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No. 67518
29 kB, 747 × 530
Semyon Skepakov, a famous satirical singer, has created a new music video about vaccination against COVID-19. Absolutely priceless, as far as the political situation and public opinions in Russia go.


Hello, brethren,
Hello, sistren.
I want to tell you:
The life isn't easy now.
Take me, for example:
I'm guarding the doors
In our ugly
City hall of Pyatigorsk, (Hey!)

Overall everything is fine,
Though I'm a bit fed up with it,
I've got a nice salary,
Even if it's very small,
In general, I'm satisfied
And shouldn't complain -
Am I a woman of some kind
Or maybe a homosexual? (Knock on wood!)

In the morning I go to work,
Drinking beer in the evening,
On Saturdays I go to the bathouse,
Have sex once a week, (A man!)
Ass on a sofa,
Football on TV, (Good!)
Putin is a cool guy,
Biden is full of shit. (Sure!)

A nice pattern,
No need to strain yourself,
But here, friends,
Comes one problem.
For a whole year
I'm trying to find an answer:
Should I take this damned vaccine
Or not...
Or not... (No, sure one should take it.)
Or not... (One totally should!)
Or not... (But the side effects it has!..)
Or not... (Here's my opinion: one should either take it...)
Or not...

My colleague had a jab
And fell sick at once, (Got it?)
Another didn't have it
And fell sick as well.
But the one who didn't have it
Is in an ICU now, (Here you are!)
And the one who had it
Has gone bald in a single day.

The mayor passed by and sternly
Told me "get your shot!"
And the vice mayor silently
Whispered to me "don't!"
My mother-in-law told me
That my dick will stop working,
Then I may have the jab,
It won't get any fucking worse.

But here my neighbor scientist
Showed me a video
Where because of the vaccine
A rabbit shits blood, (Wow!)
And told me: "The vaccine
Is a poison for an individual."
And then a week later
He died from COVID.

Overall, after processing
All the facts and opinions,
No more doubts
Have remained.
The final answer has been found! (What?)
One must get vaccinated,
One surely must,
Everyone definitely must get vaccinated...
Or not. (Tanya! You should do it!)
Or not...

Do it! Do it!
One surely should do it!
Definitely, surely everyone must get vaccinated right away, (One can win an apartment!)
Or not...
Do it! Do it!
Putin himself has done it!
He told himself that he'd done it,
If he told that then it means he did it,
Surely he did it,
Or not... (He did of course.)
Or not... (If he told so then he did it.)
Or not... (But it was shown on TV!)
Or not... (The very moment of taking the jab hasn't been shown.)
Or not... (What reasons does he have to lie?)

All in all, I'd likely
Split in two,
If it weren't for our
Resolute authorities.
They suddenly got angry
And told: Enough!
Your irresponsibility
Won't work anymore.

From now on
You, unvaccinated beasts,
Won't be allowed into bars, restaurants
And even into fucking shops.
Overall, we're tired of this nonsence,
And since the New Year we are introducing QR codes,
Definitely introducing QR codes for everybody...
Or not. (Fuck!)
Or not...

Doing it, doing it,
100% sure about doing it,
Without pampering anyone we'll do it just like that,
Introducing QR codes...
Or not.

Doing it, doing it,
Doing it without any preludes,
Coming to you from behind, bending you and bringing in
The QR codes, (They force everyone into a digital concentration camp!)
Or not... (What do you fucking mean "not"? They told it would be done!)
Or not... (How come it isn't, Gosduma has already voted for it!)
Or not... (Tanya, Gosduma has already voted for it!)
Or not... (Then why the fuck I've bought it?)
Or not... (You fools, it's going to be recognized even in Australia!)
Or not... (I'm baptized!)
(Get off me!)
Or not... (I'm leaving you!)
Or not... (Sobyanin has been vaccinated three times!)
No. 67524
2,3 MB, 352 × 640, 0:43
> corona in Russia
It mutated here and started to turn people into zombies.
No. 67552
110 kB, 544 × 800
"zombi apocalipsis" xDDD

Zombies. Bringing cultures together!