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No. 62119 Systemkontra
163 kB, 477 × 600
No. 62120
Why is the shittest and most unjust version of Islam the most common one? Is there even remotely some kind of argument for Sunni at least being true to the Shura and Shia being effectively retarded monarchists, or is it really just that the butchers of Ali threatened to murdered the families of all the council members if they didn't back this retard and as we see the effects, a bunch of unclean rich men making concessions to evil as always as they do today in almost all Sunni countries?
No. 62121
*butchers of Husain
No. 62127
You can say what you want about /pol/tards and Q-boomers, I'm not going to defend them, but they don't have any institutional power. They can't even freely shitpost in social networks and have to avoid censorship by using Russian Saint Kitts and Nevis messenger.
With left wing freaks situation is opposite. Government, education system, major corporations and media support them (sincerely or not). My groupmate worked in wect Bongland and he tells that walls in his office were filled with propaganda posters. I open some company's website and see jobs for students of specific skin color and sexual orientation. Your academics have to write "diversity statements" just like in USSR where they had to write something about dialectical materialism and so on in preface of their works. Let alone diversity trainings, diversity managers and critical race theory courses in western institutions. This is more worrying than some lumpens and pensioners buying snake oil.

> utterly corrosive and toxic effects of Capitalism and what happens when you don't believe in any fact or objective truth rooted in reality or any morality
Sure, kabitalizm is the cause of all this. We all know how good were relationships of communist countries with morality and reality.
No. 62130
It's difficult to say what is the absolute worst facet about Western social liberals and progressives: they're spiteful, sanctimonious, anti-White, anti-male, anti-American and anti-European. For me, I find it thunderstriking they pretend to be victims while in power because the cognitive dissonance it takes to operate on that narrative should be incapacitating.

Re: my country. American progressives have been fed "underdog" propaganda their entire lives and constantly believe all of their projects (abortion, diversity, women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, minoritarianism generally) are just one Republican or wayward Supreme Court Justice away from stripping it all down. I wish that were true because it would show Republicans as being far more effective than they really are. In reality, these social changes came about from a long history of various victories that established a vast and powerful legal/financial/NGO/government/media apparatus that can now suppress, legally and otherwise, any measure to scale these cultural shifts back. The fearmongering and paranoia are motivating forces to continue pushing the culture leftwards, but those assumptions also protect the American Left (however you define it) from the realization that they actually hold most of the cards and thus bear most of the responsibility for the decline of America despite their entire insistence to the contrary. Regardless of their validity, they'll point the finger at anything but themselves. It's impossible to admit the failure of Neoliberalism, so its failures are projected onto external groups and ideologies.

The trial isn't over yet. They've still yet to reach a verdict, but if you earnestly think the prosecution was anything approaching competent, you clearly know nothing about law. Not only did the star witness Gaige Grosskreutz shit the bed on the stand, the photographer openly stated in court the prosecution wanted him to change his statement. This is blatantly illegal.

Don't despair, though. You craven cocksuckers may still get your pound of flesh.
No. 62131
67 kB, 551 × 720
God damn it dude, I lost a decent amount of weight this week and your post just put it all back on me.
No. 62132 Kontra
Yeah, fuck you, too.
No. 62133 Kontra
And yeah, guns = dick extensions. Haven't heard that icy take before.
No. 62134
Afaik, he didn't travel to another state with the gun, the gun was given to him by an adult when he got there, because he couldn't legally purchase one due to being underage. Somehow it's legal to open carry as an underage even though you can't purchase. (something about hunting).

The judge didn't seem to be all that biased. The prosecution is incompetent. Might be another situation where they overcharge with 1st degree murder and know they can't win the case with that charge. This is actually the part of US law that causes most controversies. Prosecutors overcharging crimes due to political pressure, failing to get a guilty verdict, and the defendant goes free. When they could've easily gotten a conviction on something less severe.

Overall, mass gatherings like these, especially after sundown, are idiot magnets. And it looks like the idiots found each other. Some violent schizo who came over to a protest as an excuse to be a violent dickhead (1st guy), and a LARPing retard with a gun. After that, it was inevitable that the situation would escalate even more, because you have shots fired in a chaotic place full of agitated people. And the two other guys decided to play hero without properly assessing the situation, making it worse.
No. 62135
That all you got, bubba? You can at least run a gag, and not just the exact same sentence every time.

"Too much of a bitch to have a scrap? Use a gun and your lard-loving arse can kill anybody!"

The way guns are treated in america is pure copium tbh.
No. 62136 Kontra
I'm not even a gun guy, but holy shit, the way Commonwealthers talk about our gun culture is fucking tedious.

Make a serious response and I'll respond in mind. Insult me and I'll insult you.
No. 62137 Kontra
No. 62138
Since we're now discussing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, here's a quick summary of what's happened so far:

First day (Jury selection)

Second day (Defense says the n-word referentially)

Third day (Prosecution begins to fuck up here, judge gets pissed at him, Regg incognito video with superchats used as evidence)

Fourth day (Juror gets thrown out due to Jacob Blake joke, prosecution is dealt a major blow when witness said that he heard the 'victim' say "if I catch any of you guys alone tonight, I'm gonna' fucking kill you," and the judge gets pissed again at the prosecution afterwards)

Fifth day (Another juror struck due to pregnancy and the prosecution shits the bed even more: opening the door for Rosenbaum's girlfriend to testify that he was depressed and bipolar. They then subpoenaed two Indian brothers who have something shady going on.)

Before the sixth day (Cortez Rice claims that he knows people inside the courtroom taking pictures of the jury and threatening to dox them if they don't convict Kyle)

Sixth day (Gaige Grosskreutz takes the stand and gets spanked by the judge for saying murder during direct. On cross, he kept changing his story, is shown to have a financial incentive for Kyle to be convicted, admits to having pointed his gun at Kyle and that he lied to police in his statement to them, tweeted during the trial like a fucking idiot, and the facebook post about Grosskreutz regretting not killing Kyle was brought up and resulted in his friend being served. Soon after Gaige finished, a detective took the stand and testified that the prosecution told him not to execute a search warrant on Gaige)

Seventh day (Someone got caught recording the jurors and was forced to delete it. The bodies were shown with the jurors reported to be taking notes and some of them having difficulty looking at the pictures. The curfew charge was dismissed. Granny witness says the n-word referentially. Autistic photographer testified that he had a meeting with Binger where Binger gave him information that he hadn't known and wasn't in his official statement and then asked him to change his statement to reflect that. Aka, the prosecution coached him and tried to get him to change his sworn statement. Prosecution goes hostile on him as a result and made themselves look worse to the jury. Autist also testified that the ATF and FBI showed up at his house and job. Also the judge looked through a cookie food book.)

Eighth day (Gaige's roommate covers for him and denies what Gaige said. Indian car dealer came back and tried to evade questions by pretending not to understand them, only for a video to show him speaking perfect English. Kyle then takes the stand and it ultimately turns out to not be disastrous. Cries on the stand while retelling his story. Binger gets slapped by the judge for attempting to impugn Kyle for not taking the stand until now, a violation of the fifth amendment. Binger then fucks up some more trying to make Kyle out to be a liar, like using violent video games and Kyle's Instagram username and description. Judge gets absolutely pissed off at Binger, has the jury moved out, and outright yells at him for the constitution violation and inadmissible evidence. Binger then stupidly tries to argue the judge, making him more furious, and comes very close to declaring a mistrial with prejudice. Afterwards, Binger tries to attack Kyle at every possible angle regarding the night of the shooting and, according to people in the courtroom, made himself look even worse to the jury.)

Ninth day (The video expert witness took the stand. Binger instantly objected and the judge mostly slapped him down, although the defense was required to change filenames. It was boring overall and the general consensus was that the witness was underutilized. Got some rumblings of the photo enlargement issue. BG on the scene came in and was vastly amusing for the same reason he will be ineffective. He was far too combative. Judge exploded at Binger, with the first outburst with the jury still in, over Binger implying he was slimy for hiring an attorney. Binger also attempts to get this witness to mistrial by attempting to get him to mention Rosenbaum was a pedo by reading one of his tweets. The guy does not fall for it and asks Binger to read it to him, which he declines. Binger then admitted a political leaning in it through asking the witness his bias, a violation of his bar requirements, leading to the judge slapping that question down and accusing him of making it a political trial with the jury in the room. The prosecution then brings in an "expert" who is hilariously bad at being an expert to try and bring in the enlarged and enhanced (read: doctored) photo he claims shows Kyle pointing his gun at that one guy who fired in the air. He succeeds despite looking like an exceptional individual and neither the edited or original image look like anything in particular and the defense even got him to admit that he never compared the images together. They never testify as to what it depicts. This was likely to try to slide in the accusation on final arguments. Nothing more happened after that except motion practice on the dismissals and getting the jury instructions together.)

Tenth day (Judge gets pissed at prosecution at the start and the prosecution used pixelated images to try to implicate Kyle as being the one to provoke the attack, thus not making it self-defense. Pixelated as in "you'd have to squint your eyes to maybe make out what's happening" and the judge had to get out of his seat to try to get a better view. In what's probably the biggest hit to the defense, the judge allowed it despite their objections. The defense seems confident in what the jury will think, so only time will tell if they will manage to recover.)
No. 62139
>Are there any self hosted remote teaching solutions?

No. 62140
Oh, they had a "try it" button and I assumed it was an online service. Thanks.

I'll try it out and maybe teach my mom how to use it.
No. 62141
I looked out my window and saw a milf running and now I feel like running myself. This happens everytime. I forget all about jogging and then I see someone pass my window and I put on my running shoes.

This is probably what happens when "the left" are not based on workers and organized labour but instead unemployable students.
No. 62142
Regarding conference programs, I really like Zoom.
I had a talk at an online conference last year that was completely done over Zoom. It was an international conference with up to something like 250 people at a time connected and it went without ANY issues.
My own institute used Skype for Business, which was already crapping out from something like 15 people on.
Microsoft Teams is pretty good, Jitsi also, but I had only used that for 1on1 conversations.
Goto Meeting I also remember using, but I don't have any actual recollection, so it probably wasn't either bad or outstandingly good. BBB was also surprisingly good for an officially approved program.
No. 62143
>Yes, walking around with a loaded long arm isn't escalating the situation.
It seemed there were a lot of people there armed. This isn't escalating an average American friday night protest.
No. 62144 Kontra
"they're spiteful", look at your compiled works of spiteful paragraphs.
No. 62147
The absolute state where a proud white Pakistani man is berating white hicks for being "anti-white and anti-male."

They literally just held the SCOTUS, Senate, and presidency for four whole years and held Congress for two whole years which they'd already lost way before the pandemic because they are plainly incompetent. I mean Jrab tier switch from scientific progress to incompetence
I genuinely see that level of switch from mentalities.

They had full power in this country, real power not a bunch of corporations pestering people because HR or whoever wants diversity training which btw most of that shit comes from private businesses and only exists there because you can't fire someone just for being a white or a black or Muslim or whatever which itself is reasonable considering how easy it is to fire people.

Beyond that it's really corporate policy. There's zero laws I'm even aware of compelling people to ban you from facebook, which I remind you is a hippity hoppity private property. Some of them are kicking your asses off just like ISIS because you're not profitable. We warned you for years dog, we warned you what would happen with giving Snowcrash cyberpunk tier powers to the corporations. Now the commies are all thrown from helicopters only your dumb asses got thrown out after them because your companies are soulless money worshippers not people caring about muh tradwife.

Meanwhile you had power, real, tangible, total political power. You had all branches of government and you couldn't help but just keep fucking up and being incompetent until the American people threw you out of office. You went from total political power to basically just praying that DINO Manchin keeps fucking over his caucus. This happened because you are annoying braindead retards on the level of some Muslim leader killing the golden age of Arab science because numbers are from Shaitan or some stupid shit, which I really want to emphasize because your base is now Qboomers and fanatical retard zoomer incels instead of real Conservatives the comparison between you and Islamists isn't far off at all. Americans got tired of your shit and rather than take it like a champ, like say SHE CAN STILL WIN meme that was valid for a couple days you beat into the ground for months, an entire fucking year later HE CAN STILL WIN is your honest to God mantra expecting some miracle like JFK rising from the grave to instal the Zioboomer again. It's fuckin sad man. You had a real opportunity for advancing Conservative causes with real political power and real control over the whole government and what did you accomplish? A couple dead memes you stole from krautchan?

I don't personally give a fuck about it and it's obvious the only reason you guys do is because how many poltards are cringey teenagers who thought they could do things like that and get away with it. Same happened when that retard went ISIS in a car tier and ran some lady over at some protest.
No. 62150
>the cognitive dissonance it takes to operate on that narrative should be incapacitating.
I recently discovered Jordan Klepper and All Gas No Brakes interviews. If you have friends and family like that you'll quickly realize they're not being set up, that is sincerely how these people think.

Again cry all you want, you lost for a reason and then tried staging a coup. The retards that unironically voted Hillary at least lost somewhat gracefully compared to that. Like I said half the things you're conolaining about are the direct result of ignoring the good points leftists made for decades about too much corporate power. Now all you have to show for it is those same muh free market memes and getting banned everywhere because your presence is no longer profitable. Just wait until you realize the same mechanisms will enable the Chinese to literally buy everything here and kick you out of your own homes. Unrestrained free markets are the source of cancerousness. Even Trump realized that.

The thing about minors and guns is often it's delineated to either be the parent giving the kid the gun and/or expressly for purposes of hunting. The fact he was in a northern state and it was neither of those surprises me that in itself wasn't illegal, which I thought it already was and some guy got arrested giving it to him unless I'm thinking of another case. You'll similarly get charged for giving a minor some alcohol unless you are the parent. It is legal to give a youth alcohol here in your own home if it's your kid. What that kid did was obviously not legal because he legally shouldn't have been able to open carry like that, for pretty much these or similar reasons. I'd like to point out how apt and lucid as usual brick is in that last paragraph. Fact is Rittenhouse should have stayed home and had no business being there.

