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No. 61203
362 kB, 1200 × 1200
1,4 MB, 2262 × 1600
Hello. I am happy to announce that in collaboration with Radio Ernstiwan, we are launching Ernstchan Cinema. A streaming service by Ernst, for Ernst. Anyone will be able to transmit a movie, or a videogame directly to the stream, and viewers can go to the webpage and watch. Advanced technology allows the stream to be completely real time even with high ping. The stream will be available on the radio website at http://radio.ernstchan.xyz/videoview.php . The video box will activate when a stream is on.
For obvious safety reasons, we can't simply give out the streaming address publicly, so for now, we will give out access to the stream on a case by case basis. Here's how it works: you can leave a post in this thread, reserving a timeslot in UTC / GMT+0 (up to 2 hours in length), what you want to stream, and some contact address (email or something). Alternatively, you still leave your post (so others can see), and send a request to the contacts in the second post. We will serve you a temporary link that will let you stream through OBS. The link will expire after the given timeslot, so be punctual. Later, we will be implementing a script that will allow you to automatically receive links for a given timeslot.

We shall inaugurate Ernstchan Cinema with its very first stream on Saturday 23rd, right after the weekly album stream (around 19-20 UTC). October isn't over yet, so it is fitting that we should stream some horror movies. Look forward to Trick 'r Treat (2007) and Return Of The Living Dead (1985). Don't miss it!!!1
No. 61207
Is there a chat coming with the stream?
No. 61210
4,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:34
Mah simple opinion.
No. 61211 Kontra
ebin :DD
No. 61212
I won't be able to watch, but I support this idea.
No. 61213

To avoid misunderstandings: That >>61210 was with Schnaps, but completely serious. The concept is one of the best in a long time!

And yes, I'm not from the Ukraine.
No. 61214 Kontra
Ach Ernst. What the fuck is wrong with EC's Countryballs. The Ukrainian ball should have been a Canadian ball and this unknown ball should have been a German ball.

No. 61217
I am in the process of troubleshooting network stuff, the stream should work by tomorrow night.

Iwan will simply add the usual radio chat I think.
No. 61219
Yay I actually had memorable fun times watching things with people online and having a chatbox
No. 61223 Kontra
I'll have to transcode incoming audio from AAC to Opus, because apparently chrome doesn't support AAC.

Also, I'm trying the streaming engine on several hosts. The regular $5-10 seem to suffer from congestion in the evenings. The stream worked fine late at night asia time, but past 1AM (which is probably US-EU rush hour) it went to shit. I have opened several accounts on different hosting providers, and will try them one by one until I find a proper one.

The initial setup will probably cost me like $30, but after that it should be smooth sailing.
No. 61224 Kontra
New instructions will be maded once the server is fully running. Chrome support is looking less possible right now.
No. 61225
What identifying informations will be send alongside the stream? IPs or something? Or is it all serverside (like twitch)?
No. 61228
The same information that is sent to EC, the radio, etc., I guess.

I'm running a WebRTC + HLS stream through SRT on a server I rented. If your proxy can do >5mbps with reasonable ping, shouldn't be a problem.
No. 61246
203 kB, 1920 × 800
Not gonna be able to make it today, but looking forward to this
No. 61248
Will there be subs?
No. 61267
1,8 MB, 2000 × 2000
I'd like to play a band portrait.
Would that be possible tomorrow evening? If not i can wait a week.

Any information i need to connect you can send to me via the radio chat (or Iwan should have my e-mail).
Regards, Weekly Album Stream Guy.

Also: Great stuff
No. 61268
Step 1: Reserve a timeslot
Make a post in the thread with the following template:
1. What you're going to stream.
2. Start time (UTC)
3. End time (UTC)
4. Your contact info to receive a temporary link.

Alternatively, write me an email:

Or join the Discord channel and leave a stream request:
https://discord.gg/VywuRHwd3g (the link might expire, leave a post if you can't join)

You will receive a stream address that will look like this:
I will post the OBS settings guide later, because the server is very picky about input.
No. 61275
3,5 MB, 640 × 352, 0:14
Seems to be working.
Chrome is now supported.
No. 61276
Prestream is on, real stream in 30 minutes from now. (18:00 UTC)
No. 61277
I lost fucking everything. Can't reconnect, can't fucking nothing.
No. 61278 Kontra

Uhm,seems like I am the problem :3
No. 61279
Sorry. I'll restart the stream if you're still up.
It seems to work for everyone else. If IWAN was here, I'd switch servers to one closer to europe. In the coming website, I'm planning to implement several servers across the world.
No. 61280
Would be happy, but maybe it's a problem with my VPN. However, Ernstcinema is the first site since 2020 that makes problems with this browser configuration ;_;
No. 61281 Kontra
Although I disable add-ons, of course. I even get the last normie page to work this way.
No. 61282
If your VPN routs through weird places than it could have problems, yes. I am using WebRTC for low latency streaming, and it works fine with a ping below 500 or so. The server is in central America right now. It reaches australia and all the way to russia with decent ping. I can't guarantee stability in east asia, south east asia, africa, etc.

