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No. 63116 Systemkontra
190 kB, 634 × 833
21 kB, 540 × 362
5 kB, 200 × 200
43 kB, 1096 × 682
New one, because nobody made one.
t. unpaid janny
No. 63119
202 kB, 1920 × 1080
322 kB, 1920 × 1080
327 kB, 1920 × 1080
552 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm still playing Asscreed Valhalla. Absolute checkbox gameplay but that's good to pass time and you can stop and pick it up again whenever.

129 hours in, at 82% of the main story. But right now I'm playing the France DLC, afterwards I'll go for the tombs and the things you need to get Excalibur. No rush to complete the main missions.
No. 63136 Kontra
31 kB, 483 × 483
13 kB, 1332 × 696
No. 63151
7,8 MB, 1024 × 535, 0:56
I think Worf was critiqueing my opponent in WoT as I was playing

>Looks interesting.
>I probably won't play it though, because video games are cringe
>starts new video game thread
No. 63160
All I wanted to do was come here this afternoon and discuss video games ffs

Yeah I'm going to take that Russian's advice and just pirate Highfleet and refund my copy because fuck Valve and fuck Steam and fuck everybody on there. It's an excruciating experience slumming on that hellhole of a site and by God I'm not going to get stuck with having to shell out even more money to get DLC that I could've just given to someone deserving of itPoland. Valve can seriously just eat my shit. I'll wait until it comes out on GOG, since it also isn't like I have lack of games to play now.
No. 63163
I first want to respond to your implication that it's just game design when this major, huge, critically core component to design limitations versus real life had always been the technological ones, like taking for example the way Battletech abstracts hitpoints and weapons locations, criticals and the like in terms of things like mobility and firepower, which then in turn gets represented ingame as the vidya. The visual element is indeed window dressing, because the part being damaged or not is only a visual representation of the mechanics which are carryovers from an even more technically limited system than even early 90s games: tabletop. Which really, this is what you have to consider when making sweeping generalizations as a whole, along with shitty developers mindlessly copying it without knowing the original rationale because "that's just what you do," because of how much stuff got translated directly from tabletop mechanics and onto the home computer.

It is very true that this is no longer necessary in modern gaming, however you really still need to understand that say, having an NPC with a huge gash or burn mark on his arm translating to a crippled limb in a game like say, Starcraft, among a mountain of units is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, even if it were, game studios are inherently lazy and cost centric and do not want to spend a dime or manhour that they don't actually have to in implementing this totally irrelevant layer they then have to get working over the years just out of some random Kazakh's demand for his own brand of purism.

I do agree that we should have more of this in things like ARPGs however, as there's no longer any good compelling reason to not have whatever shittastic Calladooty game to just dump the health bars beyond most of their playerbase being remarkably bydlo and low IQ. To further understand this, please refer back to the earlier point concerning "cost cutting, profit driven, money centric" imperatives of the legal body known as the "company" or "studio" themselves, in which a toxic and stupid gamer community would jump down their throats about it. The core mission statement of the company is to make money, not games, and thus they're going to avoid anything which alienates considerable segments of the potential customer base. This is part of why "press F to pay respects" or have a tutorial on "press button A to play climb ladder QTE" exists not just at all, but commonly.

I've come to understand that a great deal of what infuriates me in gaming really just boils down to money grubbing economic practices, and anything remotely too realistic and not gamey enough is getting eschewed outside of niche segments solely to cater to Fortnite retards. You will notice how it was that game which made the most insane amount of money. Moreover whenever I bring up games IRL I keep forgetting that like 90% of people are talking about AAA shitfests and over the shoulder on consoles stuff. "Gamers" are those retards playing Modern Warfare and little else.

As such, they are going to loudly complain about it being "too challenging" as will every retard that is hired by joke alleged "game journalist" companies like IGN, who unironically panned Alien Isolation for being alleged "too hard." These are not smart people, and all they want is a very gamey game that is easy to mindlessly play with friends after a day of flipping burgers or whatever.

So now you have the technology to say, add bullet holes on a vehicle where there is damage, or have acid burns permanently disabling your arm, but do not have customer demand for it. Previously when we had the demand for that awesome and amazing stuff that would've blown my hair back in the late 90s we simply didn't have the tech. It's a horrible and conceited thing to say, but it's true: walking dollar signs companies see are too dumb for real gaming today. I am not alone in this, which confuses me because people like Mac at worthabuy echo many of my own opinions, which I kept thinking are widely shared, and yet it's routinely ignored by the companies.

Of course I will still concede that to fully make a game realistic may both require massive optimizations to play below a 2080ti/6700XT with 5900x/12700k setup or whatever; take insane amounts of development and bug fixing just to implement; and finally, will soon reach its realism event horizon beyond which nothing is fun because it's literally as tedious as real life. I mean, think about how long it takes you to walk somewhere. Do you really want to actually spend your entire day walking in real time across one part of the map? It takes like a full afternoon just to walk down Manhattan one way; now imagine doing that across multiple cities doing fetch quests.

So while I do share some of your sentiments and do say these things, still keep in mind that it's just a game, and you yourself are bitching seemingly nonstop about having to deal with your existing in a body, which I am sure you'd never again do manually were you given a choice, nor would I for the matter. Just peeing and shitting is a waste of my time, so why on earth would I want a game forcing me to do all that? Well yes, I would gladly enjoy a super hardcore mode FNV which did make it realistic, but only partly because I am not forced to actually endure it. It doesn't matter how fun I found Fallout New Vegas as a walking simulator and not using fast travel; I simply would not be able to force myself to play that game at max realism where literally any animal mauling or random single person taking a potshot at me could cause damage forcing me to move at IRL crawl speed the way I would move if I got shot in the shin, got a hole blown in my foot, had my calf muscle eviscerated, my tendon snapped like a rubber band, nor any other tedious shit instantly reducing playability.

I suppose in that sense it could be called a sort of incentivization in that while we don't do stupid shit because only 1 max life IRL, that if we had stuff making games inevitably tedious it would create strong aversions to certain player behaviors which otherwise people would indulge.

Lastly, there are certain games like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZb1dBMGN4k or The Long Dark as Ireland mentioned or Sehnua like Germany mentioned which incorporate or toys with at least some aspects of that, to where you kind of have to toy with the system to fully discover it. There actually are a great deal of games that are not terribly gamey where you can spend the whole game not discovering some neat little thing simply because it hadn't occurred to you it would be possible. Conversely, there are certain things I harped on all the time like Dishonored series where companies are incentivized against it because players themselves are so dumb they don't even bother trying to explore upstairs because a guard told them not to, and because they utterly lack the same mental curiosity for some reason that we did. I'm sure I'll remember more right after making this post but many times I discovered only after watching or reading something realized "wow, I didn't know that I could do that."

But again, part of the problem with all that is because to do so requires a whole company worth of developers programming every individual thing to have rulesets that can interact with another object X or ruleset Y without breaking the game entirely, just to make it more realistic and without any UI, and also without any real game purpose.

Besides all that, couldn't you just as easily make the case that all of reality being processed through your primary five senses is just a visualization of abstract mathematical concepts and crunchy rulesets?
No. 63165 Kontra
vidya just has no appeal for me anymore. Perhaps I'm just too jaded to get invested into gaming as a hobby, but gaming culture has changed to a point where it is no longer recognizable to me. Witnessing my two nephews spend an entire day playing Fortnite cemented my alienation from modern gaming. I couldn't give a damn about FPS, MMORPGs or any such shit, so if the nostalgia bug ever bites me, I stick to old school action/adventure, fightans and horror survival games because they're all too familiar and timeless to me. Never liked RPGs, especially turn-based combat ones. As much as I suck at fightans when playing kids from around the world, I still keep going because there's an element that'll never fail to be fun

Maybe I'm just a 30-something-year-old Boomer waxing, but just humor me. I have a strong suspicion younger generations, even younger Millennials (those born between 1995-1999), will never know what it’s like to commiserate at school about some video game rumors about whatever, and boy, was retrogaming absolutely loaded with bullshit rumors: the hidden Pokemon, saving Aerith, unlocking Sheng Long, et cetera. Some of us would completely make up shit that we knew was absolute bullshit and even called each other out but it all gave us that sense of adventure and necessary belief the world was in front of us. As I got older, gaming started to lose its luster when it no longer had the exploration of what the medium could potentially do.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems people have just lost their sense of imagination and, much like fiction, every game that ever has been programmed has already been programmed. Obviously, that isn't true in the literal sense of the word, but I hope you get where I'm going. All I see now is the usual AAA fare, FPS, shitty indie games that pretend to be art but are just propaganda with extra steps, horror games that are anything but horrifying, and games that just want to be movies no one wants to watch. There is no limitless space in gaming anymore or leaving some mystery to the player. The internet ruined that in a lot of ways and that I suppose is an inevitability. That aspect couldn’t be helped.

I'm sure there are some games out there that break the mold and that same spirit does persist in some games, but I honestly just can't be bothered any more.

Polite kontra
No. 63171
While this is all more or less true and I feel where you're coming fromalso I have similar sentiments about lots of things I think is just being a thirty something boomer that happens to all people regardlessalthough I still think it is true in the more objective sense that certain things wax and wane as a whole, for instance the heyday of crpgs and RTS or certain other genres in late 90s, the cheesy horror movies of the 80s, the early 90s/late 80s scifi movies etc. This is really true to me of how the whole culture went to shit immediately after 9/11 to where near universally everything sucked culturally except the internet and maybe that is partly why zoomers are so cancerous to me but then again I hate millenials and everyone else too but part of that is just you, and not so much games themselves.

I mean sure, we had great stuff just fed to us on a golden platter when we were young, but that doesn't mean there's not also lots of shovelware, nor that frankly a lot of our age boomer nostalgia over ancient pixelated console games isn't also objectively shit in the same way these idiots will wax nostalgic about Fortnite and PUBGI'm sorry but I just can't take aspects of old FPS games like Hexxen or Donkey Kong seriously the way some 30boomers discuss it in reviews. We were just lucky enough to have some truly great stuff, but realisitically a lot of what we were interested in often was truly fringe of fringe. For an example, I had a very close friend ages ago where part of it was because he actually knew what Fallout was, which was in an age where simply liking desktop computer games to begin with already pushed you into being one of the "nerds" or types who could socialize with the kids playing M:tG at lunch, and even then, the kids who were actually playing or knew of Fallout 2 was super rare back then, so in essence it felt at times like skill or pure blind luck to even find such gems.

I would argue the same case is true nowadays. Just look around you; the digital stores are absolutely filled with all kind of hidden gems. These kids, these poor young fucktards that they are, are like those same kids who played CS in a sense; they are like those of us who got whatever random AAA title with eye level rows at Best Buy or CompUSA, who nowadays just can hope to get some AAA title for the XBOX or Playstation in those CD boxes, knowing only shitty XBOX online stores. These kids only dip their toes in a little, and experience just that. Meanwhile we have access to all of GOG, Epic, and Steam among others, which means that our problem really is just having heard of a game.

Take Space Station 13 for example, which is free and I only know about because of a couple reviewers I watch, or Project Zomboid which I don't even remember how I first heard of it years ago. Those two are some solid games, and they are so incredibly niche that none of your cousins are going to have heard of them, nor likely any of their friends, so really it's a quality of information access and skill level or motivation in knowing how to search, and not so much about quality of access to existing games itself. Moreover while one could argue about economics, the fact is a console is a colossal expense for what you get, which is a locked down and rapidly aging piece of hardware you can't even use for other stuff, as opposed to an aged PC for slightly less money which can play more games and pretty much the only reason not to get one is being too bydlo for computers, or wanting only to play the newest AAA title that is all it can't runand thus being too bydlo. One doesn't need to be poor to bydlo, and perhaps some of these kids retain enough curiosity in their hearts to search out others.

A basic desktop PC with a very old graphics card and some $10 monitor with one dead pixel at a garage sale will do many things your console cannot, and meanwhile even a decade old, low end office machine can play tons of older games and many indies like say StarSector. People keep trying to argue it's a rich man's hobby and I will argue again, no, it's a hobby doable on ewaste and is only a rich man's hobby when it becomes about 240hz this and 4k that for the newest AAA shitfest; in effect, a man is only limited by his taste in gamingI am speaking from experience btw I have suffered on low end hardware for many years at horrifying 768p just because I didn't prioritize it over dumb shit like barhopping with people I realized I didn't even want to see sober.

You are right, but of course by 30s everyone is too busy dealing with their own careers and families to be bothered, and your ennui sets in regardless. Mainly to me it's about succumbing to your own jadedness and the fact picking up new games and memorizing control schemes takes way more effort than it took me as a 13 year old where you gave me complex shit to do with a HOTAS I'd have learned it flawlessly, and now I feel slow and clumsy memorizing literally 33 different controls just to play a game until some days I'm too tired after work to bother.

That stated, I again will emphasize there's tons of stuff out there for you if you just vegetate watching some reviews and follow the recommended links and sort of play that "spend ten hours on wikipedia articles and see how far clicking hyperlinks takes you" sort of game. A great deal of your complaints are my own complaints, and a great deal of that basically just has to do with shitty Western corporate gaming firmsand is why P-O-L-A-N-D is the most powerful nation on Earth.
No. 63172 Kontra
Just take Darkwood for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mQEhl6GXvM This is one of the most amazing horror games I've ever played, and I haven't even finished it. I took one look at its graphics and passed with a hard nah, just because of my prejudices against indie pixel shit, but then I finally took a chance and it amazed me by being one of the spookiest games I ever played despite looking like that superficially. SOMA, Deadspace 1 & 2, and Alien: Isolation are among other recent horror games I've seen. I don't do much fightans but pretty sure you can find some, especially considering the Mortal Kombats I've seen over the last decade really condensed what MK was all about with some of the best violent special moves I've seen.

In terms of the usual godawful story, yes, it happens a lot in triple A shitfests, and is a big part of why I criticized Mass Effect 2 so hard by typifiying everything I hated so damn much about AAA games. It's part of why I thought A Plague Tale was such dogshit I stopped and have zero inclination to finish it, which btw >>63116 I forgot to add which is that no GUI or anyhing does not a good game make; Plague Tale was visually like Sehnua but was one of the studidest, blandest, most hand holdy piles of shit that I've ever seen. However, this is not all games, and really you just need to dive deeper than the crap these alleged gaming "journalists" play and talk about to find the really good ones, like Ruiner for example being something I suspect you might like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXSVZDovisE Ruiner is one of the best games I've played in years, and as I increasingly found myself saying over time, isn't a genre I even like; similarly I found STASIS and Beautiful Desolation, and that too are genres I had zero interest in, but were fantastic enough on their own I was willing to give point and click adventures a chance, STASIS being one of the best horror games I played in awhile despite being a point and click puzzle gameI find that horror as a theme really isn't tied to genre, that a really good horror can be well done in all manner of genres, and that a good number of walking sim or survival horror suck ass compared to aforementioned point and click puzzle or pixelated crafting games.

But ultimately, your time and your life. Sometimes the gatekeeper to good things can just become how much effort you're willing to put into getting past the first hurdle, and not having time, energy, or willpower to actually look for it.
No. 63176
The bullet hole thing is questionable. It is still far from perfect. Applying decals is easy enough, but for the sake of usability, most damage models even now are still using section-based damage rather than doing proper ballistic modelling.

IL-2 Great Battles has an interesting halfway solution where they don't simulate ballistics but just have several pre-generated penetrations that they can apply to various spots so the bullet holes actually exist as holes but they aren't strictly dynamic. At least that's my understanding based on observations.
No. 63181 Kontra
Well my point being effectively the exact same, as you outlined here. Like notice how I said "takes massive amount of man hours and effort" which that is an older game is it not? Meaning basically, that yes there is probably a way to actually get us to that point using modern technology, but these are money making firms however, and time quite literally is money. In order to properly implement all that, even so seemingly simple as having bullet holes lining up to hit location which is matching things mechanically to aesthetically, that it takes incredible amounts of effort just getting it to work properly and making sure it doesn't break the game or bug out through lots of play testing and ensuring it all just werks.

This is similar to how real time raytracing had been a kind of mathematical and graphical holy grail to game developers, but as we can see with what a complete and absolute pile of shite Turing was, while it's in theory doable the results not necessarily are likeable or even playable for that matter. All of which is to say likewise that, yes, I did indeed downplay the severity of system resource usage in my implications, since I should've also said that doable with modern tech doesn't necessarily mean it's actually playable at above 1080p on modern high end machines if you can enable literally all the stuff brick was talking about or implied.

However, even taking system hardware useage out of accountthat in theory you should still be able to do much of this although yeah, even mechwarrior/battletech type games are kinda notorious for how CPU demanding they are due to all the hit location and movement stuff going on compared to what they are it doesn't really matter that it's theoretically doable because just adding that much layers of complexity to programming=paying more money to get it to work.

It's partly why so much stuff is abstracted now, even without accounting for all that other stuff like YOBA kid players whining it's too hard or its tabletop origins, in that getting crunchy stuff to work and not break requires lots more money and work. Basically what I'm saying is that a lot abstracted stuff is basically just shortcuts. It's partly the reason to why so many shitty ass AAA games don't even allow jump or crouch, because that requires working on the whole level to not be ass, because complicated levels take hard work, because storyboarding an actually not shite and cringeworthy story takes man hours, and that basically any small added layers to complexity in programming can take additional time and thus staffing budgets in an industry which is known for pushing half baked shit out of the oven way too soon already.

I do however remember back when stuff like destructible environments impressed me, and can even see how breaking a chair in Deus Ex must've been a "Whoa man! The chairs can break!" moment that would've impressed child me. There once was a time just blowing up a wall impressed me as a kid, and how much XCOM EU was impressive. Keep in mind at the same time though, we still have stupid shit like players falling through the floors and needing to reload after getting stuck on stairs in modern titles. Basically I'm just trying not to downplay how much effort it would actually take to get that kind of fully responsive, realistic, lifelike environment brick seemed to imply.

Kontra because I apologize for monopolizing the thread today I was only planning on bitching about Valve and responding to brick originally.
No. 63185
Great Battles is the newest series (and I recommend them). Their damage model was updated last year I believe to be more realistic.

DCS also has a new model in development that is trying to simulate ballistics and component locations inside airframes but it's a WIP and for a piece of software that's more study sim (and using fewer aircraft at once) than simulation game like IL-2 which is actually going for the big air battles of WWII.
No. 63186 Kontra
Also, play Red Faction if you want a 'whoa' game from back in the day. That shit has destructive environments that are frankly still impressive today.
No. 63208
>Besides all that, couldn't you just as easily make the case that all of reality being processed through your primary five senses is just a visualization of abstract mathematical concepts and crunchy rulesets?
Yes, that's why puzzle games are best.

A game is only good in so far as it is a reflection of some kind of metaphysical truth, and helps the audience observe it.
No. 63259
So in other words, Art.
No. 63468
154 kB, 1280 × 720
7,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:29
I'm going to play Vintage Story pretty soon here with some people I met from the Krautchan Minecraft server 10 years ago

Here is our advert post, it's just a small cozy server and I'm posting here to give ya'll the opportunity to play if interested:

Hello Ernst,

A while back I advertised a Vintage Story (https://www.vintagestory.at/) server, we (as in a small group of KC minecraft oldbernds) are playing again for the holidays and to experience the latest update(s).

We will be playing the latest pre-release (as of writing, 1.16.0-pre.6) starting without mods and will keep the server up to date as more of 1.16 is released and mods are brought up to date.

You will have to own the game to play this time around (update: I'm making the server pirate friendly, if you can find an up-to-date pirate client you can join with that, I won't be tracking down the client for you). Anyone is welcome to join, there are a handful of players I've lost touch with who I'd like to see again.

There will be no discord server at least to start with, but you can reach me by my handle sikandar#2264

The IP is

The server is currently on 1.16.0-pre.5 and will be update and reset later today/tomorrow morning. The last map reset before server officially opens will be around 8-9 AM CST/3-4 PM CET
No. 63477
Thank you for your video game reccomendations, they really made my day. I like this place (Ernstchan) already, without all the inmature children crap or children pornography of other imageboards, and without the hovering progrenazis breathing down your neck and banning you for anything.
No. 63485
293 kB, 1600 × 1067
Oh God my bed, my big, beautful, soft bed. Today took a long ass time to switch fully to pajama mode with cinnamon apple tea, but now I'm again too tired and distracted by Christmas stuff to consider gaming. Not sure if I should decorate my mini tree to relax or play Battletech, which by the way I really need to emphasize this: you don't need to play the campaign. It's literally like fucking midwit plebbitors trying to make a shitty slashfic of Daenyrs set in a scifi world where instead of being the cold hearted, ruthless, self deluding bitch she always was destined to be they tried making it like a "good" dany so they can keep their "YAASSS QUEEN SLAY" bullshit fantasies alive. I know I am incredibly opinionated and at times abrasive about games, but I mean come on.

Anyone who played it knows what I am talking about. Needless to say I flatly said "no I did it only for the money." I actively resented sending my boysand Irish and other lasses to potentially die face down in the muck so this strumpet, this fucking whore could dance around
I forgot what I was talking about. Oh right, so the campaign is shite. I mean it's definitely fun, but only because the game itself is absolutely ace and I don't say that lightly, with the one exception being the weird memory leaks or something the geniuses at HBS never fixed where after an hour or two it lags horribly and the only way to fix framerates is save, quit, restart game, and reload. Also the urban areas tank fps badly, which is a shame because on one hand they're some of the best, but on another I really don't feel comfortable having my mercs 9/11 whole city blocks just so some royal bureaucrats can dickwave each other. If you don't mind wanton collateral damage then they're great and worth the DLC even with terrible performance, but otherwise the game works fine.

It's a shame because I loved the game so damn much but at the same time physically rolled my eyes and aggravated so many times by Harebrained Schemes being incurable but, like an AIDS patient with low viral load, being kept in check just enough to pretend it's not a problem for most of the game. At the same time the whole campaign feels like this horribly drawn out and really poorly written tutorial, to such an extent it weighs down the game. For emphasis: no, there's no SJW shit in the entire game, a minor miracle considering who did it, but I just cannot recommend the campaign itself if you know at all what you're doing. They have cheesy retarded lines about some random old fuck I couldn't give two shits about; some Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo facility the Directorate had just to give any pretense of Yass Queen having justification at all, an annoying cousin; annoying shipmates; another Captain Penis Hider named Madeira who also I couldn't give two shits about some light torture as a POW and he was less annoying than my own shipmates besides Kumire; and oh yeah, Yass Queen ordering me to straight up murder some civilians where in any other game the Taurian captain and his dead son would be the justifiable heroes. Seriously, when I end up wanting to side with the villains while you're telling me how heroic a faction/character is supposed to be, you suck at writing. HBS is some of the worst writers I've ever seen in gaming.

I repeat myself here but again, this is such a shame because the game itself is yet another wildly good title rounding out the year of some real gems and some epic shitshows, like Ruiner or Battfleet Gothic Armada vs TellTale anything or A Plague Talehere having the distinction of at once amazing, near XCOM2 tier gameplay, and astounding subpar writingthough I also need to emphasize my hate for HBS makes me really biased after suffering through Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall, though oddly Hong Kong pretty great writing so I was hoping it was a new studio learning the ropes. Big fat nope. They just stopped being with the agenda but the writing is still not good. Not as terrible as I make it sound probably, more like just bland, but to me it absolutely triggered my Dragonfall cringe induced PTSD. Definitely pick it up, just don't worry about the storytelling in the campaign. There's a reason career mode gets encouraged by old players. Knowing what I know now, still would've done the campaign anyway most likely, just without reading anything anyone is saying.

