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No. 608 Systemkontra
243 kB, 1000 × 760
I found this pic in Livejournal post about old ZIL museum.
No. 614
463 kB, 960 × 1280
497 kB, 960 × 1280
The USSR had a lot of these ebin documents. Soviet officials awarded these pieces of paper to distinguished soldiers and workers. How is this thing called in English?
I have some interesting examples in my collection, this is rare type of document awarded by Ukrainian OSOAVIAKHIM ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOSAAF ) for occupying the second place in the second republican team competition of Ukrainian skydivers in 1939 or 1940 year. OSOAVIAKHIM often awarded people with its documents, but I hadn't seen such type of blue paper with airplanes and paratroopers before.
No. 616
Letter of commendation?
No. 995
90 kB, 1024 × 677
Two Ernst teas.
I found this pic in one traveller's Livejournal where he travelled by Egyptian train.
No. 998
So in lieu of money, the paid people with letters written on fancy paper? What could you exchange those for on the black market?
No. 1095
375 kB, 2500 × 1785
198 kB, 2500 × 1669
94 kB, 1136 × 757
368 kB, 2144 × 1025
some randoms from my pics folder
No. 1103
152 kB, 700 × 933
They were worthless, it was simply a bonus whose task was improving the mood and productivity of worker. Of course in the modern world these things are collectible and worth money.
Pic related, somebody liked the look of the document and he put it in the frame. This is a very rare certificate awarded together with early versions of the order of the Red Banner, the document is most probably issued in the 20s or late 10s, you can notice the fasces at the top of the document.
No. 1106
>They were worthless, it was simply a bonus whose task was improving the mood and productivity of worker.
Like I said: it was a worthless piece of paper used to reward people. You get rewarded, and still continue to live in a one-room appartement with a shared kitchen.
No. 1107
Jesus Christ, why you are so butthurt about this? First of all, the USSR wasn't the first state to reward its people with useless items. Secondly, the USSR wasn't a wealthy state in the first place and the union provided citizens with what the economy could allow. It's not like a bunch of ebil Soviet officials sat in luxurious mansions and deliberately deprived workers of their goods.
No. 1110
136 kB, 800 × 800
Contributing. It is the board of a stupid monopoly ripoff game, where you actually have to break existing monopoles. Don't ask me how this worked, it was all about suing (=building houses) the companies (=the streets), and then if you sued them enough their monopole was broken. I owned it as a kid and always wondered why no one wanted to play with me. Now I know: The game sucks (and also I am Ernst, and thus boring as fuck).
No. 1112
>such levels of anti-unitedstatism
Very German, I even like the humor.
No. 1113
The funny thing is the game was already meant to be anti-monopolist
No. 1116
57 kB, 653 × 412
64 kB, 400 × 251
55 kB, 654 × 412
55 kB, 400 × 251
Paintings of prehistoric fauna by Heinrich Harder. I really like looking at those for some reason.
No. 1157
204 kB, 960 × 1280
99 kB, 1403 × 952
91 kB, 747 × 1138
53 kB, 382 × 582
No. 1181
112 kB, 500 × 400
17 kB, 300 × 300
46 kB, 419 × 543
I love dragons. There some dragon pics. Since early childhood I want become a dragon ;__;
No. 1185
435 kB, 1024 × 1464
407 kB, 1024 × 1225
319 kB, 1024 × 1225
322 kB, 1024 × 1266
Zdenek Burian
No. 1307
140 kB, 1000 × 1000
193 kB, 1000 × 1000
Adding these two, these are the covers of a double album from one of my favourite bands, Therion, and I really like the artwork of those. Though it is not really a double album, they were sold separately, but they were released at the same date I think. It's a symphonic metal band, but it's hard to add a label to them, since they quite often changed their style, not always to the delight of their fans. But those two albums are as solid as it gets.
No. 1318
1,6 MB, 432 × 768, 0:01
1,5 MB, 768 × 432, 0:02
1,5 MB, 768 × 432, 0:01
889 kB, 768 × 432, 0:00
No. 1336
364 kB, 1214 × 1600
579 kB, 1098 × 1600
More Burian
No. 1338
1,5 MB, 2790 × 1835
3,0 MB, 1817 × 2656
688 kB, 1880 × 1440
895 kB, 2000 × 1335
No. 1350
Are the last two real?
No. 1353
964 kB, 2048 × 1364
> Are the last two real?
Yes, it's Hong Kong. See Architecture of Density by Michael Wolf.
No. 1362
406 kB, 1100 × 733
471 kB, 600 × 923
No. 1365
Somehow pastels make these urban landscapes and structures so much uglier and more depressing than normally. I mean if they're actually going to bother with making these things colorful they should at least stick to a sharper color palette. This is just disgusting to look at. I would rather have various shades of grey.
No. 1401
You even not seen QUALITY of constructikn of such buildings.
Also how they will look after 5-10 years lol.
No. 1407
Imagine if a serious fire broke out in those buildings. You wouldn't stand a chance in the higher floors. Not past the level where you can jump and survive.
No. 1415
There is a legend that Soviets didn't build higher than 9 floors before they could get ladders ascending higher than 9 floors for fire machines.
No. 1422
As a hero of the Soviet Union marshal Zhukov once said: "Women will give birth to other Russians".
No. 1618
96 kB, 600 × 794
73 kB, 600 × 828
74 kB, 600 × 566
118 kB, 600 × 837
some classic pre political correctnesss/feminazi-sjw ads
No. 1619
90 kB, 600 × 549
109 kB, 600 × 822
108 kB, 600 × 823
77 kB, 600 × 842
No. 1620
First ad looks kind of today-ish.
No. 1778
374 kB, 776 × 1201
No. 1779
139 kB, 736 × 500
214 kB, 760 × 596
96 kB, 686 × 900
1,9 MB, 2013 × 4721
Contributing some stuff from my comics folder, though the first one isn't really a comic.
No. 1781
99 kB, 241 × 217
61 kB, 700 × 525
1,5 MB, 807 × 731
alpha male bought a shopping cart full of beer

gerald praljak downs a witcher elixir (actually cyanide during his court session)

Tutenchamun presents his tuned setlur motor bike
No. 1783
1,2 MB, 2105 × 1909
No. 1787
>shopping cart full of beer

If i remember correctly that's an understatement
No. 1788
266 kB, 1242 × 1170
>A fat bottom is no shape for a girl

What caused the 1970s to have such poor taste? One of the few things I learnt in school about Early Modern Britain was how women even back then would put special cloth padding on their derrière that lusty men would poke at with their sword in a playful fashion. It's a sign of fertility after all.

I mean I get that this is women's fashion advice so what do they know but still, this is an issue you either strongly agree with or at worst even a homo would be ambivalent over.
No. 1816
It could be that men became less manly and therefore started prefering small asses and women with a child-like body (included shaving) because they're afraid of taking responsibility and impregnating a woman.
Another possibility would be that it came up after crimanlization of hebephilia when a lot of men suddenly got forced to suppress their natural desires. As far as I know underaged prostitutes were pretty normal back in the days.
No. 1818
>Another possibility would be that it came up after crimanlization of hebephilia when a lot of men suddenly got forced to suppress their natural desires. As far as I know underaged prostitutes were pretty normal back in the days.
nice projection. underage girls is not and can not be natural desires, for one simple reason: it is negatively selected by the fact that it causes serious birth complications and before modern medicine there were basically two options for teenage mothers: child dying for being prematurely born, or mother dying for child being bigger than her pelvis.
No. 1819
Cute little dream world you live in.
Please read up on a topic before posting about it.
It was normal for humanity up until the 20th century, the notion that hebephilia might somehow be not natural is a moralistic construction of psychiatry.
For start you might like to read the wikipedia page on history of child prostitution. It says that in Europe about half of all prostitutes were minors. We don't even need to talk about greeks, hindus, islam etc.
It was normal for nearly anyone at any time, do you think that so many years of human history people had un-natural desires and suddenly, by wonder became healthy and lost those desires in the 20th century?
No. 1820
Another thing: children dying is a moral problem, not one of nature as long as there are still enough children born.
No. 1821
16,8 MB, 150 pages
>and before modern medicine there were basically two options for teenage mothers: child dying for being prematurely born
Before modern medicine this option wasn't a big problem because you'd go and make another baby.
Also, when a girl starts to bleed, she's technically ready for pregnancy.
Here's law of VIII century, Ecloga of Leo III, 2. Titel, article 2.1 (page 94 of PDF file) - it forbids marrying before 13 years for girls and before 15 years for boys.
On a side note: what the fuck with English internet? I couldn't find translation in English, only links to the book, but not the book itself, but translation in Russian is a second or third entry in search results. I could only find German translation fast.
No. 1830
398 kB, 320 × 240, 0:02
No. 1935
718 kB, 976 × 1815
No. 1941
>It could be that men became less manly and therefore started prefering small asses and women with a child-like body

So you're saying that men are more manly now than in the 1970s. Interesting hypothesis but it doesn't make sense in light of broader trends starting around the 1950s.

