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No. 67454 Systemkontra
100 kB, 700 × 331
Previous >>66735
No. 67456
Life of loser who tries to have normal life is more interesting than life of loser who accepted his fate. But not necessary better.

t. another thirdie loser
No. 67459
whats the difference between a loser and a third world loser? no access to social welfare?
No. 67460
I feel sick in the stomach and I am pretty sure it's coming from my thoracic vertebrae.
I don't even know if there is a term for it in english, but it seems like some of them were "draußen", i.e. they're not in the 100% exact position they should be.
I regularly crack people's backs, but it's a technique I can't do alone. I already threw myself over the arm rest of my couch, but it didn't really help.
It's really annoying, because it's a very specific, subtle, but really uncomfortable sickness.
No. 67476
It's hard to give answer because it would look like complain, and whining is not encouraged in 3-rd world. In general, environment here is unfriendly, especially to those who are less successful than others. Consider it negative welfare.
However average human capital here is very low. So at least you're not alone in your misery. And if you don't have obvious pathologies and still haven't left to better place, you look good compared to the rest.
No. 67481
17,6 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:08
I love trains. 8ts still going...
No. 67484
Sure, I will stop drinking.
And then what?
I'm quite open to the possibility, I just see absolutely not qualitative difference between drinking and not drinking.
The outcome will be the same.

I think the fundamental misunderstanding is that you think that merely being alive, or "happy" or at least content or distracted is valuable on its own. I don't think it is. There are concrete things one might want out of life, for which mere neutral existence is no substitute.
In fact, I can only barely tolerate the mind numbing boredom of merely existing.
I struggle to think what might be so fundamentally better about a "healthy" life that is devoid of any fulfillment all the same.

I don't particularly enjoy the feeling of being drunk, either. What I enjoy is blacking out, so I can have more hours in a day when I am not awake, because there's a limit to how much a human can sleep in a day, naturally.
There's nothing particularly special about alcohol. It's just easily accessible.

This is why losing my job sucks so much. Spending all day distracted at work, then coming home and blacking out on alcohol was the perfect combo for fast forwarding through life. But now I must sit around being acutely cognizant of existing, and it's unbearable.

I disagree.
Imagining the rest of my life being "normal" by third world standards makes me want to top myself.
I've already seen today. Why would I want to see today again tomorrow? And then the day after, and the day after, and so on.
That's just redundant. If you've already seen all that you could possibly see given the circumstances, then well, there is not much point in continuing.
No. 67487
I think people who give "reasonable" advice should be punched in the mouth repeatedly every time they open it.

There's nothing valuable, interesting or helpful about "reasonable advice".
Or rather, advice about what one should do, rather than how or why.

Put literally any person in the world in front of me, from a hobo to a CEO, and I could sit here telling them exactly what they should do to improve their lives. And it would be of zero value to anyone.

How fucking annoying is it when someone says "hey, I think you should do [X]". As if the thought of doing [X] hadn't crossed the mind of the person they're speaking to. As if they don't know perfectly well what they should be doing, and as if being told this thing they already know is of any help at all.

Such presumptuousness can only by cured with a swift punch in the mouth, and even then it's not a guarantee.
No. 67488
So you already know you should stop drinking?
No. 67489
Along with all the other things I should be doing, which I won't do.
There's an infinite number of things anyone should ideally be doing at any given time, that they don't do for whatever reason.
No. 67490
I swear 4chan is like same exact shit set on repeat. Same thread over and over again.
I think the draconian moderation finally killed it because there's zero reason to post anything new as everything new gets instantly deleted.
There is no incentive to make original posts anymore.
Most people who actually cared about content creation left, and all that remains are huge droves of braindead normies repeating same shit after eachother. It's like reddit 2.0 now, except right wing.
No. 67492

I've had these conversations before, tone, arguments, everything. The future is unknown but it can get pretty ugly with substance, and don't think that you have the actual capacity to imagine what is possible as a personal hell, you might be already in one, but things can get quite steep. I was surprised by my own personal hell thanks to substance use, talk of getting punched in the face, more like falling into the void. I never never could have imagined what it is like, you can read 100 books on it and the experience isn't captured, you just cannot imagine it, but when it hits you, it is too late. Maybe right now you can pass the time with it, in a few years passing time that way might be very different from what it is like at the moment. Yeah, you know everything already, but I'm just telling you don't underestimate substance because you make the impression of doing so to me. I can't read your mind, obviously. Maybe you can get away with it. I've seen people over a prolonged period of time and in states of alcoholic delirium, you have seen your father. I'm really not sure if you actually believe in that it makes no difference at all, if you drink and perhaps end up similar or if you don't drink and do something else, whatever it is, instead.
No. 67494
92 kB, 856 × 642
I recall some guys that posted something kinda interesting telling "powerful actors are polluting the board with AI(*) in order to make it unusable".

Look, no wonder, after all I remember a similar case shown in the news.

(*) or janitors
No. 67495
I've been banned from the most western resources aside from youtube for simply being myself.
At this point not being politically involved on the west (especially US) within certain confined borders of what's "allowed" and having a neutral opinion for example almost feels like you're commiting a crime because you're attacked by everyone.
"idgaf about politics" attitude is equal to being worse than hitler.
And since i am Russian - this makes me the Prime Evil in the eyes of some people. Literally THE Devil itself.
That's the treatment that i get. It's a combination of people being afraid of me and hating me at the same time.

All the same places like k*hl are allowed to flourish, how come there are people who's daily routine consists of creating threads or just in general talking about topics such as pedo/nazi/depression/suicide? What the hell is wrong with them? Why? I guess i will never learn.
No. 67496
362 kB, 1523 × 1600
Mediocrity and neuroticism are encouraged by the powers that be. Some famous internet places are notorious for their lack of civilized or original discourse/interaction. You say something (that everyone in the street says, btw), you get labelled as far right. Go figure, far right "your own party is being labelled as far right, too! Can't you grasp this? Everyone now is far right, yay!".

Disregard the victims of propaganda or lack of imagination, Russians in the chans I used have been always VERY COOL in my book.

>All the same places like k*hl are allowed to flourish, how come there are people who's daily routine consists of creating threads or just in general talking about topics such as pedo/nazi/depression/suicide?

No comment, mid-level traffic chans like K*hl tend to be addictive and the quality of the content decreases a lot. It ends up being a bubble of like-minded individuals that regurgitate little amounts of data. Twitter is the same
No. 67499
What did you post there?
No. 67509
Just remembered an event from my childhood. In Germany children that go into school get phrases like "Jetzt beginnt der Ernst des Lebens" roughly: now is the time that life gets serious but I was always wondering why they use the name Ernst in combination with going to school. as well all know Ernst is a name and the noun for German seriousness
No. 67510
Well, as they say, "Ernst sein ist alles".
No. 67512
>In Germany children that go into school get phrases like "Jetzt beginnt der Ernst des Lebens"
That's very cute. I'm still not brave enough to make the decision to live seriously from then on.

Speaking of childhood memories, go thread on kc made me realize I used to be a promising go player in primary school. But I haven't touched go for a decade. I'm astonished that I never recalled that memory for I-dont-know-how-long. My past identity is completely alien to me.
I admit I tend to philosophically refuse the persistence of personal identity over time when I try to cope with past failures and cringes. I don't know whether this has psychologically lead to my forgetfulness.
No. 67513
I just ate a box of spoon eggs from Milka.
I love them, though the "Milchcreme" ones are almost too sweet even for me.

Addition information: None
No. 67514
Strange, because here phrases like that are used as a "threat" for after school. School itself is treated as an inconsequential shelter where you're protected from experiencing how shit everything actually is.
"Nagybetűs élet" => Capital letter Life
"Magyar valóság" => The Hungarian reality
No. 67515
I'd say that's actually the case, school is sheltered very much, ofc it is a first transitional space, but usually life slaps faces pretty hard after school. But Germans are known to take things seriously, no? Also, we like to break young people as soon as possible to retain a the robotic/machinic efficiency that Germany is known for.

Frohe Ostern!

Technically you aren't, it is a memory you retain even though there is not much in common with that person. But the older you get the hazier the memory, though the mindbody is always
good for a surprise memory. Just like mine. The more you try to think about your childhood, letting memories come, the more you will dig out. Some core memories will come back again and again, some only pop up after 20 years again, quite fascinating but I think most of them aren't copies of what happened exactly anyway.
No. 67517
>also, we like to break young people as soon as possible

>Frohe Ostern!
I usually hate things being sold way before it's time, but Löffeleier are a weakness of mine
No. 67525
Thanks for posting that song, loving the voice (despite the dialect even, which I normally can't stand)
No. 67526
Not sure if we did justice to what Bettina desired, safely we can say that Julianes song did help fight the first German drug wave of that time :DDD

No. 67527
Bah, I hate that song. It's such an inferior cover.
Have a good version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2eM_go_k4Y

> (despite the dialect even, which I normally can't stand)
>posts with a bavariaball
Oh you :3 - although I don't think she has such a strong accent, it's really bearable
No. 67528
Vodafone is forcing me to larp as bavarian for several months now, but I'm originally from the rhineland. It's actually an interesting question why I dislike most german dialects, Berliner Schnauze is not the only one... the only ones I genuinely enjoy listening to are the northern ones and - funnily - Ruhrpott slang.

In any case, I'm listening my way through Wegner now and I'm in the middle of this feeling you get when discovering a wealth of new music to enjoy. So thank you again for posting that song. My favorite so far is "Wenn alle Menschen dieser Erde" because it really hits home how some things have changed in the past 40 years and how some really have not:

No. 67529
7,7 MB, 3:21
Man fuck Vodafone, I also constantly have trouble with them.
But you're welcome, folk music can be good, no matter the language.
You might already know Zupfgeigenhansel, but in case you don't, it's definitely worth checking them out.
No. 67530
Why do all Germans have Vodafone?

Also have this if we are going back in time, I stumbled across it lately and it reminds me of listening to the radio as kid


I'm from NRW and Ruhrpott slang is love, I enjoy it the most.
No. 67531
>Why do all Germans have Vodafone?
Because there is no fiber where I live and the shitty 1.5mm copper wires the Telekom is not willing to upgrade are absolute shit tier.
I was at 1&1 before because I was pretty content with them at my last place, but when I moved I found that I get shitty speed AND a pretty unstable connection on top.
With Vodafone I get cable internet with 200mbps and until lately it was pretty stable and reliable, too. No idea what they are doing atm.

Also, Ruhrdeutsch is pig disgusting :3
No. 67532
>Also, Ruhrdeutsch is pig disgusting :3
Ja komm is jut ey du Heiopei
No. 67533
Gomm dü mo rübbo mit deene Gölsch-Beene ün ich ün meene Kumpatz zeige dir ma wö do Hammo hängt, ei vebibbsch.
No. 67534
Hömma, kriegst gleich Fresse voll mit sone Aussagen


(I can't believe they cleaned the streets with water back then)
No. 67535
201 kB, 734 × 1062
>(I can't believe they cleaned the streets with water back then)
U wot?

pic related
No. 67536
Now I have to think of der tekk :DDD

There are scenes when an orange cleaning/city service vehicle is cleaning the streets by watering it. It's called Sprengwagen as I found out just now. I remember a children book about city service, police, fire brigade and all that, there were also the orange service vehicles including a Sprengwagen, but I cannot remember seeing one IRL and I refuse to believe they are employed routinely in Germany to clean streets in resident areas for instance. It just doesn't fit the picture of cleaning /the environment) anymore.

Also, I didn't know Westernhagen was an actor until then.
>Ich bin wieder hier
>In meinem Revier
>War nie wirklich weg
>Hab mich nur versteckt
>Ich rieche den Dreck
>Ich atme tief ein
>Und dann bin ich mir sicher
>Wieder zu hause zu sein

Is a childhood staple though
No. 67537
47 kB, 579 × 434
No. 67541
I learned today that in the cantons where the city rights are still applied, some of which have a consequential number of inhabitants, every patrician receive a yearly bundle of woods in front of their house. If I was to return in my family’s commune I would still have access to those rights.
It’s supposedly only a right for cities but the definition of city in that case is that a weekly market is held at the center of the commune, also due to old medieval rights.
No. 67545
Switzerland: we still have some medieval laws applied.
Russia: this is 5-th constitution and 3-rd renaming of city for last 80 years.
No. 67548
Well, I can't remember seeing a Sprengwagen (the water variant) lately, but if you have ever been in the city because you were awake early (or very late), you should have seen the small cleaning cars; they also use water, they basically do Nassschrubben.
No. 67549
>but if you have ever been in the city because you were awake early (or very late), you should have seen the small cleaning cars; they also use water, they basically do Nassschrubben.

