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No. 64908 Systemkontra
86 kB, 680 × 630
No. 64909

I've read some of those names. Fischer-Lichte has a Hungarian translation?
Anyway, looks like your cultural studies module?
No. 64911
I managed to get banned (again) from Steam's general forums before the year ended. Three days this time. I think I'll stop going back so it's not gonna become permanent and I can still use the account if I actually have something to ask.
No. 64912
I wish you all a happy new year!
Mindannyiótoknak boldog újévet kívánok!
Ich wünsche dir alle ein fröliches neues Jahr! (Lmao what the fuck is grammar.)

This champagne is actually quite good, but I'm unironically drunk right now.

Yeah. A lot of things have a Hungarian translation.
Hungarians are either extremely fluent in languages and do translationwork, or are barely literate and read translations.
No in-between.

She had two volumes released, one in 2001 (History of Drama) and one in 2009 (The Aesthetics of Performativity).

Yeah, it's for my Introduction to Cultural Studies subject.
(It's a bit complicated. Cultural Studies is my minor, and within the minor, literary translation is my module which accompanies the basic Cultural Studies subjects.)
No. 64913
66 kB, 633 × 553
For what?

I remember seeing on The Long Dark's steam forum that people who criticised the game would have their thread locked then when it was on page 2 or 3 they'd be quietly banned. Forums mods are scum 90% of the time.

I got perma banned from Factorio for implying I'd pirate it, after they deleted my post and banned me for 2 days for asking if it was ever gonna go on sale

It's a minefield out there brother
No. 64915
> For what?
I didn't bother reading the message.
No. 64916
Well, a new day, a new year, Ernst.

I was surprised that the firework was stronger than last year, with more fireworks. For the first time, I noticed birds going crazy when people burned their stuff away. It never occurred to me but is only logical. I'm able to witness the fireworks from the city center still with lots of trees there and many birds passing above the house the seconds after 12pm.
It took 15min for the first ambulance to appear. Preparing hot chocolate with whipped cream. I should go to bed early, the sore throat is getting on my nerves and I am too tired to read.
This lonely NYE makes me think of others I had. The last 14 basically with drugs. That one time my friends and I approached a house party at 12pm and while we came down the street somebody shot a rocket at us, lel. Parents were inspecting that party but we did speed on the toilet, 2nd time, I was 17 then, welelele.
Do you have a certain NYE in memory, Ernst? I try to think of others after that one, but nothing appears in my mind except people talking and drugs. Maybe that one time I was sober and talked to my then long gone crush for the first time (I had gf then), the one time I had bad trip, I try to focus locations from when I was around 20, nothing. Certainly Clubs after 12pm, usually psytrance. The last 5 NYE or so have been with certain friends and a certain place.

>(The Aesthetics of Performativity).

I read parts of that for a class on postdramatic theatre. What else do you have to read?
No. 64917
Nothing else, just these selections I posted in the other thread. Usually a 40-60 pages long excerpt from the given work.
Written test is to check if we've read them, oral part is from the lectures.
No. 64918 Kontra
11 kB, 370 × 362
Well, nothing else for this class, the other classes had their own shit.
So hit me up if you meant the other subjects and not this one.
No. 64924
568 kB, 1280 × 1056
This is biblical.
No. 64925
I'm lonely also sad
No. 64929 Kontra
53 kB, 1280 × 720
I got the hots for a girl called Lilith
Hold me Ernsts
No. 64930
79 kB, 736 × 902
My girl wrote off her car last month, insurance gave us money and we bought one with cruise control. Holy shit how convenient is this shit, you just control the speed with buttons on the steering column, it's ebin and comfy

Liliths are always good
No. 64931 Kontra
51 kB, 735 × 551
I got issues along the line of pic rel tho
Sad but tru
No. 64934
26 kB, 441 × 441
There was some new year banter on the EC Radio discord today but that place was entirely in German

If any of you Ernsts want to join a discord and banter then feel free to join this one I made


I also understand all too well how discord fucks up communities and causes niches, drama and other shit so if you want to avoid it entirely that is also a very sane option
No. 64937
Right, so first of all, happy new year, my dear fellow Ernste.

I am fit enough again to tell you of my horrible ordeal.
On thursday, the 30/12/2021 I got my booster shot at exactly 10:50 in the morning. It was Moderna (SpikeVax), after I got the AstraZeneca one first and the Biontech second.
With the first two shots I got basically all of the side effects like fever, chills, horrible nausea to the point I had to exert all my concentration and willpower not to throw up, as well as, after the second shot, random sweating the next few days, which was also pretty unpleasant.
Now I didn't expect anything less of the third shot and it did really deliver. In the evening I felt tired; I went to bet at 8 or 9 when I got chills so hard I could have been a stand-in for Michael J Fox and my teeth were clattering so loudly I though I might break something. In bed I was soon drenched in sweat and threw myself around; I was almost constantly rotating. I had a really weird fever dream about the truthfulness of statements and some kind of "NULL" value for parts of reality that had to be resolved in order for me to get better. I managed to resolve all of them but the ones on my stomach, so I was in horrible agony until the next morning.
I also seem to have breathed through the mouth, because it felt like a cat had shat into it. And I was severely dehydrated; my piss looked like something that comes out of an ICU patient's catheter.
I still felt a bit sick in the stomach, but managed to drink a bit, but had to lay down around noon again for a few hours. All over the day I had a shitty headache (probably due to the dehydration). I actually managed to hold out until midnight for the obligatory kiss, but went to bed right after. I felt the sweat rise a bit, but it wasn't that bad - until I woke up a few times in the night to find myself completely wet and the bed, blanket, pillow and everything in contact with me completely drenched.
Today I feel better than yesterday, but still headache and dark colored piss.
The funny thing is, neither my brother nor my dad had any strong side effect, whereas my mom and me always got hit HARD.

Those vaccinations made me feel so bad that when they decide more boostering I will soon have to think about the cost-benefit ratio, because at a certain point having no smell for two weeks certainly seems preferable to this.
No. 64938
It's a nice name, in school there was one that was probably into me. But I was more of an Asparagus back then.
No. 64941
I have a friend who always throws a fit when he hears the name
It's always funny, I also don't have any problem with it.
No. 64942
It's actually an apocryphal Jewish story that Adam had a first wife named Lillith and she did not submit to him and so Eve came later, not a demon.
No. 64943
Happy New Year, Ernst!

Wish you a swift recovery! Getting mine next week or so, not looking forward to it since I also had similar reaction to 2nd shot.
>I had a really weird fever dream about the truthfulness of statements and some kind of "NULL" value for parts of reality that had to be resolved in order for me to get better.
>I also seem to have breathed through the mouth, because it felt like a cat had shat into it.
Sames, pretty disgusting, but that's cause I got shitfaced and walked home with my moith agape apprently :DD

Yeah I think she was kinda into me too, but unfortunately I'm still an Asparagus. Still, we had a nice moment holding hands on the rainy rooftop when she sang me a song with a text by Goethe.

Having read through the Old Testament last year, I kinda enjoy figuring out if a name is biblical.
Though actually the connection of Lilith to the Bible is kinda spurious, and the story of her being Adam's first wife etc. came from later Jewish folklore:
>Lilith is first mentioned in ancient Babylonian texts as a class of winged female demons that attacks pregnant women and infants. From Babylonia, the legend of “the lilith” spread to ancient Anatolia, Syria, Israel, Egypt and Greece. In this guise—as a wilderness demoness—she appears in Isaiah 34:14 among a list of nocturnal creatures who will haunt the destroyed Kingdom of Edom. This is her only mention in the Bible, but her legend continued to grow in ancient Judaism.

I also don't have a problem with it, but I still think it's kinda edgy from the parents when you must be aware of the connotations. Then again it probably also says something about the person if she chooses to introduce herself with the full name Lilith rather than a diminutive form like Lili or sth.
No. 64944
33 kB, 500 × 220
I knew woman with patronim "Stalinslavovna" (her father had name "Stalinslav"). She taught humanities in my school and she was pretty fucked up. Everyone thought it's "Stanislav" for a long time (common Russian name), but then someone noticed.

Which origins do names in your countries have, Ernst? I found picrelated stats, it matches my personal experience:
51% -- Greek
26% -- Latin
14% -- Slavic
6% -- ancient Jewish
3% -- Roman (isn't it same as Latin?)
No. 64945 Kontra
(but so-called "Slavic" names often come from Scandinavia like "Olga" <- "Helga")
No. 64951
Happy new year, Ernst. Gregorian new year isn't really celebrated here even though it's national holiday. Gregorian is the official calendar but the old lunisolar new year is still considered the real new year.

My proxy server went down because of some silly package update. When I tried to pull codes from github I found my repository got removed by github staff due to "a terms of service violation". My reaching out was negatively responded and I got trapped behind China's firewall temporarily before rewriting a proxy. It reminds me of how github banned Iranian users under US santions except that I'm not really banned. My repositories other than the proxy one weren't affected and I haven't seen any similar cases reported on Chinese internet. So maybe it's a single case and I'm just too paranoid.

Btw, ernstchan is a little bit DNS-polluted in China. So I poast proxy-free by adding EC's ip to host file. Somehow EC is the only imageboard I know that is somewhat blocked. I have no idea why.
No. 64952
>Somehow EC is the only imageboard I know that is somewhat blocked.
Curious, I'd say percentage wise this is the most sinophilic imageboard.
No. 64956
So 4chan is not restricted any more than unknown niché chans?
No. 64958
Oscar Wilde once wrote "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.". While he's one of my favorite writers, I must call absolute fucking bullshit on this one.
With horror I have realized lately that I am, indeed, becoming like my mother, and that is MY tragedy.
No. 64960
>that I am, indeed, becoming like my mother, and that is MY tragedy.

My German teacher once warned us we will be like our parents, we won't believe it now ofc. For a few years now I can notice how I integrate psycho-social-cultural strains of my mom and my dad within me.
No. 64961
how can i become less retarded?

t. absolute retard
No. 64962
I mean, I never cared much about becoming like my father, as especially my mother always says things like "you do X just like your dad verächtliches schnauben" or "I thought [DAD'S NAME] sits right infront of me", and I have always been more in line with my dad than with my mom, as we have virtually nothing in common, and now I am finding more and more traits and especially behavioral patterns of her in me.
No. 64964
Depends on how your retardation manifests itself. We need more information to give you the right advice.
No. 64967
I don't know how to think
No. 64968
I just found out that Germany only has the fourth longest highway system. US and China are a given, with their size and all that, but third place is actually SPAIN! Of course, it's a bit bigger than Germany and there's probably differences in what defines a highway in different countries, but still.
No. 64969
Any tips on how to find appropriate discord servers for one's interest? I know 2-3 servers via a friend, while these people are likely to discuss things that interest me it is foremost a space for academically educated people that do art and some research. The access costs me money, I understand the control is necessary but I still hesitate to spend money only to find out I don't like it. Then again I'm expecting not much server that exist would fit what I look for but some might.
No. 64975
Depends what you mean by retarded. Intellectually? Street smarts and social skills? There is no shortcut. Experience, wisdom, learning from others, doing yourself and not just reading. A lot of the best learning is hands on, but basically the brain is like a muscle, and when you don't exercise it or fill it with poisons and cheap thrills you get progressively more retarded over time. Like I can't just tell you not to internet, good advice though it may be, because it depends what you're doing online. If all you're going to do is watch porn and imageboard then yes you'll eventually become like those creatura NPC things on 4kanker and cabbagekrebs. If otoh you learn to do a new skill, watch interviews, gain knowledge from experience of others, you can get smarter, but probably most of us just watch and look at stupid shit until they resemble a twitterbot.
No. 64976
While there's see flag certain reasons why I cannot say much at all about last names really, it's funny that you mention that because just today I was watching courtTV and for the first time in ages found a sovereign citizens outburst where I actually said "what the fuck kind of name is that" and wanted to actually ask ernst about it
Seriously what the fuck even is that? I couldn't even figure out if it was an inherited mispelling or what komd of heritage is that even. Is it supposed to be Tertelgate? Was that it? Or what name region is tertel then? I thought maybe it was some bastardization of a Jewish last name but he looks and the name also sounds German which to be fair, most stereotypically Jewish last names as well as behaviours actually come from German captivity.

I dunno, it's kind of hard for me to be wowed by any kind of last name or even first name at this point, considering Pepsi McWashington could be sitting beside Beshir al-Shekelgate Saint-Olaf.

You need to find a system for ordering your thoughts then and an educated or more learned approach to systematizing and assimilating information, which can depend on your own personal learning style. Some people can see by doing and flat out not be able to pay attention and absorb spoken stories very well, while others work through logic or hand models. The key thing here is a quasi-Gardnerian concept of different forms of intelligence and the different learning styles which some people have, making it a lot harder or easier to learn certain things, and is why our educational system sucks because other than the managerial class which is sent to expensive private high schools the rest of us are graded solely on how well we can repeat instructions from our boss verbatim and follow orders. That's literally it: the sole purpose of the entire educational system is to create docile employees and soldiers to make rich people more money. That's why you're not taught how to think effectively and critically, and why they lied to us nonstop about how "kids are immune to the covid" because the owning class was panicking about what would happen to their system if the whole country missed just two years of indoctrination.
No. 64977
99 kB, 1200 × 675
Organizing my 2021 crypto trades into a spreadsheet for the taxman. Owed a decent tax return this year, so I'll file ASAP. The crypto doesn't amount to much (trading hundreds not thousands) with minimal tax impact, but to avoid giving the IRS audit algorithm a reason to land on my name I'll give the feds some numbers to chew on. They actually won't have any detail apart from what I provide, as crypto trades aren't reported to them like stock sales are. At least not yet. Right now there is just a question on the tax return asking if the filer has engaged in any form of virtual currency exchange. So the IRS is relying on a combination of honesty and paranoia.
No. 64979
So I think you kinda identified my issue in that it's listening that gives me trouble, I'm a very visual learner and can catch on pretty well when I see something. I don't think it can change

Also I'm a mid-level manager at a tech company
No. 64980 Kontra
Most come from Hebrew, Latin or Greek or Slavic.
There's also a lot of names that were "revived" during the early 1800s that are of Turkic origin or Hungarian.
A few popular ones are made up and are from classic novels or plays, like "Tünde".
I have a Tvrkic/Old Hungarian last name
No. 64982
Tomorrow is Sunday, thank you lord Jesus for this rest.
No. 64986
All that trouble because he was caught fishing without a license. Seems the guy became a kind of folk hero to the soverign citizen crowd.

>I couldn't even figure out if it was an inherited mispelling or what komd of heritage is that even. Is it supposed to be Tertelgate?
Ter is a paticle prefix, so the name is ter Telgte. Dutch.
No. 64989
30 kB, 622 × 1280
52 kB, 1280 × 622
87 kB, 622 × 1280
Damn, what a sight to come home to.
I feel like the protagonist of a detective mystery.

