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No. 68927 Systemkontra
180 kB, 1108 × 805
No. 68935
When that one Russians says people already forgot about Ukraine but the only thread getting counts really is the Ukraine thread. Given that the supply chains of various sorts are hit, it will have multiple and long term effects that will accompany us for a long time. I already read that African countries are are having problems with high prices in corn and wheat (they need to import a lot of those)
No. 68937
Well, Egypt for example is a main importer of ukrainian wheat, iirc.
It will certainly affect everyone ar one point or the other.
No. 68994
48 kB, 610 × 344
Didn't do much today. I overslept, had take-out gyros for lunch, slept again and then translated a few lines from the Records of the Grand Historian relating to a Chengyu I saw yesterday in an anime a friend recommended me.

My copy of the Book of Lord Shang arrived, and I've been reading from that.

I'm going to start copying characters now.
No. 69023
277 kB, 1020 × 755
> Still gonna buy some hardware now, it might cost twice as much if rouble falls again
Actually it's X3 now. All such HDDs costed 5000 roubles when I was in shop.
No. 69038
60 kB, 1200 × 675
It's skunk mating season. Funny thing is, I don't even classify the scent as bad, it just smells like...a skunk. Sour milk, road kill, dog shit- these are objectionable, can trigger a gag etc. But skunk musk on the evening breeze? Meh. I've smelled a lot worse.
No. 69042
"Spatial-temporal adjoints" are just close contacts. It's a concept chinese government came up with in late 2021 as part of its covid governmentality.
A spatial-temporal adjoint is anyone who has been within the same "spacetime grid" (800m^800m, 10min) as covid infects, and the culminated in-grid time exceeds 30 hours within a 14-day period. This is done by mobile phone tracking.
No. 69043 Kontra
*accumulated, sorry
No. 69054
Ernst, does anybody really know you?
I.e. if you died today, could someone, anyone ever give an accurate account of how you were as a person?

Because I was just thinking about how nobody who knows me actually knows me.
My friends of over 20 years still often misjudge me. My parents don't understand me anyway. And my gf doesn't know the "other side" of me I would rather show around my friends (special interests like an encyclopedic knowledge of porn actresses, etc.).
Is it even desirable to know someone who could "get into your mind" and relate to and understand how you have acted in a certain situation and why?
No. 69055
152 kB, 534 × 467
Every person has secrets or stuff he isn't very public about, you're nothing special, don't pretend you are just because you watch porn. Most people do that.
No. 69058
The porn was merely an example, why are you so butthurt?
No. 69060
My 3 oldest friends who I grew up with would get close to 100% accuracy on predicting how I would react to a situation. (Except for specific sex acts, I guess.) Parents not far behind.

Getting into somebody's mind, really understanding all the motives and feelings, is rather impossible, even if you're married for 50 years.
No. 69061
>Getting into somebody's mind, really understanding all the motives and feelings, is rather impossible, even if you're married for 50 years.
This is true, now imagine having an entire field of study dedicated to understanding how the mind works, called psychology, where supposedly they understand people well enough to be able to prescribe them different medications in plain 2022.
I know this is sort of unrelated but still, the human mind is so complex that diagnosing people properly in this day and age is still nigh impossible in my opinion.
No. 69062 Kontra
84 kB, 360 × 604
Obviously not. I'd leave behind copious amounts of diaries and archived posts, but no single person would be able to give a 1:1 description of me, and I doubt people would come together to "reconstruct" me by writing a biography.
No. 69064 Kontra
Also: I don't think I have a coherent personality. The mask I wear at university is different than the mask I wear here, or on discord or when I'm talking with my mother and so on.
People might be able to give descriptions of the individual masks they were presented with, but even I'm not sure if these form a coherent unity or not.
No. 69066
Yes, and that's why we should abandon the field of psychiatry until we have a complete mathematical model of the human mind, or else we just wouldn't be sure.
And disband the whole field of medicine in general until there's a complete description of human physiology.

Imagine all those stupid idiots who study these things for a living, and never arrived at the profound idea that we don't fully understand human beings, and therefore should just give up.

If only there was somebody smart like you to tell them.
No. 69069
Some people can better predict your behavior under certain circumstances than you could yourself.
No. 69071
You are comparing a completely different field to the one I was referring to. The field of medicine deals with absolutes, there are things in this world where there is no question of a doubt to the claims made, psychology and psychiatry is not one of those fields. For one to be capable of understanding a human being, their minds, then they would need to study them closely throughout the entire lifespan of said person. To do that you would need an infinite amount of manpower and intellectuals, which there simply is not. In order for you to be able to know human flaws, you would need to be a human expert before being able to recognize said flaws. Psychiatry/psychology has a fatal flaw which lies in overestimating the capabilities of the people involved in the field. Medicine prescribed by psychologists or psychiatrists is a way to cope for the lack of time given to properly understand the patient at hand. I'm not saying mental diseases don't exist, they do, but there are examples where it could have been a temporary episode, whereas people in the field falsely assume that it defines the patient for the rest of their lives. If there were infinite manpower, infinite amount of time to diagnose and understand patients, then medicine would be used a lot less than it currently is. Antipsychotics are being prescribed to so many people, and is considered to be such a versatile drug that there is no logical way that they are being used properly. The field requires people experts above all, not some newly graduate who is eager to prescribe drugs, placing an unreasonable amount of faith onto the drug having the desired effect that they are looking for. As of right now there is a wave of people who have been classified as having mental diseases of all kinds, and the limited manpower, limited amount of time required to properly study each patient and properly understand psychotic tendencies of said patients ends with prescription medication being prescribed to many people who could otherwise have been helped by other means. You would need an entire team of experts in the field to correctly diagnose one single patient, instead what happens is that due to the lack of focused and proper understanding of each patient then they are given medications to deal with symptoms that might not even have been required had there been more time available to treat each patient. The study of psychology and psychiatry is a field where the people who partake in them are expected to prescribe drugs for different reasons. The entire field falls victim to this idea, that drugs are some sort of miracle juice that makes people normal again regardless of the wide variety of symptoms each individual patient display. The mere idea that some of the exact same prescribed medications that are being given out are so versatile in nature that it really implies that they have shortcomings that of which aren't being looked into solely due to the concept that they not only just work but are almost miraculous in how they work. It's a cope, many people in this day and age are being misdiagnosed with illnesses that might not even exist, and they are being given the wrong type of medication by people who consider themselves experts. I honestly believe that there is far more depth into the field than is being displayed right now, and the understanding of these supposed experts are far more limited than they appear to be. Diagnoses made describing symptoms one day can completely disappear within a matter of time, and the patients subject to the treatment are still treated as if they are still displaying the symptoms described in the diagnosis, there's sick and there's healthy, not a whole lot in between the two in this day and age. Episodes that people might have can disappear and never show itself again, meanwhile the field of pscyhology and psychiatry still feel the need to prescribe them drugs long after the symptoms have stopped appearing. These people aren't first and foremost people experts, and then medicine experts after, they have a set amount of time to diagnose you and give you a drug that works for the supposed diagnose that you have. The time given for an expert to diagnose you should be far expanded than how it works today, perhaps then it could be accurate, which it isn't. Physicians deal with absolutes, you have a disease, it displays symptoms known, you become diagnosed with a disease. Psyschologists and psychatrists dabble in muddy waters of what is known and understood rather than what is hypothesized and assumed. Of course, I'm only referring to the state of it as of today, there's still much room for improvement within the field and in the future it could become less of a pseudoscience and more factual and reasonable than it is today.
No. 69076 Kontra
Why is there not a single sectioning in this block of text? I aesthetically refuse to read it.

