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No. 65480
67 kB, 1200 × 360
No. 65482
I follow a lot of Youtube channels, but most are kinda boring or dumb.
Here are some of them (the less boring and dumb ones)

Some in depth testing and analysing of videogame related stuff (Netcodes, server performance, latency differences with different hardware or software and stuff like that - Can be kinda interesting)

Nothing to see here. Just some super autistic kid that makes balls from rubber bands.

Some average videos about companies and people behind it. The videos are definetly made for audience that wants to be entertained, but there are still some interesting things here and there.

See the description of the channel above

Arachno-Capitalism guy

More or less entertaining videos mostly about movies

Weird computer stuff. I really like that guy.

Videos of a guy restorating old stuff. Kinda nice to watch.

They make actually pretty decent videogame documentaries.

Chemist doing chemist stuff.

I follow that channel since forever. Watching some science journalist talk about conspiracies, religion and what not while you do something else is kinda nice.

I like Tom Scott. Tom Scott is great.

Mostly videos about music history. I like them.

The guy is mostly contacting and identifying online scammers.
No. 65492
I mostly watch french channels but I'll post them anyway.

A russian playing and reviewing obscure slav Fallout2 mods and other games from that time period. Well made and entertaining to watch.

French political satirist who complains about french political news.

Swiss TV show about outstanding local individuals. Beautiful pictures.

Best french speaking vidya related emission.

French royalist living in outre-mer jungle criticizing low quality political commentary channels as an excuse to talk about movies.

Funny internet cartoon show. I thought it had way more subscribers.

>Arachno-Capitalism guy

No. 65906
Shump Junkie. modest vital knowledge about shoot'em ups

The Electric Underground. The lite version of it, but only because he's younger! Good stuff, and more exhaustive in terms of gameplay

America Uncovered, China Uncensored: well done! Pretty demonetized

Crossroads highlights: politics and news
No. 65917
There are many excellent history themed channels on Youtube, such as
-Epic History TV
-Invicta (for Roman history)
-Historia Civilis (Roman History again)
-History Marche (my least favorite of these)

And many more
No. 66229
45 kB, 700 × 700
No. 66232 Kontra
Newer is always better
No. 66235
If I were to make an imageboard, I'd make it so that new thread appear at the bottom of the catalog, while the older ones appear on the front page.
Helpes with wipes, too.

New threads would be bumped up the hierarchy depending on how long the posts contained within are. That way, effort posts are rewarded.

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