Well yeah, I've seen Kehrmaschinen and I see them regularly but Sprengwagen not really, and not in residential areas. I mean the inner city after a weekend sunday morning, I've not been partying for years and when I deed, I lfet the club long after 6am, sometimes later and we went to after hours, so no inner city morning "Partymeile" contacts in more than 12 years. As for early work for instance, never in the city center either really, not at least where I took public train transport.
No. 67554
Speaking of Sprengwagen - we all know the english language wikipedia has an overabundance of silly and superfluous articles, but I had a chuckle that this thing has its own article in the german wiki:


I don't think most germans are even aware that Temeschwar exists.
No. 67561
230 kB, 1920 × 1080
> I don't think most germans are even aware that Temeschwar exists.
The things you learn by driving virtual trucks...
No. 67578
Should I go out in the storm to enjoy the energetic weather phenomenon? I'm a bit afraid of getting it by an object and dying. Not going near trees for sure.
No. 67582
Wear your bike helmet
No. 67583
I have no bike helmet, also no bike. I did take a stroll though. Only a few moments it was quite heavy wind. I watched the trees but in retrospect it isn't a good idea, I'm just checking the news. Wish I could be at the coast right now, some beach, I think I could be safe, no thing filing around or trees falling, enough distance from the sea but being able to view the sea.
No. 67586
744 kB, 2019 × 2693
Westoids are getting blown away by the wind, meanwhile God's promised land, the Carpathian Basin, and his Chosen People, the Hungarians are experiencing crisp, sunny spring weather.

Today was okay I guess. I went out and did some cleaning in the garden. Threw away the trash and swept up the leaves from the reading area, plus I washed the glass table.
It's unbelievable how dirty things can get if you don't clean them off regularly.
Basically I was setting up my "base camp" for the spring and summer period in the garden.

Sister's dog is an unruly mutt, and it fucked up a plastic panel on the mailbox and also at the mail.
So I also had to fix the mailbox. Basically it was fucked up for a while now, but I just taped the panel in from the inside, which lasted until now.
This time I went rummaging in the basement and found a nail, so I just put that through a hole where the old one used to be, and then hammered it back so the panel is stuck on the mailbox from the inside.
Didn't find a second spare nail, so I just used an old, rusty saw and cut off an already used nail that was stuck in a board.
I felt like fucking MacGuyver while doing this.

My father was probably at least mildly impressed when he saw it. He considers me the epitome of a humanities student. He once said that "you couldn't even fix a fucking doorknob".
Though in actuality I kinda fix things around the house whenever I can.

Anyway, if the weather is good tomorrow then I'm going to sit outside and read and write. I need to turn in practice sheets for Chinese class again, which means I need to write a fuckton of hanzis.
My arms are gonna fall off at this rate.

The book I ordered from Germany arrived. Taxman didn't catch it.
Also picked up a copy of the Wilde play I need to read for class, since I found one for two bucks used.
No. 67588
Congrats on not getting blown away.
I watched news this morning and holy shit especially NRW got hit really hard (probably because God hates the way they talk).
I spent half an hour on the Autobahn yesterday, in the early evening. While the wind wasn't blowing hard enough to kill any trees, it blew the rain onto my windshield in a way that at time I couldn't see ANYTHING but the taillights of the cars infront of me.
In retrospect it probably wasn't the wisest choice to be on my way right at that time, but in my defense, when I left it even seemed to clear up. Also my wipers even on the fastest speed are not fast enough for heavy rain.
No. 67590
Ewwww you worked with your HANDS?
Remember what Schopenhauer said
>Diejenigen jedoch, die stattdessen mit ihren Händen arbeiten, verpassen es alldieweil, ihre Arbeit mit dem Geiste zu verrichten
No. 67598 Kontra
I value Herr *Cope*nhauer's input on philosophy, but being stuck up won't fix the mailbox. And sadly neither will my father, so there was no other way than to get my hands dirty.
No. 67600 Kontra
In that case let me reply with another bonmot of his (from a letter to Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus)
>Ich mag nie die körperliche Liebe vollzogen haben mit einer Dame, dafür aber mit Ihrer Mutter - just am gestrigen Abend
No. 67605
I have came to the conclusion that Russia is an anarchy or a semi-anarchy and it's always been in this state, with some periods of stronger government and other periods of weaker government.
Which explains a lot, including why the western elites paint us as this uncivilized land that is in dire need of some "proper" government. We are unpredictable by design and nobody knows what to expect from us and when.
Additionally we also spread this mentality abroad and infect normies with it which impacts the hierarchical structure of the western societies, especially the UK, the best description can be found in Huxley's book "Brave New World".
No. 67609
>surprise memory
It's indeed a very intersting and unique phenomenon. I wonder how would similar behaviour be simulated by artificial intelligence.
I understand memories aren't reliable. Just read some oral histories and one can easily tell some of the veterans' war memories are dubious.
No. 67615
247 kB, 150 × 116, 0:00
A guilty pleasure of mine is to read comments under news articles.

Some people are so delusional, if they would wake up in the morning and see the russian army standing in their sleeping room they would find a way to say Putin is the good guy and it's all the fault of Nato and Germany.

How can russian propaganda work so well outside of Russia?
No. 67616
>I understand memories aren't reliable.

And yet they make for a very important cultural artifact, it's very interesting indeed. I never thought about its function is it only useful to speak about it in that notion, when talking AI? as it might be concerning for an AI.

Proust write about the "surprise" memory
>Marcel Proust was the first person to coin the term involuntary memory, in his novel À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past). Proust did not have any psychological background, and worked primarily as a writer.


>A guilty pleasure of mine is to read comments under news articles.

>Some people are so delusional

Guilty as well, albeit I don't read (German) news article that often. I sometimes cannot believe people are actually writing this shit, ofc there is trolling going on as well, but holy cow.
No. 67618
>ofc there is trolling going on as well, but holy cow.

I recommend www.welt.de

Any article with the following topics is gold at the moment:

Russia/Putin ("Putin isn't the bad guy here. He won't attack the Ukraine anyway. Ever.")
Covid ("[insert one of a thousand possible conspiracies here]")
AfD ("they're not a right wing party, they're actually kinda in the middle.")
Schröder ("Bankers earn money, so why shouldn't he get 500k of German tax money every year to play Putins messanger?")
No. 67619
I dunno much and can't speak for those in AI (in china they are nicknamed 炼丹师 taoism alchemist) . It's just that computer memory is very precise and I find it hard to imagine computer systems forget something and then remember it again. I know it's possible to recover data that are lost only because indices were deleted but I don't think it's the same thing, e.g. lack of madeleine moment.
No. 67621
Many explanations can be given, among them:
  1. Some of these "people" are paid agitators.
  2. Even among sincere posters 1% of people make up 99% of comments, and these are not the most sane people. Schizos have a lot of free time and energy.
  3. People see world in primitive Hollywood pattern of "the good guys vs the bad guys". They dislike their government for mass migration or for unemployment or for their own failures or for any other reason. And since Putin has image of being anti-NATO, he's anti-bad (=good) guy.
BTW I too don't think that Putin will start full scale invasion in Ukraine. Not because he's gud or ebil, but because it doesn't make much sense. Still gonna buy some hardware now, it might cost twice as much if rouble falls again.
No. 67622
Meh, that's small time.

My favorite pastime is going to shady escort websites, sorting the ads by lowest rated, then reading the reviews.
No. 67623
>How can russian propaganda work so well outside of Russia?
Because for the last 20 years, the US (and the "West" in general) was the great Satan, which was only amplified through Trump's presidency and since people are unable to find a middle ground, they swerve to the other side.
Please don't get me wrong, I still think the USA is the worst thing happening to the world since the British Empire, but everything we see now, especially with alt-right and their connections to the evil russian nazi empire, is a problem of their own making thanks to aforementioned anti-US propaganda, numerous things the red-green Schröder government did and calling everyone right of far left a nazi.
And you don't even have to go as far as the Welt, when we have the shartposts of an adipose small business owner from Berlin (and full-blown Putin apologist) right next door.
No. 67624
I think the 3rd reason carries more weight than the previous ones. Once America is established to be great satan manifest in geopolitical form, it becomes easy to defend the Russian people against Washington's offensives.
In theory, it would be anathema for the Portuguese Communist Party to defend a dictatorship that makes our national far right appear positively centrist - in practice however, that isn't a problem whatsoever. With the correct prodding and conditioning, we have people militantly defending that a sovereign state be subjected to the will of its bellicose neighbor in the name of anti-imperialism.
No. 67625 Kontra
285 kB, 1014 × 562
>I still think the USA is the worst thing happening to the world since the British Empire
I firmly believe there were other far worse things than American supremacy.
No. 67626
t. victim of American propaganda
No. 67627
115 kB, 599 × 491
30 kB, 580 × 426
124 kB, 382 × 491
4,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
How is life as a German proofster?
No. 67628
Proofs are just Russian hackers for Russians. Proof me wrong. Protip: you can't.
No. 67630
68 kB, 445 × 474
That reminds me that I did a "proofs"-shoop 2 years or so ago. And it was in german so I quickly made an /int/-edit of it. I think the base image was from an Asterix comic.
No. 67632
Well, that certainly looks like Umpah-Pah, which was also created by Goscinny and Uderzo, and who, iirc, had a small cameo in "Die große Überfahrt".
No. 67634
Why do people like to have a discussion on a subject they have no information about and spend time speculating on something?
For example any conversation about some possible black ops operations, acts of terror, uprisings are pointless at the moment of their happening because the beneficiary is usually not obvious until months if not years later.
However very often i see people instantly jumping to conclusions without doing research or waiting until the dust settles and then having a heated debate trying to prove their ignorance is about as valid as someone else's knowledge.
I have no clue what causes this state of mind or reaction but from the perspective of an outside observer it looks like some people are constantly on the edge, like angry dogs on a leash, itching for a reason to start talking shit or to attack someone verbally or physically.
A major event basically allows them to unleash their inner autism or something like that and they just go full berserk and in this state the person cannot be reasoned with because he's more like an angry animal rather than human. There is no reason for his actions, he's completely irrational.
At the same time in this state such person is very easy to manipulate, because he doesn't think at all.
No. 67635
If people only had discussions about things they actually have some kind of competence in, we would probably only talk about shitting anymore.
No. 67636
> For example any conversation about some possible black ops operations, acts of terror, uprisings are pointless at the moment of their happening because the beneficiary is usually not obvious until months if not years later.
Quite the opposite. When "the dust has settled", some things are memory holed, some context is lost and different forces already came up with post-factum interpretations which fit into their narrative. Observing happening real time can provide more objective picture.
No. 67637
15 kB, 803 × 559
But what you are observing looks like pic related
There is too much informational noise to be able to make sense of what's going on.
A lot of people, i've noticed start following false leads and possibly due to poor analysis skills and cognitive bias start building a false narrative for themselves that does not add up with the actual reality.
No. 67639
Tend to agree. The problem is that a narrative as mentioned before can be about the past, about the present or the future, this is/can independent of any objectivity. So observing the present instead of the past for instance doesn't do automatically anything to objectivity just because of the time observed.
No. 67640
Yes, it's a clusterfuck. But the point is that with time it only gets worse. Some historian and/or propagandist can shape all this information into digestive story by ignoring it's parts, giving disproportionately big attention to others and exploiting your beforehand knowledge. While such fairy tale looks more comprehensible, it gives less information about what really happens. And serious discussion about historical events comes down to analyzing this "noise" except this time people have to commit effort to learn things which are obvious for contemporaries of these events.
No. 67641
Also interesting how you present things as unknowable yet you know which narratives are false and what does and does not add up with actual reality.
No. 67642
Does someone have that badly drawn comic which makes fun of ancap society, where the rich guy just becomes a new king?

>Some historian and/or propagandist can shape all this information into digestive story by ignoring it's parts, giving disproportionately big attention to others and exploiting your beforehand knowledge.
Or they can try to piece together a more nuanced, realistic picture of what happened really, using the available informations which came into existance about the topic.
No. 67643
>using the available informations which came into existance about the topic.
This only works though if there IS any information in the first place.
No. 67646
Well, there is always information, no? Obviously certain information is not at all points available to everyone and the information differs in quality, that much is true.
No. 67647
>Well, there is always information, no?
Obviously. Even a broken bottle in a house is "information", but you are saying that you can "pierce together a more realistic picture" with that information. Which is true in a fraction of the cases.
Winners write history and if they succeed in destroying what the losers know or knew, where do you get your information from, then?

I mean I agree that it's certainly not possible to have an objective overview of a situation DURING the situation, but it's equally as wrong to say that in hindsight you're magically capable of assessing and judging the situation correctly.
No. 67648
>but it's equally as wrong to say that in hindsight you're magically capable of assessing and judging the situation correctly
I said "using the available informations which came into existance about the topic". Obviously if all available informations are skewed you won't get much of a realistic picture.
No. 67649
>Obviously if all available informations are skewed you won't get much of a realistic picture.
And that was exactly my point.
No. 67650
Great point u made, I r8 8/8
No. 67651
Winners don't simply write history, they perhaps write a dominant understanding of history, it is far more complex than this proverb. The academic historiography of the west is a good example for "minor"/marginal histories that are written. This differs from what historiography is depicted and used in public histories (historical representations in public sphere) across the political spectrum and by different actors.

>Some historian and/or propagandist can shape all this information into digestive story by ignoring it's parts, giving disproportionately big attention to others and exploiting your beforehand knowledge.

This can happen in the present as well. Selection, weighting etc, perspectives.

>While such fairy tale looks more comprehensible, it gives less information about what really happens.

Reality is a mess, therefore historic or contemporary accounts always will reduce the concrete and complex reality in its fullness to even make something comprehensible for you and others. To account for the present in its fullness ould mean to make an exact copy, which is impossible. Hence and perhaps, cultural studies weren't so wrong to develop and scrutinize the constructivist nature of being human.

>have to commit effort to learn things which are obvious for contemporaries of these events.

