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No. 61453 Systemkontra
260 kB, 768 × 576
No. 61456
158 kB, 2064 × 1260
Voting on the national budget is over and the ruling party could not come to an agreement with its left wing partners.
Snap elections are coming at some time in early January. Now it's in the people's hands. I have a feeling that the left wing will be punished by the electorate for this, protest votes will be redirected to right wing populists.
No. 61457
I know you lot in Europe tend to have more established parties that are at least in theory a bit more radical. Does that actually change anything? Since if something like that happened here, I doubt I'd notice any real changes to the political landscape.
No. 61458
124 kB, 960 × 540
Meet the Portuguese Communist Party. Committed to the ideals of Marxism-Leninism, with a leadership that famously refused to denounce North Korea and stands shoulder to shoulder with Lukashenko in resisting in onslaught of American imperialism and European sanctions against alleged lack of democracy.
On their website and other literature, one can find all sorts of esoteric claims about 20th century history from the Soviet Union being forced to put down fascist revolts in Hungary and Czechoslovakia to the glorious victory of Soviet democracy over the nazi hordes that were backed by Anglo-American imperialism.

In practice, they're social democrats.
No. 61459
>In practice, they're social democrats.
Man, I wish we had a social democratic party.
No. 61460
Not even sure if that's ebin or sad tbh.
No. 61461
9 kB, 250 × 250
What does the portuguese commies think about the sino-albanian split?
No. 61462
Green party?
No. 61463 Kontra
You must have been a victim of propaganda. Which media channel told you the greens are social democrats like described above.
No. 61464
67 kB, 1016 × 475
417 kB, 1280 × 2276
Why those long faces?
No. 61465
Your social democrat party was the model for our social democratic parties. I suppose if you don't have one, we never really had a chance.

Historically, this party was Soviet aligned. There were a lot of Hoxhaists in 70s but they're dead now.
No. 61466 Kontra
Leninism warps soul and body :DD
No. 61467
>Your social democrat party was the model for our social democratic parties.
When was that lol? The SPD has been traitors for over 100 years now.
No. 61468
37 kB, 1000 × 798
In the 1970s.
No. 61469
If your commie empire collapsed and commies became irrelevant in western europe you would also have a long face. Especially when they were so close in France.
No. 61472
> like described above
You mean, jerking off to Lukashenko? No, I implied just being socdem, not similarity to those Portuguese party. I don't remember where I got this from, I'm far from German politics.
Anyway, I looked it up and you have:
> The Social Democratic Party of Germany is a social democratic political party in Germany. It is one of the two major parties of contemporary Germany along with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).
> Bundestag
> 206 / 736
> Bundesrat
> 21 / 69
> State parliaments
> 464 / 1,889
> European Parliament
> 16 / 96
> State ministers-president
> 7 / 16
Pretty significant.
No. 61473 Kontra
I think the point he was making is that tey're social democrats in name only.
Basically the SPD is a CDU light while the CDU is an SPD light. The SPD generally does anything just to rule and SPD/CDU have, for a very long time, ruled together so they have fused into a politically amorphous blob that only serves itself more than any other party construct. This why so many people left CDUSPD for fringe parties, because they were fed up with them.
Then you have the long history of SPD being traitors, like voting for the war in 1914 and what happened afterward with Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.
There is an old leftist saying "Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten!". It still makes them mad to this very day.

Kontra because we're approaching Kohl territory again.
No. 61475
We are rather approaching "arguing about definitions" territory.
100 years ago socdem meant something else -- bolsheviks called themselves this way, for example: "Russian Social Democratic Labour Party". But this is far from what this word implies these days.
I think, it does not make sense to larp as time traveller. Better use commonly used terms.
No. 61477
47 kB, 1200 × 800
I'll raise you one better, our largest party on the right of the political spectrum calls itself Partido Social Democrata. In truth, all our real parties are different shades of social democracy. You can pick from social democracy with critical support for North Korea all the way to social democracy with racist characteristics :DD
No. 61479 Kontra
>Better use commonly used terms.

This is pretty much an illusion. You neglect even thinking about language and its relation to reality, it seems. Probably your hate on the le evil intellectuals is in your way. Despise everything that questions what seems obvious or taken for granted, ho!

Anyway, the initial thought was that the green party might be the soc dem. But they are not. They are a green CDU with a progressive stance. Maybe they have same relation as soc dems (as used in Germany) to capitalism: capitalism will and should continue to be in charge as the organizing principle of the economy.
No. 61489
Why are you guys seemingly deliberately turning news thread into dumb political shitflinging

I actually was tempted to start a new thread after I saw one on the frontpage that was locked with the subheading "sports and celebrities discussion is not news" followed by spoilered "and politics is basically just sports and celebrities" but didn't because may Allah forgive me for uttering those words I didn't want to so much as bring it up in an OP. Also I guess because I think it's probably fitting for non-American non-Russian to start those.

I was watching a hardware unboxed review and he started talking about rabid fanboys basically being an extension of culture of rooting for your favorite fictional character on a TV show and wanting the villain to get doomed. HWUB claimed it was a small percentage who was like that but given the state of things I only can conclude that both left or right voters are basically the equivalent of just tech fanboys who blindly support muh products no matter how irredeemably shit it is or how irredeemably shit their pet company became lately. It's same bydlo mentality to me of footie fans rioting because their muh team lost, or people gossiping about celebrities, which sadly politics became like the saying goes "acting career for ugly people."

I've often thought about going off on a long tangent about why I look down on such people and behaviors but typically thought it was waste of space and time to do so and why I come to so loathe politics discussions. Few people want to do real philosophical and policy discussion. Usually it becomes arguing with buzzword spouting footie club hooligans why their team is wrong, their team owner is shit, and it really doesn't matter because all teams are shit run by rich people.

I didn't realize SPD was so old. I thought that it was some kind of Cold War era at eldest new type of thing. Just how old are your political parties?

What people mean by politics labels frequently has nothing to do with reality at all in politics, which is frequently why things happen like the market liberalists of Europe would be called right wing Conservative here and the liberal Grun partei voter tier would not be called a liberal there. It is why I joke about things in equally retarded settings like everyone basically being Democratic People's Republic of Korea but in space, where not a word of Best Korea's official title is remotely true and it's basically ran as a monarchy with features of Soviet era alleged Socialism. Every tinpot dictator will call himself the People's Liberator and his People's Liberation Front alleged champions of the people butchering said people. A profession ruled by narcissists and sociopaths has zero concern for the accuracy of words.Considering I will textwall my opposition to things like calling an interactive cartoon fapbook a "visual novel" it should be clear where I stand on doing this. Like here it is the alleged Conservatives who are utterly opposed to a conservationist stance and instead adopt the Soviet tier slash-and-burn-everything industrial progressivist ideology. What people say and what people mean has little bearing to each other in these footie clubs, and it is a patently dishonest profession, made all the moreso by the fact it's now chiefly populated by lawyers, Hollywood actors, and sleazy businessmen as opposed to generals and real statesmen these days. Every political party is now essentially Capitalism with X characteristics basically.

I can't remember the news items I thought to post but they discovered a rogue exoplanet outside the galaxy lately. It occurs to me that perhaps a civilization or life on a moon orbiting some rogue ice giant warmed by tidal heating may have the best longevity because the rogue planet and moon system wouldn't have to worry about things like gamma ray bursts and exploding suns or possibly even asteroid impact if it was floating in extra-galactic deep space.
Downside: you are floating in equivalent of God's forgotten village thousands of light years from nearest habitable star system so no colonization for you. It feels like the interstellar equivalent of do you want job and other opportunities in shithole city near everybody, or do you want unemployed slow life in Montana.
No. 61494
165 kB, 1360 × 765
236 kB, 1360 × 693
40 year old Irish message in a bottle ended up in Murmansk. Makes me think I should start sending schizo posts in this manner.
No. 61495 Kontra
Wondering how feasible it would be to place a gps tracker in one so we could track its journey. It'd probably end up beached a few miles downstream from where I leave it, but alas.
No. 61496 Kontra
It seems what I want would cost me several hundreds euros :DD Old school system it is
No. 61499 Kontra
Sending letters to random strangers might be cheap enough :DDD It is even free if you throw it in their mailbox directly!
I once threw old (written) postcards in random strangers' mailboxes.
No. 61581
Relations with France have still not normalised :-DDD

The submarine saga is the gift that keeps on giving. Watching scummo trying to survive actual countries playing diplomatic hardball with him is hilarious.

No. 61595
Hearing Macron reply to the question "Do you think he lied to you?" by saying "I don't think he lied, I know" is fucking phenomenal.
That's fucking brutal.

>actual countries
I'd say Australia is an actual country. Why are Australians so hard on themselves?
No. 61607
My understanding is the political class and elites of Australia are such phenomenal cunts that it's basically still being ran as a foreign colony for other nations rather than a real country, which is how I take what he means.
No. 61608
Australia is famous for it's strictest corona lockdown. How bad are things in reality?
No. 61610
It gets better because Morrison is a slimy, flakey little man who attends a megachurch. Watching him get pushed around is always entertaining. Look up 'Scott Morrison Cobargo' if you want a good laugh.

Partially what burger said, with us barely having a foreign policy (the submarine deal was actually part of a now defunct long term agreement between equals with France which included lots of non-military links, but we tore that up so we could continue being a lapdog and/or American army base. But in this case more just the fact that our economy is that of a banana republic. Large parts of our economy is heavily reliant on the price of ore because we don't even process the shit we dig out of the ground. I sometimes get the feeling that Australia is a failed state held up by the fact that we are 'too western' to fail.

Depends where you are. Sydney and Melbourne had pretty big ones but we never had more than a few days here in Brisbane, and WA had very little too. We are approaching an election year so governments are playing extra cautious because a bunch of blood at their feet ain't electable. Like we are full Hermit Kingdom in QLD with closed down state borders despite Sydney, where the virus outbreak was in NSW being nearly a thousand KMs away.
No. 61626
257 kB, 389 × 534
Speaking of Macron. Did you know that he did some kind of truth or dare game with two trash french youtubers?


I acknowledge that it's more a meme than news and it happened six months ago. But I find this very funny. The presidential function is considered especially sacred in France, and there's a tradition of extreme mediatic presence of the goverment in place.

Most big politicians have a youtube channel, Zemmour has a Tiktok, a big socialist candidate even launched a Twitch channel. But the most suprising is that it works really well. There's a french tradition of orthodox political activism on the internet, wich has been exacerbated by the failure of the two former main parties during the 2017 election. I think it comes from the french televisual medias being so restrictive on what you are allowed to say. The first party to have a website in France was the Front National of Jean-Marie Lepen and I don't think that's a coincidence.
No. 61627
Update: the historic two parties on the right of the political spectrum are engaging in petty fractricidal political squabbling. Both PSD and CDS-PP have refused to conduct internal elections ahead of the snap elections. The later saw defections of historic party figures.
It seems my country is entering a new era and political forces that were foundational in our present system might face extinction. Only time will tell what awaits for this sleepy atlantic nation.
No. 61628
Honestly I'm kinda surprised by the response sometimes of different countries, which really shows where their priorities are and what is their estimation of John Q Public. Here they flat out pretty much said we're too retarded to notice and just gaslit us because the only sole thing that matters to anybody is the stock market and they'd rather have a million or two body bags than watch the DOW drop 200 points, which is precisely accurate for the great bulk of the electorate. This seems the case in many other countries. Then you have places like Australia and Britain, where they don't seem to care as much about economic impact as dead people.

Sometimes I think a CME hitting us and killing the internet would be for the best. We had like one or two brief decades of a wild west internet and now it's by far the number one cause of cancer in society.
No. 61630
We finally have a new left-centre government, hopefully we will have some much needed diversity.
No. 61631
21 kB, 94 × 115
It's less about avoiding dead people, more about avoiding the optics of dead people. We just had state elections, and federal ones are due by next may. Only the true ideological zombies believe that te pollies truly care about us. Word around the street where I'm at is that any deaths prevented by covid measures are seen as a nice side effect of a self-serving reelection ploy.
No. 61689
Holy shit ayyy lmao
What else should we troll these stupid fucks into doing? It wasn't just a small picket there was a huge crowd of them. These are truly the perfect lulzcows. Think of the possibilities we can get these stupid shits to do literally anything. What gets me most is apparently they thought Kennedy would return and crown Tr*mp king of kings, the title for Jesus. It's literally an internet cult at this point. What are some good ideas for trolling them with?
No. 61758
Where do they hang out in internet? The guru stopped posting in December, 2020. Wanna check out how are they holding.
No. 61760
Facebook groups, I believe. There are a lot of them in telegram too, I used to follow a few. They usually follow a model of some personality being an alternative media reporter who then grifts the audience or is genuinely insane. I followed the channel of some schizo girl who shared her toughts on bill gates vaccine plandemic 5G masonry and of petty drama within their larger of community of truth seekers. Portuguese "White Rose" anti-vaccine groups intersected with these QAnon types and their news channels. #WGG1WGA
No. 61764
83 kB, 963 × 849
71 kB, 718 × 898
Looks like they either switched to usual antivax groups, either descended too deep into madness to be funny.
Not going to check it in F*cebook Meta, but I thought such groups are banned on sight there. Zuck is very tough on censorship.

