabled. What you have is an assumption that you have no way to verify. But you treat it as a fact and make statements like

>it's trivial to disable information gathering in regedit even for a computer retard like myself.

Look, I'm not trying to be a prick and I'm not meaning to antagonise. To me, the most important first step is for people to have less opinions and instead more knowledge. Otherwise this shit will go on and on. I don't judge anyone for using Windows, not anymore at least. It's a moot point. Consider the following: As long as someone is using windows, they are always in danger of being subjected to microsofts policies. This is trivial, right?
It's easy to tell yourself that you are not being subject to the same procedure because you did something, anything to prevent it. That's enough to tell yourself that things are not as bad as they could be.
But spying on you is literally the main source of income for microsoft. That does not mean it's impossible to castrate windows for a single user. But it means that any method of silencing the chatter that becomes popular enough to create a dent in Microsofts overall data collection stats will be dealt with. In turn this is means that there will never be a sufficient solution for the layman that can last.

I want to encourage you to be honest about it. There is no point in convincing people to move away from windows in my experience, the motivation has to be intrinsic or it won't last. The best way there seems to be honesty about the situation. You most likely did not disable all data collection and you don't know what Microsoft is collecting. There is no good way to find out what they are collecting because their OS is a blackbox, but it is possible to find out if they are collecting something. As long as you don't put in the effot to find out as I've described in the previous post (which really is a lot to ask from most users) you should operate under the assumption that data is still being collected.

I'm sorry for the wall of text.
No. 30809
Thanks for explanation. Will keep in mind for future.

>you should operate under the assumption that data is still being collected.
I'd do so whether I was on an airgapped 'secure' terminal or not. If there are things I don't want getting out, they don't even go on paper, let alone being put into 1s and 0s. I know they can get information out of a goddamn printer for crying out loud, it only goes downhill from there. All I'm realistically after is to blunt the blows a bit.
No. 30930
I have made a minor GPU upgrade.
The "new" GPU now has GNU/Linux driver support, so I might ditch Winblows soon. Probably won't even dualboot or anything, since I'd hate maintaining two OSes at once. Hopefully, Wine + a win7/xp VM will be enough to play old games from time to time. Wait fuck, what about my mom's inkjet printer drivers. Oh well, I guess I'll have to test drive it for a while. Not to mention, now that I'm learning C, missing out on all the POSIX features seems like a waste.

Also, I just had a cunning plan. Used GPUs are actually pretty pricey here in kazakhstan, meanwhile used mining GPUs from china are dirt cheap. I could sell my two GPUs and buy a used RX 570 on aliexpress and basically double my graphics processing performance for free. Assuming I don't get unlucky and end up with one of the bad cards. Gonna have to think about it.
No. 30947
I can share you books about Linux from the recent Humble Bundle. Care to get?
No. 30948
Sure, if you have a "reference manual" type of book. My attention span is terrible so I can't read full books, whenever I learn something, I just keep a reference manual nearby and CTRL F the function name whenever I need it.

I've used GNU/Linux before, but basically only as a GUI noob.
No. 30949
Most of them have reference tables at the end of the book, so I think you'll find them useful.
I'll share PDFs in e-book thread.
No. 30958 Kontra
I hate to use EC for tech support but I’m totally out of ideas and haven’t had success with googling. So here goes: suddenly earlier today my machine started acting very sluggish but there’s nothing hogging up the resources. CPU, GPU, ram, disk, all seem to be on idle. At least the CPU, GPU and ram clocks seem to be normal. Still it takes like 5 seconds just to open a folder and game FPSes went from 100+ to around 40, dipping to slide show occasionally.

I’ve just never seen something like this. If anyone has ideas I’d greatly appreciate it. And sorry.
No. 37522
>Geforce 8600gt
Funny thing that my friend potato computer have same thing and it's near death now. I want give him mine GTX750ti 2gb when soon buy new video card. Also bought Xenon 5450 - maximum msi g41m-p28 can handle, of cource already modified to fit in 775 socket without additional problems and I have modified bios for it.
But man, I wanted also buy RAM (he have 2 dd3 memory sticks 2gb each), but 4gb 2-sided ddr3 this motherboard now will accept is now simple not avalible everywhere I can buy. And this motherboard have only 2 slots for DDR3. Other 775 motherboard I have is ASUS P5KC also have only 2 ddr3 slots and I also think it'll accept only old 2-sided 4gm memory sticks anyway.
No. 37524
I am having same problems for RAM. I somehow hadn't realized before that ddr3 means you're computer literally can only accept ddr3. Which of course means it's a real pain in the ass trying to find a couple ddr3 RAM sticks or even just one at 8gb, which I may just try finding a couple of somewhat affordable ddr3 4gb sticks.
No. 37525
Well thing that you can not stick different ddr type is other ddr slot, same as in 99% cases motherboards that have different ddr types same time will work only when one type inserted is kind of obvious. But you need always check frequency, power that motherboard provide etc.
You still have motherboard that have ddr3 slots?
No. 37548
Create a bootable USB Stick with Memtest:

Boot from it and let it run at least one full pass.
If your RAM is OK, check the S.M.A.R.T.-Values of yout HDD (Windows: CrystalDiskInfo, Linux: smartctl).
If the HDD is OK too, check if all coolers are working normally. Had a case a few years ago, where the CPU cooler retention module was broken on one side, so the cooler was hanging on only one bolt - thermal contact to cpu was nearly nonexistent, the CPU only survived by permanent throttling to 800MHz.
No. 37550
These long wires to the potentiometers might introduce high-frequency noise into the voltage regulator feedback pin, this might cause noise on the regulator output and lead to instabilities.
Adding a big loop in the layout is also not a good idea because these voltage regulators often work with high frequencies.
I would recommend you to measure the current value of the potentiometers, get the nearest standard value as small smt resistor, so that you can solder it right on top of the existing resistor. It will only cost a few cents but probably increase stability.
No. 37589
14 kB, 482 × 865
I've switched to Kubuntu Linux. It took me around half a year to learn how to use it. Windows 10 is ugly (PIC related), has forced updates and is a botnet.
No. 37613
2,5 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,5 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
Tbh as it was already metioned, don't remember if I posted it on EC. But my memory is blackhole so sorry if it is repeating. But storry happened like this - my old 775 PC was just in storage for year or so since I built new computer, I absoluetly tired of dealing with old one. But recently for friend (for whom I ordered Xeon CPU recently, and who have old 775 MSI board I metioned) I detached ddr3 2gb memory sticks for him, since I no any need for ddr3 or 2, my current motherboard is ddr4 only. And after it he said that one of mine memory sticks not work. And this was it - this was the cause of "death" of my old PC, probably together with power block. So I decided - if rest works, why not built a seconday PC. I bought ne SSD drive - cheap one, I don't need something huge and reliable, same as new power block - also cheap, since I not care about this old PC. I also had 2 1gb DDR3 sticks, which I used. My old Asus P5KC Motherboard was perfectly fine so now.. I have second late 00s computer connected to TV. I installed there things like Red Faction, Heroes 2 and King's Bounty the legend, to relax on bed with keyboard and mouse. Thanks that my old Philips 1280x768 tv already have HDMI connectors so it was not hard to connect PC to it.
For videocard I picked best from my collection you may see on other pic - GTX260 1GB, it's still works without issues and why not, I don't need much more from this second PC. old ~2005 case has no any help for cable mengment or easy placement, but it's almost fully full metal and after full wash and clean is like new.
My collection of videocards if anybody wonder about those:
ASUS NVidia GTX260 1gb
Sapphire RADEON HD 4850 gddr3 512mb (deda, my old videocard that RIP somewhere in 2015)
Leadtek WinFast PX6600 TD​ 256mb
ASUS Radeon A9600XT/TD 128mb

Btw I'm not that other Russian who ovarcloack stuff early in thread.
No. 37883
No. 38131
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
Don't say it's that cool but thanks

Got another computer. Wierd one - motherboard is gigabyte for AM2+ socket, have 2 places for DDR2 memomy. Had two sticks - one 2 gig and other 1 gig. But Power unit is much newer and fancier one for 550w with detachable cables. Have 2 hard drives and GeForce N9800GT as video card.
No. 38137
I've got linux mint and it works, can't play pirated games or get steam to work.
Next project will be xcfe on a thumb drive, like a leet hackor man.
No. 43895
Okay so I'm really retarded. Like, I did not actually know how fully retarded I am particularly about computers until just now.

I'm pretty sure that this
is what my RAM is, and that means that it is 240 pins right? I hadn't actually realized buying RAM could become complicated. For instance I did not know until sorta recently that you cannot use DDR4 if you have a DDF3 mainboard.

I am looking to upgrade my RAM but I'm not sure what the most cost and particularly performance based option should be. It looks like I have 4 slots in there. Which means that I can install two more right? I have no idea what volts and 1333hz or whatever means. Provided that it is 240 pins and ddr3 I can just install whatever I want right?

Also which would be the better option: buying just one 16gb stick, OR buying 2x8gb RAM sticks? Or can I just totally mix and match? If I am using a 16gb stick I can just install that one alongside my old as shit 2x4gb sticks right? Or which would provide me with better performance or could it be even relevant that I use more sticks and spread my memory processing over the 4 sticks, or that I just used say one 32gb stick? Like would there even be a noticeable performance difference between me using a bunch of older sticks or just pulling everything out and using one very large memory stick? Do things like that even matter?
What I'm thinking of doing at this point is maybe just buying two sticks of 8gb and installing that alongside my 2x4gb memory for a total RAM of 24gb. How's that plan as opposed to buying one 16gb stick? I have no idea what all the other specs means.
No. 43897
155 kB, 1098 × 602
At first you have basic standart, for example yeah, DDR3, DDR4 etc. Different format will physically not fit other one. Look what format your motherboard supports
On some motherboards there might be multiple supported format slots. Most usually they don't support both formats inserted same time.

Second you need to look what maximum amount of memory you motherboard supports, what types of ram. There cases, for example, on many DDR3 motherboards that had 2 slots and maximum of 8GB supported RAM, so you need 2 4GB modules to cap maximum. But it will not work with more modern to them DDR3 sticks that is 1-sided 8-chip, they need older doublesided 16-chip ones.

Frequency it's basicly how much stuff it can do per cycle, with DDR standart it's twise per cycle so bandwidth is freqency x2. When you look at spects, given frequency is maximum possible for current module, modern BIOS most often automaticly set what he think is optimal speed, thought you can play with it manually.

If you have dual-channel support, better fill both channels with dual-channel RAM. But look at markings and configuration of your motherboard, how slots named and configurated.
No. 43930
86 kB, 5 pages
Oh well fucking shit what does this mean? You are computer literate; I am not. It seems to be saying here that my maximum possible mainboard memory supported is 32gb right? Why should it only be say 16gb, 12gb, or 32gb but not say for example 20gb or 24gb? That would pretty much negate my two sticks of 8gb RAM purchase and it's kinda hard to find just one stick of 8gb RAM for some reason.

I am also actually pretty confused about its listing for discrete video. Doesnt that actually imply that my 4gb AMD RX550 GPU would instead be capped at it not being capable of operating beyond half capacity or am I understanding that wrong? I am also actually rather surprised about that i7 thing, which would seem to imply that I can just install an i7 right? This opens a completely new realm of possibilities I hadn't thought would be available to me however it is also providing a new massive headache in trying to figure out what and how to install a new i7 processor if so. In which case perhaps I will just go ahead and buylicense because not on fucking GOG Gothic Armada II after all.
No. 43931
Okay never mind I think I've got this loosely figured out
It just doesn't seem like much of an upgrade to me particularly for the massively exorbitant cost apparently of buying an absolutely old as shit 4 core processor seriously why would an 8 year old CPU still cost like $272?? but it is beginning to sound like an i7 3770 is pretty much the only thing I actually can upgrade without basically just ripping out my mainboard entirely and building a new PC from scratch and that will cost me way more than I'd ever even consider outside an emergency failure. It at least does sound like this guy actually managed to get 2x8 and 2x4gb to work although I have also read that supposedly mixing and matching different companies can BSoD your machine. I would also not know anything about installing a new CPU. That includes only today finding out the existence of "static wrist straps."

Welp it does at least sound like that shitty 3rd gen i7 could actually provide me a significant boost which to be fair with 8 year old hardware components everything except GPU it's kind of a miracle I hadn't failures up until at least today knock on wood and that's with me using it, which means it is caked in various forms of dust, grime, hair, and other filth with virtually daily nonstop use. Still...that's close to $400 for comparatively ancient equipment. I'd almost wonder if I can find used although probably a bad idea considering probably part of the performance boost could be just from having something that's not so worn out. I'm not even sure if I don't have memory faults or some kind of physical defects at this point tbh.
No. 44005
Ehh, your motherboard is some lga1155 stuff with DDR3 slots. I compleatly skipped this generation, from 775 directly switching to 1151. I dunno what you have in therms of memory and CPU, but it's past decade already, if you want "real" upgrade, better start from scratch I guess.
I think this this motherboard will eat anything DDR3 up to her maximum 64gb of ram. If you were close I passed some old DDR3 sticks, I have a number of them and don't need anymore. Don't know how there is case with Xeon for 1155, I know only about 771(775) stuff so no help here, sorry.
No. 44014
Oh wow this actually is much better. I don't get it why in the fuck I hadn't switched to this monitor already.