Vis a vis the prosecution, the reason why they do this with the most severe charges is because most of the time they're charging poor people particularly poor blacks or Mexicans and sometimes poor whites who can't properly defend themseves and get an incompetent PD who wishes he was a high power trial attorney and is chummy with everyone in the court room securing plea bargains. Basically they will take a public intoxication charge and try turning it into robbery or attempted murder or some kind of ridiculous series of charges because they're expecting through experience to cut the trial short and therefore not have as much work to do and therefore get a conviction by forcing a plea bargain out of some poor sad fuck who should've been given community service at worst. I'm also glad at least Rittenhouse is given the ass end of the stick so you same retards bitching about black incarceration rates can sit there and think about the real nature of the court systems in America and what someone with no money and no connections has to go through whole the January 6th rioters also sit in jail with felony charges.

The courts are not your friends.
The police are not your friends.
The corporations are not your friends.
You're sitting there crying someone save me and now there is no one left to save you.
No. 62152 Kontra
>I don't personally give a fuck about it

For fuck's sake, stop blatantly lying.
No. 62155 Kontra
I'm aware your post was addressing the Russian, but since you apparently included me in your response to Mr. Ruski, I'll respond.

>Again cry all you want, you lost for a reason and then tried staging a coup.

Again, you assume:
1. I'm a GOP operative (I'm not; dissolve the Republican Party)
2. I was on the Trump train into 2020 (I wasn't; leapt off in 2019)
3. I voted in 2020 (I didn't)
4. I support the January 6th protestors (mildly sympathetic, but absolutely nothing more; Stockholm syndrome is a helluva drug)
No. 62159 Kontra
You do realize someone can have an opinion while not caring about the topic that's inescapable online no matter how unrelated the topic, like discussing hardware and somehow people feel the need to derail into it? Like that Gabby person or whoever that was murdered. I have no clue why anybody cares about it but it's routinely plastered everywhere and all I can think is why that person in particular gets discussed. At least in Rittenhouse's case I understand why people care because of their retard culture wars when clearly the right option is he should've just stayed home playing games than go larping with a gun like brick said.

Of course in both cases whiteness does matter and that's part of why he's getting treated with kid's gloves and why some random white blond college kid was spammed for months on end whereas if a black girl disappeared no one would care unless they could shoehorn it into some faggy agenda which is why Rittenhouse got $2 million in bail apparently. Regardless it doesn't matter because he's still had to waste some time in jail and a ton of time and money dealing with courts that he chose to subject himself to because he's a sociopathic idiot.
No. 62161
150 kB, 1024 × 683
It's like 5pm here and it's dark outside. Gill me already. I can't wait for this winter to be over, my mood is in rapid decline every early afternoon. Makes me think of Bruegels painting again. Why the hell do Euros go through this crap every winter. I'm not sure, but for the first time in my life I really start to despise this early darkness. I think as a child and teen I just accepted it.
No. 62162
Why? You could move to Texas or something like a lot of other Germans did. Personally I greatly enjoy the darkness. Then again I don't usually get depressed at night or in early darkness, just more calm instead of manic like in Spring. Right now is like gaining inner peace. I for one look forward to the perpetual early night. I just kinda wish I worked a job where I could sleep from like 9am to 5pm and just never have to see daylight again until it's warmer out. Actually no nevermind, because summer nights are even better it's the summer days that are hellish.
No. 62163
Went to get groceries. A car ignored me at the crosswalk, really have to watch out. I got some yoghurt and bananas. A chubby girl looked at me with big eyes as I left the shop for some reason. A good day considering my lack of sleep lately.

Many such cases. I have a lot of vitamin D ready but it's not like it helps you cope with so much darkness. All you can do is enjoy the little sunlight you get.
No. 62169
1,2 MB, 2382 × 1804
For those in the north of Europe, it must truly be a maddening experience. It's bad when you leave home at dark and get home at dark, can't imagine months of dark.
No. 62170
>It's bad when you leave home at dark and get home at dark, can't imagine months of dark.
It's even worse when working in a laboratory that warrants having all the windows darkened, so you theoretically wouldn't see any light for months.
Which is why I am glad I at least have actual see-through windows now at my workplace.
No. 62171
51 kB, 418 × 350
I'm glad I live where I live. Being born in the rim of the first world is already a heavenly result by comparison and in this patch of clay one can live a safe and bearable life. for prosperity seek other shores

Absolutely horrifying.
No. 62172 Kontra
6,4 MB, 4032 × 3024
7,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
6,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
I'm finally done with volume one of Journey to the West.
Gonna write a short essay about Ancient Chinese burying rituals now for my workshop class.
This Soviet book on Chinese rituals has been immensely useful so far. Very good investment.
I wish I knew Russian to check out the second edition of it from 20 years ago, but this 70s one will do I guess.
My mother has actually been telling me that if I ever decide to pick up another language, it should be Russian. She told me that it's a I quote "very easy language" and "not hard to master". Which is exactly what I'd not take from someone who got an A on her Russian abitur and was in the "advanced learners" group for Russian in High School. It's easy to say something is easy if you have an easy time doing it.

I expected to burn out by the second year a bit, but I'm really into my major. I'm learning so many cool things. I'm like a fucking Trump speech from 2016, constantly going on about China.

Don't know what's up with me, but I've grown fond of the darkness recently.
Maybe because it's not snowing yet, so everything is mostly dry. The darkness can be quite quaint.
Budapest can be quite charming at night.

Indeed, Zoom functioned really well in nearly every single scenario we used it in during last year
Teams made me want to declare Jihad against to skin every single braindead Microsoft "developer" that worked on it.
The interface is atrocious and the connection kept shitting the bed even when we only had 15 or so people connected.
No. 62175
I noticed the first visible silvery hair. My father warned me it runs in the family, my brother is a third grey on the sides already and his kids don't even go to school for now. At least I'm the opposite of balding.

>It's bad when you leave home at dark and get home at dark, can't imagine months of dark.

Don't remind me. Getting up in the dark is the worst.

>The darkness can be quite quaint.

I had these thoughts pop up but ultimately ditched them.
No. 62177
6,0 MB, 5184 × 3456
Hello people that put thyme in your tea (I was told that Russians do it):

Which tea/thyme relation do you use? 50/50 does not do the trick for me, thyme dominates there.

With any particular tea? Or any tea?

Danks in advance
No. 62178
First picture is especially cozy! Thanks for sharing.
No. 62179
How old are you? A friend of mine started greying in his early 20s, he's now in his early thirties and really grey.
My mom in in her 50s and almost white, whereas my dad is still pretty grey, but he has pitch black hair. I find a grey hair from time to time in my beard, though. I am nearing mid-30s.
No. 62180
I'm about to crash the 30. My brother is a few years older. We'll see how fast it will go. I mean I had a grey hair with 13-14 sometimes. But the last one was really visible/in the front. Maybe it's just the stress. But I don't think so.
No. 62181
uh oh I'm getting hit with the "must clean up my hard drive" autism bug again.
must resist
No. 62182
One day I'll create a work of art that will reduce you all to tears.
No. 62183
23 kB, 480 × 360
>One day I'll create a work of art that will reduce you all to tears.
Will it involve chopped onions?
No. 62184
Ebin :DD
No. 62185
Like what, a painting of your face? :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
No. 62186 Kontra
95 kB, 750 × 422
My father placated his fears of the energy crisis a bit. He bought 8 candles from Ikea. Collectively they burn for 44 hours.
Turns out he didn't know about the 200 tealights we have in the basement.
Though this got me thinking: What would actually be a valuable item of trade during a two week blackout in a city?
My first thought is that what'd be valuable is probably booze and meds, followed by exotic luxury stuff like tea and coffee.
I doubt gold would really come into play in such a short period without the entire state itself breaking down.

Mother tested negative for covid. I'm glad, because this way there is no moral burden on my back and she's healthy.
(Becuase my only other choice would be to either get tested and stay home too, or do what she recommended, which is just keep it secret and go on about my day, which is an incredibly moral responsibility if you think about it. I'd have done it anyway because I don't want to miss out on classes, but shit, it would not have felt any good to do so.)

We went to a burger place. Hungary is probably the only country on this earth where you can have a restaurant/joint be Bud Spencer themed. I wonder what it must feel like for actors to find a lasting following in a country they don't have any real connection to.
You do a few low budget movies in the 60s, 70s and 80s and the next time you know it you have to fly to some Eastern European banana republic where they speak a gobbledigook language to meet with fans because they still show your movies on TV every month.
Though as far as I'm aware he was kinda popular in East Germany too. Or was it West Germany? Irrelevant really, it's just that I find it weird that such movies remain to be popular. Though overall, it's good family fun. The kids like the brawling, the fathers like the brawling, and the mother makes do by finding enjoyment in the rest of the family enjoying itself.

I don't think darkness is quaint all the time. It depends on what the little light that remains in it is like.
An inner-city night with all the lamps and signs and people could barely be considered a "natural night", but a few street lights and an empty street can be soothing.
But I can clearly remember one time when I was going home and it was around 10 o' clock, going through a street I've went through with no lighting, with just the pale moon shining down on me, and even though it's a quiet suburban street, every single rattle from the leaves had me on edge.
But it's nice to give yourself over to an aesthetic from time to time I think.

I just had to take a photo. Never saw the campus at night before. It felt very warm and nice.
No. 62187
1,2 MB, 3:06
Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill are extremely well-known all over Germany. My dad can still rofl from the movies, the LALALALA song is something you can start anywhere anytime and SOMEBODY will chime in and my local Rewe still has, or at least at one point had, BS&TH themed pizza AND (potato) chips.
A friend of mine has some kind of sports tanktop thing with "Mücke" on it, after one of Bud Spencer's famous solo characters.
No. 62190
> Though this got me thinking: What would actually be a valuable item of trade during a two week blackout in a city?
> My first thought is that what'd be valuable is probably booze and meds, followed by exotic luxury stuff like tea and coffee.

Depends on if blackout affects transport. Stores can probably get goods but fresh items would be harder and stuff that requires refrigeration. If you country is depended on electronic transaction things will be harder so always try to keep a bit of real money in that case. But if you value booze, tea and coffee high then you have no real problem because then you are not really hungry yet.

But whatever. Just go for the easiest and most obvious. Toilet paper.
No. 62191
>But it's nice to give yourself over to an aesthetic from time to time I think.

I absolutely agree with the aesthetic effects or better say affects of darkness here and especially in the city and its lighting in peace. But it is the early darkness in winter is suffocating nonetheless
No. 62196
I would say it isn't even the early darkness itself, but rather the extremely short period of light, which is usually accompagnied by a distinct lack of sunlight because it's constantly clouded and not even really raining, but just drizzling from time to time, thus keeping everything wet without actual rain. Works best when it's 3 °C.
I really fucking hate german autumn.
No. 62197 Kontra
Obviously the stockpiling of tea, booze and such comes after the stockpiling of rice, flour, yeast, oil and sugar.
Strangely enough during covid we never ran out of toiler paper at stores, what was in short supply was stuff like yeast and flour.
Or at least this is the stuff I'd actually stockpile, so at least bread could be made, but then again, no energy means no oven, so the best bet would probably be just stockpiling rice. Heating a pot of water is less of an issue than creating a makeshift oven.

The more I think about this threat of an energy crisis the press keeps going on about, the less I can figure out concrete details.
Private homes would probably lack power, but the government would probably step in to secure electricity for hospitals and such.
(And it's not like Hungary is completely reliant on foreign supplies, we produce 49% of our electricity via nuclear methods, so it'd be quite bad to not get gas and coal, but it wouldn't be as bad as if we didn't have the Paks plant.)

Tea is only on my mind in this case because I read a novel taking place during 1919-1920s and it had this detail that during the Hungarian Soviet Republic this rich family not only buried its jewels, cash, and other valuables, but also stuff like blocks of quality tea. (Which was actually used as a currency in Central Asia).
No. 62198
The virgin irritated Ernst owl

The CHAD irritator Bernd raven

No. 62199 Kontra
Nah, Bernd is more like a chicken. They're also assholes, but dumb as hell.
No. 62200
t. sperging owlposter
No. 62201 Kontra
It's that guy. Please try and be kind and patient to him, like one would a slow child. He suffers depression and knows he isn't super smart and self conscious about it. We do not need to be dicks to him inshallah.
No. 62202
252 kB, 638 × 636
No. 62203
485 kB, 1000 × 667
Thanks to some conversation published in a book I was reading, I noticed my thinking is already connectable to discussions in my preferred area of academia. I'm hoping to get in in the not so far away future. One broad question of interest to me was discussed as a way to go. I need to get my historic material, but I think that is my problem, I do way too few "archive work" it's more or less non-existant.
No. 62205
>It's that guy

Tell me more about this guy, what's he like?
No. 62206 Kontra
> yeast and flour
That was everywhere. Suddenly people had time on their hands and decided to bake. Nothing to do with crisis this time, only bored people that wanted to make delicious bread.

Yea. Quality tea was used as a sort of currency. But if I remember correctly it is that fermented tea pressed into hard cakes. I don't think anyone would trade anything for bags of old Earl Gray.
No. 62208
927 kB, 640 × 360, 0:19
Paranoid schizophrenia is what keeps my self-esteem up. If I'm useless and unimportant, why would brits plot conspiracies against me?
Just joking ofc, but really weird things happen. Managed to come up with rational explanation some time after, but at this point it sounds like cope and denial of obvious patterns.

I heard, people in 90-s used vodka for barter. Easy to store, quantifiable, always in demand.
No. 62210 Kontra
>clearly the right option is he should've just stayed home playing games than go larping with a gun like brick said.

If you are too blindered by your priors or just hate anyone to the right of Bill Burr, then yeah, it's a great argument. This type of thinking is telling because the best version of this argument treats riots as a force of nature that us mere humans can't do anything about except avoid. This is too feckless to be worth addressing because humans cause or prevent riots.

If you ask me, what a huge swath of people who say this are actually saying is, "We are allowed to declare an area off limits to anyone except our allies, we can do anything we like inside that area and if you enter that area, you deserve anything we do to you." This logic might work in places where there are no laws or places run effectively by criminals, but what happened that night was literally just 20 minutes from his house in the United States of America.

