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No. 63356 Systemkontra
349 kB, 1280 × 960
Previous >>62724
No. 63358
532 kB, 1080 × 720
That's a norwegian forest cat.


I miss my norwegian forest cat :< pic related
No. 63360
Why do you think it's a norwegian forest cat? I often see moggies that look like the one on OP-pic.
No. 63361
154 kB, 1066 × 800
About the discussions on vegetarianism.
I love piggies because they taste good.
If I were to become a vegetarian, I wouldn't have any reason to love piggies anymore, thus no reason to be a vegetarian.
This kot is cute.
No. 63363
69 kB, 850 × 529
If what they about global warming is true, the only hope for humanity is if Wect forces China to reduce their CO2 emissions with threat of nuclear strike.
Each time I meet someone with education in physics, I ask him or her whether anthropogenic global warming is real. They all say nah, that's bullshit. Actually, the only person here who believes in it is my mother who doesn't have corresponding education but likes sci-pop (including Dawkins =D ) very much.
I have no idea who is right but time will show it. Anyway it's better to die eating pork than to live eating bugs.
Speaking about global warming, there is an informative video on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37NEFksybeY

Each time you write about food, I think about how cheap, fresh and diverse must be seafood where you live. Imagine eating paella with octopuses, squids, mytilus and some fancy fish. Fucking atlantists.
No. 63365
478 kB, 1600 × 1067
162 kB, 1200 × 760
Paella is a Spanish mediterranean dish, I've never eaten paella in my life :DD But yes, there are a lot of nice fish and octopus dishes here.
No. 63367
I don't exactly understand how people with an education in physics are more trustworthy experts on climate? Is the general education of physics before any necessary specialization when it comes to higher education enough to judge that properly?
No. 63368 Kontra
It is probably also not just an issue of science and data as people like to believe when they want to imitate Karl Popper but also simply of worldviews, like comfort levels and economy that interferes with your judgment
No. 63369 Kontra
They have found a way to efficiently destroy human civilization in less than an hour. I thereby consider them experts in apocalypse.
No. 63370 Kontra
Mostly by the tail and the fur around the breast. But tbh I don't have a lot of knowledge about different cat breeds, just a good recognition of one specific type. So I may as well have been wrong and mostly made a morning-brain post about missing my kot ._.
No. 63371 Kontra
Physicists, as well as other scientists, have a set of skills that allows them to better assess the scientific value of a given publication, or interpret data, or judge the quality of the study design than a layman.
So yeah, if I give a physicist and, say, a sociologist, the same paper with data on climate change, I will certainly expect the physicist to be able to relay the results properly.

This in turn means that if I ask a physicist whether climate change is real or not and he has not read any publication on climate change, his uninformed opinion is equally as worthless as my own.
No. 63372
Now morning, it looks like the sky is on fire, and it's snowing like the ashes of a dying empire.
No. 63374
225 kB, 580 × 1235
89 kB, 1072 × 599
Today I accidentally googed EC instead of typing it into the address bar, and discovered that there are people out there using EC as a file hosting service.
No. 63376
It sure is slow enough
No. 63377
3,9 MB, 16 pages
2,9 MB, 433 pages
Interesting stuff those people are linking to, though
No. 63379
I welcome these slavs posting about the unambomber and guppies here, they should feel free to use thredas on the front page.
No. 63381
Well, that is why I don't share pdf here. I did but the problem is those pdf stay and can be found via search engine. Can EC hosts get into trouble? It's copyright material.
No. 63390
We had a mouse problem for the past few days. Fucking bastard was in the walls.
It's gone now. Walked into this hyper-modern trap. At least it looks hypermodern, it uses the same mechanism as the ones you see in Tom and Jerry.
For better or for worse it decided to terrorise my sister. Worse because she really can't take it, better, because that means the fucking thing didn't chew its way trough any of my books.
Thinking about it, books are retardedly fragile and having more of them together doesn't really increase their chances of survival.

Took the opportunity and took the latin exam, to better my grade. I don't want a C.
But I'm reasonably sure "terribilibus" is not a valid declination.
So who knows.

Exam season is upon us. Gonna have a fuckload of exams. I have to do 180 credits for my degree and I'm doing 42 this semester. Thankfully that doesn't mean 42 exams, but it's quite close.
Still, I'm full of plans and ideas, and I'm sure I'll be able to tackle this perfectly.

I do something similar with discord bots. I use their private-messaging chat as file-hosting because it's fast and free.

I'm only vaguely familiar with Dawkins and Pinker, and I can say that I have a dislike for both of them. Dawkins is a self-absorbed asshole who thinks stemtards rule the world while actually profiting immensely from doing humanities and selling opportunities to "dine with him" for thousands of dollars.
Pinker is an s4s meme and he's also an incredibly alarming type of technocratic liberal who thinks periodical injection of antidepressants via nanobots is the solution to depression induced by our societal and economic structures.
Dawkins is just kind of an egoist and ultimately harmless in his middle-brow political retardation but Pinker I'd beat to death with a shovel.
No. 63391
45 kB, 600 × 1000
10 kB, 920 × 1500
18 kB, 360 × 600
263 kB, 716 × 945
>who thinks periodical injection of antidepressants via nanobots
Wait, I think I saw this on the 4chongs.

That said, today was a rather uneventful day. Homeoffice is still kinda ambivalent because it has great peaks but also very deep flaws and after about a year of not ordering anything from Amazon I relapsed, mainly because my hatred for going christmas shopping is greater than my hatred for Amazon and ever since they started their own delivery fleet (manned by even worse paid mooks than the regular parcel services) you can wait for your order from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening.
And just this noon my doorbell rang and I thought wow the dude is early today, but it was just the nice postwoman that usually only brings letters and such who gave me a package for my next-apartment-door neighbors. Then at around 6:15 when I stopped working I got dressed for going for a jog, already expecting the Amazon driver to show up right in the 10-15 minutes I am away, and what can I say? Had I left a minute earlier, or ran a wee bit faster, I could have accepted the package in person, but like this he already had given it to my next-apartment-door neighbors; I talked to him and he showed me on the doorbell that it was indeed my package (I have a slavic last name and since the delivery guys usually are balkanites/easterners it's usually enough to tell them the name and they understand, but this one seems to have been some kind of sandperson). So I rang the neighbors' doorbell, grabbed their package from my door and exchanged them.
What was in the package you ask? Toys for my nephew (as instructed by his dad) and a bluray of "In the Mouth of Madness" that goes into my GF's christmas present.

Also, rate my minimalist movie poster OCs (the last one isn't mine, but it's still great and I think of getting a print of it).:--DDDDDDDD
No. 63395
44 kB, 640 × 404
193 kB, 700 × 475
145 kB, 820 × 593
1,2 MB, 6251 × 5211
There's a lot of fearmongering going on when it comes to climate change tbh. It's real but it's not the end of the world, certainly not for First World* outside of super low-lying coastal cities (RIP Venice). Here's a pretty good essay on it: https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/please-dont-give-up-on-having-kids

*In any case Russia probably doesn't have much to worry either, best case is ancient Hyperborean structures are unveiled from the thawing Siberian hinterland and a new age of a spacefaring Slav empire will be upon us.

Also btw China's actually not faring that badly if you consider cumulative CO2 output or per capita measures:
And they do have plans to reduce coal power by building more nuclear plants :DDD

>minimalist movie poster OCs
Not really my style tbh, but I appreciate the effort. No idea what the movies are though :D

>after about a year of not ordering anything from Amazon I relapsed, mainly because my hatred for going christmas shopping is greater than my hatred for Amazon
Same, I recently did in-person shopping for birthday gifts but it's too tiresome for Christmas, also I'm always wary of getting screwed in-store since I can't compare prices easily
No. 63396
Actually, russia stands to gain from global warming in at least one respect: Lot's of previously unaccessible oil fields are being exposed on the northern coast. Nobody seems to know how much oil there actually is but it looks like it's a lot.

>Here's a pretty good essay on it:

Seen that before and it's a meh opinion piece that is ignoring a lot of things. Like A LOT. Actually almost everything. Because it's falling into this common trap to think that climate change is the one big threat.
There are thousands of problems caused by industrialization and they don't all have to do with using up resources or are directly influencing the climate.

I... don't know how far I want to get into this, tbh. Do not talk about climate change on image boards seems like an advice not worth ignoring. An advice I've given to others before even :-DDD
No. 63397
So, where did you get your climate change knowledge from?
No. 63398
As boring as it sounds, I've sat my ass down and read through the fifth and sixth assesment reports of the IPCC, almost all of them. Been procrastrinating the full-report version of the last two (from 2022) and only read the technical summary.

I also go hiking and have been watching the pine and fir trees die in my local forrest, which sounds like something a weirdo would do, I know, but it did hit home hard when I started to notice it in summer 2020 on a regular hiking trip.
A lot of people here have no idea that almost all forrests in Germany are endangered and about 60% of our trees are expected to die during the next heat wave (the last one was from 2018-2020).
No. 63399 Kontra
Sorry, forgot the link to the reports:

No. 63400 Kontra
No. 63401 Kontra
>There are thousands of problems caused by industrialization and they don't all have to do with using up resources or are directly influencing the climate.

I'd agree but ask if the mass scale consumption of resources (that started before industrialization but has continued and grown since then) is nonetheless one big factor that made it to the front in the present. I mean you need resources to power a global economy that has many downsides aside from fueling climate change like labor conditions, large-scale animal farming with medics/hormones, pesticides and so on.
I don't think that climate change is our only problem nor the absolute apocalypse, it will probably turn out differently depending on your location and class anyway and will probably produce and deepen problems/phenomena we already have to deal with.
No. 63402 Kontra
In the end, all problems that would appear/worsen due to climate change have one common root: Overpopulation. There just are too many people on this earth and almost all of them want a first world living standard.
No. 63404
42 kB, 500 × 675
436 kB, 1299 × 1772
280 kB, 527 × 512
120 kB, 674 × 540
Everybody all the time asks "where is Brick where is Brick", but nobody ever asks "why did the Brick cross the road?".
I mean how could that be, if not for transportation by unconventional means?
Imagine I'd be posting random shit, would you think I am a new german, a new German, have a schizo episode or just take the piss because I'm bored? Or maybe I am having a schizo episode because I'm bored and didn't manage to occupy my brain with nonsense so I have to listen to the voice in my head again.
No. 63405
I haven't gone for a run in weeks, because of the cold and alternating rain/snow. Then I see my neighbor out there running... Dammit, I thought we all had an unspoken agreement to stop going outside and just hole up until spring. Now I feel lazy.

>No idea what the movies are though :D
Buffalo 66, also not sure(Split?), and My Dinner with Andre
No. 63406
There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. Like my shoes, they're not leakproof, so each time I go running through the woods after a rain or something, I get wet feet. Since I am usually only going for less than 30 minutes, it's ok though and I jump into the shower right after.

Second one is Cannibal Holocaust btw.
I really hope you people didn't think any of those posters were good or clever or anything less than insultingly terrible.
No. 63411
54 kB, 1013 × 384
32 kB, 450 × 326
What's interesting is that if those filenames are UNIX timestamps (and they probably are), the pdf files must have been uploaded back in 2018, but the posts themselves are relatively recent.

Does the catalog even go that far back, even with the hidden pages? It's a mystery.

>"why did the Brick cross the road?"
To get to the shop window on the other side. Eat the rich!
No. 63412
>I'd agree but ask if the mass scale consumption of resources (that started before industrialization but has continued and grown since then) is nonetheless one big factor that made it to the front in the present.

Yes, mass consumption is the big one, driving many other problems. The difficulty is to see that we have no clear causation but instead a spiral of interdependency. Mass consumption is tied to economic growth, which is tied to the rise of science, which is tied to the concept of credit. And the mistake here is to single one out when they are all so closely linked that we have to think about all at the same time. Take the set F = {mass consumption, economic growth, scientific progress, credit system} and try to think of F as the big problem, not any of the elements of F. But we also have to acknowledge that there is no such thing as "the problem"; this simplification is harmful in itself. There are many problems and I have many doubts that any of them can be solved without also solving most of the others.
No. 63413
Not sure if you care, but you can always open up a terminal and use date instead of a website:

>date --date=@1544722680
>Thu Dec 13 06:38:00 PM CET 2018

I imagine it would align with your philosophy of simplicity more, but who knows.

Regarding your question: Do we actually know that those integers refer to the timestamp of when the file was uploaded?
Could it be some other timestamp instead? Maybe the clock of the server is off, even.

If I'd write imageboard software, I'd chose a cryptographic hash like blake2 or sha256 for the file names and URIs, resulting in automatic deduplication of data.
No. 63421
It appears that it is, indeed, a timestamp.
If you open the pdf about guppies from my previous post:
The file name is a unix epoch stamp that matches the post date.
Another interesting thing is that phutaba accepts requests like these:
I guess that's how it handles accessing the internal file name through the displayed original file name.

I enjoy how imageboards are structured in a way that can be reasoned about by humans. Like, sequential post numbers, timestamps as file names, etc.
Most websites today don't do that.
Sure as fuck can't index youtube videos sequentially lmao.
No. 63424
There are actually only two German posters on /int/. One is an urbanite in Academia - I think he's from Hamburg, who feels that he is meek and disconnected from people around him. The other is a mechanic from Baden who hates urbanites but is self-conscious about his non-refined background.
No. 63428
23 kB, 480 × 360
>There are actually only two German posters on /int/
I can confirm this. t. different German poster.
No. 63430 Kontra
It's true.
t. not the other German
No. 63433
Malthusianism is basically just neocolonial griping about other countries wanting our upper middle class standards and all it proves is how insanely retarded and wasteful the whole system is. We can sustain the population just fine; it's the way we use resources that we cannot, and Lord knows the fat fuckers aren't parting with their Arizona and SoCal golf courses. It's a systems problem, not a pop metrics one.

I'm also to this day baffled why anthropogenic climate change makes anyone butthurt. The whole atmosphere got oxygenated by bacteria over millions of years which caused climate shifts. We are terraforming the planet to be inhospitable and the worst case examples will lead to global wars and crash depopulations. Sorry to sound conceited, but it's quite literally a problem of most people being too stupid to understand how overlapping matrixes of dynamic systems works which is why their small brains go "will get slightly warmer, Russian beaches open, problems weren't." The full scale of cascade failures and planetary effects will likely result in us eventually crashing down to 4 billion people, probably worse given how provably stupid people are in a crisis. Having witnessed 2020 firsthand I have no doubt in my mind everyone is going to take exactly the worst possible approach when they then have no choice but to deal with it.

What surprised me is I talked with a friend this holiday break who I'd previously assumed one of the most logical, even minded, and philosophically inclined people, and even he pretty much adopted the attitude of "I'm not planning on having kids and I'll be dead by then so who cares." I think it's overall symptomatic of that utterly nihilisitic, culture destroying alleged consumer "culture" we replaced every ethos with. I immediately stop giving a shit what anybody has to say about broad topics the second "I'll be dead so who cares" pops out of their mouth. It's like, why am I supposed to give any shits about your opinion on X topic if you literally are unwilling or unable to care about consequences 50 years from now? The founders of this country explicitly framed the Constitution with generation upon generation of future Americans in mind. "I'd be dead so who cares" is such an alien mindset to me, and moreover betrays the sort of intellectual laziness and moral decay that proves a person's incapacity at seeing any broader picture.

Suffice to say though that the US military has been prioritizing climate change induced conflict as the top national security concern. On some level the whole Arab Spring came from those instabilities and resulting food shortages and prices.
No. 63439
After a few years my mouse is seemingly starting to die.
I have had problem with the mouse wheel for some time now (disassembling and cleaning the thing didn't help in the slightest), but now one of the thumb buttons seems to doubleclick from time to time. This thing is just a bit over five years or so. Same thing happened with the mouse before.
Fuck that gamer bullshit, fuck all the other bullshit, I just want a mouse where the wheel will NOT get fucked up after only a few years.
No. 63440
Heh, I'm using a gamer mouse the is so old I can't remember or read the label on it, but I think it's a Logitech G5, based on this table from wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Logitech_products#Gaming_mice

And I know that I bought it shortly after it came out. Which makes this thing about 16 years old now. Dreaded be the day where it finally breaks and I have to get a new one in a market that doesn't offer lasting products anymore.
No. 63441 Kontra
God that was the worst piece of academic drivel I've read in a while btw. Just pure buzzword and quotation salad and all insinuations without ever approaching some substantial analysis. The author referring to his own text as "my little essay" should've probably raised a red flag.
No. 63443
Tbh, rather than moral decay, I'd point the finger at alienation. We are socialised by capitalism to basically have no impact on our labour product, no matter the labour power put in, and people's desire for change is channeled into safe and ineffective elections.

When a dog is kicked enough, it just curls up and starts taking it, hoping to get used to situation and not even bothering to do anything that could make it worse.

