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No. 60722 Systemkontra
198 kB, 771 × 663
No. 60737
Fuck technology.
No. 60738
28 kB, 465 × 960
Just made a bargain.
I needed a new floor lamp so i went to a somewhat middle classy furniture shop and saw two pretty much identical looking lamps.
One was around 200€ and one was 40€.

After i asked why that is i was told the 200€ one is the new model and the one that is reduced in price is the older one they have to get rid of.
I asked what the difference was and they said "the new one has slightly thicker legs".

I only noticed after i've been told.

Anyway, i have a new 200€ lamp and paid 40€ for it.

Pic related, the lamp.
No. 60739 Kontra
Just looked it up. I could get it on the interwebs for ~60€.
If i would've paid full price, i would feel ripped off.
No. 60741
"It's old just throw it away" is literally one of the worst things about our present system. It's part of why buying shit brand new is usually pointless when it's not underwear or something especially because first MSRP is ridiculously steep and then by the time you get to register you've been price gouged seven times over for a piece of cheap plastic exported from Shenzhen. I notice this the most in unbelievably shoddy pieces of furniture that are particle board and plastic at best going for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. My favorite is those unbelievably shitty "gaming desks" which are basically just folding picnic tables getting sold for $200 that aren't even suitable for ironing your clothes.
No. 60742
Some people seem to be living in an entirely different world than myself. Even people of a similar background, see the world around us entirely differently. Today, I spoke to one such character and he seemed to really be living in a God-forgotten country with misery and suffering beyond what's in any way acceptable.

Of course, he was a political radical and advocated radical solutions to these horrible problems that plagued his country. He's my fellow countryman, but for all intents and purposes he lives in a different world. I don't believe I live in paradise or utopia, but I do believe that relatively speaking I live in a pretty great country. A country I was lucky to be born in, all things considered.

It all got me thinking, it seemed to be that he was just an out-of-touch radical trying to conform the world around him to his views but it could also very well be that I'm just the passive observer who has accepted the decay around him. I suppose there's no objective way. I thought about just comparing your own country to others, as it would seem foolish for someone in, say, Switzerland to advocate a violent revolution to set things straight. Then again, it might be legitimate, as if we were all living in feudal hellholes in middle ages - we would all be entitled and expected to revolt based on our present consensus of what counts as natural rights and so on.

I understand that it's all personal inclinations and personal motivations. In this particular case, I'm aware this character is just one who seeks personal validation and purpose in esoteric politics and, without one great cause to martyr himself over, he created his own. Still, the question remains, at which point is a radical political change a legitimate one? What would Ernst consider to be the breaking point past which they too would see their government as tyrannical and deserving of a violent overthrow?
No. 60744
1,7 MB, 498 × 249, 0:03
Yesterday I had three hours between classes, so I went and bought two pairs of boots with my mother.
Turns out the reason I kept tripping and sliding down stairs is because the soles of my shoes have been polished completely flat by now. It's very refreshing to have a proper pair of boots on my feet instead of a moccasin that's starting to fall apart in places.

I checked my messages yesterday in the internal system of the uni (which is not the same as the email system) and I was surprised to find that thanks to my performance last semester, I have been given a monthly stipend. I will be getting roughly 40 euros each month until the end of the fall semester as a reward and I just got the first two months' payments transferred to my account.
Honestly, I completely forgot about the fact that you can get money if you study well, even if this is ultimately a "meagre" sum in the grand scheme of things. But it'll allow me to buy books, tea and I don't know what else. Books and tea are the only things I buy.
I'm euphoric and I'm filled with desire. But I don't know what I should spend it on, so I can't fulfil my desire.
No. 60745
The problem seems to be that you're stipulating the ideology comes first, and the person second. What do you know of his life experience? I've interacted with plenty of people who led truly charmed existences. I've also eventually known about them living through horrors I never would have suspected in time I'd known them; sometimes, it may be both at the same time.

I do not deny for example that a great many people here live incredibly cushy lives getting paid tons of money to do completely fuckall and who are thus detached from even what the notion of suffering looks like. At the same time, I am not going to tell somebody who got shot and all his teeth have fallen out and is struggling to just not be homeless again that he should feel privileged and grateful because person A lived such a charmed life, nor am I particularly going to resent him or take issue with him adopting more extreme rhetoric as a result of his more extreme experiences. What I absolutely do resent though is when person A is just being a complete and total faggot adopting extremist or radical rhetoric just because his fat ass suffered no real problems and thus literally cannot even conceive of what the true horror and suffering he actually advocates would feel like.

As to your question the answer is simple and obvious, and that is the outcome of doing nothing is greater horrors, or more pertinently, that the descent into Violent revolution, strife and civil war, or outright sociedal gollapse is not worse than your present situation and that present situation of a vast majority of your country. If the answer to that is no, and you still adopt the radical notion, then I just think you're being a solipsist and self absorbed asshat for prioritizing your own shitty situation over the vast majority of the country in hopes your personal situation becomes less shitty. If the answer is that most people are suffering, and the lights and running water going out for possibly weeks at a time as loval neighborhoods get shelled isn't actually truly much worse than daily life, and that you're essentially fighting for your and your family's life against genocide and literal slavery, then yes the answer is obviously to pick up a gun and begin planting explosives around troop barracks and infrastructure vital to the State or whomever and so such. But regardless of anything else, if you, as an Alawite, live some cozy life in a mansion free from worry, it becomes very pertinent to your own survival to take all the bitching of those Sunnis claiming to suffer seriously, and to not dismiss them simply because you yourself adopted this similarly solpsistic "well it just werks for me" mentality.
No. 60746
The problem with radicals is that they can't propose a better option.
Ask them "OK, after you overthrow decadent and corrupt government of Portugal, what are you going install instead of it?" In best case they want to repeat 20-th century mistakes, in worst case they'll have a long vague speech which translates as "I have no fucking idea".
No. 60747
writing a high school research paper for mom's students while drunk.

it's actually kinda fun
No. 60748
>What do you know of his life experience?
It's similar to mine. Not that I think even the most dispossessed person living here should call for revolution.

Then I guess this really was the best case scenario, comrade :DD
No. 60749
I've been gone for two days and there are so many text walls I decided to not read up but jump in again within the next days.

No. 60750
194 kB, 900 × 1200
I can't remember anymore if this came from here.

I had a question the other night which was, did man inadvertantly domesticate himself over the past 12,000 years? Is that basically just why we have such "survivalist" television shows and games as a sort of primitivist voyeurism? Did we truly lose so much at the genetic level from dentition to mentality that for us should we ever actually encounter a true wild strain human from 20,000 years ago that it would be the same as if a Golden Retriever had encountered a wild wolf by chance, the alien made all the more disturbing by the familiarity and a long lost echo from our past that we can never get back?
I of course am not utterly opposed to mild genetic tampering as part of the process of interstellar colonization so
No. 60751
Nah bullshit. First, if that was the case it would mean than some ethnicities would still be fit to wildlife contrary to others because they were still hunter gatherers two centuries ago. I don't see enough dissimilarities between them and us. Second, a lot of pseudoscientific garbage has been done about this in the 19th century and if even one of the wolf kids testimonies is true, it would mean that we are perfectly capable of returning to monkey if placed in monkey. And third, their's prolofic hordes of wild dogs who do well on their own well maybe not chiwawas.
No. 60759
Well, there are indeed a few ethnicities who fatten up MUCH faster than e.g. europeans, which is why they're all hamplanets when exposed to the "modern" lifestyle.
Lactose tolerance in adults is also a rather recent development, and it's not universal among all humans.

That said, the human brain really hasn't evolved that much. We are still largely just some kind of refined cavemen. Grugg big man (=status), Grugg fuck. Grugg tribe good, other tribe bad.
No. 60762
264 kB, 1280 × 960
Had to go to the beach to grab sea water to keep these little things on fresh water, so they'll open slightly and release all the sand they've trapped inside them.
Hopefully, in a few hours they'll be done and sand free - or they won't and they'll be ruined. It's in God's hands now.
No. 60763
157 kB, 482 × 800, 0:00
Them's pippies mate.
t. superior name haver
No. 60764 Kontra
I've got a 25% off coupon for an online bookstore, I got the money but I have no fucking idea what to spend it on. It's so frustrating. I could buy somnething really expensive and nice, but there's nothing.
Worst thing is I can't use the discount on used books, only new ones.
Though these books on Chinese legal tradition kinda look enticing.
No. 60770
Got the J&J, currently waiting to see if I go into anaphalactic shock. Fingers crossed...
No. 60771
3,3 MB, 4160 × 3120
5,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
5,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Closed cycling season.
Now it's time for a feast.
No. 60781
Job hunting has become so shit in outlining how dystopian everything is it fills me with an unspeakable urge to smash neoliberal Capitalism with a holy rage

Godspeed. I didn't get that one but sat around for 15 minutes and it was fine. They seemed ultra cautious about this which is why I didn't want to go to Walmart or something but my overall impression has been there's very few negative reactions. My arm was sore for a day or two and that was it. It might've made me tired but I'm always tired unless I poured a pot of coffee down my throat all day.

Absolutely disgusting, I can only imagine the desperation of the first caveman to actually eat one of those things in starvation delirium.

It depends how far back you go. I think that our teeth for example have been steadily evolving from our wild type proto-humans and a grain based lifestyle for the past 10,000 years probably had at least some impact on what we turned into. I think I read somewhere that even our molars once were more formed for ripping and tearing which you also see in some people with very pronounced canines.

Yes but truly fearsome Slavic tier babushka mauling wild dogs are as I recall the result of multiple generations of crossbreeding too, which may be ancillary to the reversion. It's kind of like undoing that Russian fox experiment over multiple generations and even then a pack of wild dogs is still not really wolves.

Of course also if you go really far back enough you'll just get pure strain humans, whose DNA is not laced with Neadnerthal like ours is, moreso if you're Israeli or German IIRC, so I'm not sure the impact that made on us and furthermore how are Neanderthals even a separate species when they can mate with us? I thought that in order to be a true separate species your only basic requirement was fertile offspring, as opposed to say Zebras or Lions mating with similar animals and actually having offspring but they're sterile.
No. 60784 Kontra
68 kB, 652 × 760
"we may basically have some weasily way to change the terms and harvest and sell all your data and if we may trade your biometric data for anything you're missing basically according to the EULA
[desire to smash and purge intensifies]
It's not just an utterly evil and dystopian system that's capable of infuriating me on a daily basis and the leading cause of American chimpouts at the register; it's the fact that it manages to be completely inefficient, wasteful, self negating in the long term, and utterly fucking stupid while it's doing it. It is the system of using technology to invade your privacy and dump it all in a landfill after emptying reservoirs into Arizona lawns. Yes I am mad. My person and space is my sovereignty damnit. At least I never had to suffer my manager demanding to look through my facebook account. If anyone even demanded I set up a personal shitter or shitbook account for work I'd straight up quit.
No. 60787
>Job hunting has become so shit in outlining how dystopian everything is it fills me with an unspeakable urge to smash neoliberal Capitalism with a holy rage

I am fucking shit at job hunting because I can't talk like a bullshitter, I can't use the lingo they use. Interviews are like a dance where each person says their words and does their part and you have to do it all correctly to tick the boxes.

I'm incapable of talking like a nuspeak dictionary so I fail every single interview of the last 5 years. It's not like I'm a bad speaker or rude or anything but I speak softly and plainly and so I can't compete with the 300 other retards applying for the job who have speeches prepared
No. 60795
I helped to make my brother depressed by being an unsuferable asshole. Well.
No. 60796
I'm writing my first little essay for a seminar, and God, this is hard. In person I can explain it, but it's just so much harder to write than to hold a lecture on it.
Thought it feels good to have a pile of books besides me from my personal library as I type away and check data.
I think I regained some faith I've lost when it comes to my personal collection.

I lost the eraser I've been using for like 3-4 years now. Kinda sad. It was one of those old-style Czech erasers with the elephant on it. Very cheap but very good.

Translation practice is actually getting kinda exciting. We've been tasked to translate an excerpt from Lewis Carol's Alice. Not that I think that simple texts can't pose a challenge, but this one is a tough nut to crack, and I love language games.

Since I'm running out of shelf space again, I've decided I need another shelf. I got the place and everything, so I "designed" one and showed it to my father. Told him that "I designed it and everything, but since you're the expert we will do as you say", since originally he's a carpenter by profession.

I just realised how comfortable it is to have everything synchronised via cloud. I can type something on this shitty laptop and then have it immediately downloaded onto my main PC without touching a button and vice versa. Or I could download a book on my phone I need and then send it to my PC and laptop. Truly the future is here. Don't know why I insisted on using a pendrive for so long.

Couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up instead working on my classical Chinese homework. Compared to last week's assignment the sentences were relatively easy to decipher.
No. 60797
Worst side effect has been a headache, but- lucky guy that I am- I also drew the fever card. Funny, but I didn't want to go to a Walmart either, or a Target for that matter. It just seems too casual for my taste. Plus I'm in there regularly and would prefer not to get a vaccination in a place I associate with buying socks and breakfast cereal. Ended up going to a vaccination site set up by the County. Not my County, but the next one over. A room in a vocational college, which I've driven past hundereds of times but never been in. So, no pre-existing mental associations, an efficient and professional set-up, and I didn't drop dead. All in all, not a bad experience. Except for the headache.

Find money, lose an eraser. The world must maintain balance.
No. 60798
I wish I was either more normie or more assburger.
Just to belong somewhere.
The way it is right now, my interests and lifestyle have neither a significant overlap with regular people, nor with actual weirdos.
It's as if everyone is on neighboring tracks A or B, while I am walking besides the tracks, straying into the woods at times, and coming back. Our destinations are the same, but I hate sitting in one train because it's full of boring assholes, but I also hate sitting in the other train because it's full of boring assholes, despite both trains having seats I could find comfortable for a bit.
It's like I am out of sync with every single person on this planet. Is that a song lyric or from a film? I can't even remember.
Also, I have no alcohol at home anymore.
No. 60800
147 kB, 625 × 621
You belong on the edge then. I bid you welcome, it's the hardest. To make it easier, probably all people actually life their, but for comfort reasons, they stick to a digital modality and eternal decision.
No. 60801
Good name. It seems with this information the national riddle of what to call when trying to market them at tourists is solved.

No. 60804 Kontra
172 kB, 1080 × 1064
There is much to be done and yet so little time. It's even more surprising that I can waste so much of it given its scarcity.

Still, things are bound to start looking up. I can feel it coming, I managed to quit smoking after picking it back up again. I failed horribly on my fitness goals, but I know I'll get back on it.

Things seem to be pointing to me building a house for myself over the next couple of years. A small house in the middle of nowhere where I'll live a blessed existence. Of all the ventures and adventures I've put work into, this seems like the one that'll make things right.

I finished Robert Service's Lenin and it seemed a little lackluster. I find that some biographies get tunnel vision as they focus on the actions of one individual to the detriment of the events unfolding around him. Still, I quite enjoyed the the arrangement of Lenin's ever-changing views and positions. It did paint a clear picture of the man's mind.
No. 60806 Kontra
56 kB, 500 × 385
The drug dealer who lives in the first floor flat of my house decided to bring (what sounds like) a dozen drunk people back tonight. Surprisingly it's actually the first time he's ever done this. I have work tomorrow and I don't want to tell him to shut up because we were chatting the other day and I learned that two of his close friends recently died in different circumstances. Such cases, only two weeks until I move into my nice sixth-floor yuppie flat where I can be alone in peace.
No. 60813
I find it interesting how kohlchan banned all posters from Russia.
During the whole thing the administration was attempting to blame the Russian government but it was clear from the start that you could still view the site and even post on it from your phone.
First the admins posted a thread where they suggested a weird way to counter the “ban” which was reliant on giving your information to the administration lmao.
Then they just outright implemented the system that takes your information by force and banned you from posting with phone. Even wi-fi does not work.
So I’m thinking. Why would they force their own users to jump through the hoops while no other imageboard does it? At the same time they allow braindead schizos, pedos and narcissists to post on their site, and they even banned me a few times when I trolled the schizos too hard.
I came to the conclusion that it had something to do with the political views of the kohlchan administration which is very much pro-EU, pro-US, pro-Ukraine and all that.
They see themselves as the defenders of the schizophrenic users or they might be schizophrenic themselves.

Now my logic might be flawed but that’s what I think happened.
No. 60814
I'm tired of sperging out about topics in real life but the alternative seems to be the quiet guy.
No. 60815 Kontra
>I trolled the schizos too hard
No. 60816
Maybe joining a nazi paedo cult wasn't such a great idea in hindsight, personally I quit that website completely.
No. 60817 Kontra
...so it's now honeypot confirmed?
Ah, why am I asking, I don't care.
No. 60818
228 kB, 773 × 1000
This is either today or history thread material.


Late at night the other day I read this one. It is written too poetical yet the thought of western philosophy being the child of magic and mysticism is too great to ignore. What if logic, rationality, science have their root in magic? What is their relation to its supposed other? What if that is not history but resonates today and beyond? Peter Kingsely's page is weird. His dissertation was published with Oxford Press. His other books not. His other books nonetheless have all footnotes and the whole stuff you need for normal academic publishing. But it seems like academia is not allowed to entertain such thoughts in order to keep itself afloat?

>Academics use the category of magic, well, often magically, to dismiss the phenomenon they are studying, to banish the subject matter from living contact with their present reality. Ancient philosophy is over there, good and dead, and we enlightened modern philosophers and scholars are over here, living, present, pristine and modern, washed clean of ancient superstitions. But magic is rather sticky, hard to wash off from the hands or the delicate underside of the modern mind, to which it clings like a sinister visitor who has always arrived, but is still waiting to announce itself.

>Kingsley makes it perfectly plain that no philosopher today or in the past who pits reason against religion, rationality against mysticism, or science against magic, has any understanding of what philosophy really was. Which means their claims to speak on behalf of reason, science, or philosophy are like a fanatical sect claiming to be the only true Americans, living in a compound on a remote island, proclaiming themselves to be the real American continent, nation, and state. Absurd! You may think so. For how could such a sect of True Americans justify such madness?

And about Socrates:
>And here we now are, standing in a windowless prison, a cave lit by lanterns in the morning, as an Athenian shaman sees this fear to face death in his disciples, and says: “I will sing a spell to cast away your fear of death.” And what is the spell this shaman sings, what does this medicine man chant to his children? Arguments. Science. Philosophy.



Those covers look quite trashy as the publishers are not respected outlets I suppose. But I still want to read some of them. At least the dissertation and the book Reality, but this is 600p. so I will stick with In the Dark Places of Wisdom or another shorter one.
No. 60819
>I don’t want to bother them
That’s very British
No. 60820
Weird, just this morning I was awakened by music coming from the apartment above me. I could clearly hear the snare and also make out the bass line.
Later I heard the guy singing.
Also, the whole seemed to be on their feet all of a sudden.
No. 60821 Kontra
Okay autists. I sadistically made fun of autists.
No. 60822
4,5 MB, 4624 × 2600
Got my broken phone back. This was the last picture I took with it before slamming it, alongside myself, onto the concrete in a drunken stupor.

Dog bless Pridnestrovie.
No. 60823
Vatnik can't believe that Russian government blocked his favorite trashcan. He thinks that it's a conspiracy of pro-western administration.

> giving your information to the administration lmao
You mean, your IP? Do you know that you provide it to any website which you visit without TOR or proxy?
No. 60824
Nice property mann, would be a shame if some state took possession of it...
No. 60827 Kontra
That's not my property.
No. 60833
2,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
Woke up to municipality workers busting out the chainsaw. They cut down a walnut tree in front of our house. Never mind doing it at 8 o' clock in the morning, why the fuck did you cut down that tree without consulting the people that actually live next to it?
This is like the second time in 15 years they cut down a tree and I just don't get why. The one in front of the neighbour's house is actually colossal, yet it wasn't chosen for extermination, why fuck with "our"? (Okay, I know it's not "ours" since it's technically public property but still, why cut it down when it produces shade in the summer and isn't touching the powerlines or anything?)

Otherwise had a fine day. Handed in my essay at the workshop, but as it turns out it was kind of unnecessary and overall, quite the Stakhanovite move.

