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No. 66927 Systemkontra
246 kB, 956 × 1500
30 kB, 689 × 538
No. 66928
sorry, failed to come up with better relevant op-pic
No. 66930
Just learnt that there are two supreme courts in Ukraine. In accordance with president Poroshenko's court reform "The supreme court of Ukraine" was supposed to be abolished and replaced with "The supreme court". However it refused to abolish itself as many judges didn't want to go through re-attestation. They tried to refute reform in Сonstitutional court, which responded that this issue is not in their competence, but in parliament's. This story seems to finish with nothing so it still exists in parallel with new court, gets government money and so on.
Recently press office of old court claimed that 68 automobiles from their parking were stolen and reported it to police. New court responded that they were merely evacuated because they blocked driveway.
there was a bit silly meme in runet, "how will courts work in ancap?"
No. 66943
What year are those drawings from roughly?
No. 66947
Damn this whole saga is incredibly ebin. The feds have been aggressively resisting a corruption watchdog on them for ages now, under the claim that it's "not necessary", or that accountability for the country's highest level of government is akin to the inquisition, as though being this actively hostile to oversight makes us really believe them lul.


OP pics hit for me mang.
No. 66949 Kontra
I like the difference in attire by the social democrats.

No. 66952
81 kB, 441 × 698
1917, but I couldn't find which month.
No. 67656
Queen got covid. Let's fucken go!
No. 67658
She will survive.

t. pessimist
No. 67659
> Let's fucken go!
To ze funeral?
No. 67660
>t. pessimist
So you want Charles as king?
No. 67662
I'm rolling with this type of concept as of now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P9yruQM1ggc
No. 67663
64 kB, 768 × 514
> king
More like "professional drive-by waver"
No. 67666
If she dies, media manufactured grief may shock the States back into wearing masks. With that in mind, I'm going to pull for the old bird to beat this.
t.Not going back
No. 67679
I just realized, when she dies, won't there be DAYS of national mourning or something?
I suggest to conduct Operation Löwenmäulchen right at that time.
No. 67680
I expect a lot of mourning, but I know there will be a very vocal minority who will mount an assault on the monarchy as institution, even if just in a grassroots fashion, online.

Then the fact that Charles is now king will dawn on the UK and things will probably get a bit sour.
But I wonder why people seem to hate Charles.
No. 67682
>But I wonder why people seem to hate Charles.
He's a huge dork.

Also, something something Diana/Camilla/whatever.
No. 67683
>Also, something something Diana/Camilla/whatever.
I'm too young to get that one, I just know there's a considerable amount of loonies who expect Diana to rise from the grave and lead Britain to glory by the grace of God (who is Diana herself).

As in like, I know the Queen supposedly got her killed for being with an Egyptian reporter or something like that, I just don't get why people adored her so much.
No. 67684
>I just don't get why people adored her so much.
Beautiful, elegant, "commoner marries prince" (though not really), she was EVERYWHERE across all tabloids, her kids were cute before one started looking like his dad and the other ran off with some yankee thot.
Also she shook hands of hiv positive people when they were still being treated like veritable lepers.
An icon of the alphabet community.
Also, all the conspiracies surrounding her death. So basically tabloids and women have kept her in memory like (actual) boomers keep Elvis in memory.
No. 67685 Kontra
Sorry, it should have been "commoner (though not really) marries prince".
No. 67717
72 kB, 640 × 427
Russia recognizes the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics as sovereign states.

The real hypocrisy is not also recognizing Transnistria.
No. 67719
>An icon of the alphabet community.
Of who?
No. 67720
Does that mean that Russia will now commit (even more) materiel to supplying the separatists, or is it just for show?
No. 67722
It's possible the future consequences of this aren't yet even understood by people in the Kremlin. I still haven't understood if Russia recognizes DNR and LNR sovereignty over what they de facto hold or over what they de jure claim. Seen things implying the later, but dunno.

I really thought they wouldn't recognize the people's republics so I'll refrain from commenting on how they'll use this. Either way, I don't like what I'm seeing :Dd
No. 67724
The advocate sums it up pretty well.

Not sure how much I buy the brink of war shit. So many of the news stories I seen are ridiculous that it look like burgers trying to both start shit and look like the defenders. Probably both sides doing this and will drag us into some bullshit fight.

No. 67729
484 kB, 809 × 594
>Not sure how much I buy the brink of war shit
No Westerner is going to die in a trench over Donetsk. I can't wait to visit the very serious People's Republic of Donetsk in about 30 years.
No. 67730
More tiny micro-states? how wonderful
No. 67737 Kontra
535 kB, 500 × 391, 0:02
>"Putin orders peacekeepers into Ukraine"
>Videos on twitter showing convoys entering the separatist regions
No. 67861
23 kB, 489 × 348
>Wake up
>20 discord pings
>Twitter on fire
Vladolf actually did it wtf
No. 67862
No. 67876
21 kB, 331 × 331
By the looks the military operations near the Chernobyl zone possibly damaged the power-plant, so there's now some radiation leaking out. Probably not too serious, but adds to the general continental anxiety I guess.
Data provided by the Ukrainian agency that manages the exclusion zone.
No. 67877
156 kB, 888 × 499
Chinese military airplanes in Taiwan.
On picrelated: krauts still can be blamed for screwing up things: what they expected from KGB monkey with grenade when they approved NS2?
No. 67878
Nah, the PlAA does that every single fucking week.
For one, just to demoralize the ROC forces and to make them sink money into air scrambles, and two, because Taiwan’s air defence region actually covers a part of mainland China, so China can violate Taiwan’s military alert airspace just by flying plains in Fujian. (And then the media treats every single “incursion” as if The PRC just commanded heavy bombers to fly over Taipei.)
50-50% on the fuckery between the two parties.
No. 67879
319 kB, 485 × 666
2,6 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:15
I went into town today to buy some canned goods in case the nukes start to fly but every ATM machine was emptied. So I went to the shop to see what I could get in case the shit hit the fan.

I left Dunnes with 16 cans of beer, 4 cans of baked beans and 2 packs of chocolate biscuits, r8 my survival pack

But then I found a working ATM and put 50 euro of Diesel into my car and it didn't even amount to 30 litres
No. 67881
>Russia starts war
>Russia blames Germany for war

Don't be like Poland
No. 67905
233 kB, 640 × 688
>CIA funds coup d'état
>CIA encourages far-right nazism in Ukraine
>CIA encourages hostility between the russian and ukrainian brother people
No. 67911 Kontra
21 kB, 672 × 136
A little something I found in some news list.
The president of the biggest german secret service supposedly got surprised by the Kiew attack.
No. 67928
353 kB, 1360 × 1532
> anti-Russian rhetoric caused this
> it's really both sides you know
> CIA is to blame
No. 67934 Kontra
11 kB, 223 × 226
31 kB, 643 × 135
No. 67942
220 kB, 1360 × 765
>Russia's communications regulator on Saturday ordered media to remove reports describing Moscow's attack on Ukraine as an "assault, invasion, or declaration of war" or face being blocked and fined.
>In a statement, Roskomnadzor accused a number of independent media outlets including television channel Dozhd and the country's top independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta of spreading "unreliable socially significant untrue information" about the shelling of Ukrainian cities by the Russian army and civilian deaths.
Please refer to the present situation in Ukraine as a special military operation. Thanks, Ernst.
No. 67966 Kontra
Oh no! Didn't he get the fax?
No. 67981 Kontra
Reminds me how news here are still calling it a "conflict" instead of a "war".
No. 67984 Kontra
Here's outright called a war.
Checking Chinese papers, it's referred to as the "Ukraine Situation".
No. 67992
52 kB, 675 × 521
No. 68022
94 kB, 768 × 1024
If you enter "ukraine" into google/duckduckgo and go to news, what is the usual makeup of those?
Because right now I get a whole bunch of sports news with regular headlines, but with an added "because of ukraine", with something like football clubs using the war to do some more tax evasion etc.
Yesterday I shook my head at pic related, but we are really not better, just different.
No. 68023
171 kB, 539 × 1307
Don't know what's the usual makeup, but right now on DDG it's this. I don't really follow any news.
No. 68025
468 kB, 1277 × 938
No. 68026
Ah, you all have them set to english.
No. 68062 Kontra
33 kB, 795 × 636
Isn't it great when you can virtue signal without actually having to do anything?
No. 68067
Yeah thanks this kind of posting remind me why I quit to begin with. Oddly I don't see many other burgers at all either so did those two shitposters leave also? I'm going to nap again and force myself to slog through later. I realized some time ago whole reason I went on ec.com only to begin with was trying to quit IBs altogether. This is the least worst shitty IB there is, and that's sad.

If that's the parachutist it's a fake, he's from some training video from 7 years ago uploaded to tiktok.
No. 68075
News say Ukraine now takes imprisoned ex-military back into service, among them murderers and people in jail for torturing POWs. Absolutely ebin.
No. 68085 Kontra
Our leftist party (who has sucked Putin dick for the past 20 years out of sheer contrarianism because USA bad and my enemy's enemy) has now also admitted that Putin is bad.

I think right now many of those people are actually starting to reconsider their perspective on a few things.
And all it took was a tiny little invasion!
No. 68088 Kontra
The left has always said that Putin is bad, the argument was about Russia and NATO and that Russia has valid demands in those regards which the west should recognize.
No. 68090 Kontra
>the argument was about Russia and NATO and that Russia has valid demands
So the Putin-led Russia, which was about reinstating the USSR, is a valid demand, yes? Because Ukraine is rightful clay, as are the Baltics and so on, right? Man, you're right, that's really NOT sucking Putin dick.
No. 68092 Kontra
You are leading a debate with a strawman.
No. 68100 Kontra
I don't think you know what that word means.
But go ahead, tell me about those "valid concerns".
No. 68892

>Hungary banned all grain exports effective immediately due to price increases caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine
No. 68893
Hunger is incoming. Germany will suffer! SUFFER SO MUCH because it is a weak shithole country that can barely feed itself with fertilizer and agro-chemicals, but not without them. Germany will start to give away it's own stock to the world very soon, then be empty-handed itself. Like it went down with masks during the 'rona. Then, Germlings will starve! FICK DIE KÖTERRASSE!
No. 68970 Kontra
26 kB, 320 × 293
Dude, we get it already, chill out before you spontaneously combust from giddiness.
No. 69044
No. 69046 Kontra
I wonder, did anybody recall his corona predictions?
No. 71293
118 kB, 1319 × 1074
Counting of the votes started.
Orbán seems to be winning so far according to official data.
No. 71299
119 kB, 1313 × 1077
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1016
Close to 60% of the votes have been counted for the list and over 70% for the constituency votes.
Orbán is winning big time so far.

The opposition already seems to be collapsing over the results morally.
Don't know if they can turn this in the last 30-40%.
No. 71304
118 kB, 1336 × 1073
265 kB, 392 × 263
I don't think anybody would have expected this even a month ago. As things stand, Orbán is about to have a supermajority in parliament. For the third time.

This is despite the six major opposition parties forming a grand coalition to beat him, all of them only nominating a single candidate against Fidesz in the constituencies.

Orbán already held a victory speech despite the counting being far from finished, saying things like:
>Our victory is so big, it might even be seen from the moon, but it is surely to be seen from Brussels
>No matter tactics, treachery, in the end, the Heart always wins.
>It seems like the Hungarian left was Gyuri Bácsi's [something like "Uncle Georgie's", referring to Soros] worst investment. It has been a moneysink for 12 years!
Closing the speech with his catchphrase
>With the Good God above us all, Hungary before all. Let's go Hungary, let's go Hungarians!

What does this mean for Hungary? More of the same. Orbán's plans for staying in power until 2030 are one cycle closer to fulfilment.
No. 71305
>I don't think anybody would have expected this even a month ago.
You certainly did not. What are you? Some kind of pro-EU fagot? Why do you want Germany and France to tell Hungary how to run its own house?
No. 71306
Every poll showed a 50-50, usually favouring the united opposition.
It's probably the war that saved Orbán's bacon.
No. 71309
How so? Because of his long history being chums with Putin? Because he acted more cowardly than even the German government? How do you turn that into a good look?
No. 71311
Because of the reform of the election system that pushed all the opposition parties together into a single camp.
Orbán could always win, but only because the liberal opposition and the right opposition fragmented the votes.
But this time everyone from the socdems to jobbik nominated a single candidate which would have been enough on paper to beat Orbán's usual 48-50%.

But with the war, he successfully distanced himself from Putin and campaigned for peace and keeping on buying Russian gas, claiming the opposition would make the people of Hungary pay for a foreign war we have no business fighting by stopping Russian gas shipments.

