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No. 61655
402 kB, 1200 × 1536
Thread for personal artwork, critique and discussion

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook

This is a rather shameless edition, since I went hunting for the old thread to ask a question but found it systemkontra'd.

I'm looking to get a graphics tablet with a provisional budget of around £100 - do any Ernsts have recommendations? I'd like to finally capitalise on the A* I received for GCSE Art and get back into drawing. A friend and I were considering making a computer game for fun and it'd be nice to have some unique sprites to work with. I can post a few here when I'm happy with them, of course.
No. 61657
1,0 MB, 3478 × 1050
Finished this >>59619

Comparing this final comic to my early sketch, you can see I changed....everything :D.

I decided to treat the horizontal strip format like a comic page, and move the focal point around to create visual interest. Overall, I'm happy with the layout-the plan- and the lines turned out better than I hoped. Drawing cars is...not fun. After trying-and failing- to draw a technically correct one, with photo references and such, I just threw that all out the window and came up with what you see here. It's much better, trust me.

Great work.
No. 61658 Kontra
Sorry I can't recommend anything, since I don't use a dedicated graphics tablet, but a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with S pen. It gets the job done, but probaly isn't what you're looking for. I do have another dedicated tablet, but haven't used it enough to judge it one way or another.
No. 61664
Sorry everyone, I was too depressed to make a new thread myself.

re: tablets
Get a mid sized wacom if you want good build quality and ubiquitous driver support.
Small sized tablets aren't worth it imo.

If you can't afford a wacom, a mid to large sized huion tablet will do. Prepare to have to fuck with drivers and config files. I had to downgrade to older driver versions several times because new drivers would break stuff. Although it's gotten better recently. Don't bother with any other chinese tablet manufacturers other than huion, they use the same hardware, but have worse driver support due to being smaller.
No. 62068
Reading books about painting is like reading book about swimming. You don't learn how to paint by reading books. You have to actually paint. Yes I know it sounds weird but it's true.
No. 62075
163 kB, 1024 × 838
Strange statement.
The physical action of dipping a brush in paint and touching it against a surface does not require training or education, other than basic motor skills. That's true.
But a lot of people want to paint something concrete or specific. Like a face. That doesn't necessarily require reading, but it helps a lot.

So I'm not sure what the point is. It's a true statement that confers no meaning. Like saying "you don't need to read a book music, you can just pick up an instrument and start practicing with it until you figure it out". True but useless.
No. 62097
618 kB, 1988 × 3056
415 kB, 1138 × 725
Yay new art thread so I can go back to EC, at least here. Thank you

Oh great! Feels more alive and action-y!
The art of comics is to depict exact moments so the reader could feel the rest in his mind

Don't worry, everything is fine. Hope you'll get better!

And I'm again not able to finish anything lol
No. 62188
703 kB, 1080 × 1080
Welp, I finished something
No. 62213
I really like this one. It's atmosphere is captivating in a sense and I can empathise with the emotions of the characters.

I'm not an artist or know much about drawing and painting, but it seems to me that you have improved a lot over the years I've seen your stuff in the drawing threads.
No. 62244
Thank you for kind words. It is really important since for me it is really hard to judge my own things I trying to do. I still think I'm bad but good to hear I not as bad as used to be
No. 62795
408 kB, 1080 × 1080
Trying to play with different styles with my limited abilities.
No. 62809
328 kB, 1000 × 1400
Attempting another long project, an 8 page story. Still early in the process I might finish it, or I might get bored and wander away :D. Doing the thumnail sketches and since there is no dialog this is where most of the 'writing' happens. Deciding on which moments to show, and such.