>we have a complete mathematical model of the human mind

A complete model would just be reality, second, maybe mathematics will never be able to catch the concrete, thus something will be missed with mathematics. Mathematics is a very good tool and fascinating practice of abstraction, an abstract sytsem. You can get far with mathematics, but perhaps never arrive at what could be consider "the arrival"
No. 69077
I purposefully did not space it because it makes it seem like less text when I do, undermining the effort I put into the post.
No. 69078
I mainly makes your post look like an american effortpost (i.e. shartpost).
No. 69081
Cool opinion, thanks for sharing.
No. 69134
Grain prices, Europe will freeze, Russia will conquer the world, why Germans is such weaklings we deserved this etc. The primary shartposters are Germans right now.

It doesn't. Think about how much shorter taking breaks can make a long journey or workday. Because it's one block it makes it feel longer. Also I started suspected you were on amphetamine salts reading it, not due to length, but just overall intangible feel and sense of bordering on repetition at times. You're not wrong either, and I think it funny how much cognitive dissonance the whole field has toward self medication when they treat rather hardcore and potentially dangerous drugs like some holy sword that can do no harm provided the patient doesn't enjoy it. The whole field is a bit perverse frankly. It's pretty much like an even less useful form of clergy.
No. 69148
52 kB, 960 × 576
Had a hemorrhoids surgery, really hope it's going to be worth it long-term cause taking a shit currently feels like pic rel
Also ended up helping an acquaintance from Ukraine with accommodation and travel which put some additional strain on my ass so I'll be spending next few days mostly in bed reading/watching movies I think
No. 69149
What stage did you have? How long did it take? How long will it take until you're not butthurt anymore?
No. 69164
1,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:39
Today in my local Lidl i caught someone stealing.
Usually i wouldn't care or think about it afterwards, but it was a child (maybe 11 or 12) stealing 1kg of sugar.

Why is a child stealing sugar?

I really should've asked him. Damn.

.webm not related
No. 69165
today i was asked for the first time in my Lidl shopping career to show the underside of my trolley and lift my bags.

This is only the beginning...
No. 69166
Was he fat?
No. 69167
No. Normal shape.
No. 69168
234 kB, 600 × 408
Solidarity with the child soldiers dedicated to overthrowing Herr Schwartz!
No. 69175 Kontra
2,9 MB, 480 × 270, 0:02
By the looks in the digital diary system, they scheduled this semester's stipends. (Which were based on last semester's performance.)
I'll get the shekels in the coming 2-3 days apparently.
Don't know what the fuck happened, but they seem to have quadrupled the stipend compared to last semester, so instead of 13000HUF I'll be getting almost 50k.

People laugh at how the rubel turned into ruble thanks to the sanctions but the Forint is getting shredded too, and we've hit 400HUF/1EUR today, which is unprecedented and it means everything will become even more expensive.
The economy is completely fucked.

Trying to finish this poetry assignment currently, then I'll go onto latin.
No. 69177
I was bad at theater group today. It felt like a lot of people were expecting something from me and I provided nothing that was not a forced parody of how I usually behave. I was bad at playing and I avoided most social interaction with a laugh.
A girl there seems to think I’m worthy of interest but I dislike her way to turn around me and she’s not very cute.

I’m in an another improv/theater group on Tuesdays. I don’t really know anyone from there and I know I’ll be only in this group for a year. I decided to take this as an opportunity to do whatever I really want while playing. I’m free to experiment some comedy I wouldn’t have dared with old friends. Really funny.
No. 69190 Kontra
65 kB, 600 × 392
Writing poetry actually fucking sucks.
The exercise is that we have to fill out the gaps in a Kosztolányi translation of a poem so that it's still iambic but it's so fucking cumbersome.
Can't wait until we're done with the poetry part of the seminar.
No. 69211
Moving sucks. Thanks for reading my blog.
No. 69215
26 kB, 548 × 131
Had to chuckle. Pic related and feel known.
No. 69221
Stage 2-3. Basically they were not external and not that big but I couldn't sit for any prolonged time without pain and other treatments didn't help. Surgery itself was pretty quick and in any case under general anaesthesia. I think less than two hours total until a friend picked me up
>How long will it take until you're not butthurt anymore?
We'll see about that. Initially they told me 1-2 weeks, but full recovery might be more like 1-2 months

I feel ya

t. moving soon
No. 69232
Feels known. Good luck brother.

Man I really don't get the nomenclature. I always thought I was at stage 2ish; mine come out after shitting and take hours to retract, but I can sit even on hard surfaces no problem. Maybe my butt is larger than yours.
Did they develop "naturally" or did you have some unhealthy shitting habits? Because for me it was certainly the latter.
Also, how old are you? Please tell me you're not beyond mid-30s.
No. 69254
1,7 MB, 498 × 291, 0:01
Didn't sleep much. Did the poem (albeit I gave no fuck about the rhythm by the end).
I fucked up the Latin again, and then I went to poetry class. Apparently some of the arthoes didn't do it because they felt pressured.
The lecturer liked my version. I got really bold at one point during my reading when she asked me to re-read it for the discussion
>Sorry, could you re-read it again, I didn't get much sleep and I lost focus for a second
>Oh, don't worry, I didn't get much sleep either, I was writing your assignment
Ultimately we had a good laugh at it and no harm was done.

Dicked around the library for a bit. Which basically meant that I looked at random books and did my classical Chinese homework and talked with the librarian. Showed her one of my translations and she said as far as she can tell it was in order. She also said it's nice to see someone so young with this much enthusiasm.
Borrowed a history book that was recommended as an introduction to the Warring States Era.

Classical Chinese went well enough. I was tired so there were a lot of minor errors, but none of them were game breaking. Mostly just me mixing up words in Hungarian, rather than screwing up the grammar.
It's "International Women's Day", so the lecturer made only the males in the class work. (I think the women are better off for not having read anything, but who cares. There were only four of us, so we worked in pairs. One of us did the translation, then the other commentated the particles and their workings.)
Made a joke that the lecturer switched the class from the Bologna Process to the Kabul Process (since the women didn't read this class.)
We talked a bit after class about my translations, and then he wished me a happy holiday period (since we will have a 4 day weekend next week) and said that he'd wish me a good rest, but he isn't sure I'm the type of person that ever rests.
I never knew people think I'm some sort of workaholic.

Book I ordered from China miraculously passed customs somehow. Very auspicious.

Holy fuck it's real. It's happening. I'll be fucking loaded.
We discussed it with my groupmates and apparently it's this high because I did like 43 credits instead of the normal 30 people seem to do.
(It was more like, one groupmate asks around every semester, don't know if it's his Chinese heritage or just a him-thing, but he asked around yet again, and got me to tell him. "That's a top3 in the department, Ernst.")
No. 69257
So my glasses finally broke, the hinge had been quite fragile for the last months and I moved my body weight on it while swamping on the sofa. I absolutely despise the idea to go to look for glasses now. Fucking masks on and oftentimes the shops have not the best choices while online is expensive and hard to estimate (expensive because you need to order several glasses to have a chance to get one that pleases my aesthetic ideal). Second-hand glasses are cool, my now broke glasses were second hand, but you never get to return them without costs. Once again I think about lasering my eyes to never have problems with my eyes again. Glasses are impractical and annoying regardless of whether some people think it's hot or makes me look educated. But I also fear losing my eyesight completely with laser repair (cutting my eye doesn't sound nice) even though statistically it is very safe. I don't even know if my eyes could be repaired cheaply tbh, the price range is quite big.
No. 69266
1008 Bytes, 16 × 16
>Glasses are impractical and annoying regardless of whether some people think it's hot or makes me look educated. But I also fear losing my eyesight completely with laser repair (cutting my eye doesn't sound nice) even though statistically it is very safe.