Orbán basically campaigned for three things:
Peace: No weapons or troops to Ukraine, no hotheaded sanctions
Energy security: Keep the gas flowing, keep prices low
Protect the children: Ban LGBT in schools
No. 71328 Kontra
Nice. Now he will never get voted out. Liberal minded people will leave and right wing "protect our values like its 1799" people will migrate in great numbers to Hungary. I know a lot of people who got kicked out from our right wing party for being obnoxious has gone and set up shop in Hungary.
No. 71331 Kontra
It is hard for me to formulate a respectful, sensible answer to that. One that does not include
>Working even harder to become Russia's favorite satellite than Germans
or something of that ilk.
I will say no more.
No. 71480
I disagree with you.

It's not that the Hungarian electorate (and Orbán) is fond of Putin (though it plays a part), but rather the fact that such a poor country isn't going to make material sacrifices on "moral" ground.
You might be able to afford higher gas and food prices if the embargo is to be extended to resources too, but we CAN'T. And nobody is going to voluntarily starve or freeze on the altar of "Europeanness" and "Humanity" here.

Not to mention that the Ukrainians have been harassing the Hungarians living in Kárpátalja for close to a decade and have been at odds with us diplomatically ever since the Maidan when we asked them politely to fucking keep respecting their rights and institutions.
But no, they kept threatening us, once one of their generals even said his forces could destroy us in a month.
I'm sorry but such a rabid shithole isn't going to earn our support, and they got what was coming for them.
"The fighting started when the Russians punched back."
Ukraine did everything it could since the whole crisis started to distance itself from Hungary. And now they expect us to send guns and commit economic suicide for them. Quite bold of Zelensky to do so.

But then again, Germany itself is quite quiet about the embargo on gas. Maybe the Germans don't want to lose face either by buying Russian gas, but they know that not even the "Overlord of Europe" is able to afford the American gas and oil.
No. 71491
You either don't know how political speech works, or you're engaging in political speech yourself right now.

The reasons for decisions to do or not to something are generated internally. Or rather, reasons lead to decesions.
But when those decisions are announced, either to oneself or to others, a different reason is used as an explanation for the decision, post-factum. A sort of post-rationalization. (this is what even humans do to their own selves tbh, nut just political entities or marketing teams)
And this tacked-on explanation for the decision serves a purpose: to frame the decision as part of a narrative that the speaker is building.
For example, the Poles could have refused help, and cited their history of violence with Ukrainians, such as bringing up Volhynia, or saying that Ukie refugees have been stealing their jobs, or basically find any event or idea that could make for a believable explanation for the decision. But they did decide to help due to other internal reasons, but in another context, they will surely invoke those grievances as explanations for their future hypothetical decisions.

Decisions and their explanations can be completely unrelated, and usually explanations serve for justifying the decision or setting up a narrative. "Ukies were assholes to us" is as good as any.

But there are always real reasons, and they can be deduced if we assume that they're mostly pragmatic or greedy.
In case of hungary their real reasons are quite clear. They're the same reasons that have been guiding their decisions for many years now. Everybody knows.
And they have nothing to do with Ukraine itsel;f, or any of the petty shit that was mentioned to explain the decision.

So, are you repeating this quasi-nationalist "ukies are our enemies because of this minor event/grievance" propaganda intentionally or unintentionally?
No. 71492 Kontra
>and they got what was coming for them
I hope, for everyone's sake, he's doing it on purpose.
No. 71494
I thoroughly enjoyed that post. Good build-up, great finisher. It transcends the information it provides; like a good film, making you want to re-watch even though you already know what happens.

And while I share your perspective on the argument, I most likely would not have been able to express it with such clarity.
In a good universe your argument will be heard and considered by those addressed. And based on my year-long study of magyar-posting on EC I'd say it can go either way. There is definitely potential for him to rise to the occasion and engage in the thought, and I think there is just as much of a chance that he will deflect or drop.

Exciting prospects for this thread, you guys are making me quite happy tbh :-DDDD
No. 71495 Kontra
54 kB, 706 × 669
>like a good film, making you want to re-watch
I don't think so, buddy :DDDD

Do agree with the assessment of the brick's post though.
No. 71507
See, it's hard to take people seriously, who tell me to stop drinking, when I only get complimented on writing great posts when it's the ones i wrote while drunk.
Alcohol truly opens up the chakras.

anyway, the whole ukr situation is not that relevant to my point, the reason I wrote the post was that the "constructed narrativeness" of the opinions in the post jumped at me right away, so I had to comment.
it's not about any particular political event, but a general observation of how such "political statements" are made.

Friends don't let friends be exposed to "political speech".

I hope the opposite. Would be interesting to observe a successfully groomed, "true believer" psy-op project developing in real time. I find it hard to believe that an independent and defiant academic culture would just so happen to be allowed, AND coincidentally align with all of Orban's and China's global strategies and policies.

There's a term "controlled opposition", but I don't think it highlights the more important phenomenon, where every supposedly oppositional political branch is also merely a spoke that grows out of the center of the wheel that is the state narrative.
You can see it in russia. Both communists, nationalists, nazis and "patriots" and moderates and whatever else, all just happen to agree on putin's foreign policy, and disagree on inconsequential bullshit that nobody cares about.
No. 71511
I gave you both propagandistic explanations and I mixed them with the actual reason: Nobody wants to commit political suicide over the rising energy prices, and the population doesn't want to pay tripple price either. That's literally it.
Obviously the main motivator behind the policy is Hungary's energy sector and our nuclear contract with the Russians. Not some Eurasianist autocratic fraternity or Orbán being Putin's gay lover.
I want to keep the gas flowing too. Everyone does. For Hungary besides maybe the fate of the Hungarians living in Ukraine, this is the only question that truly relates to this war.

You know it's funny that YOU differentiate, yet when I have similar talks IRL with people who you could consider intellectuals, they buy these carefully constructed propaganda salads on the grounds of coming from someone "respectable" while also being "fresh" and "different".

The true question that matters is: Have I become a propagandist?
I receive no benefit from propaganda besides the fact that making and disseminating it gives me an ideological high I can't get from anything else.
No. 71521
>I receive no benefit from propaganda besides the fact that making and disseminating it gives me an ideological high I can't get from anything else.

I'd say that this is enough benefit to create sufficient internal motivation. I'm impressed you can recognize that about yourself... I find it pretty difficult to introspect enough to see what motivates me (most of the time).

>You can see it in russia. Both communists, nationalists, nazis and "patriots" and moderates and whatever else, all just happen to agree on putin's foreign policy, and disagree on inconsequential bullshit that nobody cares about.

Reminds me of this quote by good ol' Chom-chom:

>"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum..."

I think this extends beyond "controlled opposition", it's at the heart of the entire field of "opinion management".
Come to think of it, Putins state management looks a LOT like Straussian anti-liberal policy to me. Which also defines and informs the inner circle of US politics since the Johnson era. Maybe the US and russia are more similar in leadership principles that I previously thought...
No. 71522 Kontra
Eh, sorry for sleepy-posting, the second part is meant to reference >>71507
No. 71531
China strongly opposes latest US arms sales to Taiwan island, vows to take powerful measures


China urges the US to abide by the one-China principle and the regulations in the three China-US Joint Communiqués, immediately cancel the abovementioned arms sales plan to the island and stop military ties with Taiwan authorities so as to avoid further damage to China-US relations and ties between the two countries' militaries, Tan said.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army will take powerful measures, resolutely defeat all kinds of foreign force interferences and Taiwan secessionist attempts and firmly safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Tan said.

Here we go, Taiwan is next
No. 71543 Kontra
I don't think so. The weapons shipments thing was always a critical point of Sino-American, Taiwan-American and cross-straits relations, ever since the US recognised the PRC as the one true China. But the US stops them from time to time and China accepts them begrudgingly from time to time.

And if anything, the Chinese are relying on economics to tie Taiwan closer and closer to the mainland. Time is working for them. Declaring independence if prohibitively costly at this point, and it's only going to get worse.

On the other side, the PRC knows that while it could most likely crush the ROC's military one on one, the possibility of an American-Japanese intervention isn't worth it, and even if that's avoided, the sanctions are plenty to keep them at bay for now.
Though at this point sanctioning China (alongside Russia) would fuck US up more than them.

Also I don't think GT rattling its sabre is reflective of actual Chinese foreign policy. It's state media, but it's written this way to placate the nationalists and people who like sensationalism.
No. 71549 Kontra
Have you heard of "china's final warning"? This is it.

GT really is just a tabloid. Any Chinese newspaper is a state media. It just happens that one of its editors is a huge shitposter online. So it has drawn far more attention than what it deserves. Do you know Hu Xijin was a protester at Tiananmen Square?
No. 71557
I know it's a tabloid. That's what I meant basically.
I still don't know why people think it's some official communiqué of the political machine within China's government. The amount of times I saw western journalist analyse GT shitposts is astounding.

>Hu was at Tiananmen
I knew it, but I can't really put this fact anywhere. I mean, by the way he wrote articles and ran his "Hu Says" segment on GT you can clearly see he has no shame and probably has a cope ready to go if asked about it.
No. 71582
605 kB, 320 × 556, 0:15
367 kB, 1080 × 1716
They are rehearsing occupation on Shanghai now. :D

Also, what's up with "zero-covid policy"? They really think that it's best strategy or there is some hidden reason behind it?
No. 71692
2,8 MB, 3840 × 2880
I don't think that video is from SH.
Strict lockdown worked and there's path dependency. From my observations online, coexistence strategy was generally shunned as sacrificing the people for economy. I feel that most chinese believe in mass mobilization as a solution to everything.

He said that in his interview with cnn.
No. 71695
>most chinese believe in mass mobilization as a solution to everything.

Can't wait for another Westerner to ring the apocalyptic bell as the individualized west will perish under the Chinese mass forming one united functioning body. Reactivations of mass psychology as topos of modernity and special of western societies. Why do I even say wait, it is happening and has happened
No. 71699 Kontra
Historical themes are ever repeating. The yellow horde is putting Europe in great peril, but in 2043 we will cause the death of a fifth of their population with a COVID strain that westerners are already largely immune to. Plague team wins again.
No. 71712 Kontra
6 kB, 282 × 178
Well, I'm humbled by westerners' generosity in forgetting their intellectual property of mass mobilization. We are but an exceptional pupil of the west, the birthplace of such mode of power, governmental rationality, and modernity. And for a pupil the utmost practice of filial piety is to overcome the teacher. :DD

Delusional. The wect is tamed by cultural taboos, while chinaman carries the adventurous spirit of an omnivore. The microbe-let shall fear the pathogen-garch.
No. 71926 Kontra
>while chinaman carries the adventurous spirit of an omnivore
Something difficult to miss, in fact.
No. 72442
What is "path dependency"? Also, what do Chinese think about "One child policy"? Many westerners say that it led to gender disbalance and demographic problems.
No. 72445
>Here we go, Taiwan is next
I hope that will happen, it will hit globohomo so hard! Murrykikes need to get rekt. America relegated to second rate power, end of globalism, lefty shitkids, hipsters and homosexuals or going to get send to the camps, no more eco-green enviro-retardation, climate madness, artificial poverty by so-called "renewable" "energy sources", no more ugly windmills littering the landscape, we can send niggers and Turks home and return Germany to Germans!

(User was banned for this post)

No. 72447
>Though at this point sanctioning China (alongside Russia) would fuck US up more than them.
This. The west is getting weather by the day. China and Russia are getting stronger by the day. Murrica is finished.
No. 72468 Kontra
>What is "path dependency"?
Reluctancy to alternatives.
>what do Chinese think about "One child policy"
Generally negative now, I think.
No. 72785
177 kB, 1024 × 882
Elon Musk has bought Twitter and the chimpout/Schadenfreude on all sides is glorious.
No. 72788
I wonder how long it takes for the first people to talk negatively about Elon Musk or his companies to get shadow banned.
No. 72794
Any interesting takes on what this means for twitter as platform itself? Besides the usual joking that Elon bashing will have consequences now.
No. 72813
Define "interesting". Some takes are:
>it will die
>monetization/subscription model
>nothing will change really because ownership just changes from one billionaire to another
No. 72814
We just don't know.

>Mandated verifying via ID
>Journalist will have to put up with a lot more bullying
>Tears and fear over "free speech absolutism"
>Unbanning some people who got deplatformed
>Elon chickenking out when his policies will cost him too much money
>Maybe the revival of Tumblr
No. 72884
502 kB, 728 × 777
The wheels are in motion...
No. 72886 Kontra
>In a video posted online, Orbán’s chief of staff, Minister Gergely Gulyás, confirmed that the authorities had received the Commission’s letter. Then he offered a series of talking points from Orbán’s recent campaign unrelated to the letter, arguing Hungary must stay out of the war in Ukraine and that its priority was defending children from “sexual propaganda” — an issue related to a recent controversy over a series of anti-LGBTQ+ measures
Ebin :DD
No. 72887
I think political discourse reached a point in this country where it's so bad it's good.
Like actually everyone is medically retarded at this point outside of 1-2 party leaders and their Rasputins who keep the system together (probably for their own amusement.)
No. 72890
524 kB, 1077 × 1263
582 kB, 1002 × 1025
>its priority was defending children from “sexual propaganda”

>everyone is medically retarded at this point outside of 1-2 party leaders and their Rasputins who keep the system together (probably for their own amusement.)