It's a logical and kind of desirable state for our system, and one that they foster. I wouldn't consider it a personal failing, even if this kind of alienated apathy is something to be combated (another reason to support your local /fighting/ union, yellow unions only contribute to the alienation tbh).
No. 63444 Kontra
>As boring as it sounds, I've sat my ass down and read through the fifth and sixth assesment reports of the IPCC, almost all of them.
Why read them? They've said roughly the same for 30 years, really, there's no point. It's not like the next one will have a paragraph that reads "So, there is no need for further reports, we were wrong" or "OK, no need for further reports, problem's solved". Data for the reference period from 1990-2020 is in, and what was predicted in 1988 has happened.

President Bush I promised to take action. Nothing has been achieved, nothing at all. Instead, energy use has increased. Not only through rising wealth in developing nations, but also through higher consumption in developed nations, as consumers buy ever bigger amounts of stuff, much of which they don't properly consume, but throw away long before it's used up.

Germans buy 26kg of clothes per capita and year! That's totally, utterly, unimaginably bonkers. Why do they do that? What the fuck is wrong with people? It would have been unaffordable to nearly everyone to buy this many clothes back when German shops were still supplied by the domestic textile-industry, back in 1980s.

A Romanian seamstress makes €200/month. A seamstress in Germany made thrice that, in the late 1980s. If the labor we employed was decently payed, we could hardly afford to destroy the planet as much as we do.

>I'm also to this day baffled why anthropogenic climate change makes anyone butthurt.
It's because they don't want to feel responsible for it. They view the suggestion that they contribute as an insult, and they see the people who make those perceived insults in no position to insult. At least I hope that's it. Maybe they are psychopaths.

>It's real but it's not the end of the world, certainly not for First World*
It is real, and it is bad. In most of the first world, it will be mostly business as usual for the next few decades, that means: no widespread starvation, poverty, civil war, etc. At least not like in "civilization will collapse by 2030". Still, I expect to see ecosystems (or what is left of them) suffering immensely, rising prices for many goods, increasing numbers of refugees at our borders, and so on, and so forth.
No. 63445 Kontra
29 kB, 462 × 496
>Why read them? They've said roughly the same for 30 years, really, there's no point.
The point is that one actually knows what they are talking about and not from hearsay from whatever the media are spouting at any given moment.
For once someone is doing "their own research" correctly, just for you to talk shit? Seriously, what gives? If there's one thing I like less than entirely uninformed opinions, it's gefährliches Halbwissen.
No. 63446 Kontra
>For once someone is doing "their own research" correctly, just for you to talk shit?

If you think that is the German that said you have to do research bc I can't tell: it's not him.
No. 63447 Kontra
No I didn't, it was meant more as a general jab towards covidiots and other less recent retards (like classical antivaxxers and homeopaths and the like).
No. 63448
So you did "your own research" by reading a comprehension of results-sections of articles published by hundreds of teams of researchers.

I wish I could find the guy who made research and recherche synonyms. And smash his skull.
No. 63449 Kontra
I am not him, but reviews are made exactly for this purpose, to give an overview of the current state of knowledge and you have to start somewhere, after all. It's certainly thrustworthier than any Zeit, FAZ, Welt, [your favorite newspaper] article.

But I agree that english is a horrible language.
No. 63450
>Why read them? They've said roughly the same for 30 years, really, there's no point.

You'd be surprised. Take a peak at the summaries of the reports from 2020 and 2021; some areas have turned out much worse than anticipated and some developments (particularly the mass extinctions) are happening almost twice as fast as thought only 7 years ago in the last report.

For that info alone there is no need to read those reports, though. Those "juicy details" are covered pretty well in news outlets. I've read them because I wanted to actually know the technical details. For once I wanted to look at the source and not repeat second-hand interpretations. Gotta admit that it took me two whole months to get through the reports from 2020, because once I started I couldn't stop myself from looking at many of the references. Plus I needed to brush up my knowledge on biology, organic chemistry and physics for the technical report. I was pretty much in tunnel vision mode during that time but it felt really good in a way to do some out-of-field research (my home turf is STEM).

Eh, I'm most likely none of the Ernsts you can pinpoint as I haven't been a particularly active poster on EC for years. I was mostly lurking and only started posting actively again in the past week because I'm visiting my parents and there isn't too much to do for me here...
No. 63452
Wait, how can biology, chemistry and physics be out-of-field if you're a STEM dude? Shouldn't you be acquainted with at least one of them, then? Unless of course you're one of those unholy shudder computer scientists.
No. 63454
Or a mathematician (:

But no, busted, it's CS, sorry to disappoint.
No. 63455
95 kB, 512 × 512
242 kB, 1080 × 1283
>implying mathematics and CS are not like brother and little "special" brother
No. 63456

I dunno man. The right comp sci guys can be pretty biggus dickus compared to many maths people.
No. 63460
3 kB, 327 × 154
No. 63461
Housemate asked for a loft to the mechanic to pick up their car. Turns out that their mechanic is in the stinking arsehole of the city through some of the worst road layouts Brisbane has to offer, and they want to go over during peak traffic times.

Never a-fucking-gain. Holy shit that was munted.
No. 63462
Only must suffer two more days until weekend...
I have to start doing Christmas stuff but I really want to just spend like two solid days laying bed and playing Battlefleet Gothic Armada or something
No. 63463
I was hungry, but I didn't have any appetite.
So I ate a banana to at least alleviate the hunger, but I still have no appetite or feel like doing anything, really.
Yesterday I got some anxiety that I fucked up at work, but it was completely unsubstantiated, but today this feel kinda carried over and I am just waiting for the weekend so I can see her again.
No. 63469
I have witnessed the rat while striding the street. It trembled in fear and scoot away into its burrow.
No. 63471 Kontra
147 kB, 625 × 621
I feel weird tutoring sometimes. Maybe it was because I did not prepare very well for the weekly session. But I'm in front of these people asking them questions and trying to elaborate my own reading/findings and knowledge, I can't pinpoint what feels weird. Since I'm a student as well and not very much into most texts we speak about I don't know how to feel about it, like I struggle myself with these texts, maybe or clearly not as much as some of them. But at least people tell me they understand the lectures better with my tutoring.

Does STEM PhD Ernst have to give lectures or courses?
No. 63472
>Does STEM PhD Ernst have to give lectures or courses?
At least in my case that was an integral part of the PhD work.
I held lectures when my boss wasn't available due to bullshit uni politics meetings and such, tutored people in lab courses, corrected exams and of course supervision of Bachelor/Master/Diploma students was also in the responsibility of the scientific staff.
In my case I was also responsible for setting up a new lab course, including its organization and creation of a proper script.
No. 63473
Any thoughts in giving lectures, I don't mean technical details in giving lectures, but how you yourself perceived the role, the setup of students and person in the front, interactions and such.
It feels kinda natural for me, I had enough seminars to know how to act and "imitate" certain things, for example, responding to students' questions and their pondering. But then I think about how it looks from the outside even while I speak which is distracting. Hope that will cease.
No. 63475
In lectures I was the stand-in for the professor and had to work with his slides, which was sometimes difficult, as they were usually horrible. But beyond that I didn't behave differently than if I would explain stuff to anyone else.
I must add though that I always enjoyed giving lectures because for me it was also a kind of training and therapy, as I used to be a horrible Bernd and assburger. Today I can (and did) talk like a showmaster in front of hundreds of people (although sometimes the old sperg still slips out).

In lab courses it was a bit different, since in lectures you just work through the slides, give maybe a bit additional information, but what a lot of people don't understand, or take pretty long to understand is that studying is mainly a thing of self-motivation and, especially important, independent work. The lectures themselves give you an overview, or at least tell you everything you need to know to pass the exam (which even a lot of people don't manage to do), but it is your own responsibility to go beyond "adequate".
So anyway, lab courses, here it was my task ESPECIALLY that the students understand what they are doing, because many of them didn't read the script and didn't even know what they were doing. In a group of, say, five, there were usually two people who knew what to do and the rest was just fucking around. Of course we had "Antestate" for every lab course, but those were more of a formality. Eventually I made it a habit to just randomly ask questions related to the script and try to get it in their heads what they are actually doing and WHY they are doing it, i.e. how it fits into the bigger picture.
I also tried to acclimatize them to lab work, i.e. what entails that, how you work, so basically just share my experience because I want those after me to have it at least a bit easier than me.

The downside where was that I was being perceived as strict and "mean", and one student, who also worked in our institute as student worker, was complaining once that I would always be asking her questions in a lab course! How horrible!
Of course I couldn't always tell them my whole life story, like how my supervisors were always pretty laissez-faire and even in four years of being a graduate student I was never able to achieve a proper work ethic and I was hoping that by being mindful of disciplined work of my students I could at least a bit steer them into a mindset that allowed them to have it easier later if they put in just a bit more effort earlier.
No. 63476 Kontra
>that I was being perceived as strict and "mean"

Interesting, I wonder how I am perceived. Don't know, I feel more or less lifeless. I'm not a big joker, more serious about the content yet I'm relaxed and open. It's not a seminar so I cannot discuss things with people I really know a bit about. I refused to give out slides at first, because they won't replace reading actual texts and taking part in the lecture, and I wanted to prevent lazy people from feeling secure and staying away. I kind of like it but I sometimes feel like I'm losing ground while explaining. But that might be due to rehashing things I have an idea about but no real expertise in. I'm basically there to prepare summaries and teach these while also trying to answer any questions that come up while doing so.

>I want those after me to have it at least a bit easier than me.

Yeah, same. Not concerning lab work ofc but the sentence before: Rub in some knowledge that is handy to understand the bigger picture and what you are actually doing. I think that is what is actually badly done at university, many people I encountered have not so much knowledge about what they are actually doing, in the contexts they are doing it. It took me some time and I myself notice that I still know quite little about some basics.
No. 63504
I had a really shitty week, and I am once again getting this one persistent intrusive thought I've had for a while.

I keep thinking that I should kill my father, then kill myself.
Objectively, this is a net beneficial action. My father is a net negative on my family's life. He's an irredeemable drunkard who is shitfaced 24/7 for years now, he pisses under himself and gets belligerent. Additionally, all of our family's finances regarding house bills and local equivalent of mortgage are tied to him, so we can't escape. If he were to die, our family would regain our autonomy.

As for me, I am completely useless and my life contributes nothing to the external world. I might as well not exist, practically speaking. I only earn enough money to fund the act of going to work, as well as my own vain needs + food. I contribute nothing to my family or anyone else.

Regarding the emotional impact of my demise, I have no social life, so I am not tied to anyone outside family. Inside the family, there are two groups. Extended family, and immediate family.

I do not care about the reactions of my extended family, as I honestly dislike them. From father's side, they're all degenerates who will probably be too drunk/poor to even attend my funeral. From mother's side, they're oh so virtuous muslims who like to preach to us about acceptance, and how we should take care of my alcoholic father, because he's our patriarch and yadda yadda. In fact, their attitude is so annoying that I hope that the thought that their beloved nephew will suffer eternally in Islamic hell for the sin of suicide and murder will bring them much distress.

As for immediate family, it consists of my mother, my little brother, and my older brother. Surely, they will be affected by my demise, but emotional wounds are ephemeral and wo;; heal with time, while practical / financial circumstances are real and concrete. Their quality of life will improve even if they won't admit it. My mother earns a decent living as a teacher with a lot of experience, her job will support her well until retirement. After retirement, my older brother will be able to take care of her, since he earns much more than me, and is more successful than me, despite having undiagnosed ADHD.

I will buy a tent, and a small gas tank containing a noble gas, such as helium or argon. The pain of suffocation/asphyxiation is triggered by the saturation of the organism with carbon dioxide, rather than lack of oxygen. So asphyxiation via noble gasses is completely painless. Once my father is drunk yet again, I will take him, the tent and the tank with the gas into a remote location, put him and myself into the tent, and release the noble gas. I will also call the emergency services in advance. It will be quick and efficient. I will not do this in my apartment, because I do not wish to cause additional trauma of discovering our bodies to my mother and little brother. The only ones who will who will see our freshly deceased bodies will be the paramedics and the coroner. She will never see our bodies, since Islamic tradition (according to which we will be buried) involves wrapping the bodies in cloth, and does not feature a casket, open or closed. The bodies will simply be buried.

I see no faults in this plan. Additional suggestions and advice is welcome.

DISCLAIMER: all of the above is most likely empty LARP brought on by temporary depressive mood caused by my Bipolar Type II illness. Unfortunately, once I am out of my depressive state and back into hypomanic state, I will once again be subject to the delusional optimism that my life can be fixed. Such is the tragedy of a deterministic mind. One can not objectively reflect upon themselves, as the act of reflection is dependent upon the neurochemical state of mind at the moment of reflection itself.
No. 63505
>As for me, I am completely useless and my life contributes nothing to the external world. I might as well not exist, practically speaking.

Well no, you've set up EC cinema. Even though it isn't complete it has already brough some joy.

Also, I like reading your posts for more than a single reason.
No. 63509 Kontra
51 kB, 927 × 636
Had midterm Chinese exam. Don't know how it went. If it's below 61% then I won't pass and I will be a year late with my degree. If I had a tranquillizer I wouldn't have one.

Gonna try playing some video games, because I can't sleep, read or eat and this herbal pill with valerian is nearly useless now.
No. 63510
My posts are nothing but empty schizo rambles. I haven't finished a single book from my backlog so far. I like to talk about philosophy, but all I do is skim books, pick out ebin sounding quotes, and extrapolate when writing shiposts on EC.

Besides, isn't it pathetic that my only source of socialization, and the only group of people who are aware of my existence, let alone care about me, are anonymous posters on an obscure international imageboard? Is it a cause for celebration or despair?

>EC cinema

Complete failure.
Not only is it based on a very buggy, poorly developed engine, I have been to hasty to announce its release, without providing the features required to user-level interface to make it usable for the average person.
If I didn't have Bipolar Type II, I'd have already fixed these issues, since it has been weeks since I identified them. I spend 2 weeks out of 4 in a month being a depressive piece of shit. I am constantly tormented by the idea that I have such great potential to be someone, yet my illness puts me into the category occupied by retards.
One upside is that I have learned a lot about video streaming protocols, so I can do some further development. I am already planning to ditch the current engine, and either get a new engine, or interface with ffmpeg directly, since all of those engines are nothing but front ends for ffmpeg.

Hm. I guess I still have much to do regarding the streaming server. I shall postpone my hypothetical suicide until I fix them. And that's the way it goes. You find a way to to occupy yourself for 60 something years, until you succumb to cancer or Alzheimer's.
No. 63511
478 kB, 686 × 972
Boring, boring, boring. Especially knowing I can't start my weekend until probably 6 or 7 tonight.

Also, if you wanted to kill yourself you should use a coal grill instead of noble gases. It's cheaper, thus leaving more money to your family, and if you do in the woods in a tent it's easier to convince people it was just some dumb drunkard's accident.
DISCLAIMER: All of the above are just strictly functional ponderings that do not refer to any specific posts in this threads.
No. 63512
And so it was, a broken video streaming service needing repairs saved the life of a Kazakh alcoholic and his part time alcoholic son. Ernstchan saves lives.
No. 63513
"Life" is a strong word in this context. Neither of us have a life.
No. 63514 Kontra
I wish my corpulent body would be burned to heat a residential building for 30 minutes.
That's the only way I can see my life having a positive contribution to others.
No. 63515
42 kB, 1200 × 1200
Today i came home from work and after a hard day sitting in front of the computer i just wanted to sit down and relax in front of the computer.
Computer turned on but it made loud, grinding noises and was vibrating.
I turned it off and on again but it still made those noises. So i turned it off and on again again and it still made those noises.
I brought the computer to the living room, opened it, startet it and.... it was a fucking DVD loading in the DVD drive. Fucking hell.
No. 63516
> positive contribution to others
I write videogame walkthroughs. Less painful.
No. 63517
96 kB, 880 × 650
Son, I am disappoint. Most people don't contribute anything to anything valuable, so why worry? In b4 b-but they touch each others genitals sometimes. And what would be valuable in first place? Who defines this? You, of all people, suddenly aiming for good boy points with society...
>I haven't finished a single book from my backlog so far.
What's next? Building a house and planting a tree? That's such a neurotypical thing to say. Get a decent goal like "Make EC an imageboard powerhouse" or make your dad pee on an electric fence and videotape it.
>Besides, isn't it pathetic that my only source of socialization, and the only group of people who are aware of my existence, let alone care about me, are anonymous posters on an obscure international imageboard?
EC is the patricians choice of socialization. Complaining that people hang out too much on the interwebz is something a 50 years old pyschologist with turtleneck sweater would say, and that's only because he probably can't keep up with his kids at gaming. It's the same than our grandparents whining about heavy metal and punk music to our parents. Dem kidz are up to no good, I tell ya!

There, now you've done it: You have forced me to make a meme about you from a template I just recently discovered but most likely comes from a place most people here despise. And if the Germbros try to run away from it to /b/: It's no use. I was just about to shit it up when I was interrupted by recent events in this thread.