Also went to the paper store and bought a new eraser. They only had the extra-large size. At least from this type.
It's probably pretty autistic to have a preferred eraser brand, but I don't care, this one is just better than most erasers I've used since I entered the school system.
Also got a notepad and a 2022 calendar.
No. 60835
25 kB, 480 × 360
Hey Hungaryball, can you tell us anything about the rabbit in the suitcase?
I discovered it today, lovely animation and easy to understand stories that don't rely on dialogue, kinda like the Little Mole or Sergio Aragones' "MAD Mobile" stuff.

No. 60836
Anyone who visits that hellhole ends up so visibly brain damaged it scares me in exactly the same way hardcore meth heads and lifetime heroin junkies make me fearful. I cannot imagine something so easy just destroying all trace of you as a human being until you become like this poster.
This site is private property here is ten ruble

Probably there is some kind of specific retarded code about which ones to take out. Maybe it reached a specific height or had something wrong with it where they worried it would fall on power lines in a storm. We have such irritating stuff here. Of course, also is a possibility some men on the job are just looking for shit to do to get some paycheck.

Whenever I see something retarded happen I always have to first question two things: is the person or group actually that retarded? and Who is making money off this? Sometimes the question may be "am I that retarded I do not see the sense and profound wisdom in this plan?" As such I try not to be continually gaslighted by stupid people or I'd question my sanity daily. Most often the reason is money though.
No. 60837
I watched it as a lot as a kid, even though it’s a cartoon from my parents’ generation. (Had it on VHS. I swear I’m 21, it’s just that we were kinda poor)
The title would be something like “The Rabbit with the Checkered Ears”. Cute stuff.
Though it wasn’t my favourite cartoon from the era.
Don’t know what else to say about it.
No. 60838
>Okay, I know it's not "ours"
Exactly. This was just done so you'd take this fact to heart. Municipalities must engage in this sort of psychological warfare against the populace once every 15 years or so. May you never think the tree is yours again.
No. 60842
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" -- Robert J. Hanlon

"There is no need to look for madness, stupidity and incompetence in what is easily explained by the most ordinary Jewish conspiracy." -- Konstantin Krylov, Russian nationalist

Often I have no idea which of two explanations to choose, I've seen good and confirmed examples of both conspiracies and incompetence IRL. And outside world is so weird that probably it's both at the same time.
No. 60845
You near a hill or anything? A few years back by my gran's we had the council cut down a really massive old tree that was if anything a positive to the street a few weeks after these rich people built a new deck. Now they have views that raise the value of their house :-DD What a wonderful coincidence, no?
No. 60846
In kazakhstan, those things are a conspiracy by stupid people, but not against the populace.
Some local mid level official wanted to make some money, but he needs a justification, he can't just take budget money (not high enough on the corruption ladder), so he wrote up a project to "maintain" the city's trees. Hired some random construction workers and cut down half the trees in our district.
It wasn't about the trees, and it wasn't about the people, it's just an excuse to make money. So never attribute to stupidity or malice what can be attributed to senseless bureaucracy.

I think the latter is way scarier because the things that affect our lives aren't really about us, they're just a side effect of a difference process that didn't even have our existence as a concern. The kinda shit that makes humans invent gods, you know. Although, I think the greeks had a better idea than the abrahamics. At least they acknowledged that the gods were just assholes who wrecked mortals' shit as a mere consequence of their own olympic high school drama.

And to think, if there was no bureaucratic system meant to prevent corruption (officials needing a formal reason to do stuff), trees would be okay, and result would be the same. Stuff like this makes techno-autisto-fascism sound very appealing tbh. Humans are demonstrably merely deterministic actors that behave according to whatever constraints are imposed to them by some system.
No. 60849 Kontra
then again, according to materialism, this is backwards at all.
Like, we're already living under techno-fascism, and the way to remedy the situation would be to ease the systematic/material constraints so people can reclaim some personal agency.

Still though, there's something ebin about the idea of a God-AI. God not in the sense of it being sentient or all-powerful, but in the sense of it being the "alpha and omega", as in, something that embodies the idea to the extent that it becomes the idea itself. You can't argue that X is unjust, if X is justice itself. And X is justice because justice is defined as "that which is X". There can be no distinction spirit of the law and the letter of the law, when the letter of the law is the spirit of the law.

theology is pretty fun but also epic, in that it constitutes a massive amount of intellectual labor spent on a form of schizo-philosophy that does nothing but rearrange arbitrary symbols until the arrangement is internally consistent but has no meaning by itself.
No. 60850
No, because the latter often also attribute some sort of divine wisdom to clearly incompetent leadership and intend searching for some kind of mysticism to explain a misstep. Take for example the utterly bizarre theory that Trump is in fact still ruling by wearing some sort of skinsuit and only posing as Biden before national emergency declarations get announced. These are the kind of people who just can't deal with the fact they could possibly be wrong about something, the type of person who insists we are part of some multiverse where they accidentally woke up in a separate timeline rather than simply admit their memory is faulty or they were mistaken about something.

The irony is these are often the sort of bozos who never notice the actual conspiracies. See also: self absorbed and narcissistic people whose drive in life is protecting their own egos. There are such conspiracies, albeit far fewer than problems of incompetence and fewer still not just about money, but they often seem either unable to detect them, or misattribute the reason for why such and such is being done. Very good example, the one Russian convinced a site for and by pedos and Nazis, is some sort of anti-Putinist evil Wect liberalist gay conspiracy than that it's either a honeypot or filled by incompetents who can't keep a steady webhost because nobody fucking wants hosting a bunch of child molesters and mass shooters. That in itself wouldn't need to even be personal belief but more nobody wants to get associated with those people and therefore start losing fucking money. Of course like many mentally ill people, they can't deal with the fact something may be wrong with them, and then seek out vast explanations to why they're not in fact sick and mentally retarded so rather it most be something fundamental like nature of the cosmos changing timelines on them and Jewish agents imposing AoC laws and mind controlling people to be disgusted with them.

Exactly the sort of thing I was implying.

In my experience the most common explanation for anything good or bad is money. Sometimes something also appears to be getting done wrong or stupidly only from our perspective, because we are mismatching stated intentions with their actual objectives. For example, digging holes and filling them in all day may appear an incredibly wrong and stupid use of your time, unless or until you realize that in doing so somebody else is getting to rack up how much they can charge for a project in which case it's actually the most efficient method and use of their time.

It recently occurred to me that the real problem is not a thing like Capitalism being efficient or stupid or not, but the fact that sometimes there is opportunity for profit in wastage or overall inefficiencies and that becomes the point. It doesn't matter if you burn down the whole company doing something disastrously retarded if you, personally, as the one at the controls, can find a way to benefit yourself more handsomely before ejecting from the company. That is why some systems become stupid, because it degenerates into a system of mass piracy where everyone is too busy stabbing each other in the backs and therefore no one benefits and devolves into a horrible crab bucket.

I was watching Dave Chappelle ranting about the entertainment industry and realized how much that is a cancer that affects all industries. It also made me go back and question how foul maybe my own conceited views even are or how toxic I am or this place may be that I automatically said I'm getting the Pfizer because the other vaccines are for poor people
Yeah that's seriously how I thought of it, and realized what the whole argument really amounts to unless you're deliriously retarded or schizo is whether you mistrust pharma industry making money more than every other industry trying to make money by telling us everything's fine.

He had some interesting things to say on the industry and why he left
No. 60851
Honestly funnest idea I found yet is ComStar, which makes me want to write some fiction where a company starts off by making its machinery ever more convoluted and complex like McDonalds ice cream machine owners, adding ever more layers of stupid senseless shit just so they can use TrainedTM TechniciansTM provided by the company, and that eventually those people and that company begin unironically acting and believing like Tech Mechanicus adepts, where the whole fucking point is to not do anything more efficiently or not in invent something new because the entire actual fucking point is just to keep making money but it gets to the point not even just laity but the bureaucratic and managerial priest caste and then even the owners themselves begin not understanding that's the point and it becomes like that short story The Lottery. I suspect on some level this is what happened with Islam tbh

The future it's quite clear to me would only be among the stars in a religious movement sense, unless those corpos became religions themselves which scarily is definitely what they are doing. We already live under that terrible system and the system wants us to believe the only solution is more of the problem.

I too sometimes find myself dreaming about radicalized techno crusader eco terrorist scientific dictatorship my friend in all seriousness it took all my might not to just come out and say the Nazis and Communists were right and truly Capitalism is a fucking cancer on mankind but I know no one who discusses political things want to talk about higher ideas and politics is just cancerous itself. The problem is always going to come back to the leadership, and how inefficient and weakest linked a society is going to be vesting power in one or small group of individuals, which is quite literally the exact shit society we have now in all but name. It already is a small club of dictatorships. Few individuals many who are not Jews contrary to what some have you believe but also a good number who are in certain industries already own everything and thereby run the politics of everything. You do not even get to the primaries here without being an absolute whore of a shell of a human being and it's much the same in every country. We're ran by the people that own Walmart and Viacomm, not some figurehead politician, and while technology is wonderful TechTM is a goddamn cancer and worse than all fascist or Communist visions. I cannot do a single goddamn thing without being forced to disclose identity and private data. I am already effectively chattel like everybody else, and the system only chugs along because our slave quarters are often nice enough. It is a system of total ownership and total control, and worse still is the real reason why everybody intuitively rejects it across the political spectrum with only variations on details and grievances is because people at least roughly tolerated dystopias because shit like Communism at least promised things and had some kind of vision.

There is literally absolutely no vision. There is nothing but emptiness and soullessness. Space itself is only seen as something for companies to own and control some day in science fiction that we all know never is going to materialize. People like Bezos are only interested in making money off million dollar blimp rides. The worst possible thing is we're literally killing the planet for 3000 AD techno barbarians to mine the landfills for precious metals just so some fatass cunt can make an extra hundred million. They're building pyramids and burying all of us in them but they're not even giving us the pyramids, just mass landfull burials. That is ultimately the problem with society and I'm sick of it. Nearly none of the companies have any vision either. Nobody wants to achieve anything despite having more energy, resources, population, technical achievement than any point in our species existence. Our entire species has effectively become The Boomer. Burning our past so we can landfill the future.

We live in your dystopia lad. The problem is the reason why you don't believe or recognize that is because you still associate that with even the worst despotic rulers having some sort of a personal vision for society. It's far easier working the Tiberium mines when you at least know your country, your people, even just your trade consortium is ruining everything to build a giant monument to our greatness on the moon.

Our only monument now is strip malls.
No. 60853 Kontra
> and while technology is wonderful TechTM is a goddamn cancer and worse than all fascist or Communist visions. I cannot do a single goddamn thing without being forced to disclose identity and private data.
One can only imagine the peasants of Tambov or the Jews of Krakow weeping collectively when faced with suffering as colossal as ours.
No. 60855 Kontra
So basically a mathematical god entity?
No. 60856 Kontra
The last one and a half year have proven clearly that, at least in Germany, it's not one or the other, but both. We are run by malicious idiots who are solely after their own advantage and don't even care about their neighbor, let alone the populace.
No. 60857
>What if logic, rationality, science have their root in magic?
I think it's pretty clear that's the case if you think about the influence of e.g. the alchemical tradition on modern science. Many early philosophers and scientists (or well - natural philosphers) also dabbled in the occult - it's really a very modern post-Enlightenment development and something of an indictment of modern academia imho if they fail to see or deny that connection.
But also going further than that (quoting Northrop Frye):
>I think we can see in most Greek literature before Plato, more especially in Homer, in the pre-Biblical cultures of the Near East, and in much of the Old Testament itself, a conception of language that is poetic and "hieroglyphic," not in the sense of sign-writing, but in the sense of using words as particular kinds of signs. In this period there is relatively little emphasis on a clear separation of subject and object: the emphasis falls rather on the feeling that subject and object are linked by a common power or energy. Many "primitive" societies have words expressing this common energy of human personality and natural environment, which are untranslatable into our normal categories of thought but are very pervasive in theirs: the best known is the Melanesian word mana. The articulating of words may bring this common power into being; hence a magic develops in which verbal elements, "spell," and "charm," and the like, play a central role. A corollary of this principle is that there may be a potential magic in any use of words. Words in such a context are words of power or dynamic forces. Thus knowing the name of a god or elemental spirit may give the knower some control over it; [...]

Ebin, is that from some museum or just some regular room? :D

>It's probably pretty autistic to have a preferred eraser brand
Can't blame you, it looks pretty classy. Just looked up that brand and it's pretty fascinating that many of these stationery brands seem to be quite old - this one founded in 1790, Faber-Castell even in 1761, whereas many of the huge modern comapanies were founded at most in the 20th century.
No. 60858
245 kB, 1099 × 1459
147 kB, 1109 × 1472
Taken in the "Back in the USSR" bar.
No. 60859
The quote is interesting. There is a dissertation of 1850-1950s and the rise of mathematics, cybernetics, and media theory and how these engage with primitives and their magic thinking. The conclusion is though, that their engagement tells something more about their own time, the 1850s-1950s then they tell about the primitives and their thinking they engaged in.

Nonetheless is it interesting to ask what was the image of thinking, how do we think and what do we think and how that image of thinking changes. And what is left of what is supposed to be weeded out? Is the rationale making a wrong representation of itself in a way, can it even represent accordingly or does its thinking exclude things that are valid. Like different modalities to catch different things. Spoken like this, modernity is only catching a narrow bandwidth of what is possible to catch.
No. 60875
I have to confess that while Latin is very logical, I had much more fun learning Greek. Maybe because of how calculated it is, it feels less lively. Or it's just that I don't have the time to properly care for it.

Went to the book outlet to check out their stock. Picked up five books, paid like ten euros. A volume of Hungarian history, an essay collection on Ovid-translations, a book on Babits and a collection of Márai's articles.

Two beggars came up to me and asked for money. I fucking hate beggars. It's always the same shit "it's not money I need but please listen to my sob story and give me money". Fuck you.
And the way they call you "sir" is also disgusting. Yes, I know I'm of higher stature, better educated and white, you don't need to lick my boots, because I will not fund your parasitic crypto-indian existence you gxppo fuck.

Saw that girl from elementary school. Her smile is as pretty as ever.
Can't put anything else about this into words.

Today was mother's birthday. My sister baked muffins. Had a small celebration and then they went out for dinner with my father.
Gave her the book we bought for her with my sister. She was surprised it's a long book, and I proceeded to tell her the guy just doesn't write short books. (Of course I didn't tell her I bought one bigger book because it's cheaper that way.)
I think he just likes the guy's posts about politics on facebook.
She read me a couple of them and I wish I could strangle the fucking radical centrist "everyone is stupid even me xdddd" retard.

It sounds nice to chalk it up to institutional terror (like checking your bus pass on the tram or the bus while travelling), but I doubt the local municipality is capable of terrorising people this way.

No, it's relatively flat in here. The only people who could complain because of the tree would be us, since it was in front of our windows.
No. 60876
The Enlightment era is when magic and science were effectively seperated in two because what we now call magic turned out to be a wrong believe with no actual truth in it. Before they were on even levels or maybe rather, as you said, formed a unity.
No. 60877 Kontra
I had to state my gender during an activity today. I didn’t like that at all, but did it anyway.
No. 60878 Kontra
Yeah, I'd feel uncomfortable having to say "sigma male" out loud.
No. 60879 Kontra
Oh no, how horrible.
One can only imagine the peasants of Tambov or the Jews of Krakow weeping collectively when faced with suffering as colossal as yours.
No. 60880 Kontra
Great posts, keep up the good work.
No. 60881
Depends on the magic. This is not entirely things like showing electrostatic effects and magnetism to the unknowing peasant bydlo of the era but it can include that. Things effectively stop being categorized as "magics" the moment we understand how they actually work, at which point we can separate the parts of what doesn't work but it still depends on your abstraction of a thing like "ritual." This is why the learned scholars i.e. people actually knowing how to read in times of 90% illiteracy came across as wizards and that witches were just olding ladies mixing shit like poultices or herbal medicines and magician's rituals was just knowing the right mixtures and proportions of chemicals to create le magickal effects.

If we ever found out how a thing like real magics or occultism could work our framework would just immediately categorize it as something like quantum mechanics or the "gestalt consciousness effect" or something like that.

On a related note I find it quite amusing that all these barbarian pseudo-bydlo today calling themselves smart and going on about muh science muh brain is just chemicals are immediately going to switch over to pretending we're all just quantum state effects the moment we have the first QPU home computers. People will then insist they are smart because they have a consumer 99IQ concept of publicly traded consumer goods without actually knowing how even they work but insisting the simplistic artifice of man is the same as what created it, ultimately the same as any superstitious 5th century BCE tard insisting there's a living spirit in the carved statue he created and calling it on par with himself.
No. 60882
Friendly reminder that immediately prior to the Holocaust the Nazis contracted out to IBM to get their databases together for tracking who was where. If you don't even have the basic self preservation instinct to feel uncomfortable when a stranger is intently watching you, particularly ones with inordinate power, then I don't know what to tell you. The precise reason why a dystopian spying system of this magnitude is allowed to grow to such proportions to begin with is because complete idiots just see the friendly pastels and safe rounded edges of their applications not even seeing the problem with it accessing all your phonecall, pictures, web browsing, contacts list, geolocation etc. just to play an allegedly free Tetris analogue. It is utterly horrifying beyond belief and the world is filled with sleepwalking zombies who somehow don't see any problems with all this.
No. 60883
>everyone is dumb, including me, except not really
Congrats on understanding how scientific progress works though, I guess.
No. 60886
>Things effectively stop being categorized as "magics" the moment we understand how they actually work
Only that magic is gone as an acceptable explanation and has been replaced with "not understood yet". That's the important difference which occured at the time, hence the split (which is still enfolding).
No. 60887
51 kB, 735 × 554
BTW Krylov said almost same things as Portuguese did. Once in USSR it was forbidden to have fence around dacha. One year after it was allowed again, but a lot was stolen during this year and people understood that they don't really own anything, so they stopped to care about their dachas.
Krylov had entire lecture about how Brits who secretly run Russia since 1917 humiliated Russians with simple everyday things. And not just everyday things: they made Glushkov ruin soviet electronics and copycat old IBM devices instead. I'm so afraid of them. Hope they will spare me and people I care about.

Seriously speaking, there is an argument for conspiracy theories. There are complete fools who believe the most primitive propaganda. There are fools who have more complex worldview and consider first type of people fools, but at same time they fall for more refined lies. And so on. And there is me. Why should I think that I'm the smartest one? Maybe I'm in the middle of this pyramid, and there are some 200 IQs who manipulate me.

> 1.5 years
Looks like you talk about corona. You are discontent with too much lockdown or not enough lockdown?

