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No. 68120 Systemkontra
367 kB, 1024 × 960
German stupidity gets banned ITT :<
No. 68122 Kontra
I really wish antigerman germanball would also get banned, you are really irritating.
Good job on giving this thread a proper start.
No. 68126
When I was edgy internet teenager, I used to think that people who ban or block people on forums/ chats/ etc. were pussies who couldn't handle the bants.
These days I think it is a perfectly reasonable response.
I guess the difference is that time/energy/attention suddenly became valuable to me, and I no longer have interest in engaging with things that have 0% chance of giving me any positive value.

I actually used to be the troll who wastes other peoples' time with my demagogue skills and infinite free time, and feel superior when they give up and tell me to fuck off. Now I'm the butthurt old man who'd rather block trolls than reck them with my superior rhethoric epic style.
Funny how things change.

But yeah, I see no reason to engage with people who don't want to discuss things (educate each other), but rather want to argue (assert a view).
No. 68127
Well, the problem is that especially on forums where you "know each other" mods are often powertripping assholes, so there always needs a balance to be struck.
But then again, I am more of a law-and-order type myself, so I have no problem with removing discordiant elements if they are only out for sowing dissent.

That said,
>I see no reason to engage with people who don't want to discuss things (educate each other), but rather want to argue (assert a view).
Isn't a discussion just a series of statements to assert a view?
But I think we have talked about this in another or earlier thread, in that people would have to be veritable experts on the topic they are discussing in order to even be able to form proper arguments in the first place. Because everything else is just opinion (like this).
No. 68129

I don't see how educating each other and asserting a view are mutually exclusive. Both can go an argumentative route (ideally one should add :DDD)
No. 68130
Well, I think the difference is that in one case, you pre-suppose the possibility in which you are wrong, in the other, you pre-assert that the other party is wrong / you are right.

As in, in you engage in a discussion with the expectation of being proven wrong, you engage in an argument with the expectation of proving someone wrong.
Principle of charity and all that.

The sad part is, a big reason why I stopped being (less of) an edgy self assured retard is because there were enough people on the internet who were willing to engage with me on honest terms and push my face into my own shit, so that I could gain a better perspective. If I were just told to fuck off with no further engagement, I'd probably have kept my views, and even got more militant about them.

If both parties are intellectually honest yes, this can happen. But this is more and more rare these days.

In fact, I was rarely intellectually honest back in my internet edgelord days. It took being completely humilated and dunked on by someone smarter for me to change my views. Wonder if this is still a viable strategy.
No. 68131
I think brick meant the people who just spout their opinions and won't accept any kind of input. Drive-by shitposters, so to say.
Obviously by arguing I try to assert a view and educate you with the goal of making you adopt my opinion.
No. 68132
I think it is a better strategy to assume yourself to be wrong, because it is the more likely possibility.

You have a minuscule chance of arriving at truth by changing your opinions frequently. You have zero chance of arriving at truth by keeping the same opinion.

I'd rather be proven wrong than prove anyone wrong, because being proven wrong means I was corrected, which means I shed a false belief, which means I got slightly closer to the truth.
No. 68133
Interesting view, but I can't share it. If you operate under the premise that you are wrong in the first place, how would you be able to find proper arguments? Because if you're wrong, so are your arguments.
How about assuming you are right, but keeping your arguments themselves under critical evaluation? There is not a single way to reach something here, so you might be right despite going a "faulty" way.
Also, what if the other person also assumes they are wrong? How would you decide then who is right?
No. 68135
11 kB, 242 × 232
Kyrgyz people are the most patriotic of Middle Asians. Very often I see them in national hats, in "Kyrgyzstan" t-shirts, in cars with such labels. I can not remember Uzbek or Kazakh people doing the same, but percentage of Middle Asians with Kyrgyz attributes is comparable to their portion among migrants.
Why could this be?

have I already shared this observation? but today I've noticed this pattern once again
No. 68136
There's no technical difficulty in offering opposite interpretations of the same source material. On chinese book review sites, some comments for 1984, which by the way was never banned, are like "thanks to the party we don't live like this!". This meme of a book is always on best sellers and school recommended reading lists here. And plenty of readers regard it as a criticism of the united states. I'm not confident enough to laugh them off as some npc who can't think for themselves. In fact, not until recently, the west definitely looks closer to a world full of telescreens in a chinese eye. I imagine americans think they could redpill brainwashed people in communist countries by offering them orwell. But reality is, communist party already absorbed the socialist orwell into public education. Is no one double thinking or is it everyone?

>people are able to understand each in other
Definitely not for people from radically different backgrounds. They might be closer to understand each other after some communication, but in the end there're always something incommensurable.
No. 68137
298 kB, 474 × 355
366 kB, 474 × 355
Well, in the end, it all comes down to one's own ability to evaluate argument A from argument B and decide which one makes more sense, but I think leaving yourself open to being wrong is a very important factor for improving one's understanding.

Funnily enough, the reasoning behind such a principle is not an idealistic, charitable one, but a selfish one. As in, I selfishly want to possess the most accurate information, and I care very little about "enlightening" or "teaching" other people. All I want is to extract accurate information from my adversaries. With this principle, it makes more sense for me to try to get myself educated at someone's expense, rather than educating someone.

I think people who try to "spread ideology" are cucks, because they are operating under the premise of "benefiting others", whether the "others" are the beneficiaries of the ideology, or the opponents to be convinced and "educated" so they may see the truth.
True big dick ubermenschen operate in opposite mode: not as "spreaders" or "educators", but as parasites of ideas, who provoke others to spill their opinions, and then assimilate them into their own understanding.
No. 68138
>discuss things (educate each other), but rather want to argue (assert a view)
Can you go more in depth of the differences between the two? I personally get lost when I try to discuss things and end up trying to assert a view onto the person I am discussing against/with
No. 68140
Ok, imagine yourself as a treasure hunter for interesting opinions, factoids, information, etc.
And the internet is your Sierra Nevada, your Yukon, if you will.
Your goal is to extract cool opinions / information.

Now, there are two modes in communication:
Either you assert an opinion others respond to
Or you reply to a statement somebody made.

Think of the first scenario as fishing. You are not trying to "publish" your opinion so that people may read it and get educated. No, you are asserting something, so that others might respond to it. This is why they call it "bait". You are casting your fishing line with bait, so you can catch "fish" (cool opinions) and absorb their responses/opinions if they are good. You can also further prod and push them, give counter arguments, and otherwise "stimulate" the responders for more information.
Now this naturally leads to Responding to other peoples' opinions. Like in previous examples, you can Respond to people who are actually Responding to your initial Bait, or you might be the first Responder to somebody else's Bait or Assertion. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you're prodding them for more information, so they, in attempt to "prove you wrong" or "convince" your or whatever, give you their best arguments. But instead of "being convinced", you just analyze and assimilate their best arguments.
Now that you have this collection of good arguments that people have given you in an attempt to convince you, you can use those those well formulated arguments as ammunition or Bait against other people. If they're stupid, they will fold and be convinced, which is of no benefit to you personally.
BUT. If they're smart, they'll respond with EVEN BETTER arguments that defeat the good arguments that you previously collected. Does that mean you lost? No. It means you can now take those EVEN BETTER arguments, and adopt them, and use them against other people in the future, so they have to refute them with their EVEN EVEN BETTER arguments.
And you keep doing it, and the more you do it, the more Right(tm) and Correct(tm) you are, because you have better and better arguments to BTFO others with, therefore making you more right and correct than most people.
Such cases.
No. 68142
And what is the functional difference here to collecting lewd images of anime girls?
No. 68143
Imagine if you could use pictures of anime girls as IRL yugioh cards with which you can BTFO and dominate anyone who opens their mouth at you.

Sophism > anime.
No. 68144
So how many people have you blown irl?
No. 68146
>have you blown irl?
Only my boss and medical examiner at army recruitment office.
No. 68150
Is it just me or did the overall board tone shift to "hyperaggressive" recently?
No. 68152
It's just one shitposter

EC/int/ is small enough where one new schizoposter can be a significant effect on the whole rest of the board.
No. 68162
>can be a significant effect on the whole rest of the board.

This. But also Russian-Ukraine war is emotional topic apparently.
No. 68163 Kontra
344 kB, 625 × 421
Studying for the tests. I'm very tired.
I burned a fuckload of money over the weekend on books, since by the looks things will just keep on getting expensive, I might as well buy them now.

Did my writing practice, now looking at flashcards.

Tomorrow's the first day of the end of our lives. of in-person classes this semester. I'm excited. Gonna go to the library, have lunch in the city, get tonnes of things done.
I'll borrow a bunch of books.

War's making me feel paranoid. Especially now that Putin put the nukes on the table.
But life goes on for now. Prices will probably soar, but we will keep carrying on.
At least until some retard doesn't drag us into it.
Am I being paranoid? Probably I am being paranoid.

I'm going to buy some long-shelf life stuff, just in case.
No. 68164
>Am I being paranoid?
No, I feel you. It's like a Damocles sword that might or might not come down at any second now. I actually feel something I think is actual anxiety.
No. 68166
Can't say that it is on EC tbh, the only emotionally laden posts I've seen here regarding the war would clearly register as trolls or posters that aren't regulars.
No. 68169
563 kB, 600 × 835
i have a unique combination of personality traits that make me
a) completely fucking useless to society
b) have a very big ego and high opinion of myself
c) enough self awareness to recognize the above two facts, the inability to reconcile which causes me incessant psychological suffering
No. 68175
I don't think those traits are unique, or even the combination of them.

Also, my mouse now sometimes fails to left-click, I really need a new one.
No. 68176
Those aren't the traits, those are the results of the traits, pay attention to the wording please.

Sheesh, why is everyone except me so stupid.
No. 68177
Right, so after drinking two beer my mood is already better. Maybe I should build me a still; making some bootleg ghetto cider/mead/"wine" isn't hard, and I could just distill it to something more refined.
No. 68178
If you have self-awareness to realize you're useless - it means you are normal.
Nobody ever said that every person should be extremely useful to the society.
The problem are always people without self awareness who can't recognize what they are and don't know why they even live.
No. 68181
>Sheesh, why is everyone except me so stupid.
Because if we were smarter, we wouldn't be as useful for society as we are.
No. 68202
Do you guys think about how theres 18-20 year old hohols right now doing the most traditionally masculine thing in existence: fighting in a war, defending the homeland, some already having kills to their name, while you're sitting in front of computer never been in any danger in your entire life?
Doesn't it feel emasculating? Like you're ashamed of being so comfortable?

Like, if i was a girl, no way I'd date myself over a guy who is a war veteran by mid 20s and has taken a man's life lol.
No. 68204
>Doesn't it feel emasculating? Like you're ashamed of being so comfortable?

Nah. I kinda try to convince myself that i would get a gun and fight for my country if pootin sets a food on German ground.

As long as i'm that far away there's not much i can do. Except for hoping that the war won't come any closer.
No. 68208
I'm allergic to lead going at incredibly high speeds but if you want to be MANLY feel free to eat a gun.
No. 68209 Kontra
I kinda prefer being a pampered westerner that doesn't need to fight for his life, even if it means I don't get ukrainian girls (though with how all the female refugees coming to Germany, chances might increase).
That said, I would certainly defend my loved ones if needed.
No. 68210
I'm smart enough to not be on the frontlines as long as everything east of France won't suddently decide to invade us.
Either way i'm smart enough to be promoted to an NCO if i ever get drafted, but it's very unlikely i will get drafted, they'll probably enlist me into some reconnesance/analysis/computer related shit.
I know this because at one point i already almost recieved a rank of a Lieutenant but then decided not to take the job offer.
No. 68211
Hahaha what a dumbass you are.
If war came anywhere near me, I'd run away like a little bitch. Maybe piss and shit myself.

Rather be a living coward than a brave corpse.
I'm too precious and important to die for any reason, war or not. My life is worth more to me than the fates of nations, possibly the entire world.
No. 68212
Being edgy again, huh?
You haven't said anything about how kazakh media treats the war. Do they even say anything about it? The only thing I heard was the government denied sending troops, which is supposedly a big bitch slap in Putin's face, with being greatest allies and whatnot.
No. 68213
>I'm too precious and important to die for any reason, war or not. My life is worth more to me than the fates of nations, possibly the entire world.

Yes, but others aren't you.
I'm not that happy about my current situation and... i know it sounds super retardet but war actually sounds interesting. At least compared to going to being at work 40 hours per week and the rest of the time at home in front of my PC reading posts from mentally ill people.

Fighting might be a better way of change as running and hiding is.

Of course i say that now. If that would actually happen i might change my mindset to yours within a second.
No. 68215
"I wonder how this will affect food prices" - official kazakh stance.

Also, the thing about troop request might have been fake news.
No. 68217
>Also, the thing about troop request might have been fake news.
Indeed; I don't even know where I got that from anymore.

How old are you? In my mid-to-late 20s I had this feeling of needing a purpose. Just doing education and job didn't seem enough, or better: Not adequate.
I had fantasies of stuff like saving a drowing child and going under myself, pushing someone out of the way of a bus about to hit them etc., so I had at least done one good deed in my life before perishing. Or doing something else noble, like defeating an aggressor and saving/protecting people. Being heroic and all that shit. Making an ACUTE and DIRECT impact. Probably also because I enjoy helping people - directly, in person, rather than e.g. donating to an NGO or something.
I think it's a rather natural sentiment. That is why religion is so popular, it gives you a purpose without actually having to do anything for it.
No. 68219
I feel like I snorted crushed glass and my nose and throat have been on fire. I am sick and don't want to work tomorrow but not sick enough to flatly call out right now. This is definitely making me more irritable than usual, and my default mode is centipedes and sand burrowing in the vagina.

To be fair you're higher IQ than most of the people who just shitpost. Like I have become a much healthier person in a lot of ways since just ditching this place, and consequently not having to suffer those screeching shartposters, German and Finnish mental retardation etc., nor having to see youtube reset to brain damaging levels of narcissistic imbecilism because some pedophile leaked out from cabbagechan. I mean really, it's just the same human degeneration as a heroin addict, alcoholic, or anime watcher, and you on some level managed to save yourself from it. I would also point out that "feeling superior with infinite free time" yeah, we get it, which is exactly why we feel so superior to you, because each one of us just assumes you're a kid or unemployable pathetic excuse of a human living in some hovel or destined to live in some hovel while the people you shitpost at do things like raise kids, go to school, and work full time. In fact this is the major price of ignorance, much like a sinner or fallen angel, learning all too late the joke was on you all along.
No. 68223
That's only Protestants. In actuality, religion, and I mean real religion, is the absolute strictest "having to do something for it" there is, because not only must you commit yourself to all the same good deeds as a supposedly moral secularist, but you must also fully change yourself also while you're at it. I think this is what I found most foul about imageboarders and why I began disengaging from bernds altogether like 5-6 years ago, because I realized most of them didn't want to ever get better. They'd sit there on their fat fucking asses with no job and no education and a hideous personality, have the supreme arrogance and entitlement thinking they're smarter than everyone and deserve a qt3.14 tradwife for no effort, and having the honest to God arrogance to actually look down on anyone else at all, only to blame every last one of their problems on everybody else. In a lot of ways the hive of child rapists, terrorists, and mentally ill skinbags that is cabbagechan is just the most honest reflection of what chans are and always had been over a long enough period of time. It's like meeting a mysterious bellhop asking if you're going up or down, and up is definitely leaving the chans altogether. Down is basically ending up in prison being as mind fucked and bitch boyed as Weev became, being some Jew who got sucked in to meth addicts and various scum on stormfront all because someone thought his antics weren't so funny and hit him with charges. It is a really fucking pathetic sort of life and I think if I truly hated a person the first thing I'd do is send them to vierkanal.

Also I ended up feeling pretty ironically blessed by the fact that we every day had that hail Odin 666 thing up there, because it subconsciously showed me this is a place to leave. Then on top of that as I dragged my feet that one really shrill American started ranting about Christianity at me for no reason and I realized chans actually became places for people that hated even the concept of truth and morality. Really I'm only even here because Ukraine. I lurked for like an hour with Kazakhstan before realizing first of all, if I say just for this one event, there's always happenings and I'd never leave, and second of all, brick's net got banned so I had no intention of hearing what a bunch of Germans had to say about Kazakhstan. I figured I'd try and get an update here but sure enough I see someone posting an image already proven to be bullshit from a training exercise, it's just I'm tired of hearing idiocy in our media like for example them not understanding the thing about NATO.

You're one person I never hated and thought was smart. Please don't turn into cancer. That last half is pure ideology and it's by far the trashiest and most cancerous tumour there is, as evidenced better by the irony that the people espousing even that language or mentality are quite literally the biggest losers of them all. It's a mindset borne of bewildering insecurity. Know what people who already conquered the world get off on? Charity. Charity and grand publics works projects.
No. 68224 Kontra
>american comes back
>already feel irritated again
No. 68226
Yes, it's him. Tbh mine and yours schizo compatriots make him look good in comparison:
1. You can easily detect and ignore his posts just by looking at their flag and length.
2. He's not annoyingly aggressive and narcissistic, only self-pitying.
No. 68230
I have not done any emotional laden posts in the way of picking a side online or anything, but this war is affecting me mentally more so than other recent wars. And not because it is so close by but because I didn't expect it to happen beyond a point of Russia annexing Donezk and Luhansk. This aggressive invasion is a tragic caesura which - besides the obvious endless suffering, pain, death and devestation that comes with every war - has taken quite a bit of my hope in regard of the future of mankind I was naively clinging to concerning the new cold war between the global powers remaining cold. Germany now having a military spending of 100 000 000 000 € is not a positive development for freedom and peace in my book, rather a grim further slap to the face with this sick sad reality and I don't see any light on the horizon currently.
No. 68233
Oh, so NOW you lose faith in humanity, when war is happening in a white european country.
When war was happening in brown countries, humanity was a-ok.