So I was going to come here and ask about whether I should get a new monitor also and what the difference is, because I've had a 1366x768 with a broken stand which was a replacement for another monitor that eventually died I picked up from a garbage dump (it did serve me well for years and I liked it). This thing is great. I paid fivebux for it at a garage sale. I was looking at new monitors lastnight in things like 1920x1080p and also 1440x900 because I'm like well I probably have a shitty monitor too. I was gonna come here and ask so I might as well ask anyway:
How big is the difference between 1366x768 versus 1920x1080? Would it be worth it for me to upgrade my monitor?

And then I decided to check my $5 garage sale monitor to see what its dimensions are and I look lo and behold it's 1440x900 and yeah I am already noticing the difference. It feels almost like I got a free monitor. But still, is a 1080p really so great? Is it that much better than a 900p? Because I have seen some absolutely amazing crisp images at Walmart to a degree I'm totally unused to.

I actually had a half baked notion late lastnight of hmm you know what maybe I should just ask Russia to help me build a PC and I can offer to buy him some nice gift in return on GOG or something. Well I'm probably just going to buy the RAM right now; I'm simply busy atm doing one of my goals for the day of backing up photos and videos so I can free up some memory on something.

Other question is do you know how good an i5 3350 is vs i7 3770?
(I don't know the difference between 3770, 3770k, 3770t etc) The problem is as you pointed out that, yes, my computer is now so old that it's gotten to the point where maybe I might as well just start from scratch however I am not prepared to spend that kind of money and frankly if I can just upgrade to something like the i7 3770 with new RAM it should theoretically be perfectly fine for me running almost all my games at max settings and futureproofing most things for at least the next several years minus only AAA crap perhaps, provided of course it does not die in the meantime.

I should also ask, how much of a bad idea is it to purchase "refurbished" used RAM and CPUs? I've gotten the impression an old CPU should be fine but that RAM could have memory faults or be closer to failure.

As it stands, where I'm looking right now is buying possibly companies I hate like Walmart and Amazon (although I found another good spot and could even consider the needlessly expensive Newegg) for:
1-2x8gb RAM probably the same Samsung type that came with it ($35 or ~$70-80)
i7 3770 CPU (~130-205?)
1920x1080 monitor (idk $100?)

Of course yes I am also aware how stupid this all is because I'm trying to strap already old as shit jet engines onto a rusted potato of a prop plane which doesn't do much if my PSU or motherboard fails, which in the former God forbid could kill everything and in the latter it's obsolete so it would be hard just finding a same or similar replacement and then having a bunch of "new" hardware I got that suddenly doesn't work with anything else on the mainboard.
No. 44015
>(idk $100?)
You could go for higher resolution, I think.
No. 44019
86 kB, 1280 × 720
659 kB, 1366 × 770
Ah really you think? How much better do you think that 1080p is as compared to 900p? I haven't even tested my "new" monitor yet today on gaming but am now expecting an improved experience.

The other thing I found out which I'd had no clue about is that apparently having that difference is more taxing on one's GPU, which shouldn't theoretically be a problem because I've got a 4gb one and even Senua I didn't have much problems although I frequently noticed framerate issues in things I was running from Steam on my old monitor. In fact I feel like I've rarely ever experienced over 30fps if that. Not sure why, unless I'm also mixing up too many memories of playing with a 1gb Radeon HD 7500 at 720p with playing 720p on 4gb AMD RX550, all of which of course at 8gb RAM and my old as shit third gen i5 CPU. BUT I must add how extraordinary feeling it is, spooky even to see and remember what kind of money I have access to now. I'm so unused to having discretionary cash. A part of me keeps mentally looking at it as if my account still has to pay rent from it and even then it would be a lot of money but no I've already got my rent paid early so I haven't got to worry about shit. It just feels spooky. Like, it's too good to be true, and even if I avoid the American landmines where I get sued/shot/forced into an ambulance/given ticket by cop/court fees/random price gouge etc or any normal disaster it just feels like maybe the government will come after my money. Maybe I was never supposed to have it.

Tbqh at this point I am almost more motivated to become a multimillionaire just because I think it'd be hilarious my reaction in that dissociative, detached, third party observant of yourself kind of a way about how much I'd probably still act like I just walked out of the shtetl. I actually haggled with a Walmart store manager once before about a $3.75 price tag because they just jacked it up while the item was damaged after being $3.25 and what you expect me to pay these prices you raise the price and the goods aren't even the same they're worse condition how much money will this take to fix and that's coming out of my end, and the manager agreed to price drop. Just imagine if you walked into that kind of money like a million bucks and how could you mentally process that difference in resource access. It dramatically changes everything about your approach to life.

But anyway thanks for the help so far. I clearly don't know what I am doing.
No. 44023
I can help with build with my limited abilities for free of cource, I don't need stuff from gog thank you.

Yes I still using 1440x900 also since 2008 and used 1366×768 during early 2010s on laptop. Back in late 00s early 10s I much preferred 16×10 because 16×9 crap was often too low on height pixels to comfortably read text or doing anything. Even playing vidja I prefer on 16x10. I still do but times changing, and also I need 2nd monitor and my 16x10 benq already have some not dead, but "burned out" pixels. I going to buy 4k of cource. 1920×1080 now beckome obsolete standart and there no sence to buy new monitor that also be generation below when already bogger resolutions become something really common. So it be to degree future proof since I not planning switch monitor every 3 years or something.

Same I can say you about CPU - better buy new motherboard and try to build new PC, than try spend times on upgrades of past generation hardware trying to max it out in hopes to have in brief moment something decent. It be waste of money in my opinion. I installed some cheap Xeons in old 775 builds just because for person whom I did it it was only option he had and I gifted him videocard also.
No. 44064
241 kB, 1000 × 1250
92 kB, 525 × 682
72 kB, 620 × 349
So yeah I think you guys are right. I only realized that the reason why those display laptops looked like they had fucking amazing graphics and displays was because they were all running on 1080p which is apparently standard now and somehow I'd thought that #x# had to do with display size. I am honestly astounded by my own stupidity and ignorance at this point.

No wonder my gaming always looked like shit, and running a 720p display while trying to upgrade my PC is retarded beyond belief. I just checked one game last night and I was completely amazed by how good it looked at 900p. Even at 900p I could not believe how much better it automatically looked over my shitty broken previous display. So I also just checked the store and while the mart had Onn which is a lot cheaper I cannot possibly force myself to buy Walmart shit to save a buck right now particularly as I don't trust Walmart brand electronics for multiple reasons. I'd rather avoid buying an HP too because I've burned through so many shitty broken laptops of theirs I don't trust HP purely from a quality control point of view, as opposed to data security and other things with Walmart.

What exactly is the point behind having a curved monitor? There were a bunch of much nicer ones at 27inches going for only like $159. I think I may have to rearrange certain things to get the bigger full-scale experience xxtra large if I go that route but they all had 60hz refresh rates which isn't that also an extremely shitty thing to have? My present 900p is at 75hz. I'm not sure what to get or the purpose behind a curved screen although I now feel fairly certain that I'm going to waste the $100+ to get a new monitor even though it would mean I'd have two working but progressively shittier ones. like I said poor person mentality. Your whole approach to strategizing your life is completely different when you're poor enough that $160 is an extremely large purchase that is senseless in that strategy because you already have something that functions even if poorly which means it is no longer a concern with zero regard for trying to have nice things, only the cheapest. I still feel the need to have some kind of foreign currency though. Or put some money somewhere. I don't know why but this 4th of July has been giving me a really bad feeling. Like to the extent that purchasing anything nice for myself feels like I am missing the point.

But anyway what would you guys recommend? That includes you mr. Titan mcfancypants although bear in mind that so far as I'm concerned things that are actually obsolete for you by multiple generations are still sparkling new to me. A 4gb GPU was an extravagant treat for myself and one that I am still well pleased with although I do understand how moronic it is on some level to get practically building a new computer at this point with an absolutely obsolete chassis to put the tires on like my shitty motherboard although I'm still thinking of going for a used 3770 i7. It is tempting to get a brand new one though instead of trying to save $70 or less or whatever but my cursory examination suggested it's not the same terrible idea as buying used RAM or God help me used HDDs.

My price range is up to about $160 max for a monitor. Curved screen? 27" overkill? I'm not even considering HD 4k btw that's just senselessly expensive overkill for something I hadn't originally been planning on upgrading to begin withalthough had I been less cheap, retarded, and/or bydlo I would have recognized ages ago that while I needed the new GPU as a bottleneck on increasingly large numbers of gaming requirements it made no sense to try for better graphical enhancements when the thing actually displaying them was digital playdough so I'm exclusively looking at a 1080p right now and my options on new CPU and that's as far as my acquisitiveness is going to go with this machine although now that I think of it maybe dual monitors with the old one and a desk and chair might be nice. I think at least having the option of sitting at a desk in a cheap gaming chair could be cool too.

For the CPU I've actually started looking at other people's literal junkpiles like e-waste from businesses and government offices on places
like https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/browse/cataucs?catid=1 although I've been trying to avoid .gov ones because places like the DMV will use shit like a Pentium III for twenty years. It's surprising just to find second gen i7 machines. Honestly that alone should give you an idea the kind of security holes. I mean real "if only you knew how bad things really are" tier with our computer security it doesn't surprise me at all the Chinese own this country from top to bottom at this point and can turn the whole country off excepting only our ICBMs. Businesses and particularly institutes of higher learner otoh tend to have plenty of nice stuff and I can probably find things like lots of 27 machines with fine 3770s getting landfilled. I don't know where ours is or if I'd have access to it the way other town landfills were so I don't think I can go trash picking for a new i7 chip. Talkin real high tech low life over here. I got lots of great tech dumpster diving over many years in the past which besides is probably where half of all these used parts are coming from anyway, which is e-waste that got shipped off to China, ripped out of the machines, and then shipped back to us on a high profit margin for Walmart or Amazon with the pittance they pay to the Chinese still being a high profit margin because they probably bought it by the metric ton.

Sadly I doubt literally landfill hunting is an option for me to find a new 3rd gen i7 at this time.
No. 44075
>Pointless shit, get an old office chair if you want an actually comfortable one...

Let me interject here: The chair is at least as important as the screen if you are sitting on it for several hours a day. I chose a comfy chair without any further thought and lucked out that it had a mostly fitting height for my desk at the time. Then I switched desks and after a few months the back pain started. It's amazing how long it can take for you to realise what's going on because you still think you're young and fit and sitting badly wouldn't be something that could hurt you.
Well, now I'm unable to sit longer than an hour infront of any PC in any chair because the damage is done and it takes a long time and a lot of effort to fix that. Obviously, once you have back pain, the money on a great screen is wasted because you can't enjoy it anymore.

So yeah, my advice: Get a proper chair first, then a proper screen and the PC hardware has the lowest priority.

Regarding chairs that is at least one thing you should never ignore: When sitting on your butt with your lower spine touching the backrest, your knees should bend 90 degrees and your feet be touching the floor heel to toe. At the same time your elbows should be in a 90 degree angle when your hands are on the keyboard/mouse without you having to lift your shoulders. So the height of the desk in relation to the chair matters. If the chair does not support such a position and it requires muscle tension to sit like that you will fuck up the tissue connecting muscle and bone around the ribcage and shoulder blades and over time your muscles will learn to balance out the posture to avoid pain, which then leads to a deformed spine.

Sorry to be a downer but this isn't a case of overprojecting something, this is the most common cause for adults in developed countries to visit the doctor. Up to 70% in some places with lots of office jobs.
No. 44098
meh I might actually end up giving into my strongly growing urge to impulse buy this thing
just because it's pretty much close to perfect for what I'm considering even if it's still my pointlessly wasting an extra $170 I was never planning on spending to begin with, partly just because it's at that perfect size with 1440p and 75hz refresh rate--which I've come to conclude is massively important after testing out a few games with it. The difference is immediate and noticeable to me, as if going from 60 to 75 was an upgrade to a 6-8gb nVidia. It just feels that different to me having that kind of refresh rate, which is becoming my clinch point.

I can deal with 1080p considering how incredible my garage sale upgrade is that'd been mothballed since last summer. I can't believe I haven't been using this thing and it's just at 900p. The screen itself is 16" wide and 17.5 inches from end to end which given my space I've concluded that a 27" screen is such massive overkill I shouldn't bother and besides the fact I'll end up having to totally rearrange everything if I want it to fit where everything is stationed right now.

Fuck. yeah. I should probably buy it.
>5 New from $373.00
I'm probably not actually going to get a deal like this again for awhile huh? There is Craigslist and I saw a great looking thing for $120 though I'd have to shlep it back to my flat by bus and idk how much walking distance so that extra $30-50 or whatever I'd ultimately be paying for it to come to my door is probably ultimately worth it.

Thanks for the tips m8 and all the help the rest of you guys. Yeah curved screen looks like a pointless gimmick for richer people. (that's an absolutely incredible looking work station btw the rain just makes it look so wonderful and cozy)

>if you have shit to do with text/productivity on your computer
I don't, and while I may in the future I don't presently edit any kinds of video so anything along that line is pointless waste. This is purely for a maximum performance vidya gaemin machine to that should last me for years and years to come unless knock on wood it fries badly enough I can't salvage most of it to build a new one.