> What’s on Elon’s shirt is key. I’m not a history buff, or here to get into Nazi/Jew politics. You’ll notice I don’t talk about vaccines often either. I’m a big Hitler fan, and so is JFK and Trump. Elon often posts humorous Hitler tweets as well. What I have researched is available here @Hitlermania.
No. 61772
No. 62209
Lukashenko trolls EU by shipping Muslim migrants to Polish border.
No. 62218
280 kB, 1360 × 765
So far the only people trolled seemed to have been the dead Iraqis and the couple of the dead VDV troopers. I don't know exactly what the kolkhoz manager expected from this. EU is set on another round of sanctions and it seems Belarusians will foot the bill for it.
>"Active work is underway in this area, to convince people — please, return home. But nobody wants to go back," Lukashenko said, as quoted by state news agency Belta.
No. 62303 Kontra
These guys have just done me an incredible service and they don't even know it
I must pause and think rationally about my own fanaticism and where it may lead me, and to how false it can be. Clearly it was not in God's Will to start a civil war. It is obvious one must be discretionary, and to avoid becoming violently delusional like them or ISIS.

>Watkins previously told The Daily Beast that after his arrest Chansley has “gone through a period of introspection” and realized that he made himself “open to the propaganda from the former president.” One major factor in his wake-up call, Watkins said, was Trump apparently snubbing a pardon request from Chansley and other Capitol rioters. After Chansley’s guilty plea, Watkins also noted that his client has rebranded and now will only be referred to as “the Shaman.”
This in particular stood out from me. Apart from how utterly godless that narcissistic false messiah of a sociopath is and his followers not even realizing his nature as he threw them under the bus, it's also been clear to me the antichrist is more likely to arise like that from within. It also stands out to me how unbelievably cancerous this society is that they honest to God used the word "rebranded" in that fucking context. Like holy shit, is our society really that far gone that we're calling a human changing their name as "rebranding"?

Heavy kontra because obvious reasons it's just I see that as interesting seeing as how they somehow came to believe a man so obviously morally bankrupt was some sort of messianic figure who they believed "God told us to do it." Dude just got three and a half years in jail. Not a cushy Scandinavian prison, American jail.

In response to religion topics, I think God also works through wrong actions of others to illuminate Himself and point to spiritual truth even as others are in error, but I am still thankful that with God's permission we continue as a great nation and not become like Syria from sea to shining sea. I have thought a lot about that lately, and how nearly I dodged sitting here right now in the cold without power or running water as various militia groups, militants, fanatics, and dumb identity movements roam through the neighborhood fighting block by city block as I contemplate eating a goldfish bowl soup because we are blockaded.
No. 62319
> I don't know exactly what the kolkhoz manager expected from this.
"Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said that Alexander Lukashenko, in exchange for solving the migration crisis, wants the West to recognize him as president. Other demands include lifting the sanctions"
(at least that's what he says, who knows what he has in mind)

> EU is set on another round of sanctions and it seems Belarusians will foot the bill for it.
This would be a bit complicated. From westerners' point of view, Lukashenko is doing same thing as different NGOs, he literally commits humanitarian mission. And ebil Poland doesn't let poor refugees in.
"The European Union will allocate money to the Belarusian Red Cross, which is associated with the Lukashenko regime". On the other hand, 700.000 euros is a tiny sum.
No. 62324
The west wants a brown underclass, it's not very effective trolling
No. 62328
13 kB, 297 × 170
32 kB, 506 × 436
No. 62331
I did not expect this. Don't know what to say.
No. 62332
>Don't know what to say

420 Blaze It
No. 62334
Me neither. I don't smoke anymore. Guess dopeheads will be glad now. Maybe people get less of that weed sprayed with chemically produced THC which as I understood it makes you more prone to psychic issues due to artificially high THC amount.
No. 62335
If you wanna get rich now is the time to invest in cannabis stocks if you haven't already, I guess.

> I don't smoke anymore.
Same, but I think once it's legal I'll grab some sativa just to celebrate it is possible and then go back to be cannabis abstinent.
No. 62336
>Same, but I think once it's legal I'll grab some sativa just to celebrate it is possible and then go back to be cannabis abstinent.

I was entertaining this thought as well when Ernst informed me on the news. Maybe I'll do it when I can really choose with safety what I get. I mean back in the days I was able to choose between no-name weed and some strains. I have some leftovers from 2016 or so. But I don't trust weed that much. It wouldn't hurt I guess, but it wasn't that comfortable last time. Well, that was 5 years ago.
No. 62337
Didn't expect the Germans to beat us to it.
No. 62339
>But I don't trust weed that much.
Well, if you had cannabis triggered panic attacks or something alike in the past maybe it's better not to smoke it.
No. 62340 Kontra
Nothing to crazy. I had real problems with chemical stuff, sleep deprivation, amphetamines and weed is a mind killing combination. Smoking weed can be ok, but I think for me the last times weren't really comfortable, a sense of nervousness and uncomfiness was hoovering around. As I said, nothing really crazy. But certainly not pure enjoyment.
No. 62341
> The main problem is hacking
The main problem is that to falsify paper elections you have to bribe or intimidate dozens of thousands of people: polling station workers, witnesses, local policemen, judges. And even then it will easily visible falsifications, not hidden one.
With electronic elections you have to do same to few nerds, and no one will have any proof except statistical anomalies (which are too complicated for majority of people). No one needs to hack anything.

> If you want to argue that people are dumbasses who shouldn't be trusted, then clearly the problem is that they are being raised to be dumbasses by society and need to be educated.
Damn, I didn't know, that solution is so simple.
When people think about other aspects of life, they tend to think realistically. "I need to pay electricity bills, so I'll find a job" instead of "I'll just make perpetuum mobile and won't pay for electricity anymore". With politics -- completely opposite.

The interesting question is whether voter apathy is good or bad thing. Are active voters more responsible on average than others? On the one hand, plebs is interested in beer and soccer, not in abstract things like politics unlike more educated people I don't believe in this statement. On the other hand, successful satisfied people are too busy with career, family and hobbies while problematic people have nothing better than engage in politics.
No. 62343
You're quickly becoming my favorite poster. It's refreshing to hear your perspective :3
No. 62347
I criticized you and expected negative reaction in return. That praise was a sucker's punch. =D

If so I'll elaborate my thought. Usually people think in such way: "Currently things are like this. In ideal situation things should be like this". Then they want to simply move straight from point A (real situation) to point B (their utopia which they can't even properly imagine).
For example, firsties think "no one deserves to work for such pennies, let's raise minimum wage". But in result jobs are relocated to third world. So income of unqualified workers becomes even smaller (now it's neetbux) plus they have to leech on other people's taxes.

Society, economy, state are very complex systems, and each action has it's consequences and side effects. It's quite the obvious thing, but still worth mentioning I guess.
No. 62348
Different American Bernd. For starters, I'm an agnostic. The other guy's a Christian.

I'm technically retarded, so anything more complicated than reading a basic script is utterly foreign to me. My computer knowledge began and ended with VisualBasic in high school and hasn't changed since, so my opinion on that is moot. Your analysis with hacking with regards to the election seems much more sound, though.

It's refreshing to see some rational dissent ITT. Everyone hates an echo chamber.
No. 62349
>American bernd

Some of the biggest idiots tend to be voters though. It's sort of like differences between a mere imbecile and actual retard though. Some of the people who don't vote at all are truly retarded. Some moronic old fool voting out of habit could be merely dumb. There's still a correlation between education and voting though afaik.

Also if you are talking about a national election then what Russia is talking about it payoffs to look the other way. I remember one thing alleged about Diebold machines was it was flipping every third vote from Gore to Bush or some shit like that. In terms of voting through the internet "hacking" would be a problem though bigger problem is special interest money fueling retarded propaganda operations instead. But again, it's better to have an actual physical paper trail anyone can look at than electronics. I'm not sure anyone disagreed with each other.
No. 62351 Kontra
Forgive me for having my old firmware kick in. We all were once Bernds, after all.
No. 62357
>Maybe people get less of that weed sprayed with chemically produced THC which as I understood it makes you more prone to psychic issues due to artificially high THC amount.


Basicially it's cheap CBD weed full of chemicals that have a pretty high change to actually hurt you.
And then there's all the other funny stuff you can find in illegal weed like glass, mold or pesticides.

I'm a lucky guy who can get good, clean weed for a decent price. It being legal wouldn't change much for me, but for most other people it's a really good thing and i'm happy it happens.

Also, an english source: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-likely-future-government-supports-cannabis-legalization/a-59870689
No. 62358
I just found out at a minimart looking in confusion at the alleged cannabis it is, in fact, real cannabis. Apparently my state legalized awhile back and I didn't notice. That would explain the slightly higher amount of weed smell though I didn't really notice because the city smelled of weed often enough anyway.
And problems weren't.
No. 62359 Kontra
32 kB, 720 × 720
No. 62361
It was a foregone conclusion. The level of bias in his favor from the beginning was obvious. Even then it's amazing they stacked it so heavily he got acquitted on charges he indisputably was guilty of like the gun charge so that part did surprise me.
No. 62362 Kontra
Truly America is greatest country on earth. Salute to the red, white and blue.
Maybe one day we can also turn our protests into pvp zones.
No. 62367
Hypocrisy check for everyone ITT.
Imagine if protesters were right wing and the guy was left wing. Would your reaction be the same? I mean, imagine for real.
Sure, [your side] are fighting for the good cause, and [their side] are just useful idiots, so it's not the same, but still, jurisdiction is supposed to work regardless of such aspects.

All I saw about those drama is 2 minute footage -- looks like violent mob pursued him before he started to shoot.
No. 62368
>Imagine if protesters were right wing and the guy was left wing. Would your reaction be the same? I mean, imagine for real.
Yes. t. closer to 'right wing'
In the end, it's just Americans doing American things.
No. 62369
527 kB, 450 × 481
Nobody siding with property owners against social disorder was ever going to get touched. Remember how dicey even charging the police who killed Floyd was, and that had had unabridged video footage of the whole thing.

Hell: we have a similar problem with policing here, despite all the Murdoch crowd acting like it's just us taking up an American problem and pretending we got it. The main difference is that they just beat the victims to near death and then wrote it up as bad health when something tips them into actual dying. Examples from the last few days.



If the situation was reversed, the pigs would just whack the guy the second he turned up with a gun. Pic is a historical example of police reaction to armed leftism in the US. Recent enough for colour photography.
No. 62371
Also, more recently, Kenneth Walker, a black man, was sent to prison for shooting a plainclothes police officer who was part of a raid where he didn't hear the announcement. So woken up in the dead of night to armed guys out of uniform. Fires a shot at the intruder and wounds, not kills a single one. He received 32 shots in return, which killed his girlfriend and landed him in prison.

How's that for self defense?
No. 62372 Kontra
Is it a 'no', then?
No. 62374
I'm saying that there wouldn't be similar circumstances, and that there rather exists the precedent of self defence not mattering until a white rightoid was the one in trouble.

Acting like it's the 'left' that has something to prove on that front is bad faith arguing tbh.
No. 62375
249 kB, 1280 × 640
> the pigs would just whack the guy the second he turned up with a gun
No. 62376
How many of them were in the middle of a chaotic situation with really high tensions? CHAZ was basically ignored until it fell off the radar and could be cleared. In your hypothetical reversal of roles, you kind of need that confrontation.

Also, you still haven't answered to the hypocrisy of conservatives not giving a shit about recent high profile self defence cases until someone to the right was affected.

