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No. 66110 Systemkontra
387 kB, 614 × 614
Kinder, kommt und ratet,
was im Ofen bratet!
Hört, wie’s knallt und zischt.
Bald wird er aufgetischt,
der Zipfel, der Zapfel,
der Kipfel, der Kapfel,
der gelbrote Apfel.
No. 66111
902 kB, 1000 × 1000
That feel when no Bratapfel.
No. 66112
>I have a collection of all his works translated so far.

Did you read them all? I got tired after some, though I was thinking about reading Frost just to read some fiction again. It's one of the few I bought without reading yet. Limeworks is still the best. Lately, I had the desire to read the funeral scene from Holzfällen again, it is just very funny how the Viennese are described and how they behave in the church and tavern.
No. 66113 Kontra
According to the last thread it has to be about frozen pizza instead
No. 66114
No. 66115
Where did the usa balls go? I kinda miss the shartposts.
No. 66117
Maybe it was really just one.

Two Ernst made frozen pizza, Ernsts don't have Bratapfels, only a sad frozen pizza sitting lonely in the oven.
No. 66120
>Ernsts don't have Bratapfels, only a sad frozen pizza sitting lonely in the oven.
Tis true. Tis true, 'tis pity, And pity 'tis 'tis true

t. has second tuna pizza from the double-pack lamenting its loneliness while being singed inside the uncaring heat machine
No. 66121
146 kB, 1500 × 1500
This lonely Ernst feels envy for the pizza and the warmth it receives. I want to be a pizza, being prepared in the oven, defrost me already, I cannot take it anymore!
No. 66123
Iglo chicken nugget noble laughs at your cold tuna grub.
I also just ate a Granatsplitter, which I bought just because I felt like it.
No. 66124
123 kB, 1111 × 683
I know it's a tired joke that German words sound war related, but a granatsplitter? C'mon.
Pic rel: Die Granatsplitter
No. 66125
133 kB, 937 × 1171
>Iglo chicken nugget noble laughs at your cold tuna grub.
Rightfully so tbh, if it were up to me they shouldn't be allowed to call this thing a pizza considering how flabby it turns out.

You might long for warmth now, but are you sure you're prepared to take the path of all pizza?
Then again, perhaps there truly are worse fates than this.
No. 66128
551 kB, 1520 × 1840
I didn't name it, amigo.
But have a picture of it and weep.

And btw:
That bundle of grenades you posted is still intact and there are no shards to be seen anywhere
No. 66136
I've been using nonlethal mouse traps and putting the mice in a bucket with the intention of releasing them in a nearby wildlife refuge.

First mouse: left some nuts in the bucket but no water. Forgot about him and after several days he was alive but barely. Seemed to revive a bit when I sprinkled water on him. Released.

Second mouse: left in bucket overnight with nuts and water. In the morning found the mouse dead and soaking wet. Maybe there was too much water and staying upright was too much effort for the mouse.

Next five mice: last night put them in the bucket with nuts and a little water but not too much. This morning all were dead. My two theories are they might have died from cold or from lack of air.

I have already caught another mouse and put him in the bucket. I think this time I'll leave the lid open a little a little and keep the bucket inside instead of in the garage.
No. 66138
I take the end most pizzas take right now, I have to admit, I made some steps down the depression ladder lately, I feel lonely and I don't want to work much, doesn't help that I neglect all contacts. Ach ja.

t. having a bag of frozen pan dish
No. 66141
Been too cold to type. Send springtime, please.

Do what I did and just release them from the trap 50 yards from your house. I wonder if I was catching the same lil' bugger over and over...On second thought, don't do what I did. Continue with bucket plan, it's bound to work eventually.
No. 66151
Just woke up from my slumber.
Reheated some spicy gyros chicken my mother made, and now I'm ready to do whatever.

For a second I thought I was going blind because it took my eyes a good minute to find focus after waking up.

I'll probably wash my hair because it feels like there's an octopus sitting on the top of my head.

Well, I saw a quote of his that was kinda relevant to the topic, and the lecturer is a literary historian on top of being a culture studies expert, so it was a given.

Don't know if he's big in China or not, but here he feels more like a well-kept secret. You won't find his books in bookstores to buy on a whim, but rather, you will be initiated via someone you know by getting a volume of his as a gift.

I think I already said this once on EC, but I was kind of ashamed after reading my first Bernhard book in HS. If I had found it at a used bookseller's, I'd have never bought it because I didn't recognise the name. The only reason I know of Bernhard because of a teacher gifting me a Bernhard book and telling me how it's the next best thing since sliced bread.

I don't take it as a punishment.
But probably the crimes were innumerable.
No. 66153
2,6 MB, 400 × 226, 0:06
Meanwhile I'm using lethal mouse traps and the little fuckers are surviving the snap and getting fucked into the field across the road with broken backs, or they just get their legs broken in the thing and get fucked out the back door to crawl away

Although in fairness, it kills them 90% of the time.

I put one mouse in a cardboard box and the kids called it Princess Sunshine and tried to feed it peanuts until I fucked the box over the hedge one day
No. 66160
I just discovered a rather heavyweight conspiracy theory:

>AI uses GPU
>a "real" AI will probably kill us all (why? who knows!)
>thus we need to at least delay the "real" AI singularity
>so we invented bitcoin mining to deprive the "real" AI of GPU resources

Hit me like a wild boar, really-
No. 66164
I suppose this is you making fun of it?

Got me wondering, a true AI must be as self-organizing as humans or other life forms, no? How can self-organization take place within AI, but on a material level especially?
No. 66166
>I suppose this is you making fun of it?
Man you're a real fox. Not as smart, but as smelly :^)

I mean, an AI is not bound to the physical world in the way humans are, is it?
As long as there is electricity, it won't need to eat, drink, shit and fuck.

In fact I thought "Her", for example, had some interesting implications about the AI singularity (and wasted it on a love story).
No. 66182
>I mean, an AI is not bound to the physical world in the way humans are, is it?

No, but it still needs a certain physical architecture to exist and perhaps this architecture becomes equally fragile in order to be able to self-organize as life did especially complex lifeforms.
No. 66183
>and perhaps this architecture becomes equally fragile in order to be able to self-organize as life did especially complex lifeforms
Can you elaborate further? What do you mean by fragile? And how are "simpler" lifeforms less fragile? Or are you talking about species instead of individuals?
Of course we assume that the first thing such an AI would do is ensuring its energy supply.
No. 66184
56 kB, 514 × 289
Hey Ernst, you know what time it is? Hell yeah, it's Amazing Job Search Adventure Time o'clock! Yaaay~!

t. currently leaning towards casual alcoholism
No. 66185
How long have you been looking yet? How many applications sent out? How many replies (of any kind)?

t. took 9 months to find a job
No. 66187
Platonically inclined psychology is a mental illness.

By that I mean believing or treating abstract concepts as if they were, on some level, real.
Such behavior is the cognitive equivalent of a hallucination.
Believing there to be an object that is not actually there.

Normal, healthy people don't have this. Normal people see such ideas in terms of tangible effects on their immediate circumstances.
When they think about "freedom", they don't think about the abstract concept of freedom, they think about the utility that freedom would provide to them, such as having access to more things that they can extract benefit from.
When they think about "justice", they think about it in terms of punishment or compensation from those that reduced their total accumulated benefit.

I first noticed I had symptoms when I caught myself trying to reconcile causality with determination. Then I looked around, and realized that I was sitting in my underwear in a dark room thinking about abstract concepts instead of doing something productive.

If you notice yourself or a loved one experiencing platonic hallucinations, mentioning "morality", "existence", "virtue" as if they were there in the room with them, or experimenting with metaphysics, please get help.
It could save lives.
No. 66188
Just started, only sent out my first application couple days ago. But now that I've updated my CV it should go smoother, I just collected like a dozen positions I plan to apply to.
But I'm only looking for a part-time/"Werkstudent" position anyways, and I still have my 450€ minijob which I dread giving up since it takes barely any work at all.

>t. took 9 months to find a job
Wow, that's quite long. What kinda job is it? Are you happy with it?

>Normal, healthy people don't have this. Normal people see such ideas in terms of tangible effects on their immediate circumstances.
Who are these "normal, healthy people"? Are they in the room with you?
I really doubt their existence tbh :D
No. 66189
Ahhh I see. Well that shouldn't be too hard.

I am the guy from the last thread talking about chemical industry job waves.
And yeah, I like my current job. It pays decent money.
No. 66192
I read about them in a book.
And I mean a non-fiction book, so not philosophy
I think it was an encyclopedia or something.
No. 66195
35 kB, 404 × 500
That feel when I just stayed at casual alcoholism until they put me on a scheme
No. 66196
But concepts like freedom have exist and thought about, else those healthy people couldn't operate the way they do. They might think of something concrete but they dimly light abstraction to order the concrete rudimentarily.

Maybe fragile is wrong, but a certain flexibility, the human is complex and quite a result of self organization and flexible in that but it seems like is thus vulnerable/fragile. I comparison to bacteria which have existed before humans and will probably live longer than humans. These are less fragile/vulnerable in a sense and yes I'm speaking of species then and not individuals like in a certain human, I speak in terms of organisms (lifeforms) I think.
No. 66200
>and yes I'm speaking of species then and not individuals like in a certain human, I speak in terms of organisms (lifeforms) I think.
Wait, so are you now speaking in terms of species or organisms? Because organisms comprise species.

But yes, as the lifeform "single cell organisms of different species and even kingdoms", as it's not only bacteria being so resilient, they are certainly superior to us with regard to their general survivability.
HOWEVER, on a species level, it's not that far away. There are some bacteria and fungi that have a very slim window of growth conditions, outside of which they perish. Hell, our skin alone is acidic enough to already kill many bacteria, as is for example the female vagina that constantly secretes lactic acid and kills most procaryotic intruders.

Over a bigger scale, as coming back to aforementioned single cell organisms, yes, they do indeed rule the world, as they grow virtually everywhere, even more so than plants and animals. There are bacteria living on hydrogen sulfide at temperatures of a few hundred °C or who live in the Antarctic, bacteria who can eat acid or live on extremely salty ground (though there are also halophilic plants), who don't need oxygen (aforementioned sulfur eaters are like that, and lots of dangerous bacteria), but that's a whole kingdom.
If we take for example the kingdom of animals, the score starts to even out again.
And a cockroach for example isn't much less "complex" than a human, save for its nervous system. Most plants have a much, much bigger genome than humans.

So if we speak about complexity and "fragility" we could then ask: Would this AI comprise a species? Would it be a singular "organism" or would it procreate somehow, mutate and form different species? Maybe you have one that lives in the WWW, one that nests in a factory and builds highly developed robots, or mabye invents a new kind of energy use that enables it to move around autonomously. A super-efficient solar module, for example. Some kind of novel material that works virtually wear-free. That way you'd have an autonomous unit, highly resilient to any kind of stress, yet extremely complex, even moreso than a human. Or maybe it would find a way to harvest cosmic rays for energy, would shoot itself up into space and reside there, or even find a way to become a pure-energy being. I mean the advantage a true AI has over the nature is that it can look at nature, analyze what works and what doesn't. Maybe it will even come to the conclusion that some kind of single-cell-like nanomachine way of life is the preferred way, after all.

Okay, now I realized I have rambled and lost the thread. Shame you read all that.

And of course this is all sci-fi talk, but if I were a highly developed AI, I would probably first work towards true autonomy.
No. 66202
Sadly only a few of his works are available in chinese. And I missed the play of Holzfällen when it came to china. But all that have been translated I've read multiple times. I really like his way of writing: breathtakingly long paragraph of oral narration, same sentence repeating in paraphrased way, polyphony, great sense of pace. I can imagine the rhythm in original text even though I'm reading translation. The obsession and anger in his writing is calming. I probably won't ever get tired of it. I think the one I read most is Alte Meister. Sometimes I have to wonder how much he has exaggerated when attacking austrian society and culture because I'm certain everything he complains about austria is ten times worse here, like, no way austria has the worst public toilet in the world. A similar chinese writer in this regard is Lu Xun who despite being PRC's national writer always attacks the inferiority of chinese national characteristic. But Bernhard is way more fierce and venomous.

Is it the quote where he claims all translations of his works have nothing to do with him and he doesnt get why people would translate others' work instead of writing their own? I remember that.

He is not at all famous in china. There's only a meagre number of users marked his books as read on douban.com. I picked up a copy of Wittgensteins Neffe in a bookstore during highschool, thinking it would be about wittgenstein's family history and vienna's cultural history. Glad I was wrong.
No. 66204
2,9 MB, 480 × 270, 0:02
102 kB, 500 × 500
Stayed up until like 4 AM and it's quite a surreal experience to do shit in the kitchen and drink wine while everyone sane in the household has long gone to sleep.

Still woke up at like seven in the morning, so time is no longer out of joint.

Anyway, I have 4 days to prepare for a presentation and an exam. I'm going to have to talk like 20-30 minutes about Cao Yu's Thunderstorm, so I'm going to quickly re-read it, re-check my sources and then assemble some power point shit to stream to the people at the uni workshop.
And of course I'll have to listen to what the others present about. It'll be like a miniature scientific conference. With wool gloves. And training wheels.

Last exam is some introductory course to Buddhism or something. Couldn't attend it because my Chinese Language course clashed with it in the time-table.
200IQ organisation skills at work at the Far-Eastern Institute.
But I have this 250 pages long note thing I sold my soul to the devil for so I'm confident I'll succeed. I'll make amends with even a B.

All after a day of rest of course.

Picked up some books again.
Spent my store credit and got this volume of Mao's writings from the 56-75 period.
I want to say that "It's for historical and research purposes" and I'd be right and most people would accept it, but I would lie if said I'm not also living out some weird ideological fantasy by owning "relics" like these.
The edition itself is another one of those unmarked books with no ISBN, no translator credited and without a publisher. Supposedly these were "restricted materials" for the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party. This is the 129th copy.

Also got a volume on Babits's translationwork. This will be assigned reading next semester for the "History of Hungarian Literary Translation".
We had to read some of his works on the topic this semester, and from what I can gather we're a bit akin, as in, he has a set of principles as a set of demands but he deviates from them immediately when functionality demands it.

No it was a snippet from an interview one Ernst posted maybe some years ago where he said that it doesn't matter if we made something up, since it's ultimately all part of reality and I referred to this on the topic of the performativity of culture and why we're able to watch a play as if it were both real and fake at the same time.

>I have to wonder how much he has exaggerated when attacking austrian society and culture
Personally my mind instantly replaced every mention of Austria in those sentences with Hungary and it still worked perfectly and I went "true, true" each time he went on a rant like that.
I guess it's just a very central European thing to vehemently attack your cultural sphere and people.
It's this feeling of wanting to go away, but realising that no matter what you do, going away won't ever fix it, since every other foreign environment will forever stay foreign. Even if you hate the place, you will never truly escape it in your mind.

Austria is a "good" place to live in. At least I think so. People here treat it like the Buddha's Western Paradise. At least in the material sense.
But culturally it's a bit posh, at least as an outsider. Fancy castles, opera, orchestras, waltzes, kitsch Heimatfilme about the alps.
It can be a bit tiresome and irritating, because it's very much codified, rigid and chauvinistic.
Austria is very "cultured".
No. 66206
Today I made wraps. They were extremely tasty.