So this is really just for performance and yeah you guys are right me getting hardware without a great monitor is stupid. As for the CPU again it's really just to kill the last major bottleneck I'd have on my gaming. I kind of wonder what the thermal paste on my CPU looks like now since I've been using it virtually every day since 2012. I think it needs a new CPU I'm just scared I'll end up fucking something up in the installation and brick it or apply the thermal paste wrong or do something that fucks it all up somehow purely the result of my own greed for just a little more computer.
No. 44099 Kontra
The offer expires in 5 hours and the lowest other list price I found was $230 although there seems to have been various offers all over the web at $155 as low as, though they're sold out all over the place for some reason, and with prices as high as over $300 for some reason. So because I've realized that a 27" is frankly just too big for me at this point and 22" is totally suitable for my purposes, with an okay refresh rate and 1440p I'm thinking it might actually look pretty amazing compared with what I'm used to and also without actually overtaxing my GPU. I'm thinking I'm probably gonna pull the trigger and get it tonight before I go to bed, although it's getting me nervous especially because I'd been planning to pay the rent this weekfor August. I just don't like having rent hanging over my head and I hate feeling like I have shit to do later in general before relaxing so rent is the overlife equivalent which I'd much prefer to have obliterated in the comfort of knowing I haven't actually got to even start thinking about making rent again until close to September which is one of the greatest feels. I know you think it's stupid of me but I never have the kind of high salary and guaranteed cash flow as you seem used to so being a full month ahead of time on rent is a priceless thing to me and a massive insurance plan protecting myself from any sort of emergency or happenings. If you have to be an indentured serf paying rent at least a month ahead of time is smart especially if you're on a lease.

>I have been declared honorary Jewish by my actually Jewish friends for my spending proclivities in the past few years and I still don't skimp on the screen.
You have no idea how much I know this feel. Every time I do something incredibly miserly I can hear Rachel/Sarahevery Jewish girl is named one of those two, it's like the Jewish equivalent of naming your Asian kid Jen laughing in the back of my head as I try to rip a quarter from an Aldi's cart or something. I don't even remember why she always called me a Jew. A lot of other people did too although at least with her it was in a nicer teasing way.

Nah chair is my lowest priority because then I'd have to buy and find a way to move a gaming desk and like hell I'd ever consider that. Nothing wrong with the floor. I know I'm not the only person who does that and it's probably a lot better for my back overall than than being hunched over in a chair.
No. 44106
If you're sitting on the floor than forget all about chairs, you're off much better without one. Are you sitting or lying infront of the screen then?
No. 44120
I see, I misinterpreted your post in part then.

I can not recommend the IKEA office chairs, they tend to break slightly but continue to function in a way where you can sit on them even though you shouldn't. Mostly due to the pneumatics starting to bend to one side and you end up sitting ever so slightly tilted left or right. There are lot's of good chairs with a tiny bit higher production quality that cost the same, especially if getting them second-hand. Still, one should at least spend a days worth of research on what's important before buying just any chair.
No. 44121 Kontra
Also: Yes to standing desks. It's cheaper and usually more healthy.
No. 44324
Hey I'm really sorry to keep bothering you guys with this and I'm sure it's super obnoxious and probably even more annoying if you've got the same standpoint of longing I had a couple years ago when I couldn't afford Jack shit, but I'm really computer illiterate and know a lot of you are not possibly to an expert degree so maybe you can help me with this

So I was wondering if you could do that and I looked it up and apparently you can, but I'm unclear on just how many hardware conflicts and maybe even driver conflicts or issues could arise attempting to do this and run it well.

How can I get a couple of graphics cards to work together for rendering a game? I just realized I actually do have those extra slots I could never figure out the full use for and that possibly I could just run two completely cheap and shitty GPUs in parallel rather than considering buying a really nice brand new one which at like $400-500 is not a chance in hell I can do.

So typically how much trouble is it to actually install the things so they don't conflict? Wouldnt the actual total GPU capacity still remain pretty low/poor if say you ran two 4gb rather than just one decent 8gb one? Do note that I am not actually clear on what they mean or how all the other specs affect performance.

I've still got my cheap as shit Radeon HD 7500 1gb which I've grown an emotional attachment to so can't imagine parting with it even after an EMP burst but I cant tell if it would even be enough to improve performance. Can I install that second GPU into an Inspiron 8500 or whatever it is? Clearly I know it's compatible because it came with the machine, but if say I ran a used nVidia card with a Radeon RX550 what would happen?

Could I just buy something like this
at the same time as this
I have also located a used Radeon Saphire 8gb something or other on craigslist which I could consider but would it really be like I was running 12gb worth of GPU power? How do they even know how to work in tandem? Do I tell them to and am I supposed to fuck around eith shit in bios? Is this a good plan or a huge waste of my resources which could even backfire in some natural 1 kind of way? Would it make sense to actually go out and spend even more money in the like $90-130 range or whatever just to get more power to run things well on 1440p?

The view is spectacular but I am beginning to see the problems in how this could be becoming a money pit. Not even Pathfinder Kingmaker I can run well at 1440p without turning the settings way down and I'm unclear on how much of a difference +8gb of RAM being installed tomorrow could make, but I do know if Pathfinder can't even run well without turning everything way down to low that it's totally unlikely that I could run many other games well either. I'd vastly underestimated just how much power 1440p could be demanding. I mean I could just keep trying to run shit at like 1080p instead right?

What do you guys think? You're smart enough to be soldering motherboards out here so I'm expecting you should know exactly what to do in trying to install two GPUs at the same time for increased performance and smooth animation at medium to high settings running in 1440p at 75hz refresh rate.

Should I actually try to do this? How much problems will I have and how to correct them if so? Again bear in mind that I still have my shitty old 1gb Radeon and that because I have both Radeon cards I'd probably get another (they're far cheaper than nVidia anyway and I'm unclear on why GTX is supposedly better) but would the added HD7500 even make any difference at this point? And how about power supply? Am I going to fine out my PSU just isn't strong enough to handle two of them especially a real fire 8gb one's power demands? Pls halp
No. 44355 Kontra
118 kB, 967 × 716
180 kB, 1196 × 927
Oh holy fucking Jesus I just checked and it's worse, it's so much worse shit than I thought. How the hell, I could've sworn that I was running 1333mhz. I hadn't even realized they still had 800mhz on DDR3. nvm it wasn't showing x2 it probably does mean 1600mhz. It can't possibly be 800mhz on DDR3.

Well you know what just fuck it I don't feel like dealing with it right now but I'm going to be checking on my finances the next week or two and that discovery is just untenable. I don't know if I even actually want to bother with trying to find something that's compatible with this motherboard to hold me over at this point and this one discovery just tilted me over the edge into deciding today that, yes, I should build my first computer from scratch this year if I am at all able because it's probably destined to fail entirely sooner or later and at this point it's beginning to look like all my shit is so old I can't even upgrade it and my original hardware is even more inferi

where it cuts off up there is right when my computer had some kind of a kernal_input error and crashed and then forced itself into diagnostic mode on restart and checking disk for errors. I'm pretty sure that it's because I'd been swapping RAM around today but yeah, fuck it. I'm pretty sure that's the sign. I need to doublecheck which games I made the most progress in that I wouldn't want to lose all the saves, all the other files I may need, update my backup and then be prepared to build a machine. I mean this thing probably has hundreds and hundreds of unfixed broken registry items and all sorts of trash clogging the fuck out of it which I do not know how to do or even if I did am far, far too lazy to fucking waste my free time trying to go through everything with a fine toothed comb to delete old shit and try to get the system itself and all programs back to pristine working condition even on the software side.

I'm also realizing that if anything I positively should not cheap out on, it's the motherboard. I want to get a fancy as shit motherboard at this point so I can have multiple PCIe slots for sticking GPUs in (as I'd rather not waste my current one and hell maybe through the ancient one in too) and be able to support 4 HDDs because my current machine has got only room and support for 2 HDDs + 2 PCI slots for SSDs which frankly I'd rather have kept buying $36 flash USB 3.0 flash drives than spend twice as much for the same capacity storage space although it's starting to feel like Kowloon walled city with my ramshackle piecemeal approach to things.

I may as well get a tempered glass case with that dumb flashy light RGB memery and nearest I can tell am going to need a way bigger wattage PSU if I'm going to dual run an old and new although I'm still unclear if running two completely different GPUs is a bad idea (I know you can run two of the same make and model pretty easily with CrossFire or SLI) and probably an intel chipset because I've never trusted AMD the way I trust intel CPUs. I may just buy an SSD to boot from an use both my old HDDs with consideration for buying a third HDD just because a 1-2tb can be pretty cheap and having this post get blue screened right in the middle of typing it was like a flash of thunder from God to make sure I have the financial capacity for a new HDD in case my primary one fails within the next couple months.

But why am I considering this? Because for all the shit I like to give it, living here really has been more functional and nicer than other countries with our bailout. They're already talking about another round of $1,200 or even $2,000 checks with the 2k one having already passed the Dem controlled House that the Rep controlled Senate has stalled (or blocked, or just not voted on I'm unclear on what's going on with this) which knock on wood all things considered I may be financially capable of pumping some funds into the economy not just with wanton consumer spending but also if it happens soon enough by investing directly into the stock market. I was thinking about it today and I need to act real soon because depending on the results of some studies coming out if they find out a thing like say CBD or some Rx drug works even just a little those companies are going to skyrocket during this national crisis. Shame I couldn't buy into the dip when the stock market crashed to under 19,000 and then sold when it got back to 25k or whatever it's at right now but whatever.

Regardless I am now convinced that I need to construct my own PC for the first time. I'd actually like to get a copy of Windows 7 installed instead because I fucking hate everything after XP with increasing severity but apparently win7 is really old now to the point where even getting my RX550 to work I had to fuck around with a lot of things including updating my system from 8 to win8.1, so for all I know I'm going to get stuck with nothing younger than 8.1 for an OS (no I'm too retarded to figure out how to boot into Linux or something and run games off it and I doubt any ernst would have the patience holding my hand through it).

It actually BSoDs me right when I'm typing that post? And I can't even got the old shitty Samsung RAM I thought matched to work in this board at all? Yeah fuck it. I'm going to need to build a new machine and actually try and own something really nice for once. I'm just not going with water cooled. Fuck that. Idc how many people do it I am never going to be able to trust a water apparatus being attached to my computer's electronics.

I still don't get why this https://www.walmart.com/ip/SAMSUNG-M393B1K70DH0-YK0-8GB-SERVER-DIMM-DDR3-PC12800-1600-REG-ECC-1-35v/534314512
does not want to work with my machine using this
and yes I checked with only one stick of the 8gb RAM in different slots, both sticks, and both sticks with the 2x4gb sticks. Anything other than my original RAM it made a horrible beeping noise while attempting to boot up.
No. 44603
Where the fuck are the posts I made? Did I rustle someone's autism and get megabanned?

Anyway I finally picked up the PC I'd posted there from my locked-down office aaand... the pump was dead. Water cooling, never again.
No. 44606
Don't do multiple grafon, it's basically no longer supported and even when it was being pushed by the manufacturers it was always a headache.

I ran multi-GPU setups since AMD was ATI and had a card called X1950XT or whatever, kept it up with two 2900's, 4870x2's (yes, two of those) and finally 7970's but nevermore.

tl;dr but a good motherboard helps if you're building your own (seeing an error code on an lcd display on-board is much easier than counting beeps etc.) but my understanding is all modern mobos are pretty good in that regard anyway

And win 8.1 is somehow less supported than win7... AMD still releases win7 drivers but not win 8.1 drivers - today I replaced the titan xp with an AMD card temporarily due to the aforementioned pump dying issue and well after wasting a few minutes I learned that I had to get drivers from 2019 to be able to use the card without fucking around
No. 44607
So? Wouldnt I be able to get drivers from somewhere else? I mean I get that maybe not for too much longer will it be easy to find them, but still. I'd actually much prefer to get win7 tbh but it's just not gonna support every one of my games I already have or new games coming out. I actually had at least one I know for a fact I can't play on 7 but I forget which one. Dayum shame especially because I fucking hated everything that came after XP and only hated it further with each new release, not to mention the fact that I can't even play Deadlock. As in, it's not even patchable because of something having to do with the systems architecture and how they wrote it so Deadlock physically cannot be made to run on newer machines.

As for RAM after doing much more investigation into it I decided that should my check ever comeI'm increasingly unhopeful about that and expected all that both unemployment money from the 5 weeks I was waiting as well as now this week and probably the next not coming through until after the July 31st expiration, if ever, thus rendering this entire conversation a moot point that what I actually should be doing is getting DDR4 at 3200mhz or something like that because apparently I've got RAM at half that which why the fuck even bother at that point? Even if I did get high cap RAM slotted it's still going to end up running slow as shit. Everything about my present system is bottlenecked and I have no need to carry that into the future particularly when I've just discovered that for some queer reason older parts aren't always cheaper and that good DDR4 would cost me less than the DDR3 most likely. I hate using anything not GPU for AMD and that includes processor so I'd likely also get a very nice intel chipset if I could afford it.