Why were conservatives mad when Kenneth Walker was released when he killed nobody while defending himself in his own home, while a kid shoots three people in a situation he put himself in, having previously expressed desire to shoot somebody is apparently completely irrefutable self defence?

Hypocrisy check for those itt.
No. 62379
It would be for me. We have police. Not, please drop the noif m8 police, get in the ambulance or we taze you old man, accidentally shoot a kid while aiming for the dog, beat yo ass American police. Bringing a loaded weapon to a protest is fucking stupid and saying openly you hope for conflict and an opportunity to shoot someone which is exactly why that stupid kid went there. Don't cry about it then if a leftist also is clearly in the wrong and gets acquitted on this precedent too.

I cannot emphasize this enough: we have militarized MRAPs driving cops. They don't need "help." Leave your gun at home or don't go.
No. 62380
It should be pointed out the kid got literally millions of dollars from poltards and various activist groups for bond and legal defense too, and that yes justice is more or less for sale in this country which is why OJ Simpson got off the hook.
No. 62381 Kontra
You need to go back
No. 62391
the trial was rigged.
No. 62392 Kontra
40 kB, 640 × 640
This thread turned to shit real quick.

Pic related. This thread.
No. 62395
92 kB, 712 × 426
Scandal in Portugal - Military caught smuggling gold, diamonds and drugs of the Central African Republic. There was quite a kerfuffle because some military echelons were informed but did not seem to kick this information up or did they? :DD. I'll type something bigger about this once all the information comes out.
No. 62398
423 kB, 884 × 555
Oy vey, Portugal is of colonizer again!
No. 62406
Well, that's what this thread exists for. I thinks, such contamination place is necessary. No need to have taboo topics and hide dissent against each other. Meanwhile better have all such discussions in one place and maintain other threads clean.

All I know about CAR is that it's where Wagner mercenaries stage snuff videos with Africans. Prigozhin gets all the government contracts on catering through nepotism, supplies Russian schools with stale food and spends profits on mercenaries and troll factories. Besides their main work his employees praise their boss as successor of Francis Drake and hero of our times.
No. 62413
76 kB, 768 × 1024
21st century will be the age of recolonization, mark my words.
Not just recolonization of africa, south america and the pacific islands, but also north/south pole, oceans, also space and the moon.
No. 62421 Kontra
He's right. Fuck off back to Bunkerchan, you dumb shit.
No. 62429
Colonization of moon must be boring -- no native population to oppress.
No. 62430 Kontra
You probably came to this board after Australia.
No. 62435
Russia shot down it's own satellite while testing anti-satellite weapon. Kessler syndrome coming?
No. 62440
I mean, it's a bit embarrassing if it was unintentional, but the anti-satellite weapon did work now, didn't it?

All these futuristic tech being paraded around feels very weird to me. On one hand it's an amazing technological development, on the other, it's going to make even a non-nuclear confrontation between two major powers incredibly devastating from the standpoint of infrastructure and civilian life even in the hinterland.

(But then again, if two major countries were to go to war all the fancy tech would perish on the frontlines in a matter of days either via casualties or just running out of fancy guided rocket ammo and not having it in stock any more.)
t.Armchair general with hundreds of hours in HoI
No. 62442
Depends on your theory, but neither of the two big ones in western military theory at least still support that. Russia's use of Frozen Conflict is probably the most ultramodern military doctrine in the world, imo. It's a kind of 4.5 gen warfare being actively practiced, when a lot of places are still stuck in 4th generation and even partially rejecting 5th generation theory of undeclared and unrestricted war (meaning information and cyber warfare constitute non-kinetic warfighting).
t. also armchair studier of military things
No. 62450 Kontra
He's been here this whole time you damn newfag. Christ why does this board always go to shit when your pedo board goes down. Conversely, any time some subhuman piece of shit starts trying to blast pedo shit inevitably a few cabbage retards also are posting. Either learn to assimilate here or stay there. That's the pro-labour strayan who was here since xyz was founded, and is probably the same guy who was there talking to brick since before casey was killed by the filth populating the aforementioned shithole may God smite it.

The other shitty thing about that is when I wipe my cache and everytning else stored now all my hidden shitpost threads are unhidden. Also now I ams subjected to raw unfiltered youtubism. May God send you all to the Dolphin in Russia.
No. 62465
136 kB, 1024 × 708
>Russia's use of Frozen Conflict is probably the most ultramodern military doctrine in the world, imo.
Is there a theoretical basis for the adoption of this frozen conflict theory? I was under the impression that this was just something they grew into naturally.
No. 62483
It probably did for Russia, but from the perspective of Western Military Generational Theory, it's a hybrid between 4th Generation Warfare which emphasises the decentralisation of war, and the rise in importance for VNSAs (Violent Non-State Actors) and Barnett in particular emphasises the relationship between what he calls 'the Funtioning Core' and the 'Non-integrating Gap', with this divide essentially breeding the kind of non-state combat that we've come to recognise, being things like terrorist groups as well as the nebulous anti-core goals of these groups, as opposed to specific goals that one might associate with older guerilla wars. In Russian practice, this is exemplified by the creation of client states which exist essentially on paper to justify the support of non-state forces. This lets them maintain their Force-in-Being at home, while still fighting an actual conflict. The 5th Generation of warfare in western thought is essentially the death of war as we know it. It posits that traditionally declared wars, with restrictions to strategic and strategic-adjacent targets are essentially obsolete. Wars may escalate into kinetic confrontations (armed clashes), but all wars now are under this theory, forever wars primarily waged in the cyber and information theatres. It's basically the completion of the devolution of war proposed by the 4th Generation, going from armies to VNSAs as main combatants, to even the VNSAs becoming increasingly irrelevant as you shift towards the war turning into your troll farm trying to outspam the other side's.

The Frozen War in this perspective then sits somewhere in between. Where the VNSAs are used as the de facto Russian military, meaning that Russia no longer needs to utilise strategic reserves for such conflicts, while they simultaneously can then use this freed up manpower to fight the undeclared and unrestricted 5th generation war to legitimise these VNSAs just enough to make it look like a protracted military campaign is actually not a campaign at all. They can also open up second fronts like industrial espionage, or "tie-up" campaigns like the whole Russian Interference thing. Real or not, the Russians played the information game well enough that it couldn't be dismissed or confirmed and kept everybody chasing their own tails. That's as good as occupying key ground since it causes chaos within foreign command structures.

Whether or not this is intentional, it's a long way ahead of where we are in the west. At least publicly. We seem to still be fighting firmly in the 4th generation, and instead developing an increasinly networked battlespace to fight that 4th generation war, which . At least that's my interpretation with how inept and bewildered national leaders have been when China or Russia get caught doing cyberwarfare out the arse hitting non-strategic targets like private industry or whatever. We haven't yet clued on that we're already at war, it's just in a non-kinetic phase.

At least that's my impression from my own reading and looking at world events.
No. 62486 Kontra
Alright. Last post reads like schizo shit, and I haven't been able to fix it with draft rewrites. Shit's complex as fuck, and I honestly have a half-understanding of a lot of it at best. If you get something from the vomited out thoughts of mine, I'm glad. If you're just confused or disgusted, I totally understand :-DDD
No. 62510
To put it more simply, Russian military strategy is:
  1. To hack.
  2. To shill.
  3. To fight through proxies and pretend like Russia has nothing to do with them.
It's a questionable to me whether such strategy is successful. What did Russia achieve with it? Maybe the real success is having nukes and oil, so Wect finds it cheaper to swallow all those shenanigans rather than respond to them.
If Russia simply occupied Donbabwe with its conventional forces, would sanctions be more tough? Or the only thing which would be different is attitude of Dunning–Kruger western plebs?
No. 62514
Kek, no, they did it on purpose. The satellite was old and deprecated.
No. 62516
Schizo and interesting.
Makes sense to me, although yeah, I don't think this was some theoretical change as much as adapting to having a limited scope of what they can do and experience with things like Transnistria, which came by spontaneous natural occurrence.
No. 62533
Less fighting through proxies, but utilising VNSAs as a weapon in their arsenal, which complements the others. This isn't all that different in terms of effective usage to how the Russian army has developed. The infantry is primarily conscripted, and even with the increase in professionalisation, this is limited mostly to specialist roles where they want to encourage skill retention within the military. It's also deeper than that. The Russian army uses a formation called the Battalion Tactical Group which is really robust for something of its size. It's intended to be able to conduct autonomous local operations ranging from mechanised infantry combat, air defense and artillery barrages all the way to localised cyber warfare. These are almost like a flag carrying version of an irregular cell. So not a VNSA but still falling into the decentralisation of warfare as scope increases. Professional combatants now need to act like irregulars in order to wage an effective war.

>If Russia simply occupied Donbabwe with its conventional forces, would sanctions be more tough?
I think that making conflicts into interventions rather than outright invasions, it's much safer geopolitically. Taking Crimea was ballsy because it broke the kind of status quo in Cold War Europe. Territory actually changed hands which I can tell you, was pretty fucking spooky from our side. I legit thought we might end up over there at the time. By making the rest of the conflict really look and act like a civil war, you take the bite off of it. The status quo is much more accepting of taking advantage of a civil war for political gain than they are actually invading a country. It sounds stupid, but the better part of diplomacy is optics. If it looks bad, it is bad. If it looks like an invasion, it's really fucken bad.

Yeah. I never meant to say that they based it on this theoretical framework, which came about from US strategic studies in the late 80s, just that through this lens for understanding conflict, the Russian military has a far more modern understanding of the developing situation than the wect has publicly shown. China is big dickin' it too with their absurd level of cyberwarfare and economic fuckery. May not necessarily like these countries (or any tbh) but respect where it's due.
No. 62631
Hory shid, one of our high ranking Tory dipshits actually won this bullshit case. The TLDR is that our Minister for Defence (who is definitely NOT a mutated potato) is (NOT) a piece of human/spud trash, who had some mean things said about him on Twitter, and decided to sue for defamation. This is our 'Boat People are all criminals' and 'everyone out of work is a Dole Bludger' guy by the way.

Guess us proles aren't allowed to talk shit back. I always knew it was so, but it's still surreal to see it held up in court lul.

No. 62632 Kontra
Why is it that despite the names being Anglo, they're also unmistakeable Aussie at the same time?
No. 62633 Kontra
Oh, and the new draft of our 'religious discrimination bill's is out and it's not as bad as it was in the first two iterations which allowed some Saudi-level bullshit, but it's still pretty fundie-state tier, where open discrimination against people in violation of existing anti-discrimination laws is okay, so long as it's origin is in religious belief. Not accidental neither, it explicitly overrules existing legislation. It's basically a consolation prize to our fundies because they lost the plebiscite for gay marriage a few years back, from our PM is a megachurch guy. The offshore concentration camps are still in operation too, and Juukan gorge is still blown up. Fuck this dogshit country tbh. Be very glad you don't live here.
No. 62634
Are they? I'm in too deep to really notice :-DDD
No. 62636
>Be very glad you don't live here.
One must imagine people in the third world in blissful ignorance of the sufferings of Australia.
No. 62637
103 kB, 960 × 540
209 kB, 650 × 433
26 kB, 460 × 259
Tbh, I don't think everywhere else is better, not by a long shot. And frankly, here /is/ better than a war-torn hellhole. You won't get here unless you're part of the h'wite oligarchy of that wartorn hellhole, but it'd be great if ya could. See: where we put the desperate masses for indefinite imprisonment, with little to no medical care and an almost total media blackout.

It's rather that all the worst parts of this country are being rapidly expanded, and we're being pushed into yet another war because our leaders have this completely munted headspace of wanting to be a relevant colony way more than a respectable country. It's just really frustrating when people take the optics seriously. Any other country sets up black sites for refugees like we do, and they're rightfully condemned. Hell, Europe got (imo rightly again) blasted for having camps that were largely unregulated while ours are by all accounts worse, and with little oversight.

America gets blasted for institutional racism, while we have the same shit, and Indigenous people are one of if not the most incarcerated people on earth per capita, and have had virtually none of the goals outlined in the inquiry into their deaths in custody fulfilled despite that report being written in the early 90s. Now it happens on camera with 65 year olds getting bodyslammed for trying to get their shoes from the car and the cops just get "managerial guidance" for their part.

We always put the Taliban and ISIS on the stand for blowing up ancient stuff for religion, but we sign off on a mining company blowing up a 46,000 year old site of human habitation and it barely makes the news. Now we're running headlong into a regional confrontation with China that is likely to cause untold suffering and loss of life if it keeps boiling up and we decide to start a fucking arms race with proliferation of nuclear submarines.

