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No. 5999
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 6002
317 kB, 1206 × 708
66 kB, 667 × 585
5 kB, 549 × 272
I will slowly bump this little threda with my attempts of overclocking old and rusty geforce video card.

So here is the patient. It is a Geforce 8600gt with 512 Mbs of video memory. Default clocks are 540 MHz for GPU, 400 MHz for RAM. On attached picture you can see the videocard itself. I outlined most important parts. There is GPU chip, 8 memory chips, two phases of Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) for GPU and one VRM phase for memory as it consumes less power than GPU. And the voltage controller which is most important for us.

I have already tried overlocking it from OS with default voltage and failed horribly. All I got was 600 MHz for GPU and 430 MHz for memory which isn't enough for me. As I read this card can achieve 1000 MHz! after voltmod, so I grabbed my soldering iron and started looking into datasheets of voltage controller which can be seen on second picture. It is a RT9259A. This is controller responsible for regulating voltage to GPU. Memory's voltage controller is on other side of videocard, we will comeback to it later. Now we have to find two important legs(pins) of this controller which will help us to control output voltage to GPU. First leg is FB which means FeedBack. What does it do?
Here is quote from datasheet.
>Buck converter feedback voltage. This pin is the inverting input of the PWM error amplifier. FB senses the switcher output through an external resistor divider network.
Basically it senses resistance and outputs necessary voltage based on this resistance. How do we change resistance? As we know from school classes, adding more resistance won't do anything cause electricity looking for easiest path. So we lower it. How do we lower it? We solder resistor with less resistance(Ohms) between FB and GROUND ( which is our second leg) so now electricity will find even easier way to flow!
No. 6010
41 kB, 940 × 627
>Old 3470's getting a bit long in the tooth. Time to think about upgrading

t. Me in 2020
No. 6011
Aren't in video games thread we are disscusing computer hardware too?
>There we disscusing videogames, videogames companies, share gaming news, additionally disscus PC and console hardware share news about other software.
No. 6019
As if all the threads should be consolidated.
By the way, it's /meta/ talk, if you wish to continue on the topic, please do it there.
No. 6028
157 kB, 1212 × 717
88 kB, 679 × 883
Soldering is done. These two brutal variable resistors are 20 kOhm each, attached to videocard with little help of hot glue. As you can see voltage controller for memory is exactly same as for GPU so pins are identical, 4 for FB and 7 for GROUND.
Now, after I put my soldering iron away I am thinking that I should have soldered this molex to the legs of capacitors, so I won't have trouble measuring voltages.
No. 6052
Dear Ernst,

I'd like to have an automatic watering-system for my plants, based on a Rasp Pi (Cant into Arduino) but I'm afraid that it's going to be way too expensive.

Wat nou?
No. 6055
Choose Banana Pi, Orange Pi or another cheaper RaspPi clone and leave worries.
No. 6072
161 kB, 1210 × 796
114 kB, 1086 × 769
56 kB, 518 × 345
Soldered molex to the points of voltage measurings. Red for GPU voltage and yellow for memory voltage. Now I don't have to hold multi-meter's sticks with my shaky hands.
Found more or less decent cooler, drilled a couple mounting holes in it and soon it was installed on my little 8600 gt.
And now comes the best part. Overclocking! I went for GPU overclock first and to my bad surprise software tool known as MSI afterburner was limiting maximal clock with just 702 MHz. I pushed voltage to 1.5 volts on GPU and went for 702 MHz. Videocard was stable and after benchmarks in Portal 2 I tried to overclock memory. And here was the problem. No matter what I tried card wasn't stable with 430+ clocks. I even put small radiators on the memory chips thinking it was a temperature problem. Pushed memory voltage to 2.1 V. Nothing. 2.15v. Nothing. 2.2, 2.25, 2.27. Same nothing. So I gave up and blamed it on bad memory. But situation was even worse. Videocard couldn't pass a Portal 2 benchmark with 430 MHz so I had to lower it to 424 MHz. That's a real shame I have to say. Memory is a huge bottleneck in this card. 8600 gt usually comes with gddr3 memory and this one got ddr2 so overclock could really improve performance.
Anyway, GPU clock limit wasn't reached so I searched for similar programs as MSI afterburner and found its successor RivaTuner. Clock limit of this tool was higher and after voltage push to 1.57, it was achieved as well. 810 MHz. After such a huge milestone I was ready to rise clock limit even further but another problem went in my way. Temperature. It was close to 90 degrees of Celsius which means cooler isn't sufficient for overclock any longer.
So here comes end of my overclock story. Later I might use a bigger cooler but it needs long thinking about how I will attach it to the videocard. For now I stopped at 810 MHz for GPU and 424 MHz for memory. Performance boost is ~30% more fps in Portal 2.
No. 6130 Kontra
BananaPi: >30€
RaspberryPi A: 22€

BananaPi is only good when you go for the bigger models like the router board. (for example, to built a small series of 10-20 custom routers for a big-assed asterisk/VPN setup, etc...)