I see how it is.
No. 68235 Kontra
1/10, made me reply.
No. 68237
668 kB, 862 × 477
7,9 MB, 640 × 360, 7:06
Upload related. What, you're envious because now you're not even number one at shitposting?

I'm none of those three, maybe sometimes aggressive online, but there's literally at minimum three different American longposters, maybe four. Are you some kind of vatnik bottlesitter who just comes here to complain about evil liberals badmouthing Putin or something? RAC, me, and the schizos, one of whom may be also RACbasically the two screeching identitarians. I think RAC and the leftist stopped posting though, not sure if they came back, however I think it speaks volumes about both of you that you're midwits who'd rather talk about people and personality posters than actual discussion topics. I know you're both probably zoomers who found out through vkontakt and never heard of KC, but that was really when casey started going absolutely to hell which was when it morphed into talking about people not topics, and who even gives a shit or can remember about them anymore?

He isn't wrong. Where were you when Syria was happening? A war that you got involved in, might I add.
No. 68238
You write a lot, but you can't read even a small post. I've said that you are not aggressive, I even wrote it in bold.
No. 68239 Kontra
Syria was and is not a game changer for global powers, that was the whole point of my post.
No. 68241
>I think it speaks volumes [...]
He has returned. Nuclear apocalypse draws closer and the horseman of cholera heralds the coming of the end.
No. 68243
The implication is that someone said that I was, which is beyond sad if either of you got so butthurt at something I once saidwhich I wrote like 95% about videogames so that would make it even sadder that you actually carried that butthurt with you over the previous month when I stopped thinking about this place entirely. It's been a lot like quitting smoking or drinking. You think about sharing a thought on /int/ for the first week, then quickly don't.

Neither is Ukraine. They just wish it were, either out of some pathetic longing for vainglory, or because as brick implicated, because it's dead whittu piggus a bit closer to Europe. Europeans only started giving a shit when the refugees began arriving. This in spite of the fact Syria destabilized the entire region full tilt. I don't personally see Ukraine being invaded, again by the way this isn't the first time even recently, nor Georgia getting shelled as "gamechangers." Everyone is just upset at Putin because he's doing what America did which was first steal shit and kill lots of people in an area of Iraq, then move a second time to murder him and his whole family and kill the country's government like we did.

In fact I found it hysterical in the sheer audacity of its hypocrisy that some shitty new article actually said the "infamous card deck technique" for the "Russian kill list" it's like motherfucker, I was alive and remember when they were doing that in Iraq. Just the wording of it was absolutely priceless, as if Russia using the same thing America did to murder Saddam's whole family by going America's Most Wanted and giving the dumb as shit grunts pictures to identify is "infamous" or spooky.
No. 68245
Ironically I'm actually the person who's arguing against that, both in general with Ukraine being as big a deal, and particularly with the alleged "high alert" status of nuclear forces which far as I'm aware didn't change.

Wait why are there so few American posts, did the other Americans leave too? I just saw one of them.
No. 68250
Good question about Syria. I never cared about it. No one here did. At best it was something like "why spend billions on bombing Syrian hospitals instead of developing our homeland (our own hospitals look like after bombing)".

Important difference here is that I don't know any Syrian person, I don't understand their language and they are different people from me while Ukrainians are same slavs with same culture. People in general care about their friends and relatives. Or about people like them. We were one country for centuries, you can understand how close are connections between people, it's almost like a civil war. One more thing is that I live in authoritarian country and I have no easy ways to change the situation. It still has a place, but now this excuse look weak.
No. 68251
> Wait why are there so few American posts, did the other Americans leave too? I just saw one of them.
It's too few of YOUR posts. You always generated 90% of USA posts. Except when you argued with right wing paki, in such periods it dropped to 70%.
No. 68252
Discovered a steady stream of ants filtering into my kitchen. They were emerging from the small gap between the floor and baseboard. Probably been living in the walls. Removed ~50 by hand, releasing them into the basement. My hope for a harmless catch and release was short-lived, and a long-term solution was needed. Poison was deployed. Feel bad about this, but not bad enough to live in a house swarming with ants. Rest in Peace, little dudes. Your lost legion will carry on, unaware that their home has fallen.

>religion, and I mean real religion, is the absolute strictest "having to do something for it" there is
To paraphrase a preacher I heard too many years ago "If God is real then that means something". It has to change who you are, what you do, who you become. Doesn't mean perfection, only sincere effort and not just words and social gestures.

On that, the Catholic church recently invalidated a number of baptisms because the priest changed the words from "I baptize..." to "We baptize..." There are theological reasons for the formula, as the priest is acting as Jesus and He is baptizing, no we. But this sort of thing is why Jesus argued against the pharisees. They served the letter of the Law instead of its Spirit. To think that one syllable can separate a child from God is to turn the sacraments into shackles, to place their strict adherence above all else.

Happy to see your posts, but if you're healthier staying away then Godspeed, ernst.
No. 68253
I think the bigger news was that Russia could still project power so far away rather than the fact that you were actually bombing anyone.

There's hope turning an authoritarian state's course with civic engagement. It isn't easy like you say, but don't accept defeat so easily.
No. 68256
>I think people who try to "spread ideology" are cucks
In other words, they are altruists and we should all be like them. Sometimes such missionary work can have practical results for yourself. For example when you constantly communicate with someone, and him having different opinion being wrong is annoying.

The easiest way to convert someone is not the most straightforward one though. I guess you know what I'm talking about. But moreover, when you want to take role of apprentice, it's tricky too:

-- I'm very interested in [WRITERNAME], please tell me about him.
-- Dunno, read his [BOOKNAME] maybe.


-- Skimmed through article about [WRITERNAME]. Looks like he's just rich spoiled guy, and his books are no more than mix of gore and boring pseudointellectual ranting about metaphysics. But since he's from the right family he had all the resource to shill his bullshit really hard. Why do you even read it?
-- [Three paragraphs of explanations, two links, detailed recommendations how to change your opinion on subject]

(of course it's very personal and you can be sent to hui after talking shit like in second example, but with some people it works exactly this way).
No. 68259
>RAC, me, and the schizos, one of whom may be also RACbasically the two screeching identitarians. I think RAC and the leftist stopped posting though, not sure if they came back, however I think it speaks volumes about both of you that you're midwits who'd rather talk about people and personality posters than actual discussion topics.

I'm still here, buddy. Like I've said in other threads, I mainly come to IBs just to have fun and talk about whatever has my attention which is mainly music. On matters of politics, I find myself reiterating the same points ad nausea. Once the law of diminishing returns kicks in, the impetus to discuss world affairs wanes because such conversations prove to be utterly fruitless. Neither side learn anything important and instead just exchange rhetoric over matters they exert no influence over.

Re: Ukraine. I really don't have a dog in that fight, but perhaps it was inevitable given all that has happened for the past decade. Reminds me of when KC really went to hell around 2014. This article was written nearly a decade ago yet feels just as relevant now as it did then:

>whittu piggu
Yeah, fuck you.

Haven't been posting in the today thread for a while, but if you must know, I took a vacation and got the experience NOLA pre-Mardi Gras. First time I went to Dixie for fun in years; last time I vacationed in Dixie was Nashville

Twas nice not to have to think about anything pressing for once and could just enjoy life with one of the few people in the world who matter to me.
No. 68262 Kontra
Completely different topic

Funny thing is, I neither loved nor hated Tom Brady. Always struck me as an incredibly gifted player who could deliver consistent victories for the Patriots, but never moved me one way or another. I found him to be very bland personalitywise. Naturally, everyone in New England loved him except for the handful of people who didn't care for the Patriots. One guy who runs my local comic book shop hated him intensely.

Can't say much for Brady's wife, though. I would always argue with my Dad (God rest his soul) that she looks like a horse. The world's most expensive horse to be sure, but a horse all the same.

Of course, my other favorite athlete (different sport) is entirely for his off-court persona: Shaq :DDDDDDD
No. 68263
Since you guys started talking about religions and ideologies.

>A mother goddess is a goddess who represents a personified deification of motherhood, fertility, creation, destruction, or the earth goddess who embodies the bounty of the earth or nature. When equated with the earth or the natural world, such goddesses are sometimes referred to as the Mother Earth or Earth Mother, deity in various animistic or pantheistic religions.

This was a popular fad in the neolithic period of human history, aka the Stone Age.
The idea of this cult is basically worship of Nature itself. And such societies were matriarchal.

I have loaded a question. Do you think that cult of Mother Earth is somewhat similar to the modern ecology movement? In the end it worships the same thing. The nature. And many people who follow the ecological movement are really fanatical about it.
No. 68264 Kontra
I never got too invested in shit like that, but the scholarship of people like Marija Gimbutas always struck me as dubious at best.

I do have a response to your assumption that fanatical people interested in ecology are matriarchal. How do you explain people like Theodore Kaczynski? He's hardly a Goddess worshiper. He's also not a primitivist despite what others have said about him, but that's another topic altogether.
No. 68265
67 kB, 190 × 167
It's not necessarily the white european part I think. Tbh, I think it's more that it's very close with very little in the way of natural barriers to the Imperial Core of Europe. You're correct though that Ukraine is a deepening of the crisis (Gulf 1, Second Intifada/Ongoing Palestinian resistance, Gulf 2, Yugoslavia/Kosovo, Iraq, Timor, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia off the top of my head since the "end of history" was prematurely declared).

However, these exist outside the construct of 'Europe' and don't count towards the breakdown of the "rules-based" order of the European Imperial Core, and were thus mentally sidelined as "outside the bubble" as Zizek puts it, even while the arms industry of Europe and America grew fat on the conflicts. Now that the chickens have come home to roost though? The bubble is burst, and appears as a new crisis, and not the continuation of the use of violence to attempt to pave over the emerging contradictions within the capitalist-imperialist order.
No. 68266
No, because I agree with Alex Jones in his rant about the Cowboys, and that real men should be captaining starships right now. I'd much rather at least be captaining some freighter, if it's making another twat some money at my expense while throwing me back some scraps to get by on, like a slave getting especially comfortable and luxurious quarters and things solely because actual slavery leads to slave revoltswhich this speaks volumes about the whole nature of society as ruled by sociopaths, eventually people begin believing slave castes are the only possible form of sociey and see the alleged "perfection" replacing their slave men with slave robots as opposed to deny and reject the very notion of castes but also because the technological progress and free energy largely consumed by the higher ups leaves so much added largesse even among the lowest can freely and easily benefit, well, then I'd rather just pilot a giant ship. But as to fighting a war? Hahaha fuck no, then I just get to be the slave only who also gets his leg shot off or has permanent psychological trauma or comes home in bags.

Only very stupid people, very naive people, sheltered people, or emotionally immature people think that way about war, and clearly you haven't known anybody who's come back from one. People come back with varying degrees of off in the head, many alcoholics or other addicts, even if they're otherwise seemingly fine. It's the kind of thing absolute manchildren who don't realize videogames are just games might think that war is somehow "cool" or "manly" which is precisely the exact sort of thing men that haven't fought or would ever dare allow their sons fight in one would then tell their serfs how glorious and romantic being bored near 24/7 carrying heavy shit all day in too cold/hot/wet weather is supposed to be in between brief moments of pure terror.

It's not manly. It's you, slavE, killing other men's slaves, and if you do so for any other reason than direct personal stake you're doin it wrong. At the end of the day they pin a piece of metal or cloth on you and then leave you to rot in an ICU dying alone of some Chinese virus. It's like being fucked off from dedicating 44 years of your life to some company only to get a shitty gold watch that's plated and not even real along with a bunch of supposed "retirement savings" which turned out to be near valueless after passing through multiple slimey, grubby hands before investment bankers and brokers turned it to shit, and all your left with is bellowing about muh flag while your kid ODs on krokodil heroin and the bank reposseses your house leaving your surviving descendants with nothing. But boy you sure showed the hospice nurse between bedpan changes how "manly" you are and you sure do make sure to salute that Soviet flag every time it gets raised and lowered.

War is a necessity borne of dickheads and other sociopaths who evaded us hunting down and killing them first. It's exactly what happens when normal human beings let shit slide from a psychopath for too long until we need to go from a small team of deniable assets to fighting a full scale war with millions of deaths on all sides, usually resulting from someone making inordinate amounts more money and power through it, and who usually benefits most is the weapons dealers and the banks. Go back far enough and it's that meme pic of a guy pointing his group to another group and then rubbing his hands while they get stomped out. No, if you know you can kill your objective becomes doing everything possible not having to get to that moment unless you're a psychopath, and if you're stuck out there you'll find out real fast who you are in the foxhole. Besides which, I guarantee most of not just general people but also those men wish they weren't sleeping outside in the February cold because Putler decided to do something stupid. I've seen very few moderns who have the remotest idea of, nor tolerance for, sacrifice of any kind. The fact we still have protests over masks is just one small examplethe difference is you dealing with minor momentary discomfort for the good of your country and community and having general social etiquette sense, versus asking 800k other people to die so you don't feel uncomfortable. If you want to go sleep outside right now to make up for something and prove your manliness however feel free to make an IWO. There's a reason near every actual fighter of a war shits on war. But again, it's willingness to fight and collective defense as deterrent.
No. 68267
I’m just trying to study the contemporary western culture which is really hard to understand for me as an Orthodox Christian.
For example for me it’s simple: God exists, it’s one entity (makes sense), government will always exist in one form or another and you just have to deal with it existing because it’s pointless try to make it disappear it will appear again anyway.
All humans are equal, 7 sins, yadda yadda.

Now Catholicism is from my point of view is an usurpation and warping the religion that gives a lot of power to the Pope and clergy. Which is why I do not like it. The Pope becomes “sorta” god.

And Protestantism the way I personally see it is the same as Catholicism except it’s just anyone can create his own spin-off religion and be the pope. Which ultimately lead to Capitalism by the way.

Nowadays the west is largely atheistic or I would even call it pagan, because fetishes and various ideologies/movements are quite common among people. To me personally it looks like a mess.
Which is why I’m trying to study it.
No. 68268
Browsing a particular Russian IB to see what they’re saying about the war. It is absolutely hilarious to read soulful Russian posts translated straight to Finnish leading into complete bastardization of the original posts. Instead of the original intent it has now been transformed into a symphony of sorrow and joy.

Sad to see how many feel that the west hates the Russian people which is not the case at all. I wonder is it because of what the Russian media is telling them or do they attribute everything being said about Russia on the international media to the people. Or maybe I’m missing something. Either way the IB excursion was great fun but now I feel a bit guilty somehow.
No. 68269
Yeah this too. It's basically just a bunch of secularists and retarded pagans spreading this nonsense which nobody else believes in, not even the Wiccans. It's pretty much just another cringey bumper sticker those fat bloated white Americans like to put on their cars to stick it to each other like "that'll teach them!"

In reality there's actually this huge justification religiously throughout the Abrahamic religions, and that basically dominion and "make use of" are more pertaining to diligent caretakers, whereas I find it interesting that doctrinally atheist variants of Communism are by far the most industrially progressivist ideologies around along with Capitalism which seeks to replace God with money, whereas the conservationist movement itself began as a more Conservative, patriotic, vaguelly I guess "right wingish" kind of thing like our national parks system. Kudos to Russia for copying that btw, I think all countries should have a kind of wildlife refuge and natural preserve system because let's be honest no one cares about some London ferris wheel but they do care about what your country looks like, and those wildnerness areas are huge part of that. I really don't think it's even possible you can be a proud country and having plowed all the forests and wetlands or anything special beneath the dirt for another smelting plant.

But then you refer also to a peculiar West thing, and I tell you this truth: I give up. I have long since abandoned making any such efforts or logical inquiry into the complete schizophrenia of the American historical/ideological mind, and I guarantee you that earth mother shit was concocted by some kind of American whackjob fed on some misinformation or another while trying to butthurt somebody else in her community in between sincere conservation efforts. It reminds me like how the feminists and abortionists have to deal with their heroes being racist eugenicists, or all the other inherent contradictions and internal conflicts in our society which come out some sort of clown vomit ideological hamburger mystery meat. How it is made? By whom? I know there are probably some answers somewhere, but they're unimportant now.

For example, Did you know there was some 1970s group called the Breatharians, that even still somewhat exists now afaik, which believed based on some sort of bullshit fake story that a jungle plateua in the Amazon has such nutrient rich air, you can subsist on breathing it alone. They actually mixed this hamburger meat up with ideas about absorbing Qi and eventually came to believe in attaining enlightenment while no longer having to eat at all and gaining all their nutrients through breathing. Somehow groups like this can start as a like CIA psyop or an innocent troll, a cult or a political movement, and then you can have some freak power leftist hippy from 60s whose ideas filter into Qanon and Evangelical churches.

As an astute scientist of conspirologyso I believe? Ist du? you should likely be well aware there's no necessary concrete line of transmission and rational thought to this with us.

