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No. 63576 Systemkontra
63 kB, 1436 × 907
37 kB, 500 × 382
50 kB, 366 × 488
579 kB, 1920 × 1080
Hi Ernst, in this threda it is all about drinking beer an schnaos. We drink many and we drink gerne. We can talk about drinking, sad and funny things like cats, dogs, tfw no gf or beloved people lost to cancer.

No. 63578
1,4 MB, 1600 × 2000
71 kB, 731 × 731
Normally, I would say this belongs in the Today Thread.
But since I am drunk, I shall post.
I want to compare my country's alcohol efficiency with Germony.

I drink mainly two brands of beer. Baltika 9 and "White Bear Blue" 7.2%. The latter is cheaper, but has lower ABV. So I mix them up depending on my needs.

Baltika 9 costs 0.64 USD per can, White Bear Blue costs 0.58 USD per can.
I have no sentimental connection to either of those brands, it's just that those are the cheapest way to get drunk here.

How is the tramp shit lager situation in your cunt?
No. 63579 Kontra
Disclaimer: I do not recommend drinking more than 5 cans.
I just made the mistake of drinking 7 cans, and it sucks.
No. 63581
9 kB, 225 × 225
31 kB, 355 × 483
36 kB, 200 × 506
>Normally, I would say this belongs in the Today Thread.
I expected that argument. It is invalid.

>But since I am drunk, I shall post.
Here we go!

>I drink mainly two brands of beer. Baltika 9 and "White Bear Blue" 7.2%. The latter is cheaper, but has lower ABV. So I mix them up depending on my needs.
Sounds noice. Ernst drinks every Beer with low contain of Fuselalkohol (makes head sick).

>it's just that those are the cheapest way to get drunk here.

>How is the tramp shit lager situation in your cunt?
Ernst is not into the engrishs normally. Was that a question about the price of beers in germoney? If so: Ernst drinks Hemelinger (Hemelingen is a part of a little big city near Ernst) and Püllecken, Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Herforder. Beer is cheap here, alkohol in general. 0,33l für about 0,30 - 0,40 €ents for the Hemelinger, 0,33l für about 0,60 €ents für the Püllecken.

Ernst listens to your Ström btw. Good Ström. Do you drink the schnaos too, and if yes, what schnaos is your choice in the pretty moments of live?

5 cans? Ernst drinks a bit more. But Ernst drinks not more as 11 cans, if he have to driving the automobil on the next morning to wörk.

No. 63582
I think you underestimate the power of 7.2% piss lager.
I challenge you to drink 7 cans of Baltika 9 within an hour and be as articulate and gentlemenalike as I am.

I will even challenge you to a game of high-speed Tetris to see who retains the most of their mental faculties under such ethanol volumes.
No. 63583
202 kB, 1280 × 921
No. 63584
> >How is the tramp shit lager situation in your cunt?
>Ernst is not into the engrishs normally. Was that a question about the price of beers in germoney?
Not exactly.
I am asking, how cheap and readily available is 8% hobo piss beer in your country? In my country I can buy cans of 8% piss lager from any store I want, they stock it for months in advance.

I judge the civilization level of a country by the metric of how cheaply one can get piss drunk there.
America actually scores very high because they have fourLoco beer and 40o.
Unfortunately, I will have to put myself lower, because since a while ago, I have no access to 14% soviet port wine which costs less per ABC than 8% piss lager. True injustice.

So, I ask you, are you truly civilized? Do you have 8% hobo piss lager?
No. 63585
Everything in that picture is unironically true and a Good Thind(tm).
No. 63586
361 kB, 1559 × 1372
Tonight I will drink 8 cans of Hufi
No. 63588
13,4 MB, 620 × 436, 4:20
>I think you underestimate the power of 7.2% piss lager.
That could really be.

>I challenge you to drink 7 cans of Baltika 9 within an hour and be as articulate and gentlemenalike as I am.
I am articulate and gentlemenalike 24/7. This is because I am an articulate and gentlemenalike person by nature. I would say I accept that challenge. But how I get the Baltika 9's? ;_;

>I will even challenge you to a game of high-speed Tetris
I would totally fucking lose that challenge. I suck at high speed challenges and such things.


>I am asking, how cheap and readily available is 8% hobo piss beer in your country?
Oh, it is available all day. But that kind of beer is not toooo cheap priced. But you can buy a 0,7l-bottle of schnaos with 32% for under 3 €uros.

>So, I ask you, are you truly civilized? Do you have 8% hobo piss lager?
In the DDR we have that kind of things, okeh! And Ernst here is very civilized. Watch fideo anbei to verifize!

I love the Dubliners. And I hope, Ireland gets free of the incest adrenochrome family someday! Prost!
No. 63590
I'd like to donate you free stuff to copy and paste as needed:
Ää Öö Üü ß
No. 63592
35 kB, 241 × 600
137 kB, 600 × 600
2,0 MB, 1200 × 630
I usually drink a lot of different beers, atm I'm drinking a can Budweiser Budwar and it's not bad. I enjoy my can or two of beer if I want to get shitfaced I ususally just get a bottle of Whisky or Rum.
>Baltika 9 costs 0.64 USD per can, White Bear Blue costs 0.58 USD per can
I guess the Baltika 9 has 9% right? Those are pretty good price imo.

>How is the tramp shit lager situation in your cunt?
In Switzerland the usual tramp beers are Called Karlskrone and can be had for about 0.45 USD/can or Gralsburg for 0.50USD per can and than there's the hardcore alcoholic choice known as 8.8, it costs about 0,95 USD/can but its at least twice a month on sale for 0.57 USD/can.

Cheers lads.
No. 63596
2,2 MB, 3024 × 4032
My Settis: 17%, 350ml, 4€
No. 63597 Kontra
There is GPS in your bottle. If you don't mind, Ernst is okeh with its ;_;
No. 63599
4,2 MB, 3024 × 4032
3,5 MB, 3024 × 4032
Potsdamer Platz is a godless place anyways, I'm leaving
No. 63600
922 kB, 4032 × 3024
Cheers, I'm at it with Beer and a Singleton
No. 63601
I can't say if this is reality or virtual cyberpunk. Please some last words, Brudi.
No. 63602
2,5 MB, 3648 × 2736
I'm a retarded alcoholic 28 yo and went on a drinking binge the past two days after being a few months sober

Day #1 again, to celebrate with steak
No. 63604
It's Berlin and it's very real.
t. been there a couple of times.

Looks good, enjoy you steak and not drinking again I guess.
No. 63607
I'm fuckin vegan but your camera makes great photos!
No. 63608
9,3 MB, 404 × 720, 0:09
Ernst, I raise my Humpen ... öhrm ... for your Healthy and your Wohlergehen. Prost!
No. 63609
84 kB, 1200 × 1200
It isn't local but the Amsterdam is also a pretty widely used tramp beer in Switzerland.
No. 63610
it's a Huawei p20 pro, on its last legs though(
No. 63611
Thanks Ernst, also a happy cheers to you.
I haven't seen this one in a long time around Zurich and Bern unless it's Drinks of the World and they want 3.50CHF for it.
No. 63612
>on its last legs though(
Hitler is dead, too. All things that was, are worth to be dead in the end.
No. 63615
>Wake up, it's 10am.
Time for Rum!
t. treats mental illness with alcohol and labour
No. 63618
122 kB, 401 × 1024
We also have Amsterdam, but I think it's different.
Notice it doesn't say "made in amsterdam", lol.

It is also 7%. But it is more expensive, and I don't like the taste because it feels very sweet, and I prefer bitter.
No. 63624
UErnst drinks Hemelinger (Hemelingen is a part of a little big city near Ernst) and Püllecken, Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Herforder
Why tho?

t. OWL-Ernst in Bavaria over the weekend

>I am asking, how cheap and readily available is 8% hobo piss beer in your country?
You can buy the infamous black 1 L can of 10 % Faxe at basically almost every gas station, but it's expensive because you pay the gas station price. Besides that (mostly) in Bavaria you can buy Doppelbock type beer during the season, that's not piss beer tho but people get quite shitfaced with it during so called strong beer festivals.
No. 63626 Kontra
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1920
254 kB, 840 × 840
24 kB, 400 × 400
>I am asking, how cheap and readily available is 8% hobo piss beer in your country?

You can get 7-8% cans at most discounters like Aldi or Lidl for 0.49€
But then again you can also just get regular beer cans for 0.29€ there, or cheap Schnaps, therefore strong beer isn't really as popular here afaik, but maybe I just don't know the right people

I think the most widely available brand is Carlsberg Elephant 7% for ~0.99€, there is also an extra strong variant with 10.5% but it's more rare
You can buy "Bock" beer from actually decent breweries starting from around 0.79€ I think
Faxe as >>63624 mentioned does 1L cans, but it's more of a joke tbh, I'm not even sure how much it costs (probably overpriced)
No. 63635
26 kB, 375 × 500
I had 8 cans last night and 8 cans the night before. Now to drink nothing but tea for the rest of the week
No. 63636
47 kB, 622 × 1280
It's time...
No. 63641
I am not drinking tonight. You know why? Because I don't feel like it.
Tomorrow I might make the opposite post.
No. 63643
This Ernst is still drunk from yesterday. So I better pause today and drink the alkohols tomorrow or tuesday. But I will drink all of them!
No. 63647
Just got home, time for beer and shitty music on the radio.
If Ernst has some song requests feel free to post them
No. 63649 Kontra
1,0 MB, 1588 × 2048
148 kB, 640 × 974
505 kB, 1461 × 1068
39 kB, 300 × 445
I am so glad I don't drink anymore and honestly seeing people discussing cheap beer reminds me of this. Really it's the point you're beginning to replacing even decent beer with piss beer then start to replace even that with malt liqour 40's and anything you can get your hands on which becomes clear it's gone from merely being a problem to already having crippled your life enough that getting trash to save a few bucks matters

Imma spoiler it so as not to shit on anyone's parade but even if you do take months off that's still pretty much progress, even if you did get drunk again. I think that too much emphasis[spoiler]usually old fucks at AA gets put on self defeating notions like the alleged "permanent alcoholic" or setting yourself up to think well I had one beer, so now I can't say it's been 7 months since a drink, so now I might as well get shitfaced since it doesn't matter if I had just one drink or a case I'll still have to say "when last time I drank." Pretty much bullshit, pseudoscience, and crutches at AA which is part of why I hated itout of many reasons, ironically me having opposite problems of someone else I'm thinking of who also successfully quit drinking and quit AA.