Florida tier. Enjoy the ride :D
No. 72891
Saving the children was the pre-ukraine narrative Orbán was creating to paint every gay liberal as a potential pedophile praying on our kids via NGO sex-ed in schools.
It kinda went bust once the Ukraine thing happened and it turned out to be a better narrative to be the "peace candidate".
Still, we held a national referendum over protecting the children the same day we held the elections.
90% voted in favour of owning the libs, but the results were still inconclusive. Still, it caused a lot of seething.

Not that it matters because the law was passed before the referendum took place and is now strongly entrenched to the point where the opposition would need a supermajority to change it.

Budapest pride got trolled again because the Far Right did the funny this year too and reserved the most important places in the city for their own march out of spite.
Gei is not okei in this country at this point.
No. 72892 Kontra
Also we did it first so Florida is Hungary tier.
No. 72893
1,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:27
No. 72895
72 kB, 530 × 630
Slovenia is in the Balkans. It was part of the former Yugoslavia and today has a small coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Meanwhile Slovakia is located in Central Europe east of the Czech Republic.
Both countries' names come from word "Slavic" and differ only in the local dialect and pronunciation.
No. 72896
In next lessons we'll discuss how to differ Latvia from Lithuania, Ireland from Iceland, Niger from Nigeria and Yemen from Oman. Stay tuned.
No. 72911
Thanks, but... what are you referring to? Nobody in this thread mentioned Slovakia or Slovenia as far as I can see.
No. 72913 Kontra
Aah, so it's like that huh. Slavonia and Sclavia. I totally got it now.
No. 72914
Discussions about Hungarian anti-LGBT politics reminded me of those one pic. Then I realized that Slovakia and Slovenia are two different countries.

I'm know very few about central Europe but I'm not completely ignorant. I knew that Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile Slovenia was the first country to secede from Yugoslavia. And also that it's where Zizek lives. But when I thought about first country I forgot about existence of another one and vice versa. For the first time I thought about both countries simultaneously. Then I decided to share my observations.

That's it.
No. 72915
187 kB, 1242 × 1494
I created a logo for this educational content. Then I started to read about Latvia vs Litva on some tibla site and lost all interest. Seems like there are really no differences between these two. Maybe later.
No. 72922
I'm in shock that no German has yet pointed out that you misspelled 'achtung'.
No. 72926
Frankly, I just only clicked the image after reading your post, so thanks for pointing out, Kamerad.
No. 73043
Thu, April 28, 2022, 2:57 PM·2 min read

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security is stepping up an effort to counter disinformation coming from Russia as well as misleading information that human smugglers circulate to target migrants hoping to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“The spread of disinformation can affect border security, Americans’ safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions,” the department said in a statement Wednesday. It declined The Associated Press' request for an interview.

A newly formed Disinformation Governance Board announced Wednesday will immediately begin focusing on misinformation aimed at migrants, a problem that has helped to fuel sudden surges at the U.S. southern border in recent years. Human smugglers often spread misinformation around border policies to drum up business.

Last September, for example, confusion around President Joe Biden's immigration policies combined with messages shared widely across the Haitian community on Meta's Facebook and WhatsApp platforms led some of the 14,000 migrants to the border town of Del Rio, Texas, where they set up camp. Some were ultimately expelled and were flown out of the U.S.

"We are very concerned that Haitians who are taking the irregular migration path are receiving misinformation that the border is open,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said at the time.

The new board also will monitor and prepare for Russian disinformation threats as this year's midterm elections near and the Kremlin continues an aggressive disinformation campaign around the war in Ukraine.
No. 73048
442 kB, 360 × 360, 0:07
American tourists in Israel found a bomb lying around.
What would you do? Call the police? Don't touch it and keep going? Pick it up and take it to the airport?



The idea of someone finding a bomb on the street and casually taking it to an airport is just comedy.
No. 73051 Kontra
>One man was hospitalised after leaping over a baggage carousel, sustaining injuries.
Ebin :DD
No. 73379
I was going through my note box for a task I have to do and looking at an excerpt I had to think about EC and its schizo German, but he was not the only one expressing that sentiment.

A symptom of post-democratic societies - as the statement from Colin Crouch's similarly titled book goes - are politicians personalities and not political programs. People are obsessed with politicians integrity or non-integrity but not what they do politically. I have to think of these all politicians are liers or the accusation of them being dirty priests. Then I though of Jens Spahn, former health minister during the first corona wave and the lock down. People were going on and on about his villa and how he paid it etc etc. Yeah, sure, one can debate it. But it has nothing to do with what he did in his quickly shifting policy program. While reading about knowledge and regulation in politics lately I found out that perhaps one technique is constant checking and revision of complex situations like a pandemia and these people get angry about scientists and politicians revising their insights. It's a kinda horrible. Sure, the communication was shit then. But some people don't even get that scientific evaluation can change. Why are people looking for Mary (and Joseph) to rule them? A bit more realism might be good.
No. 73389 Kontra
The premise here is though that a politician who is a "liar" or a "dirty priest" will not pursue a political course (if any) that serves anyone but themselves, unlike e.g. an alcoholic, party animal and heavy smoker, who might have serious character flaws, but still tries to act in the best interest of his country.
And since you're mentioning Spahn, why do you omit that he was tangled up in some plain old corruption business. You know, with how his buddies and husband getting the lucrative jobs, independently of actual suitability.
Or do you agree that Putin should be able to steal everything he wants and invade everyone he wants as long as he makes Russia great again?
No. 73390 Kontra
And to add, "back then" the character of a person was of even higher importance. Leumund, reputation, "honor", whatever that entails in a concrete case.
And that one case of a politician who did something slightly stupid, like a typo or something, and had his whole campaign ruined because of that, though I can't remember who it was.
No. 73392 Kontra
>premise here is though that a politician who is a "liar" or a "dirty priest" will not pursue a political course (if any) that serves anyone but themselves

so it's about integrity in the end. Also what does it mean if a policy suits some politician personally? What do you mean exactly? That a CDUler will vote against more social welfare is not necessarily just his personal interest, so what are you talking about?

>why do you omit that he was tangled up in some plain old corruption business

Where do I omit it? I said it has nothing to do with his views/action on lockdown/corona policy. But people look for that in order to derive and evaluate his politics which is dumb measure to evaluate it. Or in simple speak: it's whataboutism.

>character of a person was of even higher importance

Which does not necessarily make it about (non)integrity. Also while the character might have been of importance they weren't treated like celebrities in media these days but that is what happens to politicians as well. Not your politics are important but your personal life. An example would be Trump as well. Do people evaluate a great statesman by his sexuality or his deeds? What would be the case today? A gay statesman would perhaps be more talk about that he is gay than what he actually did politically (if that have been politically good or bad things for the society is not the question here yet).
No. 73396 Kontra
>so it's about integrity in the end.
Well obviously. Why should I trust someone without integrity to make decisions that affect a lot of people? Why should I not hold exactly those people to the highest standards? Do you argue the same way when talking about police? By your logic it really shouldn't be a problem if a policeman is an actual national socialist, as long as he abides by the law. Or would that be a problem for you?

And if I judge people simply on their politics, they still lose, because they just don't have any good politicss. Spahn, even without corruption, made shitty decisions, any emerging developments nonwithstanding.
When half the palatinate drowned, Anne Spiegel went on vacation and was more concerned with saving face than actually making sure people get help.
Imagine a doctor or nurse or paramedic or whatever got a call, lots of injured people, and they say "no, I'm finished, I'm going home, look how you deal with this". This person would be in jail. A politician does the same and just weasels out.

And being gay is exactly the same example as my drunkard smoker. Having a certain character trait is vastly different from being an actual criminal.

If you want the power, you also need to take the responsibility. Anyone who doesn't shouldn't do politics.
And I don't understand why you are defending those people and think that Putin should be able to steal everything he wants and invade everyone he wants as long as he makes Russia great again.

But now I'm already talking myself into a rage again and will stop now.
No. 73405
Your point about integrity is absolutely correct. A public servant must be trusted by the population to act in their interest or it does not matter how skilled or knowledgeable he is.
No. 73415 Kontra
I never mentioned Putin and you don't see me talking about Putin's integrity. I will talk about his politics if I do at all talk about him as a person.

While I understand that people think you can trust somebody with integrity more and there are good reasons for that, it doesn't say anything about that person doing good or bad politics in the end. That is all. You are blowing this up, it feels like.
No. 73428 Kontra
>I never mentioned Putin and you don't see me talking about Putin's integrity
You talked about Spahn though. I just applied your logic to Putin, nothing more.
But let's formulate this differently: Do you think he would have started this war if he weren't evil?

>it doesn't say anything about that person doing good or bad politics in the end.
Alright, in that case I ask an example of you of an actual criminal, someone with no integrity, doing good politics, because according to you someone like this obviously exists.
No. 73432 Kontra
>an actual criminal, someone with no integrity, doing good politics, because according to you someone like this obviously exists.

I don't see how that is logically impossible. I'm not talking about doing simply good politics as in all the time btw. Louis Althusser killed his wife and yet he wrote important books. I don't have to look up to Althusser as a personal role model to get something out of his books. Likewise, you could be involved in corruption yet made wise political decisions nonetheless in some or at least one other regard.
One big problem might also be the fact that there is a difference between an image of integrity that a person gives and the person doing things.
No. 73437
Communist cultist who was wrong about everything is a bad example here. Also Althusser was theorist, not actual politic which is completely different thing.
No. 73446 Kontra
Sorry, forgot to Kontra

Very dishonest example. I didn't know the guy, but from what I could gather from Wikipedia he wasn't a politician and wrote most of his stuff before he allegedly flipped.
Your analogy would have only made sense if he were a serial killer who had been murdering women throughout his authorical career.

Still waiting for an example.
No. 73451 Kontra

Why does there have to be a murderer example in order to prove my point?

>because according to you someone like this obviously exists.

No, that does not follow from what I said at all.

I said a person that is called out for not having integrity does not make it possible to derive their politics as a whole. You want an example? For example, a western socialist party decision on building a lot of housing, it happens and one figure/party member is prominently associated with that programm but then it is discovered he was abusing drugs. So people say drug users have no integrity, they focus on this and derive politics from it, which is not plausible. He still made housing affordable to many people, doing drugs is a different debate, that you can have for sure.
No. 73455 Kontra
>Why does there have to be a murderer example in order to prove my point?
Because so far you have failed to prove your point and still do so. And by the way, it was you who started with a murderer.

>For example, a western socialist party decision on building a lot of housing,
Who was that? I can't remember any figurehead in some housing project.

And besides, this is exactly the same example as I already did several posts ago with Churchill. People do and can have vices, but that's not what I meant and you are clearly aware of that, else you wouldn't writhe so much and actually provide an example.

And just to be clear: There are, without question, good people who make bad decisions politically, but I still have to see an "evil" person making good decisions.
No. 73483
67 kB, 190 × 167
Ebin. Someone hacked a bunch of emails showing knowledge of all the crazy shit that we all knew went down, but lacked confirmation for.

No. 73879
649 kB, 960 × 600
426 kB, 600 × 369
João Rendeiro, fugitive banker who took refuge in South Africa before being found hanging from the ceiling rafters while awaiting trial in a South African prison cell that he shared with 50 other inmates. Macabre.
No. 73890
Shanghai still under lockdown.

India stopped all wheat exports.

USA is experiencing another year of drought and wild fires.

European farmers can not afford fertilizer.
No. 74574
I was reading a piece in Der Spiegel on rising money interests, money won't be so cheap anymore and companies are rated astronomically, something that is unrealistic and will 'corrected'. Makes me chuckle when I think of people like Friedrich Merz that advice poor people to invest in the stock to have money later on when they are old. Not uncommon in the US I guess with pension funds. But whatever, the same article was talking about a motion of deglobalization with nationalist China and Russia (and probably other autocratic societies) making up one block and the West and its followers and 'partners' the other. Now my main point and question in light of this situation: will climate change fall of the agenda? It sounds like what is more of interest to these blocks is a renewed arms race and the provision of energy regardless of the sources. Oh well, we will see.
No. 74585
> will climate change fall of the agenda
Oh some will want that but I hope not.


You think Syria, Ukraine and the constant flow of migrants from Africa is a problem? Now if large parts of India will become uninhabitable, where will they go? When China decides to turn of the flow in major rivers that flows into neighboring countries shit will happen and India has nukes too. Lets just say it isn't looking good.