Also: There's literally nothing wrong with your streaming portal, it's all in your head.
No. 63518
Everything is in my head. You're in my head.
All of reality is just a bunch of illusory phantoms that emerge from the interplay of chaotic mental phenomena within my mind, that dance and twitch and quiver like shadows upon a cave wall.
I am the only thing that exists. I am the protagonist of the Universe.

Who do you think you are? I could erase you with a mere closing of my eyelids. In fact, I just did so right now, and I conjured you back into existence by opening them. It is that easy.
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma. I am the Master of Reality by the band Black Sabbath (2014 Remaster).

I will go to sleep now, and it is by mere coincidence that when I wake up, the (so called) world will arrange itself back into the sate it was in before my slumber.

I have a button under my desk labeled "History Eraser Button". I do not know if the label is truthful, but it is only by my eternal grace and mercy that I do not press it, as well as being too fat to reach it. You better pray and hope to your imagined gods that I fail on my quest to lose weight. I will not.
No. 63519 Kontra
299 kB, 1275 × 1412
You seem confuse what is out there with what your mind makes of it. Thoughts formed through media.

Am I the only one that gets older and likes to think about topics of science, humanities and philosophy without getting severe existential problems while doing so. It's not like it does not happen, but I have the feeling of it more and more coexisting with the fact of boring drone wage labor life. Like ok, I can do this, but I also have to do that. I would be more satisfied with gf and some more conversation that lead deeper into the niches I like to think about from my academic education that maybe one day will blend with my working life because I cannot imagine another wage labor that would make sense for me from trajectory I took so far.

The mundanity of life and non-life, of human and extra-human changes into existential and cosmic dimensions, and abyss and a divine touch that is out of reach and intelligibility and like constant folding and I somehow get more and more used to this what really started with being a teenager.
No. 63520
Whatever nerd.
No. 63526
>I am the Remaster of reality
I laughed :DD
>I have a button under my desk labeled "History Eraser Button"
Bad news: This one's also in your head. And even your head might be an illusion, brain in a vat, simulation theory 'n shiet. Also it would be entrirely possible that the button only erases the memory of your usage of the button and you are pressing it every night.

>coexisting with the fact of boring drone wage labor life
Still better than going out hunting for food I suppose, especially when food is scarce. It's easier to cope with reality when you consider the alternatives.
>The mundanity of life
Well, since no one has yet found out why the universe exists it's too early to judge about it. And since there are no proofs I do not accept the fact that my EC shitposting is mundane!
No. 63528
Solipsists should be beaten like dogs. Those punches are not real for them, so why would they care.
No. 63529
I have taken my meds. I have shaved my neckbeard. I have waxed my asscrack.
I am a man reborn. A phoenix rising. Ouroboros.
I eat myself and shit myself out. And by "eat myself" I mean I lick the semen off my fingers after I masturbate.

"Eating myself" would be an understatement, then. I eat an uncountable myriad of myself. "Myriad" being a Greek word denoting ten thousand. The average ejaculation contains 100 million sperm, and considering that only a small amount of a full ejaculation remains on my fingers after the act, 10,000 would be a somewhat accurate figure, I suppose.

But I digress. The point is, why is producing life associated with the female sex? All they produce is a measly egg every month. I, on the other hand, am capable of birthing and and destroying hundreds of millions of potential lives in a single day. Multiple times a day, sometimes.

With a stroke of my hand (I have premature ejaculation), I send armies to their deaths. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. "The end" being an euphemism for my penis. Super Nintendo, tugging on my endo.
The floor under my desk is a necropolis in a microcosm. Millions have died there. Millions more shall die. For I Do Not Clean Up After Myself. I am a cruel God.
When I open 20 tabs of Pornhub, I exclaim, "Behold, I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds".

Sometimes, I meditate to the point where I become oblivious to outside reality, feeling as if I am sitting in an empty void. I reject external reality, and all that is without.
Then I reject myself as well, my body, my identity, my very mind itself. Everything but your prostate and the penis. Reality becomes a pristine virgin void with nothing but my penis and prostate in it
Then I start flexing mt prostate until I reach handless (there are no hands in the void) orgasm (takes years of practice). And lo, I ejaculate into the void. I have inseminated the nothingness, planting my seed as the source of all reality.

Now I open my eyes, and admire my own creation. I have impregnated the void, as Vishnu did in the beginning of the All, and reality is the child. I have become creator of all that is.

You're welcome.
No. 63530
>Also it would be entrirely possible that the button only erases the memory of your usage of the button and you are pressing it every night.

I am in awe. Thank you.
No. 63531
>Neither of us have a life.
Well, I do.
No. 63532
184 kB, 429 × 410
>I start flexing mt prostate until I reach handless (there are no hands in the void) orgasm (takes years of practice). And lo, I ejaculate into the void.
And thus the universe was created. t. Genesis 1-1.
No. 63534
One of the greatest insights I have gathered back when I practiced meditation was that The Flesh Obeys The Mind.
All statements claiming otherwise come from those who are spiritually weak.

The buddhist monks themselves are the the greatest proof.
Did you know that buddhist monks don't shave their heads? Instead, they consciously prevent hair from growing on their scalps.
It's a little known fact, bud buddhists are also constantly levitating. But they can only levitate one 10th of a millimeter off the ground, so nobody notices.

It is well known that through years of practice, some buddhist monks gain the ability to willfully increase their body temperature. A little less known fact, is that monks who take this skill further, reach such peaks of internal heat generation, that they gain the ability to spontaneously self-combust. Curiously, this ability only works in front of Chinese embassies.
No. 63535
358 kB, 1000 × 667
>Well, since no one has yet found out why the universe exists it's too early to judge about it. And since there are no proofs I do not accept the fact that my EC shitposting is mundane!

it's the result of a fart, the universe is the leftover over of a divine entity, cosmic radiation is fart vibration It's a reversible figure, mundanity and cosmic sublime can exist together.

The central Asian Shiva is among us.
No. 63538
245 kB, 979 × 1430
A man has traveled the world in search of Enlightenment. He has crossed tundras, and scaled mountains.
At least, he reached his destination. A temple atop the highest mountain, inhabited by a small group of monks.

The man is welcomed by a younger monk. He shows the man around, and tells him about their school of meditation.
Although he finds it respectable, the man has practiced many types of meditation himself, and what the monk showed is not new to him.
"I have traveled many lands, and learned from many schools, and mastered many techniques", said the man. "Have you not something that can further my understanding?"
The monk thought for a while, and said: "Hm, yes. There is a technique developed in this very temple. But only our master has learned it. There he is, upon a rock, practicing as we speak".
"What is this technique?", asked the man.
"High Speed Meditation", answered the monk.
The man was puzzled.
"High speed meditation? What does that mean? Does it let one reach Enlightenment faster?".
"There is no shortcut to Enlightenment, young boy", rebuked the monk.
"Then what even is High Speed Meditation?" asked the man, annoyed.
"It is meditation, but faster", replied the monk.
"Fuck you", said the man.
No. 63539
34 kB, 378 × 264
My little brother is mentally deficient. He's always been behind in school, and we suspected he had developmental problems.

I remember a particular incident, where my belief that he was retarded was cemented for good. He was 4 at the time.
Mom asked me to work with him a bit, and gave me a picture book to teach him words and the alphabet. The book was themed around animals.

I sat beside him, and opened a random page. The page was for "T". "Tiger" was written on the page, and indeed, there was a depiction of a tiger, illustrated with watercolors.

"What is this?" I asked him, pointing at the page.
"A tiger!", he said, grinning, excited.
"No you idiot!", I yelled out, slapping him across the face. "It's NOT a tiger, it is ink and paper arranged into a stylized depiction of a tiger!".
He started crying and ran out of the room.

The next day, I went to his school and asked the teacher to put him in special ed.
No. 63540 Kontra
>"No you idiot!", I yelled out, slapping him across the face. "It's NOT a tiger, it is ink and paper arranged into a stylized depiction of a tiger!".

No. 63541
I remember back when I was 7 or so, I was returning back from school on a winter day, and a russian granny walked up to me, gave me a candy and we had a pleasant conversation while walking down the road.
Then she suddenly slipped on a frozen puddle and fell on her back, yelling for help while flailing her arms and legs.
I just walked past her, went into a nearby store, bought some ice cream and watched her cry her help and struggle to get up on frozen ice, while chuckling to myself.
To this day I wonder what the fuck was wrong with me.
I mean, ice cream in winter? I could have caught a cold.
No. 63544
I once kicked a can of coke around on my way back from school and at one point between the feet of two grannies. I don't remember their reaction or anger exactly. I only think I was grinning to my cheekbones like a schoolboy about me breaking the norms of society.
No. 63545
Yet another sosach-tier bait. Reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_PauucI0Uo
All this gall, insincerity and trolling are bad not just for EC but also for your SOVL. Maybe your depression would be a bit slighter if you tried to abandon this behavior.
No. 63552
Ah the weekend at last, thank God. I have theoretically nothing to do or be beholden to for the next two days with plenty of money in mh pocket for Christmas. I need to make a list on my unearthed whiteboard. I'm so scatterbrained I can't remember shit.

That is literal honest to God psychopathic behavior. It's still taking me awhile to process if that's indeed just another drunken shitpost or you really did do this.Not that my childhood behavior was stellar, but still. She even gave you ice cream. Even just standing there frozen I could understand, but laughing and walking off? The fuck? Does your family have FAS or something?

Speaking of, does FAS make you super aggressive and talk kinda funny? I'm debating if that's the deal of someone else.
No. 63553
I enjoy the insane brickposts. They provide the edge this board lacks and is in dire need of.
And since he's like this board's jester I am just not taking them seriously and understand them as mere fabrications designed to entertain me.
No. 63555 Kontra
Eh, I'm sure you did fine lol.
>Gonna try playing some video games,
Did sames tbh, haven't played anything in a while, so I forgot that it can truly be an effective tranquilizer

Also had midterms, got results back now. I got ~90/100 for both oral and written portion. We actually got the anonymized results for everyone so I did some data analysisfucking around in excel and it turns out that only makes me Nr. 12, or around the top 20%. Would've liked to be at least Nr. 10, but grinding for those last 10 points would likely require so much effort that it'd go against my lifelong habit of following the pareto principle. Then again I kinda want to get into the program with the integrated 1-year exchange to China, and it only takes 10 people, though it's not necessarily based on academic performance.
No. 63558
1,1 MB, 1200 × 675
No. 63568
To be fair, so did the longer future and so does the past. When you go forward much in time things suck way more for most people, and so did things when you rewind past like a century ago. Hate it or love it, right now is in fact the optimal time for being around as a human for life on earth. There are only nicer things when you go way into the farther future because things are about to suck hard pretty soon too, which I suppose is sensible as the distribution curve leaves a good bulk of humans living in the better parts albeit still sucking really hard for the developing world.

I'll put it to you this way, I would much rather be living as some bydlo American in this part of the timeline than literal royalty from four centuries ago. I'd likewise much rather be living as some impoverished Russian in Putinist Russia even than as the Imperator of Rome.

I personally flew. I, personally, just got to fly. I have sat above the clouds of fake gods themselves and looked down on the world while sipping vodka in an climate controlled cabin, and it was in that moment that I could feel the pettiness and poverty of all the nobles that ever lived beneath my feet. Every grand Marquis was beneath even being my shoe. They will never get to sacrifice all the wealth in the world for experiencing what I just experienced, or to have the chance to know all what I knew. It is my supreme hope that someday our descendents shall look down on our loosed mortal shells with similar pity for this earthbound race of petty superstitious savages.
No. 63569
Thanks, I am thankful that at least someone has the insight to see through my clever disguise.
You see, even when I post whiny textwalls about my personal life, I am playing a character, a jester enacting a script only known to myself.
My personal whine posts should not be taken any more seriously than my posts about hinduistic handless masturbation.

I am a totally secure and emotionally stable individual, my ironic and surely hilarious posts DON'T reflect my true personality and are 100% a mask I put on to project a certain image of aloofness.

I am a writer and a storyteller, but my medium of choice is not ink and paper, or digital text, but life itself. I act and play out scenarios in real life for the purpose of entertainment.
If I can't contribute anything substantial to the outside world, at least I can entertain, and being a jester clown is the oldest (and easiest) form of entertainment.

PLEASE NOTE: All posts I make on this board are pure fiction and in no way reflect my real beliefs and personality, all expressions of sincere emotion are as ironic and manufactures as all my other posts, and should not be interpreted as my real personality, as I do not have one.
No. 63571
I think sometimes what you really have to consider is if you're sincerely one of those man-out-of-times. I've encountered actually very, very few of those, and all manner of the supernatural and spooky are incredibly hard to find both beneath their facades and mundane, banal reality. Few people snap out of their trance at any times in their life, and seemingly don't know why they do what they do, or take it to such an extreme it's like they play such good characters only by method acting because they specifically do not know this life is merely a character before the throne of God.Yes I read between the lines of your post but that is and is not what I'm talking about.

To be fair I think you're one of fewer posters I can empathise with at a much more fundamental level, but then again neither I nor many posters share much personal about themself, and usually for good reason. I try to keep as much about my own personal thoughts and private life as heavily shielded as possible, not just reflexively and preservatively, but also out of the conviction my life is boring and I don't want to drone on about myself like some journal. It could also be though that you are and I used to be an alcoholic. I once got drunk enough I reached the height of philosophical inquiry, realizing that cogito ergo blah blah is all an illusion, and because I think therefore I am not. I realized the heights of inquiry was the realization that you personally do not exist, and something that doesn't exist can think about not existing. I'm pretty sure I blacked out and slept for 12 hours after that.

The problem is, that one anime clip is really accurate about people leading boring shit lives and telling themselves their real life hasn't begun yet while wasting away. This is your only allegedly real life at the same time. Literally nothing matters but actions, and each moment in time is lost permanently to you.I disagree about teaching about past lives or with emphasizing or telling people about Heaven too much for this very reason, and can conclude some teachings really should just be a secret, probably best kept by burying them in thousands of pages of dry text so that no one will actually even look for it in the first place except the scholars and monks themselves
No. 63572
15 kB, 400 × 400
I've just rebooted my life, i go around like i came from 1997 or so with the same mindset basically very open minded about everything, like a kid.
Feels like i erased my memory about most things or came from the past unironically.

People care about silly irrelevant stuff, while their basic needs are fulfilled and they live in a fucking paradise where food is plentiful, a shitload of ways to spend you time, MILLIONS of leisure activities, yet people are STILL UNHAPPY.
SO UNHAPPY there's now even a goddamn suicide booth exists IRL.
Imagine showing this postmodern world to someone from 1800s. Hell even to mid-XX-century people.

i dont get it
No. 63575
I like you, schizo-american. Despite what other posters say about you, and despite me meming about hating americans.

I have nothing more to say, really. I think the feeling is mutual, because I feel like you're the only person on EC who has occupied the same mind-space as I have, before I found medication that works.

All those smug Germans will never get it, they're too normal.
No. 63580
Man, sometimes I'm so reminded about how just brutally anti-ernst this country really is: to stop social maneouvering is death. Often it feels like it only takes just one to two weeks of not making enough smalltalk, jokes, forming social alliances forging acquaintances and office friendships, and just generally being social to feel like you get socially outmaneuvered because you didn't realize maybe somebody didn't like you, or wants to position theirally office friend, or has things to gain, or just petty grievances to realize you're getting force isolated and feeling like you're being set up by someone. I've seen the same stupid shit by now sometimes it baffles me people even are willing to say off-colour remarks or do a thing that puts them potentially in trouble or easily removed or now blackmailable, unless on the offchance it's a way of saying "so now you're in trouble too and we both have each other liable up to the balls" like doing drugs with each other to both be liable. It makes me think of this one guy I know who basically got removed from his job and lost his salaried supervisor position because his alleged buddy kept saying and doing shit easily reportable to HR and dragged my friend into it, so when the guy finally got reported to HR for clearly crossing the line to illegal territory he took my friend down with him, even though he didn't technically ever do anything wrong.

I think that in a very real sense, the school to prison pipeline is the absolute best training you can get for thriving the American experience and lifestyle. Anyone who's too slow on the uptake, or who simply stops wheeling and dealing and thus allowing themselves to get outmaneuvered, is going to be punished for it, from gradeschool straight through their degrees and into professional life. Social isolation is death. Even some shitty dishwasher nobody fucking does this and watching someone try to fire or get fired even the janitor to place their buddy in the position instead, or simply because they don't like that person, or even because said minimum wagie unwittingly either got in the way or saw something they shouldn't have saw or becomes some kind of other possible liability. I've watched dudes be real slow on the uptake of this and then wondering why it is they got fired.
No. 63587
Are you happy?

