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No. 60256
2,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
2,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
I found an old vintage laptop that’s huge, a Toshiba 6600c. But it wouldn’t turn on so I opened it up to see if there was anything wrong and found the power supply was 240v. Did old laptops use this much power?
No. 60258 Kontra
Some old laptops used gas plasma screens, which, afaik, consume shittons of power.
No. 60279
Yes but it's still one neat ass find though
t. not him
No. 60287
Do you have the model name? I mean like "Toshiba XR-10"


super radical machine above. Some stuff it has is amazing. RIP Sir Clive Sinclair.
No. 60297
If it doesn't have a battery it is a portable computer, not a laptop.
No. 60307
Google specifications and output of power supply. Don't try to run it with a broken power block or you may fry the motherboard. I guess it should be a standard AT power connector...?

Yea, this is 486(sx?) "advanced portable" with a semi-detachable keyboard
No. 60317
Is that a handle so you can carry it around like a briefcase?
No. 60332 Kontra
It's a handle so you can slug people with it on the heda
No. 60338
256 kB, 2020 × 1193
Like most of the "portable computers" and "laptops" till mid 90s.
No. 60350
64 kB, 460 × 330
97 kB, 785 × 785
>wanna make an Alien film, in the vein the first one, not the newer ones
>grab a computer like that one posted by Mr. Russia
>cover the Amstrad logo with a piece of cloth :DD
>make it run!
>put a nice program like a spreadsheet!

Ohh howw authentiiic
fap fap fap
No. 60421
29 kB, 400 × 300
35 kB, 400 × 300
81 kB, 640 × 428
Original alien used custom-built electronics in the style of more classic 70s terminals.
There were actual guidelines and logic in what they did.
It was Cameron who for Aliens just bought a consumer laptop from a local store.
No. 60454
103 kB, 869 × 579
624 kB, 3182 × 2017
103 kB, 869 × 579
151 kB, 1200 × 1600
Thank you for your detailed reply. But you won't deny that Amstrad you posted is outerwordly, it has this brutal tone. Another approach (another cheap approach) would be to use that 8bit clones you know and I love so much. Perhaps it would be a problem for you because it would break the suspension of disbelief ("oh man, wtf, that is a Scorpion, ffs") but they are so cool and admirable... Look at the last picture! Magnificent! A real work of art and engineering!
No. 60484
440 kB, 1000 × 880
39 kB, 728 × 455
38 kB, 1280 × 720
51 kB, 850 × 539
The thing with Amstrad PPC512 and this laptop from aliens and computer from the OP - those are PC clones (together with some 16-bit computers like Amiga and AtariST) with late80s-90s design already. I'd not call them "brutal", it is already a newer generation of those "grey" and "beige" machines which will be with us the whole 90s up to the early 00s and associated now with "cheap office computers"

Those Alien terminals with vector monitors, early types of mechanical keyboards with spring switches, simple indicator lights, often not even LED but light bulbs. This screams "those mid-late70s mainframe terminals and "mini-computers""
No. 60485
About clones: I was never a fan of single machines. Sir Clive Sinclar himself had this... not really charming personality (for my taste) not that I adore his view on computing. He wanted to build as much as possible cheap computers, imagining business computerization and disliked that his computers were used for games, and he never designed them for it.
In the end, small business and office computerization happened via the same people who did it for big and middle businesses and scientists for more than 100 years - IBM, and his ZX computers were used by poor Europoor kids for playing games. And what he offered? Ugliest colors, terrible sound, horrible keyboards. And this I talking about Spectrum, not ZX80 or ZX81 thank god.

I think Spectrum, if we don't count lesser know failures and similar style crap like "Mattel Aquarius" Spectrum was the worst popular 8bit micro in the era of the "micro boom". Thus, it makes me sad that it was the most cloned thing on post-USSR land, not the Amstrad CPC series, or Commodore machines.
No. 60517
no no no, that Amstrad is in another league. I cannot relate it to the grey more modern laptops like the ones you posted, because they have more normal layout, specially with the screen.
No. 60520
50 kB, 500 × 406
9 kB, 290 × 174
768 kB, 831 × 1177
134 kB, 1280 × 720
Thing is with those "post-crt" era portable computer solutions is that there were no real standart form factor, I guess. I can't remember like right away something similar to amstrad ppc512/640 but "laptops" of the time were different. What united them is horrible small passive matrix LCD screens. Some had better, at least with some backlight, others will burn your eyes: imagine 80 column text on og gameboy-style screen.
But same time they had proper "real" keaybords, often detachable, full size ports and drives. Most often external monitor connector and easy plug, since most of them were more as portable computers than really "use anywhere device". Like those amstrads had place for D batteries. How it will cost you back in the day and how long it'll work from them - you may guess :----DDD
No. 60524
Why cars don't get as cheap as laptops do. My present laptop cost like 2K or so in 2010. It was a high top model. I bought it for 50 bucks on Ebay. Cars aren't affordable no matter new or old. At least here in Russia you have to save money to buy 10 y.o. car and invest lots of money in it to make it save to drive. Fucking hell.
No. 60545

Also they both depreciate rapidly, just tech moreso and it's partly because a vehicle is wear and tear more while electronics is rapid development. This is partly why buying the newest high end shit is so stupid because you get rapidly diminishing returns on your dollar. I'd say a midrange is closer to best because it's powerful enough to last you for ages. I see certain games and I'm like what the fuck how could this run on a Core 2 Duo. In terms of gaming nearly everything should run just fun at very high settings with a 1060 or even 970. I do however believe businesses should upgrade more. Business IT is a nightmare. Truly if only you knew meme tier in terms of how much the global economy rests on some malware riddled shitbox running Windows 7 or even Windows XP. I guess the constant cyber intrusions few of which are even known about and published is testimony to that.
No. 60551
Because cars don't become twice faster every two years =D
No. 60578
my parents still have an old macintosh classic around, its probably as portable as these things(but i think the printer doesnt work anymore)
No. 61272
> Why cars don't get as cheap as laptops do.
Because they are way more complex and use much more material? Here, you get a tiny new car for 14 k€ (and if you want e.g. a station wagon with some nice features, you can easily pay two or three times that price), while you can get a used, road-legal car for approx. 1000 €, but it doesn't get much cheaper than that.

A car consists of quite a bit of metal, so even if it is defunct as a car, you can still remove the still working parts and sell the rest as scrap metal and earn some money. This sets a lower floor on the price.

And about upkeep, yes that is expensive everywhere. When my parents sold the station wagon, I was curious how expensive a car would be for me and found that that particular one would have cost me 100 € per month for insurance alone, my dad said that a small car costs roughly 300 € per month (though that also included fuel, repairs and deprecation). A fellow student paid something like 250 € per month for his car -- "Still cheaper than moving to the city," he said.

Laptops consist of so little material that that avenue doesn't really make sense, I guess -- I don't know prices for scrap metal. Also, there is no safety test that makes your laptop illegal to use when it fails, so you can keep it working longer. And there is much less wear and tear, less rain, less corrosion and so on, so it needs less care than a car.
No. 61273 Kontra
> 100 € per month for insurance alone
sorry, meant "insurance and taxes." And the insurance would have been quite cheap for that model compared with other cars.