As for the GPU well I mean, you say that it's obsolete but keep in mind that even with an expanded price point I am going to end up being instead of running on Russian time running on Estonian time. My "brand sparkly new" is still what you would consider obsolete and I know I could well afford some $150 8gb Radeon even now and simply slot another identical CrossFire later.

>water cooling
Yeah I always thought that was a meme. I just don't trust the concept entirely. One leaky valve and then what? I'm not made of money.

Oh and as for the OS and RAM
>running virtual environment
>paying for Windows
I discovered something about iirc ECC vs Registered which, no nvm it was CPU and the difference of how 3770 vs 3770k couldn't run virtual machines on one of them or something like that. I forget. But what I'd like to plan for is having some capacity to use whole OS emulators and get full on Stallman tier at some point into the future because maybe that could even let me play such old as shit games that not even GOG has functional copies of them idk. I have super fond memories of Deadlock which is one of my only childhood memories of vidya that doesnt make me start getting depressed so I'd like to have it again sometime.

But as for the OS itself why the fuck should I pay for it? I was looking on reddit about building PCs and people were talking about factoring in the cost of an OS. Like what the fucking hell? Why? Am I really expected to pay for the same operator system on a different machine? It's just copy and pasting practically sorta wtf does Bill Gates think he is he sure as shit does not need the fucking money and I do moreover I'd rather have my throat slit by ISIS than be forced to pay for win10. Am I just going to end up having to pirate an entire OS? Can't I just install my OS on the different machine?
No. 44738
Okay so I am super glad that I ultimately got the 24" not because of any reason other than I thought it was physically too big for my space, which it certainly would have been as I already arranged things a little differently. But the real reason I am glad is because I hadn't realized the degree to which a bigger screen and higher p would be impacting performance.

How exactly should I fix this bottleneck? I finally got my RAM that works and I went with some shitty old DDR3 4gb sticks because I had to return the 2x8gb anyway which I'm hoping still gets refunded as it's registered not non-ECC apparently that I can't use in this mobo and there really isnt any point to spending that much more on 1600mhz RAM and saddling myself with useless junk later rather than DDR4 but I'm still having real bad framerate and performance issues.

What exactly should I do? I'm actually half tempted at this point to switch back and forth between my smaller 1600x900p monitor just because the performance on that thing is amazing and while it looks pretty a lot of things run like shit at 1440p including even Pathfinder Kingmaker for some reason. But man does casting a spell look good.

I'm not entirely sure what to do because granted I'm running an older 4gb lower performance Radeon which now has more RAM and while that did cause a significant performance boost I'm still having troubles with Inquisitor Martyr and Koenigsmacher.

How do I figure out what to upgrade or where the bottleneck is happening? Which program should I use to test this? Because at this point I am strongly suspecting that upgrading to an 8gb GPU won't accomplish shit and that my 3350p i5 is going to bottleneck so hard that I won't even be able to make use of a new GPU.

What do?
No. 44838 Kontra
So some progress. After convincing by /g/ yes ik even being well aware of the fact that you should never take advice from 4krebs about much of anything and shopping around I have become convinced to switch from my conviction in the intel chipset to an AMD one, just because they were actually right; there's little difference between intel and AMD except for an exceedingly huge cost increase for wildly diminishing returns with Intel, to such a point that by the time I try and get a new i7 I'll likely be spending as much to get a next generation Ryzen. I'm still wary and suspicious of AMD for some reason though.

Current settis:
•RX 5500 XT 8gb from ASrock--already ordered. With MIR it should cost me $170+tax
•700w probably but can even cheap out on 550w if I felt like it most likely PSU not sure which yet need 8 pin for GPU
•Still checking out AM4 mobos
•Ryzen 3600/3600X 6 core etc or possibly 3700 8 core (even a 3600 would be substantially better and frankly it's actually cheaper than a 3770K i7 like wtf)
•3200 most likely or possibly even 3600 DDR4 RAM not sure if I should cheap out on 2x8gb or just say fuck it and dive headfirst into the future on 2x16gb RAM sticks
•having unexpected difficulties finding the right case. My prequisite I'm pretty much set on is having a side opening glass cupboard like door, front/top mounted USB 3.0 and earphone etc ports, and bays for 4 HDDs because I already have two of em and might switch up later. I have no intention of buying more SSD with one sole exception so anything with two SSD side panels or whatever is fucking pointless for me. I actually have a few even ancient HDDs the oldest of which is some 8.4gb pos that I'm not quite sure I have any point to keeping atm considering my USB and microSD storage are all 16, 32, 64gb+.
°Come to think of it I'd also like to have forward facing microSD slots just like my old Dell XPS. More I think of it that's probably going to slowly irritate the shit out of me not having any ports which most cases seem to totally lack. The case may well end up being my biggest problem because even just the tempered glass side panel is usually unscrewed and why the fuck would I want that. If I can't open it like a door I might as well not have it at all. I'd also vastly prefer a solid top which the majority of these cases seem to have metal mesh. That's just begging for all kinds of problems and I'd rather not have to resort to finding some plank of wood to stain leave sitting on top of it as a shelf.
•SSD 256-512gb for the boot drive. I still do not understand why it actually matters however. According to most sources da SSD ones go fastah but I've yet to figure out why this has much of an impact if I'm still booting games off HDD regardless of core system components booting from SSD.

Tbqh I'm still not sure yet if I'm gonna have access to that kind of money but with the high likelihood of the stimulus passing sooning than later I'll get $1200 pandemic NEETbux to defray any costs associated with it I may need later.

Considering the fact I found what appears to be a good budget 8gb GPU ostensibly capable of 1440p on newer games and that Ryzen really is that much massively cheaper than Intel I may actually manage to make the costs of this latest project stay under $1000. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or I've got to get much of anything else minus like maybe a mounting bracket or fan or whatever.

Oh yeah, and I should probably actually pay for an antivirus for once and figure out what I'm going to do with the system because I've never flat out installed an OS before and I think my win8.1 CD might just be a boot disk idk. I'd rather not pay for proprietary OS but if that CD I have is not something I can use to install an OS well then I'm fucked because I don't think I even have the original win8 CD anymore.

I think I'm finally starting to see the outlines of my project coming together at least and I'm hoping I can finally get something cobbled together which won't give me all kinds of stuttering and horrible subpar framerates.
No. 45001
I just had a million dollar idea.
HEPA filters for tower PC intake fans. Why pay for a dedicated air filter when your computer can do the job? Bonus, it keeps your components clean so they don't overheat.
Please find my startup
No. 45023
>dedicated airfilter
Lolwut. You mean those screens that come on some newer towers?

That's..really a surprisingly not bad idea in fact. The main thing which would even be clogging the air intact would be the charcoal carbon part and you don't even need that. I'm guessing that probably an actual big part of it is twofold, with the first one being a HEPA would be the width of a...actually you're right it's just like having a radiator for air cooling. But probably it's also still twofold and that is because
a) the kinds of people to dick around with that are also often tech nerds or blingy gaemer retards neither of which would fancy a low tech Orky solution and
b) because that means you would actually have to keep buying them and throwing them out. My HEPA filter with carbon cost me $17+ from Walmart and it's not even a big filter. You probably can just cut up a central air one though. I may actually try this sometime.

The other thing that's mystified me this whole time throughout the pandemic is why no one bothered cutting up HEPA and other filters for use in masks and instead wearing such pointless shit like cut apart tshirts or bandanas which do practically fucking nothing. Not that a cheap HEPA would either mind you but still.
No. 45027
198 kB, 600 × 600
No, I mean these things.
Very popular in china, for reasons one can easily imagine, lol.
No. 45029
Ernst, I'm coming to you with a humble inquiry as to what new computer should I buy.

I'm currently using an 8-year-old HP Touchsmart running Windows 7 Ultimate that's on its last legs. One day, I start up computer from sleep and notice no sound even after cranking the volume all the way up. No matter how many times I mute/unmute it, no sound appears to be coming from my computer. I try reinstalling the audio driver fresh and still have no sound.

Meanwhile, the internet connection icon looks suspicious and reads "connection limited" despite being able to connect to the internet. I then go to Network and Sharing Center and notice "Class not registered".

Later, I try installing a new plugin in GIMP and then receive an error message stating "access is denied" despite being the only user/administrator on this damn thing.

Even more disturbingly, I can't use any Microsoft Office application despite previously being able to. Whenever I boot up even something as simple as Microsoft Office Picture Manager, I'm immediately brought to the bootstrapper that acts as if I never installed the program. Even after entering the product key which I had to dig out having installed it eons ago, I'm greeted with the "invalid" product key message, forcing the program to shut down. Same problem happens with Word and Excel.

I run Norton 360 (yeah, some technical wizard I am) and notice nothing major detected beyond tracking cookies and spyware. Run Norton Power Eraser that fixes a few errors.

After all that, I still have no sound and can't use Microsoft Word, so I run cmd as admin and then enter "sfc /scannow" only to be greeted by the following message: Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service

Having exhausted virtually all options, I install HD Sentinel which then informs me my computer is at 3% health. After running the surface test, I'm informed:
>Good: 9999
>Damaged: 0
>Bad: 1
>0 new reallocated sectors found
>0 new spin retry errors found
>0 new pending sectors found
>0 new off-line uncorrectable sectors found

It seems my hard drive is failing and all I can do is back up the data I have now on my external hard drive.

For any new piece of hardware, all I ask is that it has a high storage capacity (think 2+ TB) and a good sound card.

Any/all suggestions would be appreciated.
No. 45030
Yeah I know. That is exactly what I mean. The material I was talking about can be really different to basically the exact same for your central air conditioning certain places in the US are uninhabitable without central air. I have not that exact one but the same kind of air filter pretty much https://walmart.filtrete.com/3M/en_US/selector-wm/room-air-purifiers/

God I miss Windows 7. I never thought I'd even be reduced to saying that because I liked 7 so much less than XP. I'm conflicted about whether I truly do like XP better than win95 but whatever irrelevant anyway

Aside from all the very obvious problems that you well know with HP speaking of which did you seriously just say laptop? How in the fucking hell are you actually using an HP laptop running win7 that didn't die yet? Those things had an average working lifespan of like two years before everything started to completely fail, the battery, the hardware, man they were shit.

But to be perfectly fair it sounds to me more like what you should probably do is try backing up all your data. Not sure if you'd want to clone the drive just in case (if you had some old laptop HDD you could try swapping it out if you brick it) but after making sure maybe just try a complete reinstall of windo--oh right. That might be a different scenario than a modern OS idk what I'm saying at this point but yeah, it sounds like you know a bit more what you're doing than I am though it still sounds like you may not having the level of expertise to try manually fixing broken registries or looking at kernal level issues.

Alternatively, it could just be because your HDD itself is beginning to fail.
>Having exhausted virtually all options, I install HD Sentinel which then informs me my computer is at 3% health
oh lol I really should actually read your guys posts in full and digest it rather than chantard tier responding as I'm going. Welp. Shit son I'm sorry. In that case what I'd do if I were you is power down my PC completely and not touch anything until I was set up to start copying starting with the most important files first. Like, come up with an actual gameplan for it. Don't just go in blind like a man in a housefire randomly grabbing whatever shit comes to mind while the flames rise because it could well be at that point your drive fails completely.

>, all I ask is that it has a high storage capacity (think 2+ TB)
I literally just bought multiple hard drives including an NVMe, SSD, and 2 tb HDD.

Here my man go here
It's only on sale until Sunday so I think you should strongly consider buying that if you're funds limited. 2tb drive for $53 but it's an HDD although at that price point it's probably not like you can complain.

>and a good sound card.

>Any/all suggestions would be appreciated.
I will be monitoring this thread heavily then.

Why a soundcard though? Are you talking about a DAC or onboard audio?

I guess the primary thing you have to keep in mind is which purposes do you have in mind? How much space? For how long do you anticipate relying on it? And most critically to less an extent than you may expect, which overall budget or price points did you have in mind? These are all among a wide variety of niggling details which you may wish to consider unless this is solely meant to be a shitposting box in which case you could literally just get a hundred dollar second gen i7 shitbox on craigslist or something, though depending what you meant about the audio it may not be your thing. Or maybe you're an audiophile or doing some kind of sound production stuff I dunno. Of course if you have a massive enough budget either building or having someone else build for you is possible and there's some great companies I just saw the absolute most pointlessly luxurious thing the other day which somehow isn't even that expensive, the Snowblind case which is literally a transparent LCD display hooked into your video output for a tempered glass panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u90zx9du_Q

It's really ironic you mention that because I was thinking of putting together a video this summer on a new computer guide for people from a non-tech nerd perspective particularly after seeing reviews of the Walmart shitbox and lots of tech videos lately. There's a lot of things most people probably never even consider thinking about when they start springing for a purchase.

A lot really depends on your budget though like I said, not necessarily as much as you may believe. This
is ridiculously expensive but if you browse around you can see how many under $50 DAC's there are which if you're basically just interested in shitposting and audio you can pretty much buy a really old PoS off craigslist or ebay that's just a hundred dollars and then dump the rest of your budget onto a soundcard to install on it.

