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No. 67995 Systemkontra
293 kB, 1122 × 829
The madlads are doing well, Ak47s for everyone.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Poltava and he is saying that Kharkov is pretty serious right now and they've knocked out entire columns of Russian vehicles on the roads into the city

I will dump all footage I find itt
No. 67996
4,3 MB, 426 × 234, 0:49
2,9 MB, 640 × 352, 0:32
No. 67997
13,3 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:43
3,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
1,2 MB, 640 × 352, 0:19
No. 67998
5,2 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:19
3,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:17
2,2 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:08
No. 67999
2,1 MB, 324 × 720, 0:36
2,6 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:15
1,0 MB, 1086 × 720, 0:28
No. 68000
2,8 MB, 352 × 400, 0:56
2,7 MB, 304 × 432, 0:30
8,3 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:58
No. 68007
I can't believe that Karkhiv still has not fell. Ukrainians did it, the special military operation still hasn't been brought to an end. Its end is gonna be brutal and savage.

Is there more on the germanness of the use of 'Putler'?
maybe ultimate germanness is thinking random things is so German-like
No. 68008
>I can't believe that Karkhiv still has not fell.
It has been only two days. Russia has been holding back as to not hurt the civilian population. But Selensky is forcing untrained civilians and grandpas to the front to shield himself. Ukrainian forces are hiding in the cities. He is using the population as human shields for himself.

>thinking random things is so German-like
Everything bad and pathetic is by default German-like. Germany is a disgusting country hated by the whole of Europe for its pathetic weakness, and rightly so.
No. 68009
71 kB, 960 × 430
A Blockchain-Based Noah’s Ark Is Being Used To Preserve A Record Of The Ukraine Conflict

>In the last few weeks alone the platform[Arweave], which claims to have found a way to cheaply and permanently store virtually unlimited amounts of data, has absorbed more than 6.5 million pieces of information surrounding the Ukraine conflict uploaded onto its software by an eager network of global participants. A week ago the platform only held 100,000 different entries.

tldr: Data can now be hoarded on decentralized nodes
No. 68010 Kontra
2,6 MB, 1374 × 1080, 0:09
Afaik Kharkov is manned by the actually experienced troops the Ukrainians have (since it was the central hub for the base of operations for the campaign in the East), so it should give the Russians quite the challenge to capture it.
But it falling would basically mean collapse for the Ukrainian logistics in the East.

And as the German said, it's only been two days.
It feels a bit like everyone is hopped up on HoI4 gameplay and think the war should already be over.
It only has begun.
No. 68012 Kontra
>It feels a bit like everyone is hopped up on HoI4 gameplay and think the war should already be over.
Well, people probably expect that the second biggest superpower should be able to effortlessly capture a small AIDS-ridden country without much problem.
Turns out a few premises here are wrong.
No. 68013
1,3 MB, 1683 × 1080
Fugg I just realised he wasn't baiting all the time. :DD
No. 68014
It's a fucking huge country. It'd take weeks to occupy it properly even if they didn't resist. They're resisting.

The US didn't make much more progress in Iraq on day two either. Comparatively, the Russian advances so far have been miraculous.
No. 68015 Kontra
Please don't feed the troll.
No. 68016
>It feels a bit like everyone is hopped up on HoI4 gameplay and think the war should already be over.
It was dumb, so dumb of the Ukrainians to try becoming part of the weak and degenerate west. They did not see through American lies, and now they pay. The West is weak and becoming weaker by the day. America is occupied in the Pacific, vainly trying to counter the rise of china, which basically owns the US. Without a protective power, hampered by economic weakness, mounting debt, increasing energy prices, lack of an actual economy, a common identity or political unity, Europe will fall to pieces before the end of the decade. The UK knows this, that is why they left early and try to make connections elsewhere in the world.
The coming economic and political crises will force every European country to align with either Russia or China. The weak, pathetic, effeminate times of affluence are over.

The educated elites are already fleeing stagnant European economies and their enormous tax burden. They are replaced by uneducated refugees who go straight in welfare. The end is near.

Europeans will suffer. Ukrainians will suffer most, they picked the wrong horse late in the game.
No. 68017
It took the Americans and the Brits a month to defeat Iraq, it took them weeks to even reach Bagdhad. Russians reached Kiew in only two days!

Compare it! Either Russia is stronger than America or Ukraine is even weaker than Iraq. This will be over in just days.
No. 68018 Kontra
Ignore German schizo troll, he's only here for the attention.

If anyone from Poland or Lithuania is reading along, thank you for talking the semblance of sense into our chancellor, it is much appreciated.
No. 68020
71 kB, 532 × 831
Great footage OP. I wonder why those manpads missed the helicopters. Either flares are still very effective or the missiles aren't that great hitting from a frontal aspect. I doubt the weapons themselves are soviet-era anymore but I could be wrong.

Mental illness is hell of a drug.
No. 68021 Kontra
It seems like my post was a bit confusing.
I was merely trying to explain why some people would be surprised by how fast/slow the war is going.
No. 68029
72 kB, 640 × 906
30 kB, 500 × 362
Does Putin think he is Stirlitz from 17 Mgnowenie Vesny?
>KGB officer
>fighting fascists for the rodina
>smart, shrewd, no one can see his mind
>Feliks Dzershinsky would be proud
No. 68030
18 kB, 480 × 320
No. 68041 Kontra
Musk is providing ukraine internet via satellite? Wonderous times.
There is talk making rounds that most Russian soldiers are young people who have no clue why they are actually invading this country
No. 68054 Kontra
They just see it as legitimate part of Russia.
No. 68094
3,0 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:17
369 kB, 720 × 888
>25 Feb
Chechens deployed
>27 Feb
Chechens dead

God damn Ukraine, balls of steel

>This will be over in just days.
Boris, your proxy is showing

What do people you know in real life say about this shitshow?
No. 68095
12,7 MB, 576 × 1024, 1:18
3,6 MB, 480 × 270, 2:15
1,7 MB, 464 × 848, 0:30
No. 68096
7,0 MB, 640 × 352, 2:11
9,6 MB, 464 × 848, 1:09
7,1 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:57
No. 68097 Kontra
>God damn Ukraine, balls of steel
Or maybe it's only propaganda, who knows.
No. 68102 Kontra
Pootin apparently has whipped out his nuclear deterrents.
But now I can actually pinpoint what exactly gives me such a weird feel here compared to other wars I have witnessed during my life:
The looming threat of nuclear annihilation is closer than ever.
No. 68106
No. 68108
66 kB, 1024 × 648
well this is pretty unfunny
No. 68110
You thought you could walk over Russia forever. Russia is going to respond to any threats. The wests aggressive language and aggressive actions will not be left uncountered. Russia will defend itself by all means necessary. If the west does not cease its Aggression against Russia, measures such as the world has never seen will be used.
No. 68111
You never witnessed and wars. You saw them on TV. Russia will is resolved, the west is weak and disunited. Russia will use any means at its disposal to defend itself from Western aggression.
No. 68113 Kontra
You know what is amusing about such a fanatic shit-talking schizo like you?...

>You never witnessed and wars. You saw them on TV.

You are sitting on your ass in Germany, never been close to any war virtue-signaling masculinity and social Darwinism, pathetic. Go die uselessly in a war, loser, I'm happy to see you replacing a soldier that does not want to give his life for power-hungry state leaders that over the competition burn away individual lives that have no interests in killing each other. At least that way we finally would get rid of your insufferable mental retardation.
No. 68117
393 kB, 1140 × 990
No. 68119
>What do people you know in real life say about this shitshow?
Everyone is very negative about it. Some angry, some sad, some worried. Asked friends on what their acquaintances think and it's same. Two exceptions are:
  1. Friend's uncle who is into politics very much (and buys conspirologists' books and so on) says that Russia must return to "1940 borders of USSR".
  2. This is pure tragicomedy. Friend went insane and spent month in mental hospital where he watched Russia24 channel all the time. After release he didn't got any better (but he's more calm due to pills). He says the same things as some posters on EC, but in addition he thinks that he personally orchestrated all of this.
Maybe this selection is unrepresentative. For example I stay far from cops and FSB, maybe among them spirit is different. But not among military. People went there to sit on ass for 30.000 roubles/month, not to fight and possibly die in Ukraine. So those who serve are totally unhappy about happening.
No. 68121 Kontra
Please stop feeding it.
No. 68123
I call bullshit until there are proper sources.
No. 68125
No. 68128
>Friend's uncle who is into politics very much (and buys conspirologists' books and so on) says that Russia must return to "1940 borders of USSR".
Every country seems to have such uncles. Boomers and older generations love the "truth behind the truth". Just an anecdote: a landlord once gave me a book to read where it was argued, with a fuckton of obscure references and footnotes, that Andropov conspired with Gorbachev to wreck the Soviet Union so they could become oligarchs.


In this case, Russia Today is a proper source.
No. 68139
What happens if the Russian leadership has decided that Ukraine is of such strategic importance that nuclear war is not only an option, but justified and necessary?

ATM he only has 50k-60k troops in Ukraine. What if he mainly sent in the weak conscript units first to see if it all just topples over? Maybe now that it doesn't, he might just nuke the shit out of it, lose those conscripts (close to worthless, anyways) and send in the second echelon to mop up what is left after nuking Ukraine to pieces? What if he only waits for the right weather conditions, so the fallout will blow westwards, like it did after Chernobyl? What if he decided just nuking Ukraine was not enough for him and he would rather get back his buffer zone in central Europe? Threaten NATO to get back behind the Werra? Maybe he will retaliate by nuking the shit out of the Baltics, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and all the other NATO-members without their own nuclear arsenal, just to punish them for delivering weapons to Ukraine, which is no doubt an aggressive act towards Russia?

I think some of this might play out, and I am afraid.
No. 68141 Kontra
>is of such strategic importance that nuclear war is not only an option, but justified and necessary?
Nuclear war is the ultima ratio to make everyone lose, there is nothing justified or necessary about it.
No. 68145 Kontra
Ah bugger, I was hoping it was a fluke.
No. 68147
3,2 MB, 1920 × 1223
736 kB, 960 × 540
When you totally trust your inner circle and aren't paranoid at all.
No. 68148
Russian Doctrine has a different opinion. They think limited nuclear war and limited nuclear response is possible. Nuclear escalation is not a given. In this doctrine, the use of tactical nuclear weapons does not lead to the use of strategic nuclear weapons at all. Adenauer and Strauss both expressed similar views in the 1950s.

The American doctrine of 'flexible response', as opposed to 'massive retaliation' should also be considered. In 'flexible response', the destruction of a friendly target will be retaliated by destroying an enemy target of equal value. So if Lithuania is destroyed, the US will look for a Russian client state or peripheral oblast of the same value Lithuania has for America. Transnistria maybe.

I think the option if destroying some minor NATO-members is very much on the table.
No. 68149
I think it is not about trust, but a symbolic representation of absolute hierarchy and Putin's view of himself. Putin sits way up at the end of the table, the mastermind, giving his instructions. They sit far from him, in the distance, inferiors who literally can not touch him, allowed in the great leaders present only to receive orders.
No. 68151
>russia nukes ukraine
>america nukes kazakhstan in retaliation
Target of equal value :-DDD
No. 68153
329 kB, 320 × 362, 0:15
Similar footage to what was produced by the last Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, but this time Russians getting BTFO by Turkish drones instead of Armenians.
No. 68154 Kontra
It's crazy what's going on at the moment.
I just read an article in the taz (biggest leftwing newspaper in Germany) about how MAYBE thinking you could solve everything by diplomacy and not being able to actually defend yourself wasn't probably such a wise decision.
I really never understood this attitude. I am a peaceful person, but I also know how to defend myself.
I believe that justice should never yield to injustice (which is in fact a principle of german self-defense law).
I realized, as I grew up, that "Der Klügere gibt nach" and "Ignorier sie, dann lassen sie dich in Ruhe" is bullshit advice and the only thing that really stops a bully is violence.
Sure, in a perfect world everyone could talk everything out, but we live in the real world where there will always be someone with bad intentions and thus you will always have to be prepared to fight for your right.

Also, all parties are supporting measures that have been unthinkable even one year ago. They are even talking about reconsidering nuclear energy again in order to be less dependent on imports. I hate to say it, but I do have been saying that for years.
I can't properly put into words how much I hate every single politician at the moment. At least it seems like ours are starting to wake up.
No. 68155
During the cold war, there was the idea of countering a possible Soviet invasion/takeover by civil disobedience and passive resistance. The idea was that the population could make it impossible to run the country and that the soviets wouldn't be able to gulag, deport, or shoot each and every one of us. It was popular among leftists/hippies/spontis, circles from which taz originates.

I like the concept, but it is flawed. It assumes that the enemy has an interest in running the country and isn't just interested in the real estate, and it assumes that the enemy values human live, has any compassion at all and is not ready to just shoot counter-revolutionaries and fascists in the spot.
No. 68156
There were news year or so ago that Russia spends more money on propaganda than USA and China combined. Literal brainwashing. I can easily believe that as I saw my radicaly russophobic parents instantly turn turbo-vatnik mode after watching news. Then after a hour or so they return to their normal state. Don't believe a single word from russian media or any russia-related public person.
No. 68157 Kontra
>They are even talking about reconsidering nuclear energy again in order to be less dependent on imports. I hate to say it, but I do have been saying that for years.
This is bull of a high order of magnitude. German Uranium deposits have been depleted by Russia. (Google SDAG Wismut). Building NPPs takes decades. Even if we pulled out the old Konvoi-Plans today and started digging tomorrow, we wouldn't have a plant before 2030. But we are Germany, so it would not be finished before 2050.
No. 68158
>The idea was that the population could make it impossible to run the country and that the soviets wouldn't be able to gulag, deport, or shoot each and every one of us.
This sounds incredibly retarded if you consider it was devised at a time when we knew everything about what happened to the jews under Nazi rule and the concept of "Lebensraum". So, basically your second paragraph.
No. 68159 Kontra
It was more about delaying the Atomausstieg, not building new ones.
No. 68160 Kontra
Energy-suppliers already said they are not OK with prolonging runtimes or reactivating.
No. 68161
When did they say that, right now? Like, at this moment?
No. 68165
Yes, in this very instance, while I was typing. I called them all up, the told me
>Hey Ernst, we won't be extending runtimes

No. 68167
>STAND 26.2.2022, 4:42 UHR
Sorry, but lots of things that were impossible yesterday are very much possible today and I was referring to a message from this evening.
Maybe they will still stand by that decision, or maybe they just want to get some good conditions from the government.
Let's see what tomorrow brings, provided we aren't all shadows on the wall by then.
No. 68168 Kontra
>Provided we are not all shadows on the wall by then
Not by tomorrow.
No. 68170
Which companies have built most of the German NPPs or provide the key technologies for running them? I would imagine that would factor in to what is and isn't possible for extending their lifespan. Of course the issue overall is much more complicated than that.

We're a bit screwed here as a new NPP was supposed to be built by Rosatom but I doubt that will happen now. And of course some of the existing plants also use Rosatom's technology.
No. 68171 Kontra
Siemens/AEG built most of them.
3 are still running, but scheduled to be completely off-grid by the end of 2022; 3 others were shut down at the end of the last year. They could still keep running, they aren't decrepit or anything, it was a purely political decision, though I think some of them are already at least partly shut down.
No. 68174
German NPPs were mostly built by Siemens or AEG (licensed from Westinghouse or General Electric), later by their joint venture Kraftwerk-Union.
No. 68179
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:43
Sanctions is fucking Russia and Russians very hard once again. I also find this cringiest fucking interview I ever seen like what fucking planet are Russians and Americans on. It is like watching one country thinks all reality is Hollywood and other country think all reality is kanal1.
Now Russians never shall get new video card or PC parts

No. 68182
I'm listening to Olaf Scholz's speech regarding Ukraine and the standing of the German government.