Cool. If you ever decide to abandon your greater artistic goals, you're already better than you need to be for drawing comic strips.
No. 62814
64 kB, 900 × 675
58 kB, 600 × 450
28 kB, 670 × 503
43 kB, 670 × 503
I know just the right job for you
No. 62864
Did read something about "vanity galleries" last week, almost feel into their shenanigans, dodged a bullet.
That's all for now, i suppose.
No. 63380
Can somebody post some Ernstwurf templates?
Ideally sth in profile, kinda selfie-like, and best if he looks ugly on it
I have an idea for a shitty shoop
No. 63382
110 kB, 466 × 665
78 kB, 447 × 676
103 kB, 346 × 433
114 kB, 500 × 852
Here's what I have.
No. 63383 Kontra
88 kB, 588 × 330
22 kB, 190 × 407
252 kB, 604 × 654
88 kB, 329 × 455
No. 63384 Kontra
45 kB, 381 × 488
18 kB, 294 × 311
118 kB, 567 × 580
134 kB, 397 × 528
No. 63385 Kontra
97 kB, 715 × 778
3 kB, 204 × 270
108 kB, 448 × 643
88 kB, 800 × 800
No. 63386 Kontra
50 kB, 460 × 460
31 kB, 400 × 400
134 kB, 800 × 800
7 kB, 204 × 350
No. 63387 Kontra
101 kB, 715 × 778
140 kB, 512 × 512
I think that's all.
No. 63388
942 kB, 1079 × 819
Felt inspired to make art.
No. 63389
138 kB, 655 × 821
141 kB, 655 × 821
An attempt was made but I suck at GIMP, feel free to improve upon it


No. 63393
638 kB, 655 × 821

I added text.
No. 63394 Kontra
637 kB, 655 × 821
Flipped the ernstleaf colors.
No. 63554
96 kB, 342 × 430
Made a new one.

I laughed!
No. 63557 Kontra
Noice, now we just need somebody to shoop Erna as the girl lol

No. 64469
906 kB, 1100 × 1100
No. 64473
1,0 MB, 1100 × 1100
972 kB, 1092 × 843
Well done!
No. 64474
ebin :DD
No. 65185
708 kB, 1157 × 480
36 hours on paint. Not including the initial drafts and color composition schemes.
No. 65190
56 kB, 300 × 312
Man, maybe it's just being tired as shit, about to fall asleep but this destroyed me.
No. 65193 Kontra
23 kB, 372 × 339
10/10, had a good laugh!
No. 65272
I can only hope that American who posts these comically vitriolic screeds will finally take the hint.
No. 65273
Imagine unironically trying to kiss up to Europeans. Protip no one actually wrote those words. It's basically taking a collection of personal bitchings about various things and trying to parody it which is quite rich given the minor things they bitch about, like "I heard someone in St. Petersburg stopped eating meat, Russia literally collapsed and was colonized by westoid attention whores please save us Germany and America."
No. 65275 Kontra
Hope destroyed in a little over 6 minutes.
No. 65277
703 kB, 1157 × 480
over 9000 milliseconds in Photofiltre
No. 65279 Kontra
5/5 breddy gud :DD
No. 65288 Kontra
I've come to conclusion that it's pointless to parody him because:
  1. His shrill style is hard to imitate for non-native speakers despite all of his cliches.
  2. Self-consciousness prevents us from achieving same levels of blind self-pity and dramatization.
His posts are better self-parodies then our attempts. So it makes more sense to copypast one of them than to try to make up by yourself.
Still very good, saved.
No. 65308 Kontra
It has much less to do with "kissing up to Europeans" (seriously, when have I done this? How you came up with that is just baffling) and much more to do with your pedantic diatribes that impress no one and appear to serve as an exercise in vitriolic rhetorical signaling. You'd think that four people from three different continents (or two if you count Russia as European) all telling you to calm your tits would convince you to be a bit more rational and perhaps check your tone, but no, you persist in these Quixotic quests against God-knows-what for God-knows-what-reason.

I take it Portugal was so inspired by these posts and probably more but it's too exhausting to list them all:

>His posts are better self-parodies then our attempts. So it makes more sense to copypast one of them than to try to make up by yourself.

Honestly, you'd think he would give up because it's mentally unhealthy and exhausting to be so consistently negative about everything.
No. 65314
Signaling? To whom? The fuck are you even talking about? I come here like several times a week to post at this point a portion of which is venting, which is the same kind of venting Europeans sometimes do often about even pettier shit like taking an exam or talking to a girl, and part of their shitposting at me and others is just their general anti-Americanism. You, meanwhile, actually are "signalling" with that pretentious post which is maybe an example why you started projected and assuming when I show up several times a week to bitch about an observation that is irritating mewhich by the way, that's seriously from fucking before Christmas I was talking about awful internet culture assimilation at Walmart for example coupled with a response to some people arguing about 60s counterculture and what happened to the green partei in Europe as opposed to daily bitching by everybody else, including Germans bitching about their politics. You, on the other hand, seemingly made that post for no other reason than to kiss the asses of people countryballing you, as in not just us, also you.

