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No. 63591
84 kB, 600 × 760
where should i travel in the spring?

i visited Istanbul in the summer and loved it

thinking about moscow but it seems like getting a visa is a pita

mostly interested in historical sites, museums, etc. im too autistic to go clubbing n shit
No. 63593
Smithstown, Ireland
No. 63594
no, ireland seems gay and boring tbh
No. 63595
where have you travelled before? There's plenty of historical sights in Europe, I'd go to Spain to visit some of the mosques, churches and castles

There's also the Museo del Prado
No. 63603
Come here, we’re a friendly bunch. And I could suggest you nice spots to go to.
No. 63614
only Turkey and a few US states. I want to travel more often since my last experience is so good
I was thinking Italy but Switzerland doesn't seem to have a ton of interesting history. It's also very expensive no?
No. 63617
You kidding? The iron age started in Switzerland and you can still visit the place where it happened. Where the celts started a new era of tool and weapon developments, before they had (recorded) contact with the romans.

If you want to visit Italy, I would like to recommend a city called Verona. I was absolutely stunned by it. Imagine a modern city in the capitalist world with shops just like everywhere else and most of the buildings are rather old, similar to many pre-WW2 cities in Europe actually. Until you walk around a corner and stand infront of a fucking Colosseum. You touch the stone and realise that romans have built this thing 1500 years ago. You walk around it and see that it is still in use for festivities (mostly opera) and on the other side of it there are more ancient buildings. There are honestly people living in buildings that are 500 years old.

It's a very vivid memory for me just walking through this city.

Another place I can recommend is a city in Alsace named Colmar. If you've only been to the US and Turkey before this one will expand your horizon by a new dimension. Just stay there for a week and try to figure out the rhythm of life there.
No. 63625
Still waiting for you to suggest some nice spots(
Thanks M8. Can you tell a bit more about Colmar?
No. 63627
293 kB, 1280 × 1586
338 kB, 1280 × 853
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,4 MB, 3329 × 2223
Yea, since you also want to go to Italy I would suggest you visit Ticino, the Italian speaking canton. It's very mountainous and has possibly the most beautiful valleys of all the Alps.

Locarno is the most interesting city in the canton but if you visit Italy it isn't really worth it. Just a cute lakeside mountain city with strong mediteranean vibes.
What's really interesting is the valleys. Rent a car and drive up the valle Maggia and the valle Verzasca. Beautiful vales with little houses built in big rocks that looks like hobbits live in. At the end of valle Maggia is a traditional restaurant that prepares traditional boiled pork sausage with polenta 9/10. Valle Verzasca has the most beautiful stream in switzerland and iconic bridges but the villages are slightly less beautiful.

It shouldn't take you so much time to go there if you visit northern Italy (which you should, best part of Italy). Don't forget to search for good places to eat, Italy is as much a treat to the eyes than to the stomach.
No. 63628
6,0 MB, 5184 × 2481
Come to Portugal.
Bring dollars, please.
No. 63629 Kontra
Look at the bright colors on this castle, it means it's venimous.
No. 63632
2,1 MB, 2592 × 1944
Don't listen to the Swiss. They'll show you some mountain villages and charge you $5 for a can of coke. The boiled sausage he advertised probably costs $52 for a plate. Visit a beautiful coastal village, not a landlocked bank. Switzerland seems kinda cool, never been :DD
No. 63642
Looking at the photo, I can almost smell the sea.
No. 63650
I just can't help but think Iberia must be one of the most beautiful and best places to live. I'd also actually be quite happy with Lebanon I think if they could get their shit together.Right now my thoughts are on Ireland, just because the people seem likeable and the climate is more or less ideal for me, except it could use some more thunderstorms and at least a few days of dry and cold than wet and cold each year.

I'm sure there are many things I still don't know about how truly awful Iberians can be somehow because they are still people afterall, but it just strikes me as one of the lovelier, happier places to live anywhere in the world.
No. 63666
>I'm sure there are many things I still don't know about how truly awful Iberians can be somehow because they are still people afterall,
In my own impartial view, we are great. I like the people I live around and I'm happy I live around them. My neighbors are good people. This village microcosm doesn't represent Portugal, let alone Iberia but I think we're alright. People are louder and more shrill on the other side of the border though, but they aren't bad people either. This isn't the best place in the world to live in either, I'm sure there are places with a better outlook and prospects but I'm thankful I was born here and not somewhere worse.
No. 63698
Budapest or Prague could be nice. Lots of history for cheap bucks. You can sit down in a tourist trap pub and still only pay 3€ per beer.

Nice clubbing in Budapest, if you change your mind.

Nice drugs in Prague, they basically have coffee shops. But they sometimes dont like tourists in there and keep it local.