I can't tell what I'm more shocked by, the fact someone actually reads it, or that someone actually liked reading me drone on about vidya. Maybe this is partly because the main person who did and also textwalled like me was an equally opinionated Russian I used to argue with. I liked him actuallyhe left imageboards months ago afaik? I know I'm super opinionated with vidya, but I do try at least to be somewhat evenly handed, though again it's ArtTM so, you know.

It's really difficult to be objective about it. I know that's probably part of the magic that'd be lost in doing so, but sometimes I wish I could be more analytical and making it like math, than not even being able to put into words why one thing is so awe inspiring, and another shit. There absolutely are many wonderful games however, but as one person said which I liked, "this is the kind of hobby where you have to learn to enjoy hating things." I guess true art always succeeds in a sense when it creates strong reaction, as opposed to something no one cares about and you've immediately forgotten. I never hateplayed anything like The Walking Dead by TellTale. I actively summoned Pinhead from Hellraiser every time I played those games. It was an almost life changing amount of hate. But at the same time, just that little gem Ruiner was surprisingly one of the best games I ever played. My sole criticism is the narrative kinda fell apart at the endwho was she even? What was her point? but it was indelibly poignant, particularly returning to the main menu where you realizedno file available because he is literally no one at all and nothing. I say this as someone who normally hates anime and harps on it as much as brick does, that it wouldn't even have worked as well otherwise. It didn't even register. Ruiner was just pure art and excellent gameplay, like BladeRunner meets Ghost in the Shell. Perfect, almost.

The only thing is you're going to wade through lots of shit to find the good ones, and that's not always obvious in the first few hours.
No. 63486 Kontra
Sorry, meant to just say Thank You
No. 63491
183 kB, 280 × 269
You know you're playing a Polish game when .....
No. 63493
> I forgot what I was talking about.

Wow, they are going to make Frostpunk 2.
First part of the game was so accomplished and self-sufficient that there is no reason to make second one besides profit. So I have all the reasons to think that it will suck. On the other hand it was so good that I hope that they will manage to make even sequel decent.
Well, in worst case they'll raise extra cash, and we can pretend that second part doesn't exist so everyone wins.
No. 63548
397 kB, 1920 × 1080
812 kB, 1920 × 1080
352 kB, 1920 × 1080
205 kB, 1920 × 1080
Took the Aussie's advice and checked out Point Lookout.
I think it was a very fine DLC. The map was very small though.

Don't know how close the place is to the south, but man, it's a fucking shithole. The entire area has this gothic horror feel to it somehow with the bog and the mansion.
Did two of the sidequests, one where you track down and complete the mission of a pre-war Chinese spy, and one where you make moonshine.
Overall I liked it. I missed the opportunity to have speech-checks to gain more lore. I read the terminals and all, but you couldn't actually force Desmond to tell you what the fuck is going on, so I assuming it's some pre-war spy-game.
The China-related quest was fun. Not too challenging or anything, but it was engaging.

The enemies are fucking bullet sponges though. Which wouldn't be an issue if the shooting itself was serviceable. But it's really not.
It's just not fun to shoot the same inbred redneck in the head in vats for the hundredth time.

I find myself using the modded-in guns way more. Simply because they're easier to maintain. What the game really misses is the jury-rigging perk from New Vegas.
But the Classic Fallout Weapons allow for it, so I can repair my .223 pistol with parts from a 10mm gun or my pulse-rifle using a plasma-rifle, which are all common drops and items, so with a high-enough repair skill you can get a pretty well maintained equipment level on your guns.
Anchorage power-armour really is game breaking so I stopped wearing it. I'm instead wearing a Chinese jumpsuit with a commando hat that another mod added in and it also doesn't seem to break. Half the damage-treshold of the power-armour so it's actually pretty cool.
Basically I have a gun for every situation now, and I'm the best operative in the wasteland with the best gear, highest level of skills and so on. I'm basically God at this point.
Which is pretty funny, because people still treat me like a retarded kid who might die fighting radroaches. I'm wearing a fucking T-51 suit of p-armour for God's sake.

Mopping up the DLC main quest now. It's pretty fucking irritating.
They introduced a new ghoul type that has a fuckload of HP and it's single-handedly the most tiresome enemy in the game. And they make sure to spawn it regularly too. Takes like 20 bullets to the head, its hits go trough power armour and it has no fucking loot on it.
At least the newly introduced supermutant overlord has heavy ordinance on it I can sell or use to repair my own gear, but this fucking thing has like 6 bottlecaps on it.
Bitch, I'm using a 14mm pistol that was modded into the game. A bullet for it is 4 fucking caps. You're not worth the lead I have to put into you to put you down.
There was a part where waves of ghouls spawned and they kept bugging out, shaking like as if they were stuck or something like that, which meant that their upper torsos were zapping so fast you couldn't hit them even with VATS. A true "Bethesda"/"Bravo Todd" moment.
So I just console-killed them because it's neither fun nor rewarding in any way to fight these.

Really, the most interesting parts to me are the terminals where you get little glimpses into how things worked pre-war. Like this one where a technician mentions that rioters got into the escape tunnels of the White House once (and were violently removed probably.)
Without these you'd only have the leftover propaganda posters and memorabilia from the pre-war days, that would make it seem everything was fine and dandy before the war. But in reality it was the conclusion of more than two decades of unrest and decay as two superpowers struggled for dominance, nuking each other when both sensed they were about to socially disintegrate.
No. 63551
>They introduced a new ghoul type that has a fuckload of HP and it's single-handedly the most tiresome enemy in the game.
The combat is a drag. It ruins a lot of things, conceptually interesting fights become a repetitive slug fest. I think even how levels scale to make combat harder makes things pretty silly and less immersive. Defeating stronger enemies becomes a matter of having enough supplies sustain emptying magazine after magazine on their increasingly bullet resistant foreheads.
Plus it would make getting jumped by some low level enemy with a 9mm pistol something sensible. Or at least the hobos in freeside should have realize I was immune to baseball bats by the time I left Goodsprings.
No. 63560
I think VATS is a really shitty system for a real time game tbh. Of all the things they chose to pander to the oldfags with, this one should have been left out, despite the kvetching.
I hate having to stop dead in my tracks and watch a cutscene every enemy encounter. But the game is balanced around it, so you have to use it a lot. It's pure game design crutch.
VATS existed in the old games because it was an abstraction for aiming at an enemy. You can already do that in 3D, so the mechanic is essentially pointless.
It removes tension from the game, it breaks immersion, it nullifies player skill. From a game design perspective, it has no upsides.

But bethesda has never been good with gameplay mechanics. I would say the same thing about the heavy reliance on menus in all of their games. It just completely breaks tension when you can open a menu and pause the world in the middle of combat. Opening menus in the heat of battle is cumbersome, annoying and again, it nullifies player skill, breaks immersion etc. But the game is balanced around it.

Letting the player perform game-state altering actions while the world is paused is ridiculous. In other games, it would be a cheat-code feature, not normal gameplay. It's basically a superpower with no penalty or limit to its usage, and makes the games trivial, difficulty wise.

Any game developer who allows such a feature is clueless.

I can understand Obsidian not being able to improve the combat mechanics from the action-game perspective, since it's too ingrained in the base game to do anything about. But even with shitty action mechanics, combat can be made tense and interesting by just tuning some numbers. Make it more deadly, strategic, and make it have more lasting consequences. so even if the shooting feels like shit, every shot or damage taken has strong consequences. As a result, combat becomes interesting again, from a strategic perspective. Basically, compensate for shallow tactical gameplay with deeper strategic gameplay.

But Obsidian didn't do that, because just like Bethesda, they suck at gameplay mechanics, and carry their games with content. I hate that it is a default state of things in the industry that RPGs can't have good action mechanics, and action games can't have good RPG mechanics. I don't think those things are mutually exclusives, it's only a matter of culture.
No. 63563
890 kB, 828 × 922
Honestly my issue is more with how these enemies are balanced when it comes to effort to kill them vs what you get as a reward.
Like as I said, a supermutant overlord is a bullet sponge too (understandably, since it's like a 3 metres tall slab of meat), but even if it's a bit tiresome to fight, at least it usually carries a good energy weapon, ammo and a mini-nuke or two, all stuff I can use to keep my own equipment fixed-up and firing, be it via repairs or selling the stuff to buy more ammo.
Fighting ghouls is not economic.
I expend 200-400 caps' worth of ammo + item condition on it and the loot is 9 caps and a tire-iron at best, not to mention the stims and the other healing items.
You could say it's realistic that they're dangerous and unrewarding, but there's no other enemy in the game that's like this, maybe besides a deathclaw, but even then, killing a deathclaw just feels good.
But no frail, zombielike enemy should have an HP count comparable to a fucking deathclaw. This is just shit design.
And unlike with enclave troops or robots, there's no damage they're more susceptible to while being more resistant to others. You HAVE to pump them full of lead or plasma to get rid of them, even if you constantly headshot them.
Not to mention that with the supermutants at least you have the option to use cover instead of just standing there and taking it, or running backwards Serious Sam style until you eventually run out of space. Fighting OP melee enemies is just nut fun.

Ultimately it's not really deeper than some dice-rolls where the odds are really stacked in your favour because of how many healing items you have.
Having it be kinda realistic would be nice. VATS in the original added some nice tactical depth to the game though, with you being able to break the enemy's limbs or blind them to decrease their combat effectiveness.
VATS here is just a way to get guaranteed headshots so the combat can be over with as fast as possible.
Watching the cutscene is still faster and more ammo-efficient than doing it yourself in most cases. Three shots in the head, mutant is down, perk replenishes your AP and then you can do it again.

But having it be semi-realistic where cover matters and shooting is deadly would require Bethesda and Obsidian to design environments that are suitable for it and distribute resources realistically. So a raider gang at a gas station should have a few guns at best and not be armed to the teeth with assault rifles and stuff.
No. 63564
It's really one thing to have heavier or more armored elite monster types, and quite another to be able to mag dump into a human enemy's skull or be able to unload high caliber weapons into a person who's just wearing clothes. This was the biggest problem with The Division tooaside from the godawful consolized controls and not being able to jump and crouch which is that you had tons of guys clearly wearing just hoodies who could take magazine after magazine of assault rifle fire. I still greatly enjoyed the gameconsidering both where I lived and when I lived while playing it at end of 2020 it was an eerie, memorable blast to play but especially those tanky darkzone enemies just completely spoiled everything. Games like FNV at least had the excuse of lots of non-human enemies but even then yeah, it's an extremely lazy way to scale difficulty.

To be fair, the damage problems were legendary in the real Fallout games, with you basically being able to equip some better armor and be a walking talk singlehandedly destroying entire towns. This could be semi-believable in power armour, but even still, plus having people not change their dialogue when equipping said t-51b or whatever is lame.
No. 63565
100 kB, 1183 × 580
My shameful guilty pleasure regarding FO3 is that I kind of enjoyed the Mothership Zeta DLC. It's actually terrible and probably the worst FO3 DLC. But I really, really love the little green men, UFO aesthetic, so I couldn't help but forgive it. It was a non-RPG linear treadmill with very game-y structure, but to be honest I think Bethesda games actually need more gamey-ness. Right now, they're glorified screensavers, "walk around and read text boxes" simulators.

The enemies were bullet sponge pieces of shit, the final "star trek" scene was shit, and the loot you get, despite being garbage in the actual DLC, is game breakingly OP in the rest of the game.
But still. Little green men and le aliens.

Tactical depth is a strong term when it comes to VATS in old fallouts, lol.
The thing is, for a mechanic to be impactful, it is important that it can't be circumvented with other mechanics in the game.

So, VATS didn't have any mechanical depth in my playthroughs, because I had enough autismal experience to figure out the min-max pattern after a couple characters, and VATS became the "hit the eyes with 100% hit chance for max damage" button.

It is frustrating to me that many devs find it difficult to balance their games around players who have a clue. I don't think it's even that hard. Sure, skilled players will progress faster, but you can still make it so they have a challenge with the stronger enemies because they're rushing and engaging higher level enemies earlier. I dunno.
No. 63653
If you like ayys so much why do you not try getting something like Destroy All Humans? Somehow I feel like, based on that above post in particular, you'd enjoy it for your drunken shitposting moods
Those trailers I don't think do it justicehaven't played yet tbh but based on all the reviews I've seen, it really seems like that perfect blend of tongue in cheek, kitschy 1950s Americana the Fallout universe toyed with a lot. Stubbs the Zombie also seems to do it, probably a lot better though without the ayys.
No. 63661
Is it actually worth it to buy Microsoft Flight Sim 2020? Or would I just end up regretting it and getting butthurt about all kind of unforseen shenanigans like needing some kind of m$/Xbox acct or registration to play, random updates and shitty EULAs, or anything else I hadn't thought about? Am I going to just end up getting the $60 "basic" package, only to realize later that getting anything more than the two baseline jetliners requires me buying the entire separate $120 "premium deluxe edition" as a whole rather than the option of merely paying out the arse to upgrade later? Like am I basically just going to end up spending a fuckload of money on something where I only realize after the fact now I need a separate Microsoft launcher with newly registered account and that I'd have to pay the full retail for a super deluxe edition just to unlock planes I want to fly rather than simply spend less than $60 next time there's a sale to upgrade my edition.

I'm permanently turned off to putting up with megacorp antics and Steam as a whole at this point. Fucking even my 8 year old copy of Alice Madness Returns all of a sudden started demanding me to open some shitty account with EA, which iirc so did my KOTOR games start locking me out because the fuckers changed the EULA.This exactly is the reason licensed games are such complete cancer, and why I'm so much more hesitant to deal with a single thing I can't get from GOG, and why I've zero regrets about not paying Bethesda for the new Doom game and thus saving myself endless aggravation
No. 63703
I don't think there is anything wrong with enjoying the DLC just because of the aesthetic or the theme it tackles.
I liked Operation Anchorage because of its aesthetic and topic it tackled, even if it was a shitty CoD-esque corridor shooter on the gamebyro.
It's just important to keep in mind that you like it because the theme it has hits a sweet spot for you instead of how it actually plays.
No. 63738
Stubbs the zombie is one of my favorite games

Destroy all humans looks interesting, I'll probably check it out next paycheck.
But one criticism I have of it based on descriptions, is that it's not as much tongue in cheek as it is comedic.
All ayy content is cool, but personally I like it when settings take the ayy stuff seriously in-universe, in contrast to how ridiculous it is as a viewer. After all, schizos who freaked out about UFOs, anal probing, rings in fields, etc., took it seriously as well, and that's what made it so funny.
No. 63749
Oh man Stubbs the Zombie, I remember playing that what? 15 years ago?
It was pretty fun iirc, but I don't remember much except being able to throw your appendix(?) as a grenade and having to poison the city's water reservoir or something.
No. 63762
FS2020 is a great game if you have or want to invest some money into a stick/yoke and the rudder pedals or at least a controller. With mouse and keyboard it's a kinda meh experience that made me rage quit.
Yeah you won't get around a Microsoft account but that's pretty much a non-issue as the entire Microsoft store is part of win10. If you enjoy flying it's totally worth it.

Pro tip you can get xblox live gold(includes EA something) atm for $1 for 3 months. FS2020 is included in the list of games you can access with it.
No. 63787
I already have an X56 HOTAS that I originally got purely because I could literally tell just by feel that playing Elite: Dangerous with mouse and keyboard always was going to be ass. I was right, and indeed just the way the game feels playing you can tell a HOTAS would complete the experience, and so I'm not surprised to hear the same for MSFS2020. In fact, I already played X-Plane 11 and the experience was sublime, however there's lots of shit I don't want to put up with neither from Microsoft nor from Valve. That being stated, the game just looks so ebin and I can tell how much better the experience is by having much better, more realisitic sim things as well as visuals. So I dunno, I guess between E:D new alleged *Star Citizen*like DLC or getting MSFS2020 on next sale.

Do be noted, that this is not a flight sim I'd recommend anyone with Australian tier internet and/or a godly or at least competent rig. I won't even be able to max settings at my resolution, so I guess there's also the fact I have a pretty powerful graphics card and even then I'll pretty much have to wait for like a RX 7700XT or 4070ti or something like that to even fully blast all visuals at high res. Meanwhile Odyssey for E:D got absolutely shat on by the reviewers, their mods are absolute unbelievable fucking cuntsalso money grubbing, and last I checked they hadn't unfucked every bug in the base gamewhich isn't super buggy tbh but it's an old game and I think they never even bothered to fully support my HOTAS. So I guess the correct answer is simply never to buy anything on Steam, but now I have wallet funds and I want to enhance my flight simming. I guess I may get the DLC, even though MSFS2020 is probably all around better and a GOTY worthy of being called thus. Also GOG has fuckall for flight sims.also I was sorely disappointed at discovering how few games are there even supporting HOTAS let alone doing it well, regardless what it looks like. I honestly don't regret it though. The level of better a true flight sim gets actually is worth it to me. Main problem is I like flying jetliners more than anything, and like 90% is shitty prop planes that all feel the same and only two jetliners, plus one more if you pay fucking one hundred twenty dollars to get the super deluxe bullshit. Maybe I should wait til they get more DLC or full modding or something.I kinda wish I was playing Highfleet right now honestly. I just didn't want to saddle myself with a game I thought I'd love on a platform I hate. Absolutely worth it having Battletech on GOG instead.I think I'll probably resume Battlefleet Gothic Armada this weekend
No. 63790
195 kB, 1134 × 507
Noice so you're pretty much set for it. Ernst is running MSFS on high settings with a "very good" tier gaming laptop.
>pic related.
If you want to get stunning graphics and a realistic flight model there's no way around it. Even on medium the graphics it will blow your mind compared to x-Plane. For me it was totally worth it to put up with the MS Shit, it's my most played game.
Jetliners aren't plenty but the ones you get feel close to real and so do the prop planes (And Ernst flew many of them IRL)
As I said you can get the xbox shit subscription trial 3 Months for $1 and try MSFS Deluxe. Just remember to cancel the sub right after getting it. It's the cheapest 100% full product demo you can get.
No. 63791
20,8 MB, 1024 × 535, 3:19
They added multiplayer back to Project Zomboid in the last update, I think it's only servers with 8 slots though
No. 63802
Having roughly finished Oblivion, I will quickly review the different questlines :
-Main quest: Mankar Camoran is a cool vilain name. He’s actually well written and the mythic dawn is good lore. He could actually be from a dying earth Jack Vance novel with his way of describing what would actually be the apocalypse and hell on Nirn as a lost paradise. The issue is that it’s probably the only piece of good lore quest on the main game. That, Martin Septim and the blades, I guess they are 4/5 pretty good. But Mehrunes Dagon is sadly very uninteresting in the story.
The dungeons are broadly uninteresting and oblivion quickly boring. But they sadly have the merit to be the best designed of the entire game. The progression of the story is more interesting than actually playing it sadly.

-mages guild : I liked the pilgrimage to different dysfunctional mages guild chapters to able to enter the arcane university. All the rest is complete bullshit and doesn’t make much sense. And Mannimarco is ridiculous.

-fighters guild : Two cool quests in an ocean of disinterest. I actually had more fun before the questline started to have stakes.

-Dark brotherhood : super funny and actually make the game feels like a game. Good, memorable characters and an interesting story. I loved go to the orc and ask him for tips and he would always tell me to kill everyone. First quests still better than the last ones.

-Knights of the nine : Good settings but the outcome is to dwell again and again in the same dungeons.

-Shivering isles : funny good. Sheogorath good.

Conclusion: why did I fell for it again? It was good to play for three hours not more.
No. 63804
450 kB, 1920 × 1080
356 kB, 1920 × 1080
>"I'm going to escape to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism overpowered DLC enemies - SPACE!"
>Opens Cryofreezer
>Feral Ghoul Reaver Spawns
>Open another one
>Three supermutant overlords spawn
Fuck you Todd.
No. 63810
Just realized that Diablo clones and tower defense games are actually the same game, the difference is only in the frame of reference.
In diablo, you move towards enemies, in TDs, enemies move towards you.
No. 63811
This is unironically boring shit.
It's like some shit tier FPS game from 2003 where the designers though that having three enemy types and three guns (with one being a workhorse weapon) is enough to make a game.
There's basically no dialogue, only the shit tier combat against the bullet-sponge ayys. Barely any lore, besides the audiologs of the captives you can find, but those aren't very interesting either.

At least I don't have to fight their combat drones because I actually brought my pulse-rifle with me which does extra damage to them and it's a one shot kill because of that.

The ship is strangely confusing to navigate and the path to progress is often unclear, so I turn the game off, do something else for like an hour and come back to try again. Would be like 3 hours to complete otherwise.

Weapon variety is incredibly low. They carry two guns, the drones have a heavy weapon and there's also the shock baton you probably use like twice before reclaiming your own stuff two rooms from the pen you were kept in. Which is a shame. I'd have loved to make it have more of a prison-break feel by having to utilise resources you find along the way instead of just getting your stuff back almost immediately. This way it's no different than the metro-tunnels aside from the textures and how much ammo it takes to waste an enemy.
The generic alien rifle is your workhorse weapon. It takes 4-5 headshots for it to kill a single ayy if they have their retarded shield up

I also learned that Washington D.C. actually has a metro-system and it's not just made up shit by Bethesda. That's actually kinda cool.
Still an unnavigable mess that doesn't lend itself for exploration because of how it's constructed in-game, but at least it's based on something IRL and not just some cope that was introduced to make the unfinished city-part seem fleshed out.
No. 63818
44 kB, 352 × 493
59 kB, 418 × 794
312 kB, 1086 × 1200
Just had the most enjoyable roguelike run in my life.
After having bad luck with drops, and having to run away from an Ogre for the entire level, out of desperation I drank a potion of digging, fell to the floor beneath, and ended up in a room full of acid slime. If I attack them, my weapons degrade. If they attack me, my armor degrades. And there's still an ogre.
But somehow, with a mix of potions, scrolls and wands, I managed to escape, triggering a caustic cloud trap on my way out.

Then I stumbled upon a tribe of goblins. Fortunately the unidentified scroll I randomly cast was a scroll of discord, and the goblins tore each other apart.

And then I got too greedy, went to the floor above to pick up all the loot I left behind, got cornered and killed by a centipede.

No. 63828
31 kB, 483 × 483
24 kB, 1332 × 696
No. 63829
Diablo is also a lot about random item drops and min/maxing. Though then again so are many modern TDs I think, so mb you're right after all.
Honestly TDs are probably superior cause Diablo gives you carpal tunnel from all the running around and clicking

t. been playing D2 again
No. 63832
Think about it logically.
Since the character is centered on the screen in most games, whether your character is moving through the enivronment, or if the environment is moving around the character, is only a matter of frame of reference.
No. 63833
Also, isn't it interesting how WC3 borrowed elements from Diablo 2, and the WC3 modding scene is what spawned the genre of TD?
Really makes me think.
No. 63834
Picking a warrior, archer or mage says more about you than a myers-briggs test.
No. 63835
I pick whichever is off-meta in a particular game so I can make scrubs seethe when I beat them with a handicap.
No. 63836
I would pick a mage if not for most games fucking up the balance and making 90% of the enemies melee focused 1IQ retards that bumrush you and also make it unplayable buy making mana deplete way too fucking fast.
In most cases the warrior is the only playable option because of this.
No. 63837
What if I usually pick either the priest/cleric or someone similar but more combat-oriented like paladin? Also, my choice is often heavily influenced by game mechanics: I absolutely hate archers in RPGs that want to be more realistic like NWN or somesuch, because it implies that you have to manage arrows/bolts, deal with penalties in close combat and slow attack speed compared to warriors etc., but in hack 'n' slash RPGs they are fun as hell and sometimes end up being my main, like Inquisitor/Necromancer in Grim Dawn.
No. 63839 Kontra
Oh, and in immersive sims it's hacker/repairman all the way for me. Gotta explore every nook and cranny, crack every safe and steal all the loot.
No. 63845
1,1 MB, 250 × 375, 0:03
180 kB, 1424 × 842
3,8 MB, 29 pages
Finally I've been enlightened

I pick Necromancer, but then I just read guides all day instead of actually playing
No. 63849 Kontra
302 kB, 1920 × 1080
402 kB, 1920 × 1080
513 kB, 1920 × 1080
What a fucking shitshow.
Just corridor shooting only to get a shitty player housing and a laughable amount of loot.