Agree. People mock Americans for being schizo and shrill. But for me these are advantages, not draws.
What is annoying is repetitiveness. This is especially noticeable when they argue about politics. How many times have you read this:
1. Rant about trump-supporters not being to lose decently with comparison of 2016 and 2020.
2. Something like
> you assume those things about me:
> 1. ...
> 2. ...
> ...
> But these are strawmans. Keep drinking on koolaid!
I want to see if they simply copypast those paragraphs or write them themselves each time, but I'm too lazy to look for examples.
discussing other posters is so gay!
No. 63589
>All those smug Germans will never get it, they're too normal.
No, that's just me. The rest is students and vegans.
No. 63598
482 kB, 2000 × 2000
>Are you happy?
yes, i am, life is great.
i ate a pack of marzipan kartoffeln yesterday and loved it.
Better than chocolate.
No. 63605
43 kB, 1080 × 675
I like the marzipan core of stollen. Just marzipan without anything else makes me sick somehow.
No. 63606
Forget about small talk, find 5-6 people and establish deep connections with them. I know that in the US that could be hard because most people don't trust eachother at all but you will eventually figure it out. Just keep trying.
No. 63613
51 kB, 1024 × 576
>i ate a pack of marzipan kartoffeln yesterday
Excellent choice, man I love those. God help my blood sugar levels when those are on sale.
No. 63616
2,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
I bought some fancy exotic drinks recently. Lychee and mangosteen are neat, don't know how to describe more precise, and guava is like apple with soap. Also tried longans, they taste like bigarade orange but even worse.
No. 63644
858 kB, 1186 × 856
I decided to take a break from discussing with americans. I have been regularly visiting a few selected boards on the cancerchannel, but I noticed that I get angry the moment I see a buzzword or tired old forced meme or anything like that, so I will now, at least for a week, not visit that cesspool anymore, and see how I feel.
I expect to not gain a full healing from this, as there are still americans posting here, but they're at least easily ignorable if it's not every single post.
Since that will also cut down my lurking time immensely (EC is so slow that it's basically enough to visit once in the evening) I have decided to take some more time practicing my instrument and trying to get my french up to conversational level at least.
No. 63645
Were you seriously just trying to blame the fact you posted on 4kanker on us Americans on here? Why are you even "discussing" things with anyone at all on that shithole to begin with? We are indeed at near Canadian levels of shitpostingat least when lowbrow topics like murican cancer politics gets involved but I think the better question to ask yourself is why you even dedicated that much of your free time to surrounding yourself with such halfwits to start with.
No. 63651 Kontra
>Were you seriously just trying to blame the fact you posted on 4kanker on us Americans on here?
I am seriously puzzled how you made that connection. Subtle feeling of guilt? Struck a nerve there? Projecting something?
As for your other question, it's rather easy: Ernstchan's interests and my interests don't have a large overlap, so naturally I gravitate towards where there is a larger choice of topics and obviously because I've been lurking for the past 15 years or so
No. 63654
You mean by "I have been regularly visiting a few selected boards on the cancerchannel" you were referring to ernstchan of course, right? I find it rather notable there's one shitposty German who sticks out and that said German does, in fact, post on "selected boards on the cancerchannel" yet decides to come here to bitch about Americans rather than the broad shittiness for which its whole userbase is infamous.
No. 63655 Kontra
244 kB, 670 × 948
156 kB, 1200 × 900
121 kB, 700 × 490
60 kB, 640 × 640
Wait, are you trying to troll me by being obtuse on purpose and engaging me in an argument? Or are you just legit butthurt?
Anyway, nice try, but this conversation is over. Let the healing begin.
No. 63660 Kontra
9 kB, 172 × 200
The thing about actual vierkanal/pedoshitK*hltard tiers I've noticed is they often are literally unaware of being shitposters. Kind of like how it's said that psychopaths are not in fact aware they are psychopaths, but instead assume the problem is with literally everyone but themselves.

You've done nothing but shitpost and be butthurt and that post is a pretty great example. As I said, you are the company you keep, and the cancerchan you just spent all that time on evidently made you, yourself, into a shartposter tier without you even noticing.epic memes bro fuggen PWNED lulzors hit me with sum dat greentext next so you can really recreate that shrill American shartposter feel 10/10
No. 63662 Kontra
Hey, battle pics were forbidden by Geneva Conventions. Don't you remember those convicted Serbian general who photoshopped a pig to Kosovo flag?

And you are in addition to that doing it wrong. The right strategy would be to attach a pic mocking China. This can show your insight, trigger him and put him into defensive position.
No. 63664 Kontra
805 kB, 1234 × 651
1,7 MB, 4592 × 3948
I don't even understand what the point of that would be. Why would I mention China? Why would I care about shitposting? Sir, I live in America, and if I wanted to just have a shitposty conversation I could just walk right outside to the nearest Walmart parking lot. I come here for discussions.Of course to be fair, he could just be an American teenager on Rammstein base and not a German
No. 63667
>People care about silly irrelevant stuff, while their basic needs are fulfilled and they live in a fucking paradise where food is plentiful, a shitload of ways to spend you time, MILLIONS of leisure activities, yet people are STILL UNHAPPY
They are precisely unhappy for this exact reason, since the current society provides (most of) them with their material basic needs and distraction and the education and time to reflect on this which leads to the realization they will probably never own a family home or become rich or have a meaningful career or stop climate change from making their kids life even worse or that there is no religious salvation in the after life, knowing they'll be wage slaves stuck in mediocrity for years to come.
No. 63668 Kontra
P. S.: all while watching beautiful instagram couples spend time at the beach in some paradise which ofc is a fake product but nonetheless has an effect. There is also no collective narrative of guidance to believe in anymore.
No. 63691

I found russian philological paper about KC and EC slang.

you're welcome.
No. 63692 Kontra
121 kB, 1032 × 739
>Don't you remember those convicted Serbian general who photoshopped a pig to Kosovo flag?
No, sounds hilarious. I just lifted this stuff from my old /int/ folder, to the desired and expected effect.
No. 63696
You have been searching for 'ernstchan' on google again, haven't you?
No. 63697
Reminds me of that thesis some sociologist or whatever did some years ago on KC, I think it was a bit after Winnenden; I think it was about the memes or something.
Or was it about memes in general and KC was just there as an example? I can't remember, it showed a profound lack of understanding anything.
No. 63699 Kontra
It was about Zangendeutsch I think but there was a cheap book about memes to make a quick buck that mentioned KC, which was generally seen as betrayal of non-commercial chan-culture. Maybe you mixed these two up?
No. 63700
178 kB, 391 × 306
Maybe, although the Zangendeutsch one doesn't ring any bell.
Eh, but why reminisce in the first place.
All those moments are lost, like tears in the rain.
No. 63701
And That's A Good Thing(tm).

I made the unwise decision of periodically saving old EC threads, and reading them later.
Reading the drivel I wrote a few years ago made my face scrunch up like it was vacuum sucked.

In fact, the only reason I hold on to these files is so I can later terrorise other EC posters by reposting the embarrassing shit they used to write back then.
No. 63702
>In fact, the only reason I hold on to these files is so I can later terrorise other EC posters by reposting the embarrassing shit they used to write back then.
But wouldn't that just fall back onto you? Do you have a humiliation fetish? Can you at least draw something useful from reading your old posts and get an idea how you have developed since then?
No. 63704
I wouldn't post mine, duh.
I doubt anyone else her has threads saved up dating back to the pre-.xyz days. Sadly, a lot of them are without images.

The main thing I drew from reading the posts is that
1) I am way more coherent and less whiny
2) I have lost the spark due to becoming less schizo.

Even my schizoposts from a few days ago were re-edited versions of my old journal entries.
Ah, the joys of being mentally unhinged and shameless.
No. 63705
I'm a brand new poster, I just got here last week. In fact, I think there are a dozen Portuguese posters on EC. There is no need to terrorize me.
No. 63707
Ah shit, I missed the "they", as well as other parts of that sentence. Sorry about that.

Question: Would you be as shameless if we could see you face? I mean we already have talks on the radio and now we have a video service, how long until you do an Alex-Jones-Style podcast show thing?
No. 63708
I have an interview in 40 minutes. Wish me luck!
No. 63709
Oh man, the 'good' old days of severe schizo-paranoid mental illness with zero treatment and rolling setbacks (financial stress, unemployment, even worse alcoholism and multiple close family deaths with highly underdeveloped emotional processing) that put me back at square one every time I made even the slightest movement towards recovery. Too bad you didn't save the positive outcomes of a violently loud mind, where I wrote a brief introduction to the development of rifled muskets and conoidal ammunition that was probably 20 odd text-capped posts long.

A shame I wasted EC /int/'s best iteration (early .com era) on being a barely functional retard. Similar settis to high school and early adulthood tbh. Ya boy's life is basically stumbling from one regret to the next, wishing for a restart button but such cases, not like regrets are gonna bother me when I die. I'll be too busy being dead, I guess.
No. 63710
I'm a little late for offering good luckenings, but I hope it went well, ernst.
No. 63711
166 kB, 1080 × 868
It seems like the only problem is that you stopped being a "barely functional retard". If you had remained one, you would have no regrets.
No. 63714
Ernst, imagine you punch someone so hard they turn into a copypasta.
Then you find out that ALL copypastas are conceived this way, and you're being introduced to a killer club that makes copypastas.
The harder you punch, the better the copypasta.
So there are some super-strong killers out there punching people into venetian door copypastas and shit.
No. 63720
35 kB, 800 × 800
Got wage decrease, now it's 97$
No. 63724
What, per day? Week? Month? Year?
No. 63725
11,5 MB, 480 × 360, 3:20
5,6 MB, 3291 × 2544
>tfw you will never remove Kebab in Cavoglave
It's not even so much the desire to fight and die (in fact I am not quite keen on dying, at all), but the feeling of actually fighting for something, or defending what you cherish.
Can anyone even comprehend that feeling or are you all too misanthropic and jaded to ever being able to fight for something?
No. 63726 Kontra
I think you need to clean up your room, young man
No. 63727
I ma too drunk to understand that joge, please explain.
No. 63728
I don't think getting riled up about bullshit and having raskolnikov tier impotent fantasies is a desirable trait, no.
No. 63729
No, I'm pussy.
No. 63730 Kontra
2,8 MB, 796 × 480, 0:07
2,9 MB, 1280 × 688, 0:16
2,8 MB, 720 × 1080, 0:06
2,5 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:08
Sahem, I thought all that fancy talk about reinstating Kazakh khanat was not empty talk.
O well, a prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

Let me deviate for a moment from my prepared remarks to talk abotu tits, because I really like then. I should write a song abozut them.
No. 63731
I want other people to do it while I give instructions.
No. 63732
So as not to fuck up the free vidya thread even though it's probably a lost cause now
I was thinking about this and realized it's not entirely irrational, just irrational to project your general remove burger i remove borscht feelings onto all white people, when clearly it's just a specific kind of bydloness and overall shittiness on the part of specific groups of Slavs, Americans, and to an extent the Germans.
No. 63734
I invoke the "Are took same" defense.
No. 63735
157 kB, 482 × 800, 0:00
Not sure if that's a typo or an ebin colonialism joge.
No. 63736
Autocorrect, but I'll take it :-DDDD
No. 63739
Tbh, a lot of posters here already know what I look like. And I'm not anonymous here even in text form.

So, eh. I don't think a webcam would add any entertainment value to the streams, though.
I can't even do the zoomer fake exaggerated facial expressions / reactions, because my face muscles are so weak from never using them, that I find it difficult to make expressions even intentionally.
No. 63740
62 kB, 905 × 1175
I thought corporations were supposed to have good PR and an outwardly friendly demeanor, but Twitter is actively insulting me.
No. 63741 Kontra
You are what you eat
No. 63742
This is literally a brand new empty account.
No. 63743
Maybe you should see this as a sign not to use Twitter.
Ask yourself this question: "Do I really need to be on Twitter? Will my life be more fulfilled by being on Twitter? Will my personal development be facilitated by being on Twitter?"
No. 63744
I made a twitter for the specific purpose of talking to Casey Muratori.
No. 63746
Nevermind, apparently twitter spoilers and hides my posts as NSFW because my account is new. They must think I'm stupid, of course I'll check my own activity from the outside.
Seems super evil to shadowban people and make them talk into the void unknowingly just because they're not important enough.

Guess I'll delete my account now. Never give the benefit of doubt to social media.
No. 63747
I can unironically answer:
>Will my life be more fulfilled by being on Twitter?
>Will my personal development be facilitated by being on Twitter?
with "yes. However Twitter has become mostly dull by now so I rarely use it anymore.
No. 63748
6 kB, 137 × 200
4 kB, 250 × 242
42 kB, 248 × 252
2,5 MB, 1370 × 1038, 0:05
I just realized I am pretty happy at the moment.
I did my day's work already basically and since I am in home office I can now fuck around until the evening meeting with my supervisor.
My (precursor) hemorrhoids are now basically gone thanks to a rigorous routine I have been adhering to for the past weeks.
I thought about my family and how I love them, especially thought about my mom who I've never had the best relationship with and which has improved VASTLY over the past two years or so (and not because I moved out; that happened way before) and how cute my little nephew is and that I am seriously considering wanting one of those (i.e. kids) myself, which directly brings me to thinking about gf and how I miss her because now that we have decided to move in together I am basically counting the days.
If now the sun was shining I would probably jump and sing, just because I feel like it.

Someone somewhere does or can love you, Ernst. It has to get worse before it gets better.
No. 63750
Having the opposite.
Read a story about how a local oligarch's son ran over 6 people in his BMW, got away with it, and then sued the bloggers who condemned them.

And rather than hating the oligarch son, I hated everyone currently living in this country for being so powerless, weak, pathetic, ignorant and stupid, including myself. We are being humiliated and debased every moment of our lives, and after a while of doing nothing about it, it must be admitted that we deserve it.
And not a single person was found in this country who'd just stab the fucker in the streets. The people who are capable of such violence prefer to enact it on their peers.

It's hard for me to humanize anyone I see on the streets.
Reminds me of that part in 1984 where the protagonist goes to a theater and watches a snuff film of a woman and her baby being killed, and instead of pity or shock, feels disgust towards the woman and child.
No. 63751
Per month
No. 63752
542 kB, 1560 × 2560
106 kB, 560 × 420
Today I found out that Erich von Däniken's "Chariot of the Gods" had a 'complete reworking' by a former editor of the Völkischer Beobachter. A man can be editing a paper to Goebbels' liking in 1944, and in 1968 achieve great wealth by ghostwriting a bestseller on UFOs.
No. 63753
Noble, principled idealism is disadvantageous when not surrounded by others like yourself.
Submission to herd-like social huddling is the only viable strategy when outnumbered.
You have to spend the rest of your days skincrawling in a normie suit if you want to get somewhere.
No. 63754
124 kB, 1536 × 829
There is a circle around me with a radius of 4200 kilometeres where NOTHING of value exists.

This is the mental equivalent of being thrown into outer space.
No. 63755
>implying Twitter matters enough for any of that to be true
It's easy: I don't associate with people using Twitter and I am as normie as it gets.
No. 63756
>just stab the fucker in the streets
Well, you don't exactly meet him in the streets unless he runs you over anyway. But speaking about this, a shady café owner was shot in my neighborhood last week by another man over some 3000 € dispute. That's like 2 months salary and he got killed over it, it's not really a large amount. I mean there's probably more to the story, but still...
No. 63757
>I mean there's probably more to the story, but still.

I can only imagine that there is more to such a situation than the technical or instrumental reason of money that buys you something and that is missing now. Anger about somebody disrespecting you for what maybe was initially thought as help (wild speculation here), not giving a shit etc. etc.
No. 63758
It was probably about his honor or his family's honor or something like that.
No. 63759
13 kB, 240 × 240
I'm happy for you, Ernst!

> My (precursor) hemorrhoids are now basically gone thanks to a rigorous routine I have been adhering to for the past weeks.
Tell me more...
No. 63760
59 kB, 569 × 639
Thank you :3

Basically I had developed a bad habit of pushing shits and eventually my bunghole wasn't a normal tight rosetta anymore, but had weird bulbous protrusions and I regularly had blood on the toilet paper when wiping.
It was also really annoying because it always felt like there still was something so I wiped and pushed even more. And because the hole wasn't actually "closed" anymore, I constantly had swamp ass when rectum slime seeped out; sometimes I had to change underwear twice or even three times a day, or had to constantly walk to the bathroom to dab the fluids away.
Eventually it felt as big as my fingertip and I read up a bit on hemorrhoids. Gladly I wasn't full-on hemorrhoidic with constant itching and having to sit on a life belt, but a stage where they could actually regress on their own.
So what I did was increasing dietary fiber (I don't have IBS, so all good) and most importantly no daily shitting anymore or forcing shits.
Basically on one day I had to just pinch with all my might until that feeling of pressure subsides and then another day let it come out all by itself, but it still took some time until I didn't try to press out last the last little piece. Of course I also had my knees high up etc.
And it actually did work; at first it was still a bit bulbous, but completely regressed overnight, untill reappearing for the next shit, but today I didn't feel anything unusual anymore. Feels good getting back on track.
No. 63761
Oldfag EC trivia:
There's a secret hidden board that's locked from posting, that was used briefly when .xyz was first established.
No. 63770
I recommend visiting Nitter at morning. Seeing this disgrace disturbs and therefore helps to wake up.
No. 63785
I still can't believe how much butthurt the '@antifa.gmbh' joke made halfwits back then. Mods should bring it back.
No. 63788
I also lol'd at this. We could probably have added it to the collection of EC memes and culture but you have to ask if the hassle and active shitposting is worth it

There's some moments where you really question what you're doing with your life and finishing reading a German talking about hemmhoroids and shitting was one of them.
No. 63793
Well, there's a number of interesting people with valuable information on twitter.
The problem is, their stuff would be fit for a full blog, but since social media is about going where everyone else is, they're on twitter.