Not really. While it is true and becomes truer the more you go back in history (because it gets more "foreign") the look back of history is inevitably biased by the methodologies developed by historians of the present, the mediaevel times didn't know of concepts that are now used to scrutinize that period. And my parents didn't have a 360° overview over the 1980s they lived through. I probably know things abut the 1980s in more detail than my parents even though I wasn't born back then. My parents care for science politics between state and industry or the advent of the home computer in West Germany. They had no full understanding of the present, like us, we only have splinters of reality we experience. Contemporaries don't overlook their present. History is useful as the examined period is not moving/a dynamic thing anymore, it certainly once was dynamic and we still have a relationship to it, but the sources don't change. What changes is our relationship to the sources and the past in general. You don't make the difference that modern historians make between past and history, one is a reality and the other is a cultural technique that is to a certain extent a constructivist operation.
No. 67652

all answers to quotes refer to
No. 67653 Kontra
>My parents care for science politics between state and industry or the advent of the home computer in West Germany.

It should mean my parents DIDN'T care. Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
No. 67654 Kontra
Or: historiography is the technique, history its result
No. 67655
I'd add my usual thing of a historian and an annalist being different professions, with different goals. An annalist wants to just record events. History, comes from ιστορία, which means inquiry. Fundamentally History as a subject is about asking questions of evidence, and applying theory to give a new outlook on something. The process of applying theory is historiography, the practice of history, and as said above the output is history. What people see as 'bias' is in fact more often than not history working as intended because history is not the same thing as the past itself. It is a field comprised of academic interpretations of available information, given shape through selection and theoretical application.
No. 67657
63 kB, 1200 × 600
57 kB, 800 × 727
Ernst, you should really take your time and think things through before posting.
It's a popular pitfall of posting on an imageboard, of which I am of course as guilty as everyone elseAlso, keeping a bit of distance helps with impulsivity.

Things have gotten heated and I think we all need to chill a bit.
We are not the ones trying to instigate or waging wars. We are all Ernsts who understand each other on a more than just superficial level, despite the bickering and shartposting.
Please accept the dove as a token of friendship.
No. 67661
18 kB, 803 × 559
Yes i want to elaborate further.
It is obvious that the governments or let's be completely honest - CIA, FSB, Mossad, MI-6 and many others they INTENTIONALLY create false leads.
The fake stories you see are intentional with the goal to
1) conceal what's REALLY going on
2) build false narrative, because public image is everything
So in the end it looks like this updated image, where false narratives are marked with red dash lines.

If you connect the dots regarding recent events you will eventually understand that nobody is right, everyone is wrong. What's happening right now is nothing but realpolitik, which is concealed from the public eye by these false narrative.
Morality is irrelevant, in the end everyone is looking to get something out of it. I will not go in the detail because it's not really important.

One thing i can say for sure - the United States are not as strong as they were 30 years ago.

There is information available. Raw facts.
>What happened?
>Where it happened?
>When it happened?
>Who benefits the most?
>Who loses?
By answering these questions you can create a somewhat rough timeline of events.
Unfortunately lately it became rather hard to piece together a good picture because the media/propaganda actively sabotage "what happened" part.
So even if the videos are available it's hard to tell what's really going on.

This situation is also known as "the fog of war".
No. 67664
>>Who benefits the most?
>>Who loses?
Not a good way to think about these things. Often times, everyone loses. These things aren't some objective figures you can add up and see points won/lost in a realpolitik world chess game between the several players. This idea that any unfolding event is so obstructed by the disinformation and diversionary tactics, possibly made by 'CIA, FSB, Mossad, MI-6 or others', so recent and confusing that there isn't enough to create a clear picture - this idea is in itself a very non-objective and fact derived proposition. Maybe one that even, if anything, just helps the worst side get away with it. After all, who profited from Chernobyl?

Ernst is Ernst is good.
We are Ernst. Ernst.
why is ernst a groundhog?
No. 67665
I agree in general.

But I'll repeat my point in your terminology: while time passes after event, black lines become bleak and red lines become brighter and stronger. It's easy to lie about past events and harder to lie about present events. First, people don't remember shit. Second, when you lie about present, you have to keep in mind possible future outcomes and make your lies somewhat suitable for each of them (which is best achieved by trying to be close to truth as much as possible).

Also even the most blatant propaganda contains some useful information. It's like in "Mafia" game. There are facts: "player X died this night". And there are unsubstantiated statements like "Player Y says that player Z is mafia" which still have hold value. Meanwhile "qui bono" heuristics shouldn't be overestimated. Master plan usually has side effects (positive or negative) for people not engaged in it. WW1 wasn't Polish conspiracy after all. :D Moreover plan can go wrong and hurt it's plotters.
No. 67667
>After all, who profited from Chernobyl?
Short term - the Western Bloc.
Long term - green parties across europe who use it for propaganda purposes and fearmongering to get power.
No. 67668
Americans. They have oil while their greatest rivals (Europeans) don't. So they spread anti-nuclear propaganda which is bearable for them, but hurts EU a lot. But don't think of Euros as poor victims, they have their own vile plans. One of them is to make Burgers praise homosexuality and at the same time taboo pedophilia.

I stopped to watch Galkovsky after he said that Nicholas II appointed retards as governors as part of agreement with Brits. That's too much to believe in even as part of fantasy lore. Also as dementia approaches, he starts to constantly make Stalin-tier accusations of everyone in working on 6 intelligence agencies simultaneously.
No. 67670
1,1 MB, 1800 × 1017
>One of them is to make Burgers praise homosexuality and at the same time taboo pedophilia.
For real? I mean specifically in Europe?

Pic only because it's nice
No. 67671
29 kB, 460 × 460
No. 67672
My father watches russian propaganda on internet TV 24/7.
And I'm not being coy calling all russian media propaganda, I mean that there are channels and shows on russian TV that are just openly and unapologetically propaganda. Like, they don't present themselves niehter as news or entertainment, it's just some scary background voice talking about things while footage plays, but it's not in relation to any particular event or anything.
Just an authoritative voice talking about all the evil things that are happening overseas.

Think Ancient Aliens on history channel, except with geopolitics, and current events.
It's actually quite funny, if it weren't scary to know that there's a sizeable population of people who watch that and believe it 100%.

Although it IS funny as a window into the russian collective psyche.
No. 67674
How to grow as a person while keeping your massive ego intact:

1) Share your self-caused problems with people, but present them as if they are other peoples' fault.
2) Listen to people give you advice, but belligerently reject the advice and never admit being wrong
3) Secretly incorporate the advice into your life but pretend that it was self-reflection rather than intervention
4) Fight the cognitive dissonance

Works every time.
No. 67675
But... you must first learn to doublethink before you can pull that off. I find doublethink pretty much impossible, at least doing it intentionally.

Also, why keep the Ego intact? Ego has steered me into so many idiotic situations and I'm glad that I've begun shedding that skin.
No. 67676
Well, it can be an internally consistent behavior pattern if you dehumanize others enough.
For example, if you fix some problem by using a tool, such as a computer or whatever, you don't feel "grateful" to a computer, do you?
And any improvement you would make in your own life by using such tools, you'd frame as "self improvement", rather than "being helped".


Regarding ego, certain emotional dependencies can be useful as leverage points for self-manipulation.
Deliberately putting yourself in a situation where you might get psychological punishment or reward, in order to steer your monkey brain towards certain behaviors, in lieu of willpower.
No. 67678
But I anthropomorphize tools.
No. 67686
408 kB, 443 × 600
That's fitting, since most antropoi are also tools.
No. 67687
195 kB, 902 × 789
The point is that everyone in russia is aware that our TV is propaganda.
Nobody takes it seriously, nobody believes the government.
I think that our government is aware of all this which is why they make it hilariously over the top, it's almost a satire of itself. I watch it sometimes to entertain myself. It's entertainment - nothing more.
What is concerning me is that on the west people seem to not be aware that their media is also propaganda and they ACTUALLY trust their media, americans especially, and really use it as a source of their knowledge about the outside world.

Which reminds me by the way about this Plato's Cave thing.
I don't want to sound like a pretentious cunt, i just feel like most people on the west are those guys watching shadows on the wall. Which explains why outsiders are treated like schizos or psychopaths or trolls or conspiracy obsessed crazy people.

That doesn't mean such people don't exist in Russia.
No. 67688 Kontra
87 kB, 1500 × 1120
i also would like to add that in some political talk shows they very often have lengthy autism discussions about some twitter shitposts by western politicians and diplomats or about articles on from kotaku I MEAN Washington Post.
Sometimes it reminds me of similar shit threads on /v/ or /pol/.
No. 67689
It might seem like nobody cares about state propaganda in post-sovok countries, from a perspective of a young guy who predominantly uses the internet for information and entertainment.
But there's is a silent (silent on the internet) majority of old boomer retards who actually do watch it and believe it.
Afaik average age of russian population is 40 years old.
I guarantee that there's a giant social class of bydlos and babushkas who watch that stuff 100% unironically.

I guess the difference with west is that in west, even 60 year old boomers have twitter accounts where they post their hot geopolitical opinions, + the population is more "politically active" (meaning louder on the internet).

In fact, situations seem to be mirrored.
In post-sovok, internet is full of apolitical people playing video games and consuming entertainment.
In west, internet is also full of apolitical people playing video games and consuming entertainment, but those people keep quiet, because the rest of the internet is very loud political people who fill up most of the air space with their bickering.
No. 67690
626 kB, 1080 × 1822
390 kB, 1078 × 2004
Skepticism aside, I'd say that nationally, we have a far more trustworthy media than what the Russians have to settle with.
It isn't fair to just paint everything with the same brush and simply write off all sources as self-interested propaganda organs. After all, the only entities can could gain from this "they're all the same" mindset are the worse ones. In the 1970s Pravda and, say the New York Times, are obviously media sources up to different standards and reliant on different basis of support.

Left picture is from our national broadcaster.
No. 67691
Watching russian tv propaganda, you get the impression that 99% of western TV and social media is constantly talking about russia non-stop, and shitting on russians and discussing how to best destroy russia.

They'll take clips from literallywho western opinion havers, put fake captions, and portray them as "le definitive opinion of entire west(tm)".

Weird persecution complex tbh.
And yes, it's very similar to 4kanker and kohl threads where some mentally ill retard will post a screencap from [social media literalwho] to show everyone how evil [[[THEY]]] are.
Most often it happens in completely unrelated boards/threads where the normal populace would not know or care about any of those things.
As stupid as it looks, it actually works. If the only portrayal of something you see is from people who are trying to make it look bad, you will think it is bad.

If you're some nerd browsing a board about photography, and every other day you see a thread about how evil jews/trannies/sjws/negroes are ruining photography (with cherrypicked twitter """proofs""" attached), eventually you will accept this idea subconsciously, simply because you have been exposed to many examples of this narrative, but no counter-examples.
No. 67692
>As stupid as it looks, it actually works.
Why wouldn't it? It's an old principle of propaganda. Really, why would it stop working?

I wonder if there are actually people who think they are more "enlightened" than those just 100 years ago or who actually think the nazi/commie propaganda wouldn't have worked on them.
No. 67697
I guess it looks silly from the perspective of a recreational internet shitposter who's been seeing this since 2008.

But yeah, unless you've trained yourself to immediately recognize disingenuous / underhanded posts, it's difficult to resist the conditioning.

A good rule of thumb is that any unsolicited assertion of information is likely propaganda. As in, if you didn't explicitly ask for a piece of information, and are instead being delivered that information, it is propaganda.
Works outside of politics too. One big example being software notifications. You know, on your phone and on your computer. If you didn't explicitly ask for it, 99% of the time you don't want it, and are being asserted upon.
Basically one needs to learn to parse the metadata before one parses the data, in order to shield oneself from such things.

The difference between today and mid 20th century is that today, you are one click away from hearing "the other side". The other side is also inevitably propaganda, but then at least you have a starting point from which to synthesize a more nuanced opinion.
No. 67703
> For real?
No, I'm retelling what I've heard from funny conspiracy theorist.
> I mean specifically in Europe?
No, in America.

How is the show called?
My relatives watch political talk-shows which are Memri-TV tier hysterics but with less pluralism. Basically it's a dozen of people collectively seething about hohols. Sometimes among them there is a one professional "Ukrainian expert" (or Polish) so they can yell on him.
Relatives grumble about how stupid these shows are yet continue to watch them.
No. 67705
Most of late eastern bloc commie propaganda was really bad because it was obviously out of touch with reality.
No. 67706
Just as the late nazi propaganda, what's your point?
No. 67708
That it needs to be embedded in some sort of basic plausability (within the own system) or it will stop working.
No. 67709
Mhhh, I can't agree here.
How is anything about Qanon plausible? Or gender mainstreaming? Or (deist) religion in and by itself?

The only thing that matters is
a) how often and how forceful the repetition is and
b) how much (percevied) authority the sender holds.

