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No. 67702
229 kB, 625 × 937
Hardware, software, tech news, programming, operating systems, retro computing, we've got it all.

last one >>56447
No. 67704
After reading this article https://www.alicemaz.com/writing/program.html & talking to a friend who works as a freelance software dev I'm thinking about getting back into programming myself. For context I think I have an okay theoretical foundation and some practice in coding from university (as well as some formal credentials) but I never really completed what one'd consider a proper programming project or did it professionally. I kinda underestimated how much money can be made and it also seems there's quite some flexibility and many part-time positions even if you're not flat-out freelancing.
So I'm thinking about either brushing up my Python or learning JavaScript and then looking for some entry level part-time position. Can Ernst recommend any tips/resources to get started?
No. 67712
36 kB, 636 × 478
I started here:


Didn't progress to coding pro, but got a grasp of the basics by working through those modules.
After that, I worked through these, which were good for demonstrating how the small bits tie together into functional projects:

Build 15 JavaScript Projects - Vanilla JavaScript Course
No. 67716
My Roccat Savu mouse seems to be about to die.
It's just something over five years old, but no more than seven or eight.
I had already openend it to see if I could clean the sensors and contacts etc., but it didn't help.
Now I am looking for a new mouse that has
>a good mousewheel with click
>two thumb buttons
Anything else doesn't matter, as long as it is sturdy. And please don't talk about what mice you have been using for over ten years, I want something that is still sold.
No. 67728
> It's just something over five years old
I have to replace my mouse at least once a year, no matter if expensive or cheap. That's why I stopped buying expensive stuff.

I might be clicking too hard.
No. 67777
210 kB, 1318 × 990
> Roccat Savu
I was about to shittalk it since I had remembered it not lasting very long, but checking the dates when I bought it, it actually lasted me about ~4-5 years until the the unintentional double-clicking got too annoying. I'm now using Logitech G203 which works fine for me (and fits your description afaict), since I don't really game a lot anymore I hope it'll last me a bit longer.
It has a kinda annoying complementary software ("Logitech G HUB") but looking it up now apparently they also released a tool called "onboard memory manager" so you can adjust settings without having to run that shitty software in the background all the time.
No. 67778
Thanks, I will check this out.
I don't even know why I bought the Savu; I think a friend recommended it to me.
I am not into gaym0r stuff and am glad when I don't have any rgb bullshit on my gear, but at least it could be turned off.
No. 67781

Are you guys serious? I'm still using my Logitech G9, which I bought when it was new and Wikipedia [1] informs me that this was around 2007. So that's 14-15 years now that I'm using this one mouse.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Logitech_products#Gaming_mice
No. 67783 Kontra
Hätte ich es nicht noch EXPLIZIT erwähnt...
No. 67790
>I might be clicking too hard.
Much probably! Wow, once a year! What do you do with it?
No. 67791
> What do you do with it?
Browsing the internet. Seriously, I have no idea. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed and mouse makers save money by using weaker plastic on the right mouse button?
No. 67799
20 kB, 500 × 409
Check if there is wear in the part of the mouse you click on. Most keyboards have wear from usage (brutal example in pic). Regarding mice, it depends on the surface of the mouse, though. As an example, my 2nd hand Asus mouse with el cheapo plastic, looks fine. My Mars Gaming mouse, with a layer that gives it more friction... Well, it's worn.
No. 67803
From the thumbnail I thought there were traces of poop on the keys.
No. 67806 Kontra
This was a quintessentially German post.
No. 67807
I knew someone would comment on that. Did it make you feel smug?
No. 67808 Kontra
No. 67809
Well, happy to help.
No. 67931
Can somebody recommend a good and especially robust hard drive for backups?
What I want to do is just having something I can connect to my computer, backup everything I want to backup, and put it somewhere safe. I don't want any cloud or online bullshit, just a drive I can save my stuff on.
Should be several TB and not need an external power source. It also doesn't need to be an external drive, I can always build a case or just plug it into the mainboard directly.
No. 67938


Also at least two is needed if serious.
No. 71970
88 kB, 908 × 450
Hello computer expert persons, i have a question.

I just updated the client for my VPN (NordVPN because i got a 3 year subscription for free) and now i can't connect to certain websites.

90% of the VPNs use is to avoid IP related timeouts from filesharing sites when downloading porn.
It worked without a problem before but now i can for example connect to google but not wikipedia (or any filesharing site i tried).

Why could that be?
No. 71971 Kontra
1,6 MB, 1480 × 1080
>downloading p*rn
That aside, idk what's the reason for your problem, but why not use torrents (e.g. p*rnolab) if you have VPN anyways, surely that's faster and more convenient than DDL sites
No. 71974 Kontra
>why not use torrents (e.g. p*rnolab) if you have VPN anyways, surely that's faster and more convenient than DDL sites

I have accounts for one or two private trackers but especially for niche stuff there's far more interesting stuff to find in other places.
I didn't torrent since the problem occured but i could imagine that that stopped working as well. I might check it out later.
No. 71975 Kontra
>not having a well curated stash in case there is no internet or they take down that video you like
No. 71983 Kontra
>niche stuff
mein gott...
No. 71990
Some of the exit gateways of your VPN service may have been used to deface sites or spread spam, landing those IPs on blacklists that are shared by various hosts. Possibly wikipedia and your DL sites make use of the same blacklists.

Have you tried switching to different exit gateways? Most VPN providers support that.
No. 71992
I've just seen this short video showing how heat-sinks are manufactured and thought it surprising enough to share with fellow ernsts:

No. 72017
668 kB, 1378 × 2000
Thank you all for trying to help me or wondering why i download porn (4k high with high bitrate is hard to find on streaming sites. Also the very weird stuff),

It seems NordVPN has a new "feature" which i wasn't aware of. I found a new network in my settings which my connection was routet trough. This network is called "NordLynx" and is supposed to make the VPN faster. For me it just blocked a lot of sites. Switching to OpenVPN in the settings solved the problem.
I don't like things like that happening at all.
No. 72795
Finally took time to enable dns-over-https on local proxy server. EC experience is smoother now.
I might want to look into the fake-ip defined in rfc3089.
No. 72818
64 kB, 450 × 540
all this complicated stuff you are mentioning in order to get into EC or...
No. 72821 Kontra
It's not complicated. I was just too lazy to configure it. EC isn't blocked here, but it helps that I forward some of my outbound dns queries to a DoH proxy based on their GeoIP.
No. 74451
57 kB, 640 × 360
Does anyone use a personal wiki? There are so many different wiki platforms it feels like an impossible task to pick one. I'm looking for something that will be hosted on a server and has a fully featured in-browser editor and supports images and videos, and would be nice if you're able attach arbitrary files to pages.

At the moment I'm thinking of using MediaWiki that's used with Wikipedia itself as it probably has had the most development and use, and does feature a nice in-browser editor and supports at least images and videos. Though it definitely feels like an overkill in terms of the scale it's designed for so maybe there is a simpler alternative.

Software like Notion and the like are just somehow so unwieldy with their stupid goddamn apps that always have some syncing errors and their own quirks regarding everything. Usually they support only text and some basic image formats, which isn't enough. I just want to offload some of my work and hobby stuff somewhere that's well searchable, available and editable on every goddamn device with an internet connection without any additional software or hoops to jump through.
No. 74495
7 kB, 225 × 225
You know what I just noticed.
On my phone, I have notification sounds turned up higher than in-call audio, so whenever I get a notification during a call, Android turns up the global audio volume, and when the notification sound is finished playing, turns it down again.

Linux doesn't have proper audio mixing even under Android.
No. 74636
110 kB, 640 × 397
98 kB, 602 × 640
With the advent of AI text generators that are so good you can't tell them from humans, people are having renewed debates on sentience, sapience, consciousness, theory of mind, etc.
I wonder if the people who were writing about these things back in the days even suspected how soon this issue would become practically relevant.

But, I'd also like to ask the opposite question. Instead of asking "is GPT-3 acting like a human would", why not ask "do people act like GPT-3 would".
I think most of us have experienced, and also engaged in, speech that was constructed in a way that displayed knowledge of the language of a particular field or topic, but do not synthesize ideas as they speak, but merely construct believable and parsable statements.
I mean, I had a job interview a while back. I've also written some bullshit essays for school. I've also engaged in countless internet arguments where I had only some vague idea of a topic and knew some terminology, and some opinions I read elsewhere, and made posts and responses using them.
There's also people who do "believable statement generation" as a job.

I guess my point is that people talk about "consciousness" as if it was a constant property of the human mind, but humans aren't always internally conscious, even when awake. It's more of a neurological mode or state that we sometimes find ourselves in, one among many other modes and states that our brains go through during their operation.
It's weird that this obvious observation was so difficult for me to make.

so maybe humans shouldn't be the ultimate yardstick of "consciousness" by which we measure other things.
No. 74641 Kontra
First image is me IRL
No. 74662 Kontra
> Linux doesn't have proper audio mixing
Then just stop using plain Alsa. Pulseaudio has been working for a long time despite being written by he who shall not be named. Pipewire solved the remaining issues. At least for sane hardware.


No. 74677
13 kB, 474 × 474
>play linked video
>audio and video desynchronized
lmao video production on linux
No. 74680
Yea I know right. Linux people are stupid.
No. 74714
I just wanted to drink from a new bottle of Dr Pepper, which kinda exploded upon opening despite not being moved for days.

Why am I posting it in the computer thread?

Because some drops landed on my keyboard and mouse. I immediately turned of the PC (and pulled the plugs) before cleaning everything.

So far it still seems to work, I'm using it to write this. Will the drops I missed kill my hardware later?
No. 74715

Can Ernst tell me something about it? Is it useful for absolute beginners? I wonder if it might be useful to learn coding over a longer span (lets say 1-2 years). Just to get a grip on how coding works. I don't want to become a programmer but at least get a feel for coding. Maybe it's a fruitless idea to learn stuff on the side but I don't want to restrict my knowledge to humanities, which already takes a lot of time though.
No. 74716
50 kB, 1280 × 266
Consciousness (presence of inner observer) is not equivalent of sapience (ability of reasoning) despite they can be connected somehow. I'm sure that animals are consciousness though silly. And advanced AI would have totally different inner experience from human.

Generating believable text does not require reasoning, but artificial neural networks seem to be able to do even it last years. Already posted in other tech thread:

I see this site for the first time, but in general such websites with exercises and automatic checking system are great for your goals. Can advise https://www.hackerrank.com/ too.
No. 74717 Kontra
Came across excercism via this page

Don't know how I came about that page though.
No. 74882 Kontra
How to start programming.

Step zero find a problem you want to solve. Draw fractals, download insane amount of porn, scrape image boards, whatever.

Step one don't look at any "teach your self to program" they are shit as step one goes and mostly deals with made up topics that isn't really interesting.

Stop two pick a popular language. Go, Python, Ruby maybe Javascript or what ever kids today use. Make sure it has addons/packages, or what the language calls it, so you don't have to write an HTTP client as your first task for example. The language you want is partly based on the problem you want to solve. You want to do maths, Python with Jupyther might be what you want for example.