Actually nevermind apparently early usage here is earlier than I thought
So that goes back way earlier than this
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis neither of which far as I can tell is even into the pagan concept, and which both also have a confluence of people like neopagans, nature worshippers, Wiccans and other Satanicish groups etc. and that sort of white people thingssorry but what is amusing me is how much black people end up full on Jesusy, while all these things are almost strictly white American or British things, dunno why, maybe partly larping and muh heritaging over European pagan roots which probably no Euros worship since a thousand years ago

But at same time as that guy side, then you have all these other people like reactionaries and fascists who openly fetishise nature or view with heavy romanticism, just like the modern fwr right has all kind of dubious new agey influences. It really makes me wonder what full scale of Russian crackpots are like or crackpots from more obscure places like Kyrgyzstan.
No. 68270
Not quite. But closeish. personally I have a lot of problems with Catholicism but can respect it for at least having withstood almost all the forces of modernisation without also going into YEC or flat earther territory while embracing shit like alien worlds being possible according to God's Plan. Which I think is smart and accurate, but weird as hell at the same time not just of Popery and priests but also because how it's pagan af like intercession of the saints and concept of third degree relics. Literlly it means your table is holy to 3rd° because some saint drank from a goblet and a napkin was used to clean that goblet and the napkin got left on the table. It's just weird and occultic af to me which gives a rather interesting perspective on how the Islamic world probably partly sees us and why they think we are so pagan or think the RCC is occult
But in terms of Protestantism, lol just no. The whole division basically came about because of the printing press and rising literacy, which you have to keep in mind firstly the peasantry was illiterate and secondly that the liturgies were all in Latin, so it essentially turned the priests into wizards and became entrenched as direct and necessary intercessors between man and God. But with rise of the printing press made it so such power was vested in God/the Son alone, and that only the Bible was needed, which of course made the clergy totally irrelevant and useless.

Prots basically just ended up rejecting the Catholics as a power base and their rituals, hierarchy, all of it which placed any other man between you and God, which of course still carried a semblance of some of the priesthood such as having pastors only now it's more like an educated public speaker who guides the lessons whereas the salvation itself is solely between you and God. Like some will still have the wine and cracker ceremony only they won't actually insist it is literal or some hoodoo magics the priest is doing to make it literally Jesus' body, but instead merely symbolic. Some will perform stuff like river baptisms, but mostly afaik Prots don't actually see baptism as necessary for foundation. Real key here: Prots reject popery utterly and who is pastor or priest doesn't matter, salvation is between you and God only and all people should read Bible themselves. Other interesting thing and sadly annoying one is Prots think it's salvation by faith alone, meaning basically clap your hands if you believe. Basically, say you believe in Jesus and automatically you're saved, no matter how bad the shit you done or how much you fuck up in the future or are an unpleasant person, you still go there, whereas the best most moral person goes to hell for not saying he believes in Jesus. It's totally devoid of any acts, which is opposed to Catholicism which teaches the importance of your deeds and is why you can be ejected from the church for doing things like getting abortions, or joining Freemasons iirc not sure that rule still applies.

Unfortunate, because there's lots of real dickheads around here acting like somehow they'll go to the best of heaven and you're going to hell etc. Pretty much you a shia innit m8s of the Christian world, Born Again Protestants are one of the two greatest drivers of atheism in this country, the other one being the Catholic Church and child rape or people raised Catholic. When you understand certain parts of these things you'll understand the equally insufferable redditor fedora and where and why they came to be, along with all the pagans and weirdo other shit. Basically, in order to partly understand this country is the cultural muh dicking between different groups of people who hate each other but are ultimately more similar to each other than anybody else. This includes watching a redditor who never read Dawkins argue with a supposed born again Christian like some sort of philosophical Jerry Springer show.
No. 68273
>Sad to see how many feel that the west hates the Russian people which is not the case at all. I wonder is it because of what the Russian media is telling them or do they attribute everything being said about Russia on the international media to the people.
As always it's a typical pars pro toto (though I think it even has another name, where an institution substitutes for a person) perception.
The russian government does something, so it's Russia doing something.
I remember "Idiot Son of an Asshole" that closed with something like "Don't hate us cause we're americans, hate our government!".
Then again you could also argue that a case like this would warrant an actual revolution and toppling of the tyrant and if they don't do it, it means they're complicit.
But from what I can gather, at least in Germany media are blaming Putin more-less alone for all of this. There are numerous reports how russians don't want the war and go demonstrate and stuff like that one climate delegate apologizing for the actions of his government.
No. 68274
>Basically, say you believe in Jesus and automatically you're saved, no matter how bad the shit you done or how much you fuck up in the future or are an unpleasant person, you still go there, whereas the best most moral person goes to hell for not saying he believes in Jesus.
Yeah I’ve noticed this as well. What I dislike about this is that it gets rid of moral compass entirely which ultimately fucks up the person in way that he does not believe in cause-effect.
“As long as you believe you can do all sorts of fucked up shit” - this is not a very realistic approach to your life, it’s an equivalent of switching off brain entirely from my point of view.

Also I can understand why so many Protestants are anti-science. I mean they got the answer to all the questions already why bother with education?
And then different people who bother, usually yes, jews, end up ripping off such people. It’s sad.
No. 68275 Kontra
pars pro toto is part stands for a whole
totum pro parte is a whole stands for a part
No. 68277
Yes, I know. But what is it called when I say "The Kremlin has decided..." or "Berlin has announced..."? I remember that having its own name, but I really can't remember what it was called.
No. 68281
No. 68282
Ah yes, that was it. Thank you.
No. 68285
486 kB, 601 × 800
345 kB, 800 × 1111
Your way of thinking reminds me of Pelevin's books. In "Generation P" consumerism is associated with cult of Ishtar which secretly runs society. And in another novel communism -- with Kali, Indian goddess of death and destruction.

I don't much about anthropology, but seems like these cults were associated with fertility and gifts from nature, not with self-restraint and ecology.
No. 68286
Which IBs did you visit? You probably would be displeased if I tried to judge about all westerners according to /pol/ studies.
No. 68290

I wouldn't hold any IB's views to be representative of any major population. I only was talking about their view of the situation. It was just for fun too, I wouldn't use a translator to translate anything into Finnish directly if I was trying to understand what's going on.
No. 68292
This war really went to show just how much our economy depends on Russia. On Tuesday, one dollar costed 2.65 rubles. On Thursday it was already 3 rubles. Then it fell down a bit to 2.97 on Saturday, but today it hit a new height of 3.3 rubles, so it's a 25% inflation in just one week. I'm glad that all of my (meager) savings are in US dollars, but now it's becoming harder to buy them (they have already implemented some restrictions on foreign currency purchase: I could only buy 100 dollars and 100 euros on Saturday) and if it continues like that, they might stop selling dollars and euros altogether. Moreover, all the prices in stores are tied to the dollar, not ruble, so our wages effectively fall down by 25% as well. It's also kinda funny that they've raised my wage in January, and it actually reached the Lukashenko's famous $500 a month which he promised since times immemorial, but now it's back to $400 again. Thanks, Putin!
No. 68293
How is the mood in Belarus?
I saw some news that Lukashenko was sending paratroopers to the border.
No. 68294
Currently, my city is safe. We already have like 5 alarms, I was hiding during 4 of them. A few explosions but not really a big deal(in comparison with Kharkiv where orcs are killing civilians with rockets right now). Met my groupmate from college in a shelter yesterday.
No. 68295
Glad to hear you are ok. How is the situation with food, water and electricity?
No. 68296
Glad you're well. Let's hope they can actually end this war in a diplomatic way.
No. 68297
Good to hear, stay safe.

I texted my somewhat estranged childhood best friend and luckily he managed to get out of Kharkiv in time with his family, they're now staying with friends close to Romanian border, so probably about as safe as it gets inside Ukraine.

t. born Kharkivchanin
No. 68298
I just realized I probably have distant relatives in the Ukraine.

At least I just remembered my ukrainian grandma used to have a constant correspondence to her sister who still lived there, so if she had a family that stayed in the country, I might have some cousins of the 2nd degree (or whatever it is called in english).
No. 68300
People are mostly confused by the sheer pointlessness and absurdity of this war. Naturally, almost no one except for some turbo-sovoks wants to fight against Ukraine, but we can't do much about it, because if Lukashenko will deploy our soldiers there, he will do it without notifying anyone, and soldiers' relatives will probably find out about it post-factum, after these soldiers are already killed. Kontraktniks don't deserve much pity, since it's their job to die for Lukashenko, but if conscripts will be sent there, it will be really fucked up. Another major concern is economy: like I said, the prices are rising, banks are running out of foreign currencies, and it's gonna get evem worse, not only because of sanctions on Russia, but also because Ukraine was a pretty important trade partner and Luka fucked everything up by being Putin's trusted ally little bitch.
No. 68301
Yes, we have everything here. Stores have a bit fewer things but still no problems.
No. 68302
Thanks for your support though. Let's pray for Kharkiv right now, they're under terrible bombarding in these minutes. A lot of civilians are under fire.
No. 68303
>I remember "Idiot Son of an Asshole"
Have you listened to Single Album? I didn't because I'm afraid it will suck since the singles they put out kinda bored me. The two albums before were okay, but the last one I really liked was Coaster (or Frisbee). Wolves in Wolves' Clothing wasn't that great either overall, but had some cool hits at least.
No. 68304
Frankly, I don't know a single song by NOFX apart from this one.
No. 68306
They have some really great albums. Sadly no album that's nearly as good as Punk in Drublic of which I can recommend pretty much every song.
No. 68307
>It's also kinda funny that they've raised my wage in January, and it actually reached the Lukashenko's famous $500 a month which he promised since times immemorial, but now it's back to $400 again. Thanks, Putin!
The west is to blame for that, if they would not be bent on "protecting" Ukraine from Russia (meaning it is going to be bombed to hell), this wouldn't be happening. But NATO expansionism knows no bounds.
No. 68308 Kontra
Go be fat somewhere else.
No. 68310
Putin just responded to western sanctions
by sanctioning russian people

RIP russian codegarchs, no more USD for you
No. 68312
He always responds to western sanctions with "bombing Voronezh".
No. 68313
Finland now sending weapons to Ukraine. Can't wait to be called into service again. Oh well.

In other news support for NATO at 53%, 66% in the case Sweden would join as well. Data provided by YLE, state broadcaster.

What was the actual Putin's response?
No. 68315
No. 68316
Join, you will not lose anything and will be at least somewhat protected from russian and chinese shills and golems.
No. 68317
82 kB, 1366 × 1013
Thank you Putin, very cool.
No. 68320
84 kB, 590 × 365
Do you know that in Russia currency exchange boards are banned? Are they allowed in KZ?
No. 68321
Is there a possibility that Finland would actually join NATO? Truly, Putin should be given the title of honorary chairman of NATO for all he's done to fortify atlanticism in Europe.
No. 68324
LIDL has stopped selling chicken nuggets. They only have grilled chicken now.

Vae victis, Mr. Schwartz.
No. 68326
I suspect anyone who isn't a nuclear big shot will now try to join NATO.

Also, my mom just called me. She had a panic attack and thinks the nuclear holocaust is imminent. Talked about why I wouldn't come home so we could all die together when they bombs hit.
I tried to calm her down, but not really successfully. What is one supposed to do in such a situation?
No. 68327
Console her and if she won't calm down go and visit her for a few days. That is under the assumption that her wellbeing is more important to you than whatever you're busy with at home.

No judgement, just trying my best to answer your question. In your situation I'd probably act exactly as you did and then feel bad about it for days.

Actually, I'm going to call my mom now and see how she's doing. Thanks to your post, I gues :-DD
No. 68329
46 kB, 370 × 479
Let's see if I remember my tags for shitposting.

1. Strategic Defence
2. Strategic Equilibrium
3. Strategic Offensive

The Portuguese Protracted People's War against the counterrevolutionary Lidl has progressed to the next stage!
No. 68330
>Is there a possibility that Finland would actually join NATO?
Absolutely. Russia has become completely unpredictable and unwilling negotiations, only doing as they please. That was the situation even before this war but now it's clear that even war in Europe is not off limits to Putin. With the addition of time and time again hearing(often unprovoked) that Finland joining NATO would lead to military and political actions and of course some Putin's lapdog talking about bringing Finland back under Russian control.

Gone is the optimism of early 2000s when everyone was excited about the possibility of visa-free travel and overall great relations with our neighbor. Now the general sentiment driving us into NATO is that Russia has gone mad and without NATO we are soon going to be in the same situation as Ukraine. There are no guarantees that EU would act in time to stop Russia from taking over whole the whole country. Or that there would be any will to do so in the first place as most members are in NATO anyways. In that scenario it would be a bunch of NATO countries coming over to fight Russia in Finland and probably doing strikes into Russian territory, increasing the likelihood of nuclear exchange.

I don't know of anyone who opposes joining NATO for any other reason than economical. We do did a lot of trade with Russia and the consequences to companies like Finnair and Fortum will hurt the already fucked Finnish economy pretty damn hard. I still think it's the better choice to make as I would like to live in peace rather than someday wake up to what's now happening in Ukraine. No one has illusions that FDF would beat Russia alone in a full scale war. Rather the whole existence of the military and conscription is to make the invasion last as long as possible and be as painful as possible. Who is to say if that will be enough to deter Russia the next time it is hungry.

If Sweden decides to join then it's guaranteed that we will too.
No. 68331
Send 500 grilled chicken now, I need them to defend my stomach from hunger.

Maybe I should call my parents as well, I think they wanted to go on holiday.
Today I met a classmate. We talked a lot about Ukraine and Russia and the West. She was also worried (but she acknowledges Atlanticism as shit interest driven propaganda), strange times.
No. 68332 Kontra
1,5 MB, 2644 × 3487
First day is over. I fucked up the first test pretty bad. Tomorrow I'm gonna fuck up my Latin test probably. Then I will get humiliated during classical Chinese class most likely.

Though there's a few rays of joy.
Went to the library. There were new books up for grabs in the "pay what you want" box. There was this cool German anthology of Classical Chinese texts. 130 texts, with Wortschatz and accompanying translations to correct yourself, plus also a list of the binomen.
It's insanely cool and useful. (Or rather, will be useful if I actually give enough of a fuck and learn Wade-Giles.)

Also talked with the librarian about the fact that I saw her name on a collection of recently published essays, and she brought out some spare copies the library doesn't need of the set the essay volume was a part of and told me to "keep it".
This is fucking expensive stuff.
Basically these are three volumes, each selecting from the works of writers from Guangdong. A volume of essays, a volume of novellas and a volume of poetry.
I kinda wonder how the Guangdong Writers' Association came to actually finance this thing. Like "Hey we should publish something in this gobledigook horse people language 100000 kilometres away because why not."

I got a 2k banknote this morning for food. It wouldn't have been enough for a coffee, a pastry and also lunch, so I used some of my own money. Prices are wild.

It was reassuring to see things work in the city. You know, life going on despite all this.
There must've been a few uncomfortable conversations in the Slavic Studies dept tho. Or I assume so. Probably not.
I couldn't be asked to keep my mask on all the time at university, even though it probably makes people assume my IQ is ten points lower for just having it hand from my right ear long after I've finished drinking this shitty coffee I bought for ~30 cents.

Banning Russian citizens from having foreign cash reserves and accounts abroad afaik.
No. 68333
Fascinating. Putin as the dark knight of Atlanticism, when NATO seemed without purpose - he attacks! When the EU seems aimless - he threatens!
So we'll hunt him. Because he can manage better.

A luta vai ser dura, companheiro!
No. 68335
Is dropping high explosive ordinance and carpet bombing the cities of the „democratic“ states particularly different somehow from dropping bombs in the Middle East, Asia or Africa?
The way i see it in case of war life of a dude from a democratic country is worth the same as life of whatever other state.
The very fact of war is already wrong but if war breaks out who gives a fuck who gets killed or bombed? It’s all the same shit.
No. 68337
USA has humanitarian bombs, Russia has evil bombs. Big difference!
No. 68338
229 kB, 516 × 1599
So far we've heard from you:
> I don't believe in ethics, I'm OK with Russia being mafia state
> I like when people suffer so that's the best outcome
> They deserved it for their degeneracy
> But what about middle east?
I'm REALLY interested, what's root cause for your desire to whitewash Putin's regime? Are your relatives some high ranking officials and it's just your "class interest"?
No. 68339
Its pidoraha na spetszadanii

>they've done bad thigs and get away with it, that means we must too
No. 68340
A person's salary is the closest to objective measure of their life's worth, so yes, it is worse if people from first world countries die vs third worlders.

I mean, if you are paid X for your existence, that's how much your existence is worth, duh.
So, a first worlder's life is worth approximately 10 times as much as a post sovok's life.
No. 68341
58 kB, 638 × 359
That means Poutin is actually a first worlder and I'm a post sovok in comparison. Worlds really are turning upside down.
No. 68342
If it was lahtapidor, he would try to adopt much more appealing personality in order not to ward off people from what he's saying. No, many signs from massive arrogance to small biographical details link to delusional upper class retard.
Also they surely have too much work these days to have time for small niche boards.
No. 68346
186 kB, 400 × 527
>Talked about why I wouldn't come home so we could all die together when they bombs hit.

Does she live next to a military base?? I'm sorry she is so stressed, tell her it's not the end of the world, we lived Cold War for decades. And politically, using nukes... Is very very bad PR.

P.S. I swear I read it in a book!
No. 68353
Btw, germany is remilitarizing, gonna be 3rd biggest military budget.

I guess it makes sense, you can't have WW3 without germany, it just wouldn't be right :-DDD
No. 68354
Post-irony should be taboo. At least in public space.