No. 6140
But what about Orange Pi?
No. 22966 Kontra
No. 22968 Kontra
No. 23830
Oh fuck there was already a threadfrom a year ago but still
No. 23862
78 kB, 564 × 800
You guys think anyone is going to push 3nm R&D after 5nm pays for itself or will they start looking down non-planar avenues?

I don't know much about hardware but I remember HBM memory from AMD as being some kind of stacked memory. If it's possible to create that I assume there's got to be something like heat problems holding them back. I was thinking about it and I was wondering if they could have atomic pipes working on peltier effect pumping heat away.

Kind regards,
Man who knows nothing about anything
No. 23863 Kontra
Holding them back from making CPU with that kind of tech*
I meant to post
No. 24377
Well, fuck. I'm not even sure my mainboard is compatible. How do I figure out if a 4gb Radeon RX 550 is compatible with a Dell 0NW73C motherboard other than buying? And yes, I checked on pc-specs.com but I didn't even see that board listed anywhere...this may not bode well
No. 24379 Kontra
121 kB, 1004 × 565
Okay for some reason this seems to me to be a good indicator. I think?
If the GTX-1060 would work shouldn't an AMD RX 550?
No. 24391
Its compatible. For graphic cards motherboard should have pcie slots. You need only to check the size of it.
No. 24418
127 kB, 1268 × 664
What Ersnstchan recommend me in therms of storage device?
I want to buy adittional internal hard drive to save here for very long time a lot of stuff. What technology more reliable nowdays - SSD or HDD? I know that this new SSD thing is fast, more energy effective and blah blah blah, but what actually live longer? I don't want loose my data after some years just because disk deda.

Of cource I'am shure it depends on quality and manufacturer, but mine 2008 Seagate barracuda 250gb works perfectly without broken segments even thought it is mine mine hard drive across 3 computers I owned since this 2008.
No. 24419
Regular HDDs obviously live longer. SSDs are best used for the software that loads a lot and loads often, like graphics and 3D modelling software and modern bulky videogames, and also the OS itself. There's no point to use SSDs for storing big amounts of data like movies and music (regular HDDs would be simply cheaper for the same volume) or downloading torrents (SSDs are vulnerable to rewriting).
No. 24420
Why is it obvious that HDDs live longer than SSDs?
In theory SSDs should live much longer than HDDs and in practice I've had two HDD failures and no SSD failure so far; though that is a skewed statistic because I've bought roughly 30 HDDs and only about 10 SSDs in the last ~15 years.
No. 24421
I too have the overall perception that HDD is just better for everything except needing super fast read/write for huge amounts of data like rendering something and playing big modern vidya games. HDD is slower in this regard but seemingly much more durable. The main problem is weight and movement, making it an incredibly poor choice for a laptop. If you have an HDD in a laptop it's probably eventually going to fail and adds a lot of weight, but for an immobile desktop or backup external it's great imo.

Also Russia, if you only want to backup movies and music and such either one works but might as well get SSD, even a Seagate. Just don't get a Seagate for anything important in your tower as a main drive. Cheap Seagate SSDs are known to be failure prone pieces of shit.
No. 24424
Since when does Seagate produce SSDs?
No. 24428
Since HDDs are a dying industry. Why are their SSDs so expensive though? They're more expensive than Samsung. Why would anyone buy a Seagate SSD?

