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No. 66814
949 kB, 1920 × 1080
Is there an efficient way to store links, notes, and files? I use a computer at least 10 hours a day, and I have plenty of things to save - books, notes, article links, youtube links, etc. Simply saving them doesn't help because at some point you have too many of them. I'd like to have some kind of app/website to organize my stuff(files, links, notes), with the possibility to give them some hashtags and, maybe, priority or other metadata. Can Ernst recommend me something that suits my needs?
No. 66816
Look up "note taking app".

For offline
Joplin is popular but bloated.
There's also Obsidian.
Then there's ancient ones like cherrytree, etc.

There's also proprietary bloatware like onenote, evernote, etc.

There's also online solutions with subscription, etc.

Also, this thread should've been a post in technology thread.
No. 66819
Thank you. Obsidian looks like something I'd like to use. Also, yeah, I should have posted in the technology thread but I forgot about that thread.
No. 66821 Kontra
For books - goodreads & calibre (for ebooks)
For links I just use browser bookmarks (with a couple different folders)
Obsidian I mainly use for note-taking, but I feel like my note collection is too messy and I'm not really using it to its full potential. It takes some time/effort to get into it.
No. 66841
I use Obsidian, it potentially should work for notes and links equally well. But you need to build a system of order in which you can orient yourself. I have a problem myself even though I link entries together I lost sight of my more than 250 notes already, maybe they are just too dispersed, at least I come back to certain entries again and again.
No. 66853
Bookmarks inside folders in the same browser, but without being too exhaustive

Notes in a file in the root of the respective project

org-mode concept (but unless you are ultra hardcore don't use the emacs approach, it's for emacs maniacs that approach). Just consider the org-mode concept

youtube stuff inside youtube. make your own "playlists"

all the different data has to be organized the same way.