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No. 64847
196 kB, 1050 × 1400
Happy new year Ernst.
No. 64848
I can't get drunk because we're expecting guests, and my bed and desk are in the living room.

Maybe I should get drunk and fall asleep in the neighboring commeieblock's stairwell.
No. 64850
I have a lot of questions but am too drink to formulize them.
No. 64853
60 kB, 622 × 1280
Got gentrified from my ernststation. Because there's no better place to put the plastic tree on.
Time to find a parking lot to get shitfaced in.
No. 64854
Wait, I thought you were mudslimes? Why the christmas-y tree?
No. 64855
PoCs don't owe it to whitoids to explain our culture.
Educate yourself, chud.
No. 64856
What an enjoyable sight. Christmas manifested itself the most incredible place. Adequate reward for your Christmas hating ways.
No. 64858
58 kB, 640 × 720
Don't be so racist, shitlord.
No. 64860
2,0 MB, 1129 × 1232
Is it Easter already?
No. 64861
65 kB, 777 × 1600
4,1 MB, 640 × 352, 0:17
I was about to post 1st picture and say how I finally found some peace, but then video related happened.

They will not let off. They will persist. They will hound me at every turn.
Why do they persecute me so?
No. 64875
shall we all get together in Skype and get drunk?
No. 64876
I will join with camera off
No. 64877
I suspect EC has some Discord circlejerk. Maybe meet there?
No. 64881
I would rather use Skype since I have it on my computer but if you guys prefer Discord it's okay.
No. 64882
There is "allgemein" channel at https://discord.gg/UpXdrxG , I guess it fits the purpose.
No. 64884
I've just joined the group. Everyone speaks German there.
No. 64885
We are waiting you!!!
No. 64890
Every year my dang neighbours start lighting firecrackers hours before midnight. And they won't stop until three AM.

If I'm really "lucky" they'll keep some for tomorrow, too.

I hate this shit.
No. 64892 Kontra
123 kB, 1080 × 819
No. 64896
Guys, are here come and have fun with us
No. 64906
Eh, I feel like this is first new year I cannot cope well with honestly.
No. 64910
It's just a random day, not any more special than the rest. Besides the war simulation currently going on outside my window.
No. 64921
But the new year was on September 1.
No. 64928
Thanks you guys, you made my day.
Thank you a bearded Hungarian who knows a lot about Russia and whose girlfriend likes black people.
Thank you an Australian how cleans the floors at the local mall and thinks it's okay.
Thank you a 21-year-old Russian programmer who speaks with a strong Russian accent and thinks that everyone can understand him.
Thank you all guys. I really appreciate it.
Your 40 y.o. loner from Russia.
No. 64933
Since that other discord server was entirely in German I made a new one. If Ernsts want to banter on it be my guest

No. 64935
I hit a new milestone: burned 17,000+ calories in cardio this week. Finished out the week burning 4000 calories on a treadmill.

To celebrate, I went to a Brazilian-style churrascaria and loaded up on steak and sausage; must've eaten at least a pound of meat. Tonight, I'll be taking shots of boozy eggnog.

Twas a surprisingly productive year. I lost 70lbs and will still be working out. By 2023, I hope to hit my goal weight.
No. 64936
Hey man, it was good times, cheers for the company. Would have stuck around a bit longer if I didn't have shit to do around then.
No. 64939
2,1 MB, 198 × 360, 0:36
I was expecting this video.
No. 64940
You were right to, that video is way better!
No. 64948
That Hungarian sounds like a well-educated and handsome man.