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No. 65910
246 kB, 700 × 450
Ernst is traveling to the USA soon. USA can confiscate your phone upon border entry and demand the pass code. Once they are at this stage, they have access to your whole life.

Ernst is not worried about child pornography and similar, because he does not do this shit. Worst case, they find a random photo of someone smoking a joint. I also used my phone once to download a torrent.

Of course, once border patrol has your phone, it is deemed compromised. But Ernst is no IT security geek. Ernst wants only the right level of protection.

Ernst was thinking of the following:

  • Cloud share services: Use only in combination with 2FA
  • Activate 2FA on Google (Ernst uses Android phone)
  • Lock messenger apps like Signal or Telegram
  • Delete all files on WhatsApp and messages before entering
  • Delete Outlook app
  • Install an App that shows all locally stored photos and documents so that Ernst can check for marijuana photos.

Is Ernst doing it correctly? Did Ernst miss something? Even if border patrol is recovering login and pass phrases, it is useless because of 2FA.
No. 65911
Wouldn't it be more easy to just buy a crappy smartphone with a prepaid contract or something?
No. 65914 Kontra
Backup your data on cloud and factory reset the phone. Restore everything after passing the check.
No. 65927 Kontra
I don't think a factory reset wipes the hard drive, so this should be done as well
No. 65931

This is all you need to know. Also if you are paranoid just don't bring your phone.

> Delete Outlook app
> Cloud share services
> Google
Ever heard of "Cloud act"? Microsoft is a company from the USA, Google too. Also Australia is the US bitchvalued partner so if they have something on you they already know.

Bottom line is, the only reason you haven't been flagged is because you do nothing of interest. You are boring.
No. 65938
68 kB, 525 × 551
There's even a russian meme about it.
It's called "Thermorectal Cryptoanalysis"
No. 65952
>the only reason you haven't been flagged is because you do nothing of interest

Also the lack of personal to look through all the piles of informationAI clustered as potentionally releavnt. And if someone is interesting they seem to just watch those people to get even more interesting information.
No. 65960
Store any and all private data on a private server (rent something cheap for 5 bucks a month), restrict access to an SSH key that you store on two USB thumb drives (or remember a proper passphrase if you want to avoid the USB drives).

Once over the border, buy a new phone and rsync the data to it.

Clear the phone before travelling over the next border and either keep the phone for travelling or sell it and repeat the procedure for each travel. After passing borders like those of the US and China, where you (may) have to hand over your phone, you can no longer consider the phone secure. And no, wiping the drive or re-installing the OS is no guarantee.

On the other hand, phones can generally not be considered secure due to hardware backdoors, so why bother.

If you actually care about security, do what >>65931 said and don't bring a phone.
No. 65969
> rent something cheap for 5 bucks a month
You have no control over something you don't own. If you need a server you have to own the hardware, otherwise you can't control it. You then configure the server before you send it to the data center. Also you can't have anything remote access like IPMI because those are full of security holes bigger then a gay elephants ass.
No. 65978
Use case and threat vectors. I don't think that's proportionate to OPs situation.
No. 65997
The best phone security is not to have any phone. Period.
The innocent looking phone in your hands in fact change your life in a bad way.
You don't have time to reflect on your life. Why? Because you check your fucking phone every time you get a chance. It distracts you attention from deep thinking which is very important for a human being. You have to have time to think! Not to say read a book. Reflection is an important part of your life and your phone steal it from you.
No. 66077
Why not just use another phone for vacation?