Really what I think it's going to boil down to is how much you recognize this problem, how much sense you have left, how shook you are from last episodes, willpower, and just basic fear. For me what partly cemented it is because I got a horrible illness right around another drink/quit spree and had to keep asking myself if I'd be debilitated forever. It spooked me enough I saved every surviving neuron I could. First six months to year was tougher, but eventually I stopped thinking altogether about alcohol to now where it digusts me in similar way the smell of secondhand tobacco is vile if you've quit for awhile.

My personal advice to be having an attitude of no compromises, while also not beating yourself up too hard over a failure which makes it seem excusable to you or are able to rationalize pounding a ton of vodka over a week just because you had a slip up. What you will eventually need to decide to do is have zero yes-man mentality to cave to a night out, to tell yourself you can't have that one because you'll always get shitfaced, to basically just be brutally honest with yourself and allow no rationalizations.

The one main thing is not having lots of drunk people around you, which you'll eventually realize how many of these are fake ass friends, to you as well as each other. Breaking ties with lots of people helped tremendously, unfortunately. You definitely become who you surround yourself with, and you have to really take an honest look at yourself and realize the exact same thing is happening to heroin addicts across the country, only yours gets excused because of some legal, cultural, and historical reasons, but eventually everyone will just see and treat you as the hard drug addict you are regardless.

I can truthfully say though that my life has steadily improved in a lot of ways since walking away from that lifestyle, and that it took me a good long while to finally quit for good. The soul thing I even missed about it was hanging out with people, but I realized I can't stand so many people I'd see at a bar or club it brings me right back to when I literally had to leave the bar to shitpost on casey because I couldn't deal with company night out and realized I was solely there to get drunk. I should maybe try going to a hookah bar or something this year before I quit smoking again. Towards the end of your career you'll find yourself quitting more and more frequently and for longer stretches of time, until one day you sort of just decide to stop.[/spoiler]
Polite kontra for above post
No. 63652
779 kB, 960 × 840
No. 63656
One of the ebinest things about alcohol is the pain suppressing effects.

I was minding my own business being drunk as shit, when I felt something wet, and discovered that there's a small puddle of blood on my desk.
Apparently I have cut myself while opening a can of peas and a can of corn (my dinner). And I didn't even notice!.

Thanks alcohol, I personally hate shallow cuts more than actual serious injuries. Why? Because with serious injuries, you at least have a justification for laying in bed and not moving. But with shallow cuts, you have to move and do stuff still, so they are constantly disturbed and irritated, so there's this low-intensity stinging pain you have to deal with for a week.
No. 63659
Reminds me of getting absolutely trashed, slamming in a pit, throwing up in an alley and waking up with bigass bruises all over me that I never even noticed the night before.

No. 63663
That's partly because we have antibiotics. That small cut may not have been so superficial a few centuries ago.

But then again, I also was watching a documentary on medieval blacksmithing and how Prince Henry or some other royal twatbeing fair, he was more honourable than near all politicians for the following reason got shot in the face by an arrow while leading his men in some battle. The arrow apparently deflected off someone's helmet and hit him right in the eye socket where it rested at the back of his skull, and they manually kept the fucking wound from closing for weeks while trying to dig it out. It took the alleged surgeons and blacksmith awhile just to find the right sort of pliers or what's it called to insert it through the wound in his head and dig this arrowhead from where it's embedded in the back of his skull and pull it out the wound in his face. It's some of the most brutal shit I'd seen in awhile. Yeah it's this one

So I suppose that in that regard superficial infections are probably a little bit overblown in the whole "be 15th century peasant, scratch your finger and die of infection" type of meme. I'm actually baffled how the hell they could've even survived a thing like that, not from the wound itselfwhich I've lurked medical forums before and it's surprising how resilient one person can be to brutal levels of damage but from the fact they're digging around inside his cranium fishing out some dirty arrow.

What's a bit mysterious to me is how come people seemed to have the most basic sense of preventing infections since the ancient eras, and how that squared up with whatever else they knew. Did they look at things like sterilized instruments, sutures, boiling pitch, rum, honey, boiling coins in vinegar during plagues, and the like as some sort of "it just werks" mentality basically? Because I cannot imagine anybody actually surviving the filthy disease riddled instruments of early alleged medical practice, and not only that, but there's seemingly ample evidence that people knew and understood how to prevent simple infections and contamination.

Did anyone actually have theories on why things like honey in a wound actually worked? Or things like fly maggots in necrotic flesh having some sort of "but muh bodily humours" conceptualization of balancing out the sourness of a wound with sweetness of honey? Was it basically just millenia of trial and error being passed down that we know rum and heat work against physical corruption for mysterious reasons? Or do you think it was because of something similar to the beaked plague doctors where their methodology worked in spite of on surface retarded ideaswhich, in themselves, had a weird merit, like seeing miasmas and corrupting airs as the cause of plague therefore being half right for the wrong reasons about how pneumonic plague was spread which translated into correct remedies, like how a sealed up beak full of tobacco and wildflowers would work like a janky respirator, or how their retarded ideas about plague being spread by sight unwittingly protecting them by sealing their face with goggles?

There's a common conceit like all our ancestors were just unknowing savages when it seems they did the best with what we've got, and even though their conclusions often seem strange or stupid now that aspects of their methodology was not necessarily far off.
No. 63665
>it seems they did the best with what we've got
Ridiculing how other people used to see the world around them is a strange thing. Some people do it a lot, trying to make it seem like everyone prior to a certain point in history was just stupid. It's strange, like people want to feel better because they know things a humble middle eastern date farmer didn't.
No. 63693
80 kB, 640 × 616
This was a mistake.
I should have stopped at two days of drinking.
I feel actively retarded today. I don't think I'm even fully sober yet.

To me, it's about efficiency. I do not care about the taste, the "culture", the aesthetics of alcohol, etc. I want the effects. Ethanol is ethanol, the brain or liver don't care if it's 300 years vintage, or comes from a hardware closet.
I find many sorts of ideologies kinda gay, and the ones surrounding consumable products the gayest.
If I were to use some other psychoactive substance, I'd treat it the same.
If I consumed psychedelics, for example, I'd still go for the cheapest option as long as it's the same molecule. And I wouldn't start wearing those stupid ranbow t-shirts or flowers in my hair.

In fact, I think people who claim to drink for "social" or "cultural" reasons are just lying to themselves, it's all a front for wanting to become intoxicated.

Reminds me of this picture.
People confuse trivia with knowledge. And I mean IRL trivia, like knowing how to operate an automobile or a computer, does not mean you actually know how they work. So they think they are smarter then people in the past, just because they have this technology available to them, but they don't know how it works.
No. 63768
985 kB, 795 × 596
It was a hard day in the homeoffice. But now Ernst is drinking the beers like a champ. Prost!
No. 63769 Kontra
And wtf is wrong with the countryballs? I am OP, and it is the same fucking server.
No. 63780
214 kB, 800 × 1600
One of us! One of us!
No. 63781 Kontra
I laughed hard, fuggen saved!
No. 63782 Kontra
10/10, saved
No. 63783
90 kB, 1000 × 500
Hahahaha you finally shitposted so hard you turned into an American
No. 63789
8,1 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:14
Fuck, Ernst missed the time period where all the cool Ernsts was in the Sauffaden. Ernst drinks a beer now. This was an announcement!
No. 63850

Cider is growing on me, moving up to be a favorite drink.
No. 63911
Is the Ernst at drinkings today morning or is he not? Prost, from germoney, Ernst!
No. 63912 Kontra
Oh, he is not. Meh ;_;
No. 63913
229 kB, 1001 × 1147
I coomed 3 times in an hour now I need to restock electrolytes and carbs with 8 beers
No. 63914
He is! Prost!
No. 63916 Kontra
17,5 MB, 960 × 540, 4:10
Hai there, folks. I'm a bit late but let's bring some happiness in this threda!!!

Meh, all of you is at the sleeps ...

Oh no ;_;
No. 63917
118 kB, 750 × 651
ebin, but you should listen to something a bit more upbeat when having a drinky-poo

No. 63918
Could you pls explain me, what a drinky-poo is? And what song was that? I do not have click the bad link!
No. 63950
372 kB, 615 × 937
327 kB, 548 × 880
Might start my bottle of 二锅头 today, but I'm actually dreading it since it has 56%
Mb I'll rather go out and buy some beers
No. 63966
8,6 MB, 960 × 540, 2:03
>Might start my bottle of 二锅头 today, but I'm actually dreading it since it has 56%
WTF! Sounds amazing, would get drunk :3

Ernst is aber auch loving the chinas. Movies, Musics and last and not only the Beers!

>Mb I'll rather go out and buy some beers
That's the spirit. My beer is here and it whispers: Drink me, Ernst, drink the alls of me!

No. 63967
121 kB, 703 × 937
22 kB, 308 × 320
Good musik

No. 63969
674 kB, 4032 × 3024
It's drinkening time Ernst.
No. 63970
You, Sir, are of good tastenigs!

This seams like great bottle, with great ingredient in it. Bu is it the Neujahr, right now, or is the drinkening an act of Blasphemics?
No. 63971 Kontra
I meant tasteniNgs. Prost!
No. 63972
It's 3l bottle of Beer. I hosted the Christmas party of my company a few days ago and that's one of the leftover bottles. I don't care about the label, the content is king and oh boy it's tasty.
No. 63973 Kontra
38 kB, 400 × 400
I like concept of this threda.

t. not OP
No. 63974
Is it sparkeling in mouth like beers?