As long as the Führer is alive, the people who really respond to the propaganda will still believe everything he says even if their neighborhood is already in rubble from prolonged liberating.
No. 67710
I believe that "enlightment" is basically anarchism and understanding that ownership of things does not make you happier because when you die you lose all these things, so essentially stuff is worthless. What is not worthless is life experiences and connections with other people. Focus on the current moment.
People who understand this can manipulate and rule over those who do not understand this.
It sounds very obvious and on the surface but many people dismiss this without thinking about it and focus on their future instead which is WRONG. Dreaming about future is bad.
No. 67711 Kontra
Nazi propaganda in my opinion is some of the incredibly ridiculous things to ever created.
From the very beginning not a single true thing that was true was said. They went as far as creating fake myths that people believed. It's like religious cult brainwashing. And even during the war it didn't stop, even when germany was obviously losing the war. They kept lying until the very end and then killed themselves.
No. 67713
and c) plausibility as in providing context and connections to make it believable. Nobody buys any of these ideas without it speaking to them in various ways, you don't get forced with shit with effect when it not affects you and experiences you make. Ofc some people can be brainwashed quite a bit, but there must be some initial way of being able to connect.

t. not the German you were talking to
No. 67714
That's why I included "within its own system" because nazi esoteric conspiracy stuff is obviously batshit insane, but maybe I'm wrong overall and it's not that important. Qanon is noz pushed by the state itself tho, albeit under Trump there was this flirt with that stuff.
No. 67715
>but there must be some initial way of being able to connect.
No. Just repeat it often enough and eventually everyone but the most stubborn will be on board.
Of course one could argue that all effective propaganda is explicitly geared at something most people can relate to, which is why the most effective propaganda always appeals to feelings - if you can give people a feel, they will also be more eager to accept what you tell them in connection.
No. 67721
1,9 MB, 3360 × 5040
I will now jack off because I am horny.

t. Hornygerm
No. 67727
That feel when jacking off on a schedule.

t. German

>"Alles nach Plan"
No. 67733
Why a schedule in the first place? Efficiency considerations? Heavily clocked daily schedule overall?
No. 67734
I hate myself afterwards and I need a couple minutes per week without self-hate. So I put myself on a cooldown.
No. 67736
Ah I see. I feel good afterwards. Sorry it doesn't work out for you.
No. 67738 Kontra
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Drunk for the second night in a row on run.
I'm unironically feeling depressed.

Working on my shitty interpretation of Fisches Nachtgesang into Hungarian. It turned into a Kádár-era working class leisure ode.
Have a few lines missing.

I'm sorry Kazakh I ever doubted you. Anime is fucking disgusting and Japan deserves to be suck for producing this impossibly disgusting and idealist trash.

Feel like I'm unironically goign to criy over being alone. This is shit.
Gonna spend my fist stipend this semester ona fuckinging Classicla Chinese dictionary.
No. 67739
You shouldn't compare yourself to characters in Japanese anime.
Japenese society has an extremely rigid hierarchy to the point when people of certain professions that are considered unclean such as butchers and their children and children of their children and so on, can't freely choose where to work or what to do. Their family is forever stuck on this social level. Remember, they believe in reincarnation which justifies this brave new world tier caste system, basically they believe it's your destiny to be a butcher lol.
Obviously adequate people don't believe this bullshit which is why yakuza is a thing. People from lower castes in japan join them, because it's just a far better deal that doing low tier humiliating jobs until they die.
Basically every time you see a character who is sad/depressed/NEET and lives a poor lifestyle in anime - this is because there is absolutely no way for him to change his situation.

So yeah, please don't compare yourself, and don't take their way of life seriously, since you are free to be whoever you want in Hungary.
No. 67740 Kontra
>since you are free to be whoever you want in Hungary
YoU cAn BeCoMe AnYtHiNg If YoU JuSt WoRk HaRd EnOuGh :^)
No. 67741 Kontra
not with hard work
No. 67743
Woke up, shit day already.
Feel alone and on top I get ignored by a lecturer because I cannot work with the English original for student paper (It mainly deals with the argument of one book) since only one copy is available and borrowed already until early march. I asked if the German translation would be ok or even the epub (because libgen only ha the epub, but the epub has not the same pages).

My plan for today: get the German translation and read in search for master thesis/dissertation topics. Also asking a student if she would like to join for a walk the next days, because I feel so lonely and just want to talk a bit with somebody. Haven't seen her for a while.
No. 67747
Eh, I think idealistic is the wrong word.
I think anime is actually quite cynical in how it is produced.

You seem to think that anime is le bad because the things it depicts are just too good to exist IRL.
In my opinion, the things that anime depicts are low virtue if not outright evil, but presented as good and "idealistic".

Kinda like jingoistic war movies, actually. The events and characters depicted as heroic or moral or just, an ideal to strive for, or whatever, are only so within the internal logic of the story itself.

From a more sober, external perspective, it's really deeply nihilistic and dehumanizing.
No. 67749
No mask needed anymore at uni. I forgot how young everyone is there and how beautiful uni girls are. Pure pleasure.
Please don’t drink alone.
No. 67756
> Pure pleasure
I prefer masks

t. ugly assburger
No. 67765
>get ignored by a lecturer because I cannot work with the English original for student paper (It mainly deals with the argument of one book) since only one copy is available
I don't quite understand. Do you need to present your sources in an original copy or what?
No. 67766
Well that is what I'm wondering, should I read and cite the original publication which is written in English language or can I work with the German translation? The original is always better than a translation, but in that context, albeit master, it maybe does not make a difference but I still wonder what is expected of me now. The epub would be an English language option, but the layout is shit and the pages don't match the paperback version.
No. 67771
What is it, a book? Primary sources should, of course, be provided in their original language (if possible), but a book? 1+1 doesn't become 3 just because of a translation.
Remember: Lecturers can be as big fuckheads as students, so don't shy away from inquiring and asking and complaining, if necessary.
No. 67772 Kontra
Yes, the primary source is a book. I will examine the argument and then concentrate on something more detailed in 1 or two chapters that I care about.
No. 67785
Fuck, today was a long march.
I slept like 5 hours and when I woke up I was sorta hungover from the two shots of rum. If this is what alcoholics experience every morning I get now why most of them just pour another drink first thing in the morning.

My stomach was killing me, so I had some cereal for breakfast, which improved it, then I also had an early lunch of fried chicken, but it still felt like there was a hole inside of me.
I suffered through my classes where one of my poems got rated me and another one got a smile out of people based on its concept and then a Classical Chinese lecture where I failed to explain how 之 worked in that particular sentence because I was concentrating on not falling asleep or throwing up.

Afterwards I went to sleep (again, because I slept like 40 minutes between classes) and had a dream where it was summer with a bright blue sky and I was running home, the wind brushing my hair all over the place, but I felt so happy in that dream.
Woke up to my mother coming home. She brought me some pasta, so I had a second lunch, sort of, which seems to have did the trick, because my mind is clearer now and my stomach feels alright.

My package from China arrived. I don't know why but after thinking about it for a few days I did order the little red book I saw on aliexpress simply because I'm into this sort of stuff. It's like a piece of history.
So I told my mother a package from China was coming, and I gave explicit instructions for her not to open it, lest it provokes feelings from people in her department. (Not that people would give a shit, but on the off-chance it would.)
So her co-workers immediately asked her for permission to defile the package, since a "chinese book" for some reason is an exciting thing. They didn't open it, but she did send them a picture of it later when I opened it.

Had my last class end at eight. It went well enough. Homework was writing an abstract. Basically an exercise in style + the lecturer seeing into your heart a bit, because obviously you're going to write an abstract for a fictional study you'd want to see or you'd love to write.
So mine was titled "An assessment of the issues of the (re)translation of the classic Chinese novel "Dream of the Red Chamber" into Hungarian in light of other western translation".
The reply was like "well written, but I suspect this is more than just a throwaway homework piece now, is it not?"
He's sort of right, I'd love to see a study like this, but it'd be very much beyond my ability to produce it for now, maybe in another 10 years.
No. 67793
64 kB, 690 × 345
I should stop associating myself with Bollywood characters.
No. 67798 Kontra
3,1 MB, 3561 × 1937
>Dream of the Red Chamber
It's a maze.
No. 67804
6 kB, 223 × 226
Dawn is breaking. Quite literally. The sun was out today and I sat out on the balcony. My father covered it in plastic, so the wind doesn't blow there, and it's a bit warmer than the garden.
My will to live is back.

Sat outside and read some studies I need to read for my presentation tomorrow. Got some use out of my Babits volumes while doing so.
Basically I have to talk about this 19th century translator dude called Károly Szász who sank into obscurity, but I respect him immensely because of his 1867 translation of the Nibelungenlied.
I've decided to make the presentation a bit of a defence-speech/apologia, even if it means I have to shit-talk Babits a bit.

I made some pasta for lunch. Was pretty good. Also had two scrambled egg sandwiches for dinner.
Tomorrow I'll probably go out to eat. I'll be picking up some notebooks and then also a new mouse for my laptop because a candle accidentally burned the cable of my second mouse and this way I have no second mouse to take with me to university next week when we switch back to in-person classes.

I have two espressos in me. Never drank two a day.
But I feel fine. Exceptionally good even.
I'm gonna make a cool little presentation after reading the remaining 40 or so pages and then present it. It needs to be like 15 minutes at most, so nothing special. The lecturer likes me so she'll probably be lenient.
I just need to show restraint and not get autistic about the Nibelungenlied.

During extra German class the topic was Ukraine, so we spent like 15 minutes talking about it in pairs. I think I made the girl that was paired with me feel fascinated with my outstanding anti-NATO but not pro-Russian geopolitical analysis of the situation.

I hope I didn't make too many mistakes :D
No. 67805
53 kB, 560 × 373
My mind is in delight over reading an article that connects a few dots I've been wrestling with in the past, about my own adventure in thinking and how it is shaped by the history of concepts in academia and the subsequent books and articles I read. I inevitably turn to the question of how that thinking emerged in the first place and I still wonder if it is possible and desirable to write an interesting history about it (that is, does this make for a master thesis/dissertation?).

The article is basically about the concept of cultural techniques that evolved out of a "German Media Theory" (a term used by anglos) and that has similarities but also differences to the posthumanism discourse in the anglosphere. Both are current fields of thinking that I myself are placed in, my thinking - an effect of "field forces"?
No. 67810
>(that is, does this make for a master thesis/dissertation?).
Don't beat yourself over the head for it.
A master thesis is a fart in the vacuum, you can do whatever, nobody cares. Like, at all.
A dissertation is a bit different, but also not really interesting or even relevant to anyone outside the very same related topic (unless it would be actual groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting stuff).
No. 67811
There are many options and probably easy options, but I want to do something I'm invested in, bc otherwise it just gets daunting. Not that a longer work like a dissertation is daunting in the long run as well, but there are different kinds of daunting. My ideal aim for the dissertation would be to make yourself a name in the field by writing a dissertation on something that was needed and finally somebody did it to lighten things up a bit. Masters is fart, but that fart could be the forerunner of an actual turd (dissertation).
No. 67813
Maybe you should first make an actual decision, because depending on if you want to continue with a dissertation after the master obviously warrants different preparatory steps.

But it is also a responsibility of your advisor to assess whether your ideas are a) a topic that can yield novel insights in the first place and b) even doable in a given time and with an adequate effort. Overreaching and only noticing a few years in is extremely shitty.
So if you take an advice: Don't fixate too much on a specific idea and how it's supposed to be done. Do what's doable and add to that (as such a topic is dynamic anyway and different focus areas, even away from the original premise, can develop over time).
No. 67815
Yeah I know, atm I'm still probing. But while it is true what you say, I still have to find a balance between what is doable and what keeps me invested in the end. Ofc things can change over the course of the project and it should have a good outlook at the beginning already. I've seen so many boring dissertation projects (though some undoubtly are usefull/necessary, somebody has to do them), my as/inspirations are those dissertations I read with joy. And some of those really are books that years later are praised for what they did. Ofc some dissertation projects from people I admire are not that special or interesting to me.
No. 67816
Fine you want to know what the conflict is about? I will tell you.
Putin wants NATO to disappear, dissolve, disintegrate. There is no point in NATO existence because we have multiple nuclear powers like China, India, France, UK, Russia, US that can guarantee safety via their spheres of influence like in the 19 century.

Americans don't like this because (???) i guess it means they lose control over Europe.
No. 67817 Kontra
When it's 3.30am and I still can't sleep because I'm thinking about the article >>67805 and how it connects to all the stuff I've been pondering. I'v constantly taken notes since then, over the course of a few hours I've thoughts popping up routing the articles content to all sorts of theory/thoughts I've been exposed to since 2020. It gets enormous already and I can already see that the history of this is to heterogenic and big to get it all in one coherent form, but the family resemblance seems very strong at this point, why did reality become so fragile, not with the talk of alternative facts or "postmodernism", long before the west was thrown into doubts about reality, at least since the end of the 10th century, but all these doubts about reality take different forms and solutions and probably are not tied as closely together as I think they do, as said: just family resemblance of different degrees, I need to pick those that are very close in the "family tree" or those that seem far away but on a closer look appear quite close.
No. 67819
I mean, yeah. I don't think anyone with half a mind for critical thinking can see that this is just an imperialist struggle between great powers.
No. 67820 Kontra
*can fail to see
No. 67821
Woke up and apparently war has already started.

No. 67822
Good to know that I fueled my car's gas tank yesterday. Just bought some food too. I live far away from the border but russians bombed few cities(including city center) in my city.
No. 67825
Are you scared? Do you think they will come as far as your house?
Best of luck.
No. 67826
>Are you scared?
Yes, I'm a bit scared but trying to calm down.
>Do you think they will come as far as your house?
I don't know but I think they would like to. It's on our army now.
No. 67828
Will you try and leave to somewhere like Poland or will you just wait till the dust settles? I doubt that Ukraine alone can defend against Putin's assault for long: NATO, USA and Europe will be "deeply concerned", apply some more sanctions, maybe sell some weapons to you, but won't get involved. So Putin will just quickly grab DNR/LNR and hopefully not a lot of people die, so everyone can just carry on with their lives.
No. 67829
I won't leave because I believe in our army. Also, you forgot to mention that your country is invading mine too, right now.
No. 67830
Stay safe.
I cannot believe the whole of Ukraine gets attacked. Is it really just to destroy military infrastructure? So, will it be an occupation (partly)?