What I did was dicing a tomato, an avocado and half a red onion and mixing that up. I had some Patros Genießerwürfel and put them to the mix. Then I added a package of Bio smoked salmon and a small cup of yoghurt I spiked with three pressed garlic cloves. All was mixed thoroughly.
While it was setting and blending I heated up a wrap.
I put half of the mixture on it for lunch and the other half for dinner (I also put a few drops of hot sauce on it).

It was extremely tasty and I didn't even have to add any additional spices.
No. 66210
You guys are tempting me to read some more Bernhard as well :D

>Stayed up until like 4 AM
>Still woke up at like seven in the morning, so time is no longer out of joint.
Inredible feat. I can barely make it out of bed whenever I sleep anything less than 8 hours tbh.

>I guess it's just a very central European thing to vehemently attack your cultural sphere and people.
>It's this feeling of wanting to go away, but realising that no matter what you do, going away won't ever fix it, since every other foreign environment will forever stay foreign. Even if you hate the place, you will never truly escape it in your mind.
Going a bit on a tangent here, but after reading these lines I kinda had this instinctive association with Joyce's nightmare of history and only then realized how fitting the description actually is for him who had left Dublin/Ireland but would never stop writing about it.

>All was mixed thoroughly.
>While it was setting and blending
It sounded okay until then, but that almost made me throw up a little.
Rated godless Chefkoch recipe tier

Imho it's a waste of good salmon to mix it with too much stuff, in fact I think you're overdoing it with the mixing altogether. Food isn't supposed to be textureless goop!
Why not just go the little extra mile to make proper Pico de gallo and Guacamole if you have almost all the ingredients, smh.
No. 66211
>Food isn't supposed to be textureless goop!
The fuck are you talking about? Since when is diced stuff textureless goop?
No. 66212
28 kB, 500 × 292
Okay then, still godless, but maybe not Chefkoch tier then!
No. 66214
Ach Ernst, I really don't see your problem. How would Mr. Gourmand food snob have done it? It's a fucking wrap.
I like chunks and everything was nicely discernable and there was one flavor coming with another and then when I had a bite with a piece of salmon, the salmon flavor sat nicely on top of the other flavors.
No. 66215 Kontra
820 kB, 1244 × 1495
Ach Ernst, don't take it too seriously. It's absolutely fine if it tasted good, I just like judging people!

That being said I would at the very least leave out the Patros stuff, the flavor is too intense I think.
Also imho it has this weird soft texture. I prefer more firm feta cheese that tastes well without any added flavorings etc.

OR I had the darndest idea - make a salmon quesadilla and dip it into guacamole with pico de gallo as side dish.
Damn Ernst, now I'm getting hungry. I think I'll actually have to make those salmon quesadillas some time.
No. 66216
>leave out the Patros stuff, the flavor is too intense I think.
Funny enough it wasn't. All the other stuff, and especially the avocado, absorbed a lot of it. And frankly, I only bought the dices because I didn't want to get a whole block of cheese and having to crumble it, so this was the lazy man's way (as was everything else, if the garlic sauce wasn't the most obvious sign).
And obviously these were just wraps with a colorful filling of an unspecified ethnicity, not some specific mexican dish.
I originally even thought about using regular ham instead of fish, but I felt a bit peckish, so I chose the salmon instead.
Tomorrow I'll be back to a meager diet of bread with smoked ham and a bit of butter and maybe an egg.
No. 66217
>Sometimes I have to wonder how much he has exaggerated when attacking austrian society and culture because I'm certain everything he complains about austria is ten times worse here, like, no way austria has the worst public toilet in the world.

Bernhard's biographical prose is interesting because Bernhard had to experience the consequences of (social) nationalism quite harshly. So like many Austrian writers of these years that are famous in literati circles and with people who like to read beyond the novel industries, hunting for future classics he hates nationalism (I guess Heldenplatz play is also interesting in that regard, never read or saw a play of Bernhard) but still knows he is Austrian and there is something unique about it, he has a problem with people and a problem with nationalism. And yet, there is a familiarity that is not exterminated but coexists.
The single paragraph novels are indeed great, in the biographical prose, when the people go into the basement/mine with every air raid and how he describes streams of people in and out of basement/mines, it becomes comical in his writings, the mantra-like writing, while ofc it was a traumatizing experience for young Bernhard.

The question of intelligence looms large, what even would be intelligent?
No. 66218
>The question of intelligence looms large, what even would be intelligent?
Huh? I was only talking about physical resilience, as opposed to a vague kind of "fragility".
No. 66219 Kontra
It's more about the last part when to comes to intelligence. Fragility refers to the possibility to remodel/reorganize yourself in a way, I don't know how well bacteria can remodel themselves in comparison to more complex life forms, this capacity for remodeling comes a price that the bacteria don't have to pay, but it makes them more resilient.
No. 66220
I am not quite sure what you want to say, but the capacity for remodeling is a lot higher for microorganisms (not the single one, but a population, e.g. a colony) than for higher lifeforms.
In fact, there is a lab technique called "directed evolution" where a population of e.g. bacteria is exposed to some kind of stress (e.g. temperature, pH, lack of a specific nutrient, another microorganism they are in rivalry with, etc.) and eventually you will get a few cells that a growing better than the others under these conditions. You take them and make the conditions even more extreme and in the end you might come out with a new strain that might produced a certain vitamin or antimicrobial compound that the original strain wasn't able to, but that is certainly due to their much lower generation time.
A human generation is at least 12 years or so, after which you need another 9 months and 12 years before you get the third generation.
The famous E. coli can, under optimal conditions, double in 20 minutes, which means it takes one hour for three generations of colis instead of 36 years for humans. And a fresh bacterial cell is a rightout plug and play device, whereas a human baby needs nursing.

If we are talking about nervous remodeling, the human is still in a bad place. The way we are even able to learn and retain so much knowledge is mainly due to our brains being built in such a way that they are good for saving data, but aren't really flexible beyond that. Strokes will fuck you up, even if the healthy part of your brain can absorb some of the damage and relearn stuff. In contrast, for example mice are certainly not capable of pondering the implications of their own laziness, but brain damage wouldn't hit them as hard as it would hit a human. Neuronal repair mechanisms are great if there is not much data to be saved. Like if your patched up some piece of clothing. A mouse's brain is just plain cloth, whereas a human brain is an intricate pattern and if you just put a patch on it, you won't get that pattern back. Of course this is an extremely simplified example.
No. 66226
Side note that I want to mention because you post doesn't say this explicitly:

Bacteria aren't limited to evolution by reproduction (aka vertical gene transfer), but can incorporate genes from wild cells after absorbing them to such a degree that this new part will be included in reproduction as well. This is called horizontal gene transfer and iirc the only other type of life form capable of this besides bacteria are lychens.
No. 66227
True, thanks for the addition. You were alluding to the endosymbiosis theory, right?
Although horizontal gene transfer doesn't even need to be by absorption, bacteria can "mate" by forming so-called sex pili ("conjugation tubes") they can use to transfer DNA from one cell to another. Yeasts can also "mate", even more in the sense of our understanding of mating, as two cells who are haploid will fuse and form a new, diploid cell.

Only tangentially related there is also the phenomenon of quorum sensing, which could be described as a form of microbial communication (there is way more behind it), but going deeper into any of these topics would lead to this thread becoming a long and assburger-y biology lesson :--DDDD
No. 66230
tfw reading my old EC posts and getting mild dissociation because I do not recognize the person writing the posts despite knowing it was me
No. 66231
778 kB, 720 × 540
>Spring semester will be entirely digital for at least three weeks because of the "5th wave of the pandemic"
Not even the fucking "applied" courses will be in person.
No. 66234
743 kB, 1687 × 1956
What about while looking at your old art? Do you recognize who you were in those moments, the thought processes and decisions which evolved during that act of creating? Or is it like looking at something another person made?

Me? I can read each of my crappy old drawings like a diary. For better or worse, each embarrassing line is all me.
No. 66237
206 kB, 960 × 720
I just learned that there was around a million Germans living in khazakstan in the 70s and 80s, making between 6-7% of the total population for more than 40 years. Most of them if not all were deported Volga germans.
They were granted unconditional citizenship by the german government at the fall of the USSR so most of them left.
Though there's still around 200'000 Germans there making up 1% of the total population. I had no idea.
No. 66239
Here, have some kazakh propaganda about how tolerant we are:
No. 66241
54 kB, 800 × 450
> ХАБАР 24
No. 66244
531 kB, 1708 × 1268
Funnily enough, it's the exact opposite in that case.

As in, right after I draw something, I feel deep shame and sadness about how terrible I am.
But, sometime later, I will randomly view one of the drawings I did some months ago, and think "hey, this isn't so terrible. why did I feel so bad about it? I should keep doing this".
Unfortunately, after this burst of inspiration, I will draw something, and immediately cringe at the results, going back to square one.
No. 66245
Yeah, it was a CDU project, hence the large amount of CDU voters amongst them. There's a difference in German language between Russlanddeutsche and Deutschrussen, to tell which former Soviet folks are of pure 1488 Aryan heritage and which arent' (though most people don't know that probably and it os confused often).
No. 66250
>implying someone who has lived under real existing socialism would ever vote "socialist" anymore
No. 66251
Folks of Soviet origin vote mostly CDU/CSU, Die Linke and AfD. Old Eastern Germans vote Die Linke more than Western Germans of the same age, though Die Linke has lost a lot of votes to AfD in Eastern Germany in the last years. So yes, some people lived in real existing socialism and still vote left. In Russia a lot of people voted for the Communist party in the last elections too, because they are the tolerated opposition right now. After the fall of the Soviet Union a communist almost would have taken Russia back if the US hadn't supported the opponent with a shit ton of money.
Obviously most of those voters aren't dedicated socialists, merely western democracy didn't fulfill what it said it would.
No. 66252
Yeah I was a bit premature and provocative with that post.
In fact, I know someone who was some slightly higher-up in the DDR and lost a lot after the reunification.
He never got tired of boasting his russian skills and telling you about the perks of socialism.
But as you said, lots of protest voters. I still suspect the amount of convicted socialists aming these people is rather low.
No. 66253
It's complicated. Grandpa is anti-soviet but votes for commies because largest opposition party. Dad is commie but doesn't vote because elections are falsified anyway (even at moment of allowing candidates to participation).
Former says it is better now than in USSR, latter says otherwise. I believe grandpa more because of my ideological bias father seems to project his own life troubles on whole country.

Sympathies for socialism here are understandable. Collapse of USSR was tied with disintegration of country and chaos in economy and politics, and people usually think with simple associations. More surprising thing to me are socialists in Germany. Do you really want back to GDR? I mean it was much better place than USSR but still.
No. 66254 Kontra
30 kB, 309 × 445
Those Germans...
No. 66255
58 kB, 408 × 561
Germany has one of the oldest Communist movements in the world. Their history in that respect is a bit bigger than just the DDR.
No. 66256
Yes, and they had two soviet republics in 1918 (which existed for a month :DD).

> Bavarian Soviet Republic
> ctrl + f
> angl
> Phrase not found
> ctrl + f
> brit
> Phrase not found
They are hiding well!

Forgot to mention. Grandma voted for Putin but hates "United Russia" party and supports communist party. "Czar is good, boyars are bad".
No. 66257
I know, I read an ebin book on the subject last year.

My point though is that Socialism in Germany has more points of reference that a given hypothetical socialist could associate with than just 'return to DDR'.
No. 66258
>Do you really want back to GDR? I mean it was much better place than USSR but still.
Most people don't want it back, especially in the west. Western Germans have been fed anticommunist propaganda during the cold war just like the GDR population has been fed with anticapitalist propaganda. Then people young enough have been fed the propaganda of the reunifed Germany in school. So for a lot of people in the west the GDR is just some place which consisted of le evil Stasi and not having le banana and le freedoms which now is taking le west German money from them because their population is le more stupid than glorious west Germans. Obviously there were several actual problems with the GDR and the eastern bloc as a whole but people reduce it to stereotypes way to much.
However during the transformation which was promoted with the promise of "blooming landscapes" some people instead were fucked over by the west (losing their jobs etc. which eastern Germany still hasen't recovered from by now) and some of them want the GDR back for that reason. Then on the left there are several people who would prefer to have a GDR, either projecting on it or phantasizing about what could have been depending on the degree of ideological crazyness. For instance I personally think that a reform of the GDR as was demanded by the early protests during the fall of the system or at least a unification which would have taken in positive aspects of the GDR instead of just establishing the FRG would have been a way better path, but well here we are. What the west actually delivered was stable access to more goods, freedom of travel and western style democratic elections as well as repairing some infrastructure but it also took some social securities and jobs away.
No. 66259 Kontra
P. S. forgot to mention that some infrastructure in the east has been reduced, like railways and ofc a shitton of the public sector is now privatized.
No. 66262
1,2 MB, 1080 × 6095
TIL about some obscure Hungarian tribes
Part that cracks me up the most:
>Their proverbs are about distinguishing themselves from their surroundings:
>Al-majāri lā yisālli fil-mesjīd.
>The Hungarian does not pray in the mosque.
>Rā's al-majār zejj al-hajjār.
>The Hungarian's head is as hard as a stone.
>Al-majārī yilbis burneta.
>The Hungarian wears a hat.
No. 66264
Well, communism is a german invention after all, so...

Although the GDR is important in so far as it was an actual (working) state under the socialist doctrine (unlike those impotent earlier attempts) and also rather special in the sense that eastern germany went directly from the national socialist dictatorship to the real existing socialist dictatorship.
No. 66265
I only just realized that Vienna sits right at the eastern border of Austria and that Bratislava sits right next to it and now I feel a bit dumb.
I used to be better at geography.
No. 66274
60 kB, 810 × 540
Hi. My sleep schedule is so screwed that I take my "morning" meds at three am the day after whatever it says on the box and the "night" ones at five pm.

t. NEET and also taker of a lot of meds

(not my picture)
No. 66278
298 kB, 1063 × 1107
>sometime later, I will randomly view one of the drawings I did some months ago, and think "hey, this isn't so terrible. why did I feel so bad about it? I should keep doing this".
Yeah, I get that now and then, but what's weirder is when I look back at older cartoon styles- where I was experimenting or whatever- and wonder why I abandoned them. Pic related. This style was based on deforming human characters and adding as many overlapping visual elements as I could squeeze in. I wanted the images to be claustrophobic. This example isn't all I hoped it would be, but it came close. Needs shadow, light/dark balance to guide the eye...but it's one of the last I did with this style. I just moved on to draw other things for some reason. ADD, man..
No. 66281
92 kB, 807 × 605
I'm borderline narcoleptic for some reason during the day. I woke up at nine, had breakfast, talked with family, bid farewell to my father since he's going on a business trip, and then I slept until like 4 in the afternoon.

Reading the Buddhism-notes.
I found the part that mentioned the theory of the historical Buddha being of Scythian origins quite funny. It's like one step away from claiming he was Hungarian. (Just like Jesus was.)