The problem with browsers is because the video server is on a different IP than the radio page, and some browsers restrict such things, because it was used by scammers and phishers to get people to click on stuff, or tracking you buy loading their website through other websites, etc.
That will be resolved when I learn how to make websites :-DDD.
No. 61283
>That will be resolved when I learn how to make websites :-DDD
I will figure it out next time. Your work was and probably IS great. Thank you!
No. 61345
I kinda don't want to be handing out stream links manually, so in the future I'll make three stream channels, and write a script that hands out 2 hour time slots by IP or something. Not sure about the IP part. Stay tuned for a dedicated website.
OR you can just ask me for a permanent stream link:

I don't think I'll be adding relay servers. The existing US-central server covers half the world, and I doubt we'll have viewers from SEA or Africa any time soon.
No. 61683
230 kB, 900 × 1200
228 kB, 842 × 1200
201 kB, 1200 × 1600
1020 kB, 257 × 194, 0:04
Before this thread dissapears for some reason, i'm going to announce a little stream:

Saturday, right after the Weekly Album Stream, at around 19:00CET i'm going to stream 3 documentaries in a row. All of them music/Punk Rock related.

The following documentaries will be played:

  1. HR "Finding Joseph I"
I usually don't like these kickstarter projects but this one is a really well made documentary about the fast rise and slow downfall of HR, the lead singer of Bad Brains. The main focus is on his way to rastafarianism and his downwards spiral into schizophrenia.
But you can't talk about HR as a person without talking about HR as a musician so that's always the biggest topic.
I watched it recently and really enjoyed it a lot.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyBCQBL7A-M

2. Instrument

A documentary about the band Fugazi. The guy responsible for the documentary was following around the band for over 10 years, recording concerts and randomly interviewing the band members. From the footage he got while doing so he made this film. For that reason it mostly consists of material from live shows and band interviews with no real story or topic to follow.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4eZEmH62HY

3. Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All

Descendents are one of the greatest Pop-Punk bands of all time, their documentary is... good?
There's more attention on having a fancy production than "Instrument" had and it has a lot of big guest appearances, just like the HR documentary.
The problem is, the guests in the HR documentary actually had interesting stuff to say, here it's mostly various ways of saying "They're great". Sure, it's true, but do i need to have Dave Grohl tell me that 10 times?
Except for that little problem i had it's still a nice watch. The talks with the band members themselves are interesting enough and there's some footage from live shows which is always nice.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPb3dZ7Hqy8
No. 61752 Kontra
479 kB, 1087 × 3211
How do I stream?
You will need: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), VLC 64bit and something to stream (obviously)
https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ (make sure to click the dropdown and select x64)
After you install VLC and open OBS, at the bottom left you will see two boxes. Scenes, and Sources[1]. Press the + in scenes, and name it whatever. Pressing the + icon in sources, you will see a list of items. The ones we are interested in are Display Capture, Game Capture, Window Capture and VLC video source. You can add all of them immediately, and then configure them when you have something to stream.
- Display capture records your whole screen, windows and all.
- Window capture records a specific window / program.
- Game capture optimized for full screen applications with graphics.
- VLC video source for playing videos like movies and stuff. You can add multiple videos, or make them loop, in the settings. Use this instead of Media Source, this is better
Try adding a source. The image will appear on the main window, and you can move it around and resize it to fit your Canvas. You can even put multiple sources on top of each other.

Then you press the "Settings" button on the bottom right[2]
Go to Video[3]. There are three relevant settings here. Base Canvas, Output Resolution, and FPS.
- Set your Base Canvas to your native monitor resolution, or leave it be.
- Set your Output Resolution to 720p (1280x720). If you use a monitor with a different aspect ratio, just make sure it's around that ballpark.
- Set your FPS to 30.

Now go to Output[4]. Pick Advanced. Set bitrate between 2000 kbps and 5000kbps, depending on your upload speed. 3000kbps is okay for most things. Tick "custom buffer size", and set it to 500. This is important and makes sure you don't get encoding artifacts on your stream. Then pick a Preset, like "ultrafast", "veryfast", etc. This will govern how much CPU OBS will use to compress the stream. Ultrafast - low CPU usage, less quality. Veryfast - higher CPU usage, higher quality. I never found a reason to go below veryfast. Be careful, going too low can 100% your CPU. Now the most important setting: Set "tune" to "zerolatency", or else the stream will stutter sometimes.
Finally, go to Stream[5]. In Services, pick Custom. In Server, Copy paste the stream URL you will be given. Key can be left empty.
Press OK, and start your stream by clicking Start Streaming. Enjoy!
No. 61780
1,1 MB, 870 × 802
No. 61782
First one over soon, the second documentary, Instrument, starting right away.
No. 61786
Radio chat not working for me, keep getting an error "You are not allowed to perform the requested operation."
No. 61787
Weird, let me know when the problem doesn't fix itself within a day or so.
No. 61791
Clearing cookies/history/data didn't resolve the error, so I just disconnected and reconnected to the internet. Now the chat works for me again, so the problem must have been my IP address or something.
No. 61794 Kontra
Probably because both the radio and video pages embed the same chat window, so the chat application stops you from trying to log in twice.

