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No. 61515 Systemkontra
240 kB, 1414 × 1466
No. 61516
Actually, if you think about it, looking people in the face when they talk is kinda pointless. Sociable people have mastered the art of faking facial expressions in everyday life, so trying to "read" their emotions from it may often yield completely arbitrary results. Unsociable people, on the other hand, wear the same expression all the time (like, annoyed in Brick's case or listless in mine) which in no way reflects what is happening inside them. The only way to correctly figure the emotions from the person's facial expression would be to put them in some extreme conditions which endanger that person's safety, and even then it might fail. But looking at the face is not the stupidest thing you can do in conversation – this questionable honour belongs to the custom of looking people in the eyes. While reading faces may work once in a blue moon, looking in the eyes is utterly useless and beyond retarded since it gives no information whatsoever.
No. 61518
Looking at people in the eye is good because it makes assburgers uncomfortable and by ancestral monkey laws you prove you are the stronger monkey.
No. 61519
But it doesn't help in making the conversation any clearer, that is, you cannot "read" anything in your interlocutor's eyes, you can only "write" to them. Moreover, this kind of domination may cause them to be even less willing to part with the information.
No. 61520
I used to be a sociable person, but your posts gave me assburgers.
No. 61525 Kontra
Marzipan bread goes into my feed hole. Feeling tired as fuck. I read a nice paper yesterday evening, but it was close to 1am when I finished it.
No. 61538
166 kB, 1284 × 1023
I'm feeling incredibly unwell, almost like how I felt before summer rolled around.
Kinda wish the doc just prescribed the previous shit that made me feel well instead of having to wait for another kind of treatment until next Friday.

I'm trying to read trough Cao Yu's Thunderstorm for my workshop project.
I've decided to mark one scene from each act and then use those as a basis for comparison between the Chinese and the Hungarian versions while also creating my own translations of them while also giving a commentary on the sociography of the work.
I think this is a sound enough project I can hand in at the end of the year.
No. 61543 Kontra
24 kB, 451 × 451
765 kB, 2008 × 2560
November will be arduous: graded projects, small graded texts, exam preparation as I put one on second chance, as well as other duties like tutoring. Meh. Atm, I try to do my best to reconcile. At least reading for what could be important for a dissertation project continues and is rewarded with deeper reaching insights.

Also, winter depression really creeps into my bones. Don't even know what to talk about with other people, my head is just full of fascination for these topics I care about reading.
No. 61545
Man I really wish we had cool museums and stuff around here. I just discovered a kind of carnivorous plant museum/store in Sebastapol California https://www.californiacarnivores.com/collections/highland-tropical-pitcher-plants
Even just a neat little botanical garden like this one in St. Petersburg would suffice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srbyQXqa7C8

Really makes me realize the importance to having botanical gardens and museums and shit to city planning rather than having endless LA tier grids of traffic jams and strip malls like in city sims or real life occasionally. Sunken Gardens kinda reminds me vaguely of going to the Washington D.C. zoo which was ebin. I miss seeing our spy museum and aerospace museums there.

Which cool museums and attractions are near you guys? Do any of you live in a major enough city to have nice things?
No. 61550 Kontra
I live in western europe : there's at least one museum in every town and public gardens everywhere.
No. 61551
207 kB, 1024 × 683
This. In Germany even provincial museums can be nice thanks to federal administration of culture/art, dunno how to describe it. Probably know to less about how it is really organized.

Speaking of museums, a small conversation about Pieter Bruegels Return of the Hunterers. Is this to pretentious for Ernst Armchair?

I always like this painting, perhaps because I know Georg Trakl wrote a poem to it that I really liked. Fits the coming winter. Imagine having that hang in your pompous merchant house.
No. 61552
119 kB, 669 × 446
I think the concrete paths makes it look like some sort of themepark.
Got all sorts of cool things, not a lot of nice museums but plenty of palaces and gardens to walk around it. Pic rel, spooky masonic well.
No. 61553
A replica of the painting printed on wood was attached to the front of the bed of my grandmother's guest room. It was at the perfect height for my baby self when my family went visiting her. Nostalgia made it one of my favorite paintings, never would have guessed it was that old since drawing people working only became trendy in the 19th century I think.
No. 61554
109 kB, 562 × 808
Did your people have paintings that were very common? It seemed that an entire generation of old ladies had this painting of the crying kid.
No. 61555
> since drawing people working only became trendy in the 19th century I think.

Somehow yes. That is what I learned as well when I visited an art history lecture on 19th and 20th century art. Yet as they say in the video, it was a medieval theme. I guess many more paintings featured Christian symbolic then though, albeit Bruegel is Renaissance and not deep middle ages.
No. 61556
1,1 MB, 800 × 800
>Which cool museums and attractions are near you guys? Do any of you live in a major enough city to have nice things?
Not really(unless you count natural landscapes like Niagara Falls or the historic Erie Canal, which is decidedly un-natural(my family settled in the area to dig that, lol)). There is one major museum here, which I visited as part of an art class. Saw a Jackson Pollack, and discovered they're much better in person than on the screen or page. The scale and depth of the paint don't translate well. Still not great imo, but better.
No. 61559
146 kB, 960 × 640
>On the other hand, Hagengruber comments that "some dying Indian languages may end up being preserved by German hobbyists." Dick Littlebear, "a member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and the president of Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer, MT," told Hagengruber "he doesn't worry about Germans fixating on his culture," as long as they do not copy sacred ceremonies, and pointed out that he had learned "lost Northern Cheyenne stitching methods from the 1850s" from German hobbyists.[75]
Germans still find ways to shock and amuse. A nation that is a true gold mine of eccentricities.
No. 61560
Oh Jesus I want this motherboard so badly
Sweet Jesus just look how sexy that thing is I hope their next line of GPUs is the same.
No. 61562
I just read a bit about power towers and Graham's Number and it made me mad at mathematicians.
And I am wondering if even the biggest brained behemoths of intellectual prowess are able to understand more than the general underlying mechanism and how sick one must be in the head to come up with such a concept in the first place.
No. 61563
There are mathematicians who deny concept of infinity (finitists). And there are mathematicians who deny existence of "too big numbers":

> Yesenin-Volpin (a follower and partly the founder of the doctrine) has a scholarly work, several thousand pages long, with a refutation of Gödel's incompleteness theorem. Saying that a statement that cannot be deduced or refuted would be too long, and it is unscientific to consider such long statements.
> The humor is that the work of Yesenin-Volpin is much longer than the corresponding work of Gödel, it has not been read by anyone (and will never be read), and by virtue of the same argument, it is much less scientific.
No. 61570
This begs the natural question of how they came to be in possession of such knowledge to begin with.
No. 61574
192 kB, 478 × 788
290 kB, 800 × 530
They train from child
No. 61575
Old gym is kill. They had begun stripping the place down with a week to go: the sign was removed from the building, the file cabinets rolled out of the office, paper towels all gone for some reason, no more cooler full of Gatorade by the door. Finally, on Wednesday- the last day- all TV's and clocks were missing from the walls and I saw forklift being delivered in the parking lot- presumably to remove the equipment.

Now, having put off the inevitable as long as possible- I signed up with a new local gym this morning. $9.99 a month, one year commitment, but the sign up fee was waived for all members coming from my old gym. I have to say one good thing for Planet Fitness and other national chains: they've driven down the cost of membership across the board. I remember not too long ago average fees were $30/month.
No. 61576
599 kB, 661 × 4868
> they've driven down the cost of membership across the board. I remember not too long ago average fees were $30/month.
This is still a reasonable price for a monthly membership in Germany, never seen anything lower as 20€. I hope there will be a gym which cuts all the crap and just offers the base equipment for a good price. Don't need any courses or fancy machines. Some barebells, dumbbells, cable pulls, pullup bars and a few power cages should do it.
No. 61577
240 kB, 1018 × 1500
529 kB, 1528 × 2327
36 kB, 382 × 500
50 kB, 331 × 500
The pictures make me think of the people transitioning from left to green in the 1970s/80s fascinated with natives as their culture/living as a form of resistance and a form of (proper) existence, often as "Stadtindianer" (city indian). The publisher Trikont was not the only one who published such books I suppose.

1. subtitles reads "life of a Canadian city indian"
2."Akwesasne. Where that partridge courts.Texts from indian resistance. From Wounded Knee 1973 to Geneva 1977. Taken from "Akwesasne Notes", selected and edited by "Society for threatened peoples"
3. God is red. And indian provocation
4. Only tribes will survive

another explanation for this fascination is ofc Karl May and is cowboy/indian stories, famous in Germany
No. 61579
>Don't need any courses or fancy machines. Some barebells, dumbbells, cable pulls, pullup bars and a few power cages should do it.
This. My last gym (which was still good) also had a yearly "trainer fee" of 50 Euros.
Shame the people who only use the weights have to pay for the courses.
No. 61582
I tried MDMA for the first time yesterday at a disguised halloween party. I am poor victim of burger imperialism. I sadly don't recall a thing from after I took it, just a more or less blury gutfeeling when I saw certain people telling me I probably said really silly things to them. I will probably try again, I want to remember it.
No. 61583
I take it that it is so romantic to them because it's almost like a whole rejection of germanness itself, and by that I don't mean self hate. What I mean is, there is something very modernistic, and ordered, and structural, and rigid, and seemingly inhuman about the Germanistic national stereotype and view of the world, and in a certain sense it seems like being Native American in your family teepee as part of a community in nature is very much an antithesis of both GDR and DDR and everything about being modern muh engineering Germanness, while also at the same time seemingly embracing the one and most sacred and treasured thing in the world to a German die Wald. It's strange because I really can imagine a German at his happiest just not dealing with anybody and living in the middle of the woods tinkering on something.which to be fair is pretty much any man and we basically only don't do it because of human mating requirements or something to that effect
No. 61584
If it was real MDMA it shouldn't have really blacked you out. It sounds more like you took disguised GHB to me or something like that. It was possibly also cut with fentanyl or more likely it had a load of ketamine in it. My likeliest guess is that it had GHB or K and especially if you were drinking that would've blacked you out, which makes me very suspicious of the dealer and his possibly date rapey tendencies.

If you passed out it definitely wasn't MDMA. You should've been wide awake for hours.
No. 61585
My friends didn’t black out. My guess is that it had more to do with me than the drug. Could’ve come only from the drinks. I tend to forget things pretty quickly after a certain level of alcohol. I don’t reject the idea that the stuff was crappy though.
No. 61586
Try to listen music while doing it -- really impressive. It's like I almost saw waves of sounds in air. Reminds me of drinking soda under mushrooms: I finally understood what "explosion of taste" means in those ads copycat from English idiom?
And when it took off but not completely, I got an interesting experience: how it feels to be sociable talkative normie alcohol is somewhat different. Damn, those lucky assholes with proper brain chemistry have it for free for all their life.

Speaking about drugs. Religious people, what do you think about biblically accurate angels?
No. 61587
The natives stand for rejection of modernity, not Germaness I suppose. Though the German nationalism has quite some modern attitudes, engineering and stuff.

But this wasn't a German thing, at least not the Stadtindianer. In Italy the same notion made it its way as far as I know.
And the US counter culture, people like Stuart Brand, where fascinated by Indians and their techniques. Those hippies had tipies/tepees in their communes. So I guess it's really a appeal to rejection of modernity and the way of the natives as in resonance with nature.
No. 61588
Well, could happen. If you were super drunk as well. Sadly you did not experience the trip and the full effects of MDMA. It can be quite nice. A personal anecdote for you to make a black out more plausible. I once took it at a indoor goa/psytrance party. I remember dancing a bit but then sitting down at the fringe of the dancefloor as it was too heavy hitting, then I have complete memory loss, probably just sat their looking like a debile while moving to the music. Then I remember standing up after gods knows how much time passed and went dancing again until the music was turned off.
No. 61589
>Religious people, what do you think about biblically accurate angels?

They are neat
No. 61590
You know that scene from The Abyss, where the entity turns the water into a human face? Yeah, that is basically like angels, and God is the ocean. Ocean and rivers are often religiously symbolic in an occultic or religious sense for both oceans of souls/mankind/the peoples as well as for the raw spiritual ocean of energy permeating everything kind of like The Force or Qi or quantum fields.

It is difficult to explain but they are more like energy beings and faces of God, or shadows of God, or extensions of God in a certain sense, but different. What any of these Hallmark things have to do with is more like "a form you are comfortable with." They're made of Light.
No. 61591
232 kB, 900 × 576
All Saints Day. At least no cataclysmic earthquake this year :DD
No. 61600
You are quite a silent fellow, Ernst.
No. 61604
1,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
2,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
I achieved like 20% of the goals I set out for the Autumn break.
Which is awful.

At least starting tomorrow the week won't be as harsh as it's supposed to be, since a few classes are still cancelled.
I'm going to order a pizza tomorrow, costs be damned.

I'm feeling awful, which is bad, since I still have like 4 days until treatment starts, so my best bet is just conserving energy until then, and even after that, hoping that it works.
I just don't want to feel weak all the time. It's killing me that even with a siesta I can't stay awake and over half of my day is wasted on trying to recuperate and the remainder on functioning at 70%. I want to give it my all.

We didn't go out to visit the graves for Allerheiligen. I think my parents forgot about it, and I wasn't itching to walk up the hill to clean up trash.
We went out to eat instead. Wasn't very good. The Lángos dough was overly heavy on the sides and too crisp in the centre.
Took a few photos of the Danube. Not very scenic.
No. 61618
Didn't realize it was election day tomorrow. Man, I have completely checked out of the political world. Not currently registered anyway, because I moved after the 2020 cycle and didn't re-register at my new address yet.
No. 61619
Mother got lottery ticket for participating in "elections" this system is kinda of opposite of my ideal: get free vodka or vote. She says: "They stole my vote, but luckily I won 100$ worth of coupons so I'm satisfied".
Thanks for reminding, need to spend them before they expire.
No. 61621
Hey I went out to the internet and look what wonderful thing I came back with today
Also I must thoroughly disagree with this guy at the beginning, Oreos breakfast cereal and fluff is 100% strongly American af in fact why haven't I seen that shit?? We don't eat fluff a ton although fluffernutter is a known tradition, which to be fair if you really want to make a thing American just blob as much peanut butter on random things as possiblyI told you guys like a year ago about how I had to stop myself from using "mate" in telling this Irishman looking for a chocolate chip cookie that lad you're in America of course all the candy and cookies is filled with peanut butter. We do however have and all ate things like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the beautiful invention of Reese's Cereal, which as I said, you must put peanut butter on everything.

Also this guy is going into the red cup meme right now in my tab and it's hilarious. I mean yes we do use red cups but it's just hilarious to me how it somehow became the symbol of going full-Murica. which I guess also to be fair it's really not like I haven't drank out of those while shooting guns before
No. 61624
This week there is independence from Poland National Unity day. No one has any idea how to celebrate it, but 4 days off in a row are cool. Moreover, I have to work despite corona "non-working days", so it feels like consolation prize.
No. 61629
I honestly enjoyed my rona break I don't care what anybody says. Of course then again, I also got paid by the government not to work instead, so there's obviously that. What I do feel bad for are the people that went full Bernie bro No Refunds tier and donated all their stimulus check to a failed reelection campaign.

Clearly the big brained solution was buying computer equipment with it before shortages, and top tier was either investing or using it as seed money for some kind of business arrangement. $1200 or $1400 is a lot of money for many Americans. Kudos to anybody who wisely spent it on cryptocurrency mining equipment tbh.
No. 61632
>this system is kinda of opposite of my ideal: get free vodka or vote
We have another system to discourage mass voting: jury duty. In NY they draw names to serve on a jury from multiple lists, and one of those lists is "registered voters". So, by voting, you increase the odds that you'll recieve a summons to serve and then have to appear in court. I want to keep my odds low, so I didn't register here. I'm not sure if they intended for the system to work this way- to filter citizens from the voter rolls based on how civic minded they are- but that's the effect.

>American style pizza
What does that restaurateur think of us :D
No. 61633
Thought "if I vote, that will increase my chances to be jury" requires long term planning and thinking in terms of probability. For CPU optimization fools consider unlikely events impossible. events constantly shown on TV or internet are not considered unlikely
Such system filters not the worst voters.
No. 61634
Just found out my fucking landlord will be rummaging my flat with "tenants will not need to be present" to "inspect conditions of apartments." I've come to hate them so fucking much. It's my private home that I paid for. This is what I mean about Americans being too stupid to understand all the shit like this they put up with isn't Marxism, it's fucking Capitalism. This is my private home you cocksuckers I pay rent and want to not be bothered. I don't care if it's legally your property all these people live in these different buildings as their home. The cocksuckers aren't even saying what day it is.

