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No. 65600
320 kB, 1300 × 833
I don't want to disgrace the suffering today thread with more of this.

I'll start by translating selected passages of PCTP-MRPP's official line on its participation in the bourgeois electoral sham known as the 2022 Portuguese Legislative Elections.

>[...] The Party has a political line on (the question of) participating or not participating in bourgeois elections, being that this is not the Party's main task. Our agitation, propaganda and political struggle is not stored for the electoral season and does not require elections to be carried out!
>This participation has as primary goal the strengthening of the Party, in terms of organization, whose configuration is dependent on political circumstances and situation. This participation is also a fight for the survival of the Party. And this is how it must be seen.
>This is the meaning of presenting a candidacy in a moment of intense atacks and struggles against all sorts of opportunists and traitors who have only, as we all can see, the only and main purpose the criminalization, fragmentation and destruction of the Party, appealing constantly to desertion, undermining and denying the study, the ideological struggle, and the organized political intervention -- Marxism is our strategy, as so brilliantly defended comrade Arnaldo Matos -- wanting, even still, to impose from their armchairs and the comfort of their home, their points of view, believing, perhaps that their escape gives them the status of uncompromised and independent ideologues.

>[...] It is clear that the Party will one day not participate in elections, by orders of the bourgeoisie which, is already becoming apparent. Let them then, play that role and everything will become more clear!
>The Party has decided it will not criminalize itself, nor transform into a dilettante group of pseudo-intellectuals during a moment in which the capitalist mode of production presents all the symptons of agony, being that these early elections, after the implosion of the bourgeois parliament in an autophagic process, is not unnoticed, namely in this significance in the recomposition of political alliances between all the different bourgeois sectors.
Translator's note: different bourgeois sectors here refers to the political spectrum of parties that don't include PCTP-MRPP.

I hope to see what they'll post when this vanguard of the masses manages to mobilize up to 0,4% of the electorate. The wreckers whose only and, therefore, main is the criminalization of the last bastion of pure Marxism in Portugal will try their hardest to sabotage the elections too. I'm glad the politburo remains vigilant.
I have borrowed their revolutionary electoral posters to adorn EC in all of their blinding glory.
No. 65620
Could you please specify what exactly is this thread about?

For now
Each time makes me laugh.
Note that it's a spoiler party for controlled opposition party -- simulacrum of second level.
No. 65625
1,4 MB, 2407 × 3617
Real Schizo Hours who up?

From an article by László Grespik, Hungarian lawyer and Far-right politician of the 90s:

We originate from a continent called Mu that once existed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where for 70000 (Seventy-thousand) years we had a writing-based, advanced civilization already, but Mu sank, and the survivors dispersed into the direction of Japan, the Far-East and America, where they are known as Maya (Magya=Magyar). (A few decades ago, Hungarian travellers to Centro-America talked with the local Indians in Hungarian.)
The Egyptians thought of themselves as the descendants of the people of Atlantis. We already had direct contact with the Carpathians at that point, that is, we already populated it. Prince Attila was the same race as Árpád's conquering magyars. Because of this, it's pointless to overcomplicate the entry of 896 known as "Conquest of the homeland", because for thousands of years before hand, we were here, but more people arrived to the already many living here in 896. Our ancient, divine talent gave us abilities that are not seen anywhere else in the world: Healing by thought, to see and use invisible energies and auras. It's possible to create organs via spirit-healing. This is what Jesus did too, who is the Táltos of the Táltoses[1]. We gave more saints to the world than all of the other peoples. We had holy kinds, who turned into light upon their deaths, like Jesus. Our ancient, Christian religion was switched out for the Judeochristian relition of St. Stephen. Our original prayers were to the Sunfather, Earthmother and Lightson, which is the Hungarian Holy-trinity. The Carpathian Basin is hallowed ground, the Earthmother's radiance marked the "centrum" of the Earth here, the Polus, which is today known as Pilis[2]. Planet Earth's strongest positive earthradiance crosspoint can be found in the vicinity of Dobogókő. It's possible to spiritually link up with the Holy Crown[3]. The Crown would feel the most comfortable in Visegrád, but only if stored in an unseen place, since the crown-guards always guarded it in a hidden place throughout history.

[1]TL note: Shaman of Shamans
[2]TL note: Hungarian mountains
[3]TL note: Crown of St. Stephen I.
No. 65661
How common are strange beliefs on national origins in Hungary? Is it due to linguistic isolation?

> Could you please specify what exactly is this thread about?
To study, share and discuss the type of political beliefs that strike fear into the heart of the reptilian elites.
No. 65664
1,1 MB, 1899 × 2478
2,0 MB, 3024 × 4032
I'd say it's very common on the far-right.
There's everything, from the slightly radical Turkic-theory, the evergreen Huns, Scythians, Japanese, Sumerians, Etruscans, Easter Islanders, to Hungarians coming from the Sirius Star-system and being the originator of every single race on Earth.

Usually these theories utilize very old historical sources and 18th century methods in linguistics.
Like for example once I've read in a book about Turanism that some Hungarian nobleman theorized that Genghis Khan was related to the Hungarians, and his actual Hungarian name would be Gyöngyös Kán ("Pearled Khan"), and Kublai would be Kopjás ("The one with the lance").

Alternative theories were more academic during the interwar era, with some (like the Turan Society and Japanese-Hungarian Friendship Society) receiving generous state funding to hold lectures and publish literature. (Of course, the dilettante madmen were around even back then, but still, it's only after the 1990s that it got filled completely with schizos. Though I'd say it's at an uptick again, with Orbán reintroducing the Turkic-theory of ethnogenesis as a potential origin of Hungarian ethnogenesis in schools, degrading finno-ugrism to "just a possibility", saying there's concrete evidence, just multiple theories, so the Hunnic and Turkic ideas are just as valid and wholesome.)

As an example of state sanctioning, here's a quote from Pál Teleki in 1914. He'd later go on to become prime minister.
>The Hungarian nation has a bright and grand future ahead of it, and it is certain, that after the blooming of the Germanics and Slavs, the blooming of Turanics is to come. It's our enormous, hard, but glorious task, as Hungarians, the western representatives of this waking power (the Turanics), to be the intellectual and economic leaders of the waking Turanics numbering 600 million.

I got into this through the rabbit-hole that is Hungaro-Japanese relations and diplomatic history, and it's just amazing.
Like check this 90s journal I have. It has an article arguing we should enthrone a member of the Japanese imperial family to rule over Hungary.
No. 65692
All of this makes our national genesis lore being one of Jesus Christ directly appearing before our founding king and ordering him to create this nation seem positively plausible.

>It has an article arguing we should enthrone a member of the Japanese imperial family to rule over Hungary.
No. 65698
125 kB, 1280 × 720
38 kB, 847 × 635
Some revelations from my favorite food blogger, Dmitry Galkovsky:
• Muricans are secretly working on Manhattan project 2.0. This time it's about AI and automation.
• China didn't annex Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong annexed China.
• Stalin was Indian (I don't mean "Native American", I mean he was from British Empire).
• WWII was about UK vs USA, not about Allies vs Axis. Br*ts lost.
• USA is theocracy which pretends to be oligarchy.
• Americans are dumb and naive because of too much German influence.
• Ukrainians killed Tesak (who was their agent) in solitary confinement in Russia.
• Ukrainians killed Nemtsov (who was their agent) in front of the Kremlin.
• Br*ts made their cryptocolony start the useless space race so Russians waste their resources into something meaningless. And to provoke Americans to do the same. But burgers figured out their plans and just pretended to fly to moon.
• Middle Ages didn't exist, time period between fall of Roman Empire and Renaissance is very small.
No. 65699
286 kB, 408 × 334
225 kB, 235 × 377
Did you know that Jesus was actually Scytho-Hungarian? His name was Izzás, which means glowing. He was a Scythian warrior king fighting against the Hebrews.
The Virgin Mary was blonde haired and blue eyed, which was a common Scythian phenotype in Galileia at the time. (Because that part of Palestina was inhabited by Scythians you see, and the original name of .)

The Buddha was a fore-image of our (as in, belonging to the Hungarians. Hungarian Jesus doesn't give a fuck about you, non-chosen) King Izzás. King Izzás was a Boddhisatva.

It's in the 1340 page long book "Book of the Hungarian People's Church[1], Volume 1."

[1]Instead of the communistic undertones, it's like the German Volkskirche word.
No. 65708
I have actually heard from more than one directions that Jesus was indeed familiar with the teachings of Buddha.
No. 65714
>What is this other animal that has all these traits? The answer is Sus scrofa, the ordinary pig. What are we to think of this fact? If we conclude that pigs did in fact cross with apes to produce the human race, then an avalanche of old ideas must crash to the earth. But, of course, the usual response to any new perspective is “That can’t be right, because I don’t already believe it.” This is the very response that many people had when Darwin first proposed that humans might be descended from apes, an idea that was perceived as ridiculous, or even as subversive and dangerous. And yet, today this exact viewpoint is widely entertained. Its wide acceptance can be attributed primarily to the established fact that humans hold many traits in common with primates. That’s what made it convincing. But perhaps Darwin told only half the story. Scientists argue that humans are related to chimpanzees because humans share so many traits with chimpanzees. Is it not rational then also, if pigs have all the traits that distinguish humans from other primates, to suppose that humans are also related to pigs? Let us consider, then, the hypothesis that humans are the product of ancient hybridization between pig and chimpanzee.
No. 65717
516 kB, 684 × 899
354 kB, 586 × 693
Fascinating. Why haven't the Germans told us about the Nuremberg Apeman?
No. 65719
That's some real Ilya Ivanov shit right here.
No. 65721
That's LIES! My great-grandfather was a ManBearPig, no ape in there.
No. 65726
293 kB, 1297 × 1040
349 kB, 1459 × 1114
734 kB, 1515 × 2079
Sorry but I had to post this.
No. 65727
1,7 MB, 320 × 482, 2:08
Almost forgot about this one
No. 65741
51 kB, 271 × 400
Is this a schizo politics thread or pseudoscience/pseudohistory thread? We have a fair share of both here.

It's unlikely. But I've seen buddhist cults wewuzzing it.
No. 65746
Everything is politics, so yes. Post them.
t. interested
No. 65791
27 kB, 477 × 654
43 kB, 490 × 696
He Xin (1949-) is a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Dude became a schizo in 2010s and claimed all of Greek history and western history thereof were systematically falsified.

>When I was a young man, I read Gu Zhun's The Political System of Greek City-States where he talked about the origins of Greek democracy, and I admired it as an ideal model of political culture. In my early years, I read Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy and was deeply moved by Hegel's remark that Greece gave Europeans a feeling of returning to their homeland.
>Hegel's lectures on Greek philosophy were not only vivid but also profound, and they used to be the enlightening reading that guided me to understand what philosophy is. When I read History of the Peloponnesian War and Pericles' Funeral Oration in my early years, I was very impressed. That's why I also admired Greek civilization, marveling at the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea, and marveling at how the thinking and culture of the city-state of Athens, as a small state, could be so great, profound, outstanding, and brilliant that the colonies were so far-reaching and influenced Europe, Africa, and Asia.
>However, when I studied world history systematically after my middle age, I gradually found that the Greek, Roman, and Indian histories described in the West became more and more confusing to read. Not only are the sources of the documents ambiguous, but the so-called archaeological artifacts are often falsified by later generations and are full of loopholes.
>Moreover, the legends described in Homeric epics are all set in Asia, and have nothing to do with Greece and Athens, a poor peninsula with desolate mountains. Later, when I studied the history of the Jesuits and Masonry, I found that the so-called ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian histories were in fact all pseudo-histories created by the European Papacy and the banking capitalist groups after the Renaissance, in an organized and systematic way.
>As a result, I published a series of subversive works, including An Examination of Greek Pseudohistory and A Continued Examination of Greek Pseudohistory[i].