>For start you might like to read the wikipedia page on history of child prostitution. It says that in Europe about half of all prostitutes were minors.

Fuck off with the history abuse, pedo. The steady rise in the age of consent was directly driven by horror over the practice of child prostitutes becoming exposed* just as child labour was legislated against following outrage over their conditions in industrial society. We can even see this in living memory with the resultant public reaction when the sexual revolution went too far.

You can talk about how sexy you find children all you want but it's not going to stop the rest of the community dousing you petrol and setting you fire for being the filthy child molester that you are.

*In Britain this was driven by daring MPs personally going into whorehouses and investigating whether they could get access to children in the houses care. This tradition being upheld even today by our brave politicians testing immigrant rent-boys and the rigorous sampling of cocaine quality
No. 1947
>Yobayes’ theorem

No. 1952 Kontra
>history abuse
What are you even talking about?
The only thing I said is that it was normal, widely accepted and natural. That's not abusing history, it is de facto history. You can close your eyes to this as much as you want, it won't change.
I didn't talk about it being right or wrong, that's not of my interest. All you do is is crying how wrong it is and setting yourself up as some kind of insincere moral authority, just because it is easy to do so having the tail wind of the rabble.

However at this point it is clear that you're not in your right mind and get all emotional over historical facts so I will condone your petty phantasies of violence. Feeble and rotten minds will always jump on the first occasion to start a witch hunt, even more in times where the likes of you are forbidden to stir up hatred against ethnic or religious minorities.
No. 1970
151 kB, 750 × 459
150 kB, 750 × 491
92 kB, 750 × 504
60 kB, 750 × 408
No. 1980 Kontra
>For start you might like to read the wikipedia page on history of child prostitution.
You claims are not really backed up by that article. You try to state that a majority of people basically wanted to bone children and then suddenly it was criminalized and since then people are forced to suppress their desires. I haven't seen any data which would support such a wild conclusion.
No. 2011 Kontra
>What are you even talking about?

Twisting history to support opinion rather than the using it to uncover information.

You do need confronting on this because we are all aware of how allowing such bullshit to fester inevitably attracts more pedos - this is why many places on the internet outright ban any discussion of AoC legislation.
No. 2030 Kontra
>Hello, I'm a brainwashed cuckold who has been brainwashed and no pretends to be sexually attracted by post-menopausal women
At least you won't procreate, you degenerate little wanker.
No. 2038 Kontra
No. 2060 Kontra
Well, I have stated my opinion and you have continued your moralist screeching, so I don't think we will find a common ground.
However I at least agree to your last point so let's end this discussion at this point.
No. 2157
93 kB, 1080 × 681
125 kB, 920 × 960
No. 2518
99 kB, 640 × 853
No. 2555
10 kB, 200 × 200
1,6 MB, 1153 × 800
German humor
Holy shit this is genuinely funny
No. 2574
1,6 MB, 1200 × 1200
I love these, thanks
No. 2576
394 kB, 480 × 854
No. 2585
223 kB, 941 × 950
I don't even know what to say to people like this.
No. 2695
4,8 MB, 600 × 480, 0:09
No. 2703
417 kB, 1500 × 1543
That story is such guff.
No. 2704
>her rents
Is this Australian vernacular, or is it universal?
No. 2705
>I told my lawyer about the tape, he responded by telling me "you fucking sneaky bastard" laughing
>... and then everyone clapped
No. 2712
Come on, lads. It's transparently fake.
No. 2715
I always thought it was just an American way of shortening words, but i guess the internet makes everything universal.
Is right. Not even b-tards would take it that far.
No. 2716
Well, American English speakers are a lot more numerous over Internets.
Guess where it leads.
No. 2719 Kontra
That's what we're saying. I dunno how you could misconstrue that.
No. 2739
135 kB, 730 × 1095
2,2 MB, 1536 × 2048
332 kB, 1536 × 2048
An example of how much a great artist can pull out of a simple pad of paper.
No. 2740
450 kB, 2307 × 2926
I like drawings like that.
Sad that actual talent isn't really appreciated that much anymore in modern art.
No. 2743
I remember when I would see great drawings or paintings and think "The artist must be a rich". That was when I was a kid and didn't realize how hard it is to turn art into money. I'm glad sites like Patreon exist to help some of them out.
No. 2748
9 kB, 225 × 225
581 kB, 667 × 1000
547 kB, 684 × 1000
I hate when people on imageboards throw a fit about monthly donations for artists on Patreon.
The most popular and rich artists on the web are those who are the most corrupt, who are ready to manipulate the public or sell porn, yet even they're quite poor by Western standarts. Kuvshinov (horrible guy with almost zero creativity), the top Russian artist drawing cute semirealistic anime girls 24/7, earns $10 000 a month. Kuvshinov is very popular artist among normies and his girls are often used as reaction pictures on Western & Russian imageboards. Sakimichan, a weeb girl and the most popular artist on DeviantArt (being a female artist always adds you additional points and attracts attention from horny audience) is drawing shitty erotic pictures, I remember that she earned less than $30 000 per month a year ago, she was the richest artist on Patreon.

These people are top 0,001% of artists in the web, they spent many years earning reputation, skills and fans, they have shitty ethics and they're attentionwhores ready to do almost everything if that would bring them more money, but this "elite" isn't rich at all, and some of them will not be considered even middle class in Western countries. Nobody is bitching about many other professions where top 1% earn much more.
No. 2749
>3rd pic
I meant she had 6 fingers. Then the fans noticed that and Sakimi fixed this, although the anatomy is still horrible.
No. 2761
Wait. The guy who paints those makes $10000 a month? Permavirgins need to move out their parents basements and start earning their own money so they stop blowing it on this bullshit.
No. 2762
Don't forget that this is just voluntary donations and he receives pay for actual work too. He is one of the few artists who don't hide their income on Patreon, majority of those greedy kikes hide it from fans because the people donate more money when they don't know how rich's the artist. Btw, Kuvshinov posted on Russian imageboards in 2010, he has a gf, works for Japanese companies and now lives in Tokyo, he is the idol of many Russian weebs.
No. 2929
111 kB, 999 × 396, 0:02
No. 2938
636 kB, 1205 × 814
1,2 MB, 1277 × 835
505 kB, 1280 × 921
485 kB, 1073 × 1600
No. 3060
187 kB, 640 × 400, 1:17
No. 3061
635 kB, 1280 × 960
No. 3154
14 kB, 300 × 319
No. 3156
16 kB, 349 × 500
92 kB, 1133 × 584
53 kB, 604 × 402
39 kB, 574 × 318
What manner of thread is this even?
No. 3157 Kontra
Fuck meant to post this in random picture thread
No. 3314
160 kB, 1200 × 359
306 kB, 789 × 682
I spent the morning playing around with this. The original and my edit.
No. 3371 Kontra
549 kB, 1174 × 1018
Still tinkering with it.
No. 3412
1,6 MB, 2072 × 1494
No. 3518
100 kB, 500 × 500
No. 3522
527 kB, 1277 × 1029
No. 3530
227 kB, 997 × 317
323 kB, 492 × 560
I was trying to match Walt Kelly's style and use of dialect with this one. Here is the original Pogo comic strip and my edit.
No. 3531
Heh. Sauce?
No. 3535 Kontra
Nevermind, found it.
No. 3551 Kontra
What was it? I got this picture without context
No. 3605
You could make banners! If you want to create a banner, please make pictures 300x100.
No. 3607
1,1 MB, 1430 × 978
1,0 MB, 806 × 868
I decided to work in color for this one. There were a few tricky parts, but overall it was fun.Calvin and Hobbes,the original and my edit.