I expected the Alien Captain to be heavily armoured and armed but all it took was a single shot from my .223 pistol and he went down. I made sure to symbolically use earth-weapons when I made the alien bastards pay.
Amazing really how for an RPG Bethesda made sure that 3/5 DLCs are nothing more than glorified corridor shooters with barely and variety or thought put into it.

Don't know if I give a shit about the last DLC at this point.
Did all basically all the sidequests and the main quest and without the DLC and sometimes getting lost, it was barely more than 30 hours.
It's not as bad as I remembered it, and I don't outright hate the game any more, but man, did New Vegas do everything better, from RPG elements to map-building to quests to writing and weapons. Just everything.

I fail to see what kind of person played this game for "hundreds of hours" like I've seen some soyboys claim back in the day. Like what's there to explore/play? Not many guns, only an endless number of similar looking "dungeons" that are inhabited by the same enemy types as everywhere else, carrying the same 3-5 guns you can get from them. What is there to spend hundreds of hours on?
And no, I'm not going to collect the retarded bobbleheads and shit because I'm not a completionist nerd.
No. 63856
130 kB, 1024 × 527
2,5 MB, 3840 × 3376
Even more informative is which fantasy race you play.

t. ork

No. 63865
Blizzard being super retards isn't excusing your for being retarded too. No, they do not have anything in commom with each other, unless you wanted to expand it to the point of meaninglessness. There's so many genres where you fight waves of enemies that it's pointless to draw such comparisons especially because tower defense is usually really tactical and often has elements of being turn based, like a blend of TBS and RTS, whereas you have basically none of the same mental stuff being used to manage enemies in some Diablo type game. When it comes to party based crpgs where you do finally have things like tactics managing enemies, it really just becomes more like a squad based tactics game than anything remotely like tower defense.

Basically, you only got this idea because modders and map makers created this hybridized shitty version of the shittiness Warcraft 3 turned into and that was basically just one immortal kind retard leading trash mobs of dumb muppets. It's something dumb WC3 did and I hated it then and still hate it now, which is the degeneration of RTS with hero units having better stats where a mission objective is <heroname> must survive, to now they literally cannot be permanently killed and basically your actual units don't matter anymore. This is becauze Activision-Blizzard are complete faggots who stole and copywrote maps what was left of a community made and is the second company other than EA who I outright refuse to pay for any games of theirs period due to their monumentally excessive faggotry.sorry my head feels hot and I think I'm starting to get a headache from this Christmas shit

Basically, everything went to shit after Activision took over and everything became about cartoons and outright using and trying to popularize as massively faggy a word as "toons" for your units, and SC2 turned to a pile of shit as a result. Activision-Blizzard stopped making RTS games ages ago, and instead just came up with increasingly dumb, lame, and derivative versions of action RPGs in the hack n slash sense. The brutal irony is I bet Spellcraft III actually did everything better than those hacks and adult retards.

The problem is, magic and medieval shittery never goes or ever went together and is just Tolkien's romantic bullshit. This is because magic is effectively just super powerful technology ultimatelybecause that's basically what superstitious peasant retards saw academia or research, and is sadder still to realize how not as far off they ultimately were in a regard and as such it cannot ever work in shithole medieval settings for long. It only works as an incredibly lame plot device which cannot be used at will because reasonsaka subpar plot writing and/or as some incredibly nerfed thing.

You'll realize all this the longer you try and play any remotely even fantasy games, and quickly realize there's usually barely any middleground between being a caster and being an actual fighter. This is because basically any type of game which even has magic automatically needs to show it off visually sure, but also has to strike that line of not being "well wtf why don't I just use arrows or a sword" and to not be what magic truly is, and that is automatic obsolence of any and all kinds of nonmagical warfare. This becomes more evident as certain games it no longer becomes "just" obvious that the right way is to play a wizard, and just straight up becomes unplayable and unfun without it.

I'm sure you'll already have immediately tried dismissing this argument but I'm serious, just sit there and think about it. Think about how many games where you basically had magic by default. Then just think about how all the games from Tyranny to Pillars of Eternity pretty much had to give every single other character class either spells, or the ability to learn spells, or to just straight up treat every single other skill like spells. Shadowrun was an interesting inversion in that it instead basically took all spells and made them just into ranged weapons: in other words, basically firearms, because let's be honest, a lot of magic in games is basically just guns and bombs.

So as a result of that, near every single game ends up having to nerf the shit out of magic into being nearly pointless, because otherwise every game more fully embraces what magic is and softlocks you because you're not playing the correct way to play. In a certain sense Planescape: Torment was the most tongue in cheek audacious in the sense of having the audacity to basically give your highest end spells literally two honest to God whole minutes to watch one max level spell resolve, and to have all the best luck at the game, all the dialogue unlocks and smooth sailing to the best ending, whereas the dumbass rogue and swordman are stuck with the game's terrible combat forever and a worse story. It happened and happens the same way for example in KOTOR, because Jedi are nothing but space wizards and it's just so OP to have everyone trained as Jedior Sith in KOTOR 2 even on hardest difficulties whereas getting saddled with shitty useless droids and wookies can make the game near unplayable in parts.

This same pattern repeats over and over again any game it comes up in because magic is almost by definition the better shit than your less civilized technology--and magic is always the superior technology. It's the fundamental basis of why X-Men is so retarded logically because they're not mutants, they're fucking high level wizards that get born with rolling a d100 to pick their memorized spells with unlimited casting. And although I haven't played itstarted it but stopped due to the awful combat, still meaning to finish it someday what I do know about Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic Obscura is that it's pretty much doing what is the only thing you actually can do with magic and try to have it antithetical to technology with some idea of the magics is fading from the world with tech but even then that requires the magic getting weaker, because otherwise there barely would be a point to tech.

Don't get me wrong, magic can and often is awesome depending how well it's done in games, it's just that its mere existence pretty much needs to handwave your other dudes getting magically stronger and having so much spells skills to compensate otherwise it barely makes sense to do anything but magic.

Be it in mind, also that cyberpunk games are also using magic, only the difference is we're now supposed to believe you can emit a force field because muh phlebotinum scienceficticum, muh fancy sciencey sounding meaningless words. Basically, the entire genre of cyberpunk itself lays bare the truth of what magic effectively is in all fiction, and why it's such a pointless thing to even introduce it without kickstarting a magical arms race.
No. 63867
>t. ork
No. 63879
I'll put it like this:
Human -- national-traitor, potential emigrant
Elf -- "girl inside"
Gnome -- thinks that he has brilliant sense of humour, but he doesn't
Undead -- edgelord
Ork -- absolutely normal and mentally stable person

BTW I thought that instead of "human rights" which are alien to them certain territories should have concept of "orkish rights" such as:
  1. To serve Dark Lord
  2. To raid and pillage Free World
  3. ... (???)
No. 63880
What about dwarves?
No. 63883
178 kB, 1280 × 720
99 kB, 1000 × 620
Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup is not a very good game despite its popularity, and I would advice people looking to get into the genre not to play it, as it will spoil your impression of roguelikes.

I suspect the only reason it's popular is because it has a very good graphical user interface, so newbies flock to it.
That's not to say that good roguelikes can't have a good GUI, but this is not one of them.

If you want a good first time roguelike, I'd recommend Brogue. It's basically the core essence of roguelikes, distilled into a pure crystal. You could say it's a sequel to the original Rogue.
No. 63886
>the only reason it's popular is because it has a very good graphical user interface
Yeah, and the most important feature of it is mouse support which allows noobs not to memorize all those keyboard shortcuts and just click on icons instead. Interestingly, after playing on a keyboard for a while, I found out that keyboard controls are actually more comfortable than mouse ones, they just take some time to get used to.

Also, I'd say that another reason of DCSS popularity is the crazy amount of race/class/deity combinations which contributes to replay value. I think only ToME is comparable in this regard, although I may be mistaken since I haven't played many roguelikes.
No. 63891
>crazy amount of race/class/deity combinations which contributes to replay value
That is true, to an extent.

I want to go on a gibbering autistic rant on why those systems are flawed, though.
If you actually start reading the math behind the mechanics, what the stats do, racial ability and class mechanics, etc., you find out that most of it is smoke and mirrors, and the game that is being simulated is much simpler than the game that is being advertised in-game.

The gist of it is:
Attributes don't matter.
Backgrounds don't matter. (some people think those are classes, but they are not. All they do is give you some starting gear and +3-5 to some skills)
Most of the gods don't matter.
Those are all linear benefits that become insignificant once your character levels up enough.

The only thing that matters is your starting race. And not because of their unique mechanics, but because they all start with different "aptitudes". As in, some skills level up faster than others. People say that "you can learn any skill" are either uninformed, or being disingenuous. The bonuses you get for your race's skill are so strong, that leveling up the ones you're deficient in is completely pointless.

Notice how it is actually skills that govern your playstyle, plus your race's unique mechanics to some degree. So, the races in this game ARE the classes.
The game would've had MUCH more variety if it simply let you pick skill aptitudes after choosing race.

The warrior, rogue and mage archetypes are a lie.
There's only warrior, and mage.
Rogues are just weak warriors with no armor.
Mages are interesting, but less effective than warriors.
Warrior gameplay boils down to pressing "autowalk" and "autoattack" because their entire gameplay is walking into enemy sprites, while your passive stats do the rest.

That's for the stat system. Now, the content.
The game is boring, with few interesting encounters here and there. The maps on each level are huge, but contain almost nothing, the regular enemies are pointless, have no mechanics, don't drop loot, etc.
The interesting enemy encounters are so sparse, that most of the times you lose to them because you forgot to stop autowalking, and your brain shut down from the boredom.

Sad part is, this could've been a much better game with just a little bit of tuning. Like decoupling skill aptitudes from race and giving them to classes, and condensing most of the game so there's less inconsequential filler.
No. 63965
Video games make my OCTs go away but I’m completely addicted.
No. 63980
1,7 MB, 333 × 281, 0:04
Reinstalled GTA VC from old disc.
Ran it with reVC.
Had a lot of fun, did all the upgrade missions and collected all hidden packages.
Started fucking around with mods from my old collection, something didn't work out.
Decided to just roll back to an earlier zipped version.
Didn't realize the sourceport moved the save files to the game directory.
Lost about a week of progress, including all the upgrade missions.
Am still angry about myself.
No. 63991
And that is part of why I pathologically backup all my save files. I had apoorly optimized half gig of Battletech files, I even had minimized and copypasted my entire TellTale directory so if something got lost or went wrong I wouldn't have to sit through an hour of Walking Dead's bullshitand that I literally had to recopy and paste to my BACKUPS save folder towards the end of season 2 because that pos game turned out to have a known bug for corrupting its autosaves. Even on ironman I do things like save my XCOM2 game to flashdrive just in case the game breaks, which did happen once before. You have no idea the amount of aggravation this saved me in the long run. It's basically critical habits for anyone either writing late night essays or reviewing or hardcore playing computer games. They always turn out to have some unfixed bug which breaks shit somewhere thus turning your single slot autosave checkpoint bullshit into hours of your life pointlessly lost.
No. 63993
572 kB, 1600 × 837
I do the same, and it's saved my ass in a lot of games
>The Long Dark
permadeath, you can backup your save in case of some buggy ass death
>Project Zomboid
Same deal, you can also lose saves to updates
saves can get buggy sometimes and it's just the one save
I never played ironman so I never backed up my saves for it
>Darkest Dungeon
used to backup my saves for this one too
No. 64029
How on earth do you play XCOM2 that much and never played ironman? I remember it took me like two or three tries I think but the third or fourth difficulty I beat it. I do remember the one time when I was still drinking that I told myself two or three beers couldn't hurt, and I woke up the next morning and somehow still made small enough mistakes that it completely fucked my game up, in fact I don't even remember anymore if I salvaged that game or restarted entirely. Ironman is definitely a blast. The problem is, sometimes you'll still end up feeling cheated of that only one save victory because in the back of your mind you know the save file is still there so it feels less "real" if you get what I mean. Part of the fun to ironman is just not backing up saves at all, and to be fair I had I think one or two games tops trashed by buys between EU and 2, which sadly isn't much all things considered for my hours played.

It's part of why it just sucks and makes zero sense to having those N64 tier b.s. one slot autosave and checkpoint systems because you just know you're still going to need to tab out of the game, copy the files, and paste them into your directory before going back in. It ruins the immersion totally and thoroughly having to do that and all because you don't get the option to manual saves or multiple inconspicuous quicksave slots. It blows my mind any developers even still do this stupid shit or what is even the point to having just such a system with the sole exception of survival horrors, and even there they should have the option to backing up and duplicating your save somehow. This is all to avoid
this type of shit, where I can go from near never raging at a videogameI honestly don't and am not an angry player, I just critique and bitch a lot when I see something to be perfected but man I will lose my shit in anger and frustration if I have to lose 12 hours of my life to some game bug. I am a mortal being. I work for a living. That's my entire Saturday off I just lost to your fucking bullshit janky ass code and no, don't flatter yourselves I'm not thrilled to be doing exactly the same boring shit over again. I can't imagine how many thousands of people simply never bothered trying to finish Walking Dead Season 2 because they had to start over. What do they care? These kids paid for it either way.

Really it's just that sense of complete futility and loss of life, which I'm basically middleage nowbecause lord knows I'm not likely to make it past my early or mid 70s so it's quite a self conscious thing about wasting more time in my life. Shitposting on casey for a decade really makes me cringe hard, and I often question if I'll look back on this all the same way as I do now toward my earlier drinking. All I know is one thing to amplify it is going to be on my death bed "lord, why did I sit there for hours on end looking at Pillars of Eternity load screens two full minutes at a time, lord, why did I waste 8 hours of my life replaying some shitty bugged late-Obsidian game I could've built a birdhouse or spent time with people." It's losing progress in a singleplayer campaign that is absolutely infuriating and I empathize with this poor German.
No. 64036
21,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
terrible framerate because recorded on my laptop but i wanted to share this clip because i thought it was cool
No. 64037
1,1 MB, 1600 × 837
1,2 MB, 1600 × 837
>How on earth do you play XCOM2 that much and never played ironman?
Ironman is tryharding imho, because half the time you'll lose your run to a bug or save corruption or something else I cba dealing with. To me playing Ironman in any game is the epitome of 'play stupid games win stupid prizes'

It's not like I savescum when I play xcom2 anyway, I usually let the dead die (unless it's a high end SPARK or something)

>but man I will lose my shit in anger and frustration if I have to lose 12 hours of my life to some game bug
see! this is in your same post

Nice shot
No. 64039
914 kB, 1920 × 1080
243 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I have just spent about an hour looking for updated mods for KSP and it turned out most of the mods I have been using have really been updated. It took this long since I refuse to use CKAN, I've had my problems with it in the past.
But I've gotten this space itch, so I can fire up the game and do a quick and dirty moon mission (real time IVA only) while listening to outer space sounds.
No. 64049
I've actually honestly only lost one game I clearly remember to a bug and that was backed up, out of something like 50 or 60 different XCOM2 runs. I suspect I had a second one on not ironman EU. Basically, just back up your save slot, and then allow your natural laziness to takeover so as not to savescum. Idk, I just find it immensely more satisfying when I know that I do anything stupid and wrong that it instantly gets saved with no do overs, which feels much easier on manual saves somehowthough again I say to anyone complaining about it, just don't reload, it's not that hard like just walk away from the button.

I did try doing this on Wasteland 2 but discovered sadly it's impossible due to the way mechanics work and because of the way it's sorta on rails as a story. The result of this being, if you should lose your medic, you now no longer have a medic, which cripples your entire squad, which now also may well have crippled your ability to do shit like hack doors or fix broken toasters, and the game doesn't give enough XP for you to ever catch up again. I was saddened to discover I basically had to savescum both my WL2 runs, especially because difficulty is so wonky that medium is a cakewalk and you will die on hard with some ridiculous stat mods. Basically, the reason you can even actually do it on XCOM is because it's crazy easy to get three full squads of people maxxed out in one go, which I almost always did, and that also purposefully counted them as somewhat expendable so that it hurts but isn't crippling to lose a guy or two; moreover, you only actually have four concrete roles, with technically 8 different builds but with some skills or builds so much better there's effectively no game crippling penalty to people dying. Not so in Fallout 3 tier WL2, where you literally have Fallout stats, skills, and perks, where you'll end up needing most of like a dozen primary skill stats with stupidly a shotguns and assault rifles being separate from pistol, big gun, sniper rifle, and energy iirc I can't anymore maybe rifles or small arms counted for multiple but it definitely had 4 or 5 skills dedicated to different guns alone along with a hack, sneak, doctor, medic, etc. Yes, you heard that right: doctor for unfucking crippling conditions isn't the same stat as your general healbitch.

This makes it feel like such a lost opportunity because WL2 could've been real fun with an actual ironman had they arsed themself to make it a viable strategy at least with perks and stat points, XP, or higher leveled characters later on, but you just can't. XCOM is built for it from the ground up, so you really can just weather a body or two, although much like a chink in armor, once you drop your first body makes it easier to lose a second soldier, and by the time you've lost three well trained people in early to mid game it becomes a crushing march of attrition. I'm saying all this to note that because of its fundamental reply value rather than just being a narrative or some 230 hours long crpg epic, that you can actually lose a game of XCOM and be fine with it in the same sense that you can carry on after losing a soldier you liked. I've repeatedly lost ironman games and I found them pretty memorable watching us get backed into a corner as our little movement sputtered out, the ayys rounded us up, and the game was gonewhich is more or less what allegedly happened after the first canonically. I just found it satisfying to feel like there was an actual stake in losing. I don't need to win every single game because I already beat it anyway.
No. 64052
468 kB, 662 × 1242
125 kB, 743 × 747
It's happening guys.
What everyone waitet for the last decates is finally going to happen.

No. 64149
Just started a new game of ETS2.
I think it's been at least two or three years since I've last played it.
They really did a lot work in the meantime, it seems. Especially that they improved the Autobahn accesses feels good. The way it was before was really jarring.
Also, the game is very well optimized, I can run it at 400% res at 90+ frames (one screen, 1080).
I only did a few short deliveries right now, because I also have pedals, a wheel and a VR headset, so next time I might just install all that shit. Sterring with the keyboard really isn't fun.
No. 64329
362 kB, 1920 × 1080
Controller mustard rice reporting in. (Picture is from last year)
No. 64330
That looks nice. Is that a mod or a map? The only DLC I have is Scandinavia and I don't remember it being snowy.
No. 64332
Kind of felt fine to me but I was really underwhelmed by Mudrunner and baffled by how the game ran that poorly. I think it's one of the few games I even have that didn't do 60fps locked at 1440p, and that's an old game with shitty literal 2009 console tier looking treesI forget how you call it, where it's two flat texture planes at 90° angles.

Because all you're really doing is swerving back and forth, shifting gears, braking, and accelerating, and every once in a long while backing up, I just fail to see the point in even bothering to use anything beyond keyboard and mouse. Actually if I wanted to really simulate that trucker feel the very first thing I'd do is invest in this huge booster chair to make me feel like I'm towering over my room and possibly have my monitor up higher than just usual desk space, because it isn't really about the controls but the position of pilot if that makes sense. What I mean by that is, it's the very feel of being inside the truck cabin which makes it feel very unique and different than driving autos, and combines visually with the sense of having this huge load behind youwhich is often not even replicated anyway because people drive so much in third person mode that ruins any resemblance of feels completely. Really, it shouldn't remind you of playing Grand Theft Auto x in a stolen dump truck, so much as flying a jetliner with only cockpit view. I can see a controller making certain aspects easier, or how a keyboard would ruin parts of the immersion, but if you're going to consider really simming to the point of changing out k+m controlsespecially for considering a stick shift and wheel is to change position in your physical seating and only drive in first person.

Trust me on this. Move your computer monitor or TV up possibly on wall mount if able, and get a very high chair you need to step on a pile of books to climb into where you now look down out your flat window to see the streets rather than up. Only problem, make sure your legs don't dangle in the air but have a foot rest or brakes.
No. 64337
242 kB, 1920 × 1080
Grimes' snow mod

Uhh... ok. I can do just fine with my current setup.
No. 64346
319 kB, 1920 × 1080
234 kB, 1920 × 1080
132 kB, 1920 × 1080
255 kB, 1920 × 1080
>Load up Pitt DLC for Fallout 3
>"lol raiders knocked you out lmao"
>Do the main quest
>Completely linear until the very last 10 minutes
>That's it
Two hours of completely linear gameplay with a shitty choice at the end between
>Do you want to give the baby to this shifty butthurt "revolutionary" to dissect using a bonesaw or do you leave it with her parents who also want to do the exact same thing as the other guy but think that the ends justify the means so until they can cure everyone they have to be enslaved
Three map markers, two guns, no fucking side-quests at all that's it. Not that I'm sad over not being forced into crawling shitty Bethesda dungeons for 8 hours but man, New Vegas had actually good DLCs with content in them. This is pathetic.

There's a lot of named characters among the raiders, but none of them do anything. They don't start quests, they just talk shit about you and that's it.
The only good thing about the mod is this terminal where a pre-war Pittsburg factory manager tells his woes of having to betray the workers and actually do the higher ups' bidding by ordering in robots that are more efficient, ending in the robots breaking the strike and killing people.

>Pic 1 related
We never learn why are they making new metal. Never. What's the point? Why are they manufacturing shit there?
It feels like they just had this "cool idea" and never finished the entire DLC, just the main quest.

I'm done with this game.
40 Hours and I've played all the main quests, all the side quests and basically did all the meaningful unmarked meme shit too.
Most of the quests in Fallout 3 are boring shitty fetch quests that all lead to some same-y looking shitty building that serves as a dungeon where you shoot one of 3 enemy types until you eventually get what you need and piss off.
It's fine for like the first 10-20 hours but it grows irritating really fucking fast afterwards.
Most of the game does. Everything that serves as a "survival element", like repair becomes really irritating by the endgame.
No. 64434
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
4,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
I can't stop taking screenshots, help!
No. 64435
28 kB, 340 × 340
Baller Ernst.
No. 64578
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
924 kB, 1600 × 900
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
I think this is the first steam sale where I won't buy anything, all the deals are shit and are no different from the usual sales.

Only game I wanted was Snowrunner and that's only -35% and has a heap of DLC for it, so if you want to get most of what's on offer you really ned to pay about 35 euros for that.

Shit deal, makes me want to go back to pirating
No. 64592
I am considering getting some ETS2 DLCs, but apart from that, no idea. I am not even interested in any games because everything sucks.
No. 64593
110 kB, 767 × 441
I made my wishlist a bit smaller by buying some older games for 5€.
Also, i finally got around to buy Death Stranding.

It always looked kinda weird and shitty to me, but it got great ratings and i usually like Hideo Kojima games so i give it a try.

And i bought Wasteland 3.

That's way more than i bought in the last few sales, ever since the Gabe took the flash sales out it got way less interesting. And now with that stupid point store i really don't like those sales anymore.

Thanks to my boss who gave me a little bonus so i can throw money around like the idiot i am :DDDD
No. 64608
I just saw It Takes Two is on sale.
Has anybody played it? I would like to get it to play with GF, but 20 Euros is still a lot, especially since it's published by EA and I want to give them nothing, but the devs seem cool.
No. 64621
Heard mostly good things, but didn't buy myself because as you said

No. 64623
Steam is shit. Like, unbelievably so. Steam is so shit it's unreal I hate it so damn much. Of course it really took a nosedive immediately after I had spent and wasted many many hundreds of dollars on there to where now half my games are all locked on a shitty ass literally Origin tier platform.