The webpage for the Syrian war is heavy with traffic because of Ukraine.
No. 67831
Russians have like 150-200k of their soldiers near the border. Their main tactics are to spread panic and force Ukraine to sign a new Minsk, third edition. I don't think they have enough to capture or occupy some big part of Ukraine, even a region or two. Staying calm is very important right now.
No. 67832
Yeah, Lukashenko takes every chance to lick Putin's ass. As far as I know for now our military doesn't confront Ukrainians directly and just builds infrastructure and provides supplies for Russians, but hui knows what'll come to mind of that psycho of ours. I hope he doesn't get us in this shit too deep and our conscripts won't have to die in a war that has nothing to do with us. Kontraktniks may die freely for all I care, they're human trash anyway.
No. 67833
Well, what's the bloody article then? You've built up enough suspense and I want to take a peak as well.

While it's not my field of expertise, I do take interesting ideas from all the fronts of the humanities as a sort of "vacation" from my STEM-cage.
No. 67834 Kontra
Can't believe they actually attacked. Russia is hell.
No. 67835
29 kB, 806 × 299
Looking at Yandex.news -- so seems like Ukraine attacked Russia.
No. 67836
Even if such goal exists, they achieve exactly the opposite: whole story is a good example on why you should join NATO (baltic countries are safe unlike Ukraine), so this leads to further NATO consolidation.
No. 67837
No. 67838
According to russian TV channel my father is watching, there is peacekeeping operations happening in order to stop the systematic genocide of russians by ukrainians, and to protect russia from aggression and invasion on its territory.
No. 67839
I don't spheren zi Deutch. Is it about attack on radio tower?
No. 67840
78 kB, 842 × 1023

Though from an outsider's perspective it might be boring or useless.
To me and my engagement: this is in the end a self-referential enterprise about self-referential observation. Luhmann and cybernetics, Kittler and technology and cybernetics and Luhmann and the thinking of difference... self-referential concepts of history like Foucault, in which I want to introduce a third-order perspective. Might sound useless to an outsider and I wonder why, but I want to know how that second-order view/self-referentiality and processual/dynamic comprehension came to occupy the humanities.
No. 67841 Kontra
There also is a typo in that post it's 19th century not 10th
No. 67842
>Might sound useless to an outsider and I wonder why
I personally am deterred by the numerous layers of preparatory knowledge needed to even know what that man is talking about since I am not really interested in any of this and in my free time I rarely read non-fiction books because I am reading enough non-fiction at work and thus simply lack the basis to even identify what could make it useful to anybody.
Also remember that your interest is an extremely niche interest in a niche of a rather niche field.
So are you able to make it sound NOT useless (or better: to make it sound interesting) to an outsider and that in only a few precise sentences?
No. 67843
Well, my interest lies in what constitutes the humanities and what that means, what consequences for thinking and beyond it has. Why does a strand of humanities/cultural studies that is not that niche within its field is what it is, how did the thinking of culture and what the human is happen, basically the cultural studies found out or argue that the thinking of the human is itself a construction of a certain time, anthropology has a historic index, at this point though, cultural studies refers back to itself, it becomes its own object. The notion of cultural technique present in the article tries to fathom what is that comes before we speak of nature and culture, in other words: what are conditions of our self understanding, of understanding in general. Obviously there are phyiscal-chemical-biological (that is material) conditions, but also culture, mind and sociality, art. The biggest problem would be how to think all these things together. I mean one "easy" answer would be physicalism (pure reduction, albeit I don't know of any work that was successful in explaining everything)
No. 67844
Let me know if you or your family needs supplies that can be sent over postal service.

What a fucked up world!
No. 67845
Thank you so much. We personally don't need anything. But I really appreciate it.

If you want to support Ukraine, you can help this fund https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate/ they're volunteers who supply our army with things that they can't afford(like optics, drones, etc).
No. 67846
I'm experimenting with not taking my meds to save some monies.

I am not sure if it's withdrawal, or if I really was THIS dysfunctional without them.
I'll see until next week and if I don't get better, I'll have to start taking them again.

Assumptions have to be tested in order to keep a firm grasp on reality.
No. 67847
I got through at livemapua went to flightradar to see if the air space will show signs of the attack, but flightradar says I'll have to wait 20min. So apparently many people do the same, never have seen that happen on flightradar.
No. 67848
Good luck, buddy.

>More specifically, it traces how the concept evolved from – and reacted against – so-called German media theory, a decidedly anti-hermeneutic and anti-humanist current of thought frequently associated with the work of Friedrich Kittler.

Wait, this exists? I thought I understood the concept of hermeneutics (in philosophy) but someone trying to do anything anti-hermeneutically suggests that my understandig is lacking. I can't even infer what that would look like... are anti-hermeneutical approaches operating under the assumption that cultural contexts don't exist in the first place?
Or is there a base assumption that any information or though can be understood without penetrating its context first?

Maybe it's more obvious to you than to me where my understanding it lacking?
No. 67849
147 kB, 625 × 621
The text is quite dense, I will need to re-read again and make an excerpt.

Basically, it tries to think the pre-hermeneutic space I think, and therefore makes use of rhetoric against hermeneutics as the pinnacle of the humanities. It is about the conditions and in that following Foucault. Hermeunticists take/took things for granted that are revealed as made and conditioned by something else. Take this long quote which can give an idea, it begins on the bottom of p.49 and extends to the following page:
>However, the term media did not identify a focus or a clearly defined set of objects ripe for investigation; instead it indicated a change of the frame of reference for the analysis of phenomena hitherto under the purview of the established humanities. In Kittler’s (in)famous words, it was a matter of ‘expelling the spirit from the humanities’ (see Kittler, 1980). To repeat, the objects of research that defined communication studies (press, film, television, radio – that is, primarily mass media) were never of great interest. Literature and media analysis replaced the emphasis on authors or styles with a sustained attention to inconspicuous technologies of knowledge (e.g., index cards, writing tools and typewriters), discourse operators (e.g., quotation marks), pedagogical media (e.g., blackboards), unclassifiable media such as phonographs or stamps, instruments like the piano, and disciplining techniques (e.g., language acquisition and alphabetization). These media, symbolic operators, and drill practices, all of which are located at the base of intellectual and cultural shifts, make up for the most part what we now refer to as cultural techniques. As indicated by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s famous catchphrase, this reorientation aimed to replace the hegemony of understanding, which inevitably tied meaning to a variant of subjectivity or self-presence, with ‘the materialities of communication’ (Gumbrecht and Pfeiffer, 1988) – the non-hermeneutic non-sense – as the base and abyss of meaning. As a result, little attention was paid to the question of what was represented in the media, or how and why it was represented in one way and not in another. In contrast to content analysis or the semantics of representation, German media theory shifted the focus from the representation of meaning to the conditions of representation, from semantics to the exterior and material conditions that constitute semantics. Media therefore was not only an alternative frame of reference for philosophy and literature but also an attempt to overcome French theory’s fixation on discourse by turning it from its philosophical or archaeological head on to its historical and technological feet.
No. 67850
Thank you, this helps indeed.

I've got to say: The levels of self-reference in this excerpt are wild. And I'm certainly not penetrating the material sufficiently.

For example, my understanding of this:
>Media therefore was not only an alternative frame of reference for philosophy and literature but also an attempt to overcome French theory’s fixation on discourse by turning it from its philosophical or archaeological head on to its historical and technological feet

is that the author acknowledges the concept of context ("alternative frame of reference") and thus a theoretical need for hermeneutics. But then there is also an attempt to put hermeneutics and discourse on opposing sides. I'm likely misunderstanding something here because this seems an obious error in my view; hermeneutics attempts to overcome the barrier of context to further discourse.

But then there is:
>German media theory shifted the focus from the representation of meaning to the conditions of representation

Isn't the author of the article doing exactly that as well? The questions raised about German media theory (of which I still don't really understand the link to the rise of hermeneutics) are questions about the conditions of representation, aren't they?
No. 67852
Whew, pretty much out of nowhere it's gotten stormy again.
I've had four uprooted trees right outside my window three nights ago, then no wind to speak of since then and now - from one minute to the next - the storm is back.

Standing on the balcony it's actually hard to breathe because the air rushes by you with such force that your lungs actually have to work to get some air.
It's amazing to experience though. The sheer noise of the wind cutting around corners is easily in the range of a very loud concert. And then the cracking sounds from the trees all around.

Feels alive man.
No. 67853
>Battle for Chernobyl rages
>Ukrainian forces are battling Russian troops intent on capturing the former nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, in northern Ukraine, Zelenskyy says.
Sounds like the backgrouns story of some ego shooter map instead of actual reality.
No. 67854
Blowout soon, fellow Stalker.
No. 67855
I'm not very familiar with hermeneutics apart from it's about meaning and deriving meaning from something (through context analysis for example).

If you mean with self-referentiality that the text itself represents something, then yes, it represents a theory and its successor (cultural techniques as concept) and its meaning. It is about the conditions of representations in a medium (that represents) itself. All those GMT was published in books - the conditions of representations for the texts, which are pondering the conditions of the representation. That is the big mind fuck of these theories and such as Luhmanns, it only gets resolved in time, is one answer I was given.

>But then there is also an attempt to put hermeneutics and discourse on opposing sides.

>Isn't the author of the article doing exactly that as well?

Yeah kind of, the cultural techniques are the concept that should provide this. I'm not sure, I'm interested in the (technical) conditions of GMT and perhaps the notion of cultural techniques is of help. Since Kittler and Luhmann met, I'm pretty sure GMT already knew to self preferentially observe their own conditions, but as we all know this creates another blind spot.... I still don't understand this really and the whole observer thing of Luhmann/von Foerster second order cybernetics. What I'm interested in has been noticed by people that proposed these theories and views etc already in the beginning I think. But yet, so many years later, a history might dig up something else for explanation.
Is (and then why if true) the 20th century the century of self referentiality? Is this much older and equally prominent before this century? What does this mean then? :DDD What does this mean for the history of the 20th century and the present of the 21th century.

Not sure what you mean, but the quote you quoted says that Foucault was language/symbolic discourse, GMT now says that this as a technical/historical condition as well. Language is technically conditioned, discourse as in language statements is itself (technically) conditioned. GMT keeps Foucault for his thinking of what needs to be looked at, for the logics he was proposing are at work in discourse and extended this logic to the thinking of discourse itself (hence the putting it up side down), namely that material/technical things condition what is possible (to say) in (language) discourse/hermeneutics or any kind of science that is about semantics/meaning
No. 67856
Sorry, the first quote goes above the last paragraph of mine.

And I wanted to add that the humanities are very prominent in self-referentiality these days, science not really (because it would cause problems that are against scientific principles that developed from the enlightenment on). And the Self-referentiality poses problems for the humanities too I think. Nothing is solved here really. A weird end of history as history is going on, put has no aim, one might make an aim and follow it, but it's caught in its own historicity.
No. 67868
233 kB, 1164 × 1446
Found this page today.
Very entertaining.

Sometimes, procedurally generated, SEO optimized web pages can be worth it just for the entertainment value.
No. 67870
48 kB, 596 × 480
I had many plans today, but effectively I just attended a short workshop and made ravioli myself, scanned a book and borrowed some other from the library. I'm too tired to read another article now and too lazy to make a lazy excerpt of the article from yesterday. I had quite a good run until the beginning of the week now it seems like getting swampy already again, at least ideas were rolling nicely yesterday and today. Guess I will consume some light entertainment then go to sleep.
No. 67871
I'm going to play in some friend's amateur film this weekend.
We were supposed to be four turn it but one of the people implied had to cancel this week and the two others had to write a modified version of the scenario in panic.
They are pretty strange and very creative guys who love to create stuff but have no idea about how it works for the most part, they just like to have without trying to impress anyone but themselves. I'm really looking forward to it, I'll try to take it seriously and do my best without stressing them and going with their amateurism.
No. 67875
In case you are interested in GMT and Luhmann


It gives some more info, albeit some things might be cryptic if you don't know the details.
No. 67883
GF got tested positive. We don't live together at the moment, so I won't be able to see her for at least another week.
This is the first time in a long time I have had a weekend just by myself and frankly, I have no idea what to do.
I don't want to drink all the time, but I also can't do sports all the time. I don't have any game to play and I don't have the patience to watch anything at the moment. I simply don't know what to do with myself.
No. 67884
go for a walk, read something, go somewhere you've never been before (sightseeing, landscape/landmark whatever), visit a museum.
No. 67885
147 kB, 625 × 621
I found two interesting Zettel, while connecting my lazy excerpt Zettel of Siegert, one Zettel was made today when I read Alfred Whitehead:


As Zielinksi notes, media thinking is often linked to eschatology and a preoccupation with the last things [letzten Dingen]. [@zielinski2017, 1f.]

That at least would explain some things; media thinking pushes forward to fundamental things or tries to. Hence the fascination, the tones and gestures of this thinking.