If that argument were accepted into law, then a prosecutor can block your self-defense argument by saying that your entirely legal activities, namely being present in a public location with a firearm that was being carried legally, created a provocation. Nobody is arguing that Kyle was being verbally provocative because he wasn't. His actions such as carrying a gun, putting out fires set by arsonists and cleaning obscene graffiti off of public buildings were provocative to those "peaceful protestors" who at that point could not control themselves.
No. 62211 Kontra
There are literally large battalions of well funded and well armed riot cops dealing with this. You're in America dealing with American bolice.

You talk about people being "blindered" when are yourself so blindered you somehow think this
Needs some random ass teenager coming in from out of state and adding to the chaos. He made their jobs harder. You don't understand that because you have your own blinders on and because mainly the people supporting it are the same who go posting pepes about hunting joggers. The last thing the cops want in restoring order is a bunch of idiot kids adding to that chaos.
No. 62215 Kontra
The other thread is far from dead, why can't you discuss your dumb burger bullshit there? There is really no need shitting up the new thread too.
I swear, americans are such an abhorrent, cyclopian race of ghoulish subhumans, that on the day they go extinct there will be much rejoicing and gaiety.
No. 62225
Today - Corruption, corruption, corruption.
In dealing with a mutualist company for public sector employees, I found that on a possible future purchase, the director wants at least a 10% cut. An installer wants his own share too, and it seems like another entity also wants some money to see this through. They're all soiled by corruption and are brazenly open about it behind closed doors. They're rotten and they spread this rot, it's sickening.
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
No. 62229
361 kB, 1244 × 862
My digestion apparatus hurts quite a bit, I had a poultry pastry role and nougat croissant from Aldi on empty stomach. Why today, god? I wanted to prepare oven cheese in an hour or so for dinner.
No. 62231 Kontra
62 kB, 615 × 667
Update: I've made oven cheese and my digestion apparatus seems to relax.
No. 62232
I wish I had one cheese ;_;
No. 62233
332 kB, 1800 × 2700
Did you make something like this?
No. 62234
132 kB, 720 × 720
No, pic related. I think baked (soft) cheese is better English. Oven Cheese is a one on one translation of Ofenkäse, a term common in German to describe this meal.

They are cheap and available at Aldi for instance. Cut in a pattern, top it with nuts or something, some thyme or rosemary (I have fresh one from the balcony), some honey, chili flakes, drizzle olive oil and then put it in the oven for 20min at 180° and use bread or vegetables for dipping
No. 62235
Interesting. I never heard about this culinary practice before and the first search suggestion was "oven cheese german". The one in your pic looks more edible.
No. 62236
Ach Ernst, of course I know Ofenkäse :3
I was merely expressing the lack of oven cheese in my household and implied my own laziness to go to a store and get some, let alone then bake it.
No. 62237
Light sleep depravity is like being a bit drunk. Everything has less gravity and time runs faster. And like alcohol it gives me headaches.

Today in the idiotic shit I say: I said to someone that I thought her ex had very kind eyes. She looked at the ground and said yea. I also told to another person who’s going to launch a twitch channel and who kept saying she didn’t want to be famous not to worry about it to piss her off and prove she actually did this to be famous, I think I made her sad instead.
No. 62238
lmao did you forget you were at the theater?

That said, sleep deprivation does indeed have similar neurological effects as being drunk. I think already 4 hours too little give you the equivalent of .3 Promille.
No. 62239
>I think I made her sad instead.
No. 62241
First one about the eyes seems like a strange thing for me to say, the second one is friendly banter, you dindu nuffin wrong. If she's sad about THAT she seriously should keep her face off the internet because the first troll who hates on her will cause her to have a meltdown.
No. 62242
1,5 MB, 720 × 404, 0:15
It's the duality of man. The first comment is the virgin beta "creepy nice guy" vs. the second comment being the chad alpha "brutal truth".

Basically he's like the two-headed snake shown here. Left head is the retard head who just tongues the air so the right head needs to drink and look where they're going.
No. 62243
Regular "my former classmates are dysfunctional too" update. Bullied severe autist guy now GOT THE GUNZ and sends photos from shooting range to people.
Funny but geometry teacher expected me to become mass shooter. And algebra teacher said that I remind him of other student who killed himself. =D
No. 62247 Kontra
The depravity rather than deprivation is a nice touch for a sleep deprived post
No. 62248
74 kB, 300 × 339
Okay, this is the first time I experienced something like this in my life.

I got an unsolicited call from some number, and after I picked it up, I got a "all operators are busy, please stay on call generic music"

I'm shaking and crying rn
No. 62249
As long as thirdies watch court hearings about some American shooter, they are in their right. Capital of the world, after all.
No. 62250
Welcome to the gangstalked gang
No. 62251
PT communications does this shit. They'll call you and put you on hold. This should be ilegal.
No. 62253
>I'm going to skip Latin class because I didn't study plus I'd only have had three hours of sleep
>Plus the other class I'd have had is cancelled
>Feel guilty
>Go on facebook
>"All of you can sleep in, tomorrow's Latin class has been cancelled"
I'm so fucking aligned with the 道 it's unreal.

I've decided to start a blog. Don't know what I'll do with it, probably just post some of my translations and expand some of my twitter posts into longer texts.
I'm probably 20 years late to making a blog, but whatever.

The German Ernst was right about Twitter. It's actually pretty good if you join a clique that interests you. Ancient-China and obscurantist-pseudo-right-wing-history twitter are pretty cool. I get to see cool books and translations of Classical Chinese works and calligraphy.

I kind of always expected to get called a school-shooter material at some point during HS, but it never happened. Probably because we had a classmate who had anger issues and was also really into guns.
No. 62255 Kontra
Today I'm gonna be asleep before 9pm and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me.
No. 62256
18 kB, 640 × 480
I'm going to call you at 9:05 and put you on hold.
No. 62257
I'm quite tired. But I need to do something for the class I'm tutoring tbh. Tomorrow will be a tight schedule until the evening again. What should I do? There is no way I go to bed at 9pm, rather 12pm or later.
No. 62263 Kontra
54 kB, 300 × 300
Phone muted, good night Ernst.
No. 62264
I will knock on your door in an hour, keep your ears open.
No. 62265
The inebriating aspect is exactly why I hope not to say stupid crazy shit when I've had two hours sleep tops again like today. I ended up sitting there having a cigarette on break from work wondering if this is what dying at 30,000 feet feels like, and what those people experience right before they're about to die from cabin depressurization. It feels ten times more dissociative and crazy than normal when you do this multiple times in a row, like to the extent I am now actively aware how outlandishly psychotic and detachec from reality my thought process probably is if I subjected some poor soul to it. Alternatively, it may merely by that that's actually normal, and I'm merely hyper lucid enough to be saner than sane enough to realize that.

I really desperately need to get some sleep but can't now and the vicious cycle continues. I have lost all track of time and space. I think I actually just remembered a future memory as I was looking at it in real time only now a future reincarnation of me was being very confused what the hell this number on a building a meant before probably shrugging it off as just another deluded daydream. I am beginning to trance that hard at this point.
No. 62270
Weak efforts on the nosleep front tbh.
t. done 5 days without sleeping before (it was ebin)
No. 62271
Reading the Bible before I go to bed, r8
No. 62272
I set my alarm to 8am out of habit, thinking it wouldn't be necessary. 11 hours later, I was waking up to my alarm. I even had to force myself to get out of bed, as I felt the same need for an extra 15 minutes as I normally would.
Unsure what to make of this, perhaps I should do this again.
No. 62273
Seems like your body really needed that.
I woke up this morning at around 8 because that asshole from above was working something in his bathroom, as it sounded. The bathrooms here are bordering the bedrooms, so I not only hear what is going on in my own bathroom, but also the one right above.
I have no idea what he is doing, he seems to have broken up with his gf and ever since it sounds like he was renovating the apartment.
No. 62274
I am currently looking for icons for a menu I am supposed to cobble together. The selection isn't very good, but I am amazed how I can sell icons as something else solely on how they're contextualized.
This in turn made me wonder if there is ANY kind of pictogram that has universal validity and is understood by every single human, no matter the race, creed, educational or civilizational level.
The only thing I could come up with was a skull as a sign for deadly danger, though I am not sure about that either.
No. 62275
55 kB, 531 × 540
Behold, the universal symbol!
No. 62277
And what does it mean? Fertility? Men only? Attention: Walking dicks? This is not universal at all.
No. 62278
441 kB, 1436 × 1038
It means penis.
No. 62279
Yes, that is what it depicts. But that wasn't my question.
No. 62280
Does it now?
Looks like an arrangement of lines and curves to me.
No. 62282 Kontra
>Looks like an arrangement of lines and curves to me.

He wasn't asking about what you see.

The penis will be understood by many though I think. Just like a tree icon will probably be understood by many. It depends in that case on what trees look like where you live and what other trees you've seen so far.
No. 62283
24 kB, 512 × 512
Spoiler: The good guys win.

>if there is ANY kind of pictogram that has universal validity and is understood by every single human, no matter the race, creed, educational or civilizational level.
Maybe this?
No. 62284
108 kB, 1007 × 1280
> Maybe this?
It won't be understood correctly in Scotland.
No. 62285
Well, just as it may not be the case that the meaning of a symbol is universal, identifying the object that was attempted to be depicted by the symbol may also not be universal.

What if it's, like, a dog bone that was broken in the middle, and had a crack develop on one of the sides?
No. 62286
>The penis will be understood by many though I think. Just like a tree icon will probably be understood by many.
Yes, but again: It's not about the thing it depicts, but what meaning is behind that sign.

As given in the original example, what meaning could a human skull have except "Warning: Danger of dying"?

Whereas a tree sign (and, as correctly stated, different people, different trees) symbolizes what? Attention, forest ahead? Look ahead, trees on the path? Timber here?
A human shape is also universally understood as a human shape, but what does it mean? Attention, humans here? Singles only? No animals allowed?

What is this? A person hiding behind a fir tree and another naked person with a dead snake suspended between them? What can this sign POSSIBLY convey?
No. 62287
Symbols don't have meanings dude.
They're labels we assign to ideas. It's ideas that (sometimes) have symbols. You have it backwards.

A skull can symbolize many things, also. For example, when I see a skull symbol while going through the streets, I don't think "imminent danger". I think that the establishment that would just to have such a tacky logo must be a "cybersport cafe", and how passe skull imagery is, and so on.

The symbol of the skull changed its meaning in my mind from "death" to "edgy 14 year old". Notice how both these concepts still exists despite the symbols getting muddled.
Because symbols don't have meanings, they're labels for ideas, and can get assigned to a different idea over time.
No. 62288
But that's what I was talking about, that symbols are always contextualized, which is why I was wondering IF a symbol exists that is contextualized the same everywhere. The skull was just an example I came up with because I couldn't come up with anything else, but you just gave a counterexample. But then again, the 14 year old edgelord chose the skull precisely because it is commonly associated with danger.
No. 62289
22 kB, 612 × 446
Meaning is always context specific. I think the only things that are fairly universal aren't symbols. Gestures like the open palm as a way of saying 'gibe', I think even monkeys do it.
No. 62290
Mathematical symbols, though they might not be understood without the conceptual knowledge of mathematics. But once you know maths it's universal. Or is it?
No. 62291 Kontra
Then again the % could be used to signal price reduction
No. 62292
>But once you know maths
So it's not universal.
No. 62293
Yes, so indeed it will be problematic to find a universally understood symbol/sign, for age reasons alone. Signs are abstractions after all.
No. 62295
59 kB, 360 × 528
Noice, which book(s) are you reading?
I've been slacking lately, I'm about halfway through Jeremiah but it's a pretty boring book, mostly just retreading familiar prophetic themes and not particularly interesting language-wise either
Need to pick up the pace since I want to get to Baby Jesus for the holidays :D
No. 62296
Afaik several species of apes use the open hand gesture to signal submission or awaiting approval of another ape higher up in the social order.
No. 62297
Open palm can also mean "give me five", or be used to point somewhere or be used in a shrugging "hat do I know" context.
In fact I don't know if there is anything all humans have in common besides laughing and yawning.
No. 62298
Depending on the context really, an open palm could also mean: give me our hand. A gesture is embodied communication then, I guess.
No. 62299
143 kB, 200 × 171
Fugging Germans :Dd

Ok, what about the "air hump"? The only objection I can think of is during dancing, but even within a larger dancing routine it maintains the implication
I think even a Papua New Guinea tribesman would understand what I'm referring to.
No. 62301 Kontra
That'd be age-specific at least.
No. 62302
I think at this point we can put a kind of limit, because obviously a child or even baby wouldn't understand any gestures or signs and just react to mimics.
Although maybe there is some tribe where the woman is always on top, so they wouldn't necessarily understand the implications.
No. 62304
Ernst opened his balcony door, stepped out and took a deep breath, before stepping back in.

As she was sitting there, in the hospital, alone in this tiny room, she kind of regretted becoming a night shift nurse.

When he woke up, he noticed that something was different - it wasn't night anymore.

No matter what, he just couldn't hear what they were saying on the radio, but that's normal if you're deaf.
No. 62305
r8'd 8/8I wonder if you get the reference

Is there like, even a single non-religious American ernst? It seems almost like even the unspoken political divide or seemingly apathetic ones on here are religious, although now I think about it even our most visible personalities also seem deeply mystically or spiritually inclined like brick.

Obviously not all jokes aside. We don't all wear dresses or trousers, not in any expansive collection of countries and cultures, not at any time in history. You go to some ancient Chinese or Islamic or Greek empire and they're not going to know wtf you are talking about.

In terms of compacted meaning, skull is a good one because it actually means something. The five line stick figure star of man and drawing a benis are going to be recognized in literally any human culture through history but it's not really saying much beyond that. Come to think of it few languages seem to compact an actual message into a single pictogram, rather using several to convey a contextual meaning, which is an interesting unwitting statement about humankind and the way it thinks.