Just take a look at this SHIT right now. Fucking five choices for every category and they're all fucking garbage. I hate the alleged "community" there so damn much, both the mods and at least a third of all the posters. There's absolutely no reason to buy anything from there anymore unless it's either DLC you have to have for one of the locked down games you foolishly bought already, or there's some game you just have to have RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE and it's available literally nowhere else and you can't wait a little while for it to get released someplace else. I've already given Doom Eternal a hard pass just because I can only get in there and it's giving Bethesda money for a genre I don't even like, and already gave MSFS2020 a pass just because it's on Steamand also because there's only 2 jets for 60 fucking dollars despite the fact I absolutely wanted it and already know I'd adore it and play for nights at a time. I also refunded High Fleet after I realized this regardless how much I wanted that, and likewise gave Ixion a pass until it's out on GOG. It isn't like I don't already have literally hundreds and hundreds of games to play so it's like whatever, but I just got my weird CoolerMaster rebate in the mail as a debate card and already foolishly loaded money into Steam nonrefundable monopoly money so I'm probably going to buy Odyssey DLC regardless how much I came to loathe FDevone good thing about Steam is it lets you realize which devs and their employees are shitty cunts real fast even though in reality all I want is just to play MSFS2020. Don't know what I'll probably end up picking up on GOG yet, might be some DLC, could be a good game, like Furi soundtrack I listened endlessly on repeat so eh.

I hope you all had as lovely and heartfelt a Christmas as I did.
No. 64624 Kontra
>Steam community
Imho that's like saying "the amazon community" or the ebay community". Fucking meaningless. It's a marketplace, not a community platform.
No. 64625
Tell that to the people who think they have to defend poor Steam against their evil competition. Stockholm syndrome has never been this real.
No. 64630
2,0 MB, 1914 × 4402
Hating on Epic and Ubishit doesn't mean you're defending Steam, it just means you hate Epic and Ubishit

t. Epic and Ubishit hater
No. 64632
I didn't say anything about hating. I said something about defending.
No. 64633
I don't get what is so wrong with Steam. I buy the game, download it and play. Everything works as intended.
I'm sure that other stores are not worse. But in which regards can they be better?

t. steam defender with Stockholm syndrome
No. 64634
Apropos of nothing, I can't stand romance (options) in videogames.

Romances you have no input in (no story branching, only cutscenes between action phases) are the least bad, because they don't require any kind of minigames or presents/dialogue puzzles. They are still badly written, though.

Romance options you have to pursue are worse. Either you tell the target of your will to bone the right things and they jump onto your crotch at the end (Mass Effect 1 etc.).

Or you have to give them presents with a different amount of relationship points (My Time at Portia etc.) - the latter is especially weird when the object of your desire acts like they've never expected said present even if you gave them dozens of the same objects for weeks and they must have a pile of the crap somewhere behind their house.

If there is a romance option I do my darnedest to stay as far away from any kind of even looking interested in the designated lover(s). Just played "Lake" and there were two options, one of the was pushed onto me really hard by the game in the form of the local diner proprietor AND the person himself stopping me at the end of the game to talk me into it.

Can you tell I'm forever alone IRL?
No. 64635
24 kB, 500 × 280
> Steam is shit.
OK, you've written it in so many of your posts. Care to elaborate?

> Like, unbelievably so.
Yes, I got it already. Proceed to arguments.

> Steam is so shit it's unreal I hate it so damn much.
You are very emotional guy. It's just an online store, it doesn't deserve so much of your feelings.

> Of course it really took a nosedive immediately after I had spent and wasted many many hundreds of dollars on there to where now half my games are all locked on a shitty ass literally Origin tier platform.
OK, in which way did it took a nosedive?

>Just take a look at this SHIT right now.
Finally, let's take a look.

> Fucking five choices for every category and they're all fucking garbage.
Where? What are talking about?

> I hate the alleged "community" there so damn much, both the mods and at least a third of all the posters.
I only enter forums for troubleshooting advises. Posters are ok.

> There's absolutely no reason to buy anything from there anymore unless it's either DLC you have to have for one of the locked down games you foolishly bought already, or there's some game you just have to have RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE and it's available literally nowhere else and you can't wait a little while for it to get released someplace else.
Steam is shit, shit, I got it. Say something qualitatively different.

> I've already given Doom Eternal a hard pass just because I can only get in there and it's giving Bethesda money for a genre I don't even like, and already gave MSFS2020 a pass just because it's on Steamand also because there's only 2 jets for 60 fucking dollars despite the fact I absolutely wanted it and already know I'd adore it and play for nights at a time. I also refunded High Fleet after I realized this regardless how much I wanted that, and likewise gave Ixion a pass until it's out on GOG. It isn't like I don't already have literally hundreds and hundreds of games to play so it's like whatever, but I just got my weird CoolerMaster rebate in the mail as a debate card and already foolishly loaded money into Steam nonrefundable monopoly money so I'm probably going to buy Odyssey DLC regardless how much I came to loathe FDevone good thing about Steam is it lets you realize which devs and their employees are shitty cunts real fast even though in reality all I want is just to play MSFS2020. Don't know what I'll probably end up picking up on GOG yet, might be some DLC, could be a good game, like Furi soundtrack I listened endlessly on repeat so eh.
These are very exciting adventures on about how you sat on your ass and thought in which store you should consoom the product.
Wait you play Odyssey? Wait you actually bought it, not pirated? Wait you are even going to buy DLC for that? You just lost your moral right to complain about game industry at least three times in a row. You are the reason why AAA is so bad.

>I hope you all had as lovely and heartfelt a Christmas as I did.
Our country used to be heretical, then it became godless. We celebrate New Year with Santa Claus Grandpa Frost. And we celebrate 7-th January but not much. Thanks anyway. Wish you same. ^_^
No. 64636
23 kB, 360 × 565
For a guy who hates steam this much, one must ask why he has 300 games on it.

I have a fuckton of games on Epic but I've never given them any money and I've only played one of those games ever. And I have games on Ubishit because I'm required to use it sometimes for games I bought on steam. I hate Epic and Ubishit because they're bad platforms.

I don't hate steam, because their games work 99% of the time and they don't inject political opinons into their platform or lecture me about niggers or gays - which is more than I can say for 90% of other platforms out there. That's enough for me to basically think steam is not only fine, but it's good

t. steam friend of steam hater Ernst
No. 64637 Kontra
86 kB, 471 × 394
You guys just casually shit on steam while steam is getting banned here since christmas day.
No. 64640
Sames. I also don't think that even if it was written decently, it would add anything meaningful to the characterization or the plot – that is, the romance where you have a choice and not the romance that is already in the character's backstory. So what if the MC picked the girl A instead of the girl B? Romance options are designed to be interchangeable, so this decision will not have long term consequences anyway, and the only new thing that we've learned is that MC likes girl A, no matter how well-written that romance subplot was. And if the romance options do have influence on the plot, it's pretty likely that you're playing some sort of a dating sim.

"Fixed" romance can often be pretty bad too. Sometimes characters get saddled with such awful spouses, lovers or love interests that you kinda wonder what the hell do they even find in them. Like in Alan Wake MC's wife wasn't nice, wasn't pretty and that phobia of hers was really annoying. I guess the player is supposed to care for her or something, but I just wanted to punch her after first five minutes, and after she disappeared the only thing that was on my mind was "good riddance!". If you write a character that is going to be MC's motivation to do something, the least you could do is to make that character sympathetic.

And another pet peeve of mine concerning romance in videogames is sex scenes. As of now I'm convinced that instead of inserting an animated sex scene into a videogame it's better to just have a screen blackout and leave the rest to the player's imagination, because those scenes either age badly or aren't arousing in the first place at all. It has come to the point that random jackoffs make 3D cartoon porn that is way sexier than scenes, say, from Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

So yeah, romance in videogames is either cringey or completely unnecessary, unless it's a dating sim.
No. 64648
Ultimately, nothing to see here

I trust this guy's take more than some niggerdropping anon https://nickcano.com/epic-games-spyware/
No. 64652
I don't have any idea what you are talking about with "injecting political opinions" on fucking any platform at all, but then again I barely use Epic or Ubisoft other than your outlined reasons, and also I've already gone over this it's largely a bullshit whine encouraged by the companies to distract from their own bad practices. VTMB2 forums in particular is what made me realize what complete cancer the whole woke right turned out to be. As I said before, all the woke left shit I hear about turns out to be completely bullshit, in fact even the tranny shit with Battletech which is from the one genuinely woketard dev team was entirely absent of injecting political opinionsan amazing achievement for HBS given the "yes I'm an Asian in Ireland. We exist. Deal with it." bullshit from that company their terrible writing notwithstanding. So in general I think the whole whine shitfest over "but the es jay dubayoos!" is faggotry encouraged by the major companies ran by faggy ass MBA majors to distract from the same businessmen who've been ruining damn everything for decades now so we're too busy squabbling about unrelated bullshit to deal with the atrocious business practices that actually are prevalent everywhere.

As to Steam itself, as I've already said and am surprised if I didn't rant at length about this I know for a fact I did more than once in Steam user arguemnts I rather foolishly plunked down hundreds and hundreds of dollars at a time I knew steam was fairly cancerous but up to that point I merely suffered with it. I did not expect to, within mere months, have to suffer even more bullshit, have the entire fucking launcher changed, have Steam suddenly so janked my old computer couldn't even run it, it was fucking hell, and on top of that all the complete fucking faggots on steam insisting it was me. The irony is, I actually built a brand new, fairly high powered gaming and multimedia PC soon after, at which point I could test this on both a new OS, new hardware, different brands AMD vs Intel, vs nVidia, vs old hardware etc. and could prove that no, it's your fucking launcher. Basically, I got routine warnings and bans because of complaining for months on end how Steam suddenly fucked me and half my games crashed to desktop now, and most of the other half ran like complete fucking garbage. This new launcher was foisted on me, and that's why I asked Russia what should I do and how I could manually install an older copy of steam while the faggots on steam insisted nothing is wrong with their codeI replicated the behavior of their faggy badly written code on my new PC using Win10 because IT'S STILL NOT EVEN FIXED FOR THAT FUCKING LONG and that is how I eventually got on the beta of GOG Galaxy and it actually just werks.

Yes, I hate fucking everything about Steam, I hate their userbase, I hate their culture, I hate thier mods, I hate their code, I hate their faggy policies, I hate a lot of their shovelware games, I hate everything about that place and because I didn't knew GOG had a launcher and thought I only could rely on Steam and naively expected it not to get worse, built up games there. The result is I am now a couple grand at retail worth of locked down games under shitty EULAs and loicensing agreements so I have to keep using steam with what I already have, oh and on top of that fucking Disney and Electronic arts forced some bullshit new EULA launcher loicense bullshit on me for ancient games I already owned since forever ago like KOTOR and Alice Madness Returns so I can't even play my old save files without that bullshitas you know, I try to avoid politics because I think it's shit but man did those last years turn me from Conservative or libertarianish to I'm no longer sure I'm just being an ironic commie seriously fuck all these companies and their corpo bullshit.

Long and short of it is, I was a retard and didn't realize how bad and how fast Valve would sink to being Origin tier, and because I spent so many hundreds of dollars in like 2017 or 2018 or whatever to 2019, I got stuck with it. Just look at their bullshit sales. A fucking points store has replaced steam sales rewards, and all the sales are fucking like 20% off. Fuck Valve. Did you expect them to get that bad that quick? I didn't, because maybe I was naive about gabens corpo. Regardless the end result is fully half my games are stuck on that terrible launcher and I must deal with that terrible culture. I hate the people on there. Most of what steam offers is trash anyway, and I'm basically looking at a couple of "steam exclusives" like MSFS2020 whereas the rest is just games I don't legally own even and are licensed to me that have EULAs that can change at any time, whereas on GOG I actually own my fucking games. I press S to spit on fucking Valve at this point, and it's basically feeling like I stupidly bought into a crypto at its ATH right before the crash in terms of the money I just wasted on Steam right before it sank into its own morass starting right after I bought those games.

GOG has given me nothing but pleasure and joy however, and it is quite literally every single thing I liked about Steam over ten years ago with zero of the bullshit changes Valve routinely forced on me over the years before becoming such. SHIT. that I go on TWD/TellTale tier rants about it now.

And yes it really was steam updates and them turning into a mobileshit store slowly that utterly fucked my gaming for nearly a year, and no it wasn't just memory leaks or RAM overusage that made our games CtD or stutter, though those problems did not help. To this day I don't know what they did that made games nearly unplayable for damn near a year for so many people, but getting forced to have a bloatware client running in the background of an older machine did not help, although I am still confused why the client updates also made an RDNA/Zen2 machine also behave the same way or similarly for awhile and why it took them so long to fix it.
No. 64653 Kontra
113 kB, 1200 × 900
>Basically, I got routine warnings and bans because of complaining for months on end how Steam suddenly fucked me
No. 64657
592 kB, 1920 × 1080
A feller who played RO2 and routinely dominated the server he was in, committed suicide just before Christmas.
They held a ceremony for him in-game. Pretty silly, but heart-warming.
No. 64660
1,4 MB, 1600 × 900
1,4 MB, 1600 × 900
>have the entire fucking launcher changed
the launcher is okay, I don't see the problem with it. Took me like 2 weeks to get used to the new one so to me that's not a big deal
>I got routine warnings and bans because of complaining for months on end how Steam suddenly fucked me and half my games crashed to desktop now, and most of the other half ran like complete fucking garbage
Well steam works on all 3 of my PCs, and one of them is a first gen i3 with 4 gigs of the shittiest ram imaginable so I'm inclined to think the problem lies with your setup
>Yes, I hate fucking everything about Steam, I hate their userbase, I hate their culture, I hate thier mods
Like the other Ernst said, it's like complaining about retards in youtube comments, the fact you hold them to any standard at all is why you hate them. I probably visit a steam forum twice a year
>To this day I don't know what they did that made games nearly unplayable for damn near a year for so many people
I frequent a bunch of gaming forums and discrds and never came across anyone having unplayable steam for a year

I'm not calling you a liar, but I don't think as many people had the problems as you had
I'll give this a read later, it sounds interesting
They are sneaky fucks on the steam forums I'll give him that, I've seen devs quietly wait until a thread was off the first page then lock the thread and ban everyone who said anything bad about their game
No. 64663
This is all the way back in 2018 or 2019 when they first rolled out the new launcher and forced it on all of us. For me and numerous people it suddenly ruined our games, which we all complained about in the community forums and which all the moderators there routinely locked every thread on the topic and banned us from talking about it, then merged threads or erased threads and banned everyone who was talking about it so that's probably part of why, then on top of it had people including moderators gaslighting us with the usual "durr hurr it's just your PC you probably don't know anything about computers derp durr it's just your drivers and hardware sirs" despite the fact people with numerous setups loudly complained, in fact your words almost verbatim are the kind of dumb shit they all said. Were you even one of those gaslighting shitposters? Because I heard the same faggot white knighting c*cks saying the same shit nonstop right before they deleted our threads.

It was the fucking software. It's just like when we have these scumbag devs who insist their games are working fine and "durr hurr it's just your drivers or hardware" to excuse all their shitty ass bugs they refused to fix and decided gaslighting the customer and locking threads was easier and cheaper than fixing anything. This is what happened with Steam a few years ago and I never forgave them for it. It showed me point blank that I need to not ever rely on this one launcher, and it just so happens I built a brand new PC on entirely different platform and OS and many of the same problems persisted for a few months despite the fact they fixed some of them, and because I now had 32gb of fast RAM I could confirm to people that it wasn't just the RAM limits and memory leaks like some people thought. This would be like if Harebrained Schemes locked and banned discussions of their janky ass Battletech issue where after a few hours the game stutters and framelimit drops because of some problem they never fixed, so now you have to restart the game to fix the frame problems. This is the kind of low standards we are dealing with, and it is one thing for a shittyactually SJW company for once dev team to have a slight problem everyone just deals with having, and quite another for half my games to crash to desktop due to a janky ass launcher change which took forever to fix. That is why I switched to GOG I had zero problems with, and I think a lot of people got c*cked by sunken cost fallacies to defend Steam because they know in the back of their mind what the implications for their game library could be if anything ever happened to Valve, and that's the problem. I still can play my Age of Empires, Broodwars, and Fallout 2 directly from disc that I had since over 20 years ago. Can I still play a game in 12 years I got on Steam? That is part of the problem, and when you look at just the change in sales and the points store among other things it points to the overall shitcunt behaviour of Valve and Steam as a whole, and that is why from over 300 games I purchased in the last few years, nearly all of them have been out of GOG instead and why I love using GOG Galaxy so much. It's like going back in time to when Steam was still good.
No. 64664
I bought theHunter for a fiver today. This may become an addiction. The blend of cosy with autism is dangerous. I blame Ireland for posting interesting screenshots a while back (last year?) and turning me on to its existence.
No. 64667
31 kB, 252 × 252
It's great, but not really realistic and the publisher is more interested in shitting out new dlc instead of getting old bugs fixed.

t. ~650 hrs playtime
No. 64668
I'm aware it's not super realistic, but it's realistic enough to sell the illusion which is all I ask of it.
t. went shooting ducks/possums a few times in high school
No. 64670
It's certainly the most realistic hunting game out there.
And to be fair, if you're not a hunter yourself or someone who has to do with animals, you most likely won't notice anyway.
No. 64692
I ended up feeling a lot of real guilt about doing that. This one raccoon in particular haunts me, just because my first 20g shot didn't kill it and the amount of bloodlust I felt in unloading subsequent hollowpoint rounds. It exposed what I felt as a great evil within me, and I eventually stopped eating meat entirely. I've also noticed some of the biggest trophy hunters I've known have been the biggest assholes, especially if they came up from the fucking city just to shoot things and pretend to be manly. Every year we had one of these retards accidentally shoot his partner or offload a poor abused hound of some sort because it finally went nuts or got gunshy, or basically just started acting weird because they didn't care about the dog as a dog and only used it to larp as hunter gatherers. God, these people are such complete fucking faggots irl it's unbelievable. Do note that this is different than the guys that actually hunted a deer or two every year to put venison in the freezer. Somehow the people that hunted purely for food managed to still be humanof course being urban can be a brain disorder on its ownseparate from brain disorder of being a hillbilly

That's kinda every developer at this point though, hence a reason I end up constantly bitching even when I like the game. Really though most bugs in games get overblown, when in reality few bugs actually manage to kill one's enjoyment of a game.

Imma play some Battletech and BF:GA before going to bed. Still on the fence about what to get, MSFS20 or Odyssey, because I still have that $23 I cannot do anything else with, unless I somehow find a game on deep enough sale I'm willing to tolerate having it on Steam. I can buy Subnautica on Epic at some point, which apparently got a new DLC called Freezing Point Zero or something to that effect, and The Sinking City is on sale for 80% off iirc which will never get a boatload of DLC to also get on whatever platform.

I'll tell you what GOG should do and that is make giftcards more widely available. I think it's part of the reason other stuff stays so big is because people do shit like but Steam, PSN, XBOX, and even handheld giftcards whereas in America I've never seen a GOG giftcard weird dejavu.

Anyway I really spent too much time bitching about Battletech because it's such a fun game. I also think GW should encourage some dev to make a real 40k space 4x game at some point because the setting is just begging for it to happen, canon be damned. By real what I mean is a Master of Orion tier, because while 40k Gladius is funwhat little I played so far anyway and so is BFGA, the thing is that Gladius is mainly just a usual civ tier game on a planet but with 40k stacks instead, and BF:GA2 is basically just a real time tactical strategy game mainly and not a 4x game. If I could invade planets as 'nids and strip them like ES2 Cravers and engage in planetary battles as I lead my chaos armies or smash the fuck out of the space infidels heretics and xenos in fleet battles like Endless Space or GalCiv that'd be fucking awesome. But, as it stands though Battlefleet Gothic Armada is actually in a pretty good place and I'd emphatically recommend it. It's pretty much as top tier as you can get imho.
No. 64693
Well it wasn't trophy hunting really. We would eat the ducks, and possums were an imported pest so culling them was a civic duty.
No. 64695
I tried Call of the Wild when it was free on EPIC a couple weeks back. Looks really good but it just wasn't for me.

I wonder if I could play it as a kind of hiking simulator. Does it have any sights or does it look completely same-y everywhere?
No. 64697
Damn Epic Game Store has FREE SHIT why no one told me.

In RPGs everything is interchangeable because developers can't manage exponential growth of possible branches. And nothing has long term consequences because game ends after dozen-another of hours.
> So what if the MC picked the girl A instead of the girl B?
So what if the MC picked side A instead of side B?
I think romances are OK when they are made OK. Like with Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins. One day I'll go to Canada, find and marry her.
No. 64700
>Does it have any sights or does it look completely same-y everywhere?
Well, there's no real hills to climb and such; some people afaik do really just walk around and enjoy the scenery and COTW has hands down the best looking foliage of all games currently available. The only thing coming close is Kingdom Come Deliverance. And Hirschfelden really captures the look & feel of the countryside I grew up in.
If that is enough for you I can't tell you, but just like with ETS2 where I can enjoy just driving around I can also enjoy walking around here. Though I heard the newer reserves, especially Alaska and New Zealand are really pretty. I wouldn't know because after Spain I stopped buying anything from them due to their shitty practices.
No. 64704
144 kB, 1068 × 392
Started to play Neverwinter Nights against.

Left map > right map.
I don't want to solve trivial yet tedious task of visiting every room no matter if it's more realistic. Just let me go through intestine and concentrate on more interesting and meaningful things like fighting or dialogs.

Another thing about old RPGs which is considered good for some reason is number of dialog options. There are 20 NPCs on location, I can ask them all about same 5 things and get 20 almost identical answers on each topic. Cool.

Maybe this game is intended for immersive roleplay, not perfectionism. But I worry if such strategy will make my character too weak on higher levels.
Or maybe I need to watch interactive cinema there I sometimes have to press X button so that I won't fall asleep.
No. 64705
The main problem with the right side is when it's done without understanding why it's being done. Complex and somtimes deceptive dungeon design is part of the RPGs that inspired the early video games because it fits the gameplay loop. You're meant to be using alternate paths to avoid monsters, gain treasure and mapping it is meant to enable players to discover things by spotting discrepancies, leading to hidden rooms, or to get lost (such as by teleportation trap). This is all tied in to the gameplay having a very prominent resource management aspect where light and rations are a finite resource, making good mapping and navigation a skill that works with the game's other mechanics to create a cohesive whole.

Most of the computer games just made complex dungeons but want them cleared out like one would do on the left side. It takes away some of the reason because you're not circumventing anything in many cases, just deciding when to tackle it, which makes your decisions inherently less interesting.

Also, I'd take a linear but highly interactive dungeon over a bland but sprawling one any day as well. And yeah, NWN is really a demo for its own multiplayer which is fucking awesome with frens thanks to the DM mode letting an admin really tailor the experience.
No. 64706
If a bug isn't fixed for months on end then it's worth complaining about for months on end. I should also screencap what I discovered which is your reviews can get shadowbanned. Ireland is also correct about the sneaky shit, and it feels like reddit because everyone is passive aggressive and it's basically a game of them trying to bait you into any excuse to gibe a ban. You must go full DDR informant mode to navigate that community.