An optometrist once told glasses are fantastic, they are like wearing a helmet in order to protect the eyes. Don't do the laser stuff, the results are crude, there are bad outcomes which I know, and some doctors are after the money, that's it.
No. 69269
>Man I really don't get the nomenclature
Looking at it now I think I got it wrong. Mine were more like stage 1-2 I guess, they didn't even really come out.
I'm 27 now, but had issues with it since I'm 18 or so. I definitely had some kinda bad eating/shitting habits, used to sit too long on the toilet as a kid and had issues with constipation.
But I fixed all those habits the last years, eat a good diet and do some exercise now and other than that I'm pretty healthy, not overweight or anything, but that still didn't help, so I think there's also some genetic component or sth.
No. 69271
>they are like wearing a helmet in order to protect the eyes
Yeah, great until they catch all the dust and crumb from the eyelashes and go back into the eyes.

In Germany, laser surgery is generally pretty safe. The only thing that has prevented me from getting it so far is that the common and safe methods basically leave an "open wound", so any eye trauma could lead to permanent blindness due to parts detaching etc.
Obviously if you're an Ernst working a cozy computer dude job and don't have any "dangerous" hobbies, the risk should be close to zero.
No. 69276
50 kB, 443 × 750
Since I'm one of those weak Germans we have all heard about in the last few days, I will probably just look for glasses tomorrow instead of restoring my manliness and go bare-eyed with laser surgery.
No. 69277
>Since I'm one of those weak Germans we have all heard about in the last few days
I didn't. What did I miss?
No. 69280 Kontra
cabbage tier schizo ramblings I don't want to repeat here.
No. 69284
>I don't want to repeat here.
But you still alluded to them when everyone else had already forgotten. Why did it affect you so much?
No. 69288 Kontra
>when everyone else had already forgotten.

Who said that everybody has forgotten it? You assume this. You either weren't present and read up on it or your memory is a case for specialists, lel.

>affect me much

Eh, it just got repeated a thousand times and it's the same schizo style once in a while, it's just a pattern and I make fun of, it's not that deep, bro.
No. 69289 Kontra
>Who said that everybody has forgotten it? You assume this.
Almost everybody ignored him apart from a few autists taking everything at face value (to which you belong, I presume?) and carried on without wasting a second thought about him.
The fact that he apparently still lives rent free in your head tells me you yourself have some kind of problem.
And I don't see you "making fun of", in fact you seem rather piqued or butthurt about him.
Or maybe your use of irony is not as skillful as you think it is.

And things like that make me butthurt because it's drawing unneeded attention to cabbager antics, and the happenings of the last weeks have shown that anything that can attract such elements must be nipped in the bud, right away.
No. 69300 Kontra
Oh, it's you again. Not going to point out why I think you are wrong in several regards, though. Contrary to your ponderings I think it is you that has a problem, otherwise, you wouldn't even bring this up in such a fashion, even you seem to remember him, contrary to your initial statement. Which, frankly, isn't that hard, we are max. 15 people here and this schizo style surfaces for the last two years every once in a while. It is a pattern that one can notice, as I said before, you make it deeper than it is.
No. 69301
It's crescent moon. My living room windows look west and I don't have the shutters completely down and now the moon is ominously shining through the slits.
On the one hand, it's annoying because it's not constant and whenever I move I may get this bright spot in the side of my eye, but on the other hand it's pretty cool because we haven't had a clear sky in months where I live.
No. 69302 Kontra
Obviously I didn't think about it until you brought it up again.
Basically you triggered me, shitlord, I will probably get PTSD now because of you.
No. 69304
Today, I burnt €1200 in servo kits at work. First, I thought "that current controller could be better, let's tweak it some." Tweaked it some, it became highly unstable, oscillated at ultra-sound frequency, boiled the stator coils, stator was done. Unsoldered all the connections, exchanged stator with help of colleague, resoldered. It sucked to solder because the iron got pulled to rotor magnets all the time. Burned my fingers. Got it to work in the setup. Reached for the camera to film the success for documentation purposes. The moment I reached for the camera, one of my solder joints partially loosened, a hall-sensor made contact with the drive current, fireworks ensued.

I'm lucky my ex left me, if I was still with her, I'd have to keep this secret from her, because she would just roll her eyes and lose respect for me.
No. 69307
>I'd have to keep this secret from her, because she would just roll her eyes and lose respect for me.
Why, is she a more talented electro technician?
No. 69308
She certainly thinks so.
No. 69309
That's unfortunate.
No. 69310
No. 69466
Today I worked until after 7 because an aspect of a thing I was working on drove me up the wall.
I could solve it rather quickly, but it was still annoying how I have this very strong inclination to get acutely obsessed.
This kind of shit makes me not sleep at night and I don't know how to quench it.
No. 69479
Man I really want to go to a proper concert again. The last band I've seen live was Knorkator right a week or so before the first lockdown.
Feels bad being born too late to ever see Pantera live at their highest (teeheehee).
No. 69483
I've been to a concert ones in my life. It wasn't bad but I only feel comfortable in the loud booming club atmosphere where I can do the robo dance unbothered by most people.
No. 69484
123 kB, 985 × 1000
Today was very long but ultimately very good.
First class was history of translation and we discussed the fiasco over the translation of the Amanda Gorman poem that was read out during Sleepy Joe's inauguration.
I shittalked America a lot, but I think the lecturer got my point and I didn't come across as a colossal retard.
It felt very intense.

Then I had Chinese history where it was just one and a half hours of talking about the Party's structure and it was incredibly boring. Like amazingly boring when after learning about a committee you'd find out that that committee also has a more inner committee whose members are also members of the state's equal level committee but the two institutions are not the same and so on.

Workshop classes also started. This semester we will be talking about Japanese art and its research in Hungary.
Art historians are very dangerous people. We started off with "what is art" and got shown Duchamp's Fountain and we were asked "is this art?" and obviously I had to say "no, I do not consider it art" and the next question was "why?" and she kept asking the "why?" questions every time I said something and it's very strange to have a lecturer actually challenge us like this.
Ultimately it was very good but all the subjectivity, politics and ideology is very tiresome to work with. This goes for the translation class.

Then I went over to German, made a racist comment during the discussion about the recent Afghanistan bank-rush that went "Es überrascht mich dass Afghane wissen was Bargeld ist." and then everyone laughed.

Anyway, during my off-time between classes I translated a few sentences from the Han Feizi. I'm starting to get a feel for it now. ú
Also, my Chinese copy of it arrived, it has a Modern Chinese translation along with the original text plus the short commentaries, so I've decided that I'm going to try tackling chapter 15 during my 5 day megaweekend using the four sources I now possess.

Lecturer liked my chengyu story translation. Corrected a small part of it, but it was otherwise okay.
Apparently he's the kind of person who doesn't hand out compliments lightly (according to other lecturers), so it's extra good.

Yesterday I attended an extra lecture at the uni's Confucius Institute about translating Chinese poetry, and I think I might give it a try.
I asked about the existence of the raw translations Hungarian poets used (because we have this 2k page anthology of Chinese poetry that was made in cooperation by sinologists and first-class poets that supposedly use the sinologists' raws, but as far as I can tell, the raws have never been published or even collected, since a lot of it was apparently done informally over drinking.
Anyway, basically the takeway was that rummaging though the leftover papers of the "old immortals" just to find the raws and then look for the Chinese original is not worth it. Just produce your own raws, or even better, your own poetic translations.
"To be a genius, you need to be born one, to be a master, you just need to work towards it every day." is what I was told.
So anyway, I still want to see at least one raw, because my high school self wants to see one. It's probably in the library's archives maybe. Gotta ask the librarian. I'm sure she will be very happy to answer another one of my insanely specific questions people ask maybe once a decade.