Now that's what I call a celebration.
No. 64990
First I noticed that during the pandemic old people have started to show their quirks even more. I thought this didn't affect younger people, but then I noticed it was true for my friends around 30 as well. It was in horror I realized that in this I was no mere observer but also affected by this phenomenon and I showed more signs of behavior patterns my dad would express and even I reflected on it I seem to be unable to control it at this point. I also noticed that while I had the feeling of somehow working on myself before I seem to just accept what I am now for good and bad. It's a tragedy.
No. 64991
I got impression that biblical names like Joseph or Sarah are popular in Murica. And black people make up names which they find cool-sounding like Shaniqua or Condoleezza.
No. 64992
I have a name mentioned in the Bible but it's not Hebrew but Latin. Biblical names are common throughout mainly Christian countries, most of them don't use the weirder ones though, unlike the US.
No. 64994
Btw, why are my timestamps behind by an hour, but only on /int/?
No. 64995
Because this is UTC country
No. 64997
Oh shit, wait a minute do I really need to report all that?? Because I never actually cashed out anything I was under the impression I only needed to file taxes on what I deposited on my bank account.

Majority of black people are pretty deeply Christian, at least as much as whites at mininum, so yes there's a lot of biblical names but also some of those names as well as Islamic names. It should be noted though that NoI isn't really considered actual Islamic sect and is more like black Scientology or a little like black Islamic Mormonism.
No. 65001
1,2 MB, 3490 × 2504
It's not a factor they consider when banning sites. What's intriguing is that they bother to care about a site virtually no one uses in china. The only sort of excuse I came up with is that Ernst Chan sounds like some name chinese dissident would use.

There are too many combinations to give a stats for chinese names. Common surnames are only about hundreds, all dating back to pre-Qin feudal houses. But origins still vary because immigrants will appropriate existing surnames:
Xianbei: Tuoba = Yuan(元), Dugu = Liu(刘), Murong = Lu(卢), Yuchi = Yu(尉)
Sodigans: from Samarkand = Kang(康), from Bukhara = An(安) (because of Arsacid), from Kesh = Shi(史), from Tashkent = Shi(石)
Hui: Hussein = Hu(胡), Shams = Zheng(郑), Muhammad = Ma(马) There's a proverb that says 90% of Mas are ethnic Hui.
Khans of South Xiongnu are granted Han imperial name Liu(刘), Shatuo and Tujue are granted Tang imperial name Li(李), Ashina = Shi(史), Borjigin = Bao(包), AisinGioro = Jin(金). These are the most famous ones I can tell without looking things up. In reality not only different clans of the same people approperiate have different surnames, the same clan will have varied surnames too, not to mention technically all korean, vietnamese, ryukyuan and zhuang names are appropriated sinitic ones. So even though all chinese surnames feel distinctively chinese, we are total mutts :DDD
No. 65002 Kontra
127 kB, 792 × 1031
172 kB, 984 × 1234
201 kB, 962 × 1288
Now that Sogdians are mentioned, I feel obliged to drop this here. Someone on chinese internet made a sogdian version of this classic meme.
No. 65003 Kontra
It's me I forgot to take off proxy XD
No. 65005
78 kB, 780 × 702
You have to report the sale on your taxes, even if the money remains on your account with an exchange. What's even worse, is that swapping one coin for another is treated as an asset sale, followed by an asset purchase. So even if the initial deposit from your bank is never turned back into fiat, the IRS still gets their cut.
No. 65007
79 kB, 1280 × 719
Have you declared all the stolen property?
No. 65008
446 kB, 786 × 440, 0:02
No. 65016
Among the people who are on the same page regarding climate change and man-made environmental impact, I've never seen anyone propose an actual solution other than pipe dreams such as "daddy Elon is going to launch a satellite into space that will suck up all the CO2 from the atmosphere and send it to MARS!!!!11" and pure ideology like "individual people must take responsibility and switch their consumption to le """green""" products".
Somehow, the question of switching to nuclear energy is swept under the rug.

Am I just ignorant or is the the entire discourse around the subject basically a bunch of shit? Why am I supposed to care about wind turbines when there's unused thorium an uranium right beneath my feet that nobody is digging up?

Pls educate me.
Either I don't understand environmental issues or there's something fishy going on.
No. 65017
>Somehow, the question of switching to nuclear energy is swept under the rug.

Not really, the whole EU is currently debating if nuclear energy should be considered climate friendly. It is pretty likely that the EU is going to do that and the green government of Germany will be one of the few who is going to be against it.
So we're going to buy other countries green nuclear energy. Finance the reactors with EU money but still say "nuclear energy is bad, okay?"
No. 65018
Isnt germoney a huge exporter of wind turbines?
What about nord stream 2?
And arent the greens respinsible for a big part of the whole nuclear scare thing? Atomkraft nein danke and all.
No. 65019
So, locally, there's a bunch of people here with a different and simple message: Less.

Consume less, don't buy things you don't need, travel less, lower your ambitions, or more generally: Steer clear of "more".

Those are people who are sick of the false idols like Musk and Gates, who try so desperately to ignore the dissonance of "green" and "capital".

I've never seen their message be represented by any larger media outlet. And I have no idea if there are people thinking like that anywhere else in the world, who might also simply not get any coverage.

Naturally, this message has a gigantic attack surface ideologically because it antagonises absolutely anyone who agrees with any part of the dominant narrative. That's the reason why I've slowly started to avoid the topic in conversations over the years; feels pointless to convince people of something they can't believe in while continuing their style of life, you know?

At least I've managed to calm my mind and not get angry anymore. From the (imagined) distance it all is rather funny, really.
No. 65020
This. In Social Media, I encountered nuclear energy proponents, even on the left.
Brick asked for the problems with nuclear and commonly this is the radiation and waste that nobody can guarantee to be safely stored for thousands of years. Some say: oh we can recycle and reuse, didn't look into it.
And I don't see the problem with Germany not participating and yet buying. We should concentrate on better solutions and not fund research on nuclear again.
No. 65021
>will be one of the few who is going to be against it.
Will they, though? Now that they're not in the opposition anymore they can't just sit there and reeee anymore. Our great new foreign minister has already shown how that works by completely ignoring and politicianspeak-ing the Assange thing when just half a year ago she had a clear opinion.
And besides, in the past they have shown that when it matters they have no problems betraying their "principles" (see e.g. Joschka "Wenn ich Kosovaren sehe, lass ich fröhlich Bomben regnen" Fischer). Oh, and in the EU parliament, the Pirates have been more consequently voting for climate protection than the Greens.

That said, I don't see a problem with this. It's just a consequential application of the postmodern "there is no real truth" credo, so if we don't like something, we just change the definition. It has worked well in the past years for other things, right?
No. 65025
>Will they, though?

They made that very clear already.

There are a lot of things where they can afford to just turn their opinion into the opposit, but after having this as one of their main topics for decades and currently having politicians in top positions that proved to be super ignorant by blaming the reactor for fukushima instead of the tsunami shows where this is going.

If they go "nuclear energy is good" now they're going to lose a lot. They have a huge problem right there.
No. 65026
But how significant a factor is individual consumption by plebs like us in environmental impact?

This seems like largely a distraction by the biggest consumers to shift responsibility on the masses yet again. "Environmentalism for thee but not for me".

I watched an interview with Zizek (I don't recall which, unfortunately), where he talked about this exact point, in that we should resist the narrative of "everyone doing their part" and directly hold the organizations/corporations/governments accountable.
Furthermore, it seems like "individual effort" is just another vector for peddling commodified ideology, such as "green products", the environmental impact of which isn't studied or proven at all.
One particular product I am reminded of is the Keurig Cup, which is an attempt to turn coffe into DLC, and one of the selling points is that the individual packages are made from "100% recyclable" materials. Except that the packages are made out of multiple different types of materials, so despite each individual element being recyclable, nobody is going to sit around peeling one material apart from another to recycle them, so the whole thing is burned like every other type of waste.

The question is whether nuclear waste has a bigger impact than byproducts of fossil fuel per energy produced. Wouldn't an on-site nuclear waste facility has a smaller footprint than the amount of CO2 pumped out from burning compacted prehistoric trees, considering the huge amount of power nuclear power produces per amount of mass?
No. 65027
> but after having this as one of their main topics for decades
Yeah well, they also had peace and disarmanent as one of their main topics for decades, until they said yes to war and occupation, twice.
No. 65038
> It's just a consequential application of the postmodern "there is no real truth" credo, so if we don't like something, we just change the definition.

Ach, yeah not leaving out any attempt to draw the perhaps not well-understood boogeyman.
How about this as an alternative: democratic party politics is more pragmatist than what promises allow for. Energy politics like this are not about truth of dangers or not, but about necessity or not. Politics is not science, lel. But I wouldn't be surprised if you whish it was.
The same can be said about the CDU btw., I read an article where once in opposition the CDU cried about something Lindner did, but they supported while being part of the government not long ago.

>The question is whether nuclear waste has a bigger impact than byproducts of fossil fuel per energy produced.

Well yeah, but another question is, is there viable alternative in insight except the binary of nuclear/fossil
No. 65039
> But how significant a factor is individual consumption by plebs like us in environmental impact?
There is no such separate thing as "individual consumption". Products consumed by individuals are produced by corporations, and corporations make products consumed by people.
No. 65040
I see it as more of an organizational problem. As in, divide and conquer.
In a way, a veiled variant of "le free market will fix it" and "vote with your wallet" etc., where social problems are reframed in capitalist terms.
No. 65041
> is there viable alternative in insight except the binary of nuclear/fossil
I see at least two.
Suicide, and mass murder :^)
No. 65043 Kontra
Cheeky, I go all-in on German fusion energy. just kidding, I have some magic crystals here or some Tesla stuff that will solve the problem
No. 65050
What do you think about this video?

t. not smart enough to understand the science, but le trusts le experts.
No. 65051
> Politics is not science, lel. But I wouldn't be surprised if you whish it was.
Who do you think I am?

>The same can be said about the CDU btw.
Nice whataboutism, but we're talking about the Greens here. As mentioned before in this very itvt thread, the Green party was founded on the two core principles of peace and abolishment of nuclear everything, one of which they have already betrayed. The CDU was founded as a kind of net to catch some of the "not-really-so-bad" NSDAP dudes and other non-reds after the war.
The Greens are, even among politicians, the biggest hypocrites of them all, yet they still act like they had ANYTHING in common with their grassroots sneakers-in-parliament beginnings and talk about family and progress and science when in reality they actively work against everything of the aforementioned. And besides, when they can, they will also jump into bed with Black/Yellow (inb4 what about the SPD).

But your comment made me think again about one of our biggest problems today: This strict binary thinking. You assumed that because I am against the Greens I must be for the CDU, didn't you? Now ask yourself, why did you do that? I have only been talking about the Greens the whole time.
No. 65054
>Cheeky, I go all-in on German fusion energy.
We'll see who's laughing when ITER is finally set up and ready to rumble.
No. 65057
No one is saying that.

As to why nuclear is a bad idea that is in fact the redditor retards who're heavily trying to push nuclear for some unspeakably retarded reason. Why not? Not just words like "Chernobyl" and "Three Mile Island" but because of the waste. Do you have any idea how many plants and how much nuclear waste powering the modern world would generate? They never even opened fucking Yucca mountain or wherever it was, so now we've got train and truckloads of raw nuclear fucking waste crisscrossing every continent to dump sites where it will remain a threat for millenia. Hard to dispose of, difficult to handle and store properly, dangerous for centuries on top of centuries, nuclear waste is a huge problem. Imagine just the number of train derailments and truck crashes, or increasing the odds of a terrorist attack or someone more easily getting material for dirty bombs. It's a fedora wearing redditor tier solution to the problem being proposed by complete imbeciles.

The better solution would be to have a heavy mix of different energy sources while trying to be more efficient about what we use. One proposal which I think is a fantastic idea and only isn't getting done because it's both expensive and requires international cooperation would be to build a massive solar farm in the Sahara. Its main problem would be once again using up rare earth metals for building the panelswhich is exactly why I can't fucking stand Musk because all his ideas are amazingly retarded and only designed to be self enriching and his fucking cars are going to strip mine rare materials we need to create toxic waste dumps and house fires. I actually am somewhat opposed to the electric car idea because it's not vehicles which add the most to global warming but power plants, and he's doing it because he can make money off it meanwhile the piece of shit is trying to foist coups on South American countries so he can steal their lithium. You watch and see what a disaster for the world all those car batteries are turning out to be.

I'll tell you again the same thing I said before and that is all this is because of the most cancerous mentalities combined which is throwaway economic liberalism culture combined with mentality of short term planning and thinking. No one even bothers thinking one year ahead, let alone centuries, and that is exactly why Western civilization is doomed. It looks like everything's so sweet now in the same way some actor trying his first shot of heroin and some freshly made mob guy don't already see the writing on the wall. Already we're having massive problems just from the short term thinking about carbon, methane, and other emissions, and that's only if you're not so unspeakably retarded as to put your head in the sand and insist climate change and years worth of freak weather never happened. That same mindset ruins companies because fuck longterm viability when profits went up this quarter, a similar mindset to nuclear energy, and the sort of mentality of these weak small men who are so nihilistic and wrapped up in this cancerous doomed culture they say "well I don't plan on having kids so I don't care what happens after I die."

It has become a weak and inferior culture altogether because it now refuses to think and plan ahead, and it encourages everyone trapped within it to think the same way. So I will tell you once again, when the children of the future are mining our landfills they will teach and rememeber us as one of the biggest, worst examples of a bunch of spoiled dumbasses that ever existed, that destroyed themself and the planet, and we are going to be used as a warning in the history lessons of the far future a thousand years from now. Do not make your problems their problems like some sort of perpetual boomer. If you want to propose nuclear energy as the solution, you're going to need to propose a solution to transport and storage of that much waste for at least the next 500 years.
No. 65058
Anyone thinking in binary for anything other than gender and computer base code is a mental manlet.

The very clear solution to a complex problem is to use a variety of different sources from tidal, to geothermal, to solar, to wind, etc. and that includes small amounts of other nuclear plants. Again, I am pissed with that shithead Musk for wasting all our lithium on his faggot cars that are going to be landfilled in ten years which we could've used in creating battery farms for our renewable energy plants. Elon Musk is one of the biggest walking shitheads in the world who's just an actual diagnosable assburger who's good at self promotion and advertising himself and making business deals. He's not a genius, his plans are mostly pants on head retarded, and the only sole future plans I even agree with him on is space exploration/colonization and dogecoin being the smart transactional currencybecause doge works good as a fiat currency replacement and bitcoin is shit, and ethereum is the most unbelievably SHIT coin and is going to take down every one of these ETH token holding idiots down with it once they all realize how completely useless ethereum is and will proceed to unfairly slam crypto as a whole for themselves being complete idiots.