I got a summons but they sent it to the wrong county for some reason. I'm not sure why because I was registered in the correct county. I think they went with some old mailing address so in other words no it may not have much bearing on the summons. Not that I care personally. If they make you skip work you get paid anyway and I'd rather sit through some interesting like a court case.
No. 61635
A flat my parents own had damage from mold, you can't trust tenants because you don't know how to maintain anything. Make dealings.
No. 61636 Kontra
>It's my private home that I paid for.
No :DD It's someone else's home you pay to be allowed in :DD
No. 61637 Kontra
79 kB, 755 × 425
No. 61640
>"tenants will not need to be present"
Yep, standard unreasonable search all non-land holders have to endure. Conducted by a private party, ofc, so there is no protection. Maintenance is coming in here next week to change smoke detector batteries and furnace filters. I can handle that, but they want a peek at the place, so they're coming in.

>If they make you skip work you get paid anyway and I'd rather sit through some interesting like a court case.
Sitting still and focusing my attention are both areas where I...struggle. In addition, I have a phobia regarding any State security institution- including court houses.
No. 61646
And you know it wasn't fault of landlord because? There was mold when I moved in that I've been battling and my electric bill goes through the roof seasonally because the dumb cunts didn't know how to properly insulate anything.

Not where I come from. I'm used to landlords needing to give 24 hours notice and needing the tenant present when doing shit like that, none of this barging the fuck in whenever they want regardless I am there or not. I am ernst I just want to pay my bills and be left the fuck alone
No. 61656
Most rental laws are specifically worded that rental creates posession of the home without ownership. It actually is the tenant's home legally, even of they aren't owners.

t. recently had to deal with landlord abuse of an elder

I for one am waiting for one of two things. Mass appropriation of 'private property', or the housing bubble here to burst and put all these leveraged out the arse property owners on the street lul.
No. 61659
4,6 MB, 4624 × 2600
Hmm, the legal wording here is that you have a detenção over the property you rent. Landlord has various social obligations towards to you, but I think ownership of any sort is always exclusive to the landlord. Thought it was the same everywhere.

Tomorrow I'll drive up north. It's been cloudy, with heavy rains after a period of sunlight and warmth. It's still fairly warm out, but everything is fugging grey.
No. 61660
Legalese ain't my thing, but the RTA, which is our rental department says on their website

>During a tenancy, the tenant has the right to enjoy the property as their own home.
>When a tenant is renting a property or room, it is their home. The property manager/owner may need to enter for an inspection, repair or a viewing, but it is important that the tenant’s privacy is respected.

The act itself:

    (1)Immediately before entering the resident’s room, the provider must tell the resident about the proposed entry, unless the resident is not in or near the room at the time.

    (2)After entering the resident’s room, the provider—

        (a)must preserve, as far as practicable, the resident’s privacy; and

        (b)must not remain in the room for longer than is reasonably necessary to carry out the purpose of the entry.

So you can come in and see that nothing is broken, but if you touch anything you're breaking the law. Also, if you're present on the property, you need to be immediately informed of them entering a private room, and them not doing so is a breach of agreement. Ownership doesn't constitute possession basically, and possession carries rights. And the main thing we have is the 'Quiet Enjoyment' concept, which is basically a heavy restriction on the property rights of an owner, meaning that they can no longer treat the place as their own when someone is renting it.

249Quiet enjoyment

    (1)The provider must take reasonable steps to ensure the resident has quiet enjoyment of the resident’s room and common areas.

    (2)The provider or provider’s agent must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the resident in using the resident’s room and common areas.

I don't want to make people think the laws are good here. They're swayed towards landlords really hard, and any time tenants get any rights given to them (like when it became law that lessors need to provide a reasonable excuse as to why tenants can't have a pet else they can), the industry kicks up a massive stink about how they can't live out their serfdom fantasy anymore and that it's basically gommunism. Since they're the ones with money, guess who governments tend to favour in those situations :-DD
No. 61665
I don't know if we have any rental laws, but 99% of rents are done unofficially often "for slavs only" =D. When my family were tenants, landlord came only for cash once a month.
No. 61670
Almost two weeks of non-stop depressive lethargy. Hopefully it's just seasonal, and I'll go back to normal low-key depression soon.
And there I was getting used to being a functional human being for more than 50% of my waking time.
No. 61672
Do you impress people Ernst? How do you impress and who admires you? Do you like it?
No. 61673
Define "impress". You can make an impression in two directions.
But yes, I think I impress people just on account of being myself, which is a bit of a polarizing personality. So if you know me, you will most likely really like me, or not like me.
It's nice being liked, especially if they show it and specifically if they're female.
No. 61675 Kontra
>Define "impress"
I would define impress as provoking admiration
No. 61677
In that case, satisfy as many of the following requirements, with the amount of admiration being directly proportional to how many requirements you fulfill:


If you can tick all four you can even get away with being an assburger (for some time).
No. 61679
54 kB, 512 × 512
"You came like you were the Virgin Mary!"
"You are like a brother"
"You saved my life"

Even worse things they said to me


No, it is not admiration. I do not give a fuck. If I did it I would be boasting about something is not mine.
No. 61680
It's one thing for a landlord to expect the place isn't trashed and have legal ownership over your home; it's quite another if they decide to barge into your place unannounced to make sure you swept the floor. Not even college dorms are that loose. It's expected this is your home and you have various rights including right to privacy. What if you have kids? What if it's bathtime for the kids? What if you just got out of the shower or are sleeping? Keep in mind this is also gun ownership country so you can legally shoot intruders who can be proven to be there to do harm particularly if they pull a weapon. I personally wouldn't want to walk into people's homes here unannounced.
No. 61694
264 kB, 914 × 1280
After working for 13+ hours yesterday, I'm gonna have to clock in another 13 today. Tomorrow morning I'll have to get up at 6am for work.
I suffer.
No. 61697
167 kB, 1303 × 1014
It has been raining all day. Leaves cover the trottoirs. I'm tired. I need to read for an exam, otherwise, I have to skip it. I need a haircut.

Have some norddeutsches Painting, Ernst.
No. 61699
47 kB, 436 × 768
>I need a haircut.
Same lol. I've been putting it off forever since I don't like getting my hair cut by women but I also feel uncomfortable going to some cheap "oriental style"/barber shop around the corner since my hair is almost shoulder-length now and those seem to mostly pride themselves on fadecuts.

pic related to today's rainfall
No. 61700
You some kind of frog? Or maybe some kind of Saarlouier?
No. 61703
I pay a premium price to make sure my hair is cut by norwegian women. (I am a racist)
No. 61704
72 kB, 828 × 1280
Called my relatives again. Grandparents are still talking about those poisonous watermelons month after lol wtf. Father as usual says that Russians are inferior people, no better than their rulers, so they will always live in shit and they deserve it -- we had a hour long friendly argument about this topic. Mother is roasting me about why I don't follow her advises. "Are you the smartest one? Are you the one who knows better?". Meanwhile from my experience the safe bet is to carefully listen to her and do completely the opposite: when I ignore her, I turn out to be right. When I think "ok, this time her words make sense", I regret my decision afterwards (however she does not and always psychopathically avoids taking responsibility).
Spent some "election" coupons in luxury grocery. Even in "better than average" grocery fruits are stale or rotten, so I had to leave my prole neighborhood for it. Man sitting next to me in subway was unironically watching excerpts from TV series about prison, of this kind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcMN5PzDBFs . Maybe father is right and I'm wrong.
Cleaned my flat. Don't know if they really recycle those plastic and paper garbage I sort out or just throw it into one pile and burn somewhere near Brezhnevka, but I'm doing my part.
OK. Now I have three more days to work without being interrupted by meetings, accidents and requests. In front of internet strangers I oath to spend them productively at least to try.
No. 61705
You can buy hair clipper and shave yourself almost bold. Simple, modest, manly.
I recommend Panasonic -- mine is 20 years old and still works.
No. 61706
The fade thing at Lebanese barbers is a thing there too?
Truly, we live in a connected world.
No. 61707
I've longer hair myself and curls, and I'm looking for a specialist that can cut them well. A woman is no problem as long as she knows how to handle that hair well. I've had bad hair cuts with long hair most of the time. When I had short hair it was ok. And yes, Arabic and Turkish barbers usually make machine cuts aka fades mostly.

Nah, just like the word. Also, it's often used in Russian language, did you know? At least same sound.
No. 61711
>Mass appropriation of 'private property
Berlin recently had a referendum whether big real estate companies should be expropriated. 56,4 % of the voters were in favor. So now politic is obliged to deal with it, though Giffey of the SPD is desperatly trying to avoid it.
Obviously the companies would receive money as accomodation for the expropriations and it's not a given that the expropriated flats would be kept under renter friendly conditions over longer periods, but it's a great signal which puts extra pressure on politicians to resolve the rent price development problem.
No. 61713
That ended up happening? Noice. The expropriation thing slipped back under my radar a while back. I remember following it a while back when it was kicking off solidarity action when squats and homeless camps were getting cleared.

The SPD thing doesn't surprise me though. Reformists gonna reform do nothing. Hopefully a few bones get tossed at least. Seemed like Berlin really fuggen needed it when the rent caps started getting fucked over.
No. 61714
Spoiler was meant to be a strikethrough. I don't do that enough though and did spoiler tags by muscle memory. Such cases when you jack up your own post.
No. 61719
9 kB, 250 × 250
I would literally kill every single one of you CIA commie agents in a one on one fight, you cia motherfuckers will not be able to stop the world revolution. Your gay ass pussy shit can't pacify the working class.
No. 61727
>CIA commie
This is what being literally too dumb to live looks like. People like you finally convinced me we need a eugenics program to sterilize such morons. Thankfully, you'll probably never breed on your own so problems weren't.
No. 61728
Well, recent CIA director voted for communist party when he was in college.
I also was commie in teenage years, but 21 years is a bit too late for that.
No. 61732
Yes of course, the CIA was never involved with communist parties :^)
No. 61734 Kontra
And neo-conservatism has bases in Trotskyism. I think.
No. 61735
57 kB, 474 × 356
It is that time of the year when leaves get blown from the sidewalk and the noise gets on my nerves for a good 15-20min at least.
No. 61736
I tried to think if I have ever met anyone IRL who genuinely believed in what they were doing, and weren't just winging it, and I don't think I have. And I'm no exception. History seems to be full of people who deeply and genuinely believed that what they were doing was meaningful or important, but IRL, nobody seems to fit that description. Probably a good thing, because on the internet, the only people I see who "truly believe" in something, are conspiracy theorists, schizos, cult members/leaders, and marketers for big corporations. Those demographics even overlap sometimes.

Still, must feel good to think that what you're doing matters, and that you're a holy crusader for ultimate justice, that you're changing the world, or valiantly fighting the forces of evil, and so on. Maybe pathos is an essential psychological need just like love and happines and such, and it's healthy to be a little bit delusional.
No. 61738
>and that you're a holy crusader for ultimate justice, that you're changing the world, or valiantly fighting the forces of evil, and so on.
The only people I met that fall into this description are either would-be tyrants or people attempting to masturbate less.
No. 61739
967 kB, 2560 × 1803

The tyrants made me think of a fun little thought I read elsewhere in a weaker sense: What if those people believe in objectivity. Objectivity is inherently tyrannical as it implies a truth that everybody has to follow on order to fulfill/live it.
No. 61740
55 kB, 564 × 423
Wine leaves have gotten yellow here but have not fallen yet and it's quite beautiful. The picture is not by me.
No. 61741
I suppose I fit into your definition. I'm not developing cancer cure or something, but my work makes world a better place. Perhaps, this can be said about majority of people, especially blue collars. Which gives me more butthurt than joy since I do my work poorly (hope this will change soon). And among people I know, a lot of them believe in importance of their job too some of them are delusional imho.

Speaking about politics, not occupation, I know one activist and feel bad about him because he won't achieve anything, but his family will be left without provider if he is gulaged. Strange that he himself does not understand this -- he does not look like schizo zealot, quite smart and rational man apart from this.

> Objectivity is inherently tyrannical as it implies a truth that everybody has to follow on order to fulfill/live it.
Yes, it is. However you can't do anything about it. Yeah, you can choose to be delusional, but you can end up like AIDS-deniers who don't take treatment and die because of it.
No. 61742
Very, very nice.

Dunno, you might believe in objectivity and not care about the actions of others.
No. 61743
Ok, let me frame it differently then: the concept of objectivity carries the seed of tyranny, the employment of objectivity is tyrannical. Some bring it to actual fruition.
No. 61744
But why do tyrants always decide upon their own subjective sentiments, then?
And why is gravity tyrannical?
No. 61746
> And why is gravity tyrannical?
Try not being its subject.
No. 61747
48 kB, 360 × 570
Today was long. Whatever time I gained by having half my classes cancelled yesterday, I lost today in a sense.
Went to the doctor's again to start treatment in the morning, and it went rather well, I actually managed to navigate both the building and the bureaucracy. Basically I needed an internal prescription to get the stuff from the hospital's inventory and then go to the nurses' room to get it administered.
It was four jabs, but man, it was straight from a sci-fi or a video game.
You take the jab, break off the cap and then jam it into your arm and a small pump inside administers it without needing any special knowledge on your part.
I actually applied the last one to myself.

Then I had lunch and went to the uni library, since I had like 3-4 hours to kill afterwards and that's not enough time to go home and then travel back. Did some classical Chinese exercises I was supposed to do and read from Journey to the West. My copy is falling apart for some reason. I wasn't even being rough wit it, the cover just fell off. Binding is still intact though thankfully.
The library's pretty cool. Over the break they installed a new entrance system (or repaired the old one?) where I can just scan my student ID and be let in via a gate instead of having to check in with a person.
It's things like these that make me feel like things are actually improving.

Checked out the book carts. I got a Latin-Hungarian dictionary and a French Grammar for like 1.50 Euros. The French I got because by the looks French is very useful for Sinology. No idea why.
Gotta do more research on the topic but blowing 70 cents on a grammar isn't life changing money really.
Maybe I'll learn French during my master's degree.

Classical Chinese class went well. Basically only three out of the 30 people bothered to do any of the homework, so I'm making a good impression I guess.

I wouldn't mind the leaves if the local governments would put effort into regularly cleaning the streets, because after a few days of rain and no cleaning the sidewalks are covered in piles of slippery rotting leaves.
The campus looks quite romantic though with the large maple leaves swirling about.

>And why is gravity tyrannical?
It's literally keeping us down.
No. 61748
No. It is possible to consider people wrong and yet allow them to be wrong.
In addition to that, two people might have same model of reality in mind, but different preferences (which are not objective).
No. 61749
Well, maybe because objectivity is mostly a normative claim and not a factum?
I don't want to deny gravity here, but acknowledging gravity and making normative claims about how things should be in light of gravity are two different animals. >>61748 points to it. But objectivity is brought forward where one needs to force others. When things are objective, there is only one way. You can decide to do nothing ofc and still believe. That is why I reframed it and spoke of a seed in the concept of objectivity.

>put effort into regularly cleaning the streets

Yes, but is there a better way than using a loud wind generating machine?
No. 61750
Fuggen wecterner. We still have street sweepers in most places using actual brooms.
Though I did saw a worker use something akin to a vacuum cleaner to suck up the leaves in front of the National Museum.
No. 61751
>We still have street sweepers in most places using actual brooms.

I hope you are grateful for not living like a wecterner when it comes to this. As somebody who despises loud noise, the technological advancement of the wectern man can only induce trauma and nausea.
No. 61753
>Yes, but is there a better way than using a loud wind generating machine?

A few weeks ago I saw one of these trucks for the first time. Loud, but effective.


Where I was in Florida, falling leaves were never a problem. I kinda missed them(now I miss palm trees, so you can't win). First season back north and I was surprised how soon they changed, and how rapidly they started falling. Now, this morning, I had to scrape ice from my windshield. Seasons come fast, and winter is looming,
No. 61754
My little brother is so much more intelligent than me that it's humiliating. He has figured out so much things so much faster than me. I am jealous of his social skills. He said today that my lack of social skills made me cringe and because I asked him what made me embarassing. I don't know why but lately it has been pretty hard for me to live with who I am socially. I didn't care for a very long time though. I think this feeling takes root back during corona and confinment. I would really like to stop being cringe.
No. 61755
58 kB, 700 × 700
If everyone is socially competent enough to adjust to your shortcomings but they still don't, then they are at fault as well. It means looking down on people who are less socially gifted, likely without having invested much effort to achieve that skill, and this is not exactly a sign of the emotional/social development they are claiming for themselves.