I wonder who produces their chips. Western Digital bought SanDisk a few years ago, so their SSDs are just rebranded SanDisk SSDs. But Seagate?
No. 24429
Well, yeah, modern SSDs are probably on par with HDDs londgevity-wise (and I strongly suspect that they make new HDDs shittier deliberately: 1 TB Seagate I bought five years ago lived only for three years, 160 GB WD died after six years or so, and my 40 GB Seagate I bought in 2002 only started getting bad sectors after fifteen years), except for maybe those weird-ass QLC ones, but I still think that buying an SSD strictly for storage of big amounts of data is not a very good idea simply because of the price. You can buy a 4 TB HDD for the price of 1 TB SSD.
No. 24430
They have for awhile dude

I myself have got one of these idk if it's an SSD though
It's ultra cheap and my backup drive for all other drives. I've got tons of the damn things lying around at this point too from all my old broken machines and random computer parts from other people including I think a few old ass 8gb HDDs for whatever reason but none of them have got the storage capacity for me to use as a new hard drive in my tower so I guess it looks like time for yet another one since I'm not using that Seagate for anything but backup and then immediately putting it away into storage because I don't trust the thing not to fail if I keep using it.
No. 24433
>idk if it's an SSD though
It's not.
No. 24478
25 kB, 1185 × 591
Uh oh
It says under specs
>cooling: liquid
Wtf does that mean
I don't have any of the tubes or any other parts for this and I never saw any pictures of the part with tubes. Is this optional? Does this mean it's supposed to be cooled by attaching some other radiator part and fan piece with a water cooling system with the GPU, or is all that extra shit supposed to come pre-installed or ship with it? This is still an expensive piece of equipment for me and I have to not only go out of my way to pick it up (and thus expend some resources to do so as well) but if I buy the stupid thing and it doesn't work and I have to return it it's still going to cost me a chunk of money in taxes all of which adds up with transport costs. Can't I just drop this thing into my PCI slot without doing anything else?
No. 24530
So I have the ficking thing slotted and I can use my machine but I haven't yet seen if it's recognizing the card. I don't have a black screen and the display cable is hooked to the video card so that means it's at least not incompatible right? I am assuming since at least I can use my computer normally albeit minus running any game more complex than solitaire atm means that at the very minimum I should be able to use that card in theory. This is a good sign right?

Thing is, fucking AMD does not give drivers for that fucking card except on Windows 7 and Windows 10 for some reason and I'm on 8.

Meanwhile I found this https://drp.su/en/devices/video/amd/radeon-rx-550-series?os=windows-8.1-x64 which I don't even know what that site is but it's at least offering drivers--for 8.1, which I never upgraded to.

So now I'm frantically backing up all the rest of my games and documents I haven't already in case the update from 8 to 8.1 somehow fries my files, which afaik it's going to wipe ALL my programs, which reminder to myself also means the fucking thing is going to kill not just my entire terabyte game library but also any other programs I might need like flux, utorrent, fast capture, whatever. I don't even know if it wipes save files. Oh right, and itll probably kill steam.

Just what, exactly, does upgrading from 8 to 8.1 even do? Am I going to have my entire steam folder erased? What does it mean by uninstall? I also need to go from A9 to A14 motherboard drivers.

Help me out ernst.

I don't even know at this point any of it is going to work. I don't know how trustworthy that site is or if it will give me my drives because it only shows XFX basic and I haven't found the 550 GPU detected yet. Of course I have literally hundreds of broken registry keys and sometimes need to boot from CD anyway so I start to think I just need a complete OS reinstall, but cold day in hell I put myself through misery to get windows 10 and win7 I'm pretty sure is going to make many of my games unplayable?

I just want to see if those drivers work for 8.1 with minimum loss of stored data. I also realize it will take some time, but once I commit to the 8.1 upgrade how long is it going to take i have to leave it on installing the 8.1 OS?

Or is here some workaround where I can try to get drivers for Windows 7 or 10 to download and work in like a comptability mode for 8?

Oh and lastly I got the kernel security check failure or whatever last night. I know this is driver related from trying to install 7 and 10 RX 550 drivers. Thing is I never uninstalled any other drivers. If I uninstall my display drivers right now, wouldnt that kill my display and make my computer unusable? Or at very minimum make it so my old GPU won't work if this fails? How do I go about uninstalling drivers and installing new ones? Is that .su site even trustworthy to give me working drivers?

Please advise
No. 24534
WAIT can I just put a pirated copy of win10 on a partition or another drive to boot from without fucking with my OS just to get the drivers for my GPU and then after installing them shut down and boot from Windows 8 like normal?
No. 24547 Kontra
> Please advise
Just stop using computers. Running Win8 today and not being able to fix shit your self is a good indicator that you have no idea what you are doing. If you had you wouldn't be using Win8.