>the content is king and oh boy it's tasty.
Your word in my ear, Ernst, and I hope you enjoy the tasty taste as much as your body can!
No. 63975 Kontra
>Is it sparkeling in mouth like beers?
Oh, you said, it is from beers. Selfkontra.
No. 63976
Drinking and shit posting with Ernst is comfy. Also I'm streaming terrible music on the Ernst radio.
It's a dark beer, so yeah.
>Your word in my ear, Ernst, and I hope you enjoy the tasty taste as much as your body can!
I try to finish the bottle, let's see if my mission is successful, I guess we will know when I stream even worse music on the stream.
Cheers Ernst.
No. 63983
>I guess we will know when I stream even worse music on the stream
Two hours later: Hotel California remix. You can do a lot worse than that :D.

Thanks for the tunes.
No. 63984
I'm loading the Queue with all kind of remixes and other crazy stuff so stay tuned, it's not even close to my final form, thats usually some MLP tier audio book so yeah.
You're welcome, also if you got some song requests I will do my best to play them.
No. 63985
>I'm loading the Queue with all kind of remixes and other crazy stuff so stay tuned
Wish I could, but I have to go to work. If you're still live in 6 hours I'll catch you on the other side :)
No. 63986
Well have a good night Ernst, I got the day off so who cares gonna stream for another hour or so and then call it a night. See you around.
No. 63987
Is someone aweak at all, or is Ernst the only strong person on /int/?
No. 63988
Prost, Ernst!
No. 63989
Still up and running for another 15min or so, then I'll call it a night. Are you still up or back again m8?
No. 63990
Normally i would had slept dazwischen, but today and yesterday, I am aweak all the days long. But you may been gone now, isn't it?

Anyways. Prost, Bergjude!
No. 63997
258 kB, 798 × 798
2nd day in a row I'm up until 6am drinkin', time to sober up for the week
No. 63999
Work day is done. Now pizza, a donut, and sleep.

See you, ernst.

>Is someone aweak at all
The sun never sets on /int/ :)
No. 64056
Is someone of drinkenings? This Ernst is! Prost!
No. 64057
I just drank a single bottle of Guinness and feel a bit tired.
Now listening to Mahler's 7th and realized I don't have any light reading at hand that isn't a) comics or b) english language.
No. 64062
Could be worse. Ernst is drunk and bought CD's and a T-Shirt. Prost!
No. 64066
What did you buy?
No. 64067
Black Metal things ;_;

And now, a vinyl on top. But Ernst has no machine to play vinyl. But the band is so good!
No. 64068 Kontra
Hold me, Ernst.
No. 64069
> But Ernst has no machine to play vinyl.
Heh, did the same when I bought "Gospel Haunted" from Those Poor Bastards. They just didn't have it as CD, but as vinyl with a cd in a simple paper case.
So I bought the vinyl to get the cd with the former now standing in my gf's vinyl shelf.
No. 64073
>So I bought the vinyl to get the cd with the former now standing in my gf's vinyl shelf.
People could call this irrational, but this Ernst sees that there was no alternative! You did the right thing! Also: Drinking my last beer. Has cozy feels. Bed calls.

No. 64096
After getting a record player as a Christmas gift it occurred to me I was born literally at the exact right time on the dot for the digital apocalypse. We can still listen to records on record players from 50 or 70 years ago. An 8 track or some cassette tape? Some old .wav file? Not so much. Pretty much anything that's not on vinyl can be considered potentially lost. This is due to various reasons, not least or which is EMP bursts from a distant star, airburst nuclear exchange, coronal ejections from our own. I hate to say it but I think some retarded 1950s American cult backing everything up onto golden discs out in the middle of the desert had the right idea about these things.
No. 64100
You know pointing a gun at someone is a felony, right?
Regardless of whether the gun was hidden, or your schizo paranoid suspicions.
No. 64104
In the state where the conduct occurred it is a gross misdemeanor and it is an affirmative defense that the conduct was reasonable to aid another person in imminent danger of a violent criminal act of which robbery is explicitly given as an example. In other words every part of your post was wrong.

The more general lesson to take from this is that when people say laws in the USA vary by state it is true and doesn't just apply to little things. Americans who have never left their home state before also often mistakenly assume that everywhere in America is like where they grew up and that if there are any differences in law they must be insignificant details or a certain tax being slightly higher or lower. That is not the case.
No. 64106
>aid another person in imminent danger of a violent criminal act
Yes, if the guy was pointing a gun or brandishing a deadly weapon as of the moment you aimed your gun at him in that moment.
There's no such thing as "preemptive self defense".
Also, if you pointed your gun at him in that moment, both him, the cashier, and any passerby would be well within their rights to lawfully kill you.

But you should probably keep doing what you're doing, if you end up dead, or land in prison, average post quality on EC will get better.
No. 64116
5,1 MB, 202 × 360, 1:28
LOL you are naive, in the USA you can do anything you want
No. 64121
Wrong poster.

Yes, and considering the fact you had a concealed weapon pointed at an unarmed man were I in that situation and I pulled a gun on you and pushed your ass to the ground or shot you, I would legally be in the right and you in the wrong. You pointed a concealed weapon at an unarmed man, ergo I would have every right to legally shoot you for that.

Also no I didn't make some big thing iirc other than telling you point blank that youre an idiotic suburban kid and not a real gun owner, because literally the first thing all us who grew up in the country around guns got taught was "never point your gun at anything you don't fully intend to shoot." That is looking down the barrel of a jammed weapon tier fud behavior, and makes those of us like me who looked at my buddy's gun closet this Thanksgiving get lumped in with psychotic sounding sumbasses like yourself. I really need to drill this point home: you pointed a concealed weapon at an unarmed man and had I noticed what you were doing as a bystand I'd of had the right to shoot you and make a citizen's arrest because you're clearly in the wrong.
No. 64142 Kontra
Yeah, sorry.
I got distracted and clicked on the wrong ameriball post lol.
I'd appreciate if ernstmod deleted these posts so we don't shit up an innocent thread further
No. 64159
158 kB, 1200 × 1658
58 kB, 550 × 305
175 kB, 685 × 913
87 kB, 900 × 506
I am not a meme. This is my culture and that is not okay.
No. 64163
I don't understand "women with guns" fetish. Weapons make me cautious and concentrated, not horny. And it's not esthetic either as it's clear that women are not tough, they just pose with guns to get attention, it's just silly.
Doctor fetish is mystery to me as well. Doctors are associated with illness, old farts in queue and heavy ethanol smell.
On the other hand, teacher fetish is understandable. School is neat place -- listen to losers with their funny conspiracy theories and sometimes do tasks for retards. Cop or military fetish is something explainable too -- it must for femdom lovers or passive gays. And school uniform fetish is really obvious.
No. 64167 Kontra
12 kB, 223 × 226
>Weapons make me cautious and concentrated, not horny
Of course, I imply weapons in someone else's hands.
No. 64173
>Doctor fetish is mystery to me
It's probably a BDSM thing too. Like, say, you're being in a hospital with some injury that makes you pretty much helpless, and the nurse is being rude and negligent – that's basically abandonment play. Or you are in a clinic for a medical checkup, and after standing in a long, looooong line for the final report it turns out that you also had to visit room 617 for some stupid paper, then go to room 219 for some stupid stamp, you need to retake your blood test again and then stand in that line once more, and you really feel like you're being fucked with. Not to mention proctologists whose mere existence makes you feel degraded and humiliated. :-DDDDDDD

As for guns, they're likely an extension of cop/military fetish, and I would argue that they also have something to do with dominance/submissiveness. Police and military are stereotypically masculine occupations, and masculinity is commonly associated with proactiveness and assertiveness. It also goes even further to carpenters, repairmen, handymen and the like and their tools of the trade, that is, hardware tools. Remember that Benny Benassi video? Music videos with girls shaking their tits and asses are dime a dozen, but that one had girls doing the same while holding hardware tools, and it added to its spiciness. So yeah, it's something like, "What's that, honey, you actually unclogged the sink, repaired the bookshelf and fixed the gearbox in my car, and managed to do all that after your shift as a prison guard and your sambo training? Marvelous, now ride me in an amazon position and make me your bitch" XDDDDDD
No. 64175
Guns have an inherent phallic quality. Having girls handling your guns means having them fondle dicks without actually showing dicks.
That said, I usually don't care for any requisites, because I concentrate on the women's mammalian qualities.
No. 64186
All this ridiculously retarded theorizing due to joke
To answer, first of all the doctor thing I think is more commom alomg women because OBGYNs literally do shit like that. I once made a bet with a friend of mine who was saying some woman was playing in her pussy earlier that day that she was lying. This is how I both lost $10 and discovered the full scope of how uncomfortable a gynecologist is, plus you have to think on top of that it's like the one and only person in all of society who can see you naked, fondle your balls etc.I fucking hate seeing doctors for many reason and this is one of them plus you have to think that some guys or girls in hospital all they have to do for up to weeks at a time is basically watch daytime TV, press that button again, and/or to masturbate. So there's reason for nurses and doctors fetish, especially because such people take care of you, and on top of that doctor can have male authority and caretaker figure combined with dream of many mothers which is "why do you not marry so and so? He is a doctor and makes good money."

But as per the really weird guns discussion, it's half a momma bear thing, and half or well a lot of other things but basically has to do with a mixture of trust and excitement through danger, as well as the apex predator thing. Like I don't like a small mousy woman who's afraid of everything. How should such a woman protect your offspring if you are away? So there is that component, which I guess is more common among certain voters some people for some reason, who also see it as a hunter who can provide. Me personally I'd be attracted to a vegetarian woman who knows who to wield a knife and a gun honestly, just because of other factors, though can easily understand the hunting and providing thing. A well armed woman will shoot you for messing with her kids, as any man would for insert X female or child.