Scholz is not a good speaker that's for sure. But given all the things I learned during school in speech analysis and later in my studies, it is at times comical and absurd to see rhetorical figures everywhere. I'm not through yet, but the war rhetorics are there. Surely, it's all about defending. But regardless of what is mentioned about the populous, the spirit of super powers is coming from within. He said we don't let Putin drag us into the 19th century era of super powers...Listening to the speech, we are already on the right track. As he said in the beginning it is a sea change, and bet that it is. These words sound quite foreign from a politician of Germany. Maybe I don't follow politics closely enough to make a distinction between rhetorics of the last two decades and this one.
No. 68183
3,6 MB, 362 × 640, 1:52
More Ukrainian drone strike footage.

Well that's the best possible situation in terms of the companies involved at least. It's too bad that the "green" movements mostly started out as anti-nuclear. I don't know what the current position of German greens is towards nuclear power but here they recently changed their position to pro-nuclear. Way too late in my opinion, but it makes sense in terms of their voter base. Still, was a nice surprise to see them reassess and change their stance.
No. 68184 Kontra
Imagine we could have those plants running by 2023, what that would do for our economy.

I decided to only take cold showers until Germany stops importing Russian gas. I can't do much to use less gas, flat is already cold. The last hot shower I took was on the evening of the 23rd. It is so little I can do.

I wish that stunted manlet Putin would just pick one of the Klitschkos and try to box it out.
No. 68185
Well, we have just overcome 16 years of Merkelokratie.
Remember when the first lockdown came and all the (male) leaders were going full-on war rhetoric while Mutti was not? I remember reading an article lauding her for that, though it most likely just came from her usual "sit it out" tactics and not from some conscious effort to not sound like the others.
Now with Scholz there is a man back in office who also promptly has to prove he is a strong leader so he won't get laughed at by random poles.

>I don't know what the current position of German greens is towards nuclear power
Well, the german greens were actually formed in part from the peace movement and in the 80s being pro-peace meant being anti-nuclear, so it kind of went together. They abandoned the peace thing when they voted for the Kosovo bombing and now, with how the EU wanted (or still wants?) to declare nuclear energy a type of green energy, they will probably yield. That said, the damage is done and decades of anti-nuclear-energy made even the CDU chancellor Merkel yield to the panicked masses, so they decided to abolish nuclear energy, because ex chancellor Schröder was instrumental in setting up a "good" deal with Russians for their gas. And that is just a very superficial and undetailed recollection of what happened.
No. 68186
>Imagine we could have those plants running by 2023, what that would do for our economy.
In the long term it could serve as a buffer while expanding domestic energy production. The important thing here is to prevent people from freezing to death.
I also shower cold and ever since it stopped being minus degrees also turned off heating, though I generally heat very little, since my apartment is right above the heating room and the people above me heat enough. But thanks for reminding me that I can now justify being a weirdo who only showers cold with supporting my country.
No. 68189 Kontra
>I decided to only take cold showers until Germany stops importing Russian gas
That'll really show them!
No. 68190
I know it's a pathetic, meaningless gesture. What should I do? I ducking hate myself for being such a pathetic weakling. Do you think I should kill myself? I mean, so weak worthless pieces if shit like me even have a right to live? Probably not.
No. 68191 Kontra
Two weeks ago, I broke my nose as a punishment for being so pathetic, bit I don't think it was enough. What would be enough?
No. 68193
Ukraine's president advertising an "international brigade" and the danish PM says people can join if they want

I think it's kinda funny how the west is perceived as weak or branded as weak by people like Putin and yet this is a level of euro nationalism/patriotism that goes over the top of my head.
No. 68195
Link to RT please? That's powerful considered that whole Russia's GDP is equal to Texas' one. But plausible considered huge cops per capita and military per capita numbers.
Anyway Russian propaganda is something beyond evil. I don't understand how these people live, how do they explain it to themselves. Maybe they use drugs and are one step from jumping naked from window like you know who. Shameful that we allowed such people to rule us with actions and inaction (mostly the latter). And now we'll share with them collective responsibility.
No. 68197 Kontra
38 kB, 417 × 501
>Yes, I only take cold showers until Germany stops importing Russian gas, how did you know?

Commendable! Keep at it dear Ernsts.

It's quite amazing how the west has banded together over this. Though I doubt it's really visible where the fighting itself is going down. No concrete measures to help Ukrainians in Ukraine with the exception of some foreign volunteers and (late) weapons shipments.
No. 68198 Kontra
> I ducking hate myself for being such a pathetic weakling.
You could stop self-censoring yourself on imageboards, for starters.
It's embarrassing enough when americans do it, but if you're not some ameriball on a proxy it's double cringy.
No. 68200
87 kB, 620 × 689
He's been like that for a while. Probably he judges other people by himself.
No. 68201
I'm a killzone so with any luck I'll simply be vaporized. Downside: these are Russian nuclear weapons, and hence are inaccurate as all shit which means I might get merely trapped under collapsed ruble while slowly being irradiated to death. At least now I'll now how it is to be Russian eact of Chernobyl in 2022did those stupid fucks really accidentally breach containment?

First of all, we clearly are calling your stupid bluff Russia, second of all you're dealing with psychotic retards whose mental retardation can rival even your own. I have no doubt we have numerous general Rippers who'd happily glass half the continent and then declare victory not because more Russians dead than us, but because "now we finally triggered the Rapture and American Jesus will descend from Heaven to bless us and Israel."
Also: USA out of Afghanistan, German GDP committment to 2%, what next, Biden will finally build a wall? I'm sorry I just had to.

I am remaining totally convinced that xenophobia is in fact a myth, and it is actually our neighbours and those most like us we hate and want to kill.

Boomers just can't deal with being wrong and unimportant. I've studied these creatures here and they're pretty much the nexus of all that is retarded. Well them and millenials, but really it's just boomers and boomer enablers. I suspect zoomers will be even more cancerous however. So yeah Russia if you want to help me trigger the rapture go ahead, I'm hopefully not taking these fuckers with me to paradise.

Russia can't nuke Ukraine for one simple reason: guess who's downwind? I mean, yeah Russians may not value their lives and the oligarchs that stole everything don't live there, but I'm pretty sure leaving your people downwind from fallout after nuclear attack won't be great for regime stability.

Putin's exact wording was actually just about nuclear readiness, effectively meaning he's not really changed anything because everyone is already on alert all the time. It's basically just his usual strategy of dickwaving to see if he can make people blink, because he's used to fat Western capitalists and government bureaucrats more interested in making money and nice dinner parties than humouring some tinpot KGB agent. He's usually done shit like this like strafe Swedish airspace because he knows Swedes won't do anything about it.

However, need I remind you about that famous Syrian bridge incident where we told them you will not fucking cross that bridge, and then Russian soldiers come home in bags. What was it, 200 Russians we killed that day? More? We just unleashed artillery on them and strafed them with C130s for the fuck of it, all because Ivan decided to dickwave. I do not believe Putin is so stupid as to risk a tactical nuclear strike just because of this. More likely he's going to grind down Russian and Ukrainian forces and become even more unpopular among everyone at home because he installed some puppet state noone cares about at the end of this, which he'll likely try to parrot as hard won victory over evil wect when in fact it was Russian forces getting chewed through by Ukraine and following Ukrainian insurgency.

It semi worried me a month ago when I saw the war coming but wasn't super concerned about it in terms of nukes, however I did spam a bunch of friends and family then to stock up on canned goods and general supplies because of this. Reality is, Russia has no reason for using nukes, and the main problem is whether Western aid commitments end up as mission creep into tat for tat over "military advisors" until we get pulled into a very stupid war over Russia being its retarded bottle sitting bully self and the US/West being its typical perfidious self leaving door open to Ukraine joining NATO which it never should.

I'm still strongly opposed to nuclear although I'm not a green, and not even because of Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island or terrorist attack or anything, but because I've yet to see one single fucking serious effort to address what are we gonna do with all that nuclear waste and implementing the logistics on how to deal with it, because guess what we have train derailments all the time and just this month a train car full of guns just got jacked so no I don't want some unguarded train car getting jacked with a metric ton of dirty bomb material or rolling through my town into a boulder. It's just one of those stupid things where zoomers who know nothing think they're clever for bringing it up as a solution to climate change but without actually coming up with any actual extra solutions, which bonus points by the fucking time you even got those plants online we'd already be well deep into experiencing the unstoppable feedback loops which means now any plans you did have on how not to get those storage and logistics fucked up or the plants themselves goes out the window because now we're having bizarre, unpredictable, violent weather patterns nobody planned for, all of which frankly is a foregone conclusion by now and it's more a matter of how much we're manually accelerating it.
No. 68203 Kontra
> feeding the schizo
You're doing it wrong
No. 68205 Kontra
Nuclear waste is transported in containers that do withstand train derailments or whatever you might throw at it. The only solution with the waste is still to bury it and that will not change. And if someone would finally build some travelling wave reactors those could (in my understanding) re-use nuclear waste as fuel leading to much less waste overall. But the core idea of just dumping the waste into a big hole is not a bad one if you have stable environment to do so in. Same goes for the reactor sites themselves. Building NPPs to somewhere like Japan is a terrible idea in my book but still they do it. And suffer for it.

Nuclear isn't the permanent solution to anything but hopefully something that will provide cheap, stable, low-emission energy until someone comes up with a better system.
No. 68206
Some is dumb propaganda effort on part of same cynical assholes who sold a lie on the alleged "yellow cake Uranium" in Iraqand I absolutely agree with him idgas what anyone says at least on Colin Powel Trump was totally right even if only on accident and whole bunch of idiots swept up, and I refusing to be swept up in this. At the same time, I do know probably a great deal more than average person here, and so on the one hand, I do actually recognize that some things like Azov battalion exists, that Russia is not talking about 100% totally imaginary thing, that Western media is just as much bunch of nuanced propaganda machine and that Westerners fully live in nothing but propaganda from 4cancer to spammed internet bullshit to marketing materials, and that Russia absolutely is in their right to attack Ukraine's government if they try joining NATO and to insist that as part of the agreement to peace they must agree to never join NATO whose eastward expansion makes no fucking sense. On other hand, I actually also do know what Russia is like, and that for all their being misinformed generally, at least the instincts of the general public are right, and for Russia to stop bullying Ukraine.

Really we basically just don't like a bully on the West, and that's exactly what Putin and Russia really is. It's not some grand evil Nazi state, but really like some crooked and half inept criminal mafia ruling over a bunch of demoralized masses who had all the fight beaten out of them over the previous century and a half and just hoping to pretend not to hear their neighbor's scream and then gunshot only to not be bothered for another night, so in that regard I find the brewing Russian resistance more surprising. But then again, average Russians will suffer tremendously once they finally get the full boot from SWIFT and basically just got turned into a giant DPRK tier pariah state as much as the West can pull it.

Oh it's even worse than that. He's a phone shitposter who, like most zoomers, is both too retarded and too lacking in inquistiveness to both realize his phone is autocorrecting "fucking" to "ducking" as well as to make it learn fucking, nor to turn off autocorrect.
No. 68207
1,3 MB, 1132 × 1478
> Russia has no reason for using nukes
You're wrong to expect rational behavior here. It's possible that our lives depend on whether one paranoid freak manages to press the button before apoplexy seizure happens to him.
No. 68214
It's human beings. Of course they won't fucking come up with a better system, they're just going to use the new bandaid system to forestall ever coming up with an actual solution until it's like five Chernobyls a day into the Atlantic. Besides the fact keyword, "stable." We had a plan to do this in the Yucca mountains iirc and even that fell apart completely, and so we can't even properly and permanently dispose of all our waste we already have. What you're going to have to do is come up with a solution to a problem that smarted minds had trouble coming up eith which is to not just store and transport it in a stable environment during our accidental terraforming of the planet into a hothouse deathworld with cat7 hurricanes but also doing so in such manner the fucking thing won't leak for a thousand years, and all while asking the sort of useless fucks only thinking in such short term they'd kill the company just to have better profits next quarter, those are who you're ultimately asking to do it. I've had people bluntly tell me they don't care if climate change is real because "I'll be dead by then" and "I'm not having kids anyway." I realized this is full on why I want nothing to do with any of these people anymore, because they're all a dead people who didn't care about themselves or each other anyway and were too dumb and cowardly to help dig a hole out for the next generation.

What we're honestly going to need to do is more expensive and hard, and that is use a diversified portfolio of renewable and low impact solutions, which is another reason I fucking hate Musk's guts because that useless South African fucking faggot is using up all the precious lithium we fucking need for those battery farms on a bunch of badly made useless fucking cars he's now going to be hooking into an electrical grid that already relies on coal. I'd be willing to bet if you crunched those numbers that it's a net carbon gain, and that's not even counting all the pollution from his eventually landfilled cars, and that is why I don't own any of his wildly overvalued stocks. A lot of his networth is literally pump and dumping cryptos at this point. I mean really, if you wanted to do something about it you'd switch to rail, use mass public transport and bike lanes, and invest in a bunch of solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and other companies, and then switch the buses onto electric. Tesla is garbage, and nuclear will accomplish completely fuckall because we still need the longterm storage and logisticswhich is going to rely on rail anyway and like the German said it's still probably not going to be until 2050 we'd even bring it online.

Honestly I think the real thing about Musk and why the media gaslights us about him so much is because he serves a rather critical geopolitical role to getting us off not dirty coal but petrol which is because everyone the West hates from Venezuela to Russia to Libya Iraq various surviving Muslim countries is all a bunch of petrol states, and our reserves and shitty maple tar sands are already in a state of depletion that makes us more reliant on those actors. That is the real reason they made him TIME man of the year, because he's playing a role. I'm also still opposed to Starlink because other than Ukraine it's a solution in need of a problem that can risk Kessler syndrome.
No. 68216
He's only 68, he can have his finger over the button for another 20 years, deciding on a day-to-day-basis. Communist Party had it right when they decided to not have one man rule after Stalin.
No. 68218
1,3 MB, 750 × 1024
130 kB, 685 × 575
I mean hitting head with snuffbox to death. That's was happened to Paul I, but his inner circle told plebs that it was "apoplexy seizure".
I posted wrong emperor, Peter III also died young, but from inept alcohol consumption
No. 68220 Kontra
>Of course they won't fucking come up with a better system
Remarkably weird statement to make considering the technological progress of humanity overall. What makes you think all progress has now halted? Also construction can and should be sped up with NPPs, China builds theirs way faster than westeners do. Same sort of a EPR, 3rd gen NPP took less than 10 years to build in China meanwhile in Finland it was delayed by over 10 years and is now one of the most expensive structures of all time. It can be done if there's desire to do so. All sorts of megaprojects are a great example of what can be achieved with a little bit of vision and proper funding. And of course a NPP should not be a megaproject. You're greatly exaggerating the effect of Chernobyl anyway. It might be a good idea to revisit what sort of damage nuclear disasters have actually caused. I consider the biggest damage to be the irrational fear towards nuclear energy. That will cause a lot more suffering long term than what all of the disasters have caused so far, combined.
No. 68221
198 kB, 1280 × 1280
The protest outside the Russian embassy saw a heated moment in which a Portuguese Communist Party table that was handing out fliers be destroyed by the protesters. PCP has not yet condemned the invasion.
No. 68222
Russia stoppped ammonium nitrate exports at the beginning of February for two months. Now with the war going on and other elements needed for fertilizer production in the hands of Russia and its allies fertilizer prices and food prices will rise.


Surely, there are english speaking news for this as well.
No. 68225
A translation of rather anarcho left German outlet, was just checking what they had to say, just another voice though on basic capitalist nation state world order analysis .