The problem with twitter is that even if you're trying to follow updates on what interesting people are doing, the platform itself feels like it is purpose built for waging psych-warfare on the population.

Its one utility is being a centralized notification system / RSS feed for the rest of the internet, and the people using it for actual blogging are doing it in spite of what the platform is actually trying to make you do.
No. 63795
Today sucks. Severe derealisation episode straight out of 5 years ago (ongoing), and just got my booster shot which is time I'm not getting back.
No. 63796
1,0 MB, 3200 × 1985
Had end of the semester consultation for my applied-translation studies subject.
It went pretty well, the lecturer was elated by my work during the semester, and she said that "she can only say good things about me", such as "I neither lack talent nor erudition" and that my only fault is maybe that "I'm too critical of my own work".
But on the upside whenever I make "harsh criticism" I actually am able to back it up, and when I hold others to high standards, I hold myself to those same standards too, so I'm not a hypocrite.
She also asked if I intend to study the other translation-study subjects like "Verse translation" and "Drama translation", and she was happy to hear that we'll be meeting next semester.
We discussed some of the finer points of my translations throughout the semester, and her only real complaint was that I use too many "grammatical repetitions", as in, I put in a particle in a sentence where it's not really necessary because of the context. (Basically a result of me sometimes trying to stick too close to the original. But

Also had the oral part of the Chinese exam. Nothing hard, just reading aloud stuff and describing pictures.
Lecturer said I did very well. I treasure every single "非常好" a native lecturer gives me.

I'm suddenly feeling very hungry, so I'm going to order a pizza.
I've been living on butter toast and peanuts for like three days now. Unbelievable.
>Both pizza places we usually order from are fucking closed
>The third one isn't open yet
I'll get that pizza.
No. 63797
Congrats, but have one protip from someone who has gone through all the academics bullshit already:
Even if you are really critical of your own work in private, don't be in public. It can paralyze you and prevent you from finishing an important piece of work because you think all the data is shit anyway and whatever you do with it doesn't adhere to your own standards.
No. 63800 Kontra
I am trying to improve my french by reading wikipedia articles on stuff I already know about.
Sadly this doesn't work out because they dumb, shitty pseudo-mobile layout makes me really angry.
Fucking frogs.
Jeder Stoß ein Franzos!
No. 63820
1,3 MB, 400 × 226, 0:01
I'm amazed that I apparently got that B in Chinese after all, despite the abysmal midterm exam results, but I guess the good weekly tests and the good oral results brought it up to a better mark in the end.

Preparing for Classical Chinese and Chinese History exams now.
Basically one is just making a deck and then flipping through it two thousand times, the other is just watching the lectures because it'll be multiple choice for some reason. Man, I actually like the first semester Chinese History exams the most.
You had to identify characters and also write an actual essay.
I've mastered the shortform essay during HS, so it was an incredible feel to utilize the knowledge at university.
The exercise in style made me feel good, especially how I got awarded maximum points for it afterwards.

Also started registering for my courses for the next semester. Mostly just the usual stuff. More China related courses and so on.
But for my Culture Studies minor I need to take a subject called "Layers of Culture 2." (I forgot to register for 1., but it's not a prerequisite according to the uni's administrative system or the study plan.)
And the description says that it'll be about "Queer and Homosexual and Other representation" and I already dread it.
I thought I could escape this shit if I just browse the internet less. I don't want to engage with the topic. It's tiresome.
No. 63827
> got that B in Chinese after all
>Chinese History
Did you already have a post-1949 history course btw?
Ours is kinda terrible, the prof who's supposed to do it has taken a sabbatical until 2025 and left us with an (admittedly pretty well done) video lecture course but an incompetent replacement prof. We do discussions in small groups which are alright, but there are also a couple of sessions with the whole course and those I dread because I have to bite my tongue listening to dumb shitlib takes on how Mao was basically like Hitler etc.
No. 63830
Yeah, this lecture series was on the 20th century. (Basically warlord era, civil war, war of resistance against Japan and then I think it went up until the Reform and Opening period, though I haven't watched the last lectures yet that were online instead of in person.)
First two semesters we just got a two-part 120 pages long note titled "The Concise History of China" that went up until 1911 and 1200ppt slides as "extra" material.
Guy that was supposed to hold lectures was actually abroad teaching in the US for that year so we had PhD students step in, but they never held any lectures or anything, they were just there to administrate the exams, since the mandatory material was just that 120 pages long note by the professor. (Who is teaching us Classical Chinese this semester.)
This semester it's held by a different guy who's one of the top Sinologists in the country. I like his style, he's really down to earth and we had a nice chat after class a few times.
But the lectures themselves aren't particularly deep, though I think most people would get overwhelmed if we went into any more detail than this.

Though unlike you, we don't have any group discussions on the topic, we just listen to the lectures and then take the exam. I'm already going overboard by actually asking questions after class.
Really, outside smaller seminars, I can't remember any group discussions ever happening at university.
No. 63838 Kontra
Germany is like "We've detected a torrent client, Spezialeinsatzkommando has been dispatched to your location. Please do not attempt to flee while awaiting termination"
Meanwhile here it's "Hey, lesson 12 is just watching this movie, which is part of the exam. Here's a Google drive with a fucking bluray rip"
No. 63841
Counterpoint: My last boss actually encouraged us to use SciHub.
No. 63842
We talked about SciHub in a seminar and the lecturer and guest both knew sci-hub and it's also known by a share of students, so I guess it is common among scholars even more so with younger scholars I guess.
When I was in the library late on a Friday a mom with her distressed daughter came in, I was near the front desk at that point and they asked the security where the history books are (basically half the library). I told them as I worked there (so I was there late for my own pleasure of researching) and how to use the search engine but also told the girl you can look up papers at home and then just sci hub them. she has this mandatory bigger school paper called Facharbeit to write. It was about the Titanic.
No. 63859
The weather is so erratic these days I don't know how to dress on a minute to minute basis. Wake up and it is freezing cold. Go to work it is foggy. Come outside for a cigarette break, now it's raining. Go out to lunch, now it's literally warm Sprinf weather. Will it snow or rain? Do I need sunglasses and an umbrella? Who knows! Just yesterday it was insanely cold even in winter clothes, and day before that also it was warm but not literally t-shirt weather like this afternoon.
No. 63863
This song played on the radio earlier:


This is a really dope song.

Thanks WDR 3 for airing this dope song.
No. 63870
Feel known. We're bouncing from the 30°'s to the 60°'s, and I can't even enjoy the warm days because each change is accompanied by a howling wind. At least there hasn't been much snow or ice to deal with.
No. 63876
It's the middle of december and we have plus temperatures, sunlight, and no snow.

Greta was right.
No. 63884
Just thinking about the holidays is making me stressed and pissed off now. It honestly has little to do with the virus ultimately because my family is insufferably retarded and incapable of so much as organizing a morning dump, let alone one single day together. I of course also only finally realized yesterday that the secular holiday really is basically pointless for anybody who doesn't have kids, and that the sole reason of even doing it is so we can be stressed out to give our kids a nice Christmas. It's all feeling so tedious and pointless now I start thinking why am I even spending my money this morning.

I do note the secular one because the holiday basically has two parts, and the American version hasn't really been a Christian holiday since a century ago when Wallstreet came up with yet another money grubbing scheme to sell shit to us. This somewhat confuses me because first of all nobody actually celebrates Kwanza afaik and secondly it being a holiday with nothing to do with Jesus here and nownot that it even matters because it's literally just some pagan holiday the RCC coopted so I don't get why Jews go out for Chinese food for example, or why or what in the fuck some asshole was doing with the alleged kwanza. Like seriously, what in the fuck? Most black people are Christian. Why the hell would you invent some bullshit holiday for black people when either version of Christmas would be celebrated by them too? I still am very curious why people that aren't Christian don't just celebrate this basically secular American holiday.

Midwest is kill too. I'm liable to not get shit in on time now due to the weather fucking everything up with bigger shipping delays. O'Hare is probably fucked with as are the Southeast hubs due to getting wrecked by the tornadoes and now all those states need more of our gibes. I ain't even mad at the money, just the ingratitude. My tax dollars get shipped down there every year for some dumbfuck thing or another because they can't balance their own budgets.obviously anything to do with money and holiday planning is stressing out and pissin me off at this point. It's chilled somewhat and howling wind now. I picked an ant off my coffee cup yesterday and all the birds were singing. I can't tell if it fucked with their hibernation or is killing trees.
No. 63892
366 kB, 1784 × 2048
Just puked a little after drinking green tea on an empty stomach.
How is your day going, Ernst?
No. 63893
Weird, I remember a day where I drank a cup of chamomile tea and later puked my guts out that I even had to lay down for an hour or two.
The tea certainly wasn't causing it, but I still haven't found out the real reason.
No. 63894
205 kB, 700 × 630
Just spent a good hour digging through some code with my boss in search of a specific function I couldn't refer to anything just to find out that this function's invocation somehow got lost during some update that happened before my time.
On the one hand it's frustrating knowing that I had spent the whole day looking for something I couldn't possibly find, on the other hand it feels good that it's not because I am dumb but because whoever was responsible before me was dumb :--DDD.
Although it's funny because apparently the customer hasn't noticed either so far.
No. 63897
31 kB, 483 × 483
10 kB, 1332 × 696
Today i gave away a game key
No. 63898
if that camo tea gets very strong it has emetic properties. Kinda recognize it by the green tone the water has.
No. 63899
Got talked to unsolicited by some drunk bydlo.
How do you live to 45 and still do the "talking shit to strangers" thing?
That's such a "teenager drinking for the first time" thing to do.

t. completely luciid when drunk
No. 63900
143 kB, 622 × 1280
154 kB, 622 × 1280
65 kB, 622 × 1280
124 kB, 1536 × 829
Here is a great example of the way things are done on the Kazakhstan.
  1. Problem.
  2. Attempted solution.
  3. Final Solution (tm)
I will leave it to the reader to determine what the root cause of this whole absurd situation is.

I have a secret I don't tell anybody. I believe in progressive values, but I do so by proxy of western countries, since westerners is whom I interact with 90% of the time.
When it comes to my own country, and my own ethnicity, I am as right wing as it gets, in that I believe we are the way we are due to... more fundamental reasons. We require a Final Solution of our own.
No. 63901
It's happened to me several times lately and I tried to be nice and talk to them despite their rambling being barely understandable in the hopes that they'll maybe tell some interesting story. But each time they just told me some dumb bullshit lies about how they own several houses or how they're going to kill some guy and got kinda aggressive.
Dunno why I keep trying to be compassionate, next time I'll avoid such people.
No. 63902
That's the thing, you can't disengage from them without triggering random bursts of indignant rage.

Reminds me of a mental illness pamphlet I have read on how to deal with psychotic or hallucinating people.

You don't agree or disagree with them, just make neutral statements like "is that so?", " hmm", "its possible", and so on.
You don't want to reinforce their delusions, OR make them aggressive.

That's not to say I'm afraid of a physical confrontation with some drunk bydlo, it's just that my moral standards are too high to allow myself to violently brutalize a drunk retard :)

t. weak fat retard
No. 63903
147 kB, 683 × 1024
Read an article today, bought some of the last gifts. Now I want to dine in peace but somebody in the house has to celebrate graduation, so there is no peaceful enjoyment of my deep-frozen fish filet with asparagus topping. I just came back from the library scanning articles and a book that I have to give back when I visit family for the holidays. I am tired. It was eerie going through the streets.
Does Ernst have the same strange feeling when outside? Christmas is around the corner and it makes me nervous, I wonder how friends in my hometown do, haven't spoken to them in 2 months or so. Do we loose connection or is it normal around the threshold of 30 to have a significant decrease in contact, I mean none of them has a child, only a small minority a partner.
No. 63907
>Do we loose connection or is it normal around the threshold of 30 to have a significant decrease in contact, I mean none of them has a child, only a small minority a partner.
It's normal to have less regular contacts wit increasing age, at least if you aren't one of those people who stayed in their bumfuck village and is member in each club.
That said, your friends sound like weirdos.
No. 63908 Kontra
>That said, your friends sound like weirdos.

They are not from a bumfuck village where everybody is married with children by 30 :DDD

additional info: music still blasting from that graduation party
No. 63915
do you guys believe that pragmatism is a philosophy that leads to better life?
No. 63925
I was reading about how the people around and readers of the Whole Earth Catalog were inspired by the pragmatist spirit of the US's only sole contribution to philosophy. Spreading it thick one might say Silicon Valley solutionism is a form of pragmatism. If you are fascinated by problem-solving and think life revolves around it, pragmatism might be your philosophy. I'm not sure if I can wholeheartedly support it.
No. 63927
24 kB, 645 × 773
>If you are fascinated by problem-solving and think life revolves around it, pragmatism might be your philosophy.
If you don't have any problems to solve, are you being alive in the first place?
No. 63930
I Disagree, your statement is too general.
Sticking out by defying social norms can be quite beneficial and lead to admiration, depending on circumstances and surely also charisma.

eg. I regularly get admired by people I meet for the first time when I tell them that they can't add me on whatsapp, etc because I don't have a mobile phone.

I think this works because it's a topic with a general homogenous perception in the society I live in; people beyond the teenage years tend to dislike the dependency on their smart phones and all the complication and complexity introduced in their life by computer technology. Thus, many harbor a sort of passive grudge against their phones and tend to agree with the general notion of "using it less", sometimes even trying and failing to turn it off for the weekend.

So when they meet someone who succeeds in what they wish they could do, but who isn't smug about it and answers their questions truthfully (ie. doesn't make them feel worse about themselves), their natural reaction often is admiration.
No. 63931
i told you pragmatism is an angloscum buzzword at the moment. stop using it.
No. 63933
59 kB, 434 × 600
At moment? What about now?
No. 63935
fuck off anti.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 63936 Kontra
20 kB, 640 × 480
C'mon buddy, let's be pragmatic about this :Dd
No. 63938
Sadly super normal. But then again I personally made barely any efforts at all to stay in touch partly because of the vast majority of hundreds and hundreds of friends or alleged friends that I know throughout my life, nearly all of them are either substance abusers when we lost touch and/or some type of political nutjob. Like I'm not about to waste my time on a person who's going to get all butthurt and end up ghosting me anyway because I don't believe in their absurd faggy ideology that says a woman can have a penis. I likewise used to be a raging drunk, and while that did on its own alienate some people, I came to realize all those "friends" that I had really were just drinking buddies in the same way that of the kids I smoked pot with as a teenager nearly none of them are actually friends. Any relationship that revolves around substance abuse is by definition toxic, and I franklu don't want anything to do with any of those people and being around them if they're high or drunk or something. Of the rest that got their shit togetheralso some that probably didn't they're too wrapped up in child rearing to care about some dudes they drank with ten years ago. Of my numerous mistakes I'd say not putting the professional effort in early on was the big one, particularly when I began combining drinking with internet shitposting, and not understanding the fundamental truth that the real purpose to college is socializing with other future professional upper class contacts to cement your status in an old boy club.

Anything else about college is a complete lie. It's solely there to squeeze money out of everyone else in return for them proving they can mindlessly follow and operate the system just enough to get their Pharm. D. and push pills at Walmart or be clever enough to bounce from middlemanager at Radioshack to some other position at a soap company as useless apparatchiks of Capitalism and that you can do better by not going to school at all and just starting in the company as a teenager. Everything else really just revolves around the people you knew and people you know. Nobody gets in the fucking CIA just because they're a good spook, you become Alan Dulless because you knew some people and get up in there later because then you knew Dulless. The meritocracy part is a complete lie to make their structures more unassailed by people dumb enough to think if you work as a dishwasher today you'll own the company tomorrow. Ain't happening. I wish I knew these things better as a kid but I was gullible, naive, and reckless. Even a mafioso dude gets to his position in where he is because his father's been made and who he has as friends, not because he's a good enough street dude. The problem is, a lot of middleclass people basically dropped out of that rat race to raise a family and become middling human beings. The people that are still networking are in that upper class to where often every single other thing that can drain away time from raising their kids to taking out their own garbage gets delegated to some wagie or another so they can focus on cementing a professional powerbase.