>The main arguments are summarized as follows:

There was never an Athens-centered ancient Greek civilization in history.
>1. There never existed in history a Greek empire or dynasty with Athens as its center (capital city).
The modern Greek Republic and the Greek Kingdom did not exist in history. In the early 19th century, some Greeks from the Greek peninsula established a secret organization "Friendship Society" (a branch of the Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry) in Odessa, Ukraine, to promote the Greek independence movement. On March 25, 1821, a war of independence against the Ottoman Empire broke out in the Greek peninsula, and the independence of the country was declared. Thus a new state, the Greek state, was established by Britain, France, Russia and Germany, in accordance with the political and cultural needs of the West.
>2. There never existed a Greek civilization or cultural region centered on Athens in history.
>3. There never existed in history a so-called "Greek nation" with ancient Athenians as the core group.
The West recognizes that the modern Greeks are not the same as the ancient Greeks and that they are not related to each other. Modern Greek peninsula people belong to the same ethnic group as Albanians and Slavs.
The Book of Jericho of The Old Testament holds that the ancient Greeks were a branch of the Jews (Hellenes) from the promised land of God in the crescent of Western Asia (Israel).
>4. There never existed in history a large Greek colonial power with Athens as its central capital spanning Europe, Asia and Africa.
>5. The present Greek peninsula was not called Hellas in ancient times, but Greece, etc.
>6. The name Hellas was from the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Asia Minor peninsula.
In other words, there are regions in Asia Minor with the ancient name Hellas.
Asia Minor and the Syrian region had a long history of ancient civilization. After the Renaissance, it was transplanted by Western writers to the Grecian peninsula, centered in Athens, so that the Grecian peninsula was called Ancient Hellas under a false name, transferring many myths, philosophies and ancient civilizations originating in Asia Minor and Western Asia.
Modern Westerners faked an Acropolis and faked dubious archaeological finds and artifacts, including certain Cretan ones (the ruler of Crete was said to be a bull-headed king - the Minoan myth).
The falsified Athenian Greece was then falsely claimed to be the origin, center and dawn region of Europa (European) civilization, while becoming the opening chapter of world history compiled by the modern West.

There is no historical Athenian civilization in the east - the falsified Hellenization process
>1. The so-called Greek mythology of Homeric epics and the Zeus genealogy, whose prototype actually came from the present Turkish region of Asia Minor, had nothing to do with Athenian Greece. The famous goddess "Athena" is a strange deity made up by the modern Western literati after the Renaissance.
Homer himself is also a legendary figure of unknown origin, age, and even gender. The so-called Homeric epics themselves are also of unknown origin. However, modern Western scholarship generally acknowledges that the legend described in the epic has nothing to do with Athens, Greece, but is based on some ancient legends from the region of Asia Minor, where Turkey is located today.
>2. Greek philosophy originated and flourished in Asia Minor on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the so-called "Greek philosophers and wise men" were from Asia Minor or the Italian peninsula.
>3. The so-called "Greek" history is mainly the legends and history of Asia Minor. The famous historian Herodotus (a legendary figure), is also a native of Asia Minor.
>4. Most of the Greek-style architecture and ancient sculptures, such as the famous Doric order, Ionic order, Corinthian order, etc. - the prototype is not from Athens or the Greece Peninsula, but from Asia Minor, that is, today's Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey, and can still be seen in the large number of ancient architectural wonders preserved there.
>5. The famous story of Alexander's conquest and the so-called "Alexander's Empire" are completely fictitious histories based on myths and legends of modern Europeans after the Renaissance.
>6. There is no Hellenization process in history, that is, the so-called spread of Athenian culture to the East and Asia.

>For testimony of above, please refer to He Xin's book An Examination of Greek Pseudohistory (2013-02/Beijing Daily Press - formerly Concentric Press) and A Continued Examination of Greek Pseudohistory and other works (2015-06/China Yanshi Press) for details.

Pics related are the cover of his book An Examination of Greek Pseudohistory(《希腊伪史考》) and a mockup made by chinese internet titled An Examination of He Xin Pseudo-human(《何新伪人考》)
No. 65792
Probably he was pissed off by westerners laughing at "5000 years of history", so he decided to retaliate them.
No. 65793
Profoundly esoteric, 5/5.
>Thus a new state, the Greek state, was established by Britain, France, Russia and Germany, in accordance with the political and cultural needs of the West.
Does he elaborate on the cultural needs to make up Greek civilization?
No. 65803
I mean, some of the questions he asks do make sense from the viewpoint of someone who is part of a culture that's famous for having an inordinate amount of written records for a long period of time uninterrupted.

Is this what the Chinese feel when the west rejects the existence of the Xia Dynasty :D
No. 65808
263 kB, 1080 × 1440
53 kB, 355 × 500
Pics related are his later works on the forgery of indian history and how freemasonry rules the west. When I tried to find more of his publications I was shocked to find a translation of Jacob Burckhardt's Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien. It turned out the translator happened to share the same name.
Anyways, his sudden infamy/fame after the greek pseduohistory theory attracted some like-minded shizos and they formed a small circle. One of them published a theory that all western civilizations were built by chinese and all europeans were decedents of chinese, or Hunanese, or more specifically some town in Hunan which the author happens to come from. It exploded in more controversy that has caused He Xin who deems himself a forerunner jealousy. He Xin made a post online claiming the Hunan-ancestry theory contradicts his western pseduohistory theory and the author an agent of cia and freemasonry. It then turned into some sort of "academical debate/feud". I could post some of these later if I have time.
Maybe I should also translate some of Taiwanese shizos. They are more influential since they can form cults and political parties freely.
Also the altright theories on chinese internet I mentioned here >>64811. They're pretty entertaining.

He constantly cites a russian conspiracy theorist on why western archeology is fake: Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko, a topologist and math professor at МГУ. I've even studied his 3 volume modern geometry lol.
>5000 years we wuz
Basically the recorded genealogy of kings is only 4000 years old. We wewuzzed some neolithic cultures in china to be some mythological rulers and extended anthor thousand years.

Do you expect me to buy his books lol? I would guess he thought that nouveau riche europeans made up some noble ancient ancestries to compensate for their inferiority complex when facing the elder chinese.

It's true some of our common imaginations of ancient Greece were invented during the Renaissance. But this dude is just an obsessed schizo who doesnt make sense.
This is how a Peking University professor btfo'ed him.
>what the Chinese feel when the west rejects the existence of the Xia Dynasty
Actually none of the early dynasties were recognized by global academia at the beginning of 20th century. We were supposed to be civilized by aryans and shiet. Luckily enough the ruins of a later capital of Shang dynasty were found at Anyang. Otherwise the Grand Historian was still a fiction writer. So I feel pretty grateful already.

The most funny part to me when I made that post is that schizo rejects ancient greek history despite having heavily interalized herodotus' east/west divide. Dude geniunely believes he could cancel european civilization by keeping everything in Asia Minor. He just naturally regards Bosporus Strait as a border between east and west, which proves himself a hellenocentrist.
Or maybe he is just a troll who doesnt believe what he writes. Who knows?
No. 65809
>I would guess he thought that nouveau riche europeans made up some noble ancient ancestries to compensate for their inferiority complex when facing the elder chinese.
Interesting. I know the initial reflex by Portuguese explorers and clergy upon encountering Chinese culture was such a degree of sinobooism that would make our resident Hungarian blush. also, looting
No. 65812
1,0 MB, 2280 × 2356
> Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko, a topologist and math professor at МГУ.
Fomenko is typical wewuzer, everything according to him comes from Russia. Jesus was slav, Egyptian pyramids were built by slavs and so on. But he used very interesting method: presented historical sources as series of events of few types (war, coronation, riot, plague and so on), then with computer program found correlations in these series and concluded that it's same events, but they were repeated many times to artificially make history longer.
Meanwhile AFAIK he is very decent mathematician, especially by МГУ standards.
No. 65817
Funny parody on Fomenko:

Official historians, mindlessly believing Miller, repeat myths that do not stand up to scrutiny. For example, they claim that in 1991 US military forces sent by US President George Bush, backed by a international forces, attacked and defeated Saddam Hussein's Iraq. And these same historians claim in all seriousness that in 2003, US military forces, sent by US President George Bush, backed by a international force, attacked and defeated Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Any reasonable person should understand that there can be no similar, down to the details, coincidences in history. After all, both the events and the names of the main participants coincide. It is quite obvious that we are talking about one event, which was artificially divided into two in order to “ancientize” history. We know perfectly well that the president in the United States rules for 4 years and can be in power for no more than 2 terms, that is, 8 years! And here, not only does the event completely coincide, but also the same president. Is he a complete namesake? This is funny! The pathetic bleating of official historians that it is Bush Jr., the son of Bush Sr., who was president at the first attack, does not stand up to scrutiny. Everyone knows very well that presidency in the United States is not inherited.
And why attack a second time on an already defeated country? How could the same leader remain in it after the defeat?
So the fact that we are talking about one event, and not about two, can be considered proven. But what is this event? Is it a war between the US and Iraq? But after all, they do not have common borders, tank divisions are mentioned in the primary sources. And how can small Iraq fight twice with the United States, and even after suffering a defeat for the first time? But since we have mentioned the desert and the name of Operation Desert Storm, we are simply looking for a country that has common borders with the United States and has a desert on the border. And we find this country - it's Mexico! And when we look at the map, we are convinced of the truth of our version. After all, Basra, mentioned in ancient sources, is a distorted name of the Mexican border town of Banderas, and Tierra Blanca is clearly Baghdad.
No. 65823
What do you chinaboos and chinaball think about the theory that Marco Polo has never been to China and instead composed his reports from other people's?
No. 65824
I don't know if I qualify as a sinoboo but honestly, I don't feel strongly one way or another about this idea.
He wrote a book that became a sensation. The result is the same, whether he actually visited China or not.
No. 65831 Kontra
It has long been concensus in chinese academia that marco polo has been to china. In 1941, 杨志玖 found that《永乐大典》records an diplomatic corps lead by three emissaries named 兀鲁台、阿必失呵、火者 from Ilkhanate to Yuan dynasty. It's just the same corps that Marco Polo said he was in and he recorded the three emissaries names as Oulatai, Apusca and Coja. The same thing was recorded in Rashid's Jami al-tawarikh but in less details. So it's basically set in stone.
It's sad that western academics like Frances Wood knew little about their chinese counterparts' results.

I've read a translation of Visões da China na Literatura Iberica dos Séculos XVI e XVII Antologia Documental.
It's amusing that Portuguese explorers thought Chinese were white.
No. 65930
187 kB, 1600 × 1067
241 kB, 732 × 407
83 kB, 855 × 561
I bring more statements from the Portuguese Workers' Communist Party -slash- Re-Organized Movement of the Party of the Proletariat.
"The Party] is not expecting that the great changes that the country requires will be carried out via the electoral method." -- "Sooner or later, a revolution will occur - elections won't solve the problem."

The United Party of Retirees and Pensioners spoke about the fundamental role of their generation in bringing democracy to Portugal. Their leader spoke of people who died in Ultramar, claiming that the main pupose of the party is to give honor and decency to former Ultramar War combatants. "We want to die, but with dignity." - Very strange lines.

>It's amusing that Portuguese explorers thought Chinese were white
From accounts its clear they were impressed when finally seeing the people of the orient first hand. So impressed they were, it turned largest swathes of the higher classes into sinophiles. A situation that has persisted upon to this day, as one can see the look of admiration still towards the Chinese.
No. 66012 Kontra
5,5 MB, 7467 × 8385
5,9 MB, 7495 × 8385
5,4 MB, 7467 × 8410
5,5 MB, 7495 × 8410
>Oriental fever adds to Xi's political capital

This is the Portuguese part of a set of Qianlong era (18th century) depictions of global ethnic groups.
No. 66013 Kontra
5,8 MB, 7467 × 8410
5,6 MB, 7495 × 8410
5,5 MB, 7467 × 8410
5,4 MB, 7495 × 8410
No. 66021
35 kB, 300 × 300
143 kB, 1280 × 720
123 kB, 1280 × 720
88 kB, 563 × 662
"Concept of Public Security" -- teaching which states that Egyptian priests (aka Global Predictor) run the world using world Jewry which they control since times of Moses.
Founded by general of space forces Petrov who captured a series of lectures about it. Some of them are even translated to Runglish:

It has a lot of funny concepts, trying to systematize and schematize everything possible.