Not that it matters because as I was falling asleep to some 40K lore thing I realized that the absolute best example IRL of who represents Nurgle was old casey, and in that regard maybe the ones migrating to that shithole represent it best in a sense. These were people whp enjoyed being depressed, who never believed in personal work, who let themselves decay and never saw anything wrong with that. If I swing by here at all it's often before work these days, saw I missed discussion about Kazakhstan happenings, and realized it's not just a problem with any particular imagenoard but IB culture as a whole always was a cancer. Nothing changes, nothing grows. I should've left the internet generally 12 years ago. It's an epiphany I had which is the same epiphany I had when I quit drinking: I don't even like a lot of you people, and most of you people don't actually like most of each other eitherI actually like a number of people here but I sincerely do dislike every American poster who's not birding Ernst at this point. The sole reason to even continue coming here is hearing Kazakhstan talk about stuff.
No. 65315 Kontra
>I should've left the internet generally 12 years ago.
I can't believe we're in agreement.
No. 65317 Kontra
245 kB, 1024 × 683
I don't give a fuck what you think. It only just dawned on me lastnight Kazakhstan is one of the only interesting frequent posters because most people have full time jobs and post less frequently, like the systems German ernst. It's often the same shit day in and day out. Most of the possible interesting discussions have too few people discussing things so it devolves into a shitpost contest between a handful of people in the today threads, a handful of hidden threads, and a few threads with the last bump two days ago that had potential for discussions. Americans being abrasivecombined with general envy is all the reason you can also try and pretend it's not just shitposting at each other, be it the other Australian, Germany, Russia, whomever. Like 90% of posts are in the today thread and when it isn't, it's basically just shitposts or people turning other threads into today threads.

What's even funnier is the very thing some people got butthurt about was me essentially having an epiphany and agreeing with the very thing you Europeans whine about day in and out to such an extent some of you unironically get butthurt about Trick or Treating, which is the soulless assimilation ability of neoliberalism, in context of Germans shitposting discussing their politics and how the Grun Partei went from environmentalism to just another soulless neoliberalist party with a different flavour. It's not just working all the time; I realized I stopped coming here because a lot of people suffer the same problems bernds did, and there's seldom any interesting discussions.
No. 65323 Kontra
> Honestly, you'd think he would give up because it's mentally unhealthy and exhausting to be so consistently negative about everything.
He's quite obviously mentally ill. That's why there is no point to try to engage in "serious discussions" with him.
If you're the American who constantly does it, please stop. It's like debating some schizo bothering people at street. If you do that you aren't exactly sane yourself. And you only make things worse.
No. 66298
It's been two weeks and I've seen neither hide nor hair of him in other threads.

I think he finally took the hint and fucked off.
No. 66397
156 kB, 883 × 949
1,9 MB, 1208 × 1297
No. 66408
501 kB, 1525 × 1946
Lmao. Thank you for making sure the Germans don't get away scot-free from their displays of autism
No. 67673
38 kB, 750 × 520
There's finally some peace on earth at EC.

Thank you, Portugal. You did this community an invaluable service.
No. 67707 Kontra
I recently found people sharing EC screencaps of the infamous poster outsite of here. It seems he actually has a cult following.
No. 67801
Anyone have the links to threads 1-3?
No. 67824
796 kB, 1500 × 1400
Drawing Thread #3 can be found in the catalog >>40505 but #1 and #2 have long since fallen off. Now they only exist in our collective memory. Good times...

Oh, still working on this >>62809. Final length is 11 pages. Pic is a sequence showing the development sketches for the first two.
No. 67827
I have them downloaded locally.

I didn't use a script or anything, so the files are a bit of a mess.
No. 67860
14 kB, 320 × 240
It's alive! Sort of :3
No. 73041 Kontra
622 kB, 1000 × 1400
Update on this >>67824. Progress is slow, but steady, as my vision for the final art comes into focus. I'm experimenting with unorthodox page compositions, with mixed results. The first 7 pages are more or less pinned down, but that could change as I pull at the threads which nag me. Pic is page 5.