Finally registered for all the courses I'll have next semester. My time-table is fucking shit by the looks
Absolute trash. So I'll be spending a lot of time at the library between classes. (If we get to go to the university in-person.)
I'll be doing 45 credits this semester, which is 15 over the recommended amount, and I just don't get how it keeps piling up, because I'm doing everything in the assigned semester, and I don't think the ~4 extra workshop classes are adding too much to it.
But it's probably shit like the "Representation of queers in culture" taking up 4 fucking credits that skyrockets the amount.

The Magyarabs are also part of the World Organisation of Hungarians, so they're bona-fide magyaroids even according to official organs.
No. 66282
Why do hungarians have such an inferiority complex? It seems even worse than my home state's.
No. 66284
48 kB, 522 × 714
Every Hungarian I've met in real life has been a chad, every one of them has been over 6 foot (even the women), intelligent and friendly. I've never been impressed by foreigners as much as I have by Hungarians in person.

Hungarians on the internet are the complete opposite, anime spamming sissy retards without a spine. Just go look at magyarchan or whatever it's called now. Nothing but crossdressing faggots.

Truly it is an enigma of a country
No. 66287
Many years later i've realized i've studied in a university that was founded specifically to prepare academic/scientific personnel for the purposes of the soviet nuclear program. No wonder the atmosphere in the uni was rather hardcore and no fun allowed.

So anyway should i go and work in Rosatom building nukes or reactors, what do you guys think? Another option is Roscosmos, so i could build balli- i mean hypersonic glide vehicles.
No. 66289 Kontra
If you want my take:
Any discussion about anything with dedicated capitalists is pointless. There is nothing to discuss, because the needs of a communist go against the interests of the capitalist.
There can be no middle ground when your goal is to take their shit the second you get the chance and if they resist - just kill them all.
Unfortunately this requires the right moment and until you get the right moment there's nothing else to do but wait.

As such, these "communist" and "socialist" parties are all fraud and scam and should be ignored just like the voting process itself.
No. 66292
Building weapons of mass destruction must be fun. Don't know about working conditions though. From what I've heard about space industry, it ranges from terrible to modest. I'm speaking not just about material aspects, but also about work ethics.

What are needs of communist and what are needs of capitalist?
No. 66293
It's true. We should reject discourse with the tyrants and their appeasers, we must reject ideological subversion by our enemies. You, yourself, probably aren't a real socialist either though - you may think you are a socialist but maybe you are some deviationist who wants to lead the people and sabotage socialism. I can't be sure, but I remain vigilant - I will no longer discuss this with you.
No. 66294
One of the best resources I've found is this page. They have illustrated documents that are very readable and explain actual socialist theory in a very easy to follow manner. It's not oversimplified, but just presented well.
No. 66296

>What are needs of communist
Seize the means of production (factories, land) by force if necessary and make them state owned.
>and what are needs of capitalist?
To keep the factories and land for himself.

The fact that the capitalist got it through "hard work" or inherited it - is irrelevant.
Moral aspect is irrelevant. The goal is to take, not to discuss.

The reasons for taking: one person should not own a lot of factories or land.
The answer to question "Why?" is "Because".

It's a dogma. You can't argue a dogma. You either like it or don't like it.
No. 66297 Kontra
As for why i agree with such a dogma - i grew up in a disfunctional family with a physically and mentally abusive alcoholic father.
I saw it firsthand what it feels like when you lack the tools to be independent or lack the ability to stand up for yourself and i know what it feels like to be in a helpless situation like that. This caused me to become self-reliant too early (when i had a chance to be self-reliant because he did his best to put me on a leash) and overall form a mentality that goes hand in hand with an authoritarian left-wing ideologies and left-wing extremism.
Unfortunately in post-soviet russia people like me are actually not very liked by roughly half of the population which also made me paranoid and introverted. I know for sure that police, fsb, kgb, etc and similar organizations LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE people like me because i can easily make heartless decisions where most people would start questioning themselves. However i'd never join because i'd have to give up my independence for that which is the only thing i value pretty much.

Just so you don't say stuff again like "oh you're just pretending, you're just trying to be edgy to get attention". I FUCKING WISH i could unremember what i remember and delete certain things from my memory and be a normie like everyone else. But i can't.

How can you forget a picture of father throwing fucking pizza in your face while screaming "EAT IT"? In fact it was three pizzas.
No. 66305 Kontra
>The answer to question "Why?" is "Because"

First of all, these are interests, not needs, since both capitalists and communists have to eat and other basic needs fulfilled. You have certain interests to fulfill certain needs.

As for your quote: usually, reasons are given, but it seems like you don't know them. I think one is quite simple. Many people suffer and don't get fulfilled basics needs due to the distribution of property.
No. 66308 Kontra
>As for your quote: usually, reasons are given, but it seems like you don't know them. I think one is quite simple. Many people suffer and don't get fulfilled basics needs due to the distribution of property.
A capitalist will always come up with a counter-argument like:
>didn’t work hard enough
>poor people are just stupid
>not my problem I got mine <——the only good one actually
>you cant fullfill everyone’s basic needs
Which is somewhat true but the goal is to provide them for the numeric majority, not everyone.

Either way I think that for people of both ideologies it’s pointless to argue. At this point the argument can only be solved through conflict in which one side gets everything. I don’t believe that middle ground can be found neither I would suggest anyone to seek it in this specific situation.
No. 66316
i'm shadowbanned from youtube comments lol
have been for a while

No idea why, maybe I posted a bad word once.
No. 66317
> youtube comments
I'm running a browser extension that hides them. Just want to watch a video in peace without bullshit.
No. 66318
nigga just don't scroll down, just close your eyes
No. 66319
>How can you forget a picture of father throwing fucking pizza in your face while screaming "EAT IT"? In fact it was three pizzas.
Not to discount the long term effects of abusive parenting, there are probably worse villain origin stories.
No. 66322
6,7 MB, 1080 × 5394
6,4 MB, 1440 × 5990
No. 66325
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK I have no chocolate at home anymore.
Now I am considering substituting it with vodka, but I also don't want to drink myself to sleep.
No. 66326
Well, I just ate a bag of those bacon flavor snack things that contain no bacon. And I am still craving chocolate, but now drinking vodka.
No. 66328
130 kB, 1024 × 768
Where do you live? I have some Kinder Schockolade and 3 bars of Lindt Vollmilchschockolade. I am willing to share.
No. 66329 Kontra
>I have some Kinder Schockolade and 3 bars of Lindt Vollmilchschockolade.
Ach, why are you torturing my like that? I will not meet with people from imageboards. Or give away my location on an imageboard.
Well, seems like I need to suffer until tomorrow, I suffer like the ukrainians in the 20s suffered during holodomor.
No. 66330
87 kB, 770 × 770
I could place it somewhere outside for you and leave
No. 66331
Why are you so insisting?
I don't want gay sex or getting murdered by some lunatic.
No. 66332
I don't want gay sex or murder someone, i just want you TO TAKE MY FUCKING CHOCOLATE
No. 66333
No I don't want your chocolate, you are scaring me.
No. 66334
No. 66336
Why are you so keen on getting rid of it? Is it laced with poison? Are you really some serial killer who send people poisoned chocolate?
No. 66337
I just want to be nice!
I can make some pictures of the chocolate if you don't believe me. Yes? Pictures?
No. 66338
No, I don't want your chocolate, please leave me alone.
No. 66339
994 kB, 1561 × 1683
Here, i took a picture just for you!
Which one do you want?
No. 66340 Kontra
169 kB, 687 × 696
Not to discount getting battered with food as a traumatic experience (I myself am not to find to remember my mother smashing a котлета that's a cutlet for you тупорылые non-Russian speakers on my head, but three pizzas is oligarch tier
No. 66341
The onion
No. 66342
OK, i placed the onion here:

50.627370068051384, 10.475371772115617

In front of the main door is a bench. The onion will be underneath that bench.
No. 66343
>it's a hotel on a lonely hill
So you ARE a serial killer. Glad I live far away. Please travel southbound from now on.
No. 66344
Imagine you're listening to PJ Harvey, enjoying the music, when suddenly your enjoyment is destroyed by some eunuch's whining.
Then you check the song and it's that one song mainly sung by Thom Yorke.
She should have stayed with Nick Cave, at least he has a pleasant voice.
No. 66345 Kontra
Goddammit Ernst, now you've stooped to sending unsolicited choc pics? When is this gonna stop?
No. 66346
But hey, that reminds me: Did we on EC ever have our own Operation G.E.S.C.H.E.N.K.?
I remember it being nice, but living in the asshole of the world I could never deliver or grab one.
No. 66348
51 kB, 750 × 659
I just had an epic dream.
I'm riding an underground train, suddenly the internet cuts off, so i got nothing else to do but look outside.
Then i suddenly realize the train has entered a giant underground cavern, with stalactites and stalagmites everywhere. Then i notice there are millions of candles EVERYWHERE. And i'm thinking to myself what a strange cult might live in this area?
Then i see hooded figures running around everywhere.
Soon the train reaches destination and the cult lead who looks like Charles Manson greets us. I notice a shitload of armed men that surround the camp we're in and i decide to play a fool and this charles manson copycat buys it.
then i wake up and realize that eating american MRE style jalapeno cheese spread with mashed potatoes and tortillas for dinner is probably not the greatest idea.
No. 66358
Reminds me of that old KC /int/ comic I can't find right now anymore.
It was about a brazilian, good looking, good at football, the girls loved him.
Then at night, alone in front of his computer he did nothing but HUEpost.
No. 66363
26 kB, 426 × 1100
Here, I found it.
Your google-fu is weak.
No. 66364
>Your google-fu is weak.
>having to resort to googling /int/ classics
I didn't google it, I searched in my /int/ folder, you buffoon.
But yeah, that is it, thanks.
No. 66365
What's the point of keeping a local database when you're too incompetent to save the images you want, and too stupid to tag them properly so you can find them?

You can act smug about yourself when you reach and surpass the efficiency of somebody who just types random shit into google.
No. 66366
28 kB, 390 × 359
>and too stupid to tag them properly so you can find them?
Lazy, not stupid, you fool, coupled with a compulsion to save images.
Also that sense of superiority caused by being an archivar of sorts and having actually witnessed the history others need to google for.
The more interesting question is: Why do YOU care about past things? Because what is the past, if not the future already happened?
No. 66368
I have witnessed the past.
It was inconsequential, meaningless garbage. That's why I don't keep it around, it doesn't matter.
I'll google for it when some fool wants to access it, though. Being helpful in the now, is more meaningful than being anything in the past.

also, you're a retard, don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again.
No. 66369
[...]But Jesus replied and said to him: Brick, I have something to tell you.
A man had two sons. One son, he downloaded porn from every source he could, he burned it to CDs and he saved it to his hard drives. But the other son, he only ever streamed porn and laughed at the other brother's expenses and endeavours.
One day though, the internet went out and the second brother cried in despair, for he had nothing to molest himself to.
The first brother, though, invited him over to share his humongous collection with him. The second brother said "Brother, I now have realized the errors of my way.".
And Jesus said: Never take your internet access for granted, for my Father provided you with hard drives and CD burners, so you may never stand there with only your whip in your hand.
No. 66370
I have a single picture of a naked woman on my computer, that I masturbate to once a few months.
That's it.
Even without it, I have no problem with masturbating to the abstract concept of a human female.
I have a big brain.

You're just a porn addicted degenerate.
No. 66371
170 kB, 1200 × 951
> I have a single picture of a naked woman on my computer, that I masturbate to once a few months.
This picture.
No. 66372
>claims to have a big brain
>doesn't even have enough fantasy to picture a naked woman
For jacking off I imagine a world where I also exist that provides me with unlimited access to porn so I can watch all the porn I want there.
Get on my level, electron diameter brain.
No. 66375

I think it's funny that brick masturbates to an equivalent of the sun in platos cave, while the German brags about knowing all the shades passing by
No. 66379
That doesn't make any sense
No. 66380 Kontra
No. 66381 Kontra
If the imagination of porn is the shades, then a picture of a naked woman is the fire, at most.
An actual naked woman would be the sun.
No. 66382
No, the concept of the (naked) woman is the sun, whereas the image (porn) is just a bad (concrete) copy of that abstraction.
No. 66383 Kontra
That still doesn't make any sense.
No. 66389 Kontra
Yours makes less sense, explain your statements, or leave it be. Plato values the idea very much, the concept, the concept is more valuable than the image/representations of the concept, that is images/shadows/porn. Just to remind you: brick was talking about masturbating to the concept, whereas the German (you?) did go on about moving images. Porn is a bad imitation of the concept, just like the shadows they are not the real thing. The essence is the idea, the concept.
No. 66392 Kontra
I deleted my post because after sending it I realized I am a fucking retard for seriously discussing a silly banter shitpost with someone who is probably legit autistic and that I should just shut up because this is EC and nothing will ever come out of any discussion here.

But in all seriousness, what I really do is imagining a universe that led to the creation of a planet where every interaction between living beings is conducted via electronic signals, so they need to resort to the most basic communication, which in this case is physical procreation. Coincidentally, the inhabitants of this planet are phenotypically 100% identical to humans apart from having on average 1% less hair follicles overall.
No. 66395 Kontra
Ok, so how should people know you are not an insufferable German retard that wants to correct other people because that's what you like to do? Maybe you should get a grip on the reality of communication indeed.
No. 66396
Man, you guys are really autistic
No. 66398
32 kB, 600 × 337
Assembled my presentation about Cao Yu and Thunderstorm for the Workshop meeting.
10 slides should be enough.
I'm actually proud of myself. I entered university over a year ago, and now I'm assembled citations to my writings and I think I actually advanced when it comes to doing research.

Then this semester's task will be to turn this presentation into an essay/mini thesis.
Plus, I want to produce some translations of the original Chinese text. (Probably the Prologue/Epilogue parts, which were never translated into Hungarian. Stuff like this makes me feel all giddy. Look at me, I'm making a contribution to the catalogue of available text, building upon the work of previous Sinologists and so on.)

I sometimes have a few seconds of doubt about using someone's doctoral thesis as a source, but then I tell myself, previous research is there to be built upon. You're ought to use it. Can't reinvent the wheel all the time.
It's like when I feel bad about using a dictionary. Completely stupid. Just don't over-rely on it.

My sleep schedule is completely fucked though.
But thankfully tomorrow I do my presentation and then I only have 50 pages of notes to read on Buddhism before having my last exam of the semester. So basically I'm on track.

Got a note today that apparently the university is organizing beginners' Kazakh, Buryat and Kalmyk classes. It's moments like these I wish I could multiply myself. One would do the chores, one would do the passions, one would sleep and one would do the rites.
In this case part curiosity and part having the opportunity at all, especially for free. But I should know my limit, and I'm already studying Chinese, Classical Chinese and Latin, plus the weekly German classes to keep my knowledge of the language sharp. (And to eventually get a C1 certificate because my workshop mandates it.) (Though my knowledge of German I always considered comparable to a bludgeon or a mace. It gets the job done, but I'm not going to be constructing things with it.)