I stopped apologizing for things like that. People by now should know what I can do and what not, and if they still have unrealistic expectations and act surprised when those aren't met, it's their fault, not mine. I'm trying, but it is what it is.
No. 61756
I finally did it. I finally said thanks mate while walking by someone at work today. Thankfully they probably didn't seem to react because the mask muffled it, another of the many advantages I found to mask wearing as an ersnt. It's only a matter of time now before the Americans realize I'm an alien to them. Quickly somebody tell me who the Dallas Cowboys or Buccaneers or some other alleged footie team beat so I can make small talk
No. 61759
40 kB, 360 × 640
You are an American.
No. 61763

Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. How could I forget.
Guy who managed to be bullied even in math school. Complete lack of social skill, but no self-awareness. Could come to you and speak monologue about some nonsense until boredom overweights politeness and you tell him to fuck off. So weird that he wasn't even perceived as human being, more like alien or robot.
Why I mentioned him. His new obsession is politics. He donates money to internet celebrities. He painted walls in his room with slogans.
No. 61765 Kontra
41 kB, 1000 × 600
I got you, ernst:

They lost last week, but just reference their QB Tom Brady, e.g. "Do ya think he'll play until he's 50?" "I don't know, bro, but he's not slowing down" and you're in.

Oh, bonus points. Pic is Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers QB, who won't be playing this Sunday because he has Covid. You can't pass as a true American™ if you don't know his face, so memorize it.
No. 61766
Better tell us about baseball. You really play or watch on tv THIS?
No. 61767
174 kB, 1200 × 800
52 kB, 474 × 316
The US has more than these exciting sports on offer.
No. 61768
>You really play or watch on tv THIS?
Yeah. I grew up in a football town, and absorbed the sport like a local dialect. And football is much more popular than baseball- which I don't really follow. I can, however, easily shift to basketball small talk if a situation calls for it.

At first I was like...but then I was like :D.
No. 61769
42 kB, 400 × 300
>american using mate
Never ends well. Something about that heathen accent butchers the word. I think it's the middle phoneme. It sounds atrocious.
t. culture of mate overuse (I've called about 20 people mate already today and it's not even noon)
No. 61770
Hi Ernst

So I was on this imageboard and the users there are trying to blackmail me for some reason, although I haven't really posted much information on it

What are the chances they're able to doxx me and do other things? I know this is heavily dependent on the information I give out.
No. 61771
What’s the worst that could happen with you address leaked in a niche imageboard? Maybe sending you things you didn’t order or them sending unwanted messages to your relatives. Both pretty unpleasant but far from dangerous and I think nobody will come personally bother you.
No. 61776
57 kB, 1280 × 815
2,7 MB, 2462 × 3508
There are people in wect who pay and get payed for speaking/writing about Russian memes and other such shit.
Find a real job, bucko!
In addition, it makes me think about "Mary's Room" experiment. except her room is colorful and object of research is gray
No. 61779
Can't believe there are people giving lectures on ОБАМА ЧМО and it isn't me. I should have gone to humanities.
No. 61781 Kontra
208 kB, 907 × 495
You know, I'm unironically feeling better. I still needed a little siesta, but it's like sleeping actually rests me now, and my feeling of hunger normalised.
It's amazing to wake up and have you eyes just pop open.
No. 61783 Kontra
12 kB, 400 × 400
46 pages is not much, isn't it just a student work aka unpayed? Otherwise, haven't you heard of Slavic institutes in western unis? You are like shaking head about Hungary studying Chinese, because he is not a china man. I surely trust in the knowledge of some American historian that researches the Weimar interwar history more than in the knowledge of nearly all Germans when it comes to that period. Why, because he probably knows more about it. People are like: don't tell me about my country but then don't know many things about their own country. You really just look for reasons to get butthurt.
No. 61784
A prerequisite is a borderline cringey assessment by mundanes not tied to your own e-culture though, as was the fashion of the time.

I really need to stop trancing out and inhabiting a dreamworld without writing a book about tbh. Sometimes I kinda feel like I do as brick does only it's so heavily self medicated mostly nobody notices IRL but they definitely do online sometimes. Thank God there's so many other fatposters you can't well distinguish between one autistic or schizo rambling and another. Maybe I just need to find a job that gives me more free time and kill the interner so I can work on that stuff more, but then again I feel like the mind numbing tedium of work helps bring it out better too. That or borderline manic episodes with a few forced hours of sleep per day.

Hey is there some formal way to register a screen or pen name or do you just publish something under the name and have to register with your birth IDs
No. 61785
I think you just sign with whatever name you want.
t. Ricardo Reis
No. 61788
6,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
6,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Visited my mother today, and came back with a couple of pictures. Sorry I didn't come back with cookies, but I ate those.
No. 61789
American suburbia paradise is real. Looks like you live in a movie set.
No. 61790
> student work aka unpayed
Yes, but majority of students in west pay for their education, don't they. As I said, "pay or get payed".

Analogy with Wiemar is not precise, because nor modern Germans nor historian live in those epoch. And yes, this made me think about how much we can understand people from past, who had different ethics and lifestyle. We can read about it, but we can't feel it. "Mary's room" thought experiment is not about amount of knowledge. It's about whether knowledge can substitute personal experience, "qualia".
Maybe, I exaggerate, because I leafed through video and on one moment he was talking about it through western worldview, and he just didn't get it.

And no, I'm not butthurted, it was a joke about "real job". I'm very tolerant to all sorts of perverts, including those who spend their precious life on researching some alien third world country.

I appreciate that they covered Putin's squads. Their founder really knows how to live in this clown world
No. 61792
39 kB, 640 × 640
>American suburbia
Yeah, it's a pretty nice area. Small Town USA, and all that. Fun Fact: I used to have a paper route on these streets. There's nothing quite like having no bills, no debt, and $20 a week in your pocket. Good times.
No. 61793
156 kB, 1278 × 706
Seems like a group of concerned citizens writing their concerns about Elon Musk's social engineering through open letter and some sort of pagan ritual to save Trump.
Forwarded these findings to Lisbon university's slav studies department.
No. 61796
5 kB, 300 × 100
One wonders if a Slavic institute member has personal experience of Russia, it is not unlikely at a certain stage, especially when you are in postgrad academia.
And on that shorter paper: This is probably built on other books and articles like any humanities work where people already aggregated knowledge (also people who have personal experience). This is probably about the semiotics of Gopnik. Notice that the first chapter is history btw. And the other two chapters probably built on that. You can study the semiotics of something outside of personal experience.
While I understand the Mary argument I have a problem with that, personal experience is no guarantee for a follow-up vast knowledge, nor for a certain kind of knowledge. That is why you can tell people about their country because personal experience within a country does not lead to all knowledge, it is still just a chunk. On top of that, an outsider can spot things you never would since you lived there all your life and it is what it is. It's the same with how you perceive yourself and are perceived by others, there is a difference and it can be healthy and clever to check that difference and perhaps learn something about yourself due to that.
You can live in Germany and don't know a lot of things about its culture because you either rarely come in contact with it or because you do not have a very elaborate way of dealing with things that come close to a systemized view of cultural phenomena. Why can I say this? Well, I have personal experience here with my parents who personally experienced postwar western Germany. And yet, when I ask them they cannot go into much detail about that history, of cultural phenomena, practices, and all that. They simply lack a vocabulary to describe cultural phenomena in detail and in a systematized fashion that they can make it into a readable inquiry. They don't have developed concepts to frame phenomena. So while my parents experienced that time, I've read numerous histories about it and can gain knowledge about that time in a deeper way than they were able to experience. My parents did not care much about tech back then, they did not follow it. They probably heard about personal computers, but that does not make much knowledge of their then own time and the social-economic and cultural nexus that formed around computers and their impact then. Personal experience has its place and value, but much knowledge comes from mediation, at least today and in the last 150 years if not way back.
No. 61797
Kubanoid entrepreneur tamed a bunch of old lonely women with buckwheat, made a political cult and captures trash videos with them. He and his wife surely do it for fun but they will never admit it.
Can't stop posting it
No. 61798
254 kB, 740 × 486
I completely agree with what you've said. There was some element of "check out these memes those Russians made :DD" that makes it a bit like indeed just studying foreign pop culture for the sake of entertainment. I think they obfuscate this with their analysis, but doesn't feel like there was anything substantial about this intellectual academic discussion on menes :DD. In a serious note, I was disappointed by the lack of references their use in internet warfare. I think watching some 2014 KC thread play out could give you more insightful information on the vatnik meme.

Today, I wish I lived in a non-secular catholic state because I had to work Sunday.
No. 61799 Kontra
Work on memes is actually quite important tbh, because it has become a prominent form among young(er) internet users. Memes as compression of ideas etc. It's a noticeable cultural form of communication and expression and it differs from others and thus probably the how of its effects may differ. This is in the end an open question to be answered, that is why there is research. I know too little. But memes can be perfectly integrated into cultural academic research. You can built and knowledge from before the advent of memes and try to explain them and perhaps even come to the conclusion that they are responsible for a shift together with the internet in general etc. while also make reference to certain theories of what culture is and what it does. The problem with academic research about contemporary culture is that it seems dated by the time it is actually published because memes move so fast. Also academic description and explanation differs from users who maybe rather unconsciously or less reflectively engage in that practice so that academic vocabulary seems alienated as it does not use internet/IB lingo to explain it(self).
No. 61800
972 kB, 3464 × 4618
60 kB, 700 × 921
Today I had to sit through a bunch of episodes of Big Bang Theory because GF had it on already when I stood up.
It was one of the later seasons when the jew was already married to that big tittied one with the glasses (god she has such great titties, I love titties), the indian had gf, the autist had gf and the other guy was getting married to the main slut, at least that was the plan. It was like three episodes and they were all about relationship bullshit, be it relationship between the main characters or the two main guys to their mothers or whatever, and it's crazy how unfunny that show it. Sure, there is a laughtrack after each sentence anyone says, but there simply are no jokes. I honestly chuckled like once or twice per episode when they had this rare moment of actual situational comedy or something that resembled a clever idea, but most of the time it was just
>character says something
>laugh track
and, to quote a "joke" verbatim, the autist said something like
>...and the phone screen showed nothing but my reflection
>it was really sad
Then you have those kind of extremely predictable "jokes" where three people say something similar, with the last one delivering the "punchline". I can't exactly remember any of them, but it would be something like "By Thor", "By Odin", "By stander!", you that kind.
And then of course those extremely superficial "science/smart people" """"jokes"""" like when the autist talks about how he hates women and brings up shit they say and then goes
>Or they say "Oh, let's not call this Radium!" laughtrack
to which he adds
>I was talking about Madame Curie, if it wasn't clear laughtrack
to which the other guy replies something like
>Yeah, that was clear laughtrack
At which point I wasn't sure if the writers were actually THAT self-aware or if it was just "in character" for the other guy.

I mean the first two or three seasons were slightly entertaining, but this was just absolutely horrible.
Now the funny thing is, I discovered that "Dharma & Greg" is by the same guy, and while it's not particularly clever and relies on a lot of old and tired "hurr men vs. women" jokes, it's still a thousand times funnier than this piece of shit. But I would smash the blonde with the big tits, any day, anytime.
No. 61801
Oh it exists, but for much of the country people like me would watch TV and think "I wish I was living in suburbs at those cool parties"

It's quite an odd thing whose feel I don't think could be adequately explained to person through words of being told as small child to want that red cups lifestyle you're told what living in your country is but never seeing it. Hollywood is just one massive psyop. Saying the TV suburbs is what most people live is like saying most people have millionaire instagram lifestyles. I think I only met a handful of people who ever lived like that or grew up with itmost of whom were Jewish and from north NJ come to think of it. Inner city, ghettoes, trailer parks, that is real murica.

This also is America. Most of that is Hollywood and a lot of the people who dwell there are up to sketchy stuff anyway. It's an odd thing I can't encapsulate that the version of America Hollywood sells is totally alien to actually being an American.
No. 61839
>there is a laughtrack after each sentence anyone says
IIRC, it's not a laughtrack, but an actual live audience. Which is even more baffling: is their audience really that moronic? They laugh at absolutely anything. I remember in one of the early seasons one character says a line that goes something like, "Ah Ubuntu, you're my favorite Linux-based operating system", and the audience laughs! To this day I have no idea where's the joke in that. Is "Ubuntu" an inherently funny word? Are the audience just a bunch of arrogant macfags who laugh at the Linux plebeian? Or are they all super nerds instead who laugh at that wimp for not using Gentoo? It's a mystery.
No. 61842
I don't remember if that show was filmed infront of an audience, but such audiences are usually brainless retards who will laugh anytime the "LAUGH NOW" sign lights up.
general laughter

It's simple conditioning, like ringing a bell and salivating, like a pavolvian dog.
nervous laughter because some people realize this is a science joke

So yeah, it IS a laughtrack, just not a taped one.
audience bursts into a laughing fit, some people asphyxiating because they are just laughing too much, some shitting and pissing themselves because they just can't hold it back anymore from laughter
No. 61843 Kontra
*pavlovian dog
I apologize, but the correct term is "Pavlov'scher Hund" and everyone should learn german.
No. 61850
>Or are they all super nerds instead who laugh at that wimp for not using Gentoo? It's a mystery.
This actually made me lol ironically enough
No. 61865
Ernstchan is the best website on the internet. I am glad I found this place.
No. 61866 Kontra
2,2 MB, 2400 × 2948
I wouldn't know where to go in order to have some conversation and putting my thoughts.

Wish I could feed my thread that went a few pages already, but I have nothing really intelligible to say about that topic atm. Maybe I should summarize one of those article or two I read nearly everyday.

It was a good feel to make the woman I fancy laugh. It is nothing though. It's a kind of torturing but you don't meet people like her every day. While I write those lines I think about seeing my affair and her hopefully wanting to have sex and cuddle when I will return to that city for the winter holidays. My only reason to stay sane in face of high chances of unlucky love here. I get smiled at by woman on the campus, rarely happened where I used to study
No. 61867
I am addicted to Baumkuchenspitzen with Irish Cream Liqueur.
Tonight I ate another full package and now I feel sick in my stomach.
Last year it was Crispy M&M's I ate by the bag.
I know it's bad but I just can't stop.
No. 61868
47 kB, 636 × 382
Made me look up what the fug this is. ERNST, DIE BAUMKUCHENSPITZEN, SCHNELL!
No. 61869
I realized I took more time masturbating than actually talking to women outside of my mother. I never considered myself to be an asocial person but I find this alarming. I have to try to befriend some girls, I think. I feel myself quite unable to have girlfriend. I'm often uneased when I meet people for the first time and will usually say some autistic shit to newly met as if I tested their tolerance to this kind of things. I'll try to stop.
I said things I regret today. Tried to look more intellingent than I was.
No. 61870
>Tried to look more intellingent than I was.
Please share.
No. 61871
I watched a movie from a director a girl told me about with the objective of talking about it with her. So I got her on the subject and she told me she actually didn’t enjoy his movies. I became a bit scornful as a way to cope with the situation which was stupid in many ways. Get scornful to detach yourself from a conversation is one of the most insufferable things to do.
No. 61872
Which director? And why was her reaction important to you?
No. 61873
Her reaction was important to me because I find her face pretty.
No. 61874
Should have called her a misogynist if you were already being scornful, that way she would have had to apologize to you.
No. 61875
> In front of internet strangers I oath to spend them productively
Instead I decided to quit my job. Wrote to boss about it, he didn't say anything about process of quitting, just asked about reasons. In worst case I'll have to work for two weeks more. In best case I'll just need to come to HR and sign documents and be free.
I hope for the second option. It makes no sense for them to keep me. I can just do nothing for two weeks, and what will they do about it? Fire me? Yeah, there is a social pressure about loafing, but I can avoid it by not going to work at all. Visit tomorrow meeting and say "I've done nothing at all" or ignore it? Don't know what is worse.