I'll start working on banners tommorrow.
No. 3610
Momoyuri Gakuen Himitsu no Soap-bu R
No. 3643
114 kB, 500 × 487
No. 3679
341 kB, 1796 × 563
88 kB, 600 × 200
38 kB, 300 × 100
I tried my hand at a banner today. Here is the original Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, along with my edit at its full size of 600x200.
The third image is 300x100 to meet the banner specifications.The scale and format were a unique challenge. I'll try another one tomorrow.
No. 3680 Kontra
38 kB, 300 × 100
I focused on every detail but managed to forget the most important part of a banner.
No. 3681
I really like those calvin & hobbes banners, they fit the mood of Ernstchan perfectly :3
No. 3693
Maybe outline would make Ernstchan label more readable?
No. 3697
38 kB, 300 × 100
Thank you ernst.
You're right. I think its more readable with some snow highlights.
No. 3698
40 kB, 300 × 100
The N is still kinda hard to see, i made it ugly.
Maybe want to place it a tiny little bit to the left?
No. 3701
Why not just use it without? Ernstwurf is enough imo.
No. 3709
either this or smaller, because so far that is bad design with the typo
No. 3726
40 kB, 300 × 100
I appreciate the feedback. I made a few small changes for readability. I reduced the font size by 1 pt and tilted it six degrees. While this agonized my OCD, having uneven letters, I guess it matches the energy line of the composition.I also removed the small trees that were obscuring the e and moved the motion line for the cap.
No. 3751
10 kB, 300 × 100
> While this agonized my OCD
Mine too. Sorry for messing with your banner.
No. 3753
>messing with your banner
Thank you, I'm glad you did. Yours is much better. By positioning Ernstchan at the extreme left you retained the open composion which emphasized the motion of the sled and the central focus of the falling cap. I kept seeing that tree as a barrier, but you solved the problem by whiting it out around the letters. >>3693 suggested an outline, but the tools I'm working with didn't have any outlined letters, and so i started improvising(a disaster in retrospect). Can you post this in the banner thread on /meta/ so the mods will see it as the final version?
No. 3775
9 kB, 387 × 429
Glad you like it and posted in /meta/.
No. 4029
147 kB, 425 × 295
No. 4181
190 kB, 1600 × 352
202 kB, 639 × 557
I attempted an edit of Peanuts. The style of Charles Schulz isn't too complicated, and I think I eventually got Ernstwurf into the correct pose. Here is the original comic strip, and my edit.
No. 4202 Kontra
114 kB, 1200 × 351
Nice, how about some Garfield?
No. 4203
I think the claws are a little too unwieldy and don't match the rest of the animation. Yeah I get why you added them but moles are a bit too weird to draw accurately.
No. 4206
21 kB, 285 × 283
Last pic I saved on my phone
No. 4235
311 kB, 1048 × 524
292 kB, 1132 × 607
174 kB, 644 × 555
A panel from Garfield's Big Fat Hairy Adventure, and my edit.
You make a good point. I gave Ernstwurf a pedicure.
No. 4237 Kontra
No. 4250
235 kB, 960 × 919
104 kB, 797 × 578
109 kB, 900 × 870
105 kB, 852 × 1200
Can we post AfD images?
No. 4251
684 kB, 1280 × 720
173 kB, 715 × 740
396 kB, 1200 × 744
341 kB, 500 × 500
No. 4291 Kontra
584 kB, 1196 × 557
71 kB, 600 × 420
No. 4331
766 kB, 3000 × 3500
38 kB, 914 × 548
213 kB, 800 × 462
327 kB, 1024 × 618
No. 4332
349 kB, 2048 × 1280
4,6 MB, 640 × 354, 3:44
34 kB, 450 × 269
2,8 MB, 2560 × 1600
No. 4333
9 kB, 259 × 194
66 kB, 498 × 620
94 kB, 800 × 533
72 kB, 749 × 996
No. 4335
46 kB, 550 × 496
11 kB, 220 × 230
45 kB, 550 × 489
249 kB, 620 × 320
No. 4343
1,2 MB, 1200 × 750
No. 4344 Kontra
Go back to cabbagechan Nebraska stop spamming and shitting up our board. Also Nebraska is a shit state and so are literally all of its sports teams that's why you all support Texan teams instead.
No. 4613
615 kB, 1600 × 900
Some more Ernstwurf. I spent way too much time adjusting the text on this one.
No. 4618
Very nice.
No. 4725
484 kB, 714 × 785
2,2 MB, 1223 × 1337
Thank you,Ernst.

Here is a panel from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a comic book adaptation with art by Skottie Young, and colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu. The loose line-work was a big enough challenge, but trying to get Ernstwurf's coloring to match the other characters had me pulling my hair out. Anyway, here is my edit showing Ernstwurf's influence on the scarecrow, tin-man, and lion.
No. 4958
36 kB, 480 × 388
No. 4989
lol I think you draw the mole in a very European way

Good stuff, excellent thread
No. 5181
473 kB, 1500 × 1500
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
I've been working on this new Ernstwurf for a couple of days. I'm trying to get better at manipulating text and working with layers, and this drawing gave me a lot of practice.
No. 5254
51 kB, 1269 × 289
51 kB, 1582 × 1135
Found this in FSI's Russian course and laughed.
No. 5257
Link to video?
No. 5258
172 kB, 640 × 360
Found this pic from old folder. Looks like it's from comics or some sort, but I don't know from where exeacly. Funny concept thought. I love dolphins
No. 5259
220 kB, 1325 × 1268
85 kB, 1272 × 388
здесь link, друг
No. 5260
You call that 90s dolphin? That isn't 90s, this is 90s cyborg dolphin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Th7GSBtM6Q
No. 5261
351 kB, 1218 × 1024
Host is a dumb буржуй
There is no Украина where he pointed, there is Казахстан, Киргизия (страны Средней Азии).

But let's see how Португалия will fit into Россия!
No. 5262
This is not very accurate since you ignored fact that this as drawed on globe absoluetly
No. 5263
283 kB, 1600 × 1121
Lies, Portugal big! BIG!
No. 5284
99 kB, 800 × 800
No. 5296
3 kB, 225 × 225
I really like swastikas, too bad nazis ruined the symbol. It is so weird when I think about it. Back in school when we were children it was a common joke to draw a Hakenkreuz in your friends notebook, I never engaged in that but sometimes got some of those. There are multiple interesting things about this I will elaborate. First, while the boys drew swastikas the girls used to spam their friends notebooks or exercise sheets with hairy dicks which was weirder to me than the swastika. However both actions have a taboo to them which probably made them so sweet for my classmates. When someone drew a swastika what usually happened was that the one whose notebook got swastika'd would finish it to make it look like a window, a box with a cross in it which broke the spell even though everyone knew it was a swastika once. I bet that a lot of the pleasure came from the swastika being verboten. The whole act of forbidding a symbol is so incredibly stupid and revolving to me and even if it's done for reasons of antifascism it's ridiculous too because you give the symbol so much power. I don't even know if these feel is understandable for non-germans even though I know that swastikas are forbidden in some other countries.
No. 5299
163 kB, 980 × 679
325 kB, 574 × 813
89 kB, 465 × 620
>the girls used to spam their friends notebooks or exercise sheets with hairy dicks
Not only the girls. My university buddy turned every single resistor in my electronic components lecture summary into a penis, the bastard. But yeah, in terms of edginess, I have always been a swastika guy myself.
No. 5300
29 kB, 1024 × 614
10 kB, 600 × 600
14 kB, 460 × 280
In whole west world swastica is no-no symbol. It already get so many meme power, that all fear it - even thought every year WWII are more and more far from us in time. However I always thought that swastika is not powerfull enough, we with friends more liked Wolfenstein symbol, black sun and kolovrat because how epin they look and because all that memes about PARANORMAL ENERGY and Tule and Anenerbe with secret bases, UFOs etc.
No. 5301
70 kB, 498 × 672
No. 5304
I remember at my high school some kids drew a massive one in sharpie on the side of a school building and when the school painted over it, they didn't get the tone right and it actually made the whole thing stand out more than it did as just a sharpie line :-DDD
No. 5342
1,5 MB, 2048 × 1536
1,2 MB, 2048 × 1536
969 kB, 1536 × 2048
1,6 MB, 2048 × 1536
Postcard for my great aunt from a girl from Czechoslovakia. Kind of like a medieaval KC.

Food stamp from 1945

News that a painting was stolen
No. 5343
Honestly I always thought it was one of the least aesthetic most ugly symbols on its own. I don't know why it just looks like shit to me.
No. 5345 Kontra
94 kB, 736 × 760
Forgot to add that THIS is what an aesthetic af symbol looks like
No. 5348
530 kB, 1080 × 1092
Very, very cool.
Take this picture of a 5 kopek coin that I own as payment.
No. 5349
Did you know it weights 5 grams?
No. 5350
I have collection of magazine Огонёк from 1937-38
I also have big collection of a lot Наука и Жизнь, Техника Молодёжи, За Рулём from late 70s and 80s
And of cource hell lot of soviet and Tsar coins and also banknotes from differed periods, plus unique ones. I may photo this things if someone intersting.

fix :Р
No. 5351
44 kB, 700 × 394
I didn't know that, pretty interesting.