Also the fucking stipend arrived. Bough a bottle of vodka to celebrate. Drank one with my mother and my father and my sister too.
Pic related is how I feel
No. 69528
I wish every city had a vast cable car system. I'm thinking of the German "Elektrische" around 1900, just jump on and off and move through the city.
No. 69597
Funny, with me it's really the opposite. I remember going to some rave in a derelict factory once. They had several rooms with different genres. I wasn't drunk enough for the room with the pills music, so I went to the house room where I tried dancing to a monotonous beat for about ten minutes until I got bored. Then I found a room with a bar and a jazz band playing. I got drunk some more and apparently me applauding annoyed the people there for some reason :--DDD
No. 69601
46 kB, 585 × 505
I was going to make a thread about this but it's probably fine as a PSA, so I'll hijack this thread a bit.

To alleviate excessive worrying about the future take action and make sure your household has an emergency stockpile.

A basic stockpile should get your entire household through any unexpected crisis lasting for three days. The ideal would be to have a stockpile that lasts for a week or even two. Anything more than that and the management gets a bit tedious and you'll be eating "emergency food" too often when you're replacing aging goods with newer ones. Or you end up throwing stuff in the garbage when your goods expire. An emergency is not a good time to be taking unnecessary risks by eating expired food.

Emergencies come in all shapes. You should be prepared to be completely isolated, relying on no external resources. You might simply get sick and be unable to leave home. Your regular source of drinking water might get cut off or contaminated. Logistics networks could be out of action and the shops have no food. Or the electricity is out completely. Even a combination of any of the mentioned problems.

This is just a generalized list. You can shape it to suit yourself more. And if you're making a stockpile for more than three days try to vary what you buy. When things get rough the last thing you want to do is eat oatmeal for a week straight.

Three days stockpile for one person:
Water - 6l
Vegetables, root vegetables - 600g
Potatoes - 200g
Pasta - 200g
Bread - 550g
Milk products - 1l
Cheese - 60g
Meat, fish, eggs - 400g
Oils - 150g
Dried fruit - 100g
Nuts, seeds - 90g
Sweets, chocolate - 100g
Sugar, honey - 100g

Resulting in approx. 2300 kcal/day.

Having more water will give you confidence that you won't run out and will survive for some time even without food. And you will probably need some water to flush your toilet, wash yourself up etc.

Other necessities:
Medicine, medical supplies, can opener, radio and batteries, hygiene products, plastic wrap and containers, flashlight and batteries, iodine tablets, candles and matches, cash, pet food. Also can you survive without heating and can you cook without electricity? Keeping your means of transportation well maintained and having some extra fuel is a good idea as well. No harm in having something to defend yourself with.
No. 69663 Kontra
The ideal is at minimum one week because first of all it's the threes rule. Rule of threes is you can survive up to three minutes without air, three hours without shelter (depending on conditions iirc), three days without water, and three weeks without food. You can survive a week on nothing but water. I've done it before, mostly. Your main problem is just not having the energy to say flee when you really need to, and also the beginning of real starvation and nutrient deficiency can fuck with your head and cause you to make bad judgments. Also it's beccause by and large three days is not a real emergency, and you'll solely have that small stockpile to take stock of the situation itself and not have foraging for food while exposed to danger sapping your precious 72 hours of planning your next move, but in truth it won't get you anywhere at all. This is especially true because you should plan on potentially having the power cut or water supplies disrupted which brings me to your list:
~eggs, meats, cheeses,
Like what the fuck kind of a list even is this? Lad, you better not be stockpiling that unless you're planning on storing the stuff like an admiral would on his galleon speaking of which I found an awesome channel I kept wanting to post here but didn't out of a general ban on chanposting
Really great channel although I get weird vibes from that guy and his relationship to the youth but anyway, cool channel, super EC tier.

As to your list, I'd pretty much strike off dairy entirly unless it's cheeses and cured meets which you can leave in a broom closet for the next year or three. If you don't have jerky and summer sausages or canned meats then just don't even bother, because unless you live in cold climes that shit is going to cost you a lot of money and it is going to go bad. Eggs can keep surprisingly well however most storebought eggs are machine washed after laid by malnourished factory farmed hens which means that they're not going to keep so well as farmer's eggs, and even if they did, you're already buying it old anyway, which means spoilage even while refrigerated.

Basically, it's a cans of beans and rice world, which itself won't get you far weird I'm getting super deja vu. Did we already have this part happen? Where I talked to a Finnish guy about prepping in the winter because Russia did Russian things? 2014?

Anyway, forget everything about that list. What you're going to need is tools, preferably survival tools, some basic gardening implements, a space to do a small grow operation if able, fishing poles and hooks+spare wire and lures, trap setting materials, and plenty of water decontamination and collection supplies. While I do think like most games it's way overly simplistic, This War of Mine is unironically one of the best survival sims out there, especially because odds are you're not going to be some badass from some detached from reality Hollywood movie, just a regular person, and that does mean keeping spirits up and finding things to keep busy and maintain social cohesion is key. You may think it's all going to be fine and dandy because you've never even had the power out for two days before, and meanwhile by day three your whole family is at each other's throats.

People are your biggest problem ultimately. Which means banding together into survival communities, maintain as best ties you can with select neighbours, don't start shit with people you haven't got to, and maintain a sense of purpose and morale in your troupe. Actually World War Z by Max Brooks did a fantastic job about this, I think, especially in that it blew apart social expectations from ground reality which was possibly most vivid in its depiction of all these suburban idiots fleeing north to Canada and promptly starving and freezing to death.

Forget any of your devices that require batteries, they're soon rendered useless. Maintain a rechargable flashlight and radio, the kinds with handcranks and shaker flashlights, as well as stuff like paracord and good camping supplies which you may need if you cannot shelter in place.

However all that being stated, do know which scenarios and timelines you're at least marginally prepared for, and which lengths you are not, including most importantly an understanding of how long you can expect and be prepared for that+1. So to say, power goes down for only a week, be able to get by on two weeks of supplies. Also be able to pack your B.O.B. smartly, such as say for an example in event of nuclear exchange or war, or some calamity where you can't expect power to come back on or surviving comm towers rebuilt in the next couple months bringing your cellphone is completely useless, but it's a literal life saver if you're only planning to have a shorter scenario where you can find a working power outlet and need to radio somewhere for help with a cellphone.

Know your situation. Don't pick survival guy for the middle of a desert when you live by an icy stream, and don't pack for a full year when it should be over in two weeks; don't dress yourself for surviving a pandemic in a radiological attack, or prep just for war when a solar mass ejection takes everything electrical offline. I think that it was nice of The Division, unrealistic though it may be, to also touch on a couple of these survival issues. You need more than just good nutrition and clean water to survive, and in most scenarios where you'll actually need it you can probably kiss a bunch of those comforts goodbye. As we've seen with this pandemic though, even in a light scenario where shit still mostly works, you shouldn't expect complex logistical networks to come back online in any appreciable length of time, meaning you shouldn't prepare for anything the govt authorities say about overly cheerful things that are exclusively designed to prevent a mass panic. However all that said you should also plan for a cascading event failure, of such as say a four horseman scenario of say the 20s variety, which is to say that just because it is a mass famine doesn't mean it could not also morph into becoming both a war problem as well as a biological contaminant problem, and yes chemical, biological, and radiological weapons do require different types of PPE however you should absolutely have a p100 mask at the ready in your survival kit alongside your water filtration and firearms or whatever, which brings me to the last problem: avoid conflict, but be ready for it.
No. 69667 Kontra
38 kB, 300 × 359
Reading the Ukraine thread gives me the urge to rebut every single post. However I'm not remotely knowledgeable about, or even interested in geopolitics. There's just an impluse to repeat random takes I read somewhere else no matter whether I've thought about them or not. Usually I'm collected and able to keep things to myself. But political opinions are simply viral. Feels like being wired to pass the meme-gene as a political animal.