Usually it happens like this: people think that it's funny to praise Hitler ironically "to own libs". Or that "Stalin Beria Gulag" is cool edgy slogan. After this becomes habit in community, the most sane people leave and at same time movement starts to attract schizos, 70 IQs and socially troubled teenagers. Now conformism takes place and on rest of people mask sticks to face. Additionally different power structures start to maintain and exploit this absurdity to apologize things which are obviously wrong but beneficial for them.

This is what happened with nazbols, with alt-rights and with their Russian followers. And with SJWs too, I suspect.
No. 68358
>Does she live next to a military base??
No but I do :--DDDDDD

In all seriousness, worrying about things is a hobby of hers. Also, my parents are divorced and she's not easy to be around, so she's been alone for the past 20 years and becomes weirder every day.
But I think I might indeed visit her, at least for a day or so. I am in home office, but the internet in that bumfuck village is really bad.

And for some reason I slept really well this night.
No. 68360
It is a strong class interest.

As someone who's from the academia/intelligentsia and physics research related field, the new Cold War or any sort of large conflict/competition means i will benefit from it directly in a material sense, i.e. i will be paid more.
Last 30 years were pretty bad for the researches aside from those "liberal arts" bullshit, due to the lack of investment in the field. It was mostly battle for scaps.
The fact that businesses and capitalists and bankers in our country will suffer massively from this, alongside people who work white collar jobs in various companies in the big cities for me does not matter.
As far as i'm concerned they are useless trash only worth they can be drafted into the army, sent to war, or to coal mines or find something better to do, i don't really care about them.

I don't like the war, i'm against the war as an alternative to diplomacy. But since i'm not able to influence what the ruling elite (military and FSB/SVR) are doing, i might as weal reap the benefits i'm getting from it.

I am a classist, yes. But i do respect common workers doing manual labor more than bourgouisie.
No. 68361
Did liberal arts get more funding than natural science under Pootin? For the love of God, I can't believe that, not even in an alternative universe.
No. 68363
I'm not talking about just our country. Just in general, physics, chemistry, biology - all labs are underfunded, it's hard to get a job, there's way too much competition from indians in europe who are used as cheap codemonkeys, in Germany for example. And there's too little permanent positions.
Shitty humanitarian sciences like sociology did get more funding, especially on the west, i don't know why exactly.
Actually the whole academic system became so rotten, it's in a desperate need of an actual purge. It's ineffective and many people should be fired, like those useless professors that buy cars, eat in expensive restaurants, go to beaches and do fuck all for the lab itself.
In Russia it's not as fucked up as in Germany or Italy (i worked in both) so you will get a permanent position no problem, but you will be paid very little.
No. 68367
Ha-ha, go into sharashka, Ivan, we need super-duper rockets yesterday or we kill u and your family.
No. 68368
The only science in Russia that has finances is jurisprudence, he is just baiting naive westerners with their hate to SJW-stuff. Liberal arts is a joke in Russia and if you are doing some serious applied science you will get banned from leaving Russia, probably combined with relocation into some locked military-town shitholes.
No. 68369
I wonder if Ireland and Sweden would be the best countries to escape to in case of [a hypothetical thing] happening.
No. 68370
492 kB, 480 × 360, 0:15
I think today will be last day lurking here. Not ever having to clear cache, not dealing with shit here, it's been refreshing, and realizing I wasted half my life already on trash. I said before and will again that I realized a month ago I was basically just using ernstchan.com as methadoneuntil certain cancer ruined that too and that I had forgotten that fact until I became comfortable here again, when whole point was get off chans entirely. Also am quitting smoking.

Why stay here today? Ukraine basically. Also because I woke up early with headache and lowgrade fever and so am not going to work. Coughing, feels like razors got shoved up my nose and throat. Chills. Shit was not cash. But I think I still can take advantage of policy that we basically get the boot if we have symptoms like that and I think it's paid so I may not have to use sick time. Otherwise normally would suffer through this but I normally don't even get fevers when I'm sick and was half delirious yesterday so fuck it. If not I may have to contact HR and be like, do you want me working around you with a fever or what because that's also doable. I believe in Slavic optimism. We all likely are going to die horribly face down in frozen mud, however you can also die in frozen mud with me. So I have very half full glass mentality.
No. 68371
Like i said i'm more concerned about my own well being in a material sense than well being of some middle class individual who is doing finance or trade.
Capitalists don't give a shit about me, why should i give a shit about them?

So, any system that benefits me directly is a good system and i couldn't care less if Putin was crowned into a God Emperor as long as the system he puts in place puts the interests of the military and some for of aristocracy above the interests of the capitalists.

I'm not advocating for full planned economy it's just stupid, but what we have now is not something i like either
No. 68372
> did get more funding, especially on the west, i don't know why exactly.

I think you don't know anything.

In Germany, arts and humanities are one of the least funded disciplines, don't believe everything you read on imageboards or Russian media
No. 68373
23 kB, 540 × 360
1,9 MB, 400 × 231, 0:05
80 kB, 690 × 388
From a distance, it's kinda funny. We've finally voted the corrupt christian democratic union out of the Bundestag and gotten the cocktail of social democrats and greens with a bit of free democrats (neo-liberal extravaganza) and what do we get?

Anyone remember the Kosovo war? We've voted the greens into government back then as well... and got Germanys first act of war aggression since WW2.

You may think us naive for believing that "social democrats" and "greens" would be less militaristic than the right-conservative union, but there's actually some logic to it. The two large weapons manufacturers from Germany are pretty closely tied to families of high ranking CDU politicians and the running theme of the last decades was corruption and nepotism of the right-conservative christians.

It wasn't too naive to think that getting rid of those guys would also weaken Germanys military complex.

Oh well, I can already hear the people calling the social democrats the party of traitors. This time though, the greens might finally also get that label. Seeing as that new military budget clearly exceeds the budget for environmental protection, people might get the idea that their "green" does not so much refer to the "green planet" but rather to the green uniforms.

So yeah, next votes we'll be back to right-conservative christians and 16 more years of whoever takes Merkels place. We've had 16 years of Kohl (CDU), 7 years of Schröder (SPD), then 16 years of Merkel (CDU), now starting a short period of SPD again.

Also, the punchline of it all is that the Bundeswehr has lots or problems but almost none can be fixed with more money. Remember how they managed to evacuate exactly 0 people from Afghanistan last year? It was not due to a shortage of empty planes :-DDD

It'd all be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Images possibly related.
No. 68375
This man is sadly closer to true though, because frankly let's face it all the high paying Capitalist jobs from bankers to MBA major is useless fuck apparatchiki and parasite to society. Pandemic at last finally made me see, that for one Capital is just as shite as Sovietism ultimately, and results in basically the exact same thing in the end only now I have to pay most of finances to rent/mortgage anyway. "You will own nothing and you will be happy" as they say. I think that at fundamental level this all is inescapable fact of larger parasocial organisms, and that companies such as Walmart or Dell, or American empire, or Soviets, or probably even Catholicism, just become inefficient, corrupt, and defunct by default as result of large chains of command, huge interdepartmental problem, it just becomes huge problem with huge power structures and that is why I suspect everything from anarchism to Socialism, full on free market ancapitalism to religious fanaticism and Shariah law, all probably actually would work in much smaller <250 people village or less, and that probably all utopian dreamers failed to realize their allegedly perfect society always is going to fail at a large enough scale. It only appears to work because you envisage it as a small town, where virtually anything can work if the people agree to it.

But yes meanwhile I realize that even most higher paying people I know all work for companies and their jobs are fucking useless. I know this guy who wanted to be a fed detective type, and he actually joined with a major company's asset protection team instead of the FBI because they paid better. I can think of so many people in this country working these shitty useless sales jobs, investment bankers, stock traders, marketers, PR people basically all these people are even more useless to society ultimately than liberal arts majors because at least a painter or a writer or something can create real value at some point, rather than what other people like Agents do which is just skimming off the top basically. And really, I suspect they are pretty much going to be out of work just like how all these formerly esteemed Soviet party men and teachers of Leninism suddenly out of work and in disrepute.

However all such stated, no Russia, Putin is such great leader he is giving you 1990s Russia all over again.

Uh professors don't actually get paid that much. Ultimately even full time tenured only are making middleclass money usually, sometimes upper middleclass but then you deal with dumb academic office politics. I don't even know why this causes you people such profound asshurt, or journalism. Journalists risking getting shot or kidnapped in some combat zone to get me facts on the ground is a worthy profession, and if anything the problem more is that journalists got banned from doing that after Vietnam. Go see how Ukraine isnot being reported to people for example. Meanwhile it's the most adamantly useless people making six figure income on sales and marketing bullshit.
No. 68376 Kontra
Which means i am wrong and i am sorry for being wrong. But either way i do not live in Germany anymore and i have no plans to move to Germany.
I want to stay close to my home and get paid well here and what's happening now is a good thing for me.
If it's not going to work out then oh well tough luck shit happens, i guess i will have to find a new way to rip people off in some corporation by pretending i care about work and the future of their corporation while in reality doing nothing useful but leeching off it.
Until then i am optimistic.
No. 68377
>Anyone remember the Kosovo war?
Yeah, and rather vividly, despite just breaking into adolescence. That scumbag Fischer (Greens) justified the bombardment with "not another Auschwitz" and then the Greens voted for war.

>Oh well, I can already hear the people calling the social democrats the party of traitors.
Have they ever been anything else?
I am currently reading the one or other taz article and yesterday there was an article that was about "SPD breaks with their anti-war tradition or something like that" and in the comments every second one was about WW1 and Liebknecht/Luxemburg. But then again, it's taz, where ever since Silke Burmester left, there haven't been any competent people anymore.

I, for my part, hope that people now finally recognize the greens as the biggest hypocrites ever, though that hope might be misplaced, as since even the Linke are mostly pro-war now, the sheeple will quickly fall in line. Just tell Germans the war is for a righteous cause and they will march and cheer.

Though I am not sure about your assessment of going back to black next election - Scholz is right now being propped up as a strong leader and if we get out of this unscathed, he might become wildly popular.

>It'd all be funny if it wasn't so sad.
Life is a joke anyway and I have never felt so validated in being a cynicist.
No. 68379
>Scholz is right now being propped up as a strong leader

You say that but I don't feel it. To me the guy is as bland as it gets. I still have to actively remind myself that it's no longer Merkel.

And I'll be honest now, but please don't hold it against me: I disliked Merkel less than Scholz...
No. 68386 Kontra
>But then again, it's taz, where ever since Silke Burmester left, there haven't been any competent people anymore.
Ulrike Herrmann still writes for them who, concerning her understanding of Marx, sometimes just makes stuff up. So yeah, taz has become mostly trash since years. I like Schipkiwski though, at least she seems to be sincere about what she does.
No. 68389
> https://web.archive.org/web/20131216063201/http://takimag.com/article/pity_the_poor_ukrainians_scott_locklin/print
Probably true for 2013 situation, but now even in Kharkov oblast Russian military is met with hate by local populace.
Also this guy has retardation typical for westerners: "if my government is bad, then others must be good or at least not worse", which explains his russiabooism. Often people are unable to see world besides their grudges. So be skeptical about him although he's intellectually honest enough to somewhat compensate his prejudices.
No. 68397 Kontra
>Also this guy has retardation typical for westerners: "if my government is bad, then others must be good or at least not worse", which explains his russiabooism.
lol this is how our liberals think. I think it's not limited to the west but it's common occurence.
No. 68401
7 kB, 198 × 198
I thought a woman is kinda into me, her gaze and casual closeness on (one) former meet up (not alone but with other people). She was telling me about her travels alone and more than once stressed how she really would have liked somebody with her to share moments together. I was interpreting this as a signal that I could be this person. But now that I asked her out indirectly (left option of meeting alone or in group), she said yes (not stating which option though) and when I suggested a date she just left me on read. I was already preparing romantic scenarios in my head, this is not fair. What was I thinking that I can read women better these days :DDD I just hope she is too stunned to speak in light of the possibility of us meeting alone :DDD
No. 68402 Kontra
You mistake was giving her an actual choice.
You don't ask for a date, you ask for a time for the date.
Women like assertive men, ALL OF THEM.
No. 68404 Kontra
PUA-Bernd eilt zur Hilfe:

Du musst auf jeden Fall den Blick halten. Versuche möglichst offensiv zu gucken! Du musst sie quasi anstarren. Sie wird das erst beunruhigend finden aber je länger du starrst, desto mehr wird es für sie zur Provokation.
Das ist der "Hook", der Haken, mit dem du sie angelst. Wenn sie ein selbstbewusstes Mädel ist, wird sie dich offensiv darauf ansprechen. Das ist ein Shittest! Du darfst dich auf keinen Fall entschuldigen oder auch nur zögern zu antworten. Versuch es stattdessen folgendermaßen:

"Klar hab ich dich angestarrt. Wozu denn bitte dein billiges Outfit und dein Hurenmakeup?! Du willst doch, dass ich dich hinter dem nächsten Busch abgreife und dir alle Löcher mit meinem Schwanz vollstopfe, du spermagierige Sperrmüllfotze! Und wag es ja nicht noch einmal mich so anzumachen! Du gehörst jetzt mir bis ich mit deinem widerlichen, ungewaschenen Nuttenkörper fertig bin. Du bist für mich nichts weiter als der nächste Gewaltfick!!"

Damit solltest du den Shittest bestehen und dir stehen alle Türen offen!
No. 68407 Kontra
Gets me every time. But I also made an english version of this, you could have at least used that one so our foreign Ernsts can partake.
No. 68408 Kontra
I don't have the PUA Bernd to the rescue English version I think.
No. 68409 Kontra
No. 68410 Kontra
I was shittesting her for giving her the choice to meet up alone or with one of her friends, since we know each other. If she is interested, I'd assume she would take the opportunity to meet me alone, simple. If a woman is attracted to you, you don't have to use assertion, you just have to ask her out and she will make time available for that once that happens and you two are alone, establish body contact, let it "escalate" more and more and the ideally kiss etc. Maybe there are some women who want a man that just tells her 8pm I pick you up we eat Schnitzel and you will take one with Jägersoße, I already decided everything. But I don't want these girls anyway, it worked without this in the past.
No. 68411
> lol this is how our liberals think
Some governments are better than our (Western, Chinese), some are worse (Turkmenia, North Korea). Before war I was considering Russia average by world standards. Now I think it's somewhere in 75% percentile.

t. liberal
No. 68414
110 kB, 200 × 290
There's russian variant that's shorter and more poetic:

1) При разговоре с девушкой надо двигать тазом так, как будто вы ее трахаете.
2) Делайте движения губами и языком, как будто сосетесь с ней
3) Двигайте пальцами, как будто они УЖЕ у нее во влагалище!.
4) Рычите, порыкивайте, урчите: показывайте, что вы ЖИВОТНОЕ!

1) When talking with a girl, you need to move your hips as if you are already fucking her.
2) Make movements with lips and tongue as if you are already french kissing her
3) Move your fingers as if they are already in her vagina!.
4) Roar, growl, grunt: Show her that you're an animal!
No. 68415 Kontra
This is actually how I would expect a russian trying to mate.
No. 68416
"if my government is bad, then others must be good or at least not worse"
This is literally how nearly every Russian I met online thinks, stop projecting Ivan. "At least you in glorious Wect land of milk and honey have good everything, here Rashka just is a shit. Oh how I wish I lived on London or Brighton Beach. What? How dare you say bad thing about Russia! Fuck you Russia stronk pidor go back to gay parade on rotten wect" This is like every single Russian I met online ever.

Honestly remind me of interview I saw which reminded me how weird and exhausting bdsm master type relationship would be
Like I am home to relax not treat you like second job. One of the most annoying things is how even fierce and stubborn women instantly slide into this submissive stance eventually when dating. It's like no, I know exactly what I want the question is what you want too. I'm ambivalent about anything I can do this or that. Then you realize women and relationships really don't feel worth the trouble after awhile and start building sexbots instead of preventing your civilization's decay.
No. 68419
Russophobia on the rise...
No. 68422
Stop mocking us! I vill remind you zet you have once been occupied, ja?
No. 68431
I recently learned that Germans fought in Scandinavia (there was power outage once again and I read childish book about WW2 from bookshelf), I never knew about it before. And also they occupied Denmark losing only 10 people. How is it even possible? Why people laugh at France instead of Denmark?
No. 68435
People laugh at relevant countries. They don't kick midgets and children.
No. 68452
Talked to mom again. Today she sounded more composed than yesterday. Not sure if it was honest or she just tried to hide it in order not to scare/upset me (because I am only in my mid-30s). Maybe she has left the acute fear stage and adopted a fatalistic attitude. When it was still not dark, I saw a piece of cloud going almost straight up and wondered it the airbase has rocket launching capabilities, but on the internet I didn't find anything like it. And if it was a rocket, we would probably know by now. I still wonder what it was, as their planes usually don't ascend that quickly; I think they have some Hornets, but that's it.
No. 68454
This reminds me, I forgot to reply to your post from sunday: Phoning my mom was the right call, she was indeed worried and needed some calming down.

She's really not the type to worry easily, but that fear of atomic bombs in the hands of angry men is engrained pretty deep. She said she felt some of the fear that she lived through as a child when she realized that her parents were afraid of those people on TV.