>"Putin is crazy" or "power-hungry" are common explanations for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On why the war is not an accident of an otherwise normally functioning world politics, but the consequence of imperialist competition.
>Unbelievable: capitalist state interests actually lead to war, who would have thought!
>The world is horrified: The largest country in the world goes to war against the second largest country in Europe! Ukraine, which in recent years had always claimed to be a willing ally of the West, is invaded by Russia and receives no support from the West with troops. Ukraine is not worth a full-fledged war with the nuclear power Russia to those who built it into a frontline state.
>Since post-Soviet Russia decided to seek its success as a capitalist state in the global competition, it insists on being taken seriously as a world power. But its economic "successes" are obviously not enough. Russia functions primarily as a supplier of raw materials to the West. Competitors and business partners are forced to consider their own interests primarily by military potential, and it is precisely this potential that NATO is systematically trying to undermine. Given the EU's enduring efforts to become independent of Russian energy supplies, it becomes understandable why Russia's leaders are so concerned about their state's status in the imperialist competition.
>So, it is not because Putin is "crazy," "power-obsessed," or "macho" or "gladiator." No, it is not an operational accident of world politics. Nor does the debate about which of Russia's interests are "legitimate" lead anywhere. Russia wants to be a world power, the other world powers think that it does not need another one. The Western world powers set the rules of the game, Russia wants to prove its sovereignty by not allowing itself to be hemmed in. For Moscow, imposing "regime change" in its own interest is the ultimate proof of being a sovereign world power. Sovereign is who decides on the sovereignty of others. That is the lesson Putin and Co. have learned from Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, etc.
>If you want to be a great power, you cannot accept the violation of your interests. Putin constantly repeats this, referring to the fates of countries that are not great powers. The Russian leadership sees all its claims in Eastern Europe ignored and considers the fait accompli before which it is placed by the EU and NATO as the denial of Russia's importance in the competition of states. Therefore, Russia takes the right to create facts on its part.
>The Kremlin is staging the invasion in the style of its Western counterparts as a humanitarian action. Russia had already announced in advance: If the Ukrainian government wants to restore its monopoly on the use of force over the breakaway regions, this is a reason for war! Either the Ukrainian state must de facto admit that it is no longer a sovereign over its own territory, or Russia must experience what Yugoslavia and Libya experienced on the part of the free West. For a fight against armed insurgents on one's own territory was considered "a war against one's own people" in the case of Gaddafi. Since no state can accept the questioning of its own monopoly on the use of force, for Ukraine to accept such a dictate would be tantamount to losing its own sovereignty.
>Russia knows from the experience of two Chechen wars that in nation-state logic breakaway territories must then be treated as enemy territory, with corresponding treatment of the civilian population. Ukrainian attempts to impose its own sovereignty by means of a state of emergency will result in what NATO jargon calls "collateral damage," i.e., houses and infrastructure will be destroyed, civilians injured and killed, which Russia calls "genocide." This is an accusation that cannot be topped and, since the Yugoslav war, the ultimate justification for immediate invasion - and attack.
>Russia has already announced that it will "call to account" the "culprits", i.e. Ukrainian politicians and (para)military. Of course, in the name of human rights, which Russia simply helps to enforce. With this line of argument, Putin has learned his lesson not from Stalin or Ivan the Terrible - as one can read everywhere - but from the leading Western powers.
No. 68228
Interesting. He is the Czar the character Krymov in the movie Assa reads about. Krymov gets killed, of course.

Once you get into the habit of ordering your enemies poisoned, it will lead to paranoia. If we saw such an example of furor principum on TV, we would call it unrealistic and switch channels.
No. 68231
Let me guess: This is from "Konkret", right? I should have known you read that..
No. 68234
Not the other German, but:
>rather anarcho left German outlet
Since when would they classify as "rather anarcho"?

Analyse & Kritik had two somewhat worthwile articles by Tomasz Konicz on the tpoic, nothing much new there however but still.
No. 68246 Kontra
Every assumption in this post is wrong. I rather read books than newspapers and my knowledge on leftist media is rather small, I know outlets, but I don't know many and I rarely read any and least likely konkret, lol. I thought it was a magazine of the past.

You could have said something about the content of the analysis though.
No. 68255
You definitely didn't get my point. I'm saying that the mimute there is a stopgap measure, people are just going to lean on that stopgap like it's the last measure. Also Chernobyl was stopped from being an even more epic disaster then it was from the combined heroic efforts of everyone throughout the SU. Even then, it killed what, several dozen people almost immediately, up to tens of thousands more over the coming years? Out of all the ways to do I think radiation may was actually be the most horrific. The Japanese nuclear accident that killed mr. Ouchi is by far the most horrific death I've ever seen. I'd literally rather get burned to death by ISIS. Will most nuclear accidents do this? Likely not to that level where your skin melts off internally within days, but don't downplay it, particularly when it's something thay poisons the land for generations.

I don't get you people. It's almost like the outcome of helicopter parenting. I can pretty much immediately guess a person is mid 20s or younger based on their ridiculous responses to things like nuclear energy and nuclear exchanges. I've had to listen to some idiot American jarhead going on about how nuclear war is "really not such a bad thing" and to not "believe the hype." Like just the craziest most asinine responses to real threats as though they've been castrated and flouridated to a lobotomized state. If you want to end such absurd 10th grade paper tier "the most dangerous thing about nuclear energy is fear of it" tier which I'd not be surprised you read elsewhere, then I'll be an ass about it because I'll say it yet again: I'll consider you or anyone like your argument having merit when you can explain to me how you plan on safely storing, transporting, and permanently disposing of that much nuclear waste for the next thousand years such that it doesn't permanently poison the land or lead to routine catastrophic events, particularly given that now you're going to have exponentially greater volumes of that waste accumulating.

I don't have a problem with opening a couple extra plants to ease the burden; I do have a massive problem with presenting it as a magic bullet or the primary replacement to petrol/coal, particularly as no one of these comfy lardasses seems concerned with lowering demand. I have to give it to that German at least, because electric boilers do use massive enough amounts of power that if every German did that it'd pull huge down huge amounts of megawattage over timealso is quite frankly admirable and the very first time I can even remember seeing someone do or say something which reminds me of my grandparent's generation, cold showers for victory, not like these bunch of candyasses. It's a complex problem requiring complex multi layered solutions, and sadly a big one of them that no one wants to deal with or say is that everything about the modern way of life is totally unsustainable and headed to Mayan levels of disaster in a few short centuries or most likely far less, and that between consumer Capitalism and the way we deal with energy production and consumption, our only two real choices are to let our grandchildren or even old children thunderdome their way to more cannibal meat during a quick crash, or gently manage a downglide until we can untangle ourselves enough. We are presently heading toward the worst option, which is going to see food riots and continent wide wars eventually, so there's that.

Howevever, going nuclear isn't going to stop this, and the most likely outcome will be instead of climate catastrophe we'll get to experience irradiated climate catastrophe, where aside from the rare Fukushima we get to have American ISIS Qtards or tranny neo-Bolshevik consumerists or whatever the fuck dirty bombing metro areas, because the bad guys only have to succeed once, and the underpaid engineer or security contractor has to keep getting lucky and being competent. Needless to say I do not trust the intellect, neither the morality nor bravery nor general competence, of any person, let alone the average one.

If we can get a few plants online just right now to deal with that, like a heroin addict getting his methadone, then whatever fine, but just don't let the cure slowly become worse. As it stands, we put a few plants online and all that's really going to do is help hedge growth of demand, which even if we could create a surplus all that's going to end up doing is creating cheaper electric costs and thus encouraging people to use it more, which in turn then doesn't solve that central core problem of giving power to the worst aussie cunts added pollution, mining etc. and everything to do with leaning on this new industry by powering everything that way. At least with harvesting enough solar and earth based energy we can try to do less damage, even though all it is going to have industrial and environmental costs, at least until we can hopefully make fusion a reality.
No. 68258 Kontra
Your argument makes no sense. Nuclear is definitely a stopgap measure and alternatives are being researched all the time. You seem to be completely detached from reality of what it would really mean to develop let's say fusion energy technology or even continue human existence as-is without investing more into nuclear. Try not to venture into completely unrelated topics while discussing a very narrow concept, I enjoy my serious discussions but have no interest into reading senseless ramblings and picking a point here and there to address.

If you want to learn anything I highly encourage reading about Finnish efforts on storing nuclear waste and then point out where and why they are wrong. You can search for Onkalo spent nuclear fuel storage. Likewise I'm absolutely interested in reading a coherent counter-point to nuclear so if you cannot produce one yourself then just link me something to work with. To me it seems a no brainer that we absolutely can and should (increasingly) use nuclear power than any of the current alternatives PROVIDED your plant and storage aren't built on a fucking fault line or something equally stupid.
No. 68271
I actually already addressed those by saying the current mode of existende fundamentally can't really continue, that even previously safe areas will sooner be subjected to erratic climate patterns, and also that we should be focusing on things like renewables. Odd you focused more on fusion which was a throwaway line more about a thereotical far future, since I don't expect fusion to help us all. What I'm saying is first of all, even with nuclear we can't actually maintain present mode of existence. Second, near everyone I spoke to presents this not as a stopgap, but as the one solution. I am saying sure you can build a few nuclear plants in some areas, but where? I mean you cant build any in California, Japan, or Hawaii for example without problems. You can't in Florida or anywhere near there either. So what exactly are you going to do about places like that? Moreover when you bring that many plants online, again what do you do with the storage? Do you really think that Finnish site at present levels is going to work for the whole world at massively increased level? Moreover you keep talking about this like some kind of funds and policy changes are going to be easy, or the steps needed to make it happen when our own dumpsite in Nevada failed miserably
You also somehow have to get everyone to work together in every country.

Sorry my whole experience of the pandemic has left me with a wildly low estimation of humanity in general. It depends really what you meant by stopgap because I'm talking only opening a few plants which I'm not expecting to be closed in 50 years. I don't expect people to get off the nuclear teet if we provide it as an alleged temporary alternative and the the consequence for trying to power our civilization through atomic power instead is going to be catastrophic on the long term. We're talking one stupid work crew with one overworked engineer in one stupid country poisoning an area for centuries. There's still nobody in the Exclusion Zone. That's some of the cost of a nuclear fuck up, which adding more and more moving points, complexity, or links to the system, just plain numbers of extra plants, increases those risks exponentially. So basically it becomes a problem of very low risk, very high impact events, where the risk itself is being added onto.

I'm also going to note that depressing related detail again, which is it's already too late for feedback loops and we don't actually know where the point even is for it happening and becoming a hothouse earth anyway even if we turned it all off, and if we already breached that point without knowing it.

I don't really care how it's changed so long as the solution is effective and with less worse risks. Sorry I'm super tired and the budding cold is makimg me dizzy.
No. 68272
Both delegations are on-site in Belarus. Talks will start soon.
No. 68278
Now the Times is reporting that apparently there is some mercernary squad out for Selenskij's head, apparently sent by Putin.
You think they try to whack him when he gets back from the talks?
No. 68280 Kontra
A delegation is probably not staffed with him (?).
No. 68287
Fuck r*ussia, this is fucking hellhole, i have no fucking words
No. 68288
>I actually already addressed those by saying the current mode of existende fundamentally can't really continue
>even with nuclear we can't actually maintain present mode of existence
>you keep talking about this like some kind of funds and policy changes are going to be easy
Are you really suggesting that policy change to boost nuclear in more difficult than a major overhaul to entire human existence and trajectory of human development? Yes I definitely think allocating funds and changing policy is very easy.

>even previously safe areas will sooner be subjected to erratic climate patterns
>we should be focusing on things like renewables
The climate models can't even predict tomorrows weather accurately, so throwing in a boogeyman of "erratic climate patterns" is meaningless in this context. And what makes renewables immune to climate? It's quite the opposite really. Renewables are physically delicate to weather effects(tornadoes, hailstorms, STRONG WINDS) and their production is directly tied to weather itself. Meanwhile for nuclear power and spent fuel storage the weather outside is irrelevant for other than sea level rise(can be accounted for) and other disasters like tornadoes or tsunamis(can be accounted for, but in many cases not cost-effectively as there are too many unknowns).

>Odd you focused more on fusion
>I don't expect fusion to help us all.
I didn't focus on fusion, just mentioned it offhand. And again I fail to see why you hold a point about fusion not helping at all when there's a lot of research and funding allocated to it. What is your opinion on fusion based upon? Anyways the improvements to nuclear power generation directly are much easier to achieve. Like I already mentioned about traveling wave reactors and with molten salt reactors too. These will increase output with reduced waste. Low hanging fruit stuff, perfect for scaling up global power production.

>sure you can build a few nuclear plants in some areas, but where?
>Do you really think that Finnish site at present levels is going to work for the whole world at massively increased level?
The world has plenty of places stable locations that can be built on. In other places you don't build nuclear, it's very simple. If nuclear had wider adaptation across the board it wouldn't matter to power the unsuitable areas with fossil fuels with some renewables mixed in. If we're talking climate only, you are balancing a global scale of greenhouse gases. Having pockets of polluting areas is fine. Nuclear waste is such a non-issue that most of the nuclear fuel isn't even being recycled because it is cheaper to dump it in to the ground after one use. Recycling fuel would reduce the waste by magnitudes so if we were to increase nuclear power generation and would start to have problems with the storage, we can just start "mining" the already spent fuel and pretty much stop adding to the waste pile entirely. Again, I recommend reading about nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear fuel recycling instead of going by your feelings about the subject.

>You also somehow have to get everyone to work together in every country.
The ant colony that is humanity has adopted pretty compatible systems in regard to every aspect of life so far. I fail to see why on a global scale countries would rather keep paying increased energy prices for polluting energy sources. Renewables on that scale is way harder to achieve than a handful of NPPs per country. Not even considering all the multiple problems with renewables at the moment. And the replacements for nuclear are being researched all the time. I've yet to see anything on the renewables side that would address any of the inherent problems of unpredictability, lack of storage, insane investments and global suitability. We're already seeing derelict wind farms that no one will clean up. These will end up taking a lot more space on the planet than all the future Chernobyls.

>We're talking one stupid work crew with one overworked engineer in one stupid country poisoning an area for centuries
>extra plants, increases those risks exponentially
I'm sure we both agree nuclear disasters are low-probability events and having more chances for that event to happen increases the likelihood of shit hitting the fan. That being said, all modern NPPs are built with multiple fail safes(which can still fail because systematic of incompetence and breaching of safety measures as seen in Fukushima) so a bad crew really cannot cause a meltdown. Of course nuclear disasters will continue to happen for all sorts of reasons as long as nuclear power is a thing. The damages caused by Chernobyl, Fukushima etc. are so minuscule compared to what the climate change will cause that the choice between a couple of Chernobyls in my backyard versus a global destruction by climate is laughably simple.
No. 68299
So, Switzerland apparently has now also entered the sanction club.
Swissball, can you elaborate a bit on swiss neutrality? I don't quite grasp when and how this applies or what actually encompasses it.
No. 68309
Talks are over. As someone who doesn't know shit about international affairs, was this a short or long talk?
No. 68314
Very short
No. 68318
Russian propagandist bought 3-rd real estate in Italy and started 300k euro worth renovation one day before EU laid sanctions on him. Great!

No. 68322
Wäre lustig, wenn die Spaghattos den einfach enteignen würden.
No. 68323
But Bernd (small penis pedo loser from Kohlchan) loves Putin. You must be doing great.
No. 68325
If they whack him, he becomes a martyr, which is probably what he's expecting now. Killing their leader will not demoralize the people of Ukraine as hard as killing Putin would the Russians. If someone whacks Putin, it's over for his reign of terror and Russia has a chance to slowly return to normal.