>I'm not losing hope and asking: what are the most popular Chinese food chains? insert joke about bat soup
Bat soup would probably be an upgrade from chinese fast food chains. They are not comparable with McDonald's in terms of cost/taste ratio. The good thing is, McD and KFC here were purchased by chinese companies so I don't have to worry about potential sanctions.
t. consoom american fast food on a daily basis
No. 69669
In the freefall implosion of societal order one cannot just expect a fair deal out of everybody. Just because you know that guy from going to the same shop as you do doesn't mean it might not occur to him in desperate times that he could just shoot you and take your stuff rather than barter for it, and similarly not stop a group of sufficiently determined individuals not to try and overpower one man or man man's family's static defenses and just rob them of all their shit with a group of a dozen survivors. While stupid from a whole number of angles, the most egregious to me probably being somehow zombie blood sprays being magically sterile, the whole genre does at minimum bring up some of the sort of questions you need to be asking yourself, like do I know how to tie a splint and do CPR? Have I got any clue on how not to spread pathogens and other contaminants, and do I have enough antibiotics? Previously trivial concerns suddenly become life threatening when there is no stores, no police or other EMS, and no hospitals for months or years on end. You also need to educate yourself on the right way to do things and the right time to do those things, because for example it doesn't do much to protect yourself being sprayed by Russian anthrax if you just take your gas mask off and cross contaminate your hands with what's on your clothes or know whether something can be protected by mask alone or if it's like Sarin and will kill you dead in minutes even with a breathing apparatus, or if you put your PPE on incorrectly.

The great rule of Stalkers is to know which way of doing things correctly and when to leave well enough alone, which again this isn't the movies and a GSW to your hand may be unimportant for survival in glass towers built on sand of the modern world, but take those out and suddenly your bleeding and potential infection becomes a really big problem. As such, avoid injury wherever possible, because a wounded or poisoned animal tires out eventually for the predatory to stalk it over the distance. Never forget this: you are not Rambo; you are not Tom Hanks with a beach ball. You'll know this soon after it becomes a very real scenario and you find those things that don't work, are spoiled and are useless, and it dawns on you all of those questions you forgot to ask yourself while packing such as "what the fuck am I going to do with ten gallons of milk?" I saw that a lot back in 2020. Don't become one of these emotionally irrational and panicking beings. Plan, don't just react.

Pay attention most importantly, because what you are going to find out real quick is that 90% of people literally do not pay attention, and this thing you prepared for is going to come as complete shock to them. I still am dumbfounded to hear idiots on the news call today "the two year anniversary of when the pandemic started" because to them, corona literally did not happen until they got told they couldn't watch their fagball games on TV. These are the people that will become your biggest obstacle, and also chief profitability if you're really careful about what you're doing and how you use people and other skills to do it, because I absolutely guarantee you they are desperate, scared, and fundamentally unprepared and incapable of survival on their own if SHTF. They can and will try using every available avenue to take what is yours rather than having prepared on their own, and that includes everyone that you thought could potentially be counted on only to call themselves "raiders" and just assume they can take from others or the govt or police will care for them; do not feel so much pity or sympathy for these that you allow them to take advantage of you. In that case, I would consider a former criminal far more reliable not in trustworthiness, but in the sense that he will know better than anyone how the social rules can change and of dealing with different kinds of people. I cannot emhasize that last point enough: it is the people which preppers fundamentally don't plan for the most beyond getting a shotgun, and which is what's going to catch them with their pants down the most and potentially be why many survivalists may not survive. This is because they did stupid things like broadcast on a TV show having a year's supply of goods for a family of only four people that'll tell everyone within a thirty mile radius to go there. You should not reveal the extent to which you are prepared or have stockpiles, less desperste eyes begin to covet. And on that note, do not be afraid to help others if you can wisely afford it, because even in a desperate time such people can become a more irreplaceable asset than anything you owned or stockpiled.

So yeah
Don't pack your freezer with 20 kilos of steak and 10 gallons of milk insulated by toilet paper megapack walls like I just watched the bydlo do.
No. 69670 Kontra
247 kB, 1728 × 2287
modern geopolitics is a zero sum game about money and resources.
To be able to analyze what's going on you must consider several things
1) Who said it.
2) When he said it.
3) What is being said.
The rhetoric itself is hardly important. So you put yourself in the shoes of a certain party and think like this:
>How do i come out of the current situation as a winner.
You should always consider the fact that anyone can lie about their real intentions.
So for example when the British official says something like:
>we have to do more to promote the human rights and democracy in Africa!
It means - we want to colonize africa.
When Russia calls some country or someone a nazi - it usually means this country or individual is soon to be fucked by the imperialist machine, possibly with military.
No. 69672
> modern geopolitics is a zero sum game about money and resources.
Good sample of emotional thinking. It's certainly not a case (who would benefit from WW3, for example?), but:
"Man, it sounds so cynical, a tough guy like me is certainly on board with this opinion."
No. 69679
That point of view still has a solid reason behind (Realpolitik).
On the other hand, it's really not a zero-sum game as far as money are concerned.
No. 69683
The list is just a generalized list that you can find provided by at least Finnish and Swedish interior ministries who have specifically compiled that for emergencies. It's not me coming up with that but agencies who try to make preparing for an emergency easy for anyone. If you live in a more unstable location you might want to take that into account by preparing for a particular type of emergency. Want to go full assburger doomsday prepper mode? Welcome to do so, always good to be prepared.

To actually write something useful and productive I'll just list some food items every Ernst should have in their cupboards. These will stay edible for years.

Canned food - Meats, fish, beans, corn, fruits
Pasta, rice, lentils - Get several kilos!
Soft drinks
Add-only-water type of meals
Flours - Rarely use flour? Get only a couple of kilos. Goes bad in a year or two and is difficult to easily consume if you don't like to bake.
Can get milk that's ultra high temperature processed? Get some and it will stay good for months in room temp, unopened. If not, plant-based "milk" is fine too.

And water. Do not forget water.
No. 69687
So when did youtube up its cancer rate?
Even at the start of this year you could skip most ads (after a too long wait) and not every single fucking video had at least one ad before it.
Now every single fucking video has at least on ad before it starts, sometimes even one RIGHT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF A SONG, and most of them aren't even skippable anymore.

I wouldn't even know if I weren't exposed to a shitty "smart" tv on a regular basis, because in each of my browsers I run adblockers. How can people who don't use adblockers tolerate this? It's incredibly annoying and irritating and I actually try to remember what the ads are for so I can boycott whatever they are advertising there.
In moments like these I despise ad people even more than politicians.
No. 69688
I read one chapter a day for my student paper, not enough, but Ukraine and other things kill most of my time to distract me from my work.
Gonna watch a movie now.