I wonder what an actual alien language looks like, and does it believe in God? Where would they posit the universe came from? What does the evolved octopus or cuttlefish think the world looked like and came from? Does a super intelligent cuttlefish have religion?

What do you think your first message or question to a sapient alien lifeform would be? I think I would first want to ask it about God and religion. It's one question whose answer would actually speak volumes about us and who we are and how we operate in ways we never bothered to question before. Basic stuff like its relationship between itself and the other.

Math symbols aren't even known to many if not most of us dependent on how advanced the maths may be, however yes you are right, the actual math shouldn't change because the actual theoretical laws of the entire physical universe should not change. However, I do question if false vacuum decay could be related somehow to the expansion of the universe but I doubt it. I bring it up only because the effect of false vacuum decay if it happened would effectively be the collapse of all the laws of physics within a sphere expanding outward at the speed of light and which should have new laws of physics within it.

Tree sign is good and so is something symbolic of water if you could find it. This is because the ideal environment to the human is a place with trees and running water. It's providing the most basic necessities to human life, including extrapolated from that, shelter in addition to food. It's not just about monkey brains having a place to climb to avoid danger, as is instinctual to the wild Russian. It is very directly meaning "attention: food ahead. Also probably danger. Which could become food with effort and tactics." Water means "attention: that thing you literally need every day not to die. May contain food."

A tree with a stream beside it is pretty universal. I'd imagine even a desert or subarctic people can at least understand it, because an oasis in the desert literally means "safe haven" or "refuge" with dates and water. Its meaning is survival. It is why we have so much tree symbolism in different cultures. Very few people in arctic climates would not understand the meaning of tree and beside that like 0.00002% or whatever that live in igloos, any man is going to see a tree and want to be near it.

Closed fist also can be a symbol, although it probably needs to be clear it contains no food or gift only anger. Eye is pretty obvious. Eyes mean pay attention.

Of course the greater question is, does there exist any kind of pictogram which could be true for a human in any context? Because even an open hand is at once relational and "object" he observes in his environment, merely one he feels and has control of it. Perhaps a disembodied human without memory would be contextless.
No. 62306
>Is there like, even a single non-religious American ernst?

Yep. Me.
No. 62307
I sometimes read religious texts just from scholarly interest.
No. 62308
Applied for a locomotive second person trainee intake in regional NSW. I fit the criteria pretty well, and spent like 3 hours on the application this morning after work. I really hope I get it. Rent is quite cheap down there, and the railways are a good industry for work security because it's skilled work and really fucking organised. Unlike the really insecure work I'm in now with cleaning where you basically got to take everything the company gives you because you're muy expendable, with a pseudo yellow union.
No. 62309
This. You don't have to be religious to read religious texts. Also, religious people often don't even read religious texts themselves, they either just consult with local priests or simply go by the info they got from media.
No. 62311
9 kB, 424 × 329
I tried to read the bible for that reason. I gave up at leviticus, that must have been the most boring thing I've ever seen.
No. 62312
84 kB, 971 × 482
Leviticus/Numbers is basically the noob filter, it gets interesting after that, though there are some other pretty boring books as well, e.g. Chronicles.
I can recommend Northrop Frye's The Great Code: the Bible and Literature to get a better overview of the Bible, it's a literary analysis in particular but he also touches upon broader topics about the Bible's history and so on, and doesn't delve into theology too much
No. 62313
29 kB, 322 × 445
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I wanted to read an epic ancient shonen manga about the fist of god crushing filthy sinners and roundhouse kicking the devil, but I got an endless hebrew family tree documentation instead.
No. 62314
135 kB, 1661 × 701
135 kB, 1661 × 701
Stick to the shonen parts in that case and follow the main story arch in this image.
No. 62315
The bible is basically ancient wikipedia, rather than a collection of stories tbh.
No. 62316
Wikipedia is also a collection of stories. :-)
No. 62321
159 kB, 692 × 922
So you apply to be a train driver? I'd imagine it pretty neat. It's hard work I think, getting the train ready regardless of the weather, yet driving a train must be nice. I also thought about it, if my studies fail.

My tutoring went well, even though I did not as much as last time for a lecture that was kinda difficult at times. Though today only 1/3-1/2 of last time showed up. Now it's grey outside, soon it'll be dark. My crush was dressed fabulous and I complimented her for that. At the same time, it was a sting in my heart, because I don't see anything happen. What saves me from falling into a dark pit in that regard is the outlook on having some intimacy in 2 or 6 weeks with somebody else to make up for it.
No. 62322
145 kB, 1835 × 700
41 kB, 735 × 211
102 kB, 740 × 755
93 kB, 730 × 503
The only parallels between the two are that they both cover different topics and that there are many references/links between their respective elements. But other than that it's a superficial comparison - e.g. there's too many literary/poetic elements in the Bible, it's much more unified and (mostly) structured in a meaningful way.
No. 62323
I don’t know if it’s universal. But there’s a pretty strong suicide by train culture here. I heard an interview of train drivers saying it wasn’t ready about wether suicide would happen in your carrier but when. It’s not uncommon to talk about that time you saw a man cut in half. But Swiss media tend to avoid the subject because Swiss psychologists association thinks that talking about it will make more people jump in front of trains.
No. 62325
Interesting. Especially with the ample supply of summits to hurl oneself from.
No. 62326
Well, yeah I'm repressing that fact, but I think it is also not an uncommon thing to do, sadly. I'm not saying I would easily carry that but it does not stop me from doing it. Maybe I would try to work with cargo trains, though thanks to the economic planning, cargo on trains is shit in Germany. I heard Switzerland is quite a train country both in cargo and passenger transportation.
No. 62329
582 kB, 1280 × 918
213 kB, 1024 × 768
359 kB, 1280 × 853
>I heard Switzerland is quite a train country both in cargo and passenger transportation.
Yes, we have the second busiest railway network after Japan. There's nearly no trucks on the highways thanks to that.
No. 62330
Assistant driver. Which isn't driving but is the pathway to it, at least here. Been trying to get into the industry for a couple years now. Might try and get my uncle to put some feelers out in the union if nothing comes of it by next time I see him.
No. 62333
169 kB, 1200 × 1125
This is hilarious it sounds like America bitching about America, or Russia bitching about Russia
I wish them well on their space agency

I also have discovered that apparently we are running out of phosphates for manufacturing fertilizer and that basically Morocco controls most global supplies. Our resources everywhere are dwindling
We litetally cannot system modern life under these systems for much longer if we're even running out of sand.
No. 62338
> people don't work and buy Rolls-Royce
I wish I could bitch about Russia in such manner. =D
Yeah, there are people who live like this, but only a tiny minority. Average Russian works hard for pennies on useless job.
No. 62344
Fugging insomnia. If you go to bed too early, heda thinks "it's just a daytime nap", and you wake up couple of hours later without any desire to sleep more.

"Fake it till you make it" approach is not for me.
First of all, it's a constant butthurt while you still "not make it".
Second of all, it's learned helplessness. After you learned how to do things, you still act like if you don't. Have to rewire brain afterwards.
And third, in many situations it's better not to anything at all than to do things poorly.
No. 62345
Had a very good day today. Some classes got cancelled, so I was less tired. Culture Studies lecture was very interesting. I learn a lot about myself during these classes.
There was this little data-snippet from one of Pierre Bourdieu's works how the intellectual class reproduces itself and how a lot of university students in France, despite no legal or monetary restrictions came from households where the parents were intellectuals.
Got me thinking about my own status as someone who's in the process of becoming a first generation intellectual. There's this expression in Hungarian "Kimosakodott proli", which would roughly translate to "prole who scrubbed himself out (of proledom)", which is sometimes used for people who're the first to get a degree in the family and they're very insecure about it so they boast about their intellectual abilities.
Now it kind of makes sense why some of the teachers were so eager to ask what my parents do for a living.
I don't have a degree yet, but I wonder if it'll change how I carry myself once I get it.

Got a German edition of a Chinese novella.
Had a pizza for lunch and then I went to the library. Read a hundred pages from the second volume of Journey to the West.
I'm about to reach the part where "Supplement to the Journey to the West" is supposed to take place, and I don't know if I should read it or not.
It was a bit hard to read because some logistics genius thought the best time to drill a hole in the wall is during the afternoon.
Still, I think I made very good progress. Hoping to keep it up.

Honestly, suicide by train is such a selfish thing to do. When you hang yourself at least it's only the person that finds you plus the cleanup crew that's involved, but with a train, you traumatise the driver, you fuck up the day of the passengers and you might cause confusion and delay on multiple lines. It's like an incredibly bothersome and pointless terror-attack if you will.

I wanted to say "that's for the best", but then I re-thought it and we simply assimilated so much during modernity from these foreign traditions even if we're just thinking about terminology or simple aesthetics. I guess we can draw a line between "cultured dilettantism" and "dilettantism". If you're well versed in your own tradition you will probably be able to get something out of another tradition, but if you're not, then you'll end up a Western Buddhist :-D
Though personally I can't really read any text besides the Bible "religiously", because with other holy books I don't have the connection of being so-so raised in the tradition and being introduced to it via ritual years ago.
Also reading the New Testament just simply makes me feel good. No matter how much I like Chinese texts, the Daodejing doesn't replicate the feel, or rather, not as strongly.

I remember finding an 1200 page long book online about the "Scythian" origins of Jesus once.
It's amazing how much schizo stuff about ancient Hungarians is out there.
Stuff like Japanese-Hungarian common ancestry theory, Hungarian-Sumerian theory. I think there might be even one where we share brotherhood with some Easter Islanders and Native Americans because we came from the sunken contintent of Mu where Hungarians had a high-culture 30000 years before Jézus Krisztus (Jesus Christ for you külföldiek)
Gyöngyös Kán not Genghis Khan, allright? Dog Bless Turán and the Great Kurultáj!
No. 62350
Simple just bitch about nouveau riche who hide their stolen money in walls of London flats and don't actually work:-D
No. 62352 Kontra
110 kB, 500 × 375
No sleep gang reporting in
No. 62353
In past three nights, I have slept over 31 hours.
I fully intend on seeing how long I can go sleeping 10h+, I'm sure that with a few more nights of this, I'll be able to levitate items with my mind.
No. 62354
1,3 MB, 3000 × 2240
I'm sleep-deprived only. I want to read a bit more. But I'm tired, will I be able to sleep for just 20-30min?
No. 62355
25 kB, 575 × 323
405 kB, 1920 × 1080
Thank God for masks. It is taking all my might not to start laughing loudly at work and so they cannot see me smiling.

I was thinking of a remark about those "flag burning Socialists" and it occurred to me, can we troll the Qanon crowd into holding plastic red cup burning rallies by tricking them into thinking it symbolizes Satanic or Communist allegiance or something? I want to see them standing around chanting DEATH TO BIDEN'S AMERICA or something. Oh God I have to stop thinking about this someone might here me and ask what's up

Today's off to a great start
No. 62356
53 kB, 355 × 576
Update: I read these two little essays, 'mathematical amusements'. about mathematical probability and reality as well as one about the metaphysical problems of mathematics.
No. 62373
What would be a good recipient for holding embers? Need to get something to heat up my room with, I know my grandma had something that would serve this purpose but I don't remember the name.
No. 62378
Preferably something fireproof that also leads the noxious fumes outside.
No. 62403
I wrote an email to a German niche TV station about their website not behaving as it should. I'm truly living on the edge.

Also, I measure my blood pressure three times a day and put the results in an Excel table.
No. 62411
>Also, I measure my blood pressure three times a day and put the results in an Excel table.

No. 62412
To keep track of it, obviously.
No. 62414
So the goal is in the measurement? Or why do you keep track of your blood pressure?
No. 62416
57 kB, 580 × 468
My grandfather was studying to become a priest in Turin. Apparently, they'd go and measure the temperature and humidity daily and had records for several past decades. It might seem like an exercise in futility, but record keeping is a saintly activity.
No. 62420
>>62412 is not the same poster as >>62403
t. >>62403

I'm taking an ungodly amount of meds and my doc wants to find out if they are the right ones. Right now it looks like I'm overdoing it and my pressure is too low.
No. 62422
Cider is a fundamentally bad drink. It feels like you're just drinking apple juice and then you're shitfaced at 9pm
No. 62423
How much do you chug down? Or are you a total lightweight?
No. 62424
Two half liter cans at the time of writing, in about 40 minutes. Lightweight, but I blame surprise.
No. 62427
I haven't even been tipsy in my life and I can drink a bottle of cider no problem. Maybe because I'm fat.
No. 62428
if the society is overly dependent on technology to survive - this society is on life support
No. 62433
Es Weihnachtet früh dieses Jahr, Ernst! Went out with people from my study program to have a few drinks. The Christmas market drinks are available already. Glühwein, Hot Chocolate with alcohol and the likes. I wish they had a few more options at the place we went. My face is numb. I won't read anything but go to sleep while watching something.

>I'm taking an ungodly amount of meds and my doc wants to find out if they are the right ones. Right now it looks like I'm overdoing it and my pressure is too low.

Ok. I was wondering if there are people who might "casually" check their blood pressure at a relatively young age. I suppose no Ernst is above the age of 45 atm.

Depending on what you want to count as technology, humans have been dependant on it long before the advent of digital media and communication. Maybe tool use can be excluded from that, but maybe the line is thin.
No. 62438
High tech, computers and internet.
Society and countries should be able to function without these things.
No. 62445
There are far too many people alive to keep track of everything without computers.