At least that's the impression I got.
No. 68350
3,5 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:12
Russian Department of Defense: "Ukranian nationalists are using banderamobiles"
No. 68352
On 26.02.22 Russian state media published article which implied that Ukraine is already defeated but soon deleted it. Looks like they were very optimistic about war.
Content is typical for "Surkov on cocaine" genre: "Anglo-Saxons", "Atlantists", "geopolitics", you name it.

Article mentions "solution of Ukrainian question". It's unclear whether author is larping or just illiterate.
No. 68355
Hilarious article. And it becomes even funnier as time goes by, because now there is no country in the world that supports Russia (no country that matters, anyway; China and India are still undecided, but they don't seem too eager to get into the mess that Putin made), and the possibility of Ukrainians becoming "Russians" again is as low as it ever was (even if Putin manages to win, he'll get himself a huge region with a destroyed economy and the population that utterly hates his guts).
No. 68356
Rheinmetall stock is up 25% due to proclaimed German military investment. At least all those Ukrainians and Russians are not giving their life in vain now.
No. 68357
I don't understand why 95% of the western population does not see this and don't think it is obvious.
Is everyone really this retarded on the west and have trouble with logic?
No. 68359
Very true. Blaming one guy is a single cause fallacy, like he's a villain in an action movie.

The "normal opinion" is decided by the news and social media giants I think.
No. 68362
>Blaming one guy is a single cause fallacy, like he's a villain in an action movie.

Oh come on, it's not the west's fault he's gone off the hinges. Anyone who is STILL not condemning or even defending Putin needs to be at least socked in the face.
It is still a person's decision to do or not do something. Nobody forced him to attack the Ukraine, nobody forced him to threaten the world with nuclear war.
And just because the US has been fucking over one half of the world for 80 years doesn't excuse the USSR fucking up the other half of the world for 80 years.
In fact I find it astounding how this biting reflex can still be so strong that despite everything people are STILL defending the actions of the russian government. This is even more retarded than whatever trumptards do to "own the libs".

Also, all this theoretical "hurr durr problems caused" don't even matter now.
There is a very real situation in the very real world that needs to be dealed with in a very real way.
You can try to cure a disease and STILL treat those who have the disease. There is no use in trying to lower someone's fever if he's bleeding out RIGHT NOW.
No. 68364
Well, if - according to you - Putin has gone insane there's not much point in blaming him for the war, no? I mean he is insane after all, he doesn't know what he's doing :DDD
No. 68365 Kontra
>It is still a person's decision to do or not do something. Nobody forced him to attack the Ukraine, nobody forced him to threaten the world with nuclear war.
Seriously now, I agree on this, but it's valid only if he is in fact not of the hinges. Which I don't think he is, though I'm not really sure why he started an actual war over this. But there's a machine behind him and NATO on the other side, there's no point to act like he is just one madman in total control of everything. But yes, obviously the Russian government is mostly to blame for this war.
No. 68366
First of all, well yes. People are unimaginably retarded here, and you deserve all the drive by shitposters for thumbing your nose at anyone who complains about it. I had people ask me why Russia is doing this, and had to explain my utter confusion at why our media is not addressing the NATO problem, because yet again Russia is in its right to contest that. It would be like if USSR won and then after decades of assurances finally Canada flirts with joining Warsaw Pact, and then complains about "Washington strongman" trying to pick on poor Canada. A great deal of this is Western doing for not refusing to allow Ukraine into NATO.

That said, Putin is indeed a bully and an idiot whose actions all but guaranteed collapse of ruble and nobody now having much to say against Ukraine being in EU and NATO, because Russia is proven once again it is untrustworthy and exactly why it is univerally loathed by all its belters. Then Russia wonders why every single state hates it and wants to join EU instead. Maybe Putin should poison less people and actually make staying ally to Russia attractive? Oh wait, you got kicked out of world economy, so much for that.

Fact is for all good points in Moscow favour, Putin is a moron who undermines own country even as he steals it and stashes people's labours under some London flat mattress. I wonder now that life becomes slightly more difficult for oligarchs if they too will complain.
No. 68374
> But there's a machine behind him
And how do you think this machine works? Man from military industry complex comes to Putin, tells him about gorrilion dollar worth wunderwaffle for owning NATO (thinking on how many mansions his family is gonna acquire on it). Then FSB chief comes to him, tells him about CIA banderas crucifying children (because that's what his boss loves to hear) and thus reinforcing positive feedback loop. Culture minister tells him that Maluta Scuratov did nothing wrong and Poland started WW2.
Many people around him are retarded or pretend to be retarded for career benefits (more stupid means more loyal and less dangerous for autocrat). Well, with Bastrykin or Medinsky it's unclear, but Zolotov is 146% sure not pretending.

One day Putin comes up with brilliant idea of attacking Ukraine. What can his minions do? The first who speaks against it is going to get all the hate and persecutions from Czar. Assassinate him? That requires a lot of courage and it's unclear for them what do to after it. So they are moving along with waves in accordance with prisoner's dilemma.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLOo_HNkT-8 - just look at this shit.

That said, the blame is still on them. "I'm just following orders" is not an excuse since Nuremberg trial.
No. 68380 Kontra
111 kB, 1496 × 663
This, the analysis that Russia and norge referred to says that Putin is displayed as madman but instead he is the guy who will do decisions because of interests

>There is a very real situation in the very real world that needs to be dealed with in a very real way.

nd you don't think it doesn't matter why this conflict came to be in order to resolve it? Surely, you can have different theories and models according to which will be acted, military strategy is about knowledge and experience, not just manpower and weapons r whatever you have in mind.
No. 68381
>nd you don't think it doesn't matter why this conflict came to be in order to resolve it?
Please refer to the section under the one you quoted. Also, fix your vwls.
No. 68382 Kontra
>instead he is the guy who will do decisions because of interests
And according to informations provided, so I think that it might be right that he has somewhat lost touch with reality - but not in a crazy type of way but in a late Erich Honecker being locked in a bubble type of way like Russiaernst described it. But even that would not explain what the long term goal of this invasion would be, since the trade off is just absurdly high.

I thought there were only two Ernsts from that bubble and that the other one had stopped posting. I don't think you are him though, so seems we are three.
No. 68383
3,9 MB, 640 × 320, 0:55
2,6 MB, 202 × 360, 0:22
Only on foreign matters where the typical base model American sees Ukraine as "that place in central Europe or the middle of Russia somewhere" and couldn't even be arsed to accurately label New Zealand on a map. However, that too can be down to typical early 21st century bydlo bias and consensus, namely, whatever all the other low IQ idiota around him think. In that regard, all that really matters ultimately is "but does it own the libs?" or "do right wing Nazis support it?" As both the Ukrainians and Russians are busily calling each other Nazis, I think for bydlo the matter remains undecided. Especially true because "Russia bad" always has been Conservatives since Goldwater, but "Trump says is good so therefore must be good." I think at least uneducated burgers remain undecided as such. Everybody else rightly concluded Russia bad because poor Ukraine being bullied again by Putler.

Yeah pretty much because quite frankly the macro consistency of it is enough to make me actually question if it's all just some great game by Illuminati when not even just at national but even international level we have dumb redteam/blueteam shit where only "owning the Wect" or "owning the Chinese/Soviets/Russians" is what seems to matter, as if it could somehow be anything other than greatest Russian wisdom I once was told by great Russian philosopher:
Is Russia shit? Well yes, but then everywhere else also is shit.

And so we see that Russia is a shit, USA a shit, but just because rotten Wect is a shit for previous several centuries 80 years does in no way justify Russia being an incompetent shit to Ukraine right now. Things can be objectively shit on their own regardless what rationalizing or relativizing its various actors or interested parties tries to say or do. Objectively, Russia is being a shit because it is led by Putin.
No. 68384 Kontra
The point here is, that even a lot of people who have to do with Putin in the past, now say he has changed.
Sure, we all know him as this 4D chess KGB calculating asshole, but what if he is indeed sick? Maybe he just has dementia or something.
I have never expected politicians to act rationally, but this is something we haven't seen since WW2.
Also, I wonder if those who are now explaining the russian government's actions are using the same logic explaining how WW2 came to be.

I mean after all, France, Poland and especially the Brits WANTED war with Germany, didn't they?
The former Entente just was out to humiliate Germany and not accept them as a peer and didn't care about their safety considerations.
So Hitler had no choice but to attack Poland, right?
I am terribly sorry for actually pulling a Hitler comparison - I really hate those usually - but it's just so fitting with how certain circles are treating this whole thing
No. 68385 Kontra
He might have lost control or touch with reality. Yesterday, I think, I read an article where it said we should stop perceiving Putin as a brilliant 6D chess geopolitics player. Maybe that is the point, his strategies are just shit, he was planning/imaginging a different outcome, maybe he lost touch with his experts giving advice on how to proceed, after all that is politics, to make a decision not just based on a rational, logical calculation, which after all is not to be mistaken for reality, models can help but in the end decisions are made and won't work like the models and theories imagined/processed it.

also what bubble are you talking about? this kind of twitter bubble? I don't have an account, I just have some people close to the Gegenstandpunkt saved as I'm interested in what orthodox Marxists have to say sometimes, they do be funny as well in their writings
No. 68388
Anyone who even wants to be surrounded by sycophantic yesmen already has shown a stunning lack of good judgment. From there it's all downhill between poor advice and bad character. Yes I think that in short a lot of retards online like trying to explain away object failures and shit policies made by retards as being "5D chess" when in fact the simple observation is that the guy's a retard. Waging a war and making plans for being home by Christmas is one such lack of judgment. Any way or occupation should be planned being bogged down for years, although I suspect Putin is at the point of people telling him only what he wanted to hear that all his military advisors and propagandists insisted China would support us, world could be convinced this was peacekeeping operation, and that we successfully complete operations by March. I think that the SWIFT thing in particular caught them off guard, because who in his right mind would pointlessly crash his nation's currency? Russian economy will look like 90s thanks to Putin, and what he even gained?
No. 68390
>will look like 90s thanks to Putin, and what he even gained?

He did his best to turn the clock towards sowjet times :DDD
No. 68392 Kontra
>Anyone who even wants to be surrounded by sycophantic yesmen already has shown a stunning lack of good judgment
You imagine this is easy to avoid when it isn't in your black and white view.
No. 68393 Kontra
>this kind of twitter bubble?
Yeah, the one most GSP accounts are a part of in a way.
No. 68394 Kontra
Georges St.Pierre?
No. 68396 Kontra
GegenStandPunkt, though real GSPlers will abbreviate it as GS, since it's written GegenStandpunkt in actuality
No. 68400 Kontra
66 kB, 1496 × 415
Well, I also looked into other accounts that follow GSP people and mostly do shitposting when Twitter allowed endless scrolling for people without account for entertainment purposes. I've never been much into the Kinderlinke that is also present there. Funfact: I've known people who attend GSP meetings
No. 68417
No it is not difficult to filter out people, be a sound judge of good character and inner strength, and figure out exactly who is going to tell you exactly what you want to hear and who will give you pushback even when he's afraid of you. I think that general McMaster was one such person. I'd be tempted to open a cabinet position where your sole job is just to play devil's advocate ensuring I don't do something wrong or stupid by some oversight, otherwise fuck do I even have cabinet officials and royal advisors for in the first place. That's literally the point of having high level ministers, is to have people that know more about their specific topic than you do and can advise accordingly. Among the strongest of kings are those that have the best advisors. Meanwhile you can be like der fuhrer and consider yourself a military and diplomatic genius then wonder why you're hiding in a bunker as Berlin burns down.
No. 68418
So basically you want jesters back
No. 68420 Kontra
497 kB, 840 × 488
Q: What kind of gun does an ukrainian nationalist use to shoot russians?
A: An israeli one!

No. 68421
Wait fuck is this even
This isn't even the first time they showed or talked to black people. I thought it was like Russia where you don't even have churka or kazakh looking people. Does Ukraine have lots of non-Ukrainians or Kharkov has lots of students from Africa or something? Or did media decide to show clip from Nairobi or Detroit or something to say it is Ukraine?
No. 68423 Kontra
>what are foreign students
No. 68425 Kontra
Jesus Christ, how fat and American
No. 68426
No, I mean an actual high level official not just some de-facto guy who became tradition to disagree with me in some places. Jesters were never a real official it just sort of morphed into that eventually. I mean more like the Israeli variant of World War Z where Mossad in the book has one guys whose sole role is to disagree with everyone else and poke holes in the theory saying "well, what if it is zombies?" See this is part of my problem I outright demand strength of people closest to me, not just submissiveness. And why would I? Life is struggle, and weakness is death.
No. 68427 Kontra
6,1 MB, 5775 × 4285
>No, I mean an actual high level official not just some de-facto guy who became tradition to disagree with me in some places.
Read a book, fatass.
No. 68428 Kontra
> "Polisja" label
It must be Polish refugee center with people from all over world, not just Ukraine.
No. 68429
123 kB, 733 × 945
>I thought it was like Russia where you don't even have churka or kazakh looking people.
Cryptic post. I'll have to decipher what you mean by this.
No. 68430 Kontra
6,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:40
No. 68432
1,8 MB, 406 × 720
Reminds me of this Latvian guy. He preferred to fight for LDNR though.
No. 68436 Kontra
Translation from burgerian:
  1. "Churka" means "Black person".
  2. Kazakh people look like Borat, not like "churkas".
  3. Russia is a based and redpilled bastion of "traditional values", there are no migrants there.
  4. Same is with Ukraine.
No. 68440
I had this thought, that much of political systems, political rituals, "checks and balances" are just ways of managing the "human animal". More specifically, the human animal group behavior. (there's also practices of self managing your own human animal, such as stoicism and various types of buddhism, but that's another thing).

For example, the role of the jester is questioning authority without undermining the authority. How do you do that? You have the person making the questioning look really stupid. You can't have a person with actual "perceived respectability" do that, because then, "questioning authority" turns into "asserting (own) authority".
By why is it so? Why is it that contradicting or doubting someone is also the same as undermining / diminishing / challenging someone? And why is that effect reduced when the "adversary" looks really fucking stupid? Because it's how our fucking monkey brains work.
So we invent all these rituals and structures and ideologies so that those rationally beneficial things can happen, but without triggering the monkey brain responses associated with the actions.
Isn't it absurd?

Especially the immense importance of "tricking" our monkey brains in such ways, because often the course of history is decided by a few individuals in power, who have those retarded irrational monkeys attached to their brains. And a response from a subconscious monkey in one person's brain can affect the fates of millions.
fucked is what it is.

Getting frustrated by people who operate on outdated paradigms and zeitgeists when analyzing ideology.

Ideologies are no longer ideologies. Haven't been for a while.
They've long been commodified into being fashion, brands, etc.
Playing "opinion police whack-a-mole" doesn't accomplish anything.
You can't "disprove", "debunk" or "discredit" ideologies any more, because the actual belief system or philosophy doesn't matter.
Ideologies are now merely "target demographics" and "audiences" and, most importantly customers.

The "fashion" or "brand" of an ideology or a belief system is a way bigger and more important factor than the actual "beliefs" or "policies" of an ideology. A "nazi" is no longer a member of a tangible group, it's a target audience, a customer profile.
So trying to fight neo-nazi groups on the moral basis of "they're racists, and racism is bad", is about as effective as trying to fight Nike on the basis of "they employ slave labor, and slave labor is bad".
It doesn't work, because nobody cares, and nobody cares because it's no longer about morality or ideology or ideals or whatever, but about fashion and business.
No. 68441
Because Ukraine is now trying to get into EU by accelerated procedure, turkroaches are now bitching and moaning because they want the same treatment.
It's incredible they are still trying to get into EU. Turkey has never been and never will be european and instrumentalizing an invasion to try and get what they want is really in bad taste.
No. 68442 Kontra
Sorry I should have said Erdogan, but Turkey still doesn't belong to Europe.
No. 68443
Hm, I thought churka meant roughly central asians. Mostly associated with the brown, persoid type because most central asian gastarbaiters in russia are from southern central asia. But can be used for any central asian anyway, including the asiatic types like kazakhs and kyrgiz.
This is roughly the context in which I heard it.