I haven't had ads on Youtube in years.
No. 69689
>I haven't had ads on Youtube in years.
most ppl do though, and if you point it out it's just
>ja mei, is halt so
No. 69691 Kontra
I don’t have a smart TV but I’d imagine pihole would block even those ads. Look it up!
No. 69692 Kontra
Why is that every time i post an opinion on this site - you feel the need to reply and accuse me of being an edgelord. I never insult you. I don't care what you post about. If i disagree with your post - i just deal with the fact that people got different opinions. And i am very much aware with the fact that i am an edgelord, there's no need to remind me about this.
Why are you doing this? Do you feel insecure about yourself when you read my posts? Do you feel annoyed and the only way to fix it is to insult me or something?
Or it's a conscious choice because you believe that conformist society is a better society and it's like a conscious ideological thing, so you see a person like as THE archenemy to what you believe is right?
No. 69693
157 kB, 1001 × 1055
Not feeling it today. Only did three sentences. I'll still have over ten to send to my supervisor.
I wanted to order some books, but my card keeps getting declined, even after I raised the limit. Maybe it's because I already ordered books from another site today.
Fuck banking.

I want to translate some poetry. The lecture I attended on it was cool (though I learned nothing new) and the lecturer was really inspiring and I want to try at least a short one.

Nothing else happened today. I keep forgetting to go to the pharmacy so I have no anti-acid pills, so I just keep drinking milk instead.

Kinda feels like I'm constantly in and out of manic phases. Awful slumps turning into days so dynamic I go through doors before I open them.
No. 69782
I wonder what stops me from killing my father.
I fear not the laws of Men for I don't believe in them.
I fear not the laws of God for I don't believe in God.

I fear not the punishment for my deeds, neither worldly nor divine.

Worldly justice is fallible.
A canister of noble gas, released via a tube into a plastic bag wrapped around my father's neck while he is asleep in a drunken stupor. No sign of struggle or poisoning to create suspicion of foul play
That is, assuming that the medical examiner cares enough to do a thorough forensic investigation. Which they won't.
An aging alcoholic dying in their sleep. Hardly worth the laborious and sleepless nights of tests and analyses.
I'd get away with it easily.

As for divine justice, if it were truly divine and Just and infallible, for killing my father, I'd be a saint rather than a sinner.
My father has reached a stage of alcoholism where he soils himself every day. Our apartment smells like shit and piss and vomit.
Would it not be an act of justice for me to rid my mother of this humiliation and shame, and grant her peace in the latter years of her life?
Would it not make me a martyr, rather than a sinner, to suffer imprisonment for committing such a noble act?

And if, in the end, all of this moralistic bullshit means nothing, and I'd do it all for my own benefit, gambling that I get away with it, inheriting a flat, a patch of land, and ridding myself of a human pest, would it not make the most sense for me to prioritize my own material comfort in this short life, rather than gamble on a reward in the uncertain afterlife?

Yet, I can't do it. Something in me prevents me from buying a canister or helium and some tubing, wrapping a plastic bag around my father's neck, and suffocating him.
What a shame. Our lives, wasted; my mother's, my brother's and mine, tied to our father, who himself has no life really to speak of. To go down with him, like the servants of a pharaoh are sacrificed to accompany him in the afterlife.
What a waste.
No. 69789
Your father owns the house, right? So you can't get the house if you get rid of your father legally, via court (I assume you can divorce in Kazachstan). So a legal way means you guys would be homeless or are there other options. I'm not sure if their are public organizations or institutions that would help, I bet one cannot count on the state, but maybe there are self-organized help helpers, coming from a first worlder this might sound mean but even "in those countries" and especially in the capital city there are often such organizations that make up for what the state cannot deliver.
No. 69796
You might not admit it to yourself, but you fear God.
That's the only possible explanation.
No. 69800
1,6 MB, 1030 × 1489
I'm completely out of steam when it comes to translation. I'm no longer smiling when the text is done, which means the quality dropped.
It's probably the fact that I'm in my room. I need to sleep and get out. At this rate during the next break during spring I'll go to a fucking café with my laptop and the books to work just to be outside.
I mean, I can actually afford it now.

Still, ~15 sentences is a nice progress. Roughly 20-25% of the chapter.

Gonna go to bed early today. I've read from this collection of Guangdong poetry I got. It made me feels safe for some reason.

My card still keeps getting declined, don't know why though. I did get one order though, so I'm assuming it's bookdepository being shit rather than my bank being retarded.
Since Chinaernst posted about trustworthy publishers I shuffled through their offerings available to laowai like me and I decided to get the Three Hundred Tang Poems anthology.

Tomorrow's an off day, because the 15th is a national holiday. I'm going to start working on the mandatory assignments.
I also need to write an essay about "my story" for the translation course that details my thoughts and introduction to translation.
An easy A I suppose, because unlike most people, I actually have a narrative around this.
No. 69842
105 kB, 1170 × 1036
Where are the Germans posting about frozen pizza? The hateful American feels positively missed now.
I'm thinking I'm gonna go get drunk, come back, and unleash shitposting the likes of which has never been seen on this imageboard.
No. 69845
142 kB, 240 × 380
I had several frozen pizzas last week because I was lazy/depressed enough to skip cooking meals. I ate Wagner's Big City Pizza (Tokyo and Budapest variant). Hope this helps.

Did you guys have something like Kaltschale in your country? literally cold bowl, it's powder of freeze-dried fruit, aroma and thickener that get mixed with water and sugar, sits in the fridge for a couple of hours and is then just eaten with a spoon as "dessert"
No. 69846
48 kB, 558 × 557
>cold bowl, it's powder of freeze-dried fruit, aroma and thickener that get mixed with water and sugar, sits in the fridge for a couple of hours and is then just eaten with a spoon as "dessert"
Sounds like some sort of a pudding or jelly to me. No idea if this is available here as I'm not a big fan of anything sweet other than ice cream.

Dog bless Dr. Ötker's frozen pizzas. Too bad I eat them so often the lack of variety is hurting me.
No. 69847
85 kB, 600 × 600
We have jello mixes. Found that Doktor Oetker sells a similar looking thing in Brazil, but they market it for children.
Big City Pizza looks good though, chair when no frozen pizza.
No. 69848
358 kB, 654 × 480
68 kB, 666 × 500
I had 0 (zero) frozen pizzas in the last month since my current abode lacks the luxury of an oven. Pizzaposting will commence starting in April after I move to a different place.
That is unless I muster my cooking courage and attempt to make a pan pizza in a cast iron pan.

Slavs are rather fond of Kissel, ideally made from scratch and with semolina pudding
No. 69849 Kontra
153 kB, 960 × 671
Read three chapters from the assigned book (Wanderings of Old Can) but otherwise no scholarly progress today. Went to the mall instead since my mother insisted we "leave the house".
Saw the "new" "smart mall", whatever the fuck that means. It had one robot roaming around that people stood around as they failed to utilize it and it spoke Hungarian with a foreign accent.

Bought a new pair of jeans and a thin coat for spring.
Went to the bookstore and saw a copy of Heike Monogatari for sale, but it was translated from the English. I was still tempted to get it because "it can't be that bad if the Japan Foundation put its seal of approval on it", but I was reading the foreword and the translator was like "burh I'm not even a translator and I know no Japanese at all but even a shit text is better than no text I love this book" and I felt like I can't buy it with a clean conscience.
My mother observed this 15 minute long feat of autism and then we went out to eat and do some grocery shopping.

I legit hate how instead of producing a good, philologically sound text, they got a passionate amateur to do it. The edition is really fancy and everything but it's probably not going to be good, especially considering how the prose didn't flow well at all in the parts I've read.
Why are we doing this to ourselves?
No. 69850
No frozen pizza. Only poverty meat (bully beef) sandwiches.
t. currently scratching together pennies for the petrol fund for a 1700ish km drive
No. 69853
I had Maultasche yesterday and leftovers today (for non-Germans: it's basically the swabian variant of Pirogi).
If any swabians are here, it will delight you to know I ate them with a brown sauce with onions.