But trust is the other big thing. I mean really, you have to think how not just trusting of her as a person you must be, but also how trusting of her competence that woman you allow to hold a knife above your balls. That's a man's nethers, the private jewels, the royal rod and scepter. Any woman I can trust that much to not only be trustworthy in general, but also competent enough to not have a negligent discharge and take me pecker off is hot, or enhances their hotness I should say. Competence is just attractive, as is good trust. But then again, there is also always that threat of perceived possible danger which excites some people, although it's almost always a letdown how timid a woman will usually revert to being, rather than stand as aggressor and equal.

Which leads me to the last part: that of the apex predator. It's basically associated with an alpha female on some point. Like I don't even want to bother with these bydlo, and so I literally don't. I can live without sex for awhile; I cannot live with the involvement of a woman who is an incompetent and untrustworthy weak dumbass.This goes into a major self perceived character defect of arrogance obviously So to me, an armed woman is like an equal, like that priestess and empress type of a thing. I don't want a weak woman behind me. The fierceness of another apex predator, that kind of a woman who can actually dance with you while you're both holding switchblades to each other and love and trust just as fiercely, is insanely attractive.
I didn't even mean to post something I thought was attractive either; I simply chose that pic because the sunglasses and flag made it appropriately memeworthy. Oh man I'm not wasting time on this now but if you want I can look for actually attractive pics when I get back home from work and yes, you're right about a lot of them posing, and I can very frequently pinpoint at a glance who's never fired a gun in her life and who attractively means it when pulling a blade.
No. 64394
4,7 MB, 3024 × 4032
Catch me if you can
No. 64395 Kontra
I don't prost with Berliners.
No. 64396
But I'm zugezogen Junge
No. 64397 Kontra
59 kB, 500 × 620
Even worse, fucking Schwabe get out of my Berlin!
No. 64398
23 kB, 500 × 378
Now you're just being rude
No. 64400
1,1 MB, 1000 × 1000
52 kB, 667 × 1000
Hey now, a few months is impressive regardless. Main thing is being able to do things besides drinking, which you've obviously been able to do. Congrats.

I'm 26, and while I've never drank on workdays, I've been a hard weekend drinker since I was 23 . Usually a 6 pack of beer, typically wheat beers or sours, pic related being my favorite, and a fifth or a handle of vodka, either Sobieski or Titos. Anything less "pure" than that is a miserable experience, since I don't really care about pacing myself. So that's 1-3 days of benders almost every week.
I have enough restraint to avoid drinking if I have any obligations, but I've clearly been using it to fill the space which previously I would have dedicated to hobbies or solo adventures. I never was super interesting, but I've become more of an antisocial bore as a result.

This weekend I think I'll try to at least go for walks or get sleep when I get the urge to drink, maybe restart my translation or scanning projects.

Best of luck Bernd!
No. 64408
3,7 MB, 640 × 640, 0:31
drunk as shit at 7am against
No. 64436
Good evening Ernst, it's time for beer an music again. Lets get wasted.
No. 64499
Ernst ist drinking beer. Just saying. Prost!
No. 64501
298 kB, 1600 × 1200
Can't drink tonight, have to be up in the morning with the kids for Santa
No. 64502
Righty, Ernst forgot. This VPN and not murrican but germoney Ernst has the Bescherung with Kids on 24. December. German tradition.

Wish you a good day with your kids today, Ernst! (And drink some Schnaos!)
No. 64540
70 kB, 622 × 1280
68 kB, 622 × 1280
Drinking ans... uh.. Schneider Weisse?

I don't even know what that is, my father brought it home when he saw a neighbor trying to throw it out. Finally the old fart brought something useful home. There's like an entire box of those on our balcony now.

Maybe they were throwing it out because it's old, but fuck me, I don't care. Ethanol can't escape from a bottle no matter how old it is, and this shit is 5.4% so it can't be bad. Shit's vintage man.

Tastes pretty nice too. Bitter just how I like it. I wish wine tasted like this instead of sickly sweet, even when I specifically ask for dry.
No. 64541
>Ethanol can't escape from a bottle no matter how old it is
That entirely depends on how tight the seal is, but yeah, with contemporary bottle caps there shouldn't be a problem here.
Also, 2018, that's almost nothing. Just this summer I drank a beer from my mom's 50th birthday (which was in 2014).
Although a wheat beer shouldn't be bitter.
No. 64543
It almost tastes like wine tbh.
It's either because it went bad, or because it's 5.4%.

>That entirely depends on how tight the seal is, but yeah, with contemporary bottle caps there shouldn't be a problem here.
Stop being pedantic. A bottle that leaks ethanol couldn't retain the alcohol content for a month, let alone 3-4 years. Alcohol is very volatile.
I'd be surprised if there's ANY bottling company that lets any ethanol leak through their bottles. I mean, even regular medieval time fucking cork apparently works good enough for 500 years vintage, so whatever.

I am SO fucking drunk holy fuck. There goes my carb budget for the week.
No. 64546
94 kB, 700 × 947
I wanted to post a video of me biting the cap off of a beer bottle, but reviewing the footage, I noticed how fat and ugly I am, and decided against it.
Here's a relevant Achewood comic strip instead.

Bottle openers are for pussies.
Even for wine, you just push the cork in, who tf uses a tool for something so simple?
No. 64547
5.4 is a rather regular content for wheat beer, so it's certainly not that. It's probably because it's old. I mean, a change in taste is to be expected. That seven year expired beer I drank also tasted different than a regular non-expired one, but it's really just a change of taste and won't make you sick.

As for the bottle caps - their very construction is a very different one than regular corks, so if YOU want to be pedantic, we can talk about the tiny openings of a bottle cap inherent to its construction and the cellular structure of cork and its properties that make it so extremely suitable for sealing bottles (nonwithstanding the fact that especially in older times bottles were also usually additionally sealed with wax).

I am not just an alcoholic, I have been occupying myself with the production of alcohol for the past few years ex opere.
No. 64551
I like the taste more than regular beer tbh.
It's less foamy too, so I can get more drunk given my stomach volume.

>As for the bottle caps - their very construction is a very different one than regular corks, so if YOU want to be pedantic, we can talk about the tiny openings of a bottle cap inherent to its construction and the cellular structure of cork and its properties that make it so extremely suitable for sealing bottles (nonwithstanding the fact that especially in older times bottles were also usually additionally sealed with wax).
t. drunk
No. 64552
t. not drunk enough
No. 64557
>It's less foamy too, so I can get more drunk given my stomach volume.
Can't confirm. Wheat beer is over 9000 times more foamy than normal beer. But the main thing is that you like it. Prost!
No. 64558
What the fuck man.
Root beer and wheat beer are so much less calorie dense than regular beer. I need to switch to this shit.
I could drink anytime I want and not have to worry about calorie intake. Fucking hops jews want me to stay fat.

I guess it's less foamy when you drink it properly instead of chugging it down in 5 gulps
No. 64559
Root beer is not beer though, unless you are talking about something else.
Also, wheat beer is incredibly calorie dense, if you want to drink diet beer you need ale, american pisswater and alcohol free beer.
No. 64560
Well, according to the label it's less calories than the beer I drink, which is 8% piss lager.

Both are probably the same non-alcoholic calorie density, the other is more compact is all.

People suggest mixing vodka with cola and other soft drinks, to get less calories per % of ethanol.
Probably sensible advice, the problem is that I've come to rely on the foaminess as a regulation mechanism where the foam absorbs into my stomach slower than straight liquid, and also regulates how much liquid I can ingest at a time.

Otherwise I'd be drinking down vodka by liters.
No. 64561
Ah I see. Yeah, alcohol is calculated into the stats, though of course it's not metabolized as e.g. the residual sugars, but generally wheat beer is basically "liquid bread", which is why all those wheat beer breweries were founded in monasteries.
Monks have always been experts in cheating the holy laws (even moreso than jews, although the sabbat light switch is imo still the best thing ever).
Since they weren't allowed to eat meat on friday, they just formed meat into a fish and declared that fish (because fish is not meat, with even today many people making that distinction and it's driving me crazy).
Also, during lent they were basically constantly drunk, since "liquida non frangunt ieunum", i.e. liquids were allowed during lent, so instead of making solid bread from the wheat they made liquid bread. Having lots of calories also helped having a bit of protective blubber, since monasteries were not the warmest places.
No. 64562
Not so much words now. More of drinkings, meine Herren!
No. 64564
99 kB, 1280 × 720
What is this? Dried wine "just add water"? That's even worse than Penny sangria.
No. 64565
166 kB, 1200 × 1073
I mean even jesus turned water into cheap piss wine, what the fuck holy laws are they even following.

Jesus was a hobo anarchist who hung out with other misfit hobos, magically transmuting water into box wine, then got lynched for arson on a capitalist trade center.
Any other interpretation of the scripture is WRONG.

Also, Jesus didn't give a fuck about copyright and was pirating fish before it was cool. RMS would be proud, even if he's a hippie atheist.


On an unrelated not, I'm not so sure about my piss lager containing more calories than the ethanol content.
Ethanol is 7 calories per gram. 0.45 liters/grams of beer at 8% alcohol content is ~250 calories, which is exactly what's on my beer's label.

No, that's box wine. A box with a plastic bag inside, that contains cheap wine. Cheapest wine you can buy, basically. I think it's even cheaper than tramp beer.
Not as cheap as soviet 14% port, though.
No. 64566
>That's even worse than Penny sangria.
Ernst drank this sangria 20 years ago behind the penny market of his trust. Wonderful times. Special place in my heart!
No. 64567
It's called goon.
t. goon identifier
No. 64568
But why is the bag inside a box? Or the other way round - why does the box need an extra bag?
Has the eastern block not yet discovered the miracle that is the Tetra-Pak?
No. 64569
Tetra pak is for juice and milk, duh.