A controversy arose: general Petrov himself was a tankie and believed that Hitler was Zionist. Nazis in comments reply that actually it's Stalin who was Zionist:
> https://wiki-kob.ru/%D0%93%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%BB%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%BC
> "Shekelgruber" - as translated into Russian - the collector of the shekel tax levied on the Jews by the rabbinate and its owners; it is a position in the Jewish "community." A. Hitler's grandfather had the surname Schicklgruber, which defines the essence of "Hitlerism". When, with the beginning of the crisis of traditional religious cults, a steady tendency began to appear among the Jewish population of Europe towards irreversible assimilation with the non-Jewish population, this was a massive disregard for the words of the rabbis, for which the masters of Judaism established the punishment - death. Adolf Hitler, as it should be for an executive shekelgruber, organized the collection of the shekel from the disobedient - in full accordance with the instructions of the highest in the hierarchy. All over Europe, Jews paid this tax with their lives. Adolf Hitler did not commit any crimes against the masters of biblical civilization, but, on the contrary, he was very law-abiding. It was for this reason that his name was not on the list of defendants in the Nuremberg trials of war criminals, either in absentia or “posthumously.”

At first Petrov taught that any religion is predictor's tricks, but later converted to Paganism and took the name of "druid Meragor".
When Petrov died, his followers claimed that it was assassination and blamed Americans for it. However Levashov, another neopagan leader took responsibility for this murder on himself. He said that he did it with magic and that everyone talking shit about him will end up like Petrov. As I said, competition within same kind is the most fierce one. Levashov himself died soon and his followers believe that Americans assassinated him by mobile phone call

I heard that Concept of Public Security is quite popular in FSB, especially in regional departments.
No. 66026
85 kB, 816 × 734
Now my true learning can begin. Thank you for this video series.

If you doubt that the Portuguese elites are a sinophilic cabal that, through masonic rituals, have been enlightened to the fact that the ultimate Fifth Empire of Luso prophecy will have as its imperial seat the city of Macau... Then you're in the wrong threda :DD
Also, what's the text for the portuguese_india_male say?
No. 66028 Kontra
277 kB, 800 × 707
274 kB, 802 × 710
336 kB, 805 × 716
292 kB, 1054 × 714
I open at random moments and each time it's memeworthy enough for a screen.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCbyJ3vY0-U - second part of lecture
No. 66031 Kontra
Fugg I mean
Fucking UN globalists.
No. 66106 Kontra
>Foreigners from Lesser West Ocean State
>Lesser West Ocean (State) is tens of thousands of li away from Middle Kingdom. (It) belongs to Major West Ocean (State). (Greater West Ocean State) sends foreign leaders to guard it. (Their) clothes and looks are like Greater West Ocean (Statians'). (They) usually wear cloaks with hidden weapons. Foreign women cover their heads in blue scarf, wear long clothes, have embroidered apron in front and pleated sleeves and wear straw shoes, likely holding an embroidery book to learn needlework.
Greater West Ocean State = Portugal

Lesser West Ocean State = Portuguese India

1 li ≈ 576 meters

Translating classical chinese is harder than I thought. It's too concise and my translation is too literal. I think hungary ball will do a better job than mine.
No. 66170
332 kB, 1290 × 714
429 kB, 893 × 495
481 kB, 1294 × 766
4,8 MB, 325 pages
The Zeitgeist movement was my introduction to schizo politics. During one lesson, a high school philosophy teacher - the sort that's as petty and mean as only a high school teacher who believed they should be lecturing at an amphitheater can be - showed us one documentary made by them. The Zeitgeist movement found its highest expression in a series of three documentaries: Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007), Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011). The ideological well from the movement that spawned from these documentaries drank from was The Venus Project, who brought to this movement the idea of a resource-based economy and its futuristic sci-fi communism[/] vibe.

The first 2007 movie was alien to the Zeitgeist movements later form - being of a more truther documentary that borrowedly heavily from Aleggs Jones. 9/11 stuff, surveillance society, secret groups and shadow wars are all present with the final message that the NWO is out to break your spirit and make you accept totalitarianism.
The 2008 movie, starts off in a general theme of banks controlling people by debt slavery, but then introduces the concept of a resource-based economy via the introduction of Jacque Fresco, from this Venus Project. Under the influence of Fresco's ideas, the Zeitgeist movement is officially founded.
The final installment, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011) - the more popular one, starts discussing general philosophical questions before introducing the resource-based economy aspect as a final solution to the problems civilization faces. They unveil the next stage of humanity and give you their pitch.

Immediately after the release of the third movie, the director of the movies (also its soundtrack composer, editor, distributor, producer and owner) - Peter Joseph, broke with Fresco and has remained the keeper of the "Zeitgeist Movement" group since. Peter Joseph is in essence a film school student who tried his luck at making conspiracy documentaries before hitting world wide fame with his own knock-off futurism mass movement. He seems to have fallen into obscurity, apparently living off his 2011 success in a anti-capitalist podcast+patreon campaign he calls Revolution Now. Zeitgeist still exists and they're having a meetup in Mongolia.

I don't think anything describes the Zeitgeist movement better than their dated manifesto. It goes a great length to pretend it's a very scientific and economic analysis of society and their half-baked ideas are presented as the scientific answer to problems.
I'll leave this absolute gem I found in their tl;dr manifesto that, while laudable in their attempts to apply a materialist analysis on society not seen since the days of Lenin, they also lend themselves to reserving a significant portion of their explanatory manifesto to openly fantasize about their gay middle class communist utopia.

>Let's imagine waking up one morning in a NLRBE - a day in the life:
>You rise to a generally quiet hum of mild traffic, with maglev trains whisking about the city. Having a love for high views, you get out of bed on the 20th storey of a simple yet elegant, mold-extruded apartment complex that converts all sunlight into energy through photovoltaic paints on its outer shell. You have a fleeting moment of marveling at this reality as the sun bursts through the windows, forcing increased alertness out of your early morning stupor.
>As you emerge, you are also reminded of your cousin having taken part in that global, university driven initiative about two decades ago, which sought to perfect this paint technology to a degree of efficiency never before seen. In just a few years of collaboration, this PV paint achieved 90% energy efficiency, making it workable in almost any structure. You remember the joy and satisfaction your cousin felt when his team was on the front lines when this breakthrough for humanity was achieved. It was like the elation felt amongst soccer teammates after a goal has been scored.
>Glancing further around the city's skyline, there is an immediate sense of synergy with nature. The city has no awkward concentrations or imbalance. The slick transport systems that zoom by, which are high-tech indeed, seem to merge seamlessly with the greenery, lakes and canals. Suddenly, a picture on the wall next to the window catches your eye. It is an old archival shot of almost the same perspective, but taken many, many decades before, during what modern folk now call the “last dark age”.
>Then, it comes to you! So, you enter the title and there it is. However, your remember your trip is only about 275 miles so you know you won't get far as this maglev train goes about 3000 mph. You will be lucky if you get 8 minutes into the film. So, rather than spoil the experience, you decide to go over some notes you brought for the conference. The subject of the conference is terraformation. Great interest is being shown by humanity to further explore the idea of inhabiting space, and this conference will address the potentials currently available.
>A number of hours later the conference ends. You are inspired,exhausted and hungry, having forgotten to eat most of the day. You decide an Italian style meal sounds good. Luckily, you notice just such a restaurant a few blocks down and start walking. Your phone rings. It is an associate from your hometown. He states there is a problem with one of the food production manifolds and he is unable to respond due to his own personal emergency. You state you will go online and check the system status and get back to him.
>You quickly enter the Italian restaurant and take a seat at a small table. It is a pretty busy night so it is noisier than you would prefer. You whip out the laptop, which has a satellite-based Internet connection at all times, and navigate to your region's technical mainframe to check for status errors. Sure enough, there is a power problem in sector five of the automated vertical farm structure in the northeast region. You bring up a digital image of the physical layout, which, by a kind of color-coding, reveals a severed cable line to a power converter. Having seen this problem before, since you have been overseeing your region's food production for about eight years, you gain a sense of relief, as the problem is very simple to fix.
>With a few keystrokes, a CR9 modular robot is now under your control in the farm. Through this remote control ability you are able to guide the machine to the problem area and explain the issue. This robot, like the one in the apartment rental you had prior, has a complete understanding of all physical and technical systems in the operation. A 3D model of the plant and its infrastructural design is literally programmed into these CR9s and all it needs is a little orientation from the management team and it quickly goes into action to fix a problem. Once in place, the CR9 quickly understands the problem clearly and moves to replace the bad power cable. In a few minutes, the problem is solved. You call your associate back and he thanks you kindly for the assistance.
No. 66171 Kontra
Is the original saying Portugal sends military captains to India then? He is dressed like a metropolis character. I assume he's Indian in the sense that he visited China as someone from the big ocean state entourage to india.
No. 66181
I remember watching part of it, don't know which of the three it was, but it was tacky as hell in its presentation.
That said, their view is just very eclectic of things/thoughts that were developed by other people and long before the Zeitgeist films came out (and I don't think it is bad thoughts tbh). It's a (bad) variant of technological/cybernetical utopia. Society, nature, and the economy are in homeostasis thanks to the rule of science which of course is analyzed by many people as totalitarian government itself. Kudos for actually imagining what the future can look like though and bringing it to people instead of depressing prolongation of the past, even though there never is an absolute break, Zeitgeist as well can't resist history.
No. 66201
44 kB, 1024 × 682
1007 kB, 1200 × 600
> Jacque Fresco
Often normies add videos with his speeches to their vk.com page. So he became a silly meme here (mostly it's pics with his fake quotes). There was a group "is Jacque Fresco dead yet?" which posted "no" every day until he really died.
IIRC for all his life he was raising money for building communist utopia at some island.

> manifest on 325 pages
You mean you really read it? Wow.

> this description of future
Such things are always bad from literature point of view.
  1. They describe routine very verbosely. And it gives impression that it's really complex stuff which you have to deal with everyday.
  2. All they describe is tech, tech, tech. And it gives impression that they describe some grey cyberpunk hell.
But this one is especially bad because:
3. Really, where is all the fun? Wow, I can go to office which is 200km from home instead of 50km. And energy use is 90% efficient. What's in it for me? Man worked all the day and didn't even find time to eat. He goes to restaurant and they call him to give overtime job. They should have described some high tech entertainment or mention how all this efficiency allowed to enact 4-day working week.
No. 66295
940 kB, 960 × 720, 0:21
>You mean you really read it? Wow
Fug no :DD, but worth skimming through. The document's mission statement is explaining the Zeitgeist movement but full of unrelated drivel. I wish Ernstchan had reporters on the site at their Mongolia convention.

I follow "art" channels on Telegram that post fascistic imagery alongside evropa art. Sometimes they post fascinating OC.
No. 66299 Kontra
Portuguese colonists in india I think.
No. 66300
27 kB, 719 × 375
> VID_20220123[...].mp4
Somewhere on hidden Antarctica base...

Reptilian elites and their followers can be pretty memeworthy themselves. Maybe you firsties are tired of them IRL but here it's still something new and exotic (at least for me).
I had a coworker who claimed to be "in sexless open relationships". When I inquired whether he is cuck, he said "no, it's a different thing". Now he lives in UK and seethes in Twitter about Americans and antivaxers.

Wrote a long rambling, to which two links below were relevant. Then deleted it. But let them be, they are funny.
https://www.gazeta.ru/politics/2021/04/24_a_13571258.shtml -- article about nazi anime avatars.
http://web.archive.org/web/20190710162820/https://sovyetews.wordpress.com/2018/06/26/2858865454536354645645354/ -- long deadly serious article about how anime is anti-marxist. Something about dialectics, Japanese imperialism and so on.