Tomorrow I will make a german variant of Tortelloni alla panna, provided the ham I kind of forgot about that expired last thursday is still edible.
No. 69856
219 kB, 1200 × 800

I was slightly triggered.

>Sounds like some sort of a pudding or jelly to me

One could think so, but the thickener only makes it thick enough to be not as liquid as water, it is still very liquidy, has no solid consistency at all.


It's Wackelpudding, please! Germans know how to name their food properly, albeit thinking of it now Japanese have their jiggle cake and jello seems to be a vague allusion to jiggle.

During childhood birthdays I always had the green with woodruff flavor. Fun fact: my former university had Wackelpudding on one or two days a week as dessert option.

>Slavs are rather fond of Kissel, ideally made from scratch and with semolina pudding

There had to be a sort of traditional dish, no way Oetker made it up themselves. I mean (northern) Rote Grütze/ berry pudding is a bit similar but in the end its is also quite different.
No. 69859 Kontra

So kissel it is then, right? Wasn't expecting there to be an English term for it. My family usually has cranberry kissel with some whipped cream for Christmas dinner dessert. It's a nice refreshing and light dessert after a big meal. Easy to eat when you're already stuffed. I think it's home made so not by Dr. Ötker.

No. 69860 Kontra
I was passing by a bakery very hungry today and decided to look for the last "sandwiches" (afternoon) the woman behind the counter looked eastern European and her German was quite broken, she also seemed kinda shy, reserved and a bit broken (maybe because she seemed insecure). Surely, the first day(s) at this job. I just wonder if she was from Ukraine. Felt a bit weird, I felt bad for being in a hungry hurry and tried to be nice in my farewell, I wasn't angry but I had the impression my hurry would come across as such.
No. 69861
The Oe is crucial!

The Ö to my amusement makes it look more like a turkish name, Dr. Ötzger Dr. Oetzge Dr. Özgun :DDD

And yes, Kissel seem to be product Kaltschale takes its inspiration from, starch as thickener yet drinkable. Indeed a great dessert. I wish I could have some atm.
No. 69866
148 kB, 800 × 800
I have half a frozen pizza in the fridge; cooked two days ago and current plans are to finish it off after work tonight. I'll keep you updated if those plans change.

Tony's btw, the king of bargain basement pizza.
No. 69884
5,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
Emergency broadcast - Fire broke out in downtown Lisbon. The Ernst News team is not ready nor willing to investigate more.
Back to you.
No. 69885
Here in the western Germany basement I can see looking out of my window that it's raining, with a rather yellowish tint of the sky.
That was the weather, back to you, Ernst.
No. 69887 Kontra
It's a NATO/Russian missile, what is the government hiding from us, ordinary citizens?

In other news:
I will use my parents car today. Now you say: but Ernst, gasoline has the worse mile/price ratio than public transport tickets at the moment. Indeed, but I might pick up a friend at the periphery and we get fast food, because when I'm his guest, I will want to pay at least for our transportation (and comfort).
No. 69891
46 kB, 800 × 450
Incorrect way of looking at things, we must ask ourselves - who profits from this? The answer points to a rogue unit of the Portuguese northern military command firing a missile towards Lisbon, no doubt citing overcentralization as they prepared for this heartless attack.
No injuries and the fire was "under control" by 3pm local time.

It says the fire started at a tire warehouse. I wonder what kind of particulates and other things I don't fully understood shot up into the air and much the health of someone who, even for a few hours, lived next to a burning rubber pit would deteriorate.
No. 69899
I just come from Lidl. I really didn't see any empty shelves, though I didn't look for oil or toilet paper, everything seemed pretty normal.
However, they now have a new beer from Perlenbacher (Lidl piss beer brand) - Perlenbacher STRONG with 7.9% alcohol.
It's rather sweet, with a subtle note of Faxe.
For 49c (without deposit) it's probably the cheapest alcohol/price beer you can get around here.
No. 69900
A few sips later I had to pour it into a glass because the cans have that specific fragrance of "stuff that sat in the basement for too long" and they seemed to have used the cheapest metal they could find for the cans because it also tastes like metal.
From the glass it's better, but my hands still smell like basement, just from touching the cans.
The can of another kind of beer I also bought does not smell like this.
No. 69901
Perlenbacher tastes bad and you should feel bad

They always have Eastern European beer brands for maybe 10c more on sale though, which are very well worth the price.

Or just buy a Tragl of 20 .5 l bottles from your local bottle-o for 20 €, 15 if it's on sale. Can't ever go wrong with Augustiner or Tegernseer, for example.
No. 69902 Kontra
Sunflower oil price will rise if it hasn't already. Bye Bye cheap fats. Any good cheap alternative besides the usual candidates? That is only olive oil, canola oil and cocos oil come to my mind. I don't know the price for canola oil, perhaps sunflower will stay cheaper than oliv oil and cocos oil, both of which I regard at the higher end of the fat price spectrum of what is available in a normal grocery store.
Otherwise, why should people buy tp so much? While people are shocked and the war occupies there mind to certain extends, I think besides preppers nobody really considers a WW3 on German territory nor a shortage in base products.
No. 69903
Look, I could afford to do nothing but drink fancy craft beer for 1,60 per bottle, but I just wanted to try it.
So keep your poverty elitism for yourself and let other people discover things.

Also, where I live they don't sell any "Tragl". My regular beer is Flensburger anyway.
No. 69904
>Otherwise, why should people buy tp so much?
Why should you buy so much TP during a pandemic? You are asking questions nobody can answer, not even the people buying so much TP.
No. 69905
>Also, where I live they don't sell any "Tragl"
poor soul
No. 69912
It's okay, at least I'm not bavarian.
No. 69913
30 kB, 500 × 469
Went out into the garden today. Cleaned up the table a bit and wrote the first haiku of the year.
I think I mentioned how my mother and father cut down a tree that used to give me shade, so now I don't have enough of it at my table. I told them this and my father just laughed at it, because to him it seemed like such a trivial problem.
So the first day of actual summer will probably be spent fine-tuning the umbrella so I neither burn myself in the weather, nor my eyes start melting from the books reflecting the sun.
Maybe I'll just go the easy way and wear sunglasses.

I had a nap and I woke up angry as fuck. Angry because the internet wasn't working, because my sister's dog was barking and angry because my mother made mint flavoured tea, which everyone seems to like, but I want to throw up from it, and there's at least 15 batches' worth of bags left of this shit.

Anyway, I made my own tea, closed the dog out of the house and fixed the internet.
Tomorrow will be a long day again.
No. 69931
I think canola is about the same price, if not slightly cheaper. That might be that we actually grow the shit here though so maybe it's different on the Germany.
No. 69932
Great news reporting today from Ernsts. Hopefully the flames have died down in Lisbon and the process of healing and rebuilding can commence soon. So far there's been no announcements from the government of sending humanitarian aid to the effected areas.

Interesting! To me Ötker somehow appears more Scandi or even German than Oetker. Oetker sounds like a colonialist Dutch factory owner in South Africa to me.
No. 69933
Germany grows it a lot as well. At least my childhood memories of a bike trip are full of those yellow fields.
No. 69934
I had to google canola oil when I was in Australia, which seems to be the standard oil there. Apparently it's some kind of rapeseed oil which is common in Germany, but we've also got sunflower oil and olive oil and assorted 'vegetable oils'.

I never liked frying things too much anyway (except Schnitzel, which gets fried in butter and nothing else PERIOD), air-frying stuff is healthier anyway - and doesn't turn into mushy stuff after a few hours. Air-fried potato fries don't taste as intense as if they were drenched in vegetable oil.