I don't fucking know, go ask the manufacturers. I guess the box gives it a fake air of decency, when actually the packaging method is more similar to canadian bag milk.

You eurofags don't fucking know anything about getting drunk on the cheap. I've seen your posts, drinking fancy beer that costs $2 a bottle fucking bourgeois.

No. 64570
79 kB, 326 × 1000
544 kB, 1600 × 1600
>drinking fancy beer that costs $2 a bottle fucking bourgeois.
Don't be so prejudiced, you slant-eyed neanderthal savage.
When I was still living on minimum wage - in one of the most expensive cities in Germany nonetheless - I drank Markgrafenbräu. 0.5L for 29 cent (at that time). That's a bit more than 5 Euros for a crate, which is less than half of the average price for a crate of beer. But it's drinkable. Just like Turmbräu, the Penny brand, which is also drinkable, provided it's cold.
Today I usually drink Flensburger or, in winter, some kind of Bockbier.
No. 64571
I'd say i fucked your mother, but i much prefer goats to horses.

You know, because german women are horse faced, get it?
No. 64572
>get it?
No, I don't. In fact, your whole statement is rather cryptic to me.
You see, as a human it's pretty much impossible to be born by a horse, and since I know what horses look like, I can assure you, my mother is not one.
Furthermore, her face does not bear any resemblance to a horse, due to aforementioned affiliation with the human species and not any kind of equine.
If that were the case, she would have most likely been already examined by numerous scientists, because such a human-horse hybrid would be an absolute sensation. In fact, my mother is rather plain and unremarkable, which is a pretty normal state for a woman her age.
I hope this could help clearing things up.
No. 64573
Laughed. It's true, what they say about you arabics. Sunshine faced people with goat sense of honor!!!
No. 64626
16,9 MB, 352 × 640, 1:15
Excuse the heavy breathing between sentences.
I swear it's not because I'm hideously overweight, but because of alcohol messing with my breathing.

also sorry for the watermark. I discovered at the last minute that I didn;t bother to install da vinci resolve, or adobe premiere, or any of the foss alternatives like kdenlive or openshot, despite downloading them so I had to settle for a shitty online editor.
No. 64627
694 kB, 300 × 169, 0:02
Nice shot, sir! And don't worry about the plants, mine always looked the same after a few weeks, so I don't even try any longer.
No. 64628
No. 64629 Kontra
56 kB, 648 × 648
Is it the lighting or why are there so many white cars
No. 64631
638 kB, 640 × 360, 0:06
You could have ASMR channel on tiktok and be a superstar millionaire
No. 64639
You should do a pessimists guide to kazakh life on the youtube or whereever, not only when drunk but in general. I swear, your voice is so calming, I'd watch you talk just about anything.
No. 64703
Excellent. I first watched the video without sound and thought "he won't throw the bottle, will he?", but you delivered.
I agree with the other people, you have a voice for radio.
But it also led to another question: Does your family speak english? Can they overhear you speaking english and if so, what are you telling them you're doing?
No. 64709
Most cars here are white, black, grey or sometimes silver.
Very rarely we have metallic blue, red, etc.

Not sure why, but I guess they just don't sell many colorful cars, or they're more expensive. Also, this city is completely covered in smog and dust and shit, so what's the point.

Good idea, actually.
But if I were to do it, it would be a live stream, and EXCLUSIVE on EC TV (I'm planning on renaming it to ECTV because obviously it's more of a video portal for distributing live feeds, rather than a server for stored video playback)
Another reason is that if patriotic kazakh bydlo found out about me shit talking the glorious country of kazakhstan, I'd get harassed by mambets.

Thanks for the compliments.
That's a bit reassuring because I've always been insecure about my voice, because I mumble a lot, and you can tell easily I'm fat IRL just from how I sound.

No, none of my family speaks English.
They're quite used to me voice calling on the internet. I just say that I'm hanging out with my penpals.

Regarding EC, I told her it was a support group forum for mentally ill people as a joke.
No. 64730
54 kB, 622 × 1280
Stocking up for New Year's.
It's actually the neighbors stocking up for New Year's. The mother had her daughters help with carrying all those packs. She also hid like 5 bottles of cheap vodka in her fur coat before entering the commieblock stairwell. Best part, they're not even russians. Pure bred kazakhs.
No. 64737
4,6 MB, 960 × 540, 0:40
There is a disaster siren in the neighborhood and a house is on fire somewhere. Ernst quickly grabbed his camera to audiovisually toast into the thread, unfortunately the grab into the minibar (for Schnaos-booster) behind Ernst backfired. No Schnaos in the minibar.

That's life in Germany.
No. 64738
Disgusting backwards savages. What's next, Beck's?
No. 64739
205 kB, 641 × 443
No. 64740
>What's next, Beck's?
WTF, Ernst. Don't put bad thoughts in his mind!
No. 64745
18,1 MB, 960 × 540, 4:33
And because of all the Ernsts love this Ernsts videos, this Ernst record a new video with his himself singing to ancient german music from the german woods.

Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen.

No. 64746 Kontra
>Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen.
That was an traditional ironical reference to germany stronk btw.
No. 64752 Kontra
Nobody is sharing quality time with Ernst, all the other Ernsts are on sleep or fucking GF. This is so frustrating. I would make a vegan meal from potatoes and smoked chili powder to compensate all of this feels, but only if it's not 3:08 on a wednesday morning. And it is that fucking shit time. This thread is so faggott, i should never opened it. Faggotthread!
No. 64775
At least this Ernst likes you. And today is splendid day for drinkenings. Prost!

t. not you using vpn
No. 64786 Kontra
74 kB, 200 × 200
It's thursday morning, and nobody but this Ernst is drinking since tuesday.
Enough. Enough! That is not the spirit! That was the last board, together with the romanian board, where Ernst is gifts the wonder of the Saufladen.

And I even sang a song in this thread, unbelievable. It's totally Perlen for the Säue!
No. 64831
1,4 MB, 3024 × 4032
687 kB, 4032 × 3024
Pyrotechnic acquired, beer opened, yeah it's drinking time.
Cheers Ernst.
No. 64840
Didn't know, there was an int-version of Sauffaden. Might be the gateway-drug to look into /int/ more. Cheers!
No. 64841
2,3 MB, 379 × 452, 0:02
I'll be drinkin' tomorrow night Ernst, but for now I'm a good boy because I'm doing a lot of driving tomorrow
No. 65289
Kazakhstan Ernst are you still alive and drinkening or already out on the street looting more beer?
No. 65316
Hot take: alle imageboard culture always has been cancerous, and conceitedness of EC is just because the bar is already so damn low 4kanker and k*hl which are literal terrorist and pedophile hangouts that it makes people feel superior. I feel sorry for people engaging in pub culture, and IBs are more of a pub than anything. It took me ages to figure out most of these people weren't even friends with each other at my old bars. My life substantially began improving virtually the moment I quit drinking.
No. 65353
1,6 MB, 400 × 286, 0:02
Ireland is the first EU country to enforce a new EU shitlaw to make alcohol a minimum price to stop people from overdrinking or binge drinking

A box of bottles was 14 euro yesterday now it's 22 euro

fucking CUNTS, Irexit when?
No. 65355
What's a box of bottles? Here in Slavlands the most famous box of alcohol is twenty bottles of vodka. 1.1 euro for a bottle of vodka would be a real bargain.
No. 65361
I support this. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs we have and if people drink less, all the better.
No. 65404
As a alco-tax hellhole. I can relate.
t. country where $15 is average for a mass produced six pack
No. 65423
175 kB, 600 × 600
This box of 20 bottles of Molson would be my typical buy, was 14 euro and now it's 22 euro
You are quite literally oppressing my culture you EU technocrat
I was able to get my usual 4-pack for the usual 6.70 in Dunnes yesterday, so I dunno if they're just selling off their old stuff at old prices or what. I bought it all.
No. 65427
Wait what, can someone provide a link to said EU law? Does it apply to all member states?
Because that sounds like we're going to lose all of slavland with one stroke.
No. 65431
>20 bottles of Molson would be my typical buy, was 14 euro and now it's 22 euro
Well, if these bottles are 0.5l then it's not that bad. The beer I usually buy is approximately 1.20 euros for a liter now, and that makes it about half the price of Molson. We still can afford that beer, and I seriously doubt that wages in Ireland are only two times bigger than in Belarus, so I think you'll be able to handle it just fine.
No. 65432 Kontra
>inb4 EUtards make a bottle of vodka cost 15000HUF
No. 65438 Kontra
No. 65453
wat? serious?
No. 65454
22 kB, 572 × 322
That's what all our news media is saying, this is an EU wide law and Ireland is the first to adopt it (or being forced to adopt it)
Yes I can afford it, but it's extremely gay that something I could buy yesterday for 14 euro is now 22 euro because EU technocrats can't leave anyone in peace, can't they go back to fighting over the colour of toothpaste in Estonia or mandatory lawnmower safety switches or something?
No. 65458
So, with a bit of research, I must conclude that... I don't get it.

This article from 2016 states the exact opposite: Ireland wanted a minimum price on alcoholic drinks but the EU said Nope, not in our free market.


NYT mentions nothing of an EU legislation with regards to the price increase in 2022, rather saying that only drinks with higher percentages are affected:


Same for several other sites that seemed less reliable.

Here is the official text of the excise:

Which does indeed state minimum prices, but they aren't trivial to convert to what the consumber will see.

Can some of you lay off the booze for a second and help me out here? What's the story?
No. 65459
It talks about it here but doesn't mention the EU

No. 65460
Slanderous behavior, blaming the EU for your government's actions. Maybe it's not even you fault and your elected representatives just wanted a scapegoat for an unpopular measure.

