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No. 68187
761 kB, 252 × 264, 0:08
Why y'all sound like pretentious college kids?
No. 68188 Kontra
Because most of us are, dumbass.
No. 68192
Because sometimes you want to shed the irony and engage with things at face value and take stuff seriously, even if your internet friends say it's cringe or whatever.
Better be cringe than an intellectual coward, you know.
No. 68194 Kontra

funnily I think this is quite true, most of us have experienced a sort of higher education at some point in life on different levels
No. 68196 Kontra
My "thread-hiding finger" is getting a lot of practice lately.
No. 68199 Kontra
Thank you for letting us know.
No. 68227 Kontra
This. Your heda must be BA level or higher. I thought a number of people here had Masters or Doctorate degrees.

Protip most people who like to use the word pretentious like that are, in my experience, ignorant Americans trying to conceal their overall lack of knowledge and low IQ inferiority complex. It's a way of trying to shut down higher order conversations and topics entirely so they don't feel small, but while attempting to do so in a way they think makes them sound smart.
No. 73422 Kontra
t. American