It can't just mean "anyone brown" or "anyone not europeoid", because there's a strict distinction between "churka" and "hach", the latter being caucasoid people.
No. 68444
1,6 MB, 1675 × 1281
122 kB, 800 × 600
534 kB, 587 × 404, 0:00
Yeah why would I be skeptical of a Western media organization showing me a contextless clip where not a single white face is in the crowd and I can't even clearly hear the audio and sounds like they are talking in African. It's not like for past 10 years everyone from ints to youtube day in the life videos to lipstickalley insisted to me black people nearly don't exist in slavlands or anything.

Churkas as in alleged Turkic peoples of rightful independent formerly Soviet territories that beat back and terrified Russian army into submission making Kadyrov disproportionately powerful in Russia, or Kazakh as in Mongol tier Eastern Russia. I was half making fun of you and calling Ukraine white and Russian Federation an ethnic melting pot, but wouldn't expect bottle sitters to understand this. Honestly it's more amusing that you are doing exactly the kind of dumb shit I insisted Russians near universally do. Please tell me more about how Russia is shit and Wect is glorious land of milk and honey but something something Western homosexuals something I hate Russia something something Russia stronk something something you Wecterns/Americans/Germans are all [insert exceedingly retarded strawman generalization] something butthurt from larger butilka something something

Honestly the sheer volume of asshurt the mere appearance of my flag causes to our long vanquished and unimportant rivals almost gives me enough joy to come back here and not just waste a sickday on it for the news. American manufacturing is still vastly better and more abundant than German pseudo-engineering btw, our forests more plentiful and beautiful, and our military ten times stronger than Russia's which can't even beat molotov throwing babushkas.
No. 68445
>It's incredible they are still trying to get into EU.

Do they? Didn't Erdogan just not give a fuck about anything that would improve his chances in the last few years?
I can't imagine anyone in Turkey still seriously considers them joining the EU.
No. 68448
Ah, I see now why we have such incredible shitposters plastering their asshurt. Cockroaches are british, you retarded vierkanaler.

Turkey I suspect is trying to play both sides and why wouldn't they. They're the Western equivalent to Soviet-Cuban missile silos, and really are only there for strategic purposes which is the sole reason a completely not atlantic state was admitted into NATO. I forget can you even kick a member state out of NATO? Regardless the very idea is stupid allowing them into NATO or EU except for dick waving and economic reasons, because it's an authoritarian state with nothing in common at all nor any important enough shared interests to be a member state and even floating the idea shows hypocrisy of the EU.

Russians basically mean the Turkic/Islamic tier peoples of south of them in places like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Chechnya etc. and really became popularized due to Chechen wars as way for ethnic Rus Russians to be insulting each other, because many alleged Churkas are still Russians. It does not mean Kazakhs for example, far as I've seen it used. I've also seen it used in context of insulting Georgians for example, and calling Stalin churka because from Georgia. Basically is Rus' inferiority complex at any territories subjected to Russian aggression, and wouldn't be surprised to find some retarded vatnik conspiracy site calling Ukrainians "crypto-churkas" from now on.
No. 68449 Kontra
Not churka.
>It does not mean Kazakhs for example, far as I've seen it used.
Kazakhs are churka.
No. 68450 Kontra
578 kB, 600 × 638
903 kB, 2616 × 2610
877 kB, 680 × 939
20 kB, 500 × 450
Have you ever tried being less fat and irritating?
No. 68453 Kontra
Tbh your posts are the most annoying I can spot. The american produces wildly more coherent thoughts that your bias-barfing.
No. 68456 Kontra
You are assuming I have any other goal than to drive him away.
No. 68461 Kontra
270 kB, 1024 × 768
No. 68465
Changing of strategies, no more attempts at decapitating the government. Now everything is gonna be turned into rubble.
No. 68468
Wasn't Russia supposed to have run out of bombs by now according to western intel?
Or at least I remember reading rumours on like day four that "Two thirds of bombs already used up, Putler on suicidewatch."
No. 68469
I don't know who thought that.
No. 68470
Now, they're just constantly running out of fuel according to western intel.
No. 68471
They wrote somewhere that a certain kind of distance weapon, I forgot which one, would run out quickly and would take weeks to reproduce or whatnot, not bombs though
No. 68472
42 kB, 600 × 450
Is western intel a codeword for twitter shitposts?
No. 68473
Since even official government channels are shitposting on Twitter, why not?
No. 68474 Kontra
1,4 MB, 480 × 369, 0:02
I laughed hard! I'm tempted to steal this as the new standard description for all kind of shady information.
No. 68475
Yes. No.
No. 68476
2,3 MB, 720 × 720, 0:38
Yes but don't forget live CCTV feeds on youtube as well.

Here's some intelligence of Russian strikes on military targets.
No. 68477
Зродились ми великої години,
З пожеж війни і полум’я вогнів.
Плекав нас біль за долю України,
Зростив нас гнів і лють на ворогів.

We were born at the greatest hour,
We hither came from wrathful fires of wars.
Ukraine’s distress—salty, grim and sour—
Has nurtured us and our ferocious force.

Ми йдемо в бій переможним ходом,
Тверді, міцні, незламні, мов граніт,
Бо плач не дав нікому ще свободи,
Хто борець, той здобуває світ.

Triumphant march—is how we enter clashes,
With granite’s strength, unbreakable we stand.
For weeping is naught but our freedom’s ashes,
The world’s gained by those fighting till the end.

Велику суть для усіх єдину,
Наш гордий клич народові несе
Вітчизні будь ти вірний без упину
Нам Україна вище понад все!

And we declare the greatest common essence,
Hear our proud call still ringing in the air:
Devotion to our land be in the crescence,
Love for Ukraine in the heart you bear.

Веде нас в бій героїв наших слава.
Для нас закон найвищий то наказ:
«Соборна Українськая держава —
Одна навік: від Сяну по Кавказ»

Our heroes’ glory is what keeps us striving,
Their highest order we shall all fulfill:
Ukraine united, firm and ever-thriving
Is our hope, our nation’s strongest will.

No. 68478
All I know is that innocent people will die for the will of elites, and the shills will keep on shilling.

To do some countersignaling ITT, here's some food for thought:
No. 68480 Kontra
No. 68481
7,3 MB, 848 × 464, 1:57
According to Belorussian TV propaganda it's "provocation of nazi thugs".
No. 68482 Kontra
46 kB, 623 × 372
Right. If you freeze frame, zoom in all the way and squint real hard you might be able to see all the nazi flags inside the building. Great reporting.
No. 68483
17 kB, 400 × 304
Please peace. We all cretins. Me specially. Please peace.
No. 68485
121 kB, 1200 × 800
"George Soros" I'm sorry but my eyes glaze over whenever I see this now and "counter signaling" fucking lol well I guess p*ltards finally made up minds at least and decided the more edge, contrarian, and openly retarded thing to do is support Russia.

Favourite thing about all this is because it's two groups of Slavs calling each other Nazi this confuses the retarded internet dwelling Westerners who choose to root for, because of course all life is must be good and evil battles like Hollywood and so they must choose team to root for like in their murican handegg tournies. I still think that it was baffling of Washington and other powers not to just openly insist it's okay we will not admit Ukraine into HATO. Like seriously, just why in the fuck? And so of course Putin look like bad guy and become hated by Ukrainian much good reason obviously, along literally all people East of Berlin particularly other than that Belarus. Now let us discuss that potato seller, Lukashenko... and all other people, and now Russian with half brain stem remaining hate such thing also, but suddenly make it so either have to win the war or now dealing with no option but to admit Ukraine into HATO after this. All in all basically is just elite stupidity and greed who should be tossed into gladiator cages on football fields and beating each other to death as people cheer on, which honestly Scholz could beat Sanchez snd De Susa obviously but my bet's on Macron winning after the two make it to finals tier.

Nice blue background and stale decade old memes vierkanaler. Please regale me with more tales about destroying civilization by any means necessary and still being lesser to France, Britain, USA...Britain is better financially managed than you are, now gaze across the pond admiring our superior accrual of wealth or we burn your forests down again and drop landmines in case they grow back))))
No. 68486 Kontra
Two schizo burgers found each other. Prepare for infinite loop of retardation.
No. 68489 Kontra
708 kB, 1157 × 480
703 kB, 1157 × 480
Have some fresh EC-grown ones then.
No. 68490
Should have emphasized, I think Macron easily beats Putin in cage match.

How I am retarded? I don't engage these idiots with sport team morality. I'm not tribalistic. I believe in finding an objective truth and believe in objective morality, regardless who says it. In this case I clearly can see why West is being retarded not for example telling Ukraine it shouldn't join NATO, which as I said is very valid point just like Washington would be upset if after USSR wins cold war they insist "no more eastward expansion of our 'defensive' alliance" and then proceed to gobble up more territories, until finally USA say, stay out of Canadian, which will be last straw. And then Kremlin sneakily tries to expand into there anyway, and refuses to say Canada will be kept out of Warsaw Pact, which USA then say well we demand Canada be never allowed to join Warsaw Pact or we decapitate Canadian government. At one hand, Russian demands on NATO seem entirely reasonable to me. On other, Russia is shit and Putin should go to bottle and/or dick as usual, who fuck over not just Russia but all Slavs he think he can attack without pushback as usual, and so while I partially agree in terms, still think Russia needs to stop bullying Ukraine. My eyes glaze over with both Western media and fatposters, as well as you vatnik bottlesitters, near all of whom usually strike me as impossibly retarded and ignorant. If such thing causes you a butthurt I don't really care. One wonders though if thanks to Putin now moloko become paint thinner and now we can also light milk on fire thanks to solvents contaminant not just cheese. So at least, Russia now can pay less fuel bills in winter by burning cheese again. Thanks Putler.
This is my general take on the situation. Really EU/USA should have just said no we will not allow Ukraine into NATO and Russia stay the fuck out where it's not wanted, is ideal situation, but of course we see sort of criminals who runs things and make more innocent people pay for it every single time. With any luck protests erupt across Russia and not just demos but actual nonviolent resistance like fucking with logistics, transport, comms, maybe throw shoelaces soaked in saltwater onto telephone poles, whatever and demand Putin steps down and leave Ukraine to own devices. West should agree to not having Ukraine in NATO as part of ceasefire deal, which honestly is for betterment of West anyway because a Ukrainian NATO member with bases just ticks armageddon clock closer ro midnight as it becomes flashpoint with very minimal chance for reaction, which exactly is why Cuban missile bases got removed. There should be and remain before zone between two such states of EU and Russia even if Ukraine get admitted to EU. Fact. Probably.
No. 68492
200 kB, 1800 × 1080
508 kB, 651 × 481
I was actually planning to stop coming here after tonight because I'm only looking for Ukraine information while home sick but this amount of butthurt makes me want to force myself to post every day all week in the most obnoxious way possible until only murican posters remain. I like how you're all so obsessed with us you turn Ukrainian war conversation into discussions about America. Well I guess we can't help ourselves, when Rihanna walks into a room nobody wants to keep discussing each other or world events do they?))))))))))
No. 68493 Kontra
28 kB, 526 × 584
>Ukraine information
There's no "Ukraine information", only twitter shitposting, hot takes, endless Westoid coping about the end of the ""rules based"" order and the threat of nuclear annihilation looming.
No. 68494
Westerners don't understand psychology of gopnik. They think that he dindu nuffin, they just provoked him and should've not been mean to him.

In reality it's exactly the opposite. Biden was very soft with Putin unlike Trump. He cancelled "keystone xl" pipeline project with Canada and restricted American oil production, but lifted Trump's sanctions from Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He prolonged SNV-III which Trump considered too beneficial for Russia. When under Trump burgers killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria (after Russian commandment tried to play fools and say "no them there"), Putin swallowed it. Knowing about Russian plans in Ukraine NATO three weeks ago stated that it won't get involved military there. Then Putin attacked.

Thugs see kindness as weakness.
No. 68495
2,0 MB, 2560 × 1421
>I fatpost all over the board and someone responds
>See! Everybody is obsessed with me!
Weird cope, but ok.
No. 68496 Kontra
It's strange I find myself agreeing with Leftist Australia but here we are.

While it's unfair to say you're stupid, you are insufferably moralistic (objective morality, that's a laugh), profoundly pigheaded, suffocatingly self-pitying and thoroughly lacking in introspection and restraint. I'd also add that I disagree with Russia on one thing; you're comically narcissistic to boot. It bleeds through every caustic, shrill word you type.

No one is impressed by your "truth to power" posturing. In fact, we find it a source of neverending hilarity at best but usually a source of existential dread knowing full well the tenor of discussion is about to descend into the gutter. It's why Portugal's little meme resonated with us because it nailed you to a T.

When you left, this community had a great sense of relief. The tenor of every discussion improved. No more feelings of hostility or unease.

Either change your attitude and post an opinion worth reading or please fuck the fuck off.
No. 68497 Kontra
100 kB, 480 × 640
Americans are not sending their best. We'll build great firewall around USA and they're gonna pay for it. Make EC great again!
No. 68498
You try to say this but there was nothing but Russian butthurt at Obama while you guys made memes of Trump who actually was and still is incredibly soft on Russia, which is probably why you're saying this. Just this week he offered more flattefy to Putin to Russia while badmouthing the US. Trump isn't coming back so you'll have to keep coping with that and a return to normal US policy. Meanwhile already 200 US troops and "military advisors" already being sent to Germany and I'm more bothered by the potential for US mission creep resulting in open conflict between the two powers. If anything, it's Putler's severe miscalculation that West would do nothing about Ukraine as usual like with Donbasse and Georgia and that is partly why Russian gangsters became so frustrated because they did not expect serious pushback, did not expect that level of sending Russian economy to dick, did not expect serious resistance, and why we had leaked some stupid shit where they were going to declare victory already.

You try to say all these things some of which may have merit, but whole reality of the situation ultimately is that Putin is an idiot.

Whole board became Germs and some bottle sitter becoming butthurt at America instead of discussions. If you want maybe I'll send you my used Ivy Bridge i3 for $400 American if you can bring you ping down enough to complete an online transaction))) Or keep coping from your faggotry being called out when anyone can see above posts and maybe we'll send a quid or two to some bogan/abo militia groups to free you from your pom masters, whichever.
No. 68500
752 kB, 1469 × 1102
I have no idea what it is exactly you're trying to say here, and that fact is probably a good indicator for me.
No. 68504
6 kB, 284 × 178
Go flirt with each other about trump, obama and amerishart politics somewhere else and get out of the Ukraine thread.
No. 68505
18,6 MB, 608 × 1080, 1:44
2,9 MB, 640 × 352, 0:51
1,6 MB, 272 × 480, 0:54
No. 68506
6,3 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:28
9,1 MB, 416 × 240, 1:46
16,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:16
No. 68507
4,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:33
3,0 MB, 720 × 720, 0:45
9,2 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:11
No. 68508
763 kB, 640 × 360, 0:28
3,9 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:15
4,8 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:46
No. 68509
6,7 MB, 720 × 1004, 0:45
1,7 MB, 480 × 848, 0:31
3,6 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:12
No. 68510
>3rd one
What the fuck, are those subtitles accurate?

>3rd one
>drive-by molotoving
No. 68511
3,4 MB, 1414 × 2000
72 kB, 604 × 384
Maybe it’s enough to grumble and destabilize situation in the country?