Could be fixed with another chat instance or a different embedded chat.
No. 61795
52 kB, 2104 × 728
I added a new room, i guess that won't do anything but what do i know. I don't have many possibilities here except for deleting guest accounts (which usually fixes all problems).
No. 62824
41 kB, 1100 × 719
47 kB, 1083 × 692
Hi Brick, I tried using the new setup of the video portal and I could connect. Audio was decent, but video screwed up if I tried anything higher than a mere 450kbps. If I do I get this weird blur where a small upper part of the video is delivered correctly and the rest below looks smeared out. Might well be that the problem is my shitty internet connection. But it's ok for roguelikes which aren't graphics-heavy. I'll probably do a short Nethack showcase on the weekend. I was wondering if we should just use the same calendar than for the radio? Would be good for promotion, but has the downside that you need a radio account for it.
No. 62830
64 kB, 1211 × 930
Can you post your OBS settings?
I've had this problem before and it was due to not setting custom buffer in the settings. Unfortunately, I discovered this after I'd already posted the tutorial.

The most important two settings are "custom buffer size", and "zerolatency". The streaming server is set up to be real-time, so if it doesn't get packets in time, it mangles the frame instead of just buffering.
Interestingly enough, it cares more about the delay from OBS to the network than about ping. I suspect that by the time the server fetches a frame, OBS has already moved on and overwritten the old frame.

That's where the custom buffer and zerolatency settings come in.

Regarding authentication, calendar, etc, I'm ok with whatever works for now.
Later I will make an automated, anonymous stream link queue generator. Basically just a way to hash a stream link + Unix time before giving it to streamers, so each streamer gets a unique link for a given period of time. Coming Soon(tm)

Also, someone asked to implement a viewercount. I'll read the documentation of the streaming engine to see if such a feature exists, if not, it will have to be done on the webpage itself.
No. 62831 Kontra
Oh, and you can message me on discord if you need further troubleshooting.
No. 62866
78 kB, 977 × 757
I trid again today and I discovered that the low bitrate setting actually doesn't affect the blurring very much. There are rare times when it doesn't happen, mostly with very low bitrates, but it's not consistent. Audio is still fine, though. I tried your settings and think they don't make much difference to my settings. I couldn't say the custom buffer size does anything at all for me. The only things I can tell for sure so far is that

  1. with bitrates >1500 I can't get anything going, not even a blurred screen
  2. the "profile" parameter must be at least "main", otherwise the picture will be "regularly" blurry, not the buggy type of blurred/smeared out I have in my screenshots
  3. the zerolatency parameter is fine for realtime streaming. If one wants to do live commentary as I intend you definitely need this. If I take my nvidia encoder instead of x264 I lack a similar option, so x264 it is I guess.
>Oh, and you can message me on discord if you need further troubleshooting.
I know, but I thought posting on EC might be better for advertising reasons :DD
No. 62867
Can you try this speed test and post results?

It's super weird to me, because I'm in fucking kazakhstan and get perfectly good connection.

There's one last thing that can be changed. I'm assuming you're ernstiwan, so on the video page source code, this:
Can be changed to

This forces the server to transmit video through TCP rather than UDP. UDB is theoretically better than TCP for latency, but it's very sensitive to ping jitter. TCP should work better for unstable connections.
No. 62872
30 kB, 615 × 473
Here's the speed test, guess that's what I get for living in some backwater village. I will do more tests tomorrow, the recommended maximum of OBS exposure has already been exceeded for me today :DD
No. 62902

Don't use CBR as rate control, use either VBR or CRF. If you have a lot of upstream you should always go for CRF with a value between 17 and 20. But in your case, with that 1.5Mbit upload, you should use VBR with no more than 1000Kbps.

To combat the blur, you can try passing the following to the x264 options:
--deblock=-3:-3 --psy-rd=1.00:0.0 --trellis=2

I don't actually know what format OBS expects, it just sais "separated by space" so I added the equals signs between key and value, but whether or not it expects the two dashes as prefix or not, I don't know. My experience is with x264 and ffmpeg directly, I haven't used OBS that much.

I can also recommend reading up on the x264 options --aq-strength (adaptive quantizer strength) and --qcomp (quantizer compression) to regulate quality, but that only works well in combination with rate factor set to CRF, which won't be a good idea for people with slow upstream.