Kontra because this is taking too long, and I still may not finish it.
No. 74031
10 kB, 1227 × 393
I am currently trying to make a sunset/night view and started dabbling in dithering. All done manually.

I am rather content with the "night" side. The "sunset" side certainly needs a bit of work, but I think I will get there eventually. However, I have no idea how to make the transition. Basically on the left you have the pov looking directly at the sun, then in the back it's already night, and obviously there is a transition right between, but I couldn't even find a photography of it.

Is anybody able to point me into at least a general direction of what to do here?
No. 74038
All I can think of is applying palette cycling. Even if your piece is going to be a static image maybe the general idea of only switching the palette with the progression could work.
No. 74040
Wouldn't work, I have to keep within a single palette.
My my wording was misunderstanding:
I want to make the transition between the left and the right and don't know exactly how it looks irl.
In the center I have already tried to get the general gradient going, i.e. the reds/yellows will get pushed "down" under the horizon, with the brighter blues, while the darker blues will slowly occupy the picture.
No. 74048
184 kB, 1352 × 692
You want to transition from one color to another, but without photoshop wizardry...hmmm. You can try using the color picker. Select your starting color on the left, and then gradually shift toward your end color by moving along the HSV bar as well as changing the brightness and/or saturation as needed.
No. 74053
5 kB, 1536 × 256
No, that's still not what I meant.
I am sorry, I don't want to be obtuse.
Here's a newer attempt: It's not about the transition between the colors themselves, but between sunset and night, when due to the sun disappearing in the west you get that shape when the "day" is getting replaced by the night. The light parts will vanish below the horizon while the dark parts will basically thrust them aside and push over them.
I really have problems describing it, as I don't have a clear picture in my head of how it looks.
No. 74059
Take a look at some day to night time lapse videos? Then you can just save out keyframes of it if you need to have constant reference. Still not sure if I'm answering to the right question, if not, my apologies.
No. 74061
Yeah I tried that, but they don't usually look north/south.
I also tried 360° videos of sunsets, but they were usually too cloudy to make out the gradient.
No. 74079
274 kB, 2048 × 1365
Ok, now I understand what you're trying to create here. To get an idea how it would look, try searching for Wide Field Astrophotography. You probably won't find exactly what you're looking for, but it will give you an idea of how to visualize wide light/dark transitions.

Pic is from this pool:

No. 74083
Thanks, I'll go check it out.
No. 74137 Kontra
Came across this video, maybe it's of some use:
No. 74694
2,5 MB, 2700 × 1500
That comic, still without a title, as it stands today. The original opening page was cut, because nothing substantial occurred, and this is the full story. It's rough, but readable. Polishing will require a significant number of hours, but I find my attention is already shifting to other projects currently buried in my sketchbook.

Man walking with a woman labelled 'The Comic I am drawing' looking over his shoulder at another woman labeled 'The Next Comic'.jpg
No. 75014
21 kB, 452 × 1135
Inspired by >>74927, >>74947. I had fun making it but there are some things I'd do differently if I were to start over. As it is now, it lacks flow, it's not as easy to read as the classic ones.
I used GIMP. I haven't learned how to use layers and masks. But more importantly, I don't even know how to draw strokes that are not antialiased (with halftones) but sharp all-or-nothing; instead, I drew antialiased contours, thresholded them, and bucket-filled colours.
No. 75015 Kontra
It's missing the Autobahn church!
No. 75017 Kontra
Feel free to edit. I wanted to use Autobahnraststätte but then went with erziehen because I imagine it sounds similar to when Portuguese sneeze.
No. 75021
Ebin :DD
also you can change brush settings, get the 100% opacity one without half tones.
No. 75042
74 kB, 600 × 816
I have opacity at 100 all the time; strokes still look like this.
Screw this arts thing, I shall try my luck with politics instead.
No. 75049 Kontra
I am sorry. I now realize I also can't get it work.
No. 76992
>don't know how to draw without halftones in GIMP
A few days after posting the above, I found the solution without even looking for it: Right-clicking a tool icon brings up similar tools. For example, right-click the (halftone) brush to access the (no halftone) pencil. The tiny arrow next to each icon is probably supposed to indicate that there's more to it, but I had not noticed; found out only after right-clicking by accident.
No. 77056
220 kB, 1279 × 721
97 kB, 736 × 552
During a workshop on cartooning an artist presented two comic book pages and asked attendees which they liked better. Responses overwhelmingly favored the image on the left, stating that it was less busy and more organic. Plot twist: they were drawn by the same guy, but the black & white image was made when he was 11.