Is it because you look like girrrl? Or everyone had to do it?
No. 60888 Kontra
If we stand by your previous statement of "TechTM is a goddamn cancer and worse than all fascist or Communist visions", then it really is sickening that the NSDAP would stoop so low as to make a deal with IBM.
No. 60889 Kontra
>You are discontent with too much lockdown or not enough lockdown?
At first I was discontent with not enough lockdown, now I am discontent with eternal lockdown because of the first part. Also everything else around it, how other measures were handled from the politician side, how everyone was just trying to push responsibility away from themselves (and onto lower hierarchical levels) instead of doing the right (and possibly unpopular) thing, decimating the Mittelstand, all the while crying about how "nazis" are the biggest problem we have. Everything that was done in Germany had only one goal: Keeping the big companies going. Child care facilities have been open in one way or another the whole time, just so the parents can go to work, while running the child care workers into the ground. I should stop ranting though.
No. 60894
160 kB, 800 × 574
There is much yet to be written about the 25th of April - our 'Freedom Day'. I suppose as all national mythos, especially one that is the foundational one of our democracy, it comes to us today as a very oversimplified event. An event which is generally portrayed as the day that a group of military men conspired to give us all freedom and democracy by overthrowing the dictatorship.
I've come to understand that this really wasn't the goal of the large majority of officers involved in the coup and the progression of events that led to the birth of our democracy was far more chaotic and accidental than one would realize by reading post-factum accounts.
At some point, I want to dig deeper and write an assburger essay on this.
No. 60896
7 kB, 273 × 102
Closed an account with Acorns, but was still being billed monthly for their subscription. Contact customer support via chat and he asks for a screenshot of my bank statement. WTF? I didn't send it, told him he didn't need it, and he continued to address the problem without that info. So why did he want it? I'll admit I'm paranoid, but that shit is suspect af.
No. 60898
>Is it because you look like girrrl? Or everyone had to do it?
Everyone had to do it. And it was prounouns not gender now that I think of it. But you have to deal with it when your in art groups, especially theater and improv related. The combination of having mostly upper middle-class urbanites getting together to do theater gives a double standard on the censorship of jokes. You can't make fun of minorities and sexual orientations. But you are completely allowed to make fun of and parody lower class people and treat them as barely conscious byldos, make fun of their accent and even ethnocultural backgrounds as long as you treat them as uneducated oppressors. And those jokes are made by a lot of people there.
No. 60899
> But you are completely allowed to make fun of and parody lower class people and treat them as barely conscious byldos, make fun of their accent and even ethnocultural backgrounds as long as you treat them as uneducated oppressors. And those jokes are made by a lot of people there.
Funny, it's the same in Germany. You know, people from the countryside are all uneducated incestuous peasants, nazis are dumb and poor (or: dumb and poor people are nazis), OMG STOP MARGINALIZING THOSE POOR MINORITIES and fuck AFD btw, show some civil courage and say NO to nazis! We care for your, little dumb poor pet, because we are better than you, but we are benevolent (except if you're a NAZI PIG!).
No. 60901 Kontra
I was also talking about actual etnic minorities. Nobody will blame you for poorly imitating an Albanian and their cultural stereotypes if the character you portray is politicaly unlikable.
No. 60902
Well, for example russians can also be nazis. Putin is basically a nazi, right? And he's also friends with Trump, who is literally Hitler; fuck Trump and fuck americans, all americans are bad!
And don't forget the inability to understand how "foreigners" (because trying to integrate is also a no-no because you're a poor foreigner who MUST NOT learn the way of the nazi, also then you can't be treated like a pet anymore) can be against "refugees".
No. 60904
I recently talked to a normie about something nuanced, and came to the harrowing realization that this "person's" brain was neurologically incapable of containing the idea I was trying to convey.

Now imagine what the mind of some IQ160 freak is like. Us IQ120s are probably like animals to them. They could own us as pets and our lives would be better for it, because they would be more intellectually competent at managing our lives than we are.
No. 60905
Doesn't intelligence scale linear?

Also, I think you are a bit hasty in your postulation, because not everything is relative. There are certain thresholds.
Of course, some actual retard might not be able to put on his pants, whereas I am. Can the 160IQ dude put on his pants better?
Even Einstein, who was arguably really smart, had a tax guy. Granted, had he cared about taxes, he would have probably been a great tax guy, but he didn't, so he needed someone doing that for him.
Same with cleaning, cooking, sewing. Even the smartest person can't help you live your life if you don't know what you want. Determination is more valuable than raw intellect, because it drives you forward. Intellect only makes you mope. I really wish I were dumber. The world would certainly be more enjoyable than this state between midwit and actually gifted where I can recognize being smarter than the average person, but still lightyears away from the place actual smart people inhabit.

Also, your intellect doesn't mean shit if you're not able to act on it. Just having potential means precisely nothing.
No. 60907
Afaik it's actually parabolic.
Each standard deviation is a dramatic increase in intellectual capacity.

Yes, there are thresholds, but I think modern society has more complexity than even the smartest person can fully process, so there's no upper bound to how competent one can be at living life.
And yes, there are certain thresholds people of different capabilities meet, but I don't see how it affects the overall point. Like, children meet certain thresholds (they can put on their pants), but the adult brain is so much superior at making decisions than a child's, that it becomes a moral failing on our part to NOT make decisions for them.
And I can easily imagine that the gap between the average adult and the average child is much smaller than the gap between a normal adult and a freak genius.

I bet one of those hyper intelligent people could "raise" me as one would a child, by basically instructing me on every life decision, and I'd end up in a better place than on my own.

And isn't modern society like the above description anyway? Like, it's essentially a minority of very smart people inventing technologies and ideologies and art for us retard, so we can live comfortably without killing ourselves in the wilderness.
No. 60908
Hm alright then.

Though you are now contradicting yourself. If life is so complex that even the smartest person can't fully process it, then how would it matter in the first place? As long as you are functional enough, you're fine.
Also, there are an awful lot of choices adults make for children that just suck. A hundred years ago children were forced to stay still and got beaten up all the time. Wasn't really good.
Today you have fuckheads who present their kid as trans, or that one crazy feminist who didn't breastfeed her son to combat male privilege or something.
In fact, if it's not something immediately or eventually endangering their health, I don't see how a kid shouldn't make its own decisions. The only thing an adult must provide is a framework, i.e. a set of boundaries, in which the child can then reign mostly free.

And no, modern society is not like that, at all. Modern society rewards midwit conformism and memorizing routines a trained monkey could and which is exactly what school is for. Very intelligent people fare in school as well as very dumb people (until they actually understand they have to conform eventually if they don't want to end like bydlos). Politicians are dumb as hell, as are most artists. Scientific and technical progress is a collaborative effort of above average, but mostly not "very smart" people. Can you remember the last time some actual genius made some actual breakthrough invention?
No. 60909 Kontra
>Can you remember the last time some actual genius made some actual breakthrough invention?

Can you imagine those people weren't isolated geniuses but probably had communicated with other people and built on ideas before them, making it a collaborative enterprise in the end as well? Another explanation would be the vast amount of data nobody is able to comprehend anymore to make fundamental breakthroughs as individuals. Well, some new quantum interpretations might be impressive.
No. 60910 Kontra
...but that was exactly what I said?
No. 60912 Kontra
You contrasted modern collaborative scientific enterprise with genius (individual) breakthrough invention, didn't you?

My post was about how in the past there probably not really has been a genius individual making a breakthrough invention. The scientific community is obviously quite large today, but in the past something comparable (not in scale though) already existed. They did not churn out multiple author papers though.
No. 60914
No I wasn't. You probably missed the word "mostly".
>Scientific and technical progress is a collaborative effort of above average, but mostly not "very smart" people.
Which of course can include geniuses.

That said, I can instantly provide a counterpoint by citing Newton and Leibniz, both of which independently from each other developed differential calculus. Of course if you consider the underlying problems that had been known for longer some kind of "pre-work" then, yeah, there probably hasn't been an individual breakthrough invention in all of history. I also am talking specifically about inventions here, because for example the discovery of the vaccination mechanisms were based on earlier observations of how people with cowpox didn't get human pox, and so on.
No. 60916
>Though you are now contradicting yourself. If life is so complex that even the smartest person can't fully process it, then how would it matter in the first place? As long as you are functional enough, you're fine.
I don't think that's a contradiction. You're reiterating the point about meeting the threshold, while my argument is about degrees of success/competence. A more competent person is just more competent, the thing I was trying to highlight is that the gap between intellectual competence between dumb, average, smart and very smart people is much larger than people intuitively assume. Afaik, at around IQ80, a person is not competent enough to join the military, which is saying something.

>Also, there are an awful lot of choices adults make for children that just suck.
>... I don't see how a kid shouldn't make its own decisions. The only thing an adult must provide is a framework, i.e. a set of boundaries, in which the child can then reign mostly free.
That's a fair point. But those "boundaries" are still decisions more competent people made for them. For example, I don't think children should drive, or operate heavy machinery, or handle volatile chemicals, because their minds are not developed enough to handle such dangerous tasks. You can imagine some task which an average adult does not have the mental competence to safely perform. Like being a jet pilot or whatever.

>And no, modern society is not like that, at all. Modern society rewards midwit conformism and memorizing routines a trained monkey could and which is exactly what school is for.
"Rewards". The way an owner rewards a pet. That's the whole point, if you're being "rewarded" by some external entity, you're probably some human equivalent of cattle. Competent people are self driven and don't get rewarded, they take. The average person is kept safe, fed, comfortable and entertained by people who drive society, in exchange for their labor. It is a relationship not dissimilar to the one between a farmer and their cattle.

>Scientific and technical progress is a collaborative effort of above average, but mostly not "very smart" people. Can you remember the last time some actual genius made some actual breakthrough invention?
Off the top of my head, Einstein, and his contemporaries, and then the people who developed the quantum physics model. There hasn't been as major a discovery or shift in physics since those times, basically. And I think it is exactly because of institutionalization and "democratization" of academia. Too many midwits sucking up funds and labor on mediocre research.
Smaller examples are John Carmack inventing real time 3D graphics, Linus Torvalds creating the OS that powers the entire world's technology infrastructure. And even before them, a handful of people at Bell Labs inventing computing as we know it.
I think basically every paradigm shift in any intellectual pursuit and industry was made by one or two people solving some problem. Then the average people sort of nudge it forward. Initial breakthroughs are not a collaborative effort. Because intellect is not cumulative in groups. 100 indian codemonkeys can't replace 1 John Carmack. To make an analogy, you can fit a car in a cargo container, but you can't fit a car in 100 small boxes that collectively have the same volume as the cargo container. Here, the car being some complex idea.

Also, I find the "but they all had previously discovered knowledge and research" to be a copout argument. Well, so did the contemporaries of newton and einstein and whatever, so why were THEY the ones to make the breakthrough? There's examples of technology and ideas that existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, until someone came around and did something with them.
No. 60917
>A more competent person is just more competent, the thing I was trying to highlight is that the gap between intellectual competence between dumb, average, smart and very smart people is much larger than people intuitively assume.
Right, that's fair I guess.

> I don't think children should drive, or operate heavy machinery, or[...]
Yes, that is why I wrote
>if it's not something immediately or eventually endangering their health
I was more thinking of boundaries in the sense of general ethical/moral considerations like the Golden Rule.

>The average person is kept safe, fed, comfortable and entertained by people who drive society, in exchange for their labor
Yes, but that doesn't warrant those who "drive" society to be smarter, just to be more determined, in this case, determined to rule, having the will to power, and so on.

>Too many midwits sucking up funds and labor on mediocre research.
Well, as discussed in an earlier thread, it's determined by politics what is getting funded and whatnot. Though theoretical physicists have the big advantage of not needing any crazy equipment or laboratories to conduct their "research". Einstein could develop his theory while working at a patent office. Watson and Crick couldn't have done that (and Rosalynd Franklin neither). The thing about research, and I think that was also point of discussion in an earlier thread, is that until it's proven useful it's not proven useful, because initially you are just curious and then see what happens. Fleming also only discovered Penicillin by chance.

But the thing with breakthroughs is, as I come to think of it, also a threshold problem. In Germany we call it "über den Berg", so you have lots and lots of people pushing a boulder up a hill. Eventually someone will be the one tipping the boulder over the hump and THAT'S the breakthrough. He probably couldn't have managed to roll the boulder uphill by himself, because he wasn't born yet when they started pushing it uphill or because he lacked the endurance for such a long way and and and, but he had just the right amount of strength to heave it onto the other side.
No. 60930
In a sense, adulthood is spending money on a jar of pickles because you think it's a better investment foodwise than buying a burger for the same money.
But then again I also wasted an euro on a fancy bottle of tonic water on an impulse. And later I did end up buying a cheeseburger, so I guess I'm just infantile.

On the way home from German class I went into a Mcdonald's because everything else either had a long line or was closed, and I was hungry. There's a special kind of "I lost control of my life" when you're eating a cheeseburger at half past 10.
These nightwalks make me feel weird. Never before have I spent so much time on the streets when it's dark.

Told my mother I need her to give me allowance again and she asked me what happened to that 5k banknote she gave me (like 3-4 days worth of money), and I told her I saved her the time of going to the pharmacy and that I also bought some groceries.
Inflation has been unreal these past few years. When I started HS, I could go two days using a single 1k banknote if I had lunch at home, now I can barely buy two croissants and a coffee with it.
Kinda makes me feel guilty. I know money is worth less, but it still makes me feel like I'm overspending, even though I'm not. It's just that things got more expensive.

Yesterday I did my translation homework. I unironically had fun with translating from Alice in Wonderland.
Though I think some people in the group will have trouble with the style I ultimately settled on, but it's my choice in the end.

People are talking of another Lockdown(TM), but I doubt le orbang will risk another lockdown just before a general election.
No. 60936
Fuggg =DDD
This sounds very schizo, but I feel like probabilities of events observed in real world are far from what they should be.
Possible explanations are:
1. My estimations of probabilities are wrong.
2. It's kinda survivorship bias. Let's say, 1024 people throw coin 5 times. 32 of them get 5 heads in a row. They think "maybe this coin is not really random". They throw it 5 times more. 31 of 32 get tails at least one time and think "no, it's ok", but one gets 5 more heads, and I'm those lucky guy.
3. "Three body problem" >>59751 gives another explanation: ACHTUNG, SPOILER! it's a conspiracy of aliens done through nanorobots.

Interesting but I had thought about something like this before I've read the book (I mean, the problem in general, not the third explanation).
No. 60937
Another thing which makes me seriously doubt in reality is people around. As I said, they feel like NPC. But not because they are boring and predictable. Quite the opposite: real people shouldn't be so weird. It's like some edgy scriptwriter wrote them. Maybe this is just due to living in a country with zero social capital. It's cool and funny but sometimes a bit emotionally exhausting, so sometimes I wish I lived in boring swiss village (Switzerland is Germany on steroids .jpg)

So I'll add the 4-th explanation to the post above: someone is savescumming really hard.
No. 60947
Considering the Nazis used IBM to catalogue people to make exterminating them easier and more efficient, I'm not sure if that was your intended point
Anyone not worried about this is an idiot
No. 60953 Kontra
118 kB, 582 × 580
Reading a speech that carves out a vector for historicization of certain things, if I write my dissertation, I feel, it will be part of that. It's a good marker to orient myself and I will use the text to write the next big paper I have to hand in next semester or until summer.
While feeling hyped, I realized my first contact with this complex was the documentary about Ted Kaczynski, which turned me into somebody very skeptic of technology at a young age. Now a decade later more or less, I can puzzle it together quite well with the help of books and articles, position what I've seen so long ago into context quite well. I still know about all the problems, there are deep concerns about the marriage of tech, capital, and the state, but I'm not somebody who will defend anarcho-primitivism or some sort of eco-anarchism. Maybe that will change someday again. For the moment though I feel like I have found a bigger picture that I can use to situate my studies into.
No. 60955 Kontra
An interesting insight struck my mind: Part of the humanities are on their way to transform their field into posthumanities and via a new (or non-modern) thinking. The human is thought in relations, perhaps even as an effect of relations, not as a given substance and object of inquiry anymore. A thesis brought forward is now that this thinking is itself an effect of a media condition (networks as plain example).
No. 60958
Does Ernst have siblings? Older/younger? How are your relationships with them?

t. curious
No. 60964
Two older, one younger. Our relationship is good; I'm the one everyone likes and gets along with. Probably has something to do with being the middle brother, and birth order shaping our roles and personality.
No. 60965
I thought I had missed the possibility to enroll in a Russian language course at Lisbon University due to being a few days late.
Apparently not. Looking forward to this.
No. 60966
>Eventually someone will be the one tipping the boulder over the hump and THAT'S the breakthrough
My analogy is different in that I think breakthroughs happen when someone finds a different path around a hill by which to push the boulder. Without someone coming along and discovering it, people would have kept pushing the boulder uphill. Maybe they would have succeeded, but it is still an example of a process where one person does a significant amount compared to others. I think the difference is categorical, rather than continuous. It's what I'd define innovation as, even. A categorical shift in a process, rather than an incremental one.
>Einstein could develop his theory while working at a patent office.
Afaik he only worked for a couple hours, and spent the rest on scientific work. It's still a massive amount of time and intellect dedicated to a work. The material/financial requirements to do the research are different, but even theoretical work has material requirements. A peasant in some agrarian village wouldn't have had the material requirements to do even theoretical research.
>Yes, but that doesn't warrant those who "drive" society to be smarter, just to be more determined, in this case, determined to rule, having the will to power, and so on.
Maybe there is a difference in definitions here. You seem to be talking about the hierarchical / managerial position of "driving", while I'm talking about the functional position. Dennis Ritchie has affected the course of my life way more significantly, but he didn't do it through political/social processes, he simply invented something. Ultimately, I don't think the managerial class ever significantly affects anything, they merely adapt to the conditions set up by technologies or ideas. There are certain classes that occupy the top of social hierarchy, and enjoy the privileges and benefits of that, but I don't think they "rule" anything, they are simply filling a niche in the social structure. I think it's pure ideology to think that one's place in a hierarchy has much correspondence to their actual ability to "drive" the world. Hierarchies are just emergent logistical structures, and are in many ways arbitrary. The structure will be filled one way or another, the actual value is generated elsewhere in the system.
This is neither a good or a bad thing, it's just the nature of emergent social structures. The only mistake is visualizing the structure as vertical. It just so happens that some roles in the structure allow the one filling them to accrue disproportional amounts of wealth, and (some forms of) power, that does not mean they are an essential or most important part of the structure. I think a better metric of importance is interchangeability. Most "rulers" can be replaced by someone else without any difference in their function.
I think "rulers" are like celebrities in that they have no "real" function, but their function lies in being the "characters" in the narrative of our societies.

I don't know where I was going with this or how any of this is relevant but there you go.
No. 60967 Kontra
The social structures, technologies and policies are just filtration mechanisms for the signals and behaviors expressed by a population. The "content" does not change, only what is (more strongly) expressed.

I have a headache so I can not presently elaborate on this thought.
No. 60968
110 kB, 640 × 397
98 kB, 602 × 640
98 kB, 1019 × 329
12 kB, 239 × 211
Most people are functionally illiterate in the ways that actually matter. Being able to encode and decode linguistic symbols does not necessitate the ability to encode and decode "meaning".

Why are all these thought experiments about language, symbols, and meaning feature non-human entities like robots, AIs and animals, when it's observable that they easily apply to humans as well?

There is a quote by Wittingstein, that goes something like "if lions could speak, we would not be able to understand them". I disagree because in the quote is the implication that speech necessarily contains something that could be understood in the first place, as in that a transfer of ideas must happen. What we call speech is just a physical action of flapping your flesh, that serves many different functions, and in most cases, it is not the transfer of ideas. In most cases, it is "posturing". A sort of "social" signalling. I put it in quotes because I can't think of an appropriate word, but "signaling" happens in animals (including humans) that are not "social" (in the common understanding of what "social" means), and even in order to signal to members of a different species. Like trying to appear larger to intimidate predators. One could argue that because this sort of signaling exists, and performs the same function as signaling in social animals (appearing larger or play-fighting to group establish hierarchy), an ecosystem / food chain comprising different animals could also be called a "society". Which is an interesting thing to think about, but I digress.

Anyway, most human speech/writing is an example of such signalling. The information is not contained in the linguistic content of the message itself, but implicitly understood by the parties. It is sort of "baked in" to the individual, maybe through previous learning, maybe biologically. But no actual idea transfer has occurred. Of course, all communication relies on both parties holding certain previous assumptions and knowledge, but the key distinction is the generation/transfer of information that is relevant to the text itself. Explaining algebra requires the text to contain the information itself by way of some logical constructs embedded in the text. Signaling aggression or friendliness does not, such a message can be delivered by any arbitrary signal, provided it is recognized as such.

I have no rigorous formulation of this distinction, but I could speculate that there are at least three methods of communication through speech: signalling, transfer of data (as opposed to ideas) (statements of fact, or a kind of "static" information, such as "There is a house on the hill two kilometers to the west"), and "dynamic constructs" that contain a sort of a code-like "program" that needs to be "understood", as in computed. The latter, I find, is the least common type of communication, the majority of speech being used for the former two. Perhaps the reason is because language evolved for those two purposes, as they had immediate benefit for survival ("I am the alpha male" - signalling, "Watch out, there is a predator hiding in a bush over there" - data communication). While the latter is an emergent property of having developed language. Also, "idea transfer" is more resource intensive, as the information needs to be decoded by the receiver, rather than simply received like in the other two cases.