It's basically purpose divided by cost. Though I'd also say you should be wary of going too far in opposite directions, the Walmart "OP gaming PC" being a fantastic example of what happens to hardware performance when you do things like try to mount a good CPU and GPU onto an absolute piece of scrap with mono channel borderline Chinese salvage RAM.
No. 45059
48 kB, 437 × 631
some years ago I used Malwarebytes in order to know if there was something sketchy in the computer. I'd try it.
No. 45069
Already did. I used Malwarebytes and Norton. Neither sweep returned anything out of the ordinary was returned apart from the usual and customary tracking cookies and spyware.

>Why a soundcard though? Are you talking about a DAC or onboard audio?

Because I've got 200+ LPs I intend to digitize and thousands of CDs I intend to re-rip as FLACs. I'm looking for anything that captures audio of the highest quality, especially from my turntable. I've been using my onboard audio for my digitization, but I might look into DAC if it will yield better quality sound. As you could surmise, I'm more than a bit green.

With any brain power, you could surmise who you're talking to.

>I guess the primary thing you have to keep in mind is which purposes do you have in mind?

Mostly for shitposting, scanning booklets and other peripherals, studying and audio digitization. I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but something that could reasonably play some games would be nice.

>How much space?

Seeing that FLACs take up lots of space as do Audacity projects, as much as possible. Again, preferably 2+ TB. I've already got over 1 TB of music on my PC between all the mp3s, WAVs and FLACs. I would go stark-raving mad if I lost it.

>For how long do you anticipate relying on it?

As long as humanly possible. This baby lasted me 8 years, so anything with a similar or longer lifeline.

>And most critically to less an extent than you may expect, which overall budget or price points did you have in mind?

I'm willing to spend up to $1K.
No. 45080
When you started emphasizing audio I already kinda assumed as much.
>I'm not much into gaming anymore
Then you can really cheap out and mostly get a completely cheap piece of shitbox which if you're not even going to need anything beyond a subpar used GPU if you ever built it would save fuckloads of money and means you can basically just get a very old and used office computer.
>I would go mad
Standard backup procedures is to store everything on three separate drives (or any other important documents for the matter), one on your computer, another copy on a separate drive hidden somewhere in your house (this can be a real cheap PoS too btw just get an old HDD) and another separate location entirely someplace else in case of house fires. In terms of music it may help to get USB drives but since you're talking about CDs and LPs you can probably make CD copies too if you're that period about it but itll be f'ing expensive and time consuming to do so.

>m looking for anything that captures audio of the highest quality, especially from my turntable. I'
>Mostly for shitposting, scanning booklets and other peripherals, studying and audio digitization
My personal advice at this point is for your to just get a really shitty old used office computer which will probably end up being something like a Dell Optiplex and then just see if you can get a DAC installed, although you may want to get something new enough that the chipset/mobo isn't going to degrade quality. Because it sounds like you don't even have an interest in music production though you can skip on getting a 6-8 core CPU entirely as this really just sounds like a shitposting and archival project box.

My personal advice to you would be looking into DACs which is kinda ironic now that I think of it and to try and figure out which compatibility issues you might be having with older hardware since quite frankly it sounds like your primary use is as a glorified boombox, ereader, and web browser https://www.pcgamer.com/best-dacs-headphones-speakers/
Just spend a bit of your personal time reading and learning about that to figure out which one you want to hook up.

For someone such as you I would consider a DAC to be a fundamental necessity.

Because of the fact that you're not even planning on playing games let alone doing a log of video editing, programming, or as far as I can tell not even personal music production(?)though if not you may want to consider that as a future endeavor and whether you want to be stuck with something that can't get that job done in a couple years just a consideration that means you can skimp on the two most expensive components in a computer: the CPU and GPU. That right there is like $500-700 of your budget.

Because of the many considerations you listed I'd also say you probably shouldn't even bother with building your own PC because it's just going to end up being a hassle for you I personally have not built my own from the ground up before and already know setting up BIOS is going to be a hassle and trying to get the system stable nor should you bother trying to have anyone build a custom one for you.

A grand is probably way too much money for what you want, but that being stated if you're still willing to spend a thousand dollars what I would do if I were you is to just get a half decent machine off craigslist (I literally saw a $700 gaming computer before that couldve easily been $2000 at retail and routinely see sweet setups going for well under a grand and very useable PCs for $300 on there) and to instead spend up to a couple hundred dollars on getting 6gb/s SATA HDDs and put all the rest of your money into getting a great DAC and maybe a much better pair of headphones or some speaker setup if for some strange reason you havent already given your interests. If you didn't already get it the sale has ended for the link I put up but newegg fairly routinely has sales on hard drives.

You may also wish to consider however getting the much more expensive SSD and making sure you have USB3.1 ports on the motherboard because that volume of data transfer is gonna take awhile and while newer HDDs can still output a hell of a lot of data across SATA it's still going to be a time consuming process if you cheap out on like a pair of old 1tb HDD for $50 or whatever (I bought a couple of 500gb off craigslist last year and have managed to run games from them and the games run pretty well for the most part but it took a bit of time downloading over wifi half a tb of game onto HDD). Alternatively what you could do is pick up some USB drives as well. I've basically been using a trio of those as external SSDs because it was cheaper to get USB 3 thumb drives from Walmart than getting an SSD at the time.
No. 45081 Kontra
Oh I didn't type that in the post.

Yeah and
*the prebuild you should avoid HP like the plague and accept spending a bit more money on something like a Dell. I trust Texans to assemble me something good. I do not trust the Chinese. It will break. My pricier at the time Dell prebuild has lasted me 8 years even as a gaming PC I only had to upgrade a GPU once to get it to run some newer games albeit at like 760p or 900p. Get a cheap Dell if you are able. Those things are nearly indestructible. But I would also strongly advise you pay attention to the PSU that comes with it. Dell iirc has proprietary PSU which is fine. If you get something else make sure it does not have a cheap Chinese knockoff power supply otherwise it's going to be the only thing between you and the Almighty for the next decade or whatever and a really bad one can easily take out your hardware and all your data when it fails.

Tl;dr the only things you should not cheap out on massively are a DAC and PSU and if you get an old used on the DAC you can install yourself easily and the PSU too on poor quality PCs if it needs replacement to a 10 year reliable one just make sure it has the right connectors.
No. 45083
With this lockdown crisis going on I think there’s going to be a flood of good office hardware soon.
In 2008 I got a Fujitsu Siemens desktop with respectable features for peanut, and I used it for ten years, almost.
No. 45085
Are you straya?

Well I think that there's actually multiple factors you need to consider at this point in terms of the economics and availability of hardware, much of which is due to the pandemic but not all.

For one thing yes, the market is absolutely flooded with office hardware. Of course that being stated there is also the factor of cost cutting by businesses which means that you're highly unlikely to find deals sooner than later which is going to be counterbalanced by all these places continuing going out of business.

Another factor you wish to consider is that like I said, much due to the pandemic but not all if you're in say America because Trump's tariffs on the Chinese. On top of that because of the heavy reliance on the 21st century industrial capacity of the Chinese empire you're going to still he having lots of logistical problems, some ongoing shortages and reduced outputs etc.

But the other main factor you might wish to consider is that many Americans such and myself and something like 30-50 million other Americans had been getting pandemic neetbux which just ended. Now I'll grant you that at this very moment what that means is due to our ongoing non-passage of the next stimulus bill and termination of plague gibesgod this year has been a wild ride there isn't going to be as strong an impact however because the next stimulus bill is likely slated to be passed in the ensuing month American spending is likely to go up again.

Hardware prices have actually been through the roof lately due to some of these factors and of course with so many Americans such as myself and whatever other gibes programs got passed in other countries means you've got countless tens of millions of people all upgrading their PCs because I mean, we're all stuck inside and probably shitposting online all day and now we've got money. Why wouldnt I upgrade my PC? Why wouldn't someone upgrade to a real studio rig for their pointless vlogging? Why wouldnt a bunch of "content creators" who are really just consumer shills shilling for things actually creators made, start getting a real PC for such a thing rather than their shitty macbook or whatever?

So you're going to still have some ongoing shortages, logistical problems, and increased demand on that reduced supply, but while also having probably lots and lots of people at the consumer civilian level dumping off their old hardware later. I personally will not dream of that because I've grown so fondly attached to Old Faithful aka my going senile Dell XPS, but many many other people will.

So taken as a whole, yes, now would actually be a fantastically great time to buy a used PC. If your computer is old as shit it will not be difficult to find one better than yours for super cheap right now and into the near future, particularly if certain other factors fluctuate like no more gibes and rent coming due so you have to sell some shit like your other computer. I would not doubt that a bunch of people bought new computers on the pandemic gravy train and now rent will be due and no/reduced income stream so they have to sell it.

Go on craigslist. I've seen some amazing deals. Like I said I found I think 1070 or 1080ti with some great like 9700k intel CPU and 32gb RAM etc gaming PC some dude was selling which I only didn't buy because I wanted to build my own despite the fact if I were a Capitalist I'd buy it, tear it apart, sell it for parts, and use the profits to fund my own custom rig

In point of fact (this ties to the econ threda) now could also potentially be a great time to buy a used PC and start flipping it as some kind of a profit venture or other bourgoies moneymaking scheme. Like this guy
This dude seems to do it a lot.
No. 45088 Kontra
Oh hey RAC btw if you were interested in getting a brand new and actually high quality one that's probably not gonna fail
This is apparently still on sale atm. 2tb, $53.00, free shipping, 6gb/s transfer rate. I ordered one myself.
No. 45099
I will only ever only be Aussie, UK or Romania. Very rarely, to the point of it being negligible, I'll show up as Ukraine, but I think that's happened once only.
No. 45144
Since this thread is closest to my problem, I'll ask here:

I own a DVD of Dirty Harry. It's probably already over ten years old and I probably watched it for the last time over ten years ago.

Now I wanted to rewatch and discovered that it just won't read the disk at a certain time point. I have a rather new bluray disc drive. Then I tried watching it on a TV's built in DVD drive, same issue. Then on and old DVD player that usually plays EVERYTHING, no matter how badly burned the DVD is. Same issue persists. Now I am wondering what could have happened and if I can be able to get the disc to work again, because with all the bluray codec bullshit and this being the second DVD I own that just hangs right in the middle, I am seriously considering stopping being a good goy and just pirating everything from now on, because I don't pay money for faulty products.

Additional information: I always keep everything in pristine condition tucked away in its case and everything else, even 20 year old CDs still work perfectly, so the issue is not me.
No. 45145
Try dump content from DVD of it onto computer (it's easy to google how to od so) but honestely you may just pirante in decent quality since by copyright laws coping even your own copy for personal use is "illegal prohibited action". Physical media is something that over time being damaged, optical discs like to rot and you can't save them forever.
No. 45146
129 kB, 800 × 800
93 kB, 590 × 600
30 kB, 318 × 317
You could try one of them dvd scratch polishing thingies. Or some diy solution.
Even if the disk is not scratched too badly, there could be a single scratch that messed it up. Axial scratches are the worst, but can still be repaired.
But if it's not a scratch but disk rot, it's basically done for. Label side scratches (visible if you look through the disk at light) and oxidation due to failure of the acrylic layer are irreversible.
No. 45147
500 kB, 700 × 525
>I am seriously considering stopping being a good goy and just pirating everything
Well, since you have already bought the DVD before, there should be absolutely no moral objections to pirating the movie, so go for it. As for the reason why the disc won't play: could it be that you have played it on a different player ten years ago, that is, a player from a different region? It's the only thing that comes to mind apart from the disc itself being crappy since it doesn't play on several devices.
No. 45148 Kontra
Thanks for the replies. It's certainly not disc rot; as I said, I keep all my discs in pristine condition and I have stuff from 15-20 years ago (also games) that still work flawlessly. And afaik, disc rot is a hoax anyway because it only affects those people who let their discs literally out to rot in the sun or heat or leave them outside the case so they scratch etc.
Dumping also didn't work, that's what I tried after the first time (should have mentioned that), it just gave me a ton of broken sectors and wouldn't continue.
But I might try the polishing thing, can't do more harm anyway.
No. 45152
If it's only at a certain time point but plays normally otherwise then idk it must have some kind of a scratch or damage that you cannot see. Otherwise it should be pointed out that Bluray drives cannot read HD DVDs for some reason

Hey as long as I'm replying does anybody know can I install Windows directly from the boot disc? I hadn't even thought of it until now because I think I long since lost my original Windows8 CD and back when I was having problems and needed to repair my OS I got some kind of a disc burned at the computer store that I used to boot from CD and to try and repair my OS. Fuck. I'm just realizing I cannot actually install my entire operating system from that disc can I?
No. 45154
If you still have your CD-key, then you might be able to download the boot media creator from microsatan's website. Then you can use that to either create an install CD or an install stick.
Though I think the CD you have is sufficient.

Or even necessary if you're not using a business copy of windows.
There should be a "recovery" button under "update and security" in the settings menu that basically makes windows reinstall itself.

(Or you could just get the windows 10 upgrade tool too :D)
The possibilities are limitless.
No. 45157
No no, FUCK. I'm pretty sure that guy just gave me the windows recovery tool disc. Clearly if I had to go that far I've long since lost all my original shit. Even if I had any clue where to look it sure as hell ain't with me.

Ahhhhhh shit lmao so that's what that disc is. I actually DO have it which I thought I had some kind of OS:
>Windows XP operating system disc
I do have that with me. Sp1 pack. Welp. That certainly isn't going to work. I wish it did thiugh because it's the last winOS I genuinely liked.
Fuck. I should've thought this through more.