Step three start coding. Now could be a good idea to start looking at the tutorials as a reference or maybe they are teaching exactly what you are after. But now you have limited the scope and can choose better.

Stop four, realize shit takes time and is boring. Overcoming this is the hard part.
No. 75359
514 kB, 1051 × 638
151 kB, 1375 × 720
276 kB, 2048 × 1152
Some may remember the fire in the OVH datacentre in Alsace last year (because lots of websites had outages). Well, the report about what happened is out and it was a fauly cooling system that was leaking water into a UPS (backup power supply):

No. 75360 Kontra
Wasn't this the data center with the Encrochat data and didn't it burn down right when investigations took place so people suspected it to be an intentional fire?
No. 75655
Oh boy, this is one delicious attack:


>Intel’s security advisory states that all Intel processors are affected.
>AMD’s security advisory states that several of their desktop, mobile and server processors are affected.
>To our knowledge, Intel and AMD do not plan to deploy any microcode patches to mitigate Hertzbleed.

What does it do?

Well... it's an attack that extracts information about the numbers that are currently computed by the CPU (ie. everything) based on the frequency changes (ie. how many Hz any thread is running at).

But unlike several older attacks, it's not looking at the power frequency in the wall-socket, which only a local attacker can do...

No, it's somehow inferring the CPUs power frequency from the interference caused by the electromagnetic waves sent by the CPU on the ethernet output. So this is a remote attack, apparently possible even through the internet, but I don't quite understand how any traces of those interferences survive the first (or any other) switch or router...

Oh and the juiciest bit: This circumvents time-constant post-quantum cryptography thought to be safe from side channel attacks. Let me re-phrase: This "breaks" not only the cryptography we are all using today but also the cryptography that is meant to be secure from attacks by hypothetical quantum computers in the future.

tl;dr: An attacker can read what numbers your CPU is working on all the way from the internet for all software on all operating systems on most hardware. This thing is not theoretical, it's been proven practically and has now been disclosed. No patches in sight (from the hardware vendors).

I can't really judge how feasable it is to carry out this attack right now. The limitations aren't clear to me after skimming the paper.
No. 75656 Kontra
I barely understand, what are the resources and efforts necessary to do this? High or low?
No. 75657 Kontra
The concept of "workload must run for long enough to trigger frequency scaling" might be easy enough to eliminate. Frequency scaling can probably be toggled on or off completely, with some tradeoffs of course. Seems like mostly another problem for cloud computing. I doubt that JavaScript for example could be used as a vector since the browsers have reduced timer accuracy since the previous round of this sort of shit.
No. 75670
Possibly the best explanation of the stack on the internet. This should be shown to every student right after the chapter on functions.

I'm starting to think that learning the basics of EE and a bit of simple assembly is actually quite important to learning how to program, even if you want to stay on the software side.
All of those seemingly obtuse conventions and rules that you first encounter when learning to program, that you are simply presented with on a "that's just how things are" basis, actually make perfect sense when you understand WHY they are there.
I have trouble remembering things unless I have a mental model for them, and just memorizing the caveats and moving on never worked for me.

Another great video by the same guy.
No. 75682
> This "breaks" not only the cryptography we are all using today but also the cryptography that is meant to be secure from attacks by hypothetical quantum computers in the future.
No. This is side channel attack, it doesn't break the crypto, it circumvents it.

Frequency can be turned off. Increased power consumption is a downside among others.

> I doubt that JavaScript...
Don't. Assume it can. Specter and meltdown could be exploited using a browser.

Well time to boot the Raspberry Pi.
No. 75683 Kontra
>Specter and meltdown could be exploited using a browser.
Yes, exactly why I pointed out that browsers made sure that JS timers used in those attacks aren't accurate enough anymore. Could be wrong, but that's what I recall reading. Though personally I use NoScript and block all sites from running scripts anyways. Still, have to enable scripts for some sites that won't work without them, but that's mostly youtube, online stores and banking.
No. 75685 Kontra
>have to enable scripts for some sites that won't work without them
Isn't that where JShelter comes to the rescue? I haven't read this thread and don't know computers, but one of the things JShelter does is it rounds times, which may be related to whatever you geeks are discussing in this thread.
No. 75693
>No. This is side channel attack, it doesn't break the crypto, it circumvents it.

This is why I put "breaks" in quotes (and called it a circumvention in the previous sentence).

The point of this attack is that it doesn't measure the power consumption or the frequency based on any information available on the system itself, but instead analyses the side-effects that frequency changes of the CPU have on the network interface.

I would doubt that the existing restrictions in js engines of browsers mitigate this attack.
No. 75925
57 kB, 524 × 561
Finally set up that personal Wiki and after using it for a bit I'm incredibly pleased. Let's see what the final verdict is after some months.
No. 75926
Sauna Mämmi
No. 75927 Kontra
kittos Suomi
No. 75928 Kontra
kiitos Suomi
No. 75936 Kontra
1,8 MB, 811 × 1147
kiitos Suomi
No. 75941
408 kB, 1080 × 1194
What conclusions can we draw from this?
No. 75942
1,0 MB, 768 × 924
That you should feed it with a whole sentence next time.
No. 75947 Kontra
1,1 MB, 768 × 923
Mysterious soul
No. 75955 Kontra
1,2 MB, 768 × 923
1,5 MB, 768 × 923
1,3 MB, 768 × 923
1,4 MB, 768 × 923
Truly, the intellectual and spiritual avant-garde of the Internet.
No. 75967
633 kB, 768 × 924
Literally me.
No. 75968
722 kB, 768 × 924
No. 75969
109 kB, 709 × 770
No, that's literally you.
No. 75970
1,1 MB, 768 × 924
After posting >>75968 I had to try something. Sadly, or maybe thank doge, the program is not self-aware enough to know its results are presented in a three by three grid.
No. 75971
59 kB, 650 × 699
846 kB, 768 × 924
Picture 1: What I thought of when I typed
Picture 2: The dalle result
No. 75977 Kontra
We can tell from these that most post here are done by closet homsexual russian bots.
No. 75980
How can a bot be homosexual for a building?
No. 75981
575 kB, 518 × 673
No. 75982
601 kB, 565 × 734
That bot has heavy Bacon influences yay
Unrelated but I had to say it: Google sentinent AI is wankery IMHO

My attempt pic: well it's kinda biutiful

Gonglusions from photos: well Internet is still very weaboo. And Bacon. Well Bacon is very human
No. 75983 Kontra
472 kB, 1080 × 1237
No. 75984
Belarus is same Gaudí as Catalonia, so the trencadís is not Gaudí.

Bot does know we have a star sometimes, although I doubt it knows its meaning. Perhaps the cretin Google AI knows.

t. super AI expert
No. 75985
778 kB, 768 × 924
I tried to describe the picture in the OP to DALL-E. Both "keys" and "organs" having multiple meanings doesn't help matters.
No. 75986 Kontra
Definitive proof that AI is nowhere close to achieving even human level intelligence, let alone surpassing it.

btw an*me watchers aren't human
No. 75992
Dall-E is not from google but from OpenAI.
No. 75993
>btw an*me watchers aren't human
btw asterisk users are total dumbasses
No. 76033 Kontra
60 kB, 620 × 395
> rare Belarusian ball
No. 76041
212 kB, 1411 × 1418
I know, thanks, please excuse my ramblings. It's that I knew about that AI from Google that told wankery things and I was comparing it with the one from this OpenAI you mention. I like more the OpenAI one. The Google one reeks of sci-fi nerd worship IMHO.
No. 76046
B*tter a d*mbass th*n an an*me w*tcher
Wh*t's y*ur v*ndetta ag*inst ast*risks anyw*y?
H*ard y*u c*mplain ab*ut th*m m*ltiple t*mes alr*ady.

The above text was generated using the following regex:


I invite everyone to start using it to asteriskize their posts. It's fun for the whole family!
Here's an example:
M*ry h*d a l*ttle l*mb,
Its fl*ece w*s wh*te as sn*w,
And ev*ry wh*re th*t M*ry w*nt
The l*mb w*s s*re to go ;
He f*llowed h*r to sch*ol one d*y—
Th*t w*s ag*inst the r*le,
It m*de the ch*ldren l*ugh and pl*y,
To s*e a l*mb at sch*ol.

W*nderful, isn't it?
No. 76047 Kontra
Go **** yourself.
No. 76063 Kontra
Not sure if taking the piss or being serious
No. 76088
56 kB, 859 × 498

It's honestly exciting to see what this thing can do. Take the conversation in the attached image: To me it's indestinguishable from what a run-of-the-mill bulshitter would write. OpenAI is now succesfully emulating reddit posters. Well, at least some of the time - this is just a selected snipped and not representative of how well the AI chats 99% of the time.
No. 76090
34 kB, 1024 × 576
I like this AI's style.
No. 76099
It has longer attention span than 90% of internet users.
No. 76130
Wait, so who is the AI here, the question asker or the answerer?
No. 76133
I can't wait to see how this develops further. It's amazing to think about the potential applications for something like this.

It has a very humanlike quality to it.

It is able to understand and react to complex questions.
This makes it the perfect tool for businesses and organizations who want to get the most out of their online customer interactions.

There is no AI here. This is just a regular conversation.
No. 76136
The text marked in green is from the AI.
No. 76138 Kontra
8 kB, 245 × 279
Ernst, I was mocking that poster, it was not a serious question.
Pic related, it's you.
No. 76146
More like "I made a dumb-dumb and now I have to blame someone else for my mistake"
No. 76148 Kontra
That is a marvelous projection. I wonder which of you I've debated in the past if it's not a monolog anyway.

t. another German
No. 76153
How can I know you are not an AI?
No. 76155 Kontra
198 kB, 1387 × 1468
An AI wouldn't post this picture.
No. 76170
Looks AI generated, so why would an AI not post it?
No. 76179 Kontra
>Looks AI generated

Maybe you are the AI and a lazy one on top! Perhaps I chose to upload that picture because it made this impression (and because I found it only lately and downloaded it, as so many others that find a way in my posts).

it's a human made picture if you would have done your research
No. 76183
55 kB, 580 × 346
Now this AI is totally neat.

Open source for victory.
No. 76191 Kontra
Man I am still not convinced. On the one hand, you clearly don't understand irony or any kind of banter (although you're operating under a germanball, so this might not be as strong an indicator), but on the other hand I sense a bit of irritation at me presuming you're not human, although, frankly, that's exactly what I would expect of an AI.
No. 76239 Kontra
Yes, he's AI (assburger irritated).
No. 76251 Kontra
I think you are mistaken in thinking that I was seriously trying to prove to you if I am an AI or not. You not being able to read me makes you an autist in my eyes. I guess we end up in the situation that is the German Mirror or otherwise known as assburger stalemate Germans accusing each other of being an assburger
No. 76263 Kontra
Thanks for proving me right, Ernst-AI.
No. 76749

Another topic I was one day hoping to research deeply and then write an essay about or something, that it turns out has already been discussed by someone way smarter than me a long time ago, and now presented and explained by someone way smarter than me.