Fuggg. I'm too tired not just to work, but to quit as well.
No. 61876
Do you people not get work testimonials? I think if you pulled such a thing in Germany (provided you aren't already at war with your boss) they can fuck you over big time by writing you a very bad recension.
No. 61877
I said something like: “tastes are something that sharpens with experience” half jokingly. It was ridiculous because I saw nearly nothing of the nouvelle vague.
No. 61878
So you called her dumb/uneducated to her face?
That was indeed not a good move, at least not where you stand right now.
But you shouldn't think too much of it, she probably has forgotten that whole conversation already.
No. 61879
Yea, of course.
I try to reassure myself thinking I can only get better with this. The goal would simply be enjoying a conversation.
No. 61880
Never heard about it. It's like after you quit your job employer writes a publicly available review on you, and next employer can see it?
Thankfully, no such thing. Plus you can always say that it's no more than "sour grapes" thing.
No. 61881
That's true. Social skills are, well, skills. And those can only be honed by training.
For example take my ex. I am way smarter than her and she is way less smart than she thinks she is.
However, she dominated almost every conversation we had.
Why? Because she had been blabbering since she could form articulated noises whereas I can easily get by with yes/no/please/thanks and a few assorted grunts. She also hated silence and whenever there was an "awkward" silence she would open her mouth and spout some irrelevant bullshit just to make noise.
And while she was talking at a sped up Gilmore Girls cadence, I just couldn't keep up, because by the time I had fully formulated my argument in my head and was ready to speak, she was already three topics ahead. Today I would just get back to the topic and insist, and also be more ruthless, because she was definitely willing to hurt me with words.
I am still not entirely as witty as I'd like to be, but it's gotten way better. But it took me over ten years to achieve that.
No. 61882
No, it's not public, but some employers request one to see what your last employer thought about you.
No. 61887
Fritz, hol' die Tannenbäume rein, der Tommi kann uns sehen.

The best advice would be to be honest about what you thought but subtract her pretty face from the opinion, it might rose tint it. And be diplomatic about it, discuss techniques, what you find interesting perhaps. A director can be bad because X (her reasons), yet you can find this or that great or interesting. When I think about it, it's really about how you interact. One can be of differing opinions and still get along well and jokingly.

Ouch. If she knows more than you, you could ask her questions instead. You get to know something and can prepare arguments at best.

Also where do you meet artsy woman? I study a subject with artsy and cultured woman, but I never come in contact with them. The one that is highly educated doesn't like me as much as I think I like her it seems.
No. 61888
>Why not having an interesting conversation instead of what you did?
Good advice…
Sometimes it’s hard to discuss something I like even with people without pretty faces though. In my family, it’s seen as normal to mock people who know less about a topic than you do, or mock the topic itself if you can and don’t know much about it.

I know this girl from my theater group. If you want to meet high cultural capital people and talk with them, that’s the place. I nearly never met or talked with anyone really interested in arts IRL outside of there. Plus, theater can teach you helpful skills when you are neurodivergent.
No. 61889
I knew one girl who went to theater group. She had two bfs at once, then lied in mental hospital, then married (don't know if one of those two guys or not). Now she is learning Hebrew to move to Israel. Needless to say she had awful short haircut.
So stereotypical.
No. 61890
I don’t think learning Hebrew to move to Israel is stereotypical.
No. 61893
I just realized that above a certain "educational" or "competence" (for a lack of better words) threshold, saying "I don't understand" makes you sound smarter instead of dumber.
No. 61894
Above a certain perceived competence or education. Your real skills do not matter in that case.
No. 61895
Yes, I actually wanted to write "expected threshold", in that I can assume the people I am talking to are about on the same level of knowledge as I am.
No. 61898
The recent discussion reminded me of the fact that I haven't talked to or socialized with a girl in several years. Other than family members and cashiers and so on, of course. Well, that includes people in general, not just girls, so it's more to do with the fact that I don't socialize in general than anything else. I don't really feel lonely, and actively pursuing the opposite sex seems like a lot of work I'm too lazy to do, so at this rate, unless something abnormal happens, I guess I'll die alone. Oh well.

Speaking of cashiers, some time ago mom told me that my sister in law told her that back when I used to live next to my brother, one of the cashiers in a nearby shop was into me, and described me as looking "kind and mature". I do not know whether this should be flattering or disturbing to me, since from what I remember, back then, 90% of time times when I went to the store, I was unshowered, with a two week's stubble and greasy unkempt hair, and was stocking up on 8% hobo beer. Some people have weird preferences.

This thought was fresh on my mind half an hour ago when I went to the store, and as I was paying for my stuff, the cashier decided to strike up a conversation. She commented on how smooth my hands were, and asked me if I used lotion. This was a break from normal procedure, and as such, confusing and slightly annoying. It was also quite distracting, as I was trying to contemplate the most space-efficient way to pack my purchases into a bag. I mumbled "uh, no", and absent mindedly responded to her further comments, all the while thinking to myself "why is she talking to me?", "I handed her my debit card 5 seconds ago and she's still not swiping", "I wonder if she can smell the alcohol breath through this mask", "the carton of milk is the heaviest item in the set, so putting it at the bottom of the bag would make the bag more stable due to lower center of gravity, but if I were to accidentally drop the bag, the carton would burst. I wonder if I should put the chicken breast and bread loaf at the bottom instead, to act as a cushion in such case", and so on. By the time I was done with organizing my items and returned to full awareness, she'd swiped my card and given me my recepit. She now looked completely disinterested compared to the beginning of the interaction, so I said "thanks" and left.
I wonder if she wanted to fuck.
No. 61899 Kontra
On the other hand, admitting incompetence to dumb people makes them perceive you as dumber than even themselves. But a confident conman who claims to know everything will earn their full trust and admiration.
This is why I don't take any advice from people visibly smarter than me. Being good at X also makes you better at lying about X :^)
No. 61900 Kontra
>oh no, a girl shows interest!
>woe is me!
>I am so autistic teehee
Yeah well fuck you too, I have always had to be active and pursue them and not one of them actually struck a conversation with me, but you know what? I have had sex and still do regularly. People wasting what they have makes me angry.
No. 61901
I bet you'd think different if you cared about bag packing efficiency as much as I do.
Consider the fact that during winter, imbalance in bag weight distribution increases one's chances of slipping on ice and falling. This issue is compounded by my habit of drinking a can of beer AND smoking a cigarette while carrying said bags while walking back home, and you have a very delicate system with sensitive variables, where any miscalculation could result in a catastrophic failure.
No. 61902
24 kB, 414 × 353
It's hardly my fault you don't carry a backpack or just anything that's more effective than a regular checkout bag.
My weight distribution and packing system is impeccable, be it gym bag, regular backpack or shopping basket. Furthermore, I am strong enough to also carry a sixpack of 1.5L water bottles in each hand even with a shopping basket.
Apply yourself.
No. 61903
I have made precise price benefit calculations and determined that the prospect of a relationship and/or sex with a woman, a woman whose career choice is a cashier at that, does not outweigh the drawback of purchasing, owning and maintaining dedicated shopping equipment.

You seem to be quite talented at carrying items indeed, yet you sacrifice your full potential by distracting yourself from your craft, in a vain pursuit of female attention.
Speak about wasting what you have.
No. 61905
5 kB, 226 × 223
Speaking seriously, I suspect that most men must be 100 times more horny than I am or something.
Back when I still socialized, half of what my male friends talked about was 1) complaining about their previous relationship 2) complaining about their current relationship 3) pretending to be happy about their current marriage that was a result of accidental pregnancy. They put themselves through the wringer for something that left them frustrated most of the time. And it felt as if they didn't even really... like their partner all that much, it's more like they were fulfilling some obligation. They weren't substantially better off financially or socially than I was, so it's not like they could "afford" a relationship more than I could, neither money nor time wise. I was even invited to a night club once, it was funny looking at all the dudes who paid good money just to be allowed to enter a space where they could wander around for a few hours looking for a fuck and then go home. All in their fancy clothes and fresh haircuts from a hipster "barber shop".
It was all quite mysterious to me until I realized that normal people are desperately horny and lonely 99% of their waking existence lol.
No. 61906
It's one of the more irritating aspects of dealing with men. Males are constantly either oriented to that or petty dick waving. Provided females don't get the same idea in their head they're easier dealing with unless you are also female.
A good number of my friends have been women who hated other women tbh
No. 61907
47 kB, 850 × 344
>I bet you'd think different if you cared about bag packing efficiency as much as I do.
Once quantum computers are generally available, you won't have to worry.
No. 61908
I don't think social hornyness is biological as much as it's socially constructed. Being horny in is a virile masculine characteristic.
Back in school, I cringed at my schoolmates explaining how much they desired X's behind. But I was also perverse and desiring. People learn to say they want to fuck. It made me think for a while that I was less horny most people i.e. something was wrong with me. Talking about sex or horniness with others serves to build an orthodoxy of desire. I think that's a powerful normative tool.
No. 61909
>Males are constantly either oriented to that or petty dick waving.
I'd argue that is one of the main motors of human development. Large leaps are usually done via war. War is just an extension of politics with other means, and politics is just an extension of petty dick waving with other means. People like Tesla are outliers here.
On the other hand, if men weren't so horny constantly, women would probably be treated like cattle, as without the numerous occurrances of "what pussy does to a mf" nobody would care about women beyond keeping the species alive.

I know I am coming off as misogynistic, but it's just the observations I made in my life. And just recently I was watching a documentary on unusual hobbies with GF, where there was, among others, a guy who liked to imitate red deer calls (there is even a yearly red deer caller competition) and she was making fun of him a few times. I half-jokingly asked her "ah yeah, and what are YOUR hobbies", to which she replied "I don't have any hobbies, but still!" and I was taken aback for a second, because until that point it has never occurred to me that someone couldn't have any hobby and be ok with that. I mean, she DOES have hobbies, she's an avid reader, and not of chick lit, but she doesn't seem to have a problem with not having any hobbies or particular interests.

>A good number of my friends have been women who hated other women tbh
Most women hate other women, but I still don't have a good explanation for that.
No. 61910
Wait, so you're saying talking about being horny makes me more horny?
No. 61913
No, but if everyone in your social group is talking about anal sex during your sexual developpement years, you may develop a kink for it as a cultural characteristic of the group you frequent.
No. 61914
I don't think I have talked about buttfucking (or sex in general beyond "yeah I find $ACTRESS hot") during my formative years.
Sounds more like a generational thing. Then again, I haven't grown up among urban bydlo, so who knows?

Also, you still have that typo in "development".
No. 61915
23 kB, 1200 × 2200
Yeah, I tend to get along well with elderly men and middle age to elderly women the most, lol.
They're basically past the peacocking stage of life and act without hidden motive.
In fact, one of the two people who I had multiple engaging conversations about art was my psychotherapist, who was a 50 something year old russian-jewish lady. The other one was my art school painting teacher.
I made two biblically themed paintings while in the mental ward, and she liked them, so we talked about art from then on.
Then again, it might be a filtration bias thing. People of my age +- some variance are from all walks of life, while older people I interact with tend to be those who are in-line with my personality. Because there's no mundane incentive for me to interact with someone so much older than me, so when it happens, it is for a particular reason that has relevance to my life.

I wanted to say that my particular problem is more similar to the "packing problems" family, but then I thought about it, and realized that it's either a weird combination of both, or something else entirely. Unlike the knapsack problem, price is not a factor, because you'll be taking all items anyway, as you've paid for them. Weight is limited, but not to a single pack. More weight just makes you add another bag, but there's an overall limit to your body's carrying capacity.
BUT at the same time, volume is not the only constraint. There's a weight volume ratio a single shopping bag can carry. Too much weight and the bag will rip. Too much volume and you have a super light bag in one hand, and a heavy one in another, so you have a disbalance carrying more weight in one arm than the other. Then you add gravity into the mix, and there's a preference for heavier objects to be on the bottom for center of gravity reasons. This could make the problem more complex or more simple, I don't know.
So yeah. At first I searched for "arbitrary volumetric packing", but didn't get many satisfactory results. It seems that the academic world is still stuck on rectangle packing and sphere packing problems. I don't blame them because the "simple" problem of packing rectangles is np-hard in itself lol. We should define a new computational problem for "packing of arbitrary volumetric shapes of different volumes and weights in an arbitrary volume of limited space and carrying capacity" to throw those computer science academics a curveball.

On a related note, it seems to me like most interesting video games are interesting because they have, at the core of their mechanics, a problem for the player to solve from the "hard" set of computational problems. Like tetris for example. Super Mario was determined to be NP-hard. In most RPGs, you have to complete some tasks while navigating a a world, typically confined to two dimensions (you can't fly, so you can just walk around). Optimizing time vs EXP gained from various quest givers and quest objectives is equivalent to the traveling salesman problem. Something to think about I guess.
No. 61919
290 kB, 500 × 216, 0:01
Eh. Due to early exposure to internet, and 2000-20010 English speaking internet at that, during early teenagehood, I've seen way more sexual degeneracy than any of my peers. Like, the average third world kazakh normie back in 2009 could not POSSIBLY imagine the things I've seen.
So maybe it's the opposite? Frequent exposure to sexual content desensitizes the viewer, making them less horny? Seems to be the case, seeing how back in the days, the sight of an exposed ankle was enough to make a man go wild, but as pornographic material gets more widespread in the first world, younger people start to have less sex. (I've read an article that claimed that zoomers have less sex than any generation prior).
No. 61920
Correlation =!= causation
While I agree that the widespread availability of hardcore pornography certainly isn't something good for adolescents (I have read a few stories of girls who ruined their assholes after trying some porn style anal gangbang bullshit), I am not sure if kids having less sex as a direct result of that.
I think it has more to do with the internet n.0 and general lack of actual social interaction and instead living their lives on tiktok and instagram and whatever "it" is currently. Also, seemingly every woman screaming "rape" the moment you try and make a move.
I mean, I still can't understand why people watch streamers or interact with them or even give them money. Imo everyone who has ever donated anything to a streamer (especially if it's a titty streamer/camwhore) should lose any kind of voting rights or other rights that go beyond the basic human rights.
No. 61924
Can't really comment since I live in a third world country, so most of the socioeconomic stuff from first world doesn't apply.
What I know is that due to conservative and somewhat islamic society, men are constantly starved of sex, and sex isn't talked about much outside friend circles, and also men are constantly horny in a stereotypical "show bob and vagene" way. It's funny to me that due to being an English speaking, tech literate nerd, I seem to fall in the western zoomer social behavior pattern while being third world myself.

From my observations, sexually active people in this country are basically lower class bydlo who have not much to gain or lose from starting or ending relationships sporadically.
The better off people fall into several categories.
First is early marriage in well off families, because those tend to know each other, and hang out with each other, so their young marry among each other simply due to proximity. Sort of expected.
Second is "poor intelligentsia", whose social capital is too high to risk on random relationships, but whom don't have the connection to marry off their young to a decent partner. Those tend to create son/daughter baskets.
Of course, there's also genuine oligarchs and "newly rich" who partake in total hedonistic degeneracy, but this phenomenon is quite universal in any country.

Maybe the reason for zoomer celibacy in the west is due to shrinking of the true bydlo category, and expansion of the "too smart to fuck around, too poor to afford a family" demographic.
No. 61926
I think it's both. A true coomer is both horny and pacified or tired.

>Also, seemingly every woman screaming "rape" the moment you try and make a move.
A right-wing internet meme is not always reality.
>I mean, I still can't understand why people watch streamers
It's radio for newer generations.
No. 61928
One could also claim the opposite and say that in a less horny population, the sex/gender division would matter less and everyone would treat each other as an amorphic asexual entity. So the idea of "X gender is worse/better at Y" would stop being a prevalent idea, since there would be no reason to sort the population by sexual characteristic.
"Gender X is better at sports" would be a no more interesting statement than "people with bushy eyebrows are better at sports". Like, there's probably a correlation you can find, but the characteristic itself by which to group the population stops mattering, so the conclusion itself becomes meaningless.
No. 61930
Interesting, I always forget how Kazakhstan is such a "strongly" islamic influenced country. In my mind all that clay around the Aral lake is still some kind of shamanistic spiritual (mongol-like) world. But yeah, sexually repressive societies tend to produce such types.

While I can't necessarily categorize people in Germany like that, I must reject your notion of "too smart to fuck around, too poor to afford a family" since girls in the west are on the pill ever since they entered puberty, so fucking around is usually not a problem for anyone but the bydloest of bydlo since they tend to forget to take theirs etc.