Leibniz was the founder of a tradition that conceived of last things / particulars as "organizational procedures." [@whitehead2011, 183]

The similarity in ontological or better ontic understanding is striking: there are things organizing what is (for an observer?) and these are the last things, the primal things

Maybe a third Zettel will help as well


Hagen places the questions of media studies, being in his eyes a historically (and psychologically) oriented discipline, in a context of media transitions and the (epistemological) uncertainties they contain:

>What knowledge underlies media transitions, and what knowledge is articulated, organized, and restructured in them?" [@hagen2011, 98]

What knowledge leads to or was necessary for the transition and to what extent do media in turn shape knowledge(s formation, circulation, and organization)
[Example of a media transition would be the computer].

As you can see, there you can find the self-referentiality, the circularity of media thinking again.

I could say something about Luhmanns distinction of media/form that is flexible (that is form can be media and vice versa) and only can be had as relation, but I'll stop for now.
No. 67909
>How can russian propaganda work so well outside of Russia?
It probably worked best here. On the first day of invasion, pro-russia accounts managed to frame it as the successor of CCCP being defensive against fascist american vassal state, despite putin openly denounced lenin in his speech. Several major internet cesspools were predominantly Putin bootlickers, which reminded me of the indian comments under netanyahu's twitter.
They've become more reflective and self aware today now that they realized ukraine didn't cave in within 24h unlike some russophiles claimed. But the propaganda war is still so one-sided that I feel a bit dazed thinking about how ukraine actually has decent relation with china.

No. 67913 Kontra
It's quite funny how google or duckduck news show German or American news where everybody is outrageous over Putin invading Russia, calls for strengthening the NATO, Sigmar Gabriel a former politician of the SPD and member of the Atlantikbrücke (Atlantic bridge, a western liberal capitalist thinktank) today wrote in a newspaper we should face the reality of war and the need to arm ourselves against the Russian threat. On top talks on EU needing to get independent, diversify energy supply sources and such.
This conflict might be the first eruption of a new epoch in which global infrastructure and autarky and imperialism will useful concepts again. Not that they never have been. But the times will be rough. This all might also speak for capitalism as system itself.
No. 67915
Frankly, I have lately also come to be less critical of the EU if it means not being the plaything of some assholes who don't even have the decency to glass each other over the Pacific.
What would be so bad about a strong EU with Germany as its princeps?
No. 67916

You know, the problem is that it's a sort of power mechanism, super powers and their interests, an old play...civilians are once again the people that will suffer from it. The EU is a super power with interests including itself as sphere of influence, same with Russia ofc. I don't support Putin actually attacked Ukraine, I would have preferred the rhetorical shitshow of "muh existential security" on both sides. Apparently, both sides feel an existential threat that is due to their interests. There is no one innocent in demonstrating threat (NATO extensions etc), but Putin put words into action and now we have this. And I really wonder what this will mean for the decades ahead. When I was 14 I thought I live in boring times and history was full of interesting stuff. Nowadays history is still very interesting to me, but I acknowledge now I live in times people will look at equally fascinated in the future.

Overall it's nonetheless a bit weird to see the news getting flooded with pro-EU propaganda, defense speech calls for arms while still it seems to be all about sanctions, war with other means, this atmosphere of EU-supranationalism one can experience via the media has an uncanny resemblance with war talk one knows from history books. So much has been war absent from the EU that it is foreign. Or maybe I just more and more came to realize political processes and their details work while growing older.
No. 67917
Today there was a siren and air alarm in my city. First time hiding in my life. Thankfully, there was no air attack.
No. 67918 Kontra
War talk has always been war talk. Only a bit over 20 years ago we had the last war in Europe and they were also talking like that.
Our green foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, even instrumentalized the holocaust for justifying the NATO bombardment.
Shortly after 9/11 I remember talks of "DAS IST DAS ENDE DER SPASSGESELLSCHAFT". Kind of funny how it came back with a vengeance.

Also remember that the media are still trying to paint Biden as some kind of savior, because he's not Trump, so they have to suck his dick because they can't admit that he's really not that good, at all. And I personally am angry about how right before the 2016 election they were already ramping up the anti-russian propaganda because they thought Clinton would win. With her, we would have certainly had this war much earlier.

And I'd rather have the EU superpower not care for me, but at least care for itself with regard of not having a war in their own territory. Russians only invade elsewhere and Americans don't care if half a globe away people die, so yeah, fuck them all.
No. 67919
A new siren might happen in an hour. Preparing to leave the home.
No. 67920
The historical view makes it a bit less uncanny. I was too young during 9/11 to really consciously look at it, I remember being for the US attacking the middle eastern terrorists though :D

Ofc I had to think about the anti-Russian Democrat rhetoric both with Clinton and Biden. As said, super powers doing their thing.

>with regard of not having a war in their own territory.

Ukraine is not a EU member, but it is pro EU and EU has interests in Ukraine being like that. Best would have been a neutral Ukraine, but something like the Krim makes it also impossible. Now the Krim strategically works well looking at the war map and troop movements. Dunno if back then people discussed this option.
No. 67921
Stay safe and good luck if you decide to leave Ukraine.
No. 67922
>Ukraine is not a EU member
Yes I know, and I was not talking about the Ukraine.
The politicans live in the EU, so they don't want war at home, whereas Russia and the US don't care about war in Europe. I hope it's clearer now.

Best of luck man. Where do you even live?
No. 67923
886 kB, 500 × 280, 0:02
I wasted the entire day on browsing the web to follow the happenings in Ukraine, which in retrospect, was a colossal waste of time, since I failed to get a grip on it and learn anything.
Ultimately it just causes me anxiety and wastes my time.
Not going to say that I'm shaking, but I do get goosebumps thinking about the situation sometimes.
I feel like I should buy some long shelf-life items, just in case, though most people don't seem to care. I didn't see any difference on the faces when I went out or anything.

Presentation yesterday went well, though I think I again subverted the lecturer's expectations. (In a good way of course.)
Basically instead of just talking about this 19th century translator, I instead decided to examine his works in a dual light, by showing excerpts from a work that was later canonised in Hungarian by another translation instead of his (The Divine Comedy, which is canonised in Hungary via Babits Mihály's translation) and an non-canonised work (which was his Nibelungenlied translation, the only version available in small print numbers until 2020.)
Basically my hypothesis was this way we can appreciate/evaluate Károly Szász's translationwork on the grounds of its aesthetics instead of writing him off as a mediocre precursor to Babits and the 20th century.

I think I succeeded, and I also go a few people to appreciate his fine translation of the Nibelungenlied, shedding a new light on this otherwise forgotten translator who is held in regard as someone who was very productive, but whose achievements ultimately got undone by the paradigm shift of early 20th century Hungarian literature.
But ultimately the lecturer probably didn't expect this approach to the 20 minute long presentation we had to give (she probably expected no approach at all besides giving a summary of the assigned essays). Oh yeah, did I mention that I managed to stay within the time limit. Very nice.

After classes I went out and bought a new mouse for university, some notebooks, pens and page markers, plus I had lunch at McDonald's.

I need to prepare for next week's classes. I'll be writing at least two tests, one in Latin and one in modern Chinese.

If the Russians succeed in forcing their will upon Ukraine, then it is very much the end of the post-war "rules based" order imho.
But even if they don't win, it just shows that the current world order was a house of cards that was all built on this giant bluff that the US will fuck you up if you step out of line.
Currently the western "retaliation" is another round of sanctions and "angry letters". The Polish and the Estonians have sent ammo and guns, but nobody else stood up for Ukraine.
And the Russians already announced smugly that they can get everything they want from China or other non-Atlanticist powers.

No. 67924
>A new siren might happen in an hour. Preparing to leave the home.

Leave for shelter or leave the country?

Best luck in any case.
No. 67925
1,5 MB, 2220 × 1508
Reading another article that gets me closer to a (deep) history of my field of interest. The history and theoretical complex of German Media Theory prove valuable in understanding my field (I essential move within as I personally adopted it). Also that both cybernetics and GMT as philosophy with other means work with A prioris, from which there are so many in the history of philosophy. It might be useful to think of the aprioris of the last century and the humanities these days as broader than what is to be the apriori postulated of cybernetics and GMT (a neurophysiological of cognition/knowing apriori and a technological apriori of cognition/knowing)

It really feels like I'm getting closer, getting more things connected and hopefully that helps in nailing a topic/thesis. I'm cautiously optimistic atm.
No. 67926
Good luck.

Do you have some sort of rough plan what to make out of the whole situation or do you just wait for things to come?
No. 67930 Kontra
Somewhere I feel some deep kind of dissatisfaction, if it is that even.
I don't know, all that corona and war is depressing.
On the one hand, I live right next to an airbase, so if happenings are really happening, I will certainly be one of the first to notice, but on the other hand, there is an Ernst right in this itt thread who might get hit by a rocket at any time and I feel bad for thinking about my own safety while nothing is really happening yet (here).
I plan on donating some money to the Ukrainian army and I also thought if it was possible to accomodate refugees in case they reach Germany.
I also will move in a few months anyway and will probably have overlap where I have to pay for two apartments, so the old apartment could, during that time, be occupied by people who need a roof without everything getting too crammed.
No. 67932
>I don't know, all that corona and war is depressing.

I feel you very much. The 2020s, it seems, are going to be a grim decade at the moment. While I think your fear of things going to happen here seem abstruse in the end atm, the actual happening of war not that far away appears to inject a feeling of war creeping closer and becoming more real in the future. Nobody seemed to actually think of a war breaking out and now that we have it happening, "why not here, too?" seems to be a question that does not appear so abstruse anymore. Your other thoughts seem noble, though.
No. 67935
>I plan on donating some money to the Ukrainian army
Don't be retarded man. Better donate for something that is not part of the original problem, like the Red Cross or something.
No. 67936 Kontra
>that is not part of the original problem
What is the original problem?

But now that you mention it, I could indeed donate something extra to my usual Doctors without Borders amount.
No. 67937
>What is the original problem?
Ukraine being the playball of geopolitical fuckery between two powers in decline. Don't read this as some kind of "Russia did nothing wrong" stuff, Russia obviously broke international law and started this war, I just don't see it happening in some kind of vacuum and thus would not donate money to any of the military players involved. Doctors without Borders seems like much more deserving donations when they have something set up for the new Ukraine situation from my perspectives, because they are one of the NGOs which seem to have somewhat of an integrity and will help with medical aid.
No. 67939
Shit's fucked up, I have relatives in Ukraine and like half of Europe.
And now they are "enemies" because some ancient KGB schizo wants to be in history books.
No. 67940 Kontra
Speaking of NGOs: I saw there are two recommendations where to give money on Tagesschau and one goes as follows:
>Aktion Deutschland Hilft" ist ein Zusammenschluss von 23 deutschen Hilfsorganisationen, darunter action medeor, ADRA, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, AWO International, CARE Deutschland, Habitat for Humanity, HELP - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Malteser Hilfsdienst, World Vision Deutschland, Der Paritätische (darüber aktiv: arche Nova, Bundesverband Rettungshunde, Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners, Hammer Forum, Handicap International, Help Age Deutschland, Kinderverband Global-Care, LandsAid, SODI und Terra Tech)
>Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners
Are you fucking kidding me?
No. 67941
>because some ancient KGB schizo wants to be in history books.
I dislike this common reading that this war is just based on Putins personal reunification fantasy, it is an attempt to stop Russias influence zone from further erroding because on the long run Ukraine would have been lost to the West. This - again - is not a justification for going to war, it's just to me a more logical explanation of what is going on than "Putin is crazy". Wars are almost always fought on the back of the "simple" population with simple friend - enemy structures, so that is nothing new.
No. 67943
Germans are you prepared for all the bullying/hate from the anglo? That neutrality stance of yours really pissed them off.
I came from you-know-where and the british flag is spitting their acid everywhere and they already spam hate threads about you.
No. 67944
928 kB, 600 × 887
Germans aren't really that neutral. Our politicians are just too afraid to take action. Pic related is pretty much German politics of the last 15 or so years.

I don't like this at all but if it makes the Brits mad then there's at least one good thing about it.
No. 67945 Kontra
P.S.: what I can't puzzle together rn is where will Russia go with it. Unlike Crimea and the seperatist regions they will be seen as occupators in the rest of Ukraine if they should conquer the country, I think this would be a huge problem on top of the sanctions.
No. 67946
I doubt that military casualties, territory in ruins with hostile population and new sanctions cost less than that. Version about Putin believing in his own propaganda seems more plausible. It's hard to stay rational after 20 years of absolute power when he's surrounded all the time by lackeys who always say him what he wants to hear. But another explanation is him doing all the dirty work for China in exchange for some Schroeder-like retirement. Chinese lose nothing, Russia falls into their hands after isolation by western countries and they are more interested in the end of the post-war "rules based" order as described here >>67923
No. 67947
Well, I think he might somewhat believe in this nationalistic idea of a historic Russian right to control Ukraine and with his diplomatic gambles failing he decided to quit bullshitting and just go all in. But I don't think this war was actually planned out long before. To me things seem to have spiraled further and further out of control since december 2021. I might be wrong though, I obviously lack all that secret behind curtains information.
No. 67948
75 kB, 736 × 596
Why do you have to complicate obvious things?
Just look at the world map and look at the rhetoric NATO uses.
You think sitting on your ass doing nothing about NATO and pretending it does not exist is a good option?
That's like allowing some guy to point a gun at you for no apparent reason besides "i'm doing it defensively". Do you know that if someone is about to point a gun at you the only correct response is to shoot him in the face before he gets a chance?
Hence all the wild west quickdraw duels.
If NATO wants to expand the only correct answer would be to prevent them from doing that by any means necessary. Might go as far as sponsoring anti-nato terrorists and rebels.
No. 67949
I'll try to read it in the next days. For now I'm swamped in exam preparation myself.

