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No. 6833
880 kB, 1812 × 894
Why is it that Western societies and by Western I really just mean American have a bizarre fanatically belief against charity and goodwill?

Do you think we would be better off to have something like this?

Just imagine, getting lots of money from an anonymous rich source and it being expected of you. In America people actively bitch about this with terms like "welfare queens" and an Ayn Randian contempt for poor people. How did this even happen? Why do people tolerate it? I am at a loss for words now in that general sentiment, where simply receiving and giving charity is frowned on with a kind of contempt. Do you think American society is kind of Satanic?

Do you take this view?
No. 6834
Shit oddly enough I can't find the clip anymore of someone yelling "let him die!" in an audience but it's not that clip. Interesting...
No. 6835
culture of neo-liberalism

even tho charity still exists and is done here and also in the US I guess. But not in a I give you money type of way. We have social care here. But I guess it could be better off.
On the other hand I wouldn't think of Islam and muslim societies as a milk and honey type of society. The oil states at least are torn between modernity and traditionalism, a weird mixture for sure.

Here, a satire by some arabic artists on wealthier end of kuwait people

No. 6836
Anglo societies have a tremendous attitude towards charity.
Maybe you based your assumptions on being raised by a single mother.
Also stop this shit with spoilers.
No. 6837
a) Zakat has been known as a tithe. Most people don't pay zakat in secular states with Ismlamic majority, the same as people don't pay tithe in states with Chistianic majority. The only thing is, we don't have theocratic Christian states, so zakat seems more understandable today.
b) Charity funds are known to be money laundries. Not the best thing you can think of.
c) Strangely enough, many Christianic sects appeared in the US, like mormons and Jehovah's Wittnesses. I guess, it has something to do with the fact that Anglo colonizers were protestants. Protestant moral in its apotheosis, the richer you are, the better Christian you are (at least, that's how I was taught). I think it has something to do why people in the USA bitch about poor people.
d) The West is in decline, why worry?
No. 6839
I think you're missing the point. Those Libertarian and Republicans believe that charity is not the responsibility of the state. They also believe it should be voluntary in nature rather than forced via taxation. It doesn't really come out of the good will of the community when it's forced on you like that, now does it?

If someone is against government ran grocery stores does it mean they're against business? No, they just think it's not the responsibility of the government to run grocery stores or business in general.

Americans aren't against charities and goodwill.
No. 6840
316 kB, 1200 × 1223
1,2 MB, 2048 × 1536
41 kB, 500 × 500
my parents never divorced))))
Also we do? I get the impression the British also have this problem, which I think comes from the British caste system at least in part. It feels like an "I got mine and fuck you" culture, as vain as it is greedy.

>Protestant moral in its apotheosis, the richer you are, the better Christian you are (at least, that's how I was taught).
I think it's the complete opposite who told you that? There are some strange sects (whose doctrine I also hate) that say something along those lines called "prosperity theology" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosperity_theology You will notice how even their churches look more like bizarre political rallies. Meanwhile I think that a big part of the conspiracy theory stuff with Americans comes more from that "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than rich man to enter heaven" type of thing. Generally speaking, Protestants here have smaller, more comfy, more austere and plain churches that look more like pics related. In fact it is generally a rejection of the ostentatious displays Catholic cathedrals are known for, preferring instead a simpler, more humble and down to earth architectural style to reflect that element of doctrine in anti-worldliness and concern for material things. So I mean it varies. Mormons are their own thing and generally aren't thought of as Christians by a lot of people (they're kind of like a weird Ameriboo Islam for Freemasonry inspired Anglos) and JWs are more of a cult.
>d) The West is in decline, why worry?
Because I am on the West and don't think we are managing better

>The film aims to create a representation of the Chai Dhaha ritual, a traditional female forum, using an all-male cast in homage to Abdul Aziz Al-Nimish--an actor who pioneered gender role reversal in Kuwaiti theatre.
What's funny about this is that as you probably well know European theater used to use only men to portray women for some reason.

Also this is mind numbing. This is genuinely what middle age to 30s women are like.