Our tourism/national marketing people need to be put against a fucking wall. France stonewalling us is the best thing to happen in a long time, because the government finally has to face some consequence for shitty decision making. It's nowhere near enough but damn it feels good to watch.

I'm ranting though. This last week or so has really fucking sucked on the home front, and the dogshit state of affairs this morning just set me off.
No. 62645
> Indigenous people are one of if not the most incarcerated people on earth per capita
Maybe they just commit more crimes?
What I heard from Russian guy living in Melbourne: natives in Australia have a lot of welfare and privileges. They like to drink alcohol (which makes them violent for some reason) and sniff gasoline. Aussies ban alcohol near their settlements and add special admixtures to gasoline to prevent them from sniffing but it doesn't help. And there is funny phenomenon called "box tickers" -- non-natives identify themselves as Indigenous to get high paying jobs and other opportunities.
No. 62646
Or it could be over-policing, which I can tell you it sure as shit is. I've done shit in town that'd get me locked up if I was indigenous. Cops also escalate situations really fast here because there is mutual distrust. They know the Indigenous communities don't trust them, and Indigenous communities don't trust them because the government was doing state sponsored kidnappings within living memory. And no, they don't get that much welfare, nobody does here. It's only a lot if you don't account for cost of living. It's also hard for many of them to find employment because there is a lot of racist stigma like what this Russian is vomiting out.

As for rights, they exist on paper and largely stay there. The Federal and State governments are very much okay with ignoring them if there's a buck to be made. Even shit that's under native title isn't fully under their control a lot of the time. Kakadu National Park is a good example where native title holders and the government are in the courts right now because the latter keeps trying to do shit that the former hasn't okayed.

The alcohol and fuel thing is the kind of thing that gets your arse beat around here, and you'd deserve it. That shit's through and through predjudice where the behaviour of a specific demographic (who are often impoverished and with really bad physical and mental health) are taken to represent the entire people. I figure that you'd prefer not being associated with the worst drunkards and vatniks that your people can create?
No. 62647 Kontra
For context on welfare, when I was on the dole, I was rationing my food because I couldn't afford three square meals a day, plus rent, plus bills, plus random expenses like transport and/or fuel for my car. It'd be worse if I was living by myself because 2/3 of the dole would disappear immediately into rent each week, meaning that for food, transport, power, water, internet, phone credit etc. you had about $100. A healthy variety of food is probably $50/week. Then internet is about $20, and let's say $10 for weekly fuel or bus/train fares (that's being very stingy at the prices here). You get to live it up on that big cash payment of what $20-30/week maybe.

The neolib 'dole bludger' myth really doesn't hold up here. Very few people can live on it, without supplements from disability payments, and even that is constantly attacked by the feds.
No. 62658 Kontra
>Maybe they just commit more crimes?
>They like to drink alcohol (which makes them violent for some reason) and sniff gasoline.
I wonder what could have happened so that a whole ethnicity seems to be effected by it? Truely a mystery.
No. 62726 Kontra
Because it's probably not true or due to certain circumstances, I have to admit, the sentence could also me said about Russians and nobody would mind, ofc all Russians are drunkies and some of them even sniff gasoline or use crocodile, a guy who lives in Russia told me it's like that.
No. 62758 Kontra
232 kB, 863 × 752
The stock market is now shitting itself. I want to get off this ride mr. Bones.
No. 62796
338 kB, 1360 × 765
More news about the Central African Republic - They're making learning Russian compulsory at universities.

I pity the children who, not limited to suffering in the CAR, must also suffer learning Russian.
No. 62797
The CAR is such a giant meme of a country. Too bad that people actually have to suffer when it kicks off into wild shit like the Central African Empire.
No. 62801
Interesting to see it from another perspective, thanks.
But even if people like these are minority of Aboriginal, imprisoned people are minority of them as well, and those two groups overlap strongly, I guess. And still it's really strange that people pretend to be part of group suffering from institutional racism to... get benefits from institutions (I'm about box-tickers again).
He also told that average IQ among Indigenous is nearly 60. This must correlate with ability to see long term consequences of your own actions crime and punishment.

So what is the most obvious and only true answer?
No. 62914
83 kB, 700 × 394
4 Germans injured after some railroad works hit a 250kg bomb. Bomber Harris doing work from beyond the grave :DD
No. 62918
The benefits given are pathetic compared to the shit they cop. Remember that there are still indigenous people today who were taken from their parents by the state for the crime of having a black parent. There is real intergenerational trauma that's been imposed by the state here, and the best that they ever got was an official apology, which doesn't un-kidnap them.

Hell, the White Australia Policy wasn't completely dead until 1979. Getting some measly benefits now, doesn't change that indigenous people here have been pushed way down into the underclass and long been denied any way out of that position. Hell, they aren't even consitutionally recognised.

They basically have over a century of being crapped all over, and then the laws are removed and we ignore any potential for lingering effects. The reality of there being lingering effects is the nature of institutional racism. The laws are gone but the practice remains.
No. 62987
It was a weeb that did it
Thanks weebs for pozzing the country.

Of course you'd only care about something as bougie as your stocks fuck your fellow Americans amirite?

It's the same here. It is basically a wink and nod because the people actually driving beamers and having nice clothes say
>oh I uh paid for it with my welfare
when the reality is they're an exploited lower class being forced due to circumstance into selling their bodies and drugs to the upper class who in turn don't want the dirty secret out and go
>look at all those welfare queens mooching off us with their cadillac health plans how dare they!
Obviously the owning class should be gassed but thats just my opinion.
No. 63013
8 kB, 640 × 360
New sanctions against the Lukashenko regime from the EU, 28 individuals hit. They even hit Belavia this time.
Americans sanctioned 20 different people and a dozen organizations associated with the regime.

Things are not looking up for Luka.
No. 63222
1,0 MB, 1960 × 1058
312 kB, 1600 × 1067
47 kB, 1024 × 576
Portuguese politics

Quite an eventful time for us, with a dissolved parliament and parties bracing for next month's elections. The Minister of Internal Administration has resigned after his vehicle crashed into and killed a road side worker. His driver was charged with involuntary homicide manslaughter (?) and after several months of the whole thing being under investigation and therefore under state secret, we now know his car was going at 160km/h when he merked that worker.
I listened to his resignation speech, I didn't like it much. He went over his achievements as minister, expressed sorrow at that tragic incident and - so as to allow political opponents to use the event as a political against his party - he resigned. He left the conference without answering any questions.

Political fights within opposition parties seem to have been settled and now we await the people to voice their will in the election.
From my own estimation, the ruling Partido Socialista might very well have their rule legitimized further by an increase in votes from the electorate that will seek to punish its left wing partners (Bloco de Esquerda and Partido Comunista Português) for not allowing the government to continue operating. The leader of PCP has come out a few times in the last month saying that his party is not dead, which can't be construed as a good omen.

On the right of the national political spectrum, a new populist political force seems poised to perhaps even establish itself as the third political force. Only time will tell though.
No. 63223 Kontra
>so as to allow political opponents to use the event as a political against his party
so as to NOT allow
No. 63252
Midget explained his appearance in the center of Saratov without panties

Saratov minister visited Karelia and was impressed by the delicacies

A man robbed a church near Saratov before a ridiculous death

♂️Viacheslav Volodin♂️ urged to return Saratov to the leaders among the cities of Russia

Saratov man killed his father with an ax and was dissatisfied with the verdict

In Saratov a kilogram of dill with parsley is sold for 1,333 rubles
No. 63255
>A man robbed a church near Saratov before a ridiculous death
No. 63257
>a new populist political force seems poised to perhaps even establish itself as the third political force
I heard from Portuguese friends that they were absolute buffoons. What's your opinion on them?
No. 63261
106 kB, 1400 × 845
52 kB, 800 × 420
Well, it is a fair assessment to call them buffoons but I don't think any party escapes this moniker.

In the framing of Portuguese politics, CHEGA is a pretty interesting phenomenon. Per the name, 'CHEGA' (lit. ENOUGH) is a protest party. Their political mission is framed by this. They lack a coherent base and their own program is scattershot, their image is one more of populist lines than meaningful political reform. They're able to voice their protest of governmental corruption more effectively than the traditional political bloc of 'opposition parties' can because they're new and untainted by government tenure. And, because they're not burdened by supporting the ruling party's government, their appeals against all facets of corruption and public decay strike louder than those from the Left Bloc or the Portuguese Communist Party.

Thus, the party that was formed around the single issue of being tired of gypsies may become our third political force. In truth, there was a market share of disillusioned voters on the right that had never truly had its political representation. After the revolution, the Christian Democrats became one of the furthest extremes of the political spectrum and there was no considerable openly right wing of Portuguese politics. Until CHEGA.

It kind of feels like an ecosystem balancing itself out and reaching equilibrium. Hopefully, they'll lose steam after initial gains - the party is very unstable, as these sort of populist one man shows tend to be, but I think they might serve a societal purpose. Like a pressure valve for a broad mass of people that were until now just abstentionists. They'll be the right's Left Bloc.
No. 63270
As the portal "Volsk.ru" clarifies, before what happened, Anatoly Kokurkin drank alcohol in the company of friends with 24-year-old Natalia Nikanorova. When the bottles were empty, the hostess took the guests away, but Kokurkin decided to return. Through a window in the stairwell he tried to enter his girlfriend's balcony and fell from a height onto the concrete formwork of the house, receiving a head injury.
Before his death, the previously convicted Kokurkin robbed the Church of the Nativity of Christ in the city. Donations in the amount of 12 thousand rubles became the prey of the recidivist.
No. 63281
Stabbing happened near a railway station I often use. An investigation took place but none of the apprehended people spoke French and the tribunal didn’t find someone able to decipher their obscure Nigerian dialect. It’s been month and the trial is still on hold.
No. 63392
Psychotherapist famous for his TV-shows became top manager in Sberbank -- head of Neuroscience laboratory. He had a conflict with his lover after which he sued the boy for "fraud".

Psychotherapists... they are fucked up in heda but they teach other people how to live. What do people even do in their sessions? It's like friend simulator for money? Good luck that EC serves same purpose and is completely free.
No. 63813
20 kB, 480 × 360
>A district court in Russia’s Rostov region located on the Ukrainian border disclosed that a convicted senior manager was in charge of buying, stocking and selling food to Russian troops stationed in eastern Ukraine.

>“This food was intended to be sent to military units of the Russian Armed Forces stationed on the territory of the DNR and LNR,” the court said in its verdict.

>The ruling was no longer visible on the court's website as of Thursday afternoon.
No. 63821
91 kB, 705 × 671
I'm sure that he will be fine.

The whole "no them there" thing was just to give opportunity to European politicians to save their face while ignoring the happening.

BTW have you heard about gulagu.net leak? There is a centralized organization of tortures in prisons in multiple regions by federal service for the execution of sentences (ФСИН is a proud successor of ГУЛАГ). They rape people in prison hospital, capture it in on video, then report video to central computer.
After that there was "воровской прогон" (message from criminal bosses, pic related) that such people raped by cops do not count as peetoohs. But they still downgrade from upper caste to middle (instead of lower) caste. And if they were touched by dick not by mop for example, then they still shouldn't eat from same dishes as other prisoners. Criminal authorities hope that it will give prisoners less motivation to collaborate with cops.
If you wonder what these underlines means: one line -- related to plebs, two lines -- related to "thieves" (criminal upper caste), three lines -- related to god, and curvy line -- related to cops and peetoohs ("blyadskoye").
Russian authorities didn't open investigation about the tortures, however they included informant in wanted list.

50 workers died in coal mine recently. The reason is that they are supposed to work with methane level under 2%. If it's higher, then machines automatically stop working. But they tricked machines to keep production rates up and keep their luxury 800$/month jobs. And at 8% air becomes flammable. The funny thing is that director of this mine got award "Director of mine 2021". Now he is arrested though.

Apart from that, Russian news are mostly sad and boring. Arrests, trials, sentences.