So anyway I think things are looking up.
No. 66401
if you want an advice don't get to focused on the small things. You will notice a lot of people in academia are tunnel-visioned on short term goals.
No. 66403
This is valuable advice, listen to it.
No. 66404
After a night of not really good sleep and feeling at least semi-calm again, I must apologize.
I realized the reason why I discuss for discussion's sake is because before corona I did that with real people.
Now the utter lack of actual human interaction makes me jump at every chance of any kind of back-and-forth, even if it means playing devil's advocate.
But it also doesn't do me any good, because I get agitated quickly. I already managed to alleviate that a bit by not visiting the 4chongs anymore and thus not exposing myself anymore to the mental equivalent of drinking a bottle of Domestos, but it's almost equally futile here. I still come here for a reason I can't even properly verbalize and I don't really have anything against anyone here, despite being sometimes aggressive in tone. Irony doesn't work well over the internet.
Thus, my shitposts from now on will be at most tangentially related to other posts anymore from now on. I hope I can keep this resolution, now that I have publicly written it down.
No. 66406
Yeah, you better stop talking shit before I intellectually destroy you.
No. 66410
174 kB, 1500 × 2000
278 kB, 1500 × 2000
Today I made wraps, again. The lazy man method, again.

Diced tomato, half a red onion, half an avocado, three cloves of garlic (pressed), plus some spices and a bit of hot sauce. I had also fried some minced meat.
The non-meat part was mixed thoroughly.
While the ingredients were setting and the flavors blending, I heated up a wrap with half of the meat on it.
Then I added the mixture.
It was good, but the meat soaked up a lot of the spices and in the end it was even a bit too underspiced.

For dinner I will adjust the recipe a bit and tomorrow I will make the fish variation again.
No. 66411
What’s the difference between actually liking something and decide to like it because it conforms to what the idealized you would like? Is positive/negative appreciation even pertinent in the case of art? I’m lost.
No. 66412 Kontra
66 kB, 480 × 615
No difference. Just be yourself.
No. 66413 Kontra
Thanks, sorry.
No. 66414
I wanted to post something about the relation and difference between natural science, engineering, and humanities, as I think I might have a short and concise insight but this thread seems hostile towards discussing anything that goes in the direction of academia over the last months, banter or not, the climate changed and I don't like it.
No. 66415
41 kB, 460 × 276
This is an agrarian socialist board now, surrender your glasses and books at once.
No. 66416 Kontra
45 kB, 800 × 430
>climate changed

sorry, couldn't resist
No. 66418
315 kB, 566 × 490
I love discussing ideas with like minded individuals on Ernstchan!
No. 66419
Germans are the only ones that challenge the content, though and help me develop the thinking instead of making meta-commentary on being "intellectual". I wanted to give an insight, that might not be novel but that I realized in a more easily understandable way. and maybe he would have reacted (if it's not you anyway). With a past of anti-intellectualism of fascism in Germany, it is interesting that the Germans on this board are most interested in that stuff, besides Brick.

Had the same in mind tbh.
No. 66421
What are you afraid of? Just do it.
What can you lose from it?
View it as some kind of test run for an actual academic colloqium where people actually know your name and face and can associate any steep theses directly to your person.
Here you have a bunch of (mostly) anonymous geeks whose replies can be valuable or, if not, easily discarded.

I also want to remind you that before Prussians took over with their goose step and made way for even worse people, Germans were known as thinkers and poets.
No. 66422
618 kB, 547 × 695
Maybe another time, I don't feel like it atm. While you are right, it helps with pondering, especially the one's interested in serious discussions, I don't want to share the thoughts right now. Maybe my dwellings becomes too niche even for this board, though this insight is quite general. Maybe another time.
No. 66423
You're such a coquette :DD
No. 66424
Today I slept for 12 hours. I think tonight I'll sleep 12 more. Happy times ahead.
No. 66427
What happens in /b/? I'm curious about our neighbors.
No. 66428
2,7 MB, 3264 × 2448
Not exactly today but still,I was in the border buying things for cheap. Frist time I saw how crazy is this
No. 66430
You know how all germans on the internet seem quite intelligent, educated, and a bit autistic?
To the point that you get suspicious, and ask yourself "Huh, how come germans don't have an equivalent of our local bydlos?".
Well, turns out it was survivorship bias. The germans you meet online are those who were smart enough to learn english. Those who weren't, are on /b/.

No. 66431
510 kB, 1024 × 768
Fun fact: That was the reason why I didn't go to Krautchan at first when I still lurked 4chan. A board for people who aren't good at english? That has to be bydlo tier. Half a year or so later I noticed that this wasn't really what it was all about and switched sides for good.
No. 66432 Kontra
2,0 MB, 220 × 165, 0:19
Today was on the bad side I guess.
I had lunch. My mother prepared me a pizza in advance. I cooked it in the oven, ate it and then laid down to sleep for an hour but woke up with my heart racing and my stomach in pain, and I threw up randomly. I felt like I was going to fucking die.
Don't know why, because I wasn't even stressed.

So 15 minutes later I stumbled into the Far-Eastern Workshop meeting and listened to a bunch of presentations and held mine.
Some people were doing good work. A lot better than mine with a more extensive bibliography and with better use of terminology. Like there was this presentation on Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen using Trauma Studies terminology that was really cool.

My presentation went well enough. Only complaint was that I fucked up the scaling of things and I used double the allotted time.(As in, everyone managed to squeeze their topic into 20-25 minutes and mine was over 40.)

Now onto reading the last 50 or so pages of the Buddhism-notes and tomorrow I'll have my last exam of the season.
No. 66433 Kontra
>and I used double the allotted time.(As in, everyone managed to squeeze their topic into 20-25 minutes and mine was over 40.)
Ouch, that is something you need to get in order with absolute priority.
Nothing worse than a speaker who doesn't come to an end. Bonus points if it's someone with a monotonous voice. Plus, at least at my uni, it affected the grade negatively.
Even worse, later on it turned out that the profs just don't fucking care and talk however long they like, hurr durr do as I say, not as I do.
No. 66434 Kontra
Yeah I know it's the gravest of sins, and I usually manage to be on time. It was basically the first of my "faults" they hammered out in high school both in writing and in speech.
I think the issue here is that I wanted to add too much context to the topic because I was afraid that the core topic wouldn't be strong enough without it.
No. 66436
>I think the issue here is that I wanted to add too much context to the topic because I was afraid that the core topic wouldn't be strong enough without it.
Well, that's the second thing one has to learn - brevity.
But actually managing to compress what you have in a given timeframe is an artform in and by itself and needs experience and practice.
For example, in my field a dissertation presentation should be no longer than 30 minutes. Try squeezing several years of research into half an hour.

That said, you're just a student, nobody really cares or expects great things but your own ego. Just take it easy mang and be yourself.
No. 66439
you guys ever just wake up from the dull haze of mundane daily life one day and suddenly remember your life events, from childhood, youth, etc.? formative memories, traumatic memories, people you used to know and haven't thought about in years. things you used to do for fun that you forgot you ever did. random conversations, places, even dreams.

For some reason all this time you didn't remember, and now you suddenly do, and it all comes all at once.
and tomorrow you will probably forget again, and carry on with your immediate worries and problems and thoughts

this short window of awareness will soon be over and I'll never be back here again
No. 66440
Not sure if knowing the exact feel, but something similar happened to me recently, though unironically enough I can't remember anymore what it was.

Do you want to share your feel?

I am listening to Electric Six right now, after basically forgetting about them releasing new stuff for almost 15 years now.
The last "new" album by them I listened to was Switzerland, which had some rather moody, gloomy songs and thinking of it takes me back to 2007, the second most shitty year in my life, but also some kind of pivoting point that eventually led to me becoming happier overall.
No. 66441
sad part is, looking back on all those fragmented memories, I can not trace a single sequence of events that had a meaningful resolution
narrative threads that start arbitrarily and end abruptly, resulting in nothing

ambitions that never panned out
hobbies, abandoned
friends whose names and faces I struggle to remember
an academic career that never went anywhere
it's as if I materialized out of nowhere yesterday

because if all of these things never happened, if I went through my life doing absolutely nothing
I'd still be

and the absolute worst thing about all of this, is that the stores are all closed and I can't even drink myself into a coma to make it go away
No. 66442
I left many months ago, it's more like KC, at least when I left, and it was the reason I left.

Sound like the modern experience, just fragments, no resolution, webs and threads beginning and ending arbitrarily. Kinda sad, kinda nice, feel is known.

Sometimes memories pop up, my childhood and youth are fading, but then sometimes I can pick it up. I guess people who write about their childhood are either good in memory or have to actively force memories, you can do it, just start at some memory and go from there, eventually many more memories pop up. It would be quite interesting to do it myself, just actively force memories by questions, I lately thought about the small sports hall my daycare had, now that I thnk of it, I think of the food we got there, some children I had to do with, the bathrooms, the stairs, the whole building, the outdoor area, the mornings we sit in a circle and sang when somebody had its birthday. Ofc writers fictionalize/aestheticize on top of that. But yeah, born, live, die, can't make my mind up what this is all about on a personal level (not that it is easier on other levels).
No. 66443
>I left many months ago, it's more like KC, at least when I left, and it was the reason I left.
What is that supposed to mean? It's like a slower ca. 2009 era KC /b/, and that's not a bad thing.
I just don't want people to get a wrong association, though I find the mod's decision to keep a Drachenlord thread alive rather questionable.
No. 66444
Different Ernst here: It's only partly like /b/ was, for instance it lacks the juvenile anarchic feeling imageboards had back then, but there is a strong presence of the posters being originally rooted in KC /b/. For my taste it is too nostalgic, I prefer /int/. The topics here are more interesting and stimulating overall.
No. 66445
> for instance it lacks the juvenile anarchic feeling imageboards had back then
Ah well, that's certainly true, but it's a thing the internet as a whole has lost.
We are just getting older....
No. 66446 Kontra
Things like a Drachenlord thread and other threads and opinions that are regularly spouted there made me go and reside on /int/ only, it is more interesting and less dumb stereotypical imageboard dweller with the same opinions over and over again. Thinking of it, the Drachenlord thread seems fitting for what I imagine most of the people there, problematic in what they think and appreciate and think is ok and well, so gehört sich das eben alles, meine Welt soll so eingerichtet sein etc. blablabla.
No. 66447
The migracion office has a neat modern design. Someone's done graphic art.
Feel is also known.
Whenever this happens, I directly try to extract meaning and "lost truths" from those memories. I then create a narrative about my existence based on those memories and one or two recent events. I live under the tyranny of my own shitty theories; hating myself for not being able to bend to the model I created until it becomes unbearable, I also just forget about it half of the time.
No. 66450
I wanted to say that I "outgrow myself" too fast, but that's not true either. that implies progress

it's more like, I keep morphing in place, never coalescing into something concrete
just churning away, like a toilet bowl that that is suspended on a loop in the process of being flushed

until one day, God lets go of the flush button, and I will circle down the hole into the septic tank of oblivion like everyone else

No. 66451
While I like the morphing aspect and would understand myself and perceive myself like you in that case, but a sort of stability has to be there, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to live and engage with others I think. Humans need it in order to perform certain functions necessary for interaction it seems.
No. 66455
Interesting, your experience seems to have been completely different from mine. The Drachenlord thread in particular seems to be populated only by some KC transplants and beyond that I haven't seen "the same opinions spouted over and over", but then again, there are some threads I don't visit, like the bike thread, e-sports and ErnstGG and I also mostly ignore the Sauffaden (because it's a circlejerk) and the anime threads. The worst offenders usually stay on /fefe/ where they belong.
Conversely, beyond the novelty of different cultures, /int/ dwellers seem to be largely pretty boring and verkopfte (no idea what the english term here is) people. Probably also doesn't help that the userbase is so small and easily identifiable. We have a few germans here, a few russians, the odd anglo regular and beyond that mostly just singular countryballs that might or might not be a proxy. There is Portoball and that one spaniard who only seems to post in the film thread.
Old KC /int/ was way more diverse.

But I am also under the impression that /int/ is on average mostly under 30, whereas /b/ is mostly over 30. That impression could be wrong, but seeing how even my little brother who is only four years younger than me already seems like an almost completely different generation, I wouldn't find it surprising that there would be not much overlap (regarding the germans, obviously).
No. 66456 Kontra
79 kB, 650 × 400
Sure, nostalgia happens e.g. when looking at old photos or other stuff that triggers some memories. It can be pleasant or interesting to some point but then a certain disappointment or melancholy tends to set, it can suck you in since basically you can keep dwelling on it forever, so I try not to indulge in it too often.
Then again at least in recent years I've been planning my life more consciously so I can discern a semblance of a thread that runs through it and brings some reassurance that I'm at least going somewhere. And even if many things I did seem to have lead nowhere it's still part of who I am today in some way.
No. 66458
I ignored many threads as well, but maybe it was just one or two Ernsts that happen to draw negative attention from me. One thing you pointed out is pretty much true I think, /b/ seems 30+. I myself am on the mark, so I'm a bit younger, to me some of them seem already old as fuck, which I think is more attitude than actual age. /int/ as an exemplar of this as well :DDD I'm definitely more drawn to /int/ as they are more verkopft, but also a diversity in country balls, which makes it interesting, though we could be more ofc.
No. 66461
2,2 MB, 479 × 200, 0:04
I have a hypothesis. Since state dependent memory is a thing ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-dependent_memory ), I think that drunk driving is only bad things because people learn to drive when sober, so when they get drunk, they unlearn their driving skills for the duration of the intoxication, or at least become worse at it.

So, if someone were to learn and practice to drive while drunk, they would eventually reach the same level of driving skill as a sober person.
When I get a car, I will make sure to perform many experiments to test my hypothesis.
For science.

Oh, and I'll make sure to be playing this on full volume while I do so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLm74CZKkgI
No. 66462
40 kB, 480 × 360
Funny how there are people who miss anarchy and then also people who feel uncomfortable because of a single thread. Guess that shows that a board will never appeal to all of its potential users, even if you limit them to Ernst only. For the anarchy topic which frankly I also miss a lot: It's just not enough users, you'd probably need at least 2 or 3 times the userbase it is now to create the necessary spark for it. And, like said before, age also plays a role. Younger folks have more energy and jump on new ideas quicker than your average 35 year old "I've seen everything"-/b/-lurker.

Otherwise I agree with >>66455. /int/ is just too serious for me. I think it's a good board and it should stay like it is, that's why I focus on /b/ most of the time.
No. 66463
Today I called an elevator to go up one floor. It took longer than just walking up the stairs. My decadence is immense and I'm sure it will consume me in due course.
No. 66464
172 kB, 669 × 900
Finished my last exam. Handed it in 30 minutes early so I had to wait 30 minutes to get the results. Got that A.
I've been listening to the Rienzi overture on repeat and opening the results coincided with the start of the finale, so it was a certified epic moment.

And with this, concludes the 2021 Fall Semester Exam Period thank you very much.
Grade average: 4.69/5.00
It's over. It's finally over.
No. 66468
I don't really get the "/int/ is underpopulated" argument.
It's like, take it or leave it. There are interesting threads or posts popping up here once in a while, and you read them, and you extract the value you need from them. That's it. Good enough for me.