Would "media" be translated as "Medien" in German? I'm trying to get a feel for the extent here as to what is meant with that one word. Is it an abstraction over representation of information?
No. 67950
Sanctions cost Russia nothing. The West is weak and gay and sanctions are ineffective. Russia will only gain because a weak, gay and pathetic Germany will pay much higher gas prices. Everything Europe and the US sell, Russia can buy from China. Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. Russian forces clearly stated that they will remove the corrupt Ukrainian government and it's cronies.

The west is in decline. Three months after green party took Power in Gaymany, their energy policy is in ruins and they have to abandon their unrealistic pathetic and dumb co2-neutral dreams. The German people are not willing to freeze for us-ukranian Nazis. It is like this in all of Europe.

This is a clear victory for Russia!
No. 67951
In your opinion, why do countries join military alliance with West and not with Russia?
No. 67952
This reads not like anything a true Russian would say. This ball is a cockroach German agitator, financed by the german state-run media agency. 100%.
No. 67953
Because their governments are handled by CIA like in Ukraine.
No. 67954
I don't want to give putin credit because i don't like him much, but i think he managed to create an illusion of not being in control of the situation in Russia and in general the world.
I started thinking about this since Navalny was jailed. This was something that whoever sponsored him did not expect. I think they actually thought that last year in January/February the Navalny will come back, release the movie and start mass protests across the country that will cause a revolution of sorts and putin will quit, that was the plan that didn't work. Ever since then it was all about the Ukraine and this invasion was actually highly unpredictable and this is why the reaction from the english language media is this way.
It's less about the loss of the ukraine but more about the reputational losses. Sure, some normies are hoplessly brainwashed and will believe the propaganda but those who think, and there are many people who actually think will start having doubts about what's really happening.
Which is the actual end goal of this invasion in my opinion.
No. 67955
Scared and poor people are easy to manipulate. How do you think european colonists actually colonized the Americas and Africa?
By selling indigenous tribes cheap jewelry, alcohol and guns.
>Here, take the firearm - this will help you win the war against your neighboring warlord.
This is just how it works.
People who are tricked into joining NATO today are being colonized by it.
No. 67956
>it is an attempt to stop Russias influence zone from further erroding because on the long run Ukraine would have been lost to the West
Exactly. Russia was promised that NATO would not expand eastwards. Then, Germany, emboldened by Russia's temporary weakness, went and militarized east Germany. Then they added most of eastern Europe to NATO, in five waves. They even brought Russian core territory under their influence in the Baltics.

They thought they could go on and humiliate Russia forever. But they were wrong. With their do-gooder one-world eco- and gender-ideology, the gay west is now weak. And Russia will show no mercy! Gay many should be prepared to get rekt. Especially the leftist-green eco-cunts. Once we get a russia-friendly government, they and the assfuckers will be rekt so hard!
No. 67957
> some normies are hoplessly brainwashed and will believe the propaganda but those who think
Good that you belong to the second category. Stay vigilant, comrade!
No. 67958
>Sure, some normies are hoplessly brainwashed and will believe the propaganda but those who think, and there are many people who actually think will start having doubts about what's really happening.
LoL, no
Sheeple here are so fucking dumb, 90% of them believe everything state-run television tells them. They honestly think this is heroic Ukraine fighting for freedom, not Putin removing the CIAy corrupt Nazis and terrorists in his frontyard.
No. 67959
> By selling indigenous tribes cheap jewelry, alcohol and guns.
It's so sad that Russia is standing too high moral ground to do the same.

> People who are tricked into joining NATO today are being colonized by it.
They were promised defense against Russian "aggression" but instead NATO opened there zoobrothels and rapes there giraffes.
No. 67960
>They thought they could go on and humiliate Russia forever. But they were wrong. With their do-gooder one-world eco- and gender-ideology, the gay west is now weak. And Russia will show no mercy! Gay many should be prepared to get rekt
Potent homoerotic imagery. The virile Russia sodomizing the gay and weak west. I think you have a normal and well-adjusted psyche.
No. 67961 Kontra
It's bait.
No. 67962
It's not the time to be a smartass and accuse me of being a black sheep or edgelord through inept use of sarcasm.
If you want to insult me - just go ahead and insult me, stop doing this "civil" bullshit, it's annoying and tiresome and your attitude poisons this conversation. Did i make myself clear?
No. 67963
Berlin actually had a mayor who openly admitted to being gay. Fagots gay have gay parades in all major German cities, where they parade half naked. There is gay "marriage", and the government actually steals children from parents to give them to gay couples. What those homos do to the children is obvious. Manliness and strength are reviled in Germany, being weak and effeminate is considered a virtue. The minister of defense is a woman, once again, so it's the foreign minister. Having an army is considered Nazi, so the German army was reduced to a token force, where the most important thing was adequate daycare for "soldier's" children, not armament or training.

Germany is the worst example of the effeminate, weak, western country, but by far not the only one. When weak gay effeminate countries like this think they can fuck with the Rodina, what is going to happen? You tell me.
No. 67964
I have nothing against our country acting as a criminal syndicate of the planet earth trading with weapons, information, fuel or anything they can't buy on the civilized west due to sanctions for example. Eventually such people will come to us for things they need.
Plus many europeans will deal under the table anyway.
So no i don't believe in morality, neither i believe in "civilization".
No. 67965
>This most be bait!
>Everyone just repeats government media!
No. 67967
161 kB, 800 × 1126
I worry the diagnosis is far worse than just bait.
No. 67968
22 kB, 590 × 149
Ukraine wanted to lick America's anus and suck their dick. But we raped them in ass and showed gay NATO that they shouldn't fuck with us. We are not going be petooh in world politics.
No. 67969
161 kB, 1200 × 674
Participated in a protest in front of Russian embassy in Helsinki. Some thousands of people there and close to 10k total around the city. Pretty good for a little town like this. Picture not taken by me just in case someone wants to play a detective.

Now time to make dinner and remove work stress worries with beer. Hope Ernst in Ukraine is alright.
No. 67970
>Participated in a protest in front of Russian embassy in Helsinki.
Well done. This will save the corrupt Ukrainian regime. Now, Russia will pull back the tanks and Ukraine will join NATO!

Except no. Inside the embassy, they laughed about you. You are pathetic.
No. 67971
Is that more pathetic than willingly defending a foreign regime's aggressive acts on EC because you have unresolved sexual issues?

>Hope Ernst in Ukraine is alright.
Same's. At least my Ukrainian friends are safe, macabre stuff to see a city I visited just a few months back being shelled.
No. 67972 Kontra
i think not being apolitical in general is pathetic
>inb4 JEW
No. 67973
Aren't almost all of your posts here about politics?
No. 67974 Kontra
Can we get rid of Putin and Bernd in this ITT board?
No. 67975
doesn't mean i support anyone in this.
I'm trying to be as objective as possible and not succumb into this herd mentality where it's
Sure i live in Russia and if i'm conscripted i will fight for Russia, because i own property here and because i was born here.
But i'm not fanatical about it to the point when it clouds your judgment and start doing irrational things like going to meaningless protests. I just hate this black and white mentality that a lot of people these days seem to have. Or it was always like that?
No. 67976 Kontra
>doing irrational things like going to meaningless protests
We can clearly observe that going to the protest wasn't meaningless based on the rabid barking my post generated. Anyways, I don't give a shit about politics. That being said bringing war in to Europe is something I very much dislike. That's all there is to it.

Take it easy guys. You're on a image board.
No. 67977
>a foreign regime's aggressive acts
You mean like when Ukraine president announced that ukraine will produce nuclear weapons? Or Ukraine's constant violations of the Minsk agreement? Or Ukraine army shelling schools and kindergartens? Or selenzky handing out weapons to untrained civilians so they begin military targets and will have to be shot by the Russian army, effectively using some dediks with arthritis as human shields?
No. 67978 Kontra
You are so pleased with yourself it's almost funny
It's very easy to protest when you face zero repercussions for such actions, mostly because your protest means nothing.
Try to do the same in say SPb or Moscow (like many people did), now you actually need some balls
No. 67979 Kontra
>No true Scotsman
Ok, what else?
No. 67980 Kontra
>be gone for a day
>thread is on fire
Why does this always happen when I am away?
No. 67982
>We can clearly observe that going to the protest wasn't meaningless based on the rabid barking my post generated.
We are just laughing about you and your stupidity. Typical European do-gooder thinking his gestures have any effect, meaning or relevance.

Like a soyboy cycling instead of taking the car. LoL, yes. This will convince the Chinese to burn less coal. Like they will literally look at you and go 'oh look heroic soyboy drives a b bike, let's use less fossil fuels!' At best, they laugh at the soyboys because it means they can buy cheaper. All under the premise that global warming is not just a lie made up to deindustrialized the west.

Or like vegans. 'look here I am going to make myself even weaker with my bullshit diet, see I am such a good person' yeah in reality, producers are just going to drop their meat to else.

But leftist do gooders are dumb like that. In reality, they do it for the attention. They want to show everyone that they are 'good', and then they want a post on the back.

This preoccupation with being moral instead of being strong is a result of education almost solely by leftist women instead of men. So even boys become like weak little girls.

See Finland ball.

Men used to be macho, no they are gay latte-drinking soy boys.
No. 67983 Kontra
>No true Scotsman
This does not mean what you think it means.
No. 67985 Kontra
Why are you bothering to type all that nonsense? Anyways give me some better ideas on what to do to support Ukraine as my efforts are clearly not enough. Now that would be actually useful information.

Also create a thread about it. The Today thread has suffered enough already! I'll reply to all further messages over there ok?

Oh cool did you read up on it? What did you learn?
No. 67986 Kontra
I think you should be happy with yourself. It takes a lot of determination and willpower to convince yourself that Ukraine is the aggressor - not everyone is capable of such a feat.
No. 67987 Kontra
No. 67988
I don't think that it makes sense to explain anything to guy with "my daddy threw pizza at me, now I'm Machiavellian" mentality. But still, at least for others. Ethics is empirical reality for most of the people who feel immediately that something is right or wrong. And even psychopaths tend to avoid other psychopaths. Society built on denial of morality, honor and empathy can't exist properly, it turns into Pidorushka. And this is there you have to come up with a wide set of copes:
> it's not like we live in low-trust atomized society with broken state institutes. actually we are pleased with anarchy while westerners are oppressed with hierarchy
> it's not like we are poor and boring, it's westerners are deceived with bread and games
> it's not like we live in backward shithole, it's like we rebel against the soyence and modern world
The list goes on and on.
No. 67990 Kontra
53 kB, 600 × 419
94 kB, 1200 × 676
37 kB, 562 × 475
The German schizo is back at it again, beware of the German Geist Ernst, a beware of the five Gs gay german gender green geist.

He swallowed a load of Putin pp, the German mirror stage of Russian/Putinesque self image efforts, it's kinda hilarious
No. 67991
I'm honestly glad that what's happening is happening and you're going to keep suffering in this country, knowing that even if you escape abroad you're gonna be treated like an illiterate barbarian. It's quite literally the best outcome.
>inb4 this will change
Not in your lifetime bro. Good luck with your depression.
No. 67993
>Would "media" be translated as "Medien" in German? I'm trying to get a feel for the extent here as to what is meant with that one word. Is it an abstraction over representation of information?

Yeah, it would be Medien in that case. What it means is kinda difficult. Because there is no one definition. Media studies seemed to also switch to mediality (Medialität) as object of inquiry instead of technical objects. So there already have been shifts in media studies since its dawn in the 1970s. But one valid definition is technical objects that represent things.

This compendium should make clear that there are several answers
No. 67994 Kontra
I am very unhappy because Anal-Lena Bareback and baldy Scholz act like teachers pets in school, waving their fingers, "no no Russia you may not do that" as if gaymany had any authority. And because the government media I am forced to pay for blast pro-Ukrainian propaganda 24/7. But on this free democracy, they unironically threaten you with jail for not paying the tv fee, which you HAVE to pay, even when you don't own a TV. Such freedom such democracy, getting government propaganda shoved down your throat whether you like it or not. So superior to Russia, we even have banned Russia today, such is freedom of press in Germany. And this government dares to call Putin a dictator. What a pathetic joke of a country.
No. 68001 Kontra
>So superior to Russia, we even have banned Russia today, such is freedom of press in Germany. And this government dares to call Putin a dictator.

Isn't Deutsche Welle for instance verboten in Russia?
No. 68002
No need to be so cynical you think everyone is faking their opinions and concern. I bet plenty of people experience more anxiety than usual reading the news.