> Add to this that anime often preaches violence. Moreover, this is not violence used by the oppressed masses against the exploiters, but the violence of the oppressed themselves in relation to each other, or the competitive struggle of some rich people against others, or “wars of magicians”. Scenes of wounds and murders cripple the psyche of the audience, especially the young, wean them from seeing real, class enemies.
> Some leftists depict Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin in anime style, some other Bolsheviks, more often soldiers of the Red Army and the Red Navy, pioneers and Komsomol members. Sometimes - Trotsky, the worst enemy of socialism. Some citizens claim that this style of presentation can encourage the younger generation to study the theory of scientific socialism, study the history of the USSR, the history of the Bolshevik Party, etc. However, we believe that this is not so. Marxism-Leninism teaches us to study material reality as it is. And Marxism itself must be studied as it is, without resorting to the "help" of bourgeois art. It is necessary to study the works of the classics of Marxism, to study the life and revolutionary path of the ever-living teachers and leaders of the proletariat. And drawn anime bug-eyed dolls cannot give a correct idea of ​​dialectical and historical materialism, class struggle and so on.
> The entire modern cinema is bourgeois, this is indisputable, because capital rules over the whole world, and in the only socialist country, the DPRK, the local Juche counter-insurgency has set a course for the restoration of capitalism. The products of bourgeois "culture" are alien to the working people and arouse ever greater disgust among the working people.
No. 66551
No. 66552
56 kB, 799 × 450
A regional deputee of Madeira from a non-party who was made famous in the nazi flag incident. He unfurled the banner of the third reich to call the Madeira government nazis. Recently, in 2019, he was sentenced to three and a half years of prison for 4 accounts of defamation and two counts of disobedience. He commented that he knew the sentence was coming because the courthouses arent democratic and as such they can only issue reactionary and fascistic sentences. He also added that the judges were themselves attempting to chip away at "the will of an antifascist fighter".
No. 66687
19 kB, 968 × 544
On a topic of shoplifting.
Tesak, famous for his pedo hunting show was founder of "social-polyporism" ideology. Polypore is a parasitic mushroom, and this ideology states that since society is ruled by Jews it's a morally right action for a white man not to work and leech on society instead of contributing to it. "Social-poliporists corrupt society in order to build national socialism" according to his words.
First way of doing so is not to spend money -- live with parents, sit at home and and eat sole buckwheat. Another way is shoplifting. Tesak taught not to do it in churka-owned stores because you might get beaten, so better choose slav-owned stores (they are cucks). But the most rightful course of actions are different fraudulent activities such as financial pyramids for example.
No. 66691
Isn't this how Italy works?
>Eh, dey-a steal-a from-a me, I steal-a from-a dem!
...and because everyone is a man of honor or cheats the government other ways, they had a crisis.
No. 66695 Kontra
>being this German
I'm sorry you had to see this
No. 66698
Very fresh content:


ngl I LOVE the grimoire asthetics of this masterpiece
No. 66699 Kontra
>being this butthurt about silly banter
Are you the same autist who didn't understand jokes in the joge thread?
No. 66701 Kontra
I apologize as well for this German.

Ever considered you are making bad (unfunny) jokes?
No. 66702 Kontra
>Ever considered you are making bad (unfunny) jokes?
Ever considered I am fully aware of that? Who are you, the humor police? How very german of you.
But apparently it causes some butthurt among humorless germans, so I'll continue and you can't stop me.
But before I vanish into the shadows again, have a joke that at least the german hating germanball might find funny:

-What's the difference between the Dresden bombing and the best german comedian?
-Only the first one can make you laugh!
No. 66703 Kontra
Yeah, I'm fining you for making bad jokes while being fully aware of it. Or maybe you can tell people what you think of their humor just like people have to come forward with what they think is humorous.

Either way, the punchline of your other joge is very true. We should stick to real life events and their comedy instead of making jokes ourselves.
No. 66707 Kontra
Sorry, forgot to Kontra

>Or maybe you can tell people what you think of their humor just like people have to come forward with what they think is humorous.
Since humor is entirely subjective, I cannot do such a thing.
Instead, I will simply not laugh at a joke and not post a reply, so whoever made that joke will be forever in the dark about them not appealing to someone, which gives me a perverse pleasure.
On the other hand, I make jokes mainly for myself, so it's irrelevant if somebody else finds them funny.
You see, I am virtually impervious to whatever kind of critique you might aim at me.
I live solely for, through and by my own jokes.
No. 66710 Kontra
>I live solely for, through and by my own jokes.

You could just keep them to yourself then :^) just like you keep it to yourself when you find something not funny. While humor might be subjective, it does not mean it is not social.

t. Anton Asperger from german thread derailment division
No. 66713 Kontra
> While humor might be subjective, it does not mean it is not social.
Just close your eyes then :^)
No. 66953
57 kB, 709 × 591
57 kB, 709 × 591
Grandmaster of Grand Lodge of Russia is selling pickled mushrooms.
No. 66959
> Grand Lodge
Grand lodge of what, mushroom pick(l)ing?
No. 66975 Kontra
I think it's safe to say that if it's about a lodge, then 99% of the time it's going to be Freemasons.
No. 66977
228 kB, 2048 × 1152
Found a Brazilian national socialist telegram group. The existence of Satanist-Hitlerites from the Amazon region supporting the ONA is something that is all too real. Strangely, the satanist owner of this telegram group has - as one of the few group rules - a complete ban on "anti-christian" rhetoric. Profoundly dialectical.

Content is what's to be expected, people calling each other brown, being very militant about Bashar Al-Assad and generally monkeying around.
No. 67122
Yes, freemasons. Also there is that silly costume and symbol with compass on pic. Probably he was joking, but anyway.

What is ONA? Bolsonaro's party?
No. 67123
Order of Nine Angles, nazis who want to be even more esoteric, so they're also satanists.
No. 67180 Kontra
Saw turk nationalist make similar argument on how anatolians are not greek. Maybe dude should consider translating his book into turkish.
No. 67345
286 kB, 1495 × 697
Considering that Atomwaffen Division was subverted by these same nutjobs with ties to Federal agencies, odds are Brazilian intelligence maybe running an OP on these weirdos. I don't claim to know anything about these people, but they have an established pattern in America:

Just overlook the politics of the respective sites linked above. These are just to back up my claims

There's a ton of shit to trawl over which can't be covered in one post, but to keep it as brief as humanly possible, the group was ultimately subverted by intelligence assets when the leadership changed from Brandon Russell to John Cameron Denton.
No. 67385
Seeing as you chaps are on about ONA and the nature of this thread old Dave here is quite the rabbit hole to go down if you're so inclined.


A very British type of occult weirdo with obvious links to intelligence etc. Apologies if you're all well aware of him already but he's thought to have been involved if not outright created ONA, although obviously such beginnings are the murkiest of murky things. He denies the allegation, but then he would wouldn't he.

Last I checked he was shilling his "numinous way", which makes the astounding claim that it's actually good to be nice to people.
No. 67435
119 kB, 750 × 999
No. 68742
259 kB, 1080 × 867
During the 2019 Ukrainian election, Zelensky was smeared as the "pro-Russian candidate" by Poroshenko's campaign. Poroshenko cast himself as the more staunchly anti-Russian candidate. Poroshenko at the time said “a new inexperienced Ukrainian president… could be quickly returned to Russia’s orbit of influence”.
In another twist, He was also painted as Kolomoisky's puppet, but spent 2020 embattled with him.

All of this to say, that a series of 3 articles from 2019 were mashed together by a Brazilian as proofs that Zelensky is indeed backed by the Russians from the start. That Putin and Zelensky had planned this invasion together for a greater purpose. Speculation on what exactly this purpose is hazy, but it generally ends with the west(1) being harmed in some way. Brazilians seem to be ahead of the curve on the most esoteric assessments of the present developments in the Ukraine and in truth, I don't know from where this innocent tropical soul would read and translate Ukrainian election memes from 2019.
Brazilian imageboards are intrinsically linked with Russian imageboard history, but I do not know what to make of this. Dvach does filter to their ecosystems through some channels and they're all fierce russophiles. Russians need to stop having fun trying to convince Brazilians of esoteric things.
No. 68743
63 kB, 820 × 582
Oh fugg, 2019 elections in Ukraine were epic. For example both candidates took publicly tests in labs. Poroshenko tried to proof that he's not alcoholic. And Zelensky -- that's he's not drug addict. Proofs:

Popular pro-kremlin blogger Sharii agitated for Zelensky really hard during election but after a year turned 360 180 degrees. He even tried to steal Zelensky's feces from restaurant toilet trying to proof that he's drug addict. Once again, this might sound a bit surreal but here are my proofs:

> Brazilian imageboards are intrinsically linked with Russian imageboard history, but I do not know what to make of this
I heard the following story: group of sosachers who were discontent with biased moderation and didn't want to give their data to comrade mayor became cyber-refugees. They found shelter on Brazilian boards. But these Russians had very anti-kremlin sentiments. And as I understand, western boards before 2016 were not populated entirely by 80 IQ far-rights.
No. 68744
6,0 MB, 720 × 720, 0:13
Tuesday 22.2.22

No. 68780
154 kB, 1000 × 750
160 kB, 874 × 1140
>But these Russians had very anti-kremlin sentiments.
I cannot testify to what sort of Russians these were. The admin for BRChan at the time was a Russiaboo who, in 2016-2017, opened the board for these Russian refugees. A thread was pinned on /b/, there was some cultural exchange between the two tribes and eventually they half segregated into specific boards, some boards being half Russian speaking and half Portuguese. It seemed most BRs welcomed this new and strange people into their imageboards. There was a lot of BRICS power posting.
Ever since, imageboard Brazilians have been fierce Russophiles.
While maybe the original dvach colonizers were anti-kremlin, I don't think Brazilians processed a separation between liking Russians and liking the politics of the Kremlin. They liked 'Russia' and that naturally entailed defending Russia against western imperialism and all manner of so-called "western values".

Pic 2:
>Putin is ready. He knows there is no backing down now. Only EVERYTHING or NOTHING.
No. 68843 Kontra
Brazilians are literally the reason Ashtar Command is a thing, and they and their probably Nazi expat community is why there's such amazingly retarded UFOism. Oh fuck I just realized the thread I'm in nvm

ONA are partly what subverted 4kanker from just irreverent agnostic tiers to actively attacking and subverting Christian ethics and morals. It's oddly successful how much they fucked up peoples' moral religious compasses. The general rule is next to no one is ever what they claim or talking straight on any politicized board, so like if someone is talking about burning masks he may be a tankie trying to get right wingers killed by a virus, if someone is telling everyone to get vaccinated as a liberal he may be a neofascist who thinks vaccines are poison etc. It's one reason engaging with anybody is a waste of time nor posting legit responses with sincerity to anybody because they have no interest and are shitposting like it's their job

Further back. 2016 is just when the bottom of the barrel low IQs and boomers fully astroturfed and populated basically everything and finally took down KC permanently and ruined EC for a time. In truth though by 2010 the more Conservative shift already was happening on KC for instance, which eventually it became more mishmash of various libertarian or right wing views by like 2014 on Western chans but with lots of other weird views like actual Communists and liberals. Partly it was political astroturfing campaigns and then claiming anyone with opposing left/liberal views was paid shills. I'd imagine similarly sosachers who hated Russia got blasted with Kremlin bullshit that then proceeded to call anyone complaining about going to war with Ukraine as liberal NATO paid shill or something similar.
No. 68857
38 kB, 720 × 405
By the way IRL Brazil has a community of Russian old-believers who escaped after 1917.