The key insight here is that models, protocols, architectures, organizations, etc. etc., are not things that help us understand things, but quite the opposite: they are tools that help us work with something we don't or can't fully understand.

It's quite insidious how models, especially good models, by making things easier for us, trick us into thinking that we have improved our ability, when the truth is that we have dumbed the problem down enough to be within our ability. That's not to say that models are bad, just that it's important not to confuse models with reality.

All of this is quite obvious in hindsight, but it didn't click for me fully until I watched this video.
No. 76763
Is it the right link "Where does bad code come from"? Because I would be interested in that topic. Models and simulations are part of media studies, the connection between knowledge-production and media and its consequences.
It's interesting that system models of various things are perfect for an engineering approach aka problem-solving but as you said, it's an abstraction and the model is only as good as the people that built it. Also, I remember reading something about models with too many parameters becoming bad models again. But with such a statement, how can you ever think of making models that are close to a "many parameter" reality? There is a gap and always will be.
No. 76766
No, sorry, that's not the right link.
Youtube decided to be retarded again, and no longer stores my preference of disabling auto playing next video in cookies, so I'll finish watching a video, tab out, then tab back in again, and it'll be another video loaded, but I won't realize it.

To the obvious question of "why won't you just use an invidious instance", because there's no invidious datacenters anywhere near kazakhstan unlike google, and multiplayer games have trained me to notice millisecond length delays.

As for your post, as I said, I don't think models are a bad thing. They're basically tools of logistics. Like file cabinets and highlighters and bookmarks. Ways to organize information. Just like how computer code is just a tool for organizing information. The structure of code doesn't actually map to the structure of the process that the CPU has to go through, it maps to the structure of the human mind.

The only problem is mistaking models for reality, or more broadly, mistaking models as being the properties of the external world, rather than being the properties of the human mind.
No. 76774
Models are part of reality itself. And they allow gaining knowledge, like a tool or interface between mind and reality then. Because a model has real consequences but is a (mathematical) abstraction as far as I know. But this abstraction makes for knowledge that governs our practices/actions. So organizing information is too vague. A library also organizes information, but it's not a model.

>file cabinets and highlighters and bookmarks

Interestingly these are objects of media studies, because media studies is also interested in how things/information/knowledge are organized via media. Maybe you should study (German) media studies, Brick. it doesn't offer any good jobs where you live I think but maybe I'm mistaken but it's hella interesting at least
No. 76807
I think that the overlap between models and reality is merely incidental. A model coinciding somewhat with reality is only the result of there being a constraint that the result of using a model should generate a result that satisfies at least some real world metric.
Other than that, there's no logical mechanism by which a model should map onto reality at all. One can construct an infinite number of models that map onto a particular phenomenon, as long as they are not falsifiable.

But being "useful" (for a certain metric) or falsifiable is not a condition for "truth", only for being useful. It's just that "usefulness" somewhat correlates with reality, and a useful model correlating with reality is a second order effect of that first correlation.

"Organizing information" is not the right word indeed, it's just that I can't think of a word that describes the process of encoding into data the process of human thought/structure itself. Math is a way or organizing, it's just that what is being organized is not exactly information, but thought.
No. 76811
Models have a similar relation to reality as probability calculus. It's not actually 1:1 reality but a good tool to work with uncertainty. Models and simulations are tools and techniques to control uncertainty in a way.
No. 76851
>A library also organizes information, but it's not a model.

I would say a library is the result of applying models for organization. But I would also say that "a library" is underspecified here because two different libraries can (and do) implement two different organizational structures for finding books.

Btw, in logic (the mathematical branch) a "model" is a configuration of parameters that makes a statement true. (And we never talk about the model by itself, only in relation to the statement it satisfies)
No. 76879
7,3 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:03
This is what computers were made for. Autistic pattern art. Sort of like teletext or IRC art but with a bit more freedom regarding animations and colors.

No. 77380 Kontra
323 kB, 986 × 1280
No. 77648
54 kB, 516 × 323
40 kB, 992 × 482
55 kB, 988 × 482
EcKinsey prepared an analytical report on posting in /int/. We used snapshot from January of 2022. It contains 250 thredas and 24976 posts. The average length of thread is 99.9 posts which is below one third of bumplimit. Such use of threads is utterly suboptimal, we must complete more threads up to bumplimit.

On plot1 you distribution of countryballs among posts. Quotas for minority countries should be introduced. This will create atmosphere of inclusivity, diversity and equity on the imageboard.

On plot2 you see median length of posts of each country. Everyone who is below the red line (total median) should work hard on seriousness of their posts!

To be continued... I've added our next zoom-meeting to your calendars.
No. 77649
13 kB, 483 × 319
17 kB, 490 × 319
26 kB, 489 × 319
24 kB, 490 × 319
"Inner rank" is how many (you)s your post got. "Outer rank" is how many (yous) it gave to other posts. As you see, post has 40% probability to be ignored. We should reduce this number. Also you see that 28% of posts start new discussion and 62% of them continue already existing one(s).

Manual analysis showed that best ways to get many (you)s are to ask a question or to start a new thread. I'm proud to announce that one of top replied posts belongs to me. Here is it:
> == Russian Federation 2021-09-01 ==
> Funny add by Christian sect. This guy tries not to coom so hard that he throws his laptop to floor in fury.
> Also I got adds by George Soros. And by few crazy American startups. But most often it's "give money to kids with cancer" or translation service.
> Which adds are shown to you?

On plot5 you see average activity rate during a day. Nothing special, just Europeans posting at evening after work. Western hemisphere, don't lag behind!

On plot6 this is activity changing over the year. Probably at winter Ernsts have nothing better to do than to sit in internet. And at spring hormonal surge prevents them from serious discussions.
No. 77650
114 kB, 1454 × 1454
114 kB, 1454 × 1454
41 kB, 1454 × 1454
47 kB, 1454 × 1454
Then our team built a connectivity graph of posts in /int/. Two posts (represented by points) are connected if one them replies to the other. We looked at the biggest components in such graph which represent the longest discussions.

TOP1: 473 vertices.
Multiple today thredas, corona thredas, some smaller thredas.
TOP2: 182 vertices.
Contains posts from 2 movies threads.
TOP3: 108 vertices.
Today threads again.
TOP4: 98 vertices.
Two movies threads again (one is the same a in top2, one is another).
TOP5: 95 vertices.
Serious discussion about... birding.

That's it. Thanks for your attention.
No. 77651 Kontra
38 kB, 1454 × 1454
No. 77652
131 kB, 220 × 165, 0:03
Great posts, sir! I see USA are only ranking 3rd on fatposting, this is kind of a letdown, they really have to carb up.

>As you see, post has 40% probability to be ignored
I laughed - and prevented that post from falling into that category.
>best ways to get many (you)s are to ask a question or to start a new thread
I'm looking forward to any attempts to engineer the perfect post which will generate the most replies from this raw data. Probably something about capitalism being flawless, loving anime, mentioning Twitter/Reddit/Kohl and adding a little covid/climate/war into the mix.

Beautiful, a visialization of the EC hive mind.
No. 77653
61 kB, 871 × 453
66 kB, 832 × 488
61 kB, 863 × 492
72 kB, 903 × 536
Also since I already spammed it all over /b/ I might as well spam it here, too: I made two custom CSS for EC to be used with your favourite userscript manager (I use tampermonkey). One (Darkwurf) is extra dark because I don't like Gute Informatiker, it lacks contrast in my opinion, and the other one (Krernstchan) is old Krautchan style which I only made to troll people who say that they can't lurk on EC because they are used to the grey/blue KC color scheme.

They also have one practical application: When using dollchan I noticed that some posts with images look ugly. This is because Dollchan injects some elements into posts after the Browser already sized the containers for the elements. Then the containers get adjusted again and that can cause text to be displayed really messy like in pic 2. Both scripts fix this - and probably bust up 9000 other things I haven't noticed yet.

In case you're interested:
Darkwurf: https://pastebin.com/1AvjsD0w
Krernstchan: https://pastebin.com/eCQAPtmL
No. 77656
456 kB, 623 × 622
Excellent analysis. In light of these newly mined data points, and barring any unforeseen contingencies, I'll begin immediate work on a new diverse market-focused posting campaign.
No. 77783
55 kB, 1130 × 829
Going to add countryballs to visualizations. This one was done with some manual work which needs to be automatized. And I'm gonna fix transparency.
No. 77784 Kontra
> I see USA are only ranking 3rd on fatposting, this is kind of a letdown, they really have to carb up.
The snapshot was taken shortly before their quarterback main essayist left EC. Burgerbros, it's over for you.
No. 77797
3,3 MB, 498 × 280, 0:03
>Burgerbros, it's over for you.
No. 77803
1,3 MB, 1420 × 939
29 kB, 880 × 575
Played a bit with sentiment analysis.

Top positive threads: Santa & steam keys, art thread, assburger thread
Top negative threads (by January 2022): corona threads, news threads

Picrelated: selected most popular countries and sorted them from least to most positive.
No. 77929
36 kB, 600 × 556
Excellent post, I fucking love siense! Can you elaborate how you performed the sentiment analysis?
No. 77994
Sentiment analysis is typically performed by calculating a 'positivity' score across the vocabulary in a text corpus - words like 'dreadful' for example will have a low score, while most words have no sentiment score at all. If you're using a pre-built model, like the ones that come with NLTK, it will pay attention to indicators of negation and adjust sentiment scores accordingly.

More advanced approaches use NNs since conventional methods tend to struggle with things like sarcasm, hyperbole and long, complicated sentence structures.
No. 78001
Yes, I used NLTK's sentiment analyzer. Here's how it works (I haven't read):
For me it's a black box where you put text and it yields three numbers like "this text is 70% neutral, 20% positive and 10% negative". Top threads were sorted by positive rate and negative rate. Countries average was sorted by "positive rate minus negative rate".
Ireland is not especially negative, it's just majority of his posts don't contain any text besides reply and get 100%/0%/0% estimation.
No. 78187
4,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
I actually found a genuine nokia charger in a box among the mountains of trash in storage and it turns on! And holds charge!
But it won’t accept the sim so it’s more of a brick than it ever was.
I’m sad, but the search continues.
No. 78262
Deno is unironically good, handles concurrent connections even better than go.
No. 78309
Looks interesting in a way where I can enjoy reading about it for a bit, but I know I'll never try it.
No. 78334
Look at what I've found.
Another project in the genre of "take back the internet".

Finally, I can listen to the forbidden antivaxx JRE episodes.
No. 80435
741 kB, 1792 × 1024
660 kB, 1792 × 1024
776 kB, 1792 × 1024
487 kB, 1792 × 1024
No. 80437
No. 80443
Color me impressed, that's really not too bad. Does the song justice
No. 80444
23 kB, 650 × 487
Do quality laptop brands exist and if so, what are they? If I buy a new Thinkpad am I buying garbage? Are there brands to stay away from?

Unfortunately I need Windows so Apple is out of the picture. I'd probably go with one of those Framework laptops but you can't order one directly from them with a Nordic keyboard layout. I've got no idea how other brands are like quality-wise.