There is info from a knowledgeable person that real changes are expected in our country soon. After they stabilize the situation in Syria, they will destroy ISIS (an organization forbidden in the Russian Federation). Then everywhere they will form a trade alliance with the Middle East. Oil will be raised and kept, Europe will not be able to do anything. Now the main thing is not to grumble.

We are required to sit quietly. After everything is done, everything will be fine with us. Everyone will be provided with allowances, like Saudi citizens - everyone will ride in oil. The main thing now is to sit quietly and not fuss. No protests, no Navalny. Just wait and everything will be fine, everything is under control there.
No. 68513
>What the fuck, are those subtitles accurate?
Yes. It's curious that the word "independent" relating to Belarusian state has almost completely vanished from our state propaganda and gave way to not as blatantly insincere but still equally as meaningless words like "strong" and "prosperous". I doubt that you will be able to find a government that is more full of shit than ours nowadays.
No. 68514
Prime minister Mishustin: employees of IT companies will be able to get a preferential mortgage and deferment from the conscript.
No. 68515
Why IT?
If they're trying to pander to people who can do offense/defense in cybersecurity that's a much smaller niche than IT in general.
Maybe just to keep the infrastructure afloat or build out something new?
No. 68516
IT is among other things surveillance and propaganda. Maybe that's why it's one of few industries developed here.
No. 68517
Right, so after the initial approval for more defense spending, apparently the Greens and some far-left SPD groups are now resisting.
Daddy USA won't like that, not one bit (although I agree that the bigger problem is the structure and corruption and not the amount of money; France for example spends about the same money as we do).
No. 68518
Because of so many codegarchs trying to flee the country. The wectern companies they've been working for can no longer pay them for their work because of the sanctions. That with the addition of living in a third world country and possibly getting drafted and killed in a pointless war when you could be making +100k a year in the US for the same work.
No. 68520
What Ireland said.
Do not try to outshart the shartposter; do not shit into the shit winds
t. Ancient proverb

You know I open today see this at top and actually said out loud, I wonder what kind of bottlesitting this may be, and surely enough wow what cope. I can't even tell if this is just funnyman big brain post, or someone genuinely Rashka enough to say "and so we must go sit on bottle in corner trusting Putin is grand chessmesiter who achieve full Communism any day now." I hope this is joke, and don't really believe. He isn't turning you into oil sheikswhy hasn't he already then instead of stealing it last two decades? instead you gibe you 1990s again.
Also funny because Luka using Belarus, Russia, for word "prosperous." Don't you have way worse economics than even Romania y Albania? Is sanctions just going to fuck average Belarussian too?

Actually probably because, and I'm going on a limb here, Russia is planning on doing a full scale cyber exchange we'll say, which does mean that you may need divsersified IT assets just trying to keep everything afloat and not just security specialists. This even more is true when you consider someone with web development and good audio/video editing skills can just be diverted to propaganda department for example.
No. 68521
54 kB, 934 × 795
76 kB, 1080 × 486
924 kB, 480 × 360, 0:21
Friend from Sberbank (stonks fell from 15$ to 1 cent, for 99.93%) tried to employ to USA, was denied offer right before war.
Copes with "they will deescalate any time soon, they know what they are doing, sanctions will be lifted". His prognosis are always useful in a way that you know what for sure won't happen. I believe in self-driving cars and think that Brick is to pessimistic, but if this guy thinks the same, then perhaps Brick is right

Also it's funny that meme of "IT-boyar" emerged into reality. Codegarchs are first-class citizens officially now.
No. 68523
Really strange to think that coders are in a privileged strata of Russian society. Immunity from serving the tsar's special military operations, they're paid in dollars and hold the egonomy ransom.
A complete reversal of the natural order of things, only possible in a sick and rotten society.

I can't believe you think it's a real post.
No. 68524
>Don't you have way worse economics than even Romania y Albania?
Yep. All the more jarring because Albania was North Korea tier during Hoxha, while BSSR was one of the better faring Soviet republics. Goes to show all the talent and skill of that kolkhoznik of ours.

>Is sanctions just going to fuck average Belarussian too?
They already did. 1 USD is officially 3.45 rubles now, but it doesn't matter since soon there won't be any dollars (and euros) to buy, if not already. I'll get my monthly pay on Friday and try to buy some on Saturday, but I have a suspicion that I won't be able to do it. I'm seriously thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies: at least this way my money will be relatively safe if our banks fail.
No. 68525
Meme magic is a powerful force.

By the way if you're considering abandoning ship you can still come to Finland via St. Peter on a train. But based on today's news here even that door might be closing soon.
No. 68526
It's the natural and better order of things, because at least now you don't have that type of position solely by being one of the few king's men who can actually read and write. Now they just code, which given the underpinnings of modernity, isn't totally unreasonable. At least people who work in IT actually do something, which is more than I can say of an amazing number of people where I often find myself astonished they're actually being paid well. Also how am I supposed to know it's not some driveby sosacher?
No. 68527
>But based on today's news
Which news?
No. 68528 Kontra
Finnish news about the state railway company cutting communications with the Russian counterpart on all other fronts than coordinating the train traffic itself.
No. 68530
Interesting, that's not in my ticker.
What was in my ticker: Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea.
No. 68531
It's sosach copypasta. It was funny back then (though it may be originally written seriously, for money or not) and now it became hysterically laughable.
TBH I was surprised that you at least suspected joke taking into account your condition. After all my compatriot actually lives in imaginary world where Russia will start to export Land Rovers any time soon and shares his fantasies here.

t. posted it
No. 68533
You make fun of Americans but there's a reason we have a Poe's Law of Russian shitposts
No. 68536 Kontra
2,2 MB, 170 × 144, 0:08
What do you foreigners think about McFaul's take?

Also dear fucking God it's real
We actually do have a Texan ameribear fighting there for Russia apparently. How come no Russian ever told me of such thing? Apologies but found from late show trying to see what different types of Americans seem to think
Start at 5:44 although basically whole show is a glimpse to how many Americans are viewing thingsnot that anybody should rightfully care since between commie(?) Ameribear fighting in Donbass, Hollywood liberals, and MIGAtards calling butin "genius" far as I can gather they're near universally retarded regardless political leaning

I can report for anybody that caresyou shouldn't that American reporting, media, and politicals talking about it are near universally cringey and retarded. I also really don't give a fuck what anyone has to say we finally got out of Afghanistan after being there longer than possibly some posters on here was borned and the exact same people would just be attacking the president for sparking WWIII with force committals no one actually wants us to do and end up at war with Russia. Putin's retarded, and imo Biden threatening force would've just been called out as a bluff so this is one time I've ever seen sanctions being not pointless, also maybe sanctions on Iran. Actually if Putin really is losing touch with reality as I hear so many keep claiming, would he actually be deranged enough to engage Western forces? Is Russia comtinually broaching the subject of peace talks just them stalling and trying to gain the military advantage like waiting for that huge column to arrive, or is it because they actually are doing so poorly? Or is claim of Russian failure and tar pitting just Western media cope and propaganda?
No. 68538
>Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea.
His name is Abrantes. Romão Abrantes. He's a fellow EU citizen, I don't see what he has to do with this.

Happy first week of special military operation, Ernst. You know they expected this to be over already.
No. 68544
>people who work in IT actually do something
While it is true that they DO something, it's not necessary that they produce anything.

Programming is one of those jobs where doing it too well will see you engineering yourself out of a job.
So a lot of programmers are engaged in "job security oriented programming".
No. 68572 Kontra
Apparently, Oligarchs trying to escape Russia by private jet, tracked via flightradar

No. 68576
There go the hopes of the oligarchs whacking Pootin.
No. 68577
It could also be family or other people, but when they fly out these, that is not a sign of Russia being a good place right now either.
No. 68579
Internationalism is something you need be able to afford.
No. 68582
Just playing around with nukemap.
Assuming a TOPOL rocket with an 800 kt warhead hit the nearby airbase:

Depending on the height you'd have around 100k people affected, with about a quarter instant fatalities; most would come from the blast and the heat. I live outside the vaporizing zone and would be affected by the thermal radiation.
Fallout/radiation would be negligible.

About half as many victims, but fallout would be crazy, with the still dangerous doses being carried hundreds of kilometers; about halfway through Germany in a W-E direction.
No. 68583
I posted this in the today thread earlier. Any thoughts? I got one Russian response. How about others?
No. 68585
Russian jets have violated swedish airspace.
When Sweden joins NATO, Finland will too.
No. 68594
Christ, the fuck did they just do, dump a whole bunch of reservists on top of Ukraine telling them "is only military exercises" and sent inadequate supplies under the reasoning "well it shouldn't take long and even they it does, we can find food and fuel there"??

Yes yes, radio free and UATV basically might as well be RT etc. but here I at least can also see subtitles since I've no idea what's going on in some webms. My impression genuinely seems to be at this point that Russia really did send these guys out there with low food and fuel for some obtuse reasoning, possibly to make it look more authentically like an exercise I really can't say, and then proceeded to just dump everyone on now enemy soil and let them go full liberator scrounging supplies from civilians in winter. Am I reading that right?

Job security oriented programming, I lol'd IRL

See here should be your notifier brick, each time an oligarch leaves Russia notifier not makeawish.

But a used 15yo laptop with dualcore processor and public wifi isn't expensive either :-DDD

"The EU is offering Ukraine peanuts: 610 million euro of aid in return for taking on a 10-billion-euro loan, letting Tymoshenko out of jail, and radically transforming their legal system. The Russians are offering direct aid in the form of cheap gas, which is what the EU loan would have been used for anyway." That part especially caught my eye, as did the stuff about different openly Western funded NGOs. Honestly I don't fully understand what's been going on with the political process there although it's particularly sad because it really is such a vibrant country with great promise. I'd probably end up being part of that "I choose none of the above" too, considering German loan sharking to be just as bad as joining with impoverished bottlesitters ultimately. I'm not sure what you want said, since I basically agree with the article and doubt many here would have much to argue about. I also discovered there are in fact Catholics there, since I just assumed they were all some flavour of Orthodox.
No. 68604
>I'm not sure what you want said, since I basically agree with the article and doubt many here would have much to argue about. I also discovered there are in fact Catholics there, since I just assumed they were all some flavour of Orthodox.

I posted that article when it was fresh on Old KC and it caused a gigaton shitstorm. To see Ukrainians and Russians together get this hostile surprised the shit out of me when I took it to be rational. To me, it's still as relevant as when it was first published which was nearly a decade ago.

I wanted to see what Ernst thought and could either confirm or refute what's been said. Perhaps Ernst could further educate me as to what's going on. Corroboration is important.

For the record, I also posted these.

I personally am inclined to agree with Scott here.
No. 68617 Kontra
We are dealing with NATO the way Norway is dealing with EU. All the benefits, mostly, without having to deal with that pesky popular opinion. And everyone is in on it. Well at least until shit happens.
No. 68619
When I went to a demo I got very moved. I was thinking about you Russians and Ukranians from old KC. I always liked you and I still do. Praying for peace, fuck. God bless you all.
No. 68621
196 kB, 1200 × 675
213 kB, 1920 × 1080
Germans confiscated yacht of Alisher Usmanov. This is garch who owns 2ch.hk
Yacht is 156 meters long and costs 600 mln. $.
No. 68623
761 kB, 1118 × 1152
I mostly remember them always being engaged in slavosrach, I don't miss that.

Interesting article from the Royal United Services Institute (British military think-tank) about the lack of CAS so far from the Russian air force: https://rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/commentary/mysterious-case-missing-russian-air-force
No. 68624 Kontra
Also why do I have a yankball?
No. 68625
3,2 MB, 2506 × 1283
While having maybe some bug or wrong camera lock command playing Spacebase Startopiabretty ebin btw idk why Mac and others complained I just discovered this, so thanks Russia for even fucking up gaming for everyone. Apparently the makers of Cliff Empire, which also is a pretty ebin city sim, are Ukrainians. I wonder how many Ukrainian studios are there which I didn't yet know about. Just imagine telling old self from ten years ago "no, new Stalker can never be made because Putin killed them." I know it is really petty but I think sometimes the minor details are really what says something about an event, like if you wake up in the morning to something you took for granted and can no longer have morning cup of coffee because something stupid happened halfway around the planet.

I thought there was rumour some yacht got sank or sabotaged, didn't know they just confiscatedit.
No. 68628
557 kB, 1000 × 667
2 kB
Can somebody who can read Russian tell me what the attached short news article [0] says? I'm asking because the German translation obviously omits much of the original version's content and just vaguely insinuates things instead of plainly stating what earned these people the accusation of treason, and I don't think there is an English version.

The article is from "Ukrinform", which must be the mouthpiece of the leadership. I've been following their "la(te)st news" for a while, which are very short news texts they publish in several languages (uk, ru, en, es, de, fr, pl, zh?, jp? – zh and jp don't work without JS). I think most of their articles first get published in Russian and Ukrainian; 15–30 mins later, some of those get an English translation; their other editions (for example German) have more lag and I think skip some articles that the English edition has got. I think the attached article is a rare example of an article that got a German translation but not an English one as far as I could see. The German edition has longer night breaks, but during daytime is <1 h behind the source. Even though it seems to be state media, a lot of their news are simply "This politician wrote this on their Facebook/Twitter/Telegram". Apart from the usual typos and dodgy grammar, the oddest things I've seen published by Ukrinform so far were a Russian article preceded by romanized (!) Ukrainian [1], and instructions on how to make petrol bombs.

I've got co-workers from western Russia, Crimea and somewhere in Ukraine whom I considered asking to look at this article, but then I thought I better not bother them with this stuff, and I don't want to use web translation, so I'm asking Ernst instead because you might be interested in this and your time isn't worth anything.

Pic [2] related shows Каменные могилы, a nature reserve straddling the oblast’ border northwest of now besieged Mariupol’. Thank you especially to Ireland for this thread.

[0] https://www.ukrinform.ru/rubric-regions/3415888.html#socialBlockSlideId_0
[1] https://www.ukrinform.ru/rubric-ato/3415300.html#socialBlockSlideId_0
[2] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Кам'яні_Могили_06.jpg
No. 68631
Question, how come they aren't being taught how to make booby traps and slamfire rifles or other concealable guns? I'm really not too sure even why Molotovs are being recommended or used at all, which are well known to be ineffective against all but close range bunched up infantry and basically as much a risk to you as anyone else. I've seen all kinds of stupid shit in the 1970s Anarchist Cookbook to the extent I'm almost positive it was made by the CIA as a troll, probably intended to get people hurt or exposed.

I mean my personal suggestion if you're going to do this would be to prepare for stay behind operations, basically an insurgency with targeted attacks against telcomms, infrastructure, chemicals, electric grid, fuel depots, transport basically anything you can see being made use of by the enemy, and then on top of that building things like IEDs, traps, and small concealable firearms made out of pipe sections which can be used to approach enemy officers or lone soldiers to take them out and then melt back into the crowd. You can set up traps in doorways and other areas with slamfire or other means of discharging chemical, kinetic, explosive etc. weapons using just a rifle cartridge or shotgun or other ammunition, pieces of common household materials etc. But for them to suggest just molotoving Russian armour seems incredibly stupid to me and basically just a morale boost because it's so ineffective the Russians are probably not even going to fire on your non-threat civilians for lighting their sweater on fire while trying to wing your APC with half liter of petrol. My suggestions would probably DO make you a threat though so I probably shouldn't even say it online period

Also I was really saddened showering today when I realized probably our resident Ukrainian stopped posting because he got called up to war. There's some poor ernst somewhere freezing his nuts off in the Ukrainian snow and ice wondering if he'll die because of this. Reminds me how we lost all but one Syrian and he became Kuwait come to think of it.
No. 68632
5,4 MB, 1903 × 32750
Here's the thread, by the way.