This reminds me of Alexei Makeev. He worked as diver guide for tourists in Mexico. But then became mentally ill. He walked among Mexican street with swastika-magen David banner and harassed local population on a mix or Russian, Spanish and English ("Fucking merda shit! Suka putana bitch blyad!") and captured everything on video:
Locals called him "Lord Nazi Ruso". Once they decided to lynch Makeev. They failed but he killed one of them while self-defending and went to jail for it.
No. 68863
I remember Lord Nazi Russo. Good times.
I had no idea about starets in Brazil. Need to research this more deeply. If there's interest, I'll try digging up screencaps of the original Russian invasion of BRChan.
No. 68866 Kontra
>ONA are partly what subverted 4kanker from just irreverent agnostic tiers to actively attacking and subverting Christian ethics and morals. It's oddly successful how much they fucked up peoples' moral religious compasses. The general rule is next to no one is ever what they claim or talking straight on any politicized board, so like if someone is talking about burning masks he may be a tankie trying to get right wingers killed by a virus, if someone is telling everyone to get vaccinated as a liberal he may be a neofascist who thinks vaccines are poison etc. It's one reason engaging with anybody is a waste of time nor posting legit responses with sincerity to anybody because they have no interest and are shitposting like it's their job

I know you and I have gone over this 1000000x before which I won't retread because our respective narratives overlap in some ways and part in others with regards to IB politics, but honestly, the phenomenon you describe was the inevitable consequence with the rise of internet-based activism. When people thought they could change the world by expressing their views and opinions online which first started during the Clinton years remember that some of the first people to actively put out their views online were WNs and Nazis and then accelerated with the development of social media, everyone realized they weren't alone and started networking. They wanted to be the change they wanted to see, which opened the floodgates to fame hungry narcissists and slick-talking grifters all eager to exploit the net's reach.

What killed Christianity was frankly the contradictions it had to come to grips with regarding secular liberal humanism. It would be far too exhausting to enumerate the timeline of events which led to Christianity's decline in the west, but atheist movements were very symptomatic of Christianity's losing relevance.
No. 68869
43 kB, 720 × 405
38 kB, 600 × 400
They had to transfer him to another prison because he made a gang made up from foreigners and seized power in Chetumal prison. I don't remember if it was before or after he was petoohed (which happened according to his own words).
No. 68878 Kontra
305 kB, 1000 × 934
>Este es un sitio web satírico. No lo tomes en serio. Es una broma.

>viernes 04 marzo 2059 86484 Compartes

They say it's a satyrical text. More updates welcome.
No. 68919 Kontra
Guys, better don't open this topic. You are young, playful, everything is easy for you. This is not like that. This is not Charlie Manson and not even archives of the intelligence agencies. It's better not to dig here. Seriously, any of you will regret about it. Better close the topic and forget everything what was written here. I fully understand that this message will cause additional interest, but I want to immediately warn the inquisitive ones - stop. The rest just won't be able to find it.
No. 69608
168 kB, 853 × 1280
>At this very moment the most important INFORMATION for you is being censored and deleted from the networks. We are in the biggest social experiment humanity has ever gone through and society is being deprived of essential information. For a large number of people the truth is being forbidden and a proof of this was the banning of our YouTube channel which provided a great awakening in millions of people.
>We have dozens of videos separated by levels on the restricted channel. This is the first level 1 video, where the journey of all our members begins. Watch now for free!

>Are you really ready to know the hidden and dark side of things?

Brazilian infoWars type channel that broke the biolab leak story days before Lavrov has released a subscription only "tier 2" of breaking news. Credit where credit is due, that's high production value.

They also began sharing prayers (nuclear apocalypse soon?)
No. 70785
63 kB, 650 × 437
At December of 2021 Zhirinovsky predicted war in Ukraine:
> You will feel everything at 4 am, February 22nd. I wish 2022 was a year of peace, but I love the truth.
(I checked with search by date in google and with wayback archive)
No one cared because he is court jester.
At 9 February he was hospitalized with corona and is still in coma, after 2 months.
No. 70786
8,7 MB, 640 × 350, 2:46
Very funny fake.
No. 70935
118 kB, 800 × 533
154 kB, 650 × 369
In 90-s there was an urban legend about "White tights" snipers -- female biathletes from Baltic countries who fought against Russians in Transnistria, Chechnya and so on. They did it because of money and extreme rusophobia.


Article does not mention that they always shoot in genitals. And that if they were caught, they were tied to two APCs and dismembered.
No. 70937
Russophobic Amazons who are dead set on castrating Russian soldiers via long range sniping. Something profound in all of this, I must retreat to my study and ponder this.
No. 70957
Darn, isn't she immensely beautiful even with those stupid lenses.
No. 71035
Made me smile for several minutes straight. Thank you for being you, Portugal :-DDD
No. 71600
267 kB, 597 × 402
955 kB, 1317 × 729
147 kB, 1318 × 740
122 kB, 1296 × 668
OP is not an Ernst and his bot thread goes in the right place. Reports by alternative donetsk english speaking media reporting goes in the right places, esotericism. It's bad enough we keep the ukraine thread too high with stupid monkey posting :DD

>In Absence of Russia Today: Patrick Lancaster
Is a worthy topic to discuss though.
He his a man whose work speaks for itself:

On the videos above:
>The DPR authorities said that the attack was made by Tochka-U tactical missile system used by Ukrainian forces, which was shot down by the DPR Armed Forces, and as such the cluster munitions were not disperced in time.[4]. Ukrainian authorities blamed Russia for the attack, indicating it was a false-flag staged to cover the deaths of civilians by Russian forces in Kharkiv, Irpin and Mykolayiv. They claimed that the blast appeared to have occurred from a stationary object, such as a car bomb, due to the blast pattern and lack of missile debris.[3]
No. 71612 Kontra
> Is a worthy topic to discuss though.
> He his a man whose work speaks for itself:
No. He is like the westeners who sold out to the chinese government. He is working for the russian state. Anyone who has been on the internet for more then 2 months knows this.

So there are two cases:

Either you are stupid and gullible. Or you know that he is working for the russian state and tries to promote the view that he doesn't.

> In Absence of Russia Today
I used to watch them sometimes before they went 1000% Russia stronk. I say thank you for blocking them because they turned into shit.
No. 71617 Kontra
>He is working for the russian state.
It's even worse, he's working for the Donetsk People's Republic. Lower production values.
No. 71618 Kontra
So it is outsourced? Very clever, now only he doesn't work for the Russian state, they can also prove it by showing that he isn't paid by them.
No. 71639
> Is a worthy topic to discuss though.
No so much tbh, just same thing as Russian MSM but under different label. Worth noticing however that it's aimed not only at westerners ("I'm your fellow crowdfunded compatriot, not some rusky, trust me"), but also at Russians ("Wow, a White Man acknowledged us"). The reason is that vatniks deep inside know that West means more competence, more quality and more trustworthiness. So MSM constantly publish I know it from using yandex.ru which has news tabloid :D articles like "Germans are praising new Putin's decision", "Japanese were pissed off by Zelensky's statement" and so on:
In reality such articles just quote couple of posts in social media or comments in news websites. It's unclear how often are these real comments and how often article's authors write them themselves.

And once they made up entire "German" newspaper, "Abendlich Hamburg" with sole purpose of quoting it in Russian media.

There are more esoteric Z-men such as:
https://dailystormer.name/tag/russia (appears to be down at the moment)
Or this voice of Latinx LGBTQIAP+ community:
No. 71640 Kontra
It should be something like a journalistic war crime to report on news article comments. alternatively, use EC posts as a basis for an article that shows how Hungarian people have had it with Zelensky :DDD
No. 71642
I’m ready to be immortalized in an article where I’m referred to as “One Hungarian netizen”.
No. 71682
129 kB, 1305 × 870
If it counts for anything, I've sent them a quote from your post.
No. 71729
264 kB, 1280 × 854
Which part?
No. 71737 Kontra
2,7 MB, 1144 × 1600
>Not to mention that the Ukrainians have been harassing the Hungarians living in Kárpátalja for close to a decade and have been at odds with us diplomatically ever since the Maidan when we asked them politely to fucking keep respecting their rights and institutions.
>But no, they kept threatening us, once one of their generals even said his forces could destroy us in a month.
>I'm sorry but such a rabid shithole isn't going to earn our support, and they got what was coming for them.
This portion, ending on a high note :DD
No. 71939
50 kB, 600 × 441
7 kB, 168 × 300
Happened a year ago, but I've found out about it recently.
Police arrested editorial board of DOXA journal, made searches in their and their relatives' houses for supporting protests. Doxa are SJW-style lefties and friends of Zizek who made a video message to the head of Investigative Committee of Russia in response:
In it Zizek calls himself "friend of the Russian state", addresses Bastrykin (pic related) as le enlightened mandarin and proposes him to debate whether journals like DOXA should be allowed to exist.

Bastrykin is famous for posting 80IQ poems on stihi.ru under pseudonym. Most of them are devoted to Navalny:
No. 71969 Kontra
64 kB, 665 × 536
449 kB, 611 × 794
No. 71972
65 kB, 710 × 710
He not only calls himself a friend of the Russian state and kindly petitions them, but says the real tragedy of this is that it will harm Russian power. Fascinating.

A time honored tradition since the at least the American civil war.
No. 71986 Kontra
101 kB, 156 × 262, 0:00
No. 71989
364 kB, 875 × 447
Some more magic dates:
> Astrologer warns of Jupiter-Neptune confluence: 'Beware of the water'
> - Many experts today talk about the likelihood of a repetition of what happened in 1856 - not the events themselves, but their impact on world history and significance for humanity. Let's see what was significant 166 years ago? On this day (March 30, 1856, according to the old style), the Treaty of Paris was signed - a peace treaty between Russia and the countries of the anti-Russian coalition, which included the British and Ottoman Empires, France, Austria, Sardinia and Prussia, which put an end to the Crimean War. This was very helpful, since during the Crimean War from 1853 to 1856, Russia had already lost Sevastopol and the entire Black Sea Fleet. And less than a month later, on April 16, the Paris Declaration on Naval War was signed there in the French capital.

Apparently Ukrainians destroyed "Moscow", flagman ship of Black Sea Fleet yesterday, with two Neptune missiles. Russian official sources confirm it too:
No. 71993
>Apparently Ukrainians destroyed "Moscow"
Technically. I mean, even if hasn't sunk, after the detonation of its ammo load it's hardly in a repairable condition.
The Ministry of Defence doesn't disclose the reasons behind the fire which has led to the detonation, but Ukrainian activities are a highly likely cause.
No. 71995
See, if Ukrainians were in fact capable of destroying the fleet and re-capturing the Crimea via military action, invading Ukraine preventively was most definetely necessary.
Losing Black Sea Fleet again (except this time in a sense of not even having access to Black Sea) is the last shit we ever want, because strategically it gives NATO full control of the mediterranean sea, means everything we did earlier in Syria would be pointless because they will just come there and put boots on the ground in Syria if they wish to do so.
This current thing IMO is the last american desperate attempt to do as much damage as possible while they still can. Ukrainians are pawns in this role.
Nobody cares even if the entire country gets nuked.
No. 71996 Kontra
Grandpa, I don't want to die in the war.

Very nice, fitting in.
No. 71997
>See, if Ukrainians were in fact capable of destroying the fleet and re-capturing the Crimea via military action
You're mixing up the capability to inflict unacceptable damage and the capability to make an efficient advance. In fact, they're very poorly related. 9/11 didn't really mean that Al Qaeda could conquer the United States.
No. 72007 Kontra
Point is that they would try to damage the Black Sea fleet, or it’s supply/repair capabilities.
This is what Brits were trying to do for centuries with some successes and failures in between.
This is the ultimate goal of this whole Ukraine thing I believe
No. 72022
50 kB, 900 × 507
Here we discuss things on a higher level (spiritual and conspiratorial) than your materialistic surface analysis.