In other news:
Personal Wiki has worked great so far. Backups automated, restoring them tested and works.
No. 80447
It depends on budget and use. I'm quite happy with my Medion Crawler E10 gaming pc, German engineering instructed by Chinese cost standards.

I'd scavenge an extra 4gig of ram and get an Anker Soundcore mini for when you want to listen to a podcast while washing the dishes. That said even without the 4gig it will still run pretty much any game you want.
No. 80453
72 kB, 837 × 651
I don't have a strict budget, it's more about what's sensible given my requirements. For my work I need at least a decent 8 core CPU, 16GB ram and a 1TB SSD. With those specs alone it looks like my only choice is an ultraportable, an everything-soldered-on-piece-of-shit. Though from what I understand they start throttling pretty fast, can't replace the SSD or battery and the integrated graphics have problems if you want to play something a bit demanding. Though the price for cheapest machine with such specs is around 1k€, and it goes up really fast once you add even a 3050, or want something resembling a real, upgradeable and fixable machine.

Without much experience with modern laptops it's difficult for me to say if by cheaping out I'm getting a machine that dies the day the warranty is over or if I should spend a bit more to have it last at least five years. Seems like you can get pretty much the same specs with an ultraportable or a chunkier machine, but the price is wildly different. Maybe the answer is a gamer laptop. Who the fuck knows.

It's just too much. If I could do with an Apple laptop I'd have the chance to get the bottom tier model for around 1,2k or with enough storage and ram for my needs for 1,9k. Both even being last gen devices. There the choice would be easy. Maybe I need to go to a retail store to get some idea of the build quality and such. The more I think and compare the devices the more lost I become. What a disaster.
No. 80454
These days, every brand has multiple price categories and outsources parts and manufacturing, so it's hard to say by brand alone.

There's basically 3 general categories of laptops, and they determine where the price of the laptop has been allocated:
  1. Gaming laptop. More performance and better cooling at the expense of weight and build quality. Usually you can upgrade at least ram and ssd.
  2. Business laptop (thinkpads, dell latitudes, hp elitbooks, etc.). Maximum build quality. Not as heavy as gaming laptops. Also decent upgradeability (other than CPU and GPU of course). Very overpriced because the business model is selling them to companies in bulk, so I dunno if buying a new one straight from the store makes sense.
  3. Normie grade. Regular laptops. What this means these days is that it's will be trying its hardest to look like a macbook. Thin, light, decent screen, no upgradeability, probably shit performance.
I've used two gaming laptops (one my own, one from work), Lenovo legion and HP Victus. I kinda liked HP Victus more despite it having lower spects (worse screen, worse GPU), because it felt like it had better build quality and was lighter. The lenovo weighs like a sack of bricks, and the latest models are flimsier than the previous ones, which were closer to thinkpads in ruggedness.
I use it pretty much as a stationary computer hooked up to and external monitor and keyboard/mouse, that I have the option of picking up and taking somewhere, so those are not big concerns to me. Shame the 2k 165hz IPS screen is going to waste, just sitting there under the lid lol.

My rule of thumb for picking a new laptop is: a gaming laptop that doesn't have obnoxious gaymer shit all over it, no prominent glowing shit and RGB in the promo pictures, and looks like a slightly edgier version of a regular business laptop. Has an Ethernet port, and at least 4-6+ USB ports. This usually gives me decent results.
No. 80535
No. 80554
62 kB, 985 × 482
Picrelated is split by (most popular) countries. If your score is lesser then mine (and my compatriots'), then you're uneducated bydlo retard. If bigger -- you're pretentious boogie faggot.

For reference same metric on other datasets:
web-text: 46.44%
EC average: 46.62%
Inaugural speeches: 69.43%

Top-3 Latinized threads (among those who have big enough corpus of text):
  1. 57.81% History thread
  2. 54.38% Space thread
  3. 53.79% Articles & blogposts thread
Top-3 German threads:
  1. 35.40% HDD thread
  2. 36.43% Tabletop games thread
  3. 37.21% Weight loss thread
No. 80585
>Germans use less German

It's really odd to think about that. One would think given the reputation of the Germans they would prefer the blunt and material even if it wasn't words from their own language group.
No. 80586 Kontra
Russians just tend to use a lot of proper adverbs, which are largely Gallo-Romance and Latin in English, and, like most foreigners, use less phrasal verbs (which are mostly Germanic). It's quite easy to see that the "undereducated bydlo" are chiefly native English speakers.
No. 80587
>bydlo retard
Yeah look, checks out. Won't lie :-DDD
No. 80824
45 kB, 512 × 384
>you're pretentious boogie faggot
I was born this way.
No. 80942
Does anyone know of a free offline calendar/schedule app? I'm struggling to find a basic option that doesn't connect me to a botnet or mass data collection operation.

It frankly gets annoying using alarms and post-its but at the same time most planning apps are now centred on network functionality for business instead of allowing me to plan aspects of my personal life and juggle time. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people who love uploading their schedules to chrome and sharing it with their polycule but I like to maintain some semblance of privacy.
No. 80951
I should clarify that I'm using Borg with ports firewalled but the UI is insufferable for setting personal tasks of short duration.
No. 83023
87 kB, 1094 × 734
In case you thought that I'm done with autism. Every point is a thread, two threads are connected if there is a link from one to another.

90 of 250 threads have a cross-thread link, and 64 of them form a large connectivity component, which is pic related.
No. 83025
>90 of 250 threads have a cross-thread link
Let me guess, "old thread there [post number], new thread here"?
No. 83026
I've looked at several available in my repo but didn't like any of them. So much so that I eventually made myself a spreadsheet calendar. So if you're like me, don't bother with free software calendar software of the late 2010s.
What's that?
No. 83027
That graph should be directed.
No. 83028 Kontra
That would only be the nodes with outdeg on and indeg one. Butblook at the component, that can not be the case here.
No. 83031
Not exactly, rather replying to posts in old thread while continuing discussion in new one. However number threads alone would create one-branch chains.

It is directed, look at arrows.
No. 83037
>It is directed, look at arrows.
Oh. I couldn't see them at first.
No. 83811
Just learnt that Unicode will allocate 64 code points for Rma†, a script that was just constructed in 2017 by this one dude‡, with dubious acceptance among Qiang speakers and no official status. I was pretty astonished how easy it is to propose newly created scripts but then I remembered all the emojis.
Lowkey wish the character set to be re-encoded without backward compatibility.

No. 83814
I think Unicode has a bunch of scripts that have been "invented" one day by a tribe's resident assburger in the past 100 years. If said assburger is a tribe member as opposed to a missionary, that's authentic enough, no matter if nobody other than the assburger himself (and perhaps foreign missionaries translating the Good Book) has ever actually used it.
No. 84652
When you're trying to lern to cooode but have to constantly stop to google retarded shit like this:

And the best thing is, after you're done fucking with your vimrc, the next time you set up a new environment, or use a machine you don't own, you have to go back to the insane defaults, or fuck with vimrc again, or settle for using the machine owner's vimrc which might not even functionally be the same program any more due to all the remappings and plugins out the ass.

Imagine the de facto standard text editor forcing you to carry state around with you.
What's the fucking point of it being the default if you're going to have to carry your config around with you; that's the same as having to carry a non-standard program around with you. What's the functional difference between installing a custom editor and wgetting your custom vimrc file?
And what's the point of it being customizable if half the time you're launching vim it's going to be when sshing into a machine with default configs?
Feels like a practical joke that's being played on everyone who has to use a unix environment at some point.

You know what? Fuck it. If I have to download something on a new machine every single time anyway, I might as well just download this:
It actually just fucking works out of the box.

Also, imagine being one of the poor souls who got mind-broken into actually liking the vim paradigm and now have to google "[program name] vim mode plugin" for the rest of their lives.
It's almost like being left handed or handicapped lmao, you now need external tools and assistance to interact with the rest of the world.
No. 84655 Kontra
a) where is vim the default text editor, as far as I know, it is not even installed by default on Debian.
b) you are using a text editor with umpteen plugins to code and complain it is not an IDE.
c) you modify configuration of $PROGRAM and complain not every machine has the same modifications done to the local default configuration? Really?
d) apparently, you are using many different development systems. Why?

Also, stop complaining so much. It makes you sound like an entitled little asshole who needs to get his shit rect.
No. 84661
>where is vim the default text editor, as far as I know, it is not even installed by default on Debian.
yes, yes, ed is the standard text editor, I know.
>you are using a text editor with umpteen plugins
vim plugins are a trash fire, I don't use them. I'm using a text editor with umpteen config settings because it can't handle auto indentation and copypasting with shift+insert at the same time.
>and complain it is not an IDE.
Usual strawman. I don't use IDEs. I use text editors. I'm complaining that vim is a bad text editor (that some people try to turn into a bad ide)
>you modify configuration of $PROGRAM and complain not every machine has the same modifications done to the local default configuration
No, I'm complaining that $PROGRAM has shit defaults. There's not a single person in the universe who uses vim and has an empty vimrc file. Because it has shit defaults.
> apparently, you are using many different development systems. Why?
this has nothing to do with development per se, just editing files. I edit files on multiple systems, yes. sometimes I even login as (gasp) different users. but you can have a global config file that applies to all users. where is it located? Depends on your version of vim and your version of unix/linux, of course!

>Also, stop complaining so much. It makes you sound like an entitled little asshole who needs to get his shit rect.
You are complaining about me complaining. Meet me IRL, I'll kick your ass.

But yes, it is my fault. I shouldn't have changed the configs at all. it's always a losing battle. it'll save more time in the long run to just deal with the defaults.
No. 84664 Kontra
As far as I know (not checked), most distros ship with vi and nano. Now go and bitch tovim developers, distro package managers or sysadmons and see if they will listen to your passive-agressive entitled wining, I sure as hell won't.
No. 84667
40 kB, 605 × 264
>As far as I know
Well apparently you don't know, because most distros just symlink vi to vim. Idiot.
>Now go and bitch tovim developers, distro package managers or sysadmons
Oh no, not the poor developerinos, package maintainerinos and sysadminerinos.
You should stop getting butthurt on other peoples' behalf, they don't need a dedicated white knight to defend them on an obscure imageboard.
Do the sensible thing and get butthurt on your own behalf like I do.

> I sure as hell won't.
You already have. I win.
No. 84676
> It makes you sound like an entitled little asshole who needs to get his shit rect.
Maybe it does, but he's completely right about vim. Is nano better btw?

t. vim cuck
No. 84690
150 kB, 911 × 863
>Well apparently you don't know,
See screenshot.

>because most distros just symlink vi to vim
From the debian package description of vim-tiny:
>This package's sole purpose is to provide the vi binary for base installations.
>If a vim binary is wanted ...
sole purpose and vi have been highlighted for your benefit.

>ot the poor developerinos, package maintainerinos and sysadminerinos.
I did not call them 'poor', I told you to bitch to them, since they are the people who are responsible for default configurations on the systems you use (not Ernst, not me), so you might complain to them, since they are able to change something about it. (no one on here can do that!) But I doubt they will, since you are being an insufferable bitch and a drama-queen.