I'm thinking of going to a peach march in my town, I am however slightly russia-friendly :)
No. 68004 Kontra
That's just cheap whataboutism now. Putler is a dictator and you try to justify something by comparing yourself to that?
I mean the schizo is a retard, but it's not like we don't have any censorship in Germany.
No. 68005 Kontra
Maybe I got schizo wrong here, but as I understood him, Pootin was implicitly referred to as a freedom-lover against the backdrop of Germany shutting of RT deutsch.
No. 68006 Kontra
>Putler is a dictator
That disgusting German holier-than-thou-attitude, comparing Putin to Hitler, as to say
>loooooook it's not only we who are bad Russians are just as bad!
>We have learnt our lesson very well and point it out!
Teacher's pet-behaviour, again

He was elected, wasn't he? But western media call the elections 'fake' because they do not like the outcome. Such hypocrisy.
No. 68033
I just realized that I have been mindlessly clicking between /b/ and /int/ and some 4chong boards for the past few minutes. EC is too slow for anything interesting to happen in that time and the other site is too silly and retarded for anything interesting to happen.
I truly suffer more than ukrainian Ernst I hope he's well
No. 68035 Kontra
Somehow people are starting to forget about the entire conflict already.
It was like a burst of "excitement" of sorts and now people slowly stop giving a fuck and return to their mundane lives as if nothing happend.
Truly remarkable.
No. 68036 Kontra
You mean in Russia or specifically my post? If the latter, what do you expect me to do, go schizo mode like the other germanball?
No. 68039 Kontra
Not your post. I'm just following more or less every western forum out there and right now it seems that the initial hype is already gone.
Understandable but also not very.
No. 68040 Kontra
TikTok is full of Ukraine content atm, not the case the last two days. Atm, you are dreaming yourself into a parallel reality. Maybe if Russia has to go for years, it will become like Syria and will be forgotten by many.
No. 68042 Kontra
You mean they're going to calcel culture us?
No. 68043 Kontra
You can triple the smugness, it contradicts our estimation that nobody cares about this conflict already anymore in the west. I don't know what "western forums" (pls don't say imageboards) you observe and how representative these are but unlike you, I live in the west and have more access to opinions and atmosphere than some "western online forums"
No. 68045 Kontra
Are we having a conversation or an argument and competition? I'm confused, sorry.
No. 68046
And observation from you was relativized by my own observation of western media and talks to people in the west.

Above all, I have to revise one of my statements: this will not be like Syria, it's to close and about the NATO, super power interests clashing heavily, Syria was another playground, maybe for super powers as well, sure, but it's not comparable in the scope and meaning it has for the west.
No. 68047
The main difference to Syria (and e.g. Yugoslavian/Kosovo wars) is that this is not a proxy/foreign influenced civil/what have you war, but it is indeed one of those superpowers DIRECTLY and OPENLY waging war against a country that can't even be justified with something like "Milosevic stop genocide" or GWOT, which is what makes this really the biggest thing of this century.
No. 68048
>which is what makes this really the biggest thing of this century.
Not really. It's a major happening, alright.
No. 68049
The biggest thing of this century SO FAR.
No. 68050
>Not really
As if you knew.

>The biggest thing of this century SO FAR.
Yes, thanks, I meant that.
No. 68053
>Milosevic stop genocide
How about "Weapons if mass destruction" in Iraq? It was a blatant lie.

>Can not be justified
Because you get your disinformation from western media. What if they tell lies and Russia speaks the truth? Maybe we are fed lies and in reality, Ukrainians so suffer under a fascist regime and want to go back to Russia? How would you know? You are being lied to 24/7, and you do not question, just accepting 'facts' presented by government-run media-outlets in Germany at face value. But they have been known to lie, lie, lie and lie. You believe what those known liars tell you,trusting that this time, they tell the truth. Why?
No. 68056
had a disturbing thought while asleep

literally everything I hear, see, read, interact with, etc., is human constructed. I've not interacted with anything "natural" in a long, long while.

and that made me think how all of this human constructed stuff, from technology to language and art had to have come from SOMEWHERE. And it must've come from nature because there literally isn't any other place for it to come from.

now, imagine yourself as a member of a prehistoric tribe, on a completely pristine earth, say barely anything was invented at that point. humanity in tabula rasa state.
there's maybe a field outside of your cave, maybe a forest. whatever

now imagine the process of "extracting" information about what a computer mouse is from this outside environment. like, what the fuck lol.
or, like, extracting enough information from that environment so that you can make art about SOMETHING, and then making enough of that art so you can start making art about art.
at some point people told stories about the outside, then they started telling stories about themselves as a society/concept (when enough information was gathered to be able to define what that is), then they started making stories about the stories, etc.

like, imagine how much context would have to be built up and codified for us to be able to talk about ANYTHING at all.

it's like a grand process of "decompiling" reality.
No. 68057 Kontra
115 kB, 500 × 378
>You are being lied to 24/7, and you do not question, just accepting 'facts' presented by government-run media-outlets

You are being lied to 24/7, and you do not question, just accepting 'facts' presented by Russian government-run media-outlets and idiots on Twitter and Youtube.

How about that: Go to the Polish border and see if there are actually hundreds of thousands of Ukranians coming trough. If yes: Ask why they don't do the logical thing and go to Russia. The country they want to be part of so much.
If there actually aren't any Ukranians: Good, the idiots that you copy and paste your texts from might be right.
No. 68059
Russia is shit and so is Wect. Here I give you great Russian wisdom again:
Nikolai, is it true as they say, that Russia is shit?
Well yes, but then everywhere else also is a shit

Russia needs go to dick and Ukraine should never be allowed into HATO and the SWIFT boot out was deserved, the end.

Now that moral grandstanding out of way, what is happening?
No. 68060 Kontra
It's the schizo, don't engage him. Report and ignore.

Congrats, you discovered the concept of "imagination".
No. 68065
What's imagination?

t. stimulus-response organism
No. 68066
It's what enables you to make something out of nothing, e.g. making music out of air.

t. musicmaker/dreamer of dreams
No. 68068
527 kB, 600 × 477
>something out of nothing
Not possible.
No. 68069
Obviously music is not really coming from nothing but is developed by a brain which uses up resources from the material world for this work. But that's not a meaningful category to describe where the creative input comes from, since this is a cultural phenomenon which comes from musical knowledge/abilities and cultural knowledge build up by the composer/musician in the past.
No. 68070
>comes from musical knowledge/abilities and cultural knowledge build up by the composer/musician in the past.
Ergo, not out of nothing.

Unless you're implying that someone can be born in an empty room with no outside input, and then compose a piece of music with no influence.
No. 68071
>Unless you're implying that someone can be born in an empty room with no outside input, and then compose a piece of music with no influence
There's only one way to find out.
No. 68072
"Out of nothing" is a figure of speech you great philosopher :DDD
No. 68073
>since this is a cultural phenomenon
Music is a mandatory consequence of any kind of culture, so I am not quite sure what you are trying to say here.
No. 68074
>it's like a grand process of "decompiling" reality.

Yes and no, you built a reality on top of a reality, or you modify a reality you are born into, reality has a moldable quality in a sense. Indeed it is crazy to imagine how these things work together over time. Representing things is one crucial factor, to use pigments to paint what you see for instance. Why did people paint animals on cave walls? What was their motivation?
No. 68076
I don't know for me the biggest happening of the century is that the western world yet again is trying to build a brave new world style dystopia they call civillization while cancelling or outright exterminating those who oppose them.
Honestly i'd rather be poor and live in a mafia state but stay human.
No. 68079 Kontra
You will live in the pod and eat the bugs and you will be happy!
No. 68081
Ah, I see.
Thanks for the clarification.
No. 68083 Kontra
Update on the cognitive warfare in chinese cyberspace: wect propagandists started working. There's a sudden rise of ukraine triumphalism. Two echo chambers now accuse each other of shilling.
No. 68084
Funny thing is, the fact that ukraine didn't immediately fold and put up a resistance, and that there was basically no help from west, served to legitimize ukraine as an independent actor, both the state and the people.
So the russian narrative that ukrainian government is western CIA nazi puppets, while ukrainian people are just an extension of russia is very hard to justify now.
Both enthusiastic help from west, or unenthusiastic resistance from ukraine would have helped the russian narrative, but literally the opposite happened

I don't know if that matters though, considering that the opinions of russian people are not a factor in what the russian government does lol
No. 68086
To explain where music comes from on a physical, chemical, material level doesn't explain much of where the human creativity and drive to create music comes from is what I meant.
No. 68087
>Honestly i'd rather be poor and live in a mafia state but stay human.
I don't get what you are saying with this? To me becoming human is impossible in both, west and east.
No. 68089
>doesn't explain much of where the human creativity and drive to create music comes from
Why do birds sing?
Singing is, mechanically, nothing else than a different kind of talking. Keep a sound, modulate its frequency, modulate it again, repeat for as long as you like and you already have a song, albeit a most primitive one.
From there on people probably recognized that it is a pleasant thing and other people discovered they were better at it than others.
And that is without going into the evolutionary direction with creativity being a necessary feature in order to survive as a weak, hairless monkey, because it enabled us to come up with weapons, traps and protective devices.
No. 68093
>Not a factor in what the Russian government does
In the west, they run a psy-op and then people want what they should want. Noam Chomsky explained it. Wectoids are manipulated 24/7, and they do not even realize. They are manipulated to do things that are very harmful.

Orange revolution in Ukraine and Euromaidan were psyops by CIA to make Ukrainian population go over to the western side. Western services have been hard at work in Ukraine since. They made Ukrainians believe all the western propaganda lies of 'wealth' and 'freedom' and khokhold went all 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑. The West knew Russia would have to act and rekt Ukraine, but they did not send adequate support. The west sacrifices the Ukrainian population in order to maybe get access to Ukrainian shale gas and bypass Russia.
Even German green party idiots know that so-called renewables are a big lie 🤥🤥🤥 and will never work. Of course, western population is too stupid and brainwashed to get this. Particularly in Germany, were people fall for all kinds of lies very easily. Because Germany are very easily manipulated and very, very dumb.
No. 68101 Kontra
765 kB, 500 × 365, 0:02
>Mein mechanical clockwork world

Your brain is a psyop as well. No wonder you went schizo when you believe everything is a lie.
No. 68107
>Orange revolution in Ukraine and Euromaidan were psyops by CIA to make Ukrainian population go over to the western side. Western services have been hard at work in Ukraine since. They made Ukrainians believe all the western propaganda lies of 'wealth' and 'freedom' and khokhold went all 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑.
My God, the German shitposting got so hard since I left they're even unironically using emojis on a chan now
I'm going to take the day for being thankful I no longer consider myself a drunk or a channer and go slumming here to remind myself of that gratitude to God. Yes yes, Russia bombing Ukraine yet again is a Russian psyop. Out of all shitty things about the Wect, that is not one of them.
No. 68109 Kontra
It's probably some stray /fefe/ retard, just ignore and report.
On the other hand, if you hate it so much, why don't you just gtfo?
Nobody needs an asshole coming into a thread talking about how much he hates the thread.
No. 68112
119 kB, 2 pages
Noam Chomsky explains it all very well.
Never believe the lies told in the news.
No. 68114 Kontra
You could cite the Frankfurt school, other other critical theory as well. But what you seem to extract from all these writings doesn't seem to go a long way. It's like those citizens that are suddenly medical or virus experts when it comes to corona because they read a few pages of paper.
No. 68115
It delights me to know that despite sharing a single information space in the form of the internet, many groups of people still do live in mutually incompatible parallel realities, between which no meaningful communication is possible.

Ok, maybe "delights" is the wrong word. More like slightly worries but also fascinates?
No. 68116
I think fascination is the right word, because that is how I feel on a daily basis.
No. 68118
Well, reality is subjective, so it's a miracle people are able to understand each in other in the first place.
No. 68124
>people are able to understand each in other
Not actually guaranteed fact :-DDD

We could actually be speaking totally different internal languages but with identical grammar, syntax and vocabulary (etc.), and getting completely different meaning out of our posts, but have no way of verifying :-DDD

What if one of us is talking about X, but the other is talking about Y, but we both think we're talking about the same thing because the data in the medium by which we communicate is the same, BUT, our internal interpretation of the data is different?
No. 68240
No it's not. Gravity is not subjective; it is an objective fact. That you are such a solipsist you think gravity only matters when you perceive it acting on younote: perceive, as in, just because you stopped noticing it in orbit doesn't mean it stopped acting on you or see it only in relation to yourself doesn't suddenly stop making it an objective and irrefutable fact. And no don't try and give me any bullshit about frames either.

I think were I to tell people of the future two objective facts about this reality here, as concisely as possible about its people, it would be this: they are a trivial and self centered people.

That is why all their empires fell. People will tell you many reasons and theories as for why the modernists collapsed, why the entire modern civilization fell apart; some of those things are true and some are blatant lies. But at the end of the day I want you to know this sole truth about them: they were a trivial people, with trivial interests, and trivial passions, and trivial concerns, and trivial goals, and trivial mindsets, and trivial lives. One can argue all they want about the different cultural crosscurrents and technological reasons for why they entered that morass, or try and come up with a million different reasons as to why this modern world fell and took all its people with it more or less, but that's the truth of this matter. These are a people who will literally not have kids because they instead pursued useless "careers" making sales for useless companies selling useless products and receiving paper in exchange to trade for equally trivial and useless objects, and then they died. And then these people will say that because they are not having kids they do not care what happens after they die.

That, in a nutshell, sums up all the psychotic inanity of these people right at the precipice of their power, much like the ancient Romans did before they fell. They saw numerous problems staring them right in the face, and they chose sex bots and unbelievably terrible sitcoms instead. I have thought long on what is wrong with all these people, and that is as best I can sum it up: they are in equal measure trivial as they were arrogant, solipsistic, and conceited, and they gloried themselves in it.