Well, I ended up talking with her for an hour and that seems to have helped.
No. 68455
898 kB, 1200 × 630
you know how there's a Celebrity Death Beeper

I wish there was a Make a Wish Foundation Kid Death Beeper.
You know when you read about some cancer kid on the news and about his Make a Death Wish request or whatever, and it's all sappy and wholesome and big chungus? But you never get to know what happened in the end. And you can't even look it up because they don't publish the full name of the child. It's anti-climactic.
You never get to know what happened to them, when or how they died, or if they survived, and it just leaves you unsatisfied, reading an incomplete story without a climax.
I'd rather have the opposite: have the kid already die, then read about his Wish, so I can have a finished story with a conclusion.
I think the make a wish foundation should give us a way to track the kids' "progress", what's happening in their lives, their day to day moments, their hopes and dreams, etc., so that when they finally and eventually die, we have more of an emotional impact and end up with a better story.

so, who's going to make a site that aggrgates information about the lives of make a wish foundation kids?
I'll pay money for that.
No. 68457
>Well, I ended up talking with her for an hour and that seems to have helped.
Good for your mom.
I think it's still another things for our parents' generation who grew up during the Cold War, with the ever-present possibility of atom bombs. For us it's rather new.
No. 68458
135 kB, 640 × 368
Today was fucking shit. I slept 3 hours, wrote a shitty Latin test and then went to the Poetry-translation class.
I was bored stiff by the end, because I just simply don't get how iambic metre works in Hungarian (or in any language) and also there was this "American studies" major guy who failed to translate a Kipling poem into prose because he's been so assimilated by American culture that he's illiterate so I had to step in and help out.

Then I went to the library. Talked with the librarian a bit and then tried to work on my Classical Chinese homework but my brain was completely fried. I did some half-sentences and then I spent the rest of the time dozing off for a few minutes and reading from a textbook on Chinese poetry.

Class itself went well enough. We worked in pairs. One gives a translation of the text, we talk that over, and then one identifies the grammatical particles present and explains their functions in a given sentence.
I think I did well enough this time, also contributed to it outside my turn.

After class talked with the lecturer a bit. He asked me how my translation of the Han Feizi is coming along, and I told him "not very well".
"Got caught up in that 24 news-cycle did you?"
I feel ashamed, because I actually did get caught up in it.
Told him that I'd send the next batch when I'm done with like 4-5 sentences, and he said that it's okay if I send more at a time.

Went shopping. Bought a pizza and a soft drink, a can of energy drink as an emergency ration and some matches.
Also bought a kilo of rice. That's actually me building some kind of pretend-stockpile of food because I'm getting paranoid that grain prices will go all hell if this is not over soon.
Also bought a fucking physical daily newspaper, because I have no idea about the "local" ramifications and views on the conflict, and the online news-sites are so putrid that this was my best bet. Picked an Orbanite one, because I was mainly curious of the government's narrative on the topic.
It feels very eerie to have a paper in my hands that has a section titled "war". It feels like being in the history books or something.

Collapsed after my late lunch into the bed and slept for like 6 hours. At times I didn't even know if I was asleep or awake.
Supposedly a book arrived from Britain, but I can't find the parcel and my mother went to bed by the time I woke up.
No. 68459
Well you can code and do webdev etc. can't you? Why don't you make it

Tell you what, making a working website and we mail you a package filled with German or American food
No. 68460
>and we mail you a package filled with German [...] food
No need to punish the poor lad.
No. 68462 Kontra
>not liking Ritter Sport
>not liking Brezeln
>not liking any kind of non-white bread
>not liking Weißwürstl
>not liking LKW
Have you ever thought of emigrating to e.g. Great Britain?
No. 68463
I hope you don't mail a Weißwurst, it will have turned bad by the time it gets to Kazakhstan
No. 68464
How long does it usually take for a package to reach Kazakhstan? I remember sending one once, but I can't remember how long it took.
But I also have a pack of Weißwürste in my fridge right now that I bought last week and that is still best before the 25th or so, so if the package doesn't take longer than 4 weeks it might very well be possible. The bigger problem here would be getting fresh Brezeln.
No. 68466
My joke was that Weißwurscht will be eaten after 12 pm then...
No. 68467
I don't get it, Kazahkstan has a whole other timezone.
Also, I am not even bavarian and don'c are at all about times or Zutzeln or anything :--DDDDDD
No. 68487
2,5 MB, 3840 × 3376
130 kB, 1024 × 527
Much as I make fun of Germany and German or British "cuisine"being fair, French food is even fucking worse somehow not every German food is shite. Well, basically your deserts aren't and you have sausages.

Rest of what he said is pretty true though. Really I was basically just imagining some kind of summer sausage which keeps well because we don't have Italians on here which is the far better dry sausage.
...honestly I hadn't fully thought about this other than the Iberians pretty much every single poster here comes from countries with bad food

Long time, better from EU but still terrible
apologies to the good Germans, I still am apparently running a fever and as an American believe in self defense which online means being relentlessly obnoxios to cabbage /b/ 4kanker /int/ cross shitposters as it helps take my mind off be in ng sick I wonder when they'll actually want me back and what I have to do to get cleared to work again
No. 68488
Germans, what is your opinion about the ongoing remilitarization of your country?
Here is my armchair prognosis about what's going on:
Poland is the next target. If Germany wants to make a difference and be relevant in modern geopolitics, Germany must take on Poland.
Within a few years Poland might get kicked out of EU and then potentially NATO. Their reaction will be war becuase they will be cornered and will have to fight either way.
The result of this war is quite obvious i hope?
What's next for Germany? Germany does not have nuclear weapons so it is reliant on others.
Which is what scares me the most because in that case Germany might get stuck between France, Russia and the UK all of which have nukes.

I don't want a large war to happen. Imo the best course of action would be to sell you nuclear weapons in order to secure status quo.

>inb4 victoria 2 tier politics
yes i know it's cringe
No. 68491
Poland obviously will not get kicked out of EU so that's not a good cassus belli. It is not 1939 you know? More likely Germany gets stuck with US dickwaving about something unrelated if that is the case, otherwise EU fully figures out independence from USA power and its colonies like Britain while forming EUROCOM.
No. 68503 Kontra
It's don't. They say they spend more money, then it will mysteriously vanish somewhere between numerous "advisors" and "consultants", with the actual quality of anything not increasing.

That said, I have always been a proponent of "si vis pacem, para bellum". A strong democracy is only strong when it is able to defend itself and obviously it doesn't mean to wage war, it just means being able to punish anyone trying to start shit.
When I was examined for conscription in 2007 I objected on grounds of
>hurr durr we are surrounded by friends and Russia isn't a danger anymore
15 years later I don't think so anymore, though even back then it was already my conviction that had I been born 30 years earlier, when the USSR stood right at our doorstep, I would have not objected.

Rejecting violence AT ALL on principle is wrong. It is an absolutely valid ultima ratio, because some people simply don't understand words, just a punch to the face.

However, I really wish nuclear weapons were abolished altogether and I really don't want any in Germany. The airbase I live next to apparently had some until the mid 00s, and supposedly they're gone. Supposedly.
No. 68512 Kontra
I've read that we have multiple BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover factories in Russia and they just stopped production which means effectively these will be expropriated and they will start producing bootleg versions of these cars 100%.
And they will be sold abroad most likely.
I want to apologize to all germans but business is business i hope you understand that.
No. 68534
>Poland is the next target. If Germany wants to make a difference and be relevant in modern geopolitics, Germany must take on Poland. Within a few years Poland might get kicked out of EU and then potentially NATO. Their reaction will be war becuase they will be cornered and will have to fight either way.
This sounds like complete bollocks tbqh

>Germans, what is your opinion about the ongoing remilitarization of your country?
It's a waste of money which would be needed for real problems. The reason Russia could attack Ukraine was that the NATO stated it would not go to war over it. It's a bad joke that now this money is suddenly available when before it "wasn't there" for the planned transition from fossil to green power and the shift in jobs this is requiring, the health care system in general and especially during the ongoing Corona crisis and the social system overall. Laughable.
No. 68535
>This sounds like complete bollocks tbqh
He was obviously shitposting, o son of Tism.

Don't agree though that a possible WW3 is not a "real" problem.
But it is indeed nothing new that the spending habits of the german governments have never been particularly well-advised or sensible.
No. 68537
>He was obviously shitposting, o son of Tism.
Ah, I thought he meant Poland will be attacked by Russia next after Ukraine, not by Germany, like all those "we need more military spending!!! 11!!" dudes on the internet actually believe and thus missed the obvious shitposting aspect of it. Oh well.

Russia is busy enough with Ukraine at the moment, I think we still have time before WW III starts :)
No. 68539
Don't these factories are in contracts as well? Hw do you build bootleg European car when you don't get the parts anymore for instance?
No. 68540
>Hw do you build bootleg European car when you don't get the parts anymore for instance?
you reverse engineer it
No. 68541
political topics made me hate the word "propaganda".
read literally anything online, and some smug retard will claim it's "propaganda"
Well duh, retard.
Everything is propaganda.
My posts are propaganda

stop saying that as if it's a "gotcha", it just makes you look retarded.
it's almost as annoying as people pointing out that something somebody is saying is merely their opinion
wow you don't fucking say?
what, you want an award or something?
No. 68542
Yeah well, that's like, your opinion, man.
No. 68543
>Russian reverse engineered Jaguar.
If such a psychotic idea goes forward, one has to wonder how much money the Russian state would have to sink into this so the ventures would 'profitable'. Escalating the economic war via appropriations so they could export Russia Presents - Yaguar. Russia doesn't even own Lada, talking about "hmm sorry business is business))".
No. 68545
58 kB, 604 × 454
60 kB, 700 × 525
200 kB, 700 × 676
74 kB, 350 × 500
Don't say such cruel things. I believe in Russian chemistry industry. We won't lose our Jaguars.
No. 68546 Kontra
I mean just because the facilities no longer have the western licences, there's really no reason not to utilize the productive forces already present in the country, be it for "knockoffs" or indigenous designs.
No. 68547
I think the question here was if they have the know-how to produce all the parts they need themselves.
Just an assembly line is worthless if you don't have any components you can assemble.
No. 68548
55 kB, 752 × 723
>Gentlemen, we can't stop rotting

New wave of memes coming out of dvach, Russian takes of the current situation translated to Finnish. I can't recall the last time I've laughed out loud at anything before these showing up. Shame you don't get to enjoy them as much as me since they lose their charm when translated to English.
No. 68549
279 kB, 1280 × 720
There are parts left anyway and the technology is not lost obviously.
Assembly lines themselves being intact means mass production is still possible. I'm not saying they can be started today but a in few years? Sure.
Obviously the quality might suffer but if we have the entire production chain restored here, locally?

The funniest part is that these cars will very likely be cheaper than the originals, obviously quality will suffer but is it really relevant for an average third worlder or even for someone from the EU who can't afford the original and will want to opt for a smuggled copy?
During the cold war ladas were popular in europe.
Pic related fiat 124 and lada 2101
The same could happen to BMW's and Jags.
No. 68550 Kontra
also i've read the articles that BMW is not "leaving" the country they only stop producing locally, and importing new cars. They will keep importing parts. So parts problem is solved.
No. 68551
54 kB, 500 × 720
122 kB, 640 × 516
115 kB, 640 × 416
3,8 MB, 480 × 360, 0:55
It's funny how Sosach turned from extremely vatnik to extremely rusophobic in one day (moving in opposite position took years of hard work of shills and moderators). Mechanic of process is understandable: agitators work 8x5 while other people usually mind their own busyness but after happening start to shitpost (telegram is barely handling surge of traffic).
No. 68552 Kontra
How do you know this is not mass spam and paid posters from eastern european countries and yes, Ukraine?
I wouldn't trust what i see on large forums.
I have doubts about /pol/ users being legit anti-"globohomo", let alone places like 2ch.hk where it's hard to tell who's real and who's a bot.
No. 68553
Abu added flags to /po/. Proxies and VPNs are banned there long time ago.
No. 68554
You operate under the impression that anyone in post sovok powers is interested in creating or developing things.
Assembling already produced things was an unheard of innovation (importing car and wheels separately, attaching together locally), actually producing will never happen
No. 68555 Kontra
>Abu added flags to /po/
i saw that
>Proxies and VPNs are banned there long time ago.
That is very bold statement and i don't believe that such a thing is possible. You can't ban everything, not even roskomnadzor can do it - let alone abu.
Sorry i don't trust what i see, and even if what you're saying is correct and many people turned liberal pro-west overnight, i would never do the same because i don't want to be a part of the lemming horde and do as everyone says.
No. 68556
Confusing runglish? Bc to me that sounds more like we will sell BWMs to the few oligarchs left and will stop production in Russia.


Yeah, I'm talking supply chains and contracts. You need the right contractors to make your bootleg, or you replace with something else once you know how that is done but not sure if Russians are capable.
I also read that many automobile suppliers are located in Ukraine, making problems for the supply chain as well, which will hit not only Russia, so far.

>EU smuggled copy

I don't know about other European countries but I think German TÜV will make this quite impossible.
Besides, are you sure the Lada is not a Fiat license? Like Skoda and Seat producing cars that look exactly like VWs only different logo? I don't think Skoda and Seat did the technology but VW, maybe it was a joint venture, I don't know.
No. 68558
>which will hit not only Russia, so far.
As a matter of fact, there has already been a first german casualty: Villery & Boch apparently got their clay from the Ukraine and now they can't make plates anymore.
No. 68559 Kontra
I might be overly optimistic like a complete idiot, i'm just trying to look at opportunities.
EU right now is turning into an actual fortress from my point of view.
A fortress with 447 million people who are potential consumers for cheap products and other illicit goods which will be banned on EU territory.
Which means the prices of these goods will rise substantionally which means smuggling is a lucrative business and harsh penalties are not that harsh.
People tried to smuggle shit into USSR they will sure as shit try to smuggle into EU/US/UK.
No. 68560 Kontra
Sounds like it's time for Germany to reclaim its rightful clay...
No. 68561
my father really likes to cook

my father is also really bad at cooking
he will put everything we have in the pot, then buy some more (on my money), put that in the pot as well, then add copious amounts of garlic and pepper and other crap, resulting in disgusting slop only he can eat

after a while it goes bad (because nobody eats it), and we throw it away
then it happens again

there's no way to stop him from doing that.
words don't help, curse words don't help, beatings don't help
No. 68562
It's you who wrote copypasta about father's fried soup? :DDD
No. 68563
Yeah, opportunities why not, but you I think the arguments for or against opportunities is crucial nonetheless.

Europe is a fortress in different senses for example against unwanted immigrants, but also for Russian resources and goods it seems. Europe is doing "free" trade with the rest of the world still, the gates are wide open for other business partners, despite the EU having interests in being a political and global superpower.

What can Russia provide that is wanted in the EU besides cheap resources? I mean what products are now crucial that Russia has and which can be crucial? I doubt that combustion cars are a promising future market, do Russians even know how to do EVs or will they have to buy a license from Xi?)))) I know German cooperations have business interests and perhaps also production interests in Russia, but what exactly are those? For now, I only know that Russia-Ukraine war and the incoming isolation or new iron curtain will create big problems for resources and crop supply, but not for refined products. Refined products will be a problem for inhouse EU production but maybe EU will tolerate smuggling of resources from Russia :DDD make it a business opportunity for you now.
No. 68565
I have to read the shit flinging of two different eco marxist camps since I read the book of one of them for a paper. It's quite amusing how they roast each other, reminds me of EC at times, though the rigor is better at times. It made me think how often times you can even grab a sophisticated scholar by his balls and squeeze him for the overlooked implications and flaws and weaknesses.

>even more so where the axiomatic declaration of inconsistent half-truths fails to live up to strong rhetoric. Instead of offering a convincing take on how exactly capital is involved in the warming condition, Storm engages in just the kind of ‘arid semantic quibble’ (p. 181) criticised in authors such as Jason W. Moore, who appear, however, more serious (and more successful, in my opinion) in pursuing a proper conceptualisation of the global predicament. Malm’s style of examining such arguments, as in world-ecology, is that of denouncing his own simplistic misconceptions for the sake of some ‘rhetorical point-scoring’.25 Such style of argument is detrimental to a consistent conceptualisation of the ecological crisis that would provide for a solid emancipatory perspective. Because of its theoretical weakness, the effect of the misplaced self-assured tone in Storm, entertaining as it otherwise would be, further corrodes the direly needed unity among progressives. In the mismatch between strong rhetoric and rather disappointing content, and in its virile posture, Storm is more part of the capitalist business as usual than its author would be ready to admit.
No. 68566
>I doubt that combustion cars are a promising future market
Combustion cars from RUSSIA are certainly not a future market, but I hope you're not one of those people who think personal electromobility is anything but a luxury.
No. 68567
An opinion is not propaganda. I think this may be the first time I read something you said that's retarded which wasn't an edgy trollpost. No, not everything is propaganda. A person spewing their butthurt isn't a propagandist necessarily, however a US/Russian trollfarm is; not all news sources are propaganda, but clearly Voice of America or whatever and RT are propaganda mixed with genuine news; a for sale sign is not propaganda, however commercials and adverisements basically are corporate propaganda. I suppose it's a fine line but just because some retards keep abusing a word doesn't alter its meaning, and frankly that's the very objective of people like this which isn't so much as to convince you just of their one message and agenda, as it is to eventually make you stop believing even in concept of truth and tuning out completely, which in turn makes you more susceptible to their manipulations and bullshit shoveling. On some fundamental level, the real objective of the propagandist isn't even to convince you of his own lies, but to cause you to disbelieve in the very notion of truths entirely. Don't forget, each psychopathic asshole who's clearly morally in the wrong has a firm agenda of trying to twist you up with his false abuses of language, like "peacekeeping" "police action" "aggression" "self defense" "terrorism" "collateral damage" "enemy noncombatant" "insurgent" "patriots" "citizen defenders" and so on.