Depends. It was made to be used by idiots. It requires no prior knowledge and is ok for a simple use case where you change one line of a configuration file and are done with it. Which is all the editing the vast majority of people need when they are on the commandline of a remote host.

Personal opinion: If you need to write a complete new main.cf for 67 mail servers or a new configuration for your giant nginx-load-balancer or whatever, you should be doing this in a development-environment, you should test in a test-environment (preferably in an automated manner), and you should distribute the results of your work using a method different from copying and pasting to the editor on the target system. It should not matter at all what the text editor on the target system is and how it is configured.
No. 84691
> It was made to be used by idiots.
OK, you sold it to me.
No. 84698
>most distros
>brings up 1 distro
ok. also, weird irrelevant tangent since vim is a closely compatible superset of vi, it's not like switching to vi will suddenly make it not suck lol. they can be used completely interchangeably in the context of OOTB functionality.
>I told you to bitch to them
I don't wanna.
> (not Ernst, not me)
You weren't personally addressed.
Not everything on the internet is written with you in mind.
That's like overhearing someone complaining about how the weather report was inaccurate, then walking up to them and saying "I can't help you, go write a letter to the weather station"
So you're either autistic, or you got hurt feelings because you have a part of your self-image invested in the particular software I was loudly complaining about.
>since they are able to change something about it
Who says I want them to change it? When I see a dog turd on the street, I will point out that there's a dog turd on the street, and then try to not step in it. It's not my job to clean it up.

>If you need to write a complete new main.cf for 67 mail servers [...]
"It doesn't matter because you shouldn't be using it anyway because of [completely different use-case]"
Do you happen to post on stackoverflow by any chance? Or are you a GNOME maintainer?
No. 84704
Everyone: Calm your tits. Whining about software that you've chosen to use but that presents certain hurdles is tradition in the IT sector and not much different from playing Dark Souls and having an occasional rage-quit.

To the point: There are vim-distributions with a certain set of plugins pre-installed and different defaults set that match common workflows. The idea is exactly what you guys are bantering about: Plain vim has crappy defaults, doing all the configuration yourself is annoying, but a full blown IDE is not the answer either.

Example: https://www.lunarvim.org/

If I wouldn't have my vimrc with more than 5 years of grooming, I'd be using one of those distros instead of doing everything myself. As it stands, I have a vim config with which I'm 95% happy and the remaining 5% have not been annoying enough so far.

>I edit files on multiple systems, yes. sometimes I even login as (gasp) different users. but you can have a global config file that applies to all users. where is it located? Depends on your version of vim and your version of unix/linux, of course!

All versions of vim that you will ever encounter will read ~/.vimrc such that the problem reduces to just having that file for all users on all systems on which you want to use vim. There is no way around this problem with any software that can be configured and I want to spare you the time right now with a hot tip: Do not fall for the "config file version control" hype. Yes, you can use git to distribute your standard config between all systems, but right off the bat you will run into problems that none of the popular solutions actually solve. If you want to look at a project that exemplifies that, check out dotgit. You'll see some of the problems from a mile away, others will creep up on you.
I recommend going for the simplest possible solution that solves most of the problem. For me that is having my config files copied to a directory on a server and whenever I'm on a new system I just rsync the files that I need. It's not perfect, just like any other solution, but it doesn't create additional problems.
No. 84709
>brings up 1 distro
Same on every debian-derived distro, which is the majority of linux-systems out there.

>it's not like switching to vi will suddenly make it not suck
Never said it would.

>You weren't personally addressed.
You just replied to my post, right?

>Who says I want them to change it?
You hate the default settings, you say they suck for everyone, you bitch about them online, but you don't want them changed. It's by now obvious that you just want to keep whining.

>It doesn't matter because you shouldn't be using it anyway because of [completely different use-case]
Since you have stated that you are neither a system administrator nor a developer, I conclude that you are right: you should not be sshing into a multiple remote systems as multiple different users.

>Do you happen to post on stackoverflow by any chance?
Do you ask questions on stackoverflow? Copying from the browser, pasting to the editor?

>Or are you a GNOME maintainer?
Not a GNOME maintainer, but I think GNOME-devs were right in telling the ricers who desperately need their desktop to look like a screen in starship voyager to fuck off.

>There is no way around this problem with any software
Cloud hosted solutions exist.
No. 84712
>Not a GNOME maintainer, but I think GNOME-devs were right in telling the ricers who desperately need their desktop to look like a screen in starship voyager to fuck off.
you need to know more context of the story - gnome designers and other affiliate people were creating blog posts and etc with propaganda against theming several years ago, and now when they finally achieved their goal but users and independent developers not support it at all - they doing all those games with terminology and etc.

that's way how capitalism works, for example capitalists say there is no slavery, but for some reason people are not allowed to freely travel and they have to pay monthly money to some big guy.

so assuming what they telling you true and making conclusions from their words, instead of making obvious conclusions from their actions - is just turns you into an obedient sheep, which is all what capitalistic system wants from ya and what they study you in school and preach in their churches. "just chill up and dont worry - big guys will figure it out themselves".
No. 84713
51 kB, 1054 × 862
Eh, I think it's more banal than that, in that the GNOME project is underfunded and staffed with mediocre talent, so they can't actually afford to maintain all that customizability and compatibility with every random program. I imagine it's way easier to only support software that's in your own platform/infrastructure.
They don't present it that way, of course, they dress it up all philosophical.

It's ok, I was just pretending to be retarded. Sometimes I make obnoxious posts just for the theatrics of it.
>There are vim-distributions with a certain set of plugins pre-installed and different defaults set that match common workflows
I wonder if it's possible to keep two separate vim "distributions". Because I have two use cases for text editors: 1) a text editor that doesn't preserve any state, used for quickly editing a file and closing, like notepad.exe, 2) a "workspace" type text editor for sitting down and working on a project, like one of those "IDE-like" configs. Probably gonna be more pain in the ass but I gotta try it.

>All versions of vim that you will ever encounter will read ~/.vimrc
Yes, but I meant the canonical way of having one file for multiple users, which is to edit either $VIM/vimrc or /etc/vimrc , but that depends on how vim was built.
I've gotten into the habit of using multiple user profiles on a single machine because it's a convenient way to keep two different workspace states on a session level. But sometimes I do need a little bit of shared state.

>Same on every debian-derived distro, which is the majority of linux-systems out there.
You mean on Ubuntu derived distros, which all launch vim when you type vi.
Red hat distros do the same. Pic rel.
It's so easy to not be wrong on the internet, you just have to google stuff before you post it, yet you keep being wrong.

>You just replied to my post, right?
Do you have trouble comprehending causality?
My first post was not addressed to anyone.
Then you sperged out demanding I go talk to an unspecified group of people. lmao

>by now obvious that you just want to keep whining.
Wow, you must be a genius, it only took you 9 hours to figure it out?
Why else do you think people blogpost on imageboards.

>you should not be sshing into a multiple remote systems as multiple different users.
Or else what? You gonna stop me? Ask to see the manager?
Look, I'm doing it right now.

>Copying from the browser, pasting to the editor?
I wish, but I'm using Vim, so it's faster to type it out by hand than getting Vim to paste without fucking up the indentation.
No. 84716
>Cloud hosted solutions exist.

Ah, but that is not a way around the problem, that is replacing one set of problems with another set of problems.

>I wish, but I'm using Vim, so it's faster to type it out by hand than getting Vim to paste without fucking up the indentation.

Before pasting into vim from the clipboard, do

>:set paste

But you don't want to enable paste mode all the time (eg. in your vimrc) because it disables any key mappings in insert mode.

Here is an explanation and:

The solution at the end with the unimpaired plugin and YOPO is a good example of your original argument: This kind of behaviour should be a default and not something you have to figure out by reading tons of documentation and/or ranting on the internet.
No. 84745 Kontra
>You mean on Ubuntu derived distros,
If I meant that, I would have said that. Can you read?
>which all launch vim when you type vi.
No, you cannot read. Read >>84690 again.
>Do you have trouble comprehending causality?
Do have trouble with grasping that threads go from up to down? Probably, since you have trouble reading.
>my first post
and three more complaining posts complaining about your "problem" were adressed to me.
>Wow, you must be a genius, it only took you 9 hours to figure it out
The concept of complaining for the sake of complaining is somewhat alien to me, since I am not a whiny little bitch crying online about being unable to copy stuff from Stackoverflow.
>Or else what? You gonna stop me? Ask to see the manager?
I would do exactly that if I worked at the same company, yes. But I don't. So I'll just take note that something there is fishy and this is not how things are supposed to be done.
>I wish, but I'm using Vim, so it's faster to type it out by hand than getting Vim to paste without fucking up the indentation.
Copying from stackoverflow key-stroke by key-stroke. Sad indeed.
>Eh, I think it's more banal than that, in that the GNOME project is underfunded and staffed with mediocre talent, so they can't actually afford to maintain all that customizability
It was never meant to be theme-able, people just themed GNOME anyway, using an API that never was supposed to be an API. Some of the themes created weird glitches, and the users came running to the GNOME-Project with the bug reports.
>and compatibility with every random program. I imagine it's way easier to only support software that's in your own platform/infrastructure

>Ah, but that is not a way around the problem, that is replacing one set of problems with another set of problems.

Who enslaved you? Was it the gnome-devs? I hope they'll set you free soon, so you can run to the pharmacy to get your special medicine.
No. 84746
19 kB, 1565 × 336
112 kB, 1496 × 1356
>No, you cannot read. Read >>84690 again.
hmm, who should I trust, a random retard on the internet or the official debian package descriptions from the official debian site.
Or I could just spin up a debian container and do vi --version.
You've been fact checked and deboonked.

>the rest of your drivel
didn't read lol
No. 84802
You dumb little arrogant piece of subhuman shit, I quoted the official package description in >>84690
Since you can not read, you obviously did Not read the official package description, which I will quote again
> vim-tiny ..
>This package's sole purpose is to provide the vi binary for base installations.
>If a vim binary is wanted ...
Maybe you should learn to read and then actually read the shit that you link. Just a suggestion.

>didn't read
we know that you can't read.
Do the world a favor and kill yourself, worthless subhuman.
No. 84805
36 kB, 644 × 144
Wow, calm down there buddy.
I'm just trying to help you be less wrong on the internet.

Anyway, here's where you got the answer wrong: vim-tiny is just a stripped down version of vim. It is not vi. Vi was developed by a guy named Bill Joy, and as far as anyone knows, he has nothing to do with the vim project or its minimal variation.

The binary might be called "vi" (for compatibility reasons), but naming something differently doesn't change what it is. For example, if you were to change your legal name to "Mr. Not-a-faggot", you wouldn't stop being one.

So, the original claim that "vim is the default editor" is still true.
No distro today ships with vi.