>that advice
No you don't get it I'm trying to get a cheap way to install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on a new computer I'm building. I ordered the last random knick knacks last night before realizing just today that the entire fucking point of me getting that DVD drive so soon was because I was planning to install Windows onto it with the burned disc. I guess it just didn't even occur to me to think about that proprietary software bullshit and that of course not even in early 2019 would some guy be selling me a working version of Windows 8 on a CD that I could just download and install onto a brand new CD. I mean, to be fair I havent actually even thought about CD keys in something like a decade now, and win8 isn't even supported by m$ anymore right? Why the fuck should I be expected to pay for a piece of software that isn't even being supported anymore?

This is leading me to conclude that I may just end up needing to install from flash drive after all because I haven't even got the fucking blank CDs with me to burn a new copy of windows so this entire build is pretty much completely pointless. I mean, I guess I do actually need a disc drive for my old music that I don't have with me and my old games many of which I lost the CD keys to them long ago but I'm only just now realizing the magnitude of how totally pointless some of that stuff really was in the short run.

I'm also just now realizing how much would m$ hassle me over an activation key? And no I cannot even buy it from Microsoft anymore. They literally do not sell Windows 8/win8.1 on their own website anymore and I'm not paying $120 for it on Amazon. Meanwhile a dodgy af looming site called digitalproductkey is, indeed, every bit as much of a dodgy scam as I thought it was.no I wasn't dumb enough to give them my money and card info
No. 45158
Why would anyone want to install Windows 8 in 2020? I'm serious. Why? Pleas don't come up with some bullshit explanation because you do not have any reason what so ever to do that and if you think you have you are very wrong.
No. 45160
11,7 MB, 640 × 360, 1:48
Well which one? Or I have a better question namely why in the fuck would I ever put it on there to begin with? Why the fuck should I pay out the ass for a massive piece of spyware at the OS level which I hate? I mean maybe you don't give a shit because you're a Swede for the same reason I'm more ambivalent about Chinese spyware but I actually have to keep living here for now.

So that's one thing and the fact in case you can't tell that I've fuckint hated every iteration of Windows since XP in fact if I could get away with it with modern gaming I'd just install a cracked version of XP instead. It had its things but I quickly grew accustomed in spite of liking certain things more about Windows 95. Then the dark days arrived with win7, which I tolerated like mold on an otherwise perfectly good sandwich. Then 8 was foisted upon me and I couldn't stand it any longer or its absolutely BULLSHIT tablet design calling every executable an "app" and the least user friendly piece of a hog's shit I've ever seen but at least I am and have been use to it for ages and more importantly it's the closest I have to backwards and forwards compatibility right now, which is the entire point of the design of my new rig.

A hell of a lot of games have trouble running in win10, an OS I've heard not one single good thing about ever to begin with. Which means my new gaming rig would all of a sudden have problems some of which I'd never even be able to fix and leave them DOA like Deadlock is for even my current system. So I'll be paying a lot of money for an NSA bot baked right into the system while preventing me from playing my games and pissing me off and making me angry every single time I turn it on, as opposed to 8.1 which by the way I never even upgraded to until 2019.

Yeah you heard me. I used win8 straight through most of 2019 until I was forced to update because it was literally the only way I could get my new GPU to be recognized and get the already obsolete drivers for it at the end of last summer. Were it not for that I wouldn't of even bothered upgrading to win8.1 which had seemingly no effect on my system and which itself I am still mildly suspicious of what kind of NSA tier garbage got put on my system.

I will continue to use Windows 8.1 or win8 unless my hundreds of dollars worth of hardware literally is incapable of running that system and I will not pay Bill Gates for it either. I don't even care if I have to do some retarded as shit workarounds at this point. I have zero good reason to use that OS and every single reason to keep using 8.1 and by God if I could get VTMB2 to run in a Windows XP environment I would just be using that.
No. 45161 Kontra
Will I get in trouble for using a ganked activation key for windows 8.1 from some shady website or site that uses a keygen or something? If my OS is that obsolete will mS even notice I don't have a properly activated OS or something? yes I am aware of the fact this is also a security hole most likely
No. 45167
Well since you seem like a reasonable guy I won't argue with you anymore only leave you with this.

You are really ignorant if you think you will not be even more of a target running operating systems obsoleted by the vendor. It isn't like they have any qualms about using unprotected systems for various things. They and like a million or more other actors creating botnets and what not. People who do not update are the cancer of the internet. Their computer gets used in all kinds of shit with out them knowing. Just run a server and watch the logs.

"bbb..but reason X, Y and Z make me secure". No, again because for example NSA. They have some smart people. It is bad enough that fucking X-ray machines and other medical equipment run Windows XP and constantly gets hacked.

Also "new gaming rig" and Windows 8. Enjoy issues.
No. 45169

It also didn't even occur to me to doublecheck for OS support.

I am beginning to deeply regret my purchase of a 5500XT. It's not even that great performance wise, the additional alleged $20 savings from MIR it's a hassle I don't even feel like I'm ensured to ever see getting back, it doesn't have CrossFire, and apparently the stupid fucking thing does not actually even have win8.1 support I literally cannot run it on a 8.1 machine. Like what the fucking hell AMD? It can support win7 for some baffling reason though which makes me question whether I could even just try and unearth a working win7 key instead though that might actually be old enough that numerous newer games would no longer function.

When I opened my stupid mouth about never paying for win10 I just knew I was hexing myself to end up having to use that piece of shit.

Well how about actually selling me on windows 10 then. I have yet to see any actual reason given on here for why I should use it and if that bullshit windows update thing still happens in 2020 where it locks your PC and forces you to reboot with updates you can't enable I'm pawning my 5500XT and getting a different card that can run in 8.1 instead.
No. 45172 Kontra
You can get a win10 license from ebay for about 5 bucks.
No. 45173
I've never had windows 10 lock my computer for an update. It always does that when I turn it out of my own volition at the end of the day.
Not to defend MS, but they listened and it no longer forces you to update in the middle of your work process.

>win8 is not supported
Because nobody fucking uses win8. Win7 is still relatively widely used, just like XP was when 7 came out. (In that regard, 8 is like Vista. Nobody fucking liked it, and it quickly lost all of its users once a new version rolled out.)
(Win 8.1 is ~5% of the windows-market, win7 is 20%. Base windows 8 is 1%.)
No. 45174 Kontra
1,1 MB, 500 × 281, 0:03
59 kB, 180 × 210
Fucking nevermind I only just now found out that my hardware has forcefucked me into having to get Windows 10. I literally have no other option at this point because apparently Ryzen doesn't even support anything before win10. Which basically means that I would now have to spend the next several weeks trying to pawn off well over $500 worth of hardware at a discount if I wanted to use win8 and $300 worth to--oh wait no nvm I got an AMD mobo which means I'd have to either downgrade to, no 2nd gen isn't supported either so...welp. I guess I'd have to sell literally every fucking thing that matters in my system including pricey mobo with extended warranty so it's something like $800 worth of hardware I'd have to ditch entirely just to run the system I want. Because of newegg I can't return anything. It's literally my entire system I'd have to change at this point but the RAM and power supply to get to run the OS that I want.


Okay self. Positive. Thinking. I just gotta remember the lesson of the Lord sent to me lately on controlling my own pointless rage. Goosfraba. I have to remember how irritated I was for like two hours yesterday with something pointless and made a phonecall today and immediately saw how dumb it was for me staying angry at someone about something from years pastlong story. I have to remember my dance class. K. It's like that time I got stuck with a dance class the entire semester because it was described weirdly and too late to drop it and needed the credits so I dealt with it. I cannot control all circumstances but I can control myselfI am clearly dismayed about this like you wouldn't believe but whatever I'll suffer it all the same positive. Mental. Attitude.

I actually haven't used it for years partly because I have old denpts from like 8 years ago which I'm 99% sure couldn't be collected on anyway because it's past statute of limitations and the only people who'd get money is a denpt collection agency but I still don't want to use it which I'd have to tie to my bank account and put me back on the grid more solidly. In case you haven't noticed privacy and personal liberty is a big deal to me hence part of my hatred for Win10. I don't even know my credentials for paypal and ebay anymore and I'd have to link it directly to my bank account. I've been trying to find alternatives to Amazon and ebay, although I've looked into getting loadable debit cards and gift cards to buy shit off there, it's just it became too much a hassle.

I also just realized newegg might've had gift cards...well shit.

To put this into perspective I used to solely buy gift cards from Walmart for Steam because that way it added an extra layer of privacy. I paid for them in cash. I do all transactions I can in cash. When you understand the data collection ecosystem you try to avoid all "do you have a Xstore card?" and credit purchases which I also now realize I very fucking stupidly left traces lately.

You can call me autistic or schizotypal or Avoidant or schizoid or neurotic all you want but frankly it's just an exaggerated extension of the American cultural ethos. I do not wish to have anyone or anything intruding upon my inner world without my permission and computer tech is the biggest route to doing that to a person in the modern age. If I'd be pissed off about some stranger at a corporation opening and reading all my mail, why the hell would I tolerate them doing it with even more of my data just because it's digital?

but you're right and I've been looking into it although mostly it's just scams out there for that cheap.I was so happy about the win7 workaround too because it was looking like I could nick a $24 copy of Windows 7 legitimately too

Hey thanks m8. You already made me feel better about my doomed fate. That was one of several of the biggest things I had against 10 which come to think of it I vaguely recall 8 pulling something similar until I found a way to turn off all updates forever.

>Because nobody fucking uses win8
Ayup. You're right. I was just looking into this and first off I was fucking amazed at people still using XP god bless their pure souls I hope they're not the people at DMV and department of labor though and apparently I am in a demographic just barely larger than that. Why the fuck are so many people still running Windows 7? And yet all these people here and elsewhere want to give me a bunch of shit for trying to run 7. Surprisingly almost as many people are running 7 as they are running 10. I'd assumed the majority would be 10 with a large but somewhat smaller number on 8.

>(Win 8.1 is ~5% of the windows-market, win7 is 20%. Base windows 8 is 1%.)
I should probably have clarified that I'd ultimately be on 8.1 most likely which I finally switched to last year because I needed 8.1 to force my drivers to work for my new GPU. But even still, I was on that system for 8 years because Dell inexplicably decided to load it onto all their machines back then. Desktop machines mind you. I've never understood this decision unless it was inflicted on me solely because they wanted to use us like lab rats to shill their new OS during the tablet days. I fucking hated it and never saw the sense in it but it's what every machine had when my computer died and I finally had to get a new one.

well in short I guess I am stuck with it. Sorry for text walling. It helps calm me down from tard ragelike a verbal form of rocking back and forth I guess lol and think things through when I know I don't have the answer. It also hilariously undermines my frankenbuild because I moronically bought a second less than $20 CD drive in case the bluray one wasn't recognized. This would be an impressive machine...about 10 years ago when copying CDs for your friends already wasn't cool.
Not that I don't still have a desire for archaic tech anyway like a 5.25" floppy drive and Zip drive. I've considered whether to just build my own custom case and stain my own wood box for that but I know it'll cost more on top of frustrating me and I just want to get this project done, hence leaning to just putting up with 10 until I could figure out how to partition my drive and boot 7I can't remember if it was 3770 or 3770k that couldn't do virtual machines but that was already a consideration of mine. I want options and manouverability.
But it doesn't matter. I'm getting Windows 10 now.
I jinxed myself. Windows 7 literally is not going to work on my CPU and thus motherboard.

Oh hey btw RAC that 2tb drive is on sale again and I saw a 4tb HDD on sale for $63 too and here's a $60 4tb drive
Storage is ultra cheap right now. If you want a reliable drive instead of twice as much cheap but probably less longterm stability
You can probably find things like these even cheaper if you hunt around but I get the impression you're on limited time with wanting to back everything up as fast and soon as possible. If you need to not install it but run as an external you can get adapters for that btw I still have an old IDE to USB cable I use to run ancient IDE HDDs as external drives
That's literally how I have salvaged multiple hard drives from dead machines over the years which is how I backup my data by using pulled HDDs from old machines as external backups with a cable like that. It's super useful if you're using a laptop and that cable is only $12
No. 45175 Kontra
Wait nvm I think you guys are misunderstanding me.

This is for a fresh install. I am not upgrading. So far as I can tell all those $10 activation keys on ebay are solely for upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, neither of which I'd have because I'm using blank drives to build a PC from scratch.
No. 45176
346 kB, 1628 × 953
265 kB, 1920 × 1017
9,6 MB, 7 files
>paying for windows
Just download the official windows 10 ISO from microsoft's website (no registration or anything needed if you know how)
(press f12 to open developer console, click on the icon that looks like a phone, from the drop down menu on the top choose iPad, refresh page, and you'll see an option for a direct download link)

Burn it to a usb with rufus

Install, and say no to / disable everything it asks your permission to enable during installation, press no/later when it asks you for a microsoft account or to register.

Once in, disable windows defender real time protection,
then use an activator to activate windows (attached in file) (WARNING I do not guarantee that along with activating windows it doesn't also install a rootkit on your system. but it does activate windows lol)

Done. No microsoft account needed or registration or anything. Windows app store won't work but who uses that shit.
Then run a debloater / remove default bullshit programs like cortana, install ClassicShell.