We did. There's free game giveaways every week and it's not just indie shit. Plenty of triple A titles get given away with the caveat that now you have a game without all the DLC, but still it's weekly free games.
No. 64707
> Damn Epic Game Store has FREE SHIT why no one told me.
Sorry, I didn't have your address. But seriously now, this keeps coming up all the time. You just didn't notice before.
No. 64712
Thoughts on Tyranny and ATOM RPG? Worth it's price?
No. 64713
Just got all the ETS2 maps (save for Iberia which is still pretty expensive), mainly because I'm a bit of a Romaniaboo and want to drive through the Carpathians and because I want to do some Auf Achse larp.
Now I have been watching ETS2 videos on youtube and the commentary section is usually extremely relaxed and I have even seen a few comments you usually only see in classic rock songs "This remembers me of the time/breakup/with my dad" and such.
No. 64721 Kontra
I never had any problems with steam. I buy the key on G2A, I activate it and everything runs out of the box.
Steam is exactly where it is today because it just works. No fucking around with discs or archaic copy protection and such, it just works out of the box 99.9% of the time.

Ameriball complaining about it being a disaster reminds me of how Linux users and programmers always scream about how literally every browser and every operating system on the planet is literally unusable shit and they hate it all, but they mention issues that 90% of people never encounter.
>Oh no Windows isn't natively supporting the poopenfarten script I use in my 0.001% userbase binugz distro, Bill Gitler will pay for this%!!
No. 64722 Kontra
Addendum: Complaining about the steam forums is like complaining about how people in line at the tesco customer service are idiots. Pointless and obvious.
Nobody does community buildings on steam. It's a technical platform, not a social one.
No. 64755
The story is passable, but every other aspect of Tyranny is weak - browser game graphics, very limited voice acting, no memorable music at all, badly done gameplay especially as far as combat is concerned. Bad game.
No. 64757
This is a bullshit lie and exactly the kind of garbage I was talking about. It affected a whole shitton of people across a wide variety of operating systems and hardware setups that Steam routinely locked and erased all discussion of and it took them ages to fix it. As in, the problem popped up in late October and was still at least a minor nuisance 8 months later. It took them well over a month just to fix the memory leak issue. It happened right when they rolled out the retarded new update on everyone a few years ago changing it into some Ubisoft/AAA/phoneshit launcher tier.

I've gone on at length about both of these and theybare both good. The characters and dialogue of Tyranny can be pretty weak but it's got one of the best magic systems I've ever seen, and the high ranking generals etc. of the evil overlord salvages it. Atom RPG is just in general a fun game and is actual Russian Fallout. Can be rough around the edges and a little more unforgiving than regular Fallout if you don't know what you're doing.
No. 64821
> Damn Epic Game Store has FREE SHIT why no one told me.
Here's your personal reminder: Until the sixth of January you can get GOTY versions of the three most recent Tomb Raider games for free on EPIC.
No. 64825
>GOTY versions of the three most recent Tomb Raider games
Ewww who'd want that?
No. 64826
Guess what, nobody is forcing it onto you.
No. 64828
You forced me to read your post by posting it, didn't you?

Scientology 1, Keynesians 0
No. 64832
No. 65010
Finally got around testing the new maps.
Italy was nice, but I didn't see much of it, as coming from Switzerland it became night, then I drove to Verona, slept there and made my way to the Balkans.
But what I noticed in the black sea map was that they now tried to make the cities look more "real" and not just "a tiny few streets with a landmark", which was nice, as now they feel more like actual cities. One problem I discovered though was when I managed to finish my delivery just right before sleepytime (and I foolishly accepted the contract without noticing I didn't even have time to sleep anymore anyway), I got fined like three times before reaching a sleeping place because now you basically have real scale city distances, but still the tiny scale time intervals. That kinda sucks, also that for some reason the border controls are not calculated for in the route advisor, which led to me speeding at like 90 km/h throughout Bulgaria CONSTANTLY. Gladly there was barely any police around, unlike in Romania where there was like one car full of pigs on every new road I entered. Now I am making my way back north to the Baltics.

Also, while not having any realistic traffic mods installed (which I also don't want, because having a "realistic" traffic would be the worst thing, as I really fucking hate traffic), there were still moments where I actually yelled at assholes because they were driving like such, like that one car just stopping in the middle of a roundabout. Just stopped, waited and then continued. Such a thing has actually happened to me once in France where some woman just stopped inside the roundabout for absolutely no reason. I mean Germans suck at roundabouts, but the French? Then when I was already in the roundabout, some other truck driver, probably considering himself a cheeky cunt, tried to sneak in while I was already inside. And I got blamed for the accident.
Oh, and of course that one asshole who tried to overtake a truck, but only chugged along for forever so I not only could NOT overtake in time and was stuck behind the other truck, but it also took all of the momentum from my vehicle since we were on a hill.
No. 65015
Difficulty levels in games are cringe.
There should only ever be 1 difficulty level in the game, as in the one that best represents the ideas contained in the mechanics.
All the other difficulty levels are deliberate distractions from the core ideas.

Imagine if books came with "difficulty levels".
Like, one edition of a book that is written in the form of emojis and snapchat messages, and another that deliberately replaces every word with the most obnoxiously obscure one form some thesaurus.
AND there's multiple degrees of the aforementioned, so you have to guess which one is the text that was originally written by the author.

Video games are Art(tm) as a medium, but most individual video games aren't.
No. 65023
106 kB, 978 × 1024
Stop gatekeeping, asshole.
I would be happy if e.g. Super Meat Boy had some easy difficulty setting for jump'n'run-challenged people like me who just want to enjoy the story, like longer airtime and finer air control and some kind of health meter so you aren't shredded the moment you touch a wall.
There is no merit in beating something inhumanely hard, some people actually have lives and just want to unwind at the end of a day of hard hustling.
No. 65024 Kontra
Most really popular stories do have “easy” versions of them for children or the mentally challenged adults.
Think of all the condensed school classics or modern-language shakespeares.
Reading a critical edition is New Game+
No. 65028
2,9 MB, 1200 × 947
Now the question is whether an altered piece of art is actually the same entity as the original piece of art. In my opinion, it ain't.

If a piece of art could convey the same "meaning" in simpler or reduced terms, the artist would have just done that, instead of going through the effort of making a needlessly more difficult work.

So those people aren't actually engaging with the same artistic work at all. They're engaging with a completely different entity that is merely labeled the same as the other thing, and thinking they're talking about the same thing.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem in the current times where people interact more with byproducts of artistic works than the works themselves. Such as reviews, analyses, criticisms, etc.
If art is the act of pointing at an interesting idea, engaging with it by proxy of a "description" is seeing the finger that is pointing, and thinking it is the moon.
No. 65029
>If a piece of art could convey the same "meaning" in simpler or reduced terms, the artist would have just done that, instead of going through the effort of making a needlessly more difficult work.
This premise only works though if we assume that the artist did not do what he did they way he did it because he wanted to do it exactly like that.
Why did Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel in the way he did, with all that skin and color and angels and shit instead of some stick dude touching another stick dude? Conveys the very same meaning, just simpler and more reduced.
Man, renaissance people were dumb lol.
No. 65030
120 kB, 708 × 404
I think you're agreeing with me without realizing you are.
No. 65031
No, I don't think so. Elaborate, please.
No. 65032
Well, there's only two possibilities.
Either you're agreeing with me without realizing you are, or you're wrong.
I am merely giving you the benefit of doubt.
No. 65033
In any case, please elaborate.
No. 65034
An entity is equivalent only to itself, any entity that exists in relation to the original entity is not the entity apriori because in order to exist in relation to the entity, it must be a distinct entity from the entity therefore it is not the entity.
No. 65035
That doesn't have anything to do with what I said though.
But if I were you, I'd rather be me, I can tell you that.
No. 65036
42 kB, 800 × 531
87 kB, 970 × 606
95 kB, 1300 × 900
132 kB, 900 × 600
An entity can not possess the same properties as another entity without being that entity because apriori if an entity possesses the same properties as another entity, the entity is identical to the other entity, and thus is that entity.

That is to say, if you were me, you'd stop being yourself, and would take on all of the properties and states as I am in right now, one of which is the state of me rolling my eyes at your posts.
No. 65037
Making games unnecessarily hard without options to change that is a total dick move. Locking people out of wanting to give you money is bad business sense, anyway.

Gotta figure out what makes you more dough, elitists who brag about how hard something is yet they beat it, at the cost of keeping everyone else out. Or "casuals" (yeah, yeah) who want to have fun at their own pace.
No. 65047
133 kB, 700 × 1517
My 2c fall somewhere in between both your positions. I am all for lowered difficulty settings to let people casually enjoy a game (I prefer SMB All Stars over SMB Classic for a reason, and it's not the graphics) but I do think that the default difficulties of games seem to be designed around the wrong metric of median player skill, where games are balanced for a certain percentile of people to be able to succeed at it. Nothing inherently wrong there, but I think the better metric is something like what Brick said with normal being the difficulty required to best capture the game's essence.
No. 65048
Games are escapism. I can't escape from my shitty life if A game keeps demonstrating how much of a loser I am. I know my flaws and problems well, don't need virtual characters to point them out.

Besides, there's no danger of me mistaking successes for something I could reach IRL, I'm not delusional.
No. 65049 Kontra
I have no idea why I typed that one capital A there.
No. 65056
I really hope you didn't take my trollpost seriously.
I think difficulty should be entirely in the hands of the developer and if the dev decides to make a game hard as balls, so be it. If it's too hard for me, I won't play it.
If dev decides to have difficulty settings, so be it. I will play the one that fits my style.
What I do think though that more games should have are accessibility options. From simple stuff like colorblind modes to crazier stuff like audio cues for the visually impaired (btw, has there ever been a video game designed for people to not mainly play with their eyes?) I think that's good.
They can also serve for making certain dumb gameplay decisions less annoying, like I recently played a game that had a "simplified button mashing" option, which I like, because button mashing has never been fun.
But those are all more skill-oriented points. If someone complains the game is too hard because they got lost or something, well, too bad, stop being dumb. I seriously hate handholding in games, which is why I despise most modern ones.
No. 65059
> has there ever been a video game designed for people to not mainly play with their eyes
No. 65060
Neat, thanks.
No. 65061
>Imagine if books came with "difficulty levels".
False analogy. Videogames don't have to be exactly like books and their providing a different experience based on a different difficulty level might be intended by the author(s). Who said that a medium cannot have several "meanings" at once? That said, the actual implementation of difficulty levels in most videogames is dogshit. They often just ramp up the damage and health of enemies and call it a day, or maybe just simply throw in a lot more enemies than in lower difficulty levels. Not saying that it cannot work at all, and it does on some occasions (e.g. higher enemy damage may make previously unused spells/skills/units that improve healing or tanking more useful, higher enemy health may cause them to outlast you and you look for ways to prevent that from happening, and additional enemies in tight places may force you to leave your zone of comfort and change your tactics), but usually it just makes the game more frustrating or boring. A better solution would be to add difficulty-specific enemies or enemy abilities that require more thinking from the player, but developers don't usually bother with that, because it means more time wasted on design and testing.

>Gotta figure out what makes you more dough
Gotta figure out what can be considered a difficult (or unnecessary difficult) game first. Like, Dark Souls games sell well, and a lot of people think that they are difficult, but it can be argued that they really aren't: just learn the enemies' movesets and then simply dodge and attack. So are they easy enough to be popular, or is it a case of a devoted fanbase? Or the aforementioned Super Meat Boy, which doesn't have a very steep learning curve and only requires good reflexes, good coordination and a bit of trial and error. Is it hard? Yeah, you gotta have really good coordination. Is it unnecessary hard? I doubt it, it can be beaten, the controls are great and if you suck at it, it's your fault. Yet it still was popular. I guess sometimes brutal difficulty can become a selling point: no one would care about Super Meat Boy if it wasn't hard, it would become yet another indie platformer and be forgotten.
No. 65062
Neverwinter Nights is boring. Story didn't catch me (maybe because graphics is as bad as my imagination, maybe because I know some spoilers). So I see it just as a mechanical task to complete the game. Which is tedious. My class is warrior and it doesn't have any active skills, you just click on enemy and wait. I have henchmen, but game doesn't allow to play as her besides giving her most general orders.
Most likely I won't finish it.

Thanks, got it.

Is it shit?

I don't like how they make it in Dark Souls (which I have never played). Most of the difficulty is artificial and caused by disallowing player to save.
In general I agree with Kazakh's point. It's OK if there are multiple difficulty levels but then developers should specify which one is most adjusted and recommended.
making games hard is misogynistic
No. 65066
171 kB, 1280 × 720
502 kB, 1920 × 1080
>a different experience based on a different difficulty level might be intended by the author(s). Who said that a medium cannot have several "meanings" at once

Well, why can't this be part of the same game then? Like, all games already have a difficulty progression, games typically get more difficult by the end, or in some games, the difficulty yo-yos to create tension and release.
Another argument I can make is that, there is inevitably "the best" form a game can take, the other forms being worse than that one setting. So, why would you ship a worse game along with the good game? Wouldn't you want everyone to play the best version of your game?

I think difficulty levels are just a side effect of AAA games being more of a product than a piece of art. And you can't have a product that intentionally makes it so the buyer can't access all of the "content". Not to mention all of the expense that goes into producing said content going to "waste".
Hence, the focus on "content" and "story" in most AAA games. The gameplay is just a vehicle for delivering the "content", which is the actual product being sold.

Despite turning into a meme-game, Getting Over It by Bennet Foddy is an interesting meditation on this. The game simply presents you with a contextless, arbitrary, and extremely difficult challenge, and tells you to take it or leave it. And for that very reason, every single asset in the game is procured from a free asset store. So there's no real "content" to miss out on, the challenge is the game.

But I have to admit, there's one game I like where there's difficulty levels, kind of. But they have implemented the difficulty levels as a part of the progression as well, with more difficulty levels unlocking as you repeatedly beat the game. Since the game is meant to be replayed, it works well.
I hate when this is done in linear story based games though, as there's little chance I will ever play them again, so I feel like I got arbitrarily denied a mode of play that MIGHT have been the "best one".

If one has to have difficulty levels (as a replayability extender for a linear game), I wish it would always be CLEARLY stated which is the mode that got the most care and attention by the designers. Every difficulty mode is like designing almost an extra new game, so it's inevitable that most of them would be half-assed.
And even then I think the extra difficulty modes should tend towards harder than easier.
No. 65070
2,7 MB, 720 × 404, 0:30
>Is it shit?
I got TR2013 as a gift. Took me 17 hours or so to 100% (without guides or anything). Zero replay value.
I wanted to like it, I really did, but it was boring, dull and entirely focused on its shitty, dumb "story" and being "cinematic".
webm related actually nicely demonstrates the depth of the gameplay, and the game is full of such sequences.
No. 65072
"$600 a year will change your life! Nevermind the million dollars!" Yeah ask me how I know he's either a poorfag living with mother or a scam artist. I mine because not only I have a decent enough graphics card for it but because I pay my own electric heating and so even leaving a little GTX 980 mining at 40 cents a day is worth it to me because all that's doing is adding thermal energy to my room so the more expensive heat kicks on less and therefore am paying lower monthly rates for my electric bill in the winter. I often leave my computer on anyway so letting it just mine is fine by me minus the exception that if my graphics card breaks that's going to cost me $800 just to replace it.

I guarantee you that alleged "hustler" found a way to make money off of the kind of mental midgets who don't pay their own bills, consider an added $50/month significant, and are dumb enough to forego the million bucks up frontmoney upfront is nearly always better than a trickle of money, and guaranteed these idiots never listened to good parental advice about anything, one in hand is worth two in the bush, don't count your eggs before they hatch and all that because they also are retarded enough to take the $600 a year "income" rather than seeing a million dollars as an investment opportunity. God, I can't even imagine what thoroughly retarded shithole is tqitter or why anyone would willingly subject themself to such a place.

Because some of us work for a living, or go to school full time, or are otherwise full time mentally or physically drained and therefore don't wish to waste our time on the same faggy bullshit level over and over for hours on end because muh 1337 100%ing g4ymer needs to be trvecvlt hardcoar gayming difficulty. Likewise, because there are those idiots who somehow enjoy wasting hours of their time on some absurdly difficult bullshit to gain an artificial sense of achievement in their lives, so this is the happy medium.

I get where you are coming from but seriously, are you actually going to bitch about having more options rather than less?? Even something like the save system, like why in the fucking hell would I want a game where it just gives me the one save slot; I hate that shit. Just make it so I can auto or quicksave, give me the option to having save slots or an ironman mode and be done with it. I cannot for the life of me understand why these retarded console customs from over two decades ago still have anything to do with modern powerful hardware where they often at best give you ten save slots. That's not even being a hardcore gam3r, that's just artificially added aggravation and difficulty to me having to exit the game with task manager just to back up my save slot in case the file becomes corrupted, because little is more aggravating and infuriating than losing an entire weekend of progress to some dumb bulmshit like that.

I'd say that well over half of all my gaming has nothing to do with the difficulty at all, and really just depends on my moodalso being between jobs or not, or school or not. Like when I come home from work, I barely have enough mental and physical stamina enough at the end of the day to deal with gaming period, let alone a hard thing. When I'm on my weekend or have some day off, I'll want just enough difficulty that I have to think about it though depends on the game. I feel you on that, but sometimes a game is just way too easy on normal, or too hard on it, and it's an easier way to make sure everyone is happy especially because some sequal maybe I'd had tons of experience and want a challenge, whereas someone else is just getting into the genrelike say for example Endless Space 2 or some Civ game to where they'll be brutally crushed not even the moment they step into the game, but not even realizing they already damned themselves ten hours ago.

Nobody likes feeling of having their time wasted, and some of us may actively enjoy the challenge while others just want the story, some suck at it, some had prior experience, it's basically just an easy way to make everyone happy, moreover you're forgetting the key component to why it really exists in the first place: replayability.

Take XCOM2 for example. The game itself was actually much, much harder as an EU veteran player with untold hours on that, which must've made normal a real challenge for brand new players. Like I could not actually play that game after a few beers, let alone drunk, which many gamers also may take intoxicants and need more handholding because of it. Meanwhile I kept replaying over and over to where even on hard mode with ironman it became perfectly doable to me, and to where I didn't even play non-ironman games anymorehence my bitching about save slots being alongside difficulty and replay value, and why many games could use an ironman/autosave toggle and I don't even play on normal difficulty because it no longer was a challenge. As a result, I'd never have played that game as much as I did with just one flat difficulty. It's literally the reason why we have newgame+ mode on some games which unlocks a new, higher difficulty level.

Seriously brick I understand your argument and it having at least some validity, but out of all the things to bitch about in the industry I don't think having extra options is one of them.no crouch or jump buttons is definitely another one of them
No. 65073
I'm not necessarily advocating for games being harder, just that there is one difficulty level the game is designed for, be it difficult or easy.
There are plenty of games with harder difficulty levels that are completely pointless. Max Payne comes to mind.

And I stay by my "take it or leave it" argument. You know, you don't have to play EVERY game that's released. Just play a different, easier game. It's not like the creators owe it for you personally to enjoy their game based on criterion X.

Every other medium has a "take it or leave it" approach, yet video games are the one medium where there's such a strong consumerist ideology that people treat it more like getting a bad meal at a restaurant than buying something and finding out they don't like it.

There seems to be a difference in approaching art here. When I engage with a piece of art, I don't necessarily do it with he expectation that I will enjoy it. I wish merely to experience it, and pass judgement afterwards.

Most games are a consumer entertainment product, and if you like consumer entertainment products, that's fine, but then you don't get to complain about dumbed down AAA games with no substance, because your attitude is the exact reason they're dumbing down their AAA games, to satisfy the largest demographic possible.
No. 65074
Those g4m3rs make up a very small percentage of us, especially when you consider how much of a fraction of a fraction they are in any randomly chosen game, who mostly tend to congregate around very specific things. It's dumb and bores the shit out of me particularly in iirc Dark Souls type games where you're not actually even fighting but just typing specifically memorized and choreographed button sequences, like press X X block bumper Y X Z to fight this character. It's dumb for combat and extra stupid for finding something so artificially difficult as something to brag about where you're solely memorizing different timings to button presses. I think that's partly what made Ruiner so great because while you somewhat could choreograph or cheese it, it still felt pretty organic and for lack of a better word was more like a dynamic system than deterministic linear bullshit in a pretty package like Germany was showing about new Tomb Raider games. You actually could use a ton of different skill and weapon combos to varying levels of effect, and in fact the main complaint Mandalore had about the game was how sometimes it felt like a "right" way to play it and how unnaturally difficult certain combinations or tactics felt, which to be fair is a complaint about realistic combat like saying "I really think charging my cavalry line into pikemen is unnatural difficult and that surrounding their peasant infantry with my cavalry is pretty cheesy" in that yes, there's a more "right" way to do something but that doesn't stop you from trying to win the wrong way by doing the wrong thing, which is exactly the mentality of most oldschool gamers and precisely why 1 INT Fallout dialogue was made.

In truth, most of us hate things like a series of fetch quests just because we see it for what it is, which is tedious, boring, unchallenging padding that wastes our time. I feel exactly the same way about a game being too challenging sometimes, except for the occasional sense of wanting more realism, and FNV stands as one of the most classic examples of me arguing for that very reason. I didn't play the game the "right" way at all, but rather chose the most slow and tedious route and ways of doing things because I thought it was great from realism perspective whereas I know most players would shoot first and ask questions never, only use quick travel for quests and so on, and in fact one of my biggest complaints about it would make the game borderline unplayable to others which is to make things like thirst, hunger, poison and radiation sickness more realistic, which would be just plain sadistic and unplayable to the typical player.

Basically if we didn't have any of that then it would force players to actively mod difficulty levels into their games, and what you're forgetting the most here brick is not all of us have got the same standards.

I would also like to point out that those games just don't have replay value to you; it's to you they don't have replay value, which I'm starting to suspect is going into your having something like a solipsistic hot take not realizing there are other people out there totally unlike you, totally separate and independent from you, and of wildly differing views and tastes. To you the game may be shit, but to somebody else he or she may actually wish to experience it yet again only with added layers of difficulty because now that they know what happens and where all the surprises are the game is actually now less difficult to play the second time around, and so it's literally necessary to boost the difficulty just to make it feel as difficuly now as the first time. There's certain games I'd/I've actually play again, like Singularity or Deadspace, that is entirely linear and that I just wanted to experience it the first time around and not waste ten hours of progress in case I ultimately decide I don't like the game that much, but may still come back to later for the hardness; as such, when I play a game again I may want to boost the difficulty greatly, not just for the challenge but to make me feel a bit more realism, like for example dying from only one or two bullet wounds which would be absolutely infuriating for most games playing the first time.
No. 65076
514 kB, 1920 × 1080
443 kB, 1920 × 1080
634 kB, 1920 × 1080
> Is it shit?
Not that guy but the other German: Starting with TR (2013) the focus shifts more towards A LOT of gunplay and less actual tomb raiding (aka parkour sequences). It's a bit jarring in TR where we first get a scene of Lara killing a deer to get food and crying over it to later blasting bad dudes with a grenade launcher by the dozen while shouting one-liners.

The games are ok but at that time (wow, it's been eight years) the contemporary AssCreed games (they also changed a lot since then) were more like what I got to know as Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider itself. Disclaimer, I started playing TR with "Anniversary", a reboot of the very first game.
No. 65078
No, again it's not just that different people have different well levels of patience and intelligence we'll say, but also the same person can have different expectations and experience levels. I'm not even sure why you call this mindset consumerist, because it is decidedly anti-consumerism to make a game so endlessly replayable that I can just keep bumping the difficulty level up and play the same $40 game for the next 300 hours or 1,000 hours. Consumerist isn't just about targeting wider demographic, but keeping people buying shit for your game, like selling one new faction for fifteen fucking dollars I gave MoO4 a hard pass for that reason; I'm not paying $45+tax+tip just to have all the alien races I got for the same game of MoO2.