But we will collectively continue to ignore it. To give you an example, when the extinction rebellion blocks traffic people get angry at them, when angry motorists protest high gas prices by blocking traffic, people are somewhat sympathetic. But at least people who protests high gas prices has hope for the future, to bad it isn't going to go the way they want.
No. 74600
No. 74606 Kontra
>To give you an example, when the extinction rebellion blocks traffic people get angry at them, when angry motorists protest high gas prices by blocking traffic, people are somewhat sympathetic.

Well, for the regular commuter the gas price is not only more tangible than climate change, it also affects them immediately, i.e. in a very direct way (= money in the pocket), unlike climate change, which will fuck them in the ass way down the road (if they aren't old enough it will most likely not really affect them anymore anyway).
Also, in the second case it's other motorists protesting, so a regular motorist has an easier time seeing them as "one of their own" instead of a bunch of spoiled kids who don't need to get to their job on time so they won't lose it.
Nobody likes being preached to from a high ground and that is what the western left ever since the war still hasn't understood.
Ernst Thälmann would rotate in his grave if he knew what his spiritual successors are doing.
That and nobody presenting a (to the everyman) viable alternative.
No. 74665
No. 74669 Kontra
>look up who Hubertus Knabe is
>parents fled GDR
>probably notious anti-communits
>in historian circles he is critique and not taken serious for he wants to win arguments and has problems with proving his thesis. Knabe it is said takes his thesis of the communist violent dictatorship as thesis and just looks/picks for proving this thesis, the GDR is a static government simply said

And just as static I imagine is the historic portrait of Scholz, as if Scholz cannot change his mind on things. Horst Mahler, Red Army Fraction founder his a far right wing person today, just an example and not the only example of so called "converts". So it's a bad arguments to argue from the past like that. But what struck me more is that I remember the critique of leftists against Scholz that should make you question if that Scholz is gommunist!!! thesis


>Olaf Scholz's political career at the federal level began when he entered the Bundestag in 1998. In the following four legislative periods, the member of parliament, who in the late 1980s had still called NATO "aggressive-imperialist," voted in favor of 21 of 27 of the foreign deployments of the German armed forces that came up for a vote, as well as for tightening the laws on asylum and residence.
>He also seems to have abandoned his earlier view that the Federal Republic is a "stronghold of big capital" or wants to promote precisely that. In 2006, he voted in favor of tougher Hartz IV regulations, and when the Left Party wanted to introduce the minimum wage a year later, he and almost the entire SPD parliamentary group voted against it. Scholz, on the other hand, gave his blessing to data storage and further preventive powers for the Federal Criminal Police Office.

>In July 2001, as Senator of the Interior, who as a Young Socialist still criticized the government of the time for its policy of "nakedly maintaining power," makes a decision that will cost the life of a nineteen-year-old refugee: he introduces the police use of emetics. Suspected drug dealers who swallow drugs in police checkpoints are to be convicted in this way. The red-green government coalition had previously rejected this measure, saying it was unnecessary and a health hazard. It is known that this drug is extremely dangerous and can lead to death under certain circumstances, especially in the case of congenital heart defects. But the poll numbers are more important.
No. 74670 Kontra
>seriously replying to a Daily Mail article
Ach Ernst...
Also, I hope you just tried to clarify what's going on with this Lad guy, not defend Scholz.
No. 74673 Kontra
264 kB, 1081 × 1081
>Is Germany's leader so soft on Russia because he's an ex-Marxist who savaged Nato and bowed to Moscow, asks leading historian DR HUBERTUS KNABE
He's just asking questions :DD de truth does not fear investigation :DD

Might as well use this shitpost to reference real Kremlinboos - in light of the food crisis, our communist party broke with the Kremlin, as Moscow says western actions are to blame for the rising food prices and our boys say that it's due to speculation by "big distribution". They got their formula down for any event that causes a rise in prices, it's always speculation on the behalf of big X. The solution is, as always, price controls.
They ran a nearly identical statement in regards to rising gas prices - speculation by big oil and price controls are due.
No. 74674 Kontra
>defend Scholz

I listed things from the left why Scholz is just another western politician who will uphold the relationship between state and capital (thus not the Marxist soft on Russia), and that's nothing defensible from my pov

I like how it is "leading historian" while this guy has the lead of GDR memorial location, the prison for political prisoners in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, but according to Wikipedia has problems with credibility within the scientific circle because both methodology and empirical findings are questionable.

Concerning the big X btw I think that is the market know and while you want to make fun of them liberals also call he big X the markets "that need to be calmed" it's a whole depersonal entity, a system in both cases that functions via regulatory processes. Whether these are good or bad systems to regulate society and economy is a different question. I guess liberal economics says their mathematics is an adequate representation of that system and then is backed by anthropological arguments made from the same economic discipline that this is the only working and desireable system.
No. 74676 Kontra
In defense of the perfidious pawns of the neoliberal world order, the other parties across the political spectrum at least bring up factors beyond our national control as the root cause of this year's food price hike. While it is called the communist party and by terminology alone one would hope they have some form of proposed alternative to the status quo, they ultimately don't - they fight 'big' and they fight 'speculation', but stand proudly as defenders of the small and medium business owners. In the case of the other revolutionary leaning parties, due to lack of geopolitical-ideological limitations, their hands are free to at least present a more complete image of what's happening in the food markets even if their solutions tend to be the same.
No. 74687
> parents fleeing DDR and being anti-communist as stain in the biography
> DDR was not violent dictatorship
> lowerclassmag.com
> use of emetics is right wing policy, because it's bad
And these people are defending Scholtz... I got it, he IS Marxist. I'll call him comrade Scholtz since now. Tovarisch Scholtz. Or maybe Oleg Scholtz.

Not gonna lie, I liked the headline. Bongs are good at clickbaits.

Funposting aside, anyone infantile enough to be sincere Marxist can't become successful politician because it requires certain personal qualities. But what if his real conviction is revanche of Deutschland against anglo-dominated world? And participation in far-left parties was just a tool.
No. 74690 Kontra
>DDR was not violent dictatorship

Clearly, you are bating or you are just really stupid. Are you the schizo Russ?
While the GDR shot people and persecuted political people, the GDR was more then a murderous violence state. Simple. Historic research is not about having the best rhetorics and how murderous and bad a state was.

>emetics is right wing policy

Said nobody ever, Pippi Longstocking.
No. 74691 Kontra
>And these people are defending Scholtz

Ah, forgot this one.
They aren't. You are just dumb enough to not get the quote nor my context given and not able to read German on top of course.
No. 74701 Kontra
> viable alternative

What would that be? Only become a little bit dead instead of dead? The right is basically saying we need to take it slow and instead trying to survive we should think it through and kill our selves slowly. But if we make enough memes about Greta it will all go away.
No. 74702 Kontra
Conservatives have nothing to offer except conservation in almost all areas. Only when it comes to making money they will accept some innovation it seems.
No. 74710 Kontra
Infrastructure in Germany is third world tier outside of the big cities.

So please, go ahead and tell someone who drives half an hour by car to now spend at least one and a half hour on their commute, in addition to now having trouble getting groceries and doing any other kinds of errands.
In addition to that they (the so-called left and greens) are not doing anything but making cars really expensive, so normal people are under the impression that it's not about actually getting rid of combustion engines, but to just take away cars (and thus one layer of personal freedom) from "us".
And if they really wanted people to buy more electric cars, why not do an exchange program? Turn in your diesel and get an electric car for free. But they are not doing that. I am not even sure if you get any kind of incentive to get an electric car.
"So why should I get rid of my perfectly fine, working car and buy a new one just because some half-retarded kid from Sweden is crying on TV?"
Also, where to get the electricity from, provided everyone switches to electric?
The Merkel has made some really dumb decisions in her time concerning energy politics (which is one of the chief reasons Scholz is now being such an indecisive little bitch).

Then again all of what I said doesn't matter, because if the government actually decides to ban combustion engines, it will happen.
Everyone will complain, but nothing more. It's Germany after all, where you can still get people to support a war as long as they think it's for a good cause.
No. 74799
38 kB, 780 × 438
58 kB, 780 × 438
64 kB, 1280 × 720
Math books outrage China with 'ugly, sexually suggestive, pro-American' images

>Nationalists accused [high-profile graphic artist] Wuheqilin of helping anti-China forces after he suggested the poor quality of the illustrations was likely in part a result of the low commissions offered to designers

Ok, that's just funny.
No. 74823
>(the textbooks have been in use nationwide since 2013.)

Tss cannot be more repugnant.
No. 74825
414 kB, 2048 × 2048
Looks like we'll be exempt from the oil sanctions. Well, so long as the Hohols don't blow up the Friendship Pipeline anyway. They keep threatening in mafia style that "Something may happen to it".
Anyway, Orbán thinks of this as a great victory so right after the announcement he posted this image on his facebook, which is at this point a quasi-official government organ.
"The father is a man, mother is a woman, and gas is staying 480HUF".
No idea when did Dear Leader became such a shitposter.
No. 74831 Kontra
Because it's a shitpost but:
People always say communism or any sort of post-capitalist society is a lofty dream, but why is capitalism and its personal individual-centered wealth narrative not a lofty unrealistic dream either? It ruins the planet, poisons people, and produces all sorts of costs that either paid by people who are not responsible for it while personal responsibility is written large or costs that are not dealt with but put aside, like a magician letting things disappear. What cheap trickery!
No. 74834 Kontra
>It ruins the planet, poisons people, and produces all sorts of costs that either paid by people who are not responsible for it while personal responsibility is written large or costs that are not dealt with but put aside
You answered your own question, that's why it's not a lofty dream :DD
No. 74836 Kontra
Capitalist ideology and embodiment is in a sense like the village idiot it likes to make fun of: the irresponsible man who lives by credit. I can pay later, no problem.
This is not the lofty dream we are told is fulfilling itself every day.
No. 74839 Kontra
Don't know what you were told (by who?) but it's a system which really exists and thus makes it possible for you to complain about it.
Unlike a hypothetical society where no problem including ecology will be a thing.
No. 74841 Kontra
So? Communism and feudalism also existed and people complained about it while they lived in that system. What is your point? A system existing doesn't make it good or anything. And what's more: the hypothetical is enveloped in what I termed lofty dreams. Models and real existence differ, surprise. The problem is that this is usually only ever a topic once you come across le evil red empire.
No. 74843 Kontra
I think the issue is how easy to it is to disregard any possible real issues when describing an ideal society than only exists in one's mind. For some idealists, it's easy to pin all issues of the modern world under this great umbrella of 'capitalism'. Some go as far as to tie in all greed with the profit motive - so by abolishing capitalism we would live without this sin. In the most extreme cases of ideological contamination, all social ills have their root cause in capitalism - by simply getting rid of capitalism we would end everything from murder to loveless marriages. - The direct opposite equivalent of this would be believing at any measure at lessening suffering is lofty idealism and this works as an ideological crutch for upholding the status quo.
No. 74844 Kontra
Perhaps these people exist, but it's not me who thinks alienation as experience and murder will stop once a profit-oriented economy is out of the game.
No. 74845 Kontra
But I want to add here that yes there is a problem with the confusion of modernity as capitalism. One question (and the the SU was also driven by modernity as attitude) would be if another modernty is possible. INB4 postmodernity :DDD It is a step but unproblematic.
No. 74847 Kontra
Yet you tie "ruining the planet" with capitalism. But it's tied with more fundamental thing: you'll freeze at winter unless you burn fossil fuels or use nuclear energy and embrace possibility of another Chernobyl. Invention of efficient renewable energy can solve the problem, but it will do it under current socio-economic system as well.

Really existing attempts to build "post-capitalist society" did not result in living in harmony with nature: see "Smash Sparrow" or Aral Sea crisis.
No. 74849
It's difficult to argue that centralized non-capitalist systems are expected to be more eco-friendly.
Probably the main problem that capitalism creates in this regard is over-consumption.
No. 74853 Kontra
Yeah, that is why there is this trickery with modernity but to add what >>74849 said:
Capitalism is structuring economic production and consumption in a certain way. The incentives and the goals are different to other possible alternatives.
1) The goal is profit, not (planetary) well being, that is only a supposed derivative of a profit driven economy. And so far that failed, the planet is according to many scientists in a not very good state, to be euphemistic (I don't want to ring the apocalyptic burning ball bell, though for many it will literally be apocalyptic: droughts, floods and refuge). One needs to ask in what way capitalism and modernity go together and in what way the might be decoupled. As I said communist regimes were also striving for modernity and had that attitude, but were also always in a competition with capitalism and as you said. You need energy. Fossil fuels were a great gift for the developing capitalism in the 20th century, there are books written on how capitalism thrived through the discovery of fossil fuels. The cost of all this is not a question. Somebody will pay, for sure. But do we wont to continue that model? Do we want a model where producers and all kind of profit generating enterprises refuse and only slowly change something because it costs their profits? That is the problem with the goal of profits, in face of crises and especially large crises this profit goal is shit. And yeah sure, somebody can use the profit motive to invent better, less polluting and wrecking stuff. But I'm sure many scientists would do this at a university other other institutional realms with smaller wage just because they are interested in problem-solving. Scientists I imagine are less profit driven then interested in solving problems while at the same time being able to live a "good" life.
2) profit demands growth, which among other things incentivizes stupid and irrational processes like planned obsolescence. Consumption cycles should be as fast as possible in order to generate further growth, besides the commodification of new markets.
No. 74854
That's it. Leftists fool themselves with abstract talks about "commodification", "dialectics" and "modernity" until they forget about initial problem and can pretend that they have a solution.