You just got owned on the internet, kid.
No. 84807
19 kB, 970 × 332
17 kB, 755 × 498
Oh wait, the binary is NOT actually called "vi".
it's called vim.tiny.
You can easily verify that by going to /usr/bin, or exploring the deb package.
Or going here:
And "vi" symlinks to it. See how the file name is in cyan? Linux pro tip: if you type "ls" and some of the listings are colored in bright cyan, it means it's a symlink.

See, I keep assuming that you are not FULLY wrong, just mostly wrong, but time and time again you somehow manage to be even more wrong than I thought you were.
No. 84832
Who cares if it is called vim-tiny. Per definition, this is a vi-binary.
No. 84837
No. 84840 Kontra
57 kB, 2123 × 233
68 kB, 2119 × 277
This is getting fucking ridiculous. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.
No. 84963
120 kB, 750 × 600
53 kB, 1000 × 726
98 kB, 500 × 559
437 kB, 500 × 500
No. 84964
289 kB, 2388 × 1668
170 kB, 1600 × 1675
635 kB, 1200 × 2408
53 kB, 524 × 499
No. 85049
94 kB, 749 × 1080
What would you buy if you had a budget of ~800€ for a computer?
No. 85053
What sort of computer?
May be a tough choice for a dedicated gaming platform. For a predominantly office usage, I once assembled such a PC for my aunt, though never again I'll be using a mini tower, plus I prefer AMD to Intel now (for several reasons). Probably the main challenge was damned Win10.

Still, it should be noted I hate to save on cooling and power supply (such savings tend to end in a short-lived PC).
No. 85054
Dedicated Ernstchan and gaming platform, naturally.
No. 85055 Kontra
124 kB, 1080 × 1088
Laptop or a desktop, BITCH?!
No. 85056 Kontra
Desktop, Eskimo! Kontra!
No. 85058 Kontra
26 kB, 617 × 235
With couple of minutes of browsing I came up with this.

Didn't make sure that the case is actually large enough or if the mobo has a M.2 slot, etc. etc. You could probably save 20€ going with some 480-512GB SSD instead of a M.2 drive, if you need some more euros for a better case. Or a cooler, no idea if CPUs still come with stock coolers. Don't think my last one did.

Regional bricing's abbly.

t. swamp merchant
No. 85063
Nothing, I would save it. I made the mistake of not having money for a good board and cpu with ecc memory support and now I live in constant fear of silent data corruption.
No. 85064
197 kB, 1280 × 765
63 kB, 1148 × 250
Finns, you are all forgiven. I will stop surveillance of Finnish visitors and I will buy something with this as a model.
EC will witness the resulting disaster.

>Jimm's Lahjakortin
No. 85065 Kontra
I would never allow myself to buy something more expensive. It would be too decadent. Savings achieved.
No. 85068 Kontra
46 kB, 499 × 399
Great! I will take absolutely no responsibility for the resulting PC. Not sure about your local prices, but for me it would be cheaper to order the parts from Germany. Regardless, I still buy them here for easier returns in case something doesn't work.

If you're planning to install Windows don't forget the license. If you don't have a transferable one, buy one from Ebay for 5€ or so. But don't do it yet, the license scammers salesmen make sure whatever code they send you gets used within the day. No refunds.
No. 85077
>live in constant fear of silent data corruption
Can't tell if serious.
Do you run a banking-system or is your computer the process control-machine for the NPP at Forsmark or something?
No. 85080
>Or a cooler, no idea if CPUs still come with stock coolers. Don't think my last one did.
I don't know how it is in Finland or Portugal, but here, some come with a cooler and some come without a cooler. How they determine what ships with a cooler and what doesn't is a complete mystery to me.
No. 85090
If it says "OEM" on the product listing, it's without a cooler. If it says "BOX", it's with cooler.

>only 512 GB of storage
That's like what, OS + 4 modern games or 8 mid 2010 games?
Gotta have an HDD and hoard that data.
No. 85107 Kontra
>If it says "OEM" on the product listing, it's without a cooler. If it says "BOX", it's with cooler
We call OEM tray (because they are sold from the tray, not in boxes), so it says tray in our product listings, not OEM. And it's still not true.
See, for example,

it says 'boxed' in the listing, comes without a cooler.
No. 85110 Kontra
22 kB, 568 × 577
>That's like what, OS + 4 modern games or 8 mid 2010 games?
There was a budget, bitchass. Compile a better list of components or take a hike! Or just steal a HDD from your workplace and send it to the guy.

>Gotta have an HDD and hoard that data.
I only have 9TB of storage of which 6 is on a HDD. I definitely regret not going with a 1 TB M.2 and SSDs for the rest because the HDD is incredibly slow. If you want to have a lot of slow storage, better get a NAS. HDDs in a PC in the current year is a horrible experience.
No. 85112
I would seriously consider what >>85053 said regarding the cooling. I'd recommend to get two more fans that move air from the front to the back of the case. In particular I'd place the front fan next to the SSD because SSD controllers tend to produce a lot of heat if stressed for more than a few minutes and that heat will increase the ageing of all components in the SSD. In my experience it's harder to tell that an SSD is about to fail, it usually happens all of the sudden without any SMART values showing signs of deterioration. The back fan should be placed just above the graphics card so that hot air from the CPU doesn't hang around too much in the region of the RAMDAC, which was statistically the weakest component of all my graphics cards (2 out of 3 GPUs that died on me were because of overheating in the RAMDAC).
No. 85144
142 kB, 875 × 656
Yeah, sorry for the disinfo.
Last time I dealt with brand new desktop CPUs was like in skylake times, before that haswell, and before that sandy bridge. Also worked in a computer shop half a decade ago.
Back then, if the CPU was boxed, it was pretty much guaranteed that it'd have a cooler. A really shitty one, but it'd have it. I heard the same was true for early Ryzens.
Apparently, times have changed.
Kinda fucked up that they broke this incredibly useful heuristic tbh. I dunno about other countries, but back here, "OEM" vs "BOX" was pretty much a designation for "without cooler"/"with cooler".

I agree about the PSU. PSU should be the one component that outlasts every other one. Because the default assumption should be that if your PSU fails, it takes every other component with it. If you buy a good one with headroom in wattage, it'll last you several upgrades, including socket changes and a new GPU with some retardedly high TDP as is fashionable these days. And I'll always cut budget from every other component in favor of the PSU.
I'm not sure I agree with the cooling stuff to that extent. Unless it's a really high end rig with an i7/9 and a gigantic nvidia housefire graphics card, it probably doesn't matter as much.
Having worked for a company that sells and supports office PCs + shitty gaymer PC builds with cheapest components, I've never encountered an SSD, CPU or GPU failure. It was the motherboard, RAM or HDD every single time. And I'm talking shit like the PC hotboxed under a desk next to the centrally heated radiator with dust bunnies filling the entire interior.
Modern cases even put HDDs and SSDs in the most fucked up, isolated places in the case chassis, because at the end of the day, one HDD + one SSD won't consume so much power as to actually overheat.
With GPUs, if you have a midrange GPU and a decent power supply at the top, or a tower CPU cooler (if PSU is at the bottom), they'll most likely handle it.

> Compile a better list of components or take a hike!
I can't do that, because unlike you, I am a professional with standards, and won't recommend any build without knowing what resolution and refresh rate monitor the GPU is for.
Because the answer to which CPU they should get depends on which GPU they want to get, and which GPU they want to get depends on which resolution and refresh rate they're going to be doing real time 3D graphics at. If he's playing at 1080p 60hz, then an RTX 2060 is definitely overkill.

But assuming the display matches the performance components, I'd get rid of the overkill case, get the cheapest case there is, because it doesn't matter at that budget level.
With the rest of the budget, I'd cut the SSD to 256GB and get a used/new HDD (depending on how good a deal you can get)
Why SSD+HDD? Because it's more flexible. You can store static data or game installers / ISOs on your HDD, and install/transfer to SSD as you need. Transfering files from HDD to SSD is bottlenecked by your HDD, which is 150 MB per second + installation time. If your internet speed is not 1Gib/s, that's much faster than redownloading your games every time.
Why used HDD? Because ironically, used HDDs are more reliably as long as they're like 1-2 years old, because most HDDs fail within the first year of use.

>I only have 9TB of storage of which [...]
nobody asked, nobody cares faggot
No. 85146 Kontra
Reading the two first lines is enough to discard everything else, so didn't read lol :D
No. 85148
No. 85149
>If he's playing at 1080p 60hz
>Used HDD pricing
1TB - 20€
>never CPU or GPU failure
Thoughts on purchasing these parts second hand/salvaging them from existing second hand computers?
t. on visiting a second hand store (gentrified pawnshop) I noticed a monstrosity that had a GPU that cost 950€ new. The whole thing was in a complete riced out shiny rounded, kinda egg shaped, case. 725€.

One must admit complaining about only having a 3TB SSD is decadent and especially mean.
No. 85160
26 kB, 686 × 490
60 kB, 700 × 456
8 kB, 334 × 465
41 kB, 500 × 214
Basically depends on what you want to use your computer for.
Modern games?
Older games?
General desktop usage?
For gaymes I'd recommend an Intel CPU of the i5 range from 10th or 11th generation (I know they have shit TDP, but still better performance per core which is what gaymes care about) + AMD RX GPU (RX XT 6600 or 5700)

>Thoughts on purchasing these parts second hand/salvaging them from existing second hand computers?
CPUs are totally fine to purchase used. In my experience, they either fail completely or just werk. So if you can verify that they werk, they will werk.
Motherboards similar story, most fail within the first year, but it's a bit more risky.
I wouldn't buy a GPU second hand, fuck knows what the previous owner was doing with it. Maybe training neural networks for fetish porn image generation.

also, pls come back to the tabletop discord, I know I probably said some totally mean things (I don't remember because I was completely shitfaced at the time), but I swear I didn't mean it (whatever it was). We miss U
No. 85169
Fun fact, all servers have ECC memory. It isn't some magical thing that only supermegaultra critical systems use.

DDR5 has it built in, not full blown traditional ECC but still they recognize the problem.

I also happen to like things I save on my computer and would like to be able to use it later and if you take into account shady disk controllers doing strange things there is a fairly large risk of silent data corruption. Backups won't solve that because you would backup the fault too. There are a lot of bits in a modern day computer that can get flipped at the wrong time.

This is why I live in constant fear of silent data corruption. There are arguments against "normal consumers" needing it, they are all dumb.
No. 85170 Kontra
82 kB, 1280 × 720
I am relieved the contents of the conversation are known to nobody. I was also very rude, but you don't remember it (not morally evil).
No. 85174 Kontra
65 kB, 828 × 765
Let me tell you a secret. I wanted to help you, but not spend a lot of time figuring out any intricacies regarding the hardware itself, or your needs. Then, I post information that is wrong or not thorough enough and assburgers will come at me with their mouths foaming, telling me all the ways I'm a stupid retard faggot. And ta-da, you just got free consulting catering to your specific needs. This is literally just like in one of them XKCDs. Works every time.

You're welcome.

t. sneagy fugg
No. 85195
>all servers have
And don't actually need it. It's because the cost structure of server vendors makes it cheaper for them to simply ship everything with ECC.
>Oh no bit flipped in the may-may served from cache
Just imagine!