I am just saying the general greed and utter lack of compassion to the point of outright hating good works in this country gets to me. Like just even suggesting that maybe people should be taken care of here will get you loud screeching. You only have to put up with Americans online. Imagine half the country freaking out if you even suggest maybe helping the poorer part deal with health care, education, housing etc. It makes even something as blatantly shitty and disgusting as Shariah or Stalinism begin to look attractive. It is like a shitty cyberpunk dystopia with iPhone contours and soft twitter pastels for an idiocracy.
No. 6841
Anything that becomes a government program is going to be argued over.
>My taxes paid for her food? Well, then her weight is my business-and while we're at it how many kids is she having?
It's just human nature. Of course if someone doesn't like social policy, the time to change it isn't when your standing in line behind someone with a WIC card. People who do that are just a**holes.
A Chai Dhaba ritual filmed in a ballroom and projected inside a tissue box. Now thats good proportional comedy.
No. 6842
Charity and goodwill are christian concepts. Why are you demanding this from secular societies?
No. 6845
I think it's something else. Like just if you said, some rich person giving money to you, I think many Americans would be suspicious. I think it is also a pride thing. There is much more a mentality of taking advantage or being taken advantage of. The whole mindset is different. And the general charity thing always seems to be "let someone else take care of it who isn't me". Which doesn't work if every single person is saying that. What I am getting at is there is directly a lack of a sense of any kind of social responsibility here in the same way as in other countries is the impression I keep getting. I think this is reflected in a lot of cancerous behaviors of ours, for instance in law enforcement. Just imagine if in any of your countries police acted the way they do here. But many Americans cheer it on, "he had it comin'" attitude regardless if it is an unarmed civilian "oh well mistakes will be made". Those same Republicans are the types to always say they're sending their "thoughts and prayers" which iirc there's a part in Scripture that warns against that kind of empty well wishing without matching thoughts and words to action. It strikes me as the same sort of mentality "oh we send you our thoughts and prayers but like fuck am I going to do anything about it". I often get the same feeling here regarding security too, like most Americans just don't want to get involved unless it presents an opportunity for dicking somebody else over.

It just seems to me a much more malicious, mean spirited, and selfish culture in general. It's not a new thing either like this infamous case https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese but I see the same mentality, where I just don't get the impression people actively want to or are willing to help anyone else here. It often becomes this "better you than me" mentality it seems like. I could be wrong but that is just the impression I often get as an American.

Although then again I am also aware of how amazingly shit some other countries must be
No. 6846
>Why is it that Western societies and by Western I really just mean American have a bizarre fanatically belief against charity and goodwill?
It's like everywhere, 80% of problems that you see aren't actually real and somehow you miss 80% of real problems. America is actually very charitable compared to other countries. Charitable on some disgusting level.
No. 6847
> Why are you demanding this from secular societies?
Good point. But still, we are known for more religious fanaticism than anywhere else in the West. Like Europeans maybe could be dickish, but I would never expect that dickish except maybe Britain or Germany.

I think it is fair to say some societies in general react differently. Like China for example is a good example of one where I wouldn't expect anybody to give a shit. Slavlands are another. So in comparison to China and anything east of Krakow, yes America is probably much less rude and much more charitable.

Which brings up a good question, which is if this is more tied to religion what about Poland? Where is Poland so we can ask them. Have you been to Poland? Would you say Poles have more a communal sense of helping each other out?
No. 6850
There are a lot of issues at play here. Is it charitable for a christian to help a "gender dysphoric" person to transition into his/her final form? Is it selfish for a christian to deny abortion to a (future) single mother who has no way of sustaining her baby? What I'm asking basically is: what makes a good deed a good deed? From a neo-kantian point of view (liberal tolerant humanist and secular), a good deed is a deed where you help someone else achieve his happiness as long as his happiness doesn't hurt someone else's, for a catholic a good deed is one where you help someone else achieve God's plan, for a protestant a good deed is one where you follow a biblical commandment, and finally for a marxist the idea of philanthropy, charity and other such concepts are bourgeois values where the rich congratulate themselves for giving just a bit to the poor something that should belong to the poor by right.