I strongly support this EC cinema thing and I'll try to keep an eye on this thread and help out if there are further questions.

t. encoding pro
No. 62903 Kontra
How the fuck did I end up as bavaria ball? I'm not even close... must be Vodafone tunneling me halfway to a different range with their patchwork IP6+4 mangling :-DD
No. 62904 Kontra
I usually get the bavariaball when I phonepost through mobile internet, dunno if that helps.
No. 62906 Kontra
I don't even have a phone, this is my home connection :-DDD
No. 62910
I chose CBR because the server does not transcode the video stream, it just pipes it through to the clients. So, the upload bitrate will match the download bitrate for each client, +-50% if the client fetches multiple frames.
Since the lowest download speed I expect a first world ISP plan to have is 5mbps, I decided to choose 3000 for some extra headroom. It's basically indistinguishable for 30fps 720p streams, which is the target quality.
Unfortunately, I did not expect someone to have only 1.5mbps upload (+ background traffic).

I've tried 1200bps, but the stream, and it's serviceable, although the compression becomes clearly visible. Still, should work for movies or very static games.
VBR, as far as I know, takes a second or two to adjust to change in image complexity, which is, again, annoying.
I've found ABR to be better for saving traffic, but I have zero limits on traffic, and the streams are not recorded, so it doesn't matter. When there's limited bandwidth, the upper end of the adjustable bitrate will still cause problems to someone who has limited upload speed. This also applies to VBR.
So, with CBR, one can set it exactly to their max upload speed -20%, and expect it to work, without quality fluctuations.
As far as CRF goes, I thought it was more suited for recording rather than streaming.

If I'm wrong about VBR/ABR's impact on quality, please do correct me.
No. 62913
>VBR, as far as I know, takes a second or two to adjust to change in image complexity

No, it takes only a single frame to begin adjusting. Depending on the encoder the adjustment period may only complete on the next I-frame, which is usually less than 250 frames away (aka max 1 second at 25fps) and during that period the quality is transitioning. But a) that only affects increase and not decrease in quality and b) it's not an issue with any release of x264 from the past ~10 years afaik.
Expect the quality adjustment to take at most 3-4 frames (it depends on the ratio of P- to B-frames) and in that transition period your issues aren't artifacts of quality changes but loss off efficiency (bitrate vs. quality ratio).

If you want to reduce quality fluctuation inter- or intra-frame you can tweak aq-strength and qcomp. That is, the difference between two consecutive frames (inter) and the difference between the highest and lowest bit-rate macroblock within a frame (intra). But that is best combined with CRF, not so much with VBR and not at all with CBR, afaik.

In any case, CBR has the worst efficiency of any mode, resulting in the worst quality drops during busy scenes. I would only use CBR if there are actual technical issues with how the frames are delivered from OBS to the server and then relayed by the server.

These artifacts from the screenshots above could be a choked transport stream and increasing buffer sizes could help but that has to be done both in OBS and on the server.
Tbh I have no experience with SRT and all I can tell you with certainty is that those artifacts are not produced by the encoding, they have to be a result of the transport or the combination of encoding+transport, but not of the encoding alone.

Regarding VBR vs. ABR: In the early days of x264 ABR would be a two-pass operation where in a first pass the source would be analysed and encoding only happened in a second pass. This was changed (from memory I would guess around 2009/2010) to ABR simply using the exact same algorithm as VBR. Afair the difference between the two modes boils down to how the bit rate limit is treated. ABR would try to maintain an average over longer periods while VBR would try to be within defined bounds every single frame. I may be wrong here though, it's been many years since I've looked into anything except CFR.

Speaking of: CFR will always result in the most efficient use of bits for a given level of quality. It's purpose is to specify a quality that should be maintained and the bit rate will vary to meet that goal. To avoid extreme cases there are limits imposed by the profile as to how much memory may be allocated for the decoding of a series of consecutive frames (and by direct consequence a limit to the highest possible bit rate). For streaming purposes the limits of the profiles are probably not sufficient, but there are specific settings for that. I suggest trying the following:
--profile=high --level=4.1 --crf=20 --vbv-maxrate=5000
where 5000 means the bit rate will never exceed 5000kbit.

Now I don't know how the buffering works with OBS and SRT on the client and server side, but if a delay of >2 seconds is acceptable you can buffer the stream for 1 seconds both on the client and the server and set the vbv-maxrate much higher than your actual throughput unless you are literally streaming minutes of gaussian noise :-DD

If you feel like reading the manual, look up vbv-maxrate and vbv-bufsize and try to fine-tune these according to the buffer you set for the stream.
No. 62915
We did some testing with movie ernst, and it seems like the bottleneck is german internet :-DDDD

Like, the artifacting happens when the streamer can't consistently deliver frames to the server. Even if it's within average upload speed, unstable connection will fuck with the rate of frame delivery. Maybe I should abandon the idea of a sub-second latency stream and just go back to hls. I spent so much work on this lol.