Yes, please post these things.
It's Kopek in English))) I actually thought it was kopek in russian, even looked at the coin and it was written kopeek so I felt like an idiot :DDD
No. 5353
I have krokodil from the 80s and a lot of these scipop magazines from the early 1910s.
No. 5355
404 kB, 1632 × 918
1,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
400 kB, 1632 × 918
313 kB, 1632 × 918
>It's Kopek in English)
single - Копейка
two-for - Копейки
five and more - Копеек
in Nominative case of cource

>Yes, please post these things.
Don't want much picture dumping, but there you go, some of my collection
You can find all of it in internet easely, but if you want there are some mine personal ones

1, 3 and 5 Roubels of late XIX centuary to early XX.. back in time when Imperial Russian roubel was one of the world monies, same as modern Euro and Dollar. This monies was drawed and printed very well for it's times. Another thing that we lost for a lot time during and afte revolutions. You cas see that it based on gold and there are signature of main manager and cashier
No. 5356
445 kB, 1632 × 918
379 kB, 1632 × 918
1,0 MB, 1836 × 3264
359 kB, 1632 × 918
>scipop magazines from the early 1910s.
This is really, really cool stuff actually, Keep it well, I bet it cost real monies.

10 and 25 Roubels. From 25 roubles design become more "cool", there are appearing portraits of Tsars and Tsaritsas or Romanov dynasty, starting with Alexander II. Sadly, I has no more high number ballots, maybe I'd buy them someday.
No. 5357
1,1 MB, 1118 × 1572
Very, very cool. Thanks for posting, these vertical bills look really nice.

Nice! The one with Alexander III looks really noice.
No. 5358
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
288 kB, 1632 × 918
424 kB, 1632 × 918
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
First two photos is abominations that called among people "Kerenki", from Alexander Kerensky republican goverment that was from February 1917 to November 1917, in short time of Russian Republic. They needed a lot monies, but previous TSAR monies was too expensive to print and they needed them like right now, so they started print this on very tiny peaces of paper based on consular stamps. This monies has no even basic protection and even has no serial numbers on them. There written that they "equal to normal bank note"

Second example on 3 and 4 photo is first commie monies. Young sovdepia needed monies, but had no opportunity to print them or create it's own design. So they used prints that was prepeared back then by Republican goverment. So you may see monies written on pre-reformed russian with Republican Eagle on it.

>starting with Alexander II
sorry it was mistype. I wanted to type Alexander III What I mean is that on each ballot was it's own ruler
For example on 500 roubels was Peter I
No. 5359
1,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
Classic and most famous soviet monies, that most well known for all people who ever seen soviet banknotes. Designed and set in procution in 1961 they was used thought all time to death of soviet union, althought at last days of soviet union there was created a little bit of new designs. On first and second picture there are two example of classic rouble and one example of 1991 variant. On 1991 somebody written something... I know who but it's a secret :D

On third and fourth pic is 3 roubels, 5 roubels and 5 roubels of 1991. On them printed different views on parts of moscow Kremlin complex, as you can see. Ulike coins where each year year it show year of stamp, banknotes show only year of extablishing of design. So on every banknote that was printed from 1961 to 1991 you will see "1961" number.

Funny that on 1961 rouble on back "One roubel" was written on all soviet union languages. On 1991 is just "О Д И Н" :D Well, this place in 1991 have some protection parts and so one as I know but still. All this monies was used untill official end in before you can exchange them in 31 december of 1993
No. 5360
304 kB, 1632 × 918
406 kB, 1632 × 918
332 kB, 1632 × 918
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
25 and 10 roubels, both is 1961 variant. Funny, but you can still see that banknotes at least some of them, to 1961 keeped colors of it's imperial variants. 3 one is green, five is blue, ten is red. But instead of faces of different emperors, on that ones we see bust of one particular man that we all most probably well know. 25 roubels in 60s and even in 70s was very very big monies.

Funny video from 60s. About "current generation will live in communism" this is another famous meme, about communism in 1980, promesis of times of growing economy during Chruschow times But more important from here "without hesitation foreign representatives exchange one american dollar on 65 sovier kopeikas". This video become a mme on boards when in 2015 in one day Roubel almost hit 100 roubels for 1 dollar mark

Bonus - post soviet 1992-2000 belorussian roubels. I have 5 and 3 from this series, sadly. They was called "зайчики" because of Hare drawed on 1 roubel. From 50 kopeek to 100 roubels there was drawed different kinds of animals.
No. 5364
297 kB, 1632 × 918
296 kB, 1632 × 918
290 kB, 1632 × 918
314 kB, 1632 × 918
Another bonus - post soviet Kazahstan monies, 1 тиын and 5 тенге with portrait of Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev

Also, on previous belorussian monies you may see old belorussian coat of arms that almost identical one to Lithuania that also known as Vytis (probably this is same word as Russian Vityaz'). You will rpobably understand why if you know history of Great Principaty of Lithuania. Current coat of arms of belorussia is edited soviet one, same as the flag.

On third and fourth picture there are 1993 banknotes that was used untill 1995. About 1993 money reform was said famous "Wanted do as best, but it turned out as always" that nowdays are pretty synonimus of everything about russia basicly. Mine 100, 200 and 500 roubels are not in best condition, as you see, around some of them someone drawed by a pen (me when was little kid ;__;)
No. 5365
329 kB, 1632 × 918
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
Also, some coins. All exept last one are 15, 20, 50 kopeek and oe roubel from series of "50 years of soviet authority", as it obvious, from 1967. I has no 10 kopeek from this series, sadly. Last one is one roubel "20 years of victory over German-Fashist (as we call nazis :D) invaders", as obvious too, from 1965
No. 5366
Turbo chewing gum cost 400, love is 500, iirc.

I also had a collection of bills from various civil war era governments, but it was either stilen or lost. Sad.
No. 5367
>Turbo chewing gum cost 400, love is 500, iirc.
Too yound for this shit :/ Well not too young for Love is and Turbo (however in our city there was even cheaper no-name ones in every ларёк)
I remember how find gum that Dad bought in Argentina in ealy 90s or late 80s that by that point was almost 10 years old. It was okay. But without any taste by that point
No. 5368
785 kB, 785 × 448
29 kB, 500 × 250
> but it was either stilen or lost
Also this very sad.
1918-1924 monies have a lot unique and interessting examples, somve of them beyond ever level of cringe, from pictures of coins drawed on shitty paper, to actual bill that was based not on gold or any currency, but on actual BREAD. A lot very interesting and obscure examples which every assburger be interested to have.
No. 5369
Nothing beats Mongolian dollar tied to various cattle.
No. 5370
988 kB, 785 × 491

What about this funny example
1 roubel of 1923, equal to 100 roubels of previous ones or 10 roubels of 1922.
And this phrase rinted on bill and this is most important part of actual banknote! Imagine this tier of inflation and poor money printing of monies based on nothing.
It is funny that Imperial monies was "backed by gold" but early soviet ones "backed by property of the Republic" whatever this propery means (clearly not gold :--DDD)
However I can understand commies, in 1920-23 they thought that communist world revolution be very soon, and all monies in world will be removed anyway so who cares
No. 5386
1,5 MB, 2048 × 1536
1,2 MB, 2048 × 1536
1,6 MB, 2048 × 1536
1,4 MB, 2048 × 1536
Ad of some kind of imperial iron felix machine.

Ebin add of some wizzard offering to tell the secrets of afterlife and teach how to talk to ghosts and holograms of people from other cities

Scary picture of ants

Immortal organisms
No. 5405
Very cool stuff, thanks for posting.
No. 5407
49 kB, 500 × 305
I just find the scene it's meant to portray really touching.
No. 5431
312 kB, 1280 × 960
Found this atmospheric diorama. I love onject 279. That tank you know, like "50s atompunk style".
No. 5618
Every Soviet playground had its own rocket for children to play.
No. 5619
561 kB, 2320 × 1589
pardon, I've lost the pic
No. 5658
172 kB, 1024 × 660
Lies, mine had airplane
No. 5667
224 kB, 465 × 451
325 kB, 848 × 820
I love that one.