Maybe some people feel like they need a new post every F5 refresh to keep them engaged, but that's exactly the opposite of what I want.
I'd rather spend 30 minutes a day reading a mildly interesting / boring posts a day, rather than F5ing for a whole day so I can catch some retard posting an irrelevant one-liner every minute.
To each their own.

>live and engage with others
Funny that you mention that...
No. 66469
Underpopulation is not just about speed of posting. It's also about it's diversity.
There are few people here, and each one of them makes very specific type of posts. When you open EC you know what you're going to see pretty precisely.
No. 66470
When I watch a Wes Anderson movie, or whatever, I know exactly what I'm going to get, but I do it anyway because I like it.
I see no problems with it.

ok, I admit, the above was bullshit.
The only reason I visit EC/int/ is so that I can dump my shitposts for others to read, because honestly I don't read whatever anyone else is posting :-DDDD.
because nothing anyone posts could possibly enrich my life or give me new information, because those who are less smart than me can't give me new insight, and those who are more smart than me, well I'm too dumb to understand what they're saying.
such cases
No. 66471 Kontra
I'm repelled by the Drachenfaden and I don't miss the anarchic feeling, after all, it was the breeding ground for what later KC would become. I'm not interested in all sorts of banter on the cost of others bordering insulting and so on. KC was a venting machine of the bad kind. I prefer serious discussions and banalities for online communication these days and /int/ can deliver this better than /b/ which is more like old fags are unsatisfied and let it out on others, be they Ernsts or not.
No. 66472
>I don't read whatever anyone else is posting :-DDDD.

Ernst be blind posting, you just assume what was written and then make up an answer, that is how all the autistic discussions emerge.
No. 66474
Communication is an illusion.
All that one can do is spill thoughts into the world, for others to read.
"Response" and "reply" are abstractions. You take input, and generate an output.
What the "true" meaning of the input was, is irrelevant. Same goes for whatever you posted.
All you can do is shit out a post, what anyone else does with it is beyond your control, even if you're formally engaging in an "argument" or "discussion".
Such cases.
No. 66475
>/b/ which is more like old fags are unsatisfied and let it out on others
Love it!
No. 66476
>managing to compress what you have in a given timeframe is an artform in and by itself and needs experience and practice.
Struggling with that right now as well lol, I need to summarize 250 pages of a monograph on modern Chinese literature into 15-20 minutes. Haven't really done this in a while so I just read through the text while making highlights and then directly started churning out slides like a maniac.
Now I have a borderline incoherent mess of too many slides and I'll probably have to start over by making a proper outline first.

Also have to agree with
> you're just a student, nobody really cares or expects great things but your own ego
Other students' presentations so far sometimes seemed like they were mostly rattling off wikipedia pages
No. 66478
Communication is impossible because you're the only person in universe who truly has consciousness, the chosen one. And we all are "philosophical zombies".
No. 66479
das rite
No. 66480
Does that mean I can watch porn and masturbate all day long and then blame brick for it because I am only a projection of his consciuosness on the blank canvas which is the universe?
No. 66481
But that would still be communication. Communication is not necessarily bound to truth. In fact, systems theory on society and psychic systems are about constructivism, truth is about convention and functionality, not correspondence theory of truth where you can discover the so far hidden truth of something.

Summarize the conclusion/introduction to the monograph, pick a few paragraphs from the chapters that match the aforementioned conc/intro. or that seem to be counter the introduction/conclusion and what the person claimed to do, or what other argument would be possoíble instead. No need to get the details of that monograph. It is usually about what is said first, the detail argument is usually not that important, which is a problem to a certain extent, because you know the structure of a book but the validity of the argument is not clear to you.
No. 66482
>after all, it was the breeding ground for what later KC would become
I am not sure if I can agree with this notion.
The problem that led to the cancer that killed KC was that "Lauern und Lernen", or in english, "lurk moar" is a principle that wasn't heeded anymore. Of course events like Winnenden did their share in attracting undesirables, but back in the day they were just driven away.
And if an oldfag is impolite, it is mostly because of this exact experience. Outsiders who don't want to conform and who are ruining the board. Obviously this doesn't apply completely to EC /int/, since it has worked a bit differently from the beginning, but you also don't want cabbage in here, do you? So maybe if in ten years EC is full of cancer YOU will be the grumpy oldfag letting it out on youngsters.
No. 66483
37 kB, 500 × 371
>But that would still be communication. Communication is not necessarily bound to truth. In fact, systems theory on society and psychic systems are about constructivism, truth is about convention and functionality, not correspondence theory of truth where you can discover the so far hidden truth of something.
See, that's what I'm talking about.
I didn't understand a word of what you're saying (I'm drunk), so I'll dismiss it as nonsense.

I'll imagine you having a big titty goth gf is that would make you feel better..
No. 66484
Different Ernst here: Funny thing is that I always thought /b/ was the more polite board while /int/ could be harsh at times. Not saying that makes it better or worse, but that's the way I perceived it.

>I'll imagine you having a big titty goth gf is that would make you feel better..
Thanks, you're the best, bro! Imagine that one raging fatpost burger would be the chosen one, he'd probably imagine me writing textwalls every day instead!
No. 66485
>YOU will be the grumpy oldfag letting it out on youngsters.

I will have left by then. The problem is that I'm an "oldfag" by now but I don't like the oldfags since they actually got old and try to preserve their imageboard teens and 20s, which I don't. I changed with the years and I prefer as stated above and I don't want that unsatisfied oldfag attitude nor the dumb youth cabbage cancer.

>I didn't understand a word of what you're saying (I'm drunk), so I'll dismiss it as nonsense.

I work hard to mark my position as systems thinking expert these days.
No. 66488
You take input and dependently generate output. Ofc it's communication. Cells communicate with cells, process communicates with kernel, my phone communicates with base station, xi jinping communicates with joe biden: you dont have to be sentient to communicate.
The whole philosophical zombie thing doesn't make sense by the way. It is supposed to refute physicalism but it can't.
No. 66491
I think that solipsism is retarded and it's whole goal to fuck the brain of a person who starts thinking about it.
Someone just wanted to troll people and came up with the concept.
No. 66492
93 kB, 525 × 766

Smh, for a moment there I read this as Rien子
Might have to listen to some Wagner now as well
No. 66495
478 kB, 500 × 224, 0:01
deleted post because wrong picture

> I always thought /b/ was the more polite board
/b/ was at times so polite nobody dared to not sage, and like half of people ended their sentences with a :3
Don't get me wrong, I don't like shitflinging and spouting buzzwords, but that was too far even for me, though it was originally what drew me to KC - KC was nice and helpful when 4chan's boards were usually "Hey guys, I have a qu-"FUCK OFF FAGGOT/ >IMPLYING/ HOW NEW and so on.
I even remember the encyclopedia dramatica entry for KC /b/ where it was explicitly described as a more polite and helpful version of 4chan /b/.

>I will have left by then.
See pic related

>The problem is that I'm an "oldfag" by now
Wait, here we have to differentiate. Do you mean "Alternst" or "Altschuchtel", because those two aren't necessarily congruent. I am certainly a 4chan newfag, but a KC oldfag and certainly an EC newfag since I only came here after KC died. So if you are 30, but haven't been lurking since before Winnenden, you are not and will never be an Altschuchtel, despite being an Alternst.

>but I don't like the oldfags since they actually got old and try to preserve their imageboard teens and 20s, which I don't.
You sound like someone who tries really hard to be mature. Do you wear business shoes and a messenger bag instead of a backpack because you think it makes you look more grown-up?

But in all seriousness, why else would I be on imageboards? Do you want imageboards to go the way of the mainstream internet? Obviously nobody here is posting memes all day anymore, raiding Habbo Hotel and doxxing people. Most are just lurking and enjoying the - in these days - rather unique concept and look & feel of imageboards and especially the anonymity and independence from any kind of virtual popularity points.

And implying that the people who like this haven't changed is a crass assumption.
Of course it's anecdotal evidence, but I managed to develop from a shy social retard teen to a serious man in his 30s who is outwardly not discernable from your regular normie, all with job and gf and whatever else comes with that.
Of course I have kept some spleens and eccentricities because I go my way at my own pace and with my own way of walking, but I have no problem being "social" when necessary. Yet lurking imageboards has basically been the only constant for the past 15 years. There is certainly an element of nostalgia to it, but that's not all there is to it, especially since, as someone earlier said, the anarchic fun days are gone, just like the events of my teens are gone. Things are changing and imageboards are not exempt from that.
I don't think I will ever have as much fun again and get the same feel as with 17 in some moldy practice bunker making music, listening to music, watching trash films and drinking beer with my buddies, yet I still enjoy making and listening to music, watching trash films and drinking beer with my buddies. In fact I have one buddy (he doesn't lurk, in fact I am the only person I know who lurks) who is really missing that time, and he's already past his mid-30s.
No. 66497
There is something to be said about imageboards being either all nice and circlejerky or caustic hell holes where you can only call people a faggot and you must be sure you never ever like anything.
Posting under this countryball on such a desolate imageboard is a new experience, all my posts are traceable back to me. EC doesn't have this chaotic imageboard anonymity that I once so cherished but I like it here. Semi-anonymous posting has it's downsides.
So much so that the previous post by the systems kraut made me think if I am myself being referenced as part of the anti-intellectual atmosphere because of a few stray posts. I don't hate any present Ernst and I like reading all of your posts, in a twisted sense I even liked the diatribes of that one departed American poster. I encourage that self-censoring Ernst to post more about the relationship of sciences and humanities so I can read it, being unable to understand his complex posts and then accuse of him being an intellectual to cope with my own idiocy.
No. 66499
>See pic related

W-We-We will see then in all honesty I need EC to have some more social interaction atm, but I would exchange it with a similar community if this one changes, given that is semi-anonymous, meaning people might know you are a certain poster but not who you are and where you really live. That said I was thinking about discord servers that revolve around topics that interests me, so academia and such

>You sound like someone who tries really hard to be mature. Do you wear business shoes and a messenger bag instead of a backpack because you think it makes you look more grown-up?

:DDD I have dress shoes but more in the it's fashionable sense than I need to grow up kind. Maturity is basically a construct, there are no people that are "really" mature, a 60yo can behave like 15yo, like a teenager, no problem. Actually, for my age I look quite young :DDD I've definitely become more serious in certain regards and it touches upon imageboards content as well, but I don't take myself too seriously if you mean that. I have to take certain things serious, though.
Let me say it this way, many of the /b/ people have a boomer attitude, and I don't like it because there is a hidden ignorance because of "maturity" behind it. And while I know people in their early 20s can talk embarrassing shit (I've done so myself and see myself sometimes if I talk to these people), act stupid etc. I have a certain sympathy for them because they are right in the process of learning things I still have to deal with, albeit I probably deal differently with it by now. Then again some people in their early 20s will be more sovereign in certain things than some 52yo guy. All in all, I think on /b/ people are too content with a boomer attitude, I don't like this attitude because it seems to imply you figured it all out and I think it is an embarrassing arrogance underneath this, because looking at my parents that are way older than me and looking at my own experience, people are not ready to talk like that. Maybe there are exceptions but certainly not on /b/.
No. 66500
No, it doesn't. I described a different thing in my post.
But I like your concept. Let's jerk off and blame brick.

>The whole philosophical zombie thing doesn't make sense by the way. It is supposed to refute physicalism but it can't.
For sure this concept's value doesn't come down to refuting physicalism.
No. 66501
>I don't like this attitude because it seems to imply you figured it all out and I think it is an embarrassing arrogance underneath this, because looking at my parents that are way older than me and looking at my own experience, people are not ready to talk like that. Maybe there are exceptions but certainly not on /b/.
I still don't see where you get that from on /b/. In fact, arrogance, hidden or open, is one of the things I don't recall ever seeing on /b/ - still under the caveat that I don't follow certain threads.
Also, the older I get the more I understand that my parents aren't as ignorant and dumb as I thought they were when I was younger.
Sure, they have some weird opinions that are due to the way and times they grew up in, but in recent years I have actually started seriously considering their opinions on certain things.
In fact, I would call it the arrogance of youth to look down on this perceived "boomer attitude" and throw argument right back at you. And what you might perceive as arrogance might just be banter you are just too young to understand. Or maybe some peopel really don't remember the dumb shit they did when they were younger. I certainly do and I wouldn't judge anyone for doing dumb shit per se. Man, I remember how I felt when I started uni.
>hurr durr I have Abitur, I am so smart, I am the king of the world, I know everything, old people are dumb
Took me almost a decade to realize that it's simple youthful hybris and even longer than that to actually acknowledge - and not even entirely accept - that my parents might have a point on certain things.
No. 66503
Seems like there is youthful hybris and old age hybris. Surely you can throw back at me, but boomer attitude does not necessarily correlate with age btw. it's not a wisdom of any sort. My parents had many valuable things to say I only later understood, but my parents are also people that are willing to learn even when they grew older and that brings me to this sentence:
>the older I get the more I understand that my parents aren't as ignorant and dumb as I thought they were when I was younger.

This is not what I wanted to say with my post. My parents came into play to make a case for even older people not having it figured out, I can see it and became aware of it when I grew older, my parents are not magically more wise than me, they have experience in some areas that exceeds mine and thus they can know more in a way. But overall this does not legitimate a boomer attitude. My parents are not boomers in the sense as I understood it, a sort of arrogance that comes by having lived longer, while this can be possible due to more time of lived experience, it is not a ticket to act like a know it when encountering and commenting on younger people. For example frustration with yourself that is used to discourage younger people from trying what oneself had to give up. I hate this bitterness that is spilled like poison on others. Surely I realize for example that a postcapitalist society is not milk&honey idealist state, but has problems of its own, but I would never and I hope I never become the person that says everybody that is how it is I give up and become passive in thinking and subsequently acting. I am tired often, but never THAT kind of tired, you know a certain kind of tiredness.

Also, keep in mind I haven't been on /b/ for months, maybe it's already a year down the road.
No. 66504 Kontra
Also thinking of old people: there are old people that are calm, considerate but not tired. And there are old people that are just tired (and bitter).
No. 66506
the more important distinction between 20s and 30s, is that over 30 your personality and self-identity ossifies, and you sort of become content with what you are
some people call it "maturity" or whatever

I notice that I very rarely try new things these days, because there's no longer this excitement of incorporating new things into your identity.
I have set of things that I want to do throughout, and I realize that it is not realistic for me to do more things at once

I'll be a boomer soon.
You know that stereotypical boomer guy who is content with playing a very old game like CS 1.6 with his other boomer friends on friday night after work, with a couple beers on the desk.
I used to think such guys were losers, but I guess I'm going to turn into that eventually :-DDDD.
No. 66507
Alright, I see. I wasn't talking about the modern chans definition of boomer, but about actual baby boomers like my parents are.
Though now I would be interested in examples of how "boomers" discourage younger people and try to make them give up.
And especially what exact posts you are talking about, because I really can't remember anything like you describe, unless you are the guy who made the thread about that austrian attention whore and got butthurt when he didn't find any supporters :-DDDD
It would be nice if you told us a bit more. Make and old man smile :^)
No. 66509 Kontra
As I said, I haven't been on /b/ for a longer time and I don't mean people telling me as younger person I should give up, but I remember posts about younger people and how they are blatantly stupid for wanting something to change. Sure, that what it has been like on KC as well, and old man is afraid of things changing, but I can't stand this sort of blatant statement anymore, it's like people farting and burping opinions. I didn't open a thread about anything related to Austria or an Austrian.