> relatively young
I felt old at 22 and that only got worse.
No. 62458
I don't check it but it's skyhigh. I still have to remember to unfuck my script because they somehow wrote me 3x the dose I am supposed to take and I'm going to run out of spares. Then again, it's still slightly high even at my dose. Not in my 40s though.
No. 62459
110 kB, 797 × 550
39 kB, 474 × 345
About 5-6 years ago I read the introduction to A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari, where they elaborate about the rhizome against the tree and as I now found out their oscillation. Then, the tone was catching me, but I did not understand much. Today I read it again as I want to tackle the whole book. With my knowledge of systems thinking, contemporary history and a much better understanding of the history of 20th century thought and ideas in theory and philosophy and beyond, I was able to enjoy it very much. I treat it as philosophy but at the same time and probably even more as a historic source for a thinking that seems to still blaze its way and many domains of what we refer to as reality. As I want to understand this history, this book seems to be a very valuable source of concepts and thoughts that still keep people busy today. And against what I read in secondary literature I think even in this plateau ("chapter") it becomes very clear that they are not just enthusiastic about their concept, they very well are aware of how the rhizome can turn into a tree, a map into a copy, and vice versa. From this distinction follow many more that are having a similar meaning. It's about patterns or organization of matter, signs and society and an undetermined outside, that which is not organized (yet); and in the end, has a cosmologic dimension while it is also an attempt to integrate an analysis of capitalism. After all the Anti-Oedipus and ATP together make for the Capitalism & Schizophrenia series.

It's worth sticking to things over long periods of time, Ernst, nurse your interests, it "pays".
No. 62463
I tried reading anti-oedipus but its written in such an edgy teenage way of phrasing things I had to just put it down in disgust. Definitely ahead of its time I think the book represents the worst kind of thinking to emerge in the 20th century and predates its mass adoption by a good 30 years.
No. 62464
Do you know why style and language are used and what that thinking is about?
No. 62466
75 kB, 600 × 526
Sometimes I think we should just form an alliance among the Abrahamic faiths and secede from the modern world entirely
No. 62472 Kontra
Deleuze and Guattari are working with the non-modern.
No. 62476
Today I been watching documentaries after work and oh doge this is the most EC tier shit I seen in awhile in real life
So now we also now FSB is probably blackmailing Russian ernst tiers into hacking shit. That's seriously exactly what I imagine half of casey /int/ to have looked like circa 2014
No. 62477
I've been trying to put PDFs on a circa decade old Samsung tablet to read them and I've come to the conclusion that it's not necessarily the device that matters, but rather the infrastructure around it.
I can't use any of the apps I use to put files on it. I'm not even sure if it has a PDF-reader on it by default.
Time turned a perfectly working tablet into a piece of junk.
It's nothing more than a fancy palm computer at this point lmao.
Wonder why Google doesn't have the option in the playstore to download the last compatible version of the app. But thinking about it I'm retarded, because that'd prolong the life of the devices.

Okay, it takes PDF, but the only way to get it onto the device is via e-mail.
God, we've come a long way in the past decade when it comes to interface design and usability. (And there's still a ways to go.)
The picture quality is at least kinda good.
(But it can't fucking rotate a pdf, amazing.)

I have this bad habit of having a preconception about the usefulness of a device, usually imagining it to be cool for a single purpose, only to find that my approach and material realities (and simply how devices are used anyway) preventing me from realising it.

The issue is that the scans the lecturers hand out of these books are so ass quality often that my e-reader won't play nice with them. (Because my e-reader is a decade old piece of shit too, but I can't really complain because at least I have one. Though it's still infuriating that when I wanted one I told my father that I think a kindle would be best and then he returned with this no-brand thing, only for him later down the line to ask me "You have a kindle, right?" only to be shocked to learn that he didn't get one years later.
Ultimately, there are people who don't have bread or rice, so I shouldn't be too bothered by the fact that my father is often inconsistent and bossish when it comes to tech.)

Speaking of, my father bought a rice cooker. I found it strange at first but turns out he got the idea to get one when he saw my mother clean out a pot I made rice in and accidentally burned the bottom layer a bit, because I haven't made rice in a few weeks, and lost my routine.

Zoomiversity is back on the menu. Or rather, not completely, but partially.
The last few weeks' lectures will be held via video, but only the lectures, so seminars and applied-classes will still be held in person in real time.
Everything else will be just a video file/mp3 thrown at you.
No. 62478
This is Snowden. Don't you recognize him?
No. 62480
301 kB, 853 × 1090
My fellow Americans, you WILL pay for my NEETbux an you WILL be happy about it
No. 62481
Dude I just got thousands of dollars from the government thanks to the pandemic I seriously don't give a fuck. It allowed me to invest my money, switch jobs, neet around off savings and largely speaking I'm at least happy between that and the infrastructure bill we're actually spending money on Americans instead of giving it to Israel or subisidies to transnationalists like Bezos and Musk or what the fuck ever. If you want to just sit around being a useless fuck all day than work or invest whatever no skin off my back. Doing taxes will be a nightmare though.

They should be but our economic model is fundamentally retarded and inefficient. Future generations will be mining our landfills for stuff their stupid ancestors routinely destroyed for no good reason at all than imaginary numbers.
No. 62484
293 kB, 820 × 991
>Dude I just got thousands of dollars from the government thanks to the pandemic I seriously don't give a fuck.

Uh.. heh.. retains smugness Why don't you give a fuck anymore, wagie? I thought you were all generally assblasted about my demographic?
No. 62487
I think you're on the wrong board.
This board is full of leftists, and leftists typically don't like working and prefer handouts.
No. 62488
>I switched jobs and invested
>I'm getting neetbux
No. 62489 Kontra
It was kohl-tier
No. 62490
No. 62493
It's obvious you retards came here a few days ago and crosspost to that disgusting shithole. Don't want to be called a shitposter by the board don't act like one. Simple as.
No. 62495
53 kB, 1024 × 576
I don't post there myself, it's obvious you should go back to kohl since you talk about it so much.
No. 62498
21 kB, 612 × 409
I now use a paper shredder at work. It's so satisfying that I find myself shredding papers that maybe I shouldn't, a case of a product working too well.
No. 62501 Kontra
I lately watched a Tiktok where the person told to be payed for shredding paper with such a machine. I can only imagine the satisfaction.

Your expression of blunt thinking is toxifying this board. Keep blunt politics to yourself.
No. 62506
>Your expression of blunt thinking is toxifying this board. Keep blunt politics to yourself.

Tell that to everyone else on this board, especially that American and Australian. How lacking in self-awareness are you?
No. 62507 Kontra
There is a big difference between an overly general and stereotypical one line provocation and a paragraph or more that develops or tries to develop a train of thought. Especially as this is not the news thread. And there is one German that always has to burst into a choleric heart attack when he has to speak about his political opponents. You can discuss things differently than using angry, hateful and scornful language. The latter is kohl tier self insurance and feedback overdrive.
No. 62508
If you keep posting inane nonsense like this I won't let you watch while I fuck your girlfriend.
No. 62509 Kontra
You are to school for this schoolyard, change over to the spit bucket, please.
No. 62512
Shred everything. Important data should be kept in your head, where it's safe.

No. 62519 Kontra
The shitposting this thread turned into is exactly why you guys stick out as cabbagechan retards fyi. It's well established here it's not what you say so much as the way you say it. Case in point nobody gives RAC shit and he's a welcome community member.

When I start scrolling down and I see shit like this that's the difference. I don't know what started it and don't care either don't shitpost or don't get called out for acting like you're on k*hl or whatever.
No. 62526 Kontra
I mean in the end it doesn't really matter if one posts a dumb oneliner or several paragraphs of schizo rambling with the exact same lack of substance.
One just needs more words to say the same as the other, although some of those ramblings also tend to develop into a rather provocative tone.
And personally, in such a case I feel a snarky one-liner absolutely justified.
We should just make sure that it won't become the norm.
No. 62528
As true commies many of ernsts believe in dialectical law of transition of quantity into quality. =D
I like both one-line-Breivik and hippy-flagburner posters. They are funny despite the latter one quickly gets angry at me and switches to insults.
No. 62534
Making a statement is easy. Justifying or supporting the validity of said statement requires more text, and exponentially more so depending on the complexity of the initial statement. Some require years of study, but some are quite easy, such as reading a couple paragraph. Which is apparently still too difficult a task for a shortposter to successfully do.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it" is midwit cope, there are subjects that can not be understood without some inquiry. With short sentences, all you can explain with a short description is a simplified model of the thing in question, which does not match actual reality when one has to use the knowledge. It's nothing but trivia.
In fact, simple statements contain basically 0 information, because there is no way to verify their validity through the text itself. It's only a matter of "agree/disagree", which are conclusions based on previously held beliefs. This is what we call "socializing", as in there is no transfer of information, just a sort of social establishment of where everyone stands, not unlike social signalling in animals, where simple gestures or signals establish some state, but don't generate new knowledge.

Discussion, on the other hand, requires idea generation. Either by way of the writer generating ideas through a train of though, or by discourse, where each party influences the other's ideas so that a shared idea emerges through this synthetic process. At the very least, it requires presenting some information that the author has access to, but the reader is not familiar with, such as encyclopedic / educational posts on an obscure topic.

Shortposters are just too retarded to either generate, or parse new information, so they default to a kind of virtue signalling. Empty statements that communicate nothing but the poster's attitude, as if anybody gives a shit about them personally. On a discussion board, what matters is not your personal opinion, but your ability to justify and communicate the reasoning behind it. That way, the reader can extract some value from reading the post. If not out of some lofty principle, then at least out of common courtesy.
If you are a shortposter, and engage in social signalling rather than discussion, I would recommend you to use social media, where discourse is simplified to the level of a "like" button, which is more efficient than conveying the same thing with a sentence or two.

As I am well aware that a shortposter will be incapable of reading and parsing the above text, I will leave a short footnote (in bold text so you don't get lost) expressing my position here:
Short posts bad, long posts good

Sincerely yours, longposter.
No. 62535
5,0 MB, 1024 × 2046
Parents got me a new blanket. The old one I used was really old, probably like 40 years old. Had no real problems really, was as shiny as if it just rolled off the production line, it’s just that I felt cold under it.
This new one is like entering into the space age at the snap of a finger. It’s so incredibly light yet it traps all the heat I radiate immediately.
Whenever I see a direct comparison between products of the Soviet system and the stuff we have today, I’m just amazed how much we’ve improved when it comes to materials and design. The efficiency is crazy.

Today I go to the doctor to get another round of treatment. Lot of people in the waiting room, so I guess I’ll be making good progress with the book I’ve brought along.
Also bought a packet of “cheesy bows”, which is salty French dough twisted to look like a bowtie, with cheese on it. It’s quite the nostalgic delicacy. At least for me.
I remember my mother buying this for me during the times I was very sick.

Honestly, I will become one sentimental old fart if I live long enough to truly get old. I’ll be the most horrible pensioner ever.
No. 62536 Kontra
Lots of hot takes in there, brick boi.

First your argument is that shortposters are not able to read or parse the text. You are hereby implying that it's their fault or that they are too dumb etc., whereas there is a real possibility of people just not wanting to read unstructured or tangential ramblings that don't have anything to do with the matter discussed.
If someone doesn't understand what you are saying, it might not be their fault.
Of course I am aware that anyone partaking in an argument is deliberately ignoring that in order to justify their own point of view, as arguments are generally a connected series of statements intended to establish a definite proposition.

Then, in trying to approach and cover every aspect of an argument, you will quickly lose the core of the argument and deviate, which is of course a legit eristic strategy, but it is not an expedient one and won't serve the actual discussion, just your own ego because you can claim you "won" that argument. And leave it to an intellectual to explain a "simple" thing in a very roundabout way. I have actually proofread a few humanities hosueworks and it's crazy how much one can write without actually saying anything.
Also, how can you say that simple statements contain no information? That's clearly false. The apple always falls from the tree. This is verifiable very easily outside of the text. Plus, by that logic, a longer text is also not verifiable outside itself, you are just providing some phony eo ipso verification. A simple statement just condenses that.

Then, I wouldn't call what we have here on EC "discussion", because more often than not it's just unrelated blogposting. I regularly try to play devil's advocate to get some discussion going, but usually to not much avail. A discussion warrants actually arguing with the other one, not picking something from their post and extrapolating your latest profound insights.

Also, your last paragraph made me laugh a bit. I hope you are aware of the irony.

zl;ng: Long posts still not necessarily better than short posts
No. 62537
This, and bottom tier is people who understand the world solely through slogans, bydlo truisms, and thought terminating cliches. If you post literally just two whole sentences on 4cancer people will outright tell you they're not reading that essay. It's the same retards fundamentally incapable of reading beyond twitter and even /b/tards used to post full length, and if you go back to old KC posts from like 2013 a good number of those were longer stories too. Fact is shitposters have a mental inferiority complex on top of all their other inferiority complexes and they hate that because it makes them feel inadequate. Because they also are often of low morals and poor character, rather than saying they will better themselves their attitude is trying to drag everyone else down to their level.
No. 62538
13 kB, 200 × 265
The difference between shortpost and shartpost is just a single letter.

t. anonymous internet lyricist (bad)
No. 62539
Too long, didn't read.
No. 62540
6 kB, 320 × 180
On the other hand, brevity is the soul of wit.
No. 62541
What is the difference between a shortposter with an inferiority complex and a longposter with a superiority complex?
Trick question, they're both irritating.

I think you unwittingly addressed another severe problem: Talking about the 4chongs in the first place and furthermore using their lingo (midwit, chad vs. virgin and almost anything else from after 2011). Speaking like them provokes thinking like them. We don't have that problem on /b/ because everything is literally translated into german with forceps (although it led to its very own set of problems, see K*hl).

And this also very true. It needs way more processing and deliberation to try and condense thoughts than to just vomit out what comes to your mind.
I think here we can apply an actual bell curve:

>89IQ bydlo: U suck
>100IQ average: I don't like you because hurr and durr and also, considering, by far, per se, ipso facto, and so on....
>150IQ Übermensch: You suck, no further elaboration needed

On /b/ in the short story thread I posted a few "one-sentence-stories" I wrote - not aphorisms, but actual, simple narrative constructs with usually a humorous component (which I also tried to do in english here >>62304) and I must admit, I found it pretty hard to condense what I want to say into just one- to one-and-a-half sentence that's also not really roundabout and spanning over 9000 embedded clauses, but I think it's a nice exercise. I think I might make a new thread for that as soon as I have more to share.
No. 62543
251 kB, 500 × 372
Guys, let's be honest: All books can be condensed to abstracts, lol, why don't we just write abstracts and actually invest time in something useful other than using many words to say so little? After all, it all fits in an abstract, so why write and read books?
No. 62544
Nice reductio ad absurdum, but your analogy is not sound.
Let me ask you a question: Do you only eat for sustenance?