I've tried both, and they seem to only make a difference for download speed. Up speed for me is always just whatever I set in bitrate. So, it doesn't seem to be a factor for germoids with 1mbps upload speed lol.
No. 62916 Kontra
If the german internet problem persists, I will have to buy some local storage, and let people upload their movies, and have have the server stream local files.

I think it's as easy as having ffmpeg pipe its output to a local port, while the server listens.
No. 62917 Kontra
Thanks again lol. I'll see if I can get a better connection, but in the meantime I'd be happy to join if anybody else wants to stream!
No. 62920
Lel, iwan set his output resolution to 420p, and it stopped artifacting. Epic.
If all else fails, I'll just move the server to Europe, and we'll see again.
Or, I'll make a new server, actually. I still have some credit left on the hosting service from a referrer I got, so it won't cost me.
I put the server in US central because I wanted to cover most of the globe. But if it comes down to it, I'll put the server right in fucking frankfurt.

That's assuming germoney gives higher bandwidth within the country like kazakhstan does :-DDD.
No. 62926
31 kB, 220 × 327
Ghenghis Blues - Cape Verdian-American jazz man goes to Tuva to throat sing. Enter radio ernstiwan cinema at
No. 62928 Kontra
119 kB, 1678 × 944
Stream cancelled due to technical difficulties :DD
No. 62930
67 kB, 972 × 574
38 kB, 974 × 404
After a few long and arduous debugging sessions Brick and me found a way to make basic streaming possible even for germoid low bandwith pleb like me. I have a max upstream of 2mb/s (danke Merkel), and if you suffer from similar sufferings you can try copying my settings. It is literally impossible for me to sum up our experiences, because stuff isn't always consistent and things might behave different for you depending on what (and even when) you want to stream, so I just summarize what we are confident about:

  • if you keep getting artifacts or weird blurs like in >>62824 try the output settings in the pics. Bitrate should be a little lower than your maximum upload, buffer should be 100. Buffer values of zero or >500 created artifacts/blurs and made the stream unwatchable
  • if it matters for your stream to be almost realtime you need the "Tune: zerolatency"-setting in the output options. You might have to switch your encoder to x264 so that it appears
  • ABR instead of CBR in the "Rate Control"-field might be more resource-friendly, though is hasn't been proven
  • You can save bandwidth by downscaling (Video settings => Output (scaled) resolution, but this seems to hurt quality more than just specifying a lower bitrate. This might depend on the media type you want to stream
  • in the lower right corner OBS shows the bitrate of a started stream. This is what OBS is encoding, and not necessarily what your internet connection or the target server can handle. It will happily show larger bitrates than you could possibly be able to transmit, so beware!
  • I don't like OBS

For me it seems to work stable now, so be prepared for a 1h Nethack showcase with live commentary sunday in the early evening. In case you need troubleshooting: Brick is happy to do this on his discord: https://discord.gg/jXN8uj9F - he wears a collar that gives him an electric shock when a new message is posted.
No. 62936 Kontra
I experimented some more, and it seems in OBS, there's no difference between CBR, ABR and VBR in bitrate or quality as long as there's a moving picture. But if the stream has instances where the stream displays a static picture, ABR and VBR save on bandwidth.

I'd go with ABR because there's less confusing settings to worry about :^).
The CRF value in VBR seems to make no difference at our low bitrates.

I still don't know what the fuck is up with the buffer. I think bigger buffer taxes upload somewhat, but 0 buffer doesn't deliver frames on time. I put it to 50 and it seemed to work still.

I'd say ABR with 1000-3000 bitrate depending on upload speed + buffer of 100 is "fuck it good enough" territory.
No. 62942
>I still don't know what the fuck is up with the buffer. I think bigger buffer taxes upload somewhat, but 0 buffer doesn't deliver frames on time. I put it to 50 and it seemed to work still.

From my intuition it should be the opposite: Larger buffers mean more time for the transfer to reach the data rate in an amortized fashion. But that's not based on experience with OBS, just with how I know buffers to work in other software.
Buffers should buy you some bandwidth-leeway at the cost of latency.
No. 62943
30 kB, 200 × 193
336 kB, 2552 × 1420
My completely baseless hypothesis is that when there's a large buffer, OBS tries to upload it all at once, and then chokes on low bandwidth, and mangles a frame, which mangles subsequent frames.

Just to demonstrate that it's not the server, here's a pic of how it werks on my machine. Although, this is approaching the maximum of what my cheap VPS can handle. Even though the server is sitting at 50%, further increases will tank it. I think it either runs out of ram, or the video size grows exponentially, and loads the CPU too much.

I'm going to have to write a script on the server that takes video links from the user, and streams them, so that people don't have to fuck with OBS if they want something simple.
No. 62952
47 kB, 244 × 332
I tried again today and also tried streaming a different game with slightly more complex graphics :DD and it went well. So the displayed setup seems to be working consistently for me.
No. 63037
Own Ernstchan Torrentracker would be cooler :3
No. 63044
Torrent tracker seems pointless, since anything you'd want, you can get from a big tracker, and all one has to do is post a link.