By the way, most servers have redundant power-supplies, too. And in the majority of cases, the redundant power supplies sit on the same circuit, so you still can't switch that circuit off to do work on it.

>all servers have
Your desktop machine is not a server.
No. 85240
Why just admit you have no idea what you are writing about?

You don't have to buy ECC if you don't want to. Doesn't mean you do not need it but you are allowed to not care about things. Also this is a pretty silly thing to get upset about. inb4 im not upset, you are (obnoxious smiley face)

The thing is I care about data. I can also say that if you use something like Bitlocker on windows you do not want corrupted data at the wrong place. If you run a job that runs for hours you don't want corrupted data.

> By the way, most servers have redundant power-supplies...
No, that isn't redundant power supplies. A setup like that was sort of common in low budget server and network equipment but any server today from a respectable supplier, well depends on how you define respectable, will have redundant supplies that you can hotswap if there is more then one.

> Your desktop machine is not a server.
No it is worse. A server has a fairly stable environment to run in. UPS, not so fluctuating power with a not so fucked up sinus wave. Hardware being guarantied to handle heat and sufficient cooling. No moron drinking corrosive drinks in the vicinity. Although I can't really account for the EM-radiation servers run in a more stable environment then desktop machines comparable. Shit even things like turning the computer on and fluctuating temperatures puts stress on circuits and cheap shit really loves being stress tested. Also ever felt that nice tickling feeling you can only get from bad wiring and happen to touch a wall mounted radiator and your computer at the same time?

Basically it suck so why choose worse if you can do better?
No. 85248
I agree with most of what you say but would like to point out that you're arguing towards getting a mainboard (and CPU for that matter) that support ECC to people who have never knowingly encountered bit rot. And restricting yourself to mainboards with ECC support can be very limiting in terms of choice and thus potentially increase price by a significant margin.

Btw, last year I came across a nice feature to help with data retention on the filesystem layer that apparently very few people are aware of: dm-integrity
It's part of cryptsetup and can be enabled since kernel4.12 (though it was marked as experimental for a long time).

It can be used to spot data corruption inbetween luks and md-raid for example and if memory serves me well I think it detects bit rot coming from RAM as well. I'm mentioning it because you seem like the person who'd be interested in that feature.
No. 85256
>No, that isn't redundant power supplies
>will have redundant power supplies
Make up your mind.
>A setup like that was sort of common in low budget server and network
Triple lol. What does cost have to do with it?
>that you can hotswap if there is more then one
And it's useless when they are both connected to the same 220V-circuit, because when that circuit is switched off, they are both without power and you can hotswap all day long.

>I care about data
About the all important maymays and maybe some video of a broad sucking your dick. I can only role my eyes. You are not important and your data is not important.

>I can also say that if you use something like Bitlocker on windows you do not want corrupted data at the wrong place.
Then your main problem is your hard-drive, not your RAM.

>A server has a fairly stable environment to run in. UPS, not so fluctuating power with a not so fucked up sinus wave. Hardware being guarantied to handle heat and sufficient cooling. No moron drinking corrosive drinks in the vicinity. Although I can't really account for the EM-radiation servers run in a more stable environment then desktop machines comparable.
In a world where servers live in perfect data centers, served by men in white coats, not in a sectioned off area next to the production lines.

>Also ever felt that nice tickling feeling you can only get from bad wiring and happen to touch a wall mounted radiator and your computer at the same time
No, and I am worried for your safety.

Radiators are often not perfectly grounded. Not all fittings everywhere are soldered, some are pressed, and a radiator might be connected by hemped-in/ptfe-taped screw fittings. Never expect radiators to offer a low-resistance ground path. That is what PE is for, not the heating installation, which should not be part of the electrical installation, anyway. Using heating pipes as PE or N is dangerous pre-war/communist-stuff. If you do that, stop doing it not ASAP, but immediately.

If your electrical installation uses a common PEN, it is expected that a load on one of the three phases shifts the zero-potential away from PEN, since PEN does not have 0 resistance. But you should have separate neutral and PE, and the metal-case of a non-faulty device should be connected to PE, never to N. As long as no faulty devices are connected and PE, there should never be any potential on PE.

Get an electrician to check for faulty wiring (N wired as PE, PE interrupted and voltage on PE through capacitive coupling). Check the socket (PE-contacts clean, making good contact with the plug), have B+-type RCDs installed, with devices that use inverters for their BLDCs every more common, they really make sense.
No. 85267 Kontra
Meh. If you want to argue go on. You obviously do not understand what you are arguing about.
I was going to write a detailed answer but then I remember I'm not getting paid to do this. Find someone who does if you want to continue.
No. 85268 Kontra
OK, enjoy your electrocution.
No. 85401
2,3 MB, 1800 × 4000
Based on information provided, I did nothing. I bought this computer from a second hand shop. It looks like a bomb and it's flashing at me.

Additional information: videogames time's
No. 85402 Kontra
Red lights = powerful
Green lights = efficiency

You did well. What are you going to play?
No. 85409
If I were rich and powerful, or even a dictator, I'd make a deal with every ISP in the world so that their ISP provided modem-router-switch comboss must all have powerful enough chips to run a linux server with at least a couple containers, and include at least 80GB internal storage.

I'd market it as "your own personal cloud", "access your music anywhere you go" etc., and add a shell where they can install various apps if they want to run a forum or a file server or whatever. Then I'd say "want to earn a bit of money with your router? here, run a [latest decentralized distributed federated thing] node on your router and get your internet plan subsidized.

And then we will achieve a self hosted decentralized utopia.
The greatest tragedy of internet connected computers is that users turn them off at night.
No. 85411 Kontra
Do away with the dumb lights.
No. 85413
Due to my research on NRx I stumbled upon this Urbit thing.

>And then we will achieve a self hosted decentralized utopia

Is Urbit not that kind of thing? Everybody has a server and these communicate with one another? Sorry, I don't know anything about the technology really
No. 85414
Huh, actually sounds like a pretty great idea to me.

Would need a lot of work to make sure this isn't exploitable (both economically and in terms of egineering). But lots of work is the expected cost for ideas of that kind.
No. 85416 Kontra
What exactly do you think is great about it?

That sort of decentralization seems like a huge waste of resources in every sense of it. If for whatever reason you still want to force that sort of a "personal cloud" and ability to "earn money a bit of money" on everyone, it would be a lot better if it were directly hosted by the ISP and not distributed to every household. It's why you can rent dinky VPSes for so cheap compared to hardware and running costs of your own physical server.

Mandated gommunistic consoomerism tier. Want something like that? Set it up for yourself.
No. 85417
55 kB, 456 × 614
>personal cloud" and ability to "earn money a bit of money"
That would just be the marketing/state propaganda, dumbass.

The real goal is normalizing self-hosting and p2p networking.
For example, there would be no need for social media if everyone self-hosted their blogs/pages whatever, and you just had an RSS style "subscribe to their bullshit" button on your client machine.

Because this is the only utility Twitter actually provides - a global notification platform, where you can subscribe to people when they want to notify their audience about something. The only reason they can monopolize a notification system is because of the centralized nature of the internet.
I want a platform-agnostic way to receive notifications from people I care about, all in one place.
Right now I have to install an app for each individual platform, or check all their websites individually, to get my notifications. I just want the notifications.

Or sending files. It's stupid that sending a 1GB file over to someone over the internet is a problem for some reason.
What about audio/video calls, streaming, etc? Everyone has a computer capable of real time video streaming, the only problem is getting it to your audience.
If you want to stream to 10 people, you need 10x upload rate as the bitrate of your video. With p2p networking, this load could be redistributed.

I have data on my computer, that I want to send to my friend's computer. Why the FUCK is it a given that we must both instead use somebody else's computer together?
No. 85418 Kontra
22 kB, 568 × 577
>That would just be the marketing/state propaganda, dumbass.
aight imma head out
No. 85419
> Right now I have to install an app for each individual platform, or check all their websites individually, to get my notifications. I just want the notifications.
And how the decentralization thing will change it? How does this fit in with your statement that Twitter "monopolized" notification system?

> sending a 1GB file over to someone over the internet is a problem for some reason.
It's not.

You want decentralization for the sake of decentralization, just like NFT-bros about whom you used to bitch about.
No. 85420 Kontra
104 kB, 450 × 633
>You want decentralization for the sake of decentralization, just like NFT-bros about whom you used to bitch about.

People ignored my Urbit post but Urbit is essentially another Web3 thing that libertarian minded tech pilled people wanna push through and it sounds exactly like bricks wet dream. Of course they all hate platforms since it's the masses gathering there, masses are bad for elitists so naturally the yhate platforms and want their pre-2003/pre-dotcom bust circle of wizards back where only a handful of people where exchanging splendor ideas like in some burgi enlightenment salons.
No. 85424
you know what, nobody on ec can has basic reading comprehension these days, this website is a waste of time
No. 85425
As I understand (after reading for a few minutes), Urbit is a just a tool for easier making arbitrarily decentralized apps.

> Of course they all hate platforms since
Since they're purged from that platforms.
No. 85426 Kontra
I think the money goes to your head, young man.
No. 85427
>Since they're purged from that platforms.

Not all but that certainly is another reason for some.
No. 85431

But I come to EC for discussions, not to handhold someone through the english language, so that 10 posts later we finally establish a common understanding of what we're even talking about, at which point they have nothing to say or contribute.
"I don't see how thing A in your post relates to thing B in your post"
Not my fucking problem, learn to read.

Or reading posts like "what about this completely unrelated thing I heard about once but I'm mentioning anyway? what do you think about that huh?"
No. 85432 Kontra
>this completely unrelated thing

You better tell me how your vision differs from Urbit both technically and ideologically to substantiate your claims of it being completely unrelated, if that is what you mean with completely unrelated you refer to something abstract/general and not concrete, just in case that wasn't clear already.
No. 85433 Kontra
Ah yes, it's everyone else's fault you first talk about marketing your idea with a set of concepts, but what you actually meant wasn't that it is the a real value proposition of the idea, but just means of propaganda to achieve a different goal. Because the text in the post sure doesn't indicate anything like that. You could have a "decentralized utopia" with the sheer utility of the marketed points as well. This has nothing to do with handholding, but being able to infer what you really mean when you use a simple concept like marketing, or anything.

I come to EC for discussions too, but not to be constantly bitched, moaned and abused by someone who keeps pivoting on their words. Take a moment and imagine trying to have a discussion with someone who constantly reframes their clear-cut earlier statements, and then flings shit on you. That's what it's like trying to have a serious discussion with you, in case you missed it. So I'd rather not. You see, that's why I replied to the Bavaria ball and not you earlier on. I'd rather discuss a topic you brought up with someone else who is capable of decent dialogue. In your reply to me you've now switched marketing to "marketing/state propaganda", and immediately call me a dumbass. Incredible.

And with this, I think I'm done with EC for some time.