Or join the cool kid's club and install xubuntu.
No. 45177 Kontra
ofc, enable defender again after cracking windows and deleting the folder with the activator. It's actually pretty good and non intrusive, I use it to check my pirated games for trojans.

Debloating default garbage apps is a subject of its own, but we'll cross that river when we get to it.
No. 45179 Kontra
The keys are not for upgrading unless you specifically buy one. I bought a win10 pro license key for my newly built PC for 3,8€ if I recall correctly. That was some months ago so I doubt the licenses have suddenly changed.
No. 45884
142 kB, 1079 × 1380
173 kB, 1200 × 706
130 kB, 500 × 422
Is it possible to build a totally and completely untraceable piphone running through VPN or at the very least to spoof call numbers without giving away anything more than my generalized geodata via cell mast triangulation? Or could I host my own shitty little encrypted server for webdev providing things like relative anonymity and data security to people who just want to shitpost online and share videos without having to be tracked by everybody like YT and the major social nets are doing? What kind of other neat little tricks can I do with such a cool little device? Could I try and build in different types of electronic instrumentation like meterological, scientific, and medical equipment or other types of sensors? Can I build my own tricorder or doorhacker like in Deus Ex? Can I use it to read the data on magnetic strips? Do these things all come with some kind of a like MAC addie or can I thereotically use it for everything people advertise as iShit CIA tracking devices minus the data collecting as I use it? If you ordered one online could it just be used to trace your IP and financial activity and thus tie it to some device ID?
No. 46210
145 kB, 1023 × 685
184 kB, 1122 × 1051
86 kB, 725 × 563
108 kB, 1019 × 537
HP9826 is such beutifull machine from aesthetics perspective. For it's time of 1981 it had so futuristic design - probably how would people think future will look like for next 15 years. Most of other computers of the time had more like 70s-ish designs. They used this computer when making Tron movie btw - not a big surprise.
9836 with similar style (dual floppy drives! re: disscution in video games thread) and apperance also cool but I like this integrated monitor of 9826 a lot.
No. 46213
I see you are a scholar and a gentleman of exquisite tastes
No. 46215
88 kB, 1280 × 720
173 kB, 1080 × 1350
I like this type of 80s "futuristic" style. You look at some computer styles, some car dashboards and thought "tommorrow I'll operate starfighter!"
No. 46235
77 kB, 640 × 480
123 kB, 575 × 431
32 kB, 575 × 434

Hey! Oldsmobile Toronado
No. 46302
84 kB, 1430 × 645
84 kB, 1430 × 645
So there is now 2.5 inch SSD with 15.3TB of memory that cost almost 4000$
Ironicly, something around that cost 39 years ago full hight MFM hard drive on 10MB for one and only at the time IBM PC that you can kill and elephant with
No. 46304
12 kB, 400 × 266
Crap, wrong 2nd picture
No. 46416
>39 years ago
You probably meant 10gb. Our Apple Mac Classic II from roughly that era had a whopping 830mb hard drive or something like that.

>40 or 80mb
Wait a minute what the fuck
Am I memorizing this wrong? I guess maybe in my child mind I kept seeing 800,000 kilobytes and somehow somewhere between all the different changes across those years to getting the 700mb CDs and using 1.44mb floppies and such things I eventually flipped it into 800mb not 800k kb

Oh or maybe I could also be flipping it around and thinking about thi--no wait a minute. 1.2gb why does that sound so familiar.
Idk why but my kind instantly seized on the number "6300" which you would think something I user all the time I'd actually remember both the exact model number and the placing of the floppy and CD drive but I can't remember anymore. I swear the floppy was to the right and the CD drive to the left of that slightly off center from the middle.

Man just look at this absolute beast of a machine
FULL FUCKING COLOR TOO you could play Doom, Air Combat, Ambrosia games like Escape Velocity, Power Pete, it was great. Shame I'm always going to get brutally depressed hearing Dark Forces theme music in my head though it's always going to remind me of getting beat and being unloved by my alcoholic parents.
No. 46474
149 kB, 761 × 781
6 kB, 275 × 183
31 kB, 425 × 384
33 kB, 608 × 456
>you probably meant
No, I meant 1981, not 1991, 39 years ago. I guess it's obvious when I used "full height" and had picture of hard drive with IBM PC front cover plate. I guess in 1991 classic PC-XT-AT cases was something from the past already, same as PC was clearly not one and not only.
AplleII series also had similar external hard drive solution. There is thing from early 80s

Five years ago I drooled over the new 5Mb Winchester hard disk drives being introduced to the Apple II market. Although I knew how useful a hard disk could be, I also knew that I would never be able to justify the purchase of a $3000 mass storage device for a $2000 computer. I also knew that I would never be able to fill 5Mb of disk space.

In more like 1985 it dropped, I think 10mb sider cost 600-700$ already.
In early 1983 one of most standart configurations of XT already included for 5000$ exept everything elese computer had, like double-sided 5.25" 360kB floppy drive (original PC came with 2 single sided hard drives) actually included 10 MB MFM Hard drive.

In 1991 there was a number of much more avalible and much more compact HDDs for PC in ranges of 40-60 and more MB. Of cource there was much more expensive and big in size hard drives that go even into gigabytes, but they was not for general users mostly, for buisneses and stuff.
No. 46475
17 kB, 512 × 342
20 kB, 514 × 385
51 kB, 512 × 320
48 kB, 640 × 400
>power mac
Well I never was super fan of Macintosh line. For one thing, this personal product of Steve Jobs, who wanted his company back when he developed original MAC killed much more promesing AppleIIgs. Monochrome 1 bit color CRT integrated, 128k of memory. Yes, 3.5" flopoy drive but only single one integrated. And it cost a lot. Same time as AppleIIgs was also 16 bit computer already, hard much more powerfull graphics and sound with built in wavetable synthasis, from 256kb to 1mb base memory with expansion, also had mouse by default and all it in 1984 and was compatable with previous ultra popular AplleII line of computers. Mac was ugly duckling that was not compatable with anything. I guess marketing and default graphical OS was something that obviously leed to it's success... well, if we cal success share just % of marked owned by PC by late 80s
However yes, in late 80s there was a number of interesting Mac ports of games which was not most graphically advanced (usually, it was Amiga), but had feature of mouse driven interface in games that was controlled by keyboard shortcuts, since Mac had his graphical OS environment. And later, in early 90s it enjoyed more high resolution ports, than standart PC VGA with 640x480/640x400. Prince of Persia, Star Wars Dark Forces, Might and Magic 3 and World of Xeen. Howvever I never seen somewhere this full list of PC ports that not avalible on PC in SVGA but was more high res on Mac. It was kind of short period, same as with Amiga 32 color ports before PC got VGA...
I also remember wolfenstein 3d and... that's it?
No. 46513
267 kB, 1127 × 565
The first consumer 1GB HDD I got was in 1995. I thought "woah, I'll keep it only half full, in order to discipline and after all it's a very big HDD"

Well... Well, at least it was much more powerful than the floppies
No. 46519
34 kB, 800 × 533
35 kB, 672 × 512
If you had iomega zip drive with 100MB or 250MB diskettes it might looked a bit different :---DDD
No. 46521
I actually have got a couple of those things that I salvaged iirc but I have no clue if they actually still work or even have both of them (a lot of my shit is elsewhere atm). I do hope to have a 3.5, 5.25, and ZIP drive within the year though those prices are gettinf freaking ridiculous on the really older stuff if I could even get it to work on a brand new machine

Also sorry I was not being clear. I didn't use our Classic II for much besides doodling and toying with it which I found interesting as a child but it was not until our PowerMac whatever series that I then genuinely got into gaming. Oddly enough in my mind even all those years later my memory of dem grafiks looks sharp and crisp and clear to my memory even though it was VGA 480p. Only Dark Forces and Doom etc looked like shid. Escape Velocity was this great brand new game and the graphics were completely fantastic. I even tried building clay models of some of those ships and later a Starcraft battlecruiser but failed miserably.
No. 46523
16 kB, 550 × 550
88 kB, 1200 × 900
26 kB, 320 × 200
Nowdays there is modern usb floppy drives, no need to use museum old ones unless you have proper PC for them. However I had 3.25" one from 2008 lol.
You can make work them in modern PC if you have adapters, but why
If you had Mac, you not had VGA. VGA is IBM PC graphics adapter standart.
>dark forces shit
You kidding, one of the most impressive FPS games of 1995, and in high resolution mode of 640x400 it can't look "shit". Unless you played it in 1998 and your classmates played unreal and half life.
No. 46528
Yeah that graphically looks bad and I am comparing it to games like Power Pete and Escape Velocity among numerous others whose names I have now forgotten. It only looks good compared to other games of earlier times I played roughly the same time of that personal era such as Chuck Yeagers Air Combat, Powermonger, some PGA Golf game, and Syndicate etc. although my memory could also blur with things like Diablo which is also just barely the same age iirc.
>Dec 31, 1996
Oh it's a year older than I thought it was but still.
Okay here
This is a game which actually was released at around the exact same time and frankly it just looks better. Again keep in mind I was thinking my memories could be overpainting it but I look back on those pics you showed and that looks every bit as completely shitty as I remembered if not frankly even worse.

There are two major reasons for our divergence of views. The one is because you pretty much solely associate that game with happiness and have repeatedly shown your adoration for it at every given opportunity along with things like Xeen which is thus glossing over your ability to see its shortcomings a bit more objectively, just as I rationally understand that this game solely reminds me of child despair. Secondly, it is because like you will notice I specifically made mention of multiple FPS games originally which should also include even a game like Quake II to a very limited extent and here's why: because they are FPS games and thus show the limitations of the tech.

You just can't really get good enough textures and other work going when you're running around an FPS game and looking at everything up close. This is partly why the pretty bad graphics of a game like say Fallout still might loom vaguely acceptable to us if not even soulful simply because based on perspective differences and certain specific types of modeling and animation needed for farther away or more slow moving things in other types of games you can get away with having a blotch of pixels.

It shouldn't be entirely faulted on the game itself clearly because of that, however it still ultimately shows some of the limitations and given that should still be noted for having not so good graphics. It's pretty much comparable imho to a game like Marathon, which also looked like quite the shit because yet again, it was a much earlier FPS game. Meanwhile an isometric hacknslash ARPG like Diablo which didn't even get released that much later looks like it is worlds apart to such an extent you could practically use it as that marker before the advent of modern graphics and after the ending of shit graphics like the early to mid 90s. In fact those year or two really showcase the point at which pre-rendered cutscenes actually became good and where older games still used that godawful look like the models from the Planescape Torment trailer (which had much better texture work though btw)
No. 46530
Well I can only say that you are very wierd person with very wierd view on things :/
Power pete you metioned https://youtube.com/watch?v=uxlWQB3ZIII is actually looks like complete shit. This dirty ugly drawing style from someone who don't know how to draw in simple top down game is something which PC hard hell lot of in piles of shareware, and nobody remembers about any of this crap. And this is in 1995!
I metioned DF not because it give me some "fun memories". I can't have memories from year I was not born yet, thing is this one of the most known "AAA" from the year which macintosh had better version of. And this is one of the games that still remembered, alongside later similar build engine shooters and actual known classics unlike... well, games you metioning for the most part. Looks like this is the result of having macintosh as a kid. Sad! However, it's probably better topic for videogames thread than here.
No. 46535
180 kB, 640 × 640
77 kB, 653 × 515
228 kB, 521 × 236
2 kB, 50 × 50, 0:03
Yea, I never bought one. I was pretty disciplined with the backups IIRC. Really important stuff in more than one diskette. Anyway I think we hadn't internet at home.
No. 46944
I am currently looking for a sound card. I am totally out of the loop and have been using the onboard for years now.

However, it's a Realtek device and with Win10 there is apparently some kind of bug that mutes Unity applications.
I could workaround that by deinstalling the device in the device manager and letting it find again, but that doesn't work anymore, so I want to ditch the onboard completely and use a dedicated sound card. And since Microshit probably won't fix that in the near future, I at least try to approach it from the other side.
Does anybody have any good recommendations? I heard the Asus Xonar DG was good, but apparently it's really old.
My only stipulations are that it has a digital out and that it is as compatible as possible.
No. 46950
About two thirds the way into the thread this got brought up. I don't know much about modern audio but there are DACs.
>Xonar DG
Oh dear doge that thing's an actual honest to God soundcard XD

>I am totally out of the loop and have been using the onboard for years now.

Real dedicated soundcards stopped being a thing really a decade ago for similar reasons as to why PhysX cards stopped being a thing

What's your actual problem? Is it EM noise or purely a software/drivers issue? Well you could get a DAC but depending the age of your system you could end up running into even more problems just trying to get the drivers to work on decade old+ hardware.

>and that it is as compatible as possible.