I still don't get how are you going to heat your home under communism. Or maybe that's overconsumption and you won't do it? German weaklings will freeze hahaha
No. 74855 Kontra
>I still don't get how are you going to heat your home under communism.
If you think about it, global warming also fixes this problem. Alternatively, if we insist on a greener solution, northern people would be evacuated from places they would freeze during winter. At gunpoint.
Wouldn't you be happier in a temperate climate, Ernst?
No. 74857
Gunpoint won't help -- better die than live among kubanoids.
Under communism not only loveless marriage won't be a thing, but also marriage and nuclear family themselves. People will sleep in groups in hugboxes and heat each other with warm of their bodies.

> until they forget about initial problem
So it's not a coincidence that he started to think about it at beginning of summer. In other season 15'C room temperature would constantly remind him.
No. 74862 Kontra
1) I did not talk about dialectics.
2) Why is terminology a bad thing? In this case it sums up things. commodification is the act of a thing/service etc. becoming a commodity that is it can be sold on a market, simple. Modernity see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modernity what I'm primarily mean by this term is a) a modernization, technology and urbanization, infrastructure and such and b) a set of values/norms...both can be found in a period of history, depending where one will draw the boundary
3) I'm not here to develop a planetary solution
4) There are economic alternatives that are not oriented towards the profit goal from which then trickle down will happen or general market-only perspective in which planetary ecosystems are a rather marginal concern:


5) You didn't address my post but took a measly flight to abstract and substanceless leftist bashing. I'm tempted to say: clean your backyard first before making judgements about other people's backyard. That would be at least a proverb I imagine people like you telling others.
No. 74865 Kontra
Why is the Russian assuming I want to immediately stop banning fossil fuels? Oh, bad faith, I see. Maybe unlike what has been done in the last 30 years out of profit motives I would opt for an energy transition sooner than later. It was already time several decades ago, but there is so much money to make with fossil fuels, why be rational and stop pollution and try to change?
No. 74957
Depends on your goals. There's no good or bad decisions in vacuum.
If your goal is to stop development, start degrading and to return to preindustrial age - sure, try fight pollution.
If your goal is keep progressing then disregarding if you ban fossil fuel you will need more energy, more humans, more consumption and thus more pollution.

Also, you can try to make things without fossil fuel but at this point it would only make your production overpriced.
Even if you concentrate your production in producing premium-tier goods and services - such goods and services, in spite being objectively much better, will be inaccessible to majority of humans and therefore your production will implode.

There's always two major delusions in any thoughts on economics and technologies:
  1. People forget they need consumers to justify investments.
  2. People forget that it's impossible for particular technologies to exist without a necessary number of human resources and subsidiary consumption of other goods in the chain.
You can't, for instance, take USA that already got a lot of knowledge on electronics production and software development, isolate it from the rest of the world and hope USA will be able to even keep their electronics production with just 300 000 000 people in domestic market.
No. With just that many people the hypothetical totally isolated USA would fall to Steam Age tier of technologies development.

tl;dr: until other types of energy in total cost will be cheaper than fossil fuel, fossil fuel will be relevant.

And even after that fossil carbohydrates will be the best and the cheapest resource for any organic materials.
No. 75326
413 kB, 1414 × 890
53 kB, 1920 × 1080
BREAKING - Prime Minister António Costa couldn't go to Portugal day celebrations - claims a very bad case of tummy ache.

Back to you, Ernst.
No. 75341
New York's response to the latest mass shooting: Body armor can no longer be sold to civilians. The logic is that 1) it serves no lawful purpose, and 2) if the police decide you need to be shot, they would like you to remain vulnerable to bullets. A law that is unlikely to stir outrage, but also unlikely to save lives.
No. 75343
111 kB, 460 × 370
>Body armor can no longer be sold to civilians

Don't worry, just buy enough guns to cover your whole body with.
Problem solved.
No. 75344 Kontra
I think I saw the fugger, in a white Tesla with another occupant. He's a bastard, but at least he drives electric!
No. 75350
And it doesn't prohibit ownership, it seems. So you basically need just hardened steel plates, kevlar fabric and foam rubber to make a primitive but effective armor jacket.
No. 75352
37 kB, 622 × 364
139 kB, 1200 × 511
No. 75353
692 kB, 881 × 893
Iron Man is cultural appropriation. Typical burgers.
No. 75358
Well, it actually depends on your purposes, but one thing for sure: that shit is going to be heavy.
No. 76158
>The Supreme Court has ended constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place nearly 50 years in a decision by its conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade. Friday’s outcome is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states.


The mad lads actually did it. Two days ago they overturned a law which required citizens to show 'cause' before they could carry a handgun(NY and CA), now this. Trump packed the Supreme Court and they've decided to stop playing nice with the Liberal minority.
No. 76166
What does US constitution say about abortions?
No. 76168
That sounds like you approve of this. I see no way to discuss this tbh, it's an opinion bullshit bingo from start to finish... so here goes my unfiltered opinion: I truly feel sorry for girls growing up in some of those states now. Banning abortion is Taliban-tier tbqh. Who would have thought Bin Laden would be this succesful in turning the USA into the next caliphate :-DDD
No. 76172 Kontra
Abortion isn't mentioned but has been protected under the broad "right to privacy" which the Constitution grants. Specifically, the 14th Amendment was used to legalize abortion. First the Court extended privacy to include medical decisions, and then the 14th-which guarantees the right to due process- was used to prevent any law from violating that privacy.

I agree there is no real room for discussion, only opinions. I posted the story because I was genuinely shocked- even after the earlier media leak- that the Court has thrown out the old rules. Typically, we rely on precedent. Old rulings are permitted to stand, and laws move slowly. This is seismic and more decisions are likely to follow suit.
No. 76173
527 kB, 640 × 360, 0:12
40 kB, 801 × 403
> the 14th-which guarantees the right to due process- was used to prevent any law from violating that privacy.
I don't understand... How do they define what's related to privacy and what's not? Being 20 and buying alcohol for example. Or even about medical privacy. It doesn't mean that negligence can't be criminalized, does it?

Also can it be punishable for doctor or for woman as well? Is it legal to drive to Mexico or to blue state and do abortion there? If no, how are they going to enforce it? Because looks like it's just a symbolic legislation and burgers are cheering/seething about nothing.

Caliphate of Poland and United American Emirates :D
You're exaggerating imho.
No. 76174
57 kB, 649 × 917
You jest but for many decades now the CIA and most three letter organisations in the US have been completely controlled by Mormons.
American shariah might not be that unrealistic.
No. 76175
>How do they define what's related to privacy and what's not?
Basically, most daily activities related to a citizen's life and what happens in their home fall under privacy. We're continually surveilled, but the government/police can't interfere unless they have a specific reason. If they have a reason, a judge can say - "go ahead and fuck him up" and you're fucked. Other than that, the dogs are kept on a leash. Well, that's the theory. The reality is cops can harass and search anyone they want with no consequences.

>Being 20 and buying alcohol for example.
The laws are logically inconsistent, but survive because our judges are too :D

>Because looks like it's just a symbolic legislation and burgers are cheering/seething about nothing.
It's much more than symbolic. The legal landscape has changed, and what was guaranteed yesterday is going to be illegal in some places tomorrow. Going forward, each State will pass their own laws setting out what will be legal, and how far they'll go to punish violators.
No. 76254 Kontra
The next presidential election in the US is going to be an interesting one. Interesting as in why the fuck did we choose this day and age to join NATO when we risk getting someone worse then Donald in the white house.

Also this shit has already spread to the civilized world. No wonder Putin doesn't care, all he has to do is wait a while and see first the US and the Europe fuck its shit up.
No. 76294
Murican legal system is interesting. Where can I read more about it? Here it's much more simple: whoever has more firepower loyal to him, can pass any law.

If you had to choose between abortion ban and Russian special military operation in Sweden, what would you prefer?
No. 76302
> If you had to choose between abortion ban and Russian special military operation in Sweden, what would you prefer?
If it comes to that, Russia wouldn't need a special military operation because then the sympathizers have won. Right wing conservatives are the same no matter what they call themselves. There are legit people who would welcome an invasion from Russia so that Putin can wash away the gay and restore manly men rule.
No. 76304
>Where can I read more about it?
Big question with too many answers, from the ideal vision portrayed in Schoolhouse Rock's Saturday morning cartoon lessons to the modern reality of ACAB. I don't have any recommendations on hand, but a search for American civics will give you a starting point.

>whoever has more firepower loyal to him, can pass any law.
Replace firepower with money and you have the American system in a nutshell. Our biggest check against ideological insanity is that the system is slow and inefficient.
No. 76308

>Millions of movement conservatives are celebrating today over the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that absurdly established abortion as a constitutional right.

>We need not spend too much time contemplating the correctness of this decision or the absurdity of the original ruling. It is obvious and intuitive that the US Constitution does not grant the right to kill unborn children and the decision that claimed it does was based on a predetermined political goal, not some objective assessment of the law.

>While this is a great victory for those that have been campaigning for years against abortion, we have to ask ourselves, why would the system back down on this issue now?

>Abortion rates have been falling for the last several decades in the US, for people of all races. A Pew Research study from June, 2022 shows that the rate of abortions has fallen from a peak in 1981, when 29.3 out of 1000 women aged 15 to 44 reported having had an abortion to 11.9 out of 1000 in 2019.

>Additionally, an increasing percentage of abortions are due to the use of contraceptive pills, so called “morning after” pills, meaning the number of babies surgically killed in the womb is even lower. More than half of all abortions since 2020 have been due to the use of such pills. Surgical abortions are increasingly rare and the number of facilities performing abortions has fallen by more than half since the 80s.

>There are a number of possible reasons for this decline, one of them being the general decline in the pregnancy rate across all races. This would indicate that abortion rates are a lagging indicator of fertility rates, rather than a cause of declining fertility.

>Additionally, the Supreme Court has not outlawed abortion, despite what the most insane hair on fire liberals on twitter would have you believe. They have simply said that in theory any state could outlaw it and not be violating a constitutional right. There is still the fight over which states will actually ban it, and what those bans may look like, a political battle that could take several years and get lots of attention. Will “morning after” pills, which are responsible for more than half of abortions, be banned by any states?

>While this is a great victory for those that have been fighting this fight for years, a significant change in real world outcomes from this decision is unlikely.

>In other words, this is a concession the system could afford to make to conservatives.

>After 40+ years of Reaganism and the complete failure to change the social direction of the country in addition to policies that lead directly to the economic decline of Whites, more and more White people are asking themselves what is even the point of the GOP? Why vote for them if they never get anything done? The answer to that has always been the Court. We can’t afford to let these crazy liberals take over the Court.

>But with recent liberal decisions on immigration and trans rights coming from this supposedly conservative Court, even that argument has come into question.

>And this is the ultimate reason behind this decision. It is political theater at its best. It won’t have much of an effect on actual outcomes, and it gives a big incentive for Whites to reinvest in the GOP and the conservative movement for supposedly “getting things done.”

>Right now at a time of increasing anti-White hate, violence, discrimination and disenfranchisement, and a GOP that not only refuses to do anything, but even refuses to acknowledge the existence of White people at all, we should not be fooled into following these people again. Our position should be to thank them for the concession, and still refuse to support them. This is not only the principled stance, it will require ever greater concessions from the GOP in the future as they scramble to try to retain White loyalty.
No. 76309 Kontra
The seething is interesting to watch, especially how some think this is like some dystopian movie plot and prepwork for a federal abortion ban or something like that, even though the only thing that happened as far as I can tell is that instead of it being allowed on a federal level, the decision is again back in the hands of the states, so it got more democratic, not less.

I wonder if this is some 6D chess plan (as in, to let this happen instead of codifying abortion rights through the senate) to get people to "go out and vote" in the "most important election yet" to save the dem's ass after the genius sanction and monetary policies.

I feel ashamed I invested this much brain power into this.
No. 76315
175 kB, 1075 × 692
> to the modern reality of ACAB
What is it? "All cops are bastards"?