Tesla cars is a piss poor solution precisely because we're still on fucking coal to charge the fucking things and so as a result Elon Musk's cancercars are going to cause MORE carbon pollution in the short term than regular cars would in this country, and then produce toxic waste on top of that when everyone starts throwing out the cars and their batteries. It's one of the stupidest things I fucking heard of and exemplifies to me how bereft of actual geniuses the world is that such cancerous halfwits as Musk and Steve Jobs get held up as alleged "geniuses" and "revolutionaries" and only serves to further radicalize me only makes me want to be more vocal in my newfound hatred of economic liberalism and the neoliberal world order. If the world was ran by actual scientists and engineers, philosopher artists and mystic poets, we wouldn't have half the problems we do. I am convinced now that a world ran by mercantilist MBAjor apparatchik businessmen is one of the worst possible solutions and is only the result of actual brilliant and strong men creating a world economic order as rich in nutrients for human parasites who can then claim they made it in the first place, particularly given all the freed energy and technology is making this possible and we literally could have had the similar outcome under anything from NSDAP to Marxist-Leninists to monarchists due to the free energy wnd technology.

Meanwhile we have outrageously stupid and wasteful non-plans which enrich self serving utter halfwits like Musk instead until we mined out so much lithium that the battery plants are too expensive to make and so we're burning even more coal to charge the fucking things and then everyone thinks "durr durr let's unilaterally switch everything to nuclear" and the world gets to suffer nonstop problems from that half baked idea too. Engineer me a plan to actually transport and store all that nuclear material without incident for the next two centuries and maybe I'll agree with it.
No. 65063
>You assumed that because I am against the Greens I must be for the CDU, didn't you?

No, I did not.
The CDU was just another example of the change between opposition and government and how they all are the same in that regard, it's not a green specialty is what I wanted to say. It's not a whataboutism but a further explanatory example of that relation that is a certain pragmatism. Your grounding principle example is also a bad argument, just look at the SPD, these guys haven't been socialist for how long? But anyway, to complexity your simple argument: Like every party, the greens are not completely homogenous but consists of people with different viewpoints on different issues. And not all greens were the same back then. The greens going with the CDU in certain issues is not even that surprising. There have been green entrepreneurs, conservation of nature; same for FDP: a certain sense of freedom and progressivism can be found there as well. And as I said before politics is pragmatism in decision making not finding out what is true and what is not. For somebody who thinks binaries are restricting you need to catch up on a shift that happened in the neoliberalist era since the 1980s with the left/right schema getting 'wrecked' by a "third way" politics that confused the schema quite a bit, that is why people are still puzzled about the greens/SPD around 2000, oh it doesn't sit right with them, well does it? Or didn't you see through the heterogeneous and seemingly contradictory reality of that time?

Not a scientist either, that was said in a half-jokingly manner, since fusion energy sounds cool and nice but I don't know how probable it is as future energy source.

As I told brick, I'm eager to see it happen, as all I have read sounds promising regarding energy production, but I don't know enough to say it will happen as in our wildest dreams.
No. 65064
> massive solar farm in the Sahara
Interesting read, thanks.

All the engineering concerns raised seem to be responded to with "actually we have a study that shows it's totally viable". Suspicious but I don't know shit about any of that, so I will refrain from judgement.
Sounds viable, but yeah, the political red tape has a good chance of making this DOA.
Another thought I had, is this kind of sounds like colonialism 3.0, as in energy colonialism :^)
Fell for the "hey, want us to build infrastructure in your country?" trick way too many times.

re: storage
Well, isn't that a problem with all methods of energy generation, especial wind and solar?
Their proposal seems to be to use molten salt as a heat storage medium.
Are there any reasons this wouldn't work for nuclear as well?4

re: musk
From what I read, the main philosophy of le technocratic libertarians is "having their cake and eating it too" in that they want to keep the status quo, but solve the side-effects with SCIENCE!!1.
As in, they're all convinced that carbon capture is coming soon, so we (and by that I mean the west) can keep CONSOOMING at the same rate, while the CO2 gets cleaned up afterwards.
Well, maybe big brain STEM chads will fix everything once again, and I will have to KNEEL before musk-sama.
No. 65065
43 kB, 631 × 612
>If the world was ran by actual scientists and engineers, philosopher artists and mystic poets, we wouldn't have half the problems we do.
Why did you include 'philosopher artists' and 'mystic poets' into your ideal leaders list?
Ultimately, I think that this idea that it's only a matter of having better leaders is infantile. The main problems we face in the first world aren't a matter of the king not being enough of a poet. They're systemic.
No. 65067
Because Plato was right :-D

Then again, he thought art and poetry was a bunch of silly infantile gay shit, and his only attempt at creating his dream republic failed spectacularly when his Philosopher King student turned out to be a complete idiot with dunning kruger :D
No. 65068
>Then again, he thought art and poetry was a bunch of silly infantile gay shit
Uh, maybe we can still find wisdom in the classics :DD
No. 65069 Kontra
I want to add some clarificatory sentences that came to m mind: The greens were not free of libertarian views, which can be found in the CDU and FDP as well. That is why they can resonate so well against all what we seem to know about the green mindset, it just a bad image to a certain degree that then surprises us when adjusted by action in reality™.
No. 65071
I don't even disagree with what you're saying, but why are you defending them so vehemently?
>Yeah everybody is doing it, please show some sympathy :(
Are you a member or something? And I expected the SPD argument, hence the inb4.
BUT, and that is what you missed or ignored on purpose is their projected self-image. And for that it doesn't matter what esoteric tendency which wing had and who disagreed with whom (which doesn't matter to the people sitting in the government anyway), but towards the voter they obviously have to appear as a monolith. And what is shown (and promised) to the voter is further removed from the reality (in which they are all scumbags) than the images of the other parties and that is why I called them the biggest hypocrites of them all.
In the end it doesn't matter if there is a handful of good people in the party, what matters is what those who are actually able to decide about laws are doing. And in the end, they are doing the same as everyone else.
So yeah, fuck the Greens.
No. 65075
127 kB, 1550 × 1058
> Ultimately, I think that this idea that it's only a matter of having better leaders is infantile.
Usually I see quite the opposite thing. People concentrate on ideology too much because it sounds smart vainglory is a sin, scientific and the whole idea is very attractive: we just need to plot an ideal system and everything will work good. The only question is what is this system is? I think, anarcho-socialist eco-fascism is the answer.
But you can look at example of Liberia. As I heard, they had almost same system as USA, but results were pretty different.
Also you made me make picrelated (me is on the left).

> The main problems we face in the first world aren't a matter of the king not being enough of a poet. They're systemic.
In 1-st world where power is collective and distributed problem of rulers having bad personal qualities is systemic. There is no contradiction here.
No. 65077
I'm defending nobody here. I'm just not disappointed as you seem to be, since my studies border all this shit. The greens might need to appear as a monolith but they aren't hence it's uneducated voters that can't see through a heterogeneous reality. And I don't think the greens of these days are more hypocritical than other parties that give themselves images that don't hold true to their actual politics, wether its FDP, CDU or SPD, or AFD, they all tear up between image and reality. The greens openly follow a pro-capitalist solution and try to combine it with environmental politics and progressivism; ideals, personnel, and arguments changed in the nearly 40-50 years of green history, that is why I think it is not overly useful to contrast contemporary greens against their earliest predecessors without looking at what happened in between and just shout: oh the hyprocrites! It's like the king without cloth you know and its the same for all kings, it's what is studied by disciplines that meddle with symbolism for example. It's contradictory but it has been a common way for a green "counterculture" (see my post in the latest history thread) and the realist wing of the greens, which did triumph the tiny leftist idealism that was already on the way out by turning green. In the 1970s and 1980s many leftists turned green and abandoned certain leftist ideals or ways of living and organizing etc. The greens are a reaction to classic leftism hence they aren't "real" leftists anymore to begin with. It's the third way. In politics and social and cultural life contradiction is possible without major breakdowns unlike in science (though that might be up to debate when looking at science daily routine and not its theoretical elaboration of methods). Usually, I think these people hope for what seems contradictory at first to synthesize in the end: Capitalism (and national rivalry, types of war etc) and environmentalism can go together and it can also go together with an inclusive politics (minorities get to voice their opinion and are given representation in public).
And I've never been a party member in my life ever.
No. 65083
189 kB, 1045 × 1280
I'm not one for scientism in political arrangements. I used to be, but I realized it was form of mirrored Leninism created by an even lesser mind. Perhaps the question is even if Liberia had the kindest and more poetic of tsars it could still end up a horrible place.

>In 1-st world where power is collective and distributed problem of rulers having bad personal qualities is systemic. There is no contradiction here.
I think democratic rulers always have great personal qualities :DD Empathetic, kind, charismatic and so on. They're competent too, climbing to the top of their parties and surviving this sort of internal rotating chairs game. I think it's this game within political parties, that ensures only the most rabidly competitive social climbers make it out to polls, to be blamed for first worlder problems.
I think it makes it so some people who aren't willing to deal with constant and never-ending social games and simply drop out. Not sure there's a solution for it.
No. 65084
>since my studies border all this shit
That's great for you, but for how long have you been conducting your studies? Because I voted Green over ten years ago when I actually believed their lies (and mainly because I didn't want the other side to stay in power).
But what you are saying, and I have experienced in a pretty cynical way, is still a fringe insight. My mom for example still thinks the Greens are "ATOMKRAFT NEIN DANKE" sneaker wearing hippies. My little brother called them "CDU politics, just not as dusty".
And my big problem is that there is not a single party I would even tangentially support, because everyone has about one good idea buried under a pile of shit. And I am certainly not the only person feeling like that. In fact, the Pirates were the only party I ever voted with something like conviction because they were bound to become a less scummy version of the Greens... then they were destroyed from the outside, which is really a shame.
But then again, if the last almost two years have been good for something, it's making it perfectly clear that all politicians are our enemies.
They have lost me completely and I have come to think that even going back to monarchy would be better than this make-believe "democracy" racket we are currently running.
I wouldn't want to be emperor though.
No. 65086
I think I talked about this before but the main contributory factor to failed states is lack of cultural infrastructure, at least in a democratic sense. See the thing is, in even England and France where these systems arose in popularity there's already centuries worth of longstanding cultural infrastructure to support it. It usually takes generations to build up the kind of socio-cultural norms and consensus understandings in order to enable that kind of not just peaceful transfer of power but also the ability to maintain the laws without corruption and most importantly to not abuse the power once it has been gained. This is one of the main reasons a lot of MENA and African states failed for example, and also partly why places like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have had such problems in running a stable and functioning society in the modern sense, because they didn't have much of any longstanding cultural infrastructure towards that; added on top of this Jenga government you now also have the former Soviet Union aka liberalist Russian Federation as well as alleged democracy USA putting all kind of pressure on these weaker, smaller states. The ridiculousness of the failed 2019 coup attempt on Venezuela is only remarkable for the amount of incompetence that involved, but then so did Cuban Bay of Pigs. When you have something like that pressuring you, it makes forming a good, stable, FreeTM and democraticTM society that much more impossible to erect and maintain, and in fact I'd actually go so far as to argue that for various reasons our own cultural infrastructure has been eroding for decades now along with the regular infrastructure.

In Putinist Russia we see it all the time and make jokes about "social trust in Russia" and that is a considerable part of it and why Russia isn't a republic. Without the social trust, the norms, the culture, the societal infrastructure necessary to build and maintain the peace in a representative government, the actual stability or even erection of such a government becomes dubious at best even without resource scarcity. We have just seen this in the failed nation building projects of the Bush era, the last of which to fall took 20 years to build and fell seemingly overnight, and which probably would have become a modern functioning society just like us first world countries in Europe and elsewhere given a good 50 years of social development. India likely would've had its same problems had it not been for the fact it was a euro colony that got developed and broke off at a time that Western countries were all developed or developing along that pathway, in opposition to the retrograde elements that couldn't hack it as modern people and were part of that lingering lack of cultural infrastructure necessary to build or rebuild the modern European states. But again, such a state is a frail thing when it is new, like a newborn, and anything from a British/murican coup in 1953 Iran to the Taliban in 2021 is enough to topple it when it is young and weak by those degenerative elements.
No. 65088
Because inexperience and ignorance can be fixed; bad temperement cannot.

In short, check out the great Polish thinker's idea of political ponerization, that is to say, the collective of rulers at first being tainted by a few narcissistic sociopaths, and who then later manage to find a way of kicking out, killing, or driving off anyone who is not also a psychopath like them, and that the pathological culture all filters downward first through the state apparatus and then to the people themselves. Manybog the worst, most backward or authoritarian states suffered this; USSR, Khmer Rouge, and Chinese Cultural Revolution among others immediately springs to mind. People are followers; they are the sheep and the bydlo. Even so much as a bad example being set by their own rulers is often enough to be used as a pretext and normalize that awful behabiour throughout the society. Moreover we'd much rather instinctively entrust our society to one of much higher moral character, who feels answerable to some higher purpose or calling or system of ethics, than a man that is blatantly self serving and believes in nothing, for who can trust that man's word or his judgment?

A man with the mind of a businessman, the heart of mercenary PR agent, and the soul of a lawyer, is not someone I want to entrust myself, my family, and my country to, let alone vital functions of state.

Meanwhile a family man with the mind of a philosopher or scientist, heart of a poet, and the soul of a mystic is exactly who I'd want to lead me and my country, and set forth the example to others as what it means to be one of us outwardly facing the world. I don't want to send out someone made up of retarded hamburger to be a diplomat, let alone be our leader: results will be less than satisfactory.
No. 65090
81 kB, 617 × 800
>USSR, Khmer Rouge, and Chinese Cultural Revolution
I can't speak for China's case, but it wasn't so with the USSR and most certainly not so with the Khmer Rouge.

>Meanwhile a family man with the mind of a philosopher or scientist, heart of a poet, and the soul of a mystic is exactly who I'd want to lead me and my country, and set forth the example to others as what it means to be one of us outwardly facing the world.
I hope, for the sake of your family and larger community, that your prayers aren't heard.
No. 65094
Are you implying the earlyish USSR was not filled with a bunch of psychopaths? Also yes I want a visionary leader and a great statesman, not another cynically self serving politician whose only principle is graft. I'm not young and immature enough anymore to want living memes elected and steer my nation into the rocks, or have some third world tier psychopath crown himself president for life and install his family members in all high level minister positions.
No. 65095
>That's great for you, but for how long have you been conducting your studies?