>This article from 2016 states the exact opposite: Ireland wanted a minimum price on alcoholic drinks but the EU said Nope, not in our free market.
Glory to the European federation and glory to our hard working bureaucrats.
No. 65461
> blaming the EU for your government's actions
The coolest thing is that you don't even need to live in EU country for that.
No. 65472 Kontra
The EU is a big local bully and holds Switzerland by the balls dictating a lot of our politics with pretty hard retaliations if we don't listen.
No. 65520
Against the power of the EU there can be no victory. You must join it. It would be wise, my friend.
No. 65523
I don't know whether you are serious but I'm personally not against it.
Our neutrality has ceased to exist for very long time now. We host US spy-radars in our valleys.
If only we could join and still host all your tax evaders, now that would be ideal.
No. 65525
54 kB, 400 × 582
>I don't know whether you are serious
I couldn't be more serious.
No. 65843
Is there a country where it's acceptable to be piss drunk for most of the day?
At least evenings.

I'd like to go to a holiday there, and possibly immigrate.
My mom keeps busting my balls whenever she catches me being shitfaced. I'm tired of this.
I need to be in a society that won't judge me for being drunk off my mind 24/7.
No. 65844
55 kB, 424 × 600
Utopia awaits you, ethanol lover.
No. 65846
Addendum: WITHOUT a significant chance of being skinned alive, tortured and beheaded.
No. 65847
You better stay in sober society with the rest of us if you're gonna be this much of a pussy.
No. 65848
49 kB, 1280 × 720
Rewatching True Detective and drinking some beer. Cheers Ernst!
No. 65849
Well fuck.
My mom caught a whiff of my alco breath and reprimanded me for it.
I rebuked with "Well, I'm not bothering anyone, am I?"
To which she replied "I've been living with an alcoholic my whole life, so the smell of alcohol makes me anxious and angry".

I wanted to say "Well, that's your problem, isn't it?", but I didn't want to be beaten with a frying pan, so I didn't say anything.
I need to move out.
No. 65854
I couldn't watch true detective. It's too pretentious. Is this what they call "noir"?
No. 65855
22 kB, 933 × 593
I can see her point of view, but for me it's not beer ... it's the smell of wine.

Wine makes me anxious because growing up my mother was a raging wineaholic who would get drunk at 7pm every evening then wander the house picking fights with people
No. 65860
Prost, Ernst!
No. 65862
Reminds me of my mom who always got triggered when I came home drunk because it reminded her of my dad (they are divorced and she is incredibly bitter about it even more than 20 years later), even though I am not at all like my dad when drunk.
In fact, I am very friendly and talkative when drunk and paradoxically she also told me how I am so nice to talk to when drunk.
There's just no winning with crazy women.
No. 65863 Kontra
302 kB, 1920 × 1080
254 kB, 1920 × 1080
170 kB, 1920 × 1080
291 kB, 1920 × 1080
>Is this what they call "noir"?
More or less, it's rather "neo-noir". Classic noir is like 40s-50s stuff, usually urban setting, more of a loner protagonist. But they definitely share a similar pessimistic outlook on human nature & society, often with a bleak ending, and morally dubious characters.
>It's too pretentious
What exactly? You mean like Rust Cohle's monologues? Maybe, but I think there's enough self-awareness and humor there to offset it, and the writing is really good either way.
I admit he can feel a bit much like the mouthpiece of the writer at times, but he's still a pretty well-thought-out character.
No. 65870
They try so hard to show "le epic tough guy" and "le epic philosophical drinker" that it looks unnatural.
No. 66163
I am slightly drunk right now.
I had one Jever (which will never be my favorite beer, something about it doesn't appeal to me) and a few shots of wodka because I want to reach at least a buzz before I go to bed.

The main reason is that I have used up the last pair of ear plugs and my upstairs neighbor (may he die of throat cancer) is always making noise past witching hour and early in the morning and I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in days. I would never get killed by an intruder or an animal if I slept in the jungle, but in a city it just sucks being so attentive.

Any german Ernsts here who have experience with those fancy custom earplugs from the hearing aid shops? If they are good I might invest that money.
No. 66167
Whaddaya mean, "used up"? Can't you just like wash them and keep reusing
No. 66168
That also only works to a certain extent. Eventually you'll need to replace them. Also, the last pair for some reason hurt my right ear channel, so I had to dispose of it rather quickly. The problem is I have rather tight ear channels and regular plugs will usually feel slightly uncomfortable, or even hurt, so my idea was to get some fitted specifically to my ears, from rubber or something, which is also infinitely washable.
No. 66197
69 kB, 702 × 546
90 kB, 1174 × 1485
45 kB, 2000 × 708
Let me tell you how I avoid neighbour noises and noises from screaming kids over the years.

First, a noise machine. I never actually bought one because I built one out of spare parts, some insane chassis fan that blew every motherboard it was plugged into to, I wired it directly into a power supply and put it on a wooden pillar, it sounds like a turbine engine when it's going and now I sleep with it on every night to drown out all background noise.

Second, earplugs. I have a jar of disposable earplugs for sleeping at night, combined with the noise machine I hear nothing even doorbells or construction machinery.

Thirdly, I have these fancy LOOP earplugs for when I want to deaden sounds outside, like at courses, long car journeys and busy places.
No. 66208
The store that gives me an unlimited tab because I'm sorta friends with them, hasn't stocked beer in two weeks. I had to get the cheapest piss swill they had left over, that nobody else wanted.
I'm worried, because maybe they're having a hard time and can't afford new stock. Which makes me feel bad for continuing to pay them in promises.

Because if they close down, they'll probably demand that I pay my huge tab right away, and then I won't have anywhere to get beer before payday.
No. 66213
Try wanking
Why not wine, can be cheaper and gets you drunk faster.
No. 66233
I did the math.
1 bottle of wine contains 750ml of liquid, and 11% alcohol.
1 can of pisss lager contains 450ml of liquid, and 7.2% alcohol

So, 1 bottle of wine contains 82.5 ml of ethanol.
1 can of piss lager contains 32.4 ml of ethanol.

The cheapest wine you can find in a proper glass bottle is 1200 KZT.
The cheapest can of piss lager you can find is 220 KZT, and the more decent one is 280 KZT. Although I hate the 220 KZT swill, I will buy it sometimes when I'm short on cash, but usually it's the 280 KZT stuff. So I'll round it off to 250 KZT.

Therefore, the cost of wine is 82.5 ml of ethanol per 1200 KZT.
The cost of piss lager is 32.4 ml of ethanol per 250 KZT.

That leaves us with 0.068 ml of ethanol per 1 KZT, and 1.3 ml per KZT.
Or, 82.5 ml of ethanol for 1200 KZT in the case of wine, and 160 ml of ethanol per 1250 KZT.

So, we can conclude that shit lager is cheaper than wine for getting drunk. Basically twice as much. QED.
Note that I did all of this math while shitfaced on 5 cans of 7.6% piss lager, so if there's any errors in my calculations, feel free to correct me.
No. 66236
I was shopping at ALDI and picked up a random bottle of dry white wine from an aisle near the check-out. Didn't pay attention and now I'm stuck with this disgustingly sweet plonk. But it'll have to do, though I think I'll just have a few glasses and then cook with the rest. Cheers!

You wrote it all out so neatly that I wouldn't dare doubt the correctness of your calculations.
No. 66240
68 kB, 1280 × 622
I don't have a drinking problem
Don't have a drinking solution
I don't think I ever learned to think

And no one knows
What it's like to be
Anybody but themselves

No one
No one
No one else
No. 66247
You still getting on with your brother.
How is your work/study situation.
No. 66268
Where is everybody? This place is deader than Gianni Versace.
I have no beer or anything anymore and had to resort to drinking vodka for fun.
No. 66269
> Gianni Versace
Weird choice. Why him? Not like there aren't more recent dead famous people...
No. 66270
>Why him?
Why not?
No. 66272
I dunno. I asked you first.
No. 66273
Sure, but I don't need to explain myself.
No. 66275
You might be the reason why this place is deader than the 11-year-old brothers found dead near Upper Bukit Timah playground
No. 66276
2,4 MB, 480 × 360, 0:33
Stop fighting you Germs
No. 66277
Why are you so hostile? Too drunk or not drunk enough yet?
No. 66279
> Stop fighting you Germs
Nah, it's traditional. An Irishman should get it.
No. 66285
66 kB, 540 × 720
I get it, now I will have several beers, prost!
No. 66286
Still drinking some Beer and later some Whisky. Cheers Ernst.
No. 66309
1,9 MB, 480 × 360, 0:32
Don't forget this classic:
No. 66315
Tonight I had a dream in which a friend opened a bottle of red wine from 1971 to do some dumb bullshit you could use the cheapest wine ever for.
The 50 year old wine tasted great, not too sweet, not too bitter, but with everything that makes dry wine great.
It was truly a dreamy wine.
No. 66576
53 kB, 777 × 1600
Shhhh, don't tell mom about my beer stash.
No. 66577
50 kB, 714 × 872
Wow, it's bear beer!
No. 66580
26 kB, 460 × 331
Had a chest infection last week and somehow coughed out a filling, it was a metal filling from 5 years ago and I dunno if I coughed it out or swallowed it but it was half my tooth

Had to go for an emergency visit to the dentist today and the woman who refilled my tooth was a 6 ft tall Chinese woman who looked like slenderman, but I'm glad she was able to save my boy

Sadly I can't even enjoy a drink now because I have to be up early in the morning
No. 66583 Kontra
588 kB, 790 × 1400
>6 ft tall Chinese woman
Did you look like a leprechaun next to her?
No. 66606
23,4 MB, 640 × 360, 5:09
No, I am 6'3'' GigaPaddy
No. 66619
actually it's not beer. It looks like beer and smells like beer but it's not beer in any way. It's really hard to find real beer in Russia since 2014. But most people didn't notice it and keep drinking that weird liquid they sell as beer because it says BEER on the can.
No. 66620
You need some of the Reinheitsgebot on the Russia
No. 66621
The problem is that Russians can't afford to buy real beer anymore. The same shit with cigarettes and food.
No. 66626
Fun fact:
The "Reinheitsgebot" doesn't exist anymore, there is only the "Lebensmittelverordnung" now, so it's all marketing.
That said, the original Reinheitsgebot from 1516 was not even devised to ensure a certain "purity" for its main purpose, but it was to prevent people using wheat for brewing because it was supposed to be used for making bread, so they declared that only the less valuable rye could be used for brewing beer.
The "purity" thing was basically only the second rank purpose, as people also used to throw all kinds of (poisonous) herbs and plants into their "beers".
So according to the Reinheitsgebot, wheat/white beer is not even beer.