> Replace firepower with money and you have the American system in a nutshell
Money only have political weight when there is a some rule of law to protect them.
No. 76319 Kontra
Pretty much. It's red meat for conservatives and a cassus belli for liberals to get out and vote for the midterms. Meanwhile, the left and its press connections will be setting the discourse for the next few years.

It's all very fake and gay.
No. 76485
She Spent a Decade Writing Fake Russian History. Wikipedia Just Noticed.
A Chinese woman created over 200 fictional articles on Chinese Wikipedia, writing millions of words of imagined history that went unnoticed for more than 10 years.
No. 76486
I don't believe 折毛 is a woman. He claims to be a pregnent woman just to let others' guard down. His apology letter doesn't sound sincere or apologetic to me, not to mention that he has multiple alts all with different persona (and interacting with each other).
It's speculated that all his effort was to gain an edge in some online text based strategy RPG. He sent links to fabricated wikipedia articles to GM so that he was given better resources in game. The hoax was discovered by a web novelist when doing background research for his novel and noticing the fishy article on Kashin silver mine.

A list of articles created by his main account, mostly on Kievan Rus period: https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:2022年歷史相關條目偽造事件#受影響頁面

Check the epic history of the early 17th century Tartar uprising:
(the language style he used here isn't very wiki-ish and I wonder why it wasn't noticed earlier)
No. 76487
Frankly, looks like just a psycho to me. At any rate, it's good that everything has come out.
No. 76503
140 kB, 800 × 461
It's like a week (or two, I can't remember) old piece of news at this point, but it's very likely that the name of administrative divisions in Hungary will be changed, and the government's commissioner's to these divisions will be changed too.

Currently the divisions are called "megye", or "county", but if they pass it, they will be called "vármegye" or "castle-county".
This is the pre-communist naming scheme for the administrative units in the country.
In similar fashion the government commissioner will not be called the "Kormánybiztos" but the "ispán" (in latin comes, or in slavic terminology, zhupan.)

There were signs pointing to this when they renamed Csongrád County to its pre-reform name of Csongrád-Csanád County.
No. 76504 Kontra
74 kB, 329 × 594
Addendum: I have no idea how this fits into some 6D chess game the government is playing, and at best it's quite comical to hear these archaic titles being put back into use, and at worst it's gonna be a colossal waste of money to re-fit the cosmetics of the state apparatus.
I ''hope'' they bring back the díszmagyar for politicians next instead of the suit.
No. 76506
>It's speculated that all his effort was to gain an edge in some online text based strategy RPG
But how strategy RPG are related to wikipedia articles?
No. 76509 Kontra
They were probably playing some tabletop scenario and whenever the guy/girl needed a boost he just made up an article to help his situation.
Seems logical to me, but it also highlights the weakness of wikipedia.

Basically it's okay to pool talent until a certain point, but eventually you will not have good enough experts to dedicate enough time to a given topic to supervise each other like they do in academia, and someone with enough chutzpah can come around and do shit like this, and no one will be able to tell him off, since he has xy number articles under their belt so they must be experts.
And this isn't the first case, there was that time when a brony teen basically just wrote funny accented English articles for the scots wiki and no one noticed for years to the point where most of the scots wiki was his work and he ran it basically.
No. 76510
These must be very smart games if some coal mine in medieval Russia can influence their balance I bow before intellectual superiority of Chinese race. And this person surely took them too serious.

> like they do in academia
Suuuuuuure they do. :^)

> teen basically just wrote funny accented English articles for the scots wiki
Yes, this case came to my mind too.
No. 76511 Kontra
Not sure if you understand how Wikipedia works or is supposed to work. A person's expertise is largely irrelevant except when making editorial decisions about which narrative of conflicting sources gets included. And even those are made by some sort of committee in active Wiki languages. Wiki or a contributor should never be the primary source. Everything you submit should have a source attached.

Of course all sorts of shit goes on regarding low-interest topics or inactive languages. The real issue with Wikis is the politics behind editorial decisions. Not false information. If you're conducting some research you're going to be reading the primary sources anyways instead of an excerpt off of a Wiki.
No. 76524 Kontra
I only learnt about such games after the whole drama was exposed. From my understanding players need to claim the situation in their realms and use citations to back their claims. It reminds me a lot of the anime role playing chat games zoomers like to play. So no, it doesn't sound smart at all.
No. 76545 Kontra
> 6D chess
Did you mean 6iD? They live in the imaginary plane.
No. 76578
A local story with no national or international significance, but thw care givers at a series of nursing homes are planning a strike. They want better wages. Ok. They want $15/hr.
That's what caught my eye and I had to read again to verify.
At a time when every fast food and retail position pays at least $15 to start, and manufacturing is an easy $17-20, these guys who look after grandma and grandpa have a current average pay of $13.20/hr. Their old labor contract expired and now they can't get a new one guaranteeing more. Either they have the worst union in the world, or the employers are playing serious hardball trying to break them. I'm betting it's the latter.

One-day strikes set to take place at 12 long-term care facilities in WNY in demand for fair wages

No. 76579
>Union this
>evil employers that
Are you even American?
If those people don't like their job/pay, they are free to look for a better paying position.
I'm used to this socialist crap in Germany, but an American spouting this shit should come here and see what it made out of this country, a country full of lazy people demanding free this-and-that, but unwilling and unable to work. For example, German cars used to be THE best in the world, now, it's just overpriced overengineered unreliable low-quality shit-wagons with defeat-devices. There are no decent craftsmen anymore, only slavs, because socialists send everyone to College for free, they promised people they could be "something better". Now, those "educated" all have useless bullshit-jobs that achieve nothing, but make them feel very important. Oh, and they aren't even educated. They are less educated with their fancy-schmancy Bolognese pseudo-degrees and all then some random dude with 10th grade education was 30 years ago. But the socialists have handed out degrees like hard candy on carnival for 50 years while telling everyone that real work is crap.

Germany is pretty much ruined by this damn bullshit. Can't get electricians, can't get drivers, can't get anyone doing real work. Only shit-talking young arrogant asshats without any job-skills or life-skills.
No. 76644
The SIRIUS-21 experiment has been completed in Moscow. It's goal was to simulate a manned flight to the Moon and work on its surface and near-lunar orbit, as well as a flight to more distant space objects. It became the third such event held at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As part of it, five people were isolated from outside world for 240 days.
No. 76649
Nah, Nurses Unions are usually very militant but hamstrung by the fact that them not working can cause harm. Usually means that when it's made official, people cave fast, but also it tends to make nurses harder to mobilise. At least that's kind of how it is here.

I hope you work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day with no breaks. Would hate for you to be indebted to the labour movement or anything.
No. 76650
There is probably a middle ground between working 6x12 and demanding 15$/hour for unskilled labor. Later is good too, it's understandable when people fight for their benefits. But it's also understandable why people root for their interest not to pay 15$/hour to nurses.

And that's why Marxist concept of "class interest" is bullshit btw. Proles interests conflict with each other. It's in my interest that the haircutter works for pennies and his service costs few to me. German workers benefit from low oil prices, Russians -- from high prices and so on.
No. 76654 Kontra
>Proles interests conflict with each other. It's in my interest that the haircutter works for pennies and his service costs few to me. German workers benefit from low oil prices, Russians -- from high prices and so on.

I think this doesn't make much sense because you run capitalism and class interests simultaneously as if they should exist in parallel, but that is not in the interest of a prole class but the abolishment of capitalism so that there is no market like that.
No. 76657
Not at all. This is a fundamental problem of distribution of resources.

Imagine you run Gosplan. Your economy produces a limited number of goods and services. You need to decide how much of it you're going to assign to nurses and electricians. The more you assign to nurses, the less is left for electricians.
No. 76824
202 kB, 1242 × 1707
80 kB, 640 × 499
82 kB, 1024 × 579
259 kB, 1896 × 1068
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shot during speech at Nara.
Gunman used a home-made shotgun and shot him twice in the chest.
No. 76825
What's the point of killing former government officials? Kill the current ones instead!
No. 76826 Kontra
This isn't a zero-sum-game, capitalism takes goods out of the game by allocating them to capitalists who destroy the environment and cause fascism and imperialism! Without capitalism, African shitholes would be rich!

If I have one potato and you have zero potato, how is it possible? Where does my potato come from? I must have stolen half a potato from you! Because I am fascist! Otherwise, it is not possible!
No. 76829
One less fascist imperialist! The people won't stand for fascism, racism and imperialism any longer! Even people in fascist country of Japan rise up against their fascist leaders!
No. 76865
6,1 MB, 320 × 240, 5:22
No. 76914
Kill yourself

(User was banned for this post)

No. 76926
297 kB, 800 × 2000
No. 76928 Kontra
211 kB, 1200 × 844
Farmers are protesting Brussels climate-bullshit-insanity, dutch super markets are now empty. Protests have no spread to Poland and Italy. Polish farmers are also protesting interest hikes. Lying government officials claim interest homes will curb inflation, but everyone can see that higher interest payments means prices have to rise to cover payments. Or businesses and farmers go bankrupt. It is easy to understand, but government expects people to believe blatant lies!

Soon, all supermarkets in Poorope will look like pic related, than maybe people will understand the importance of farmers. Maybe the pain if hunger will teach them and show that environment-bullshit and vegan this-that means starvation.

But people are probably already far too dumb to learn. In the Netherlands, the government now has police shoot at farmers! I wonder how far government will go in their war against farmers who feed the population! I think government goals are wide-spread starvation and population reduction to make more room for refugees!

No. 76930 Kontra
> News Thread
Posts decades old news. Farmers are always protesting something somewhere. If you got of your fat ass and got a job you could afford basic food stuffs.
No. 76931
114 kB, 1144 × 634
105 kB, 1145 × 642
107 kB, 1144 × 643

So it's been confirmed that the assassination of Shinzo Abe is related to the South Korean cult called "Unification Church" (Moonies). Always bewilders me how much influence cultist groups wield over politics in democratic countries of East Asia and maybe United States.
No. 76933
> importance of farmers
There is none. Agricultural companies are more effective.
Farmers in Europe exist only because they constantly whine and cry for gibs and subsidies.
No. 76934
>agricultural companies
What are you even talking about? What's. difference? As if a different legal status would change anything. EU wants to limit emissions from farming, if that could be avoided by simply founding a new Ltd to operate the farm, dutch farmers would certainly do that. In fact, my guess is that many of them have already done that.
No. 76935 Kontra
The farmers are mad because after decades of shilling for the EU's protectionism and gibs, the boot they licked finally kicked them in the ass. Of course they're protesting.
But the EU is fucking retarded too (AGAIN) because they want to limit food production in the middle of a potential economic crisis and food shortage.
No. 76936 Kontra
Well, it's not without historical precedent. The only way this is new is that they're not Christian sects instead of Daoist/Shinto/Budddhist syncretist sects. (But the Taipings were a thing, so nihil sub sole novum)
And because the countries they fester in are democratic, they aren't clamped down on like back in the good old days. But I think it's less about the cults controlling the governments than the government using the extra-legal potential in secret societies to govern more smoothly in a "democracy".
The cults are happy to exist and the governing elite is happy to have them as tools.
No. 76955
Meanwhile lots of food that is good to eat is thrown away because it looks funny. Stop vegetable racism!
No. 76990
239 kB, 1108 × 624
Hungary declared a "State of Energy Emergency"

This means that they will restart the Mátra coal powerplant and the MFA was given the power to negotiate new deals to import natural gas into the country.
It also entails an increase to local exploitation of gas reserves, plus forbidding the export of resources like coal, gas and firewood.

And after 12 years, they are ending price control on utilities. Now only the "average" consumption is price controlled, anything above that will billed according to the market value of the energy consumed.
The "big families" will have their quotas extended.

Hungary will also seek to extend the lifetime of the currently functioning Paks Nuclear Powerplant blocks.
No. 76997 Kontra
When I first heard the news, I wondered why the news reader didn't mention which group it was. My guess was Sōka Gakkai.
No. 77076
52 kB, 720 × 489
Russia lifted travel restrictions from (at least) the Finnish-Russian border. Finns are crossing the border for cheap gas, Russians coming over perhaps for something related to this comic :D

Eastern border opens:
Our family requires 400 000 tires for off-road trucks and 1 800 000 microchips.
No. 77078
5,5 MB, 720 × 480, 0:16
The Finns are such crafty people, they already profit from this. Finnish wages and Russian prices for Pekkas who live by the border. I suffer in Portugal.
No. 77109 Kontra
199 kB, 1075 × 1111
169 kB, 800 × 500
>it's less about the cults controlling the governments than the government using the extra-legal potential in secret societies to govern more smoothly in a "democracy"
I won't call it a simple "who controls whom" situation. Some cults have certainly grown too big to control. Park Geun-hye was no less than groomed by a cultist.