Well, it took me some time to gain these insights. Images are persistent, often times many people don't have clear sight of what went on in history and the present. The study of history I read lately is also an enterprise to debunk myths (and images of certain types can be related close to myths I think). Most people don't study history. Science communication also is a task concerning history as a discipline.
I mean I vote left the last years but I don't think they will make radical changes. You hate politicians, ok, I deem it a waste of time. You don't seem consider the relationship politics has to other fields like economics and our overall production system, societal events, and scientific developments. Instead of hating players, you should hate the system that co-constitutes them and that you are part of as well, albeit not having the same position. You talk of democracy as if this democracy and other democracies are unconditional and that is a mistake when you interrogate these objects as well as many others. You can isolate the object of "democracy" or "politics" and it will gain you some insights, but surely not enough insights to gain a thorough understanding and I don't say this as an expert in democracy studies but just pose it as a general methodological problem in a sense, a problem of thinking things as well.
No. 65096
I'm not commenting on mental diagnosis applied to historical figures.
>the collective of rulers at first being tainted by a few narcissistic sociopaths, and who then later manage to find a way of kicking out, killing, or driving off anyone who is not also a psychopath like them
This clearly isn't what happened, if anything the end of the old Bolsheviks gave way to Khrushchevism - in my view, the highest point of the Soviet state. A change that carried with it less killing, less terror and less 'psychopathy(?)'.
No. 65097
>ou don't seem consider the relationship politics has to other fields like economics and our overall production system, societal events, and scientific developments. Instead of hating players, you should hate the system that co-constitutes them
Why should that change my opinion of them? It's not like anyone is forced to become a politician. They are doing this voluntarily. We are all citizens, but we can actually actively choose NOT to become politicians, just as I can actively choose NOT to rape or kill anyone or beat the next kid I encounter on the street.
And I guess I should have used the word "corrupt" somewhere, as I am of course aware that politics are deeply intertwined with everything else. I even know that fascism was a merger of state and corporate, but it's exactly those connections that make what they are doing even more despicable.
Because me, as a single citizen, do not have the power to influence the companies, yet the government (which I supposedly had part in electing) could, if it did actually give a fuck about the people. But it doesn't, and that's why all the schools and kindergardens are open. And without going into the direction of Schröder, Fischer and the likes, there are enough other people who are, while still being in office, doing that shit. Maybe we should accept that Germany is as corrupt as Russia, at least at the higher echelons.
I am probably too much of an idealist and think a government should serve its people. I should probably shed all ideals and become a gung-ho 100% self-serving hedonist. Fuck people, fuck nature, fuck yo couch nigga.
No. 65099
> I'm not commenting on mental diagnosis applied to historical figures.
Do you comment on their employment status in German secret services?
No. 65100
Nah, I have idealism as well but a question would be if party politics in that constellation make sense and are a good tool to serve the people. Democracy is not simply Democracy and what once maybe worked better doesn't work due to new constellations, a change in the power of economics, of culture you name it. You spoke of the doomer mindset, visions of apocalypse that people use to legitimate their behavior. One thing why I wouldn't bet all my money on individual action. The problem is that governments would be able to set limits and such, but at the same time they are threatened by the industry and other wells of money in this economy to keep things intact and like they have been, or else bad things will happen. Do you serve the people by making thousands of them unemployed? this is a rhetorical question that does not need to be answered in-depth... there are good arguments to do so, I could imagine what somebody that thinks of themselves as rational would advise is a sort of utilitarianism that computes the outcomes and then make the most rational decision, even when that means shutting down certain industries and kill off jerbs but then you have the "mass" (a laden term with an interesting history) that goes ape shit at you and the government). Another problem is that Germany as national government is in (capitalist) rivalry with all other nations. Standort Deutschland. They have to keep that place in order to produce commodities, stay economically wealthy (benefits the population, don't you know) and that could simply mean: Oh lets built nuclear, it makes sense, cheap energy that we need to foster industry and built mRNA wonderland Germany (satirically spoken, but I think the story of Biontech lets some people dream of Germany as new biotechnological leader). The notion of Zugwang comes in handy to justify political actions. It is after all a construction in many cases. From all options I chose this one because I did not know better alternatives, basically. How many paths are open, what paths seem worthy, what paths even come to my attention first of all. Plays into political decision making.
No. 65103
>Democracy is not simply Democracy and what once maybe worked better doesn't work due to new constellations, a change in the power of economics, of culture you name it.
Exactly. And maybe it's time to overthink the system, though obviously that won't happen, as the powers that be could lose out there, and nobody will support anything that makes them lose out on anything (not consciously, of course).

> The problem is that governments would be able to set limits and such, but at the same time they are threatened by the industry and other wells of money in this economy to keep things intact and like they have been, or else bad things will happen.
That's to be expected, sure. I won't go into a spoiler paragraph now though because I mostly agree with you there.

If this were a fairy tale we'd just have to throw some ring into a volcano and get a great king who'd rule justly for over 100 years.
No. 65104
Yes. We are mistaken if we reduce the Lenin's role and personal ambitions to that of a foreign agent. He used the Germans and the Germans used him. Like mutual masturbation, as the only one that really got fucked was Russia :DD
No. 65105
112 kB, 1280 × 720
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
I have some wonderful news
America has been feeding Ecstasy to octopuses and as a result I can tentatively say our cephelopod uplift project could and does indeed have some great merit. I believe we should also try colonizing pure water worlds with genetically engineered intelligent molluscoids, although I would be more interested in feeding lots of molly to cuttlefish so that we can better understand how to engineer them in the direction of highly pro-social, intellectually uplifted, and longer lived intelligent species, although whether we can even attempt to make a domesticated fruit juice eating fuzzy pet spider remains a wholly other concern.
No. 65106
Yeah, but will I be able to have sex with them?
No. 65108
It seems my penis is not going to fall out from syphilis and my mind wont rot. However, I am suffering from a penile yeast infection. Ominous start to a new year.
No. 65109
65 kB, 486 × 344
Do you comment on their STD status, particularly neurosyphilis?

If you weren't so prejudiced against Japanese, you would know that you already can.
No. 65114
Depends on your specific religious jurisprudence interpreting "genetic tampering of animals" I suppose
No. 65115
>Do you comment on their STD status, particularly neurosyphilis?
Doctors at the time had various diagnosis for him. Some were adamant on the syphilis line, others disregarded it. Doesn't seem like it from my "research". Something to do with brain vessels. Genetic disorder, same as his dad.
No. 65116
> if it did actually give a fuck about the people. But it doesn't, and that's why all the schools and kindergardens are open.
Are you concerned about corona or something else? Because this virus isn't dangerous for children and youth. Meanwhile education is very important to them. actually not; return to monkey, white men
No. 65119 Kontra
>what are vectors?
No. 65120 Kontra
I need to read like 200 pages of poems for the exam still and I'm so fucking tired of this.
The lecturer isn't communicating with us so we have no fucking idea how things will be. We were supposed to write a pre-exam test that determined whether we could take the oral part of the exam but she didn't administer the test or anything, so we're stuck in limbo.

I'm actually fucking sick of Chinese literature now. I've been reading nothing but stories of literatis, courtesans and spirits for the past 4 days now and I think I've overdosed on it.
No. 65122 Kontra
They teach about it in schools. If you went to one, you wouldn't have to ask. :-DD
No. 65123
This is the life you chose, the life you lead. And there is only one guarantee: That none of us will see Gùgōng.
No. 65124
>While MDMA is known to trigger prosocial behavior in mice and humans, it has never been witnessed in invertebrates, animals that have no backbone.
How this sentence is formulated made me laugh out loud.
No. 65125
157 kB, 1066 × 1600
This is actually pretty much true.

I get especially tired of uni reading assignments, although I had many interesting ones.

But I used the winter break to read up on my possible dissertation and oh boy today I had a thrilling read (just now to be exact) about three kinds of constructionism (a text from 1989 engaging in the discussion that was probably more educating to me than any summery/introduction of the present could be) that interest me philosophically but for the dissertation more historically. Could it be a history of (social) constructionism in postindustrial societies? Aren't you thrilled as well when you hear this and the possibility of these philosophies and theories being related to conceptions of humans as information processors among other things?
No. 65126
>a history of (social) constructionism in postindustrial societies
For writing things titled like this, nobody will mourn intellectuals when the people's path is imposed.
No. 65129
I know. I have circles under my eyes and I haven't left the house in days. I'm like a neet anime character at this point and I can only hope that the end of the exam season liberates me. Only 4 more exams to go and I'm free.
No. 65130
What Germany said and plus we have hundreds of children hospitalized with it right now, but that isn't why I've been rooting for school closuresI've already elaborated on some of the reasons why I see alleged schooling as basically a way of indoctrination and eroding some of the most fundamental qualities of an educated person in favor of creating pliant workers and consumers, but yeah Germany's right about that too

I hope the schools remain totally shut down for months on end because literally anything you can learn in school other than chemistry projects can be learned online, and all the other shit you "learn" is exactly the type of trash to which I'd never allow my own children to be subjected. Anyone talking about socialization is absurd; schools teach mostly negative socialization, until reaching the desired outcome of burger posting.
No. 65132 Kontra
>hundreds of children
The US literally had over a hundred thousand cases yesterday and it has almost fourteen million active infections. "Hundreds", with all due respect is literally nothing.
No. 65134
>Aren't you thrilled as well when you hear this
No, I am not thrilled by anything anymore, at all.
Except maybe if they told me I could live rent-free in my own cabin in a forest with electricity and running water.
No. 65136
Fair point. Where did you get the number of active infections though? I just know our state, county, and nation stats, since I checked after the holidays and realized my county is basically a vertical line up. None of this destracts from his point though which is that children are vectors and school is a massive pit of Nurgle every damn year which is one of the reasons why we have such a surge of every manner of infections every year right after school returns to session, because they're dirty little shits who get back into cramped quarters spending the summer who knows where. I'm still a bit mystified why they spread this lie so heavily to begin with, which again I can only surmise as being tied directly to panic about the burgerfication programme. That, combined with selfishness of parents wanting a state paid baby sitter, or maybe rolled into economic concerns of not wanting parents to miss work, I'm not entirely sure, but regardless it's the most bald faced lie I've ever seen since we had TV and newspaper ads telling us OxyContin and Vicodin was not addictiveI'm not making this shit up they seriously told us it's not addictive if just taken for pain.

So in that regard, I do want to add there's reasons for why we have such low social and institutional trust in the country right now, as you clearly can see in my attitude towards school for example, or why we think the medical establishment may be lying to us. What I just can't fathom is any other rational reason to lie about "kids are immune to SARS 2.0" speaking of which I'm never going to call the coronavirus "covid" or worse, "the virus that causes COVID19."

Electricity and running water is pretty bougie. You should power yourself with a self built steam engine generator and bathe in the sweat of slain bears.
No. 65138
Neighbors from upper floor managed to collect all the bingo:
1. Drunk quarrels.
2. Playing musical instruments.
3. Crying baby.
4. Barking dog.
5. Listening to secret service's number stations.
Who are these people, how do they even live.
Knocking with hammer is the only thing they don't practice. but I do
No. 65140 Kontra
Got it from worldometers.
No. 65141 Kontra
Ach Ach, I would be ok working something more hands-on (even monotone), granted I got more time and not the 8h work day. My days as a delivery boy and mailman were ok, but do I want to work like this for the rest of my life for 8h or more? Fuck no, I'm sorry. Since I am able to doge that bullet I will use the opportunity. Marxists forgot the intellectual stimulus over thinking the correct mode of production. I'm happily engaging in food preparation if I don't have to sacrifice half of my life for it in a society with distributed labor forces.

Also in my excitement, I overlooked it would be a history of social constructivism in postindustrial society. Be aware how society seems to shape our knowledge, even old Marx knew about it. The people should allow me to pursue my hobby. Doesn't the people know it's fishing in the morning and critiquing in the afternoon? :DDD

Tired old man, have a kiss on the forehead.
No. 65142
What are you hammering, Minecraft LARP?
No. 65148
Is this some joke? Why would Russians listen to those? I feel like some joke I am missing here on that last one.

Fuck. I wasted all my weekend and it's back to grind. I need to tape notes everywhere telling me to disconnect my internet. Why do I waste such time on so pointless bullshit every day without fail.
No. 65152
Actually, it was only once. Father used to say: "Never buy Russian furniture! Before purchase explicitly check that it's not Russian!". I forgot about it and anyway I didn't took it seriously (thought it's yet another his rusophobic rant).

Assembly instructions were inconsistent with both euclidean geometry, present furniture parts and common sense. So I spent pretty a lot of time working on it. Since my old sofa was already thrown away and I had nowhere to sleep I even knocked for a while at night I'm moron, I know.

> Is this some joke?
> Why would Russians listen to those?
Why would anyone listen to those?
a. They are employed there (they don't look like that).
b. That's their autistic hobby.
No. 65157
> Assembly instructions were inconsistent with both euclidean geometry, present furniture parts and common sense
This sounds like you're living in some kind of absurd comedy movie.
No. 65161
>H.P. Lovecraft's "The Russian Couch"
No. 65188
288 kB, 750 × 1334
With such proportion these must be children with poor health, who would still require hospitalization in case of common flu. Anyway, we talked about corona enough times. Let's discuss education instead.

Remote education and online courses are great thing. They are fit for motivated and smart (and at least high-school) students who can't afford good offline education. But they lack human interaction. And people, especially kids are a little more than bald monkeys -- they perceive alive teacher in a different way than just some video on a browser tab neighboring with social media. So for mass education it's not so good. At least it's not a replacement, just a supplement.
As for younger children, I heard about the Montessori method, it seems really cool. Do you know anything about it? Maybe people who passed through this system?
Also I heard that burgers are lunatics because they don't socialize in kindergartens as kids. Instead they sit at home in suburbs all day with Mexican babysitter. This is because they had some moral panic over pedosatanic cults in kindergartens in 80-s. Is this fable any related to truth?

I think education is very very important. Maybe if humanity learns how to do it properly we'll manage to build FTL engines and fly to other planets and sell corona-infected blankets to little green men.
No. 65191 Kontra
People seem to have this weird misconception that mandatory, state schooling of children is there to make everyone into a classically trained literati who will go on to do great things, and it's the execution that prevents us from raising a single generation of geniuses who will bring about utopia and that we should strive towards such a school system.
This is not true.
The point of schooling is to give the underclasses an identity, and marginally increase social mobility and training levels to allow for a more efficient economy.
Most people are and will remain incapable to grasp higher arts or sciences, and torturing them with the classics or making them do maths besides the bare minimum to make them able to function in a civilized society is both a torture and a waste of resources. It's why no child left behind is an inherently retarded concept.
You're supposed to select the best and then refine those, not waste everyone's time by getting the idiots up to a tolerable level. Those become the biobots. The canonfodder. The trash.
That's why I support teaching Hunnic wewuzzing in elementary school, because it's meaningless what you teach at that level, and the idiots who don't go beyond it are better off having a patriotic image.
It's to keep the nation together and the state running, not to fulfil liberal daydreaming nonsense about creating "equal knowledge opportunity".