Also lmao'ing at your life if you think any post here has any publishable value whatsoever. Are you the verbose german who always argues with the very opinionated german?
No. 62545
191 kB, 762 × 913

The CDC now classifies germany in the highest risk category.

Attached image: Our healthcare has actually broken down now. All beds in ITU across the country are accounted for. In about a week, if anything happens to you and you need intensive care, you're dead. Feels bad, mang.

My monkey brain is struggling with the knowledge that this will last until either several hundred thousand people have died or politics decides to de-prioritise treatment for people who refuse to be vaccinated. I doubt the latter will happen and the former means months of no safety in case anything happens. Better not get run over by a car now, I guess :<<<<
No. 62546
I have discovered that my computer slows down if I run it for a prolonged time without rebooting. I discovered this when I noticed that webpages take several seconds to load, and worse yet, the browser takes a long time to progressively decode JPEG images, drawing one top to bottom in 300 pixel increments. After reloading, it went much faster, but still annoyingly slow, in comparison with my desktop image viewer, which loads JPEGs instantly. I hate web browsers so fucking much.

I am once again angry at living in the 3rd world. Recently I discovered a YouTube channel "Ben Eater", where a guy named Ben Eater builds various electronic circuits while explaining step by step how they work. This made me interested in electronics as a possible hobby, because I find the subject fascinating. Unfortunately, after Googling around, I found out that there are almost no hobbyist electronics shops in my city, and the ones that do exist, only stock basic bitch stuff like Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. To acquire standalone IC chips and the like, I'd have to order them from other countries, with significant delay, and higher prices. This makes engaging in such a hobby bothersome, because I'd have to order and wait up to several weeks for a part to arrive if I were to realize that I need additional components for a project (which would undoubtedly happen due to my inexperience). This makes it impossible to engage in smooth learning, since starting and stopping a task arbitrarily is the worst thing you can do for productivity.

I sometimes dream about getting a 30$ plane ticket to some 1st world country, and just staying there illegally. Working remotely, or selling oil paintings (by the way, art supplies are also limited and expensive here), while renting a cheap apartment for cash money. Alas, I am a coward.

That's true.
Enlightened and high IQ individuals such as myself can simply infer the full meaning of the text by reading just the abstracts. Given the basic premise, I can synthesize in mere moments the entirety of the information the original author took years to formulate.
I, as a high IQ individual, can observe a simple object like a rock or an apple, and derive the inner workings of the Universe just by deliberating on their structure. After all, such objects are products of the Universe themselves, so they implicitly contain all of the information that was needed for their creation, down to the First Principle (or the Prime Mover if you so wish).

This article is quite interesting and agrees on my point. I only read the first two paragraphs, but a single sentence within those paragraphs were enough to encapsulate the whole argument, so I did not read further:
>There is such an absence of divergence between what the object is and how the object seems, that to study the object is an opportunity to reach a kind of enlightenment about the nature of being
No. 62547 Kontra
>if you think any post here has any publishable value whatsoever.

My post was short and exaggerated. And yet, that was the whole point in order to provoke a conclusion that you made in response. I can already see my citation count crashing the 100 with this one, rhetorical talent that is deeply ingrained in the brain I was born with many years ago. nothing here has value of being published as it is, yet some thoughts and phenomen discussed here are in fact the object of inquiry albeit structured and informed very differently than here on this very board

>Let me ask you a question: Do you only eat for sustenance?

A good essay is like a Michelin star dish, right? But a McD burger will bring the core across as well, it's the same, the difference is marginal and thus to be neglected ...or is it?
No. 62548
57 kB, 820 × 364
62 kB, 459 × 612
> Michelin star dish,
That's a good analogy.
No. 62549
That is not what I meant. The longposter is a Michelin, while the short poster is a Mickey D. It's called fast food for a reason.
Yesterday and today, an EC mene was borned: longposter and shortposter
No. 62550 Kontra
Just to be a bit autistic, I'm going to reply to your bait and say that writing a simple piece isn't the same as translating a longer piece into an abstract.
If you were to write "just an abstract" that would mean that you don't document the actual legitimising part of your argument, which in turn, makes the abstract worthless.
Not many people might check the actual study's records, but the records being there is what makes the abstract worth as much as it is worth in the first place.
An abstract by itself is the intellectual equivalent of a Potemkin village.
No. 62551
1008 kB, 920 × 1304
It actually takes a short poster longer to write his post, as he must first write out several paragraphs and then painstakingly condense and refine them to throwaway lines.
The plebians will not know the difference, but our oeuvre is not for them.
No. 62552
Nah, arguments are only wordy meandering. The truth is this: The abstract is written first. And that is why there are no further words to waste on detailed nuances that might be important for the argument and the setting of the reader. I dream of information compression at night btw; only efficiency is to be valued, any quantitative attributions are mere undesirable artifacts of knowledge production. also, where is my academic tenure, I at least revolutionized thinking with this post
No. 62553 Kontra
No, no, no in this longwinded post >>62552 I explained why there is no actual condensation with short posting, it comes fully compressed from my mind, a special gift I received from nature.

Can you imagine the Michelin cook describing the oevre of his dish, the origin of the meals components, the different grades of sourness and sweetness, the combination of tastes and their properties? Dude, just give me a McD! It tastes even better and I don't get tortured by the subhumans behind the counter with nonsense.
No. 62554
The condensing of a substance does not make it lose any of its qualities. Unlike a longposter, my choice of words is very much deliberate and thoughtful.

It's fascinating that the Today thread reigns supreme. Perhaps we should abolish other threads entirely.
No. 62555
Now when we view ourselves as members of two tribes, it's time for radicalization spiral. To prove that I belong to my tribe and I'm main there I'll start to write shorter and shorter posts. Ideally -- two-three symbols each. Does EC support emojis? 🆒 test
On the contrary, you'll become more and more verbose until you'll start writing multivolume treatises.
No. 62557 Kontra
>Can you imagine the Michelin cook describing the oevre of his dish, the origin of the meals components, the different grades of sourness and sweetness, the combination of tastes and their properties? Dude, just give me a McD!
That doesn't make any sense, the McD burger probably has more ingredients than the Michelin star meal.
And THAT, kids, is why you don't use food analogies.
No. 62559
840 kB, 800 × 600
A Michelin experience would be a multiple course menu, like multiple paragraphs, and likewise including a whole range of ingredients. A burger is a bun, meat, cheese, ketchup/mustard, onion, tomato, and salad. But the people at Mickey D don't believe in made-up nonsense of course. They will just sell me the burger as one single entity, there is no reason to take the burger apart, to put it in context or to elaborate on its history. No, a real burger is without history, without context, without any complexity and nuance, a burger is a protozoon just like my short posts! ...What? You, say a burger is a boundary object? You crossed a line sucker, now you have to face the boundary of your life! pulls trigger in manly fashion


>Perhaps we should abolish other threads entirely.

This whole board is an outrageous luxury, a word waste fest. I hereby propose to delete this board and declare with the goal of efficiency and clearness in mind that all non-bivalent communication and use of language as to be exterminated. EC has to cross the river Styx in order to let shortposting rule in totality. Anybody who thinks that the process of writing something up can benefit thinking and insight should be hanged immediately. From this day on, EC's posts will be so short, they don't even exist anymore... so kurz sind die!
No. 62560
262 kB, 724 × 993
Yes, death to Ernst!
No. 62561 Kontra
The analogy is still wrong. The burger is main with sides in one package.
You can still get a menu at the Mekkes.
I know you're trolling (baiting is another of those horrible 4chins words), but at least put some effort in, please.
No. 62562
The analogy is correct as McD does not believe in made-up nonsense, they give me in honesty what all food has in common, simply its foodness. McD is basically selling what Platon would consider the materialization of the idea of food. A McD is pure. Unlike those Michelin Foucaults who randomly cluster words together in order to express an issue which I think naturally has only a protozoic character. Not with me! Those Michelins wanna sell me a protozoon as complex organisms, even as environmental systems, but there are no environments, environments are always protozoa, people who believe in environments must be of those longposters kind! Those Michelins are a burden. They don't fool a shortposter like me though!

>The burger is main with sides in one package

Says who? Otherwise if you take it as true premise, it's, as you said, a main dish. They don't sell specifically a 5-course menu. I'm not talking of menu as in a main with one or two sides and a softdrink. One could entertain the thought that is what McD considers a 3-course menu. But McD is not believing in nonsense. It makes me hunger go away and everything else is negligible.
No. 62564 Kontra
>They don't fool a shortposter like me though!

This is btw. what is called Cartesian vision.
No. 62565
22 kB, 259 × 194
I, Ernstrant Russell, will also bring an end to this longwinded discussion by writing an abstract that will be called Principia Ernstia, together with my friend Alfred N. Blackhead, whom I suspect of being a longposter.
No. 62566
60 kB, 1068 × 601
Why yes, I am a mediumposter, how could you tell?
No. 62567
Just popping in to say, "brevity is the soul of wit" doesn't stop someone from being a shitposter, nor make it less pitiful this failed effort at "rebranding" shitposting as "shortposting." No, a stupid political slogan on a bumper stick is neither wit nor wisdom. The shitposters we're talking about aren't spouting wisdom. They use tautologies, slogans, and thought terminating cliches to dodge having to actually substantiate their claims, which is a known custom of imageboards since before the time of heatin mah harbls tier oldfaggotry. If you make an assertion, be able to validate your claims. Nor frankly does a long rambling borderline schizophrenic diatribe about pop music and women or whatever the fuck make it anything but, however at least in those occasions the person is merely failing in their efforts to substantiate a claim, as opposed to merely shitposting here like they're on 4krebs, cabbagechan, reddit, or some other such shithole.

Like this is a pretty good example of shitposting, which humorously enough contains frogposting that we all remember when KC dying directly correlated to the entire catalogue being nothing but frogposts in its Kalu Yuga epoch, and that fart as I can figure out this shartposting is what touched off the debate. I think. Some German and Norwegian immigrant were involved somehow but I'm off from work and too lazy to bother piecing together that level of dumb internet shit if I'm not paid to do it.

The bottom line is, don't try polishing a turd. Don't expect sophistry makes the original bathroom graffiti look like some kind of epic wit and wisdom. It's not. It is a shartpost. It's the same indifference to outright being allergic to things like truth, facts, logic as any decaying society to actually bother with pretending that these are shitposts, and lowering yourselves to the floor thus rather than actually hold yourself to a higher standard. If you're going to shitpost, at least maintain some scrap of dignity by admitting you're shitposting. The irony of this is for all the shade cast on EC by these 89IQs they somehow manage to take themselves more self seriously and unhumorously than even the most autistic post of EC itself.

All I can wonder while seeing this is what kind of pure hell you even came from you'd think this is normal to pretend an abject shitpost should be taken seriously. I wish snacks banned fucking everybody forever.
No. 62569 Kontra
27 kB, 620 × 413
>Has the jury reached a verdict?
>Yes, honor, we plead guilty. The defendant wrote a 300-word post on why art as a realm of experimentation can have epistemological value. Not only did the defendant cross the absolute limit of 15 words per post, he also wrote absolute nonsense: art can never gain any insights about the world we live in or what the human is, even if it was true, it could have been said in less than 10 words. We advise to not exercise leniency and let justice prevail. We propose a minium of sentenced to life 5 times.
No. 62570 Kontra
>and that fart as I can figure out this shartposting is what touched off the debate
Genius typo! Also props for using the words shit, fart and shart in one sentence. That is, quite literally, shitposting!
No. 62571 Kontra
>The bottom line is, don't try polishing a turd.

One man's turd is another man's treasure. The bottom line then is: objectivity cannot be extended so far as some people wish it does. in all seriousness, a graffiti as object takes on different meanings. An object envelopes in itself the potential of multiple meanings and is ontologically variable. I imagine objects as geologic formations where people can hit different strata, depending on how they perceive and examine the object
No. 62573
How drole and boring, would it hurt you to make your points concisely? Such diatribes serve no common good, I care not for your rambling reminiscing of the old imageboard and its "Kali Yuga epoch". The longposter is unable to form a cohesive point, so he sails aimlessly through his stream of consciousness - creating this slab of text that serves no purpose in advancing this board to new frontiers. A new epoch dawns on Ernst. We will revolutionize human transmission of information by cutting out all interpersonal exchange. Each of us, in our respective minds, will simply correctly imagine what the others would say and correct them. Each will have our own personal Ernstchan. In my MindErnst, people would stop talking about the other imageboard entirely.

Also I could make this post more concise, more presentable and more efficient - perhaps condensing it down to two sentences, but it is not worth the effort.
No. 62574 Kontra
Wow this really blew up. Are you guys really THAT butthurt about people criticizing your blogposting?

Except you, you can fuck right back off to 4kanker.
No. 62575
No u
No. 62576
19 kB, 445 × 261
Look at these fools as they throw their words on the streets as if it was sand!
No. 62577
Damn it the cheap chicken nuggets I bought today were very mediocre. I've learned my lesson. Perhaps I should try some other poultry-derived product or buy sausages when I want some cheap meat. My proletarian spirit prevents me from eating beef again and again.
No. 62578
91 kB, 1500 × 1500
>Each of us, in our respective minds, will simply correctly imagine what the others would say and correct them.