Millennialism cults are a recurring motif in the history of imperial China, but they always appear as opposing force to the court. The way cults openly engage in politics and society as a whole is quite new and only possible in a democracy. Groups like Falun Gong also sprouted up in the 80s, the decade of liberalisation. Call me a pessimist but I reckon that underground evangelicals, pure land buddhism groups, all the syncretic bollocks and shady neo-religions from taiwan, korea and japan that still operate in china today would have long corrupted the society had it not been for Jiang Zemin's iron fist.

Fun fact: sōka is probably the only cult group that chinese government somewhat tolerates because they were behind the normalization of sino-japan relations in the 70s (just how powerful these cults are?!).
If anyone finds that bizarre, hwæt, the CIA-funded anti-communism Moonies actually have deep connections to North Korea, despite the fact that Moon himself almost had died in north korean concentration camps before being rescued by the United Nations Commannd.
No. 77223
>would have long corrupted the society
Call me a pessimist, but it's difficult for me to imagine how Chinese society could be even worse than in our reality. You'd simply have ruthless corrupt informal networks of power ostensibly revolving around supernatural stuff. Instead of ruthless corrupt informal networks of power ostensibly revolving around Maoist-Xiist ideology.
I think Park Geun-hye, despite any ties to shady cults (can you even become president without those?), was perhaps the best president the country has had, this being despite my misgivings when she ran for the presidency as a former dictator's daughter of all people, but that seems to be an Asian thing.

>Fun fact
That's intredasting. I wonder if the photo was taken before or after his almost having died, I can probably look that up on Wikipedia. And if you happen to have more about the nature of the Moonies' deep connections to NK, any links would be appreciated.
No. 77224 Kontra
>that seems to be an Asian thing
If I think about it, the difference is not that family continuities in power across superficial frontlines don't exist here, but that they are rarely as blatantly obvious to public scrutiny.
No. 77302
There's gas coming through Nord Stream 1 again and all the Pootin groupies who said there won't be any more gas coming and great Putin just shows the west who's the boss are now changing their stories to "Putin is an honest business man who people can trust. Only the stupid German media tries to tell us otherwise".

It's funny.
No. 77305 Kontra
I can only imagine how opportunistic such people are despite calling politicians just that but once they are themselves in an actual situation they would break down you can bet. These people can talk and talk all day, just supposedly like the politicians they hate. They are in good company.
No. 77308
734 kB, 853 × 853
379 kB, 1280 × 720
If Putin decided to self-embargo himself it would be funny (not for me though).

So it's unlikely that weakan Germlings frill wizz. Here is their attitude to such possibility btw.
No. 77332
The weaklings have escaped righteous end in the german civil war, AGAIN. Dreams of geopolitical action and civil chaos as proxy for powerfully homoerotic sexual tension VANISHED because of the gentle opening of a gas pipeline In the end, not even shit putin was strong -- he too was SHIT WEAKLING!

One shouldn't rule out the pipeline won't be closed again. When the greens least expect it...
No. 77333
>because of the gentle opening of a gas pipeline In the end
But is it gentle? He's shoving his huge hard Russian pipeline deep into our rear areas, Germany is pretending to dislike it, moaning something about Ukraine, which only results in him now ejecting a powerful flow of superior Russian gas filling our tanks, Germany feels dirty but also liberated.
No. 77368
41 kB, 1200 × 900
11 kB, 179 × 282
7 kB, 174 × 290
Small community of cults corrupt larger society bottom up, not really the same ecological niche as whatever you mean by "Maoist-Xiist ideology". If I had to compare, the direct physical and psychological control cults maintain over its members would make Leviathan's capillary functioning power look almost like a strict yet benevolent father's discipline.

>I think Park Geun-hye, despite any ties to shady cults (can you even become president without those?), was perhaps the best president the country has had
I chuckled. Where do I even start? For one, you can read declassified DSC plan to crush the candlelight vigil. She basically prepared another Gwangju. But yeah, perhaps she is still better than the residents of cheongwadae during the 4th or 5th republic.

As for Moon and Kim, I don't really have much on the nature of their connection. Moon was jailed as a christian missionary just before korean war but somehow became Kim Il-sung's guest later in his life. I would guess Moonies serves as DPRK's middleman to wectern leadership. They have such middlemen in china too. There're some interesting results on KCNA if you search Moon's name.
No. 77400
64 kB, 571 × 295
>declassified DSC plan
I didn't know about that at all, thanks. I see it's on Wikisource [0], and there's a Wikipedia article [1] about the plan and the resulting scandal, unfortunately only in Korean; but the English article [2] about the protests in general references two English articles on the plan. Haven't read them yet (especially haven't read anything about the appropriateness of your Gwangju comparison [and even Gwangju is something where, not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much consensus on who did or didn't do what], or any involvement on PGH's part), but given previous attacks by violent "progressive" protesters against self-restraining Korean police, I'm not shocked there were plans being made for stronger forces just in case (not to be used against the peaceful majority of protesters, one would hope), as well as plans for monitoring and censoring media content, all just in the event of the constitutional process ruling in favour of PGH. So far I haven't seen anything that would make her government look clearly worse than earlier and later ones, or even my own as far as media monitoring and censoring are concerned.
Just for the record, I've read various bad things about her government which I believe to be true, and I believe she was bad for Korea. But all earlier and later governments seem at least as bad, except perhaps the current one about whose track record so far I've read next to nothing. Speaking of which, I just heard on the radio that it will no longer be illegal for South Koreans to watch North Korean TV, later to be followed by other media. Perhaps Southerners will now host competitions to see who can watch for the longest time without falling asleep, laughing or giving up because it's so bad.

[0] 대비계획 세부자료 (对备计画细部资料) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:전시계엄_및_합수업무_수행방안_-_대비계획_세부자료.pdf?uselang=zh-hans
[1] 국군기무사령부 계엄령 준비 사건 (国军机务司令部戒严令准备事件) https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/국군기무사령부_계엄령_준비_사건?uselang=zh-hans
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016–2017_South_Korean_protests#Plans_for_a_military_crackdown_on_protests
No. 77414 Kontra
1,3 MB, 2224 × 1668
I learnt all my ROK history from TV series. So I can't tell whether or not Kim/Roh/Lee/Moon is better than Park before MBC shot a 6th republic. :-DD
No. 77715
3,1 MB, 2393 × 3371
Apparently over a million hectares are impacted by drought in Hungary.
This translates into 25% of wheat failing so far, plus most if not all of the corn "wiped out" east of the Danube as the article puts it.
This is just the fields, this evaluation doesn't take into account the hay gathering grounds and the orchards.
(Since this is from a media organ close to the government, the situation might actually be worse.)
No. 77790
1,2 MB, 4274 × 5000
electric boogaloo?
No. 78898
32 kB, 591 × 976
Dugin's daughter has been denazified.

Her luxury car exploded when she was returning from festival "Tradition". Investigation considers assassination as preliminary version. On the one hand, who would bother to kill internet freak and moreover his daughter? There are thousands of more popular and influential propagandists. On the other hand, Dugin is spoiled child from general's family. Maybe clans of ruling class can't divide something among themselves.
No. 78899 Kontra
Me = slow.
Hungarian >>78897 = fast
How will I ever recover?
No. 78900 Kontra
I saw it on twitter and decided to make a post, that is all.
They also wrote it might be the Ukrainians or the Wect doing this because of how they overestimate Dugler’s influence and consider him some neo-rasputin court wizard for Putin.
No. 78903 Kontra
4,7 MB, 720 × 720, 0:32
Here's a video of the happenings. Not familiar enough with his face to tell if this is Dugin or not.
No. 78906
412 kB, 1179 × 1200
72 kB, 765 × 544
> some neo-rasputin court wizard for Putin
Well, can't say anything about court issues, perhaps CIA knows better. =D
This reminds about another strange death of eceleb which is by the way very funny, so I'll tell it.

Egor Prosvirnin, ladies and gentlemen. A BIG FIGURE in Russian nationalism, A GIANT of thought. His most revolutionary idea (besides nationalism and imperialism) is that Russians must pay to him to be considered actual Russians. Otherwise they're "вырусь" and "noviops". Picrelated translation: "wanna be Russian - pay".

In last december he wrote article "Why United Stated are dying". Right after that he drugged up himself until insanity, jumped NAKED out of window and died in front of restraint "Armenia" above which he lived. For 8 years he called for hoholcaust. But died 2 months before it actually started.

However at this time plans of invasion has been already revealed. And his influence was exaggerated just as much as Dugin's:
Egor was known mostly among internet-addicted loungers like me and even they didn't took him seriously because he was fat and had lisping falsetto voice while trying to be enormously pompous. my ex-coworker however claimed to transfer third of his wage to Prosvirnin's project. a certified Russian But westerners are overly concerned about nationalism, they could swallow the "Russians = bad = racist" thing.

OK, maybe we'll see as investigation completes. It could as well be some lunatic who disagreed with Dugin's interpretation of Heidegger.
No. 78927
35 kB, 600 × 411
>They also wrote it might be the Ukrainians or the Wect doing this because of how they overestimate Dugler’s influence and consider him some neo-rasputin court wizard for Putin.

My theory is we're entering a new phase of the war where Ukrainians get tired and start destabilising Russia from the inside. Like the saboteurs in Crimea only focused on symbols. Dugin is a meme but as a loudmouth his assassination would send fear in certain Russian circles. Or maybe he just bought a car made in Russia

It's only targeting the elites and military installations in Crimea so it's not enough of an excuse mobilise the population which America seems scared of.
No. 79031 Kontra
Probably not Ukraine but some Russian faction opposed to some other Russian faction or maybe someone owes money to someone. Even though claiming it is Ukraine makes you look week because spies could get into Moscow it can be used to make people paranoid and see Ukrainian sympathizers everywhere making arresting people easier. In the end it probably doesn't matter who did it, it will be used for whatever purpose it can be used.
No. 79040
>asking money for being considered a real russian
I wonder if this would work here, too.
German nationalists are really gullible.
I once also played with the idea of forming some kind of Rechtsrock project with just slightly changed Amigos lyrics and music in order to cash in on the "german music" scene with virtually no effort, but the moment I get doxxed it would be bad.
No. 79084
Could also be a false flag. Anyway, cool that the bitch is dead.

> muh tradition
> 30 years old, no kids, no husband
> instead of staying in kitchen works as propagandist
A golden kid larping out of boredom, just like her daddy.

The only way to know is to try. I had an idea to sell certificates of not being Russian. After the recent events and related prejudices it surely became more promising busyness.
No. 79085
Why Fake?
Anyone can just buy passport.
No. 79086
CIA did this. They want to stay putsch in Russia like Putsches in Ukraine. But Russia is too strong, so they could only kill one woman, they will never get Putin.
Americans did two Nazi-Putsches in Ukraine like in Chilé an Nicaragua. Now, enough is enough for the Russian bear. Ukraine is weary and will collapse within wreaks. European support is waining, NATO has send all the material they had to Ukraine scenario for Russia to destroy. Now, Europe is open!
They must be made to understand, in particular Germany, how much they friend on Russia! Germans will learn in winter! Gas prices are now ten times higher, Germans will not be able to pay! Inflation is immense!

The German government is wrapped up in corruption scandals! Everyone hates the green party and the red party and their gay pathetic arrogant know-it-all leftist soy eating voters! The government will be brought down in Winter and they and their supporters will be judged for high treason!
No. 79087
German Economy is in free fall, but media keeps telling people everything is fine! Centuries old companies go bankrupt left and right! The paper industry and the glass industry and the metallurgic industry have already been annihilated! German de-industrialisation reaches new levels! Young Germans are too weak, lazy and homosexual to do real jobs, they all go to uni to become leftist talking heads, controllers and software this-that, they all want to get good money for sitting on their asses all day! But this can not work out! This decadent shit country will be in free fall for decades, if not centuries, to come!
No. 79088
397 kB, 1280 × 1108
269 kB, 1276 × 1706
Dugin did it.
  1. He wrote an essay about sacrificing own children, especially daughters.
  2. He "accidentally" decided to swap cars with her.
  3. Look how happy he is on funeral.
Old freak tried to attract good luck in war by sacrificing his own daughter. That's fucked up!
No. 79089 Kontra
189 kB, 1080 × 1317
>Centuries old companies go bankrupt left and right!

I consulted Darwin and he said it's fine, thus is economic nature after all.
No. 79095
Dugin wrote a book about Hyperborean theory in 1990? Is he turbo-schizo?
No. 79098 Kontra
Haven’t engaged much with Dugin’s thought besides reading some of Fourth Political Theory, but to me he seems more like an “esoteric” who revels in obscurantism, harsh proclamations and being different to the mainstream authors than a skizo. He’s like a bizarro Zizek to me.
No. 79099 Kontra
You should make applicants fill out a special quiz to prove it.