>A right-wing internet meme is not always reality.
Yes, that is why I wrote "seemingly", but how would you know if you spend your life online? And then you go out and want to approach someone, but have this thing in the back of your head.

>It's radio for newer generations.
I don't know if I agree with that comparison. Streaming is much more immediate and interactive. Also, what does that make Youtube autoplay and Spotify, then?

>"Gender X is better at sports" would be a no more interesting statement than "people with bushy eyebrows are better at sports". Like, there's probably a correlation you can find, but the characteristic itself by which to group the population stops mattering, so the conclusion itself becomes meaningless.
But that is just the one really obvious and reproducible example in how genders are different. Even if what you postulated were true, women would still be weaker, smaller and slower than men and that is completely independent from any sexual drive.
But yeah, if those differences don't matter anymore, consequentially nobody would either care anymore if there were no women at any kind of top sports competition.
No. 61931
208 kB, 1079 × 825
75 kB, 1154 × 880
Looking for a room is so tiresome, but I believe in the Chairman Mao who believes in me
Is it just me losing my mind or does the above sound like a translated anime title for some reason?
No. 61932
Are you really in Berlin or is that just a random picture you lifted from somewhere?
That said: I know that feel.
No. 61934
>While I can't necessarily categorize people in Germany like that, I must reject your notion of "too smart to fuck around, too poor to afford a family" since girls in the west are on the pill ever since they entered puberty, so fucking around is usually not a problem for anyone but the bydloest of bydlo since they tend to forget to take theirs etc.
While contraceptives do have a significant role that warrants a separate discussion, I'd argue that in conservative societies, it's not the actual "objective" cost of starting a family that generates friction, but the "promise" of starting a family. As in, there's a social expectation, especially strongly from close family, that if you start a relationship, it is expected to culminate in a family. So the optimization function is not minimizing the objective cost, but the expected cost. As in, if your mom finds out that you're dating, all of your extended family will start planning the wedding. A casual relationship is indistinguishable from a permanent relationship in social capital. It's kind of like the stock market or some shit. A person or a company can have a net worth of X without actually having the ability to cash out X amount of value.
The goal is not to avoid starting a family, the goal is to avoid having your parents believe that you're starting a family.

>But yeah, if those differences don't matter anymore, consequentially nobody would either care anymore if there were no women at any kind of top sports competition.
That's what I'm saying. The only reason we really "sort" people into categories is because certain characteristics are visible enough for us to intuitively create patterns. I suspect this is basically the reason I miss so many social and sexual cues in every day life until I later analyze them. "this vaguely humanoid shaped blob is saying something to me blah blah blah whatever now what was I going to post on EC later today shit I forgot". One can pick any arbitrary visible characteristic by which to differentiate a population and derive conclusions from, but we tend to focus on those that seem psychologically significant to us for various reasons. There's lots of statistical analysis done on correlation between country and IQ for example, but if it is only meaningful if one gives credence to the modern idea of nation statehood for example.
In the case of kazakhstan and central asia in genral, the concepts of tribe, Zhuz ethnicity, religion, language group, etc., are no less important factors for group division and self identification than nationality, and each of those characteristics draw completely different population "borders", with many overlapping and crossing into each other. but since most research is done through the perspective of western societies where the concepts of "tribe" and "zhuz" don't exist, and the concepts of ethnicity, language and nation-statehood are equivalent, such research simply fails be meaningful in central asian context. Like, certain tribes make up significant populations of several different central asian states, so there's naimans in kazakhstan, uzbekistan and kyrgizstan. The concept of "ethnicity" itself basically makes no sense in the context of central asia and turkic-language group civilizations in general. So despite being kazakh by nationality, I could identify more strongly with my tribal affiliation as a naiman. I could say "the fact that average IQ in kazakhstan equals 87 means nothing to me, because I'm from the superior Naiman tribe, and it's those fucking Argyn retards dragging our score down". Same would be true in a current vs "post-sex" society, where division by sexual characteristic just doesn't make sense any more, and people care more about eyebrow thickness.
No. 61941 Kontra
>So the optimization function is not minimizing the objective cost, but the expected cost.
What I wanted to say, but forgot, is that in western society, there might be a societal equivalent of "hypothetical cost".
Like, even in degenerate wect the concepts of sex and relationships aren't completely decoupled, and most normal people seem to be looking for a relationship anyway, otherwise they'd hire hookers. So the hypothetical cost of starting a sexual relationship could be: becoming emotionally attached, the other person wants a more serious relationship, being seen in a certain light by society, the real financial costs associated with maintaining a relationship, time constraints, and so on and so on.

Nothing is ever "no strings attached", everything has some associated cost or risk to it, so perhaps people see more clearly, or care more about those costs and risks, weigh them against the benefits of getting your genitals mashed, and see the trade as not profitable.
No. 61942
153 kB, 1255 × 801
26 kB, 1060 × 175
>Imo everyone who has ever donated anything to a streamer (especially if it's a titty streamer/camwhore) should lose any kind of voting rights or other rights that go beyond the basic human rights.
Why especially? I disapprove but can understand someone who donates to Karina -- she's quite an impressive hot broad, and we all are monkeys with animal drives after all. However if someone donates to usual dota-streaming retard, he must be dangerous for society pervert.
> go beyond the basic human rights.
Perhaps we can narrow it down to animal rights. BTW rate ad which youtube showed me second pic. Personalisation these days works perfect. Majority of adds I see are cultists, charities, freaks who spent life savings to promote their metal group or multiple of above. Wouldn't give money to anything except them maybe.

Interesting observation, but I think there is no pattern behind it. Usual Mario is not NP-hard, it's just "you can theoretically construct NP-hard levels" or something. In RPGs core mechanic is fighting, not minimizing time of walking between quests (moreover, they often have fast travel).
No. 61943
89 kB, 1168 × 647
200 kB, 428 × 880
6 kB, 558 × 27
269 kB, 456 × 937
>Are you really in Berlin
>That said: I know that feel.
Thanks. Actually it's going a bit better than expected since I got invited to a couple of "castings". But as if it wouldn't be nervewracking enough to just go to such castings and make conversation and play nice etc. but then you also have to await their judgement for days - it's almost like they decide whether they see you as a fellow human being worthy to share their domicile or rather consider you only fit to freeze in the alleys with the wild dogs where people with dubious social skills like that belong :D

And I have some better/worse pics - there has to be some meme account out there on that topic
Images not actually related to the texts but it'd make it even funnier
No. 61944 Kontra
>I know I am coming off as misogynistic, but it's just the observations I made in my life.

Observation is depended on the society and culture you are born into, sense making happens within certain symbol systems etc. Depending on your upbringing and your environment you hold certain views and have certain expectations of others, at least tendencies can be made out I guess. What I want to say is: somebody in a strongly gendered environment, where both females and males take their roles very seriously, you will see certain behavior that that is according to that roles, doesn't mean it's natural in that sense. Anyway, don't want to participate in the discussion, just comment on the epistemological issues that come with "observations".
No. 61946
What can you POSSIBLY gain from donating to a streamer, especially to a titty streamer?
If irl you buy her a drink you MIGHT get further. Spending any amount of money on a streamer is burning money for nothing, because you don't even have the prospect of fugging. So none of your animal drives matter here because they'll never be put to use anyway. Brick was talking in >>61905 about it, but those dudes in the club actually have a chance at scoring, whereas you will never ever, even if you give her all you own. I mean yeah, if you want to blueball yourself, you can do that, but don't expect me to consider you an equal human.
No. 61947
>how dare people spend their money in ways I don't like!
Anyone like this is unironically dangerous to society and a fuckwad. Who gives a fuck? It's not your money. It'd be one thing to get pissy about political causes because at the very least that can affect you in a roundabout way even though it's ultimately just the same thing as being pissed off people have voting rights who you don't like. It is doubly retarded if you are also the kind of person to cry about everything is muh Socialist muh Marxists ruinin [insert random delusion here].

Ffs if you hate people donating to Patreon just install fucking Stalinism already and be done with it.
No. 61948
>muh socialist
>muh marxist
>install Stalinism
10/10 fatpost, struck a nerve there, eh? Also, why are you always so hostile towards russian?
No. 61949
It keeps people in business who might otherwise end up doing one of those take-an-aspirin-before-work type of jobs and make less content that you enjoy that otherwise may not be made, and that in some cases let's be honest slugs like me and you personally benefit from as parasites when they do shit like have porn uploaded that neither of us paid for but that some guy did and took one for the time.

Basically I think you sound like a crying bitch of a manchild who needs to grow the fuck up, learn some social skills, and get a real job unless the off chance you actually have one.
No. 61950
I'm not sure the fuck you are on about considering that was actually directed at the retarded German to whom he was responding and only applicable to him incidentally for being dumb enough to agree with you.
No. 61951
Damn ameriball, eat a snickers. You are not you when you're hungry.
No. 61952
My contributions:
1: The kids do be kind of weird today. Not just in the sex department neither. We got kids nearly out of high school at work who ain't even spliffed yet.

2: Contraceptive pills are for more than birth control. My younger sister has ones that she takes because they help prevent chronic period pain.

3: Streamers. Eh, it's not really all that different to any other job/purchase when you get to the business end. People don't get anything from cable TV and they spend money on that without most people criticising them and demanding their rights taken, and the streamer themselves, even an e-thot is fundamentally still a worker, selling their ability to do work for a living. It might not be hard labour, but hell, if their cost-benefit says it's better for them than working some shitty unskilled job to barely put food on the table, then I'm sure as shit not going to tell them that they need to side with a specific aspect of capitalism. Path of least resistance under this system mang.

There's more, but tbh it's more shit I've said before in the realm of part 3, regarding labour, sexuality and identity, and people still don't get what I mean, wilfully or not. So I won't bother again to preserve the latter group the tedium :-DD
No. 61954 Kontra
Oh, and predicting a comment that e-thot labour maybe not being 'productive'. You'd be correct but probably still wrong in terms of what that term means when I would use it.

Three types of labour, not everything fits neat into one of them, but broadly speaking they still work:

1: Productive Labour which produces a surplus of value to the employer. Think a factory worker who produces more goods (and thus profit) to the employer than what they make in return. Productive is not meant to be compliment here, but rather a description of its relationship with capital. It /produces/ surplus value. The nature of this work is very fluid though and depends entirely on the context that the work is being done in.

2: Unproductive Labour which is labour where the work itself is what is being paid for, and is named for the fact that it is an exchange rather than production of surplus value. This is usually associated nowadays with the service industry, where workers are paid for specific tasks that are not actively producing value. Think cleaning hotel rooms, being a cashier. They may enable the further accumulation of capital but are not the means of accumulation itself. The difference to Productive is not moralistic.

3: Reproductive Labour which is work (often unpaid due to its assimilation into culture) that maintains the ability for the workers to create profits for capital. Things like home maintenance, cooking meals for the family, childcare etc. fall into this category. In my experience has a lot of crossover with unproductive labour.
No. 61957
There's something sick about the donating to streamers angle. It's really a paid parasocial relationship, the kraut who used to post about this is right. It is extra perverse when it's for a sexually attractive female streamer. I have nothing against streamers themselves, money cash mindset and all that but I feel like the feller who tips his favorite e-girl could use some introspection.

It really is something else when you're up for review by such committees. It's truly horrifying. Oxalá, I shall never be subject to such trials again.

found the e-girl patron
No. 61959
353 kB, 1360 × 1532
2,0 MB, 1278 × 1300
my half-baked hot take:
people have a psychological need to "matter". can't speak about women, but in men, there's a desire to be useful in some way, to be a person who contributes somehow. and I don't meant it in an abstract "my labor is probable generating some kind of value somewhere down the line" way, I mean in a social/personal monkey-brained way. Such a thing is not easily available for purchase, so people purchase the next best thing: a simulation of being "useful".
donating to streamers is no different than any other form of buying "ideology". as in, giving money in exchange for a sort of validation of a self image. People do it all the time, and I'd say for the average schmoe, "ideology" is the only product on the market available for purchase, once basic physiological needs are satisfied.

almost nobody in post-industrial society produces or purchases any "tangible" resources. People provide ambiguous services, and purchase other such services from others. Can any non-oligarch even use their meager "capital" as a tool to affect the external world? Money below a certain threshold is just a glorified arcade machine token. You can use it to redeem entertainment services, plastic toys, etc., but it gives you no power over the societal narrative.

So people redeem their tokens for a simulation of being "important", or "connected", or "appreciated", for a sense of forward "progress" in an endeavor, or a myriad other psychological needs that are difficult to fulfill. Some donate to streamers, others become star wars fans and attend cult-like conventions, some play gacha games, others buy anime figurines. Artificial meaning: the next best thing after the real thing.

I don't think it's a "good thing", but I don't like going around saying people should or shouldn't do this or that, because every behavior is a product of a certain environment, saying people shouldn't do X when the environment is set up to make them behave that way is no different than saying people should pull themselves by their bootstraps and shit. policing individuals over systematic problems is dumb.
No. 61960
That's a very urban-centric service-oriented society perspective.
There are still people who produce food, or grow their own, or build their own furniture, or actually do build furniture or lay bricks (not you).
And if an environment is producing people who see nothing wrong with giving a streamer money so they say their name maybe that environment should be further inspected.
No. 61961 Kontra
151 kB, 400 × 575
one could even say that society has grown so big and incomprehensible, that people are driven to smaller quasi-societies in the form of streamer communities, video games, fandoms, etc., to feel like actual recognizable individuals among a group. a big fish in a small pond or some such.

A wish to return to the garden of eden where everything is simple and makes sense, or worshiping a golden calf because G-d abandoned you and that dickhead moses made you walk around in a desert for 40 years. very symbolic

>There are still people who produce food, or grow their own, or build their own furniture, or actually do build furniture or lay bricks (not you).
Yeah, probably chinese people or uzbeks or mexicans and stuff. They don't really use it themselves though, they ship it to 1st world. kazakhstan is even worse, we ship raw materials to china and buy the manufactured products back from them.
>maybe that environment should be further inspected.
Now you're talking.
No. 61963
So you're saying we should reject modernity and return to tribes?
No. 61965
More like a return to a similar structure of social organization as tribal societies. At least in the day to day human scale. Which does not necessarily mean a return to similar ethos or technology level or whatever.

I keep thinking that my nominal voting power to elect a president of an entire nation is less valuable to me than if I had the voting power to get the sidewalks fixed in my immediate neighborhood. I also keep thinking that I'd probably appreciate being the 50th most important person in a group of 100 than the 10 millionth most important person in my country, or whatever.
No. 61966
>I keep thinking that my nominal voting power to elect a president of an entire nation is less valuable to me than if I had the voting power to get the sidewalks fixed in my immediate neighborhood.
That's exactly the kind of stuff we vote for in Switzerland and we indeed don't elect our president. It's a role changing every year between the seven members of the multi-party counil who constitute the executive power. They are seriously called the seven sages, they are elected by the parliament and they retire when they fancy it.
No. 61967
42 kB, 645 × 436
Thing is that singling it out is a bit silly to me because there's so much stuff that we're okay with because it doesn't have the moral aspect to it. We're good with people spending money products that cause real harm to lots of people. Meat for example is produced under conditions that are so sped up that people losing hands to equipment isn't uncommon even in the first world. Frozen meals are often done by undocumented workers doing 12 hour shifts with abusive conditions. Warehousing is in general pretty fucked up. Somehow though, someone giving some money to someone for entertainment we find unappealing is the problem. I dunno man, by comparison someone who isn't hurting anybody with a questionable pastime is basically a non-issue.

Even if we were to consider it something especially egregious, I'd still posit that the problem is larger than the donator-streamer system, but rather the entire alienating structure that we exist in where the former is so isolated that they resort to the emulation of human connection. I get it, I am sociable enough but I struggle with having a social life because when I get up at 4 in the morning, scrub toilets for a few hours, clean floors and push loads around, I don't really want to do much for the rest of that day bceause I'm tired and have to be in bed early for the next day. When I get a weekend, I have shit to catch up on and don't really have as much time for myself as I'd like to. I've got a pretty chill job by comparison to some too.