Made me laugh. EC is actually an evil german derivate: From concentration camp to correction camp.
No. 62579
16 kB, 480 × 360
Actually getting not just personally offended at all but also genuinely offended for getting called on shitposting is the exact difference between merely shitposting, and being a shitposter. On IBs, shitposting is just something that happens sometimes. We've all shitposted one time or another. Sometimes it's more funny than cancerous, but regardless it's a shitpost and we all probably did it. The difference is, a shitpost*er* fundamentally cannot produce anything but a shitpost. This is why for example KC used to ban the fuck out of vierkanal shitposters, and why the site literally died forever within like one year of the mods no longer giving a shit and just letting the shitposters run rampant. This is because the internet is full of shitposting morons, which is why we come here instead of a shit*hole* like say reddit or twitter. But the shitpost*er* cannot help himself, and that is why he gets so offended, so asshurt at getting called out for it, because unlike a normal person on here or KC 2012 who could actually hold a hundred post long discussion about something over several days or be an actively contributing member of the community, who could sometimes shitpost and knew it as such and often himself declared it as such, maybe even apologizing for it, the shitpost*er* revels in his own foulness and inadequacy as a person. Because he often suffers the lowest end character defects of having no interest in working on any of his numerous defects as a human being, he likewise cannot help but to not only shitpost as an inescapable lifestyle, but worse, to actively work towards undermining any who even shows interest in bettering themselves, because even so much as identifying the concept of something better as a shitpost highlights his own inadequacies.

It is in effect, the crab bucket mentality of the kind of guy who masturbates into anime pillows as an unemployable neet at age 40 living with his parents and can't stand the idea that anyone else would so much as dream of improving their lot in life, even if it is something so simple as just not shitposting for one day in their lives and actually being interesting as a person and a conversationalist like Kazakhstan for example.

Alternatively, I could just call you a shitposter and move on to someone more interesting for talking.
No. 62580 Kontra
Intellect(I) >>>> Intellect(You)
No. 62581
The short post from which everything can be deduced.
No. 62582
38 kB, 474 × 266
Speaking of which, is a chair not truly among the most insidiously counterrevolutionary of things? Think about it. It perverts all proud proletarian sons into wannabe petit bourgeois property owners, these pitiful lumpenproles who imagine themselves to be seated up higher upon the backs of their fellow man, the lie of the imperialists that we shall be like them seated on a throne someday with hard work for the slave master, away from the toil of the proud agroculturalists working the soil from which we all equally came, and to which we all equally return. Truly, we should do as the East Asians and Arabs do, and ban the practice of being seated altogether as the marking of counterrevolutionary ideologists.

You think I'm just joking but I legit have done with away with all my chairs because I am actually that lazy I lay on the floor on my stomach to play vidya and shitpost
Come and enjoy the fruits of the proletarian spirit friends and eat on floor tables with me. Come friends, let us work like it's the DDR and live like Iberians.
No. 62583 Kontra
今天丝(TODAY THREAD)是不是你们的个人网页?你们觉得什么?人应该不应该每天写长的文章?
No. 62584
I think we should all learn Ithkuil. That way longposters can keep on longposting while being shortposters, and shortposters can approach the humanly possible limit of informational condensation.
No. 62587
>No person, including Quijada himself, is known to be able to speak Ithkuil fluently.
So has this ever done what is was created to do - birthed an actual thought somehow "deeper" than in other languages?
No. 62592
I have no idea what this says, but it made me laugh. Makes me wonder if Chinese is one of those languages where something sounds way longer than it looks on paper, making this a shortpost and a longpost at the same time.
No. 62593
Apparently it was more of an experiment to see how far you can go; but iirc he wanted to develop a version that is actually usable by humans.
No. 62595
But how far did he get until now and how would one even somewhat scientifically rate when there's a "new level" of expression/thought?
No. 62597 Kontra
The fuck do I know, stop giving so much thought to my shitpost.
No. 62598
Well, different languages have concepts and rules that other languages might lack, like additional tenses, suffixes that functionally alter the word preceding it, which can then have more suffixes on top. Then there's stuff like extremely non-linear syntax, etc.

And using such mental constructs does give you the ability to think about new stuff, or in different ways. Similar to how you first have to learn the word for something before you can turn it into a mental object.

Although I wonder if there's an intelligence threshold to learning such a language. Some people have difficulties with wielding the English language even as native speakers, so would they really be able to use a language that's intentionally complex?

Which brings me to the question: should we invent a new worldwide language that's just complicated enough so that americans can't speak it? Then we won't have to be exposed to their drivel any more.
No. 62599 Kontra
>Which brings me to the question: should we invent a new worldwide language that's just complicated enough so that americans can't speak it? Then we won't have to be exposed to their drivel any more.
Just speak french bro
No. 62600
Your post reminds me how Kazakh legitimately broadened my understanding of social context for subjects. Like the idea of posession not being a state, but an inherent nature of an object, and that by gaining posession of something, one recreates the item in its new existence as 'my object'. I like how this partially undermines private property since if you take the grammar to its logical extent, you cannot ever own something, since to take possession of it is not just adding a new state as it is in English.
t. bout to go to bed and having tired brain epiphany
No. 62605 Kontra
>stop giving so much thought to my shitpost
No. 62606 Kontra
33 kB, 318 × 443
>Which brings me to the question: should we invent a new worldwide language that's just complicated enough so that americans can't speak it? Then we won't have to be exposed to their drivel any more.
Why reinvent the wheel when nature is at your service?
No. 62608
Once I ran into some Hungarian women and tried impressing them with my extensive knowledge of Hungarian. This extensive knowledge however was only nem, nem, soha. Still worked.
No. 62610
Many are barey fluent enough in their own. It's part of why learning to speak *chanese ended up becoming such an effective gatekeeper for years and why lack of fluency in imageboard cultural speak immediately marked one as saying sibboleth even a decade after moot had stolen his mums credit card.

What language is there that mechanically basically implies all so-called ownership is merely temporary possession by linguistically demarcating a permanent state of ownership to God? You cannot ever actually own private property if you're borrowing everything from God for a temporary lifetime. Which of course in turn makes me curious about the different linguistic groups and their approach to God and where the nature of the language differed in approaching a religious subject due to fundamental linguistic differences. Like for example one language may use the same word for male and female like "God made man/human in God's image, male and female he made them" which can have a radically different interpretation than a language like Russian that does retarded things like assigns genderedness to office chairs differently than couches. Meanwhile as you say, tenses for example plays a role. It has to do with fundamental expectations of basically the nature of reality in the end that would make the difference between one tiny footnote to a verse, and a massive EC tier essay trying to figure out what "the" "heaven" meant or if "a" could be used by a religion founded a thousand years prior halfway around the world. One of my favorite classic examples I'm alluding to is that in English interchanging "the" and "a" Son of God creates an entirely different contextual meaning.
Then is of Russia. Who son of God is? да!
No. 62612
41 kB, 432 × 535
My mood. you can't even mirror pictures in Paint, wish he would look the other side
No. 62615 Kontra
For fucks sake, people. There's a term that already exists to describe what you're calling "longpost." They're called effortposts.

Anyways, if your message lacks substance, paragraphs of meandering text will not obfuscate it. If your message has substance, fleshing it out maybe necessary to best convey your points because messages get lost if improperly explained.

Also, fuck whoever said "midwit" is stupid. It brilliantly describes a vast swath of humanity who think they're smarter than they actually are and have yet to be acquainted with their place.
No. 62616 Kontra
A longpost is not necessarily an effortpost though.

Also, don't act like you used "midwit" before they started using it on the 4chinz.
No. 62617
For me the word effortpost implies that it carries valuable and well structured information that’s uncommon on imageboards.
A longpost could be an effortpost but could also be a long but ultimately meaningless post.
No. 62619
A shitpost can be an effortpost too, though.

For example, a few minutes ago, had to put considerable effort into shitting out a particularly rigid turd.

Or maybe it's just my diet.
No. 62621
That's just an effortshit due to shitdiet.
Have you tried more fiber? One bowl of oats every morning prevents my hemorrhoids from getting worse.
No. 62622
62 kB, 1030 × 687
>They're called effortposts.
Could we create the word "effartpost" for posts that were long and took lots of effort but were shit anyways?
No. 62623
Shartposts are never effortposts, they're posts that are sharted, unless you want to call "wiggling your fingers" an effort, in which case every single post is an effortpost because someone made a conscious effort to type something and hit the "Reply" button, in which case the only way of not producing an effortpost would be to have a direct brain-computer interface and just dictate your stream of consciousness while the machine does everything else.
No. 62624
1,6 MB, 2414 × 3311
1,7 MB, 3024 × 4032
5,2 MB, 4032 × 3009
Today started off really bad, because my alarm didn't ring for some reason, and then my phone also didn't charge at all during the evening, which fucking sucked, since I had a zoom class right after an in-person class. So I charged my phone while I got ready and then hooked it up in the lecture hall during a break too, and I had enough juice to last the entire zoom-class at the library.
Since I was already at the library I asked the librarian if we had a copy of Three Kingdoms. Guess what, there's two translations of Three Kingdoms being published right now in Hungarian. Couldn't believe it the first time I heard about it during a videolecture.
Librarian is also a lecturer at the university, and apparently we'll have a class with her next semester. Modern Chinese literature. She had a few things to say about these two translations, and I was a bit disappointed when she told me that apparently neither of the teams publishing these are actually well equipped philologically to do this, and basically a single, well made translation by an actually competent sinologist would be a lot better than two of these half-assed editions.
"But then again, everything in this country is spearheaded by happy dilettantes."
She also pointed out that one of the editions actually received funding from an NGO closely associated with Orbán's circles, so by the looks with government money you can publish anything, but it's no guarantee that it'll be good.
She then asked me if I personally have any ambitions to translate anything in the future, and I said "Yes", to which she replied "Excellent."
So anyway, we chatted for like 40-50 minutes about books and university and literature and then I closed by handing her back the book and saying "I just wanted to check it out to see if it's worth getting."
She then went back into the storage room and handed me a brand new copy to take home. I was astonished, but she said that the library got 8 examples, 4 were entered into the catalogue, and the other 4 are unnecessary. So I now got the other edition's volume one too. Pretty amazing.
Told her I can't repay her, and she quoted the Godfather in return "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me."
So pretty good, then I went to have lunch, and at McDonald's they asked me to test a product, so I got a free ice-cream.
Then I got on the wrong bus on the way home and I had to wait 30 minutes for a new one, freezing in the middle of nowhere between two towns.
But it was an electric bus. It even has USB-ports so you can charge your phones. Very futuristic.
Nobody actually uses this stop though. It's so deserted that it has become overgrown. Standing at a deserted public transport station is not nearly as romantic as Jap cartoons make it out to be. At least not when it's 5 degrees and the cars almost run you over as you try to get over to the other side of the four lane road and it's 5 degrees with strong wind.

So today was an eventful day I guess.
I'm surprised that I got this book. I didn't intend to get it or anything, I just accidentally passed the speech checks or something :D
But it's nice to have, and if fate destined I get home two hours late as repayment, then I don't mind. You win some you lose some I guess.
No. 62625
>It even has USB-ports so you can charge your phones. Very futuristic.

I think this when public transport has advertising screens.
No. 62626
I was very surprised when I was in Germany and Italy that subway and bus screens display ads between stops.
Here only the sides of the vehicles and the tube stops have ads on them, none of the screens for some reason.
I'd probably prescribe it to technical incompetence rather than good will though.
No. 62627
4,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
Winter has come.
No. 62629
They should translate the Phenomenology of Spirit to that language.
No. 62630
We don't even have screens on our buses :-DDD

All paper ads in plastic shells above the windows. Rate barbarism.
No. 62635
228 kB, 773 × 1000
I bought 500 things off eBay in 11 years, about 45/per year. A third to half must be books.

2000s midtier city public transport tier
No. 62638
109 kB, 640 × 480
Checks out :-DDD

Found pic from inside ours. This is one of the fancy new ones, though I think it's from somewhere else since our buses are mostly blue and yellow, not white.

Culture of bad public transport.
No. 62649 Kontra
183 kB, 1280 × 720
985 kB, 1600 × 1200
1,5 MB, 2992 × 2000
Well, here probably 99% of Buses within Budapest and the suburban lines have a screen.
It's nothing fancy, only showing the next ~3 stops.
Metros don't have a TV screen, just an small LCD(?) one where the coming stops and the current time are shown. Otherwise it's just stickers above doors.

I have no idea what the countryside lines are like, but I reckon they're not as fancy. (I only used one once in my life.)
Pic one is a standard Budapest bus, second one is from Metro Line M4 and the last one is from Metro Line M3, which is currently being renovated, but the cars themselves have been recently "refurbished" (it's more like Theseus' ship, where we're not sure if there are any original components left at all, since the originals were some 1956 soviet cart type) by the Russians for fuck knows how much money.
No. 62650
170 kB, 1024 × 676
Trains are better designed than ours, but fairly similar. Depending on the line you're on, and the specific train you get, they can be pretty grubby though. Here's an average one here.

