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No. 65500
133 kB, 1655 × 553
Ernst, why is my download speed fluctuating so hard? I'm using Mullvad VPN, qBittorent and high quality torrents. It's running on a Windows 10 laptop with very good Wifi connection.

Shouldn't it be more of a smooth line?

Other internet activites on the same laptop are pretty fucked once I start torrents, however, internet works nicely on my phone.
No. 65501
Your router sucks

No. 65502
Australian internet probably.
t. computer dumb but knows that Fibre to the Premises is not what I have
No. 65503
I have Gigabit internet, yet somehow my connection speed was going back and forth between 0kb/s and 100mb/s when torrenting.

I reduced the maximum amount of connections, that helped.
I don't know if i can actually blame my router but it seems to be the most logical thing that comes to my mind as well.
No. 65504
Have you noticed that the peaks and valleys of your up- and downstream match?

That's a sign for traffic congestion due to some node in your network being at its capacity and forcefully reducing throughput to avoid overload. Most likely candidate for hardware is your router or cable modem and the most common cause for oversaturation of those is the number of connections.

Is the same behaviour present when stopping qBittorrent and downloading something with a single-connection protocol such as FTP or HTTP?

If yes, then I'd ask if all of your connections are being routed through the VPN and if the service has a certain burst/congestion policy that might cause this.
No. 65506
47 kB, 1628 × 520
Ernst turned off his torrents and did network tests using Cloudflare Speedtest and DSL Reports. With and without VPN. Network ping was kind of okay but network jitter was >1 second.

Ernst restarted his laptop and the problem disappeared. Ernst started a test torrent and the speed looks much better now.

Ernst did some thinking and testing and realized that this issue appears after the laptop being in sleep mode.

Ernst is furious. Ernst had an important meeting the other day and the connection was not good enough to use Zoom. Ernst assumed it was due to the other party sitting in Quebec and shitty Australian internet. No, it was because Ernst had closed his laptop and opened it again, therefore putting the laptop into sleep mode and doing something that ruins the network connection.

FUCKING WINDOWS. Fucking hate this shit show. And all those fuckwitts out there. All those smart people in their smart jobs, relying on Windows because of Microsoft Office and Outlook calendar invites and Endnote references and Word track mode.

Ernst imagines sending these people off to Gentoo-Island. They are only allowed to leave once their kernel boots correctly.