Ah. And authorities are testing DPI to ban Tor network and enforce China-like censorship. I guess incompetence and corruption are the only reasons why it is not implemented yet. But once it's implemented Russia will become as cool and prosperous as China in eyes of westerners =D.
No. 63822
Yeah, I think they've officially forgiven the leaker after failing to catch him.
>Apart from that, Russian news are mostly sad and boring. Arrests, trials, sentences.
As someone who just looks at Portuguese and Russian news, your news are certainly sadder but far less boring.
No. 63824
No. 64153
In all these series of arests and sentences there are two tragicomic events:

1. MGTOW "Males' movement" was officially considered extremists. Their unironic defense strategy in court was to "counter Russian sissy prosecutor with big-dicked KAVKAZ BVLL attorney as it's obviously whom Natashka-judge will prefer". It failed, probably because judge is just an attachment to phone receiver.

2. FSB arrested Aleksei Podnebesny, founder of marxism-incelism. His ideology is that woman's womb is a mean of production as it produces children. Man is employed worker on such machine, and he gets vagina's surplus value taken from him. The solution is to end so-called "vaginacapitalism" and seize the means of production.
Aleksei is not incel himself, he even used to be married, but on the other hand Lenin wasn't worker himself, he was a nobility in Russian empire.

Obvious advantage of this regime considering how Russians hate each other is that very wide range of people suffer under it. Twitter mob celebrates when these incels get bottled, then sosachers celebrate when Twitter feminists get bottled together with their "anti-colonial discourse". Idyll.
No. 64154
315 kB, 485 × 488
Are you bullshitting me or is this another thing memed into existence?
No. 64157
121 kB, 1200 × 729

BTW he was arrested after local NOD-activist reported him to cops. NOD is a funny thing. They claim that all problems in Russia are because of American agents and Putin needs to be given absolute power to get rid of them.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nLyc19F7lg -- deputy Fyodorov, founder of NOD: "The right of discount public transport tickets to Moscow oblast was taken away from Moscow pensioners by United States of America and their State Department. People don't understand that!"
I don't remember if it started before or after the Q-thing. Anyway, I pay respect to president's administration's ingenuity.
No. 64162
2,2 MB, 170 × 144, 0:08
For once I was glad to unhide thread to see why it is bumping. Do Russians even take things like this seriously as people here would? Or it is just chance to drag another crab down to drown?
No. 64168
>Do Russians even take things like this seriously
nah, they're usually ignored until they start to harass people IRL or organize mass protests and shit.
Navalny was allowed to roam freely for 10+ years until he finally crossed the line and thought he's going to start some revolution lol.

Honestly creating an extremist community is somewhat easy if you understand how religion or ideology works. But most governments by this point figured out how to contain this shit by basically allowing them to grow for a bit and then liquidating them. The woke liberals are against this practice because apparently normal capitalism consumes too much resourses. I dunno it's complicated what the fuck
No. 64170
Anything at least remotely resembling opposition is already eradicated. So FSB has to switch to random freaks to justify their growing budget in eyes of their bosses. I'm sure that they don't think seriously that Podnebesny is a threat to anyone, they are not fools.
If we speak about usual people, marxist-incelist has small group of fans and small group of haters. But anyone with IQ above room temperature never took him seriously.

> Navalny was allowed to roam freely for 10+ years until he finally crossed the line and
From creators of "if Navalny is not FSB asset why is he still alive and free?".
> thought he's going to start some revolution lol.
Going to square and just standing there for gorillion-th time in a row is revolution. Seems legit. Thanks our glorious chekists for bottling mopping such dangerous extremist.
No. 64171 Kontra
are you defending this idiot because you need a representative for people with cognitive abilities similar to yours or it's because of some bullshit ideology that or what's your problem really?
No. 64172
'Merica please stop. You're already clown world, no need to run the joke into the ground :-DD

No. 64177
64 kB, 400 × 180
Also, the absolute madmen of the Berlin Squatting movement have reoccupied parts of Habersaathstraße that the pigs cleared out last year lmao.

No. 64182
187 kB, 1360 × 765
Zhirinovsky wants the Duma to approve a motion that would declare the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century.
I hope it gets passed and Boris Yeltsin supercedes Hitler as the greatest architect of 20th century doom.
No. 64189
He is talented clown. For example, he vowed to ban "Ы" letter (I posted this video on EC). Or read sosach copypasta about churkas beating veteran and pissing on him in parliament (also posted). Or shared his fantasies about settling tajik migrants to lonely women to improve demographic situation (he is supposed to portray Russian nationalist).
People don't appreciate him because he plays this role of symbolic opposition for 30 years straight and everyone got used to him. But he tries hard.
No. 64190
Russian politics have indeed very colorful characters. Almost like an expertly cast soap opera :DD
No. 64197
> expertly cast soap opera
That's extremely close to truth. Don't you think they are actual politicians who want to win elections and try to do it? The best thing is that we have all sorts of controlled opposition: "system opposition" (clowns from parliament), "system not-system opposition" (Jews from Echo of Moscow a.k.a. Gazprom Media) and "not-system opposition" (provocateurs like Maltsev).
Zhirinovsky sure is numba one character. Zuganov is caricature soviet fool. And Yavlinsky is caricature liberal fool. These two are good too. Mironov is literally who. Also there are more obscure characters like "comrade Maxim" from alternative communist party, but that's really trash-shapito tier. Or like Baburin -- alternative nationalist who is mostly famous for this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDy0EjI6yOg . He is rector of economics university which alumni can't find square root of 100.
No. 64210
>And Yavlinsky is caricature liberal fool.
Why? I just know about his role in rejected soviet programs and starting the apple party.
No. 64223
Have you read "The Little Golden Calf" or watched film adaption? He resembles Vasisualy Lohankin from there. Funny but my granny even voted for him. "He is such a polite person!".
Oh, and I forgot about another liberal candidate. Ksenia Sobchak is daughter of Putin's former boss. She is like Paris Hilton, famous because she is spoiled slut. She went on elections with beautiful propositions like to give Crimea back to hohols. The plan of presidents' administration was to cause negative reaction from plebs and draw attention to "elections". And it worked. Another my granny gave vote to Putin "so that Sobchak does not become president".
No. 64262 Kontra
I am afraid I have not.
t. bydlo
No. 64331 Kontra
Sound like here honestly, only somehow America is dumb enough only needing two parties to work on. We only have two wings of same uniparty and somehow every 2-4 years we all must suffer such dumb bydlo ready to shoot each other over which fake candidate winI obviously include clownshows like Trump who always was controlled opposition, like Obama Chmo was controlled opposition for liberals and played Goldberg to other party despite largely following the exact same policies as man before and after him. I do not know why Americans is dumb enough to have this work on. I have never in my lifetime seen anyone but elites and asskissers of elites in office, all who follow same uniparty agenda. Even our little protest parties is sad, and "what's A Leppo?" help show how much Green and Libertarian party is literally just lint trap for disaffected Dem and Rep uniparty voters with some small twist while their candidates don't take it seriously. I think last time we had third partyin reality less than second party, more like one and a half party was Nader who became hated. I think there is some conspiracy theory that the alleged third parties exist only to have more fine grained control over manipulating outcome of elections without needing to commit fraud, so like if their boy is Bush this term they make one and half party like Greens prominent in media to siphon votes from Dems wing, and then have some social Conservative or economic liberalist figure like Ross Perot siphon votes to install Clinton.

I can't actually tell which is more corrupt and retarded but I kind of feel like general Russian corruption is at least more honest and less patronizing. Here it is like our rulers such as Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos, Waltons etc. just view us as beneath subhuman and do not even bother getting creative. This confuses me, as a lot of elite momey making scams are so risk averse, such as production of yet another low tier Hollywood sequel, when I know I could make way more money in charge of that by taking actual risks and making real films, such as happened in Blair Witch Project for example, or how murican pop music is literal assembly line produced trash, but it's consistent returns.

I've ranted about it before but this makes me look down on all these people as businessmen also. I do not think any of them are good businessmen. I think they're shrewd enough financial inheritors and trustfund kiddies to have not frittered everything away on instagram pics, and leave everyone else in charge of their money, but not smart enough to be actual businessmen or investors. Even one of our rulers made to sound like some genius, Musk, is a complete tool, an autist, and an idiot who seems like he surrounds himself by yes men and curates a social image like political figureheads do to convince reddit clowns to like him, when most his ideas are stupid. I like the sentiment of megaprojects, but the man will do shit like come out with a preposterous grand idea as solution to something not even a big problem, that creates massive problems, worst being the satellite programme, thus ensuring we have Kessler Syndrome so the last remaining shack redneck who somehow has no internet can shitpost on twitter. One thing I agreed with him on is doge is more sensible as the internet dollar than buttcoins, and his logic in that, which is partly why I invested in doge as well as XLM, Celo, XRP just in case though everyone still seems using venmo. I think Musk is not a visionary but a specially shrewd businessman who cons people in that sense, like building a tunnel under Florida fucking why? That is selling us a monorail tier. Switching the auto industry to batteries is one thing which allegedly makes sense, but because we have coal fired plants still the overall project is a complete environmental disaster. What we should be doing is enforcingbicycles especially in Germany. We should make German cars illegal.
No. 64344 Kontra
>Sound like here honestly... [rambling]
It's don't.
No. 64681
So, hey, there is a new thing that is not covid but may turn epidemic, currently in south sudan:

Fun fact: 2022 is pronounced "2020-too".
No. 64689
Imagine if the ebola scare happened today. Now that would be terrifying, the demiurge messed up the release dates.
No. 64702
Eh, there's an ebola outbreak like every other year or so somewhere.
I think we should get something back like BSE, that was some grade A fearmongering. I still remember McDonalds stating in their ads "WE ONLY USE GERMAN BEEF".
No. 64710
21 kB, 460 × 259
Russia's Memorial organization has been ordered shut.

Sad that Russia is becoming more and more of a despotic shithole.
No. 64716
258 Bytes, 17 × 14
> I'm 14 years old, I have AIDS and work 12 hours a day. My family was taken as slaves by warlords

Sounds literally just like what happens here tbh, my African friend. Yesterday I was going to order PS5 by FedEx and they charged me 10% commission fee and basically if you think of it -- it's literally the same as what you described. Actually your situation is much better as you have slavery in open and honest bydlo way while here it is all in anglo crooked tricky style. So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, about how much of dystopian shithole this country has become. I'm not even joking at this fucking point when I say that we need someone like Stalin to deal with these apparatchiks in FedEx. Note that at first I wanted to order Xbos Series X instead of PS5 but then...

<80 lines of bitching about hollywood movies omitted>
No. 64725 Kontra
Obviously a fake. Not once was the word 'retarded' used to describe a large portion of the population.
No. 65284
❗️President of Kazakhstan Tokayev appealed to the leaders of the CSTO eact analog of NATO, remains of Warsaw pact countries with a request "to provide assistance to Kazakhstan in overcoming the terrorist threat".
No. 65299
>Russia put regiment at Orenburg on combat alert for deployment to Kazakhstan. Also 11 separate engineering brigade which is deployed in Kamensk-Skhakhtinsk near Ukraine could be moved to Kazakhstan
Holy shit don't tell me the Russians will actually go in and pacify Kazakhstan
No. 65309
Residents of Georgian villages swore on icons to stop mining
> Residents of mountainous Svaneti, according to ancient tradition, swore on the icon in the Church of St. George in Mestia not to mine cryptocurrencies, otherwise they would betray the memory of their ancestors, the VZGLYAD newspaper correspondent in Tbilisi reports.

Kazakh People's Republic soon? =D
No. 65312
CSTO confirms they'll send troops over to combat what the sitting Kazakh Khan called "terrorist groups" that had "received extensive training abroad."
No. 65313
Can we please change /int/'s headline to "receive your abroad terrorist training HERE"?
No. 65318
I wonder if even making that change would put EC as an extremist site somewhere.
No. 65319
Enjoy your raid, I hope you don't own a dog :--DDD
No. 65320

What do you do when people protest your energy politics due to bitcoin mining related power outages?

Exactly, you shut down the internet, angering both the protesters and the miners. Smart move, Mr. President!

I guess we won't see posts from brick for a few hours or even days...
No. 65321
>Kazakhstan is notable as the second-largest contributor to the hashrate of the Bitcoin network
I think it's just something that follows the Russian protocols of securing the regime against popular unrest. I'm not sure if it's still worth doing or if it is a good idea in the first place. It could be that even in a country without great popular disatisfaction you could still summon crowds of people by shutting down the internet.
No. 65322 Kontra
nvm, should've read the today thread before posting
No. 65325
Here is a deep thought for today.

