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No. 62156
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Let us begin. It seems that this is a topic which interests a good many people here and seems to frequently bleed into places like the dreams thread. Come let us gather to banish the evils and further the EC tier monkish order.
No. 62157
490 kB, 807 × 1024
Say Psalm 23 out loud some day and see if your head hurts, you hear voices or you smell something like burning plastic. If you do, watch all of this two and a half hour long video

No. 62164
Interesting on that note

Of course you also mentioned the symptoms of having a seizure, which I don't think is associated with schizophrenia?
No. 62165
Last time I went to the lutheran church it wasn't very engaging, few people singing the psalms and such. The catholic church is the complete opposite, people participate if they can. I doubt a religion without music can survive.
No. 62166 Kontra
You didn't have to make a new thread:
No. 62167
1,3 MB, 540 × 360, 0:30
So terribly sorry I didn't put in the wörk on Shabbos to go and find a two year old thread that hasn't even had a reply in eight months.

Seriously though sorry I should've ctrl+f'd the catalogue to make sure there wasn't already a religious discussions thread.

No. 62176
847 kB, 1000 × 647
Although Psalm 23 is the best eva thx for the ref
No. 62310
I've seen this yesterday, started watching and thought I should share it with you guys:

Specifically the two documentaries "Jews of Europe 1 & 2" are very fascinating. There's already been so many things I had no idea about and I'm only halfway through the second video.

I don't know how long exactly, but those videos won't be online indefinitely (you can download them with yt-dlp and probably other software as well).
No. 62317
112 kB, 858 × 1057
I've seen some interesting stuff lately, from Dr. Zakir discussing Christianity and Islam, to different "ask an Israeli and Palestinian" clips where I discovered sadly many Muslims and Jews agree they worship the same God but couldn't agree if we are pagans worshipping a different god or not, to some show on ultra Orthodox dating rituals and arranged marriages, to a Saudi man who converted to Christianity and discussing in sadness how his brother wanted to kill him for being Murtad and is now disowned, to a Hindu woman discussing a bizarre Australian Christian sect with a woman who called herself prophetess and how she converted back to Hinduism eventually discussing also in sadness how the "fishers of men" worked well on vulnerable because Hindus did not help each other particularly upper caste, to this one man whose sermon for lack of better word was oddly almost identical feeling to listening to a Christian pastor in a different sect as he discussed the Quran.

I suspect Sunni Islam in particular we do with various Protestan branches preaching unbelievably crazy bullshit and then everyone assumes that's what we believe. The Australian cult in particular I never heard of but this poor woman became a Hindu nationalist because some Australian retard would speak in tongues and have her husband interpret it which all sounded incredibly occultish to me. Meanwhile Israeli Jews often gave a really funny answer when asked about converts which was "they were converted in the correct way, right?" Basically, the Orthodox etc. all were saying in a more polite "you mean this convert wasn't some faggy liberal Reformed Judaism thing yes?" Which becomes even funnier when I realized in spite of our Jews often not being very religious that apparently Israelis don't give a shit if you convert properly and will call you a Jew, but the Americans are more prone to saying "well he is also not a real Jew." I often get get the impression something about being here makes everyone more fanatically religious while also knowing fundamentally less about their own religion.

Also, they interviewed three Israeli families and for some reason the Christian Arab family was all American level fat. I shouldn't judge but it made me wonder if there was some connection because we're taught gluttony is a sin
No. 66373
There are some catholic values I profoundly and deeply agree with it. By virtue of cultural osmosis from my non-practicing but morally catholic surroundings or divine intervention, I am in full agreement with a few key points of catholic doctrine.

SHAME AND GUILT -- These two virtues are the two ills most commonly associated with catholics. They both stem from the same theological principle, the principle that man is a rotten sinner at heart. How could we not feel shame and guilt when we compare ourselves to a divine ideal? Of course, there are self-flagellating and neurosis inducing extremes which are best avoided. However, I think one should always bear in mind how inadequate and incomplete he is. I think an truly honest evaluation of one's own life can only lead to the conclusion that we truly are awfully limited and incapable of following through on a moral and good path. If, in my comfy and cushy life that has never known starvation, war or any great catastrophe, I have been able to routinely act maliciously and vile, then I shudder to think what petty and despicable actions I would commit in situations in which simply not being villainous requires a strong moral character.

I think this is something people should bear in the back of their minds. It becomes harder to judge others when you are in constant knowledge of how weak and stupid you are. It gives one enough space to question his own beliefs. When you realize the source of your thoughts and aspirations is such a profoundly corrupt flesh bag, it does away with the certainty of your beliefs. Other people might be retarded and wrong, but you're made of the same blood as them.

It does away with entitlement. I don't expect much from the world around me and I am in great awe at how functional and great things are around me. (semi-first worlder perspective, your results may vary) If everyone in this fair nation was to be replaced with moral and intellectual copies of myself, I'm not sure things would improve in any way and I'd be surprised if they didn't become far, far worse.

I wish I wasn't in disagreement with some other fundamental Christian principles, I think I'd lead a happier life.
No. 66374
That's just something they adopted from the jews tbh and that the abrahamic faiths have all in common, maybe in a slightly different formulation.
No. 66378
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
No. 66393
>These two virtues are the two ills most commonly associated with catholics.
Funny, I've always been told by my protestant surroundings that catholics were filthy fetishists who only had to do Ave Maria and Pater Noster when they did something wrong to take the shame away. While us protestant had to bear the guilt of our deeds forever and nobody could forgive us but ourselves while we roamed the earth.
No. 66407
What you are describing is more like "humility" rather than shame and guilt though, in line with:
>Matthew 7:5 [Thou hypocrite,] first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
>>66393 is pointing in the right direction that catholics have a weird fetishistic relationship with sin, which leads to a viewing sin as a forbidden fruit that is cyclically indulged in and abhorred.
In fact I wonder how that came about to be justified theologically, considering
>Matthew 5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
to me reads like an imperative to resolutely do away with sin rather than abuse God's forgiveness by feeling guilt or shame about one's sins.

Though the protestant view of an insurmountable eternal sin is also weird to me if it's driven to an extreme, after all the New Testament does stress forgiveness and repentance
>John 2:2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
No. 79713