Improoving doesn't matter, you can still get mogged by the work of a child.
No. 77058
The problem is that nobody will pay you for the drawing on the left, but someone might pay you for the one on the right.

Art is humans trying their hand at what nature does. Creating design and intricacy and beauty or whatever for no utility, for no reason, just for the sake of it.
Well, how much would you pay for a pebble? Or a cloud?
So, utility it is.
No. 79779
No. 79961
1,1 MB, 2100 × 1718
I can't figure out how to depict a key sequence in this comic. The main character should see a shadowy figure from the corner of his eye, turn suddenly, and discover the shape was merely a bush. Pausing the project now to stop from running in circles. Moving on to a couple of other things which have been slow burning in the background. Art ADHD is rough...

Pic of random panels.
No. 79966
I like it and would read a comic in that style.

>can't figure out how
I think it can't be done without words in a way that wouldn't confuse me.

The nose looks different in each panel.
The ears are bigger in the lower left one.
The head (except the face) in the upper panel seems to have the same stance as the head in the lower left panel, but the faces are on different places of the head. It's like in the upper panel, the face has shrunk and drooped to the chin while the rest of the head stays the same as in the lower panel. Almost like two different characters, if you were consistent about those two ways of positioning the eyes and nose.
No. 79972
Good eye.

>I like it and would read a comic in that style
Thanks, now all I have to do is actually finish a comic in this style :D
No. 84019
Im trying to make some self portraits in oils with a mirror. I get so absorbed into the image i fail to see if it looks like me or not. Mirroring doesnt help.
Any ideas on what i should do?
No. 84023
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
4,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,7 MB, 3120 × 4160
Some of my older experimental sketches.
No. 84025
No. 84057
I like Santa whooping that tree's ass lol.
No. 84059 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
That's Genghis Khan, moron.
No. 84069
532 kB, 535 × 750
69 kB, 500 × 645
can i request Erna drawings that maybe even get the libido of >>46255 going?
No. 84070 Kontra
This Ernst is stupid and testing.
No. 84457
27 kB, 393 × 1158
Fulfilling your request would put some of the posters on this board in legal trouble, sorry.
No. 84472
47 kB, 750 × 838
can't we just give Erna a legal age? It's a fictional charakter, after all.

Additionally, at least for me, if the displayed fictional body isn't of mature age, there is nothing going on in my libido; would be boring to look at.

as a scene/frame for a picture I had an idea of Erna laying on top of a see-throu roof, glas or something, with a sniper rifle. and she just "happens to be" casually naked. I think it would be an interesting challange to draw her from below.

another idea would be a scene where she gets dressed: putting on a bullet proof west under her typical outfit. could be in her room in this house >>61655 and you could have a mirror, so you can see her from multiple angles (and other misc stuff flying around the room).

maybe i gotta draw some of the stuff myself. but i didn't draw for ages and even gifted my bamboo away a few years back. i doubt others and even me would be satisfied with the quality i am able to produce... and i don't know if i can find the motivation and time trying to improve my drawing skills further.
No. 84473
199 kB, 865 × 1200
Here's a rifle picture and then we don't have to draw smut of the board mascot.
No. 84486
Pedophilia is not allowed. Adult displayed bodies are allowed.
No. 84487
29 kB, 330 × 327
i hate how prude western culture always equals nakedness with smut.
especially in art studies it is required to study how the body moves/functions/reacts [...]. And that is best done if you can see the whole body as is without any layers hiding the body.

whats wrong about a casually naked mascot?

Even Ernstwurf is casually naked most/all of the time. Why isn't Erna allowed?

Es ist immer noch Deutschland hier. Und wir sind Stolz auf unsere Freie Körper Kultur.
No. 84490
i kinda forgot EC is an imageboard, and not just an art class.