What's the Russian national idea?
Prosperity, freedom and democracy are all alien to us and belong to anglosaxons. There is no social justice unlike in western welfare states. Only tiny minority of people cares about religion, therefore piety doesn't go as well.
> where money=everything
In Russia money matter much more. For example, common Russian can pay bribe to avoid conscription, capitalist can pay bribe to break safety norms and ecological regulations and official can steal budget money for luxury consumption.
No. 72026
56 kB, 420 × 736
88 kB, 700 × 440
We are culturally different.
For instance on the west it's innocent until proven guilty, for us it is guilty until proven innocent.
That thing alone means that the institute of reputation works differently. Here all people are assumed to not be worth anything until they prove themselves to be worth something via their actions.
On the west it's the opposite, all people are believed to be "good" until people find out their actions are bad.

It is respect vs dignity.
Our culture puts more emphasis on respect, theirs - on dignity.
Respect is to be earned. Dignity is to be protected.
Action versus Reaction.

You can even see in the ways medieval armies were organized.
In medieval Russia, a druzhina member was expected to be a qualified horse archer who was also well versed in hand-to-hand combad while dismounted. We put a lot more emphasis on jack-of-all-trades type of mindsed. The equipment was "good enough" but it was more about the personal skill rather than equipment.

In medieval Western Europe the unit of choice for the priveleged elite is a knight wearing expensive plate armor who's not necessarily even very good at combat himself but he's just armed and armored BETTER than everyone else on the battlefield. And he also has a horse. Additionally the prevelence of castles adds even more emphasis on defense than offense. The history of Medieval Europe warfare is mostly sieges of castles.

This "defense" mindset or siege mentality is THE norm for the western people, for instance, WW1 western front was all about trench warfare. This did not happen on the eastern front.
WW2 german tanks were designed to have the best armor, the best gun, the best everything, who cares that it costs more this way.
Mercedes-Benz cars are also made to be PERFECT in almost every aspect but price.

It penetrates almost every aspect of the society, for instance in Academia on the West - know-it-alls type of people who also had parents or relatives working in academia or had money to give the kid the best education have a priveleged position. It does not necessarily means that the scientist or a professor is smart as in "talented".
But it's just he had the resources as in money/knowledge (usually tied to eachother) to get this position.

Again it's a cultural thing. I am not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, it's just different.
No. 72028
There is only one Russian idea, it's that Russia is different. This is the primary reason for differences between Russia and any other country. All other 'Russian' ideas are subordinate to this principle.
No. 72041
1,4 MB, 3955 × 2920
1012 kB, 2100 × 1070
These things you've mentioned come and go. Germans and Japanese were famous for producing low quality cheap shit ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Made_in_Germany ), now they produce high tech. Western Europeans had siege mentality in middle ages, now they travel to Africa to prove that world is a friendly place (and get beheaded) while Russian thinks that the light bulb in his commieblock was stolen by Obama.
Maybe the real Russian idea is so transcendent that it cannot be shaped into words?

The tsundere country.
No. 72044 Kontra
Nah, the mentality does not come and go, it stays the same throughout the ages.
No. 72054 Kontra
So, Russian Sonderweg? It's common to believe one is special.
No. 72057
How do you even imagine that to work? Genetically defined mentality, for Christ's sake? Even Gumilyov didn't postulate anything like that.

Surely some cultural elements can be traced back to the 16th century, but a much larger part has come to existence not earlier than 1917. The revolution, indeed, still defines our culture quite ostensibly.
No. 72077 Kontra
One should ask if Russia is as homogenous as presented. It's like asking for the German soul but then you just get tendencies for very broad things named.

This is an example,

Respect and dignity thing appear in the west as well, it is not either/or.

Also why wasn't WW2 without any trenches? It's the west after all and all about defences.
No. 72080
883 kB, 1537 × 1999
It goes beyond just a mere feeling of uniqueness. In different types, this "russia is unique" sentiment is portrayed differently, but it carries some things over generations and opposing groups. An ancient Russian meme of sorts.
While a German might believe there are several unique things about his people, he hopefully wouldn't believe the concept of 'German culture' to be something so transcendental and disconnected that it becomes impossible for non-Germans to understand.
Some Russians go so far as to pretend Russia is so different and so beyond western concepts that it becomes undescribable. Depending on the person, this can be used to justify Russia's backwardness and autocratic methods or, on the other extreme, to describe how Russians are incapable of ever being fully fledged humans like the rest of us. The old KC line about 'mysterious Russian soul' encapsulates how those who subscribe to this line would like to be perceived.
In truth, Russia isn't that special. It's most unique thing is that they really do believe they are unique. Maybe it's something like a self fulfilling prophecy. In the manner of Stalin reading about Peter the Great and concluding that Russians only understand force, and this same process repeating itself with someone else reading about Stalin's achievements.

>It's the west after all and all about defences
It was going to be a war of static defenses, but Hitler (part-Russian) revolutionized western thinking.
No. 72081 Kontra
> Hitler (part-Russian) revolutionized western thinking

That is how brilliant historians talk!
Must have been the well known Russian self hatred. Just like Putin did transform the crumbling west into a uniform war front power.
No. 72082
99 kB, 604 × 453
146 kB, 480 × 270
It replicates itself through the race enigma.

From the creator of "hamster-people, chipmunk-people":
There are five Stalins in Russian history. First three are Vladimir the Great, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great. Fourth Stalin is Stalin himself. Fifth Stalin is yet to come:
> The Fifth Empire, in which we live, anticipates the appearance of Stalin, awaits his fifth incarnation. The fifth Stalin is brewing, as spring is brewing among the Russian snows. This Stalin is heard, as the rumble of yet unseen spring waters is heard. Clairvoyants calculate the "flying time" that separates us from the appearance of the fifth Stalin. He will appear suddenly, like an awakening, and everything around him trembles and shines, glorifying his appearance. So the darkness is dispersed, giving way to the dawn. "Stalin Style" has not yet been born, but is already coming. He is in perfect proportions of the Crimean bridge, in the openwork towers of the Vostochny cosmodrome, in grandiose military parades that glorify the power of the state, in the music of Gergiev, who conducts on the ruins of ancient Palmyra surrounded by Russian soldiers.
> Sculptors and artists seeking to erect a monument to Stalin, do not rush and wait for his new appearance. The fifth Stalin will not be cast in bronze, will not be carved in granite or marble. The fifth Stalin is the speed of light, this is the speed of Russian history, this is the Russian dream. Artist, can you represent the speed of light? Can you picture the Russian dream?
No. 72083
101 kB, 674 × 532
He's half right, but the Fifth Empire doesn't belong to the Russians.
>First Empire - Ancient Greece, all knowledge and experience extracted from the ancient empires;
>Second Empire - Roman Empire, expansion of the First Empire's culture and knowledge;
>Third Empire - Christianity, fusion between the First and the Second Empires, with the absorption of several eastern elements (such as Judaism) - the Christian Moral;
>Fourth Empire - Europe, spreading throughout the entire world the outcome of the previous empires and the Anglo-Saxon hegemony, its culture and the English-speaking world as a result of the British Empire - the English individualism.[1]
>The Fifth Empire, led by "the hidden one" (O Encoberto in the poem, an allusion to Sebastianism), will unite the entire world spiritually and culturally, led by the Portuguese Nation.

King Sebastian will return from his special military operation in Morocco and a new spiritual age will dawn on Mankind. A new order will be established and Man will finally know peace. Properties will be cast away, every man will be an emperor. Portuguese soul will guide the blind foreigners onto the Age of the Sky.
No. 72086 Kontra
215 kB, 1023 × 1527
137 kB, 228 × 597
445 kB, 1280 × 927
300 kB, 1280 × 832
For six months that the whole center of this Province and of the Province of Bahia, (he claims) from the Ceará, has been infested by a lousy adventurer who calls himself António dos Mares. Which, in light of the apparent and deceitful miracles they claim he done, it has come that they call him Saint Anthony of the Seas. This mysterious character who wears large horribly dirty blue shirt that serves as his religious habit in his roles as a deacon. Very thick and greasy hairs between which one can see an impressive crowd of lice. He is distinguished by his mysterious appearance, glossy eyes, dulled skin tone and bare feet; of all which contribute to make him the most degrading figure in the world.

In 1896, fourteen years after the abolition of slavery, in the economically depressed arid plains of Northeastern Brasil, a traveling preacher gathered thousands of religious followers from sertão cattle herders, newly freed slaves, landless peasants from indios. António Conselheiro moved them all to the townlet of Canudos, where they await the coming of King Sebastian I who would free these people from the newly instituted godless republic. They organized themselves under an eclectic mix of catholic teaching, egalitarianism, and religiosity and their commune was successful - even as hunger afflicted neighboring towns.

The landowners of Bahia, aided by the Church, began a great campaign of slandering António's movement, accusing it of plotting raids on neighboring cities, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the republic and reinstalling the Emperor. Saint Anthony of the Seas ordered a shipment of wood from the town of Juazeiro to build a church, but the wood was never shipped. Fearing being lynched, citizens from the town of Juazeiro request help from the federal government. One hundred soldiers were sent there but after several days of waiting in the town for the supposed conselheiro attack, they make way for Canudos. The next morning they're ambushed? by the Conselheiros and after '4 to 5 hours of panic, sweat, blood, horror, bravery and panic.' the soldiers flee, leaving 150 dead villagers and having lost 12 to the machetes of the farmers.
The army, underestimating the fighting strength of a people unified in brotherly Sebastianism, sends two more such expeditions who are promptly defeat. In an effort to placate growing outrage at the sorry state of the Brazilian republic and having Canudos being a symbol that is exciting all manner of other anti-Republican uprisings - the army sends two generals leading 25.000 man, out to liquidate the Canudos rebellion.
After months of being harassed by Conselheiro raids, suffering through hunger and dysentery - they manage to siege the townlet of Canudos. António Conselheiro dies of dysentery and his followers surrender to the army.

All his followers has their throats slit and the town was burnt to the grown. The masonic Brazilian Republic was triumphant over Sebastianism. It would not yet be the end of the forth empire, for mankind would suffer Anglo domination for at least another century. Yet, if the forth empire holds, it only means the fifth is yet to come. The hour of Portugal will come and you, Germans and Russians, you will yet be redeemed and be given souls.
No. 72089 Kontra
one day i will begin proofreading my posts. i promise
No. 72119
258 kB, 935 × 633
So basically Portuguese Zapata except less ebin and with less rad modern day influence?
t. uncritical supporter of EZLN :-DDD
No. 72129 Kontra
Silence, Anglo. Your beloved Mexican pseudo-anarchists have no redeeming qualities, come back when they're championing the cause of global Sebastianism.
No. 72130
36 kB, 400 × 286
987 kB, 700 × 664
4,7 MB, 2728 × 1618
170 kB, 860 × 607
some of the better ones (and least biased) i have seen so far.
No. 72132
Wait is the second one pro- or anti-putin?
No. 72133 Kontra
119 kB, 1200 × 768
59 kB, 638 × 450
> no Podvickyi
No. 72135
Probably anti considering his hands are bloodstained, but it could reasonably be interpreted as pro considering that he's making the country more Russian by virtue of all these American multinationals leaving.

Not familiar with the artist or his other work.
No. 72142
180 kB, 1280 × 1187
Viva Chiapas.

(The ebin thing about EZLN is the fact that they liberated most of an entire region and set up self ruling councils. They're like the opposite of a larp).
No. 72143 Kontra
This is why i said "better ones"
Some of these could be interpreted differently depending which side you are on.
On the chessboard one you could swap bear and eagle, it would still make sense.

Bottom line is that there are two truths, two parralel realities that exist at the same time.

i think it's biased.
No. 72253 Kontra
I have some idea of the russian soul, their messiah complex, yurodstvo, etc, etc. But I've never felt it's a very unique thing. Romanticism and nationalism often go hand in hand. Perhaps Russians only appear unique in this regard now now that Germans have been sanitized.
I'm rather clueless but it seems to me that all the Russian obsession with their uniqueness is a rationalization of cope with their otherness from the wect viewpoint.
No. 72715
147 kB, 958 × 1076
"Ukro-bolsheviks"? O_O
No. 72716 Kontra
That's not a clueless assessment at all, it's reality.