Q: Hello :)
A1: Hello )
A2: Hi!
A3: Why are you smile Pidor?
No. 79108
24 kB, 400 × 333
President Biden has cancelled 10k in student loan debt for all borrowers making less than 125k. He has the authority to do this without congressional approval; some wanted more, others wanted nothing poor Republicans have been convinced this only helps the rich, or it will drive inflation, or maybe living in debt slavery will own the libs. If a borrower received Pell grants (poor people/me), 20k will be forgiven. The price tag is expected to be in the neighborhood of ~$300 billion but more importantly, with this massive public giveaway my net worth will no longer be negative.


No. 79109 Kontra
I mean the rednecks would be right if tax revenue was anything more than a mere suggestion for federal spending.
In that case it would actually mean “giving money to victims of elite overproduction from poor tradesmen”, but as things are, they will just print the money.
Which is why a lot of people expected more. (Especially those that had debts close to or over 100K. For them without a limit on interest rates this is like putting a disney princess bandaid on Prometheus after the hawks have been eating his liver for like a thousand years.)
No. 79110
32 kB, 585 × 353
522 kB, 1565 × 1037
> they will just print the money.
Which will have same result as rednecks will become poorer due to inflation.
No. 79112
478 kB, 607 × 794
Trying to log in to the student loan portal. No luck, too busy.

>For them without a limit on interest rates this is like putting a disney princess bandaid on Prometheus
I favor full loan forgiveness for all borrowers, as it is in line with my belief that education should be free. At least at State Universities. Sadly, politics don't favor the upper-middle class and they will never know the joy of being pandered to.

$300 billion isn't going to move the inflation needle. The reality is that a lot of the loans weren't going to be repaid any time soon. A large proportion of borrowers are in forbearance, or default, or on an Income Based repayment plan with small payments. That money isn't going to be suddenly injected into the economy, it's just being erased from the government balance sheet.
No. 79113
>Poorer due to Inflation
Rural working class has their capital (if any) in tools, pickup trucks, more tools, and real estate. If these people come into serious money, they buy a home (even if they already own one) or a used CNC mill. I guess it's the same in any country.
No. 79145
Aren't Reichsburgers doing just that by selling fantasy passports?
No. 79152 Kontra
No idea, I don't follow all possible schizos.
No. 79166 Kontra
78 kB, 1000 × 667
Oh yeah
No. 79562
TASS reports that Mikhail Gorbachev has passed away today.
No. 79563
No. 79564
Definitely interesting that he lived long enough to see this situation develop. He died before denouncing Pynya, so all that remains are his already outdated motions of support. He certainly faltered in his later years, personal butthurt at the west blinded him towards what was coming down the pipeline.
No. 79812
130 kB, 1536 × 1032
No. 79903
78 kB, 450 × 575
141 kB, 480 × 480
when were you when gorbi dies

i was sat at home listening to radio when newsspeaker announce

'gorbatschow is die'

'such cases'

and you???????
No. 79906 Kontra
I was at twitter when discord ping
‘Gorbacsov is die’

2bh it’s a bit insufferable to see all the tankies celebrate his death.
No. 79907
It's ironic that if USSR didn't collapse, Gorbi could still rule it until yesterday. And it's exactly what his "haters" would like him to do.

Also, why seethe so much about one man? According to historical materialism, if USSR collapsed, then it happened due to objective historical forces and no personality could prevent it.
No. 79922 Kontra
In case nobody made this remark yet but Gorbi died because he couldn't handle the trenches widening between the west and Russia again. Imagine you are old and then this guy destroys what you did try to build.
No. 79925 Kontra
You mean he died because Pizza Hut left Russia?
No. 79926
> By the time of his death, he was the longest-lived ruler of Russia in history, beating Alexander Kerensky [4] [5] and the nominal leader of the USSR Vasily Kuznetsov (89 years each).
It's the first time when I hear about Vasily Kuznetsov.
No. 79934
>why seethe so much about one man? According to historical materialism, if USSR collapsed, then it happened due to objective historical forces and no personality could prevent it.
Because tankies are sovoks and not actual Marxists.

>It's the first time when I hear about Vasily Kuznetsov.
Sames. The dude is like the perfect deputy: been an и.о. several times but never an actual boss, got a lot of nomenklatura privileges without having to do much, and then got completely forgotten.
No. 79955
Tbh, my perspective is that there were ways of going about the inevitable slide away from Stalinist positions that weren't to just surrender to Yeltsin/Reagan and send us on the current cursed timeline.

Even if the Union died, having it wind down in an orderly fashion instead of having the plug pulled and inviting the vultures in would have improved the lot of its citizens more than what Gorby decided to go ahead with.

I frankly see it as no different to the celebrations at Thatcher's death. The great neoliberal satans are never all that popular tbh.
No. 79958
>I frankly see it as no different to the celebrations at Thatcher's death.
The same thing will happen when Kissinger will inevitably die. (Probably. He will probably die. Can't say for sure really.)
No. 79968
It's got to be soon. Kissinger is nearly a hundred, no?
No. 80011
95 kB, 900 × 598
People transfixed by the power of red myth will talk about the inevitable slide towards Stalinism and of the inevitable slide away from Stalinism.
>having it wind down in an orderly fashion
The end of the Soviet experiment was miraculously orderly. I can't imagine it being any cleaner than it was, while I find it very easy to imagine a very different collapse.
No. 80028 Kontra
349 kB, 535 × 436
Yeah, he's a dinosaur.
Still gives talks supposedly.

I don't know much about him besides his dealings with China during the normalisation of relations.
But based on that I think he was a talented diplomat and even if he kept America's interest at heart, his death shouldn't be celebrated.
If he dies it'll be an insufferable week online as the Tankies will post the most inane "dabbing on kissinger" posts constantly.
No. 80029 Kontra
When someone on twitter calls Kissinger a war criminal, a gains a few more seconds of life. It's unlikely he will die this century.
No. 80034
34 kB, 329 × 499
38 kB, 960 × 540
50 kB, 600 × 315
A famous green party figure, Hans-Christian Ströbele died yesterday. He was a former RAF attorney.
No. 80039
>tfw the hemp still hasn't been given free yet
No. 80058
Nah, Kissinger is a ghoul. Fucked over SEA, and Latin America probably irreparably. The guy even planned to bomb Cuba because they exercises independent foreign policy in the 70s (helped Angloa resist apartheid aggression). Fuck him, whenever it happens, it won't be soon enough.
No. 80075
132 kB, 2560 × 1138
173 kB, 2840 × 1262
When NATO gives arms to Ukraine, you call it "fueling the war". When Cuba gives arms to Angola, it's "helping to resist aggression".

The one thing I don't understand about mysterious western soul is widespread self-hate. Could it be Christian ethics in a new form?
No. 80076
328 kB, 640 × 356
>global superpower funds a conflict via a minor partner proxy whose outcome is just going to determine the drawing of imperial spheres of influence with its rival

>an anti-imperialist postcolonial nation aids an emerging African nation in defending itself against aggression by a white supremacist regime which is supported by the imperialist powers (and fucks off as soon as Angola asks them to)

>these are the same thing

It's nothing to do with self hate, and everything to do with the actual structure of the conflicts. The Russo-Ukrainian War has no progressive or anti-imperialist character. Ukraine has presented itself as an aspirant to joining the camp of NATO imperialism, while the Donbass commits itself to the Russian expansionist/imperialist project. Neither of these outcomes is overall 'good' for the average person in Ukraine. Angola on the other hand was explicitly a battle to escape colonialist domination and it would become one of the central members of the non-aligned movement, in rejection of the spheres of influence of great powers. This, as opposed to merely choosing a master represents some form of progress towards actual independence.
No. 80079 Kontra
290 kB, 1392 × 1942
>in rejection of the spheres of influence of great powers
Comedy gold, you really get some curious selective blindness when someone dangles funny symbols before you.
No. 80080 Kontra
>u blind because symbols
t. thinks fucken NATO is a force for good

The NAM is a shadow of its former self, sure. I'll concede that. I still think that in the context of the mid 70s when we're talking about, it presented a far different image. Remember that the NAM pretty heavily censured Cuba over voting against condemning the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This isn't the rabidly pro-Russian bloc you seem to imply it being.

That said, Africa pivoting to Russia and China is kind of the same shit as Ukraine and Eastern Europe pivoting to the West and nothing good will come of it over working with each other under internationalist principles, and I fully expect it to pendulum back and forth if not properly addressed. Actual independence is always preferable to being a vassal of the /other/ guy because /this/ guy is closer to you.
No. 80081
>Africa pivoting to Russia and China is kind of the same shit as Ukraine and Eastern Europe pivoting to the West

African states have been pivoting to Eastern Bloc and West alike in the 20th century. Some also deliberately positioned themselves to be garnered by both with to get some support/aid whatever.

So maybe you could elaborate more on the
>would become one of the central members of the non-aligned movement

that Portugal seems to overlook or thinks is not the case.
No. 80082 Kontra
>This isn't the rabidly pro-Russian bloc you seem to imply it being.
I mean to imply nothing about this bloc. I mean to imply only some kind of ideological Mister Magoo could hold up MPLA as a champion of rejecting spheres of influence. Historical ignorance or ideological blindness? I'm going with the second because I know it isn't the first.
No. 80083
MPLA, the victors of the Angolan War, were a firmly soviet-aligned movement - as was common for many other independence movements from the time. In this, it had all the features of what you'd expect from liberation front backed by the Soviet Union, from a party elite with direct ties to Moscow to various forms of economic and military aid on the ground level
After all, the Angolan civil war (with its roots in the previous colonial war) was a typical cold war conflict. A battle of proxies. MPLA in fact stayed true to Marxism-Leninism until 1991 when they suddenly had an immediate change of mind for unclear reasons.

That Angola under MPLA, like practically every African nation, joined this international forum, would signify they hold some kind of claim to some kind of true independence beyond what others have is very funny. Not that one should censor MPLA for seeking soviet aid. I don't think it's any less of a liberation movement just because they had to conform to the geopolitical realities before them.

Then again, this is not about Angola, this is about "anti-imperialists" trying their hardest to justify something else in a different country :DD
No. 80084
Angola gönntsch misch döödsaufn.
No. 80105
This particular case can be explained with ideological preferences (communist sympathizing a socialist country). But in general it's not like that with all the "queers for Palestine" and so on. Therefore western outgroup bias must have more fundamental reasons which I struggle to find.
No. 80117
>Therefore western outgroup bias must have more fundamental reasons which I struggle to find.
Many possible things which all intersect.
Fundamentally it's about holding the western states and peoples to a higher standard. Uncivilized peoples like yourself may do some things that aren't good, but you aren't fundamentally bad, it us who have failed to properly teach you. The only people who have agency are westerners, everyone else is just passive onlookers - maybe not good but at worse neutral. Like animals, lacking a true soul.
No. 80118 Kontra
Addendum - There are legitimate reasons to have concerns about the Israeli-Palestinian question :DD
No. 80138 Kontra
>Uncivilized peoples like yourself

Pretty rich coming from a fucking Portagee. You people gave New England the worst nigger-tier Azorean bydlo.
No. 80177 Kontra
ebin :DD
No. 80610
152 kB, 976 × 549

Feels surreal. I walked past Buckingham Palace after work and it was like a circus but didn't seem like anything would happen.
No. 80612
Nothing ever happens.

I’m an outsider to all this but I hope the British will take the grief well and stand up ever stronger.
Though the biggest question on my mind is what regnal name will the new king pick.
No. 80614
24 kB, 333 × 501
My condolences.
No. 80615 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
No. 80616
Became Queen shortly after WWII, died in the First year of WWIII.
How fitting.
It's a big surprise that all the blood of kidnapped tortured children was enough to get her to 100. She knighted Jimmy Saville, the child rapist, her son is a certified pedo. The entire kingdom is one big pedophile child rape cult. See Rotherham.
No. 80617 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Permanently butthurt, unloved schizos crawling out of the woodwork right on schedule.
No. 80618
PM has confirmed Charles III

>I’m an outsider to all this but I hope the British will take the grief well and stand up ever stronger.

It just feels like another grandmother has died. I think everyone knew it was coming after Philip.
No. 80620
Whenever someone old I know dies, I always say that it’s better to be happy that they lived a long, full life, instead of being sad that they passed away.

>Charles III
No. 80643
And in Russian Prince Charles gets renamed to Karl III in process. The kings of England and France traditionally have Germanized names where possible for the most part. The grandfather of the new king was Georg VI, for instance.

(Louis gets Latinized as Lyudovik instead, though, and Richard remains Richard istead of turning into Rikhard, etc.)
No. 83434 Kontra
334 kB, 1440 × 1200
I've found Egor Prosvirnin's murderer: It was car related.
Reason: It has no number plate.