Another thing I have noticed is that language is kind of really bad for that purpose. It is very difficult to transmit some kind of complex, dynamic idea through language, because it is probably not primarily suited for that purpose. Now here's a fun idea. I think that video games are the next step in human communication, because they have the unique property of communicating such dynamic, evolving systems by virtue of just simulating them in real time, and letting you interact with them. See this talk by Jonathan Blow on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWFScmtiC44

This ramble brought to you by: me randomly recalling an obscure meme from when I used to be in the Bleach (the manga) fan community, and my recent fruitless delve into Twitter to find some information on a subject. Twitter is a social media platform basically designed to make any form of communication other than signaling impossible. Most things there people replying with one liner quips to posts they don't like, or with one liner praise to posts they like.
No. 60969
673 kB, 1024 × 576
4,2 MB, 333 × 250, 0:08
Memes are an interesting thing to talk about in this context. Especially the types of memes that are purely referential. Such as baneposting. Successful baneposting requires that the messenger and recipient have some previous understanding and context of the message, that others are not privy to. The message itself contains no inherent meaning, it is completely arbitrary (why this movie scene of all things?).

But the joy of baneposting is the feeling of belonging to some all-permeating, but invisible low IQ mob, that identifies each other through a modern equivalent of grunting and flinging shit like hippos. Literal shitposting, by the way. In any random online group, completely out of context, you can say "He's a big guy", and somebody will reply "For you". And that is kinda ebin.
No. 60970
The problem is a lot of those idiots like to act as though they are geniuses for it, when in fact they do nothing but pantomime some Hollywood content set down for them. My friends did this in high school where they would just recite lines verbatim from some movie they both saw and I always saw that as pretty stupid. It established and made nothing. Real memes were things that emerged through the social interactions of online message boards, sometimes incorporating elemenets of real world or fictional things but in an imaginative way. A great deal of that was just common mistakes, until the mistake outright got categorized as the "right" way to do something which I strongly suspect is how all extant linguistic groups naturally evolved over the centuries, to where only ye olde englisch would type liek as "like" or tiem as "tiem."

This is even truer of the modern generation of post-cancer faggots, that even the cancer killing everything looks like several generations of oldfag next to, who do shit like still memes from other people who in turn often stole them from someone else and then having the witless audacity to say "X can't meme."

Your case is an excellent example of this ultimately because I can't think of one damn original thing anyone from 4cancer came up with in the last ten years. In fact some of the only memes they use they didn't directly take from Hollywood verbatim they stole from us like wojak. If IBs were secret societies then those are the beerhall Mason retards who think they're in on something, but are not, and in fact no more know the origins than a typical redditor. In fact I guarantee you ask most of these cancerous shitposters where their wojak comes from they have no clue krautchan even existed.

Going along with your point, they are adopters of culture, and not its inventors. They are incapable of making anything of their own. It's the difference between a film critic and some guy who maybe loses his IP rights to some parasite, so what does he do? He just goes and invents something else.

No one has been "in" the group for like five years now, and that was only our very small online cliques, eventually sabotaged by the non-inventors who stole everything. This is because the context themselves is universal and meaningless. Someone could easily have said "for you" who never heard of an imageboard and is some 50 year old English speaker in Pakistan. This contrasts sharply with your old shitposting buddy Casey or /b/tards or whoever.
No. 60971 Kontra
Artistic expression would fit witch one of those categories of discourse?
No. 60973
116 kB, 1536 × 651
Artistic expression typically functions on a "phenomenal" basis. As in, evoking a range of experiences that are not quite "thought". Looking at a painting, you might have an internal experience (sometimes emotion, but not necessarily) that is more... visceral? The experience then has to be processed and converted into language in order to be described. So it is a layer deeper in the cognitive spectrum.

Literature is unique in that there's an extra step in decoding the language, then having the experience. Also interesting that the evoked experience is not transferable through other mediums, including language. You can't describe a painting in a way that evokes the same experience as seeing it.

I left this one out because the main topic of the post was use of language.
I actually wrote a shitpost about this some time ago, if you want to read it (you don't)
No. 60974
>Have to critique someone else's translation next week
>Look up my assigned piece
>It's a disastrous, uneven mess with an overly contemporary style
I really don't want to turn it into a struggle-session but God, it's shit.
It's not like my version can't be criticised (since in style it's a bit old fashioned, but I think that's a good fit for a victorian text) but by god, writing "Oh mama" into an Alice translation isn't something I want to see ever again.

Learning dead languages is such a fucking slap in the face. You get homework, you try to do it, but everyone fails because
>Oh lol there's this obscure rule we didn't talk about last week that was instrumental to like half the assignment but let's talk about it now lmao

On the way home I bought two books. Didn't know they translated Tanizaki's Some prefer nettles into Hungarian, from the original Japanese no less!
So I got that and a German volume of Icelandic poetry.
Also got those volumes about ancient Chinese law and it has some pretty hilarious lines in it like
>Beheading at the marketplace - The lightest and most common form of the death penalty
Calling it a "light death penalty" is infinitely funny to me for some reason. I know getting beheaded is probably less painful than getting cut in half at waist height, but still.

They're handing out free newspapers every day, so I've been taking one because I feel the plight of the girls handing out. They stand in one place all day and try to hand a paper to everyone passing by on their way to the tube.
A horrible job.
Of course the paper itself is just government sponsored propaganda.
What I've noticed with these government sponsored papers is that most of them, no matter the country have the same structure.
>Less outrageous political claim
>Completely mundane happening like a lost cow being returned
>Completely mundane happening like someone everyman building a shed
>A celebrity-article
>Outrageous political claim
>Yet another outrageous political claim you're starting to believe now
Basically it's trying to give you the illusion of it being an "organic" media environment, as if the filler articles mattered, as if this was an actual paper and not something edited by a few interns on a short leash. They could close it down and open it up under a new name the very next day. It's only character is that it lacks character.
No. 60977
You made an accidental pun in your filename; it's spelled 'crucifixion'.
No. 60979
31 kB, 200 × 200
Just how genuine works of art are avatars for divine spirits, I believe that bad, ugly art is literally archons posing as statues, paintings, etc.

All such "art" works must be destroyed. And since archons are purely material beings, destroying their bodies will annihilate them permanently. That's how you exorcise archons. And when the archons are destroyed, Divine Totality will be manifest.

Let's start with anime.
No. 60980
Gnosticism is the same load of bullshit as any other religion, so meh.
No. 60984
VINTAGE IS OVER! back to normality...

(actually yesterday, but some final work had to be done today)

time to get drunk
No. 60989
You guys ever feel limited by language?
Language is too imprecise to convey nuanced thought. Synonyms are my bane.

Humans invented the language of math to talk in logic, why shouldn't we invent more languages for specific purposes? Every academic paper should define its own formal language in the preamble.
No. 60990
Why a whole new language? What's stopping you from just inventing new words? That said, what prevents you from inventing a new language?

>Every academic paper should define its own formal language in the preamble.
But fuck right off with that shit. I am already enough of a "Fachidiot", I don't need to only be able to only converse with other idiots like me.
Plus, with the growing interdisciplinarianism balkanization of scientific language would be completely counterproductive.
No. 60991
Well, yes, new words would be the first step.
Sometimes I wonder if I should just randomly generate some symbols, add a footnote to my shitposts exhaustively defining the new word, with illustrations, music, diagrams, etc. to form a complete picture, and then use it throughout the post.

But defining "objects" is only one part, in order to specify relationships, one needs syntax.

On the contrary, defining new languages for every purpose would unify all thought on a more fundamental level. It is impossible to tear words out of the contexts of their respective disciplines, which makes interdisciplinary discourse difficult. Now, imagine if there was a separate word for "subject" for every context, from linguistics to philosophy to journalism to science. No more confusion, everyone can communicate without mixing up contexts.
No. 60993
I feel limited by language, it's a system and a medium that has specific limits.

>Every academic paper should define its own formal language in the preamble.

What would be other formal languages?

>Now, imagine if there was a separate word for "subject" for every context, from linguistics to philosophy to journalism to science. No more confusion, everyone can communicate without mixing up contexts.

Nah, I think you want more precision but in the end you will just create boundaries that make building bridges even worse as you separate even more by showing that two areas don't speak the same language. Also, you could just define what subject means instead of inventing new languages, though that is what already happens a lot in academia. When I think about it, what you want is perhaps the case while interdisciplinarity thoughts after WW2 for instance went for maths as common denominator, abstract structures found/seen in in every discipline was the hope for a universal science.
No. 60995
It's one of the reasons I like Hebrew actually, at least in theory. The idea that you can assign both numeric values to each letter as well as compacting whole symbolisms into each additional letter adds a whole range of complexity absent to ordinary English. Like just imagine if the letter A both stood for the numeral 1 as well as being symbolic to Man/humankind/a person, and that letter M stood for birth/life numeral 40, and that R meant cutting motion/death/erasure and numeral 200. Just be rearranging the ordering of the letters you can get all kinds of additional subtexts and nuanced meanings, like for example the formation of the Golem of Prague and then just the erasure of a letter written on its forehead or adding one letter or number killing it or giving it a soul or some shit like that. You just simply can't do those kinds of things to English which is exactly why English completely fucking sucks for absolutely everything but highly technical shit of where you're having to shorten everything to acronyms for example fighting a war or piloting a plane where snippiness and clarity is much more highly valued. But even then, you can basically do the same kind of shit by constructing a language like Hebrew and just using 3-4 letter constructs anyway.

In short, yes I think that English fucking sucks and so do Latin and Romance languanges to an extent. Of course you can have added benefits to specific use cases in Far Eastern languages although pronunciation based ones like Mandarin are clearly dogshit for communicating over a choppy radio flying bomber missions and Japanese is such a clusterfuck for trying to use a keyboard.

I think you're onto something in terms of using three separate universal language sets would probablu be ideal for humans across specific certain use cases between technics and philosophy however I think you're incorrect on stipulating we should somehow take this Babel clusterfuck into even more extreme nonsensical dimensions just by making everything from poetry to manufacturing a toaster to writing computer code taking on its own unique bullshit technical jargons for each when we already have that ad hoc anyway.

In point of fact your way is exactly the kind of nonsense which leads or accelerates to everything from the dark ages of Imperium of man to regression of technology in Battletech because fucking nobody has any idea how to do anything anymore except a few of wise sages and acolytes whose fathers and fathers fathers happened to work for ComStar so they now have all the ancient manuscripts just on how to send Collect calls.

Mark my words we live in the Dark Ages of man. This is likely going to be a sudden apocalypse on worse scale than the Fall of Rome because nobody's going to know how to do fucking anything anymore and every jackass decided to store all the shit explaining how to do anything on sensitive electrical devices. It takes one good EM hit from space to bring us all down, or just a couple dozen well placed 200kt airbursts across the globe to knock us back to the stone age for generations with 70% causalties in the sudden panic and collapse. My sincerest wish was for 2020 to be a stern warning shot across the bow to wake these people up and make us take conditions seriously to plan for averting the dark terrible future but I only realized how utterly useless those 80% of humanity are and why Abram had to leave the city and why not to turn your face back. They all goeth to destruction. I see a future of the collapsing Manhattan skyline crashing beneath the waves, a spoiled ruined and decadent civilization with the same "what a waste" as watching a talented young man sever the thread of fate by overdosing on heroin instead. What we need to be doing right now is preparing for how to keep our glass houses going or at least not crashing down so hard nobody knows how to do fucking anything anymore because it was written in KOBOL and who in fuck knows where the manuals are even if we could get the chips working again. Ironically our very nuclear system is proofed in a sense that you have to do things more manually and mechanically and that it can't get hacked like our SCADA systems although even our nuclear plants are aged as shit too.

Basically what you're proposing tl;dr becomes accelerationist towards only remote small castes keeping everything running and us needing to conduct some sort of heroic epic tale to find the wise man in the mountains who understands how to do things like replace a tire on a car because he's the last man that speaks the ancient language of the Automobile Mek Tek.

They don't exist here but on some kind of a subrealm or a shadowplane and basically need to interface with us through something abstract or obscure to this world. It's not in the art or alleged art itself. Also I feel like you're proposing yet another solution leading us to some horrifying grimdark reality where we have peasants chanting over machinery and burning things to excise the evil spirits. Think of how dumb the average person you know is, and now realize up to half the planet is even fucking dumber than those people. I still don't know that I agree with the sentiments of everybody from allegedly the Masons and occultists to Brotherhood of Steel to intelligence agencies and to pre-Luther Catholics with their monopoly on religion through only caste who spoke the magic religion Latin, but I at least come to understand why they think the way they do: because people are not just fucking idiots; they're dangerous fucking idiots of dubious trustability with anything let alone the arts, technology, sensitive war or state secret vulns, or saying the magic word over a high carb human sacrifice
No. 60996
I think that we need one language for every highly technical field refined to the Scholarly standard, yet another language for conveying every thought, art, philosophy, poetry, and sentimentality or deeper inward experience to human behavior, and possibly yet another third one for contemporary every day Imperial Basic as the conversant language. When you're needing to be giving orders in a chaotic environment like say working as a medic in a mass casaulty incident or being a soldier you can just switch to Technic Standard over Ontology Standard and Basic and then you can just use codes as needed, which maybe could be easier when every language and code starts going extinct to where Navajo becomes much rarer and harder to decipher or predict.

Basically the only use case for linguistic distinctions and barriers is for waging war and separaring the in-group from the out-group tribe, which it should be noted literally every psychopath ever inflicts on his citizenry to where they no longer can even understand outside their artificial social context. Likely psychopaths played a major role in driving language as well as world history and it's because if you understand how every cult constructs itself the Dear Leader redefines words and removes them from their group and wider societal context. Just think about how every Tyranid cult or chaos cult to real world cults operates with language because they want to take you away and control you and control your thoughts so as to have power over you and wage war over the wider group. Nothing is scarier to a psychopath than everyone having shared agreed upon meanings and free flowing information with lack of ability to separate and control and the people in group realizing their commonality with outgroup followed by discovery which is their worst of horrors afaik.

I can just imagine some company doing this too. Like one company still uses the Julian calendar for I don't know what fucking reason and pointlessly uses their own internal buzzwords and jargon. Every company does this more or less. Now imagine if every company tried redefining your language to the point where everybody speaks their corporate speak so now you can't even get a new job without learning their new language first.
No. 60997
I regularly get municipal newspaper in my mailbox, read boomer jokes on last page and throw it away.
There are very few political articles there because it's easier for authorities to imprison opposition or simply don't let them to elections than to argue with them.

Two cases when Russian language limited me:
  1. Talking about psychedelics experience.
  2. It's impossible to say "I will win" in Russian.
Otherwise it's very expressive language.
No. 60999
Wouldn't it be я выиграю? Alternatively я буду победителем :DD
No. 61001
Yes, it's almost the same, and difference is negligible.
But it's still strange that word "победить" suddenly lacks one of the forms in future tense.
No. 61008
1,1 MB, 1344 × 1273
1,6 MB, 1346 × 1252
1,3 MB, 1356 × 1239
1,3 MB, 1360 × 1268
Artistbros, I don't feel so good.
This thing has better understanding of values, edge control and brush economy than most professional artists.

On another hand, it's a good way to study painting yourself. Looking at these images you can more clearly tell how it tries to crate a balance of soft vs hard edges, without being distracted by details and symbols like one usually does.
No. 61011
123 kB, 691 × 922
> archons are purely material beings,
It's so easy to copy works of arts this day thanks to computers. This means that I can spawn and destroy millions of archons per second automatically.
How does that make you feel, demiurge?
No. 61013
81 kB, 900 × 900
It's worse than that. Computers are also literally archons. Why do you think they seem like living beings despite not having souls?
Big Tech(tm) is a cult of warlocks who use their vile magicks to summon evil spirits. Why do you think programmers and tech people are materialistic, autistic science worshipers? Autism is a disease that affects the pineal gland, blocking the person suffering from corresponding with the divine realm. I suspect that zuckerberg, bezos and musk are also archons posing as humans.

So digital media is not the archons, your computer is the archon.
No. 61017
That feel when a shitty fully automated system makes better art than literally 90% of your society's production, and as the richest super power ever no less. I think this doesn't speak so much to the advancement of computing as it does to our own failures. It's because we finally reached the point where our own artistry degraded itself beneath an algorithm, and this is because there's more money to be made on a canned piece of a shit, or celebrity's old half eaten toast, or a banana duct taped to a wall, than there is in making actual art evidently. This could be partly because art in and of itself has never been the most efficient economic activity and in eras past often got propped up by wealthy patronage, religious motivations, or some possibly cancerous ideological motive or motive of some cancerous politician like a monarch asking for an unduly flattering and heroic portrait.

You joke but it would be very easy to convince bydlo to burn their iPhones if we could somehow convince them Bill Gates demons are infesting them. It doesn't need to be logical, only emotionally vivid. In fact we should stay away from the real and valid reasons for Big Tech skepticism as a whole because upon seeing something truthful and factually they will instinctively turn against it. "Computers will turn you into godless demon worshiping Communistic trannies" something or other. Because they don't know how it works they're going to assume it's magics.

Somehow I do not imagine that would be either easy or desirable to do as a Russian, so I am rather surprised how many internet Russians seemingly did psychedelics. I do remember this one Russian on casey describing how he took acid in his commiebloc and immediately began assaulted by stepping outside into this hell dimension where everything was grey and nasty and evil. Of course to the point, language is very difficult to use adeptly for sharing mystical, emotional, psychedelic, spiritual, narcomans and other sort of experiences, with really the skilled wordsmith really just being better at using a false construct like a language to bridge the experiential barriers between one who has experienced A and one who has not by correctly mapping it to their shared experiences of B and C and how B and C can be envisioned as metaphorical or conceptualizations for the inward experience of A, even though in truth the second person has no idea what A even is.
No. 61021
>better art
What exactly makes this art "better"? How do you quantify artistic quality?
No. 61022
Replace it with "lack of autism" and it will be close to truth.
Computers allow us to exist in internet instead of corrupt and vile material world. Sadly, with years the former starts to resemble the latter more and more.

>"Computers will turn you into godless demon worshiping Communistic trannies"
But it's true, isn't it?

> Somehow I do not imagine that would be either easy or desirable to do as a Russian,
Lol why? =D

> so I am rather surprised how many internet Russians seemingly did psychedelics.
We, Russians in wectern internet are not representative. Why would someone end up in obscure imageboard on foreign language? This requires some curiosity and efforts in searching something new. Just like taking drugs does.
It's like thinking that all Indians are programmers because all Indians you see are programmers (while others don't get h1b visas and stay in their slums).

> I do remember this one Russian on casey describing how he took acid in his commiebloc and immediately began assaulted by stepping outside into this hell dimension where everything was grey and nasty and evil
Are you sure this happened after he took acid, not after it stopped working? Your description is just average Russia outside moscow circle road. =DDD

> one who has experienced A and one who has not by correctly mapping it to their shared experiences of B and C
I don't think that people are so unique and their inner experiences differ so much. We are built according to approximately the same blueprints. But psychedelic experience is too diverse compared to number of people who go through it to encode it's phenomenons in words. Interesting, societies who have traditions of taking drugs have special lexicon to describe it?
No. 61023
Oh yeah, art is subjective so banana on wall is totally legit. Ironically, banana on wall is considered legit due to the opposite thing: people (including private and government funders) trust experts instead of their own feelings while dealing with it.
No. 61024
142 kB, 773 × 1024
Tbh I don't see much variety in the form. They kinda look alike. Is that all an AI can generate from words? Try German expressionism.
Also, I don't see AI making landart and other more "spacey" art that came after painting and music and writing.
No. 61026
Doesn't answer the question and also completely misses the point. Sit down, 6.
No. 61027
48 kB, 386 × 300
Khrushchev's replicas at the avant-garde exhibition

> What is it? Why is there only one eye? She is some kind of morphine addict!
> What is this disgrace, what are those freaks? Where is the author?
> How could you imagine a revolution like that? What are these faces? Can't you draw? My grandson can draw better.
> Are you mans or damn fagots, how can you write like that? Do you have a conscience? Who is author?
> What are you talking about, what kind of Kremlin it is! Is a mockery. Where are the battlements on the walls - why can't you see them?
> I remember we visited the Dresden Gallery. We were shown a picture - this is how the hands were painted that even in a magnifying glass you cannot distinguish strokes. And you can't do that either!
> Deny! Prohibit everything! Stop this mess! I order! This is what I say!
> And keep track of everything! And on the radio, and on television, and in press, purge it out!
> From saxophone to knife - just one step!
> Whoever allowed them to write like that, send everyone to felling - let them work out the money that the state spent on them,
> Disgrace, what is it, the donkey wrote with its tail or what?
> It is very general and incomprehensible. Here's what, Belyutin, I am telling you as Chairman of the Council of Ministers: all this is not necessary for the Soviet people. You see, I'm telling you this!
No. 61029
Of course it lack composition, symbols, meaning and expression.
But it has good technique. It knows how to use "brush strokes" to both separate and verge shapes properly.
Reminds me how Craig Mullins minimizes the number of shapes while maximizing the illusion of form
No. 61030
>hurr durr degenerate art
Was Kruchov of nazi?
No. 61031
>Of course it lacks everything that makes art art
Go home Kazakh you're drunk
No. 61032
So does most art.
No. 61033
His agrarian policies in fact led to the great famine in China which killed millions of Chinese so technically he was a nazi.
No. 61034
If not German ball, I would be sure that it's irony. But in this case, I am heavily confused. Please, clarify.
No. 61035
As one German ball, I can assure you it was irony.
No. 61037
As the other German ball, I was being serious, obviously.
No. 61038
1,6 MB, 1392 × 1265
1,0 MB, 1282 × 1254
God, I hate having to clarify things that are quite clear from the original text.
nowhere did I imply that the images produced by the AI were "real art". I commented purely on the execution.