Again, it's about having lots of different options, and partly because of replayability, and I feel to see why having different options is a bad thing. I mean you do realize part of the thing about art, is that art seemingly changes as you've had changes by seeing the same thing 20 years later but it feeling different now, right? Because I've seen things I saw as a teen or child or even just young adult that somehow seemed subtly to radically different in that time; likewise, the mere act of playing a game, as its medium, makes you much better by the end of it to where you actively need higher difficulty or it's easier and more boring to beat now. I came to agree with Ryssia in that he's right about games also being games and not just art, therefore needing more than just a good story in a shitty game. Basically what you're complaining about is just the meta level of difficulty progressions, because near every game made has its own in-game difficulty curve, which is because in order to keep the game as interesting/challenging you need to keep upping the ante, keep raising the stakes. There's almost no games out there with a flat difficulty, not even Tetris.

In terms of let's call it the experience to which you're referring, with the one mode towards which the game was developed, that's called normal. That's also partly why "normal" can mean hell of a lot of different things across a variety of games, and why normal on one game is piss easy while the alleged normal on another is hard af.

The one biggest issue with all this, and likely to what you're mainly referring, is the games where all it's doing is just nerfing your stats and buffing theirs to the point the whole game is now a farce; I agree with you. Some games just take such a lazy approach that it breaks your immersion outright and makes it seem like they only ever intended one mode to play it in and solely added other modes out of custom, which afaik there's games out there which do away with difficulty levels at all.
No. 65079
84 kB, 960 × 626
38 kB, 320 × 501
9,0 MB, 2480 × 3508
107 kB, 750 × 1000
>go to disco elysium fan con
>attendance is surprisingly predominantly female
>discusses ussr, communism and political dimension of the game; talks about history of crpg and game industry
>guests irritated; got called mansplainer by self-proclaimed feminists

Just searched disco elysium on social media. Most results are fujo content. Apparently now the fanbase consists mainly of women who fetishize gay romance and have only played mobile games before. I still remember discussing this game with all sorts of neckbeards and weirdos on local forum when it first came out. Is this what one would call "the great replacement"? Kudos to devs for their success brought by localization.
No. 65080
That's the last game I'd expect there to be a fujo community around.

Which gives me hope that a deadbeat, shameless, alcoholic, mentally ill retard is a desirable type for someone, somewhere.
No. 65082
400 kB, 1592 × 1600
What if the different difficulty levels is exactly what the artist intended to convey?

You're the one who needed to unenturbulate your engrams though
Sufi Mysticism vs Saarland club 7:1
No. 65085
One thing I don't like about slay the spire and similar roguelikes is the "unlock new elements/starting bonus after you went so and so far in your last round" mechanic. It's like devs went lazy with difficulty settings so they just take things away from players and gradually give them back as players fail the game. You can only play the original game as devs intended after you died enough times.

Another thing I don't particularly like is replayability. I know lots of people are going to disagree with me but being replayable just means devs want you to addict and it's not a good thing. Good game design can be fully appreciated with a limited times of playthrough.

You have no idea how many fan arts fujos have created
No. 65087
> Which gives me hope that a deadbeat, shameless, alcoholic, mentally ill retard is a desirable type for someone, somewhere.
The idea of one is. Kinda like rape fantasies. People romanticise the shit out of objectively bad things.
No. 65089
>Which gives me hope that a deadbeat, shameless, alcoholic, mentally ill retard is a desirable type for someone, somewhere.

>me, a grille
>read brickposts
>under my breath: I could fix him
No. 65091
> Which gives me hope that a deadbeat, shameless, alcoholic, mentally ill retard is a desirable type for someone, somewhere.
your mother for example :D

> being replayable just means devs want you to addict
No, it doesn't. As long as they don't charge you for each playthrough. I'm not following AAA games but I hope this is not the case yet.
No. 65092
>I know lots of people are going to disagree with me but being replayable just means devs want you to addict and it's not a good thing.
No, I replay a game because I liked it so much I want to replay it, not because I feel a compulsion. I think you are conflating some things here.
For me, replayability is one of the most important quality aspects of a game. Will you call a book good if you only read it once and never again? A film? An album or just a single song? Are you an addict if you listen to, watch or read something more than once?
And likewise, if a game is not able to give me a reason to replay it - and I don't mean "collect the last collectibles", but just "I want to replay because I liked it so much and what to have another of that experience" - then it's not worth much to me.
I mean, why are our favorite things our favorite things? Because we always come back to them, don't we? And why should it be different in games?
What makes people still play Doom? The game is almost 30 years old, there is nothing to "unlock" or ranks to achieve and people still make maps and mods FOR FREE in their spare time. And I still fire up Doom Ultimate from time to time to play through with KBM huddled somewhere with my laptop because it's just comfy. At this point it's like visiting old pals, coming back to a house of your past that still smells like it did when you were a kid and the kind old couple is still there, and the red hissing meatball and the retirement grease.
Man now I really feel like replaying E1.
No. 65093
Yeah but the thing is, then you'd just want to move onto the next project.which means the truly cynical way to approach this as a male is to recognize what they're shamelessly doing and then always appear to be constantly improving but without ever allowing yourself to be "finished" while keeping her life interesting and entertaining around you, and make sure she feels blameless for your antics

As a bona fide addictonly to nicotine and coffee now thank God I can tell you these are such qualities as makes a nice game, like my above example with XCOM2. What I mean is it's not necessarily just addicting, but a sincerely nice experience, so much so that as I have mentioned before I am burning specific flavours of incense just to make some of my most cherishedor openly hated games that much more of a nostalgic and memorable journey, and I wish I'd done that since ages ago. I've played KOTOR 2 I believe three separate times, beat VTMB also thrice, beat Wasteland 2 twice, beat Tides of Numenera twice and likely will play those games again someday. It's perfectly reasonable locking lots of content out of first plays, and I really wish more devs did this though many don't have the balls to deal with whining about locked content or whatever. To me it depends on the game, because just doing it cheaply for its own sake can indeed be really dumb, but likewise it makes no sense to have every playthrough of all games be identical otherwise it's basically just a movie and cutscene simulator with obnoxious "press X to continue cutscenes" button like TellTale turned out to be. Part of the reward is the environment actually responding to player input, and therefore player choice and skill, and that means by basic necessity of realism you can't have the exact same outcome by having alleged choice in doing a variety of things. Ergo, some content is always going to need to be locked out and unknown, and it's therefore still rewarding to play a game again even having beaten it because you can still experience new things.

I mean, put it this way do you always order something different when you go out? Every single time? No probably not. If you order the seared salmon a lot, does that make you addicted to it? No, not in the sense of compulsion, but in simply wishing to enjoy the same or similar thing again, which only becomes the substrate upon which addiction is built when it becomes an obsession at cost of everything else. I dunno, I guess also in a sense people rewatch the same movie over and over, but this gets boring to me in a game real quickly if I already know all what's going to happen and don't have new content or situations to deal with.
No. 65101
>Neverwinter Nights is boring.
NWN's original campaign was shit, SHIT! Pretty much every single chapter you just had to visit several places, collect a quest item in each of these places (parts of Waterdhavian creatures, clues about the cult, Words of Power) and that's it. It didn't even feel like a continuous story, and that sad excuse of a plot wasn't interesting at all. SoU was much more enjoyable, IMO, and it felt like a proper adventure. I've heard that HotU is good too, but I never played it myself, so I'm not sure.

>the difficulty is artificial and caused by disallowing player to save
Maybe not allowing player to save is not artificial difficulty but rather allowing player to save is artificial easyness? :-DDDDDDD I mean most roguelikes only allow player to save on quitting, and nobody really complains about that. They just savescum. XDDDDDDDD A lot of games have a permadeath option too. And as for Dark Souls, being able to save/load during a boss fight will bring down the importance of player's skill to zero: even a complete slowpoke can dodge or parry an attack once, it's being able to do it consistently means that you have mastered the game.
No. 65128
478 kB, 1920 × 1078
207 kB, 1726 × 814
Iratus: Lord of the Dead is given away for free today on GOG. I haven't played it yet, but it's in my backlog and I'd planned to go through it because it's basically if you played Darkest Dungeon as the monsters instead as a powerful necromancer fighting the heroes.
No. 65131
I won't play it ever but free's free.
No. 65133
Opinion of the day: Video walkthroughs suck for stuff that's easily describable AND not timing-dependant. Especially if there are no chapter markers you have to zero in on whatever you need and can spoil yourself by guessing wrong.

Yes, I need help sometimes.

t. writer of guides
No. 65135
I seriously have yet to see a single instructional video that warrants actually being a video.
And I get angry if it's an instructional video for something you could have done faster with a single picture and two lines of text.
No. 65139
Instructional videos in tech anything are often total ass.

The problem is it often also boils down to hoping the right keyword bingo gets the right answer. I've ended up being a lot less mad than I used to be about vidya reviews and letsplays clogging up youtube just because I've more than once managed to find like that one guy who literally uploaded 44 1/2 hours worth of videos with like 5 views each of him playing that one game and narrowed it down to that exact moment I was having trouble with. This also often happens to be way more useful than bothering with the steam community half the time.

The problem is not everyone labels their videos properly so sometimes it takes far longer dredging through them than is worth it. Oh yeah, and the main other problem with steamshit is because often I'll find a question for a game from 2016 and it'll have like five replies total or sometimes one reply, and none of it would even matter by now even if any were usefulwhich they're largely not because some patch changed all that so now you're sometimes worse than operating with no information, you're operating with wrong information unless that wrong information helps you infer the correct approach. This also makes me really question how many nitwits pay full price and preorder a game, because there'll be huge amounts of stuff within six months of release, followed by next to nothing, and then people will be butthurt why you're bumping a topic from five years ago which is the last time anyone even asked the question and which maybe didn't even get a straight answer. Which can be another good thing about reviewers sometimes tbh, which is that maybe they'll have stumbled upon it and really give it time to simmer, than jump onto some janky hype train that gets patched and DLCd to oblivion.
No. 65155
My shitty english failed me. I'll try to elaborate my point. I'm not against replaying one's favorite rpg if it's for the narrative and immersion. But how many times can you replay it before losing interest? I've probably read my favorite novels a dozen times and that's it. In comparison, people can easily sink thousands of hours in the repeatable gameplays in some games. Go players devote their lifes to Go because every match is highly creative. But most games' replayability depend on (pseudo-)randomness, artifical number inflations, designed sense of progress, all in all the contrivance of developers. Go was supposed to be invented by some first mythological emperor of China, or at least Confucius was already playing it. Either way, the designer of Go cannot even possibly have imagined all the moves we use today. This is good replayability. Gamers who grind the same repertoire over and over again are like puppets of developers. Once in a while players may discover some exploits or bugs devs didn't intend but overall the gameplay is still capped by devs.
I did several playthroughs of Diablo2 Resurrected and stopped playing. I figured out the drop mechanics and theorized the best possible build for characters. I didnt even remotely want to grind through all the randomness to theorical maximum build. I used to play paradox studio games a lot but now I can't. For every new dlc I just read game codes, understand new mechanics and then the whole game feels like a glorified excel sheet with a glorified to-do list. Plus their vulgar interpretation of history made me lose immersion. It's like erection dysfunction for vidyas.

>I hope this is not the case yet
You have no idea how bad things really are here. F2P mobiles dont't necessarily want your money. They want your time. If you contribute to online communities you are valuable to devs. Free players social media posts can attractive potential spenders. That's why those mobile games always have some community drama. It's for the visibility and exposure. And if you play their games, at least you won't have time to play their competitors' game. This is what so called digital feudalism about.

I keked. But brick is delusional here to think fujo ships something = she wants to be part of it. It's subjectless voyeurism.
No. 65156
> replaying
I usually don't even try. Especially if there are decisions in the game I don't go back and see other outcomes, these mostly lead to the same overall events anyway and "peeking behind the curtain" this way only destroys the illusion. Thought about it briefly when I played Witcher 3 but that's so big I'd have to start over from the beginning.
No. 65175
I just wanted to buy something with Steam wallet, but it wants my invoice data, with address and all that.
I don't remember it being like that, did they change something?
No. 65176
Don't you guys have pre-paid steam cards in the stores?
I heard in first world countries they sell them in gas stations and stuff.
No. 65177
It's just a tiny little DLC I want to quickly grab with money from sold cards.
But yes, we do have them, though I don't think this would solve my problem, as it would still be Steam wallet.
No. 65274
All they want is your zipcode for tax purchases. I've used bullshit names and addresses and just used a zipcode.
No. 65820
I dabbled in mobile gaming for a bit, and spent the past three or so days occasionally playing Angry Birds 2, because the original is no longer available.
But I also downloaded a PC copy of the original today (because the APK versions for bluestacks is ass) to compare the two, because I remembered the original being a lot different, and yes I was right.

They have completely different gameplay loops despite the mechanics.
The original is based around carefully crafted levels asking you to make precision shots with pre-assigned resources.

Two on the other hand, is more about spectacle and luck.
Basically, you have a "deck" of cards. Each level you start with three, and then your goal is to make as big of a carnage with the cards as possible, so you rack up a high score. If you fill up the score-bar, then the game draws you a new card, which is necessary for progression. Each level is multi-part, so basically if you don't wreck enough shit then you might not be able to complete the next one.

Because of this, some birds are objectively better than others, since they're better at destroying structures and taking pigs down. The ones that were used in the original to execute enemies that they were only meant to kill makes you feel unlucky to have them.
Like the one that's used to plop down an egg from above is nigh useless, since none of the levels require this ability specifically. Drawing a card with that bird is a curse. Same goes for the small blue one, and a new green one they introduced that does a circle in the air before hitting the ground. (Which is extra useless, since a lot of levels don't allow for the completion of the spin before she hits the ground with her proper attack. The whole design is fucked.)

Every 5 levels you have a "boss", which means that you need to complete a longer level with a super strong pig at the end, that needs to be killed exactly as the level wants you to kill it, and even then, often it's down to luck.
For example, on one level the boss had a full health-bar, but just randomly died once it went through a portal-part of the map.

If you fail a level, you lose a life, and lives replenish every 30 minutes. Basically AB2 is less about autistically trying to complete levels and restarting constantly to make precise, and more about destroying as many map items to gain more combat resources possible.
This is augmented by having your birds level up and get hats. If you level them up, they earn more points for wrecking shit, so levels become easier if you keep doing daily challenges and competing in the arena,

I think the lootbox and pseudogambling parts are manageable, but really, my biggest issue with the game is that there's just not that much gameplay in it. Most levels are incredibly easy, but the boss levels are frustratingly hard, so there's very little chance to experience the game normally, because you constantly run into these fucking brick walls that are the boss levels. It's just not enjoyable, because there isn't much momentum in the game because of this.
No. 65821

I go a step further and rent a PO Box. Never can be too careful especially if you're buying what I'm buying.
No. 65822
Yesterday I finally "beat" the final boss of the Atlantis DLC for AC Odyssey after rage-uninstalling it almost exactly two years ago. By turning the difficulty to lower than easy.

I'm shit at games. Well, as long as I don't do competitive team MP it doesn't hurt anyone else, at least.
No. 65839
prodeus is pretty good
No. 65845
>What if the different difficulty levels is exactly what the artist intended to convey?
Then we should label each difficulty level with a unique name, and reviewers and critics should specify which difficulty they're playing on, and write reviews as if their difficulty level of choice was a separate game in itself.

>art seemingly changes as you've had changes by seeing the same thing 20 years later but it feeling different now
False equivalence.
A book you read now vs 20 years later is fundamentally still the same object.
Different difficulty levels is like reading different versions of the same book. Not the same thing.
No. 65850
235 kB, 2224 × 1088
Apropos mobile gaming, can Ernst recommend some no-bullshit casual mobile games?
I need something to occupy my hands with during online lectures
Been playing this autistic open source Tetris clone called Techmino, it's pretty good but I wouldn't mind
No. 65852
So, God of War 2018 was released for PC and it seems the port is well done (based on checking only two reports, so grain o' salt please).

I've played this on PS4 about two years ago and I am obliged to recommend it to all who haven't played it yet. Gameplay is really tight, atmosphere of sound and visuals varies between good and breathtaking and the storytelling (not the story itself, but the direction) is really good.

Here is a quick take on the port by some guy (literally first video that came up, no idea who this is, but it's in 4k with 60 fps): https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XJuoaXRyCaU
No. 65856
So... there is a bit of a surprise: The game runs faster on Linux with Wine/Proton than on windows natively. About 1 hour after it was released.

Here is a comparison: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=eF0PN7a5uaY

Sorry for being smug about this, but I just can't hold back right now. This... brings linux tears of joy to my eyes. Holy cow.
No. 65857
Noice. I should emulate the original 3 and play the whole series again.
t. also heard good things about 4, and never played 3
No. 65858
It's actually 6 and not 4, apparently the PSP titles count as full canon titles and are treated equally by the studio (the same people were involved in those games). That being said, I've only played 1, 2 and half of 3 before playing GoW 2018.

Interesting point though, how is the state of emulating PS3 games?
No. 65859
>I've played this on PS4 about two years ago and I am obliged to recommend it

Really? I hated it.
I really love God of War. The PS2, PS3 and PSP games but not only has this nothing to do with God of War, the gameplay is also super mediocre.
The fighting system is super mediocre, the characters are super mediocre everything.. super mediocre.

But it looks nice.
No. 65865
I've not really done much with it, been mostly emulating PS2 in the recent past but https://rpcs3.net/ is apparently pretty good, so I'll give it a go. Will report back when I do so.
No. 65903
274 kB, 1000 × 940
This is such a comical design.
I can imagine two Spurdo Pekkas talking in Helsinki about the design for a new bird and all they manage to come up with is "The original but big and it looks mean."
I love it.
No. 66050
170 kB, 1024 × 904
Microsoft has acquired Activision/Blizzard.


>Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, across every device
>to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, across every device
>to everyone, across every device
>everyone, every device

Personal opinion:
Nothing of value was lost, they deserve each other. Ashes to ashes and shit to shit.
No. 66051
MS couldn't compete with sony, so now they're just straight up buying all the popular IPs lmao.

Don't they own zenimax now?
No Elder Scrolls 6 on playstation :-DDD
No. 66053
The prime question is: Will they sack Bobby?
No. 66054
>Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and he and his team will maintain their focus on driving efforts to further strengthen the company’s culture and accelerate business growth. Once the deal closes, the Activision Blizzard business will report to Phil Spencer, CEO, Microsoft Gaming

By company's culture they mean coming to work drunk and molesting women.
No. 66055
Correct, they've already confirmed that all future titles from Bethesda will be Xbox and Windows exlusives.
No. 66059
>By company's culture they mean coming to work drunk and molesting women.
You're just jealous because you can't come to work drunk and the women in your company aren't worth molesting.

t. Robard Knodig
No. 66064
30 kB, 740 × 370
I don't play cowadoody, world of warcraft or diablo so I guess this doesn't affect me in any way at all.
No. 66078
906 kB, 1600 × 837
In other news, there was a Christmas even on in WoT and I decided to buy 20 euro of lootboxes for my gf's account for the laff

I ended up getting two of the best teir VIII premium tanks in the game, ones that I really wanted on my main account.
No. 66079
I finally bothered to look up the third image of the OP post and I've been laughing for a good 10 minutes now.
No. 66080
Who's laffing now?

I looked it up a while ago (the filename really helps) but I don't see what's so funny about it.
No. 66081
97 kB, 622 × 379
I don't know it just looks like an ironic shitpost despite not being one.
Also tracked down the dwarf, but that was less funny.
No. 66082
591 kB, 598 × 704
5 kB, 200 × 200
Before I knew what it was the face reminded me of Claude Speed, the protagonist of GTA 3.
No. 66083
26 kB, 335 × 278
49 kB, 739 × 620
82 kB, 1024 × 768
It's very difficult to convey the humor, and explain what exactly is so funny about those memes to people who don't know Russian.

It is basically impossible to translate Russian memes to English because Russian is so peculiar, and so many jokes rely on the local cultural context + the structure of the language itself.

Regarding the Sphere of Sviborg, the thing that wectern resources fail to mention, is the iconic statements made by the author of the work itself.
Such as:
"When I gaze upon the Sviborg, (it seems to me), that he looks upon me, as if I were a mount of shit!" In fact, a joke central to the Sviborg meme is that anything the Sviborg looks at turns into shit, simply by virtue of the fact that Sviborg's expression looks like he is looking at a pile of shit, regardless of what he's looking at.
And the jokes that riffed off that statement, such as: "When Sviborg looks upon someone, they transform into shit. When Sviborg looks upon shit, it transforms into Timati (a terrible russian rapper).

The meme of GNOME would be too difficult to elaborate on in a way that would make sense to people who don't speak Russian.
All you need to know is that the GNOME looks incredibly charismatic and SOULFUL in its crudeness, and that in the GNOME's pouch, completely invisible to the viewer, hides a model of a flask containing a red liquid, that has more polygons than the GNOME itself.
(Note: In russian, "gnome" is synonymous with "dwarf", and "dwarf" is not a recognized word, because having a single syllable word that starts and ends with two consonants, with a single vowel in the middle (дворф), breaks Russian grammar rules.
And again, the author's further posts can't be discounted, such as pictures of very ugly, incomprehensible mess of polygons, that the author described as "where the GNOME lives".
It truly is one of the greatest examples of digital Art-Brut.
No. 66086
I actually like it when I don't get a joke/meme/reference due to not sharing the cultural background. It means we're still a bit away from The Monoculture™.
No. 66087 Kontra
6 kB, 175 × 289
Looks like a grumpy Charles Barkley.
No. 66091
I think it could work in Hungarian, quite frankly.
We have this expression that goes "szarba venni valamit" "to take something as shit" or "treating something as if it were shit"
"Szviborg szarba vesz mindent" would be a pretty organic sentence and the idiomatic structure would click well when things turn to literal shit.
No. 66097
>"dwarf" is not a recognized word, because having a single syllable word that starts and ends with two consonants, with a single vowel in the middle (дворф), breaks Russian grammar rules
Actually I don't see any problems with adopting the word "dwarf" into Russian language as is (дворф/дварф), since it's not any weirder than some other loanwords (тромб, квант, кварк, скальп etc.; there is also a bona fide Russian word "смерть" which fits the pattern and nobody is bothered by it), and it doesn't have any unpronounceable sounds like English "th". It may be even necessary for settings that include both dwarves and gnomes, like D&D or Arcanum, because calling dwarf a gnome in this case would cause confusion.
No. 66104
> having a single syllable word that starts and ends with two consonants, with a single vowel in the middle (дворф), breaks Russian grammar rules.
Does it? We have many words like this in Russian (дрозд, крест). I agree that "dwarf" was adopted much more lately than "gnome" and mostly used by geeks (WOW players and such), but it's not because it's grammar structure is incompatible to Russian language.
you may call yourself overthinker
No. 66116
Maybe the real reason "дварф" feels awkward to say is because of the weird combination of voiced and voiceless consonants, plosives and fricatives, etc?
Like, my mouth feels weird when I say it.
The fact that russian doesn't have contractions, and all letters are pronounced as written, probably doesn't help either.

Even in English, you don't say "dvarf", you say "dorf", which feels smoother.
No. 66122
38 kB, 640 × 640
Even if it feels weird, it's OK, because it should feel weird; this word is about dwarfs, not humans.

You provoke my autism enough to write a simple program and run it on .txt file with all Russian words, then manually select words which do not look borrowed from west (until not so recently).
Here are results:
You can check your hypothesis about plosives and fricatives with it.
Note that I only searched for ссгсс и ссгссь patterns (where с -- vowel, г -- consonant, ь -- ь), there might be other options, I suppose.