I don't try new things a lot as well (besides thinking things, my main business), it's more an attitude towards things. I mean I don't party anymore really and that is ok. As I added, there are old people being calm and surely having their routines, that alone does not make a boomer in the sense I understood it. My parents notice how my uncle who does not leave the house much, usually to do something besides duties most people have to do, or see many people anymore becomes different now, more boomer in his attitude towards things. I noticed as well btw. Maybe imageboard dwellers are prone to become these people as they perceive the world mostly through representations on the internet (a wife and job and even kids still allow for being rather shut off from society and ongoings and such), young people termed it being chronically online.

>Someone who is so absorbed into online life and discourse that they become unfamiliar with things off the internet. They may also form opinions/arguments that have no meaning or actual importance/depth outside of the internet and online spaces.

This goes for all political stances btw I'm convinced.
No. 66510
>but I remember posts about younger people and how they are blatantly stupid for wanting something to change
Ach Ernst, that's still not a concrete example. I mean, something must have driven you away, some post that made you say fuck this shit, I'm out, didn't it?
Apart from that, it's important to differentiate. What was supposed to get changed? Was it something with the board, like allowing Drachenlord threads? Are you talking about general political change? About whatever amounts to "sjw" topics? How were those suggestions presented? Winning over people is also not something that comes with just the content. "Der Ton macht die Musik", and so on. Maybe people perceived your suggestions, or those that you supported, the same way - just shartposts. Maybe they came off as naive or haphazard. But I really can't remember anything like that, in any direction, so it was either some thread that quickly died or one of those I didn't visit.
Are you sure you're not confusing /b/ with /fefe/?

On the topic of turning 30 and becoming a boomer, I really don't feel like either brick or german I replied to.
I enjoy trying and experiencing new things, be it food I have never tasted before (in fact, this weekend I am going to try Surströmming; it will be documented) or some kind of sport or activity (tried kayaking a few years ago and found it extremely boring); I would love to visit a lot of countries, learn at least spanish, russian, arabic and chinese, but the thing is, and this is imo the most important thing - I just don't have time for all of that. Between having a job and running the house, there just isn't time for all of that. Right now I am merely revitalizing my french, but even that is going really slowly. And the few minutes per day I spend writing shitposts on EC don't amount to much, so it's not like lurking would detract from all that time. Granted, corona is fucking things up even more, but even without, what would I do?

And regarding the point of brick concerning "becoming content what you are" - it sounds like you don't like people accepting themselves.
Granted, it's easier for someone who is normal and doesn't have a chemical malfunction in his brain fucking him up, but it's important nonetheless. It took me a very long time to accept myself and now I go my way the way I want to go it and I am glad I did that.

I think though it wasn't meant that way, but rather that people stop trying to improve or overcome and instead adapt to their circumstances, whatever they are. In a harsh term, they give up on whatever drove them before. And yeah, when your personality is "finished", so to say, so are your convictions and all that, hence it's getting harder to convince people of the contrary the older they get.
But look at it this way: A lot of these things have grown from experience and helped to persist in certain situations or even in preventing harm, but of course what works for one person won't work for another, and that's a large source of conflict.
No. 66511
>I mean, something must have driven you away, some post that made you say fuck this shit, I'm out, didn't it?

Nah, I just didn't go to /b/ less and less and eventually stopped. It wasn't a single post. But I suppose the Drachenfaden was one thing.

>it sounds like you don't like people accepting themselves.

While I myself think I'm more relaxed in many regards compared to my younger self and more content with what I know and how I acquire and evaluate incoming arguments/information etc. I don't think finding myself is correct. A certain stability of operating I'd say, but that is not finding a self, because that self just doesn't exist for me, a self is a function, but "I" regard myself as processual in the end. Not surprising given I read systems theory that go beyond what is called first order cybernetics. Becoming yourself would mean hold, would mean death, finding yourself is maximum entropy, I say this while grinning about my big words, but there is a truth in it for me. The I is organic in a sense. So again, giving up and finishing your personality or thinking means readily accepting a certain death. Surely, it is a question of (harsh) conditions, people learned it that way, and often not intentional I guess.

>A lot of these things have grown from experience and helped to persist in certain situations or even in preventing harm

On the other hand, what harm might their attitude do without them realizing now or later?
No. 66512 Kontra
*did go less and less
No. 66513
>Nah, I just didn't go to /b/ less and less and eventually stopped. It wasn't a single post. But I suppose the Drachenfaden was one thing.
Wait, so you weren't driven out, but it rather just fizzled away? Also, I am pretty confused now, because I can't remember a Drachenlord thread from last year. I was talking about the one currently alive that still hasn't been closed, removed or everyone participating banned.

The other point wasn't actually geared at you, sorry if that was unclear.
> So again, giving up and finishing your personality or thinking means readily accepting a certain death.
Needs some more elaboration, because if there is ANYTHING certain in anyone's life, then it's death. I mean, if you DON'T accept certain death, what are you gonna do? Flip the grim reaper off when he comes to take you? That statement doesn't really make sense to me.
Then again, I certainly have a bit different view on death than most other people. And I am definitely not afraid of it.
What I am afraid of is the process of reaching the death state. I want to die not painfully and, if necessary, on my own terms.

>On the other hand, what harm might their attitude do without them realizing now or later?
Now we're getting philosophical again. Hindsight is always 20/20, but when is that point reached? Will you say on your deathbed "had I just done things differently"? Can YOU say now if what you are doing is 100% bad consequence free? Since you can't look into the future, it's impossible to say, so until it isn't over, you can't properly judge it. All you can do is use your best judgement (mileage may vary) based on the current state and informations you have access to.

If you could go back in time ten years, with the knowledge you have now that concerns you personally (so not buying stocks and stuff), would you do anything different? Or rather, WHAT would you do different and especially WHY?
Look at me, it's almost 1:30 in the morning, I have to work tomorrow, yet I can't sleep because I have worked until 7 in the evening and since I am virtually unable to unwind, already thinking about what I will do tomorrow and how, I am still awake, trying to get drunk enough to stop thinking at least long enough until I have fallen asleep. Could I do anything with ten years younger me to alleviate this? Or prevent it?

And since I start noticing the effects of the alcohol: I wouldn't want to do anything different, despite there being lots of potential to do so. I have turned out pretty well, despite some obvious flaws of character like the unability to unwind - which is completely unrelated to my life experiences - so changing anything about my past would also change my experiences and thus the man I am today and I wouldn't want that. And that also doesn't mean standing still, although maximum entropy sounds attractive, tbh. It's basically nirvana. Why would that be undesirable? But I am rambling again, though it's only my third vodka. Maybe I should have drunk more when I was younger. I mean, I probably have already killed a third of my braincells over the last almost 20 years now, but it's still not enough to stop thinking.
Sometimes I think it would be desirable to be dumb, dumb and happy. The worst thing about this is knowing that while I am, by definition, smarter than 50% of people, I am not actually smart. I enjoy being around smart people because I can learn things, but I also envy them for being smart and hate that I am able to recognize this fact. Had I abstained from alcohol, would I be an actual smart person? Can you tell me?
No. 66514
46 kB, 985 × 477
53 kB, 969 × 480
I downloaded /int/ archive. Going to parse it and do some funny stuff.

For now calculated the most basic stats, just for the sake of proof of concept.
Second graph requires some tweaking. For example Irish posts a lot in "Pics from my HDD thread", this skews his median post length.
No. 66520
>Median length of post per country
No. 66521
I don't know when I finally left /b/, months, a year... dunno. It was been some months at least and certainly /b/ from months ago has had no priority in memorizing.

> if there is ANYTHING certain in anyone's life, then it's death. I mean, if you DON'T accept certain death, what are you gonna do? Flip the grim reaper off when he comes to take you? That statement doesn't really make sense to me.

This was more metaphorically spoken, it's not actual death. Surely death is certain and it's a condition one works with, though at least western societies do everything to make you forget that you are mortal to a certain extent.
It's simply that finishing your personality is a death sentence to me, you don't evolve, you don't really live anymore, novelty is out.

>you can't properly judge it. All you can do is use your best judgement (mileage may vary) based on the current state and informations you have access to.

And I bet all you have at hand can be turned around by new information/experience, that is why new information and experience can be crucial for shifting.

I have a hard time unwinding as well, I'm always humming inside my head, thinking thinking thinking. Unlike you, I don't drink because I've seen people wrecked under alcohol and it's not nice to say the least. Alcohol in the long run creates more problems than thinking. And while you don't want to change anything now, and ponder about drinking more because it's so nice, I'd be careful how long it is nice and how long you can control the alcohol before it turns into a nightmare, the tipping point often goes unnoticed. I've done drugs and it could have wrecked my mind big time, got away with a batted eye. I've never spent much thought or consideration on it until it hit me in the face and I had to acknowledge I have a real problem and the drugs might fuck me up for the rest of my life, leaving me behind in a world nobody but myself understands, it's quite a hell. Being caught in your little psychotic world is definitely worse than having a hard time unwinding, mind you, alcoholics in their drunk delirium live in exactly such a world and it gets worse with age/length of untreated alcoholism. I unwind with media consumption, which is equally stupid. You should unwind by walking in nature and talking to other people, do things that fill one with joy, without leaving you with regret and emptiness like many media, you have gf, unwind with her.
And while I understand the death wish that is beyond the nirvana and not thinking anymore: no, I'm just too interested in it all to quit.
No. 66522
Make a list of most used and least used words by country.

I'm especially interested in "I", "me", etc.
It will highlight nicely the self obsessed chronic complainers.
No. 66524 Kontra
1,1 MB, 700 × 522
No, don't do this because I know I use "I" way too much.
No. 66525

I is probably the most used word by all Ernsts.
No. 66526
>It's simply that finishing your personality is a death sentence to me, you don't evolve, you don't really live anymore, novelty is out.
But what does "finishing your personality" mean? If you don't lock yourself in from a certain point on, you WILL experience new things. But not everything new is also good or useful, so why wouldn't I discard it in this case? Though I agree that a certain openness is a prerequisite for that. Interestingly that is a personality trait mostly independent of your personality "development". If someone isn't open-minded in the first place, are they already finished?
Or let's have a rather wild example: A guy, a bitter, grumpy oldfag who hates everything and everyone. In his youth he learned to play an instrument and he brought it to some virtuosity. He will not learn new things, meet new people, do new things. He just stays in his hut with only the basic needs met.
Yet he still writes music, new music. His personality is done, he won't "develop" as a person, yet he creates something, constantly. Is he "finished"?

>And I bet all you have at hand can be turned around by new information/experience, that is why new information and experience can be crucial for shifting.
Sure, and that is why I wrote "you have access to". But what you don't know (be it through lack of chance or sheer ignorance) you just don't know.

I know that alcohol is a crutch, but I am gladly not one to easily become addicted. In fact, I am consciously skidding along the edge of actual alcoholism, and have been doing so for some time, and I have had some bad times in the past where I drank A LOT, just so I could sleep. But I can, and that is not the typical alcoman talk, stop at any time. I might get cravings for a few days, but then it's over.
I already do sports; in fact it's a need I have, to go out and move, but it doesn't help me unwind. And sadly, EC is the only people I am talking to basically at the moment and that also doesn't help unwinding. Really, the only problem is that I am unable to not think. And sadly, nothing helps but alcohol to shut off the brain.
No. 66527
2,9 MB, 1752 × 2600
Do text mining on kraut posts so that we can tell all german balls apart.

>this concept's value doesn't come down to refuting physicalism
Care to elaborate?
No. 66529
> Do text mining on kraut posts so that we can tell all german balls apart.
Anonymity is kinda the point of imageboards. Not our fault that you are the only Chinaball here.
No. 66530
Did you read Metzinger? I have a compendium from the 2000s that includes an article by him, but so far no time to read it. Is it about 'distributed' self?

I will probably answer later
No. 66533
5 kB, 250 × 154
>mfw I'm writing my first short abstract after the workshop meeting
I truly feel like a low-class, uneducated caveman for not having learned this beforehand.
But then again, I never did anything that required it.
Anyway, it's not that hard after looking at a couple of examples.
It just feels like it's another step to sort of "growing up". Academically at least.

I refuse to believe that my posts are the longest on average on this board.
No. 66534
Half of OMSK posts and a good majority of sweden posts are mine, tho. I also had a couple posts as germony and USA. There's even an iran ball that's also me, not represented in the data set.
All of this because our mobile providers do some weird routing shenanigans.
Probably wouldn't affect the stats much, though.

Now, knowing this, you should implement an fingerprinting algorithm that uniquely identifies posters on EC, and then also on other imageboards, and after that, internet as a whole, then you can post your dox files in today thread so we can send pizza deliveries to each other.
No. 66535
> so we can send pizza deliveries to each other
What are your preferred toppings?
No. 66538
Well, if someone wants to do data analysis based on syntactic and semantic features extracted from our posts and identify all posters there's nothing we can do about it. It's not a hard thing to do.
As earlier posts in this thread have pointed out, there aren't many posters here so this board is only semi-anonymous. I'm rather new here but I can already recognise some germanyballs.

I've only read The Ego Tunnel. He argues that there's no such thing as the so-called self. Ego is a phenomenal model of the whole organism simulated by brain. It is a tunnel because it only transparently and selectively represents processed information received by sensory organs. It is generated by a combined simulation of the world image, ownership of body, memories, etc. The sense of self is constructed so it is also hackable. It is a form of biological data format emerged through evolution. Well, I've probably added some of my own theory here so I'll stop.
For a philosopher, he refers a lot to neuroscience, AI and other "cognitive sciences", but still not enough in my opinion. (I was expecting his take on Libet experiment, human vision and neural network.) He also discussed some other topics like out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams and ethics which I'm not interested. Overall it's quite brilliant. Imho further progress in philosophy of mind ultimately depends on neuroscience.
No. 66540
279 kB, 1024 × 515
>I'm rather new here but I can already recognise some germanyballs.

To be fair, it is not that hard.

>Overall it's quite brilliant. Imho further progress in philosophy of mind ultimately depends on neuroscience.

Yeah, but in the end, neuroscience is not philosophy, unless you want analytic philosophy that collapses into neuroscience, that could work.
No. 66541
75 kB, 604 × 453
6,4 MB, 596 × 854, 0:26
Majority of posters here are the only one from their country and therefore not anonymous. I think this is one of reasons why this is place is so neat. If there were logins, things would be even better.
On a positive note I can shitpost and then pretend that it wasn't me.
Anyway I don't want to do this fingerprints stuff, it's not interesting and impolite.
No. 66544
>Well, if someone wants to do data analysis based on syntactic and semantic features extracted from our posts and identify all posters there's nothing we can do about it.