> but X Y and Z forces me to
No. Just no.
No. 24554
You don't need to pirate anything. You can still upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 for free, Microsoft just doesn't shout about it for some reason. Set up your build without the GPU and just follow the steps here:


I think it's unlikely that Win 8 is the problem but it's definitely a possibility since manufacturers didn't have much time to prioritise Win 8 before the 8.1/10 bandwagon rolled on. May as well try it anyway.
No. 24555 Kontra
Remember how 3-4 years ago every said they'd never install Windows 10 with all its survaillance and shit?
Now almost every cunt has it installed.
No. 24557 Kontra
I use it for vidya and some applications that won't run elsewhere. Linux for day-to-day use though of course.

We've already learned that the ordinary computer user doesn't give a shit about privacy anyway, people literally walk around with microphones and GPS trackers that send all their information to Google.
No. 24558
I still on Win7 and don't have any reason to switch to Win10 and get shitty compability with many old applications as bonus.
No. 24559
I don't have Win10 on my personal PCs.
No. 24567
>We've already learned that the ordinary computer user doesn't give a shit about privacy anyway, people literally walk around with microphones and GPS trackers that send all their information to Google.

To me, the frustrating part is to keep true to principle but see everyone around me fail.
I still don't have a smart phone (or mobile phone in general), which puts me in a >1% minority in Germany.

My gf got a smart phone last year before traveling and despite swearing she won't use it for anything but the most vital things, I've seen her fixated on it way too often. Once even during diner, which resulted in a fight.

I actually don't know a single other person IRL that has no Windows installed on any computer. Everyone seems to have some Windows somewhere for games. Except me. Feels bad.
No. 24569
6,0 MB, 480 × 272, 1:40
9 kB, 460 × 276
>You can still upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 for free
lol absolutely fucking not. I'd almost rather just toss my whole fucking PC onto a bonfire. That is not a fix. I would rather spend another fucking $60-100 on a comparable nVidia than ever have to suffer that kind of fucking horseshit.

It isn't even about the built in spyware, which keep in mind I have electric tape over both sides of my shitty NSA phone and I'm probably just going to upgrade to a cheap flip phone the next time because I fucking hate those things. So already while that by itself should be a deal breaker, fucking this webm related right here
Do you seriously think I am to put up with that shit? I have posted here multiple times in the past about how my single greatest fear about eventually bricking my PC from some hardware failure is be forced to get a new one which even on craigslist is going to give me a win10 system and how my great fear is how much a pain in the ass it will be to rip out that fucking system by the root and completely formating my entire fucking drive just to make sure there is as little trace of it as possible anywhere at all and having to do a complete reinstall of a possibly pirated copy of Windows 7 on it.

I think I need to emphasis this: if I got a brand new $2,000 gaming PC on it and it had Windows 10 I'm formating the entire fucking drive.

And that isn't even beginning to touch on the fact that every single fucking time I see somebody has a problem trying to run a Steam game, it's fucking ALWAYS a Win10 game. Which means putting that evil blaspheming abomination of a fuckhole OS onto any machine of mine practically guarantees I'm going to end up with multiple broken ass games that now I can't play, in which case the most sensible option is waste another day of my time and even more money just to avoid that.

Also I actually did check and I'm pretty much stuck with windows 8 despite how much I hate both it and win7 because both are some sort of tablet abortion and every time I see the word "app" my eye starts twitching just a little. I wish I could just install and run XP but I can't. In fact I can't even use windows 7 like I wanted to because I've got a few games now that have minimum requirements of win8 to run. Which now means I am solely going to use win8-8.1 from now on.

This is what happens when you're as lazy and dumb/busy and dumb as I am to keep using this garbage bullshit proprietary OS. I should probably note that for some fucking reason AMD supports 7 and 10 and also supports a ton of other really obscure OS'

I should also add, some fucking Russian pidor put this garbage called driverpack solutions on drp.su which looked sketchy but I said what the hell and tried it. I had to manually delete the files as it was hidden from programs in add/remove programs and wound up seeing dozens of shitty software removal tool sites in runglish that offered a way to remove it. The fucking thing also tried to set my default to yandex.

And you think ernst is okay with this? I am not.