Like and subscribe for more beer facts.
No. 66629
Well, there is also the Bierverordnung so you aren't allowed to call certain brews a beer legally:

§1 Schutz der Bezeichnung Bier
(1) Unter der Bezeichnung Bier - allein oder in Zusammensetzung - oder unter Bezeichnungen oder bildlichen Darstellungen, die den Anschein erwecken, als ob es sich um Bier handelt, dürfen gewerbsmäßig nur Getränke in den Verkehr gebracht werden, die gegoren sind und den Vorschriften des § 9 Abs. 1, 2 und 4 bis 6 des Vorläufigen Biergesetzes und den §§ 16 bis 19, § 20 Abs. 1 Satz 2 und §§ 21 und 22 Abs. 1 der Verordnung zur Durchführung des Vorläufigen Biergesetzes entsprechen.
(2) Abweichend von Absatz 1 dürfen im Ausland hergestellte gegorene Getränke, die nicht den in Absatz 1 genannten Vorschriften entsprechen, unter der Bezeichnung "Bier" gewerbsmäßig in den Verkehr gebracht werden, wenn sie im jeweiligen Herstellungsland unter der Bezeichnung "Bier" oder einer dieser Bezeichnung entsprechenden Bezeichnung des Lebensmittels verkehrsfähig sind. Sind diesen Getränken zulassungsbedürftige Zusatzstoffe zugesetzt worden, so gilt dies jedoch nur, wenn für diese Zusatzstoffe eine Ausnahmeregelung nach dem Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch getroffen worden ist.
No. 66889
4,2 MB, 3024 × 4032
Prosit Ernst!

t. ended up in kinda fancy bar because rancid bars in Neukölln are too full
No. 66890
138 kB, 500 × 617
Can someone tell me in a tl;dr way why Joe Rogan was cancelled on Spotify?

I've never listened to the guy and I try to avoid the eternal cultural circus act that America exports, and I don't want to post this in the today thread
No. 66891
Nothing really different. Some people are just now discovering that he's a dipshit as if it hasn't been true for as long as the show's been happening. Someone high profile artist decided to take their music off Spotify, and then a bunch of people tagged along because it's basically free advertising, and Spotify isn't going to take him down. They're contracted to him so severing that would just cost them money, while most protest takedowns will probably be temporary as Spotify is a massive platform that is pretty important in the market nowadays.

In other words, it's literally nothing. Just everybody using some point of disagreement to grift off each other. Capitalism at its finest.
No. 66892
108 kB, 640 × 1026
91 kB, 1022 × 1024
Also, many people discovering the concept of "hm, if I don't like it, maybe I should stop using it", and acting as this is some kind of bold act of defiance.
Before that, their tactic was begging/demanding that a social media corporation remove content they don't like, so I guess this is an improvement.

What gets me about this mentality is the implicit assumption that social media corporations are basically ultimate authorities in social discourse. AND that it's a subversion of the norm if you're not using one or all of them.
I feel like it's almost slavish to appeal to a fucking website with social demands and treating them like some kinda governing entity.
No. 66893
Because he interviewed virologist who is "antivaxer".

Yes, probably many of them are simply hyping on the topic.
I was always curious -- how much are westerners sincerely woke and how much are they just pretending for material and social benefits. I would like to believe in second option (at least it means that they're rational and understandable people), but seems that it's more of the first thing.
No. 66895 Kontra
I don't think it's a matter of being "woke". Aging artists, starting with Neil Young, had the idea that they'd use their power to fight against "vaccine misinformation". Spotify had to side with Rogan since they paid him millions for exclusivity. All pretty silly.
No. 66902 Kontra
> had the idea that they'd use their power to fight against "vaccine misinformation"
I suppose, fanatical following of mainstream narrative about covid is a part of wokeness.
Anyway, your point is that it's their sincere beliefs and they don't have some second thought.

> Spotify had to side with Rogan since they paid him millions for exclusivity
It already deleted dozens of his podcasts, some of which were released before covid.
No. 69315
threda still exists, ernst still drinks

prost ;_;
No. 69327 Kontra
Imagine there are cucks out there still shilling for the vaxx in 2022. How brainwashed can you get?
No. 69342 Kontra
You might wanna cut down on the whole cuck/antifa/Koti thing. Otherwise those nasty leftoid Ernstmods might censor you.
No. 69347
Since the tone-police is clearly active, let me rephrase:
>Imagine there are weak, effeminate men here who, even after 2 years, still do free advertisement for experimental gene-therapy. How immense can a lack of critical thinking even be?
No. 69355
I look like Randy Savage in his prime, I am 208cm tall, have a 35cm penis, each of my testicles is as big as a fist and i fuck a different girl every day.

Get vaccinated.
No. 69363
28 kB, 400 × 400
I just tested positive for Covid, unvaxxed, it's just a cough and headache so far

Is that you giga nigga?
No. 69384 Kontra
3,4 MB, 1271 × 1888
No. 69391
> I just tested positive for Covid, unvaxxed,
RIP. Have a good death.
No. 69422
threda still exists, ernst still drinks

prost ;_;
No. 69423
I just emptied a bottle of vodka (just the last few drops).
Now I opened a bottle of Bauernschnäpsle.
But what I really fancy right now is some nice Sliwowitz.
No. 69424
>But what I really fancy right now is some nice Sliwowitz.
But you won't, aren't you? You won't, right? ;_;
No. 69426
Well, I have no Sliwowitz, so...
No. 69437
you won't, right?

No. 69438
2,0 MB, 3456 × 4608
No. 69440
5,0 MB, 4000 × 3000
t. healthy drinking habits
No. 69443
51 kB, 500 × 500
No timestamp is no timestamp. Cheers, buddy.
No. 69444
this is amazing timestamp, but ... have you an australien hat? Prost!
No. 69446
I've never seen this image with a subtitle, jarring.
No. 69447
On Ernstchan, every time is Prime Time!
No. 69448
4,8 MB, 4000 × 3000
Dis good? QLD Friefighters Union hat.
No. 69453
>Dis good?
Dis amazing! Ernst had an Victoria Bitter hat. My grandaunt from the outbacks brought it with her to germoney. Can't find it right now. Anyway, I'm in the home office and should wörk nao!
No. 69493
40 kB, 573 × 738
I felt like shit for 3 days but I'm mostly okay now I think. No trouble breathing just headache and some dizzyness and tiredness.

Only weird thing I noticed was I decided to coom earlier while I had some time to myself and my spooge was thick like snot
No. 69694
23,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:33
138 kB, 664 × 628
did my contribution to >drinking bee[...].mp4 rgiht now
dont have a humpen and also just a bit schnaos left, but it works relaly well to get betrunken
the rest of the schnaos is already getrunken
No. 70919
I am drinking beer and slivovitz simultaneously... It's not a good combination.
No. 71073
Beer open, Whisky ready, streaming shitty music on the Radio for Ernst, yeaaaaah it's weekend time.
No. 71076
414 kB, 1014 × 710
>yeaaaaah it's weekend time.
No. 71084
Today it's just Homeoffice so I gonna drink a few more beers and don't give a shit.
Radio will run at least till 1AM CEST or till I pass out.
Cheers Ernst.
No. 71194
23 kB, 245 × 284
I can't stop laughing at this shit, turn on automatic subtitles and watch Youtube try to make sense of this guy

No. 71266
1,9 MB, 300 × 169, 0:06
Years of hard drinking has given me incredible resistance to alcohol lads, it takes me 8 cans of beer to get into the ''zone''
No. 71317
Alcohol tolerance was invented by the tax office. cheers!
No. 71743
466 kB, 645 × 558
Drinking 4 nights in a row, blyad
No. 72150
Beer number 3 is open and I got another 3 to go.
It's drinking time.
No. 73120
103 kB, 1242 × 1214
I want to shitpost, but I can't shitpost here and even if I did Ernst wouldn't find it funny
No. 73141
Do it. Sunday is free fire.
No. 73144 Kontra
2,3 MB, 1321 × 911
Sonntag ist der Tag des Herrn and Schwarz said, it will be light, was fällt dir ein?
No. 73203
CNS suppressors and alcohol are a great combo. Exactly what I needed. Sweet oblivion, here I come.

Build up a reputation of someone agreeable, thoughtful, well meaning, etc. So people feel bad about antagonizing you.

Then cash in the good boy points by being an annoying shiposter, and they won't have the heart to ban you because you're their "friend" now lol.
It's what I do. t. Epic Machiavellian
No. 73205
I always perceived you more as the court jester. You have the brains (in principle), but being the officially appointed fool you can hold up a mirror to our own antics.
No. 73209
The key is to act as if you are a character in the book that is being written, by a god or whatever else you fancy. Any narrative you wish.
And conceptualize yourself as the character being played, not the actor of the role.
Because the actor's performance gives him power outside the story, but the character's actions grant him power in the story. And that's the one that matters, because humans run on stories. And myths and ideas and other crap
Which one gets "real" value out of it is up for debate, but for me, it's the story that matters. Stories abd characters and archetupes tend to ouylivr humans.