Also, people have a consumer perspective on artwork. Their conception of artwork is limited to essentially what is published. Most artwork created by artists is not fit for publishing, and contain little "artistic merit", because they are studies, intended for refinement of technique. (in the museum going, commentary reading audience's conception of "artistic merit", that is).
But other artists still find interest in those works, and discuss/analyze them, because improving and applying technique is relevant to what they do. It's like seeing a prototype engine and saying "why doesn't it drive cars yet"? Or biomedical research and saying "why doesn't it cure diseases?".

I have this suspicion that it is impossible for someone to fully appreciate art unless they themselves practiced it at least until dilettante level. "You don't have to be a chef!!111". Well, that doesn't apply to being able to competently comment on the process, only the outcome. And even then, taste is innate and doesn't require practice, while the ability to "see" and analyze artwork requires parctice, and some level of mental work.

It also emulate watercolors and video game textures, which is cool.
No. 61039
>I have this suspicion that it is impossible for someone to fully appreciate art unless they themselves practiced it at least until dilettante level.
A dangerous thought. This is the sort of thought that should never take root in people who already engage in artistic creation because otherwise they'd become unacceptably insufferable. Even if true, this should be kept to yourself. I would join the masses as we violently overthrow the rotten artist class if they begin speaking such smug bourgeois idiocy.
No. 61041
Yeah true I guess I see your point. My immediate instinct was to be all "but you're not an artist of some sort, film maker, writer, whatever so your idea isn't as valid" until I realized that first of all art is meant to be appreciated by others, and then I realized it would be pretty much like saying "well unless you yourself are a gamedev you really can't say that this game sucks or not." I think we already instinctively weigh what one person's opinion means who's from "the industry" and at the same time are able to disregard their ramblings as not gospel, so it's not a problem needing fixing anyway.

Art is by its nature an unquantifiable problem, like jokes. Trying to put a price tag or some numeric metric to art is like trying to do the same thing to a joke: if you even attempted such it only proves you're unqualified to make such a judgment anyway.

>Are you sure this happened after he took acid, not after it stopped working?
Lol good one.
I imagine psychedelics as sort of opposite to drug like alcohol, in one allows you to be acceptable with and normalize the deplorable, whereas other shows you the inward truth of things even if before you took it for granted. So maybe you assume your neighborhood is a shithole but you accept it and move on with life or think it as normal, and then another shows you truth of how bad things really are or what they could be instead of shit. I think.

I fail to see how that is not art. I may even be so bold as to say art and True Art are not necessarily the same, with only the latter requiring a soul or any kind of motivation or intentionality.

Also I'm not sure why I'm so vaguely uncomfortable with the cooking comparison, because it's like it is so close to being apt while also being inapt it could become the lie to mislead a people for generations. Cookery just requires following a recipe. I suppose one could argue by a stretch that is the same as art-not-Trvecvlt-art, and that learning to be an artist is partly by learning to follow other techniques exactly so as to know later how to play with or even break them, and that all cooks started with learning technique just as any truly great recipe is borne of invention or happy accident, but I do not know. Passion. Perhaps it is the passion? Even if you can literally taste the lack of love in a recipe I still just cannot accept it as a real art form. Which I suppose would go into arguing what is an art form. Maybe it also is because unlike art, cooking is essential. The additional artistry is merely a flourish on top of what is biologically impossibility to ignore, and that no amount of cookery no matter how famous can aspire to being moved like a real art. I have tasted a great many things and yet none of them changed me or touched my soul, in similar fashion as a great cologne or perfume is more of highly pleasing trade than something which can move you and the way you see things in the world.

I suppose that is what my distinction would be between art an True Art, which is that True Art is a cerebral and spiritual experience necessitated by sharing of experience at an inward level between two sentient beings, whereas mere art is on the same level as a scent or taste which is merely pleasing on a visceral level and thus evenbourgeois dogs or other animals can enjoy.

As to an engine the fact is any of us outside that industry can immediately tell if it works or not. We may not know what is wrong or necessarily technical reasons why we prefer one engine over another, but no matter how dumb we still often can choose some type of preference. Whether it just werks or not is not something you need highly specialized and compartmentalized training or knowledge to understand.

All being an insider does is give us a discerning eye for detail. I know if my graphics card is shit or not. I may not necessarily know how it is, or be able to visualize what precisely is wrong with it, or be better able to discern the layers between the shades of grey how much it werks compared to another similar Thing, or even be able to envision just what scales of decadence I could be missing out on, when fact is I know if it just werks or not, similarly to how I may not notice the tiny off detail to the lighting or be overtly critical of their choice in using that exact camera angle for that 2.3s cut, because I still can know if it is complete shit or not regardless even I were so bydlo as to merely enjoy summer blockbuster shit or not get meaning behind greater works. Fact is, one of your jobs as a professional, be it making a meal or an engine or piece of art, is to at least not fuck up so badly that even an untrained professional notices your fuckup, while also holding yourself to such a higher standard not even legendary figures in your industry can find fault with it.
No. 61043
I don't run my mouth talking about quantum physics, high math, or other sciences, since I have even the slightest understanding of the subjects.
I don't try to analyze music beyond "I like the melody, I like the lyrics", etc., because I don't have an internalized grasp on musical composition.
And so on. I don't try to do analysis on subjects I have no clue about.
And I had absolutely garbage, pleb tier opinions on the visual arts until I took up painting. I used to think video game concept art was the pinnacle of art, and that non-representative art was weird and bad. There's something inherently elitist/aristocratic about art, pursuing it requires that one has the privilege of doing useless shit for no gain. A pastime only bored aristocrats can practice until mastery. The rest of us can only hope to become "good". I kinda just accept that.

But, yeah, I my statement went too far, due to being agitated at the time of writing. I apologize.
The point still stands though, that art appreciation is a skill that needs to be developed. At least some understanding of how the sausage is made, both the process and result needs a level of familiarity. And it's not a fact that practicing it will get you there. Most video game concept artists have garbage taste despite being technically amazing.
I have noticed that most artists I admire do not give a shit about journalists, critics, and fans. If they want critique, they consult other artists in their field. I think most art critique on anything is hot garbage, they speak so confidently and influence opinions despite being no more qualified than the average reddit intellectual.

One can make the argument that inputting the right prompts into a generator to get interesting results is also a skill. Photography is art, even if the camera "generates" the picture.
No. 61044
179 kB, 1086 × 927
1,5 MB, 1364 × 1282
Craig mullins and an AI generated image.

You can see how rough and loose mullins' brush strokes are. Sometimes they're just blobs made by the basic photoshop round brush. But through the interplay of hard vs soft age, the illusion of form, and overal coherence is maintained.

You can see a sort of similar thing going on in the AI generated picture. If there's one thing the neural network actually fully learned, it's that hard vs soft shape transitions = illusion of form.
No. 61045 Kontra
Going back and forth from full image to thumbnail on that portrait is quite a trip. The elements go from flat shape to recognizable forms and materials, instantly. The brain is tricked, despite knowing the trick.
No. 61046 Kontra
I feel like my mind has been deteriorating. I keep making garbage takes, and then only in hindsight realizing they're garbage.
No. 61052
It's the alcohol or a phase though I think alcohol really damages the brain chronically when taken in certain amounts over time
No. 61054
I just realized that while I have been kilometers above the ground several times, I don't think I have ever been deeper than five meters into water.
Why is bathyscaphs not a tourist thing like suborbital spaceflight?
No. 61056
You could visit an old some coal in the Ruhr valley, I'm sure they must have on old Stollen prepared for visitors. Actually, I'd like to see myself.
No. 61057
Eh, we have enough old Stollen and Besucherbergwerke where I come from, I meant under water. Of course I have also passed the Elbtunnel, for example, but that's not the same as being actually in the water.
No. 61062 Kontra
2,7 MB, 480 × 270, 0:07
I think I fucked up my first Chinese exam of the year and I fucking hate myself for it.
It's both my fault, and not my fault. We spent like 4 months using a computer to write and read, and suddenly we're expected to be able to write everything by hand.
It's over.

Workshop class went fine. Lecturer talked a bit about the Sumerian writing system and based on how Sumer and Akkadian interact in wordlists I'm glad I didn't pick Sumerian as free credit.
Greek is kind of like walking into a forest of dicks with an open mouth, but holy fuck this looks needlessly complicated and cryptic.
Though it's pretty cool to be able to talk to an Assyrologist. I get to ask the weird questions only an Assyrologist can answer, like "how's the Hungarian translation of the Gilgamesh-epic?

Bought a frozen pizza, a soft-drink and some crisps. They put out pumpkins and haystacks in the store for Halloween. It's unbelievable how much I fucking despise Halloween and the United States.
No, I don't want to elaborate upon it, it just makes me feel better that I can state my disdain for it.
No. 61064 Kontra
Are you of catholic or protestant origins?
No. 61065
11 kB, 645 × 773
I don't have basic living skills, I wasn't really taught this very well by my babyboomer parents

Can you teach me how to live, Ernst?
No. 61066
I take it our hate for China only makes you like it more

Nothing matters here but money. All other things should always be secondary no matter what or how important you think unless or until you leave. Especially prioritize this above women. If you put your own career first you can figure out the rest later.

Beyond that it's literally up to you.
No. 61067
11 kB, 645 × 773
Well I don't really want to be a wagie for money and I technically don't have to be one since I have capital but.. I'm not sure what to do with it.. was thinking about a small farm for profit but still not sure if that is a good idea for someone like me after all I'm not exactly the productive type

specifically I am not fit for working or even managing projects, moreso an expert in just leeching off my parents because I'm an autistic NEET-- there was a time when I did want to wageslave years ago but nobody would ever hire me after constantly applying for years so I just gave up

sometimes I would get calls back from companies for interviews but they were so late in responding I just told them to fuck off

I could get disability but that's a rather difficult thing to attain, my babyboomer parents have also complicated the process so I gave up on that

kinda wish they never had children
No. 61073
18 kB, 336 × 512
Despite securing the greenlight from the Russian teacher, it seems "Academic Services" has rejected my application for being three days past the deadline. Daydreaming about enacting lawful popular revenge against urbanite intellectuals by applying farming utensils to the bottom of their neck.
No. 61075
>how to live, Ernst?
You exist to overcome other people and to conquer the space around you(to acquire power). Some people do art for it, some - make money, some go to the army or politics. The other goal is to achieve infinity(now it means reproduction).
No. 61083
>wants to be both lazy and make a lot of money
>decides to become a farmer
I see why you feel the need for a life coach. In case it wasn't obvious enough farming is the exact opposite. You have to be up by dawn and work until sundown for little pay. The job you're actually thinking of is being a day trader. You basically don't work for a living and can be up at noon pushing numbers around on paper because everything's automated anyway. My new ambition is basically that. I need to accumulate enough capital to sink it in enough investments I eventually free up time to not needing to work for anyone altogether. Literally all you need is money. It's nearly impossible clawing out of poverty and requires great skill and luck with tremendous work ethic, some amorality, and complete lack of dignity, but it is at least possible theoretically to stop being poor playing nightmare mode difficulty with American poverty as starting settis.

However if you already have money you basically don't need to work at Walmart and can remain okay as long as you are not both lazy and stupid, as well as avoiding medical or legal bills. If you are objectively rich enough it's basically impossible to be poor. Our last POTUS just walks through a string of bankruptcies because he has the money to pay other people to manage his money and navigate courts. Before him we had another political family scion who'd do shit like bankrupt sports teams or mismanage a state and get promoted upward. If you're CEO tier you can run companies staright into the ground and still walk away richer for it. Basically there is a certain point of wealth to where it becomes impossible to fail no matter how corrupt or incompetent you are because the system itself shields you from the consequences of your numerous bad decisions and you have layers of employees also shielding you from any consequence. Basically it's like the mafia, only more dishonorable.

I also suspect you not getting a job was your fault, considering they actually did give you job offers and you told them to fuck off.
No. 61085
3,0 MB, 459 × 250, 0:04
Post on EC because you are lonely and need social interaction.

Post on EC because it's your moral obligation to save such neat place from spiral of death due to low traffic.

Post on EC because you are curious about how will USA ball link your posts to MBA majors and Warhammer.
No. 61088 Kontra
Don't be so mean, it's not his fault he's now crazier than his country.
No. 61089
I feel incredibly weak since I stopped taking the meds again.
Love this treatment method. "Try tapering it off, maybe if you stop taking it for the third fucking time you will stabilize afterwards".
So now I have to get another appointment and we will "try something else" because clearly the current treatment isn't working.
I think I said it before, that I don't mind the pain. I can take a pill for pain. What I do mind is being tired and weak all the time. Almost fell asleep on the way home.

Everything seems kind of uglier. Especially people's faces for some reason.
Lot's of ambient noise too.

Also saw THAT girl again. In the university building. Going up the stairs. So she's attending the same university. Didn't know.
We haven't met since the second year of HS maybe when the elementary school class met up.
It's disorienting. I want to talk to her. She definitely recognised me, because we both nodded with a smile as we walked past each other at the stairs.

Friend decided to watch a single wuxia movie for his "foreign cinemas" class about the warring states period and now he thinks he "gets" what Chinese history is all about and keeps sending me hot takes about Qin Shi Huangdi and China in General and I just can't take it.

My family is traditionally Catholic.

Yes, but I wouldn't say my interest and booism for China is fuelled by my hateboner for the US.
Wouldn't even say it's a major contributor.
No. 61090
>Friend decided to watch a single wuxia movie and keeps sending me hot takes about Qin Shi Huangdi
What did he watch, Hero, heh? It has an OMG-so-deep ending about everything being under the heavens and stuff that may easily induce Dunning-Kruger effect. Still, really cool and stylish movie, probably my favorite wuxia.
No. 61091
I think I might become a real, actual alcoholic.
I have had at least one drink every day lately and whenever I didn't have any alcohol at home, I made sure to quickly get replenishment, which went so far one day that I walked 15 minutes to the next Lidl to buy some liquor. It was after 9 and that store closes at 10, so everybody exactly knew what was going on.
Yet I often feel anxious for no reason except general futuristic sorrows or something and brood and ponder constantly, which prevents me from properly falling asleep. Being a little bit buzzed helps here.
It's been a bit like that around ten years ago, too. At that time I was in the aftermath of a really bad breakup and drank about a bottle of vodka per week (which was a lot for me, plus many beers on the weekend). It was a crutch to not having to think of her when trying to fall asleep and I managed to drink a lot less after I got over the worst of it.
Now I am drinking probably because I've been sitting in this fucking apartment for a good year now thanks to homeoffice and everything being closed down. I had a slight case of cabin fever last summer or so, but now it seems to come back together with seasonal depression. Which reminds me that I should start supplementing vitamin D again. It helps against the autumn melancholy at least.
No. 61092
1,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
> They put out pumpkins and haystacks in the store for Halloween. It's unbelievable how much I fucking despise Halloween and the United States.
Being enraged by pumpkins is something that I can't relate. What I can do however is to fuel your butthurt by telling that I regularly see enormous number of people with American flag or "NASA" label on their clothes.
No. 61093
> that I regularly see enormous number of people with American flag or "NASA" label on their clothes.
Which makes me wonder - does the russian space agency not have a cool merchandisable logo?
No. 61094
68 kB, 594 × 765
118 kB, 900 × 599
It has too bad reputation because of corruption. On the other hand, current Roskosmos director is thief, but memeworthy one. And there is an old photo where he throws roman salute. "Whites of all countries, unite! 0/"
No. 61095
You countryball more than the rest of the board combined and nobody said anything about the MBA
No. 61096
Comedy gold, almost want to get back to twitter so I can follow his shenanigans.
No. 61102
I've come to really hate this time of year. I wake up in cold sweats, nauseated, weak, tired, sore. Don't know why.
No. 61103
Uni courses were unbearable. I was next to two women who managed to laugh for two hours straight and behind two other women who loudly talked Italian.
No. 61104
11 kB, 283 × 283
It'll be spring again before you know it. Hang in there, Ernst
No. 61107
I don't even know why this happens. At least my sleep cycle getting disrupted by seasonal lighting changes I understand. What I cannot get is why previously my favorite season is becoming hell every year. Aching joints, waking up in cold sweats and weak. It gives me a lot of empathy for people like heroin addicts because I cannot imagine dealing with Requiem for a Dream tier feels at this time of year going into winter. It only seems to happen around now and sometimes January iirc. Do old people normally get like joint pain and cold sweats when it gets cold out?
No. 61109
478 kB, 708 × 600
>It'll be spring again before you know it.
I'm afraid not
No. 61110
346 kB, 1222 × 2048
I feel like I recovered a bit. But it's probably just a short plateau on a downward spiral.
I failed to do a homework, but hey, at least I was able to tell the teacher in Chinese that I did so, which is progress in itself, linguistically speaking.
(But then it turned out it wasn't actually assigned. She just gave us the handout in advance.)

Went to the uni bookstore to pick up a few things. Guy running it has a very happy go lucky attitude.
He told me that he can't get me my order yet because he simply can't find the books I ordered so for one he will be on the lookout for and have it by tomorrow, and one has to be ordered in, but at least that way it will be cheaper.
Showed him that the book he can't find was right in front of the counter, and we both laughed about it.
>Look, there's even a second copy!
>You dare insult me in my own shop, boy!

Got home, had lunch, and then consulted with my cabinet leader. Nothing new.
Now studying classical Chinese and reading legalist philosophy.
The German anon was right that twitter becomes more bearable once you get into a circle with interesting posts, and Legalist/Sinology twitter is pretty cool.

Yes, it was Hero.
I wouldn't mind his takes if he hasn't also threatened me to go and specialise his film degree with minoring in Chinese cinema, which means I will probably hear a lot more New York Times tier journalist takes.

See that too plenty of times, though that doesn't really get a rise out of me for some reason, because unlike Russia we don't have a space agency of our own.
Not that I like brands/logos on shirts or anyway.
No. 61111
> Putin signed a decree on the introduction of non-working days from October 30 to November 7 due to COVID-19
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkuJiMmBoSw - me right now

Looked it up and it's 27'C in New York, 21'C in LA. Isn't it the most comfy season in Murrrica? Your summer must be too hot.
No. 61116
201 kB, 736 × 1200
> Are you of catholic or protestant origins?
What can it say about person? How much do those two groups of people differ?
No. 61119
Catholics are centralized. Any insanity you can get from them is the same insanity the pope exhibits.
Protestants form all kinds of wacky sects and those who are bad are REALLY bad.
Also, catholics have more holidays. I hate working on all hallow's.
No. 61120
614 kB, 720 × 1110
You see these sunglasses dude? What, do you think I wear them as some kind of fashion statement?