Another Ernstwurf edit, this time I went with Yogi Bear. The Hanna-Barbera style is unique, and I found some character model sheets which were useful in posing Ernstwurf. The hardest part was actually correcting Yogi's original arm position, which made no sense in my edit. Here is that original and my finished work.
No. 5678
You're getting really good at this
No. 5689
Yeah these are all really high quality

Good job
No. 5695 Kontra
127 kB, 736 × 865
Keep 'em coming
No. 5869
205 kB, 880 × 495
173 kB, 880 × 488
202 kB, 880 × 511
121 kB, 880 × 495
Meanwhile in Australia
No. 5870
176 kB, 880 × 488
123 kB, 880 × 519
167 kB, 880 × 494
169 kB, 880 × 499
No. 5900
303 kB, 829 × 1200
349 kB, 832 × 1200
439 kB, 827 × 1200
Every of those pictures consists of many pictures that were taken with a drone and later stitched together.
No. 5915
612 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 5968
453 kB, 1045 × 1600
435 kB, 1041 × 1041
386 kB, 1313 × 698
I appreciate that. It's nice to know my effort is showing up in the finished art.
Thank you.
Of course I will, Ernst.

Here is a new Garfield Ernstwurf edit. I learned a lot of tricks doing the first one, and thought I should try another. The first image is the original page from the Garfield comic book, followed by my edit. The third image is a repost of my first Garfield with a few minor corrections(I kept playing around with the window lines, and figured I might as well post this as version 2).
No. 6059
106 kB, 600 × 777
1,0 MB, 490 × 658, 0:02
96 kB, 598 × 900
330 kB, 900 × 900
been browsing DA today.
No. 6081
It often occurs to me that all the sites 4kanker likes to hate are probably objectively the much better sites than imageboards, deviantart being one of them. Even their fashion and music boards are on such a level of complete garbage it amazes me. I think their invasion seriously dragged down the quality of everything everywhere else they went, including ruining reddit when they invaded and assimilated it in like 2010. Speaking of which reddit is still probably a better site than imageboards just more decentralized. I often completely forget there is not just garbage on the internet. There is actually good and interesting music on soundcloud too. The problem is all these places are more decentralized and harder for me to navigate. Oh and even tumblr has some really good artistic...pages? blogs? I'm not sure what the subreddit or subforum or board equivalent word is for the site
tumblr, reddit, deviantart, soundcloud, all of these are among the sites that are objectively better than most if not all current imageboards, full of actually mind expanding content rather than the absolutely retarded mindless driven of certain garbage places.
No. 6144
194 kB, 914 × 1256
Don't think too much about it

BTW how horrible, now one has to register to browse Tumblr

Pic? archive.org -> CD ISOs collection
No. 6148
9 kB, 280 × 210
Austin Richardson has uploaded a lot of desktop themes from 20 years ago


Some icon sets seem interesting. I've seen Macs and Amiga styles for Windows 9x or whatever
No. 6169
You must visit ArtStation if you want to see works from the best CG-artists.
No. 6283
144 kB, 735 × 356
212 kB, 668 × 668
Ernstwurf meets Batman & Robin. I had an idea for this one that made use of the entire original panel, but halfway through the editting/drawing process I decided that it simply wasn't working. I didn't want to give up, and moving things around a bit produced this final version. Here is the Batman comic strip panel I was working with, and my finished work.
No. 6387
817 kB, 756 × 9800
No. 6481
177 kB, 1600 × 1033
Wonderful. What about copying Bob Kane inking when drawing the mascot? You have done a good job with the fonts chosen.
No. 6482
4kanker /lit/ is a horrible place.
It's truly awful. I don't even bother writing detailed opinions any more, because it's not worth it.
No. 6498
214 kB, 669 × 669
>copying Bob Kane inking when drawing the mascot
I took your suggestion. After a bit of trial and error, here is version 2 with lines that more closly match the original.
No. 6508
IMHO you should tune colors so it would look less modern
No. 6527
Does this look familiar to ernst?

Imagine finding a job or position in life like this
No. 6530
1,9 MB, 1000 × 1286
No. 6557
224 kB, 669 × 669
I colored it again with watercolors to add some texture, and then to create a 'vintage' look I desaturated those colors and applied a grain filter.
No. 6558
I feel like lines width is different. Do you?
No. 6561
554 kB, 1200 × 1920
You have good eyes. The line width is slightly different due to my particular process of copying from the original Batman comic. To do that, I have the drawing program 'extract' the lines, but not the color. I repeat this several times and combine multiple layers(each layer is a little different) to get the lines as close to the original as I can. Between version 2 and version 3, I added one more layer of lines, which I felt brought them closer to the original art. The reason I extract the lines and not the color, is to allow me to change or remove details from the original. In addition, repainting the whole thing means any items I add will blend in, and not stand out too much. That's my hope anyway. The picture is a screenshot showing some of the layers I was working with.
No. 6681
3,9 MB, 320 × 240, 2:25
one and only russian cyberpresident
No. 6687
411 kB, 1584 × 891
Sorry if I did not express myself more explicitely... Just make the lines thicker? (you can simplify the drawing)

I agree 100% with the original colors you chose. I had a classic Batman title and it had that colors
No. 6745
123 kB, 540 × 400
И нету счастья в личной жизни,
Проходят зря мои года.
Ну, где ж ты принц мой заграничный,
Приходи поскорей, я жду тебя!

Американ бой, американ джой,
Американ бой фор ол из тайм.
Американ бой, уеду с тобой,
Уеду с тобой, Москва прощай,
No. 6750
Казалось бы, зачем португальцу заграничный принц
No. 6753
я ношу рубашку "Португалия", чтобы никто не подумал, что я хач.
No. 6754
Так португальцы хачи, за своего примут.
No. 6757
Didn't understand, but I assume I got told.
No. 6761
This whole dialogue is something wierd
No. 6911
625 kB, 685 × 1214
No. 6953
95 kB, 564 × 752
419 kB, 1119 × 1119
>just make the lines thicker
I know what you mean now-thestyle wasn't the problem, but just the line width, which was significantly thinner than the original Batman lines. When I thought you were talking about the art style I completely redrew Ernstwurf-making him a little more human, with defined limbs and such-closer to Batman. Well, no harm done since I enjoyed drawing it again, and it gave me a chance to practice my coloring.

This new drawing was my attempt to place Ernstwurf in a photo realistic setting. The trick to that is using an actual photograph. It's kind of cheating, but I did have to do a fair amount of manipulation to make the composition work.
No. 6984
Looks great.
No. 7019
very good, only suggestion would be to desaturate Ernstwurf's colours so it looks more like he's behind the window.
No. 7038
657 kB, 1000 × 2876
No. 7040
That whore is a traitor to nation. She plays for japan now.

Kazakh girls are all gold digging whores, whites should come here instead of thailand, much cheaper
No. 7046
94 kB, 1024 × 610
No. 7054
I would rather buy your Soviet era missile installations and kosmodrome tbh m8
No. 7056
I think that belongs to russia.
No. 7061
No. 7062
403 kB, 1124 × 1124
I fixed it. The blue window layer I had in the original was only at only 15% transparency over Ernstwurf(pretty much invisible)and I can see now it didn't really put him outside. I tried a few different levels, and wound up increasing that to 45%. The result was good at showing Ernstwurf was behind the window, but washed out his shading-so I had to redo that part as well. While I was at it I reduced the man's color layer by 25% so he wouldn't stand out too much now that Ernstwurf was a bit lighter. I also fixed a few other details I didn't notice. Overall, the changes made a huge difference, and I'm glad you made the suggestion.
No. 7063
Very nice, good stuff.
No. 7427
27 kB, 500 × 291
No. 7517
532 kB, 885 × 1078
1,1 MB, 800 × 800
I think I'm finished destroying editting this Norman Rockwell. It turns out I was finished two days ago, since this version is one I saved prior to making a dozen changes I wound up not liking. The original is titled The Connoisseur, and Rockwell had him admiring a Jackson Pollock painting.
No. 7552
Honestly, I love it.