No. 65196
there's protests in almaty tonight.
half the internet has been shut down.

apparently people are mad that gas prices have increased.
I just want to browse internet

fuck this country
No. 65198
worst part is, those retards are coordinating through social media, which is why it was shut down.

if I were le epic opposition revolutionary, I'd teach kazakh bydlo how to use federated networks, tor, custom dns servers, virtual sim cards, proxy through free vps trials, etc.

but it's a good thing that they're too incompetent to actually resist, because kazakhs deserve all the suffering they get
No. 65199
8 kB, 300 × 318
Does that mean that if I now make a post about how I encourage Kazakh people to rebel against the increased gas prices EC will be blocked in KZ?
No. 65200
I think posting from kazakh proxy with information how to make IEDs, and islamic propaganda would work best.

unfortunately, acetone was prohibited from sale last year.
which annoyed me to no end because acetone is the best oil paint thinner around.
No. 65201
Syria internet-analytics are already retrained to be experts about Kazakhstan.
No. 65202
Happenings will end before training is finished.

This happens every 5 years with predictable results.
No. 65204
Checked sosach -- no, they are not retrained yet, they have no idea about Kazakhs so they have to discuss Ukraine in threads related to happening.
No. 65207
23,9 MB, 768 × 1280, 1:18
2,8 MB, 480 × 608, 0:32
3,3 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:11
Dang, now I feel like I'm missing out.
Oh well, I have a bunch of work to finish.
No. 65208
I don't know what it was that I ate today, but something caused my guts to gas up again, but it's still far away from my asshole so I can't even let a relief fart rip. I also read something on dietchan that made me upset.
I truly suffer more than all americans combined.
No. 65210
I am now just sitting at my computer, waiting for nothing special and seeing the minutes go by, knowing that I could be already in bed, if I didn't also know that I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.
And I can't do anything else because literally doing ANYTHING will now just agitate me again, even writing this post.
I hate being alone and I hate sitting here in this same spot ALL DAY.
I wish I could just pack my stuff and leave, someplace silent where I can see the milky way. I wish I had a button to just delete all cities and cars and factories, everything that makes a noise and pollutes the air. And people need room to thrive. I pity anyone living in a place with more than a two minute walk away from the next forest.
Fuck Russians for having such great land and ruining it. Fuck Americans for having such great land and ruining it. Fuck everyone else for ruining their land.
No. 65211 Kontra
69 kB, 640 × 962
>Gonna get totally humiliated at tomorrow's Chinese Lit exam
I can't take this.
No. 65212
373 kB, 900 × 600
It gives me Ted Jr. vibes. The South Pole would be a place where you can see the night sky you desire. The photos make me understand why people back then engaged in thinking revolving around the sky.
No. 65213
512 kB, 795 × 530
>I pity anyone living in a place with more than a two minute walk away from the next forest.
I pity anyone not living in a forest.
No. 65218
i obsessively self-critique myself so much that i literally have to tell myself that no human is perfect and that i am allowed to do mistakes to feel better.
Perfectionism and maximalism is the bane of my existence.
On the other hand when snap out of this shit i feel like the happiest person on earth and i don't need anything in my life, i just sit in the chair and enjoy the process of doing fuck all.
It's fascinating how doing absolutely nothing can be fun.
No. 65219 Kontra
24 kB, 451 × 451
I'm going to pull my first fucking all-nighter lmao I'm a fucking failure.
No. 65220
218 kB, 416 × 435
You think pulling an all-nighter to study is failure? Boy you haven't seen failure yet...
No. 65222
157 kB, 1001 × 1055
All-nighters are fucking stupid and I see things at the edge of my vision now.
Time for an cofe.

Now if I fucking fail this because of one of the components like the fucking verse module which is fucking stupid by itself fuck the verse module then I'm killing myself. Fuck this.
No. 65223
Hey man, there are worse ways to fail than a stupid assessment. I failed a course because I misread the digital confirm submission page as confirming that I'd submitted. At least if it's the course's fault you don't got to deal with that level of "do I have brain damage?" feels :-DDD
No. 65225
2,1 MB, 224 × 432, 0:24
3,2 MB, 480 × 848, 0:23
Uh oh shit's not slowing down.
And weekends are soon.

Ebin. Transport has been halted. Wish i had a car, id go check it out.
No. 65226
> The South Pole would be a place where you can see the night sky you desire
Without all the light pollution you'd have that sky everywhere.
I support at least putting up the LED street lights that mostly shine downwards, but they're not of much use in the end.
No. 65227
4,1 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:15
Protesters did a vibe check on riot police and confiscated his firearm.
No. 65228
So wait, these riots are really about increased gas prices? How much did they increase, 1000%?
No. 65229 Kontra
Got 8/10 on the poetry recognition part I can't believe it holy fucking shit what a fucking meme. Fuck this.
No. 65230
As much as WW1 was about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand I guess.

They increased 100% :^)
No. 65231
244 kB, 1280 × 960
This picture reminds me of something...
No. 65232 Kontra
316 kB, 654 × 480
Lmao, is that good or bad?
No. 65233
1,1 MB, 250 × 375, 0:03
Turning 27 today, feeling kinda ancient tbh, thinking about Cobain And I swear that I don't have a gun.
Anyways, Happy Birthday to this future president.
No. 65234 Kontra
530 kB, 847 × 735
Ah fuck and I got the last one too despite only reading a summarization and a wiki page for two out of the three doorstops they gave to us this semester.
Fuck this shit I'm so done with this stuff.
No. 65235 Kontra
Extremely good, considering we were given like 200 pages of poems and we had to recognise the author or the anthology its from.
Of course it's completely worthless nonsense because they were Hungarian literary translations.

Got 10/10 on the short story module and 7/10 for the novels, because the databank kept asking me bullshit questions about the Jin Ping Mei instead of Journey to the West.
No. 65237
Bricks do peasant style rioting. What the riot is about is actually pent up frustration at the ruling class. They happen in cycles. Zhanaozen ended up wanting political reforms and got energy sector leadership fired, but was started over unpaid wages. 2016 was nominally over land reforms but had a distinct current of anti-regime protesting and general money issues that needed redress. Then the 2018 ones largely kicked off over political repression, but got big in 2019 with mothers' pensions being shithouse causing some kids to burn to death while their mother was working to supplement her income, then became about everything from political corruption, poor quality housing, regime change, and LGBT issues. People kind of just dogpile because they figure they're better off mobbing up and getting it done than being sectarian about it.

These ones are actually related to ethnic tensions on the Zhanaozen oilfields, and the effects of those strikes then combining with certified 'real boy' having been working on undoing fuel subsidies since he took office in 2019, you got a perfect storm for other people to get pissed off. We already have motherfuckers in yurts laying siege to the local government in Aqtau demanding the government resign, so expect the dogpile to get bigger over the next few days :-DD
No. 65238
1,0 MB, 932 × 615
Certified Real Boy is the president btw. Because he is definitely a real human and not a lizard man in a skinsuit.
No. 65239
1,1 MB, 352 × 640, 0:13
1,4 MB, 434 × 640, 0:15
167 kB, 960 × 1280
16,1 MB, 944 × 1280, 0:52
Yep, my "nothing's gonna happen" prediction was way off.
A lot of shit is happening.
Mayor building's burning.
Some idiot shot a solider.
Elsewhere, soldiers are fraternizing with protesters.
Wew lad.

Will this lead to meaningful social change, is another question.
No. 65240
195 kB, 800 × 820
Congrats then!

>we were given like 200 pages of poems and we had to recognise the author or the anthology its from.
Though this seems like a rather ridiculous task

Damn this does look intense. Stay safe man!
No. 65241
>Stay safe man!
I live in downtown commieblock district, way too far away from action and no easy way to get there.

Feels bad man. When my grandchildren ask me "Where were you on the Great Liberation Day?", I'll have to avert my gaze and say "Shitposting with my frends on a dead german imageboard".
No. 65242
Wait, what happened in the second? Someone's toes got blown off and he just stands there complaining?

Also, how does this compare to the last rioting?
No. 65243
I know, but the city ha sits advantages

inb4 there are none

Isnt cofe after allnighter like a heart and mind overkill? Cofe is anxiety inducing not the stuff you want after not sleeping all night that can increase this as well.

You don't turn 27 without thinking about Club 27 :DDD At least I had sames, gonna turn fucking 30 this year and I still look like I am somewhere between 23-26 and I feel not like I matured greatly since then. Anyways, habbi birthday!

Brickcast of the revolution? Keep us updated, I wish you would go out with a stick attached to your phone and make streamings like those people here at protests, keep it safe or sorry if you have the averted gaze of your grandchildren in mind (I was surprised you didn't make a joke how their won't be any)
No. 65244
1,4 MB, 640 × 350, 0:19
471 kB, 238 × 432, 0:12
2,7 MB, 960 × 540, 0:15
Le Counter Strike flashbangs will actually fuck you up if they explode near you.
>Also, how does this compare to the last rioting?
This time it's way more hardcore.

>tfw missing out on taking a ride on a BTR with the lads

Soldiers are surrendering and being disarmed.
Meanwhile, riot police is still resisting. This just proves that pigs are not your friends.
Also, the only people who go to the army these days are poor kazakh village kids, it's literally the only career path they have, so they're not exactly brimming with enthusiasm.

Nur Otan (the One True Party(tm)) building was vandalized. Epic.
No. 65245
Absolutely ebin, glory to Kazakhstan.
No. 65246
>Nur Otan (the One True Party(tm)) building was vandalized.
>Build up the present day country on the mythology of Jeltoqsan
>Motherfuckers go full Jeltoqsan on you
No. 65247
>LGBT issues.
I'm ready to believe pretty much everything but not this. Even in a sense "few protesters dared to appear in mob with corresponding posters".

> he is definitely a real human
And a real president. I heard he is like Medvedev, and real ruler is still Nursultan Nazarbaev.
BTW they renamed their capital to Nursultan. Stalin-tier, absolutely asiatic.
No. 65248
Believe what you want, but the local orgs were definitely getting amongst it. Whether it was met with widespread support is irrelevant, since ideological unity isn't really part of how those ones played out. Everybody was an opportunist there, and the gay groups were no exception. I listed it became se it seems so out of place, in order to emphasise how broad the nature of Kazakh boiling-over can be.

And yeah, Nazik is still really in charge, but more because Toqaev is a party true believer. Nazik has lots of power still but he doesn't seem to be exerting it over the government because it's so twisted around what his policies were that momentum alone carries his business on, ignoring the rampant apathy/inaction by the rest of the government.
No. 65249
181 kB, 392 × 495
Did the oral part too. Got lucky and I was asked to talk about Ming novels and Huaben, so I basically spent 20 minutes rambling about it and then she said she heard everything she wanted to hear, told me it was a well put together presentation on my part, and that I'll get the A.

I'm very happy. It was a matter of honour to me. People think I'm really into it. Anything less than an A would have ruined appearances and would have been terrible for my self-esteem. But I did it.
I went trough the retarded written part and snatched the prize.

I'm so fucking tired though. And I can't eat.

It is a ridiculous task.

Considering you have to read like 200 pages of philosophy and historical literature, 3k pages of novels, a 300 pages textbook, and a 400 pages long short story collection.

At least the Four Classics are behind us now, so the longest book I'll have to read for Chinese Lit 2. is "Wanderings of Lao Can" by Liu E, which is a manageable 300 pages. The rest is short stories and essays.

The retarded part is that we were supposed to take the written part as a "pre-requisite test" before the exam, but the lecturer fucked up the timeslots so we had to do it on the spot, one chance, no retries, no fuckups instead of having multiple tries to get cleared for the actual exam.
So had I gotten less than 60% on one of the modules, I couldn't have taken the oral part of the exam, which fucking sucks.

I needed it to stay awake just for like 2 more hours until I take the exam, nothing more.
There's a reason why I booked the first possible timeslot. Just to get it over with as soon as possible.
No. 65250
Considering that our spokesperson said that "it's their own problem" and did not imply anyone is concerned, i assume we are somehow related to these riots.
Well it's also about natural gas prices so yeah lol.
No. 65251
This seems so different than my literary studies. I know that the people doing Anglistik here had a major exam on the history and tropes of US and British history that needs very well preparation. It seems like there is more memory than analysis in your studies or is this a false impression? Don't you do form and content analysis in order to interpret a piece of literature?
No. 65252
942 kB, 1000 × 667
Or maybe it took them by surprise and they still don't have official position or plan.
No. 65253
Or maybe there is no conspiracy standing behind them. Mambets in post new-year hangover don't need any external force to riot, exactly the opposite.
No. 65254
Damn that's pretty intense. I wonder when will similar happenings take place in Beijing again. Non-violent protests happen everyday in smaller cities but metropolis is very controlled.

恭喜! I feel like you've done a shit ton of readings. I can't imagine them failing you because I can't imagine your peers better at chinese than you. :DDD

Btw what's with the chinese touhou meme? I've seen them on other imageboards. The machine translated english usually doesnt make sense. Why is it so popular?

It's possible there's no conspiracy. I mean lots of people believe xi is behind myanmar coup but it's really not. Aung san suu kyi is very close to beijing.
No. 65255
6,0 MB, 640 × 360, 1:43
431 kB, 320 × 564, 0:15
And all of this just because of some slurry graffiti by a new and most unknown artist.

Seems to really have hit a nerve in the common Khazak soul.
No. 65256
78 kB, 415 × 567
>Why is it so popular?
'Cause it's cute?
No. 65257 Kontra
161 kB, 920 × 576
5,5 MB, 123 files
I have a collection of them, it's 123 files if anyone's interested.
No. 65258
There's a pool with six hundred of them on Danbooru, and it also has explanations of the Chinese memes: https://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/11667
No. 65259
182 kB, 421 × 430
109 kB, 375 × 456
73 kB, 421 × 495
But the english texts are so mistranslated and out of context?
No. 65260
>Non-violent protests happen everyday in smaller cities but metropolis is very controlled.

Interesting, what is the motivation? Do they protest against the Corona rules or bad government?
No. 65262
134 kB, 357 × 459
157 kB, 432 × 518
146 kB, 392 × 482
139 kB, 392 × 495
That's part of their charm, I guess? Kinda like us Slavs mangling poor English language horribly with things like "its dont" or "problems weren't". Besides, a lot of these pics are still very much usable even with machine-tier translations.
No. 65263
This is the case of some not so developed prefecture level city a few years ago : usually just a small group of people gathering at the gate of local municipality with banners and speakers to protest one of
i) their real estates are in goverment eviction plan and they want higher reparation fees
ii) 民工 were not paid by their boss and their boss went missing or something so they cannot solve it in legal ways
iii) something about government of lower administrative division

I don't know what's it like now but they sure were unable to gather in corona times.
No. 65264
>My sadness very big
I can relate.
No. 65265
>inb4 there are none
There are, like pulling cheap bitches :--DDDDD
But you wouldn't even have to extinguish cities, just their lights, then even city dwellers could see the stars.
No. 65266
Borat, my son, you must become president
No. 65267
I just sat through a 2.5h meeting that was only supposed to take one hour.
I suffer on the Germany.
No. 65270
from now on war time lighting only :DDD

There is no such thing as a meeting that ends as planned.
No. 65280
556 kB, 2048 × 1534
68 kB, 670 × 946
An unrelated topic but i've been watching a few educational videos about vertical farming.
Every single one of these videos had an overhyped narrator talking about how beneficial these things are in the modern world, because farmings is apparently what is destroying the nature and we gotta protect the nature.
These videos seem more like propaganda to me because nowhere people were speaking about the cons of such contraptions.
Biggest one is - it's highly dependent on electricity. If electricity is gone - the plants simply die.