Imagine a situation where a marxist and a liberal watch a catholic giving food to a starving protestant. To each side here this very same act has different meanings, and this is how our tolerant multiculti societies are today, people don't share the same worldview, what seems charitable from one side might look selfish or tyrannical to the other, and because there is no way of agreeing what is good and what is not, people tend to tolerate only "neutral" and economically efficient ways of being helpful with others, and that usually comes as government welfare programs, social programs coordinated by NGOs backed by social and environmental studies full of "facts" to back up their activism, and so on. But that only makes this or that group suspicious of such programs, thinking that they are actually a disguised way of pushing a specific agenda that they don't like, and so the attacks on such programs begin. Indentitarian groups will think that the neutrality of such programs is just a disguise for a certain agenda, marxists will think that the economically efficient part is the proof that such welfare programs and NGO philanthropies are just one more ruse from the elites to keep the poor appart from that which belongs to him, and so on.

tl;dr good deeds first require a shared idea of what is good, but a shared idea of goodness in our liberal multiculti societies might sound like oppressive imposition from this or that group into everybody else
No. 6851
>Which brings up a good question, which is if this is more tied to religion what about Poland? Where is Poland so we can ask them. Have you been to Poland? Would you say Poles have more a communal sense of helping each other out?
You confuse communal help with charity. Poland is even more slavland than others in this way. They had the culture of communal living, same that Belarus did. And we had it not so long ago. It's basically when you help only for people out of your community, family or your friends. Or just help people out of empathy to them.
Probably your question is: Why Americans prefer to help unknown people more than out of empathy. Than it's really just again because of nuclear family and social mobility.
No. 6868
>And we had it not so long ago.
No. 6877
Feudal history in rzech pospolita is much more dramatic than in russian empire. First we larped as Germans and created knights, than a knights turned into a free people. Than oligarchs created folvarks, then free people created communities. Somehow this led to reinvention of feudal system and small family sized communities owned by landlords(абшарнік. отличия от помещика наверно понятны из самого слова). This has something to do jews, their banking system and profitability of serfs in small manufactures.
No. 6882
>small family sized communities owned by landlords
Is there one word for that?
No. 6883
Хутор, место, фальварак, община
No. 6893
Nothing uncommon in that.

Republicans and Libertarians just value (negative) liberty over security. Freedom to do whatever they want without the state interfering with their life. This includes the negative side as well aka "freedom to fail" as they call it. If one chooses to live without insurances etc they must also face the possible consequences without the state interfering. Government safety net violates this right.

Diversity is also one reason why Americans are so much against government welfare compared to, say, Europe. While Europe has gotten more and more multikulti since the 80s and especially 90s, it was traditionally quite racially homogenous. USA on the other hand has had black people for a long time. With a welfare system it eventually leads to a situation in which black people live on welfare and white people pay the price for it. Even if you don't think that's the case, that's how many people see it and that's why they're against welfare. In Europe people just thought they're helping their own nation with welfare. It's easier for them to identify with the poor when they're the same race and all. However, that's changing and Social Democracy is losing popularity mainly because more and more people see that this system benefits foreigners at the expense of locals and thus there are more more "Republican" minded people in Europe these days. Oddly enough, it's the leftists who support this development which seem to me like they're digging their own grave.
No. 6898
You are speaking about Calvinism, not Protestantism in general. The rhetoric of projecting Calvinist ideas into the whole Protestant branch of Christianity is what Soviets loved to do, but it has little to do with the reality.
No. 6900
>American society is kind of Satanic?