A personal favourite of mine would be to see the Ernstwurf in a Caravaggio like The Sick Bacchus or Cupid as catamite (Amor Vincet Omnia). But I admit that it would be damn difficult to match that style.
No. 7553
My father had this one. Exact licensed copy of ibm pc. Even software was in English. It's not even soviet, but already belarussian.
No. 7558
Talking on Belorussian software, I remember seeing in chronicles before 1995, that there was some kind of "business" software in Belarusian language.
Have you seen such software?
No. 7566
I learned to read in 95, so I can't tell. Probably you are talking about handwriting. First commercial system of handwriting recognition was created for belarussian and someone bought them. As far as I remember it was palm os.
Also I remember that ES had primitive voice recognition if you had mic.
No. 7608
130 kB, 274 × 304
Thank you. You're right about the challenge in editting a Caravaggio. I couldn't remove any painted elements from the composition, and would have to find a way to create Ernstwurf in oils while matching the lighting. I guess that gives me something to aim for, but tbh right now I'm just hoping I can properly match a frame from Tom & Jerry.
No. 7612
No sweat, I'm probably the only person here who would like to so a caravaggian Ernstwurf.
No. 7614
It is still odd to me seeing such things when casually reading https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/Polandball

And every time it gets pushed into the ground
No. 7624
378 kB, 1200 × 1920
Caravaggio Ernstwurf. That idea is stuck in my head now.
>probably the only person here who would like to so a caravaggian Ernstwurf
Even if that were true it's still worth doing. Heck, just the artistic challenge alone intrigues me. Can I do it? I don't know, but if it goes really bad I'll just announce my failure and bury the results deep in an encrypted partition. I've been playing around with Infinite Painter, and I think it does a good job simulating oil paints. As long as I start with a detailed underdrawing and then build up the layers of color I should be able to produce something decent. I'll still be limited to painting over a Caravaggio, but that should be okay as long as I can come up with a proper idea and pose for Ernstwurf.
No. 7637
347 kB, 595 × 294
No. 7638
41 kB, 940 × 627

Zoom in on Exmouth, Western Australia
No. 8058
326 kB, 1941 × 1259
No. 8085
>no true Scotsman
No. 8119
The irony is applied to imageboards it's the actual Nazis who all need to be purged. Everyone who posted on IBs back then not only ridiculed them but actually attacked their sites, which is the main reason we even ended up with so many stormfags to being with. Most of the rest are newfag children aka the cancer who didn't understand irony.
No. 8121
I don't care if you are a nazi. I don't care if you are a communist, I don't care if you are a monarchist or an anarchist or God help us an ancap.
I don't give a damn, come, but don't fucking make every single word you speak be about politics. The '16 election was a disaster because it made IBs into political forums. They were supposed to be hobby forums, but now it's all about finding redpilled food, redpilled TV shows, redpilled books, redpilled clothes. Everything has to fit into an ideological basket and they are simply narrow-minded.
You read a good book? Too bad this author is jewish.
Saw a good movie? Oh, is that a Berg I see in the credits? Better luck next time.
Yes I'm asshurt, because it's so god damn irritating and boring. Both from left and right.
The '16 american and the '18 Hungarian election made me despise active politics. I hate it. Stop telling me who I should vote for and why the other party is shit and fuck off.
It's like they are trying to wear my sanity down.
No. 8123
I doubt a single person found their way to imageboards via stormfront and sites like that.
No. 8132
This was a trend that started way before the elections. The elections just pushed it even more overboard.

That's how they originally came here and first they settled on /n/. Then /n/ got closed and turned into trains for some reason and moot opened /new/. Then stormfaggots proceeded to completely and utterly trash that board, so moot killed it and /r9k/ which is what spawned the first great 4kanker shitposter exodus onto KC. This was the origin of a lot of really awful boards and a lot of shitposting. Then moot made a containment board called /pol/ because they began shitting up every other board and the other boards cried out "moot, please do something against this faggotry" and so moot created /pol/, and it was not good. Then these faggots proceeded to spam every board on every site anyway even more furiously until even ernstchan and krautchan were completely destroyed by these fucking faggots.

The moral of the story is that raids always bring in site ruining cancer.

Do you genuinely not know any of this basic history? It was around the time /b/ was raiding Hal Turner. Even many years later they still were raiding people like Ghost
4chan itself was never right wing. Back in that thread you can see how stormtards were too stupid to realize /b/ culture wasn't some unironic cringefest of trailer dweller meth heads. It was edgy for the sake of being edgy and contrarian. The problem is it was around this time 4kanker got absolutely flooded with literal children and that combined with stormtards started perverting the actually funny board culture into cancerous self seriousness. That thread is also from a much later raid. The original stormfront raids were a couple years before iirc.
No. 8135
Yeah I know all that and I could even agree with most of what you said but no way did stormfront provide any influx of newfags. Likely the other way around, that kids found out about stormfront via 4chan. That's way more likely scenario than vice versa if you ask me.

4chan was surely never "right wing" but they surely were racist and it was one of the few places online you could post pretty much anything without getting banned, so obviously the racist minded people who'd get banned anywhere else eventually found their way to 4chan. I don't think stormfront had anything to do with that.
No. 8143
It was never done in a self serious and unfunny manner like poltards. That shit came in with the stormtards, who only found out about 4chan because of the raids (just like everyone and their grandma including Gaians, Habbo, Subeta, pick anyone). Most of us already knew about them because it was the retarded Nazi site back in the day. Everyone knew about it for the same reason they knew about pro-ana communities or whatever else.
No. 8150
Yeah, but I still don't think there was an influx of people coming in from stormfront. They were a bunch of middle aged boomers and not even that numerous. Meanwhile 4chan was just a rebellious website full of teenagers spamming edgy shit like racism, pedophilia and gore that attracted a much different type of people than places like stormfront.

This whole stormfront hysteria reminds me of jonneweb and the finnish imageboards. Even to this day people say how all the kids came from jonneweb even though it was and still is a dead site. Meanwhile all those websites that collect funny pictures, 9gag style, were huge promoters of both finnish chans and 4chan. It's quite obvious that 99% of new users came from those sites yet people still blame it on "jonneweb" even though it was always irrelevant. Same with stormfront.

I think the imageboard people just matured and some of them started to take their teenage edginess more seriously and that's why you got pol and stuff like that. The actual influence of stormfront is minimal. 4chan and /pol/ likely influenced stormfront way more than stormfront ever influenced 4chan.
No. 8153
Are you aware what kind of people frequent imageboards these days?
There are 40yo+ stay at home moms who write on twitter about what anon said the other night.
To assume imageboards would somehow be safe from sites like stormfront is naive.
No. 8154
Yeah but we're talking about imageboards a decade ago.

Still, especially now assuming that stormfront has some influence on 4chan and not vice versa is just stupid. 4chan is huge and influential while stormfront is small and irrelevant, always has been. Some people at one point even claimed that some antifas were coming to KC from some refleft site because antifa argie kept recruiting them. I'd be surprised if a single person from such a site came to KC and stayed. Even if that was the case their voice would be minimal and the actual leftists on KC would likely have never even been to this one gommie forum.

My point here is that stormfront absolutely did not turn 4chan into an evil bigoted racist website. The whole phenomenon was homebrew. Even without the existence of stormfront the same would've happened.
No. 8302
53 kB, 555 × 760
222 kB, 1200 × 1600
261 kB, 1200 × 1600
267 kB, 1200 × 1600
I fucking love the aesthetic of early Soviet posters. It's a shame that I haven't seen many collectors of such things.

1st pic, "The smoke of the chimneys is the breathing of Soviet Russia"

2nd pic, Entente supporting baron Vrangel, the poster is in Ukrainian

3rd pic, "Enemy wants to capture Moscow / the heart of Soviet Russia / enemy must be destroyed / forward, comrades!"

4th pic, "The Red Army / the defense of the proletarian revolution", 23 February is the Red Army day, nowadays in Russia it's a day of defender of the Fatherland
No. 8303
Oops, I'm wrong, the 2nd poster is in Russian.
No. 8304
It really is a good demonstration of horseshoe theory with how much a lot of the imagery and ideas align with hardline libertarianism but just function on slightly different axes. Replace the proles with the people and the Red Army with the militia and so on and it's freedumbs. I can also confirm that first hand I find myself with more common ground with a lot of socialists than most other libertarians because at least the reds understand that you need to shoot a tyrant to get him to fuck off.

The mene value in the second one is enormous though. I'm surprised I haven't seen bits of it before tbh.
No. 8306
21 kB, 121 × 112
25 kB, 130 × 127
Oh dog, that sun
No. 8307
21 kB, 121 × 112
25 kB, 130 × 127
IMO such way even better
No. 8308
Very nice, thanks for sharing, ukrabro.
No. 8310
42 kB, 181 × 108
36 kB, 128 × 127
No. 8316
58 kB, 500 × 666
2,6 MB, 350 × 254, 0:05
1,6 MB, 1141 × 1621
24 kB, 480 × 480
Why are Slavs so good at making content?
No. 8502
614 kB, 950 × 1332
168 kB, 1024 × 900
3,5 MB, 1268 × 1773
I finally finished a Caravaggio Ernstwurf edit. At your suggestion, I decided to work with Amor Vincit Omnia, and then to keep my own lines from looking too cartoonish I modeled Ernstwurf after an angel in another Caravaggio painting- The Martyrdom of St. Matthew. The biggest challenge in this one was Ernstwurf's face. Since I couldn't use any lines to define his features, I spent a lot of time blending colors and adding new layers whenever I got a shadow just right. I wound up with 29 visible layers in the final version and the file size exceeded 10 megabytes. Obviously I reduced it, the upload here is a 50% reduction.
No. 8548
Oh that is just brilliant.