This was the moment "/int/ pure love" died for me.
No. 68633 Kontra
629 kB, 1866 × 4840
Second part of that got cut off; must've run out of space.
No. 68635 Kontra
Feels strange to have to spell this out.

Because real life isn't a video game. You don't pop the 'booby traps' technology and suddenly everybody can rig one up. There is a logistical aspect to more complex training like that, where you can't just make it happen overnight while also at war. Meanwhile, propellant, bottle, fuse is so simple anybody can do it and most people have an idea of how to use it.

The VC literally had cadres of military trained insurgents who would further train the new fighters in traps and such. It wasn't a spontaneous thing. The Mujahideen had specialist bombmakers who would make the stuff for their fighters in a largely ready-to-go package.

Nobody is just pulling IEDs and traps out of their arse. Besides which, molotovs are actually pretty effective for what goes into them. They aren't just effective for their incendiary effect on flesh. Consider that combustion engines need air intakes to work. What does fire do with air? Put the dots together.
No. 68643 Kontra
75 kB, 1855 × 546
How poorly the Moldovan and Amerigan posts in that thread aged.
Truly /int/ was always bad.
No. 68659
192 kB, 1080 × 1080
201 kB, 720 × 900
26 kB, 500 × 281
Haha allright


Future is looking so bright

No, you're now just realising that *chans indeed always has been shit and piss, it's just int had a pretension of refinement which wasn't ever true beyond comparison to the actual 12 year old children and detards on the motherchans.

CIA had training manuals it distributed for a reason, from simple sabotage to whatever. Only explosives manufacturing and rigging really needs training. It's not hard to write a one page flier showing how to rig a shotgun shell into a mousetrap with a tripwire, and actually hitting anything with enough flame to choke the intake is ironically something which would require training.
No. 68660
This really is fucking hilarious to me
So I'm pretty sure we're now headed to the point where outside of old decaying institutions of state forces and for profit private security corporations, 5th gen warfare is increasingly ended up becoming crowdsourcing volunteers. Which I suppose in retrospect that literally never before in all human history did we have such thing as world internet until like 25 years ago, which even then was simpler and less available, where now we're kind of having a broadly global social experiment. It seems to me the very first anon griefer coordinated griefer campaigns are among those early windows into what's going to be happening, with everything transitioning to decentralized networks under certain specific command and control nodes.

Thoughts? Because I'm not just asking about right now or soon future, but how the situation could evolve over the coming 50+ years of heavy humanity internet exposure. Will it get to where all wars are ended up being funded and staffed by a sort of "democratic" modus operandi of who in the planet gets most butthurted at something or another, or who becomes most wealthiest and manipulative oligarchs to psyop people into their profiteering private wars?
No. 68661
> A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma [Russian Parlament], according to which those who were prosecuted for participating in illegal actions against the Russian special operation [it means: anti war protests] will be called up for military service in the Donbass.

Amount of newspeak in this country is impressive: "sovereign democracy", "clap of gas", "ecotechnopark", "self-isolation", "special operation" and so on. I wonder how they'll call martial law.
No. 68662
Wait, so they want to send anti war protesters to war?
What would prevent them from instantly surrendering the moment they have enemy contact?
No. 68663
They will probably send them to stroybat or something, so they will build fortifications, repair roads, stuff like that. They probably won't even issue guns for them.
No. 68664
They wouldn't send an all-protester-squad, obviously.
A few protesters in a group of non-protesters and guess what happens to you if you're the only one in your team trying to surrender... my guess is you're shot by your own comrades for desertion.
No. 68665
Maybe they'll return to glorious tradition of keeping relatives as hostages.
No. 68668
11,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:51
Incredible. Can't imagine living under a government that hates its people that much.
No. 68669
Something I have been asking myself for some time now is how effective those sanctions are in the first place.
Obviously, sanctions are just another way of waging total war. You hit the populace in order to make the leaders unpopular. In principle that's a sound idea.
But this warrants people actually blaming their own government. If I hit you because your brother hit me, you won't blame your brother at first, will you?
And according to the Pravda, but also a survey insitute that is apparently usually supporting Nawalny and thus more trustworthy than the Pravda (in principle), Putin's approval has risen.
So instead of making the people angry at their leaders and act accordingly, they get more ferocious and angry at those responisble for the sanctions. That is ALSO logical.
But what baffles me is that the russian government is pulling all those soviet times tricks from its hat, with kidnapping people, sending literal kids to wherever for whatever reason, like they were trying to cancel out any goodwill they could have from telling the people the others are the bad guys.
Russiaballs, explain plz.
No. 68670
Doesn't strike me as odd for Putin's approval to rise in short term. Most sanctions' effects come with a delay so the situation might look quite different after some months.
No. 68671
> survey insitute that is apparently usually supporting Nawalny
How it's called?
No. 68672
No. 68673 Kontra
Yeah, but it's not like Russia is being sanctioned only since the war began.
Säge for doublepost because I am too lazy to delete the former one.
No. 68674
Levada is probably the only serious polling institute in Russia.
No. 68677
785 kB, 1000 × 791
You did not scroll fast enough.

"Black Sabbath performing "War Pigs" live at the Olympia Theater in Paris, France on December 20, 1970"
No. 68678
46 kB, 738 × 968
Is Государственность a recently coined newspeak too? I learnt about the word when reading some analysis on kazakhstan habbenings. Seems like a perfect concept to justify current war. The intension of Государственность (statehood?) is, if I understand correctly, astonishingly identical to the chinese word 國體 (national body), which is a central topic in the political discourse during japan's transition to a modern state (and to a certain extent china's).

Some incoherent ramblings: the current situation reminds me a lot of the second sino-japanese war: easily seceded manchukuo puppet state, unwise and underperforming total invasion, "brother war", anti-imperialist imperialism, a desperate cry against anglo-american hegemony, consolidation of defensive side's nation building which works against attackers intention... Many parallels. Japan invaded to break her national body free from traditional sino-centric weltanschauung. Likewise russia invaded to restore the damaged statehood of tsardom. So there's an ideological dimension in both. Definitely not implying there will also be a parallel of nazi germany.
No. 68680
I was asked if I want to round up my payments for Ukraine, it's really kinda awkward at times how that solidarity turns out. Winterhilfswerk :DDD
Just joking, I declined though and I think he was surprised because the middle aged woman before more did round up. I wonder how many people did round up.
No. 68683
You mean "Aufrunden"? I generally don't donate to companies. If they want to help, they should use their own money. It's the same bullshit like oil companies telling me to reduce my CO2 footprint. Amazon also asked me to donate. I wonder how much old Jeff has already donated. Probably as much as me.
That said, I have already donated 200 Euros extra to Doctors without Borders, 100 Euros to the ukrainian army and currently I am planning out how I can logistically manage merging two apartments and freeing one of them for refugees.
No. 68688
516 kB, 1888 × 453
There's some really unintentionally funny things said by Russians back then.

Who are you? I thought for awhile it was Britain or someone who moved there.

Germans of all people could most easily help but allowing Ukrainians to crash on their couch honestly. A few hundred euros thrown at doctors without borders or getting lost in some wartime admin overhead is nothing compared to giving a couple Ukrainians a place to actually hide out for awhile.
No. 68689
Yes, aufrunden. But just like you said I won't give my money to a company, fuck knows what they are doing with it in the end. Your last project seems ver noble, I watched videos from Berlin where people are waiting for refugees, having signs with languages they speak and such in their back etc.
No. 68690
No. 68692
What if Russian Propaganda is right? I think the Ukrainians really are nazis. Fascists. The West always had a love of fascism and fascists. Franco. Pinochet. Papadopoulos. Such 'freedom'. We only get propaganda lies from western media outlets. I honestly think Russia gives truth.
No. 68693
>That said, I have already donated 200 Euros extra to Doctors without Borders, 100 Euros to the ukrainian army
Why do you donate to fascists?
No. 68694
158 kB, 422 × 790
I think I found a better conspiracy about the Ukraine than the stale 2014 tropes about fascist coups and russophone genocide. I think this is one I'll be adopting going forward.
No. 68700
Fucking this. They needed an exit strategy from their fabricated fake pandemic, so they are massively over-reporting a minor border-dispute engineered just for the purpose. And people are dumb enough to die for this shit. The stupid, little easily manipulated maggots are such dumb, pathetic shits.
They just don't get that their media is lying to them 24/7. It's all lies you see on TV. Putin is cast as the bad guy, but in what way is he worse than Obama, Bush or Trump? People just can't see through the manipulation, because they are retarded. Ukraine even voted a fucking actor for president because he played the president in a TV show. Humans do not deserve to live, because they are so fucking stupid. Germans are the most stupid of them all. There is no animal on earth that is more stupid than the average German. For decades, they believed "Russia good", now, suddenly, it's "russia bad" in the media and all the dumb, pathetic little shit Germlings go "RUSSIA BAD BAH-BAH". Nuclear energy will kill us all, or so the liars of the green party told the dumb Germans, and the dumb Germans believed it. Now, suddenly, those retarded idiots DEMAND nuclear power. Pathetic, ridiculous, and stupid. The world can only laugh about a pathetic, dumb, incomptent shit country like Germany. I hope Germany gets nuked soon.
No. 68703
>the Ukraine

This reminds me, why is it common to always prefix Ukraine with an article? The only other country I can call up where this is done is "the USA" and there it's an obvious grammatical artifact.
No. 68704
Alright, so apparently the White House and Kremlin have set up a hotline a few days ago.
This means things are EXTREMELY serious.
No. 68705
A good question. The Netherlands has the same.

I have a lot more ground breaking theories I could enlighten you with. Subscribe to my substack so you wont be like the rest of those uninformed Germans.
No. 68706 Kontra
Nevermind, it's because it's plural. There must be another 'the' nation in singular.
No. 68707
56 kB, 570 × 649
Hey Brick, you trying to burn to Kyiv again?
No. 68708
I hope this is a troll post. Ironically, this makes you the only truly stupid German here if not. "It will all go away in springof 20fucking20" they said. "The media will never bring it up after November elections" they said. "No one will ever talk about it again after February 2021 when Biden takes office" they told me.

You are a fucking idiot and a congenital liar who all got majorly btfo over the past two and a half years, deal with it.
No. 68709
Oh no.
Truly a horrible timing for a tightening in brotherly relations. Kazakhstan's independence squandered in such an impactful year.
No. 68712
Mom said it's my turn to get sanctions.
Together to economic ruin, hand in hand like brothers.
No. 68713
Putin says it's only minor invonvenience and will hurt the west more. Western analysts agree. Russia can simply trade with China when necessary and produce everything else internally, which will strengthen the Russian economy. Import substitution produces little growth, but helps nations to develop a domestic capital stock.
No. 68714 Kontra
By the way, BMW will halt production tomorrow. Proof that the west is sanctioning the west.
No. 68715 Kontra
Why do people think it works like that?
No. 68717
2,1 MB, 640 × 360, 0:47
I thought that Russia was supposed to manage better!
No. 68718
How do you know it does not work like this? There are people out there who argue in all seriousness that the USA is the only nuclear power, all other supposed nuclear powers are fake and the cold war was a gigantic act invented to better control people. How can we know that they are wrong? Of course, it sounds insane to us, but only because it is in conflict with our pre-existing knowledge about how-the-world-works (TM). Even if we where able to observe a Russian nuclear tests those Russians could still be Americans pretending to be Russians, just to fool us into believing that Russia is a nuclear power, right?
No. 68719
Europe can simply trade with China when necessary and produce everything else internally, which will strengthen the European economy.
No. 68720
It's easier for simple brained people to imagine the world as something that is fully controlled by some sort of omnipresent kabal. The world being a chaotic megasystem full of uncertainty is very scary.
No. 68721
>the look in her eyes when he drinks
holy shit
No. 68722
>Even if we where able to observe a Russian nuclear tests those Russians could still be Americans pretending to be Russians, just to fool us into believing that Russia is a nuclear power, right?

Not right.
It's the same problem you have with for example the moon landing conspiracy.

A conspiracy doesn't work when you need to have thousands of people involved to make it work.

Keeping a secret between 3 or 4 people is hard enough, do you really think THOUSANDS could keep that up over a timespan of decades?

If something like that would happen you'd get bulletproof evidence within hours.
No. 68724
42 kB, 697 × 386
She's like a deer in headlights. What a legend that guy.
No. 68725 Kontra
I think it would be easier, logistically speaking, for a nation to pretend it has functional nuclear weapons than to fabricate a global epidemic, no?
No. 68733
3,0 MB, 3072 × 2304
109 kB, 1698 × 1146
102 kB, 1716 × 1145
101 kB, 1710 × 1134
I think there is some truth to this, Russia may have been baited into this shit by the USA and China and now we have a new drama and covid is suddenly forgotten about in the space of a week
when I was in Ukraine I learned quickly to call it Ukraine or Ukraina since there are no articles in Russian or Ukrainian, therefor the 'the' is non sensical

pics related btw, Ukraine 2004
just like in all the disaster movies
fucking madlad, Russians do have SOVL
No. 68735
>A conspiracy doesn't work when you need to have thousands of people involved to make it work.
So what?

>do you really think THOUSANDS could keep that up over a timespan of decades?
Entire airplanes where developed and test-flown in secret. Maybe they even blather, and we just don't get it. You can tell all your secrets to your dog, but it will never even grasp the idea that you are telling secrets. To the dog, it's just that noise that you always make.
No. 68737
Ok, you want to be skeptical for skeptical sake, which means you are born to believe in conspiracies and other theories. But they are way to big to live up to that mechanical logic that is prevalent with these "theories" or narratives, after all, it's mostly fiction. Maybe Trump was hoax, after all, I'ver never seen him, just on screens. Did anyboder ever see Trump? If any American you saw Trump in person, why should I belive him? He or she could be lying to me, be part of the big lie, because nobody as ever seen Trump IRL, all people that say so are part of a big conspiracy, how do you know it's not like that?
No. 68748
Most people want a narrative, something that establishes a rationale behind the way the current situation was reached, how it will move forward, what the players are bound to do, and (importantly) assigns one a purpose and sense of agency in the world. Politics and ideology are just convenient, universal wrappings around that.

I don't usually bring up politics IRL unless specifically pressed for an opinion, but I find that most people are not looking as much to argue the issue specifically, but use that argument to label my alignment within the narrative and legitimize their worldview as a whole. However, I tend to not really care about the particular sides, care about justification beyond intuition and like comparing sources with different conclusions and methods of reaching them, and really try to get a concrete argument out of someone and will ask them to clarify or split a hair if I think they have lazy rhetoric or are using a fallacy egregiously. So I usually wind up either boring or frustrating a lot of people and they just call it off on their side, and I just leave unfulfilled.
No. 68749
828 kB, 1280 × 592, 0:23
To late to explore Earth.
To early to explore universe.
Just in time to watch real-time how idiots shell nuclear station.
No. 68751
Ok, so your answer is essentially to say that there exists a resource, therefore the logistical aspect of what distribution entails doesn't matter.

Are those manuals immediately applicable to the situation of the average Ukrainian? Is there any point in showing how to do that if there isn't much in the way of shotgun ammo just lying around everywhere? It'd exist but how easy is it to find? What are the chances of someone in a besieged city having some on hand so they don't have to wander the streets looking for it?

These things would also need translating into very clear and concise Ukrainian. And use materials common there specifically, again you want it to be stuff that people already have. You don't want people clogging up the battlefield, making things more dangerous. Then you have the issue of getting all of that to where you want it to be in the first place.