Might have been a stupid idea of mine - but, meh, why is everyone going into pedo-direction in their thinking? right,.. we are on an imageboard...
No. 84492
It's due to the fact that the thread you linked in your examples contains
a) smut
b) pedophilia

So, by inference it's the most reasonable guess of what you meant.
No. 84493 Kontra
welp, should have maybe looked in that thread a little more. Just skimped over it and thought it was "close enough" for reference purposes.
No. 84507 Kontra
I wonder if these hyped AI drawers already have a plug against requests with naked children.
No. 84508
There was an Ernst on /b/ with a paid access to one of those who said that he couldn't use any "pornographic" prompts.
The word in question was "thicc", so I assume they wouldn't take any kind of risk even getting close to any kind of sexualized children.
No. 84538
Stable diffusion has NSFW models.
You just have to run them locally and need a 16GB VRAM graphics card.

Unfortunately, it seems it has been subject to controversy and there's public pressure to not release any more models publicly, because apparently it's "unsafe" or whatever.
I don't like anime smut and I don't like AI generated art in general, but the whole public outrage smells fishy to me. I'd rather the technology be public rather than in "safe" (corporate) hands, even if I don't like its consequences.
No. 84541 Kontra
I'm not gonna go too deep into this subject, but wouldn't it be better if "sickos", be that whoever for whatever reason, were allowed to generate absolutely any kind of material locally? If the possession of that material is illegal, it would be interesting how that could be interpreted regarding material that's not featuring actual entities. Probably would be handled like >>84457

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that if these people get their material in a way that didn't harm anyone, that's a good thing. Obviously the models couldn't be trained on any of that illegal material, though you can probably get pretty far regardless. Don't know enough about the models and training to say for sure. But I really don't understand moralists crying about creating NSFW material with generation models.
No. 84542
I think the NSFW stuff is just the moral outcry.
The real argument for the supposed "danger" is deepfakes, disinfo, propaganda, etc.

But if image generators really do get so advanced that they can produce totally convincing photos, I'd rather such pictures saturate the internet to the point where nobody trusts anything, rather than keep the illusion of "photorealistic = authentic", while private parties do have the ability to generate them.

Besides, it's not like you really need realistic photo evidence to convince people of something.
A jpeg artifact ridden photo of someone's blog post pretending to be a news headline is usually enough. Or an infographic. Or a twitter screenshot.

Me, I've already long adopted the heuristic that 100% of everything on the internet is fake until proven otherwise.
Even you. Because the only truth you can glean from observing something is that you experienced the sensory phenomenon of observing it.
Actually, that's not even right, it would be a logically unfounded assertion that it is "you" that observed it. All you can say is that an observation was made somewhere in consciousness.
No. 84549
>but the whole public outrage smells fishy to me
The whole anti-CP laws are lame. The Russian ones are still relatively sane, meaning most things are criminalized only as long as the CP is intended for distribution (mind you, downloanding with torrent trackers naturally counts as distribution), so at least you won't be (normally) imprisoned just for drawing naked girls or keeping anything on your PC. The British ones, on the other hand... It would be actually interesting to evaluate their effectiveness numerically.
No. 84587
Certain laws (about a lot of topics and all over the world) are "will nobody think of the children" tier aka nothing really happens that such a thing is needed but the voters are demanding it for their irrational fears and/or to divide and conquer.
No. 84591
Sure thing, but in a normal system irrational laws are expected to be abolished, aren't they?
And in this case some legal aspects may produce (directly and indirectly) more suffering than they actually prevent.
No. 84599 Kontra
6 kB, 466 × 312
No system will work ideally as long as there are silly people prone to moral panic and selfish people, abusing them.

This is a drawing thread btw. Posting my drawing.
No. 84603
>This is a drawing thread btw.
No. 85667 Kontra
711 kB, 1600 × 2844
350 kB, 800 × 1768
No. 86745
266 kB, 1622 × 1300
Artist chads, I kneel. Could you please remake this meme in the fashwave style, with appropriate fonts and glitches?

Original images (or use any other if you want):
No. 86762 Kontra
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You can do stuff like that online
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No. 86780
It really did make the turnip meme funnier, wow