I can't help the fact that my PC came with 8 preinstalled but at least I can deal with that fact because it's a cozy enough middleground of hell where it's so new just about everything can run on it and but still just barely old enough to run just about every other game that mostly doesn't require like a DoS emulator or is native to something like Windows 95. I mean hell, I can and do actually still play my old Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, and StarCraft original directly off disks on this machine, and I can all but absolutely guaran fucking tee you that that won't any longer happen the moment I am trapped or tricked into somehow having win10. On the plus side, I only anticipate it every happening from me outright buying some prefab retail outlet machine or some OEM crap at which point since fucking nothing comes on computers as a software bundle anymore (literally you can't even get fucking microsoft word or antivirus to come with a brand new PC anymore I remember when personal home computers all had complete software suites) that means literally nothing of value will be lost so it will be zero aggravation to torch everything on the drive. Preferably also running back over it with some file shredder and then sprinkling some holy water over it just to be certain it's all gone after flashing the RAM.
No. 24571
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
>I'm pretty much stuck with windows 8 despite how much I hate both it and win7
install gentoo

On a serious note, just stop using windows and playing video games.
If you have to use windows for gaymen, use wine or a VM.

This post in not very suitable for this thread anyway. Please post all software related posts here:
No. 24573
I know. It's here because I was posting about trying to install new hardware and while seemingly not having any like BIOS related issues or problems with my mainboard being incompatible like the guy at the store said I might, I ended up having OS related troubles because for some fucked up reason AMD decided to not support windows 8/8.1 anymore on their new stuff, in spite of the fact they even support other OS' including CENT OS and SLED as well as supporting Windows 7 and 10 but for some absolutely absurd fucked up reason they won't support 8/8.1

It even says on the fucking box
>supported operating systems:
>Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 64 bit
and yet I don't find out until I get home that absolutely everything I feared about it not working wasn't a problem, and instead the entire problem is because I actually can't get the drivers for it on my win8 system. Hence the tangent into it becoming software discussion from hardware, because my hardware issue turned into a software one in which case I have no idea how to get a workaround to make the damn thing usable on my system except I did find this https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/AMD/AMD-Radeon-Adrenalin-Edition-Graphics-Driver-17-12-1-for-Windows-7-64-bit.shtml being given as a possible solution that supposedly running a win7 driver package on my win8 was supposed to workwhich btw is what that fucking Russian garbage apparently meant by "8.1 drivers" it's just win7 drivers that malware linked me to without specifying which one and I found that specific link in an obscure thread on hardware forum although I haven't tried that specific one because the last time I was screwing around with different win7 drivers it kept giving me kernel security check errors and rebooting.

Hell it never even detected the hardware. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. I plugged my monitor cable in through a VGA-HDMI adapter directly into my new graphics card and it just went to windows basic display adapter and it never even recognized the hardware being present. Like, it clearly wasn't a completely at hardware level issue, I never got a blackscreen, the fan whirred up fine and it clearly was "working" but the very existence of my RX 550 being plugged into a PCIE slot wasn't there, not even under hidden things. It just never showed up. I was also told it could be your hardware wasn't being recognized because of a driver issue but meanwhile all i could do was try to update the shitty basic display adapter which either told me it was up to date with the best drivers or immediately crashed to kernal security check error and went to reboot the moment I tried to manually installing a couple other drivers.

The whole thing has been such a complete fucking pain in the neck that it honestly wasn't even worth the damn savings to begin with (which I did, I mean I did get it like really super cheap for a 4gb card barely much over a hundred before taxes) but holy shit dude was this absolutely not worth it at all to such a degree that I think I may now actually be moving AMD to my personal hardware blacklist alongside HP, particularly now knowing that the fuckers won't even be supporting my OS at all on any of their hardware so what's even the bother. I do now suspect that this may also be why I've got two games I used to run that now don't play at all due to some obscure seemingly unfixable driver issue I cannot figure out because I'm also running an old 1gb Radeon HD series card which must've been that they simply pulled all driver support for my OS on that one too. Or something.

At any rate I think the lesson may have been learned. I've got less than two weeks to return this thing and no free time this week so I can't til probably a week or more but I sincerely doubt that I'm even going to be able to resolve my issues before then and at which time I've gotta ask myself, for fucking what? Because I actually already know for a fact that this card is going to be giving me a series of massive problems in the future for those very reasons and by the time I can return the card I'm probably just gonna try and get a GTX for fucking probably up to double the fucking money I originally planned on spending because at least nVidia still supports my OS (but for however little longer that is I don't actually know).

All I want to do at this point is just drop the goddamn thing in and install the drivers and be done with it and I at least do know for as close to a fact as possible that the GTX 1050 actually does work on my exact specific model of machine and OS. I've also got a really old ass PSU but supposedly I think the nVidia GTX 1050 Ti is going to work fine on a 460 watt output like my dust filled thing can do.