Disdain for your own countrymen is a frequent symptom of intellectualism detached from wisdomand empathy. You could say the same of anywhere, and I'd argue the same could be bitched about with a lot of us. I guess it is a cultural thing to though combined with the nature of the system because if in America you don't do the greatest job your ass is fired immediately. Everyone is expendable labour here ultimately, straight up to the executive board. If you don't personally hold over a billion dollars in assets you're basically a nobody who can get replaced, unless on the odd exception you somehow fucked with someone's grandson who nephew and that guy has the power to really ruin your day. Countries like Russia and former Soviet blocs just didn't have some resource levels and organization to properly take on the other tribes basically, and a big problem of third world countries is their so called leaders are basically just bandit kingdoms that look at all the poverty around them and say "fuck it I'll get mine." No willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, and too many other bandits in high positions of business and military who'll lose some money/power and thus have this reformer removed. Oh that's what I was trying to remember, is posting this funny article of Putin complaining about Russia losing the Soviet Union
I have to admit, a lot of US' rivals have really been getting on their propo game. Most made the mistake of underestimating the sheer power of our cultural-media-propaganda apparatus and how all pervasive it is, and I think that some people with really sharp propaganda operations like ISIS and muh 5th dimensional warfare Russia are way bigger threats to us than any of these demented gov bureaucrat lifers are giving them. Like that one video Russia made talking about how grorious Soviet bloc allegedly was world famous for producing automobiles and jet engines now is seen as EU dumping ground for growing sprats and prostitutes.

I still think Russian problem isn't even Putin, but all these bandit churkas or whomever that seized power following the post-Soviet vacuum and now basically Putin has to deal with a bunch of thieving oligarchs that would conspire to remove him if he pushed an actual reform that hurt their pocketbooksnot that Putin ever would. Of course Putin is a retard for stealing and STRONKing than just developing Russian economy further. Why doesn't Russia make things for example? The same question scares us about America and fueled the last populism wave.
No. 63939

Wanna switch?
No. 63942
Went shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday. Dragged my mother along because I have no fucking idea how to buy presents. Got my father some chocolate, and for my sister a card game.

Looking through the toy section, it's interesting to see just how many types of board games are there. A single chess-set for offer, and everything else feels like some seasonal cheap meme, be it a boardgame about "taboos", drinking or soviet space colonisation.
We've been playing Monopoly with my family occasionally for like 10-15 years now and we never really felt like that we needed "another" boardgame.
Still, my mother got Settlers of Catan as a "common gift", and I said to her that "You know, that's going to remedy a quite old childhood scare", because during elementary school our class won a set during a contest, and we were told that "we're too small to play it, we'll play it next year" and then we never played with it.

Going to the mall caused me to get a terrible headache for some reason. Probably all the kids shouting.
Anyway, I basically collapsed once I was done with the shopping and came home. Went to bed at nine o' clock, expecting to wake up at like seven in the morning, instead waking up at two, drenched in sweat.

I think I mentioned it before, but listening to digitalised lectures feels quite futuristic. Especially if they're about history.
It's like I'm living what people in the 70s and 80s thought will be the future of education. (And it's shit, but high-tech shit.)
No. 63943
No because you're an alcoholic. Also as I said Kazakhstan is a country more impoverished and disorderly, and I have no ties to your ruling elites. If I could be upper class in Kazakhstan than middleclass here? Yeah probably, because then I could just buy properties here and in London anyway just like every other rich elite does anyway.
No. 63944
>I still think Russian problem isn't even Putin, but all these bandit churkas or whomever that seized power following the post-Soviet vacuum
it's a mix of ideologically driven fools and realpolitik capitalists following their own interests who use these fools to put pressure on the government. Plus communists who as usual wait for their moment to seize the power.
Putin is the center. Left wing are Marxist-Leninists and "right wing" are the globalist-liberal-sjw crowd who want to return the country back into the 1990s.
It's actually a very generic political situation for Russia that existed even back in the 1800s
No. 63946
Board games seemed to have become more popular over the last few years, especially those novel/complicated ones. I myself am guilty of owning the Resident Evil boardgame, Captain Sonar and Kingdom Death which I haven't even assembled a piece from.
To me though they always have this air of politically correct students doing boardgame nights, and those people are usually exceedingly boring and dull;
or people who play Cards against Humanity because it gives them an excuse to be "edgy" without being shunned by their peers.
No. 63948
Exactly. It's the novelty, overly complicated boardgames that are in the majority and it seems odd. I cringe at the thought of trying to play any of them.
I just can't imagine "getting into the mindset". Always imagined these overly complicated boardgames to be for people with well trimmed moustaches and sweaters who play these before bedtime prayers with their families.
No. 63951
30 is pretty much, that's really not normal. But it's common -- as someone said, cities convert IQ of population into GDP. How will this situation situation develop in future? I see such possibilities:
1. It won't develop, it will stabilize: majority of people will be born in small towns and villages, smartest (in terms of IQ) of them will move to bigger cities and die childless there. Something tells me math doesn't add up here, and it will end as "Idiocracy" movie.
2. A special breed of people, well-suited for living in cities will become significant part of population. I noticed many such cases: man and woman end math faculty of very good university, then she gives birth to five children in a row. These days they are minority of intellectuals, but if their children inherit their traits, they will become majority.
3. Scientists invent artificial womb. Majority of children are born mass-produced by governments and corporations. Are there any sci-fi about that? I know "Brave New World" and one similar book by Russian writer.

You should have added more spoilers as usual. When I see them, I think of your post as FOIA CIA report and read in hope of mentioning aliens or mind altering experiments.
OK, I'll read it this time, but beware.

> basically Putin has to deal with a bunch of thieving oligarchs that would conspire to remove him
You apply western patterns to Russia and they don't fit here due to historical and economical reasons. Plus you are blinded by leftism: all source of evil must be capitalism and capitalists, government or dictator are just a proxy for them.
Putin began his ruling from imprisoning Hodorkovsky, the richest man in Russia, owner of biggest oil company. Then he transferred his assets to Rosneft, state-run company ruled by Putin's former coworker. you posted his pic as example of oligarch when he is prole i.e employed worker Also he took NTV channel from Gusinsky and 1-st channel (ORT then) from Berezovsky, who later "killed himself" in London.

Who is oligarch by definition? any rich man from Russia
> business magnate who controls sufficient resources to influence national politics
None of business owners has any power in Russia. FSB general or clerk from president's administration are much more powerful people. Oligarchs existed in Russia in 90-s. But even then Yeltsin willingly outsourced management to them as he was dysfunctional himself due to heart disease and alcoholism.

Same but ironically. But sounds smart, "realpolitics" and shit, I appreciate that.
>Plus communists who as usual wait for their moment to seize the power.
Who? Communist party is like guinea pig, not guinea nor pig. They gave up on power in 1996, they cucked even harder under Putin's rule (for example sometimes retracting their candidates because they were too popular) and the only reason for their existence is because Putin is too modest to openly declare one-party system so he maintains this living corpse as symbolic opponent. Or you talk about zoomers watching "Вестник бури"?
No. 63952
>politically correct students doing boardgame nights, and those people are usually exceedingly boring and dull;
because without negative things there are no positive things. When people deny themselves the ability to hate something or someone they also rob themselves of the ability to like or love.
Without hate there is no love.
No. 63953
>and "right wing" are the globalist-liberal-sjw crowd who want to return the country back into the 1990s
Are there actually people who want Russia to be more like in the 1990s again? Because that seems insane to me. Or is this your way of saying that the demands of the pro EU crowd would result in a second catastrophe like after the fall of the CCCP? If so, why do you think that? I'm not in favor of the Nawalny crowd, but I don't think it would lead to the 90s over again. But I'm just a foreigner and don't know much about Russian politics, so maybe I'm missing something.
No. 63955
Yes there are. Mostly it's two kinds of people
A) Oligarchs who had power back then: Khodorkovsky as an example. They know what they are doing and are openly hypocritical.
B) Former soviet talentless intelligentsia: various shit singers, musicians, cinema actors, writers, etc.
They liked that absolute lack of cultural standards or morals of the 1990s, which allowed them to make money and have their 15 minutes of fame. They obviously want this time back.
C) Lazy selfish opportunistic consoomer types, who only care about their own well-being, blame everyone but themselves for their problems and will jump on every protest movement whether it's socialist or liberal or nationalist, it's irrelevant for them.
D) Actually ideology-driven fanatics who are unironically interested in establishing globalist world order because muh human rights, END ALL WARS, FREEDOM PROSPERITY PEACE <----these are used by the groups i mentioned above
No. 63957
No ones wants to be even more poor than now or to be conscripted to Chechnya.
It's just a demagogic trick. For example, you want elections of governors -> "you want things to be like in 90-s" -> you want things mention above.
I can come up with right-wing analogy of this: you don't want to accept gorrilion migrants from Africa -> you want Germany to be more like in 1945 -> insane, you want to burn alive in Dresden!
No. 64001
Can't drink because already spent calorie budget on a relative's wake and funeral meals.

Oriental heda mentality of pigging out when somebody dies, 7 days after they die, 40 days after they die, and so on and so forth.
Any event is an excuse to pig out.

Muslim uncle was seething that the funeral proceedings were done in the usual pagan/muslim mishmash of rites and superstitious rituals, instead of being 100% halal.
Yeah good luck with that bro, kazakhs will never pick religion over food.
No. 64003
Don't Kazakhs also eat horse? That's absolutely Haram.
No. 64004
What? You're rambling, man.

Also, horse meat is breddy tasty. Before I stopped eating meat I would prefer it over beef.
No. 64005
Friend returned from army. He speaks highly of Kazakhs and other Asians. They know how to escape or imitate work and understand their interests. Meanwhile Russians will honestly execute the most retarded or unjust order and be proud of that. It's like they think that it's cool to suffer and go through hardships.
I mean, yes, it's good that you are able to eat rotten potatoes or unload wagons while being ill with flu. In extreme situations when it's necessary it might help you. But the better skill is to avoid such situations and they don't have it.
Just before that I'd read that in Kazakhstan workers actually go on strikes and fight for their rights -- something which never happens here.

No. 64011
Cheat days are essential for keeping sane.
I allow myself to pig out on saturdays.
If you keep your regime the rest of the week, and do so diligently, there is no harm in taking it easy on one day.
No. 64016
Ok, so one week ago I decided to take a break from visiting 4chan because it was riling me up too much.
And it was a good choice. That subtle, simmering anger has gone and I feel more balanced.
I also would like to apologize to our resident americans for my hostility. It was merely an outlet and you serving as ersatz targets of my righteous anger directed at americans in general.
No. 64017
4chan today is just as heavily moderated as reddit. On blue boards you get banned all the time.
The moderation heavily discourages people from creating fun threads and artificially limits the amount of topics you can talk about. For example: if you create a thread about Russia on /int/ - the thread will be deleted and you will get banned because the topic of Russia is controversial.
My guess is that they are under FBI or something like that and are forced to keep people in this information bubble where only certain narrative is allowed.
/pol/ is heavily spammed by bots who promote national-socialist ideology, and /pol/ is used in my opinion for propaganda purposes on other american resources like reddit where it's used as a boogeyman.

The only positive thing about today's 4chan - at least it's not kohlchan. I can't even post on that website because all users from Russia are banned there and have to send an application form to be able to leave posts. Which i won't do because that defeats the purpose of an anonymous imageboard.
No. 64019
> Which i won't do because that defeats the purpose of an anonymous imageboard.
Do you know what IP address is? With their token system you are as anonymous as if you simply access site without Tor.
I think, we have already discussed that.
No. 64020 Kontra
I don't care about politics or any controversial bullshit at all. I come from a time when people were edgy for edge's sake.
But what you get on 4chan, no matter the board or topic, apart from general poltard cancer, are low-effort shitposts, the same tired old shitty (forced) memes and perfectly identifiable as such underage posters.
In fact it's the last point that's the most important - there are sometimes threads even on /v/ where an actual discussion is possible, I have visited those threads in the past. And they were, without exception, about something that kids are not interested in, like old obscure video games no youtuber has talked about yet.
And those threads were usually pretty nice because there was virtually not shitposting. I am really glad 4chan didn't exist when I was still a teenager, I can't even fathom how much it can damage a young mind lurking there.
Säge for metaposting; we really shouldn't talk about other imageboards here, especially about K*hl.
No. 64021 Kontra
i just want to post without jumping through the hoops
tokens are stupid. period.
No. 64023
It's legitly been rumoured to have been a fed honeypot since like 2010 or way earlier, back to 2007 or something like that. There's a lot of reasons why I hate that site. It's interesting to note that apparently the owner of the Canadian drug chan allegedly got approached by some kind of maple syrup federal agents, and he is supposedly one of the few who told them to fuck off, or so the legend goes. To me it's not unbelievable that he too isn't in jail because he put in some work for the feds. The whole thing is so incredibly disgusting and I can't believe how almost all dumb bydlo are asleep when it comes to creep from technology and state/megacorp apparatus. Basically they tried using Anon as a cat's paw for alphabet agencies the same way they did and do with different tech companies. I'm nothing but glad some of these dumbfucks got woken the fuck up about this and that the corps and feds are not your friends, and our system is rotten and evil on the inside. That whole Arab Spring they they partly got done through places like the chans and IRCs, and then they pushed shitholes like Twitter and FB as "hacktivist" sites because twitter could run fed/CIA/USAF sockpuppet accounts without detect for psyop purposes and facebook could be used for total surveillance on the general public. Their original idea was also to try and do to Iran what they did to Syria, Libya, and various other countries ruined ultimately by Them, but Greenwave failednot that I don't sympathize with young Iranians tired of the Ayatollahs bullshit but come on, I have never seen anything but evil come about through things like CIA involvement, unless you count specific colour revolutions and that was a different era and only was done to exploit those countries by Western companies.

Basically it is all a shitshow on a way deeper, more fundamental level than even you probably imagine. Places like 4kanker are shitholes partly because they serve a specific purpose. It wouldn't surprise me if k*hl is some sort of honeypot operation, in which case I hope they leave us a nice apology card for taking so long to bag the pedos, which honestly even that I sometimes suspect is all a part of some op to blackmail and control the people at top positions and otherwise they don't carebecause judging by their sentences of getting out after two years for raping a kid, I imagine they actually don't and just leave it for civilians to clean up and catch charges themselves. It should be noted there was also another old rumour and very detailed effortpost if it was a trolling shitpost/larp that basically the feds had been using 4kanker to spread some bullshit identity politics ideology as a problem/reaction/solution component to creating all the SJW groups which my instincts tell me was manufactured somehow. There is also the idea that they really want to control the narratives and Dept of Defense has called the free internet things like a "enemy weapons system" in the past, which would make sense if they ended up all these information outlets to control and rule.

The alternative being, people are just so consistently dumb, cowardly, and/or banal in their selfish maliciousness that human beings, as a group, end up looking and behaving as though they're the demiurge. My personal opinion is there's a plan, or rather layers of interlocking and competing internal conspiracies within a large edifice like a corporation, with all the wealthiest of elites and well connected people in on it in plain view, and people are too dumb to pick up on it. Then even if they do, and somehow have the right instincts, they consistently go so fully retarded that it looks like somebody or some group of people is actively trolling them into doing the exactly wrong thing with exactly the wrong perspectivefor example, rebelling against a system of total control through tech megacorps and the cellphone in your pocket by...rejecting vaccines in a pandemic because you think Bill Gates microchipped it? And you still own a cellphone? why? . At the same time, people have a really bad habit of trying to claim this structure is like some kind of all knowing super competent god, when it's clearly not. The stupidity of the pandemic in general is only one small part of exposing how unbelievably incompetent all these groups and structures really are, and they only wish we would believe they have as good control when they don't. In a lot of ways everything reminds me of a gilded and velveted glove version of the way the US prison system is ran, right down to it being a for profit enterprise.

I do believe no matter what though that 4kanker basically became little kids rather than people more like us around 2010, and that by 2015 it became almost exclusively different interest groups astroturfing the place. I sometimes suspect EC is the last free place on the internet.
No. 64028
187 kB, 2048 × 1536
> I sometimes suspect EC is the last free place on the internet.
EC is a honeypot of the world cyclist conspiracy though.
No. 64033 Kontra
63 kB, 445 × 647
Quiet! You know how we deal with with snitches.
No. 64034
Yes, kazakhs are very, very lazy overall.
You could call this "pragmatic", but it's not a clever kind of laziness, where you invent a machine to do something so you don't have to. It's the kind of lazyness where you simply don't do that thing.
Yes, I sound like a russian bydlo complaining about churkas. But my excuse is that our country hass way more churkas than yours :-DDD

Maybe there's upsides to this, I don't know. Kazakhs in general don't seem to care much about ideology. They know what's going on, and they know that the government knows that they know. I don't think anybody here unironically supports the current regime. In fact, 50% of the conversations I have with cab drivers or random people on bus stops is "government and oligarchs are traitors and subhumans, revolution when". The other 50% is when the other person is russian :-DDDD. I think they feel it inappropriate to make such statement as a non-kazakhs, but I get it.