Yes, we do have brutally hot fucking summers, which some of us complain about frequently. Depending where you are, it's either too hot and muggy even in New York or New England thus making summer suck because it's humid there, or worse, the psychotic deathworld called "Florida" attached to our contiguous territory for some reason, which together with large parts of the Southeast is not fit for human life. Perhaps some kind of rainforest or desert toad can dwell there or Arizona, which is an oven. Texas and around that area is literally like standing inside an oven. It's better than NY because while it's way hotter and brighter it's at least not choking you with the humidity, but come The Happening whatever it may be that takes out modern civilization for a time, those places will likely remain uninhabited or very thinly habited because people only are able to dwell there with central air conditioning.

California other than being on fire is in a similar state in the southern region, being a dry, bright, hot oven, whereas the northwest is like New England a damp, humid shithole filled with heroin addicts.

Did I mention California is continually on fire? I'm not kidding. It literally looks like a haze on the other side of the country in the summer. I think it was this summer or last where there was this constant haze I thought was fog and made me start coughing and having breathing issues, which I eventually realized wasn't the 'rona because on some days I started noticing a distinct campfire smell and realized those clouds were not clouds. The Western half of the country is burning so much it's choking Atlantic ernsts.

Then let us turn back to that other special case, mr. Florida, who truly exemplifies all you expect of the worst shithole death planet where even the trees are so toxic if you stand under them when it rains it burns your skin off. It's not uncommon for you to lose your small dog to somebody's former pet Ball Python they decided to let loose rather than keep taking care of, so yes, on top of all the toxic spiny Lionfish infesting the coasts, the brain eating amoebas in the ponds, and the various toxic animals, we also have numerous former exotic pets eating other pets. Numerous ernsts have and will opine about that notorious state, but it truly is a hot hellhole just like Georgia, Alabama, and especially Louisianna, where my uncle worked as a bricklayer and they had to stop working by two or three PM because the heat and humidity is literally deadly. However, you'd possibly be surprised to find it's more or less like this all the way up the coast to New England, where summers don't become bearable until you hit Vermont.

But as to the whole everlovin' country, yes it's it too fuckin' hot and bright. I do not know why we came here. I'm fine with a deep freeze winter although midwest is definitely possibly fatal with wind chill, but if you're not like Arab or Pakistani in Texas I do not see the sense of it. I like cold, dry, dark places, like a spider cave. That is the opposite of our climate. We are way hotter than Europe and a hell of a lot brighter.

Oh and also the natural disasters, but you already knew this. American climate is what one could call "entertaining." What you also may not know is we got twisters all around the place, including famously Boston but where I used to live a town got taken out not far from there in NY. It happens. Flooding also takes out parts of some towns, which you don't see as much when it's not a hurricane. Ice storms take out power, but it's restored in a weekend so usually not as dramatic or noticed unless it's like Texans freezing to death. There's many hidden things in this land you might not realize happen there or are dangerous, and yes including tornadoes touching down in California or New York not just Kansas, and I'm surprised NYC hasn't gotten partly taken out by a real hurricane yet. Other than the last one anyway that was nothing.

But despite all this, it's the fucking sun that bothers me the most. I was wearing sunglasses about 20 minutes ago when smoking outside because it's the time of day my smoking spot gets blasted by light. Especially if you wear contacts or eyeglasses the brightness is unbearable, and literally everyone here wears sunglasses for a valid reason. It's not just a meme.

As you may remember, I bitched about climate change partly because while Schengen we're still totally third world tier when it comes to climate impacts, and I don't wish for our interesting weather to get even more interesting. Choking on the fog in the summer is starting to become just normal part of routine here because California keeps burning down worse every year. It wouldn't surprise me it hits the point this century where you're in Ireland and can smell the BBQ wafting over from the summer.
No. 61122
200 kB, 1062 × 374
234 kB, 1102 × 418
96 kB, 1054 × 228
134 kB, 1059 × 279
If it's in any way comparable to here, you really make the heat sound far too extreme. I quite like the climate here, and I assure you people can live in such places without AC, after all most here - myself included - don't have it.
No. 61123
Oh yeah and also this. Prots means a free for all. Basically anything that's not Catholic and is West of Byzantium just gets called "Protestant." As a result you get everything from Waco and Jim Jones tiers, to literal occultists with pseudo-Christian trappings praying to archangels or some dumb shit like that, to snake handlers and people drinking poison, to Evangelicals which encompasses its own wacky or even dangerously psychotic sects and includes everyone from televangelist megachurch preachers, to people claiming a "second virginity" after leaving a life of sin but still basically being the same person who just thinks they're saved because they mentally accepted Jesus being son of God, to literal Israel firsters who take field trips to till the fields of Israeli settlers for free, to other missionaries like those people who got kidnapped in Haiti this week.

It should be pointed out that while a lot of good people inhabit this sphere, there's a hell of a lot of bad who make Christians and Christianity look bad in relation. This is where you get people unironically going from young earth creationism to being flat earthers. It's why Poe's Law exists, because sadly it's true. Something that likely started as a joke to troll and ridicule Creationists is now largely embraced by them. It's also a melting pot of all kind of Q type nutjobs. There's a very wide range of Protestants from gay marriage supporting Presbyterians who basically only go to church as a social function, to the deepest holes of insanity, and it's sadly why fedoras have ample ammo to tar Christians as a whole because there's some very loud hateful assholes or hypocrites on the far fringes of Protestantism and who, more sadly, often get some of their views more accepted in mainstream churches.

I would also say that one of the biggest things about Protestantism in this country is it's basically become political, not religious. There's tons of scam artists driving Cadillacs after getting their moronic sheep congregation to freely give their money and do things like host staged miracles or speaking in tongues, but I'd argue it's even worse when we've got people arguing in all sincerity for basically anti-Christian things and ideals and really is only using their position as pastor or some kind of preacher because they're dumb enough to not even be capable of being a politician but still talkative enough to get a base of groupies. Lots of Prot churches end up functioning as micro political parties in that sense, where they're really not too concerned with what Jesus taught ultimately and only really there as sort of a war room in our faggy politics.

At the same time, there's some really ultra sincere Protestants. Mainly these are people who weren't raised Catholic, since a lot of people leaving Catholicism just become atheists or become Wiccans or something out of butthurt. They typically reject the authority of the Pope or any hierarchy and usually only see belief in Jesus being the Son of God as the sole thing necessary to be called a Christian, but the sincere ones recognize faith without acts is dead, and they'll absolutely give you the shirt off their back. There's Catholics like that here too, but I think because of centralized power and authority it makes Catholics much more consistent across the board both in their behavior and their beliefs, whereas Prots at least here are a magic 8 ball and you have no clue what you're going to get.

Protestants are also why you get these really memeworthy pics of Swedes with like a pair of married lesbian ministers presiding over a disabled gay man marrying a trans Muslim or some shit like that. We have some of the same stuff here, but it's not super common. I knew one gay man I'm sure blew lots of cocaine and did questionable things in the 80s but he was pretty sincere far as I could tell, so some of them effectively become dissidents to the RCC over some issue or other like being gay. But all that being stated, Swede multiculti tier Protestantism while it exists is fairly rare here, and instead you get the opposite end of the spectrum's nutjobbery. This includes an awful lot of people here who while Prot and claiming to be Christian pretty openly call the Catholic Church a tool of the Illuminati, Satanists, in league with the deep state, believe the pope is the antichrist and stuff like that.

Basically it's a free for all and so Protestants don't often reflect the Church or any belief in Jesus so much as they exemplify the culture around them, and like I said, there's a lot of really decent people, but you have large contingents too who are like Sunni Islamists and basically look at the Taliban and wish they could implement that here. There is no central doctrine, authority, or belief other than "I believe Christ Jesus to be the Son of God, who died on the cross to forgive me my sins" and presto, say that magic phrase and believe it and now you're a Protestant.
No. 61125
My former classmate joined some Protestant cult because of unhappy life. I expected her to become feminist (now I see that it was unlikely) so it was rather a pleasant surprise.

Westboro baptist church, lesbian pastors... Sounds cool!
BTW which confession do you belong to, just to understand your bias? (same question to German)
No. 61130
I have a protestant culture but was never confronted to the religion itself. Protesants hate their own guts. It's always your fault is something isn't right, you're the source of all the other's problems and you're impure, wicked and evil by nature and nobody will forgive you (in the religious meaning of forgiveness). Also from my experience, we genuinely like to suffer many different ways but the most common is being unhappy or suffer and be ashamed to. Hate your own desires I think is also prostentant but I may be projecting a bit here.
Calvin who's a great Swiss reformer forbid to dance and sing in public or wear colorful clothes.

>Protestants form all kinds of wacky sects and those who are bad are REALLY bad.
My grand-mother went from one protestant sect to another when she was a kid. Some were good, some were dangerous. Funny they were mostly located in the same little town my family comes from. I met someone who had family in that village and told me they were old mad protestant, he was very religious himself.
No. 61131 Kontra
Protestant is an especially broad word in the US. Here it means mostly one or two thing. Galvinist or Zwinglists.
No. 61134
78 kB, 1024 × 683
Talked to a professor today because of a dissertation. Told her I don't know what else I should do afterward, I want to continue the research after my masters. She said it has been the same for her. We talked about some positions and my topic. As always I got the tip to get more concrete about what interests me and that I need to reduce the overwhelming amount of topics and possible objects of inquiry that fire up my interest and curiosity. Should write it out in more concrete terms and then we will talk again. I'm happy to finally have talked to a person who has done it all about my plans. She said she notices some traits that are a good future indicator for starting such an academic trajectory.
No. 61141 Kontra
I don't know what it is that makes it so, but that's a great picture.
No. 61145 Kontra
A reason for saving it. It's calm. A mix of urban and nature, of universal urban techno and local ethno aesthetics. Also bleak. A normal morning (I think) in an average Chinese city it's xinjiang province
No. 61159
155 kB, 1500 × 1500
I bought Marzipan loaf from the Christmas sweets sales displays. I have never ever. When I was young, I hated Marzipan. Only enjoyed it after my ex reintroduced it to me many years later. What a nice treat this little Marzipan loaf is. A good texture, really. I was looking up a translation but apparently, there is none. Just in case: Marzipan is basically almonds and sweetener mixed into a very fine-grained mass afaik.
Also, on TikTok I had the impression that Germany really is the Christmas crazy country with its sweets and markets, anybody wants to correct me on the German Christmas Sonderweg? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonderweg
No. 61161
1,6 MB, 1030 × 1489
Ran into one of my former classmates from HS while out to get lunch. Always considered the guy a juvenile idiot, and as it turns out, he's studying marketing and management.
He said he didn't recognise me at first because I look so different with my long hair, moustache and beard.
We chatted for a bit whole eating and then excused ourselves and we both went back to our universities/hochschules.

While out to get lunch I also acted on an impulse and wasted some time looking at a book-cart. Found a little treasure. It was the experimental translation of Three Kingdoms into Hungarian that never came to be in mint condition, published as a pamphlet during the 90s.
There's not much point to owning it besides as a piece of literary history and comparing it with the translation recently released, but I like oddities like this.
Also lead me to some other pamphlet I feel like is necessary to track down.

I love the Chinese history lectures. The dude that holds them is an absolute lad and it reminds me of my elementary school history classes in a sense where the teacher used very liberally styled but nonetheless good wording to deliver the materials.
He asked us to tell him what we know about the Korean war, and I was the only one who gave enough of a shit to volunteer for the task. He was pretty satisfied.
After class I thanked him for the book recommendations he gave me, because I actually could use a few of the books for another class.
2bh it feels like that during class I recognise way too many CPC officials on those historical photos.
Like there was this photo with a bunch of guys and we only talked about Mao and offhandedly mentioning Deng Xiaoping who was also there, but Zhou Englai or Zhu De wasn't even mentioned while the photo was shown.

I've decided to get a haircut because I'm tired of my hair getting in the way of everything. I haven't had my hair cut since covid started, so at this point it reaches my shoulders despite being on the curlier side.
The moustache and beard I'll keep, because I like having them and they don't look all that terrible.
No. 61162
I love Marzipan, in any form or shape. Yes, even fondant.
I once ate one package of Marzipan Rohmasse (200-250 g) in one go (we were drinking). My friends still shudder when thinking about it, because apparently it's the most disgusting thing one can eat.
Man now I really want some Marzipan.
No. 61168
389 kB, 2048 × 2048
Looks like the university already gave me my first wage for the jobs I not really started yet. I was pleasantly delighted to see some money going onto my bank account. Put 100€ away to pay part of my fees next time, I hate to rely totally on my parent's money at my age, but that's for having raised a depressed yet at the end kinda dedicated child. At least putting some of my wage away even though an addition to my Hartz4 tier food (but everything else + food for me it is) budget is really nice, I basically double my monthly money for food and other stuff, from 200€ to ~450€, I get the full Hartz IV Satz now! Hey, I can spent some money on one or two drinks tomorrow without worrying that I need it for food or something else. It does not feel too good having to balance the more or less slight minus with incoming money every month or be really strict on spending.

I wanted to read something for uni, probing for an oral exam but now it's kinda late already. Might watch something on Schrödinger's "What is Life?"

Is the inside of that loaf just Marzipan Rohmasse or is it only the almonds? Because that loaf is 200g and I could perhaps just eat it all and some more. But I try to treat it as a specialty.
No. 61170
No Rohmasse is just the Marzipan without anything else, so yeah, those loaves are usually just coated with chocolate. Usually they're too sweet for me to eat in one sitting, same with Marzipankartoffeln. Good quality Marzipan isn't that sweet anyway.

Also, just so I understand correctly: You are currently spending around 200 Euros for EVERYTHING, not just for food, yes?
No. 61171
Thanks to you, I've finally learned what 'maçapão' is. I'd seen it on shelves, but I never felt brave enough to try it. Perhaps now.
No. 61174 Kontra
But the chocolate does not make up for much of that 200g. It's quite sweet nonetheless. Never had Kartoffeln, they look awkward, how does the taste differ from other Marzipan products, or is there no big difference?

>You are currently spending around 200 Euros for EVERYTHING, not just for food, yes?

After subtracting rent for a room and health insurance it is 200€, my parents still give me less money than the state is willing to pay for a Hartz IV Empfänger. I get along: food, sanitary products, and a few other things occasionally like a snack on the go or phone. I don't party anymore and I'm not that social. I have bought decent clothing when I made more money from jobs myself and had a scholarship. And ofc, if some shit is happening my parents could always give me some money I suppose. I don't get Bafög as I was so lucky to get old age investments at a very young age due to some rather distant relative which has been so much already it is now slightly above the limit and cuts me off from any state money. My parents told me to keep the old age life vest and said they'll give me some money instead.
No. 61175
Kartoffeln are usually coated with some kind of cocoa powder. Lower quality ones are often a bit more mürbe (no idea what the english term is) and of course sweeter.
Mozartkugeln also contain Marzipan, btw, and they're absolutely delicious.

Also, if you want to laugh, look up the numerous Marzipan substitutes. Start with Persipan.
No. 61178
Marzipan is wonderful. It somehow developed a reputation here for people hating it for I have no idea why. But then again, it strongly reminds me of booze somehow and I use amaretto coffee creamer so there's that.
No. 61179
I have no idea what kind of bullshit they are feeding you over there in Russia but expecting a woman to turn into a feminist because she joined a Protestant secte is one of the dumbest things I read on here in awhile. A lot of Protestant churches still encourage women to be silent and cover their heads for example, or at least tend to tier women's opinion secondly to any male congregant. The reason this is so funny is because a lot of times it's the women who are dragging their not very religious husbands to church. From my experience women tend to be most vocal about their Protestant beliefs while the men tend to be more of an eh whatever attitude, so I guess this makes the strongly anti-feminist Protestant bias a lot funnier.
No. 61181 Kontra
I think what the Russian meant is that before that woman went down the way of joining protestant sects, he expected her to join political-libera sects instead, not that he expected her to become a radfem after becoming a fundamentalist Christian.
No. 61183 Kontra
What makes you think russian protestants work the same way as american protestants? Do russians have KKK and WBC?
Also, what >>61181 said.
No. 61185
374 kB, 1120 × 918
Today, a city hall nearby received a gift from the Russian embassy. This horrible bust was presented in celebration of an anniversary of Russia-Portugal relations.
Intense urge to go vandalize the podium
No. 61186
>horrible bust
Now now, Gagarin was not THAT ugly.
No. 61187
732 kB, 892 × 626
Man it really is a seller's market for skills and labor right now. Now usual company race to the bottom mentality is desperately trying to hang onto who's not quit yet and outbid each other for even shit work. The irony is I think it's less even to do with pay than it is overall shittiness of wide sectors of the economy. The smarter thing to do would probably just be offering more stuff like flexible hours or something which is pretty telling to me they havr less problem throwing tens of millions at paying people better than unfucking operations.

What for? That's an extremely memeworthy facial expression.
No. 61192 Kontra
761 kB, 892 × 626
This is shoop, the real bust is about a well known radio show.
No. 61198
153 kB, 1280 × 960
I woke up very early so I actually had plenty of time to look through the materials for the exam.
I wasn't going to go unprepared, so I took a painkiller for my headache, had a coffee before class and also ate something. I was ready to boss the fuck out of this.
Out of the 15 words asked, I only failed to recall the meaning of one (still knew the pinyin and the tone) and I botched one sentence translation.
Probably the first time when I truly felt in charge during an applied exam.

Classmates were pretty anxious. Some of them have taken to asking me for some reason, like I know classical Chinese better than them.
They also asked me how come I'm not studying to be a teacher when my style and voice is perfectly suited for giving lectures and teaching things.
It feels good to get a compliment for something like this.

Don't tell me they unironically gifted it on a podium with the hammer and the sickle on it :DDDD
No idea how the Portuguese view communism, but here I wouldn't give that statue two days before someone vandalises it.
No. 61206
They really did.
We have a strange relationship with communism. As far as I know, we have the largest western european communist party and in the aftermath of the April revolution, the followers of Lenin managed to rebrand themselves as the protectors of liberal democracy.
No. 61208 Kontra
104 kB, 640 × 640
I wonder why it takes HS teachers often weeks to correct tests while university lecturers can correct it a few hours after the exam/test taking place.
Anyway, I got that A.

Also, I just translated a sentence from the Mencius that wasn't in the textbook all on my own and I think I'm about to cry.

I'm just simply baffled to be honest.
I sort of understand wanting to play Gagarin's journey to space as a sort of common achievement of the peoples of the USSR, but it would have been perfectly reasonable to state it in text if the Russians truly didn't want to monopolise it, but the bright red and yellow is just so unbelievably kitsch and stands out like a sore thumb.
It looks like something an overly enthusiastic lower party member in China would come up with in a sense.
No. 61209
>I wonder why it takes HS teachers often weeks to correct tests while university lecturers can correct it a few hours after the exam/test taking place.
Correcting by just looking for key words? That's how one prof of mine has done it.
Or maybe like my last boss all the work is outsourced to the scientific staff, so you have a bunch of people working on that shit.
Maybe you're just five people who each wrote a page or something.
No. 61215
Well, it's 15 sentences translated + pinyin + tones + grammar explanations that we had to write out for them + 15 random words from the lessons for around 30 people. I'd say it's comparable to a HS class in volume.
It was past five o' clock in the afternoon and the lecturer also left the building, today is a Friday and tomorrow is a national holiday, so I doubt he gave it to some poor PhD student to do it.
No. 61216
Eh, sounds like it could be corrected in a few minutes tops, depending on your handwriting that is :--DDDDD
No. 61221 Kontra
Can't speak for the others, but my handwriting is glorious.
It's very round compared to most others and I don't lift up the pen to write the umlauts.
Strangely enough people think it's pleasant to read, mainly because it's consistent.
No. 61222
Found the site for our 2022 EC meetup :DDD

>Now usual company race to the bottom mentality is desperately trying to hang onto who's not quit yet and outbid each other for even shit work.
Passed a McD's this morning, and the sign advertised $18/hr. Got an industrial road nearby, lined with warehouses and manufacturers each with a 'Now Hiring' banner, or electric display board promising thousands in sign-on bonuses for labor. Every third ad on the radio is for a job fair, or hiring event. Even saw an ad on local TV looking for sub shop workers.