No, I won't see you tomorrow.
No. 85435 Kontra
Drama queens!
No. 85436
And what do these two concepts have in common besides "it's something distributed"? I'd recommend to get a grasp of computer "science" itself instead of just reading essays by humanities guys about it. It will probably be more interesting and surely will provide a much better understanding of the topic.
No. 85437
I want self hosting to be normalized because it's actually very cheap and energy efficient (a server can be run on the hardware equivalent of an android tablet which would cost around 6 months worth of renting the cheapest VPS container so >>85416 this retard is wrong as well, VPS are a ripoff), and everyone already has a computer in their house that is connected to the internet and is on 24/7, it's called a router.

Nothing "new" has to be invented, no "platforms" built or "philosophies" formulated. Everything else, including the "decentralization" (the word that everyone in this thread randomly latched onto for some reason) would just be a side effect of people not needing to use somebody else's computer to serve their files. That's it.

Also, imagine all the waste of renting the cheapest VPS which is probably like 1GB ram and 20GB storage space just to host a small web page, when you'll probably only use 200MB ram and 500MB storage. So this retard >>85416 is wrong about "resource waste" as well.

The only service VPS providers actually provide is high bandwidth (but most people don't need 10G up for day to day tasks), and that they don't turn the electricity off at night.

Then there's all these problems where p2p networks would be the optimal solution, except we can't really do it right now because everyone's computer is behind their router. Video streaming for example would be very efficient if it could be done p2p.

>Because the text in the post sure doesn't indicate anything like that.
Again, not my fucking problem you can't read.
> infer what you really mean when you use a simple concept like marketing
When somebody uses the word "marketing", your first inference should be that they're lying to achieve a different goal. Like, lmao, that's the only way "marketing" is used.
>switched marketing to "marketing/state propaganda"
Did the part about jokingly imagining myself a dictator not tip you off, retard?
>someone who constantly reframes their clear-cut earlier statements
It's rather a problem if you being an ESL so I constantly have to dumb down my language and restate everything like I'm talking to a child because you lack the ability to read statements past face value.
The kind of person who thinks the movie the shining is about a hotel, and the book metamorphosis is about a guy who turns into a beetle.
Remember what I said about you being a spiritual dwarf? Yeah, still applies.

>not to be constantly bitched, moaned and abused by someone
Shouldn't confidently and loudly proclaim things while being wrong.
It only works when you're always right, like me.
No. 85438 Kontra
Actually, the whole "decentralized" movement is really stupid because it doesn't matter that your protocol and architecture are decentralized, when you have to rely on hosting providers to run your "nodes" anyway.
And it's not really about muh privacy etc., it's a simple problem of logistics. You want every user to also be a host, otherwise it's functionally centralized because there's 1 host per 1000 users.

Like, the main matrix instance is already constantly overloaded because everyone just picks it as default when registering lol.
No. 85446
Oh, right, forgot about this retard.

>You want decentralization for the sake of decentralization, just like NFT-bros about whom you used to bitch about.
  1. I bitched about NFTs not because of they're decentralized, but because NFTs don't work.
  2. NFT-bros don't know what decentralization is and they don't care either.
  3. NFTs are centralized.
Another example of a retarded cunt who sees a keyword in somebody's post, makes a tangential relation between that and something they've heard before, with no real logical or causal relationship, then opens his faggot mouth out of line.
No. 85460 Kontra
Assumptions and strawman

Anyway, brick elaborated on why Urbit and his idea are similar, not in that they are both distributed which is dumb because a network is always about distribution but in the architecture of distribution. They are both similar in that how I understand it the client-server model is abolished towards just (private) servers, a giant p2p. Urbit delivers a solution to that problem.

Indeed, I don't know much about it, yet don't be so stupid as to assume I only read humanities texts. Don't know drilled your bumhole so hard that you have to bring it up that often. And don't pretend that a technology is free of ideology (and thus also a humanities issue) since the web3 tech bro shit obviously goes beyond technicalities. But I guess that only goes to people who care and have the understanding that people lack who never read humanities, don't understand them but bitch about them nonetheless like they studied it in depth.
No. 85475
>a server can be run on the hardware equivalent of an android tablet which would cost around 6 months worth of renting the cheapest VPS container
I just checked. I pay €5 a month for my virtual server and android tablets start at $200. What am I doing wrong?
No. 85489
>a server can be run on the hardware equivalent of an android tablet which would cost around 6 months worth of renting the cheapest VPS container
If this hardware is so cheap, why not put a lot of it in a datacenter, and gib everyone state-subsidized 20 gb on this server? It will be even more efficient because unused space can be used for another user's data and maintenance of hardware will be streamlined. I don't see benefits of attaching it to users' routers.

I think it's the main reason, your "elitism" explanation is rather based on stereotype.
https://www.unqualified-reservations.org/2007/08/whats-wrong-with-cs-research/ - written by one of Urbit's creators. Haskell and some other things are criticized for being elitist, only suitable for 146 IQs and only usable for selection of them out of the rest.

No you strawman. Never said that you shouldn't read humanities essays or that they're unrelated to subject, just advised to experience the subject itself too.
No. 85491 Kontra
>I think it's the main reason, your "elitism" explanation is rather based on stereotype.

Give me a quote of Yarvin, that shows he is not an elitist. Since I came via NRx to Urbit, Yarvin and others of course show an elitist attitude, similar to what the usual imageboard inhabitant stance is in that regard: normies are trash, the faceless masses have no individuality, no intellect (unlike somebody like Yarvin). Why do you think democracy has to go and a CEO king installed? This is democracy critic 101, the masses are not good for political rulership.
No. 85497
62 kB, 750 × 600
29 kB, 645 × 767
Yes, I've read some of his political posts, what you say is true. But there is also a lot of critic towards smartasses from academia and "keep it simple, stupid" approach. If you're interested, read the post which I linked.
No. 85498 Kontra
93 kB, 800 × 1009
Yeah, but why is that so? Because he is against the institutionalized elites that hold every true libertarian down (the system conspires against us freedom loving entrepreneurs and free minded thinkers). But in light of egalitarian pushing elites he suggest building another elitist social-political organization of human beans. I don't mean there is a CEO king that is elite but the caste of free thinkers that develops the solutions under the king while people being too dumb or not able to do certain stuff are left standing more or less. Which means science tells us IQ is real and blacks are dumber in general thus they have bad luck and have to adjust to the elite caste inb4 they are free to exit and make their own society :^) .

So yeah, Yarvin is against elites, but is solution is another elitism. He doesn't like egalitarian technocracy but is happy with an authoritarian technocracy instead the later explains the (paradox?) love for China in NRx circles and other libertarian currents.
No. 85500
901 kB, 1128 × 1194
1,1 MB, 1093 × 1157
768 kB, 1064 × 1257
>It will be even more efficient because unused space can be used for another user's data and maintenance of hardware will be streamline
Wow, you're right, that would be more efficient.
You know what, why don't you also get rid of your inefficient personal computer and get a google stadia subscription?
You will own nothing and you will be happy!

>What am I doing wrong?
Not parsing the english language correctly. When reading sentences, you have to read every word, and figure out how words relate to each other, not just read like 30% of the sentence and imagine the meaning.
Here, I'll help you out:
>a server can be run on the (hardware equivalent of an android tablet) which would cost around 6 months worth of renting the cheapest VPS container
In case you still don't get it, you can try using ctrl F to search for "you can buy an android tablet for what you'd pay for 6 months of the cheapest VPS" and discover that you get 0 results. That's because I didn't say that.

To spell it out further, the reason I have attached pictures of replacement screens for tablets is so that you can subtract the price of the cheapest screen from the price of the cheapest tablet. That would equal about 30 euros, just in case your math skills are as bad as your reading skills.
The reason we would do that is because you don't need a screen to run a server, so we only need the price of the hardware sans the screen.

Just tell me if this was too complicated for you and I'll try to explain it again, but with shorter words and helpful diagrams.
No. 85524 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>When reading sentences, you have to read every word, and figure out how words relate to each other, not just read like 30% of the sentence and imagine the meaning

This is actually how I read and it's a hard habit to break when I'm reading something challenging like Ulysses.
No. 85700
3,2 MB, 512 × 512, 0:39
No. 85711
>in memory of grandpa

That guy must have seen a lot.

Also: Cool beans, I've been fascinated by cellular automatons but have never delved into any non-discrete methods. The emergent 3D physiology blows my mind, like seriously.
No. 85743
Is there such a thing as a language that specializes in general written text manipulation?

I don't mean regexp, that's for searching.
I mean like a language that understands the semantics of text and lets you manipulate it in a high level way.
No. 85744
Depending on what you mean by "high level":

sed is grep + substitution such that you can replace any substring you find via regexp with another substring. The substitution can make use of all found expressions.

If you mean more high level, all that comes to mind are the string libraries of languages like python and ruby.
No. 85745
By "high level" I meant it can natively express something like "Indent paragraph under the cursor and capitalize every first word of a sentence within" in a single statement.

It has to have some built-in understanding that written text is structured as a hierarchy of units encased into each other. Like, syllables are delimited by vowels, words are delimited by spaces, sentences by punctuation, paragraphs by newlines.

Perhaps also allowing to specify syntax rules of the text you're working with. If working with C, you could substitute its understanding of "paragraphs" and "sentences" with ; for statements, {} for scope/blocks, etc.

The problem with regexp is that it "thinks" in characters, and doesn't understand the higher level structure of text.
A contrived example:
To a human, the following:


Looks like a list of 3 things of one category. To regexp, it looks like two things in the category of "ends with \n" and 1 thing in the category of "ends with EOF".

And so on.
No. 85747
No. 85749
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>By "high level" I meant it can natively express something like "Indent paragraph under the cursor and capitalize every first word of a sentence within" in a single statement.

Microsoft Word is just the language you've been looking for!
No. 85751
No. 85765
179 kB, 316 × 310, 0:00
Listened to this for 15 minutes now. Still trying to figure out why this is more fascinating to me than listening to either of them for real...

Thank you for posting it.
No. 85766 Kontra
Man, this is so full of amazing crap, I can't just can't stop. This site may just prove to be the bane of my existence D:

>Anyone who wants to learn something about the history of philosophy should watch porno.
>This would be a great way to get rid of all this bullshit.

  • Slavoj Žižek
No. 85768 Kontra
58 kB, 642 × 419
Mine started wholesome and got fucked up at the end.
No. 86425
194 kB, 1220 × 730
One of the components of systemd is systemd-boot, formerly gummiboot, a boot manager that can only start

*Linux kernel


*other EFI bootloaders

But the linux kernel itself is a EFI bootloader via EFISTUB. So what's the point? At least grub, albeit the bloat, offers more functionality. Systemd-boot is probably easier to manipulate than efibootmgr but there's no reason for it to be in systemd.
No. 86426
I stopped asking
>why is this in systemd
years ago.
Sometimes, someone answers with some convoluted use-case I cannot remember for more than 15 minutes, and I came to the conclusion that in most cases, the correct answer to this question is
>it's for political reasons.
No. 86428
4,0 MB, 426 × 284, 0:19
No. 86478
>political reasons
So it's a kind of organisational behaviour? By adding more components, they take over other modules' role and gain more influence within the community, like an ever-expanding bureaucracy.