The only thing I can put my finger on that could be improved is the contrast. Caravaggios paintings, just like Rembrandt, have extreme contrast in luminocity. Try to add some harsher shadows maybe and do a histogram spreading (the brightest elements become brighter and the darkest darker but the mid stays mostly the same).
No. 8565
You're honestly one of if not the best poster here imho. I am also glad that artistic Ukraine is here as well.
No. 8591
338 kB, 1200 × 1920
3,5 MB, 1271 × 1778
Thank you, Ernst. I have a narrow range of things I'm actually good at, and drawing has always been one of them. I've only worked on paper until recently, but now that I'm trying my hand at digital art I'm glad my effort has contributed to board quality. And I like the other artist posters too.
I appreciate the input. Contrast. Once you mentioned it I could see that's what was missing. To adjust Ernstwurf, while leaving Caravaggio's work untouched, I had to export him on a transparent layer, then reimport the newly contrasted lines. The Snapseed App let me make adjustments using the Curves tool-Contrast, exposure, brightness and such all adjusted at once. But since it couldn't export the results as a transparent layer I had to make the adjustments manually using the Android image editter. It took a while doing some trial and error, but I finally got it about right-dark, but not too dark.
No. 8592
406 kB, 1024 × 683
No. 8595
I don't know what software it is you are using, but you should really look into using Krita at some point. Best software for digital painting I've used. The task you describe there is trivial since you can apply any filter (or stack of filters) to single layers but you can also group layers and then apply filters to the group etc.

I just did a quick search and found a video that demonstrates the usage of layers in Krita [1] pretty well. It's by David Revoy, who creates the amazing open source comic Pepper & Carrot; he also has a longer video about creating an entire page of a comic [2] to show off workflow and technique.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ7g2netwoY
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7olKdIEtNQ
No. 8596
A long time ago, as a wee little windows baby, I learned to HATE GTK WITH ALL MY SOUL thanks to Krita.

Clunky ass interface, and every time it updates, all my brushes reset.

There's a REALLY good painting program hidden behind that horrible fucking framework.
No. 8597
Krita is not using GTK but Qt. It's GIMP that uses GTK (GTK Image Manipulation Program).
Not sure if you confuse Krita with GIMP or if you mix up GTK and Qt.

The interface of Krita changed significantly since version 3.0, though, so it's worth a look.
And gimp will get a new interface in the next version that is a 100% re-write, the beta is pretty amazing tbh. GIMP always was the ugly baby of the open source world because it had a good core but an unusable shell around it - but because it was the only thing that people recommended as alternative to Photoshop you had all those people coming from Adobe UIs, take one look at gimp and run away, never to be seen again. This is changing now, but they'll have to fight their legacy of having a shitty UI for so long.
No. 8601
Oh. Well, I dunno then.

I had gripes with GIMP UI design, but not actual framework.

KRITA's framework always felt clumsy and unresponsive to me.

The brush engine is really powerful, but the color wheel implementation could use some work. The pop up color wheel, for example, doesn't inherit the settings from widget color wheel, it's infuriating.
No. 8609
9 kB, 80 × 75
37 kB, 101 × 416
It's so awesome that we have an artist like you!
May I file a special request?
We not only have Ernstwurf, but also we have this girl Erna.
She is pretty classy girl, isn't she? You may notice on the first picture that she wears Ernstleaf hairpin.
So, can we have a set of image macros and a couple of banners with Erna? It would be so nice to have them.
No. 8610
I request Ernstwurf beheading this weeaboo cartoon.
Keep Ernstchan pure.

Speaking of which, Artisternst, can you upload the project file of the Caravaggio?
No. 8611
I can make merge
Anthro mole with this girsl
But nobody most probably want it.
No. 8616
20,5 MB, 1 file
>I don't know what software it is you are using, but you should really look into using Krita
I'm using Medibang Paint on an Android tablet. It's a good program, but after watching those videos it clearly isn't on the same level as Krita. I downloaded that this morning onto my PC, but I can only use a mouse with it for now. The pen I draw with is only for the Android tablet(it's the Noris digital pencil). And I also just discovered this morning that the Medibang App for Windows actually has more options and tools than the Android version. I can't really draw with it except with a mouse, but if I work on the tablet and export the mdp file then I can use things like the curves tool to make adjustments easier.
Thank you.
>can we have a set of image macros and a couple of banners with Erna?
I think I can do that.
>can you upload the project file of the Caravaggio?
The original is a 20mb .mdp file. I'll attach that as a zip file, but I don't know if any programs other than Medibang can open it. I guess if you do open it that means you'll be able to see my lines up close. Feel free to fix my mistakes.
>merge Anthro mole with this girsl
I would love see your art, Ernst.
No. 8623
why not buy a cheapish tablet?
the »wacom bamboo fun« is good quality (at least, it was the most recommended around the time i drew a lot) and only costs about 50 bucks.
~~https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-CTH661-Bamboo-Fun-Tablet/dp/B002OOWC4C amazon suxx0rs. don't buy there.~~
maybe you can get one even cheaper on ebay or something.
No. 8625
Erna predates English Ernstchan. If we want to keep EC 'pure', then we nuke /int/ long before Erna. Old EC also had /a/ so it was never a bastion of anime hate tbh.
No. 8628
>Wacom bamboo fun
I think that was the one I came really close to buying when I first wanted a tablet a few years ago. I remember doing a lot of research and reading reviews and such. Back then I wasn't sure if I would like drawing digitally and so never bought it. I'm going to have to now if I want to see what the more powerful painting software can do.
No. 8629
I have both wacom bamboo pen & touch and a large a4 sized chinese tablet.

The chinese tablet has MUCH better hardware. The DPI is higher, it feels better to draw on a large surface (wrist pain ain't no joke). It costs the same, but the problem is driver support. I was unfortunate enough to buy a non huion chinese tablet, so struggled with driver problems before they rolled out half decent ones.

Huion is much better on that. The other problem is that I bought mine before the battery less pen technology patent expired, so mine has a battery, which makes it a bit heavy. But replacing a duracel aa battery once in a couple months is not a big problem.
No. 8637
I`am using vacom bamboo, it is good
No. 8638
13,2 MB, 640 × 480, 2:14
You can see full Erna here.
No. 8692
57 kB, 500 × 493
Blind man mistakes his hat for a pot
No. 8697
No. 8748
94 kB, 640 × 270
No. 9263
126 kB, 1024 × 1001
263 kB, 632 × 900
What do you guys think about a Jünger-related banner? "Ernstchan - On the Marble Cliffs"
The novel is mainly about literary personas of him and his brother living their lifes as hermits studying plants and having serious discussions while the world around them gets overrun by evil and decadence. First picrel would be nice but maybe too much referencing a single person instead of just the novel, so maybe you'd have some other fitting image.
Second one is good too but I feel like it may be too abstract, so I'm not sure.
No. 9269
297 kB, 768 × 967
489 kB, 2048 × 1143
That sounds like it would make a great banner. If you want to emphasise the subject of the On the Marble Cliffs novella, then I think your second picture would work better. It even looks like it would crop nicely into a 3x1 format. Looking around I found this picture. Chalk Cliffs on Rügen by Casper David Friedrich. It has a similar theme(found in a book review) and seems like another option if you wanted to use it.
No. 9355
Yes the painting seems to suit even better. I got to say though that I have no clue about doing stuff like this. So if anyone feels like doing it, feel free to do so.
No. 9359
127 kB, 768 × 1024
Just Checked and you guys aren't the first people to notice this.
No. 9363
146 kB, 800 × 1001
It is definitely better without the people standing around there for our purposes, even though they butchered the painting quite a bit.
There is also an "epilogue" of the painting by Friedrich which has much less intense colours, less trees, without people and lacking the heart-shape of the outview, supposedly meaning a broken heart. :(
We could use that one as well.
No. 9380
32 kB, 375 × 600
65 kB, 300 × 100
I made this using the painting by Friedrich. The ERNST I took from the cover of On the Mable Cliffs, and set the CHAN slightly lower and in a different font. I was thinking that would emphasize the author, and add another connection to the novel. Is this what you had in mind for the banner, or should I try again?
No. 9381
Yes, that's a really great idea and looks awesome! Thank you a lot.
No. 9382
66 kB, 300 × 100
You're welcome. I also made one with ernstchan centered, but I can't tell if it's better or worse.
No. 9413
91 kB, 494 × 320
322 kB, 1531 × 653
>can we have a set of image macros and a couple of banners with Erna?
Here is my first edit with Erna. I went back to the Peanuts booth for this one. I thought I could do a more complete edit-using better coloring and a different composition. I pulled the parts from a few different Peanuts comics and modeled Erna after Schroeder. This was 99% finished for days, but every time I looked at it I would decide to put in more details. Some drawings are like that, where I'm looking for that small line that says done. In this case the last line was Ernstwurf's eyes. I'm not sure I've ever drawn him with eyeballs before, but in this case he looks a hundred times better with them.
No. 9415
I like the first one better with both the "E" and the "n" being on the cliffs on each side.
No. 9469
I like it, you did well!
No. 9477
862 kB, 2259 × 580
Charlie Brown could be a real asshole sometimes.
No. 9565
583 kB, 1750 × 2500
I think early Charlie Brown was more blunt than the one we are more used to.
No. 9573
63 kB, 900 × 181
>early Charlie Brown was more blunt
Reading the old comics it's strange to see the ones where he isn't so wishy-washy.
No. 9576
361 kB, 1200 × 1600
I think it's a window that opens, a flower that blooms lives withers dies