What would be cool, though, is a sort of digital Ernst show and tell / secret Santa.
People anonymously zip up cool stuff, upload it, and the files get randomly distributed to the participants on a given date.
No. 63050
And whats the point streaming movies in bad quality? People can just download them too...
No. 63053
The social aspect, duh.
Same with show and tells, and many other such activities.
Fosters a sense of community and shit.

A torrent tracker feels a bit impersonal to me.
No. 63060
Did some more testing.
For sure, ABR and VBR give the same quality as CBR with less bitrate.
The problem is that I want the opposite, more quality for the same bitrate.

I set CBR, ABR and VBR to 2000 bps, and they all look the same. CBR uses all 2000, but ABR and VBR hover around 1500. That's good, but I want ABR and VBR to also hover around 2000, and give me better quality.
No matter how much I changed scenes, or how complex scenes I fed into the stream, ABR and VBR refused to go over 1500, and just compromised on quality. So it's not like the bitrate set in OBS is "bitrate ceiling", because I never saw bitrate jump up to the specified value.

It's still better than CBR, for sure, because it's more efficient for the same thing. But setting bitrate is a bit of a guessing game. I guess a rule of thumb would be to set bitrate to your actual upload speed, and count on the fact that ABR/VBR will use less, leaving you with extra?

Oh well. The NVENC encoder's VBR works much better, but unfortunately it does not have zerolatency or custom buffer settings, so introduces stutters with webrtc.
No. 63064
I also did some more tests earlier and found out I can safely set bitrate to 1200, and that is enough to fluently restream a youtube vid like it would look in 480p, which is good enough for me. And what's even more important is that everything seems to work consistently.
No. 63079
I experience some stuttering on the receiving end sometimes, but I can consistently get rid of it by restarting my browser when it gets bogged down.
I will also write a script to restart the streaming engine in non-active hours just in case.

I should probably take advantage of my upload speed and stream something in decent quality sometime. I'm gonna think about some ideas.
No. 63093
I suspect that OBS "forgets" to unset some parameter when you switch modes between CRB and VBR/ABR, resulting in some form of bitrate cap.

Using x264 directly you don't have a limit for ABR/VBR that is irrespective of the source material, unless you set the profile to main or manually specify vbv-maxrate etc.

To test worse case behaviour I recommend generating noise at native frame rate (eg. 30fps) in 1080p, which you can do with ffmpeg. Either use ffmpeg as source (I think there was an OBS plugin for ffmpeg streams as source) or write 5 minutes of the noise to disk (raw or using lossless x264) and then stream that with OBS.

>ffmpeg -f rawvideo -video_size 1920x1080 -pixel_format yuv420p -framerate 30 -i /dev/urandom -t 5 output.mkv

btw, why are you streaming at 30fps? Movies usually have 25 fps or 23.976 fps, if OBS tries to scale that to 30 you increase the bit rate and may also introduce glitches like stuttering or rubberbanding. Is there no way to let the source dictate the fps?
No. 63095
127 kB, 910 × 709
49 kB, 460 × 401
Sunday at 18:00UTC there will be a stream on the EC video portal, topic: Introduction to the roguelike-game Nethack. I will start a new game, show how to survive the early stages and how to set yourself up for success for the later phases of the game. Maybe I will also involuntarily show how to not do it.

Duration will be about 1 hour. A video stream demands more attention than just radio, and I don't want to be responsible for shaving off too much sunday quality time from my watchers.
No. 63100
Ah, thanks. I'll do some more testing later, then.
For now, I figured something out. In order for ABR/VBR to use max specified bitrate, custom buffer size must either be set to the same value as bitrate, or disabled. If the buffer size is set lower, ABR/VBR will use less bandwidth.
Considering how much pain this one setting caused for others, I am paranoid about changing it. More testing is needed.

>why are you streaming at 30fps?
Right now, just for testing. I'm not planning on streaming anything in particular yet.
The tutorial states 3- fps, because 1) to make it easier for people by providing a very basic tutorial, and then elaborating on the finer details, and 2) because I forgot that this was a thing :-DDD.
I did mention to movie ernst that he should set his output FPS to the same FPS as his movie file. I wish there was a "match source FPS" setting.
I'm going to write a new tutorial once we iron everything out, and put it in a separate web-page.

I also looked into streaming with VLC, but it doesn't support SRT, and without SRT, the stream will probably shit itself due to packet loss and jitter. Shame.
I guess I'll have to implement server to client streaming after all.
No. 63102
>more quality for the same bitrate.
Then you need a higher preset like medium or slow
No. 63105
96 kB, 910 × 709
Oh wait never mind, I just discovered that there is already a radio stream announced for 17:00UTC, so I'll switch to 16:00UTC, so that we finish when radio starts.