It’s easy to be selfless in small things and selfish when it comes to big things.
It takes a lot of courage to do the opposite.
No. 65326
>It's easier doing something easy with low stakes than doing something difficult with high stakes
You truly have the mind of a philosopher, Vanya Dyadya.
No. 65327
It’s a mentality of the whole country to be honest. People prefer to talk about deep shit as everything around them falls apart.
My mom actually hates me for that because instead of doing this philosophical talk I could fix the fucking toilet door lock.
No. 65328 Kontra
You mean dyadya Vanya? Vanya dyadya makes no sense.
No. 65329
Reports of explosions and gunfire in Almata.
Praying for Brick.
No. 65331
Apparently they’re fighting in the central square.
Pretty grim.
No. 65332
I'm sure that he is sitting in commieblock and reading Zizek, and all his fantasies about burning police cars are just usual post-irony.
So he'll be fine. At least I hope so.

Tell her that having a door lock is a cancerous manifestation of individualism and neoliberalism which is foreign to our national path.
No. 65333
I tried to mask my joge, but I failed. I am sorry.
No. 65349 Kontra
241 kB, 1920 × 1080
>Tell her that having a door lock is a cancerous manifestation of individualism and neoliberalism which is foreign to our national path.
No. 65377
508 kB, 828 × 1339
So supposedly Kazakh bolice and army is now switching into combat mode. (As in, firing on people without warning.)
No more fucking around.
Wonder how will that go.
No. 65378
>20,000 criminals attacked Almaty
That creepy looking doll is really winning hearts and minds.
No. 65379
Oh boy. I hope brick and his family can stay at home and don't get hurt.
No. 65381
Mad man. I'd think he feels reinvigorated after receiving Russian reinforcements. It is worth noting that Russian troops won't face the protestors directly, merely focusing on strategic points*. The hard work of clearing protesters will fall on the Kazakh army and police. They say they've already cleared the main plaza.

*I think this shows that the Kremlin doesn't want to stake it all on Tokayev nor alienate Kazakhs by supporting the regime too brutally, they might have reservations about the outcome of this
No. 65383
Well it’s not like the coalition forces are all that big. Last I read the Russians sent in 3k paratroopers, and I assume the Belarussian, Kyrgiz and Armenian numbers are even lower.

They also retook the airport supposedly. We will see how this pans out in the coming days.
It really all comes down to how loyal the army is.

Also read that Tokayev said “People who continue armed resistance will be destroyed”.
No. 65384
Don't belive some middleman's words, i bet it was the russian plan all along, those events are just an excuse to take over Kazakhstan, those small ex-soviet contries are weak politically and economicaly, their regimes are sponsored by russia
No. 65390 Kontra
>Constitutional order has been "mainly restored" in all regions of Kazakhstan, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev told a meeting of anti-terrorist staff on Friday.
>Tokayev said that "terrorists" are using weapons to damage civilian property, so "anti-terrorist operations will continue until the militants are completely eliminated”
>Kazakhstan's Ministry of Internal Affairs earlier said all city halls in the country had been vacated and are under law enforcement protection.
>The international airport in Almaty will remain closed on Friday until 21:00 local time
>A total of 26 rioters have been killed and 18 others injured in clashes with the security forces
>More than 3,000 people have been arrested.
No. 65391
55 kB, 656 × 376
These "it was X's plan all along" reflections are good to explain things post-factum but lack any predictive power. So I despise them.

However I just saw this meme dating back to end of December. The joke is that label says "Orenburg oblast" and it's far from Ukraine. But it's close to Kazakhstan. :DDD

So maybe you reached right conclusions through faulty reasoning. :DD
No. 65392
Well, I think just 3.000 dependable enforcers can bring a revolution to a halt.
>It really all comes down to how loyal the army is.
Indeed. Clearly the Russians are aware of dimensions this whole debacle can take and as it stands, they aren't willing to throw themselves totally behind this project. After all, the uprising hasn't taken any russophobic tendencies but if Russian units prove too decisive, it could. Hence, a limited deployment.

I do not believe in the chessmaster theory of eastern politics :DD this does not bode well for Moscow and I'm sure that if there was a button in Kremlin to make this whole thing go away, it would have been pressed. Repeatedly.
No. 65394
I'm not predicting, just explaining post-factum
No. 65395
Ernsts should sign a collective security treaty so that we could send expedition to Kazakhstan. 70 years later Americans will make a movie about it and call it "Save private Brick".
"By posting on this website you make yourself liable to financial contributions and conscription and..." or something like that.

If some theory or method of reasoning can't predict things, it makes no sense.
Astrology can explain everything obviously kazakhs rioted because taurus was in the 7th house, but it can't predict shit beforehand.
No. 65397
>Ernsts should sign a collective security treaty so that we could send expedition to Kazakhstan. 70 years later Americans will make a movie about it and call it "Save private Brick".

Made my day. One representative from each country to build a fellowship (and only one to prevent the two burgers and the two germoids going at each others throats).

And when they finally arrive they find brick sitting in the ruins smoking pot and offering the fellowship some weed and apples.

I'll re-watch LotR tonight, me thinks.
No. 65399
Heh, coincidentally I am currently reading LotR. Yesterday I came to the chapter with the Helm's Deep battle and after that I might hopefully discover how the Ents fared in Isengard.
No. 65400
259 kB, 1000 × 1471
>Ernsts go behind enemy lines to find Private Brick and restore quality posting to their imageboard. Surrounded by the brutal realties of war, while searching for Brick, each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their own strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor, decency and courage.
No. 65401 Kontra
Quality post.

You forgot skinhead aussie

Heh, I've finnished Fellowship in december and plan to start Two Towers next week (had one book in-between). I'm re-reading though, not my first time.
No. 65403
Aussie prole same thing.
t. öaussi

Also, recommend the Hobbit. As I've said in the past, it's the prototype that all hexcrawls build from.

Also Children of Hurin is kind of ebin too. It's a nice middle ground between the readability of the Hobbit and the overwhelming autism of crap like the Silmarillion.
No. 65406
Xinhua published a short "oral message" from Xi on the topic in Chinese. I did my best to translate it, but this is very different than what I'm used to, so it's probably not perfect.

>Xi Jinping expressed in an oral message that the past few days of large scale unrest in Kazakhstan has caused significant damages to personnel and property, and that he sends his sincere condolences to the president of Kazakhstan.
>"You took powerful steps in times that are crucial, pacifying the situation rapidly, embodying a clear sighted and responsible politician when it comes to country and people."
>Xi Jinping emphasized in his statement that the Chinese side firmly stands against any force that threatens Kazakhstan's stability, security, that the Chinese side is determined to oppose any forces that seek to damage the Kazakh people's peaceful lives, to firmly oppose external forces in Kazakhstan that seek to create social unrest, conspiring to bring about a colour revolution, to firmly oppose any kind of damaging to Sino-Kazakh friendship and cooperation between the two countries.
>As a fraternal neighbouring nation and permanent, total strategic partner, the Chinese side is ready to provide Kazakhstan all its available support to help the Kazakh side overcome its difficulties.
>No matter the the type of risks and challenges, China is Kazakhstan's total, trustworthy friend and reliable partner, the Chinese people will forever stand by the Kazakh people.

I think what's interesting in this is how he calls the whole thing a preparation for a colour revolution (颜色革命). So the official Chinese take is that this is the result of western interference. (Which is in line with what Tokayev said about "Foreign terrorists", but it's a lot more explicit imho.)
No. 65407
306 kB, 2134 × 1600
Makes sense, Kazakhstan is too close to home. I wonder if this will deepen SCO cooperation.
No. 65409
>"You took powerful steps in times that are crucial, pacifying the situation rapidly, embodying a clear sighted and responsible politician when it comes to country and people."
Probably also a statement of the official stance if similar things happen here.
No. 65410
The Presidency is also pro-China, even when Oralmans (foreign Kazakhs, often related to Kazakh citizens) are getting fucked by the East Turkistan shit that has caused a small undercurrent of discontent in the past. Even beyond the setting of precedents, China is more interested in propping up friendly regimes than letting said regimes falter.
No. 65412
6,9 MB, 640 × 480, 1:45
Toqaev can speak some chinese. He was a diplomat to beijing during soviet times.

>be kazakh in xinjiang
>shit happens
>move to kazakhstan
>now this
Must feel like shit.
No. 65413
I should not have watched that before bed. Never actually watched the man live. His fucken mouth don't move.

I was joking before, but now I'm actually sure that he's a fucken skinsuit man. That shit ain't human.
No. 65416
Le lizardman :DDD

And when I said east asian phenotypes are pretty common in kazakhstan brick ernst insisted they were all mongol phenotype which is diffierent. Toqaev could pass off as a local here.
No. 65421 Kontra
Why does Tokaev look like he always has some sort of smartphone smoothing filter on his face in every image he is in?

It'd make sense for this to be a foreign-backed interference from a US-policy standpoint, but unlike with Belarus, Syria and Hong Kong, I just don't see that barrage of news stories about the "Heroic Kazakh struggle" against oppression like I did with the aforementioned places, so I'd say this caught even the west off-guard and don't know what to make of it.

The Americans placed the Central Asian diplomatic front to counter B&R on Xinjiang, because they believe they can hit two birds with one stone if they succeed there. (As in, disrupt both B&R and China's political integrity)
Even though Kazakhstan makes more sense, despite not harming China internally as much as a potential Xinjiang-war would.
KZ would have been a realistic option, while XJ is a State Department pie in the sky.
No. 65422 Kontra
I think I switched into Tankie mode for a second. I'm sorry.
No. 65424 Kontra
It's okay, you are the most moderate of Confucius institute scholars :DD
No. 65425 Kontra
256 kB, 720 × 1018
Nothing wrong with analyzing geopolitics from the US hegemony point of view.

Everyone has a tankie in his heart.
No. 65426 Kontra
119 kB, 1080 × 597
172 kB, 1080 × 608
>Everyone has a tankie in his heart.
No. 65430
Reading the official version of the statement in English on CGTN now, and I'm surprised I got it right.
Though it's interesting that the English version made no mention of Xi implying it's a colour revolution in the making.
No. 65433
203 kB, 574 × 329
No. 65435
I would hope Putin would be well-versed enough not to call an Armenian a churka, that's very inconsiderate. They're hachiki

Perhaps wise Xi did not want to shock our docile western brains with these sort of revelations.
No. 65436 Kontra
Well, they updated the story to include the line, so we're now deemed ready.
No. 65437
106 kB, 900 × 599
No. 65446
241 kB, 828 × 688
>Kill them all!
>Btw keep sending monis
No. 65448
To both accuse the west of starting a color revolution and post on twitter about islamic rape gangs terrorists to secure the support of burgers on Twitter. Fascinating dynamics at motion.
I issue a fatwa on this vile creature. The barbie khan can no longer continue depriving his citizens of fundamental human rights. the right to access the internet, free brick.
No. 65455
>Barbie Khan
I like it.

No. 65462
261 kB, 1920 × 1280
well warsaw pact is back, and imo for NATO this variation is even worse than the previous one because there's no clear cut ideology, it's just anti-NATO.
No. 65464
>I've finnished Fellowship[...]
I have the all-in-one 1500 pages book. Also re-reading, but the last time I read it was over 15 years ago so it's basically a first-time read again :-DDDDD
No. 65466
That was a marvellous piece of animation. Thank you for sharing it.
I think I cried a bit.
No. 65467
Wrote a paragraph on how this is better because this just autocracies standing together for mutual stability but y'know that also applies to the Warsaw Pact :DD Still, no ideological component would in theory make it less antagonistic.
No. 65469
934 kB, 1280 × 720
1021 kB, 1280 × 720
755 kB, 1280 × 720
It gave me a flashback to my childhood, I had the same fishing game toy

Lmao, where's this from
No. 65470

I'm wondering how tight-knit that actually is, as Portugal said, they have a mutual interest, but don't they have their own interests very much that speak against a renewed pact? For instance foreign investments etc. So really it is a sort of mutual support of autocrats but in the end that will not go as far as the pact once did, it's more like a club where you maybe help each other out eventually.
No. 65471
1,9 MB, 2506 × 3543
Capitão Falcão. Movie about a Fascist patriotic superhero that must battle feminists, communists and democrats who are attempting to subvert Portuguese values. I think there's a subtitled version up somewhere . Would recommend, pretty good movie. I'd advise a foreigner to just lightly scroll down the Wikipedia pages on Estado Novo and 25th of April before watching it.