Labor market has gone bonkers, then again, maybe this is how it should have been all along. Workers gettiing fair pay for their hours, and management finding itself over the barrel afraid to lose their staff. Corporations are used to burning resources to fill their desk chairs, now we're getting closer to them working just as hard to fill their shop floors. Unfortunately a recession will probably cut our revolution short...
No. 61226
Perhaps, I should have used Past Perfect Tense. "I had expected" before another happening in the past.
Thanks for clarifying.

>What makes you think russian protestants work the same way as american protestants?
AFAIK, majority of Russian Protestants are branches of American churches or even Americans missionaries themselves. Those one church she joined is kinda "modern and youthful", though not too much.
No. 61227
120 kB, 700 × 970
> Found the site for our 2022 EC meetup
We'll vandalize it with "Yura, forgive us, we fucked up everything" label
No. 61243
No. 61250
I never heard of humanities corrections getting outsourced, at least not text work. I will check a multiple choice exam myself soon, such things are done by students often. Usually, student papers are read. I was told some only read introduction and conclusion. At my old uni most text I handed in I could have a look at later which proved they read the whole thing. STEM is weird in that regard, I remember people telling me they don't read papers but just abstracts and then citing these that fit their BA work or even MA. Why is this really ok? You don't know how the work really was conducted in the end.
No. 61255
Wait, students grade student papers? Sounds a bit icky.

As for citing sources: In STEM the majority of your work is some practical (lab) work (except maybe informatics), you have to gather and analyze data, conduct experiments and so on. Nobody has the time to read every single paper they quote front to back. Most of the time it's just standard sources for well-known facts anyway (like citing the original Lambert-Beer publication from 200 years ago, or the recipe for some growth medium), or you read the introduction to know what it is about and then the conclusion to see what they found out, which is exactly what the conclusions are for. You usually also take a look at the methods to see if they're absolute bullshit or not.
For the core of your work or results, of course you know exactly what the papers you are citing are about, but to put it into perspective: My bachelor thesis had something like 50 sources (at a required length of not more than 30 pages) and my dissertation will come out at about 200 or so sources most likely. When should I read all that if I also have other work to do? I write my thesis about my own work, not about other people's work.
No. 61258
>Wait, students grade student papers? Sounds a bit icky.

No, that is not what I said. Multiple choice exam will be checked by me and other tutors, the lecturer might look over it though, I don't know but he told me I will have to check the multiple choice exam.
I also said that nobody will outsource student paper reading to students nor your PhD candidates in humanities. And usually, they read the student papers, as I said, I was told some will only read the introduction and conclusion. But in my case I had a look at most of my texts I handed in for grading and these were all corrected at full length which shows they actually read the whole student paper and all of them.

>you read the introduction to know what it is about and then the conclusion to see what they found out, which is exactly what the conclusions are for. You usually also take a look at the methods to see if they're absolute bullshit or not. [...] For the core of your work or results, of course you know exactly what the papers you are citing are about

Makes sense, it's the same in the humanities. Usually, you read I. and C., it already includes hints at methodology and theory as well. For my BA I went for reading just chapters of books. In the humanities you read more full books but a larger chunk will also consist of papers and just reading relevant chapters instead of whole books. Also, another student said his impression is a paperfication of humanities is going on. Publish papers 1-3 a year instead of writing a book for 2-3 years. At best you could turn the papers of the last 3 years or so into a book that sums them all up.
No. 61259 Kontra
To be more clear: I read chapters of books but also whole books including a book my whole BA was built around as a historic source.
No. 61260
Yeah well, in STEM you don't usually read full books or anything. Original sources are preferred and if you can't find any, you can cite book chapters (maybe that specific fact was only published in a book, who knows), but I don't think I have ever read a full book on anything. Wouldn't make sense, since my topic is so specific that it would be really unnecessary to read chapters that are unrelated to it.
Which of course in your case is different if that book is your main source.

Though it's interesting to see how "publish or perish" is also a thing in humanities. In my field, while still immensely retarded, it's kinda understandable because the people giving you funds want results and lab equipment and consumables are really fucking expensive. I recall a situation where some salesman visited us and he was trying to sell me this great lab tinfoil, because according to him it's so much better than regular tinfoil from Netto. Protip: It isn't.
But in humanities I don't quite understand that. Apart from personell you shouldn't have that much of a monetary need, should you?
No. 61270
>Apart from personell you shouldn't have that much of a monetary need, should you?

Maybe travel costs and costs of organizing events. Though the pressure to publish also comes from funding. You fund what gets you results, those are not the same as in STEM of course, maybe it's also a question of prestige.

A studied physicist who changed into humanities told stories of old colleagues who joked about fitting their literature in a few shelve meters. Most stuff is papers indeed and it makes sense. Whole books in the humanities give you ideas, most of them will never be transparent in all their aspects to you when read once. The exception ofc is philosophy and works that built heavily on certain books, in that case, the authors know the books quite well.
I'm currently probing into certain areas, as I plan on writing a dissertation and one idea would be certain theories and their history as well as empirical history (technological, social and cultural shifts) combined to make a thesis about how making sense of things changed over the course of the 20th century, obviously painting it rough here as I don't have a concrete object of inquiry yet. In that case I would need to read certain theory books and know them well so as to fully illuminate certain ideas and theories as prime example(s), as expression of a certain thinking and sense making, which I can connect to actual developments in other areas (the abovementioned shifts).
No. 61271 Kontra
One example I forgot to mention. During my studies in my BA as well as now in MA, Volkswagen appears from time to time as a funding source.
No. 61285
121 kB, 1080 × 670
I refresh EC too many times per day.
No. 61287
Nothing is my fault, because my faulty existence was CREATED by my own parents. It is their fault, in my defense.
No. 61290
Standup comedians are absolute cringe, and I think we should go back to the olden times where actors were considered untouchables and on the same level as prostitutes, but apply that to standup comedians instead.

Never met anyone who watches standup and also possess the divine spirit also known as a soul.
No. 61291
The comedian that named the capital of his country after himself was pretty funny though.
No. 61292
This resonates with me, but I wonder where does this attitude come from, why is standup comedy looked down upon? Because it's not complex? Not serious? I guess it's not easy, but does that excuse the form and content?
No. 61293
Standup comedy, like all types of entertainment, has to adjust to the lowest common denominator.
But unlike of a filmmaker or a painter or someone who can in principle create their art into the void, a standup comedian NEEDS an audience, else he wouldn't be a standup comedian.
The intimate contact and direct feedback from the audience (hecklers, booing for jokes the audience doesn't like) and the human nature of hating rejection leads to the comedian having material that appeals to as many people as possible to in order to garner the most laughs possible.
Sure, if you have specialized in scientific jokes and only perform at conferences or such, you could even do with having only these kind of jokes, but if you want to reach an everyman audience, forget it.
Take Vince Ebert for example. He has some funny material, but most of it is "dumbed down", so to say, in order for non-physicists (or non-educated people) to understand, because otherwise, nobody would care.
If you into the other direction and do Kabarett, you might have some kind of educated audience, but you also have to appeal to them. Hagen Rether, that guy from the Anstalt, or Volker Pispers make jokes for green voting Bildungsbürger. Dieter Nuhr tries to be a conservative. In fact, the only Kabarettist I ever liked was Georg Schramm, shame he's retired.
No. 61294
Ironic because sometimes your posts feel like text version of standup.
However I know decent guy who is into it. Maybe I should give standups a try, moreover I never watched them except few short videos with Karlin, so my prejudice is based on nothing. But my time on weekend is too precious to risk like that, better rewatch old movies over and over again -- they won't let me down.
No. 61295
>Standup comedy, like all types of entertainment, has to adjust to the lowest common denominator.

That is why I love the internet so much and the humor growing there in my preferred niches.
I think what I hate up standup and especially political standup is that for me it takes all aggression and seriousness out of it. Yes, laughter can be a "weapon" but it's quite a weak one as it is only symbolic. What I dislike about it is that in my impression people only laugh it off, it's a relieve, a cope for absurdities. But political humor does not mean you are really political. It's the reliance of symbolism alone. It's ok, but it won't change much. You can make fun of people and it will probably even hurt public figures that are attacked by it, but in the end, laughter has nothing to say, its force does not build much.
No. 61298
What annoyed me about old standup comedy was that it wasn't very funny, but nobody would shut up about it.

What annoys me about contemporary standup comedians have now taken up this weird role of preachers, virtue signalers, "social commentators", or whatever. It's like if a tone deaf pro-environment Oscars speech by a hollywood actor was an entire profession, but even more smug. It's all silver tongued nonsense that tries to "inspire" you or whatever, and at the end you feel like a fool, because they guy didn't really say anything of worth, he just used his Speech 100 skills to make you "feel" inspired. Normies who watch that shit don't seem to see through the con, though. It seems that anyone who makes a living talking into a microphone eventually becomes a pundit, because they get so good at running their mouth.

Burger linked a dave chapelle video a while ago, and I regret clicking it, because now my recommendations are filled with clips of dave chapelle "owning the libs". I don't care fuck off.
No. 61299
Haha, that's what I was writing about. Now imagine Brick saying that speech in microphone.

I realised that apart from Karlin I watched one hour long Hovansky's standup. It consisted of two parts:
  1. Passionately and verbosely complaining about some trifles.
  2. Funny drunk stories from his life.
I have to admit, I genially liked the second one. But you know, the real comedian here is God, and standuper was just retelling his jokes.
No. 61300
This is a worrying trend, especially when they don't really have much to say.
I don't like standup much because it's too crafted. I always thought it was funnier when comedians came up with jokes on the fly. Feels like it takes a higher skill too.
No. 61301
No one wants to do that shit after 2020 and 2021. I know those low level jobs are now actively poaching workers from each other and trying to offer better salaries, better conditions, better hours. It used to be only 2 years ago they treated employees as so disposable every company would just partly layoff their good workers and hire on a bunch others so they didn't have to pay full time wage or benefits and everyone was easily replaceable.

Louis Rossmann talks about that and he claims job security is one big part but I think it's a number of other things. My suspicion is gibes made everyone realize why the fuck am I going to go on food stamps to work my ass off at two jobs when this might be my last two weeks on earth. Restaurants in particular wanted to whine about it and I don't have sympathy when they collectively tried legally changing gratuity from a nice thing to having customers subsidize their employee's wages. I know lots of states can go down to only a few dollars an hour minimum wage because they count tips as your income and so the employer isn't required to pay more than something ridiciulous like $2.75 an hour. I really want to say something italaphobic like ayyy whatta matta wit you ya think imma sposed to pay dat for my money laundering operation of what

I also discovered after talking to some people that apparently you can't give Walmart employees money. I have no idea why but it turns out they'll get fired for accepting a tip. So I guess during holidays if you ask a Walmart employee for help you can't tip them because walmart probably still pays shit.

You have a lot of really weird hates when you get drunk. It's like you don't understand why humans enjoy laughing.

So then your problem isn't even the comedy, but the dumb bydlo that consume it, and by dumb bydlo we're obviously talking a specific kind of West dweller in that context. People like Seinfeld are not funny. I also agree American comedy is sometimes not very funny because all American comedy relies on dumb race shit. But are you seriously going to sit there and tell me Bill Hicks isn't funny? They're not preachers you midwit they're entertainers. I don't know anyone who sees comics like that. I know people on left and right here get butthurt at comedians but you can usually gauge what a cringeworthy asshole somebody is IRL by how strongly they hate comedians. Case in point, our retarded culture warriors are often those loudest in their mad at entertainers. If you recommended list looks like that it's not the fault of a comedian, but the same shit poisoning everything on youtube.

No, your existence is your responsibility. The fact of something existing and experiencing things may be due to them but how you react and respond to everything and person you turn into is on you. Had a shitty childhood? Then try growing up and growing out of it. Same kind of people still blaming their parents for everything as grown ass adults can't deal with taking personal responsibility and changing anything in their life.
No. 61304
130 kB, 800 × 800
>Now imagine Brick saying that speech in microphone.

Morgan Freeman pointing up.jpeg
No. 61305
69 kB, 758 × 815
Now you can consult a computer to see if your post is worthy of the honor of being on EC. From now on, please input all posts into this website before pressing "submit".
Only IQ130+ rated posts may be submitted.
No. 61306
2,7 MB, 3024 × 4032
My mother decided that it's be a great idea to open a bottle of wine and I joined her.
This furmint is the best wine I ever had 2bh, and I'm horribly drunk. I finally understand every poem ever written to and about wine.

Also finally got this Athena statue thingy hanged. I think it looks quite good.

At least some of the stand up comedians do have some genuine verbal talent when it comes to their delivery, but ultimately to me a standup routine always feels like an imitation of the banter and fun you have with actual friends joking around.

Now celeb culture as a whole is quite cancerous. Here in Hungary we have reached a point where it became a circular argument of
>Why is he famous
>Because the media talks about him
>But why does the media talk about him
>Because he's famous
And it irks me to no fucking end that we have the commercial media glorify low trash proles who should be slaving away at some factory as "celebs" and they get these lucrative circlerjerking deals where they go on the most retarded shows ever dancing in costumes and shit and I just want to hang them using their own bowels.

An actor being popular is better by a few degrees, but even then, I don't think actors should be role models. Just because they can memorise lines it doesn't mean their opinions on policies should matter more than that of the average person.
Though they are of course welcome to raise money for charitable causes like hospitals and the poor. But I don't give a shit about who they're voting for or who they think we all are ought to vote for.
They should be a tolerated class like you said.
They entertain us so we tolerate them, but once we had our smiles and laughs we spit on them, for they're actors and not literatis or other intellectuals who have a business of running a society.
No. 61307
19 kB, 875 × 604
>Bro, how can we make humanities majors feel smart?
>I know, make a "writing IQ" and the bigger the words the bigger the IQ!
>Woahhhh bro what a galaxy brain idea hits pipe

I don't know who said it, but I had to recall the saying "An intellectual is someone who express a simple matter in a complicated way; an artist is someone who can express a complicated matter in a simple way".

Now bow before me, mental peasants.
No. 61308
124 kB, 836 × 652
194 kB, 910 × 682
90 kB, 896 × 682
>Only IQ130+ rated posts may be submitted.
I took a text with some random shartpost why anime is great (1), put it in a smartifier (https://honk.moe/tools/verysmart.html) and then let the engine calculate (2). Result: Anime fans are high IQ! Then I deleted some of the text and recalculated (3), now anime fans are super high IQ!
No. 61309 Kontra
136 kB, 1133 × 800
161 kB, 1157 × 794
86 kB, 1090 × 525
8 kB, 500 × 375
Now I slapped a few responses together that I found on the tubes when I searched for "porn dialogues". Did paste more than one because one wasn't enough material for the engine. Still yielded an impressive 117. Then I smartified it again for 137. Through deleting some of the text I got it up as far as 168, destroying those brainlets mentioned in the examples.

>Stephen Hawking, using his last paper as the sample, achieves an IQ of 151.
>Alexander Hamilton, using Federalist paper number 6 as the written sample, achieves an IQ of 166.
No. 61310
143 kB, 878 × 815
Oh no no no, anti-anime bros, how will we ever recover? Weebs... I kneel.
Time to watch all of Infinite Stratos to reclaim my reputation as an intellectual.
No. 61311
I pasted a Zizek paragraph from an open pdf and the output is 126 :DDDD Now I only need to paste a Pederson paragraph to finally resolve the issue of who is right.

Behold of small brain results:

>We are witnessing today the struggle for intellectual hegemony (for who will occupy the universal place of the ‘‘public intellectual’’) between the advocates of postmodern-deconstructionist cultural studies and the cognitivist popularizers of ‘‘hard’’ sciences, that is, the proponents of the so-called Third Culture.

In light of the existence of that website, it's the latter.
No. 61312
>The post-modern pseudointellectual autodidacts are trying to quantify intelligence in their favor!
>The cognitivist tech-bro technoautistocracy is trying to quantify intelligence in their favor!
So, which one is it?
No. 61316
> An intellectual is someone who express a simple matter in a complicated way; an artist is someone who can express a complicated matter in a simple way"
Maybe it's good that celebrities shape public opinion of normies instead of "intellectuals" aka sociology majors.
No. 61317
3 kB, 286 × 42
Ran one of my old posts through this. I'm taking leave for good.
No. 61318
25 kB, 720 × 584
Behold! A post so high IQ it can't even be calculated anymore!
No. 61320
19 kB, 730 × 516
>when you google "rarest words in english language" and just cobble some bullshit together
No. 61321 Kontra
26 kB, 739 × 558
Also, that thing is fuckin raciss man!
I'll stop now.
No. 61322
198 kB, 654 × 886
British "poetry" will never recover from this.
No. 61323 Kontra
886 kB, 500 × 280, 0:02
I wonder how the alternate universe versions of me that went on to read the classics and the one that's studying to become a History and English teacher are doing.
No. 61324 Kontra
They are dead. You killed them.
No. 61326
Alternative versions of me which went to physics/math/chemistry faculty still ended up as code monkeys because Russian industry and science are dead, and I'm too mediocre to be postgraduate in wect. But that's very optimistic -- I'm too mediocre to get such job without relevant education as well. I guess they are really fucked.
No. 61332
130 kB, 800 × 800
>insert average brickpost here
You are (probably) legitimately IQ140+, a human being capable of genuine creation, but you've degraded your mind into that of a sad pathetic man who spends all his time:
A. complaining about how stupid the world is, or
B. going off on pseudo-intellectual tangents that are usually about how X or Y thing is (you guessed it) stupid

You're smart enough to know that the human mind is a product of constant reinforcement. What do you think this constant negativity does to you? Every day you post here, you dull the divine spark within you just a little more.

The corrective action is, of course, "just be positive bro :^)", but the ability to accept peasant wisdom and pop psychology when they're right is the ultimate test of productive intellect.
No. 61333
I can't wonder about my "hypothetical" lives because the concept of "me" as an entity is entirely a product of the environment and circumstance, so a different version wouldn't be "me" any more. Not that there's such a thing as "me" anyway.

Humans are gradients in space with no clear boundary. Where do "you" truly end? Your mind? Your body? Your social ties, possessions, country, historical period, planet? Everything is a continuous whole with no "gaps".
Parmenides was big brain enough to understand this back when western philosophy wasn't even invented yet. The argument is quite simple. Nothingness can't exist, in order for there to be separate objects, there would have to be "nothing" between them, and there's no such thing as nothingness. Only absence of something else.

That said, I'd have preferred to not have been a mentally ill psychotic from a dysfunctional family, and maybe spent the last 10 years of my life pursuing my interests instead of descending to rock bottom and climbing back up again. That would've been nice.

Amor fati my ass.
No. 61334 Kontra
34 kB, 655 × 485
As proof of my credentials for giving out such unsolicited advice, I submit the IQ score of my previous post.
No. 61337
16 kB, 233 × 280
58 kB, 500 × 568
I was happy a couple of times. It was cringe. Was genuinely embarrassed with myself afterwards
But really, you shouldn't take my shitposts too seriously. I usually have a shit eating grin on my face while writing them. It's genuinely entertaining to engage in such theatrics. To stride the line between sort of contrarian and straight up retarded, and see who catches on. I call it the "how many Germans will respond seriously to a shitpost?" game.

In defense of being a miserable cunt, I think happiness is overrated. One should take being happy all the time as a warning sign. Frustration, pain, disappointment, etc., are mechanisms by which our brains warn us, and correct our behavior. It's a sensory input just like vision, hearing, etc. Aversion to discomfort is a type of self-induced blindness. Good things require no further comment, thought, or engagement. They can be left as is, because they're already good. There's no point to sitting around feeling good about them.
Bad things, on the other hand, provoke a reaction, contemplation, and ideally, subsequent action. Deliberately seeking out frustrations, and working towards correcting them, until the frustration is gone, to then seek out more frustrations, is quite a productive process.

For example, I spent a month dealing with shitty documentation, trying out several programs in various states of broken, looking for a server hosting provider that didn't shit the bed when I tried actually using the capacity they advertised, and so on, to ultimately end up with something crappy, which brought me no satisfaction. But something was done, and something now exists that didn't before and that's good. In the following weeks, I will once again subject myself to frustration trying to learn something I am incompetent at, to end up with something crappy again, but will be a bit less shit. And that's a good thing(tm). If I were happy with things as they are, I wouldn't have done anything. Life isn't about being happy, it's about entertaining Mr. God, as Terry A. Davis put it.