Dialectics in motion.
No. 72724
Brains of most people are seriously f***d. Little can surprise me already.
No. 72768
113 kB, 618 × 800
106 kB, 618 × 800
197 kB, 989 × 1280
222 kB, 989 × 1280
Which of these is your favorite?
No. 72770
204 kB, 1100 × 1558
They're all not speaking to me. A style similar to pic related would be more appropriate.
No. 72776
Going to a few events on workers day this sunday. Will keep you updated on the schizo-ML situation:-DDD
No. 72777
Second one by far, it's the only one which has an ironic cheekiness to it.
No. 72781
Obviously the fourth one.
Hitler didn't die, he's at the other end of the Arm of Orion, leading galactic forces against the Reptiles.
No. 72782
Were these made by Brazilians?
No. 72783
146 kB, 989 × 1280
4,0 MB, 640 × 348, 0:58
I don't know the nationality of this particular author. Mostly he makes edits of Hitler doing various things. Given his fascination with the H-man, he is almost certainly not-European. In some of his edits he uses fonk music so he might even be a Russian.
No. 72787
148 kB, 2390 × 1790
Funny nonsense. I won't elaborate.

Second one. Could make a thang-ka out of it.
No. 72817
18 kB, 250 × 334
another one
I have seen better Hitler fan art, thanks, this one is too photoshoppy
No. 72867
152 kB, 1920 × 1080
3,3 MB, 443 × 433
No. 73072
380 kB, 800 × 600
441 kB, 800 × 600
> selling sweets made of stones for money made of leaves
Piggy Pyotr did it before he stole tractor and betrayed his motherland.

> By what?
Yes, let's discuss it. There are several unorthodox economic theories:
  1. Marxism (nonbeing transcended into nothing, therefore seize means of productions).
  2. MMT (aka Zimbabwean school).
  3. Austrian school (math doesn't matter!).
  4. Jacque Fresco's "Resource Based Economy".
What has I forgot?

But these all are boring, we need something completely new! Let's brainstorm together.
No. 73075
>"Apart from the aforementioned questions, we continue to operate without the use of money, with no daily salary. Our entire people, our Revolutionary Army, all our cadres and all our fighters live in a collective system through a communal support system, which is being improved with every passing day. This is a successful step toward the solution of the contradictions between the cities and the countryside…” [8]
To even entertain the notion of using currency already proves how unrevolutionary your mind is and how it has been broken and molded by Anglo bankers. I propose an immediate end to the use of so-called "currency" and instead, we shall begin measuring everything by its equivalency to a ton of rice.
No. 73082
That would just make rice the new currency.
No. 73083 Kontra
Shut up!
No. 73087
103 kB, 1440 × 810
Imagine all those Southeast-Asians starving to death because their only food source is traded against cars and mobile phones.
No. 73088 Kontra
No, it would be completely different, because you can't hold onto rice forever and it'd require labour to produce and it'd be decentralised too, since anyone can grow rice. You also couldn't scale it infinitely.
No. 73431
393 kB, 600 × 450
97 kB, 1024 × 1024
153 kB, 1024 × 1024
129 kB, 1024 × 1024
Kept looking for Russian national idea with aid of AI and drinking Ivan-tea. Typed "Russian national idea is" in https://porfirevich.ru/ and let neural network to generate text. Big portion of tries do not give any answer but say how important and good it is:
> The Russian national idea is not only already known and accepted in Russia, but has long become an obsession for any normal person. This is a doctrine for the whole world, an idea which embedded in itself all the best that is in the Russian national character.
Or say something very vague:
> The Russian national idea is not a political anthropology, it is the anthropology of the Russian soul, which, through saw cuts, minuses, deposits of black soil and exfoliation of humus, has sprouted over the millennia that has lain at the bottom of the enfilades. The national idea is a projection of the Russian heart on world values.
> The Russian national idea is an eternal image in which universality [универсальность] and universality [вселенскость] are combined - not only our native sky, but also deep space with the sacred duality of man

More specific answers say that RNI is socialism, multiculturalism, senile disease, domination over other countries, Christianity, Jewish tricks. And of course it's different, very different from wect. Rusophobes also had their word:
> The Russian national idea is just a set of slogans attributed to different cultures and secular languages, and in itself does not mean anything,” said Mikhail Muromtsev (from an interview with Radio Free Europe).

Opinion of English language trained network ( https://app.inferkit.com/demo ):
> Russian national idea is an extreme fascist development of the ideology of Romanov Empire, of Russian nationalism, and an expression of the chauvinistic “Nordic” ideology, held by fascism activists like Paul Joseph Watson.

Pics 2, 3, 4 are visualizations of query "Russian soul" by ruDALL-E Malevich (XL).
No. 73529
A Portugese friend told me that his father believed firmly that Portugal new of the existence of the New World before Columbus discoveries but waited for him to find it to have a more profitable Tordesillas treaty. And also that Christopher Columbus was actually a Portugese spy and that explains why his ship sailed first in Portugal and not Castille on its way back to europe.

I did a little research and in this fanfiction, his real name wasn't Columbus but Segismundo Henriques, son of the King of Poland and Hungary.
No. 73531
259 kB, 1599 × 1559
35 kB, 498 × 589
You have opened the first of the doors of into the Quinto Império rabbit hole. I've heard both of those things in school.
The idea that Lisbon thought that there was land where Brazil is, that is not unlikely. Insistence at drawing the parallel at 370 leagues off of the coast of Cape Verde at a place where the return course from the Pacific so closely passed where Recife stands. Keeping the discovery of Brazil hidden until the treaty was signed seems plausible and is a theory that has some mainstream acceptance.
If we push the threshold, we can say that Columbus studied in Portugal. We can say he helped Portugal's ambitions in Asia by throwing Spanish interest towards the short route to Asia. Going further, we can say Cuba is the name of a small Portuguese village in Alentejo -- maybe from where Cristóvão Colombo was born!! But if you continue down this path you will see the red Cross of Christ appear in fog.
No. 73532 Kontra
Additionally, dreaming that you are taking Japanese children from their home island to Lisbon by strange craft is something that was experienced by the explorers of yore. Have my people colonized Switzerland so that you live in close proximity to the bearers of true spirit? Why have they opened up to you? Why are they trusting you? Answer me, mountain dweller.
No. 73534
709 kB, 640 × 1022
Old and busted: Hungarian Genghis Khan
New hotness: He's actually russian
No. 73535
63 kB, 499 × 474
Fomenko & Nosovsky again?..
No. 73537
Yeah, remember Kievan invasion of Mongol Rus?
No. 73539 Kontra
The increasing number of Portuguese settlments in this part of western Europe may have led to the presence of old merchant ancestor spirits tormenting the weak minded local's dreams. We simply aren't able to understand any of those visions.
No. 73831
127 kB, 791 × 484
604 Bytes, 240 × 147
32 kB, 600 × 400
906 Bytes, 240 × 160
The most boring Russia division map I've ever seen. Looks like they just split territories by the least distant country.
No. 73832
1,4 MB, 1360 × 1386
BTW, there is a wiki on Siberian language (the Slavic one, not languages of native Siberians):
Originally it was on Wikipedia's website, but Russian imperialists and Kremlin assets deceived administration into believing that "Siberian is not real language".
https://web.archive.org/web/20150321113538/http://volgota.com/yaroslavz/sibirskiy-yazyk -- entry level lessons.

In Pelevin's book "S.N.U.F.F." orks (ancestors of Siberians living in tropic climate due to global warming) speak on Upper Middle Siberian:
> Згідно з подстанввхен враз мати невиконданд всрік цей пунктъ рішення нах мати наданданд земільно ділянко підлягає скасуванданд на підставі ще право власнощеръ виникай з моменту мав мати заночданд реєстрацен в Єдиношер Уркскі реєстриш прав в нерухомишер майно та угодъ з нім
No. 73833 Kontra
44 kB, 720 × 405
>Looks like they just split territories by the least distant country.
Yeah. Anyway I found the original image, here it is.
No. 73834
56 kB, 700 × 472
Saami nuclear submarines holding European security hostage. The EU has no choice but to increase subsidies for reindeer farming.
No. 73836
98 kB, 800 × 639
263 kB, 1235 × 846
145 kB, 823 × 800
262 kB, 1280 × 1196
https://www.thinglink.com/scene/449200199470940162 - map of post-post-Sovok based on Sorokin's "Telluria" book.
No. 73838
33 kB, 292 × 252
Deeply concerned.
No. 73840
2,5 MB, 16 pages
Map shows only entities described or at least mentioned in the book. Caliphate of Córdoba is probably there.
No. 73847
27 kB, 250 × 340
103 kB, 708 × 807
Interesting how people of entirely opposite worldviews can have same vision of reality but different attitude to it. Some Ukrainians believe that Russia has nothing to do with Slavic people because it's ancestor of Golden Horde mixed with local Finno-Ugric tribes. This is why Russian language is not intelligible by other slavs. There is a book called "The Moksel country aka Muscovy" about that.

Prologue of the book:
>In the bloody swamp of Moscow slavery, and not in the stern glory of the Norman era, is the cradle of Russia. Having changed the names and dates, we will see that the policy of Ivan III and the policy of the modern Moscow Empire are not just similar, but also identical ...
> Russia was born and raised in the ugly and humiliated school of Mongol slavery. She became strong only because she was unsurpassed in the art of slavery. Even when Russia became independent, it remained a slave country. Peter I combined the political cunning of the Mongol slave with the greatness of the Mongol ruler, whom Genghis Khan ordered to conquer the world ...
Author of quote is Karl Marx hehehe.

I wish it was true but sadly slavs assimilated finnougors and almost nothing is left from them except haplogroups. Do you know that their language is not even Indo-European? Russian language is closer to Spanish or Irish than to Finnish or Komi.
No. 73860
>Author of quote is Karl Marx hehehe
Technically. Except he was merely retelling the (ridiculous) ideas of Polish nationalists in his letter.
>I wish it was true but sadly slavs assimilated finnougors
I don't think the author would argue. In his eyes Russians just aren't "true Slavs" but, exactly, Finno-Ugric assimilants. In reality, however, the effective share of Finno-Ugric ancestors among Russians hardly can be more than 50%. Not only the language, but the traditional peasant culture is also markedly East Slavic.
>and almost nothing is left from them except haplogroups
No autosomal DNA, haplogroups only? :3 At any rate, the haplogroups aren't very informative here. With luck, they can indicate the presence of some substrate, but they cannot indicate its absence. And for Mari and Mordvinic groups the distribution of Y-haplogroups is quite close to that of the East European Slavic populations. Probably some advanced statistical autosomal analysis could share more light.
No. 73863
186 kB, 800 × 553
79 kB, 900 × 555
Russians are 0% Finno-Ugric. Чудь lived here in Golden Age but after they saw birch tree in their pine forest they understood that slavs are coming. Then they all went under Earth.
Also they all have white eyes.
No. 73918
>Russians are 0% Finno-Ugric. Чудь lived here in Golden Age but after they saw birch tree in their pine forest they understood that slavs are coming. Then they all went under Earth.
>Also they all have white eyes.
In some mythology - sure.
In reality, northernmost Russian groups in Europe (constituting a minority, but populating rather large territories) have markedly different distribution of haplogroups (the haplogroups N are predominant or their frequency is drastically higher than normal), which directly points at some large substrate. In many areas local traditional culture also demonstrates common features with neighbouring Finno-Ugric cultures.

In the south (of the primary colonization area, i.e.) indirect data must be used. We, however, know for sure that eastern Vyatichs did assimilate large amounts of the locals (Mordvinic?), since their physical anthropology is markedly different from western Vyatichs. Of course, since then several more waves of migrations from the west must have taken place, but the fact is that assimilation occured.