EC sure is busy these days.
No. 63108
I guess my phrasing was wrong.
I want the bitrate I set in the settings, to be the bitrate that is sent to the server. Of course, I can use more CPU time to get higher quality even if I use CBR, so that's not a factor.

I have resolved the issue (for myself) anyway. I'll need to do some testing with others to see how it works for them.
No. 63174
So do we have a fixed synctube type streaming yet or what is going on with it?
No. 63209
No, I'd have to make a chat bot and some way to stream videos directly from the server.
Right now, it's a simple client-server-client ordeal.
No. 63234
We'll start in 1h. I'll actually start 10 minutes or so earlier to get the stream set up and to give everybody some time to tune in, but I'll just stream some random stuff until 17:00UTC. In case no one tunes in I'll just talk to myself, I'm used to this from the early times of xyz.
No. 63262
179 kB, 1279 × 719
223 kB, 940 × 700
The stream was a success despite me dying even more miserably than already expected from a game of Nethack. Those Ernsts who had the exceptional misfortune to watch me play could at least enjoy Brick as co-host who joined me via discord (which for all you discord allergics out there was of course completely optional).

But the technical setup didn't die at all. In fact it proved to be very solid, not even hiccups during almost 2h total streaming time. Even a few youtube videos to kill time until the official stream start were transmitted in acceptable quality with as few bandwidth as 1200kbps. Since Brick and me might have a few more streaming ideas about roguelike games we decided to create a small series of roguelike streaming events, and I agreed to create a promo picture for this occasion which resulted in picture 2.

We hope to see you all at the next installment, this time Brick will be up with a time slot and game yet to be determined, but it probably won't be very long.
No. 63457
132 kB, 638 × 638
Fug it. Impromptu late night stream in 15 mins (top of the hour, which is midnight German time). Will be in voice chat on the radio discord if ya want that, but probably won't be a borderline video essay so should be watchable without.
No. 63577
35 kB, 455 × 625
Hello. As a continuation of our Roguelike stream series, I'd like to announce yet another stream at 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CET (German time).
This time, I will be showing off a Roguelike that is little known, but has many ebin features.
Best of all, I will be co-hosted by Iwan himself, of Radio Ernstiwan fame!!111
Pic related is a hint as to what it is, and will surely be recognized by Roguelike nerds.
To those who aren't roguelike nerds, let's just say, you can actually reenact the picture as your charecter during normal gameplay in this Roguelike!.
Hope to see you there!!!111
No. 63633
128 kB, 1280 × 720
Reminder that the Roguelike stream will start in 30 minutes.
Watch it here:
No. 63648
75 kB, 932 × 295
77 kB, 1000 × 516
Good news everyone!
Today's stream was even more successful than the last one. It had over twice as many viewers this time.
If we extrapolate from here, according to my calculations, just in 6 weeks, or 36 days, we will exceed the number of viewers of the most popular radio stream in the history of EC.
Great victory! (Do NOT look at the numbers. Look at the pretty curves. Curves are fun and pretty, numbers are boring and gay).
It doesn't matter that the viewers are AFK or probably asleep from the boring nature of the streams. What matters is the number on the counters. And the number will increase. Hail EC Ciname!
Even though it's not really a cinema and resembles TV more, with its focus on real time stream video delivery, rather than planned movie streams. But no matter. People must know about our neckbeard obsessions.
No. 63954
223 kB, 940 × 700
20 kB, 480 × 360
For our next installment in our Ernstchan Roguelike Streaming Club™ series I (Iwan) will stream the game "The Binding of Isaac" on sunday 17:00UTC. It's an RPG shooter with roguelike elements which is labelled as a roguelite, which basically means a simplified roguelike. Easy on the eyes and probably with less autism than our previous episodes, but definitely with plenty of fail, so join us at http://radio.ernstchan.xyz/videoview.php

Stream length will be around 60 minutes, t-this time for real I p-promise.
No. 63977
I am thinking about doing a small introduction to Doom mapping.
Would anybody be interested? Also, what are the current instructions? The ones already posted or has something changed?
No. 63978
I'll post new instructions tomorrow.
If you're in the radio discord, iwan can run you through it
No. 63979
>If you're in the radio discord
Do I need to be? I'd rather keep this EC-only.
No. 63982
Sure no prob, just tell me when you plan to do the stream and I'll arrange something.
No. 64012
Thanks. It probably won't be before next year anyway, because I don't have a lot of time over christmas and want to have a solid didactic concept before starting out.
I'll get back at you when it's time.
No. 64032
1,0 MB, 1000 × 693
Quick reminder that there will be a video stream at 17:00UTC: >>63954. I plan for one hour, so don't worry, your well deserved sunday freedoms are safe otherwise. Stream will start a few minutes early so that all interested Ernsts have some leeway to tune in.
No. 64038
Thanks for the stream!
It was amazing!
I was cumming in my pants the whole time!
No. 65174
479 kB, 2000 × 1000
Aussie has decided to do an impromptu stream of an ebin game, Ghostrunner.