So yeah, people should look at what they're doing, and recognise that they're not in an actual relationship with someone for donating, but at the same time this moralistic approach we have of almost reprimanding the people ain't it for me. I blame the material circumstances, and regret the consequences. Not the inverse.
No. 61968
20 kB, 471 × 396
I wanted a copy of the Zhuangzi in Chinese for Christmas, but the edition I found (a bilingual one) was only cheap if purchased used.
But when I told my mother she said she'll buy it later, but as usual with things like these, the copy got sold, so when another one popped up, I bought it. Told her, so she will get me something else for Christmas.
What the fuck does Christmas even mean any more?
How do you guys give presents in the family?
Here it's something relatively expensive for me + a bottle of booze. I have a no-knick-knack policy. Told my parents after the "printer-incident" that I only wants stuff that's either a consumable or I specifically ask for, to save space.
I still have PTSD when I think about the old house. We lived in a 40 square metre hole and they got me a printer I had no idea where to put.
I was something like 14 so I was extra disappointed because I expected it to be a game console or some other interesting tech.
It has become a running gag since, with the printer being synonymous with an unwanted gift.
Strange that I have a lot of small "traumas" like these. Really unpleasant memories that make me cringe even years down the line. Like when mum would never buy me chewing gum at the store. Told her this year and she said she didn't even realise it was like that. Literally never.
Still consider gum to be a slight luxury even though it's cheap actually.

I think I just permanently alienated my only friend by going on a racist, right-wing tirade against our largest minority, Africans and the Arabs. I even surprised myself.
It's killing me.
People always say that if you're well read, you're supposed to support the status quo, as in, be a liberal or a Milquetoast conservative at worst. They tell me I'm well read, yet politically I schizophrenically fluctuate between being an unironic nazi who would create piles of bodies or a despicable tankie who would also end up creating a pile of bodies.
They say that at university the "leftists are out to get you", yet I've not seen them. I want them to get me. It'd be so much better to be part of the mainstream. Comforting even.
I'm disgusted by myself, but I also can't change my mind.
It's the contrast. IRL I bewitch people so to speak. "Oh, the hardworking, honest and always helpful, if a bit shy Ernst", while in private I can't help but be the most politically repulsive being in the country.

I'd like to believe I'm more than the sum of my political opinions, that my weird racism is not me, rather, just a part of me I discard when other parts are active.
For fuck's sake, I'm what's used to be called an "orientalist", it's not like I hate everything from the get-go or I'm closed-minded.
But am I actually the hard-working, curious student with the books and the quirky language games and obsessions, or am I the online radical nazbol-confucian-legalist 4chan-twitter user who's hell-bent on running everything he touches into the ground in the name of contrarianism and edgyness?
My friend said that he despises how I treat politics as nothing more than a logical/rhetorical exercise and all I do is just argue for the sake of arguing, that if I find a rhetorical route, I'm going to go down on it, even if I don't care, that I'm a chimera that mimics political positions for the sake of mimicking their ways of arguing just to experience yet another flavour of rhetorics.
That despite all the books, allusions and games, I seem to believe in nothing and everything, in being a prude and being abhorrent at the same time.
That a person like me, who feels like politics isn't inherent to his everyday life and just plays around from a status of privilege shouldn't be thinking about politics at all.
I feel terrible. I know the racists beliefs are mine. I have them in isolation too. I see a minority and they come out on the bus. I feel them.

After class I met with my old classmate. I might even be tempted to say I like her. She accompanied me until I reached the metro and we talked for a good 10-15 minutes before I boarded.
She then went back to campus.

Got a message from someone I don't know asking me for notes. We don't share any other classes. I gave her the notes.
God, am I known to be reliable because I participate during class, or am I just that much of a gullible/helpful loser to outsiders that they come up to me and ask for scans of my notes?
Anyway, to quote the Postal Dude "I hope the bitch appreciates the trouble I went through".

Slept a bit during the afternoon.
Got an F in Latin.

Gonna buy the pleco module for the Classical Chinese dictionary once this month's stipend arrives on my account, so that I can start reading classical Chinese works on my own. The textbook's vocabulary is limited, and so are the challenges it poses. I'd love for it to have more reading exercises, but it only has like 10 or so each chapter. But for other texts, I don't have the vocab.
I actually really like this language. Maybe it's because the texts are just more interesting, but I like it.
No. 61969 Kontra
Okay I might not have completely alienated him because he just sent me a funny meme over on discord which is codeword for "this isn't over you bastard but there shall be peace in our time".
No. 61970 Kontra
Probably your attitude is rooted in history as a provider for identity (nationalism is a prime example of this and you are nationalist/patriotist) and some weird elitism which I would say has no base in reality but comes with the milk: the symbols and society gave you things at hand to make sense of what is happening. I think you confuse hating capitalism and modernization with leftism. You share topics with leftists but I don't think there is as much oscillation as you think there is. It is rather fascistic, or authoritarian, literally. Elitism, hating modernization (while benefiting from it), hating minorities and others for not living up to your ideals of a time long gone, believing in ethnic essentialisms. Didn't you hate pensioners for being useless shit talkers? A longer list.
I don't agree with a lot of people nor do I wish to talk to them or find them interesting, but I don't celebrate it like that, build my personality around it, I just ignore it mostly. People are masks, roles, focusing on that is wasted time. Let's be real, most people never hurt you in any way, they are just annoying, so what, not everybody can have the same image of what the world should be like as you do. Dare I see it is childish? A leftist believes in social relations (and newly, cultural symbols and practices) as the mediators of human behavior, you believe in inherent natures and essentialism that condition behavior. And your rants on things that occur in societies seem to point to an aversion of societies as forms of social organization between and of humans. If you believe the best would be society as a community I have bad news for you.

If you wanna be leftist, take leftist literature seriously and read it and look at the arguments. I think that some political stances can be traced up to very basic decisions, like do you think an individual is inherently what is, a closed entity. Or is it the more or less random, sometimes structured and planned product of forces, albeit the subject/individual could be a force itself. I mean you are young and hang on places online mainly dominated by right-wingers, what do you expect? Once I left these places my right-wing thoughts vanished quite quickly, 2-3 years. It does not mean that I applaud an afghani refugee raping a female. I despise it, there are reasonable explanations and views once you leave the schizo online far from reality echo chambers that are fueled by hatred, because people have nothing else left, pretty sad tbh making your vital pulse and center of life a feeling that is hatred. And hate is not even bad.
I think what is most useful is to think about why you think what you think.
No. 61971
You took my post too seriously, but I kinda agree with you.
Sure, in ideal world such people would have more healthy hobbies than spending money for parasocial relationships. Or at least they wouldn't use their dopamine-addicted brains to make decisions which affect other people elections.
On practice, any attempt to mechanically achieve this will result in "no fun allowed" retards telling everyone what is best for them and abusing their authority.
Better tolerate people whom I don't like, than deal with people who don't like and don't tolerate me.

Well, that's what regional and municipal elections are for. Don't know if they exist in Kazakhstan (I mean, for real, not just formally like in Russia).
No. 61973
Got nek week's roster. Short week (4 days), consistent start times (all mornings so I don't have to flip sleep schedule overnight) and livable hours. The holy fucken trinity of insecure work. Job still sucks but damn it feels pretty good.
No. 61974
37 kB, 680 × 684
When I was a kid, the floor used to be an explorable space. a place to sit, lay, crawl and play on. It used to be very big, too, compared to my body.
Now as an adult, the floor, as a surface to interact with, is as far away as my childhood itself.

It seems 1 meter vertically is a very long distance.
No. 61975 Kontra
note: the above statement holds true only when sober
when I'm shitfaced, I get intimately reacquainted with the floor rather often. it's a bittersweet romance
No. 61977
We know how it be. Red Bull gives you wings. Beerkhan gives you 4x4.
No. 61978
Also drinking ans 12% homebrew beer. Not bad. Tastes like shit tho.
No. 61979
82 kB, 630 × 350
On the dialectical relationship between simp patronage and big titty streamer capital...
In all seriousness, it's something that doesn't affect me at all and as you say, it's hardly a immoral business by comparison. Still, it feels like something obscene and I can't take this approach of underpinning to the larger material conditions as it seems to me all the required material conditions are a well endowed streamer and a fast enough internet connection. I don't think it's some trap that the underpayed and overworked masses fall into, I'd guess it's something that hits equally across social-economic spectrum, or if anything, it would have a tendency to more easily lure people with more disposable income.

I can't quite explain what's so wrong with it either, it's wrong in some abstract way. In some futuristic horrifying way, where social contact is mediated by stream subscribers and donation tokens. Even prostitution, with all of its macabre implications, seems more natural and less perverse. Turning sex to a profane transactional act seems less twisted than doing the same for the barest minimum of affection.
No. 61980
I think we have moved into a different direction now.
It wasn't about titty streamers themselves. They're in for the money, if you want to do that, by god, do it, I can't blame anyone for that. I wouldn't want to, but that's why I actually have to work for my money.

The original point was about people actually donating money to titty streamers so they say their name or just acknowledge them in any way. Let's call them simps. I don't like the word, but I can't think of a better term. And it's not even about WHAT they spend their money on (I spend probably too much money on alcohol), it's about the WHY.
And I stand by my point that an adult man who is doing that is someone not worth of anyone's respect.
You talk about prostitution - if I give 100 moneys to a whore, she will do something with me. If I give 100 moneys to a titty streamer, she will say my name and call me swwet or something.
The emotional investment of both women is the same, just that one of them is actually providing a tangible service.

And I read some time ago about some e-thot who lost a bunch of "fans" when she disclosed she had a boyfriend, with even the main mod of her discord channel or whatever writing some long, autistic rant about how he felt betrayed or something.
And then someone like ameriball has the gall to call anyone a retarded manchild, when they themselves are on the same level of development as a teenage girl (boygroups etc.).

tl;dr: Don't hate the player, hate the played.
No. 61981
Tbh, Prostitution is actually an interesting point of comparison. I've spoken with sex workers before (acquaintances via old workmates) and read literature within radical circles on the subject, and even in that side of the industry, the emotional emulation is a growing preference, to the point where the 'gfe' is a marketable service among prostitutes. It's part of what made me initially drawn to the social/material context of it instead of seeing it in isolation.

I do get the revulsion to the act. It's just that like I said, I see the degradation as a consequence to be regretted rather than its own phenomenon. I don't particularly like or respect the behaviour, I just try to understand why it's a thing and try and figure how much of it is just rational seeking of missing desires (in this case, human connection).
No. 61986
Can't you retroactively ban the OP post? Back on alt-KC I thought it was always nice to see what kind of posts are unwanted by seeing a fat KEBAB WAS REMOVED FROM PREMISES beside a shitty post, like a head on a stick.
No. 61987
5,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
3,8 MB, 4624 × 2600
Wind turbines. Notice the small windmill next to the gigantic turbine :DD
No. 61988
118 kB, 1536 × 2049
18 kB, 372 × 600
I think what is haunted about this phenomenon is the commodification and absolute reduction of friendship or whatever it is that gets emulated. It's like an abstraction of the physical, of the body. Perhaps that is so frightening. The elimination of the body through media technology.

t. cultural observer pro

I have another observation to share because it made me chuckle. I was in a long zoom seminar and during the duration of the seminar it got dark outside. At some point I was watching these squares and the faces in them illuminated by the pale blue light of their screens. The situation is quite absurd. It made me chuckle how we tiredly stared into the screen trying to communicate and get along. Existence reduced to digital pictures with all their artifacts thanks to low-tech cameras build in many laptops and a crappy sound. 2D pictures and mono channel sound compression. Digitalization is the filtering of reality, in the end a reduced reality as part of reality. I don't know how to wrap my head around it, but surely, technology and its impact on how we live, perceive, think and feel is fascinating.
No. 61990
166 kB, 1920 × 1281
Also, to make in addition to my last post: The donation token is eerie as it expresses validation and "friendship" or affection if from of some symbols that are blatantly about quantity, your affection is measurable and has a distinct number value.
No. 61991
Is being racist that much looked down in Hungary ?
In Switzerland, most people are closet racist. I was surprised as I learned it. Nearly all jokes pass in private context. The only racist things you can’t say is the ones that imply a change in the status quo.
No. 61992
>The donation token is eerie as it expresses validation and "friendship" or affection if from of some symbols that are blatantly about quantity, your affection is measurable and has a distinct number value.
So basically what carat the diamond is you buy your woman?
No. 61993
18 kB, 480 × 360
What if it's all just normal people being a part of an online community, socializing, and supporting people who provide them with entertainment, and we're just undersocialized nerds kvetching about things we don't understand?
No. 61994
By that logic "normal" people shouldn't have any problem with home office/screensharing/remote teaching stuff.
No. 61995 Kontra
I don't think it is the same. You cannot necessarily see the quantity/value of that ring. I'm not sure if the Karat thingy is more an urban legend males tell themselves to rage about that they have to spend money on their women in general so they can display them as money-hungry beings. I doubt that Karat is the important thing. Besides, the ring symbolizes belonging to someone. The tokens don't.
No. 61996 Kontra
Additional info: in other relationships affection is shown outside of token spending and buying a ring.

inb4: buying other things.
No. 61997
29 kB, 371 × 443
>people being a part of an online community, socializing, and supporting people who provide them with entertainment
My support may not be material but you're kinda describing what EC is about for me :D

t. didn't really follow the discussion
No. 61998
>You cannot necessarily see the quantity/value of that ring.
If you buy such a ring (or any other piece of jewelry that does not symbolize belonging - which a ring doesn't necessarily do either) you let the other one know how much it cost. And if you lie and say it cost more and they find out they will get angry.

>in other relationships affection is shown outside of token spending and buying a ring.
But not in the relationships where buying a ring (or jewelry in general) is actually a thing.
Anecdote from my own life: Ex and me were moving in together. I bought some new toilet seats for the toilets. "Her" toilet seat was a bit more cheaply made than "mine". She got upset because "hers" was the cheaper one. I then explained (and proved) to her that "hers" was actually the more expensive one, after which she calmed down. Her seat was still more cheaply made, but since it was the more expensive one, it didn't matter. She was also one of those who wouldn't be with a "lesser" or "unambitious" man. Gladly she broke up with me shortly before we actually moved together.

So yeah, "affection" can indeed be quantified - if applicable in that particular relationship of course. And just for your information, carat is a weight unit, so it's obvious if a stone has more or less carat just by looking at it.
Also, I am under the impression you might be a woman, or just a really self-hating man. If the former, tell us more about your inner workings, I think many people here would be interested.
No. 61999
Perhaps we do need an EC tokens system to support our respective favorite posters.
No. 62000
You complain about people donating to streamers, and put it like non-reciprocal altruism is just a zoomer thing.
But you know what. There are people (usually old women) who feed pigeons. And then pigeons shit all over the street they care about pigeons more than about Tajik janitors =D. Worse than that, some of them feed fucking stray dogs, who sometimes attack people, especially children.
On the other hand, I like people who feed stray cats. Cats are not dangerous or inconvenient to anyone and are very pleasant to see. Just like titty streamers if you think of it.
No. 62001
Fuggg I was to going to write it but I was to late
thanks you for the gold, kind stranger!!!!!!
No. 62002
I really wouldn't go so far and call donating to streamers altruistic. If it was, you wouldn't watch them, but just give them the money.
>Cats are not dangerous or inconvenient to anyone and are very pleasant to see.
Cats are very dangerous to birds (except pigeons, OF FUCKING COURSE) and they like to shit where children play and scream all night long, so yeah, they are not only dangerous, but also inconvenient to anyone not wanting their kids to play with toxic cat shit or having to listen to their screaming.
No. 62003
Oh, and there are people who adopt animals from streets. My female coworkers constantly look for someone to take their cat/dog because they had already adopted three, but couldn't pass by forth one. "I saw him near entrance and he looked sooo cute, poor thing!"
There are even people who give money to Africans though I don't know any of them personally. They must be rich compassionate westerners.
No. 62004
53 kB, 607 × 608
Ex-gf was this exact same. She adopted three cats total. When she found the third one, she asked me if I wanted to keep this one. I agreed, but said I'd let him roam free around the village I live in.
She promptly kept the cat.
No. 62005 Kontra
So your image of women seems to depend on your ex. So if you surround yourself with people who buy obsessively into that value thing and learned to quantify their life, it's good she is not part of your life anymore, it's the full internalization of the commodity exchange, it happens.
I'm male btw, I just don't buy into male gender performance unlike you, nor do I think quantification of that kind is natural. Also, I never claimed it is not quantified, I said there is expression and performance of affection outside of quantified action.
No. 62007
Are you intentionally misunderstanding me? I was EXPLICITLY stating it was an anecdote. Of course I could tell at least ten more anecdotes from other people's women. So no, it's not based on my ex, she's just one of the more obvious and egregious examples. The current one is the complete opposite, gladly, but I still see some behavioural patterns in her that I also see in other women, despite her being more of an independent-feminist-not-like-other-girls(but for real), although the ex also was independent and beyond that rather career-oriented.
>Also, I never claimed it is not quantified, I said there is expression and performance of affection outside of quantified action.
Yes, that is ALSO what I said. I was referring SPECIFICALLY to the relationships where this exchange happens. Did you even read my post?