This mentality is also exactly why I probably piss so many people off because words have an objective meaning and because I do not gibe two shits about anybody's retarded agenda am going to freely call them out on it no matter what they are, which in this case I suspect Zelensky will call for ceasefire so as to minimize civilian casualties after enough military targets fall and it becomes more civilian insurgency/partisan guerrilla warfare aimed at defending from the Russian invasion. I really do not care how disingenuous Russians and Westerns are being right now. I have the internet, I'm not swayed by sub-Warhol tier bullshit artists, and I can clearly see exactly what's happening and why with my own eyes. My only advice to you is get better and being dispassionate and objective if you're letting them convince you of words having no meaning which I think is actually a tactic lots of cults used, word stripping or something like that.

Yeah but they smuggled shit into USSR because it was actually good and of much higher quality. Why would anyone want to buy shittier tier garbage? Of course counterpoint: actually paying more for a logo is often ridiculously stupid, unless in fact the generic version is of far inferior quality. I have found very discernible differences in for example some foods, but not alle. Which really let's be honest here, people buy stupid shit like sports cars half just for the logo as part of some penis waving ritual to impress women, as opposed to actually caring at all about the perfomance. I am convinced this is the sole reason people actually buy nVidia products for instance, when this generation is of far inferior performance. That or brains turned to mush by marketing and astroturfing, not sure. Like I would unironically be willing to buy an authentic imported Soviet Lada, but just because it being authentic, and thus would absolutely refuse anything but the real Soviet thing. I am aware the layers of irony too.
No. 68568
So you want to tell me prices for EVs won't go down in the next 10-30 years? Why? Right now there is no used market, sure.
No. 68569
I forgot: maybe the EU and countries like Germany actually can turn around lived mobility instead of relying on personal combustion engine machines for everybody until the sun burns out.
No. 68570
>Right now there is no used market, sure.
Given current battery life, there never will be. Here's hoping things will change radically before we give lithium poisoning to half of Chile without anything to show for it.
No. 68574
>This mentality is also exactly why I probably piss so many people off because words have an objective meaning and because I do not gibe two shits about anybody's retarded agenda am going to freely call them out on it no matter what they are [..]. I really do not care how disingenuous Russians and Westerns are being right now. I have the internet, I'm not swayed by sub-Warhol tier bullshit artists, and I can clearly see exactly what's happening and why with my own eyes.
I would like to apologize for my past criticisms. This is one of greatest things anyone ever posted on this imageboard. In truth, I envy you.
No. 68578
>Why would anyone want to buy shittier tier garbage?
If one cannot afford locally produced goods he will choose a cheaper imported option. This is what happened in the USSR. The EU right now is protecting itself from cheap stuff that can replace locally produced goods.
This is done to protect souveregnity and also their own investors and capitalists.

> very off topic plus tinfoil hat.
By the way, there are already rumors spreading that the US had some sort of biolabs in the Ukraine. I ALWAYS assume it's propaganda but it's VERY effective propaganda because biolabs really exist in the Ukraine under some treaty between Ukraine and US, and US has a sketchy program called "National Biodefence Strategy".
Basically if Putin records a video accusing US of developing bioweapons in the Ukraine it's an equivalent of blowing up an informational nuke that will cause massive reputational losses in the US that might in fact cause an actual uprising in the US. But until he records it will be dismissed as mere rumors.
This is the leverage Putin now has over the US and Biden specifically.

Biden fucked up.
No. 68580 Kontra
247 kB, 473 × 880
210 kB, 338 × 840
35 kB, 820 × 545
>By the way, there are already rumors spreading that the US had some sort of biolabs in the Ukraine. I ALWAYS assume it's propaganda but it's VERY effective propaganda because biolabs really exist in the Ukraine under some treaty between Ukraine and US, and US has a sketchy program called "National Biodefence Strategy".
Brazilian telegram channels were weeks ahead of these breaking developments. You probably don't even know that the Biden family stashed Ukrainian servers with proofs that they stole the election. Putin already sent VDV units to Kiev to secure it. Biden (and the Clintons) are beyond fucked up.
No. 68581 Kontra
The point is not whether these rumors are all fake or not. It's absolutely irrelevant, do you remember the invasion of Iraq? The evidence can be forged. "Plausible" is more than enough to make people ask questions.
Right now these are just rumors so they pose no threat. But they can be weaponized.
I'm not guillable to believe that all of this is true man, please don't insult me.
No. 68584 Kontra
>My only advice to you is get better and being dispassionate and objective if you're letting them convince you of words having no meaning which I think is actually a tactic lots of cults used, word stripping or something like that.

Take your own advice, nigga, because you clearly are the last thing I would call dispassionate.
No. 68587
>"Plausible" is more than enough to make people ask questions.
I don't think plausibility falls in any way into the public equation, but this Biden-Ukraine-COVID19-Clintons connection is not going to cause such momentous change or be some great political weapon that will destroy America from the inside.
I didn't mean to imply you believed it, but that it's crackhead logic to see this bottom of the barrel theory as a momentous revelation that will turn the game around.
No. 68589
A statement being truthful or not, or even having truth value at all, is of not a factor in something being propaganda or not.
Propaganda can be a statement that is 100% factual, or even not making any true or false statement at all, and still be propaganda. Thus, your entire post is bunk.
For example, a painting of a handsome, blue eyed, blond haired man plastered over a city can be propaganda. It is not making a true or false statement, it just is, and yet is propaganda.
Or a hypothetically factual statement like "we have experienced 200% growth in just 3 years! Glory to our nation!", is still propaganda despite not being false.
There is no quality or characteristic or property that "objectively" distinguishes propaganda from mere opinion.

The problem with the concept of propaganda is that the concept of propaganda is itself propaganda.
The concept of "propaganda" implies that it is the responsibility of the party making the statement to make "honest" statements, rather than the responsibility of the reader to assess and verify their honesty.
Thus, it puts the "orator" in a certain position of authority vs the listener, in that it implies that it is the orators of the world that disseminate truths, and it is the job of the listeners to filter them and "pick" the truths from the available options.
While in my opinion, truth comes not from the orator, but from the listener, who is also the interpreter.
I do not look for sources that tell the truth. I look at all the sources, and arrive at truth by my own.
Therefore, all sources of information, to me, are neither true or false. They are merely sources of information.
I must rely on myself to find the truth.

Halfwits will read this and assume that I "don't believe in truth" or whatever.
I do believe in the concept of truth, just like you do.
BUT. "Believing in Truth" is not the same thing as "believing in true things".
In fact, it seems to be a trend that most people who believe in the existence of "objective truth", happen to believe objectively untrue things. There's a reason the word "truther" exists.
But also, there is a minority of people who care deeply about truth, who also happen to not hold any belief that they consider to be "objectively true".
How is that possible?
See, that is the difference between people like me, and idiots like you.
There's a difference between starting from point A and arriving at point B, versus starting from point B and arriving at point A.
What do I mean?
Well, scholars and philosophers who believe in Truth, start from the assumption that truth exists, and then seek to find the truths. Sometimes they find no statements that they could honestly believe are true. But that's ok, and also not important.
Hylics like you, start with a set of beliefs that they think are true, and think THEREFORE, truth must exist, "otherwise I am wrong".
See the difference?

No. 68590
>If one cannot afford locally produced goods he will choose a cheaper imported option. This is what happened in the USSR. The EU right now is protecting itself from cheap stuff that can replace locally produced goods.

Could you elaborate how that has to do with EU-Russua relations and what products exactly? Because I think the EU can important cheap shit and does so already, people who cannot afford locally produced (if they are not produced elsewhere already, or partly produced elsewhere already) good because of the high costs of labor, they have alternatives from China and whatnot, whatever country is the workbench of the world for this product.
No. 68591
Speaking about Brazilians. Couple of weeks ago I noticed surprisingly good and cheap bananas in grocery. After start of war they unlike other food didn't raise in price and now they cost as much as potato per kilo. I'll have to return to monkey.
No. 68592
Did you just seriously reply to an american?
No. 68593
>the concept of propaganda is that the concept of propaganda is itself propaganda

Maybe. Another take would be that the term propaganda has been and is used inflationary these days and therefore quite useless. It's like with postmodernism. You can attach that label to many things and will simply gloss over any refined difference one could make. de-differentiation is a cultural technique certified academic lingo, but it is an actual concept as anybody who followed my recent ramblings on media studies ITT could witness to reduce complexity, something people need to do in order to be able to function, be practical and not let their small head implode given the reality exceeding their conceptual capacity to comprehend it.
No. 68595
>Basically if Putin records a video accusing US of developing bioweapons in the Ukraine it's an equivalent of blowing up an informational nuke that will cause massive reputational losses in the US that might in fact cause an actual uprising in the US. But until he records it will be dismissed as mere rumors.

I think you are either naive, or operating under outdated paradigms.
It doesn't actually matter whether there are biolabs or not, whether they are bioweapon labs or not, or even whether it is a good or a bad thing that they are bioweapon labs or not, or any statement at all.

It is not a factor at all whether a statement is true or not true, what matters is how it is "marketed".
Propaganda/ideology has been obsoleted by marketing.

It makes no more sense to think that factoids make any difference in the west vs russia discourse, than to think that the factoids about the quality of leather used in Luis Vuitton products vs Dolce&Gabbana products make a difference in the LV vs DnG discourse.

It doesn't matter. What matters is PR, image, marketing, brand, etc.
No. 68596 Kontra
Hm maybe you are right.
No. 68597 Kontra
btw this post is entirely intentionally inflammatory, I am not a homophobe

also I am drunk, which in any sane jurisdiction would absolve me of guilt rather than make me more guilty,
jesus turned water into wine god damn it are you telling me GOD himself is wrong?
No. 68598
But propaganda is the same as marketing/pr/advertising.
There is no actual functional difference, so why argue about it in the first place?

But fun fact:
In Germany you can't be punished for doing something while too drunk, but you can be punished for being too drunk and doing something. The criminal provision is called "Vollrausch".
No. 68599 Kontra
But there is no difference between the two.
The sum does not change regardless of the order of the numbers.
No. 68600 Kontra
There is a difference between deciding to murder someone and then get drunk and getting drunk and then deciding to murder someone.
No. 68601
I'm not arguing about distinction (or lack thereof) between propaganda vs marketing.

I'm arguing against the idea that "truth" or "facts" is a factor in the swaying power of propaganda/marketing/[whatever the new term for the (post)modern equivalent of either might be].

Fun fact, "truth" and "fact" themselves have become politically charged terms used as propaganda.
It is not about the "nature of things (concepts)", but about the perceived image and authority of "things" (concepts).
The "brand" of Science itself has become a tool of propaganda, because science has cultural authority of being an arbiter of a certain category of truths. Doesn't matter if it's scientific or not, you can slap the label of "SCIENCE" on anything to give it legitimacy.
Funnily enough, the "anti-science movement" is actually a movement against the "brand" of science (the "brand" of science being hijacked by certain interest groups) rather than the scientific method itself, but the anti science group thinks that they really are crusading against the concept of science itself rather than their mistaken idea of science which is the "brand of science" that the ideologies have convinced them is what science is, but nobody has enough brains to distinguish the two, so everything is muddled and discourse is ruined

Human mythos truly is schizophrenic in nature.
this is why I went into art, the one who controls collective human schizophrenia, controls the course of history.
No. 68602
the art of government surely is a creative enterprise :DDD
No. 68603
You wrote, and I quote here
>Propaganda/ideology has been obsoleted by marketing.
and that was what I was commenting on. If it wasn't meant as a distinction, it was a misunderstanding on my side.
No. 68606
681 kB, 1660 × 1218
Have you ever contributed anything to a discussion besides sarcasm lad?

This is extra retarded. It's like I'm watching the dumbest of Qanon fatniks who read some Putinism getting regurgitated back into Russian, like some kind of conspiracy game of shoving something through bing translator multiple times. It reminds me of these people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtyA3VJQn1g

Hylics like you, start with a set of beliefs that they think are true, and think THEREFORE, truth must exist, "otherwise I am wrong".
Where are you even distinguishing between the two of us, cunt? That's exactly what I am doing. If anything you behave as though truth is somehow already in you, and proceed to drunkenly shitpost, rather than going out to seek the truth.

As to propaganda as I said it is often a thin line, and intent counts. Pic related is a point I've made in the past, which is that they both do it but Russians are very bad at it for some reason. Pointing this out infuriates both Westerners as well as Russians butthurt at Russia and insisting USA must be land of milk and honey where babies feed on God's own teet like same materialistic font of mnemosyne. Rather than take the more nuanced view, many just switch to the equally faggy and retarded counterview, often being consistently incorrect. Yes, some things are just objective facts that do not care what the fuck you think or feel about that. How cellular replication functions or Earth's gravity for example are not up for dispute.

The whole process of scientific and technological advancement is predicated on exactly that mentality and process which youapparently wrongly claim to uphold, by seeking out the truth and attempting to systematically cut through as much of the bullshit as possible to arrive at the concrete truth with as little personal bias as possible. That scientists are fallible, or that medical professionals are often ill informed proponents of quakery across the ages, that scholars uphold pet theories and act in outrage when it's disproven or upended by new evidence, does not in any way denigrate nor refute the persons and processes responsible for trying to arrive at that expanded understanding of truth.

Meanwhile trying to claim that meaning of words is irrelevant is ultimately all about the ego, and ultimately makes all communication itself practically irrelevant if we can't even have shared meanings of words anymore. It would effectively dissolve all such communication, and shows a wildly psychopathic view of the world, the exact sort of thing every tinpot dictator and petty tyrant wants which is to dispute the very notion of Truth itself until everyone is either so confused, so exhausted, or so filled with doubt, that they no longer look for or even believe in the concept of things being true. It's the biggest issue I have with postmodernist self-indulgent bullshit ultimately, which posits all viewpoints and values as being equally valid when they are not. The number one key thing to see in any dictator, cult leader, or other tyrant, is exactly what they do with the truth, which is always their first impulse being to control information and destroy the concept of truth. A fact will sit there like a mountain and it will not move no matter how loudly you yell at it, wholly ambivalent to your feelings.

Or let me say this to put it another way: fuck you you're not a dragon, and no your feelings are not valid
To pull up this classic, that is where we get this level of bullshit and insanity
It doesn't matter what your beliefs are, when I and anyone else can clearly see that your beliefs that you are indeed a magical half elf dragon kin whatever, is in fact, objectively wrong, and you are retarded. The whole modern world recoils in horror at this basic mentality by this point, which is partly due to it being run by a bunch of idiotic, scummy, lying sociopaths.

*It is not a factor at all whether a statement is true or not true, what matters is how it is "marketed".
Propaganda/ideology has been obsoleted by marketing.*
If you genuinely believe this I don't know what to say to you anymore; you must've drank yourself into retardation at a Kazakh Tesco to arrive at that type of conclusion, which is in fact exactly what all the powers that be making money and gaining power want the people to believe, which is that facts are no longer relevant, only narratives. A bullshit narrative is still a bullshit narrative; the Soviets found that out the hard way when Communism failed to ever materialize.
No. 68608
The sad part about language is that language is a filter by which we access ideas, and thus it is a necessity that we must prioritize being understood over being "accurate".

So, if I assert that "propaganda", "marketing", "brand", "opinion", are all words pointing to the same fundamental concept (but highlighting different qualities/characteristics of the same concept), there is still the problem that I do not have a word by which to address this "omni" concept, so I still have to rely on the old words to address it and be understood.

So, we're not disagreeing, in actuality.
Propaganda IS the same as Marketing.
The problem is that our understanding of the term "propaganda" evolves with time.
And recently, it has evolved into meaning roughly a similar thing as "marketing".
But ask anyone in 20th century, and they will disagree on what it means, in no small part because the concept of "marketing" wasn't a thing yet.

So, the confusion lies in the fact that a) we are trying to use the same word "propaganda" to mean what people in 20th century meant by the word, and at the same time what people in 21st century mean by it and b) we in 21st century have new words such as "marketing" to talk about the same thing as "propaganda" but in different contexts, but we think they are different things when the only thing that separates them is "area of usage" (business vs politics).

The important takeaway here is that words are just "shortcuts" for ideas, and sometimes ideas evolve while shortcuts stay the same, or vise versa.
We are limited by our own language.
No. 68609
275 kB, 480 × 360
Your problem is that you are too retarded to distinguish between the concepts of:
statement of fact
statement of truth

Or in dumber terms you can understand, acknowledging the state of things vs believing that the state of things is "right" or "correct".
It is a statement of fact that for the purposes of propaganda, truth doesn't matter. It would be a statement of truth to claim that in general truth doesn't matter.
But you do not have the mental mechanisms required to separate the two.

Or, for example, you do not have the mental capacity to differentiate between Words and the Ideas that those Words refer to. You confuse Words for the Ideas they are "labels" of like a true retard hylic. You probably think that words and the ideas they are shortcuts for are the exact same thing.

Basically, in my mind you are some middleground between a human and an animal. Intelligent enough to Think, but not intelligent enough to Think About Thoughts.
You can't even grasp what I'm really talking about, can you.
I am sorry but I am afraid there is no cure.
No. 68611 Kontra
Just reading this post made me want to become an anti-CPC/CCCP Communist and destroy Capitalism entirely but I told myself you are trolling with that language
Fyi there is no such thing as science being an ideology. I don't know why anyone even pretends this is some kind of an argument because it's solely people rejecting science, facts, knowledge, the intellect etc. because reality directly contradicts them, or pretending to embrace the science that directly contradicts their delusions, with trannyism being the latter and climate change denial the former.

