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No. 60322
1012 kB, 1300 × 863
Good morning people.
I need quick Russian help today.

I want to say:

PersonX, thank you, you are the sunshine of my life.

I thought like this
X, большое спасибо, солнечный свет моей жизни

but discovered that Russians use joy of my life which translates to this:

X, большое спасибо, радость моей жизни

Which one is correct?
Is radost even appropriate?
No. 60324
It should be either "X, большое спасибо, ты свет моей жизни" ("солнечный" isn't really necessary here, and it sounds awkward) or "X, большое спасибо, ты радость моей жизни". "Ты" is needed because it's not clear who's being addressed, and if you are not very close with the person in question, use "вы" instead.

>Is radost even appropriate?
Well, both variants sound a bit over-the-top, but they're okay, provided you're not writing to a business partner or something. There is also a simpler one "X, большое спасибо, ты моя радость" ("X, thank you so much, you are my joy").
No. 60325
Allright thank you.

It can sound awkward, as sunshine was meant to be a wordplay or a reminiscence to this "moon of my life" stuff from game of thrones. And that is why I also have жизни in it.

In general it is aimed at my gf and will go in the acknowledgement part of my master thesis, but in cyrillic so the others who read it wont know (immediately) what it means.

свет means light/bright here, correct? And if солнечный is too awkward/overthe top, I will stick with
большое спасибо, ты радость моей жизни

No. 60326
>свет means light/bright here, correct?
Yep, "the light of my life". "Солнечный" doesn't really fit the mood of the phrase, because in most contexts it is closer to the word "solar" in English, so it turns an emotional personal sentence into dry scientific-sounding one (think "solar panel", "solar radiation" etc.).

>I will stick with большое спасибо, ты радость моей жизни
Yeah, that should be best if it's for a gf.
No. 60327
Okay, many thanks for your help, joy of my thread.
No. 60328
70 kB, 750 × 1000