TBH I think it's just random. Let's say some 19-th century writer published western-European fairy tails in Russian, and he chose the word "gnome" in book. In 20-th century it was mass printed, included in literature lessons for kids, and whole country learned this word and started to reproduce it. It could easily be other way.
No. 66205
3,7 MB, 1982 × 1080
2,7 MB, 1982 × 1080
2,0 MB, 1982 × 1080
I'm building a realistic american city in vanilla cities skylines and hilariously enough i'm facing the same problems from the real life.
That is: insane crime rates, garbage issues, a shitload of abandoned buildings, high unemployement rate, horrible traffic and not enough money to fix all the problems so i just ignore them.

This is actually the third time i'm trying to build something like that.
First time i manage to build a new-york style thing but the entire thing collapsed due to overproduction crisis in the city (i'm serious lol).
This city is aesthetically pleasing to look at, at least the city center and for whatever reason looks like Los-Angeles.
I was inspired by 1939 world fair "futurama" concept and it doesn't work even in the game lol.

Also if at this point i try to convert all the buildings in the city into ecological self-sufficient buildings, to try and reduce trash - i will experience a MASSIVE economic crisis and the there is no way out of it, it's unrecoverable.
No. 66207 Kontra
>insane crime rates,
Homicides per 100k people:
USA -- 5.30
Russia -- 9.20
No. 66209 Kontra
My point is that if in the game you design a city around car usage, ignoring public transport and focusing mainly on growth by any means necessary and as fast as possible - it leads to economic crisis and you go into negative rather quickly.

Not sure why you brought these irrelevant statistics into the video game threda, kid.
No. 66221
I play casually so realism weren't, but my net York Style island city collapsed due to traffic pathfinding making it hard to re-route traffic (dunno if it changed but at the time traffic routed by distance and not by speed).

Yours look way more ebin than mine tbh. Nice.
No. 66222
863 kB, 1600 × 900
1,3 MB, 1600 × 900
The more I played this game the more I shelled out for their shitty DLC. I really hate that I enjoy it sometimes but it is comfy.

I really liked using trams and monorails on my main roads, and routing buses around the place, but my first cities were a traffic disaster because vanilla just screws you since you're missing so much useful shit
No. 66280
173 kB, 1920 × 1080
606 kB, 1920 × 1080
282 kB, 1920 × 1080
523 kB, 1920 × 1080
Found a China-themed game with a Three Kingdoms Scenario my toaster can actually run, so I paid the toll of 5 euros to gain entry and it's reasonably fun, though I ragequit after I lost a town and I'm gping to restart as some other state because Chu is shit.

Basically it's like Civ5 but set in glorious 中国.

I think I'm going to have fun with this once the exams are over.
My only complaints are that not all Chinese states are available from the get-go (like why can't I play as Qin, how is it any different from playing as Chu?) and that the game seems to crash a lot for some reason. Don't know why. It has the latest patch and everything from last year, but sometimes it just randomly shits its pants, rolls over and dies.
But it's not "that" big of a deal, because the loading times are remarkably fast compared to some other games I played.

One major difference compared to other 4X games is the turn-system. Basically instead of a series of turns, you have simultaneous turns. Every unit movement happens at the end of the turn, and combat commences when units meet during this period. Battles depend on the terrain, troop number, but also on which directions they face and what kind of a formation you assigned the troops to.
So you're kind of like an actual emperor in the sense that you hope your general wins the battle for you based on your vague orders.
No. 66283
580 kB, 891 × 676
wow it's like an exact ripoff of Civ 5, it's true what they say about the Chinese, you give them a hammer and they'll make 1000 hammers.

They really have no shame in ripping off literally everything they get their hands on.
No. 66288 Kontra
Hold your horses, it was designed by an ex-Total War dev and the Studio is located in India.
The Chinese had nothing to do with this one.
No. 66291
394 kB, 1600 × 900
They made Factorio-like game btw.
It's called "Dyson sphere program". There are spherical planets instead of flat map and three dimensional building and other cool new things. But it lacks the main Factorio feature -- getting rid of tedious work by automation. In DSP there is a lot of unavoidable repeating tasks. Highly likely that they've already fixed it, because I played an early access version.
I dropped it before completion, but still would highly recommend. At least it's worth trying.

Just corrected your statement about "facing the same problems from the real life".
No. 66302
DSP is essentially carried out by one guy. The other people of the 5-man team are just artists and his wife. Madlad's dev diary is pretty insightful:

Paddy, that's not a chinese game. Irish IQ at work :DDD

But seriously chinese gaming industry is unhealthy. Tencent and Netease are not gaming companies. They just want to rip off the industry with their investment. All the capital and talents are lured into mobile game development. Not to mention the cultural conservative society and government are openly hostile to video games. All these are discouraging for sincere game developers. Nonetheless there're some good chinese games in recent years and many creative minds at large.
Recent indie game jam with many impressive jams but I'm not sure you guys can work out the baidupan download.
A compilation of puzzle games from chinese puzzle game community's design contests. I haven't played it yet but everyone in this community is a gigachad so I trust their work.
No. 66435
83 kB, 1103 × 1069
Suddenly remembered all of those MMOs that were coming out 2010 - 2015 and decided to google how they're doing. It was a pretty exciting time to be an MMO fan.

Pretty much all of them are dead, or have 1 server up with nobody playing.
Abandoned, and some of them are announcing permanent shutdowns.

I made myself sad.
No. 66437
I never understood the appeal of MMOs.
I used to be a regular at some guy's house where it was usually three to four guys sitting there, playing WoW, with some girls drinking and smoking. They could have had so much sex, instead they decided to go raiding.
No. 66438
82 kB, 523 × 586
Surrogate meaning.
No. 66452
People don't have infinite time and an MMO takes up so much of it. So they have to decide which one to play. Also, these games need a certain minimum population. Vicious cycle right there: People will flock to the popular games, being "better" or different in a good way doesn't mean shit if others have a head start.

I prefer singleplayer anyway. I don't have to wait for other people to play with me and I can stop whenever I want. They also mostly have a defined end.
No. 66467
That's the sad part.
I wasted my youth on that crap. All those friends, connections, stories, clout and respect I gained, gone, vanished, meaningless.
Tricked out of a life. I can only look back now, feeling a mix of regret and nostalgia.
It felt so real back then.

I think MMOs could work as a FOSS project with a distributed server network, though. Think minecraft, but open source.
No. 66487
106 kB, 422 × 733
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 1:59
Hey I'm trying to be racist here!
DSP was a weird one, it came out and about 50% of my friends were playing it for a week non-stop and then nobody ever booted it up again.

I'm boycott that game because the devs permabanned me from their forums. Dicks
Sames, I wasted a decade on eve online and it was all so cool back in the day, and had an amazing time but now I see the reanimated corpse of eve and I'm like why did I bother?

Every now and then I go back to eve for a month but it'll never be the same
No. 66502
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1200
395 kB, 1280 × 800
301 kB, 1440 × 900
12 kB, 284 × 177
Crysis 4 confirmed.


I loved Crysis 1. I liked Crysis 2. I loved Crysis 3.
Let's hope for the best.
No. 66532
Hm. I really enjoyed Crysis 1 and 2, never played 3 (for no other reason than bad timing, I had stopped playing video games at that time).

Don't get the point of those videos, though. I simply refuse to believe that a video like that generates more buzz than a news post.
No. 66635
946 kB, 1682 × 1017
1,1 MB, 1680 × 1015
1,2 MB, 1681 × 1018
1,7 MB, 1680 × 1016
Installed Red Alert 2 and a mod called "Rise of the East" for it.
This actually makes it run while adding a few new units and also the GLA and China as playable factions from Generals.

It's still a fun game even if I'm completely out of practice and lost to the AI on normal in 10 minutes the first time I played it again, but I can consistently shit over it now.
I really like how the campaign addresses me personally, it truly makes me feel like I'm actually a commander who is conducting an operation.

Mod does a bit of rebalancing and expansion of the content by adding more units to the end of the tree like gauss-troops and such and also tweaking unit prices so a soviet conscript is not 140 credits instead of 100 (which makes me consider it 40% more whether I should send them to their death or not)

Played against the US and the Germans, and the German abilities are incredibly fucking irritating. They have some plan that can carpet bomb your troops and an ion cannon that fucks with your base. These are not superweapons for some reason.
The Chinese have the artillery barrage that does fuckall and the quick repair that can repair tanks on the field, sometimes turning the tide of battle.
Gatling tanks are kind of OP, since if you group them with regular tanks, you can kill infantry, air units and armour for relatively cheap.

GLA's units seem to be centred around being a general nuisance, and the AI plays onto this by constantly occupying buildings on urban maps to harass your troops.
Though their big weakness seems to be that their ore gatherer is an infantry unit that has to make a trip to the base (unlike Yuri's units) so you can cut them off from their ore supply on some maps with cheap infantry or anti-infantry units. Don't know the cost but they had droves of them, so it must be like a 200-500 unit.

China's troop crawler also seems to be pretty OP if you can get like 5-6 out and put rocket soldiers in them. It fucks up most units except for the really high level OP meme shit like the Kirov or the allied Archimedes tanks or whatever they're called.
(Though if you want to go ultra-OP then you can put gauss troops in them and those fuck up armour even better, but that makes them super expensive, and you're better off building a gauss tank and a few gatling tanks instead.)
No. 66709
So apparently Bungie has had enough of Microsoft and goes to Sony:

I've never played destiny, but it always looked really dull compared to Halo. Kinda curious though what they do next.
No. 66809
Didn't they split off from MS a long time ago, on condition that Halo IP stays with MS?
Afaik Destiny was published by Activision.

So it's not like they're leaving MS, it's more like they're going back to being owned by another corporation.
No. 66810 Kontra
You're right. I made the assumption based on very outdated information (namely that they were bought by MS before releasing Halo 1 to prevent its release on Apple systems)

Also, I really don't know why I posted this, it's not like anyone really cares about company politics. I don't even care about it... I guess I was monkey-brain-posting :-DDD
No. 67126
166 kB, 1010 × 694
1,1 MB, 1434 × 875
Have you played Civ5 modes? I've installed and played two:
  1. Infoaddict. Adds few dozens plots and schemes with relations between factions and historical stats. Cool thing.
  2. Future worlds. Great thing but you can't explore it's greatness. Because with cultural victory game ends too soon. Without it half of buildings make no sense.
No. 67133
42 kB, 600 × 603
>weebshit mods
No. 67148
>caring about what other people do with their singleplayer games
No. 67149
801 kB, 640 × 480, 0:21
>Someone posts about what he does with his singleplayer games
>Someone else complains about someone caring about what others do with their single player games
No. 67151
248 kB, 800 × 585
Tried Alpha Centauri pack. Minor changes except policies trees table. You choose one square in each column. Squares in first row don'thave positive nor negative sides. Everything else has pros and cons. And some policies combined give additional bonuses for synergy.
Having enough culture, you can change them. But you don't want to do it too often anyway because every time it paralyzes everything (production, science, etc) for few turns. So amount of culture is actually irrelevant to policies.
Interdusting idea, realization is not so good.

It's just one building. Those mod in general prolongs tech tree to future era (and changes it a bit in information era). But there is a mod out there which adds "Vocaloid empire" faction.
No. 67286
Recently got into CSGO for some reason
No. 67287
187 kB, 2571 × 3691
Join Ernst International Gaming
No. 67292
2,0 MB, 3264 × 2448
>Join Ernst International Gaming

Yes, we are a cool bunch of blokes. And we love pasta!
No. 67346
14,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:32
Fucking around with Red Alert 2.
Rise of the East makes the whole game so cool with the extra factions and the redone units.
Though the AI is still a massive pile of dogshit by the looks. Was it always like this?
I don't remember it ever being this bad.

It just sends out "squads" of units without any variation, and then those squads don't care if they're attacked or encounter your troops on the way, they just keep on walking or flying even as they're getting shredded by your troops.

Basically once you have identified the critical points on a map and place units there (a critical mass of them), the AI is fucked, because they will be sending every single troop to certain death.
After that it's a question of time until you get enough planes to suicide-bomb their construction yard and then slowly nibble down their production capacity.
No. 67357
782 kB, 1600 × 900
I been playing Rimworld again and I was hoping for a brutal hardcore survival experience this time around because I turned up the difficulty.

Instead I ended up being an international duck reseller. I just visit other towns with 100s of ducks and sell them and I'm like ''hope you like the ducks bro''

xhe made it public, his own fault
Why aren't you using your trade routes?
No. 67377
I didn't make this screenshot myself, I took the image of table from internet.
Played few 2 vs 2 multiplayer games btw. Pretty interesting, totally different from singleplayer experience. But it's buggy as fuck.
And some people are acting like cunts. One guy started to feed after I captured one of 3 his cities. He managed to get his capital occupied by city-state. Despite it his teammate still vanquished both of us in those match.
No. 67631
37 kB, 520 × 625
166 kB, 1024 × 640
82 kB, 1024 × 576
5,4 MB, 480 × 398, 2:09
I started another playthrough of Eternal Darkness.
It will turn 20 this year.
Back in the day in was overshadowed by the likes of Resident Evil, especially since it didn't have the best graphics, and obviously because it came out on GC.
I got it for christmas 2002 and it has been in my heart ever since.
I know it inside out; could probably speedrun it, and it's just comfy - to me, obviously. I can go in, follow someone a part of the way (or until the end) and then leave again and come back to someone else, whom I also know very well.
And that is just my personal feelings without even having mentioned the fact that, in my opinion, it's the greatest lovecraftian game - and that without even MENTIONING him or Cthulhu or anything.
No. 67788
7,8 MB, 5:06
I am almost done with the playthrough and originally I wanted to only write something when I'm done, but it's only two actual levels anymore and then the finale and I just feel like writing something.
I already mentioned that I know the game by heart, but this time I tried experimenting a bit with the magic system.
Spoilers from here on.

It was already known that the Mantorok rune is absolutely imba, but so far I had always been content with using it for general healing and enchanting weapons without having to take care of any alignments, but the Reveal Invisible spell is absolutely gamebreaking, but not only in good ways. The way it works is that instead of making invisible things visible, it makes the player invisible. I can avoid all kinds of enemies altogether, hit them with impunity (apart from the Horrors with their auto-magic-defense, but they still won't attack conventionally) and most importantly, if they don't see you, you won't lose sanity. Invisibility is like a sanity shield.
However, NPCs will also not see me, so if I need to actually talk to someone, I have to wait until I am visible again (but it's just like one or two occasions after even getting the rune, so it's not grave). However, just today I found out that being invisible prevents you from advancing in the first boss fight, as the zombies it sends your way MUST see you and go into their attack state so you can even hurt the boss.

Apart from that, the fight is really easy in principle. One hit with the 7-power magic attack per phase and it's done.
I remember beating the boss for the very first time, trying to kill all the zombies before hitting the boss, having no magic at any point and getting owned, but once you know how it's done, it is done for.

Also, I started using the consumables more, especially the firearms. I used to always go around and hack my way through the levels, but guns can be really good on the weaker enemies. Although I have always loved using the elephant gun with its extreme recoil.

What else can I say? I tried making a list of my favorite levels and ranking them and it became pretty clear that for the most part, my ranking is based on the location. The top spots are taken by the cathedral and the mansion, then the cambodian temple and at the bottom the forbidden city. This is kind of interesting since I only recently found out that before release they actually changed some of the levels because of MUH 911, which in particular affected the middle east levels most. I can't tell if it is due to these changes, but those levels are just the least fun for me. Pius is the first level, well, it's a tutorial, so maybe I shouldn't rank it. But Roberto, the fat fuck, his level is pretty boring and Michael, despite getting some spec ops gear, is more annoying than not. And Karim's level is just fighting arena after fighting arena (I think it was also the most overhauled level).

Conversely, my favorite level is that of Max, because I dig the colonial aesthetic, because of the autopsy feature and primarily because of the akimbo flintlock pistols. I also remember playing that level the first time. I had just learned about the stationary shield spell. At the end of the level, as some kind of miniboss, you have to fight a small guardian creature. I spent probably ten minutes casting the forcefield, shooting summoned creatures and never getting a drop on that asshole. Today I just enchant the guns and as soon as the fight starts shoot him, because that interrupts him and he's dead in a few shots.

I think I have already written enough. I could probably write an essay for each level, but I won't do that right now. I don't even think anyone can understand my sustaining enthusiasm for this game, but oh well. The final bossfight's music track is pretty cool.
No. 67789
No, I feel you. Eternal Darkness is good and I've definitely been in the same autismal love for a game position that you're in here. Tbh, I'd not be opposed to a full blown essay on each level :-DDD
No. 67851
So, the new game from From Software looks breddy gud based on a few reviews I've sampled. Imho most informative (and not spoilery) is this video: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=kdstSHeoNGA
No. 67864
1,2 MB, 960 × 540, 0:02
Bought, preloaded and waiting for it to unlock. The only thing that bothers me is that it's supposedly open world, and, as everyone knows, open world games suck, but it's Froms, not some fucking Bethesda, so it probably won't be that bad after all.
No. 67873
Alright, so I finished Eternal Darkness (for the nth time). Something short of 8 hours at a leisurely pace.
Here is my personal ranking of the levels without explanation:


I might write something for each level later, but with the fresh memory this seems to be - at least my - definite list.
No. 67874
I actually beat dark souls 1 recently. I got to bell gargoyles around original release but put it down and didn't come back for some reason. Anyway. It was fun. Gonna go through the rest at some point.

Tbh my main contact with From soft was Armoured Core.
No. 67880
I played the first DaS when it came out on PC, got to Firelink Shrine, thought, "Hey this game is pretty good!", and then forgot about it for three years or so. After trying it out again it became one of my favorite vidya (and, after DaS2 came out, vidya series) ever, and reignited my passion for vidya in general. Still, I somehow haven't finished any of the DLCs, despite getting pretty far in some of them, and even the main quest of DaS3, despite liking the third game the most of the series. I'll definitely get back to them someday, but for now I'm gonna see how Elden Ring turned out.
No. 67888
24 kB, 406 × 185
Aaaaaand refunded. Apparently it needs a whopping 12 Gb or RAM, and I have only 8, so it just keeps crashing at startup. Maybe I'll just pirate it after some patches and check if it works, and if not, I'll check the prices on RAM and maybe buy some more.
No. 67894
System requirements are (mostly) not just for the lulz (unless you are Microsoft and want people to jump onto the latest OS). They are requirements (as per the name) and not suggestions.
No. 67895
They are requirements in so far that the executable deliberately checks whether your system has hardware that matches X metric.

Whether the game is actually incapable of running under those requirements is another question...
There's been cases where disabling such a check would make a game run anyway.

Then there's the more theoretical question of "does this game's visual fidelity and performance actually require such and such hardware to replicate?", it's another rabbithole entirely.
No. 67896
> память не может written
No. 67898
Yeah, but people launched it on 8 Gb, and so far I have no idea why doesn't it work. Gonna wait for some patches and see what's what (on a pirate version ofc; should've known better than buying stuff on launch), and then maybe buy it if it works okay. It's pretty ironic that people shat on Cyberpunk for being buggy and it worked like a charm from the start for me (with a few bugs that were not critical at all but slightly annoying), and I consider it a genuinely good game, and now Elden Ring is being lauded as the BEST GAYM EVAR while I cannot even play it due to some bug. I wonder if I should write a scathing review that Elden Ring cannot run on my outdated PC, so it's a shit game and it's the worst catastrophe in the gayming world since the vidya gaym crash of 1983? XDDDDDDDDD
No. 67899
Do you gain anything from being a dickhead?
No. 67900
Lulz, of course, lulz are always worth it. Besides, it seems that I'm not the only one who's having problems with it, 'cause now the reception in Steam for it is "mixed", and that's really bad for a supposedly super-duper great game. Also, maybe these refunds and bad reviews will prompt developers to actually debug and optimize the game instead of launching it as an unplayable piece of trash.
No. 67903 Kontra
297 kB, 750 × 590
Why are you so evil? Just rate the GAME bro, not how it runs!
No. 67908
> a supposedly super-duper great game
Says the marketing. Goes to show, money is not always a superpower.

I can't tell anymore if people are genuinely missing the point or just award farming.
No. 67910
Since it's the Steam forums, I'd say they are just legit retarded.
No. 67912
Why not both?
No. 67914
My reply encompasses both.
No. 68024
Prompted by the GOG sale I remembered that this game exists and that I've had it on my "to play" list since it came out:

>Following 11 bit studios decision to donate all profits from the sales of This War Of Mine and all its DLCs, we have decided to support their action. For the next week, till March 3rd at 7 PM UTC, we will be donating all profits from our shares of the sale to the Ukrainian Red Cross as well.


In case anyone has been meaning to get this, I guess now's the time.
No. 68028
28 kB, 686 × 225
Creative director of Wargaming (World of Tanks) said he supported the invasion of Ukraine. Wargaming are based in Minsk.

Then he deleted that shit, but then Wargaming fired his ass anyway. Guess the don't want to lose business in the wect
No. 68031
Was he even relevant anymore? Even when I still played WoT, I had the impression that SerB only worked on the game in its early stages, and after that he was just getting money for being useless.
No. 68061
It's EXTREMELY good, but I thought 11 bit and studio/publisher/devs was based out of Poland and Balkans. Like I know one dev lived through Bosnian conflict.
No. 68077
I have just beaten the Bell Gargoyles.
Now I wanted to go to Darkroot Basin, but the Hydra still rapes me too much, so I will probably first slay Queelag.
This is the first time playing a sorcerer: Is there anything of interest in the swamp? Because if not I will just head straight to Queelag and gtfo there again.
No. 68080
In Blighttown? Depends on what you consider stuff of interest. There are plenty of titanite lying around as well as soul consumables. There are also Server, which is a pretty good curved greatsword, Iaito, which is a decent katana, a pyromancy Power Within which buffs your damage but drains your health, and armor sets for your Fashion Souls needs (the ninja one, the red Ku-Klux-Klan one, and IIRC the pyromancer's one). Oh, and there is also a secret passage to The Great Hollow and then to Ash Lake, but it may be a bit hard to traverse plus there is another hydra waiting for you at the end.
No. 68082
Alright, so not really anything for me. Well, all the better, just in-out and forget about it.
No. 68091
110 kB, 672 × 562
As >>68080 says the "red Ku-Klux-Klan one" (aka Crimson set) might be worth picking up, though you could also just pick up the Gold-Hemmed set after Queelag I guess
Also probably farming the slugs for green titanite shards if you want to make a magic weapon

https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Magic+User+Guide has some good tips

t. also doing a sorcerer playthough on and off, currenlty stuck at the classic knight archers spot in Anor Londo
No. 68098
421 kB, 1600 × 1000
I finished stalker clear sky. I think it's made in Ukraine, right? The beginning and ending is pretty fun, the rest of the game is just alternate reality shoc with some faction wars you can participate in.
No. 68099
Huh, I wasn't aware the Crimson set was any useful for sorcerers. But you're right, I remember the slugs down there being good for shard farming. Oh well.
No. 68104
>knight archers spot in Anor Londo
I always cheese it with poison arrows. I've actually managed to force my way through the very first time I got there by miraculously avoiding all the arrows on the way up (they hit the railings) throwing the right knight off the ledge, turning around just in time to block the left knight's arrow with a shield (ending up with just a tiny amount of stamina but fortunately not being staggered and thrown off), and the quickly turn around the corner and drop down to safety. After that I found out about the easy way to kill the knights, and I never attempted that again, because I succeeded by a complete accident.
No. 68105
Alright, I gave the Hydra a last try, closed in over the right side because the projectiles there wouldn't hit me as in the open on the left. Stayed there, waited for the heads and then shot all kinds of soul arrows into the heads when they came down. I actually did it. No Estus left, but now I have the fucking dusk crown and start feeling like an actual powerful sorceress. I took the way through the dragon valley to get back to firelink; the undead dragon was a total pushover, as while I was barraging it with my spells, his weird slime spit couldn't even reach me.
On the downside, so far I haven't invested anything in VIT, so I'm basically a glass cannon.
Now onwards to Blighttown.
No. 68232
I finally finished BFGA. By the end started feel a bit like it was dragging on, and even with savescumming never managed to get a level 10 ship, but was still an excellent game. Not sure how to rate yet compared to BFGA2and I don't have any intention of doing it but actually enjoyed the XCOM-esque way of managing ship unlocks and upgrades. Would recommend.