The stream is live already.
After that, I might stream something myself if there's demand.

Don't miss it!111
No. 66327
120 kB, 960 × 960
Would Ernst be interested in watching Danger 5 with Ernst?
No. 66347
Sure, why not?
No. 66352
1,9 MB, 1783 × 1181
All right, i might start tomorrow at 18:00CET, playing the first 4 episodes (one episode is around 30min) and the final 3 episodes the day after.

If there's interest we can also watch Season 2.

In case someone is interested in watching but can't because of the time let me know and i try to find a solution.
No. 66353
Make sure you have the freshest stream link.
No. 66354
1020 kB, 257 × 194, 0:04
I wanted to send you a message via discord and saw that you already gave me a notice months ago.
Everything works fine at the moment.
No. 66417
264 kB, 1440 × 954
Just a reminder:

Today at 18:00CET i stream the first 4 episodes of Danger 5.
I already start a bit earlier. At around 17:45 i play two short films from the same guys who made Danger 5.

Since it was wished for, i even added subtitles (except for the first episode. For some reason i could only find subs in brazilian portuguese and some eastern european languages)

Stream can be watched here
No. 66486
264 kB, 1440 × 954
Just a reminder:

Today at 18:00CET i stream the last 3 episodes of Danger 5 season 1.

After the last episode i play some bonus material.
Friday evening i could start with Season 2 in case someone is interested.

If you want to join but missed yesterdays stream: Don't worry. There's no big plot between the episodes in the first season, just join (also, in case you watched yesterday and didn't like it as much: The best episodes are still coming).

Stream can be watched here
No. 66494
It was great. Thank you for streaming.
No. 66496
159 kB, 800 × 800
Had many sensible chuckles.
No. 66498
909 kB, 1701 × 940
Season 2 starts on Friday at 17:00CET.

Take a guess who's going to make a comeback...

No. 66515
> Take a guess who's going to make a comeback...
Do I get a hint? I have no idea.
No. 66516
14 kB, 480 × 360
I hope it's the doggo.
No. 66517 Kontra
236 kB, 1920 × 1080
Was I the only one having sound stuttering? The video seemed to be more or less smooth, but the sound would turn off every couple seconds.

t. German internet haver

Gone, but not forgotten
No. 66518
> Was I the only one having sound stuttering?
Well, I didn't. So, maybe?
No. 66519
I only had two or three small hiccups, which is a miracle considering that my internet connection is makes 3rd worlders pity me.
No. 66523
Sometimes it helps to just shut down and reopen the browser. especially if many tabs are open. At least on firefox

dunno what causes it, maybe cache being full, maybe the tab being low priority on bandwidth, but for me it works most of the time.
No. 66565
90 kB, 526 × 798
Just a reminder that Danger 5 season 2 starts at 17:00CET. That is in just above 1 hour.

If you missed the first season, don't worry. Everyone but me is happy to tell you all the important things that happened in Season 1.

Like last time we play 4 episodes á 30min today and 3 tomorrow.
I start the stream now and play some interviews and bonus stuff from season 1 and 2.
No. 66568 Kontra
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
Still a bit laggy for me, but I have the Season downloaded so I'll just try to sync up the local files to the stream as a workaround :D
No. 66569
Ok, get ready. Starting now.
No. 66570
Unfortunately, since the server isn't powerful enough to re-encode streams on the fly to offer multiple quality levels, what quality the streamer outputs at, is what you'll have to download as a client.

so, if your download is shit, but streamer is uploading at high bitrate, you will suffer.
Not much I can do about it, other than actually posting guidelines about how to stream properly that I was meaning to 2 months ago but didn't :^)
No. 66572
See you tomorrow for the final 3 episodes.
I might play with the quality settings before i start streaming.
No. 66573 Kontra
242 kB, 1920 × 1080
Btw stream was smooth today. Fun stuff, lookin forward to next eps!
No. 66586
90 kB, 526 × 798
Short information:
Since it's also time for The Weekly Album Stream today, we're going to start a bit earlyer with the Danger 5 Stream.
We're going to start at 16:30CET so we can finish right before The Weekly Album Stream.

Another option would be to start the Danger 5 Stream at 19:15CET but that might be too late for some of out viewers.
No. 66592
Starting in 20min
No. 66637
822 kB, 1286 × 724
Finished watching episodes 6 and 7. 6 was the best of season 2, with episode 7 delivering the funniest line. Pic related.
No. 66644
That would actually make a pretty decent sitcom

No. 66646
There was actually a Hitler-sitcom made by the British, but it was so distasteful and awful they didn't even screen every episode. (The execution was shit, so even if it wasn't for the outrcy it would still have been cancelled.)
No. 66831 Kontra
EC cinema video portal will be offline and unavailable until further notice, due to financial complications.
Sorry for the inconvenience.