So you're pretty much looking for something like this?
Because I actually looked for Xonar DG on Amazon and got a 404 "we don't know when, if ever, this will be back in stock"

I hope that helps. If all you're looking for is a workaround I personally would just find some cheap shit that's basically just a PCIe card with audio out rather than an actual high quality DAC

You can alternatively go even cheaper which may well be what you want however
paying for cheap chin chinese shit may cost you more in the long run as you discover the abysmal quality of it but that being stated the cheapest thing you can possibly do is get a USB3.0/3.1 device which you can then plug into the front of your case and route headphone audio through the dongle. If you have actual speakers you may wish to use the soundcard through PCIe instead which contextually sounds like your system is old enough that may not be a problem.
Semi-related Does anyone ever go onto hardware sites or someplace and try checking out the super old and I mean super old hardware? I don't know why but it's just gratifying to me looking at 512mb video cards and things like that
No. 46952
Whoah, that's a lot, thanks.

My actual problem is, as mentioned, that I get no sound with Unity applications, AT ALL, and all I found was different people having trouble with their sound drivers, "but deinstalling that bullshit special program that comes with it helped me lol".
Didn't help me, and the Realtek drivers that fit my chip are old and shit.
No. 46964
I'm just curious as to why you would need a sound card unless you work with sound someway. Builtin is fine for gaming or better to get some headphones with a DAC since you won't get noise from the motherboard which is the problem with onboard sound.
No. 47113
Did you eve read my post??? As I wrote, the problem is that I have no sound in Unity applications and it definitely has something to do with my soundchip. Since I can't change my internal soundchip and all kinds of driver shenanigans hasn't been fruitful, I decided to try this because I am desperate.
No. 47124 Kontra
I apologize for the tone, I was irritated. The problem does not lie outside; IF there is sound, it goes out of the digital, into a DAC and to the monitors.
It's really only Unity applications that have no sound at all. And APPARENTLY, according to one years old source, it has to do with the Realtek drivers, and since I can't (and won't) just change my mobo's soundchip, I wondered if I could use a soundcard, but as the other Ernst explained I'm pretty much out of the loop.
No. 47151
No worries. I just ignored you, but you explained yourself at least. I was a bit curious so I did a quick search and there are some post in different forums that is related to Realtek, but some are fixed some just works and some reinstall and some reactive some obscure setting and so on. So all in all I have concluded that it is obscure Windows behavior and not worth my time since watching a guy build a breadboard computer out of discrete circuits or hardware CRC are way more entertaining.

But if it is for gaming I would go for headphones. Yes I realize money may be an issue.

I have this interesting issue where if i direct the sound through the graphics cards display port it is pitched down in strange ways, but since I have headphones I just haven't bothered. It may or may not be fixed in future software updates but who knows.
No. 47157
Can't running audio through your monitor through your GPU degrade sound quality or performance or create some kind of weird bugginess?

I am honestly wondering at this point just wtf are you doing to cause this although iirc I had some kind of a problem on a really old computer which would periodically just lose all sound output in spite of claiming there was no problem (through headphones mind you and yes realtek) and the only way for me to fix this was to restart the machine entirely. I mean, idk. You could just try routing through the soundcard but it'd be not very hilarious getting it only to find out your drivers themselves are buggy af for the card.

What system are you operating at? What are your specs and OS? You say Unity, do you mean gaming or something else? Alternatively do you know for sure that it's a problem with drivers and not like some weird EMF issue? Oh well no nvm you said it's just Unity.

So specs, and can you not just use headphones or is this a headphone issue too? Though I guess I'd be pretty cheesed too if I'd spent a couple hundred on a great sound system only to have it not work.
No. 47158 Kontra
Are you also on Windows 10? Seriously, I haven't had this many problems with Vista. 10 is such a step down from 7 it's laughable.
But with a bit more digging in the system I noticed I had a "Nahimic" service on my machine I have never seen before or installed willingly or knowingly. I still don't quite know what it's for except it has something to do with sound.
But I deactivated the service and suddenly Unity has sound again. Fuck Microsoft with a rake, really.
No. 47159
No. Not Windows so totally unrelated.
No. 47160
I have headphones for when I care about audio but probably. I haven't investigate.
No. 47765
18 kB, 235 × 300
If anyone is building a new rig, looking for certain PC advice, or happens to be looking to upgrade, I have been reeducating myself on this subject since the summer and have become knowledgeable on PC enthusiasm just like I thought I was when I was younger but apparently didn't know anything.
No. 47788
how are noctua's case fans? also i noticed from this review:


that their reasonably sized tower cooler performs worse (temperature wise) compared to deepcool's offering. i'm interested in their tower coolers as well but i don't want their huge ones, as i mount the motherboard vertically and i'm afraid of the potential stress on the mobo.
No. 47887
Yeah I can't say much for Noctua's fans but personally I think they're kind of a meme. I really don't trust anything which ultimately relies on either gimmickry or marketing and brand loyalty, which is also part of why I've never trusted nVidia since I grew up and stopped being as much a kid and an idiot. Everyone always raves about Noctua fans but quite frankly you can probably find comparable fans for half the price.

Also I actually find it pretty suspicious by how few of these they've listed to compare the performance. If you want some of the best air cooling money can buy on a CPU what I'd personally go with is something more similar to this
Wait oh yeah right your DIMMs. I'm not sure you'd get clearance.

Well I mean you can just go for it. They're allegedly better and I like those Austrians finally went with something other than that gauche tan and brown 1970s tier aesthetic they had on all their fans. Would I personally get it? No, but I'm also not as knowledgeable about this and partially just stuck with my Prism stock cooler specifically because fuck it.

But yeah I guess it depends on use cases and if you can get clearance for the RAM and you really want performance and overclocking, you may consider looking into push-pull dual fan configuration coolers.
>and i'm afraid of the potential stress on the mobo.
Oh yeah right. What mobo? If you're that deeply concerned there's always the much pricier AIO meme.

You'd probably be fine with any of the coolers listed in TH tbqh. Something like that shouldn't bend or stress the PCB too much.
No. 47907
I realize that adding another intake fan to my case would be far more useful for temperatures than overhauling the cooler. Right now I don't have any use for a new CPU/GPU, but it's nice to know that there's still space for thermal improvements once I do upgrade. I await the reduction in price for Zen 3...
No. 47910
>I realize that adding another intake fan to my case would be far more useful for temperatures
Wait you mean you're actually missing a case fan? Get that instead first you fool. It'll universally help improve temps which in turn will help improve total system performance, as opposed to a new CPU cooler that will only marginally improve temps on the CPU and literally touch nothing else, not the VRMs, not RAM or chipset, certainly not GPU. My temps could also be probably improved by finding something to do about the top exhaust fans because I'm using 3 different fan types throughout the case hooked into one hub which leaves those running super low speed for some reason. I think they're just bad fans tbh tho. But I should still find a better way to get them to run faster since it's barely any breeze from it but I don't think I have. Wait maybe I do have enough 4 pin connectors on the board itself to contr
Oh wait nvm the cords are probably too short. They're a nightmare to cable manage because they're all the two separate cables for RGmeme and power
No. 51403
I am happy to report, that the Deepcool Gammaxx 400 performs very admirably, and that more case fans indeed helps the overall temp situation. But rather than dealing with multiple types of case fans, I replaced them all with the Arctic P12 PWM, breddy good stuff and I get more fans for the same money a more expensive solution would have. Things run more silently now.
No. 51410
They're running silently because they're no longer kvetching how everyday I'm suffering. If your system gets too hot the fans generally all automatically crank up throughout your system, which if you left it with inadequate cooling will result in GPU, CPU, and case fans all whirring up to 100% in life struggle to keep things cool. Everything being too hot also causes thermal throttling sooner and thus degrading overall performance while it sounds like you're sitting next to a jet engine.

This is part of why LN2 works (liquid nitrogen cooling), which is because technically your limiting factor is the height ceiling. The silicon can only run so hot before it melts so if you can just dump LN2 directly on the chip you can theoretically run the system as fast as you want.

One of the things I'd be looking forward to being alive for over the next 30 years is going to be watching for how they can miniaturize industrial cooling systems to see if we can get real quantum computing. My hope is that just as we used to have entire rooms dedicated to computers less powerful than a 2004 Nokia, so too now do we have the first quantum computers taking up entire rooms, and hopefully they'll get more powerful, more efficient, and smaller just like it took 50 years to shrink room size mainframes to the thing I'm holding while taking a shit.
No. 51438
>check newegg and other sites
>GTX 1050ti costs in places three hundred fucking dollars
>check comparison
>performs worse than RX 470
>check other prices
>can get ahold of an RX 470 for under $160
>cheapest 1050tis still more expensive everywhere but some dodgy Ali Express page
What the hell? Who on earth would even pay three hundred dollars for a 1050ti to begin with? I don't even need it. I just want it. I just want an nVidia card for once in my life but once again I come to find there's no reason to ever paying nVidia prices and that of all the hardware out there AMD is still the superior option for the money. 470 completely blows it away and it's cheaper.
No. 51732
So my sound card has died and I need to buy a new one. Last time I was buying a sound card was somewhere around 2013 I think. What good and not overpriced sound cards are there today (preferably internal)?
No. 52114
What kind PC has the best price/performance at the moment? I'm considering to get a system around a Ryzen 4350GProCPU/APU, with SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM for around 500€. Is that reasonable bang for the buck?
No. 52115
Eh what is it and what are you using it for? What use cases are you expecting? Because if you were planning on solid gaming forget about it. As a mostly shitposting machine sure. Personally in 2021 that's what I would expect of a really cheap laptop. I mean CPU itself is fine, it isn't great, but it's fine. I don't know what kind of capacities we are talking about here or RAM speed or what, but it sounds to me like just a really basic interneting and schoolwork PC that you could probably get a few really older games to run on. Man, I remember those days, back when you could just expect of an Intel machine to play vidya from integrated graphics just well enough, to where 30fps was standard and we just called everything lag from frame tearing to bad ping and mp latency to massively dropped frames, it all was just "lag" whenever it couldn't do what we were trying to make it do.

It really all boils down to use cases. Because that's an integrated graphics chipset it will work for watching high definition videos and stuff like that but to play any vaguely recent game requires a dedicated GPU. It's not a very strong workhorse CPU which can't turbo for shit but at least its baseclocks are fine and frankly with sufficient rendering power you can still play a hell of a lot of games on even far older and slower CPUs. Apparently its iGPU is Vega 6, so idk how that translates but should probably let you play old stuff, although I have no clue why that chip is stuck on PCIe gen3 when the whole nice thing about even Zen2 was gen4 and lots of lanes.

All that being stated it's still an iGPU chip that's like the whole 4000 series explicitly designed to be a laptop CPU, in fact I'm actually a bit baffled as to why it's even available on desktop to begin with except to have a really cheap OEM and businessmachine CPU for some reason, which at just 4 cores isn't good at all anymore. I mean it'll still be fine now for the average person, but it's a quadcore.

The reason this baffles me in particular is because you can buy the widely available 6-core 3600 CPU instead which is just as fast by boost clocks and 3.6ghz to 3.8ghz base clocks, and have PCIe4.0. It's really just a completely baffling design decision to me why the chip evej exists on desktop except to I guess provide people looking for the cheapest bargain PC possible without directly needing a graphics card.

As for the RAM that is likewise just barely to play older games and do some web browsing. Even in some years old games I have on win10 it's not unusual to go well past 8gb of physical RAM. Considering everything else about that machine my guess is it's probably something like 2667ghz, which isn't terrible I mean I was still gaming on 8gb of 1600mhz RAM not even that long ago, but still. You'll certainly want a RAM upgrade at some point for anything beyond shitposts and videos.

Tl;dr it depends on use case aka what you hope to use it for and certain other things about the PC, which if it's desktop includes quality of power supply, board, etc. This is more relevant in the future if you just absolutely need a new PC now in this godawful market and might upgrade parts two years later. So if it's not for gaming, yes, probably. Especially if just for school. Building a $500 machine that's better is doable, but would be difficult if not impossible especially right now.

Here to give you an idea what it'll look like if you try and game on it
No. 52116 Kontra
Oh yeah sorry but to directly answer just the question, yes in today's market it's reasonable bang for the buck, but normally I'd insist on a dedicated GPU even if it was a piece of crap.
No. 52144
The main reasons I consider a new PC is that my 12 years old core2 duo computer doesn't support 64bit guests in virtual machines and VGA passthrough, so I can neither install modern Linux distros guest OS (or other 64bit OS), nor play an old but demanding game on let's say
Windows XP 32bit guest OS.
What makes matters worse is that I'm forced to use Xrender/nouveau driver on the native OS because the newer Linux kernels don't support nvidia-304 legavy drivers anymore. If I try to use plasma-desktop with openGL instead xrender
I get ugly glitches with the noeveau driver, so I'd say my computer reached the end of his useful lifespan pretty much. I can still stream video, play some old PC games (either native, or on guest OS), listen music, shitpost with it, use gimp etc. but thats about it.

Watching some similar yt videos like the one you posted convinced me that the ryzen 4350g pro would cover my ocassional gaming needs:


My usage pattern would be mostly the same as described above with my current PC, I just want it to be capable of VGA passtrough, 64 bit virtual machine OS guests and be able to use proprietary drivers and OPenGL with the recent Linux Kernels for the next 10 years.

Other than you I believe that consumer grafic cards will become more and more obsolete tech in the nearer future (not in the nearest maybe) and see no reason to invest in one outreagous expensive card when I can get almost the same experience with a single APU chip.

My question is basically if there is something
on the market that has better specs and longer live expectancy for less invested bucks than a Ryzen 4350g Pro based PC for 450-500€.