Anything I say is based on experience and observation of my surroundings. Now you could say I live in a rather particular and narrow environment, but I have lived in a few different parts of Germany and it's the same everywhere. Maybe women in other countries are different, I don't know that, although at least e.g. the asians I know are much more materialistic than the german women.
Maybe your relationships have been different, but the ones I partook in an witnessed all had very similar features one could observe.
Also, wtf is "male gender performance" supposed to be?
No. 62008 Kontra
Don' think it's a matter of country. More a thing about how much somebody has internalized this exchange and thus expects it.
Gender performance is acting manly/feminine so as to feel and be perceived of what is understood as manly/femininene in a culture/society.
No. 62009
65 kB, 710 × 710
Having this mental concept of buying your women via jewelry is bad. If you think that, to the woman you're with, you're just the sum of shit you buy, why would you be with her?
No. 62010 Kontra
Today was allright I guess.
Finally got the midterm results. It's a C. It's far from world class, but apparently still above average for the class.

Bought some new books on the way home. A bilingual Baudelaire volume and a copy of Moscowian Stories by Aksyonov.
Also found a copy of Jin Ping Mei, which I already owned, but I alerted my classmates about it.

Not exactly, it's just my friend who's very progressive compared to most Hungarians.
He comes from a politically active family so he's also very active politically.
No. 62011
> "full internalization of the commodity exchange"
This goes to my glossary for impressing people. Together with "full commodification of internal exchange".
I dunno, "sex for food" is a very common and natural thing even among animals. Not saying that relationships with women come down to this, but it is important part of them. So it's not like commodity exchange should be something separable from love.
for streamers it's "illusion of sex for food" and for jewelry it's "sex for illusion of food"
No. 62012 Kontra
>I dunno, "sex for food" is a very common and natural thing even among animals.

Dunno if it's true or some hearsay phrase. It is not a commodity exchange measured in quantifiable numbers/money, though.

>"full commodification of internal exchange".

What should that be?
No. 62014
I terrified a woman at theater group today. Improvised an abusive husband and she played the wife, she would get a call from the police asking her questions and my character would burst into rage. I screamed really loudly and was pretty convincing, she kept playing really good. After the scene was over I came over to her smiling as a way to say we finished and, even though she was also smiling, she was breathing irregularly and was shaking.

I think I liked that. Theater gives the possibility to behave like the worst person on earth and/or make people watching you be proufoundly unsettled without consequences.
No. 62015
>Gender performance is acting manly/feminine so as to feel and be perceived of what is understood as manly/femininene in a culture/society.
I see. And what if I act the way I act because it's just how I am and that is coincidentally congruent with being perceived as "manly"?
And what if most people are doing that and those notions have developed from that?
Because masculine/feminine "performance" seems to have a lot in common throughout cultures globally.
No. 62020 Kontra
> And what if I act the way I act because it's just how I am and that is coincidentally congruent with being perceived as "manly"?

That is questioned by the notion of the human as symbolic (sophisticated use of signs) and social animal. Don't get me wrong, aggression, assertiveness, emotional coldness, rationality etc. exist, norms like don't cry as well. It's just not a natural manly trait or attribute but a social and cultural historically grown understanding of what is manly and thus how persons with a penis should behave. You and me were born into a culture and society that told us how we should ideally be. This varies in cultures and the existence of patriarchal structures does not necessarily mean it is natural. A phenomenon that seems global does nit imply it's naturalness. The capitalist mode of production is global, yet it has a history. Same goes for most things. The human body exists physically and physiologically, yet the meaning arrived to bodies differs in time and culture, we make sense of the body in different ways and this influences our behavior, our action/practices concerning ourselves and in interaction with others.
No. 62021 Kontra
>meaning ascribed to bodies differs in time and culture
No. 62022
Interesting, I'd just a join theater group if it consisted of this.
No. 62023
Now we're at that point again. Why would universal human behavior not be "natural"? And where does "natural" end? Is men hunting and women raising kids unnatural? Is nursing and giving birth already unnatural? Is reproduction unnatural in the first place? If you subtract all the "unnatural" civilizational "achievements", you're still left with a wide base of similar human behavior around the globe, throughout history and cultures, and rites of passage for example are ESPECIALLY prevalent in the "less developed" = "closer to nature" tribes. Doesn't that kinda contradict your presumptions?

Are chimpanzees unnatural too because they are patriarchally organized and wage war for the sole reason to kill their "enemies"? Are lions?

So I'm asking: What is "natural" in your opinion? Where are you drawing the line? And how do you imagine humans would behave and organize without any "historically grown understanding"?
No. 62024
503 kB, 1620 × 3389
Sometimes I think that having a small imageboard as my only source of online socialization is not normal, and that I should perhaps join the larger crowd to be more in touch with normality, as well as extracting some social benefit from being visible and connected. But every time I try, the experience leaves me sour.

One of my biggest frustrations among many is this relatively common sentiment on social media of describing any post that exceeds a paragraph in length as a "wall of text" and as something outrageous or strange. In fact, I've seen such sentiment expressed towards posts that are more than one or two sentences. It is completely baffling to me. I just can't imagine or relate to being someone for whom a page of text is a lot of text. In fact, it's difficult for me to humanize such """people""". This constitutes functional illiteracy in my opinion.

When I was discovering the internet as a youth, I used to think that most people who could speak english were intelligent or at least educated. Either because they were from a developed western country, or capable enough to learn a second language. Gradually I learned that even functional societies are full of cretinous demi-humans.
This bothers me because if rich and developed countries are like that, I shudder to think what kind of imbeciles my third world oriental countrymen, whom I'm surrounded with, must be like like. Maybe it's a good thing I'm a recluse.
No. 62025
Formatting is important and most sites don't allow for proper formatting.
Take for example the ameriball's ramblings in the vidya thread.
He is actually using paragraphs. Now imagine how in addition to the uninteresting contents you'd also be presented an actuall wall of text and how that would already deter anyone making a serious effort to read through all that.
I also have trouble sometimes following brick's remarks, or look at my own posts and realize that despite using the Return key I still don't get proper paragraphs and should probably use empty lines to separate the paragraphs.
But of course I am on an actual computer with a physical keyboard and can actually properly type.
I sometimes type and read on my phone, but I hate it. It makes just two sentences look like two pages and it's horribly inconvenient and I just hate it, and while other people might not necessarily hate it, they will, at least subconsciously, acknowledge how inconvenient doing anything by phone is and thus naturally read and type less.
This is for example a problem on the cancerchan, because so many low-effort shitposts come from phones. If you would just generally ban all phoneposters, post quality would skyrocket. It would still be extremely low, but it wouldn't approach 0 anymore, at the least.
I have around five or six linebreaks in this post, but it will probably still look like shit.
No. 62026
The phone poster angle is true, but then again most people will still write hundreds or thousands of lines daily on their phone. I think writing a long essay just runs counter to the modus operandi in most websites. People browsing youtube comments just want to read one liners and move onto the next comment. Something about attention span.
No. 62027
Could also be. I hate smartphones and typing on them, so my perspective was probably too narrow here. Though the question is still what came first, the short comments or the attention span.
No. 62028
Both good points, but what bothers me specifically is this smug half-joking half-serious implication that writing a long reply is a fax pas. They're either insecure or genuinely proud of being below junior high school levels of language skills.

But yeah, websites have shit formatting most of the time. I usually set line width in my text editors to 40-60 characters long, proper indentation of paragraphs, etc. But that also makes the text much longer vertically, and I imagine that would scare the energy drink chugging ADHD retard teenagers even more.
No. 62029
>but what bothers me specifically is this smug half-joking half-serious implication that writing a long reply is a faux pas.
Is that so? I've never encountered that notion, I just have a buddy (who is actually older than me, i.e. in his late 30s) who would always complain about me sending him "walls of text", when it was like three or four sentences. Which of course irritated me, so I called him lesefaul.

>But that also makes the text much longer vertically,
Call me a boomer, but I HATE short lines and long vertical texts and honestly prefer having my texts spread across an actual screen, even if some wannabe scientist faggot once found out shorter lines are more readable or something.
And then I open the french wikipedia and found out the mobile layout is now the standard layout, fucking frogs man.
No. 62030
>and I imagine that would scare the energy drink chugging ADHD retard teenagers even more.

Slow down, would you kindly? Not all people with ADHD chug energy drinks, post trash and oneliners or are retarded*, regardless of their age.

And while I get that you most likely don't think that way outside of snide remarks, you still seem to harbor some Feindbild. Be careful with the ad hominems then.

  • Mild irony: The package of the most common ADHD medication for teenagers in Germany identifies the content in bold letters as "Medikinet Retard".

P.S.: How do I actually translate Feindbild? The dictionary lists bogeyman image, detestation and pet hate, none of which feel like they capture the semantics properly.
No. 62031 Kontra
Meh, I buggered the formatting. That was not meant to be a list point but a reference to the "retarded".
No. 62032
I can't think of a good proper english single-word term, I would probably say something like "perceived enemy".
No. 62033
163 kB, 560 × 560
Interesting, we seem to focus more on curing these conditions by preemptive contraception.
No. 62034
Fun fact: The "retard" in drugs and the "retard" in retards comes from the same root - both mean some kind of temporally stalled development.
In the case of the mentally retarded it's arrested development, they're quiet literally "slower" than healthy people.
In the case of drugs it's the delayed, or slow release of the active substance, for example by choosing a formulation for pills that only slowly dissolves in the stomach and thus slowly releases the drug.
No. 62035
>shorter lines are more readable or something.
It's absolutely true tbh - mb it requires a bit of practice but you can basically read a whole line at a time that way - so you avoid having to mentally "keep track" where you are in a line & you don't have to move your eyes that much.
I even use a chrome add-on called "Just Read" when reading something longer form to format the text appropriately.
No. 62036
In Portuguese, retardar is still used in the sense of delaying/delayed. I've seen safes with "retarded opening" mechanisms.
No. 62037
There's also a piece of truck tech that's called "Retarder", which is basically a friction-free brake mechanism.
No. 62038
I should stop having opinions, they're a waste of time.
No. 62040
giving birth, raising kids, hunting are natural phenomena, they can also be/are (cultural) practices. Though the last (hunting) already implicitly is an understanding of hunter-gatherer social organization. Is that still the case today? I don't think so. What stays relevant is food/energy intake to reproduce/maintain the biological functioning of the human organism of course. But all that is done, all these doings, vary in how they are done, at least in the history of humans. I once posted Marcel Mauss's essay about cultural techniques. While all humans sleep, how they sleep and what they ascribe to sleep, how they understand sleep, what meaning sleep in their culture and in their society/community beyond its resting function differs Mauss especially points out how different tribes around the world did certain body techniques like sleeping, running, swimming and others quite differently. And how sleep is understood can have an impact on how culture and society are organized, basically, it plays a part in the larger organization, it can have an impact on day to day life and its organization.

Also, what does closer to nature mean? It already implies what is to be shown, I think. You already understand history as linear "progress", which is sense-making of time passing, but in the end a cultural question of how that passing of time and all the human actions in it can be explained and understood etc. There are histories from a few decades back on how that understanding of time as an open future with its possibility of ongoing progress came into being only around 1500 to be very coarse here. Anthropologists today might say tribes are different, not less progressive in the frame of civilization. Talking about civilization might imply a normative claim already, being higher than others, which means the epistemological process, the process of knowing is biased by a frame that is older and prevalent in our society still (your take might be an example) and you were raised and told about these, thus it is safe knowledge to you.

Lorraine Daston wrote an essay on why humans look at nature to justify their own organization and behavior in that organization. What she does is to understand humans as homo depictors, as beings that are longing for representations (a concept which she borrows from Ian Hacking, who in his classic book Representing and Intervening first introduces it), which means she herself argues from an anthropological standpoint. Very coarse here and with many left outs: Nature takes the function of a pool of orders that can be used to represent order of very different kinds to humans. You can understand society as a beehive for example (Mandeville and Kevin Kelly both use the beehive to represent human society for instance. It helps them justify how they think society and agents in it should be(have))
Maybe your library has it.

As always this discussion boils down to biological knowledge and cultural knowledge and what is producing effects: biological structures and operations or cultural structures and operations. One question is, can biology claim to explain society and culture? Or are these realms of their own? Well, there are subdisciplines that do, on the other hand, biological knowledge and subdisciplines like sociobiology can be viewed and (in the end critically) examined from a humanities standpoint though in its symbolic, normative and political implications.
No. 62041
>giving birth, raising kids, hunting are natural phenomena, they can also be/are (cultural) practices.
Ok, so you're saying biological givens are intertwined with culture? Which leads to the logical conclusion that culture is directly influenced by biological prerequisites?

> Is that still the case today? I don't think so
So all those jungle and savannah tribes have been eradicated or assimilated? That's sad.

Though now I ask you again to please answer my questions.
No. 62042 Kontra
I'm quite busy atm, so I might not answer, if you write a reply.
No. 62043 Kontra
I answered your questions. Even what you asked now is more or less answered already.
No. 62044
No you didn't. You kinda answered the first one and then went off on some tangential ramblings that didn't answer anything.
No. 62045 Kontra
What I tried to tell you is that the notion of nature is already charged with symbolism, it is not unstained in its use as you think it is, maybe in a very narrow biological sense that you think is universal and only understanding of what is nature. But if you don't want to view the world through the lens of biology only, you will eventually end up in not so easily answerable territory on how both biological entities and cultural symbolism interrelate.

>Which leads to the logical conclusion that culture is directly influenced by biological prerequisites?

No, intertwining is not as easily resolved as you do now, that is what my post was about and why that is.
No. 62046
Ok, now answer the questions.
No. 62048
>nothing is essentially real
Deep but not very useful
No. 62049 Kontra
71 kB, 769 × 432
I think he's telling you he doesn't see it as possible to divorce the concept of natural with the additional cultural baggage surrounding this term.
Just say why you think such things are indeed natural and why natural is a useful term despite his objections so you two assburgers can move along.
No. 62050 Kontra
I told you already what I think is natural and where the natural seem to end for me, my dear. You don't seem to understand it though because you cannot accept a problematization of biological concepts or don't understand that my answer is a further problematization of the question.
No. 62051
Yeah and I already acknowledged that, but you still didn't answer the other questions.
And don't try to be condescending, it's not fitting for someone who can't give a clear answer when asked and furthermore makes an awful lot of assumptions.
So either say you don't want to answer them or you can't, but don't try and deviate and ask counterquestions.

I mean, how are you going about your life? When the cashier asks you if you want the receipt, are you giving her a lecture about the epistemiological implications of currency-based transactions? Are you able to choose between ketchup and mayo, provided you were even able to order anything without questioning the very nature of menu choice? Come on, stop being obtuse on purpose.
No. 62053
The American response to the pandemic has been so fucking stupid and incompetent it boggles the mind. For further proofs, my Irish airlines and Royal Caribbean stocks have all been making great gains. Meanwhile everything Southwest, American Airlines, to Carnival have lost me a lot of fucking money. These morons are costing me my fucking money.
No. 62055 Kontra
You are asking questions that reach into philosophical territory, and you expect non-philosophical answers, make it make sense. For the 1000th time you have your answers already but you don't seem to understand the answers.

>giving birth, raising kids, hunting are natural phenomena, they can also be/are (cultural) practices.

is what I said. Raising kids and acquiring food with humans is not determined by the biological sex these days in societies that undergo modernization, it's a convention by culture/norms and manifested power relations. And it is also not determined in non-modernized societies in the end, otherwise, there would have never been the historic turnout we can witness today.

>When the cashier asks you if you want the receipt, are you giving her a lecture about the epistemiological implications of currency-based transactions? Are you able to choose between ketchup and mayo, provided you were even able to order anything without questioning the very nature of menu choice? Come on, stop being obtuse on purpose.