No. 65473
>3.000 dependable enforcers can bring a revolution to a halt.
Local churkas constantly make soldiers from nearby military bases pay them tribute. Maybe it's 4-d chess move to provide rioters with additional supplies.
No. 65474
1,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:25
Remember that video Sseth made a few months ago lmao?
No. 65476
Heh, also had to think of this yesterday
No. 65479
I saw a video that claiming that Kazakhs attack government troops with horses. All one could see were people riding horses fast down a rural from the pov of a horse rider. Epic Steppe vibes. I hope brick is coming back soon. I was wondering, didn't he say only a few weeks ago Kazakhs will never do anything?
No. 65507
Reading on the newest stories on the Kazakhstan situation, it seems to be coming to an end slowly. At least that's the feeling I get from the statements I've read.

They've arrested 5800 people now, there have been 164 casualties, and supposedly the security forces blockaded Almaty and are conducting sweeps against protestor holdouts.
But then again, I've also read on twitter people who claim Tokayev fled the country and the government is about to fall apart (and all of this is the result of the vaccine mandate), but I'm going to trust the People's Daily over a random antivaxx account

Nazarbayev also resigned from all his posts and left the country (the people saying Tokayev fled might be mixing up Nazarbayev and Tokayev), so if it wasn't some Russian/American 4D chess-move from the get go, then I'd say that Tokayev is taking advantage of the situation to purge the remnants of the previous administration and cement himself more.
(And the Russians get to wave their dicks around for a bit and show off their might and capability by assisting him, probably good PR for Putin at home, and also scares Russian opposition a bit.)

We might get to hear from brick in a few days.
No. 65508
The national broadcaster here broke news of 4800 people arrested in Kazakhstan in an anti-terrorism action.
No. 65532
177 kB, 630 × 658
>08 Dec 2021
>President Tokayev holds meeting with representatives of international investment companies
>The head of state informed the meeting participants about plans for the privatization of public sector enterprises.
>Currently, a large-scale campaign is being carried out to privatize more than 700 state-owned enterprises in various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, including oil and gas, energy, infrastructure. We consider it preferable to place shares of the largest companies on national stock exchanges, the President said.
No. 65542
If you put ownership into trusted private hands it is very very hard for the opposition to take it back when you eventually loose power and it more or less guaranties you to maintain some leverage. Preferably you create trusts and put them in charge. Trusts are not as transparent as normal enterprises. Bonus points if you do it to education too. If the then former opposition then tries to take the companies back you can always cry "muh free market" and have the foreigner interests put pressure on the new government putting them in a bad light. Then you take the kick back and buy property in London. Tried and tested method.
No. 65543
204 kB, 820 × 818
That's interesting, because that's exactly what Orbán is doing for the past two years with universities and different industries.
Tvranic economics.
No. 65582
> In Alma-Ata, a police colonel died at his workplace from a heart attack. Earlier, the head of the technical service of the Committee of National of Security, Azamat Ibraev, fell out of the window, and the head of the police of the Zhambyl region, Zhanat Suleymanov, committed suicide.
No. 65584 Kontra
250 kB, 1024 × 690
No. 65596
Great :^)
No. 65598 Kontra
It happens here too on a bit smaller scale. When we opened up for privately owned schools almost all of the public schools that were sold were sold for insanely below market price. What has been built with public money is now in private hands and if you try to take it back "muh free market i sue you!". Owned by venture capitalist with property in London among other places.
No. 65673
The Tokaev speaking chinese thing reminds me of this: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-kazakhstan-china-idUSKCN21W1AH
Some chinese post an article online on how kazakhstan remembers the good old days of qing empire and wants to join china. What's more absurd is kazakhstan summoned our ambassador just to ask china to delete it. It struck me today that Tokaev could occasionally search kazakhstan on chinese social media and read what chinese say about it. There's no explanation of the whole summoning ambassador thing other than that he read that bullshit personally felt attacked by it.
No. 65674 Kontra
826 kB, 400 × 150, 0:02
>Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on Monday and assured him of Hungary’s solidarity over victims of recent developments in the country.
>Referring to the unrest, he said that in Kazakhstan “an attempt was made to topple the constitutional order, and a well-coordinated attack was made against the Kazakh state itself”.
No. 65684
For some reason nobody bothers to mention who exactly those "attackers" are.
CIA? Taliban? ZOG? UFOs?
No. 65686
3,0 MB, 498 × 498, 0:02
No. 65713
374 kB, 1218 × 1216
Supposedly Tokayev is head of the National Security Council now, and is planning "economic reform".
Russian troops will leave two days after the country is stable according to the announcement.
Also look at this image, it's Tokayev in Tokai with a bottle of Tokaji
No. 65723
So in a time where supermarket shelves are running bare, COVID tests are basically nonexistent and super expensive, and our healthcare system is at breaking point from lack of beds. Scrot Morrison has decided that the best way to spend 3.5 billion bucks is to drop them on tanks from America.

Rate priorities
No. 65724
Pivot to Asia/10
No. 65725
>supermarket shelves are running bare
In Australia?
Can't believe it.
Just like how I can't believe the US has actual supply shortages.
No. 65728
It's also Scummo knowing he can't win an election at this rate so is trying to fearmonger about Chyna so he can sell himself as a strongman in 'troubled times'.

Frozen food was basically stripped bare, large portions of fresh produce sections are empty, no pasta, limited canned food etc.

The only answer has been to make the entire logistics and essential retail sectors sacrificial lambs on the altar of capital as to be expected. Massively loosening up safety procedures surrounding testing and quarantine for 'essential' workers so that the gears of profit keep turning, even if the entire workplace gets sick in the process.

Anyway, I guess we gommunist now, since according to the liberoid narrative, bare shelves don't happen under le efficient free market™.
No. 65729 Kontra
1,7 MB, 1083 × 609
No. 65733
Looks more like the sweets aisle
No. 65736
Nah, they put cakes and shit next to bread in the bakery aisle.
No. 65737
Freedom® isn't free :DDD

>Just like how I can't believe the US has actual supply shortages.
Lies spread by the enemies of Free Market Capitalism :D. Had empty shelves in the 'burbs during the early months of Covid, but no longer. That's not to say there are no material shortages anywhere, only that essential goods remain abundant to consumers such as myself. Not as cheap as they used to be, though Inflation has joined the chat.
No. 65738
680 kB, 1200 × 783
looks venezuela tier, although venezuela is easier to understand since their economy was 100% based around oil industry
No. 65739
Slightly different causes. Ours isn't supply. The stuff exists at points of production and in warehouses, it's just that our virus response has been so incompetent that up to half of all truck drivers and distribution workers in some places are in isolation. Means that there's a lot of stuff that just can't get from A to B to C. It's got other effects too that aren't as immediately visible in the cities. Like farms are going to lose a lot of crops to over-ripening because the transportation industry is so fucked trying to stretch out over everything with half the workforce that they just can't get it off the property.

It's also the issue that warehousing is something that requires more than a single day's on the job training. Especially if you're losing forklift operators and such. Then truck drivers are even harder to replace because they need special licensing. So the supermarkets can work around isolation losses, but the logistics and distribution parts of the supply chain are breaking down which makes the supermarkets' efforts pointless.
No. 65742
> bare shelves don't happen under le efficient free market™
Your shelves became bare because of government intervention into retail industry, so your irony looks weird here.

> so that the gears of profit keep turning
In other words "so that you could get food in stores about lack of which you complain about".

I know, it's not "progressive" to disapprove lockdown measures. That's what qanon chud boomers do. But think of this: no other country except Australia has such paranoid covid measures with Polish death quarantine camps and mass isolation of essential workers. And there are no piles of corpses lying in Russia or Sweden for example on the streets regardless of what fearmongering media say. And there are no food shortages in all these countries except few days in 2020 when people panic bought supplies.
No. 65745
14 kB, 500 × 500
>Your shelves became bare because of government intervention into retail industry
The bigger picture is actually that the utterly incompetent response from our governments where they prioritised feel-good 'freedom day' bullshit and didn't take the latest wave seriously until tens of thousands of infections were happening per day. Now NSW is having some of its most lethal days for the entire pandemic.

The issue isn't basic health measures like not making people come to work sick. It's the fact that the systems in place that were meant to control outbreaks, were terribly implemented and caused lots of people to get sick anyway. In my state, we had months of border lockdown to get our shit together, and instead wasted it and went off half cocked, and now we've got 5-10x more cases per day than we did in the entirety of 2020-21.

>In other words "so that you could get food in stores about lack of which you complain about".
>And there are no food shortages
No, actually. There is still capacity to supply the basics of everything, and many of those basics exist in warehouses or at farms. It's just that profit demands that we stock ten different brands of everything so capacity is wasted on duplicating product for the profit of those businesses, instead of getting a generic version of everything to where it needs to be in the quantity needed. People being sent back to work potentially infectious for /that/ is pretty messed up. I don't really give a fuck about me catching shit, I'm more worried about passing it to my housemate who works in a hospital, because then it's hitting immunocompromised people.

>quarantine camps
We don't have these. In fact, when my state actually tried to create quantine facilities that were designed for the job, with units more livable than a tiny hotel room, there was a massive stink over the cost of them from the feds who weren't even putting up any of their money.

Also, ain't it wild how /now/ everyone cares about supposed camps that aren't a thing when we have had actual concentration camps for years? I know it's not "conservative" to give a fuck about refugees, but no other country will actively lock theirs in prison camps without medical care and both deny them any chance of immigration processing, while also denying them the opportunity to leave and not come back. None of them have been sentenced by the way. They are summarily sentenced to life imprisonment by the military. Alternatively immigration could kidnap Australia-born kids and imprison them offshore for two years until one of the girls became critically ill because the government reconsidered their dad's visa. As outraged as you are about nonexistent quarantine camps yet? Or is it just the shit that your preferred media tells you to get mad about that concerns you?

And it's not just about covid itself. Our hospitals are almost out of beds, and the infection numbers are growing massively. In general, not just in covid wards, and the staff are at breaking point. Our system isn't designed to handle the volume of cases that is happening, so better hope you don't have any other serious injury or illness happen or you might just get fucked indirectly.
No. 65747
>Your shelves became bare because of government intervention into retail industry, so your irony looks weird here.
I agree.

>And there are no piles of corpses lying in Russia or Sweden for example on the streets
Because people die in the hospital and are buried, Russia has had 300000 deaths so far. With a different Covid-response we don't know how many it would have been.
No. 65748
329 kB, 1368 × 1368
56 kB, 625 × 415
>instead of getting a generic version of everything
I will not STAND for this leninist social engineering. I want variety in the junk I buy. I would rather starve and stab an old lady in the checkout line over the last box of Barilla than be condemned to an eternity of eating flavorless socialist pasta.
No. 65750
"If they don't have bread, let them eat cake"?
No. 65752
What if Australia is a testing ground for United Kingdom? They try there experimental policies, then if they are considered successful they spread these practices to mainland.
It's what EU does with Sweden and Russia does with Belarus.
No. 65753
I might be a bit out of my waters here (pun intended) but what use could tanks be to a nation located on an island with no neighbouring nations sharing landmass?

Shouldn't the primary defence happen in the air and oceans?

Unless those tanks aren't for defence...
No. 65754
>Also, ain't it wild how /now/ everyone cares about supposed camps that aren't a thing when we have had actual concentration camps for years? I know it's not "conservative" to give a fuck about refugees, but no other country will actively lock theirs in prison camps without medical care and both deny them any chance of immigration processing, while also denying them the opportunity to leave and not come back.