Maybe some obscure hive of redditors do this but I don't see it much. You'll have some idiot like Bill Nye who's not even a fucking scientist just some retarded actor LARPing as one trying to push an agenda. Then, complete idiots that they are, Americans being unable to distinguish between what's on TV from factual reality, come to conclude that science is "bad" because some faggy actor who plays a scientist role said something. It's very similar to the exact same clownworld where frankly people became so inundated in bullshit they basically just elect actors who pretended to be leaders, as their leaders. Some Ukrainian pretends to be president on TV? Well he must be a real leader. Some bankruptcy filing businessman is on TV? Let's elect him. Some other idiot plays a bunch of cowboy TV roles? We'll make him president.

Yknow, one of the most striking things to me about 9/11 was how near universal it was that the standard American sentiment was "wow! it's just like in the movies!" These are people at such a fundamental disconnect from reality it's not just being delusional, but full on psychotic break from what is and isn't real. The complete insanity of vatniks and Qanon is merely a reflection of that, where they cannot distinguish fact from falsehood, photographed events from fictional stories, opinions from objective reality.

I don't even know what's most responsible for this, be it mass media, Capitalism, convoluting "everyone is equal with an equal vote" to somehow meaning "everyone with an equal say means all opinions are valid and all ideas created equal," if it is just the pollution of modern philosophies and doctrines or economic forces or what, because I am convinced it will lead the world to destroying itself. You cannot help a civilization that refuses to believe building their citystate on a sandy embankment near a river with historical floods is a bad idea, based purely on the premise "well Bob played a geologist in this play I liked, and he says it's fine, so we'll listen to him. Evidence as you say, is irrelevant."

Reality, facts, truth, is that terrible feeling as you feel the building crashing down around you. Reality is getting hit by a bomb blast or smashed in the face with a brick. Reality is when the USSR flag got lowered for the last time regardless what the fuck anyone said on TV at that time; reality is the Fuhrer with a gun in his mouth at the bitter end after years of retarded decisions. I should note with that also, that the Nazis quite stupidly apparently based some of their belief on absurdly dumb shit like Helena Blavatsky and a science fiction book called The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, so in those regards I can't even say if it's just television, or Communism, or Capitalism, or modern global economics and communications forces.

Regardless its cause, there is nothing more toxic in the world than the caustic erosion of the premise there's such a thing as truth. As to propaganda being replaced by marketing, PR, spin, and "branding," no, it's literally the exact same thing, it's just that now the world is ruled by the major corporations and the few oligarchs that lead them and their revolving door public servants, rather than States, royal houses, and/or religious institutions. Truth is when you say the sun does not revolve around the Earth and no amount of sophistry or liberal arts freshman tier bullshiting will change it or make you not wrong.

The difference is the relation of the self to the object and maybe that's the whole thing, which is a truly solipsistic, egotist, self absorbed society of sociopaths and narcissists, who view all reality solely as it relates to themselves. The relationship between you and truth is that you are wrong until you change yourself to the facts, whereas the solipsists demand that a rock stop being a rock and change its relationship to themselves instead. The rock is not a baby dragon, and you are still in error to say so, and the relationship between self and truth is to change your views to better understanding of how things are, than to demand everything conform to your own opinions. That's the difference.
No. 68612
60 kB, 474 × 685
382 kB, 1200 × 1593
2,2 MB, 1500 × 1500
Pic related are government produced artworks that are some of the most viewed pieces of art in human history.
If you want your artwork to spread far and wide, governments are not the worst places to be employed at.
No. 68613
I was riding the high speed train today and as usual they had a movie playing on the screens. It was a silly drama/romantic comedy from 2006, I've heard about it a lot back then but never seen it. Didn't really watch and didn't plug in my headphones but the general picture and the scenic shots of my home city made me borderline depressed, longing for the forever lost era of my youth, when the world was full of possibilities for me and hope for many other people in Russia. I want to be 17 again in 2007, I want to fall in love for the first time again, I want to be able to feel that there is a future for me and my country.

Now there's no future, no love, and certainly no hope. Maybe I'm just a whiner though.
No. 68614
35 kB, 453 × 295
Ah nvm, you already agreed with me while I was typing that up.

You say all this meaningless dribble while, like a solipsist or other NPC, effectively agreeing with everything I've said by and large, yet lacking the self awareness thereof to understand that, all while still clinging on to the bullshit which the postmodern materialists keep trying to feed everyone.

You do this all while trying to undermine the importance of maintaining some coherence between the shared agreement of what words mean, of having some shared understanding of grammar and concepts enough to continually share ideas with words as a sort of bridge. It's almost as though you yourself do this to avoid confronting yourself being wrong in some kind of solipsistic drunken stupour, imagining yourself to be the only thing that's real in the world, not even being yet drunk enough to imagine what if you're the only thing that's notwhich, btw, is some pure kino state any alcobydlo should attain before quitting, that and seeing the demonic evil of anime.

Because you I actually liked, and my nose doesn't feel like is full of crushed glass, I'm going to hold off on being as fully personally vicious as your confrontational imbecilism and acetaldahyde induced senility seemingly demands but suffice it to say you're lacking either in self awareness, reading comprehension, or both, and that's giving you the benefit of doubt right now.

That there are many forms of propaganda does not negate any of them being categorically propaganda, nor does its ubiquity in a Capital-consumer based globalist society change its meaning, nor does its more nuanced deployment make the word no longer meaningful or have truly different meanings. It may change the way the word is callously used by some people, meaning they're using the word wrong, or it may change people's view of it for instance being not a bad thing, but what is true today is as true yesterday as it was tomorrow. If a mountain erodes in a million years will not have changed where it was and what it was like or any of its physical characteristics, and the whole point of language is trying to allow target mapping of those experiences between two beings, that again, if we are to assume words can mean whatever the fuck you want it to mean then there's no point to communicating, exactly as parasocial predators like psychopaths in high position would have it because they detest nothing more than the sharing of factual information.
No. 68615
I think monolinguals are basically not fully human.

There's this phenomenon I keep noticing in monolinguals where they are basically what I can describe as "linguistic creationists".

As in, they make no distinction between words, and the concepts those words are shortcuts to, because they have only 1 reference point, therefore from their perspective, words and concepts look as if they have a 1:1 relation.

I have no other way of explaining it basically.
I can't see you as full fledged human being, sorry.
No. 68616
it's like...

while most above two digit IQ people understand platonism and that words are imperfect means of describing perfect "ideas", people like shartball here think that words and language ARE the perfect descriptors of reality, and accuse platonists of being "solipsists', when the exact opposite is the case.

people like shartburger here think that their language is the extent / description of reality, which is basically linguistic solipsism.

the sad part is, he's not even smart or intelligent enough to invoke Wittingstein (shit be upon his name). Then I'd disagree, but at least respect the position as a well argued one, rather than the ramblings of an incoherent imbecile who is trapped within the limits of his own vocabulary.

good god.
No. 68618
maybe you think this way because people who speak 1 language are stuck in an informational bubble which functions like an echo-chamber.
Despite english being de-facto lingua franca of the western bloc and many people outside it learn it for business and other stuff, it's still creates this effect in most if not all anglophone countries.
No. 68620
1,3 MB, 720 × 540, 0:35
This. Our ruling class is too incompetent and corrupt for such projects. Luckily it somewhat compensates their maliciousness:
The only option is that Chinese will manage things better without intermediates from "Ozero cooperative". IDK how much are they interested in this. Without them it's going to be like 20-s, not even 90-s.

Truly so.
BTW I have such thought: westerners speaking primitive pidgin instead of truly complex and expressive language like our :DD makes them less prone to demagogue and other "magic of words".
For example if you use word with "-ик" suffix you implicitly say that something is small or cute. In English you would have to say it explicitly and disclose your intentions. With suffixes like "-ище" or "-як" you can't even explain semantics with multiple English words. Additionally they have limited ability to construct sentences which sound cool (from aesthetical point of view) but make no fucking sense (mostly problems are with the first thing).

Oh yeah, it was a nice time. But what's gone is gone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcr8kBeA_kE
Happiness is an inner category up to certain degree. People somehow lived in Middle Ages, many of them were happy. It's matter of lowering your expectations. I'm happy every day to live another day. And still not facing hunger for example. Another thing is an attitude. Don't know how to say it better. You have to accept that you live in a hostile environment and get a mentality of being in siege. Think of survivorship and martyrdom.
No. 68622
268 kB, 1600 × 1067
For years I've kept a potted plant I knew nothing about. Apparently it's a Pilea Depressa. Is it responsible for my shitty mood?

On the other hand, it's also called artillery plant and I haven't seen it fire even once.
No. 68627
I'll use the example for monolingual brain that I use often. Learning Kazakh blew apart many of my assumptions about the way the world worked. Best example is possession of objects. In English, when I own something, the object is assigned the status of ownership by me, but it is intrinsically still an example of its generic version.

"I have a cat"

In Kazakh however, possession changes the object entirely. By becoming a part of the social fabric of ownership, it is no longer a cat which happens to be mine, but "my cat". So to say the same as above

"Менің мысығым бар."

Which actually means 'my cat exists'. Opened my eyes to new logic for understanding surroundings.
t. knows so little functional kazakh that im still very monolingual
No. 68630
That could partly explain it too and what he's trying to say, but I've seen him go on drunken shitpost sprees and dissociative basically solipsistic tier rants enough before to not just be viewing it through the linguistic lens, because he'll go into those moods like "nothing is real but me" tier and go into derealization modes. Hence me still feeling somewhat sick and tired am not in the mood for hearing anybody's shit today, drunken excuse or not, which quite frankly while engaging online shitposting at all makes me feel dirtied at this point I do actively hope for everyone else to better themselves, him included. I see alcohol like heroin basically, and I've seen way too many of us from these communities go the path of total ruin because of it. I've done it before, and there's really nothing more sad than spending your finite lifespan making blackout drunk shitposts on a chan.
No. 68634

Counter point from me: I've grown up with only German until the age of 6, when I was taught english in school (yes, our school started with english in first class, I don't know why). My breakthrough in english was when I was about 14 and on vacation where I had to speak english non-stop for four weeks.
By the time I was 16 I was watching every film and series in english. Around that time was when Left4Dead was released and I would play online with a bunch of brits, chatting with them over teamspeak. It took them several months to realise that english is not my native language (which I was immensely proud of at the time).

Now to your point:

>As in, they make no distinction between words, and the concepts those words are shortcuts to, because they have only 1 reference point, therefore from their perspective, words and concepts look as if they have a 1:1 relation.

This was true for me until my mid 20s. And besides being fluent in english I also did learn french in school and had started learning swedish out of my own interest after school was over and I didn't know what else to do.

So, at least in my case, disconnecting lingual models from perceived reality happened not through learning more than one language. It happened when I discovered an interest in the history of old cultures. Starting with the Celts, then the various Germanic peoples, their relation to the Romans and so forth. There I discovered that German and English are sister languages and literallt only at that point began my brain to make all kinds of connections between these two languages. And from that came the realisation of how arbitrary words are and when they actually aren't.

My point being: Merely learning another language will not help in all cases and the realisation you speak of may happen by investigating your own languages past (and I'm not certain you'd need to speak a second language to get to that point).
No. 68637
Why you taking the bait though? You're not discouraging him. If anything quite the opposite.
No. 68638
About the same, I was understanding English quite well in my later teens. But the arbitrary language things only ever dawned on me when I studied and read about the philosophy of language. Btw the arbitrariness of language and the problems of language and reality only really rise to prominence in the 19th century early 20th century. Nietzsche and Wittgenstein are two examples.
No. 68640
>My point being: Merely learning another language will not help in all cases and the realisation you speak of may happen by investigating your own languages past (and I'm not certain you'd need to speak a second language to get to that point).
I think though that especially in this case it's because those languages are so closely related, in the sense that you don't need to COMPLETELY change your way of thinking.
Now venturing into completely "alien" languages, especially those that warrant learning another script, is something else, see Strayaball for example.

Also, I am wondering: Did you grow up in a dialect environment or did you ONLY speak high german?
Because I actually "learned" high german only after starting uni, because even in school, nobody cared. Since especially my dialect's grammar is, in part, widely different from standard german, what does that mean for my understanding of language?
And what does it mean if I can switch at any time from perfect standard german to english to dialect that the people I am with tell me it's like another person when they hear me talk to e.g. my parents?

Though frankly, I have never thought about languages the way it is discussed here. I always just thought "cool, another language, can talk to more people" (apart from French, which I hated in school and now trying to improve again).
No. 68641
I once crossed a 40-50yo man who only spoke his canton’s dialect. Could barely grasp a sentence in high-German. It completely blew my mind. I wonder how many people here are in a similar situation. I thought every Schwyzerdütsch could at least speak one language with actual grammatical rules.
No. 68642
Well, if you're a peasant who never really got out of his bumfuck redneck village, why would you speak anything else? You only really start speaking anything when you're FORCED to, as I was in uni.
For example my dad still sounds really weird when trying to speak standard german (though he's generally not very talented with languages and his attempts at pronouncing english words are always amusing), or his mother (who came from the Ukraine) never really learned german, but only the dialect of the place she stayed, so in the end she spoke only dialect with a very strong eastern european accent.
No. 68645
>Also, I am wondering: Did you grow up in a dialect environment or did you ONLY speak high german?

Interesting point, I didn't consider this. I grew up in the northern rhineland but I was rarely exposed to any form of "Rheinisch". Other kids and the teachers in school all spoke something very close to high german (except for the ch/sch supplements).

Oh and don't be fooled by the bavariaball, that's just vodafone messing up geoip lookups...
No. 68646
I wish i knew German...
It was mistake to learn this shitty useless engl*sh....
No. 68647
325 kB, 1689 × 2362
Keine Angst, Freund. Bald wirst auch du die deutsche Sprache sprechen dürfen.
No. 68649
Do Germans see people who speak dialects (or languages?) as lesser people? Is there a chance for a funny speaking German to make in academia and the media? Does this only apply to a couple of linguistic standards?
Tell me more, German Ernsts.
No. 68650
> s there a chance for a funny speaking German to make in academia and the media
Don't tell me PT doesn't have comedians whose schtick is to speak in the exaggerated dialect of some region.
No. 68651
>Do Germans see people who speak dialects (or languages?) as lesser people?
Some bougie city people (e.g. Düsseldorfer) and people from regions where "high german" IS the local dialect certainly do. They look at people who can only speak dialect like we look at americans who can only speak american.

>Is there a chance for a funny speaking German to make in academia and the media?
Absolutely. Dialect humor is actually pretty widespread and especially bavarians have self-confidence out of the ass, with one of the biggest comedians in Germany having a bavarian accent.
In academia, sure, why not? My old organic chemistry prof had a VERY strong swabian accent. It's not like unis aren't full of people from other countries with very strong accents.

>Does this only apply to a couple of linguistic standards?
I don't quite understand what you mean here.
No. 68652
310 kB, 900 × 900
We have that, but with the caveat that this funny way of talking is common in the 2nd largest city and as such, there are all sorts of people who speak like this. Even doctors, presumably.
I wonder if there is a way to rate the level of discrimination against dialects within a country.
No. 68653 Kontra
>I don't quite understand what you mean here.
A country could have a couple of accents/dialects/languages that would be acceptable to be used, while a third way of talking could be seen as something that the general population can't take seriously.
No. 68654
No, not in my experience. You have to understand that under this thin veil of "german culture", our country is actually indeed a federation of smaller countries, each with their own culture and language.
So only bavarians in Bavaria think their dialect is acceptable, thuringians in Thuringia think their dialect is acceptable, swabians..., you get the point.
So trying to be taken serious as a rabid bavarian in northern germany would be met with laughter, whereas trying to get by in bavaria speaking berlinian would probably get you beaten up for being a Saupreiss.

Although saxonian is probably the most commonly mocked dialect, which is in part due to eastern germans being perceived as generally bydlo, compared to the cosmopolitan and noble westerners (e.g. people from the Ruhrgebiet).
No. 68655
Does Germany have local TV? Are there main TV channels that are shared across the nation, if so what language/dialect do these people speak in? What dialect do the majority of politicians speak in? To what language group is a small town german likely to be assimilated to?
Do Germans here codeswitch?
So many questions.
No. 68656
>Does Germany have local TV?
Local as you see in american shows with a range of one town? No, but the bigger public outlets have "regional" sections that e.g. broadcast news more related to that region, or show documentaries on that region.

>Are there main TV channels that are shared across the nation, if so what language/dialect do these people speak in?
Standard german. Aforementioned "regional" channels also only speak standard german. Sometimes they might have a segment in dialect, but that's more of a novelty. I was in the north in summer and on the radio they had I think the weather forecast in dialect.

>What dialect do the majority of politicians speak in?
They try to speak standard german, but being politicians they lack the cerebral capacity to fully shed their dialect. Especially in the south it's more egregious, see Stoiber (bavarian) and Oettinger (swabian).

>To what language group is a small town german likely to be assimilated to?
To the one of their region, obviously.