However, I also just discovered Amplitude may be going tits up. This isn't even what managed to piss me off the most, despite it being one of my two favourite companies, because on some level I fundamentally expected that and to have some godawful piece of trash corporation absorb them and use them for slave hours to push out some real greasy shit shit CoD #24: Russia is responsible for Iran Contra.Seriously it's LITERALLY fucking Kremlin tier propaganda at this point, only I never see anyone pointing out how much our biggest corpo publishers are nothing but propaganda outlets.

No, what actually pissed me off right as I was coming down with something was, rather than seeing people lamenting the fact, nonstop whining by literal subhumans with memes they stole from elsewhere how it's a "woke" company. Even better that it was the NPC wojak, considering not only is that one several layers of stolen meme but also not even having the Turing test self awareness they're the sort of idiot indistinguishable from a spambot. At this point it's not even an alleged "point" worth being refuted, because it's literally never true. I've not even once seen a valid thing from it and can only assume it's a lie told on purpose over and over again. To try and smear that company with it, when the reality is it's going to be another scumbag corporation doing all the usual scummy anti-gamer shit while SEGA or Activision or EA or whoever gets to blame da esjays to take attention from their own shittiness, really just brings me back to that central realization I had in the pandemic, which I think is why I came to find the people online so loathsome to begin with: they're all woke. It's the exact same cancerous subhumans. I literally cannot go anywhere without hearing the woke right bitching and trying to derail any discussion, no matter how unrelated, like a bunch of furfags, and as much as I detest esjays, realized the point is entirely correct. I don't actually see these things as human beings anymore honestly. I'd probably think less of them if I stopped assuming it's some kind of scripted spambot, and imagined it was actual flesh creatures typing the same stupid lying shit and salty tears over and over.

All I really wanted to do was play video games and be left alone. Instead this whole pandemic has thoroughly radicalized me. I hope they all get shot or choke to death. RIP Amplitude, you made one of my favourite games of all time.
No. 68254
161 kB, 2056 × 1067
Once you are here. What's your opinion on "Disco Elysium"? I tried to played once and dropped after an hour. Now made one more attempt and got into it. I love both detectives and steampunk. And game mechanic is novel and interesting.
No. 68260
Yeah sorry. That Amplitude thing felt like a low blow but thankfully at least I stopped expecting any better of such human trash, though now I must deal with the expected reality of watching what I loved best die. There's a reason I ultimately ended up taking somewhat a break from gaming and especially hearing opinions on it. At least when IGN does it comes off more like a comedy routine, less like actual subhumans shitting on the first truly great 4x game maker since MoO2.

Disco I only just started getting into, then got distracted by something, I think it may have been Battletech. It seemed quite noice to me, and I think I laughed the hardest at that game's first couple hours than anything I've seen in years or even decades. Thematically I can see myself probably liking it a hell of a lot, freely poking absurdity at everyone and everything, and it almost makes me wish it existed just before I quit alcohol. If I could just play that game as still an alcoholic on his one last bender would've been fantastic, but alas too late. The writing is superb and man I felt that when he was licking booze off the countertop with his partner just staring at him, so I suppose you need to be a bitSlavic Irish genetically and experientially degenerative to get the full on experience, which I also suspect strongly is true of enough gamers that played into its rave reviews. I think because of how it opened, enough of us immediatelg identified with that man to get it really well liked with little effort in a way that frankly I thought Tides of Numenera also deserved, but didn't have that junky/corrupt/alcobydlo cop and had so much backer whining the well was poisoned which is a shame.

So in that regard, more and less, is what I'd say.

Just bear in mind I never got super deep, and am still saving a cache of opium incense to burn it deeply into my brain. From what I've seen so far it's pretty amazing, but requires just the right kind of mood to be in, unlike other games, because just how on the nose it is and the specific type of comedic absurdity. I dunno, I guess I just ended up craving a bit more seriousness from my gamingwhich in case you didn't notice I am a humourless fuckwit half the time and so switched on to something different which didn't rely on me totally deconstructing things all the time, at least beyond me hateplaying it. It made it difficult for me to maintain immersion at the time basically, and so I ended up focusing on zombies and space operas instead because a game like that absolutely deserves its full attention and not just forcing yourself to play it. It didn't even strike me as that highbrow, unless you're comparing its writing to the absolute dregs of gaming which is indeed a bottomless pitI literally couldn't play Tower of Time because the writing was that atrocious its few dialogue made the arpg unplayable to me.

Mechanically I quite liked it. I thought the way the system worked seemed to work particularly well for that game, although for me it was a rather bizarre experience to have such a clearly savescumming ordeal be absolutely not one, which I agree it's probably better to just roll with your failuresexcept that snot nosed kid, you're dumb right I beat up a child now get off my crime scene. Actually speaking of which that became one of my favorite lines for a whole week, describing the ugly child as "he's almost exquisite in his ugliness." I really want to be in the right kind of mindframe for it, which to me somehow the more serioys the better, provided the content isn't such immersion breaking ass, whereas I find a jokesey game is much harder to get into and stay into. I actually dropped Divinity: Original Sin 1 specifically because the silliness was so over the top I couldn't deal with it. I think a joke should be something the lighten the mood in gaming, not one long clown car gag briefly punctuated by moments of seriousness.

There are also a lot of really good crpgs out there, not just the 2014 era but even some recently and still in development, some of which I've got but am yet to check out like Encased, because buying a game indev and ea is one of few times it makes economic sense to hoard a backlog, it becoming more expensive as time goes on while slowly accumulating more content. Trudograd looks pretty great, and I got halfway through Atom RPG before realizing this one location I am hopelessly merkd against the ridiculously powerful enemies because you indeed need to pay careful attention to your build and not expect to diplomat and wrinkle brain your way out of everything. So now I have to backtrack. Shame really, because Soviet Russian Fallout is one of the crpgs I was most enchanted with in semi recent memory, but now I need to backtrack. I think if anything, that explains it best, which is that Atom RPG and Fallout kind of do whacky humour right, in that you can have these long dark stretchs and pure terror but with just the right amount of absurdist humour, like a delicate garnish, which is something a lot of people panned Fallout 2 for doing on its release. I really think a pop culture reference should be especially used lightly, because those things really do not tend to age well except amusingly, the VTMB political ads which aged like fine wine and so really should only be used in such a way that the next generation doesnt even realize it was a pop reference.

All told I do look forward to getting back into it, but can't say much ultimately because I never got to a new location yet, however that incredibly vivid.

Different genre, same camera angle, but this reminds me the one game I'm looking forward to is Bone Totem, because I thought Stasis and Beautiful Desolation was so fantastic. I really don't have as much time these days and have double the games now, plus I passionately hate steam so much that I basically blackballed it two years ago and barely bought games since so unless it's something major like Total Warhammer III or some niche autismal looking game I'm unlikely to even heard of it because GOG still isn't securing enough new indie games. I literally refuse to buy it except it releases on GOG, so I'm starting to feel out of the loop otherwise. I feel like there's a lot more crpgs but I'm forgetting on them other than ones I mentioned like Colony Ship etc. I want to get back into Pathfinder but it's like a "I have no job and I must scream" tier game which is daunting even to contemplate finishing by its sheer girth.

Sadly, same goes for many such cases and I can understand now that it's not just the bydlo is too dumb or companies are too greedy, but that grown ass adults just don't have the time, energy, or focus for a 120 romp through one game. They want to play some shit like two hours a day after work with the kids or friends or switch something on between chores on a Saturday afternoon.
No. 68283
> sorry
Picture was meant to be about Disco Elysium, not about your post, don't be sorry or offended. But sure it can be applied to both. :DDD
No. 68289
>I always cheese it with poison arrows
Guess I'll try that as well. After struggling on first playthrough I don't remember having that much trouble doing it the "normal way" when I used physical build tbh

> I haven't invested anything in VIT
Kudos, I kinda suck at dodging etc so whenever I'm stuck I just go and grind for some VIT points (already have INT on 40+)
No. 68291
>Kudos, I kinda suck at dodging etc so whenever I'm stuck I just go and grind for some VIT points (already have INT on 40+)
Yeah, I started this build, among other things, explicitly to practice dodging.
In my older runs I always went for poise and big shields and all that, now I want to KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN.
Also, it enables me to use the crazy low-hp stuff that gives extra damage and all that, because if I can get oneshot anyway, I might as well make use of it. And I don't really have to care about getting cursed anymore. Of course there are some things you just have to tank, but I will try it. When I am comfortable with that I can finally continue the SL1 run I have started some years ago. Stopped for some reason when I unlocked Sen's.

I also tried to use fall control when descending to Blighttown, but realized that it doesn't work on fatal falls.
No. 68343
Went into Blighttown as planned. Went down, grabbed the firekeeper soul on the way (fuck those blowdart assholes btw), went in, slayed Queelag with an ease never known before (for some reason she's always been my most problematic boss; I even killed Manus at second or third try), went down to the lava cave for good measure and killed the lava octopus.
Next up is Capra, because before I head to Sen's, I want to first clean up in the Depths.
No. 68347
Manus was okay on my second day after I took a break after skill degradation from salt (one too many one hit combos). That runback can eat my arse though. Holy fuck it's obnoxious. Not quite as bad as Gwyn but close.

Once I adapted to his design being wack compared to the rest of the game (tanky as shit, wants an endurance fight, not just moveset memory) I beat him without too much hassle. Heard he is apparently one of the hardest but I dunno, I had way more trouble with O+S tbh. Gwyn wasn't as fun as I'd heard neither. He just felt like a gimmick boss once you figured out his thing. Like a non-awful Bed of Chaos.
No. 68433
31 kB, 483 × 483
No. 68434
Wait FUCK does this mean I can't just pay Russian developers directly now
Because I really really want to get that game it's just I adamantly refuse to pay for it on Steam. Can I just send him money somehow or Russians in general are off the economic grid permanently thanks to Putin?
No. 68437
113 kB, 1024 × 788
>mafia difinitive edition
thanks black santa
No. 68439
Went to visit Capra Demon.
With time lots of bosses have really lost their fear factor; although this one was a rather close call, as I immediately beelined towards the arch, but that asshole AND BOTH dogs managed to somehow get up there and attacked me. Fortunately one dog fell down and I managed to hit Capra, making him fall down. The other dog then also fell down. After that, it took like four shots with the great soul arrow. I even got the demon machete (which is one of my favorite weapons, just because).
Then I went down the depths, the rat king was a pushover, but the regular R.O.U.S.s were really annoying. Most of them just backed away, but some just tried to gangrape me. For the Gaping Dragon I summed Solaire, just because I could (I have killed Lautrec right at Firelink already) and he went down rather easily. Now I am on my way down to Blighttown again from the other side and holy shit those zombie dudes are annoying, as are the fucking firebreather dogs. I don't even know why I even went on my way down there again, or why I did come from the other side first.
On the other hand, I have arrived at 45 INT and can now start building up the rest.
No. 68586
There actually apparently is many good city sims coming out this year allegedly
A few 4x too, some of which released like Total Warhammer 3 which while I ain't buyin' at full price I mean I nearly never do unless it's like, XCOM 2 or something not least of which is that blood DLC bullshit makes it unworthy of full price for such grubby practices, though it really is the best one for letting me play as chaos so whatever. Others I forget I even bought, like Sphere: Flying Cities, others which I'm waiting for GOG releasequite frankly I'm glad I didn't give Todd my money for Doom Eternal idgaf not even my genre, not even played Doom 3 yet let alone 2016 so who cares like Ixion, but looking at whole bunch of games I must ask this question:
why in the FUCK do every single developer absolutely have to use giant spiders??

I'm serious. It feels like just about every single developer down to a man decides to include spiders as an enemy, and it's getting to the point where I see it in a screenshot I kinda click next. Worst offenders is when it's literally set in space, but still has giant spiders, not even strange spiderlike things I mean just earth spiders that are bigger. I don't even care about the respiration problems or some pedantic thing like that, I mean just the lack of imagination to use such a boring enemy over and over. I think I've yet to see even a single fantasy game which doesn't shoehorn in a spider somehow, and normally it's completely unmodified. Idk, I just went through upcoming crpgs and it felt like seeing a bunch of spiders in near entirely banal fantasy games made it feel more entirely lackluster.

On the good news, Cybercity and City of Robots look like interesting city builders, and Zephon which was made by same guys that did 40k Gladius looks neat in the 4x dept.
No. 68588
So I finally managed the descent and holy shit I didn't remember it was THAT annoying. Fuck those chumps with their bone staffs (shame they don't drop them), fuck the firebreather dogs and fuck everything else there.
Next stop: Sen's, so I can finally get those sweet sweet Logan spells.
No. 68605
Sen's Fortress always was one of the most frustrating areas for me. Basically during the whole map the game is just being a real dick to you, and the boss is a dick too, unless you summon BLACK IRON TARKUS, of course. On the other hand, I always loved Anor Londo: it was fun to explore, there was no dick moves by it except that one spot with archers (and it is trivialized by bow and poison arrows anyway), it looks really impressive and it's also the home to the greatest chest in the Souls series, and I don't care if it's just an illusion. Fat and Thin though piss me off a lot, and even summoning Brolaire doesn't help much.
No. 68607
Huh, I always felt basically the other way round.
Sen's was dickish, but still cool, but Anor Londo was just too empty and samey for my taste and I never had too many problems with Calvin & Hobbes.
No. 68636
For me, the game takes a nosedive once you get the lordvessel. None of the new areas are as fun as the feeling of progress you get up to booba lady. The individual areas are good but what made them amazing to me was the feeling of how they linked together.
No. 68732
Went into Sen's, freed Logan and instantly got some of his spells. Then before actually tackling Sen's I decided to do a comfy innawoods trip.
The rolling ratcats were as hilarious as I remembered them, but not much of a problem, as they were just constantly rolling into the trees.
Then I went to Sif and despite still sucking badly at rolling and spending half the fight with drinking Estus, I got him first try.
Sif is one of my favorite fights, mainly because of the atmosphere of the area, but also because I like his design. It's so simple. I really wish it were possible to spare him. Glad I did the fight now and not after the DLC.
No. 68736
952 kB, 1060 × 1500
>Sif is one of my favorite fights
I cry every time when he starts limping. He's one of the two bosses that I really don't want to kill, the other being Quelaag. Unfortunately he isn't optional, and he cannot be reasoned with. Wish I could befriend a sword-wielding doggo.
No. 68738
Tbf I've never actually seen him limp, because either he's flooring me right away or I have him down so fast I don't even register any change in behavior.
No. 68739
Compared to the rest of the doges in Dark Souls, Sif is so much gooder that it's not even a competition.

That same feel when no good sword doggo fren.
No. 68872
116 kB, 1280 × 720
1,0 MB, 1201 × 1671
I actually feel really really bad for ordinary Russian
I mean just look at thing like this. Now, how can they eat? How can such persons even make money off global market? Why is future so grim?

While whole world is crying over Ukraine and sending them anything they want, I wish to remind you that ordinary Russian too is victim in all this. None of them want war, they did not choose this, have no say, and now unlike oligarchs who maybe lose a boat or two feel real pain because Western sanctions. Yes, meanwhile how should we forget that, US and Western sanction led to many deaths and starvations throughout countries like Iraq in 90s?

And so I just wish to apologize to ordinary Russian also, not sandblasted brain of bydlo, but average Russian who suffer and be forgotten. West should have also made better target on how to deal with elites. How many Russian video game developer now cannot make money so easily of their work? How many Russians can't flee Putin's 1990s Russia? So I wish to sing hopes and prayers to they also, who also suffer because Putin and his thieves gang. While whole Ukraine damaged and suffers, also now Russian suffers who want nothing to do with this. So I wish well to ordinary Russian as well as Ukrainians.
No. 68881
354 kB, 1920 × 1080
216 kB, 1920 × 1080
269 kB, 1920 × 1080
324 kB, 1920 × 1080
>The Uncertain
I played both games and my impression is that they seem to have a bet going how many different and conflicting game mechanics they can put into a single title.

Here, have another Russian game: FoxTail

A point-and-click adventure with a really beautiful and warm colour palette. Too bad it's not done yet, they take their sweet time between chapters.

Also, name the references
No. 68917
I broke the puzzle platformer I was playing right before the final boss (I assume) by using a "solution" the developers didn't plan for... which fell apart when I couldn't go back to fix it. Now I'm going to have to repeat a huge-ass puzzle chain.

That reminds me of that time I glitched through a door in the first Darksiders and kept playing. Not knowing that hours later I'd have to go through that door again, from the other side. One more save file for the virtual garbage dump and a lot of time wasted.

Usually I get stuck by just not knowing what to do. Screwing myself over by being "clever" is worse.

No. 69088 Kontra
Beautiful indeed.

Could it be "дварф/дворф" feels strange to you because – according to Wikipedia – "[t]he Slavic languages have almost no native words containing /f/. […] The letter ф is thus almost exclusively found in words of foreign origin […] The few native Slavic words with this letter (in different languages) are examples of onomatopoeia (like Russian verbs фукать, фыркать etc.) or reflect sporadic pronunciation shifts: […] from хв /xv/: […] Russian дрофа 'bustard' (cf. Ukrainian дрохва 'bustard'); from кв /kv/: Russian филин 'eagle-owl' (cf Ukrainian квилити 'to cry'); from х /x/: Russian toponym Фили 'Fili' (from хилый 'sickly')"?
No. 69092
Went to Sen's today, it is really not that bad just to get to the top, but then I made the mistake of getting pushed down by the blades because of shitty timing. That was dumb.
Also, I would love to have some donuts right now, or Schmalzkrapfen or some real, original swabian Brezeln.
No. 69143
>Could it be "дварф/дворф" feels strange to you because – according to Wikipedia – "[t]he Slavic languages have almost no native words containing /f/.
Russian has no /f/ phoneme in native words (aside from comparatively late onomatopoeias) but has quite a lot of word-final [f] (plus [f] before unvoiced consonants) from the unavoidable devoicing of /v/ in those positions.

Ultimately everything seems to boil down to the translations of Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Both Grigoryeva and Muravyov translated "dwarves" as гномы, i.e. "gnomes".
  • a gnome is, undoubtedly, a similar character of West European folklore;
  • дварф/дворф, while perfectly pronounceable, sounds unpleasant, generally bears no mythological connotations for a Russian reader (unlike "dwarf" for an English-speaking reader) and also presents some difficulties of morphological nature, like forming relative adjectives (гномий is fine, but for дворф it would be positively unpronounceable дворфский or rather colloquially-sounding дворфовский);
  • a direct translation, i.e. карлик, would also bring human dwarfs to mind first, which is undesirable.
No. 69160 Kontra
I see, interesting.
"дворфский" doesn't strike me as less pronounceable than the horrible consonant clusters in some native Russian words or names.
>which is undesirable
Yes, surely something like "midget fort" wouldn't work too well.
No. 69178
>>"дворфский" doesn't strike me as less pronounceable than the horrible consonant clusters in some native Russian words or names.
Mind you, some of the clusters which are spelled aren't actually pronounced (e.g. /-vstv-/ > [stv] like in здравствуйте or /-lnts-/ > [nts] like in солнце). Other clusters may seem difficult because Russian actually has different articulation of certain consonants (for instance, unlike in English or German, Russian [v] and [f] are retracted, which makes [fst-] or [vzd-] much easier to pronounce than they would be in those languages). Finally, some word-final consonant clusters aren't real clusters at all, as they contain syllabic consonants, basically equivalent to the presence of a non-phonemic schwa: театр [tʲɪˈatr̩]~[tʲɪˈatər], корабль [kɐˈrabl̩ʲ]~[kɐˈrabəlʲ].
Дворфский is really inconvenient to pronounce.
No. 69179
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
When did this turn into a language thread?

Here, have two screenshots of my parade float mid-jump.
No. 69181
193 kB, 1920 × 1080
263 kB, 1920 × 1080
15 in-game days into a new save, I have a well armed crew and so far, 11 soon-to-be-slaves to take to build my utopia.
But 11 wont be enough for what I have planned.
No. 69212
>дворфский or rather colloquially-sounding дворфовский
"Дворфий/дварфий" sounds perfectly fine, IMO. The coolest thing about Slav languages is their flexibility, so you can just switch suffixes until you make a word that feels most pleasant and fitting. Like, if we're talking about fantasy races, "орочий" sounds more orcish than, say, "оркский" or "орковский", while "эльфийский" represents the stuck-uppedness and fancy-pantsiness of elves better than "эльфский" or "эльфий".
No. 69219
>>The coolest thing about Slav languages is their flexibility, so you can just switch suffixes until you make a word that feels most pleasant and fitting.
Trouble is, it doesn't work in a really free manner. English also allows some liberty in formation of adjectives, mind you, but its main benefit is that simple apposition also works most of the time - something which is not the case for Slavic languages, where you always need to utilize a "real" adjective or a genitive construction (but that alternative has its limitations).
No. 69233
Why don't you all just learn and ultimately speak German?
It can do anything, from extremely condensed information to sprawling poetry, all while having almost no weird pronounciations or tonal subtleties.
No. 69236
I do have a limited passive understanding of German, as a matter of fact.
No. 69240
186 kB, 640 × 640
No. 69252
Sorry to derail, I'll stop after this post.

Yes, but I didn't mean those. Good to see you know how to use IPA, maybe we can have a language threda some day if there isn't one already.

>German has almost no weird pronounciations
Haha, you know everybody thinks this about their own L1, right? I think few languages have as many different surface vowels as German. Do you know how much most learners struggle to copy the quality of German [eː] even when you pronounce it for them, same with schwa elision in words like "gucken" or "schreiben", or just generally predicting how to pronounce (or not pronounce) the letters R and E depending on context? Everybody (except Dutch and Danes?) struggles with German pronunciation, it depends on each learner's L1 what gives them the most trouble.
No. 69255
What the fuck are surface vowels?
Also, I thought it was obvious that my post wasn't being entirely serious.
Although, can you give some examples for
>Do you know how much most learners struggle to copy the quality of German [eː] even when you pronounce it for them, same with schwa elision in words like "gucken" or "schreiben", or just generally predicting how to pronounce (or not pronounce) the letters R and E depending on context?
No. 69828
47 kB, 1085 × 781
58 kB, 1027 × 793
154 kB, 1018 × 767
119 kB, 1019 × 765
Ernst now has his very own Quake3-server which is hosted on the Radio Ernstiwan server. Back on Krautchan we also had our own server with a somewhat active community, let's see what we can do here. If you're interested:

How do I get the game?

1. ioquake3 download and unzip: https://ioquake3.org/get-it/
2. pak0.pk3 copy it to the baseq3-folder of your ioquake3-installation: https://github.com/nrempel/q3-server/blob/master/baseq3/pak0.pk3
3. pak9.pk3 for the custom-made Ernst models (mostly old Krautchan-/b/-stuff) get the pak9 and put it also in base3q: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/quake/pak9.pk3

How to play?
Choose Multiplayer => Specify => radio.ernstchan.xyz, Port 27960 should be preconfigured. Or open console (^ or Shift+^) and enter: \connect radio.ernstchan.xyz:27960

Remember to store the server in your favourites (when on the server: ESC => server info => add to favourites).

If asked for a CD-Key you can simply press enter. The following configurations are recommended (enter in console):
\rate 25000
\cl_maxpackets 60
\com_maxfps 125

The server is located in Romania, from Germany I have a ping of 50-60. I'm afraid it might be unplayable (ping way above 100) from overseas, you can just ping radio.ernstchan.xyz and check how it looks.