Greece does. With the help of Frontex and the silent blessing of the EU.
Look up the story of the refugee camp "moria" (it's the one that burned to the ground).
No. 65755
It's bad and all that refugee concentration camps existed in Greece, but now the EU is working with outside nations to ensure a better and more dynamic solution to the immigrant crisis is achieved.
by funding concentration camps ran by Libyan militias, maybe the Greeks weren't so bad in comparison
No. 65756 Kontra
I mean, isn't that how it worked for fucking DECADES before we decided to allow the overthrowing of Gadaffi in the name of rainbows, sunshine and kittens and to cause a few Atlanticist bureaucrats some fuzzy feelings between molesting two children?
No. 65757
19 kB, 357 × 419
Is everything okay?
No. 65758
I don't think the refugee situation has been the same for fucking DECADES, prove me otherwise.
No. 65763
424 kB, 1500 × 1855
104 kB, 700 × 700
99 kB, 720 × 704
230 kB, 806 × 1554
Actually soviet stuff wasn't all that bad.
It definetely produced a lot of memes because everyone was basically buying the same exact products.
No. 65764
Why 50 variants of toothpaste when you will only buy the same two brands over and over again?
No. 65765
322 kB, 498 × 418
932 kB, 847 × 443
1,3 MB, 967 × 652
Well, it better be good. There isn't much to do if it isn't :DD
No. 65766
326 kB, 1000 × 1000
There was no coffee in the USSR for the most part. Everyone used to drink tea and actually in Russia tea was always far more popular than coffee, just historically.
I can understand that for someone who lives in Portugal (or any mediterranean country) lack of coffee could be the definition of nightmare.
Here - not so much.
No. 65767
No. 65768 Kontra
In real socialism, Barilla is the generic standart.
No. 65769
I was aiming more at the idea of literally branding something as B.U.T.T.E.R. (not actual butter) and these industrial substitute mixes. Maybe you're right and I'm overreacting because I do find real coffee necessary to live a happy life, then again, maybe it's isn't just because I'm Mediterranean - In the Soviet Union, it was so beloved they put it in special stores.
No. 65783 Kontra
No. 65785
69 kB, 900 × 1350
> Barilla is the generic standart.
No. 65787 Kontra
Whats the deal here? Do they recognize some Aboriginal-English dialect that is practically English and hire translators for it?
No. 65788 Kontra
>Aboriginal English does not make use of auxiliary verbs, such as to be and to have, or copulas to link things together. For example, the Aboriginal English equivalent of "We are working" would be "We workin'". Linguists do not regard this as "just dropping words out", but as a fundamental change to the way in which English is constructed.[8]
I feel so very smart, ecstatic even.
No. 65790 Kontra
I mean, in that case it's perfectly grammatically sound to assume that the -ing suffix carries the functions of the existence-verb that'd go between the subject and the actual verb.
The laughable part is that the Australians tolerate it instead of eradicating it via education to help integration.
No. 65795 Kontra
It’s always been the anglo way with minorities. And it originally came from disdain and race isolationism, they just recently rebranded their anti-assimilation politics as tolerance.
I vastly prefer the French multicolor monoculture ideal.
No. 65800
Here goods in shit tier stores go in generic packages.
But in average tier stores they go in bright different packages.
But in higher than average stores they are generic again.
And in garch-tier stores they are bright again.
No. 65802
78 kB, 980 × 650
Hungarian Gubmint to introduce price control for basic food items starting in February.
The items include sugar, milk, flour, chicken breasts, sunflower oil, pork leg and chicken backs.
Some people are calling this "literally gommunism".

I wonder how this will pan out.
No. 65806
>I vastly prefer the French multicolor monoculture ideal.
You mean like when they systematically tried to eradicate all local culture and dialects in favor of a central french standard french?
No. 65807
155 kB, 718 × 710
That's interesting, lately there was a much-discussed article on price controls doing the rounds on twitter: https://www.theguardian.com/business/commentisfree/2021/dec/29/inflation-price-controls-time-we-use-it
And I didn't expect it to actually happen anywhere, so I also wonder how this'll work out.
No. 65811
1,4 MB, 1286 × 1510
Tell me about it.
No. 65813
4,0 MB, 472 × 356, 3:34
3,3 MB, 3:34
Just read up on the Bretons.
No. 65816
At first I thought Havana syndrome was some made up CIA bullshit to distract from cetain topics and screech about evil Russians instead or whatever but now I switched my mind and believe in it because suffering US diplomats seem like a good thing actually.

No. 65818
Yes exactly. And they did more than just "systematically tried" tried to eradicate local languages, they achieved this through genius administrative and ideological systems in the spam of the 19th century (except for cringe Brittany). They never erased more than the byldo languages of non-Parisians and if local cultures faded it’s only due to the brightness of the equalizer lighthouse of central French culture that turned everything that stood into shadows.
No. 65819
I think it's not necessary to eradicate small local cultures, because with globalization they are going to die out by themselves. What annoys me however is when states try to impede this natural process, for example in USSR there was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainization .
After 1991 this policy continues. Majority of Ukrainians are native speakers of Russian but they have to learn Ukrainian in schools and use it in official papers, service sector, etc.
Well, at least there it's explainable with political reasons. But here Russian kids in majority-Russian regions have to learn Bashkir, Tatar and other meme languages. However Udmurt language recently stopped being compulsory, and one Udmurt even burned himself because of that.
I mean, learn whatever language you want and practice your meme culture but why forcefully engage other people in it?

This reminds me of cool story how Russian philologist made up Siberian language and even created in Wikipedia subdomain on it. Majority of articles were funposting, like in this article about Russia (sadly you can't rate it's linguistic awesomeness):
> Россею бусово кличут «анперря зла» и ешшо «закопотка народов». Ведомы символы россейсково нацивональново менталитета — ето водка и сельодка.
< Russia is traditionally called "empire of evil" and also "prison of nations". Famous symbols of Russian national mentality are vodka and herring.
About Eugene Onegin poem:
> бают про руссково барина, которому нехрен чем заделатса, мужыки заместо во робют дык, а вон токо путатса с розными бабами
< tells about Russian landlord who has nothing to do because peasants work for him, and he only messes around with different chicks
Sadly, it was closed at the end despite author trying to fool westerners with leftie speeches about imperialists and chauvinists strangling small nations.
No. 65825
117 kB, 1280 × 667
These 9 languages will survive by 2040. Spanish and Portuguese will probably merge into one language, as well as Dutch and German.
No. 65826 Kontra
From the first glance looks like some insane mix of German and English.
No. 65827 Kontra
>Spanish and Portuguese will probably merge into one language
Absolutely, resolutely not.
No. 65830
The best thing about Dutch, at least to a German, is that it sounds funny. No matter what you say.

More like "German". Today it's already infested by pseudo-English (not even the real deal) and due to our reliance on dubbing TV the grammar is fucked up because people are parroting what they hear.
No. 65833 Kontra
Dutch will probably be replaced by English. I wonder whether their pronunciation and orthography will be a stigma that troubles Dutch speakers in the age of lingua franca English.
No. 65834 Kontra
Yes. I was ignorant enough to think of it as mix of German and French, and German language beats French. But since it's mix of German and English, English will beat German.
No. 65835
As the other german said, Dutch sounds funny no matter what.
It's basically how a mentally retarded german toddler trying to speak english would sound like.
No. 65836
390 kB, 1982 × 2048
Dutch is not really a mix of german and english. Rather, all three are germanic languages with common ancestors. English stems from old english, which stems from frisian and saxon (the angles were speaking a specific dialect of frisian, iirc) while dutch stems from the branch of low franconian. Modern german stems from west germanic, which is also the ancestor of frisian, saxon and franconian.

No. 65838
54 kB, 1200 × 800
Gotta love me some PIE
No. 65971
77 kB, 524 × 595
No. 65975
8,9 MB, 426 × 240, 12:02
No. 65979 Kontra
Not an expert but the old chinese one sounds like he just mechanically pronounced reconstructed IPA with no prior experience of sino-tibetean languages.
No. 65990

Kosovo bans cryptomining for 60 days. I kinda hope this snowballs into a banning-spree soon.
No. 65992
>The largest-scale crypto mining is thought to be taking place in the north of the country, where the Serb-majority population refuse to recognise Kosovo as an independent state and have consequently not paid for electricity for more than two decades.
Serbian cryptocurrency militias. I like it, they got style.
No. 65993
Nice to know.
It should also be mentioned that the latin speaker sounds like an italian. And ever since I heard this I wondered - what DID latin as spoken by a roman in Rome actually sound like? Did it sound like if a german would speak latin? Or was it already some proto-romance with weird pronounciations?
Do we actually know anything about it?

For example the word "caesar", in german it's pronounced like the name cesar in other languages, "cesar" and so on ("Zäsar"), and it's two things wrong with this, because a "c" would be pronounced like a "k" instead of "z" and the "ae" wouldn't be pronounced like an "ä", but like an "ei/ai", so the latin "caesar" would be pronounced more like the german word for emperor, "Kaiser", just more like "Kaisar".
At least when I learned latin we did the strict c/k pronounciation, but not the ae/ai one.
No. 66003
Old Japanese had the same choppy sound to me
No. 66011
315 kB, 0:20
There is a "restored pronunciation" for it used by classics people, which replaced the Erasmus pronunciation, and there's also a lot of "local" varieties. (Because despite being dead, Latin is still kind of alive.)
So the Italians say Chichero, we here say Tsitsero, the Brits say Sisero while the restorated pronounciation says it's Kikero.

I agree that that Latin is very Italian in it's intonation though. Lot of feelings in there. Which is great imho.
No. 66015 Kontra
Again, not an expert. But I think there's no way we really know how languages sound before phonograph. Reconstructions are just hypotheses made with arguable comparative/historical linguistics methods based on a varied range of known languages. The only verification is how well they can explain sound change. Not to mention reconstructions are usually emic, not etic. And things like how fast it is spoken are probably never reconstructed.
No. 66390
Some incel bought guns abroad and went to his university for some bbq.
The cynicist in me wonders how much they will use this to increase surveillance and control and how little they will do to improve treatment of mental problems.
No. 66652
54 kB, 865 × 785
44 kB, 1069 × 622
52 kB, 850 × 567
Elections are over, ruling party strengthened and it seems that my prediction of the right wing gaining the protest voters as the far left is punished for letting the budget drop was accurate. Long live the Socialist Party and long live the Zamorin.
No. 66653
Merkel retired to somewhere warm, I see
No. 66655 Kontra
59 kB, 863 × 736
Update: The ruling party has secured an absolute majority. Not a single soul in the nation expected this to happen. Dark days ahead.

But Hans, those aren't the Christian Democrats - that's the GOMMUNISZDS :DD
No. 66658
> But Hans, those aren't the Christian Democrats
Next you're telling me "PSD" is not the Photoshop Party, eh?
No. 66660
Why did the far left loose so many seats?
No. 66665
18 kB, 495 × 356
165 kB, 1920 × 1278
The far-left has managed to both lose their grounds for being a protest vote against the system by being minority partners with the ruling party and be punished for allowing the 2022 budget to fall. The ruling party's campaign for taking votes on their left was also very successful.
This applies more to the Left Bloc (BE) than the PCP. The later has a more functional party machine and their own ideological basis. The Portuguese Communist Party also managed to lose electorate to the right wing populists they share similar demographics, and the party leader's health condition became an issue in the campaign - leading him to be twice replaced. PCP has been slowly losing voters for the past decade, no doubt partially due to how old their electorate is.
No. 66740
620 kB, 1865 × 1073
Coup underway in Guiné Bissau.
Prime Minister and President are nowhere to be found and the military has entered key government buildings.
No. 66786
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 1:06
4,2 MB, 480 × 854, 0:15
I preemptively beg Ramzan Ahmatovich, hero of Russia for forgivness for this post
In Chechnya blood feud against Yangulbaev family happens. Members of this family are kidnapped (not just in Chechnya, but in other regions like Nizhnyi Novgorod too), whole Chechen ruling class publishes threats to "cut off their heads" and meeting organized with burning their portraits. According to Chechen media there are 400.000 male participants on video while entire population of Grozny is 270.000 people.
Kremlin prefers not to interfere in the situation.
No. 68058
Dear God I realize why I abandoned this place as a whole. I guess to be fair though I havent seen a single American or German shitpost so there's that, but it's feeling like that day I came back to lurk about Kazakhstan and didn't see shit about it.
NYC for example was filling mass graves. I had a family member living there telling me about the really eerie silence of nothing but birds and ambulances at the start. The fuck do you want them to do, drive by your house in horse driven corpse cart?

Yeah and yet we still have what, only two major brands of chip makers? nVidia, Intel, and AMD make all GPUs.

The whole stupidity of the entire Capitalist order can pretty much be summed up by redteam/blueteam tactics deluding people with mass marketing propaganda, where at least the Soviets knew they are not "free" and didn't trust the propaganda, whereas these bunch of simps are actively fighting for muh team regardless the fact it's all owned by the same people. I heard Jensen is actually Lisa Su's cousin, not sure, but the nepotism is obvious. So instead of one major brand we now have two. Instead of one State we now have different alleged brands all owned by general mills.

Also box pasta is all flavourless and Barilla isn't better than generic. If you want real pasta go to pasta maker. Why is there nothing here about Russia what is dates>>66786
Oh nvm
No. 84763
is it a good Politbüro ?