Be the immortal clown
No. 73225
22 kB, 400 × 400
1,4 MB, 1843 × 2551
679 kB, 1536 × 2048
>The key is to act as if you are a character in the book that is being written, by a god or whatever else you fancy. Any narrative you wish.
And conceptualize yourself as the character being played, not the actor of the role
German Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder holds a similar, but slightly different point of view. She is a fierce believer in strong determinism thus, probably and unfortunately right, for all we know. She suggests to deal with it by imagining ourselves not as mindless objects, but to view our lives like stories in a book in which we are the main characters.

Of course, in absence of free will, we are not able to make that choice, so her suggestion is somewhat paradoxical.

In any case, here are a few pictures of her because I have a tiny little schoolboy-crush on her and wish she was my older sister.
No. 73235
I watched her video on determinism and also found it odd that she at the end suggests "to decide" for narratives.
What's her position exactly? I mean this in two ways
1) The laws of physics are deterministic thus everything (the movements of atoms within the universe that is succumbing to these laws) else is deterministic? I'm not sure how to imagine the cascade of causality in this. Does it always go back to the atomic level and the laws to explain all the rest?
2) What's her position within her discipline. I only know she says "mathematics lead us astray". So what does she really critizies within contemporary physics and what's her solution to that problem?
No. 73274
Indeed. That is why it would be pointless to discuss whether we have free will even if there were a coherent and agreed-upon definition of what that meant, which there is not.
No. 73296 Kontra
193 kB, 1580 × 968, 0:03
1,3 MB, 216 × 190, 0:50
>The laws of physics are deterministic thus everything (the movements of atoms within the universe that is succumbing to these laws) else is deterministic?
The universe is not only atoms, there are other elementary particles swirling around without being part of an atom. But still, that's the gist of it. With the right state-vector no hidden variables and the right model, the universe becomes perfectly determined, no randomness or free will involved.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the future of a chaotic system analytically or computationally. We can not even predict the double-pendulum very well. There are no analytical solutions to the governing equations Not "they have not been found", but "they do not exist.", and small differences in input lead to big differences in outcome over short periods of time. But that's not in conflict with determinism.

>I'm not sure how to imagine the cascade of causality in this. Does it always go back to the atomic level and the laws to explain all the rest?
No, to the quantum level. No idea what Dr. Hossenfelder has to say about that.
Accepting determinism as premise for the sake of the argument, I suggest not to think of casuality as something like "This nucleus decayed, that's the cause, and so the world became what it is now." but something like: "Because the entire universe was in state X at t_1, it arrived at state Y at t_2", where X and Y are immensely huge vectors. When you say 'cascade of casuality', you possibly think of bifurcations in the phase state as the beginning of the cascade. But in the light of determinism, that thought seems moot to me. Even if the phase state is theoretically rough(er) at some points, the system can only ever go one direction at each bifurcation, since its trajectory already has been determined at t=0. We can not predict that trajectory, but the system is still deterministic.

More casually, I think we can take Conway's Game of Life as an analogy. The rules are simple, each state is perfectly determined by the previous state, yet complex interactions emerge.

>What's her position within her discipline
She's a research fellow in Frankfurt. Theoretical physicist, quantum mechanics. Contributed to some well-quoted articles.
>I only know she says "mathematics lead us astray".
When she says that, she argues that some theories have been developed simply because they seemed to be mathematically neat and then theoretical physics went on a generations-long excursion to develop a whole zoo of related theories, while those theories were not very useful in predicting experimental results, since they can only be tested in immensely large, immensely expensive particle accelerators that might never get built.
>So what does she really criticize within contemporary physics
that people spend decades of their lives and billions of taxes on theories that have 'neat' math, when those theories can not be tested with reasonable means, and that, in absence of data, some people use the aesthetic value of a theory as a measurement of quality
>and what's her solution to that problem?
consider maybe not wasting your time on anything SUSY, string-theory or any other theory that you picked for its neat looks.
'Lost in Math' might not only be 'Sabine Hossenfelder writing about the state of theoretical physics', but also 'Sabine Hossenfelder dealing with her midlife crisis'.

I do not have strong opinions. But I am not a theoretical physicist or any kind of physicist, so why should I.
No. 73312
24 kB, 599 × 329
As I understand, physicists imply by "state of universe" a different thing compared to everyday meaning of the word. A vector of all possible outcomes with their probabilities [something more complex but still]. Like atom is 1/3 in this position and 2/3 in that. That's it's state.
I don't care if I lose in lottery in alternative universes. I care if I'll win in this universe with stronk power of my free will!.
No. 73314
2,6 MB, 400 × 226, 0:06
>have fun thread for funposting
>Ernst shows up and ruins it with serious discussion
No. 73321
Your post somewhat suggests that her position is mostly accepted in quantum physics but that is not my understanding. Whether or not the behaviour or entities in the sub-causal world of quantum physics is deterministic or truly random is an active debate as far as I know.

I remember reading that the strongest position is that we cannot find out from within our universe (ie. we can never find out). But that was many years ago and memory is vague.

Anyway, I was surprised to find posts of interest in the drinking thread, which I usually don't visit. Well done, chaps.
No. 73417 Kontra
What does accepted mean in this context? Her interpretation gives the same predictions, she just has a different idea on how to view the models that make those predictions.
Sabine Hossenfelder:
>no probabilities in quantum mechanics, this is just us using the frequency-distributions of hidden variables
while the most physicists say:
>yeah, no, god does play dice, Einstein was wrong, deal with it
for our observations/predictions, it makes no difference at all at this point and you can pick whatever you like.
No. 73430
6 kB, 250 × 250
I have never drank beer, wine or any other form of alcohol in my entire life
No. 73436
Your liver is one lucky mfer
No. 73442
113 kB, 1280 × 1135
Wow, I had no idea you were a fennoswede.
No. 73447 Kontra
933 kB, 220 × 220, 0:05
I'm drinking sima, or mead that I made myself a while back. It's only around 4% alcohol though. Still haven't gotten even decent as making it as it tends to taste quite bad around 10%. Not much of a problem for me, but then no one else wants to drink it.

He must be a proxy, see:
No. 73448 Kontra
Nevermind I'm retarded. He only messed up the quote.
No. 73460
Cold sucks. I'll have a slivo to disinfect from the inside.
No. 75068
Balling / Sippin

Prost Huirost -- It's saúde!
No. 75069
108 kB, 1000 × 1008
Nice song!

Jaakko Eino Kalevi reminded me of Jukka Emil Vanaja :-DD Kippis!

No. 75072 Kontra
very ebin, Finnish music stream when??
No. 75074 Kontra
17 kB, 440 × 308
I wouldn't know how to make that happen. Also it sounds like a nightmare because I'd probably end up translating every song. And be so sorry you had to listen to the songs.

Here's something entirely different, posting because I imagine it could sound funny for someone who doesn't understand the language. I'm so sorry for linking this please don't feel like you should listen to it.

No. 75076
Great idea btw. Especially if it's representative Finnish music like >>72329 did collecting "classic" music at /b/. Same for Portuguese/Hungarian/other non-English language music.
No. 75078
No. 75080 Kontra
32 kB, 240 × 240, 0:02
Now that was a great song. I hadn't heard it before! Also makes me envious. These guys are chad moonshine drinkers while I'm here drinking my own mead.

p.s. Here you go, burger served :D
No. 75082
What's the point? I already know popular Russian songs. :D
Maybe I'll do it one day. Or maybe other russophone posters have more enthusiasm about it.
No. 75086
98 kB, 0:02
Lets rock

How is life in remote Finland?
No. 75087
I need to make one of these but I am short heda.
No. 75088
Wait, did I post this video somewhere?
No. 75091 Kontra
98 kB, 400 × 425
>How is life in remote Finland?
I'd say it depends a lot in what part of remote Finland you'd live in. The smallest place I've lived in had less than 40k population and that's not even close to being remote in my books.

The municipality I was recently visiting has just a couple of thousand people, many of whom are living literally in the middle of nowhere, having hundreds of kilometers to the nearest shop or their place of employment. Can't really say how life in such places is. Winters must be tough since even when the main roads are kept clear of snow, who is to say is the road drive-able when you're leaving for work. And of course many of the remote dwellings have long private roads leading to them. So you have to clear a lot of snow yourself before you even get to the public roads. And North is quite tourism-focused, leading the off-season to be very quiet. People go elsewhere for work and the usual places built for tourists are closed leading to seasonal ghost towns. All non-touristy places are of course in a constant state of decline when people move to the big cities.

Too large of a topic that I don't have a simple summary for.
No. 75120
303 kB, 1300 × 579
>These guys are chad moonshine drinkers while I'm here drinking my own mead.
No. 75125 Kontra
45 kB, 612 × 669
2,3 MB, 2:00
Oh my Dog :DDD Tears are running down me cheeks and my face hurts. I struggle to find the words to describe my feelings. I go back and take a look at the picture, just to laugh again. Gf is throwing confused and worried looks at me.

Bravo. A masterpiece!
No. 75128
Where to get confused gf?
No. 75133 Kontra
Simply get a gf of any kind and act like your weird burger self. Confusion achieved.
No. 75135
also how much does she know about EC? t. ponderer

Finished some books, bought more. Drinking time.
No. 75136
>Simply get a gf of any kind
Oh fug.
No. 75137 Kontra
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Not at all, and I plan to keep it that way. Some things are better kept hidden.

Enjoy the drink!

T. Helsinki mead boy
No. 75148 Kontra
It can't be, it can't be already gone. It's okay, it'll be Friday in no time.
No. 75149
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I secretely hate Finns but I don't openly mock them.

I find it easier to just openly mock Poles for some reason since their stupidity is obvious to all
No. 75153
What drives a man to hate the innocent forest dwelling Finns?
No. 75185 Kontra
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mind your own business,,, youngin,,,

What drives a man to hate the innocent forest swamp dwelling Finns?
No. 75631
Drunk in the daytime, someone PRÖST.
Corpus Christi tomorrow!