I think that a lot of people who push for green tech are actually disconnected from the reality.

In 2020s some people are almost like in the 1930s. Huxley wrote about it in Brave New World.
Fun to see how history repeats itself. And sad as well.
No. 65281
There are different types. Indoor hydroponics for large-scale use replacing le ebul conventional farming are indeed retarded, but if we're talking about house front algae bioreactors that produce hydrogen, that's something more realistic.
It's still far from being mature, but it's a nice concept for gaining energy AND removing CO2 from the atmosphere, as microalgae have a lot of potential in that regard (although those closed-circuit bioreactors can't just use atmospheric CO2 :--DDD).
No. 65282
They just turned internet back on again :-DDDDD.

Shit's still going on apparently.
Tokayev asked assistance from ОДКБ to "quell highly trained international terrorist organization". In short "putin help me".

I think he might be retarded, having foreign soldiers on our soil is the easiest way to lose support even among those who "just want to live", and get himself lynched if people catch him.
No. 65285
177 kB, 960 × 1280
Babushkas making dindins for the protesters.
No. 65286
Yes, I agree that not everyone is supposed to become rocket scientist or at least doctor or engineer. Some are destined to be cleaners and construction workers. I didn't claim opposite thing. But with automation proportion of unqualified workplaces will drop and they will become more complex.
Still I feel like education is organized in especially ineffective way and it's possible to significantly improve people's literacy with using almost same number of resources. Or achieve same level of literacy with using much less resources so that future waiters are ready to start career at 14 years and at 18 they already have some savings to start a family.

> "equal knowledge opportunity".
Depends on what you imply by that. Education is a thing with positive externality, pure free market approach (who has more money, has access to better education) is not optimal here. There should be some meritocratic system which still encourages competition among different organizations.
No. 65287
8,8 MB, 480 × 848, 0:22
8,6 MB, 480 × 848, 0:39

No. 65290
My intention was to stay awake until the night comes around and then go to bed to reset myself, but I just couldn't do it, so I went to bed and slept for 8 hours.

I just realised how cocky I was during the oral part. All the lost sleep made me a bit bold and I told the lecturer jokingly that "You make the best exams. Every single time you fight the method that makes me into a nervous wreck for two days."
Thankfully we both had a good laugh.
People who're in next weeks batch asked me about "what type of questions were I asked" and I told them that they don't ask you questions if you talk.

Well, the course itself is very cramped to put it that way.
Basically the written part is only to check that you've done your task and actually read these works. (Basically 10 random questions per module from the materials you have to answer in 10 minutes.)
It's the oral part where you're asked to provide historical context and some analysis, but it's very basic, I agree. It's not where love of Chinese literature or expertise in it begins.
The issue is that they want to get everything pre-1911 out of the way in a single semester basically, so you're forced to read everything from the Shijing to fucking Dream of the Red Chamber in ~3 months, which is not pleasant, let's put it that way.

Personally I'd have preferred if it augmented my Classical Chinese studies more, teaching me how to read a poem and also give us more translation exercises, but oh well, I don't set the curriculum.
(And let's be frank, the analysis wasn't that high level either. But it's more about creating a baseline I guess.)

Yes I did a shitton of reading, but there's still so much to be done.
I did the coursework, but I still feel like I know nothing.

>Btw what's with the chinese touhou meme?
I find them endearing. Afaik it's not machine translated, but someone purposefully translates them like these.
It's kind of like having a calendar that teaches you a new word each day. I follow the bot on twitter, I get a touhou image and a Chinese sentence to ponder on.
It's endearing.
No. 65291
608 kB, 576 × 1024, 0:10
847 kB, 640 × 480, 0:12
151 kB, 403 × 362
Videos from Tiktok bother me. I have a suspicion that majority of people so-called neurotypicals have views opposite to mine on what is considered funny, beautiful, cool, appropriate and so on.

What if whole our culture is dictatorship of minority which is enforced on people who aren't predisposed to it. But now People's Republic Of China gathered them together, showed them their true nature through "living art of the masses" and liberated them from this oppression. Soon they'll realize their collective interest and make our entire civilization look like a tiktok video.
No. 65292
If you are checking a pile of dung you will find dung there
No. 65293
I use TikTok as entertainment and for interest in cultural analysis. Your post is embarrassing, first, it shows you don't know much, and second, you sound like a retarded old man, that you probably are.
And of course, there is lots of shit on this platform, but you don't seem to know how the platform works yet you are very opinionated about it. My dead grandma would sound similar if she was to explain to me what that internet thing is. If you actually use the app, learn to train the algorithm. Something like the first video will appear every once in a while and it gets maybe 100 views, which is absolutely nothing, it's destined to fail and vanish into data nirvana.


Eh, check some policy adviser papers or other big institutions (like EU) if you want to know what this is about beyond small marketing and super dumbed down science/economy videos. Then again, your post makes it sound like common soil-bound farming today goes without energy. Oil/fuel gone = no farming on the scale that is the norm. Without the energy supply, there is no modern world, not even modern farming. The other German hinted already that it's probably an additional method that won't replace all soil-bound farming.

What do you think will happen now? Do you feel anything special besides amazement that something habbend?
No. 65294
>watches Tiktok for entertainment
>calls others retarded
Oh, you :3

On a serious note, your analogy isn't sound. Tiktok isn't something "new". The jump from youtube to social media to tiktok is negligible compared to the jump from telephone/tv to internet.
I mean the fact alone that the russian is on EC shows that he is likely more well-versed in the internet ways than anyone making tiktok videos.
You could try again with a "real" book/comic book analogy, for example.
No. 65295
358 kB, 500 × 281
137 kB, 536 × 1024
2,9 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:09
Now this is what I call synchronicity. Memes are manifesting into reality.

Videos of corpses surfacing now. Won't post them.
There was gunfire in the city somewhere.

Well, since we've come this far, I think it should progress to the point of meaningful change, whatever it might be. If it fizzles out halfway, they'll start tightening the bolts even harder afterwards.

The ones protesting right now are the lowest social strata, manual laborers, people from villages, etc., for whom recent tax changes and gas prices meant unsustainable living.
But I as a stable low wage office drone already felt in the last year that there won't be upward social mobility for me, whatever I earn gets sucked up by increased prices and "monetization" of public infrastructure.

I think the retard elites forgot that there exists a demographic below the local """middle class""", whom they wanted to wring dry. They ended up wringing the poors even harder, and you've got what you've got.
No. 65296 Kontra
I think my comparison concerns old people not understanding what some new thing is about anymore. The technical details don't matter as the weight of my intention is on being old and not understanding. You can be a programmer but if you don't use the app nor engage in thinking about technology, the social and cultural, your knowledge on using computers is of limited help. I read there is some 40yo Russian here on this board? Maybe it's him, get the app, it's usually full of shit and bad humor, you need the algorithm to give you what you want first or else you stay on the lowest common denominator of neurotypical TikTok, but that is not simply all that TikTok has to offer.
No. 65297
Yeah, I guess most disappointing would be another riot that just fades quickly and leaves behind the anger and despair. You mentioned the prices, which have often been a cause for this, I suspect that prices (for every day things like gas and grocery) will rise, due to corona/inflation. Even in Germany you can notice prices going up. Though, nobody will riot as long as it is another 5-15 cents on a range of products.
No. 65298
1,1 MB, 974 × 672
What i've noticed about american sponsored uprisings is that they are usually surgical and almost too perfect. They also typically last for several days or weeks, involve a lot of middle class, flags/roses/lightbulbs and various looneys dressed up like clowns, a lot of focus on "peacefulness" of the process.
This one is brute force explosive diarrhea. Either they changed their methods/approach or it's not them.
No. 65300
Let's hope for the best, then. Power to the people and all that shit.
And stay safe, I'd hate to have EC TV die before I can do my first stream.
No. 65301 Kontra
>They also typically last for several days or weeks, involve a lot of middle class, flags/roses/lightbulbs and various looneys dressed up like clowns, a lot of focus on "peacefulness" of the process.

These are screaming free market and democracy. I don't think it is a coincidence that the US can fund the mobilization of exactly the people you describe.
People are pissed due to price increase and other things, why is that not a legitimate answer/cause? Some protests of that kind can be further fueled by spending money and trying to coordinate due to foreign powers having interests, though.
No. 65302 Kontra
To me the thing that screams "this is genuine" is the fact that western media hasn't picked a "leader" yet who's a journalist or some other liberally initiated profession who's going to scream about human rights.
No. 65303
>This one is brute force explosive diarrhea. Either they changed their methods/approach or it's not them.
Impossible, comrade. The Americans have just gotten smarter. There's not a fart in the post Soviet block opposition that doesn't ask for permission from Washington.

Now come, brother. Grab your police baton, we need to restore constitutional order in Kazakhstan. The whole of SNG's security is at risk against this new color revolution. It is better to be overzealous than sorry.
No. 65305

Unfortunately, that idea will now look like a ripoff instead of the ebin oc donut steal it was :-DDD
No. 65306
we're already sending troops there officially. Gonna grab as a large desert apparently.
No. 65307
81 kB, 512 × 300
48 kB, 700 × 394
> maidan.png
If you were a bit older you would remember that maidan doesn't fit your description. It was pretty hardcore and that's why it succeeded.

In general, calling someone "American sponsored" without any PROOFS is a bad tone. It's like people in 3-rd world can't be legitimately discontent, they must be mind controlled by HAARP to go to square or to burn a police car. I'll play the same game and say that you're kremlin's shill, then listen to your excuses.
No. 65310
If their was zero to few reasons for a significant amount of the population to be discontent it would take a shit ton of effort for foreign powers to even get an uprising going in the first place. The reason they can jump on the bandwagon and try to further fuel up a situation like the USA/EU did with Maidan was legitimate problems in Ukraine. Obviously they have been fucking around their before already for NATO power play reasons towards Russia but the inital rise up was still organic, not artifically provoked.
No. 65311 Kontra
No. 65330
> TikTok audience exceeds 1 billion users a month
> It is used by 39.5 million Russians over 12 years old, or 32.3% of the population.
These are people among whom we live, our neighbors. Meanwhile places which are not "pile of dung" like EC for example are used by dozen or two of people.

BTW I heard an opinion that modern China in contrary to stereotype is very bydlophobic and anti-egalitarian country. They remember experience of cultural revolution, dislike it and don't want to repeat. I have no idea of how true is it, you tell me, ernsts.
No. 65334
>or 32.3% of the population
The market is ripe. My new career as a ruTikTok influencer begins today.
No. 65335
This is good idea unironically. Russians including vatniks have this colonial servility before westerners. So if you start a channel you'll rip a huge popularity: "AAAGGHHH WHITE MAN NOTICED US HE EVEN SPEAKS FEW WORDS ON OUR BARBARIC LANGUAGE"
Well, not so white in your case. XDDD
But that's also a bonus. Women like hot latino machos.
No. 65336
Left the house for the firs time since mid December.
Went to the library because my borrowings expired and I couldn't extend them any longer. Incurred 120HUF (33 eurocents) in late fees for two volumes of the Hanfeizi. Or at least I thought so. Turns out the system miscalculated it or something, and it only showed late fees on my end.

Asked about the job opening the librarian mentioned. She said she will set the wheels in motion, but it all depends on whether or not the budget is approved, and how the pandemic develops, but I might not get this if I don't get a fucking vaccination exemption or actually jabbed, which I'm not sure I can get right now.

Looked at a Chinese edition of the Hanfeizi while there. Apparently the reason I didn't see it in the catalogue online is because it hasn't been catalogued yet in the database, and also because it's part of some anthology volume that also has the Shang Jun Shu and the Guanzi in it.
She said that it's not the most "reader friendly edition", but hey, it has dots and commas in it, so it's not that bad.
Top to bottom, left to right. There's modern commentary next to the classical sentences with characters 1/4th the size of the core text. Looks really cool.

I have a week until my next exam, which a literary translation exam again, but this time it's the theoretical part.
So I have to read a bunch from this anthology and also prepare for the oral part where I'll be asked to formulate my own hot take on a topic and also present and critique a translation.
I've chosen the Butterfly Dream part of the Zhuangzi to be cool and interdisciplinary, but also because this way I'm sort of on home territory and I can control the discussion better.
Not that I need to be hard on myself, since I already took an exam with this lecturer, and she has a lot of sympathy for me. I guess ultimately I'm more charismatic and social than I give myself credit for.

(Only three more exams and it's over.)
No. 65337
There's a even more "plebian" short video platform than douyin, called kuaishou (douyin is tiktok's chinese version), whose majority userbase are china's rural population. Chinese sociologists value its contents a lot. Browsing kuaishou is my rude awakening that I never even remotely knew what the society I live in is like.

I heard tiktok played an important role in the navalny protest to the point its called tiktok maidan. Chinese Internet use this as an evidence of their theory that bytedance is no longer a chinese company but another NSA asset.
No. 65338
78 kB, 1200 × 1200
I may really do it. I'm very self conscious about how fucking SHIT, SHIT! my Russian is but I could probably get through on the sheer novelty of being a western who shucks and jives to a cheering audience.
No. 65339
> I heard tiktok played an important role in the navalny protest to the point its called tiktok maidan.
I hear it for the first time. His protest are older than Tiktok. I would rather call it "Youtube protest" (but I never heard this collocation either).
He gained popularity by publishing investigations on Youtube about corrupt officials. They're all about same thing: "another bureaucrat stole millions of dollars and spent it on inept luxury". Nothing surprising in it, at least for me. On opposite, it would be a sensation if one of them actually lived on his salary and was decent person. The only intrigue is what is it this time -- designated fur storage or private plane to ride corgis to dog exhibitions. But they were pretty decently made -- with schemes of offshore companies, drone captions of mansions and so on, so they were interesting to watch.
No. 65340
>Browsing kuaishou is my rude awakening that I never even remotely knew what the society I live in is like.
Care to elaborate?
No. 65341
I have heard the TikTok angle, with snippets of some random kids posting dates and times for meetups. I forget where exactly, but it wasn't from a very reputable source. The image they were pushing was that of Navalny mobilizing his child soldier army to commit terrorism.
No. 65342 Kontra
No. 65343
I am not sure one can have class consciousness in a classless society.
It’s one of the drawbacks of the system the way I see it. People grew so accustomed to it, that the very idea there’s something else besides the hivemind mentality exists seems strange.
If there are no social classes on paper you cannot become aware of their existence. And then you go out into the internet and see how foreigners associate their status with income, looks, what car they drive, what music they listen to and so on.
No. 65345 Kontra
>If there are no social classes on paper you cannot become aware of their existence.