>Do Germans here codeswitch?
In which way?
No. 68658
Friend went to Turkey and there are a lot of Russians there but all the currency exchanges show full zeroes for RUB. I wonder if they can even get back home or survive there if they didn’t have enough liras or other currency with them. I personally don’t bother keeping much cash on me or exchange any more into foreign currency than I absolutely have to so finding myself in a similar situation would spell trouble.
No. 68666
Come to think of it, the only dialect I've never heard anyone mock is cosmopolitan northern German as you'd hear it in Hamburg.

Not to be confused with rural northern german that you have along the coast and which sounds like this and is mocked just like any other dialect: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RboVeJXwoMY&t=1m46s
No. 68667
Well, as a dialect it's pretty unoffensive, and the hamburgers are generally perceived as laid-back and friendly, unlike e.g. berliners.
Also, there isn't much to mock there, as you can't really attach any stereotypes to it, unlike bavarian poachers or saxonian nazis and such.
No. 68675
>In which way?
You speak standard German in university and in your village you speak your dialect.
No. 68676
>You speak standard German in university and in your village you speak your dialect.
Of course, who doesn't? Do you speak english with your family because you speak english with us?
No. 68679
Well, people here who speak with, say a northerner accent, will just use it in all situations.
No. 68681
Independently of social class? Or are northerners rich or something and have lots of unwarranted self-importance?
Also, we must be careful and differentiate between accent and dialect.
A bavarian speaking with a bavarian accent is not the same as a bavarian speaking bavarian. Of course beyond a certain threshold that differentiation is obsolete, but until it is reached - obviously most people will have at least a slight Zungenschlag, and if it's just some regional idiom bursting out or something. For example, people in the east say "losmachen" instead of "losgehen", so even if phonetically you could never tell this person is from Saxony, the moment they are saying "losmachen" they have given themselves away. Or people who "were stood" somewhere instead of "have stood" somewhere.
But if it's not a total bydlo who just isn't ABLE to speak standard german, people will usually try and not speak dialect. Basically germans in Germany use standard german like we use english here, for which I am thankful because I am just not able to understand either very southern or very northern dialects.
No. 68682
>Some bougie city people (e.g. Düsseldorfer) and people from regions where "high german" IS the local dialect certainly do.

I come from a region where high German is the "dialect" although every region has certain words/slang, but yeah, no accents, just odd words for things. And yes, I'm guilty of thinking dialect a lesser form of German. People take pride in their dialect sometimes, but to a high German this will always be akward.
No. 68684
>but to a high German this will always be akward.
Maybe you should stop smoking so much then
No. 68685
Fischköppe are nothing to you? In old TV shows the northern/hamburgian dialect is speaking the st not like scht but actual st
No. 68686
I've for a long time. What do you guys have to prove? Also, Swabian is the one I cannot take very seriously. I like the northern ones, as I have family up there.
No. 68687 Kontra
>I've for a long time
Ach Ernst.... The joge, your head, etc.
No. 68691
>Or are northerners rich or something and have lots of unwarranted self-importance?
Neither, I'd say. Self-importance more of a Lisbon thing, northerners if anything have a bit of an inferiority complex. Porto politicians sounds like northerners. I think this is healthier than trying to force the national standard.
No. 68695
>Fischköppe are nothing to you? In old TV shows the northern/hamburgian dialect is speaking the st not like scht but actual st
"Fischköppe" is a slur, not a stereotype.
And even fucking Käptn Blaubär talked like that. Nothing about that was mocking anyone, not like how bavarian inbred rednecks who can't speak german are always portrayed as bavarian inbred redneck nazis who can't speak german.
No. 68696
Bavarian Seppls are so ridiculously dumb and pathetic
No. 68697
>I've for a long time. What do you guys have to prove? Also, Swabian is the one I cannot take very seriously. I like the northern ones, as I have family up there.
This. Swabians are so dumb. They are all so fucking inbred they cant talk proper German because they are so retarded. And they fucking ugly. Everyone swabians because they are such shit.
No. 68698
Note to self: Swabia is a rich region and makes mad all.
No. 68699
No, it's just that one troll trying to stir up shit.
The only people who hate swabians are some badeners and berliners.
And Baden-Württemberg (the state swabia belongs to) is proud of their dialect. They once had (or maybe still have) and ad campaign "We can do everything - but speak high german".
No. 68701
Yes, and everyone laughed about them for the pathetic campaign.
No. 68702
what a terrible nigh to become aware of the passage of time and your own mortality

god damn it
I need a distraction
No. 68710
Just don't get drunk tonight. Get drunk tomorrow night instead. If you don't drink tonight you can get even drunker tomorrow night then.
No. 68711
It's 2 am, stores are closed.

I got distracted with an article about chess AIs and missed the shops closing.
Now I'll have to sit around contemplating death
No. 68716
Swabians they call their state the Ländle, which is a cute retarded way of saying Land, no? aren't actually that bad economically schaffe schaffe häusle baue
But their dialect is hurting my ears at times. My ex studied linguistics and she was able to fake dialects quite well, and together we had a laugh about their dialect.

t. hochdeutscher
No. 68723
2,6 MB, 3000 × 3557
>aren't actually that bad economically
Most of Germany's strongest industry is in the South.
No. 68726
Zis is just a map of West vs East Germany
No. 68730
146 kB, 1653 × 1323
Oh and on the topic of german dialects I found another map:
No. 68731
Westmitteldeutsch ftw
No. 68740 Kontra
>your whole objective isn't to actually discuss anything, but rather to masturbate your own ego acting as unwarrantedly conceited as possible

Holy fucking projection, Batman.
No. 68741
4,8 MB, 2980 × 3676
First week is over. I'm very tired.
I had a lot of constructive talks with people.

I need to form a group. I already have one, but this cute girl who might or might-not be free (I don't know) asked me if I want to work with her and I'm reluctant to dump the others. So I'll probably form a medium sized group.
Shit, I thought no-one would ask me to work with them and I rushed ahead.
I have some extra work on my hand, because the lecturer in this class seems to think I'm "interesting" (mainly because I talk overly eloquently and my minor is vaguely related to the topic of the class) so she keeps asking me things and she told me she wants to get in touch with me to talk over the project outline a bit.
On one hand, it's flattering and pumps my ego well, on the other, this is serious because I created expectations.

Basically she wants us to examine the "country image" of the subjects of our majors, so for us, this would mean examining China's, both positive and negative, and then write a 5-10 page paper together.
To my classmates I could only quote the Hungarian saying "I needed this like a Slovak Glazier needed a fall". Since we will have an exam at the end of the semester anyway. Still, I can't be mad at the woman. She radiates energy, even after like 40 years of being an academic.
She told us that if we can get like 10 people she'd be glad to teach us some Manchu. Like fuck me, that sounds cool and I wish I could double myself and do it.
There's no way I can find 10 people for it or the time to do it but it sounds so cool. (And relatively useful for Qing-era research afaik.)

Asked the lecturer for a comment about my presentation last week, and apparently I improved my skills measurably. Which is good.

So anyway, I found volume ones and two of that Haenisch Classical Chinese reader I've been looking for. It seems to be immensely useful.
In total I paid 1400 HUF for four volumes with 270 practice texts and notes. Bargain of the year so far.
Honestly between this and the Han Feizi edition I'm no longer regretting the years I spent suffering with German.

German classes at the workshop are pretty late again this semester, but I'm managing it well. You know, my knowledge of the language is actually improving. I even managed to tell a relatively complex joge.
I always tell myself that getting 4 hours worth of German classes free of charge is actually a gift rather than a duty, and in reality, it is.
Not to mention the lecturer isn't too harsh on us.

Next week the workshop classes will start again. Thursday will be extra long. With small, 1-2 hour gaps I'll have classes from 10 till 21.
I'll probably just head out for lunch and read between classes.
No. 68762
Why does it feel like every german is pressured by the society to get a hobby?
I met some people who do something for the sake of doing it rather because they like it.
Very often people just do "sunday biking" as an excuse for a hobby.
No. 68767
187 kB, 2048 × 1536
Where did you get this idea from?
Also, shittalking biking on EC of all places is really a bold move.
No. 68769
18,6 MB, 640 × 360, 3:55
EC has become too fast for the past few days that I can't finish reading daily content while sitting on the toilet.

>And relatively useful for Qing-era research afaik.
I heard that nowadays the language requirements for Qing study are “汉藏满蒙回,英法德俄日” lol. It's indeed an empire in its truest sense.
t. nikan who knows only a few words of manju gisun
No. 68770
>EC has become too fast for the past few days that I can't finish reading daily content while sitting on the toilet.

The troubles are known, the American is responding to many posts and oftentimes it is very long. Indeed it is hard to overlook EC now, how could I ever manage a board like old KC? :DDD
No. 68773
> EC has become too fast for the past few days that I can't finish reading daily content while sitting on the toilet.
Acquire constipation. Problem solved. And another problem created.
No. 68782
When i lived in Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.
No. 68784
The idea is correct. If you don't have a hobby, it means you are a slacker, lazy, a loser. Also, you should start early in life and stick with it, forever. If you don't, you will be seen as an unreliable person who doesn't take things seriously. And better get good at it.
No. 68787
This. Taubenzüchten für den Endsieg!
No. 68794
I've noticed this in Japan as well when I studied and briefly worked there.
I think that's part of the reason Japan seems to have a huge amount of casual and professional artists.
No. 68795
Not everyone got forced by their parents.
I have numerous hobbies because I have numerous interests and I partake in all those activities with great enjoyment.
No. 68804
I've started a podcast with a friend recently, because why not. But I underestimated how hard it is to listen to myself talking when editing, it's like I constantly have to brace myself not to cringe, even if everything went perfectly well.

Such a silly problem to have.
No. 68807
Imagine having to edit your own porn instead.
No. 68816
Good point, could never do it
No. 68817
Cross-replying here to not digress in the ukraine thread.

Googled and kek'd. Thought it would denote some carbon neutral startup hub. I'm not rich enough in imagination.
Take a guess what "spatial-temporal adjoint" means in chinese. (时空伴随者)

>Who are you?
I'm a simple worker Chang from ܣܪܓ, 𐱃𐰉𐰍𐰲. :)
t. simple worker Chang from ꡙꡓꡭꡃ, महाचीन. :DDD
No. 68828
Kids on a beat to shit civic parked next to a bench I'm sitting on, blasting bad music on cheap chinese car speakers with no midrange, while I'm trying to enjoy an audiobook

If I had a cane, I'd shake it at them angrily
No. 68877
Maybe meetings? Like "people join at same time and space".
But I have a feeling I've heard about it somewhere, so if I guess, that's my subconscious memory.
No. 68888
Good point.
Maybe there's a difference between merely "knowing" a second language, and comprehending a language on a level were you see its inner "mechanical" workings, so you can think about the language itself, rather than thinking about things in terms of the language.
Like, there's a stage where you think your second language is just a superficial "recombination" of symbols to convey the same ideas you'd have in your native language, but after a while, when you master the second language, you realize you can express ideas in your new language that can't be expressed in your native tongue.

Having to interact with linguistics in general, whether in academic or casual context, might be the catalyst for understanding the superficiality of language. Be it by cursory interactions with older languages, or mastery of another language.

But of course, it is not the only way. Some say that art is also a kind of non-linguistic language. Be it music or painting, art is a way of communicating certain "ideas", and anyone who spends some time doing non-linguistic communication realizes that there are things they can "conceive of", but can not "describe" with mere linguistic language. So there must be some ideas that "exist" but can not be described by one's linguistics.

I guess it just requires a kind of metacognition in general, linguistic or not.

>BTW I have such thought: westerners speaking primitive pidgin instead of truly complex and expressive language like our :DD makes them less prone to demagogue and other "magic of words".
I think there are some virtues to english. Despite the fact that it's much simpler and "primitive" compared to slavic and altaic languages, there is one thing it "gains" by having less "mechanics" (so to speak): the ability to convey things by context alone.
English, having way less grammatical and syntactical structures, heavily relies on context to convey the intended meaning. This is not necessarily a weakness.

I think every language, complex or simple, creates a new interesting dimension by which to observe reality. Sometimes, simplistic grammar or syntax can create constructs that aren't possible in more complex languages.
But it is still important to "think about thinking". And since most of the time we think in language, we must think about language itself.
No. 68890 Kontra
I think it goes deeper than merely an informational bubble.
I think people who don't think about language enough live in an "idea bubble".

Sure, they're limited in what "content" they can access, but by being confined into a particular language, they're also limited in what "concepts" they can access as well.
Because there are things you can describe accurately in Russian, that you can't in German, and vise versa.

So if you only speak one language, you're not even aware that there are "things" out there that you can't even THINK about, because the language you THINK in doesn't have the mechanisms required to describe it.
No. 68891
Are there really concepts you can't describe in English? Sapir-Whorf sounds like some exaggerated egghead conclusion. While language might shape thought patterns, is there proofs that it limits thought process to such a brutal degree?
No. 68896
Maybe it's less about the languages themselves, but the mindset studying language puts you into.

BUT. There are certain constructs that are possible in some languages, that aren't possible in others, that would make you able to conceptualize or think about more things than if you knew only one of the languages.
For example:
Tenses. When I was first learning English, Past Perfect was a real mindfuck. There's really no way in some languages to describe things as "having been" or "having have happened". Only past, present and future.
Or something simple as having a differentiation between "you" as in the individual, and "you all", as in, all of you.
Or the ability to construct completely new words by combining "wordlets".

Imagine writing a program that generates every single grammatically and syntactically valid statement in your language. The list would be enormous, but it would be finite. At some point, you would make every single statement possible in your language.
Now imagine writing a similar program, but with another language. It would also generate a list of all possible statements.
but the number of resulting statements would be different.
There would be overlap in statements that mean the same thing, but there would be statements generated in one language that are not possible in another, and vise versa.
And that difference, that list of statements that one language can express that the other can't, would be the list of ideas that one can "think about" using this language, but can't think about using the other language.
No. 68901
228 kB, 773 × 1000
I was traveling by train today and the last mile was a regional train with lots of kids going to the clubs in the bigger cities that open today again due to abandonment of certain corona rules. Bunch of teen girls in their weekend party outfit, young males bragging with how drunk they had been last weekend. I keked under my mask to their talking, it was cringe but also reminded me how I must have been perceived more than a decade ago. Oh well, one girl made a comment how she would hate to ride the train as normal adult with all of them inside, the smell of alcohol etc and I wish I would've told her girl you have no idea what exactly I'm thinking right now but let me tell you because it's quite interesting to me. If they would knew what might be ahead of them.
No. 68915
You're basically now arguing the opposite at this point, when I was also pointing out concepts are not tied to words. Fuck are you even trying to say? Concepts can and do exist independent of language. You don't need words to understand what love is, in fact the more abstract and esoteric the concept the more likely it is language will fail to describe it especially experientially. Anyone with half a brain can easily understand this and come to a point where he says "I don't know the word for this in my language." I have this happening rather routinely and find bits and spare parts from other langauges useful for that very reason, even if it can never capture the full extent of it grammatically. Hence this is the importance for having concrete defintions of words that we all agree on, otherwise even learning another language becomes pointless because everyone then tells you the student a million different contradictory meanings for those words. That is one reason why Americanisms and Russianisms are in particular useless because they're often so full of shit politically that "liberal economic policies" loses all meaning, and hence you as a foreigner end up having no idea what the fuck I am talking about, much like broad strokes of the country have no idea wtf they are even talking about.

A word itself is near completely independent of the concept. I'd argue that the concept came first, and that concrete definitions of words that came after to describe those things are thus important to conduct that target mapping
No. 68916 Kontra
240 kB, 46 pages
For an example see attached, read on actual anthropology, developmental and evolutionary psychology, linguistics and evolutionary theory on linguistic development etc. It's not pedantry, rather the existentialist stubbornness of the goat from Grendel still clinbing the mountain anyway, a futile effort against entropy. Yet we can still decide to let a painting be destroyed in 500 years or 5, or allow a statue to get destroyed in two thousand years or three. It's a distinct reason why it's necessary to maintain meanings of words, which are independent of concepts as you now are bizarrely arguing what seems the opposite.

By making words in one language as meaningless as in 1984 you ultimately would render meaning meaningless throughout all languages and as equally pointless as all things in a room equalize their thermal gradients to near null. That's how language can bridge the gap, that's why words have dictionary definitions, and that's why any half aware person quickly realizes "the words elude me" in explaining a truly extraordinary experience, and which is one higher form reason to learn another language because odds are yours are failing to capture it, if any language can be found at all. God and religion are excellent examples of this, and partway why religious scholars tend to be polyglots, not just out of the pragmatism of reading source texts themselves, but to truly try and understand what on Earth they were truly talking about.

As such you can't quite try to grasp what esoteric concepts a person is trying to convey through the invention of words in another language when your approach to language ultimately becomes "yeah, well, those meanings are just like, your opinion man."
No. 68921
I'm afraid you're putting the cart before the horse here.
  • the list of grammatical statements is limited by grammar only.
  • It by far exceeds the list of possible meaningful statements ("my lurid red amazement is blue, very blue and blue" is perfectly grammatical but unlikely to bear any meaning).
  • The level of formal semantics is primary. That's where all the possible meanings lie.
  • When we percieve a phrase, we merely attempt to reconstruct the underlying semantics. Note that the process doesn't need to be unambiguous, as humans frequently use inufficient means of expression.
  • Any language has some means to express any given semantic statement, however inefficent those may be.
No. 68926
P.S.: What it means is that some concepts potentially may take nearly infinite time to express, but there's no meaningful concepts we fundamentally cannot talk about just because our language doesn't allow us to do so.