Luciferian definitely, but such is the whole modern world and that's why there is no need for religious doctrines like Zakat in Islam as these duties are covered by the state in our societies.
No. 6918
I thought the whole point of Protestantism was to praise the Pope who sit on a golden throne as the best Christian in the world. Protestants are also known to decorate their churches with fancy paintings and gold in contrast to Catholics and Orthodoxes who paint their church walls white in honor of the ascetic roots of early Christianity.
No. 6919
Don't protestants reject the Pope?
No. 6922
No they love it. They love money and pope.
No. 6923
He is being ironic by sorting protestant attributes to catholics and orthodox, and catholic and orthodox attributes to protestants.
No. 6926
103 kB, 604 × 430
>Catholic cathedrals are known for, preferring instead a simpler, more humble and down to earth architectural style to reflect that element of doctrine in anti-worldliness and concern for material things.
t. enjoys catholic architecture
No. 6942
712 kB, 750 × 1000
102 kB, 620 × 348
That is still way too fancy.
No. 6943
> Even if you don't think that's the case, that's how many people see it and that's why they're against welfare
That is entirely a bullshit political talking point and you'd have to be pretty fucking dumb to believe it. We have massive amounts of poor white people on food stamps and unemployment, speaking as a poor white person who's been on those and knew fucktons of people who are, I might add. The politicians just try to make the issue about race instead of economics to keep the bydlo distracted and fighting each other. It's one of the reasons why wages have remain depressed since the 70s, and whenever any poor person asks what the deal is they just say "oh it's the Mexicans and the blacks you should blame" and they continue voting for pro-billionaire oligarch policies as a result. These are the people who want to privatize Social Security so they can finally loot that fund with their buddies.
No. 6949
352 kB, 800 × 534
Here you go.
No. 6963
No, that's a right choice
No. 6978
well most people dont do it anymore. islam is changed according to plebian demands as it wasnt bad before. right now islam associated with weird allien headscarves, praising allah and muhammed and not drinking even though many of them is not biggest sins that must be punished openly.

the tax like charities is already a thing amongst mormons but they mostly make their church influence bigger rather than helping people directly.
No. 6979
Is there a better charity than rescuing souls?
No. 6980
>rescuing souls
according to who? 1/40 of your income is rather hush money rather than charity considering it was tax like obligation rather than voluntary
No. 6981
>according to who?
The Great One, as was told by his Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
No. 6982
well the states shouldnt be rule according to old dogmas rather practical things. if one wants to do that he should able do that, but it shouldnt be state policy.
No. 7135
>against charity and good will
Americans love to give to charity, and they do so openly and publicly.
Germans are much worse. IF Germans give to charity, they keep quiet about it. They consider it a private matter. You are more likely to hear a kraut talk about the awesome shit-play he had with his wife on the weekend than hearing him talk about the 50€ he donated to some cause.

Also, welfare queens should just be shot. Those unable or unwilling to fend for themselves have no right to exist. The world belongs to the strong. Everyone learns this in middle school.
No. 7150
40 kB, 480 × 360
No. 7156
What always makes me wonder is how Wahhabites are supposed to be all fundamentalist and devout but in fact they look like a disgusting herd of materialistic degenerates.


What do real muslims think of those?
No. 7163
well if you ask the general opinion, anyone who is not wahhabi just perceives them odd. also there is no "real islam" and will never be since there is no singular authority that accepted by them. in here turks see them as loudmouth and freak people, arabs see turkish muslims as something like half paganist even though the turkish way of islam is crawling in pain for 500 years and many of traditions wiped out to core.
No. 7186 Kontra
>Also, welfare queens should just be shot. Those unable or unwilling to fend for themselves have no right to exist. The world belongs to the strong.

t. ayn rand, living off welfare

i hate bigot antisocial liberturds so god damn much.
No. 7211
Since you keep insisting on spamming your fucking videos I'd just like to address this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eumfcEWTab4 as in the first few minutes a very good reason why I despise poltards so passionately and consider them subhuman trash. Acting like the whole world and all the rest of us should follow your human trash rules is why you should all get your shit pushed in. We're on the outside. All the rest of you dumb fuckups can piss off. It is extremely conspicuous just how many of these "xXx1488_PrussianbluexXx" tier race warriors are nothing but fucking ex cons with nothing better to do. You don't get to tell us to follow your prison rules IRL. You now have to assimilate and follow our rules or get crushed.
No. 7633