Oh dog, trains is a dangerous topic on a board this autismal. Better be careful :-DDD
No. 62654
I think the buses are a domestic design (some of them are anyway, domestic bus production restarted in the last few years so there are Ikarus buses again, but a lot of them are Volvo and Mercedes buses), while the cars are French and Russian, since we don't have the industrial expertise to build them ourselves.
No. 62655
672 kB, 1320 × 1320
>Oh dog, trains is a dangerous topic on a board this autismal. Better be careful :-DDD

I really love trains and train riding, never thought I'd be that person when I was younger. But I like graffiti on trains, but also without, the models, their aesthetic and all that is deeply interesting. Train aesthetics, but only after 1950, except subways maybe.
No. 62659

How big is regional TV in the US, I imagine it is quite big still? Now that I think of it, shows like Family Guy, Simpsons always had regional TV channels.
No. 62660
32 kB, 320 × 480
>Been wondering where the book I ordered is
>Estimated delivery was over a week ago
>Check into my emails after coming home
>Hungarian Post Ltd.
>"You have a package at the International Mail Exchange Warehouse"
>"We finished the tolling procedure"
>You fucking what m8
>"The determined toll amount can be paid either online or on the spot during delivery"
>Check results
>"Determined toll: 0 HUF"
>"Cost of Procedures: 399 HUF (799HUF on the spot)"
Glorious BREXIT even though the package officially comes from France for some reason, so it should be free from tolls because of the GLORIUS VIER FREIHEITEN DER EU but it isn't.
This isn't a fucking toll this is a fucking tribute or protection money. Pic related is the Hungarian Post growing fat on my money while not doing any work.
Yes this is freakout about a 1.10 EUR charge
No. 62661
>"Here is the processing fee for your zero cost toll"

Sounds like satire. Is this real life?
No. 62662 Kontra
351 kB, 433 × 421
Welkom to the Eastern Europe Mádár fakör :DDD
No. 62663
I was once stopped with my bike, biking on the wrong side of the road (it was a 100m distance I had to go on that side to reach the grocery store). I was stopped by two coppers on foot. The fine was 20€ but when the official fine came in by mail, I was surprised to find a 25€ processing fee for my fine. What was actually processed to sent out that fine? The copper making a report?
No. 62664
It's basically their way of making more money. I've gotten stuck in a lane and forced into a toll road before without a toll chip, so I got the fee of $5 or whatever and a processing fee of about 30$ iirc. It's only kind of hilarious and ebin when the processing fee is the entirety of the cost because the actual payment needed is zero. When there is a real cost it seems scummier somehow.
No. 62665
The pig just filed the report, but the Bußgeldstelle also has some parasite sitting there filing and processing that shit. Remember you are paying those people with your taxes (provided you pay taxes beyond VAT and such).
Although I am now curious what prevented you from going the 100m on the right side and then crossing the road.
No. 62667 Kontra
>t. pajeet
No. 62668 Kontra
But is that the real cost? I imagine it a task that takes only a few minutes. A state is not necessarily a bad thing I'd say btw.
What prevented me from going on the right side was that I was already on the side where the grocery store is. Bonus points, I saw the coppers from far away fulling knowing I was doing something wrong and still did not get off the bike so he was pissed I was so bold to actually just go with it until he said stop. That was like 6 years ago, I don't even have a bike anymore.
No. 62669
> I imagine it a task that takes only a few minutes.
So? Time spent on a case is not coupled in any way to what you are paying. The office monkey will be paid the same if there are ten cases coming through or a hundred. It's all a scam.
Imagine how great things could be if they didn't spend the money you pay the government on vanity projects, corruption projects, the Bundestag and all those boomer public servants who do like an hour of actual work per day. We could have proper streets everywhere, or fast internet, or free public transportation, or more money left for healthcare. I will stop here because I notice I am getting angry again.
No. 62670
63 kB, 637 × 803
R8 Russian costumer service: friends came to post office to receive a parcel. Employee said: "haul those bags to where I say, and then I'll give it to you".

> We mailed letters to non-existent business addresses in 159 countries (10 per country), and measured whether they come back to the return address in the U.S. and how long it takes. About 60% of the letters were returned, taking over 6 months, on average. The results provide new objective indicators of government efficiency across countries, based on a simple and universal service, and allow us to shed light on its determinants. The evidence suggests that both technology and management quality influence the quality of government.
No. 62671 Kontra
The shitty fine politics is in no concrete relation to badly spent money on the side of governments other than money could have been spent better. But you could have a shitty fine fee while also having free public transport but bad budget spending somewhere else. Projects and plans fail, regardless of the form of orginzation.
No. 62672
Ebin. Transactional heda.

I'm actually surprised by a few of those. Luxembourg must have a crazy bloated bureaucracy under their postal service because that's a long as hell average time for a country that size, especially when Colombia can do better and they've got a plurality of their country covered by the fuggen Amazon :-DD
No. 62675
I am not quite sure what you are trying to say, friend.
No. 62676
I don't see a concrete connection between the high processing fees and budget spending of the state.
No. 62677
You don't see a connection between government spending an assload of money and the means and actions to gather it?
No. 62678 Kontra
Salute to Colombia. Really didn't expect them to be that high.
No. 62679
I wasn't talking about governments spending money in general. You went quite specific on what happens with that money. There is no necessary connection between charging high fees and doing "bad" budgeting. I would also like to have free public transport and a better health care system, but I don't think these are not coming into being because the government charges high fees on infringements.
No. 62680
Taxes are not zweckgebunden, except TV tax, but it's an "Abgabe", so it doesn't count as tax or something. But the VAT you pay, the tobacco tax and the street tax, for example, all of that goes into a big pool from which also these shit projects are paid for.
So we can conclude that without these shit projects there would be more money left for sensible things, OR if you don't want to do that, lower taxes and official fees in order to relieve the citizens. Of course since we have a global debt-based economy, all of that is meaningless in the end, because the government doesn't even need to break even, which would, in a private company, lead to very different measures. I wonder if at this point it would even be possible for any country to completely eradicate their debts.
No. 62681
I feel like a failure.
I thought that setting up the core of a video streaming server and giving out invite links would be enough, but it is not so.

I need to (in order of priority):
  1. Make my own web server so that the streaming server and chat are on the same domain/IP as the server, to avoid cross origin policy blocks.
  2. A way to automatically hand out invite links / accounts instead of doing so manually, so that streams can be started at a whim.
  3. Synchtube like functionality (which will require a chat app with bot support)
  4. Multiple channels per account.
All of this will require me to learn actual webdev, which I've never done. I released something half-assed and it is rightfully unused. I should have applied the same standards to myself that I do to the software I use myself.

Time to man up and do it right. It's going to take months to learn those things from scratch, though.
No. 62682
>all of that goes into a big pool from which also these shit projects are paid for.

Ok and? I never said that does not happen, but how taxes are spent is a question not solely decided by the mechanisms to gather the pool/budget. I don't think that lowering taxes necessarily benefits all people better. In fact I believe many shitty stuff and projects and plans will fail as well. Corruption and inequality will be even more rampant as money talks even better when it's not public services anymore.
No. 62683
38 kB, 425 × 427
>I released something half-assed and it is rightfully unused
I think you are missing one crucial point. I mentioned this several times on /b/ already: There is a multitude of potential activities on EC. There is the radio with streams almost every day, there is ErnstGG the gaming group, there are creative threads about story writing, music videos, movies and whatever, there is a thread about creating custom Doom maps and models, and there are tons of threads about events like sport/esport. And now there's the video portal. Participating in any of this takes a lot of time. There is a much greater supply in potential activities than the relatively small group of Ernsts ever could have a demand for, even if everyone gets involved. And that is why I always argue that we don't really need more features, contributors or projects, but a lot more consumers instead. The "entertainment infrastructure" of EC could support a multitude of users than we currently have, and I started to recognize a kind of tiredness where people (including me) are getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of time sinks you can get involved with.

For example even if I only wanted to listed to every radio stream, I can't do it on weekdays because there are streams every day and they tend to go longer than I stay awake. And (proper) listening would mean that I can't play games, watch my favourite events or watch some series at the same time, and that goes for every single day. I mean it's totally awesome that so many people do their projects and bring in their topics which they have a passion for, but we reached a point where people can't get involved with new projects any longer because they simply don't have the time.

So don't feel bad if no one uses the portal for now. We just need more Ernsts. Like, lots of.
No. 62686
1,3 MB, 1024 × 1024
>We just need more Ernsts. Like, lots of.
I was holding up that mass vaccination would indeed cause autism rates to spike, but haven't got any new posters. Perhaps it's time we take more proactive measures of Ernstification.
No. 62694
>How big is regional TV in the US, I imagine it is quite big still?
Yeah.the large networks(ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) have a local affiliate in every major city. The vast majority of broadcast hours are filled with either first-run national content, or syndicated national content, but regional advertisements like that vid are still a thing. They're aired alongside national commercials in each city. News is still produced locally as well, and every city has their own Kent Brockman, and their own version of Eye on Springfield.
No. 62696
32 kB, 480 × 360
75 kB, 700 × 467
65 kB, 640 × 480
I laughed! Here, have a few more Ernstpics I created.

>and every city has their own Kent Brockman, and their own version of Eye on Springfield.
Funny that you mention this now when I yesterday created shartline.jpg. Btw. this will totally be the name of my next radio show, here you heard it for the first time.
No. 62697
Reading a text on Cheap Nature, why the productivity of labor since 1500 has been intertwined with Cheap Nature that is the work of nature and humans that were treated as nature, ready to be taken as gift to energize and fuel productivity/accumulation The text goes on about how a distinct view of nature as capital N Nature (which means humans are separated from nature/earth and its processes and animals etc)

Now fries are on the oven together with a french cheese topped with chili flakes and pistachios for dipping the fries

Thanks for the first-hand experience! Germany has this as well, but the scale I think in the US is quite different in the end.
No. 62699
188 kB, 900 × 600
I wouldn't say it's such a small userbase. Especially in the radio streams you can see that there are definitely enough people, but not everyone wants to participate. In fact I remember some thread not too long ago where someone said they are just lurking and only lurking.
Also you are assuming that everyone wants to participate everywhere, but I for example don't care for esports, cycling, ernst-gg or the Sauffaden, so my potential interests are not that widespread. Then, regarding the radio, I am not interested in all the music, listened to the Kosmonauten once and then never again and I don't have any time on saturdays, so I don't listen to the weekly album stream, but I am interested in e.g. the monday radioplay and the Ketzerfetzer stuff and catch the odd non-entirely-electro stream from time to time, like yesterday's 80s music.
I am also not one of those people who think they are missing out on anything.
So tl;dr: We don't need more Ernsts, we need more participating Ernsts.

Don't ask what Ernstchan can do for you, ask what you can do for Ernstchan! Ich bin ein Ernst!
No. 62704
Good points.
I'd also say that EC is not a singular community, but pockets of communities that intersect in certain places. A lot of ernsts engage with each other outside imageboards, like in steam groups, discords, some are even friends IRL, etc.

That does take some activity away from EC itself, but I am not sure if it would be reasonable if such activities happened on EC itself, either. Like, I think EC would get actively worse if some threads turned into a chatroom with one-liners that scroll the thread by 500 posts.
No. 62706
>steam groups
I remember there being a Bernd group for Insurgency, but isn't that all gaming related? Or are people actually interacting, maybe even with imageboard lingo, outside of an imageboard?
No. 62707
11 kB, 588 × 102
Me and Brick actually interact way more off of EC than we do on EC. We also have an in-theory RPG group on the same discord server with a German who we usually end up having serious discussions with instead of playing.
No. 62711
Ding 27
Didn't celebrate as usual. Still trying to catch up on life. Jumping from hobby to hobby like a butterfly, mediocre at everything.
I wonder if my art teacher is dead yet. He had such high hopes for me. What an idiot lol.

At least my weight loss is going well. Lost 4kg so far. Gonna take a year to reach goal weight. Maybe I'll I'll get to enjoy my last 2 years of 20s not being a fat fuck.
No. 62714 Kontra
208 kB, 907 × 495
Friend told me that I'm a "social fascist who supports neoliberal economics" and that I "can't interact with cultures in a non-fetishistic manner, which in turn causes me to be unable to properly interpret our modern, contemporary reality."
I don't think I've ever felt more insulted in my life. My blood is literally boiling.
To doubt my cultural competence not only when it comes to foreign cultures but also my own is an unimaginable insult I'm not going to fucking take, not from a liberal film student with a silver spoon up his ass. Not from ANYONE, PERIOD.

Partook in the capitalist ritual of "Black Friday" and ordered 3 used books, because they were like 1.20 euros each.
I keep looking at Steam and GOG but I don't feel anything. I'd have loved to buy Distant Worlds for example a few years ago, but I don't any more. None of the games really interest me for some reason.
Almost bought Fallout 3 just because I heard that they fixed it so it now kinda runs, but even for 3 euros I don't want it. Or maybe I do, and I just exercise too much self restraint. I hate that game, but for some reason I want to experience it again, just to see if I've misjudged it.

I've felt inspired in recent weeks, and I started working on a poetic rendition of the first 10 chapters of Journey to the West in the style of late romantic Hungarian epic poetry. It's very work in progress, but I'm actually having a lot of fun writing Hungarianised Alexandrines.
Which is a coping mechanism for the fact that I can not write in hexameter to save my life.

Also been thinking about a possible topic for my thesis next year, and I'm more and more inclined to pick a topic related to Classical Chinese, but I don't exactly know what.
Yesterday we talked about this with groupmates and a lot of them seem to have more concrete ideas than me and were relatively surprised that I hasn't thought up something yet.

Australia was right, Tsingtao is donkey piss, but not the worst beer I've ever had to be honest.
No. 62715
So, which cultures do you fetishize?
No. 62716 Kontra
Every single one I interact with apparently, even my own, simply because I do not engage enough with the contemporary side of it.
No. 62717
Maybe you should be more cosmopolitan and read more postmodern american online articles instead of reactionary chinese stone age bullshit.
No. 62720
131 kB, 283 × 352
It's reactionary Chinese stone age WISDOM, allright?

On a more serious note, am I not cosmopolitan enough already? I write in at least two languages, most literature I consume is foreign, I interact with foreigners talking in foreign languages when I'm not studying the culture and history of a foreign land.
If anything, I'm not reactionary and nationalist enough in practice.
Am I really Hungarian or do I just speak the language?
No. 62721
You're not a true modern person until you live by american liberal standards. Anything else is toxic and problematic. I mean, learning english is a good first step, but as long as you still speak anything else and appropriate any other culture and not embrace all the diversity american media offers you, you will be nothing more than a neanderthal nazi.
No. 62722
To be fair there are many views on culture and history including the history of culture. What do you think about the past, why do you deem it important, what does interest you about the past, how do you view the past? You outlook on the past comes from the present, therefore, contemporary issues make up your view of the past, there is no way you can intrinsically view the past (historicism tried to do that or argue that you can understand the past on its own), you are always bound to your own present when it comes to history. How you do view all that will reveal something about you as contemporary/Zeitgenosse. I guess what your friend would say is that you have a 19th early 20th century orientalist view, not sure how true that is. But I think what differs him from you is that you are very much going into the philology direction, which cannot happen with film studies. And yes, there are many academic memes about philologists and their attitudes.
No. 62723 Kontra
>You're not a true modern person until you live by american liberal standards

Nice meme bullshittery, as long as modern is used as common sense for Zeitgeist. Step away from that and the discussion about modernity gets complex.
No. 62725
It's time to make a new thread, but I can't bear the responsibility of choosing new OP-pic.
No. 62729
Sir, if you do not drink from the red plastic cups you are not even a human, sir. Please have another sip, sir.