From 1952 to 1999 it's an awful lot of time for a comic book character that relies in a single author
No. 9577
3,0 MB, 1750 × 2500
3,2 MB, 1750 × 2500
3,0 MB, 1750 × 2500
I stumbled upon glitch art today and since I actually know what the effects in audacity do, I had a try myself. Quite fun since every picture reacts a little bit different depending on the RGB values I suppose

Have data mutated charly
No. 9596
108 kB, 512 × 688
18 kB, 184 × 184
829 kB, 534 × 624
137 kB, 275 × 393
I've dabbled with glitch art myself through simply inputting random shit into a file with a hex editor, but then transitioned into a style I call filtercore.
Basically it's cranking up tons of layers of photoshop filters and image editing algorithms while trying to stay visually comprehensible and aesthetic.
No. 9598
83 kB, 1600 × 782
Look I made something. I call it "The bold man who is rather uncreative using a hex editor and is therefore very sad".
No. 9599
1,2 MB, 1200 × 750
Learn image formats and how edits affect on images.
No. 9600
1,2 MB, 1200 × 750
I actually like the colors so i fixed it.
No. 9601
98 kB, 612 × 491
But that's how glitch art is done.

Using data filtering algorithms is considered unkvilt because at that point you might as well use an image editor that does the same thing, but with a GUI.

Now that I think about it, glitch art is a rather shallow medium. Apart from the bitmap data itself, there's only a couple of fields in your typical image format that you can manipulate, such as phase, color space, etc.
No. 9604
2,5 MB, 1200 × 750
No. 9607
71 kB, 304 × 288
75 kB, 304 × 288
178 kB, 586 × 460
173 kB, 496 × 500
You could cut up and edit it differently. Glitch art is not so random as it seems tbh. But whatever
I did not consider that charly a master piece nor most other glitch art. I stumbled across it by Florian Hecker or some other person, it is not clear who actually made glitch stuff at Documenta which goes beyond the simple colorful and bright images you will find on a tumblr or reddit mostly

>Apart from the bitmap data itself, there's only a couple of fields in your typical image format that you can manipulate, such as phase, color space, etc.

>Apart from the bitmap data itself, there's only a couple of fields in your typical image format that you can manipulate, such as phase, color space, etc.

In Audacity it's shown as wave form and you manipulate it with audio effects, is it the same as photoshop?
No. 9611
Depends on the definition of what "glitch art" is.
If the term refers to the process, as in, causing glitches, then only editing the file headers should count, since editing the bitmap data is essentially the same as drawing on the image.

If it refers to the "aesthetic" of the output, then the same effect can be accomplished with any image editor, as what they do is take the bitmap data and run it through some algorithm, same as doing it in audacity, only that the algorithms are different (nothing stops you from writing a photoshop filter that does the same thing, though).

I think the whole concept is contrived tbqh.
No. 9614
> I think the whole concept is contrived tbqh.

You don't need to invest much tome to get results, but still it's interesting to create patterns thru algorithms that you can or cannot control?

I mean the audio effects have different parameters that can be changed and I don't really understand their effects on the image and it also depends on the bitmap info I think.
Since I know what these effects and their parameters mean I feel I can control it a bit, not just gna random parameter value and badom it's there. The Hertz value in different effects e.g. wet/dry and different depths effect the image a bit like in audio but still it's not the same and the results are not the same every time.
No. 9628
109 kB, 500 × 683
195 kB, 500 × 682
104 kB, 500 × 662
274 kB, 572 × 640

There's also a lot of really good art and photography on tumblr
anonym.to/http://newblogorder.tumblr.com/ like http://slumscape.tumblr.com/

I honestly don't even know why that site gets so hated by certain mentally deficient individuals. It's literally just a bunch of picture blogs. I don't ever even come across people writing political manifestos. It's like the complete opposite of certain digital slums like cabbage though. Whereas I feel degraded just lurking in certain shitholes there's a certain sense that feels like you're skulking around a MoMA or some other museum that's very uplifting. There tends to be a ton of really neat gifs there and a good amount of glitch art.
No. 9635
463 kB, 1200 × 750
>Using data filtering algorithms is considered unkvilt because at that point you might as well use an image editor that does the same thing, but with a GUI.
There are available glitch art programs (closed though) which do the work for you.
It's possible to make a list of glitch art effects and how to cause them.
Palette shift or pixel shift are done in raw formats like BMP or PPM.
You can cause color change in formats with a palette in the file, like GIF (see example).
Other things are ought to be sorted (I don't say they are not discovered), this can be achieved only by studying image formats.
No. 9636
463 kB, 1200 × 750
Or like this...
Almost all palette has been replaced with the garbage of random number generator.
No. 9656

But you can do similar stuff with using GIMP/photoshop function and filters. I don't understand where the "art" is in these kind of pics.
No. 9684
36 kB, 200 × 125
now edited with a text editor, replacing 55 patterns and 53 and then ^^
No. 9685
424 kB, 1200 × 750
thank you for the BMP tip, now it's much easier to do silly stuff

Some text replacements again
No. 9687
oh no what doned
Lossless formats are hardest to mess up with because, well, they are lossless. If something is lost, image viewer refuses to work with the image.
I think I would dig into JPG format to discover some interesting things, but I'd sure want to end with GIF format.
No. 9697
120 kB, 1200 × 750
Speaking of JPEGs:
Messing around after bytes FF DA gives a similar effect of warping pixel blocks (data in JPG is stored in 8x8 blocks). I can't say more on this topic, study is to be done.
No. 9703
No, the pic from mine you quoted was a BMP raw edit, I simply converted it back to PNG in order to be able to post it here.

I wanted to post another BMP raw edit but I broke the file

C:\nananana\zombie_II__jpg.bmp : Decode error !

Invalid or unsupported BMP file.
No. 9707
You broke the file seriously, otherwise it couldn't become 200 x 125 from 1200 x 750
No. 9714
There is no art. It's art to the same degree as Macintosh plus is (lmao distorting an old song and playing it slower).

But it's fun to change every 5 to a 9 and get funny shit.
No. 9720
Continuing on GIFs:
LZW by design restricts any possibilities of breaking images.
In brief, what LZW is?
Imagine that you start numbering every pair of values, like, "Co" makes pair No. 1, "on" makes pair No. 2. You number them further, later you meet the pair you already numbered, like "ti" in "possibilities", so you decide to make a pair No. XX, consisting of "ti" and "e". And so on, and so on. Later you just write down numbers of pairs instead of writing down contents of the pairs.
You can't suddenly make a pair No. 5 after a pair No. 3. You must define pair previous pair, pair No. 4 first.
That's how it works in GIF.
And then you copypaste gibber in the file. Will it work? Most possibly, no, it can have numbers of pairs which were to be defined further, but you put them earlier than they could appear, and decoder just refuses to decode the file. Therefore, making "glitch art" from GIFs is inherently difficult.
Hope somebody sees the message in the systemkontra'd thread.
No. 9735
54 kB, 854 × 854
11 kB, 427 × 427
ah no sorry, it's that I simply copied the thumbnail (you know, right click -> copy image -> open Irfanview -> paste)

images: 1st is input -> reduce palette and dimensions in order not to get a behemoth -> bmp -> change w for 11 -> png