Also, I'm incredibly insecure because I grew up with a BPD narcissist with mood swings, so I expect every enjoyable experience to be followed by a slap in the face, so feeling good makes me anxious about the inevitable kick in the nuts. Probably altered my brain circuitry to the point where I'm not even capable of genuine enjoyment. I'm not sure that can be reverted at this point, and I'm kinda fine with it tbh.

Finally, I believe in "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". You'd have to agree with me that outwardly happy people are annoying as fuck. Wouldn't want to subject people to that. If someone is acting forthcoming and friendly towards you, smiling at you and acting happy to see you and shit, you should be suspicious, because they either (a) want something from you, or (b) are idiots.
No. 61338
2,6 MB, 4032 × 3024
Woke up to a weird buzzing sound today. Apparently the hornet sitting at the top of the curtains turned out to be alive after all despite not having had moved for like two days (noticed it when I moved in here, but cba to clean it since it was so far up at the Altbau ceiling). Pretty glad she just tried to penetrate the glass rather than striving for my intimacy.
No. 61340
Saw an old lady with a tattoo on her neck. Some cursive letters and some stars, it did look like what an old lady would get for herself.
Then again, the only person in my immediate family with a tattoo was my late grandmother. A large cross on her back to ward off demonic influence.
No. 61341
>A large cross on her back to ward off demonic influence.
What if demons start to influence her from the front?

Speaking of old people with tattoos, in here it's predominantly men who wear them, and it's usually military tattoos (parachutes for VDV, anchors for sailors etc.; my grandpa had a small silouette of the torpedo boat he used to serve on tattooed on his hand) or prison ones (goooolden domes bring joy to my sooooul...). I've never seen an old woman with a tattoo, but I think there should be some around with prison ones at least, it's just that they never show them.
No. 61342
78 kB, 752 × 554
2,7 MB, 2592 × 1936
157 kB, 1400 × 934
1,6 MB, 1536 × 2048
Demons feared my grandmother, they'd never dare to attack her frontally. She stole holy water from church and claimed she could perform exorcisms.
Old men have more tattos here, a lot of Ultramar war stuff.
No. 61344
115 kB, 350 × 414
Laying in bed, snacking my Nürnberger Elisenlebkuchen and reading. Sadly, I will have to leave again to buy some prepared frozen food, I don't want to eat pasta with tomato sauce again today.
No. 61358
>Attacking bad books is not only a waste of time but also bad for the character. If I find a book really bad, the only interest I can derive from writing about it has to come from myself, from such display of intelligence, wit and malice as I can contrive. One cannot review a bad book without showing off.
>t. W.H. Auden
Shit, maybe burger is right.

I find myself having this weird realization that I can actually buy software and digital media now, having some disposable income, and don't have to waste 30 minutes to an hour Fucking with torrents and cracks any more. Of course, this only applies to "pay and you own it" stuff. Still, I should probably buy something if I actually enjoy it.
No. 61376
I disagree with this. Writing philippics and going on tirades might be excessive, I'd rather have overwrought kamikaze texts telling me why something is bad than to have no warning at all.
Just as we share if we think something is worth our time, we should warn people if we think something is a waste of time.
No. 61378 Kontra
50 kB, 960 × 724
There are 4 women sitting near the kitchen and they laugh a lot. This scares me, why is that? I'm not up to social interaction really as I'm tired. But there is something scary about their overly social round. I will nonetheless heroically go out and prepare food soon.

Also I like this picture, I think it fits EC in a sense, though I don't really know why.
No. 61380 Kontra
>4 women
>near the kitchen
Why are you preparing the food?
No. 61381
This makes sense, but we live in a such gloomy world where everything is shit unless stated otherwise therefore negative reaction to something usually uninformative.
And it feels a bit gay to be so emotional that you get enraged by things you saw in internet and have to write an angry essay to cope with it. Remember, speaking about your feelings is a first step to drinking smoothies, wearing pink shorts and having account in tw*tter. Trueъ man should drink until losing consciousness instead.
No. 61382
Yes, it's uncanny how they simulate positive social interactions with obviously fake smiles and unnatural laugh, then tell you in private "She is such a bitch!" about each other.
You are wise to cook food on your own, would be foolish to trust it to THEM.
No. 61383 Kontra
136 kB, 640 × 800
Listened to celebrated intellectuals discussing Portuguese discussing the violence associated with the later period (1919-1926) of first Portuguese Republic. They blamed it on WWI, this despite that only a single expeditionary corp of 55.000 men fought in western front and in the events they talked about, the men involved had themselves no participation in either the western front or the larger military deployment to colonial provinces.
They really did just extrapolate the experience of other nations and shoehorned into our own.

It's good that this was today's most traumatic experience.
No. 61384
Went to the doctor's office today.
Had bloodworks done and also had a chest x-ray.
I looked through the results of the x-ray and it says my lungs are both clean and transparent, which means it's 100% that I didn't have covid like the rest of the family.
Rest of the results have improved compared to last time, but still in the "fucking shit" territory, so all things considered I can count my blessings that I'm actually functioning normally.

Didn't take long, had lunch and then came home.
Completed a Fallout New Vegas playtrough and now I'm about to continue reading Journey to the West.

I wanted to pick up my books but they didn't prepare my order so I couldn't.

Personally, I rarely encounter something that's offensively bad outside the realm of politics.
Or rather, rarely do I ever encounter something that's offensively bad yet tricks me into spending enough time on it that I get mad afterwards, be it books or a youtube video.
Maybe I'm just overly selective or secluded, but my readings send me mining a vein of gold, so I don't have to dig trough the trash.

Finding bland and inoffensively boring stuff is more common. Especially online where you can come across content so mind numbingly engineered and artificially produced that you start to doubt the people watching it have any braincells or a soul at all.
No. 61385
107 kB, 959 × 1000
I'm back from preparing and eating. The clever Ernst that I am, I prepared food as I knew most of them would leave at a specific time to continue drinking elsewhere. So I came out of my room and they were smiling and greeted me and I went to the kitchen and prepared my food while they went on chatting.

Their laughter was far from artificial tbh. It was this weird joyful and euphoric laughter, like they were happy to have a good time which hyped them up more, at least that is what I think happens. Pretty normal to enjoy something and then enjoy the enjoyment.

>You are wise to cook food on your own, would be foolish to trust it to THEM.

I'm probably known here as THE CHEF. Also le poisonous woman stereotype.
No. 61394 Kontra
145 kB, 850 × 535
I don't either, I'd say it was very much a certain tinge of politically minded reviewing of past events that set me off. By extricating the blame for violence and instability from the actions of the first republic's various actors and onto the state of affairs of Europe as a whole, the political project can be salvaged and does not require a more critical analysis of its various failures.
No. 61395
923 kB, 962 × 729
No. 61402
Next time you you out there, enter the room with a loud "NA MÄDELS, HUNGER?" and when they're still confounded, you add "HEUTE GIBTS NE GROSSE WURST!" or, if they're vegetarians, "HEUTE GIBTS GURKE!" and pull out your dick. At least one of them will like it, provided they're not all lesbians. They're not all lesbians, are they? Then all you need to do is hold their gaze and you're golden, unless of course you're ugly and/or fat.
Pickup Ernst reporting out.
No. 61410
25 kB, 600 × 462
>go to web bookstore
>no category for philosophy
>books strewn across theology, linguistics, politics, arts and culture, etc.
>go to another bookstore
>open "philosophy" category
>includes self-help shit
I'm gonna smack a bitch.
No. 61411
I decided to watch an animu episode in German, it is quite interesting hearing germanic people act so unhinged and retarded. The dub quality is about average I would say. I wonder if there would be much point to me learning spoken german, literary german would take me 10 years probably idk.
No. 61412
What anime was it?
Also, if you want to learn german, I can recommend the german dub of Star Trek TNG. Apart from the technobabble, it's all very clear and pleasant, with barely any colloquialisms.
No. 61413
129 kB, 482 × 604
I wish there was kazakh dubbed anime.
Searching for this image has done irreparable damage to my recommendations
No. 61415
>go to web bookstore

You did not deserve better!

either your store is shit or you look up things wrongly on the internet. You just wanna browse the phil. section for something interesting?
No. 61417
It's a store that sells used and new books, so it's less about the contents of the book itself, but browsing for good condition stuff, the editions I want, etc.

And yeah, my approach is usually to look up random shit and go "yeah, this looks interesting". Even if it's mediocre, there's usually some material in there that points me in the right direction. The ADHD method of learning. I don't do well with structured learning or curriculum, I go with what is immediately interesting and then expand.
No. 61418
I'm doing a mix of both, but will try to focus more. For many years I solely relied on going with what sounds interesting but my ADHD brain will make me go in 12 directions every other week and this becomes a burden and leaves me unsatisfied. But it makes/made a good base.
Focusing is what I will try to do, I already quit two books because of it. They were ok and had interesting points, but in the end I need focus because "career" reasons, sadly I have to get real here for me.
No. 61425
79 kB, 1169 × 869
Philosophy has its origin in examining something that is before a decision, before assumptions to do philosophy as we know it today. We do philosophy on decisions that are made invisible and are not the topic of many philosophies itself. (Western?) Philosophy has/is blackboxing itself. Philosophy hides its origin. The greek theoria initially was about contemplation, a view, a perspective, one of many. We could not let go of that, we hide the decisions and implications of what becomes a view. That is why it was never resolved.
No. 61431
Today was very bad. I was on the edge the whole time. Very angry and stressed for some reason.
Dog bruised my foot as it bit me when I told it not to go trough the door. Thankfully it's supposedly vaccinated so I just disinfected it and went on with it.
Told my mother to not lie to me about the vaccination because rabies means it's game over, and I'm opposed to dying at this time.
But then again, it's not like the dog interacts with other animals, so there's a minimal chance it carries it.
I guess I'm halfway to becoming a hypochondriac.

Went to the store to help with shopping. Found they sell Tsingtao beer so I paid the sinoboo tax and got a can as an oddity.

Also got a haircut and it was incredibly frustrating and stressful, because the woman doing it asked me what kind of a cut I'd like and I just told her she should leave 3-4 centimetres of hair, but not too short and then she went on about "what do you mean not too short, everything compared to this will be too short" and asked me to show a picture because she can't picture it and holy shit I just want you to leave my hair 3-4 centimetres long why do you need reference material for it stop stressing me spaghetti is falling out of my pockets right now please.
But it turned out fine.
It's good actually, I was so fucking tired of brushing it every day and it getting in my face constantly even with glasses on.

Also picked up the books. This collection of the Upanishads in two volumes is very cool. Plenty of notes.
I have an older edition that's very small and selective in its contents, but still has a lot of notes. I've decided to keep the old copy because it has two texts not in the new translations and it has notes on its own.
I also bought a political book by a pair of Orbanite(?) thinkers because I want to read something vicious and slightly /pol/ tier. I'm addicted to watching people spew hatred and write creatively while doing so.

Was present at the showing off of the house my mother is trying to flip as a side-job for a friend of her.
It made me realise that Sir Humphrey is a very British character, because in maybe every other society someone with a similar skillset would either end up in academics or selling used cars.
At least these are the practical functions of playing language games on people.
Woman that found the potential buyers and hooked us up was a total fucking idiot. She had a screechy voice and kept saying stupid shit that was either irrelevant or outright contra-productive, so when she started talking about the issues of one of her previous sales taking three weeks to finalize I decided to step in and say that "This example is of course an incredibly extreme case" and that shut the bitch up.

Half of me makes me wish our dubbing industry would fucking kneel over and die already, but on the other hand, I'm glad it keeps people down and ignorant of foreign languages, because that means the retards will require my knowledge in the future.

You should have a concrete idea whenever you wander into an online store, usually from previous readings.
Their bestseller lists are no better than that of physical stores, but at least you don't have to suffer browsing through piles of shit in meatspace to get what you want.
At least that's how I do it. It's cleaner and less mind numbing that way.
No. 61440
President Jackson's pet parrot allegedly swore so loudly and incessantly during his own funeral that it interrupted the service
I want this to be true so bad. Makes me damn proud to be murican when I see shit like this.

So I came to this because after watching pird videos I have to ask: does anybody's pet parrots start mimicking them making sex sounds? It occurred to me that I'm never hearing about this happening but it seems like the kind of thing that'd be a frequent occurrence among parrot owners. I know they allegedly had trouble homeing a particularly prolific swearing parrot although I'd think finding a home for a sex sound parrot would be either more or less difficult, depending whether a like pornography shop owner wanted to buy himself a shop mascot. I'd imagine in the age of parrots they particularly would've found such a thing amusing and brought their parrots they picked up from some hideaway island to brothels specifically to boast and compete with the other pirates' sex sound parrots.
No. 61441
All he has to do is chew on something a rabid animal did or interact with something a wild rabid animal made bodily fluid contact with/is bodily fluid recently.

People that don't vaccinate their dogs for rabies because of some dumb antivax shit literally deserve being fucking beaten. It's against the law to have an unvaccinated dog here and not even in this country far as I know does anybody make a deal about vaccinating their pets.
No. 61442
>Also got a haircut and it was incredibly frustrating and stressfu
Pro solution: shave your hair off and just maintain it yourself
t. has these settis

Also Tsingtao is kind of donkey piss. Better donkey piss than some of the shit I've had but still not great. Hope the premium wasn't too much :-DD
No. 61443

Our peasantry and amoral instincts aside, would it not be reasonable to forward ourselves as the Progenitors, and to advance a sort of Manifest Destiny among the stars with ourselves adopting the various client races/species across this sector of the galaxy? We have no one as our beneficiary guarding us or uplifting. Why should we not become that species as indicated or outright mandated by God? Would it not be reasonable for us to assume this role ourselves with a scientific quasi-mysticism? Why shouldn't we be the precursor race eventually known only in myths across the stars in a billion years?
Why shouldn't that be us and who we really are?
No. 61450
How do you get the hair around your ears in order? Whenever I do something myself it looks like shit.
No. 61451
He is talking about going full skin-head.
No. 61454
I take it all off, but you could use a guard for your clippers if you wanted a certain length. I use an old car mirror to make sure I don't miss anything, but you could do the same thing to make sure your shaping is right I guess. Prolly a bit harder though.
No. 61470
4,7 MB, 4624 × 2600
Rate this oddly asiatic church
No. 61471
Does it have a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in the main hall?
Do they serve chilean seabass?
No. 61480
53 kB, 458 × 612
Today I'm gonna eat a bunch of spongecake and then sleep for 10+ hours. Nobody can stop me.
No. 61482
139 kB, 1024 × 768
>Nobody can stop me.
Maybe your bowels will. t. ate ungodly amounts of sweets this week and strangely enough did not suffer any notable revenge from his digestive system for it.
No. 61483
Re-checked my feet and it wasn't the dog that did it ultimately, but the fact that I let the nails overgrow and as I got startled I scratched myself under my socks.
The fucking bitch is in heat, so it explains why it got so aggressive that it bit my feet.
Honestly, I don't think our family should own any animals.

Helped with some gardening work and throwing out some trash.
Still can't concentrate on anything and I feel incredibly stressed for no good reason.

They reinstated the mask-mandate on public transport starting next week. Wonder if they'll close down the universities at this rate by December or something.
We're at ~65% vaccination rate, and it's not rising any more, so closing stuff down is pointless because the government already coerced everyone it could into getting the jab, and Orbán isn't going to risk his popularity ahead of the 2022 elections on this, lest the healthcare system actually fucking collapses like the opposition has been predicting for a decade now.

>Also Tsingtao is kind of donkey piss.
I'm not expecting the best beer of my life, I just want to check it out.
If I wanted to drink a good beer I'd drink some Czech export stuff.
Was like 1,70 Euros, not that big of a deal, though an actually good beer from Czechia is cheaper.

It'd probably be easier to get a haircut if I actually had a hairdresser instead of just waltzing into a shop uninvited to get a cut every six months or so.
No. 61484
Heh, today I ate a bag of Marzipan potatos, a pack of Lidl YES cakes, a bag of Pombär crisps and a pack of Baumkuchenspitzen (also some kind of cake).
I had to drink a few vodka because I feel a bit sick in my stomach.
No. 61485 Kontra
4,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
My name is Ernstovich Ernst and I am a victim or American imperialism.
No. 61486
I for one blame the shrewd German merchants.
No. 61488
20 kB, 300 × 350
Clog those arteries! I bought Marizipan bread again today, but the cheap version, tomorrow I will see how it tastes in comparison. Kinder Riegel were on offer, so I bought them too and opened those first
No. 61490
134 kB, 824 × 676
62 kB, 972 × 305
70 kB, 1440 × 1080
Wow, they even have Duff beer, and it's szuper. I really hope you bought that stuff!
No. 61491
Have you made a new Fetternstfaden?
No. 61497
5,9 MB, 2542 × 4475
1,3 MB, 2009 × 1197
Did you know, that POLAND is most developed and the American light shining on the yurop? It's true!

Here let us take the case of Michał, a GOG staffer who understand the superiority of American culture and spreads it to Europe. He is patriotic American-Polish man, he celebrates the holidays properly, and he understand well the principles of mercantilism. Here we see even his name is Michał, which means in Hebrew "who is like God?" And so we say, who is like Michał?
No. 61500
No, the last one I opened on /b/ was too thin (3 pictures only). I've rarely been on /b/ for months now, though.
No. 61504
Today someone sharted in basket for spam near mailboxes in entrance. It's diarrhea and it's stinks up to three floors (good luck I live on 4-th!)
Good opportunity to check two theories: tragedy of the commons and theory of broken windows. Let's see how long it will be until someone cleans it.
No. 61509
I just came to the startling realization that people look at the expression on my face to gauge what I might be feeling at that moment. I feel violated. Why would they do that?

All the worse than 90% of the time I have a constipated, annoyed expression on my face, because I'm constantly experiencing some form of headache. I've just learned to ignore it.
No. 61510
>Why would they do that?
Uh, because they're humans?
No. 61511
Well, I don't do that. In fact, I don't look people in the face at all.
And I'm human.
I think?
No. 61512
19 kB, 400 × 400
Reminds me of a joke:

>How do you recognize an extrovert computer nerd?
>He's looking at your feet instead of his own when talking to you.
No. 61561
Well if you don't like it maybe you should wear a mask and sunglasses otherwise maintain a stonefaced expression. It's not their fault, it's yours for showing your face and maintaining any expression to begin with. It's like talking and then getting pissed off because someone heard you. Don't like it? Shut your mouth then.
No. 61571
117 kB, 334 × 368
It has been some time and we require updates on the situation. I must guess somebody cleaned it already.

Why do we not conduct a scientific research paper about social trust and social responsibility cultural doctrines in different cultures by sharting in certain places and testing how long it takes to be cleaned, as well as thoroughness of said cleansing. I already know exacty how we can have statistically significant sample sizes and under a control group. I think that a supermaket and an apartment block should be the bare minimum for guaging this. That is to say, both places may or may not be privately owned in any culture, and private capital of a third party, however they are both considered as shared spaces regardless.

I think an excellent example is American prison, where it may or may not be state owned or ran and owned for private profit, however the inmates themselves will typically enforce certain basic standards of cleanliness and hygiene, with brutal violence if necessary. So much as pissing and not washing your hands can result in a sound beating and getting jumped by half the pod. In that respect, I wonder if the conclusions of such a study would indicate that perhaps we should model ourselves after the much superior behavior of the inmates in standards of cleanliness and upholding civilization, whereas a part of me doubts a shart problem would be addressed in under 24 hours in a Norisk flat or many Walmarts. I suppose we could conjecture as a result about the perks and merits of a truly communal or Social society, whereby even absent true Social ownership they still maintain and enforce the community standard regardless if people don't care otherwise because they do not consider it to belong to them.

Was part of this problem, you think, the result of all property being called belonging to the State and thus not viewed as their shared property any longer? What impact did crash liberalisation have over culture of social trust and taking shared shart responsibilities, if any?