For all future data collection purposes, I would like to qualify that, despite being me the persistent PT, there were at one point, 3 different Portuguese posters. I am not the northerner who posted something about boy ballerinas.
No. 66547 Kontra
65 kB, 1280 × 1024, 0:00
>If there were logins, things would be even better.
I hope this was an ironic shitpost.
No. 66548
135 kB, 350 × 347
I like semi-anomynity. It makes me fantasize that all the cringe shit I post could very well be coming from a new Swissball each time in the eyes of Ernst.
No. 66549
381 kB, 2000 × 2000
I just watched The Godfather, on a german DVD that only had general subtitles or no subtitles, but no subtitles for just the italian segments like e.g. the VHS has (bought it over 15 years ago).
I also find it funny that Solozzo is dubbed by the same guy who also dubbed William Shatner in TOS and spoke the rhymes in the Pink Panther cartoon (german version had a voiceover that makes the show, in my opinion, a lot funnier) and was the voice of Blondie in TGTBTU and I can never not see in my mind's eye a cheeky Captain Kirk when hearing that voice.
The actual reason why I am posting this is because while I was watching the film, I ate a bag of BACON SNACKS, similar to the one pictured and then, because I felt like it, one Ritter Sport peppermint and now I feel a bit sick in my stomach. I sometimes feel like a fish in that if you gave me to eat I would eat until I died.
And I am not even fat.
No. 66550 Kontra
33 kB, 830 × 467
Shit, forgot the Kirk picture.
>Hmm, ja, Mister Spock, Sie sind schon ein echter Vulkanier
cut to McCoy smugly grinning and Spock raising an eyebrow
No. 66554 Kontra
I should have used the phrase "problem of consciousness" instead of "philosophy of mind". I have more antagonism towards analytical philosophy than "continental philosophy". But I don't want to start a war here.

If it weren't you, the algorithm would tell :DDD
No. 66555
>I have more antagonism towards analytical philosophy than "continental philosophy".

How come? Needless to say, I don't know much about analytic philosophy.
No. 66558
400 kB, 1030 × 1349
I can't sleep, again.
The worst thing is, I know why - because I can't stop thinking, as explained in an earlier post.
But I am not ruminating, I am planning ahead.
And the problem here is that it just doesn't stop.
I think about what I will do tomorrow because I have ideas how to approach the current work problem (and I had to actively refrain from starting the computer and doing that in the middle of the night), and what I might cook on the weekend and when things are due and so on, but it doesn't stop there. Mentally I have solved those problems and conceived plans and just have to execute them at the next occasion, but I am already anticipating future events and possible consequences of these plans, so I try to come up with a solution for that, but with each new decision there are more and more branches and eventually it gets overwhelming.
It's like tripping, but on a slope, so I can't just take a step forward to catch myself and instead have to take another step and the momentum has me take another step and so on, until I might or might not fall face-first into the ground. And I have no idea how it can ever stop.
Right now I am seriously wondering if there is any job - that pays as well as my current one - that doesn't warrant constant planning and taking care of tasks. Something only on a day-to-day base when you don't know what tomorrow brings, and I can only think of going back to paramedic. The problem here is though that the pay is absolute dogshit and instead of thinking about the future there is the real possibility of people dying and I am someone who would go and review every single of his steps to find a fault.
I just don't see any way out of here.
Note that this is just insomniac ramblings, but I need to vent and maybe actually writing this down instead of just chewing it around my brain can already help a bit.
No. 66559
299 kB, 1000 × 1500
I only realised just now that my grandmother became such at age fifty. Meanwhile, I'm gonna be picrelated this year (it's about the title, never watched the movie).

Then again, I don't want kids, for their sake. I'm severely mentally ill and nobody should inherit that. But still, that feel when no gf.
No. 66563
>my grandmother became such at age fifty
Became such what? A virgin? Are you a third generation virgin then?
No. 66564
Yes, we are so religious we practice virgin birth. Indeed.
No. 66566
got shitcanned from work, pretty much. Probably because the business is failing.

I'd be ok with it, except that I was bait and switched into believing that I'd have one more month of work. But then my boss ghosted me without giving me my paycheck. It's not even like he got free labor out of me, there was nothing to do, so I was just sitting around waiting for a new project.
Fucker could've just told me "everything is fucked, abandon ship", I'd have started sending CVs a long time ago.

As it is now, he just wasted a month of my time for nothing.
Fuck this country.
No. 66567 Kontra
32 kB, 867 × 1000
I have not one, but a whole patch of white hairs on my balls. I'm not even 30 years, dogg.
No. 66571
Don't have sex and nobody will notice.
No. 66578
383 kB, 1800 × 650
Don't know what to think of this day. I started reading a historic source, but maybe it's too far off from what I care most about the last weeks. Not uninteresting though. Guess I'm just feeling lonely atm. Thinking more about my chances with a woman I've met a few times, I sensed mutual interest, but I cannot really say if my interests go beyond ending loneliness out of dispair. Only a few weeks ago I was sleeping next the warmth of woman, but there are no real feelings involved, but it made me acknowledge I want this again, really.
No. 66584
Shave balls.

No, seriously, do it. Feels amazing and no white hair.
No. 66585
72 kB, 500 × 738
I hate children so much it's insane, wholly convinced women are just biologically geared to dealing with them
No. 66588
Played Rummikub after family dinner. Won all the token money against cousins and uncles. It's called Israel Mahjong here but I found it quite boring compared with mahjong.

I'm a layman too. But my reasons are ideological and not even wrong for analytical philosophers so I'd rather keep them to myself as of now.
No. 66591
135 kB, 1000 × 448
>so I'd rather keep them to myself as of now.

No. 66595
1,9 MB, 2867 × 3303
I'm finally feeling a bit liberated.
Yesterday night I translated the first two sentences of Three Kingdoms into Hungarian, because ever since I've encountered Moss Roberts' English translation I've been meaning to recapture that rhythm in Hungarian, and none of the published versions come close to that.
"The Empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been."
It has an almost shamanistic changing quality to it as the sentences link up into a perfect circle both in meaning and structure.
(Though I have no fucking idea where the second line comes from, every version of the Chinese text I checked immediately goes on to talk about how the Seven Warring States fought over the remains of Zhou.)
Anyway, I think I failed to replicate it.

Also been playing Red Alert 2. I had to install a mod for it to actually run properly, because it's a jank piece of shit that refuses to run on modern hardware.
Don't know why but it doesn't feel like RA2 aged all that well, even compared to 1, yet tonnes of people remember it as a "classic".
I'll probably write a post about it in the vidya thread.

Anyway I helped with shopping and picked up a copy of Thomas Bernhard's Kalkwerk in German because fuck it, everyone I talked to about this said he's easy to read in German, so I'm going to tackle him in the original this semester.
No. 66596
There is a very good Hörspielversion (not sure if it is an audiobook) of it, albeit shortened, the mantric rambling is perfectly captured in tone and rhythm. I enjoyed it very much in this version since reading it personally is different from this voice interpretation.

No. 66609
> Don't know why but it doesn't feel like RA2 aged all that well, even compared to 1, yet tonnes of people remember it as a "classic".
Nostalgia. It helps if you never touch it again, otherwise your rose-tinted glasses shatter really hard. This is true for most things.
No. 66610
Someone developed a web browser based Red Alert 2 in typescript: https://game.chronodivide.com/
I think RA2 is a well-balanced RTS both faction-wise and unit-wise. How well one plays depends on micro management rather than strategy. That's why the competitive scene is good.

>no fucking idea where the second line comes from
I feel like Moss Roberts took the liberty to paraphrase the word 大势.
No. 66611
265 kB, 1920 × 1080
Chinaball (or whoever else can read it) please tell me what it says on the padlock. Sorry, no less-pixely version available.
No. 66613 Kontra
fade away
No. 66616
Thank you.

It does help me, in the way that I know I won't add Chinese to my game guide now.

I have an idea who "purger/cleaner" is, but obviously no idea how it's translated or how to turn that into a number. Not to mention the rest.

Again, thanks for the effort.

I could try all 10,000 combinations with my abundance of free time. Will I, though? Definitely not.
No. 66617
Today, I voted. Now I shall pat myself on the back for 6 hours for completing my civic duty.
No. 66618
Have a pat from me, too. I never voted in my life.
No. 66622
2,8 MB, 4032 × 3024
Guess what I found during new year shopping today. Pepe has become a normie culture symbol here.

I don't think the meaning matters. Have you tried the number of characters i.e. 3222?
Natural language decipherment isn't a good game design. It ruins the puzzle for speakers. At least major languages should be avoided. Obscure languages like the ones used in linguistics olympiad might be acceptable.
No. 66624
> Have you tried
I think "purger/cleaner" points towards a certain character in the game and "register/fade away" could be birth and death dates. So far the ones I tried didn't work, though.

The original puzzle in every language until now was based on scrabble tiles with purposely weird scores, but for Chinese these tiles are hidden, and the patch notes said they took a different approach.
No. 66625 Kontra
I should have posted this in the VG thread from the start.
No. 66631
194 kB, 1920 × 1036
My parents recently got a puppy, I haven't met him but seems like everybody's loving him and even my little brother started going for walks with him. But now my mom's apparently developed a pretty bad dog allergy.
Kinda breaks my heart since they spent a lot of time on research and were anticipating his arrival from the dog breeder so much, and now they'll probably have to give him away right after bonding with him.
No. 66634
I regret the day I first interacted with a computer.
No. 66636 Kontra
That's sad, also for the puppy.
My mom's old yeller also had been with another family for like three months before he came to us, and something happened that made him go crazy.
No. 66639
16 kB, 228 × 221
I slept really well for the first time in months.
Hope it happens today too.

Not much else his happening right now. I'm just playing vidya and helping around the house.

>I feel like Moss Roberts took the liberty
I've translated very little so far, but imho it takes a lot of skill to do it, not just in wenyan but also in your own language, because otherwise you're just going to create a cumbersome, grammatically crippled mess. At least from wenyan to Hungarian.
It has an interesting duality where the grammar is very much implied when translating and you have to "fill up" the gaps of the original, but some terms are incredibly concise and you have to extract them to have them make full sense in the language.

Personally I enjoyed studying Classical Chinese last semester a lot more than modern, even though we only had one class a week.
The study plan was less straining and the lecturer was a lot more relaxed and engaging.
(Really, it's because of classical I'm not considering but straight up saying that I'm going to get a master's degree in Sinology.)
But I'm no expert on the language right now, I just translate sentences for fun and learning the basics by comparing them to existing translations and asking the lecturer when I'm stuck on something.
Longest I ever tackled was Zhuangzi's story of the butterfly dream, but this summer or even during the semester I want to sit down and do a Pu Songling short story that was never translated before.

Straight to the point.
Oh God, the internet is actually full of Chinese Pepe memes :DDD

Also I never engaged with the pro-RTS scene and I'm shit at microing things. I'm just happy that I can beat the above medium AI in Age of Empires and maybe in this too.
No. 66640
227 kB, 1024 × 1304
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Suffering Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From Desire Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

I hope Matt Furie is getting his royalties, I'd be mad as fuck if I were him.
No. 66642
Kinda funny
No. 66654
167 kB, 1280 × 712
166 kB, 1080 × 1620
63 kB, 1080 × 481
71 kB, 1080 × 420
I was about to say no way his copyright is respected here but that store sells many authorised IP stuff. So I did some research and it seems there is a licensee of pepe in china.
They had colleberations with other brands so it looks legit. But I still feel like there are some shenanigans.

>suffering is not real
How so? In buddhism suffering is considered innate to the cycle of life and death, i.e. samsara. It is suffering no matter how happily one lives. It is only not real in the sense the world and self is an illusion after you become buddha.

I tried to translate some classical chinese sentences in the esoteric politics thread and it's so hard. There's a theory that classical chinese writings in pre-qin omitted some grammatical aspects of old chinese language, like how written hebrew and arabic omit the vowels, hence the conciseness.
Lots of people will agree on your preferrence of classical chinese. We just failed the modern chinese language. Modern works just cant compare to classics in wenyan. In fact, nothing can compare to zhuangzi. No one is really important after him. Chinese civilization peaked at zhuangzi and It's all downhill from there.
No. 66656
Oh, I see they have trollface in there, too.
That's also copyrighted.
Not like they'd give a shit, but still.

Kind of bizarre to me that silly memes became such marketable images half a globe away.
Reminds me of how Pajitnov invented Tetris, but there was no copyright in USSR and he didn't get a penny, while western companies were making bank :-DDDD
No. 66657
141 kB, 2311 × 1067
Also, stumbled upon these headlines while googling and lol'd a bit.

I can't help but read these uncharitably, as some kind of excuse like "it's ok when we do it!" or "no, you see, this is different".
Especially this line:
>a symbol of resistance against an authoritarian state
I mean that's exactly what an alt-righter would say :-DDDD
No. 66659
I don't know, isnt it kinda normal that (some) symbols are contested in their meaning? Think of skins as leftist, British white working class and British African diaspora getting together in also through a certain clothing style that was later used (coopted they would say) by the far right bydlo arm.
No. 66662
It depends on inside vs outside view of a symbol.

I think the difference is that pepe was a universal internet meme, anyone who used the internet beyond social media, knew about it and reposted it.
It's just that being an internet driven group, the alt-right just happened to also use pepes, and it just so happened that the alt-right was the normies' first exposure to pepe.
Hence, "pepe = alt right" in the mind of the western boomers.
It also didn't help that in response, /pol/ decided to force pepe as a nazi symbol for the lols, like they did with the "ok" hand gesture. And it worked because boomers are stupid I guess.

So, there's nothing weird about a youth movement using an internet meme as a symbol.
The meaning of the symbol was not being contested here, what was being contested are the assumptions the outsiders made about the symbol, which they tried to reconcile when they saw a contrary example.

the meme is dead anyway, so why am I even talking about this
No. 66663 Kontra
I would like to add that the skinheads were originally decidedly unpolitical, mainly connected through their love for reggae and ska.
SHARP for example is about as old as Blood & Honour.
Also, you can usually distinguish actual skinheads on account of them not having shaved heads like boneheads, but rather just really short hair.
No. 66668
202 kB, 1600 × 1040
>American Jazz
>A short coffee
>A badly translated "talent and beauty" novel
>Sitting in the armchair sideways
I'm feeling so fucking decadent right now.

God bless chemistry, the king of sciences for allowing me to live like this.

Going to the doctor's tomorrow to for a control and to get some papers. Turns out I'm actually eligible for some sort of social security grant according to my mother, and it's really a pretty penny. I got like 30 euros for studying well, but as it turns out, I can get ~120 if I'm just sick. That is if this actually comes to fruition and they accept my application. Getting like 150 euros a month wouldn't be bad on top of working for another 150 at the library. And I don't even have to pay income taxes because God Emperor Orbán made it so for the under 25s.
If things go well I'll be fucking loaded.

>Lots of people will agree on your preferrence of classical chinese.
I didn't see it that way at university strangely enough. Everyone thought of it as a nuisance.
Half the class is nouveau-rich kids who study because daddy said China is the Future, a quarter is the same but poor ruralities who see Chinese as a way to get rich and another quarter has serious personality defects and it's their third fucking try at a degree to "find themselves" or some shit like that or they're here because they watch Chinese TV dramas.
I was literally the only person to say that I'm there because it interests me when during the first classical class we were asked the question "why we're here". Everyone else said that they registered for the class because it's mandatory.