How dumb do you want to play? If I want a receipt or not is not a philosophical question, it's a functional one. Also, your question was open and did not provide me with choices. You did not ask stupid1 or stupid2, you can only make a choice between these two because I say so what makes you think you can easily set the frame for answers anyway?
So stop making suggestive comparisons that do not hold.
Furthermore, devaluing epistemological questions does not make you a cool or clever person, it just makes you look dumb because you cannot account for what you know and why you do so.
No. 62057 Kontra
>and you expect non-philosophical answers
No, I expect any answers at all. Just saying "yeah, but, how, if, when" and referencing other people who most likely talked in the same way is not any kind of answer, it's just diversion. But just say so if you don't want to answer them. Do you want to answer them? Yes or no, functional question.
But yeah, obviously you got pretty butthurt I called you out, so carry on, I'm done. You have your right and have my peace.
No. 62058 Kontra
1,4 MB, 3200 × 2190
I gave you an answer so technically you got what you wanted, you just cannot find a way to deal with the answer you got. Instead of reacting to my answer you just claim I did not answer your question. Anyway, we talk to each other at some point in the future again, I guess. already makes me :DDDD tbh
No. 62061
4,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
38 kB, 531 × 520
Bought Kinder Surprise-like egg and what I got is wooden block with "Ъ!" on it.
No. 62062
Well, at least it wasn't an "Ы".
No. 62063
A what? I didn't hear you.
No. 62065
I want it.
nice swastikas :DD
No. 62066
66 kB, 512 × 384
79 kB, 1638 × 900
116 kB, 800 × 530
20 kB, 500 × 352
Wow that's sad. If I were a kid and I'd get sth like that in a Kinder Surprise I'd probably cry

t. has fond memories of my parents buying me киндер сюрприз eggs

amazingly, looking at the pics now, I can even remember which of the toys I used to own
No. 62067
385 kB, 1280 × 720
Just found a room next to the uni last-minute (tho it's a bit expensive) and now they're canceling the in-person classes. Apparently there will still be some in-person classes for now but it's probably just a matter of time until those get canceled...

Fuck this absolute clown shit, I haven't been this mad about anything corona-related all this time
No. 62069
281 kB, 1200 × 787
The owners were probably worried they wouldn't be able to rent these next few months. Thank God for Ernst.
No. 62070

I had some of those reptiloids, as I remember.
No. 62071
Understandable. I really don't get it. Only some of my classes are on zoom, most are in-class. I hope it stays that way, I honestly see no reason to cancel it. And yes while it is no guarantee, all and I really mean all but one person I encountered are vaccinated in all classes. Indoor with masks mostly and there are rarely big bulks of people indoors or outdoors. There is absolutely no need for closing universities when people can go to carnival or in clubs and restaurants without masks.
You did start again with Chinese, didn't you?
No. 62074
Wait, zoom? That's been banned for use at universities here... apparently "here" only means this Bundesstaat and not in all of Germoney. Or is it like this thing where someone takes cocaine at a party and nobody sais anything because they're all kinda okay with it but also they want some as well (and then someone dies on the toilet)?
No. 62076
29 kB, 462 × 496
705 kB, 580 × 797
They wouldn't be if you based them on concrete objective and indisputable fact.

They are however a waste of time when you start arguing them with others, particularly when the person with whom you are arguing doesn't care about fact or have an opinion based in any reality.

Realize no physical space matters anymore but cyberspace and crown yourself lord of that and then offer to trade your landlord plots of cyberspace in edchange for leasing his properties to you. Be sure to parcel it out one single page at a time and not a whole wesbite.
No. 62078
It's the first time I get notified that Zoom is not used by a university or universities. Many universities have Zoom guides on their webpages.
No. 62079
I think some of them don't use it because MIMIMI DATENSCHUTZ or something.
There are good german-made and governmental approved alternatives you know :^)
No. 62081
Watching videos of court proceedings is kinda fun.
It's like a tv melodrama, but with more autistic details.
No. 62083
It seems this ban on zoom/MS teams/skype etc is only taken seriously in some universities and there only really in the MINT/STEM fields.

Not sure what your angle is here, but I'd prefer BBB over zoom any day. Yes, it's because of survaillance capitalism, but not only that.
No. 62085
Are there any self hosted remote teaching solutions?
I believe schools are getting scammed by various tech companies, and a public necessity being tied to some private company's business model is unacceptable.

Every school should have its own local server with FOSS software developed to help run the school.
No. 62086
175 kB, 801 × 991
Btw re video conferencing, I'd take even Zoom any day over the shit we use, Cisco Webex.
It sucks pretty bad, especially for lectures with many participants. There's a default setting that every time someone joins or leaves a call everybody hears an annoying ping sound (you can imagine the cacophony at the beginning and end, and the distraction when someone enters/leaves the call while someone's presenting), and only the host can turn it off. The kicker is that of course a good amount of the profs are too tech-illiterate to remove the tick in the options that turns it on/off. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon, I even picked out a step-by-step guide now that I'll send them if it keeps happening.

>You did start again with Chinese, didn't you?
Yep, getting that second degree and trying not to think about this skit:

It seems that I can swap into a parallel language course that will be mostly in person, but it still sucks since I really liked the super energetic teacher and got used to the classmates as well.

I've lived in cyberspace long enough, wanna get outside for a change lol
No. 62088
Don't know if this is the case in Germany too, but the worsening energy crisis has recently been making headlines here, especially the fact that the Austrian army and the German army have both begun to publish materials on the topic of "what to do if there's no power for weeks".
What I'm trying to express is I guess that does this also a popular talking point right now in Germany and Austria too that these instructional materials are being handed out?

My father was on a business trip to Austria last week, and he came back deeply concerned about the fact and has been annoying my mother about stockpiling goods and grandiose plans about installing a fireplace.
Usually when he has plans he himself hasn't really thought about a lot, it's our task with my mother to subdue him and make him come to his senses.
I had a better idea and told my mother to use my father's newfound motivation fuelled by fear to get him to finish installing the water tank in the basement that can be used to heat the house using wood. He planned it years ago, but never got to it due to money concerns at the time.
I passed the speech check and now it's going to be installed apparently, since he realised that installing a fireplace inside would be: a) more expensive than the already planned basement heating b) would fuck up the aesthetic of the room c) it'd only heat 2-3 rooms instead of the whole house

Yesterday's culture studies lecture was very interesting, because it talked about orientalism a bit, and the interpretation of orientalism as a "search for a cure to the ailments of western-style development" resonated with me a lot.
I'm glad I choose this thing to minor in. It's so cool to hear all these amazing theories. Unironically.

Woke up very early today. My mother was ordered home from work into home office, so we went shopping for groceries together before I have classes.
I'm feeling very well rested. The treatment is unironically working. Didn't expect that.

Was it banned over spying concerns?
I heard that some Bundeslands are very concerned about the Chinese infiltrating the education, and a few unis even closed Confucius Institutes over it.
We used Zoom too during the lockdown. And the department's licence for it was unironically paid for by the Chinese state lmao

No, it's the exact opposite. Other people should stop having opinions.
No. 62090
> public necessity being tied to some private company's business model is unacceptable.
Well, it's not like Zoom is the only company providing service for video conferences, so they are not really tied to it. Other than that it's not different from schools buying desks, chairs or products for canteen from private companies.

> Every school should have its own local server with FOSS software developed to help run the school.
And who will install and maintain it? 60 years old informatics teacher?
Making one installation for multiple schools (per region or per country) is more realistic, at least in Germany, but in Russia it will end with spending billions on yet another Bolgen OS.

> spying concerns
What is so secret about universities? Are they afraid that burger coders will get free education by spying on their lectures? =D
No. 62091
My current roommate might be the most NPC human I've ever met.
A couple days ago he came back late from work and told me some story about how he went to buy a party set of IKEA hot dogs but couldn't find any despite checking several IKEA stores, so he had to go to another store to buy them and yadda yadda yadda
Yesterday he invited me to go drinking but I couldn't make it and we ended up not seeing each other the whole day. Now I ask him if he ended up going out yesterday anyways and he goes and tells me the exact fucking story he told me before, in almost the same way, with the same story beats. I was so baffled I didn't dare to interrupt him, kinda hoping he'd realize he already told me the story before (he didn't).
Tbh I'm kind of freaked out, it's like some Groundhog Day shit, glad I'm moving out on Sunday.

>if this is the case in Germany too, but the worsening energy crisis
I had read about some recent blackouts in the US (Texas I think?) but hadn't heard about any domestic energy crisis. Then again, I don't really follow the news that much. Looking at some recent headlines it doesn't seem like a big topic, but maybe some German who's more tuned into the news cycle can give a better response.
No. 62095
Maybe he's the sort of man who won't give up in his quest for IKEA hotdogs, you have a lot to learn from his dedication.
No. 62096
Been watching the rittenhouse trial.
The guy who shot some dudes during a protest a year ago.

It looks like it's gonna be ruled not guilty on account of self defense.
No. 62101
Well, it WAS self-defense after all, which has been confirmed by video evidence from several angles and also by the guy who was shot into the arm himself (he for example came towards the boy with a gun pointed in his direction and might get his own charge for that because he was carrying illegally).
Also, the prosecution is hilariously incompetent.

However, he might get a few years for illegally carrying a gun and stuff like that. Play stupid games, win stupid prices.

Seems like you didn't advance the mission enough or maybe misclicked some dialogue option. Happens. By the way, have you seen eXistenZ?
No. 62103
Yeah, I have no sympathy for the retarded boyscout LARPer, but it does look like he was assaulted by the people who got shot.
AFAIK the first guy he shot really was assaulting him, but the other two people assumed he was a mass shooter or something, and tried to apprehend him. An idiotic decision, but I have hindsight so eh. Maybe they thought they were being heroes.
No. 62106
I heard about problems that Russia could close the gas valve. Yet it's not making any big news I guess. But like the other German, I don't really follow the news.
No. 62107 Kontra
Recent headlines online just say that Putin delayed winter gas supply but now valves are open, news outlets say it is worrying that Russia has this power. But I don't think this is a novelty tbh. Russia makes us warm in winter debate is at least a few years old if not older. A problem is we cut coal and atomic energy so fast, an economic news outlet says. But I think Russia won't make much money if they don't supply the euro market, no?
No. 62111
Classical Chinese class went well.
Showed my translation of a sentence from the Mengzi to the lecturer and I did get it right. Made a translation that's very close to the original in form, and also one that's less literal.
I'm very proud of myself.

If he gets off scot free then we might have another few weeks of BLM tardrage in the decadent wect.

Afaik the main concern was over the company's connection to China and how even research universities utilized the software.
A bachelors' comparative literature class might not be that much of interest to the "enemy" but a masters' engineering class or a PhD consultation in engineering might.
Or at least, that's the reasoning behind the freak-out.

Could be just another government narrative creation to make the nuclear plant expansion seem like an even better idea and to make our Russian gas-deal even better by comparing our abundance of resources to the "declining west".
No. 62112
Might actually happen because of how some news websites have been covering the trial.
The stuff they put in the headlines and get away with is insane.
Like yeah, every news source is going to have some bias, but in this case, it feels like the headlines are coming from a parallel reality.
They're basically inciting outrage and anger in the population for some clickbait hits.

I have a conspiracy theory that wectern liberals / progressives are actually secretly right wing, and are posing as caricatures of left wing values to discredit the left and make rightoids feel vindicated.
No. 62113
89 kB, 700 × 572
Russian media be like "haha euros are going to freeze with their stupid Greta Tumberg, especially hohols". Don't know what is it about, just seen some headlines. I think it's nothingburger.

> A bachelors' comparative literature class might not be that much of interest to the "enemy" but a masters' engineering class or a PhD consultation in engineering might.
I heard that in МИФИ (Russian university connected to nuclear tech) in some classes students had to keep their notes in safe in classroom, and were not allowed to take it home.
But those are rather exceptions. Plus you know, half of those engineering students must be Chinese anyway. At least one of them will leak everything.
No. 62114
I think it will happen for sure if he walks. The only thing I'm looking forward to in regards to this whole thing.
No. 62116
>I have a conspiracy theory that wectern liberals / progressives are actually secretly right wing, and are posing as caricatures of left wing values to discredit the left and make rightoids feel vindicated.
This is an optimistic explanation. Really terrifying situation is if they are sincere fanatics who lost connection to reality.
It's hard to see it from Barnaul, but seems like every westerner with college Education is raging leftist, obsessed with cultural appropriation and gender pronouns. And I don't think western elites are much different. They are not 200IQ reptilians. They went to Yale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1s3C__3YIA, listened to some leftie professor, probably took his words seriously. Then took high positions in government and corporations. And here are results.
Sure, not all of them are like this. For example, Biden used to speak about "racial jungles in schools" against abolishing of segregation, now he kneels in sorrow of dead fentanil addicted bandit. Clearly all he believes in is "10% share for the big guy". But he is from older generation, and it's unclear how common are people like him.
No. 62118 Kontra
I'm not following it that actively, I just sometimes see snippets of the trial on Twitter and screenshots of headlines too and it's clear that the prosecution has no idea what it's doing, but it's under pressure to do everything it can because how Wokemerica expects Rittenhouse to be put behind bars whether or not he acted reasonably or not according to the law.
A lot of people are mad over this, and I'm sure that with restrictions lifting they will be even more eager to take this frustration to the streets.
No. 62122
At this point rightoids are infinitely more fucking retarded and psychotic in this country than the screechiest of liberal as of November 2021. Also those are not leftists but bougie obscarantist Capitalistic neoliberals who believe in nothing and think their feelings somehow have metaphysical weight.

The whole wect has become a rotten affair thanks to the utterly corrosive and toxic effects of Capitalism and what happens when you don't believe in any fact or objective truth rooted in reality or any morality. It is how you get a clown show like Idahoans virtue signaling by burning masks in a state that doesn't mandate masks during a pandemic for a Chinese virus. I cannot imagine how much they are laughing at us right now. First a progressive hugs a virus in Italy, then a rightard fanatic insists there is no virus and no one should wear masks or vaccines and the cycle of poisoning the retarded Wecterns is complete. I cannot even imagine what would've happened if they did this clown show during SARS 1.0 or a more infectious MERS or airborne hemmhoragic fever or something.

In short, America is a psychotic land somehow even more cringey than those right wing Russian pidorans sitting on their bottles, and the rest of the West follows after us somehow for strange reasons I don't understand. People here will drink sewage water for health because some snake oil peddling quack told them to, and then a third of Europe blindly does the same thing.
No. 62123
Rittenhouse was a retard who went on Safari and the judge basically has it in for the prosecutor because he clearly supports Rittenhouse. Expect a slap on the wrist even if convicted. None of this changes him being an obvious poltard who thought he found a cop or soldier like way of getting to kill people and get away with it. It doesn't matter that he broke the law though because he was stupid for traveling across state lines with a firearm looking for conflict. At the end of the day he got charged with a crime and this will follow him for the rest of his life. Someone said the dumb kid should've stayed home playing Xbox and I agree with that. Imagine a whole year in and out of court with charges in another state. He made a series of dumb decisions he and his family already have been paying for.
No. 62124
I dunno man, it feels pretty fucking stupid when some dipshit can carry a rifle across state lines and stroll about waving it openly and then claim people reacting violently towards his very open threat of violence means he's scot free to murk people. The 'victim' actively escalated the situation. I swear, some of you people have brain worms from getting too invested in disliking the liberal bougies (imagine actually thinking that's the left lul).

>dead fentanil addicted bandit
Last I checked, spending a fake 20 wasn't punishable by summary execution by pig's knee to the throat, which is exactly what happened. Neither is being an addict afaik. So I don't get why describing Floyd that way is meant to change anybody's perspective on his death.
No. 62125
Yeah, he was just ASKING FOR IT!
And the video evidence clearly shows he did NOT escalate anything, btw.
In fact, one of the guys who is now dead threatened to cut his heart out or something.
Don't act like ANYONE in this shitshow was even remotely innocent.
No. 62129
61 kB, 640 × 645
Yes, walking around with a loaded long arm isn't escalating the situation. As I said, brain worms man. The other people being assholes in some way doesn't change that he's the one who decided to change the dynamic from violence to lethal violence with his benis compensator.
No. 62145 Kontra
>victim blaming is ok if it's an evil rightwinger chud
No. 62148 Kontra
Get in the new thread, dude:
No. 62151
Someone threw a bag at me so I shot him
No. 62154
Was that a different one that the one who came at him with a drawn gun?