>Just before that I'd read that in Kazakhstan workers actually go on strikes and fight for their rights -- something which never happens here.
Sure, but you must understand that those protests do not have a solid ideological backbone. It's just angry people releasing 10 years worth of frustration over all the bullshit they had to suffer through, and the initial thing that kicks off the protests is simply a pretext.
It is not a "we as a people demand that such and such issues be addressed, we have made a movement with a hashtag and a logo".
It's more like a peasants with pitchforks situation, and people just want the assholes at the top to let them live in decency. Almost nobody has a political/ideological affiliation, people just want to live better. And it ends the same way as any peasant uprising does. People disperse, then the loudest ones are sent to gulag.
No. 64035
there's a fun conspiracy theory that i have about 2ch and russian imageboards and forums in general
Ukrainians sometimes post on the russian internet and very often they have extreme fascist views and goebbels-tier rhetoric.
The thing is... because of how blatantly fascist and nazi some of the real ukrainians are, at this point our government might use paid shills to leave similar russophobic posts in the comments just to ramp up the patriotic feelings among the population.
So basically you have ukrainians who shit on russia and then russian bots who also shit on russia. It's kinda of a hilarious method of mass manipulation if it's true. Sort of an amplifier. But that's just a theory.
No. 64041
I lol'd, lad, I'm pretty sure people who are shitting on Russia doing so organically see also
post directly above you as well as pretty much half of all Russian posts. Typical Russian poster pretty much is "Russia is shit! A SHIT! What?! How dare you Wect pidor call my mighty Russia a shit! Russia stronk! Oh how I wish I lived on Wect why Germans and USA so ungrateful to be borned on land of milk and honey, thinking Russia is not a shit." I mean really now, you guys call us a schizophrenic hivemind but just about every Russian poster ultimately blends into the same weird bipolar with borderline personality disorder Russia shit/Russia stronking. The rest just seem to despise Russians for some reason, that I can only guess ensues when Slav bydlo basically take all the worst aspects of Chinese peasantry with burger fatmastering and doing it around other countries. Still a pretty fun theory though, and oddly I could see it actually working too.

Pretty much I think that everything kinda became some faggy psyop or another after like the mid to late 2000s. To me, 2007-2010 is the period when the wild west internet was on last legs and then finally died. All else was just small enclaves and petty fiefdoms shielded by their own irrelevance until they too got thoroughly ruined and permanently destroyedwhich to be fair, unlike casey 8kanker was never good, nor really was 4. Id prefer living on Antarctica moonbase at this poing but then I still have to deal with people even there and then I'm sure the same people ruining everything will follow me there.

But anyway one other thing to unrelated conversation I think is funny is how the British made Imperium of Man has lobotomized human workers who are less likely to rebel than actual robots, and that is why even simple AI is strictly outlawed because a dumb robot is basically still considered smart enough to actually rebel and demand better material conditions and dignity as sentient beings whereas the worker caste bydlo will not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-piiMmpHN8

It is not insane but alleged rationalist thinking that if I stand to gain as much money as possible from it while the country burns down, so be it. If it becomes like 1990s and I can steal freely again, then why not? Why not pay some bydlo whatever change I find between my Porsche seats to murder or beat up somebody I do not like? In a sense, you may not like it, but this is what maximalist market liberalism perfection looks like, or at least somewhere between that and some cyberpunk dystopia. If you can dispossess others of even more resources and private assets in the ensuing chaos, why wouldn't you just want to crack the country apart?
No. 64042
>Id prefer living on Antarctica moonbase at this poing but then I still have to deal with people even there and then I'm sure the same people ruining everything will follow me there.
How can you be sure you aren't also part of the 'people ruining everything'?
>when Slav bydlo basically take all the worst aspects of Chinese peasantry with burger fatmastering and doing it around other countries.
I can't even understand what this means. Maybe I'm dumb.
No. 64043
I went to Berlin from saturday to today to see a football game and meet some people, it was quite fun but also quite "klamm" (clammy?) as we say in German. Now on my way back.
No. 64044
I'm not sure what my post has to do with russia, but okay
No. 64046
I well could be, however I'm not into "joining" things. It's like the people ruining hobbies pics. I like my little obscure hobbies. I liked when there were few people on and it was a wild west with "muh sekrit clubhouse rules 1 and 2 fgt!" as puerile as it was, and I liked my casey before it got progressively more retarded from dumb bydlo politiking. It is equivalent to asking "how are you sure you aren't the normie?" At end of the day it doesn't matter to me functionally because I just wish to have salient discussions and keep more to myself.

As to Russians, just think about worst habits of most bydlo Russians. Now make them tourists like British bydlo going to Spain. Now drop them into middle of Astana and pestering poor brick, spitting their sunflower seeds and acting like some burger in a Walmart parking lot. You see what I mean? I can understand Russian mutual hate if only because I can see how they manage sometimes to combine the most unappealing aspects of both Americans abroad and Chinese abroad.
No. 64048
2,2 MB, 1800 × 1200
New year coming up. I've begun planning things out, what to do and what not to do. What about you Ernst, are you ready for another happy and exciting year?
In my mind, 2020 and 2021 have been the same year. I find it hard to remember if recent world events happened this year or the previous.

I don't think Russians fit your mental image of them, then again, I'm not sure.
No. 64050
Yeah same here. 2020 began, then came Corona, then it was over. 2021 has just been over entirely.
They have also banned fireworks (and thus most likely killed the fireworks industry) in Germany this year, so since New Year's Eve falls on a friday, I will just treat it as any other friday, with the exception that stores won't be open on saturday, so I will need to get my stuff on tuesday or wednesday, because on thursday/friday people will storm the stores like the world would end, which they do every single time a holiday comes up.
No. 64051 Kontra
You have repeatedly vocalized your disdain for Russians. In fact I can even remember one of the funnier ones where you started talking about white tourists and immediately realized they weren't Russian because they "looked and sounded civilized" as you worded it. I can't even type it out without laughing irl. So, I am just giving me theories on to why I think so many of Russia's neighbors come to hate Russians and seem to look at and see Russia and Russians in certain ways, based on an exaggeration of what bydlo there is like.

I mean I dunno man, honestly I'm rambling all over the place lately because I took these alleged legal non-THC cannabinoid gummies to deal with constant back spasms and pain and I think they're doing funny things to my mind. I accidentally took too much one day and thought I was going to die, which made me conclude if you take enough of certain types you can accidentally get very much a weed like high.
I fucking hate weed. I hate the feel of THC so much it's unreal. But at the same time, these CBD or delta8 things don't usually trigger a weed high and just make me drowsy and relax my muscles and kill pain, but at the same time, I think it's built up enough in my system so much I'm thinking strangelyand ending up going on weird Communist tangents right before falling asleep after watching prison and 40K videosI think delta8 is turning me into a Communistalso being more introspective about what am I even doing with my life wasting it on EC, vidya games, work I don't love, why am I being a dick and so on in fact why I am even posting here I have a last Christmas present to pick up today
No. 64053
>They have also banned fireworks
Why have they done this?
No. 64055
something something corona-related gatherings, something something relief of hospitals from fireworks-related accidents of subhumans too dumb to not blow themselves up
No. 64061
I don't believe the latter part actually happens, and I live in murica, the land where my neighbors would do shit like throw a fist full of 12 gauge shells in the firepit while drunk and make pipe bombs and TATP as kids I didn't do the latter and I knew one particularly severe alcoholic who shot most of his hand off while cleaning his gun drunk. What I think most probably happened is that die Nadsis in federal and local bolice got tired of people shooting bottlerockets at them at protests, and then privately told whoever replaced Mutti that "terrorists will manufacture bombs out of this" or something to that effect while not wanting to say so in public for fear of giving Germans and neuGermans any added ideas. In all honesty though, it takes a hell of a lot to make a bomb out of tightly regulated and monitored materials, whereas the real happenings utility of them are for more survival oriented reasoning, or for making homemade and untraceable firearmswhich to be fair, you could also do with less regulated precursor materials and pieces of metal. My overall estimation is they are just that worried about further social unrest, making me curious what the heads of EU know about which we don't, most probablu involving severe economic recession and other problems, most likely with oligarchs having already bailed their money out. My stocks tanked fucking hugely over the past several weeks, as did my other assets.

Today has been noice minus the aggravation of dealing with my immediate family, thus making me realize in such stark terms that even if I had real power I'd not want to involve any of them for numerous reasons, regardless of my la familia es todo mindset. I have started to conclude that men really should just take charge and be left in charge in nearly all situations. After today it made me realize I think men really should be the ones in charging of taking care of things not maternity related.

On one hand, it's don't and I feel like things have just been like this since forever. On other hand, sometimes yes indeed this just feels like one long and eventful year. No I am not doing anything and going out largely because I don't drink, and after watching this one Islamic conspiracy theorist video called "the hidden history of Christmas" I realized that yeah, pretty much these holidays get made into one long excuse for getting drunk, that to be fair at least Americans use every holiday except Easter as that. As such I've zero inclination to freeze my ass off stone cold sober just for watching fireworks with a bunch of strangers. I'm hoping to just be relaxing at home.
No. 64065
I rolled around in my bed for an hour or so because apart from feeling too hot I also came to think of a few girls I interacted with in school.
One was an american exchange student from Iowa whom I had a pleasant chat with and who seemed genuinely interested, but I never pursued her further. Today I would at least invite her to see the real Germany, if you know what I mean.
The other one was a classmate. She had always been a bit of an airhead stacy-ish type and for some reason she was out for me. Today I think she was secretly crushing on me, but I will never know. The things I remember are when I was doing a presentation on Clive Barker's Books of Blood and she was asking me why the hell I was reading that stuff. Her own presentation was on the Merchant of Venice or something and when she noticed that nobody was paying attention (because it was a fucking mandatory presentation and there was this silent agreement that nobody would ask questions or discuss so we could get it over with) she was getting butthurt and asking if she should just stop here if nobody is listening to her anyway. That kind of person.
Anyway, one day she was sitting behind me and decided, obviously to get my attention, to use a marker on my neck. I think I took it from her and later tried to marker her too, but I can't quite remember.
Today I would grab her hand, write my number on her arm as well as my initials and tell her to call me whenever she wants some. Now I googled her and found out she has become some kind of law creature, which isn't surprising. And the thing is that I don't have any kind of special towards her. My ex knew her and told me she was pretty dominant and forbade her bf to meet other people, which I definitely believe. The irony here is that my ex gf also had me (or rather coerced me by mental games) not meet my friends.

>What I think most probably happened
Yeah, it's don't. Fireworks are only sold in the days before new year's eve anyway and anything thrown at the police is selfmade.
What really happens is that left/green hates fireworks because hurr durr environment and muh dogs are scared (how about you don't get any then, dumb cunt?) and think of the refugees coming out of warzones and whatever bullshit.
And there are enough doctors supporting them because IN BERLIN ALONE they get a TWO DIGIT NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH FIREWORKS RELATED INJURIES! EVERY NEW YEAR'S EVE!
Also, they have already done this last year.
No. 64070
>I don't believe the latter part actually happens
I can personally confirm it happens.
t. rural and peripheral european
No. 64071 Kontra
My plans?
Keep working towards dissertation/master thesis. Get gf or at least some more casual sex/short time intimacy. Make a trip, I haven't been outside of Germany for a few years now.
I think that is basically it. I'm very invested in my advancements in understanding stuff and I care to go deeper. Political activism would be nice, but the things that seem obvious don't attract me. Gf/intimacy are goals since I hit puberty, so a trip would be cool for a change but reading and understanding are also very nice.

And I don't care that fireworks are verboten again, I haven't bought/used fireworks since I was 15 or 16, so I've done the last 15 years without. For the aesthetic experience, many towns offer public fireworks.
No. 64072
Are you a wizard?
That said, I am also not spending a three digit amount of money on boom stuffs, but I enjoy making noise and honestly, if people in any given village start a few rockets in front of their houses, none of those corona rules apply anyway. As always, the problem lies within the cities.

Also, I have just devised a new conspiracy theory, r8:

New years fireworks are done to deter evil spirits.
Last year there was less fireworks and less noise.
The pandemic situation in Germany hasn't gotten better.
This year there will probably be even less.
The pandemic situtation will most certainly get worse in 2022.
Therefore it's just logical that the evil spirits are behind the fireworks ban.
Maybe even some dark lord working on regaining his strength.
No. 64075
I think your theory is true.
Shills in general have strategy of "going into hohols". Like all TV is about them, same way the want to distract plebs in internet from inner issues and make it US (me, Rotenberg, Sechin) vs THEM (hohols). Or at least make any discussion impossible as it will descent into exchange of battle pics.
Like they immediately call everyone who criticize Russian authorities hohol and then he has to prove that he is not hohol (but hohol with Russian ID). I don't think at this point such bait works as everyone sees through this tactic, so it's easier for them to pretend goebbels-like hohols and start casus-beli into pigposting themselves.

It's complicated and I doubt it's worth to explain, but general notes:

1. There are things which no one except shill can say. People can be dumb, they can be delusional, they can be funposting, but they won't say it as it makes no sense in any of these cases or combination of them. So Russians may praise Russia or loathe it, but in specific ways.
2. You don't communicate with Russians, you communicate just with a small part of them (posters on international boards) who do not resemble general Russian population, so don't think like you know it first-handed. For example, one may think that conflict of vatniks vs liberals on /int/ is rurals vs urbanites. General population vs contrarians. But rural population doesn't speak English. They never heard about "EC". What you see is contrarians vs double contrarians, urbanites vs mega-urbanites.

Take one of posters ITT for example. "Consoomers", "realpolitics", "SJWs" etc. I bet he goes to a good school or university. Most likely he is from big city. He has never been to army. He has good opportunities for emigrating. So all his current and future environment are "middle class" liberals and he is contrarian to them. He spends time on obscure foreign right-wing websites and tries to be like other posters there. Westerners are mad about liberal establishment (SJWs) and commies. He wants to be like them. The problem is that liberals in Russia have no power. he there is a terminology confusion as "liberal" in Russia means "someone who doesn't like Putin stealing money from him" and in west it's more about feminism, "decolonisation", outgroup bias, etc In best case they are videobloggers who spend half of their life under arrest so getting buttmad about such irrelevant people is strange. No problem, he makes up imaginary world there NixelPixel is one step from overthrowing based and redpilled leader and commies are awaiting for a moment to seize all the power and declare Zuganov general secretary. It's a bit bulky (like consoomers of what? buckwheat and margarine? it's not 1-st world here), but it works for him as he believes in what he wants to believe.
How widespread are such people in Russia? 0.0...1% of population. How are widespread are they on /int/? Probably half of posters.

t. triple contrarian
No. 64076
>Why would I mention China?
Germans who hate Murica are usually big fans of China. It's not like they are really in favor of it, it's more like when woman wants to tease her man and get attention from him, so she flirts with another guy despite she doesn't even find him handsome. Same way Germans treats burgers -- China is just a placeholder for them.
Additionally, such mention would raise a question. Is this guy ethnically Chinese? Probably. Is he even wumao? Obviously not, but leading discussion into such direction is still beneficial as it inevitably sticks a label to him anyway. Plus it will remind everyone about China's sneaky and disgusting methods of psychological warfare.
No. 64083
Holding in ans shit before I get home because I refuse to shit anywhere but my safe space.
No. 64084
>What about you Ernst, are you ready for another happy and exciting year?
I’m more exited at the idea of seeing again old friends at the New Year’s Eve party than at the perspective of a new year.
I want to organize more role play gatherings and initiate several interested acquaintances, restart writing scenarios, learn and eventually make play new rules. My team is now trying to send a colonial venture to a tropical, dragon filled island. The campaign is nearly six years old now but we tend to gather every 3/6 months since gorona.
No. 64085
Going for a midnight walk with my brother's German shepherd dog by the light of a bright full moon I heard the yelping of coyotes ahead. I stopped walking and listened. There is a pack of coyote-wolf-dog hybrids in the area and this was a chance to confront them if they had grown bold enough to stand their ground or else cause them to run from me and remember that this land belongs to humans. I drew my pistol and thought and how satisfying it felt to do this while being accompanied by a dog then looked down to my side and saw the dog was not there. He had gone some 15 meters back the way we had come. I called him back to me and started walking towards the coyotes. He ran back again. I then understood what he was doing and felt a great disappointment. I considered continuing without him. I considered forcing him to come with me. I even briefly considered executing him for cowardice in the face of the enemy. I finally decided that there was a chance the dog's danger-avoiding behavior was within the parameters for what is expected for a companion animal so I should not treat him harshly for it. I went back to him and allowed him to lead me back home which he did eagerly, going ahead but periodically stopping to wait for me to catch up. Back home I reflected that I should buy another more aggressive dog if I wished to use it as a patrol animal.
No. 64086
I now reflect that this dog likely had no instinctive understanding that I greatly outmatched the pack of coyotes and in the unlikely event they didn't run I could have killed all of them. Certainly that's not true of all humans, and this dog has never seen me kill anything. Perhaps I should kill large animals in front of it to make it understand.
No. 64087 Kontra
This post is eerily similar to that burgoid post a while back where he pointed his gun at some dude in a convenience store for 'looking shifty' or some dumb shit like that. If it is the same person, you are way too into wanting to kill something or someone, so please kill yourself before you do a mass shooting and make other people pay for your autism. Thanks.

