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Our top story tonight: Frachenlord has to go to prison. His equally brain damaged haters go to court as visitors. I look at these people and I think why?
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Political crisis brewing in Portugal. It seems our proposed national budget has not been approved in parliament, and unless an agreement is reached by the ruling party and one of its former partners to the left the president will dissolve parliament and call for new elections. An interesting situation that seems to primarily benefit an up and coming right wing populist party.
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> Our top story tonight: Frachenlord has to go to prison.
Finally, that fat stupid asshole gets served! I was so happy.

>His equally brain damaged haters go to court as visitors
>I look at these people and I think why?

Dreche is fat and dumb and pathetic and arrogant and loud-mouthed and disgusting and very milkable for lols, Chris-Chan-like. That's why.

Just look at that fat dumb lazy loser, to idiotic to grasp how dumb and pathetic he is, narcissistic to the max. Yuck.
No. 61388 Kontra
ICD/10, just ignore him. problem solved.
No. 61389
No, I want him to suffer more, It makes me happy when losers suffer.
No. 61390 Kontra
The fact that you are probably looking like one of these people from the picture, are in that age range (worse if you are older tbh), makes you immediately a cause for bullying yourself. I don't know why average Pete has to desperately pick on somebody to forget he is living a boring uneventful and rather sad life of his own.
No. 61392
Joke's on you, I don't drive a 20 year old Audipositas with a cracked block, I have a good job at a major, plus I have a gf.
No. 61393 Kontra
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Thanks for making me laugh, though.
No. 61404 Kontra
Caring about that shit at all makes YOU a loser. People like you destroyed KC.
No. 61407 Kontra
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You are that Uno-Reverse-Card guy? The Drachenf├Ąden appeared when the cancer was multiplying like shit already and those threads made it even worse. I'm not a loser for you are the one defending his Untermenschenverhalten.
No. 61408 Kontra
> I'm not a loser for you are the one defending his Untermenschenverhalten.
If you had any reading comprehension, you'd have noticed that I didn't defend anyone.
What I did was calling people like you, who visited and cared about Drachenlord threads, cancer, which is true. You are the one with the Untermenschenverhalten.
And while the cancer might have already been really bad when those threads took off (for the record, I never even ONCE visited such a thread and all I learned about it I learned by accident), it doesn't mean that people like you weren't lurking earlier or didn't cause the cancer in the first place. Before the Drachenlord it was Stevinho or Jana or Wolfgang or Dr. Axel Stoll or whatever attention whore waifu cancer you cancerites were promoting. All these people I only learned about by osmosis and wordfilters.
No. 61409 Kontra
Oh my bad, I was missing words: Wanted to say you defend your Untermenschenverhalten. Anyways, thinking that a job and gf makes you a good, likable or respectable person is a joke in itself.
No. 61414 Kontra
>implying I'm the guy with the Audi
So you not only have no reading comprehension, but you are also obviously too dumb to follow a reply chain. Go back to the dump you came from and stop shitting up EC.
No. 61416 Kontra
Aren't you getting tired of your reading comprehension accusation? I understood you damn well and made an answer accordingly, it's probably you missing the skills to lead this conversation.
No. 61421 Kontra
Please try this thread again with less shitflinging and without you know who. Sorry Portugal-Ernst, your post just got caught in the shitstorm.