Again, logistics are a thing. Real life doesn't just have tech trees. You've proven that it's possible for something like this to be done at all, not that it's a viable option under emergency wartime conditions with virtually no groundwork already done.
No. 68752
60 kB, 615 × 597
>You hit the populace in order to make the leaders unpopular.
Neither the first nor the second half of that statement is necessarily true:

>in order to make the leaders unpopular
Is that really the sanctions' overt or hidden purpose? Alternative purposes might be to directly pressure the elite themselves, or to deprive their palace economy of a needed resource or service, neither of which needs to involve the leaders' popularity among the populace – sorry, that sounds redundant in English. Another purpose of publicly enacting sanctions could be to signal to your own constituency that you're doing something about the problem, or at least trying to do something.

>You hit the populace
Sanctions are targeted. You specify exactly what's verboten for whom and what's exempt. With sanctions worded as precisely as possible, you don't hit the populace unless you want to. For example, sanctions against the DPRK target luxury goods the dynasty disburses to the staatstragende elite to buy their continued allegiance, they target goods which from experience never reach the hungry masses but the military (for example, when offered famine relief foods, the DPRK instead demanded concrete and white rice), they target the palace economy. The wording made sure that medicine, relief goods, anything that would benefit the malnourished populace instead of going to fighter jets, luxury mansions or death camp maintenance would fully get through. Of course, the target and their shills will still accuse the enabling party of hitting the populace, and others will believe the accusations instead of reading the publicly available sanctions text. And of course, enacting well-defined sanctions is one thing, but abiding by and enforcing them is another matter, as we've seen with the PRC's and the ROK's (and even European [1]) flouting or subverting of sanctions against the DPRK (and earlier, by West Germany toward apartheid South Africa), arguably contrary to their own laws.

>how effective those sanctions are in the first place
I guess that hinges on several parameters (I hope I'm using this word correctly): The first is the prohibitions' and punishments' potential impact, that is: If everyone except the target party tried to abide by the sanctions rules, how apt would this be to bring about the intended effect? Secondly, the extent to which the relevant actors actually abide: Are the sanctions more than a mere piece of paper? And thirdly, the potential of rogue actors' non-compliance to undermine the abiding parties' efforts: If one party doesn't obey, does this not matter, or does it completely spoil everything, or is the impact proportional? I guess sanctions will be ineffective unless you're in the green zone with respect to both the first one (potential impact) and either of the other two (degree of obeyance, and resilience of impact against any disobeyance).

Actors may fail to enforce sanctions because the enacting party is not powerful enough to make others prioritise avoiding trouble with the enacting party over trading with the target party. (But I guess an enacting party wielding sufficient influence over the target party could even cause an impact on their own, without causing or coercing other parties to join in.) In the case of the DPRK, the sanctions regime was ineffective for many years because – despite western media claiming otherwise – sanctions had not been cranked up to where it hurts. (I wonder why not. Because the constituency is less invested in human rights than in profiting from their absence? Or at least was, but why would that have changed.) And to where it hurts not just the target, but also the target's would-be enablers, so that the latter would feel compelled to show some effort toward abiding and enforcement. Allegedly, in the case of Iran, sanctions were super effective precisely when cranked up to a level beyond DPRK sanctions at that time. For the DPRK and Iran cases, read Joshua Stanton (freekorea.us) who seems to be very much an expert on sanctions and crafting them. For example, look for something like "the myth of maxed-out sanctions".

[1] https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/news/2016/05/north-korea-uses-ingenious-constructions-to-supply-forced-labour-to-the-eu
No. 68754
It's not really a grammatical artifact. I'd split it into two main meanings:

  1. An sovereign entity with emphasis placed on it being an area commonly considered through its sub-regional entities that operate as one, rather than being considered a monolith.
In the United States it is states, in the United Kingdom it is countries (Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland depending on who you ask). You can also see this in the official titles of many countries, like Russia being "the Russian Federation" or Brazil being "the Federative Republic of Brazil." I would say that the reason why one the shorter title is usually chosen is that in most cases, most Anglos do not give much emphasis to the provinces/states/etc. of another country in the same way it is given in the UK and the USA. This also applies to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

2. A geographic region which may or may not contain sovereign state(s).
For the Netherlands I do see it as an artifact, a historical byproduct of the evolution of the Low Countries, to the Netherlands as a region contested by the great powers of the late middle ages, to a state which slowly unified into the present day country. But normally there is no direct implication of sovereignty, just a geographical region with commonly associated stereotypes and possibly more commonalities. The East Coast, The West Coast, The South, The Midlands, The Lowlands, The Highlands, The Appalachians, The Rockies, The Baltic States, etc.

The reason why it was called "the Ukraine" is entirely the second case. "the Ukraine" a byproduct of the West considering Ukraine a region of the Soviet Union without direct sovereignty, which most naturally persisted due to people already being familiar with the term, the new country sharing the name, and (in the USA at least) a general disinterest regarding the country outside of the post-Soviet context up until the 2010s. Basically people already knew it as "the Ukraine" and had no impetus to drop the "the".
This is also explains why people who approve of Ukraine being a puppet state to Russia prefer "the Ukraine." It belittles the concept of it being an independent country. It would be like if the the Midwest successfully broke away from the rest of the USA as "Midwestia," but the USA still referred to it as "the Midwest."

Hope that clears it up.
No. 68761
102 kB, 487 × 500
80 kB, 788 × 799
hohols was responsible for Chernobyl, not Russia
:proceeds to open fire on Ukrainian nuclear plant:

You're saying all this as if somehow ammo doesn't exist there in a warzone with less useful to soldiers hunting ammunition, as if say mousetraps wouldn't be commonly available in homes, and also as if people magically don't need to go out to get the petrol to begin with when all the pumps already got shut down or used up by armed forces and people fleeing cities. Yes it is absolutely stupid. Either don't tell people to waste precious fuel on molotovs, set up actually useful partisan warfare, or admit to not needing the petrol and just start setting all the pumps on fire in Iraqi style retreat.
No. 68763
24 kB, 480 × 283
87 kB, 900 × 767
>tell people to waste precious fuel on molotovs
If you can expend 1 litre of petrol to make 3 molotovs, and with those molotovs you burn 1 BMP and maybe light up a roadblock to warn of an advance then that is a serious net gain for the resources expended

molotovs are not a waste of resources, you put PETROL into a molotov and most of the fighting vehicles are DIESEL
No. 68764
Yes, it exists but you want to minimise movement in combat zones because it cuts the 'noise' from the environment, making it easier to ID hostile troop movements. A few improvised guns aren't worth risking making a perimeter porous for.

Most people in countries that aren't America are also a lot more likely to have some petrol, or something similar around than they are unclaimed ammunition. Besides which, you don't get a handful of rounds for asking a soldier nicely. They'll tell you to fuck off because they need it for their own weapon. Then if you find it on a corpse, it is probably near a rifle itself at which point the improvised part is pointless. And also, in terms of practicality, you're more likely to get away with a Molotov out a window and dipping than you are getting close enough to a lone soldier (not happening in a combat zone) to use a pipe gun. That's some 'watched too much red dawn' syndrome.

Frankly, the ideal is to not make your civilians into combatants at all. But ignoring that, once again a volkssturm type thing isn't spontaneous as you seem to think it is. Or is every actual example of insurgency in the real world wrong before the weight of your own intellect?
No. 68765 Kontra
Also funny you should mention partisans, since in the Soviet Union, they were often led and trained by Soviet officers who had been overtaken by the German advance. There was an entire chain of command in place for connecting them to the Red army even. These weren't people just suddenly deciding to make a pipe gun and work their way up. They were enlisted under a military command in many cases, closer to the territorial defense forces in Ukraine than anything else.
No. 68766
Thank you for the pictures, they somehow have an effect on me and I enjoy looking at them.

>Hope that clears it up.

Indeed it did, thanks man.
No. 68768
Please, write to the Ukrainian government. Your superior analysis could save lives, it's not too late for them to start making pipe guns!
No. 68771
Opposition leader Friedrich Merz is now talking about a NATO involvment.
No. 68772
What did he bring up in particular as involvement?
Unless it is a situation that is serious enough to invoke Article 5 I doubt NATO as an alliance will have any direct involvement regardless of what transpires in Ukraine.
No. 68775
Russians don't see this war as a way, it is the denazification and de-militarization of Ukraine, a fascist regime. Russians in Ukraine fear for their lives every day. The west is to blame because NATO uses Ukraine to threaten Russia's safety.
The population greets Russians as liberators.
The operations in Ukraine go according to plan.

Meanwhile, western news claim the Russian army is weak, close to collapse, ill-equipped, lacking morale. Russia invaded Ukraine in an unjust offensive war against the Ukrainian. People.

I think the Western media tells blatant Propaganda lies, Russian reporting is much closer to truth.
No. 68776 Kontra
Why else would Russia today be banned in Germany? They are trying to hide the truth.
No. 68778 Kontra
You leftists who support Putin's Russia confuse me.
No. 68781
Except in Germany, that's the point of view the successor of the literal Nazi party expresses. Not all factions of the German extreme right support putin, but many do.
No. 68783
There's also this post which illuminates on this bizarre international coalition of leftists who support Putin's Russia:

Enlightening, to say the least.
No. 68785
I was not enlightened. All I saw was screenshots from Facebook and Twitter posted on kiwi farms.
No. 68786 Kontra
He is not a leftist. He either is a troll or a (libertarian) right winger or both.
No. 68791
What makes you think ARD and SZ and all the other bien-pensant German media outlets do not lie? They basically can tell us anything, we have no way to check.
>This building was destroyed buy Russia
But how do we know it wasn't ukraini? We just have to trust them.
>Ukrainian regime is not Nazi
But again, how would we know?
They could tell us anything, there is no way to check.
They can tell arbitrary lies.

When and why did every media outlet turn so pro-ukrainian? After Euro-Maidan. If the west had not backed the pro western regime in Ukraine, there would be no war. USA tried to get a cronieregi.e with a direct border to Russia same station missiles and missile defense there. Now, we act all outraged when Russia defends itself. If Ukraine is free, why does US use it as a pawn?
No. 68792 Kontra
This. He's probably a stray retard from /fefe/, every thread there has similar posts.
No. 68793 Kontra
The thread itself is mostly about retard western leftists who identify as Antifa, but the post of intrigue was by Coinsniffer who linked to a few articles detailing neo-Soviets who support Donbass, a Ugandan-descent National Bolshevik who's been banned from many Baltic states, former IDF soldiers fighting in Donbass and an International Anti-Fascist Forum attended by several people in various combat groups over there.

These people, for whatever you wish to say about their politics, are the real deal. They're not homeless Anarchists who get their opinions from Aus-Rotten lyrics.
No. 68798 Kontra
28 kB, 445 × 250
Soviet cosplayers got the DP-27 drip, props for that at least.
No. 68801
7,2 MB, 404 × 720, 1:27
12,3 MB, 224 × 432, 2:19
> ill-equipped
First video.

> lacking morale
Second video.

> weak, close to collapse
That's exaggeration. They have way too many zergs and jets. I think they'll have the upper hand anyway.
No. 68802
And now the chancellor has, again, "ruled out" NATO involvment.

>successor of the NSDAP
Dumbass. That said, I just thought about how crazy the world has gotten that the far-right supports neosoviet imperialism while the left supports american imperialism.
Is this what postmodernism does to the world?
Nothing is true, everything is allowed.
No. 68803
I'm not libertarian or a right winger, I just hate Germany for thinking WE have it all right and the rest of the world has it WRONG and Germany is the bestest country, while it is utter crap.
And I am certain the reporting we get about Ukraine is skewed. They made a Nazi terrorist organisation part of their national guard. They feed criminals. They actually draw fighting to neighborhoods by placing their artillery there, same with nuclear plants, they move their own military into these positions and force the Russians to attack them.
We get the typical war propaganda
  • Russian casualties are mounting
  • Russian civilians are on our side
  • ower cause is just
  • enemy moral is low

I think none if it is remotely true.

Russian progress and Russian casualties might be about what they expected when planning this operation, the Russian population is by-and-large not opposed to the Russian military operation, they blame NATO, same as western civilians blame Putin, because they got the exact opposite message in their own propaganda.

They spread propaganda lies and dumb people believe them. As simple as that.
No. 68805
Never noticed it. Maybe they overuse this word in "geopolitics" articles but I don't read them usually. Also it means what it seems to mean, doesn't it? Meanwhile try to guess what hides behind "ecotechnopark".

>Ukraine 2022 (26).jpg
I don't get this meme.
No. 68808
Who said AfD? I was talking about NPD, dumbass. Do your homework before you start name-calling.
No. 68809
Wait, so the NPD doesn't exist anymore?
No. 68810
Meant "does still exist", sorry.
No. 68811
The NPD is alive and well, they picked the Russian side, III Way picked Ukrainian side.
No. 68812
Damn I thought they kinda wasted away with the afd taking everyone. I apologize for the dumbass comment.
Still it's crazy.
No. 68813
Curious. Fascist figures here seem evenly split between defending Ukraine (a sovereign European state being attacked by neo-bolshevik asiatics) and backing Russia (backing Putin's national-authoritarian forces against liberal-woke west).
Hardleft forces are unified in defending Russia, though.
No. 68824
Feels good that the most boomer schizo leftoids here are just anti-revisionist MLs, and thus reject both Russia and Ukraine. Though it does get boring when your ultras are largely sane, and just clinging to Theory that's out of style.
No. 68826
2,3 MB, 480 × 360, 0:24
2,1 MB, 450 × 360, 0:39
7,7 MB, 450 × 360, 4:31
Not everything is about retarded false dichotomy of right/left you know? This is one reason why I try not to engage particularly Americans in politics. They don't tend to have nuanced views about anything and see things in solely black or white. Not saying you, just saying. Also my impression is that American leftists are entirely 99% unified in their hatred of Putin and detesting Russia, since they already hated the two to begin with. The sole probably 0.9% remaining are just antiwar activists more interested in complaining about first world problems, with a remaining 0.1% being deranged tankies operating under the delusions Putler will abolish Capitalism and reconstitute the USSR or some silly bullshit like that.
t. Prof of asspulled figures, Ph.D. :-DDS

Like nearly all of America right now is I think backing Ukraine. The rest is typical radical far right chan retards and whatever astroturfing is being done there who are basically indistinguishable from far left "I hate everything about here, my country bad therefore others who hate my country good" non-logic. Or, by exactly the same retard logic, "I hate my media, so whatever media tells me is bad must be good." Which who cares because China could literally glass half of USA and media would say it's bad and tragic, and they'd get on chans saying how "really China is good, librul media [insert retarded blathering]" so you have those people too at the farthest fringes.

We have virtually everybody else from establishment neocons to traditionalists and closeted fascists also hating Putin, because really the only reason not to hate Russia right now for Americans is the few reasoned individuals recognizing the NATO problem, but who then swerve to retard territory claiming some "American provocations" or similar dumb shit. I think they're too small brained to get that just because we have someone like Joe Scarborough saying some cringey Cold War daddy warbucks tier shit doesn't make Russia good, or understanding life isn't black and white about good guys and bad guys like in Hollywood.

I guess it does at least get interesting from the international view, in that you have all kinds of different splits on this issue including even China not wanting to wade into sewage with Russia. There seems to be lots of splits in opinion, and meanwhile it may be turning into other Syria with 16,000 volunteers from around the world already streaming into Ukraine to fight.
No. 68847 Kontra
I said something before about this. Now lemme ask you something, who do you know that you even exist? And now fuck off to isolation and write your mediations, Descartus.
No. 69001
>(Mostly) unarmed little green men standing around chatting
I don't understand Russian, what's going on there? Thanks
Also I apologize for the edgy behaviour of some German posters in this thread, shameful display, sorry you had to see this.
No. 69006
>Also I apologize for the edgy behaviour of some German posters in this thread, shameful display, sorry you had to see this.
Oh ffs just shut up you bootlicker, nobody cares.

t. not even any of the k*hl/fefe retards
No. 74850
A perfect illustration that even for the West this war is largely just a tool in internal conflicts.