If you aren't the same person, you should probably reconsider your fetishising of lethal force, because this:
>I drew my pistol and thought and how satisfying it felt to do this
is the kind of turbo-cringe that comes out of 15 year old incels in their manifestos lul.
No. 64088
I am in fact the same person. I hoped that this would be clear without my having to say it so thank you.
>you are way too into wanting to kill something or someone
These coyotes-wolf-dog hybrids have killed livestock and are on the slate to be destroyed as soon as someone has the time to spend a few nights waiting with bait and a rifle. If an opportunity falls into my lap I'll take the shot (literally). If they are to be killed why not by someone who is enthusiastic about the idea?
No. 64089 Kontra
Oh, in case it wasn't obvious, when I wrote
>I drew my pistol and thought and how satisfying it felt to do this while being accompanied by a dog
by "do this while being accompanied by a dog" I meant going after coyotes, not drawing a pistol.
No. 64090
130 kB, 1108 × 831
Don't listen to him, somebody has to clean the filth (dog-coyote hybrids) off the streets.
No. 64091 Kontra
>he pointed his gun at some dude in a convenience store for 'looking shifty' or some dumb shit like that
Lest anyone who didn't read the first post get the wrong idea it's important to note that no one could see that I had a gun or was aiming it. Otherwise rather than merely being a precaution in case my fears about him were justified it would have been an inexcusable overt threat and would have given anyone who witnessed it grounds to shoot me immediately.
No. 64092
You sound like some sort of littleman/inferiority complex or something to be honest, like the kind of person who becomes s wagie prisom guard just to be able to hit someone that can't fight back. I don't think you realize how sociopathic you probably are and come off as, but your mindset is not normal or healthy.
No. 64093
Leaving aside whether your other statements about my psychology are correct, you are not correct that I'm a sadist or a bully. On the way back home I encountered a skunk. I remembered a few weeks ago someone had complained about a skunk spraying their pet in the face. The skunk was standing still and I could have easily shot it but I didn't because the skunk is just trying to live its life and doesn't bother anyone who doesn't bother it first.
No. 64094
"Execute my own dog for cowardice in face of the enemy" who the fuck even jokes about shit like that? Are you Chinese or something? Then just to make certain that we can't let our eyes glaze over and move on, you continued going into something about "needing to buy a more aggressive dog." Like what the fuck? Are you the same dude who made the cringey "this is why I fight" manifesto? It's like you're constantly trying to make yourself feel like John Wick, only it John Wick shot his own dog out of autism.

I've seen guys who remind me of you before, the types who fantasize about being the big hero saving the world from "some shifty looking dude" while secretly cradling their little handgun, who are too pompous and full of themselves and their own ego to deal with the self honesty that they're just looking to take their aggression out on innocents like a violent criminal and instead need to rationalize dumb shit like this to themselves, the sort of turbo boomer armchair general who walks around in tacticool gear he's no clue how to even use. Good God why am I even reading or engaging this dumb shit right before getting ready for work and the freezing ass cold.
No. 64095
113 kB, 1604 × 800
Maybe he's Keyser Söze.
Fun fact: The way it's pronounced makes it sound like "Kaisersoße" in german, which sounds like a type of sauce you could serve with roast or cabbage vegetables (there is indeed a mix of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower that's called "Kaisergemüse").
I always have to giggle from the discrepancy between the badass crime lord character and something my grandma would cook up.
Imagine you'd be calling yourself "Lord Gravy" or something.
No. 64097
I don't think you appreciate the feeling of betrayal when someone you implicitly assumed had your back turns tail.
>Are you the same dude who made the cringey "this is why I fight" manifesto?
No. Was that on this board?
>the sort of turbo boomer armchair general who walks around in tacticool gear he's no clue how to even use.
Remarks like that are pure cope. "I bet that boomer with the expensive car doesn't know how to drive it" -- how do you know, is he a friend of yours? It sounds more like you feel threatened and are trying to diminish this feeling by imagining that the stranger is implausibly unfamiliar with his own gear. People with expensive night vision goggles like to find excuses to wear them. People with expensive guns like to shoot them.
No. 64098
Real criminals have names every bit as retarded though, like the Italian American mafia. I was just watching this thing on some guy named spoon, and everyone ended up calling him spoon because he was trying to sharpen a spoon in his cell into a shank. So theoretically yeah, there could actually be a big time criminal out there called some shit like "lord gravy" "big gravy" or "the gravy boat" because the dude is doing some time for malicious wounding because he poured scalding gravy on his wife or cellie or something. Criminal names aren't like comic books and a lot of these aren't really smart or inventive guys. Ah fuck it's already light out
No. 64099
>just looking to take their aggression out on innocents
Someone who attacks a store clerk isn't innocent. There were people the last time round who opined that even if the man had attacked the store clerk in order to rob him it wouldn't have justified shooting him. Were you one of them? I don't think you really understand the concept of innocence vs guilt or place any importance on it.
No. 64101
Today I learned:

  1. There are conspirologists who claim that America does not exist. And Australia does not exist. Argumentation: these continents are not found on old maps, and newer maps are all falsified. Another argumentation: none of my acquaintances (poor slavs) has ever been there.
  2. Lifehack from sovereign citizens: declare you car as vessel. If cop asks your driving license, he can be accused of boarding and considered pirate according to marine codex.
No. 64102
Within America there is a non-serious conspiracy theory that Delaware does not exist.
No. 64103
Within Germany there is a rather serious conspiracy theory that Bielefeld does exist.
No. 64105
>Bielefeld does exist

No. 64107
I didn't sleep very well tonight and I thought about that matter a bit more.
It's really strange how sometimes I have to think about people from my past I never had much to do with or have anything to with today.
As far as I am concerned, those people are strangers to me. "Somebody I used to know".
But something strange crossed my mind: Both this girl and my ex were extremely similar. They even kinda look alike, they are about the same age, chose similar fields to work in, they are even from the same town and the girl I was talking about was in a relationship with a friend of my ex.
That's kinda weird and I am wondering why the fuck I came back this anyway. I don't fancy her, at all.
I am also not someone crying over missed opportunities. I am happy right now and had my life not taken the course it didn't, I probably wouldn't be where I am today.
Perhaps it's the dark season. I think I might abandon celebrating christmas in the future outside of familial obligation and instead celebrate winter solstice because I am so fucking glad the days are getting longer again.
No. 64108
>Are you a wizard?

No, I had sex and I might have sex in the next weeks. I just want more of it because it has been two months since last time, I head longer streaks than that ofc but I crave it. A relationship would be nice, but atm there is no woman that I feel that attracted to a sufficient degree. The last one stopped talking to me after I made an argument that did not align with some of her believes even though we are both left-leaning persons. Maybe she does not care to answer and we are cool. But I don't want to find out. I was pissed that she does not respond to my argument but instead chose silence. Now I can wonder if she just does not care or if she thinks I'm as disappointing as most people she seem to encounter politically. I always knew she is way more into left stuff I don't care too deeply about and I sometimes think is exaggerated in its sensibility. But whatevs, it immediately made her unattractive, I even told her beforehand I'm happy if she can point out to me where I'm wrong, I'm open for that, but not bothering to answer is bleh.

I'm home with my parents again. This town feels suffocating once left, yesterday I dreamed about how this town traps me like being at the shore and some underwater algae or another sort of plant-like thing keeps me and drags me down. I don't know, maybe I read too much and I lose contact with people, my friends are doing their thing I am doing mine, what happens here? I haven't spoken to them. Send a message not long ago, I have to see. Surely some will meet up. But it seems like we are all in this corona drag and follow what interests us or not, the first makes us gravitate towards other people than our initial bound.
No. 64109
Brother is buying a new car, and said he could leave his old bucket to me.

Already enrolled in driving classes, felling eggscited.
No. 64110
Maybe you kan find comfort in the knowledge that I had sex on saturday.
No. 64111
I panicked at a public academic presentation and stuttered, it made all the attendees laugh. It’s been years since the last time such things happened and I had the pretty strong belief I was finally immune, but apparently not.

It sounds like parody.
No. 64112
30 kB, 410 × 464
>I panicked at a public academic presentation and stuttered, it made all the attendees laugh.
How many people were there? And how many people of those were not part of your institute/class?
No. 64114
I once asked you about Battle of Waterloo. That's because I'd read that pop knowledge of this event is heavily distorted due to anglos propaganda (this battle wasn't decisive at all and anglos were minority in coalition's army), so I tried to check it.
Then I noticed suggestion "battle of waterloo kazakhs" in Google, clicked and saw this:
It says that it were Kazakhs who defeated Napoleon but Russians were hiding this truth from them until Frenchmen themselves revealed it on Waterloo anniversary celebration.
Now you know it too.
No. 64115
Das rite
No. 64117
And like we said then, it was unironically even more retarded to do it that way, and we explained why having a gun pointed at someone you dont intend to shoot right then is moronic, and doing it where even you cant see it with your finger on the trigger as you said you did should basically be grounds for never owning a gun.

A clerk probably aint getting themselves killed over a few hundred bucks at most, and killing someone over the same is pretty sad too honestly. And nothing happened, so you risked murdering some random guy over your gun fetish cope.

This shit is why we make fun of americans and guns tbh.
No. 64118
1,2 MB, 1621 × 1080
97 kB, 700 × 475
Rich relatives are going to go to Indonesia on vacation. Picrelated is how this country looks for tourists vs how it looks for it's population. Meanwhile I find it embarrassing to use delivery: it's like my time is more worthy than this guy's so he should go to grocery for me.

Interesting how upper class people cope with huge moral responsibility lying on them. 1-st generation moneybags need to be high IQ psychopaths to become successful, so they can handle this problem. But their kids not necessary inherit these traits together with wealth, so they must be fucked in heda in general.

BTW Indonesia has 6 distinct words for naming different types of bribes. Impressive, I counted only 5 in Russian.
No. 64119
>bipolar with borderline personality disorder Russia shit/Russia stronking
Because we're stuck between west and east, we have traits of both.
Some people like the progressive nature of the West and the whole idea of catholicism and protestant work ethic. Working to improve one's surroundings, building shit and all that.

But the more conservative part of the population is against doing anything. And i mean anything. Just sit down and do nothing. Life's fine as it is. Who cares that roads and buildings fall apart, that's not important. Just chill bro.
But when the time comes (usually when it's almost too late) these conservatives snap and suddenly start actually working, HURR MARCH OF PROGRESS, GULAG THE ENEMIES OF THE WORKING CLASS, RUSSIAN IMPERIALISM etc. It does improve one's surroundings and quite rapidly however certain unprepared individuals do suffer because they can't keep up.

So the idea is not a steady and slow progress like on the west, but more like a series of pushes, that often come unpredictably.
It even happens to me IRL, i usually don't do anything most of the time, but when i do i finish all the tasks in a very short period of time and without mistakes.
No. 64123 Kontra
Also, lets not redefine what happened. The guy did nothing wrong, and the only crime was that you decided they "looked like" a criminal. You werent defending shit, you were the aggressor there lol.
No. 64124
We did Indonesian language in primary school. Wish I remembered more of it tbh. Seems like it'd be useful to know the language of one of our close neighbours.
No. 64125
>Meanwhile I find it embarrassing to use delivery: it's like my time is more worthy than this guy's so he should go to grocery for me.
Weird thinking. It's a job. When I was a pizza driver I never even thought about that for a single second.
No. 64126
People are same all the time. It's just very conservative leaders vs revolutionary leaders (with lack of moderate reformists) who force them to act in specific ways.

But if we play the game "don't be bore caring about truth, just say funny opinions for dopamine hits instead", I'll say the following. Two pillars of Russian culture, two our greatest writers are:
  1. Mentally broken bootlicker with Stockholm syndrome.
  2. On the opposite, sectarian anarchist hippy who shitted on his government for any occasion, legit or not.
This explains duality of Russian sovl. This also explains why Russian dysfunctional culture should be demolished and be built from zero, like in Korea or Turkey.
No. 64130
>Delaware does not exist.

It might as well because it is the State whose only claim to fame is being the first. Seriously, can you tell me anything about it beyond being the headquarters for most credit card companies? I can't think of any important people (politicians, lawyers, scientists, inventors, celebrities, bands, musicians, et cetera) being from there at all apart from Joe Biden and Blue Eyed Devils, but that's another story.

It's an absolute void of a State. I would rather visit Wyoming than Delaware, and I'm so much closer geographically to DE; driven through there on a few occasions, too. Hell, even Florida during hurricane season sounds better than Delaware.
No. 64131
Today I got a nice belt that matches my boots. It's tricky to try to arrange for an outfit that doesn't look out place in traditionally masculine environments don't want to look like an overly dressed urbanite-sodomite at a construction site while also being fashionable and presentable in more formal settings. don't want upper class eggheads to see me as an NPC
So far, I think I'm pulling it off.
No. 64132
What is there more to belts/shoes than "match colors"?
No. 64133 Kontra
Why do you seek out an outfight that works on a construction side and a formal attendance at the same time?
I'd say you better have an outfit for both and that boils down to certain piece you have and their combination
No. 64134 Kontra
No. 64135 Kontra
>please kill yourself before you do a mass shooting and make other people pay for your autism. Thanks.

Why don't you start with yourself?

t. not that guy
No. 64136
Because often, in the same day, I'll attend meetings and visit construction sites, factories and other places. I think this wardrobe I got works for almost all occasions, in the sense that I don't think that I'd look out of place in most events. Versatility is important.
No. 64137
7 kB, 259 × 194
Nice, and gl. Soon you will know the truest freedom. Also got my car the same way; sibling upgraded and the old one fell to me.
No. 64138
What kind of job do you have that warrants being a stuck-up suit and wading around in concrete at the same time?
The suits just wear safety helmets and don't go into the mud and even the site manager just wears jeans and boots.
That said, I don't know how fashion-conscious the portuguese are, but in Germany nobody would fucking care if you just wore some nondescript black belt and some kind of black shoes. But then again, short-sleeved dress shirts are widely accepted here.
No. 64140
Eh, it's nothing then. Don't worry about it, everyone will have forgotten by next week.
That said, are you an actual stutterer?
No. 64143
>How many people were there?
Just more than a dozen thank god.
And how many people of those were not part of your institute/class?
None. But I would’ve been more confortable with no people from my institute. The guy who presented with me bursted out laughing more than the others; I will never forgive him.
>I want to organize more role play gatherings and initiate several interested acquaintances
Done I just gathered a new gaming crew with as many men than women. Never seen before.
Sorry, fucked up the spoiler two times.
I’m not normally stuttering.
No. 64145
Now you fucked up the quote :--DDDD
But if you're not an actual stutterer, it's even less. Really, who fucking cares? Nobody but your brain will remember when it's over.
I remember a guy who was usually pretty chill and level-headed, but when he had to present something got a red head and could barely talk.
Another girl was constantly short of hyperventilating and she needed her cards to hold onto lest she faint.
None of them can probably remember that anymore and I only remembered it right now because of your story.

Then of course we had this (not very talented) student who was so nervous he threw up in his mouth a bit. I had to actually bite my tongue so I wouldn't burst into laughter, while everybody else was probably doing the same. As a student you can actually laugh, but as a supervisor you always have to be serious and professional.
No. 64147
In my case, it would be overkill to wear a suit at any time. But sometimes I'll do sales and at times oversee people working. Need an outfit that works for both, it isn't so much fashion consciousness but trying to dress in a manner that is palatable to two crowds.
No. 64150
My point still stands. If you're actually part of the general construction crew, why would anybody expect you to dress like a salesman? Conversely, if you're a salesman, why would anybody expect you to not dress like one?
That said, obviously you should rather choose the salesman outfit, because what you are wearing when overseeing people seems like a total non-issue if you're not in some uniformed field.
No. 64151
834 kB, 1280 × 1700
Science right now and maybe never will be sufficient to explain, represent and recognize or identify everything that is important to humans. Thus art. Art is a way to recognize something that science cannot recognize. Furthermore, unlike classical science understanding, art is not foremost about representation these days but experimentation. But not experimentation in the way of checking hypothesis in a lab construction, but trial and error under non-artificial conditions. Art, therefore, is recognizing and practical realizing of things that science cannot.
No. 64152
Did a physicist steal your girl or something?

Also, r8 art I made, it's very experimental and recognizing.

I pee on my poo.
In the toilet the english call loo.
Pee pee poo poo.
The cow makes moo.
No. 64155 Kontra
No, but are you a physicist that cannot take that his knowledge is not the pinnacle of knowledge? There is this meme about them feeling superior to everybody else and I think it is true. They are insufferable due to their elitism.
I thought we might have a serious engagement about this topic, but Ernst is not taking the object seriously like any good researcher should do
No. 64158
Art often precedes the science itself and true art is as inspiration from God

But Russian culture already was demolished and rebuilt from zero twice in the last century and it arguably became worse shit each time Well not really because at least Soviet Russia had SPAESH and Imperial Russia nothing but actual literal shit trodden by peasants, but Soviet version also quite shit.