And yes, speaking of ethnonyms, "Chud" only referred to Baltic-Finnic tribes and, by extension, Komi. Mordvinic folks (Erzya, Moksha, Meshchera and, apparently, Muroma) never were called "Chud" in chronicles.
No. 73920
My friend keeps calling himself Mordvin. How do I tell if he's not lying?
No. 73922
Check if other Mordvins (Moksha? Erzya? There is no such ethnicity as "Mordvin" actually) recognize him as one of their own, basically. Any ethnic identity works just like that.
No. 74688
128 kB, 1280 × 853
132 kB, 1080 × 1080
State Duma deputy from the LDPR Alexander Sherin, who vainly claimed the chair of party leader after the death of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, called for its “depidorization”:

“The LDPR party is also heterogeneous and I have by no means declared war on my own party, but it is extremely necessary to carry out targeted depidorization. Only then can we count on the further success of the party for the benefit of Russia, our army and the common people. Glory to the LDPR!”

In the election of the new leader of the party, Sherin received only 1 vote, devastatingly losing to the well-known sexual harasser of journalists Leonid Slutsky.

Although Sherin subsequently conceded defeat, he now lashed out at the revamped leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party and quoted the late Zhirinovsky:

"Out of ten, eleven are thieves, crooks, morons and traitors."
No. 74689
Everyone recognizes this cunning bastard as his own. He says he's Erzya.

The Investigative Committee of Russia supports the idea to abandon the Bologna system of education, which was introduced in order to recognize Russian diplomas abroad. This was stated by the head of the department Alexander Bastrykin in an interview with TASS.
No. 74774
1,5 MB, 1600 × 1655
38 kB, 290 × 181
My favorite map. Great mix of autistic diligence and autistic cluelessness. These countries are all republics, no different forms of government. And alphabet is either Latin or Cyrillic, no Glagolitic.

How do you like this alphabet, compared to usual Slavic runes? (it's Pushkin's poem on Glagolitic)

Ⱑ ⱂⱁⰿⱀⱓ ⱍⱆⰴⱀⱁⰵ ⰿⰳⱀⱁⰲⰵⱀⱐⰵ:
Ⱂⰵⱃⰵⰴⱁ ⰿⱀⱁⰻ ⱑⰲⰺⰾⰰⱄⱐ ⱅⱏⰹ,
Ⰽⰰⰽ ⰿⰺⰿⱁⰾⰵⱅⱀⱁⰵ ⰲⰺⰴⰵⱀⱐⰵ,
Ⰽⰰⰽ ⰳⰵⱀⰺⰻ ⱍⰺⱄⱅⱁⰻ ⰽⱃⰰⱄⱁⱅⱏⰹ.
Ⰲ ⱅⱁⰿⰾⰵⱀⱐⱑⱈ ⰳⱃⱆⱄⱅⰺ ⰱⰵⰸⱀⰰⰴⰵⰶⱀⱁⰻ,
Ⰲ ⱅⱃⰵⰲⱁⰳⰰⱈ ⱎⱆⰿⱀⱁⰻ ⱄⱆⰵⱅⱏⰹ,
Ⰸⰲⱆⱍⰰⰾ ⰿⱀⰵ ⰴⱁⰾⰳⱁ ⰳⱁⰾⱁⱄ ⱀⰵⰶⱀⱏⰹⰻ
Ⰺ ⱄⱀⰺⰾⰺⱄⱐ ⰿⰺⰾⱏⰹⰵ ⱍⰵⱃⱅⱏⰹ.
Ⱎⰾⰺ ⰳⱁⰴⱏⰹ. Ⰱⱆⱃⱐ ⱂⱁⱅⰵⱃⱐ ⰿⱑⱅⰵⰶⱀⱏⰹⰻ
Ⱃⰰⱄⱄⰵⱑⰾ ⱂⱃⰵⰶⱀⰺⰵ ⰿⰵⱍⱅⱏⰹ,
Ⰺ ⱑ ⰸⰰⰱⱏⰹⰾ ⱅⰲⱁⰻ ⰳⱁⰾⱁⱄ ⱀⰵⰶⱀⱏⰹⰻ,
Ⱅⰲⱁⰺ ⱀⰵⰱⰵⱄⱀⱏⰹⰵ ⱍⰵⱃⱅⱏⰹ.

Same on Cyrillic:
Я помню чудное мгновенье:
Передо мной явилась ты,
Как мимолетное виденье,
Как гений чистой красоты.
В томленьях грусти безнадежной,
В тревогах шумной суеты,
Звучал мне долго голос нежный
И снились милые черты.
Шли годы. Бурь порыв мятежный
Рассеял прежние мечты,
И я забыл твой голос нежный,
Твои небесные черты.
No. 74778 Kontra
The insistence on latin script is one of the strangest parts of this map. Only Muscovy remains using the barbarian cyrillic. I wonder what OP meant by this, maybe the adoption of the latin alphabet just the natural result of democracy and civil society forming.
No. 74826
Everybody's reply in this thread almost sounds like the ramblings of an unmedicated schizophrenic.
No. 74837 Kontra
Maybe it really is. Do you have problems with this?
No. 74958
Petersburg won't be feeding Moscow for nothing.
It will fight for independence.
No. 75083
More systematic and detailed description of Schizovsky's conspiracy theory by Tataro-American scholar:

How influential his ideas actually are? No idea because the system is very top-down, all key decisions are made by few people at top of the pyramid and we don't know what they think. But it's very likely that it's either this or "methodology cult", what else could it be. Also Putin's illegitimate daughter posted Galkovsky's book with favorable opinion in Instagram, at least I saw a screen.
No. 75972
51 kB, 905 × 336
59 kB, 942 × 361
I'm currently reading sci-pop book about linguistics. It mentions that Roman Jakobson
decided to present grammatical cases of verbs in Russian language as vertices of a cube where three dimensions are "orientability", "volumetricity", "peripherality" (whatever it means). So there are 2^3=8 such cases (6 well-known + 2 rare). As I understand, this guy is considered controversial but officially recognized scientist, not some science freak. Despite this systematization being obvious huge cope.

Pic related -- schizo from internet invented another systematization where not only presence of each of three attributes matters but also their order. Corresponding combinatorial formula:
> n+n(n-1) + n(n-1)(n-2) + n(n-1)(n-2) + ... (n-n)
(he has a mistake here, the 0-length sequence is not counted)
which makes 15 potential grammatical cases for n=3.

Article on Russian language is published on a site for prose and same article on German -- on a site for lyrics. What did he mean by it?
No. 77418
40 kB, 500 × 356
30 kB, 299 × 400
74 kB, 666 × 444
208 kB, 1280 × 720
Why did ancient Slavo-Aryan Rusiches celebrate Shabbat?

The most influential neo-pagan is Alexandr Hinevich. Jewish Belarusian dropout from orthodox seminary, he wrote discovered Slavo-Aryan Vedas (our Joseph Smith hehe). He invented most of the concepts used by neopagans (including his haters). One of it is "schizo-etymology": finding hidden meaning in words. For example aristocrat = Aryan hundred times (aryi sto krat in Russian).

Alexandr Chudinov, formerly professor of dialectical materialism, developed his teaching. He invented method of discovering hidden messages in "low contrast labels". He takes picture, raises contrast, searches for letters and composes them into words (on modern Russian language). He applied it to historical artefacts (Mona Lisa, Slavo-Aryan Vedas, ancient spearhead) and surfaces of space bodies (these are called geoglyphs, celenoglyphs, helioglyphs) and each time succeeded. Thus he concluded that Russians existed at least for 7000 years and at least in borders of Solar system.

These guys were popularized by Nikolai Zadornov, comedian specializing on jokes about Americans (his catchphrase is "soooo stuuuuuuupid!"). Shortly before death Zadornov pussied out and converted back to Christianity.

These teachings are more popular than you could expect. They are even more popular than I expected. Attached pics with monuments are not Cyrillic (modern nor old). These (and others) are Hinevich's Bukvic, one of his invented alphabets.
No. 77419 Kontra
167 kB, 2092 × 1558
80 kB, 701 × 1205
English Wikipedia has surprisingly detailed set of articles about the topic:
No. 77425 Kontra
>grammatical cases of verbs in Russian language
I don't think verbs themselves are in any grammatical case?
>this guy
Not sure if you mean Jakobson or your sci-pop book author. Jakobson is a big name in phonetics/phonology, I think.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to require municipal approval for erecting or removing monuments, to deflect shame from the municipality. On the other hand, if none is required, you can't really blame the authorities for whatever some crazy citizens do.
Where I live, there is an old monument which some people want removed and which has been vandalized, and a very new one which has been erected without approval.
No. 77449
The authorities are typically morons who know shit about writing systems. As well as monument designers, which seems to be the case here. I bet they just tried to Google "old Slavic script" and got, well, just that.
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
No. 77450
318 kB, 624 × 417
> I don't think verbs themselves are in any grammatical case?
I made a mistake, I meant nouns. Эрнст-Эрнста-Эрнсту.
> this guy

It's in front of entrance of Surgut State University:
> According to the plan of the initiators of the installation of the monument, the monument will become the main symbol of freshmen and graduates. Immediately after entering, as a rite of passage, students will pass through the gate, as if entering the university, and after graduation, leave them.

In 2017 examination of SurSU linguists established that there are no errors on the monument. So it's incorrect to talk about "malice" and "stupidity". Moreover, the monument was blessed by orthodox priests at the opening. They study old church slavonic in seminaries. So if something was wrong they would have noticed.
No. 77476
>if something was wrong they would have noticed.
Maybe. But when I compare with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Cyrillic_alphabet, I notice some oddities, arguably depending on whether or not they intended to depict the original set of letters or simply lots of Cyrillic letters from various times and various Slavic languages. On the Surgut monument, why are there 2 letters between д and ж? I guess they are е and є, but I don't think those where two distinct letters in early Cyrillic. Why does the monument include ꙉ which I guess wasn't part of C&M's original set? Why does it list ꙋ separate from у? And I suppose the ligature ѿ (ѡ+т) isn't usually treated as a distinct letter. But the weirdest thing is the last letter in both the Surgut and the Murmansk monument – what is that supposed to be? I don't think they meant to include modern Ossetian ӕ; if they did, why is this the only non-Slavic letter included? At least the Surgut one is in a consistens style, unlike the zwiebelfischy Murmansk one.
I've met a young person from Surgut once, quite possibly a student who might march through under that ӕ when graduating.
No. 77477 Kontra
No. 77527
1,6 MB, 1677 × 892
204 kB, 1280 × 962
397 kB, 1980 × 890
The idea spreads... The Overton window is shifting... Everything goes according to plan... [throws its tongue out of it's mouth]
No. 77532
Why does a mere view of Solovyov gives me a terrible urge to murder? The Russian mass-media surely are using some top-notch mind-control technologies. Just doing that slightly wrong somehow.
No. 83336
940 kB, 1039 × 1600
A bit surprising, that American Libertarian Party supports Putin and Chinese Communist Party. =D
No. 83379
Putin and the Chinese (and who knows who else) pay the bills of pretty much all fringe parties indiscriminately for a political leverage. Absolutely unsurprising.
No. 83402
Just look at our local FPÖ that was caught red handed on tape with that fake oligarch daughter.
No. 86822
671 kB, 681 × 707
Not politics, but I thought it fits.
No. 86826
88 kB, 600 × 297
244 kB, 1280 × 720
71 kB, 893 × 410
Yes, an interesting topic. Further research needed.
No. 86828 Kontra
89 kB, 830 × 1182
Poem about Ukraine as published by PCTP-MRPP last night.
Translation is my own, any deviations from the original are to be understood as bourgeois influence.

- Where's the
between the
And the

It's not an incredible poem, but accidentally they managed to reference "fronteira" (borderland/border) in their Ukraine poem. This gives it some magic.
Picture unrelated to poem. Or is it?
No. 86829 Kontra
Absolutely politics. They don't want you to think this is politics.