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No. 61521
28 kB, 720 × 720
Do you have a reputation, accurate or not, that influences how people perceive and approach you?

I seem to be seen as a liar or bullshitter. My own mother didn't believe me when I told her where to find the pepper in the kitchen. Granted, it was not my kitchen, but one I've been using often over the past six years.

Also, people who meet me the first time (or even years later) online, often react with "really?", no matter what kind of mundane things I post.

Inb4 multiple posts of "really"

Both of these things hit me especially hard, since my memory is just about the only thing in my brain that works the way it's supposed to.
No. 61522
Older people think I'm some kind of magical galaxy brain genius.
Younger people think I'm a retarded cretin, or an idiot savant. Being autistic / schizoid is taken by neurotypicals as a sign of mental deficiency.
I think the latter is more accurate.

I know how to use google and don't like to play the social song and dance, that's apparently an anomaly. Good thing I'm too autistic to care.
No. 61523
174 kB, 800 × 795
Some people think I'm very smart because I have an unorganized mental list of ec tier trivia in my head. In truth, I barely graduated out of highschool :DD
No. 61524
I'm seen by some as a knowledgeable wierdo and by others as a pretentious buffoon.
Do you deserve this reputation in any way?
No. 61526 Kontra
Knowledgeable and educated, maybe even intelligent. But I think people confuse the former and the latter too often. Also autistic in a sense, unsocial and unempathic in personal contact, perhaps rude and thus taken all together as narcissistic at times I suppose. But also nice and friendly, I've been and still am to a certain extent this guy you talk to about problems, at least I'm open for it. I'm not really interested in finding out what my psychological disorders are, I certainly did too many drugs for my personality, played tricks on my psyche that reverberate in a certain sense to this day.
No. 61527
My family sees me as the perpetually calm/emotionless one. Not true, I simply don't express myself outwardly. Was a volatile house growing up, and after enough years of contributing fuel to the fire, I finally learned that any engagement led to an explosion. So I stopped engaging.
No. 61528 Kontra
I have always been the smart kid, and not really anything else, though my mom thinks I'm some kind of stereotypical absentminded professor who thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but completely retarded in everyday life.
Well you reap what you sow, mom.
No. 61529
359 kB, 731 × 480
Allow me to introduce Ernst, the hindered brainiac.
No. 61530 Kontra
No. 61531
1,5 MB, 400 × 229, 0:05
I have a reputation of being talented in sports. It's only partly true though, because I got that reputation from people who made it up as self-reassuring excuse for being too lazy to practice, so they just attributed my success to talent to feel better about their own laziness.
No. 61532
> Do you deserve this reputation in any way?
No. I'm honest to a fault and I have no need to invent any fake stories whatsoever.
No. 61536
I'm not so sure :Dd
No. 61540
You should have said "really?"
No. 79676