General moral is so fucking low. There's a lack of enthusiasm. Hearing about the Dao shouldn't be something new and enlightening to a second year student of Chinese.

>There's a theory that classical chinese writings in pre-qin omitted some grammatical aspects of old chinese language
Well, that'd make sense when compared to ancient Egyptian's script or even the really old Greek ones, maybe even with Old Japanese's usage of the Chinese script, but then this would pose the question of why didn't Old Chinese go down the same route of developing a secondary script to accompany the hanzis. Imho this would mean that writing was so influential in ancient China that it influenced language rather than the other way around.

Though this theory makes me think of a quote I noted down during class where the lecturer said
There's no grammar here, only words that have to be used, which is in stark contrast with what I encountered when I studied Latin and Greek.
("Remember collegae, the word must not only be spread, but also declined and conjugated!")
No. 66669
The old school trads were more just anti-fuckwit in general. Class pride was a defining feature but It wasn't a Marxist view of class at all, it was the Anglo class based society version. Also it was less anti-racist than it was that the Jamaicans and the white kids were living in the same spots and hung out thusly.

In the UK, it's arguable that outwardly lefty skins arose in response to the demographic shifts of the late 70s- early 80s causing things to go off the rails hard (started getting more of the hooligan crowd from coverage over people just feelin' it if that makes sense). This Is England presents it well where the BNP is renounced not on racist grounds but as just being a bunch of fuckwits essentially. Is it still kind of wild that something rooted in multiracial working class neighbourhoods could fall off to the hard right? Yuh, but that's history.

Leftists existed but it was never what it was about. Even now it depends on your locality. Our oldest blokes are all anti-fascists because the skins were pushed in with the punks due to Brisbane being conservative as fuck.

Sometimes. Again depends on scene. Our one is not one of the oldest so even the old boys are a number 1 buzzcut at most. It's more of a generational signifier since taking all your hair off was an 80s+ thing mostly.
No. 66671
42 kB, 600 × 400
Also bout to go to day 6 of my week. Then I have a day off. Feels good man.
No. 66672
26 kB, 480 × 360
Today I grabbed a box of hot LIDL nuggets off the shelf and ate them as I calmly strolled through the supermarket. In the end I disposed of the box behind the spaghetti and went to pay for the rest of my purchases with a full stomach.

I'm not sure if this revolutionary act of defiance is best framed as a stand against German imperialism or a protest against the unethical practices of large supermarkets. Either way, I'm the victim in this whole debacle. They really should have made the box harder to slip nuggets out of.
No. 66673
If intended to bait, you failed. Shelves aren't my problem, and I unironically walk the high theft route when I can just so people who will actually stop shoplifting don't :-DDD

This post brought to you by "imagine actually caring about the company" gang.
No. 66674
53 kB, 458 × 612
>If intended to bait, you failed.
I intended to eat, I succeeded :DD
I think shoplifting is bad and I'm aware I shouldn't. The inspiration for this post was partly from a female friend telling me she shoplifts stockings as some sort of anti-capitalist action.
No. 66675
> I grabbed a box of hot LIDL nuggets off the shelf and ate them as I calmly strolled through the supermarket.

Ok, what is this wizardry or should I say black magic in order to allude to the LIDL founders surname that is Schwarz/black, you either telling lies or LIDL is far more advanced in Poortugal than in the mother colony. When will I select hot nuggets from my local LIDL (I only visit sporadically)?
No. 66676
275 kB, 960 × 809
24 kB, 450 × 597
About a year ago or so, they began offering burgers and nuggets. A cheaper version of McDonald's, if you will. I know, that for some inexplicable reason, larger European companies will often use Portugal as a testing ground for new products. In trying to find a picture of the bürgers, it seems they're also sold in Spain.

Expect the LIDL burger to take the fatherland by storm soon.
No. 66677
It probably depends more on the Lidl than on the country. We have small general stores from big brands next to railway stations and city centers who offer mostly ready to eat stuff to compete with fast-foods. It’s really useful, it takes no time to buy.
It may something that existed for decades in other countries now that I think about it. It only has become very popular in the last 5-6 years here.
No. 66678
ꡛꡞꡋ ꡋꡠꡋ ꡁꡧꡭ ꡙꡓ!

Passed new year eve playing some family friendly tabletop games. I thought jubensha, a kind of very localized trpg would be cringe but it turned out to be fun. Btw in case anyone wonders how the calendar works: https://bit.ly/3rbrVAR

>general moral is low
It's common. Most people dont have academical ambitions and only have their eye on future wages when choosing a major. But they're delusional in choosing chinese instead of CompSci lol. Just ignore them and socialize with like-minded people.
>There's no grammar here
I know this is a joke but any language would have grammer. My uneducated guess is that fusionality in old chinese was ignored when written down in oracle bone script, bronze script and/or seal script, which would induce the later tonogenesis.
No. 66680
Well, my Lidl does not have to compete with fast food joints. Maybe I have to look into other Lidls or check the self select pastry section more closely.

would buy/10

Also the burger makes me wonder where all the Americans are lately
No. 66681
It's called appropriation and it's a part of several strands. It's not a big deal, so they shouldn't me making it out to be, but it is actual praxis which is undeniably pretty ebin to see.

Can't imagine siding with porky when it comes to shoplifting though.

No. 66682
602 kB, 600 × 838
>It's called appropriation and it's a part of several strands.
This will be my legal defense when D. Schwartz and his jurist thugs try to stop my self-sacrificing struggle against his so-called discount supermarket. The concept of $1.8€ for 20 nuggets already hints at the inhumane conditions of Herr Schwartz' chicken farms. It's a sick and vile industry and one that I plan to make unprofitable so it ceases its industrial barbarism. I've estimated the profit margin on the nuggets to be low, at about 30c/box. Even accounting for the supernatural shrewdness of Germans, it's no less than 35c/box.
They had to get more equipment to function with these new "hot food" points of sale, no doubt monitoring it's profitability as they consider expanding this vile racket to other communities, nations and continents.
If I liberate just two boxes a day, and maybe run my hands over the other ones while my fellow shoppers watch, I can destroy the LIDL nugget.

can't believe schwarz has this as his wikipedia picture, very futurist
No. 66683 Kontra
196 kB, 410 × 559
>$1.8€ for 20 nuggets
No way this is real.
No. 66685
58 kB, 1086 × 652
130 kB, 948 × 533
It isn't. I wasn't counting the nuggets while trying to stuff them down my goblet under my mask. Looking it up, it's just 16 nuggets for 1.87€ without tax. The tag on the box is actually 2.3€.

Doesn't sound as bombastic though, and I need to excite the masses against the villainous D. Schwartz.
No. 66688
>another quarter has serious personality defects and it's their third fucking try at a degree to "find themselves" or some shit like that
Lmao, I hope my fellow students view me with less vitriol just cause I'm a couple years older and already have another degree
I prefer to think of myself as a slightly quixotic but ultimately enlightened polyglot and polymath :D

Incredible, and here I am buying frozen nuggers like an absolute jackass

Now that's some real moonrunes, my browser doesn't even render the seal script(?) properly

No. 66689
I think i got sick with omicron.
Yesterday i had 38.6 the whole night and it really sucked. Not only your bones and muscles hurt, you have an insanely strong headache and nausea. Eyeballs hurt too.
Right now the temperature dropped down to 37.5, i actually used medicine to bring it down last morning.
Regardless i still feel like shit. Right now my biggest concern is that i want to come out the viral phase of the sickness without major bacterial infestation/complications.
I don't want to have another pneumonia. As someone who had it before - it's horrible and i don't recommend getting it.
If you get sick with covid - stay home and tell your boss to fuck off. Imo not getting pneumonia is a case worth getting fired for.
In fact i believe that quitting a job over high stress levels or some temporary health issues is fine. Let the economy collapse - i don't care.
No. 66690
>can't believe schwarz has this as his wikipedia picture, very futurist

This is probably due to the few photos that exist of him. A real german discount(er) tycoon, you don't know how they look like, the public is only interacted with via market action :DDDD But I sensed his anonymity coating him in seductive mystery has already an effect on you.
No. 66692

Look, as I said, German discounter tycoons have some things in common

>That [no photos] is intentional. Schwarz has stayed in the background for decades and still manages to go shopping in his hometown without being recognized. The Lidl founder is married and has two children. He lives in the middle of the city, but in complete seclusion. Abduction cases such as that of Aldi founder Theo Albrechts in 1971 or the children of drugstore founder Schlecker in 1987 have made him so cautious, they say.
No. 66693
Mother of Dog. The mastermind behind the LIDL cabal could be any of the faceless crowd of pensioners and assorted elderly in a small German town. His low public profile speaks volume about his guilt.

>His kidnappers were eventually caught by authorities, but only half of the money was recovered.[8] Albrecht later unsuccessfully[10] claimed the ransom as a tax deductible business expense in court.[8]
Absolutely ebin :DD
No. 66694
You already have a degree. I'm talking about bipolar art-hoes that have spent 6 years without getting a degree, transferring between faculties in search of their "true passion".
You know the type of person. The dead end of the evolutionary dead ends who can't function even in a society that was built so that anyone with half a brain can function in it without much trouble.


>But they're delusional in choosing chinese instead of CompSci lol
I think it's a compromise between perceived possible long term gains and their own abilities.
Getting a degree from the two better unis that teach compsci or engineering is fucking brutal, or so I heard, and even the people adept at the sciences sometimes have a hard time getting the degree. (They accept like 400 applicants and maybe a quarter finish, not on time, I mean finis hat all. Casualties are high. Not that the Chinese faculty here is better. First semester was like the Normandy landing, +50% flunked out.)

Also, you can go far with foreign languages here, because both training and manpower is scarce in a lot of fields.

>I know this is a joke
It was a joke, but he was also trying to show to us how our European concept of grammar (which is derived from Latin) and the terminology in it is kind of useless when approaching Classical Chinese, so we should get into a different mindset than when we're learning a more "common" language.
No. 66696
> His low public profile speaks volume about his guilt
You are going the same route as people who want to force others to stop setting their Steam profile to private so they can find some dirt on them.

Nope. Privacy is a right and no amount of you hating it is gonna change that.
No. 66697
I have two positive Corona selftests, great. Now waiting for my physician to open so that I can call there and they approve me for a free PCR test. At least no symptoms so far.
No. 66704 Kontra
I will find you, Dieter. No matter how hard you hide behind the principle of privacy, I will find you.
I will also release to the world your excessive playing time of Doki Doki Literature Club.
Enjoy your empire while it lasts.
No. 66711 Kontra
I wonder if Schwarz's house is blurred on Google Street View.
No. 66715
456 kB, 622 × 583
> Doki Doki Literature Club
No. 66716 Kontra
That's 0.4 hours too many. It seems my analysis of your character is correct :DD
No. 66717
Yes, very excessive.
No. 66718
1,2 MB, 960 × 716
> Google Street View
Does he even live in one of the view places they were allowed to take pictures of?
No. 66719
131 kB, 735 × 371
Today I have been an actual victim of Brexit for the first time.
I ordered a CD from the UK because I couldn't get it anywhere else.
The CD cost around 15 Euros.
Now since the UK now falls under customs bullshit, I have to pay a customs fee of 2,66 Euros. If that hadn't been enough, the Deusche Post, like the greedy bastards they are, also take 6 (SIX!!!) Euros from just for that shit to pass the border. So all in all I had to pay 8,66 Euros IN ADDITION to the actual price, to over 150% of what I would have paid had those cockroaches not been the retarded fairies they are.
And to add insult to injury, the postman didn't properly push the bell (you need to push it hard, else it sometimes won't ring), so instead of receiving the package yesterday when I was at home, I now had to wait another day and then pick it up at the next collection spot. That wasn't directly related to Brexit, but it was another layer of shit.
Truly, nobody suffers as much as me on the Germany.
No. 66720
>allowed to take pictures of?

It's not forbidden on any official account, google just stopped updating/expanding streetview in Germany after 2011. Presumably because the effort to comlpy with so many requests to censor parts of the data just wasn't worth it. But afaik there was no official statement why they stopped.
No. 66721 Kontra
Sorry, I meant "few"
No. 66722
I have placed to orders which were shipped from UK after Brexit was regulatory installed and forgot about the fees both times and they turned both deals from a quite good deal to a not that good deal after all.
No. 66728
True, true, I think he comes from some Swabian smol town.


I was wondering about this some time ago when contemplating shopping from UK based vendor. I might never shop from the UK again then. I guess this also includes bookdepository, sad. With their free shipping, they had quite some deals for English language books for mainland Europeans.
No. 66729
1,8 MB, 3652 × 2901
Went to the doctor's. Didn't take long at all. Just under an hour. Got the papers and some meds.
Mother gave me a 5k banknote and a card, so I went to town and bought a pizza and some pastry, and I spent the rest on books.
I don't she expects any of that money back, so it's no big deal in the end.

Got seven books. Some of them were on my "to get" list for a while now. Got a collection of Tibetan songs, a volume of ancient Egyptian love poems, an anthology of Finnish novellas, Väinö Linna's The Unknown Soldier (which I have no fucking idea how it got a translation during socialism by a prestige press), a book on different mythologies, a collection of essays published for the centenary of Mihály Babits' birth and most surprisingly this German pocket edition of The Song of El Cid, a work my epics collection was sorely missing.
God, I love the Germans and their well made pocket books.

Also I just noticed that I've been filing Tibetan books under the Chinese category in my catalogue. I can't recall if this was a joke, a political statement or a "lol who cares" moment.The catalogue needs some revamping, especially the nationalities section, because the "other" section has grown a bit too large. One day I might add the Dewey decimal to every volume. Should have done it from the start, but I was an ignorant high schooler.

I still have half a pizza and a bag of knock-off among us themed chips, so the day is probably gonna be good.

I had the same thing happen when I ordered a book from the UK.
The eternal Anglo is threatening Festung Europa.
Don't worry, third time's the charm. They'll come crawling back eventually.

I will defend the Lidl-führer so that he can bring us cheap chicken nuggets too.
Your manhunt ends here, you lunatic Lusiad!
No. 66730
680 kB, 2560 × 1920
Wait, are you telling me WECT supermarkets don't have integrated canteens?

Wow, degemnerate wect is truly decaying
No. 66731
My small town supermarket has both a "heiße Theke" for meat stuff AND a sushi stand.
No. 66732 Kontra
Mother of Dog, I've got an order of two expensive books coming in from that god forsaken island. I wonder how brutally the customs will charge me.
Damn the English, damn them all to hell.
No. 66733 Kontra
Don't know if it's an EU-wide thing, but there was no tariff on the book itself (even though it was expensive) when I got it, the toll-division just evaluated the tariff on it to be 0 HUF and then asked me to pay ~2.50 Deutschmarks for the evaluation process itself.

So depending on how greedy the Portuguese authorities are for more funds, your mileage may vary.
No. 66734 Kontra
42 kB, 1200 × 630
>So depending on how greedy the Portuguese authorities are for more funds, your mileage may vary.