What exactly does that mean, what paper? You can sense social class as a child already, depending on what kind of child you are and who your parents are.
No. 65350
I wouldn't call China classless. Subcultures like Shamate exist precisely because of the class divide between urban and rural youth for example, and I've heard that especially in places like Shenzhen, there is a divide between the rural workers, the urban workers, and the office workers.
No. 65351
Can you guys finally stop to boost up your own egos by painting EC users as some elitist scholar secret society? There's a video game thread and a Sauffaden on the first page ffs.

Besides what you refer to as bydlos are NOT your enemies, the well-spoken educated rich fucks who are the reason for seperated societies that produce lumpenproletariat are your enemies and the reason you personally suffer in a world embossed by unreasonability and anti humanism.
No. 65352
No shit.
t. identifies as white trash
No. 65354
Darauf ein Prost, mein lieber Herr "ihr haltet euch für so kluk, seid ihr aber nicht, und ich ebensowenig (aber eigentlich doch)".
Have a drink and get that stick out of your ass.
Also, I can view myself as an elitist scholar even without EC :--DDDDD
No. 65356
The point was that you people sit there in your diapers so you don't have to get up for shitting during your League of Legends tournaments while sipping energy drink after energy drink thinking you could write a new Divine Comedy if you only wanted and then complain about people who get themself a nice gold chain or fancy rims for their BMW.
No. 65358
This is wrong. Bydlo are not bydlo because they are poor. They are bydlo due to their inborn character traits, which have a high genetic heritability.

First, people today are more wealthy in absolute terms then they were in the 19th century. This is true even for those we deem poor. The "poor" in Germany can still afford ample food, heating and clothes in amounts that would make a middle class European from pre WW2 go pale with envy. Go, tell a welfare recipient he should only own two or three pairs of trousers (a Sunday pair and at most two workday pairs), he'll declare you insane. Yet, that's the amount of trousers people had. And they were not all bydlo.

Second, not all bydlo are poor in absolute terms. Some of the cultureless low-brow assholes are quite good at what they do or come into money by luck, and look what cars they drive and what houses they build. Their hobbies are still drinking with the buddies, driving 4 wheelers, etc. They still laugh about people who voluntarily read books, etc. You can throw money at those folks all day, it won't ever change them.

Third, yes, they are my enemies. They hate my guts, they laugh about me behind my back and they bully me when they can.

>B-b-but it's capitalism that forces them to!
Your explanation for everything that's wrong with the world, as usual. It gets boring.
No. 65359
>The point was that you people sit there in your diapers so you don't have to get up for shitting during your League of Legends tournaments while sipping energy drink after energy drink thinking you could write a new Divine Comedy

>if you only wanted and then complain about people who get themself a nice gold chain or fancy rims for their BMW.
>enemies, the well-spoken educated rich fucks who are the reason for seperated societies that produce lumpenproletariat are
>Fancy rims
Sorry, but anyone who has a car, fancy rims or not, is not Lumpenproletariat.
No. 65360
>You people
You are here, too. Sit down in the mud with us, maybe that will quench your smugness a bit.
Who are you, anyway? You sound like you could be Brick larping through whatever channel he found because he's now officially gone offline.
No. 65362
French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu would argue that there's two types of capital, the economic and the cultural one. If someone's born in a low cultural capital household, rich or poor, will be strugling to integrate the high cultural capital society you pretend to belong to. Both economic and cultural capital gives access to power. And what you are doing, in the eyes of French sociologist Bourdieu, is just class contempt and justifying your power by nature.
No. 65363
> justifying your power by nature.
Well, I am stronger than you, so what are you gonna do?
Stop punching yourself already. Stop punching yourself!
No. 65364 Kontra
171 kB, 500 × 615
Not a very high cultural capital thing to do...
At least according to french sociologists.
No. 65365
>If someone's born in a low cultural capital household,
>you pretend to belong to.
Solala. Books per capita in my parents home far exceeded the national average, and it wasn't all thrillers and pulp. They also listened to music other than Status Quo. No Humperdinck in Advent for little Ernst, though.

>And what you are doing, in the eyes of French sociologist Bourdieu, is just class contempt and justifying your power by nature.
French sociologist Bourdieu should have talked to those he deemed without cultural capital. Those people are are very confident that they are culturally superior. And they have a fair point.
>your power
What power? To me, it is annoying being woken up in the middle of the night by a 23 year old idiot blasting Rap on a car stereo. I hate the music, I hate being woken, I am powerless to stop it. The bydlo has the power to annoy an entire neighborhood just driving by.

Energy directed at destructive purposes is very effective. This is what makes a bunch of drunken football hooligans so effective. Effective in the sense of the word: their actions have disproportionate effects. For example, 30 of those guys can wreck a train carriage in a matter of minutes, to the point where it will cost sixfigures to repair. To them, it's just good fun and they see it as a legitimate form of innocent enjoyment, for roughly the following reasons
1.) They pay taxes
2.) They paid for their tickets
3.) It is the train operators fault for not having more security
To me, none of that makes any sense. To them, all of it makes perfect sense. Because they are from a completely different culture, not because they are without culture. And that culture is set up in a way that it values destruction. That's why they can disturb and interrupt anything wherever they go.
No. 65366
2,1 MB, 400 × 320, 0:17
>you people sit there [...] sipping energy drink after energy drink thinking you could write a new Divine Comedy if you only wanted
i promise I'll stop drinking energy drinks
No. 65367
> Books per capita in my parents home far exceeded the national average
I'm not sure I understand. I didn't say you belonged to byldo class, see.
> the high cultural capital society you pretend to belong to

>French sociologist Bourdieu should have talked to those he deemed without cultural capital. Those people are are very confident that they are culturally superior. And they have a fair point.
Now that's mean. And French sociologist Bourdieu has probably talked about them anyway.
>What power?
The access to occidental knowledge given by parental education. You could also play music that nobody likes very loud. But the byldo couldn't read your books.
No. 65368 Kontra
Germans going against each other but I'm not involved this time, chances like winning the lottery I guess.

Ah, I don't think you come here often, is it the Sauffaden that attracts you? It does no good to this board :DDD

>genetics determine who you are
>capitalism is a boring explanation

And you always come with biology, biological determinism Ernst, how boring is that? As far as I know, the genetics determine who you are thesis has been debunked, albeit genetics play a role, obviously. Seems like somebody has to legitimate his conservatism first of all.
Whoever you have spoken to, it is not me. I believe at least, you had me in mind.
No. 65371
Genau. Jawohl, mein Fürher! :-DDDDD
No. 65374
>And you always come with biology, biological determinism Ernst, how boring is that?
It wasn't me, but if you want to fight, I can return that compliment.
But now I would be interested in how exactly genetic determination has been debunked.
No. 65375
>But now I would be interested in how exactly genetic determination has been debunked.
Nurture vs. nature is a dichotomy which makes no sense, instead human intelligence constructs itself rather as a vector of several factors, genetics, parental guidance, access to food and education, societal culture etc. and to claim idiots are idiots simply because they have bad brain genetics as their parents did is a clear sign of having bad brain genetics.
No. 65376
Ok, and how has it been debunked?
No. 65380
Wait, are we talking about the role of human genetics and the role it plays for intelligence per se or genetic determinism specifically? I'd say that genetic determinism hasn't been fully debunked, I even doubt it could be at this point, but it surely isn't scientifically considered state of the art as of now because of its inherent reductionism.
No. 65382
Whatever you were talking about, I was referring to >>65368
>As far as I know, the genetics determine who you are thesis has been debunked,

Also, intelligence is not the only point where genetics come into play, so reducing it to just the question of "intelligence" is not a smart move imo.
My personal opinion on that subject is that genetics matter more than people want to admit, but not so much that by being the hypothetical perfect human specimen you're destined for greatness independently of your spawn point.
No. 65385
>Also, intelligence is not the only point where genetics come into play, so reducing it to just the question of "intelligence" is not a smart move imo.
Obviously, I thought we were talking about that topic though. Besides "intelligence" is a very unsharp term already.

>genetics matter more than people want to admit
I would disagree here and say that we just don't know how much either factor matters exactly as of now and that we can deepen our understanding of biology/genetics, sociology, education research, cognitive science etc. but perhaps are doomed to never fully find out because it's simply not possible to ever conduct this experimentally and have humans grow up without each factor playing its part. Obviously there is some genetic hard limitation of a certain degree, but what's possible for an intellect to grow within this limitation is another thing. I doubt someone could look up the genes of a certain healthy person and say "this persons limit of understanding given she or he receives the right funding will be this mathematical concept" or whatever.
No. 65386 Kontra

genetic determinism has been debunked in so far as one of you mentioned the multiple vectors. Or: Genes and environment and their relation/interaction. I never said genes aren't a constitutive factor, but genes alone don't make you, there is an environment in which they play out. Now more interestingly would be what that environment is and how that shapes your behavior and gene expression. I would also like to point to cultural and social organization that shapes behavior (maybe it's part of the environment as well, depends on your scientific lense I guess), but since you guys or at least the one sociobiological German can't take that, I refrain from going on and in the end wasting time.
No. 65387 Kontra
P.S.: Btw there is a Zizek take, maybe it has been done by someone else before however, it's not that far fetched - that in a post-capitalist more egalitarian society which puts more emphasis on individual education, fair starting grounds for everyone to develop etc. the natural or genetical limitations of each person will play into effect more than they do now because now you can say you started from a bad place and it would have been hard to climb to the top but with an easier access you have to blame yourself personally more so than you have to now, possibly making the neoliberal claim that each is responsible for their own fade more true for non-neoliberal set ups. This might also result in widespread mental health problems and so on and so on.
No. 65388 Kontra
P.P.S.: obviously you could just say "well, I guess I just had bad genes xD" but that's kinda a depressing thought as well.
No. 65389 Kontra
>each is responsible for their own fade
Freudian slip, I suppose :-DD
No. 65393
1019 kB, 640 × 1136, 0:15
I feel my heda becoming dumber in real time. So much works piling up.
Times to remember that Jesus loves us and in a few months all of my troubles will become a footnote in a greater narrative of conquest and achievement.
No. 65396
Yeah well, no idea what another german might or might think or be able to take, but we can also talk about epigenetics, which is, in layman's terms, basically the environment directly influencing the genes. As mentioned, layman's terms and it's not entirely correct/precise, but yeah, depending on where and how you live you might, boldly speaking, with a genetic makeup similar or even identical to someone in a better place turn out weaker, smaller, less mentally healthy, all because your parents experienced war and famine.
However, there is always a limit to that. Coming back to intelligence, a really smart kind won't just become dumb from living in the gutter, as well as a dumb kid from rich parents won't suddenly become a scholar by being sent to the best schools, but obviously neither of those will reach their respective limits towards the lower and upper end.
I do like that Zizek take though, as I am a staunch meritocrat, although I want to add that not everybody NEEDS to be a scholar, scientist, doctor, whatever. We need people who clean and take the trash (as long as robots can't do that as well) and the biggest problem here is that those people are not respected. Anyone who helps their community, even as a job, deserves respect and we should teach kids that there is no shame in being a trashcar driver. And if you aren't fit for more than being a trashcar driver, so be it, that is not your fault. If you're a lazy cunt who doesn't show up on time and constantly fights etc., that is your fault, because I can expect from an adult to step back and say "Should I really do that?".
Maybe that's even a thing that should be a focus on in education and the upbringing of kids.
No. 65402
When conscription was abolished I was in favor of it for reasons of personal liberty and the like, even though during my civil service I had quite a good time. But looking back on it I think it should be reintroduced in an updated form (and for women as well) because it was also a forum of exchange of people from different backgrounds in both the military and social areas and especially in the later it teaches you respect for people that do important care work and are treated like crap in return.
In the GDR some Abiturienten did something like a FSJ but in actual factories (which of course was seen as favourable by the SED, so some did it for mere oppertunistic reasons obviously), I think this was a good thing as well. However in the current social market economy this would be somewhat quenstionable due to the private ownership aspect and would be more like that free practicum bullshit we already know currently.
No. 65408 Kontra
Well, yes obviously genetics have a constitutive role to play.
I would like to see Zizek's take. It is interesting how you take his take but make it into something meritocratic. It's funny how you take a classical conservative position.
You are a meritocrat, but by genetics, not everybody has the possibility to thrive in a meritocracy, depending on what even is merit that should be valued and how? What is more interesting is that you want respect for the people doing dirty jobs, but do you want them to be paid better, value the merit they do (society is heavily dependant on some) by doing the dirty job? Or are only people with "better" jobs the ones whose merit will be valued exceedingly higher? It's a classic take of conservatives to respect someone and yet keep them at a distance and out of their circles. It reminds me of clapping for the health workers during the pandemic, has if that sort of acknowledgment helps these people, it's conservative virtue signaling, lel.
I don't think that Zizek was going at this sort of social arrangement if that is what you wanted to say or think. But we would need the actual quote.
No. 65411
> weaker, smaller, less mentally healthy, all because your parents experienced war and famine.

What have these got to do with being a bydlo or not? You list some bio/physiological psychological traits (mental health though seems to me quite dependant on the environment). Intelligence is part of interacting in a way with your environment, other animals can show it as well. The bydlo issue is more about culture(s) and that is something you are born into and that you learn. A rich bydlo is intelligent by interacting with is environment in a beneficial way, he can still not value what is of value to a humans Geist/spirit and what is often taken a line of demarcation between other animals and human.

This makes me think of the Siberian people that did not know formal logic and didn't understand certain logical questions, once they learned it, they were able to answer them. So, because somebody seems dumb, he or she is not necessarily dumb and has inferior intelligence. The issue is quite tricky and yet some think the answers are already settled.
No. 65414
>I would like to see Zizek's take.
It's from an interview I think, but I don't know which one. Maybe I can find it, but I'll be rather busy this weekend.
No. 65415
I bought a bed at JYSK after being sceptical since I once bought a bed at Dänisches Bettenlager, which is JYSK but with their old name still. That bed was shit because you needed to fix it with external metal plates otherwise it would crash. Now this fucking piece of shit new bed has the exact same problem and I'm fucking steaming. Now I have to buy metal plates again just so I can hopefully sleep in it fml
No. 65417
  1. Lattenrost
  2. bricks (steal from construction site of choice)
  3. ???
  4. Profit!
You basically only need something so the mattress gets some air circulation around it. Everything beyond is decadent western wastefulness.
No. 65418 Kontra
164 kB, 1920 × 1080
Got my third jab today and went shopping for some comfort foods so I'll be fine in case I get a fever again. Already starting to feel a bit of a headache, so I think I'll just be watching Seinfeld for the rest of the day (not that I had much else planned otherwise).
No. 65419
> There's a even more "plebian" short video platform than douyin, called kuaishou
Post some please. I guess percentage of verbal information there is low so we could rate it even without translation.
No. 65420 Kontra
It's ok, I should and probably will be busy as well.
No. 65428 Kontra
I'm probably the only ernst unvaccinated. I'm no anti-vaxxer, just don't feel like going to hospital.

Seinfeld must have been very popular in germany. I've even seen seinfeld reference from german philosophy book.

Just go to their website
No. 65429
1,1 MB, 3674 × 1865
Picked up the books I ordered with the Christmas money I got.
Got a book on Chinese economy, dealing with the pre-reform era. It's a weird book, because there's no publisher or date on it, only the foreword dated to 1972. Since the foreword is mostly dealing with the author's possible political stances, the back has no pricetag, and the first page has the number 482 stamped on it with red ink, I assume this is one of those publications that was unavailable to the general public and was actually for internal party consumption, like the last volume of Mao's works here.

The middle one is the first volume of the Chinese-Hungarian Literary Anthology. It's basically just a collection of selections from different classical works, but they have the original text in parallel with the Hungarian + some notes and words in the back to help working with the original.
Can't find volume two for sale anywhere. I want to try re-translating some of it to work on my Classical Chinese.

My mother went off to look for shoes or something so I wanted to waste some time (and I didn't want to annoy her by being there and talking nonsense), which turned into wasting money, because finding a newly published Asian book activated my neurons like a banana activates a monkey's and I dropped the other half of my money on this Japanese novel from 2017 titled Rintaro and the labyrinth of books. It looks like one of those easy, relaxing Japanese novels you finish in an afternoon and you feel like you've drank a cup of sugary milk before bed afterwards. Though the Japanese title is something different. (It says "Hon o mamoroutosuru neko no hanashi", has the 猫 in a sea of katakana, so something about cats I suppose.)
Dude's nom de plume is almost comical. Natsukawa Sosuke is like a Russian writer calling himself Leodor Tolstoevsky or something.
Hopefully I'll have some time for it after my exams.

Ate a slice of pizza at the food court and then came home and had a coffee.
Now entering stuff into the catalogue.

I regularly get messages from people in the uni-group chat. They seem to think I'm on top of things when it comes to preparing for courses and administration. Which is flattering and all, but why can't people actually look up things for themselves? Like I understand questions that go "Hey, you read the textbook, how much does it add on top of the lectures? I'm short on time and want to know.", but "What's the filename of the poetry anthology the lecturer uploaded?" is completely asinine, especially considering it's "Chinese_poets_1.pdf".
No. 65434
Yes, Zivildienst was a good thing. I know people who would have never chosen a nursing/healthcare profession had they not done their service, and a few of them became really good nurses. And on top of it it was dudes you would have never expected to be such caring characters.

Yeah, my mental leap was probably too big there. I was clumsily conflating two separate points. So first, Zizek - same baseline means personal shortcomings or virtues come stronger into play, right? And that of course directly leads to a meritocracy, because you can't blame society for your failings anymore, only yourself.
But to me meritocracy is coupled to making best use of what you have, independently of how much you actually have. So take a tall person and a short person. Both can try to be highjumpers (because of aforementioned identical societal prerequisites), but which one even has a chance to become world class? Not the short one. But he doesn't need to be, because he might be talented elsewhere.
You don't need to get you PhD if you're a great carpenter, but you can get to great merit as a carpenter while you can be a substandard academic because you made most of what you have. Or, in other words, I will expect more from someone I can expect more of and will of course hold those to a higher standard.
In school I once had a sports teacher who graded on effort. Back in the day I was angry because a fat friend of mine got a better grade once than me even though I was faster or something, but today I think, at least in school sports, that's a pretty fair assessment. He was fat and shorter than me, so why should he get a worse grade than me if he is slower? He CAN'T be faster, therefore he shouldn't be required to achieve a better time. Of course this only works in such an environment. I even would go as far and say that in maths your result shouldn't be the main decisive factor in what grade you get. If you have the proper way down and just do a small mistake right at the end, then it shouldn't be held against you too much.
Obviously all this doesn't apply to a job that requires a certain standard. An engineer doing faulty calculations can cost lives, for example.
As for your other point, I would certainly pay the jobs I mentioned better, but of course that should also be a function of complexity and especially responsibility. The trashcar driver is rather justly paid, but that doesn't mean you should treat him with contempt because he's "only" a trashcar driver. So I would certainly pay nurses and other healthcare workers a lot more, and people in education who aren't teachers.

I never talked about bydlo, I was talking about epigenetics and how they work and even had this disclaimer that it wasn't entirely precise.
No. 65439
>So first, Zizek - same baseline means personal shortcomings or virtues come stronger into play, right? And that of course directly leads to a meritocracy, because you can't blame society for your failings anymore, only yourself.

No, it doesn't directly (which seem to mean something like automatically or logically) lead to meritocracy. A meritocracy is a form of social and political organization where people get their position and benefits and whatnot in that organizational form due to their supposed merits, which is deemed as "good" merit to be precise in that social organization, this means that first of all there needs to be a discussion about the value of merits.
I don't understand how blaming the social organization (political economy) automatically implies the denial of biological differences in people, you seem to imply that it is so. My speculation would be that Zizek would tend towards egalitarian solutions in light of biological and - exceeding the realm of the life scientific lense on our world - individual differences that not only concern biological traits; check on the responsibility argument (standard argument in meritocratic visions) and what is actually seen as valuable merit and so on and so on.
I always imagine people thinking that in actual gommunism blind people will do work that requires vision without any sort of "translation" because everybody can do anything they want to. It is probably more like this: the nurse, the bus driver, the scientists and the politician have similar benefits and respect regardless of their difference in "merit" towards society, unlike in a meritocracy where the latter two can be quite well paid once they reach a certain stage in their career path because they contribute more valuable merit to society. You want to equal that out with a symbolic gesture, with respect As I said, malicious tongues would gleefully speak of virtue signaling., but the differences in hierarchy are cemented elsewhere and thus you have people that look down on the cleaning lady or the guy at the drive-in counter, a terrible habit indeed!
And in a egalitarian-gommunist hellhole, there probably wouldn't be grades in sports at all and other subjects as well? I don't know, surely people want measurement to go after because that is what we need to organize/ orient us and the society, but maybe qualitative methods of examination would be good or a mix of both would be better for learning and motivation of young people in doing something, maybe the problems and solutions we have atm are not the best and going back to them is of little help.
No. 65440
Well, now it would be helpful to have the actual wording of that passage.
Anyway, your last paragraph reminded me of how we didn't have any grades in first and second grade, just some semesterly "assessment" the teacher wrote. They also don't have grades in Waldorf school until the time they get their Abschlüsse given :-DDDD
No. 65441
830 kB, 1280 × 855
Have some 'lived miles below the poverty line with a heroin addict's advice.

Wooden Pallets. Like bricks, if you're clever you can pinch them from behind shops at night. You just got to be a bit more lucky.
No. 65442
Been there, done that, but it's a lot of work cleaning them, getting rid of splinters and they're usually not the exact dimensions of the mattress and it can happen that you break your toe if it gets caught somewhere in a nick or something.
I also assumed he has a slatted frame.
No. 65443
TikTok brought to my attention that in the UK pub kids are a thing? There is this TikTok from a young woman that says pub childhood: bag of crisp and two chairs but together and dads jacket as blanket and him saying "just one more drink" and in the comments, people say they had pub friends, kids they only saw at the pub because they were brought there, drunken people talking to kids, "playing" with flashy gamble machines and other stories.
So is this still the case today? I never knew I cannot say this was normal for Germany in the last 30 years, or am I mistaken?
No. 65444 Kontra
The video has more than 300k likes and 4700 comments, doesn't seem that niche of an experience.
No. 65445
Fair points all.
No. 65447
Or it is Australia? Can Australia confirm?
No. 65449
I believe it. Brits in the Al-Gharb would bring their whole family to the pub. Vile culture.
No. 65450 Kontra

It's this app for kids... Just made me think about it the statement.
No. 65451
Moving sucks. Thank you for your attention.
No. 65452 Kontra
270 kB, 800 × 1137
Quintessentially America post
No. 65457
Not where I was at least. Then again, my people didn't really go to the pub much because we were 30 minutes down the highway from town.
No. 65475
2,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
Painting progress.

W-what do I win?
No. 65481
Unthinned paint/10
No. 65483 Kontra
61 kB, 750 × 936
Reading for literary translation studies exam. It's literally all just hot takes by Frenchmen and Jews.
>Did you know that how we translate is determined by our "translation" horizon, as in, the time we live in and the way we see things
Thank you 200IQ French Gigachad
No. 65484
460 kB, 900 × 1001
At least his words have sense, so "wrong", "right" and "obvious" categories are applied to it. This is not always the case with frogs.
No. 65485
I can't tell if you are confusing "moving house" with "moving one's body".
No. 65486
Yes, that was the joke.
Come on, I even posted an image of Petrosyan with it.
No. 65489
103 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 65490
119 kB, 800 × 600
> These words are concepts, but concepts are lines, which is to say, number systems attached to a particular dimension of the multiplicities (strata, molecular chains, lines of flight or rupture, circles of convergence, etc.). Nowhere do we claim for our concepts the title of a science. We are no more familiar with scientificity than we are with ideology; all we know are assemblages. And the only assemblages are machinic assemblages of desire and collective assemblages of enunciation. No significance, no subjectification: writing to the n-th power (all individuated enunciation remains trapped within the dominant significations, all signifying desire is associated with dominated subjects). An assemblage, in its multiplicity, necessarily acts on semiotic flows, material flows, and social flows simultaneously (independently of any recapitulation that may be made of it in a scientific or theoretical
No. 65493
278 kB, 748 × 1000

You know, I read ATP atm. Do you want me to explain or keep your postmodernity is just random words I don't understand this and don't want to understand, I just want to be ignorant about it because I'm bitter attitude? I wonder why people think they need to instantly understand a work of philosophy, I don't complain to pdh mathematicians when I don't understand them because I have no context and understanding of the issues)

Basically, the quote is a summery of the idea of a relational and processual ontology, Deleuze and Guattari try to instantiate a new thinking, a thinking that hopses large parts of western philosophical thinking. I want to see other people that try to think the unthought and how they manage to put that in words.
No. 65494
Historically it sits in a time when systemic thinking or bits of it found their way into the humanities, one might say they are proponents of thinking things in a reticularity, or proposing a thought of ecological thinking. Matter, signs and sociality and how they interact, that is one thing they are concerned with.
No. 65495
>I wonder why people think they need to instantly understand a work of philosophy,
Probably because philosophy uses regular words instead of a highly codified professional language and thus gives the impression it can be understood by anyone able to parse the writings.
No. 65496
The problem then is that philosophy doesn't just use regular words and the praxis of philosophy itself is codified and professionalized. I guess the Russian thinks he has to take that quote up front or at face value, instead of wondering why a concept is a line. For that, he should know what a concept is, its role in thinking, in philosophy, and the concept of the line in the work of Deleuze and Guattari. And perhaps what role geometry in their book plays and why it is not professional maths but taken into account to describe something and express a thinking. One potential explanation for me: the line signifies a transformational process, concepts transform thinking, but the line is not limited to transformation of thinking. Maybe you could say vector but a vector in maths only accounts for geometrical objects afaik.
No. 65497 Kontra
187 kB, 1920 × 1080
I didn't mean to fuck up the today thread, I'm sorry.
No. 65499
35 kB, 404 × 500
>Probably because philosophy uses regular words instead of a highly codified professional language
You're wrong
t. 1st class honours degree in Philosophy and I sat through 2 semesters of Heidegger and hadn't a clue what anyone was saying

I'm convinced a large part of philosophy is the emperor's new clothes where everyone pretends to understand gibberish because everyone else is pretending to
No. 65509
I think philosophy should go back to using latin, then. That way there would at least be no way for a layman to even get the idea it's supposed to be understood by regular people.
No. 65510
41 kB, 612 × 410
94 kB, 920 × 584
When i was a kid i remember old women with babushka hats being everywhere. Nowadays that doesn't really exist anymore and i guess it is because the generation that actually wore those things went extinct.
There are still those old man hats that you see on old men and hipsters.
I guess the hipsters find another silly thing to put on their head and the old men die and then those things will completely dissapear, too.

Why do i even think about those things?
No. 65511
I confirm the continued existence of old lady scarves and widespread use of those hats by old men. I hope to live to old age so I can also wear one.
No. 65512
138 kB, 736 × 1104
No idea, but can confirm that my grandma wore those things, and I still sometimes see them in my old village in that raincoat functional variation on the octogenarians and higher.
What I haven't seen in at least two decades though anymore is those old housewife aprons. My grandma used to wear these, too (and I think there isn't a single picture from the 60s and 70s she's not wearing one if it's not some birthday or another fancy occasion).
Sadly I couldn't find a good picture of what I mean because literally 99% of the search results for "kittel hausfrau" are porn or porn related.
No. 65513
Just do it now. People will call you hipster but you can't hear them because social distancing..
No. 65514
405 kB, 683 × 1024
156 kB, 640 × 360
That's called "Otthonka" ("Little Household") here. I remember my great grandmother wearing them.
It's supposedly made from indestructible materials.
No. 65515
Worse than a hipster, might even assume I'm hiding my thinning hair. Plus, the old men will know I haven't earned my boina.
No. 65516
I remember my grandma wore them as well when in the kitchen.

RE: babushka headscarves - they are worn by hip girls here as well. It's quite hip to have that sort of headwear atm.
No. 65517 Kontra
40 kB, 720 × 540
579 kB, 19 pages
Stop those D&G appropriation of scientific terminologies. Here comes real mathematicians.
No. 65518
>It's supposedly made from indestructible materials.
Could be. When I was a young kid I had to put one on backwards for eating to serve as a bib.

>It's quite hip to have that sort of headwear atm.
Are you sure you're not living in a muslim city? :-DDDDDD
No. 65521 Kontra
So is this philosophy?
No. 65524 Kontra
524 kB, 1920 × 937
>literally 99% of the search results for "kittel hausfrau" are porn or porn related.
Curiosity killed the cat
German porn is so macabre
No. 65526
1,2 MB, 242 × 182
There's really a fetish for everything, isn't there?

Now go, find old man hat porn.
No. 65527 Kontra
Spoiler pls D:
No. 65528
>There's really a fetish for everything, isn't there?
Dude, that's one of the Rules of the Internet.
No. 65529
I think I read somewhere that fetishes are created at a very young age. And since Kittel-Omas are dying out, that will disappear and be replaced by something else. Probably Arschgeweih.
No. 65530
Joge's on you, I'm pretty sure basically all German pornstars already have an Arschgeweih anyways
No. 65531
I don't watch them.
No. 65533
I have a strange feeling that we're living through the last years of the global internet.
If anything serious happens in the world the entire network will likely be switched off just like that.
Over here they made sure that the local .ru/.su domains will be intact.
But i'm fairly confident that some people are totally willing to trash the entire thing and start over and soon we will have multiple independent local extranet-style of networks.
US will have it's own, EU will have it's own, China, Russia, possibly India, Iran, Israel maybe Turkey.

A lot of countries will be left in the dark zone with no connection whatsoever.
Also when any sort of war will break out, the whole country will be disconnected from the internet and nobody will know what's going on in there.