>I had a nap and I woke up angry as fuck. Angry because the internet wasn't working, because my sister's dog was barking and angry because my mother made mint flavoured tea, which everyone seems to like, but I want to throw up from it, and there's at least 15 batches' worth of bags left of this shit.
I feel you. In 30 years I only got to like (well, tolerate) certain types of tea again, like Earl Grey, green tea and rooibos again because as a kid I only got fed tea when I was sick. To this day I can't drink chamomile or peppermint tea, the mere smell of it wants me make to vomit. Talk about Pavlov's dog.
No. 69940
I was listening to a radio feature on pork production in northern Germany and had to giggle when a woman said
>...how much does the pig eat? How much does the mea(t) ..pig drink..

The pig is already a finished pork product, not an animal anymore in that freudian slip :DDD

For Germans interested:
No. 70010 Kontra
24 kB, 451 × 451
I finished the book I need to write a paper on. The first small chapter on why the author wrote that book will not be that hard, but since I didn't take many notes I will have to look up again and again while writing. Feels stupid to have been that lazy and even worse is that it also feels like a gigantic pile that is only half understood so far and while I know that writing a humanities paper is usually done in more than one feedback motion and yet, I feel like it will be a hard time cutting through and produce something of value. Tbh looking at the some debates around that book I've found, my idea of examining in detail my questions seem to provide some unanswered questions, a bit interesting then.
No. 70024
387 kB, 2048 × 1366
32 kB, 600 × 399
The sky is orange and Saharan sand is falling everywhere. The outside is orange too, a certain yellowish tint all around. Dust is on every exposed surface.

Canola oil is a more soothing name for rapeseed oil. They're the same.
No. 70028 Kontra
I wrote next to nothing so far. Instead I procrastinated because I feel like I will fail with this work, fail as in it would be badly graded. I never had this after my first student paper and now I'm kinda stuck. I read all this shit, but turning it into my own words now seems impossible. Going through hundreds of pages again. Worst is that every chapter has bits of info in it, due to the and argument made I suppose. Fuck this shit.
No. 70032
When was the last time a girl smiled at you?
For me, tonight, when I was on my way home from groceries. Usually I don't pay attention, but I guess two years of masking make one more sensitive.
Probably people are just happy seeing faces again.
No. 70035
If you subtract the ones I talk to because I know them it's the following: where I live now it happens way more often than where I used to live. Like on average once or twice a month instead of zero in several months. It's a good feeling, no? Wish I had the courage to make use of it and ask to give them my number so they can write me if they are interested.
No. 70047
2,0 MB, 2560 × 1600
Started working on my essay for one of the translation-seminars. I felt the title "My story" was a bit constraining, so I decided to give it a subtitle, which reads "Or, a timely meditation and workshop document pertaining to the why and how of my translations"
I churned out like two pages. Lotta quotations and hot opinions woven into the "narrative". I think the lecturer is going to like it, simply because it's a true account of my journey and views, because unlike most people I'm on a journey.
Though I'm not satisfied with the style 100%. It's a bit like as if I were jerking myself off through my writing with all those quotations and footnotes I feel free to use now for some reason.

Also arrived like 15 minutes early to Chinese class so I talked for a bit in Chinese with the native language consultant. It went better than the last time we had a moment like this.

Workshop class went well. We discussed last week's class a bit (because we were asked if everything is going smoothly in the workshop) and apparently the feedback that was given about us is that we had a "lively" discussion last week, which, according to the account of my classmates boiled down to me sitting on the chair with my legs crossed, rocking back and forth sipping on a can of energy drink and saying hot opinions, and I didn't even realize I got that relaxed last week.

Girl sat next to me in the library. Like she had the entire fucking library to choose from but she sat right next to me at the corner of the table and immediately started chatting.
Two years in, and apparently people "like" me enough to chat me up for some reason. They think I'm funny and in the know of what's happening.

Yeah. I've been drinking the same type of bagged shit for two decades now, and I can't go a day without it.
Even though I drink actual tea now, still like 90% of my consumption is just the shittiest leaves you can buy for like 90 cents boiled in a giant jug with lemon and sugar.

I mean, every day, but the young cashier girl's smile this morning kinda melted my heart.
No. 70048
204 kB, 1478 × 1080
>When was the last time a girl smiled at you?
When I read this, it had been a week or so. Then, a chasier who I knew from middle school, smiled at me. It wasn't pleasant, I am not at ease around her. In fact, she terrifies me.
No. 70053
That scene is so good.
No. 70073
Playing my second D&D session with my new crew this saturday.
I got invited to one of my new player's birthday party. I haven't been invited to a girls's birthday since I'm a child.
No. 70142
She wants the Dragon
No. 70150
wikipeda is built in a way where articles can be updated as the understanding of the subject in question changes or improves. and the history of those changes is preserved so one can "go back in time"

but how would a wiki deal with language itself changing from underneath it?
like, accounting for the "linguistic drift" of words slowly changing their meanings?
wouldn't it be possible for an article, as it is continuously updated, to start describing a different thing from what it initially did, simply because the context around the subject changed?

Would it even be possible to devise a repository of knowledge that would preserve not only the information, but the context around that information as well?
No. 70151
385 kB, 840 × 1120
Put on a hoodie which I hadn't worn in several months, reached into the pocket and was shocked to find a mask tucked away. omg it was real... wearing masks, social distancing, vaccines...that shit happened.
No. 70154
15 kB, 523 × 158
>wouldn't it be possible for an article, as it is continuously updated, to start describing a different thing from what it initially did,
It would only appear different when read from our perspective in the long-past, as we would be confronted with centuries of shifting vocabulary all-at-once. For contemporary readers, the events would be encoded in a way which they could understand. In a sense, each successive article update would act as a minor translation, incorporating linguistic drift in real time, and slow enough to not hinder comprehension of the underlying event. ofc if a future reader were to scroll back a century or two and try to read what we've written today, then they may struggle, as we would struggle with middle or old English.
No. 70155
That's a really interesting question.

I'm searching my brain for anything I've learned in formal logics that could give a hint as to the possibilities of preserving contextual meaning when the semantics are chaning, but I don't think I've ever seen anything on that problem.

Btw, brick, I've found a very neat and concise description of the three elements of (formal) language; I think you'll appreciate it:

The three elements are: syntax, semantics and deductive systems.

The description of each (which is the part I think you'll appreciate) is as follows:

  • syntax: Formula expressing facts (ie. facts about how to express a formula/sentence)
  • semantics: Expressing validity (truth) in a logic/language
  • deductive system: Axioms + Inference rules (where one inference rule is the relation of multiple premises to one conclusion, and an axiom is a conclusion without any premises)

This concise description is pretty much the core of formal logic today and you can express all formal and natural languages on this basis (which includes the entirety of mathematics, all computer programs every written, every sentence ever said out loud...).
No. 70156
I remember a norwegian person that for some reason thought all swedes were nazis, they really hated swedes. It didn't seem like a joke. I was left perplexed and confused at this strange ethnic bias.
No. 70194
I just had an argument with my mom.
She believes 100% of what she sees on the public channels while I extrapolated my EC tyre opinions.
She only calmed down probably because she was exhausted and because I told her that I hate all politicians, because she's also of that mindset that if you don't like A you must like B, thus suspecting me of supporting the rightist retards.
I just have to stop talking about politics in the future because it won't lead anywhere anyway.
Though I found it funny how she mentioned how (some) people are saying "Flüchtling" again instead of "Geflüchtete" and how that gender stuff isn't important anymore if you have more pressing issues, when she has been a staunch supporter of the Green party for years - and those were pushing the gender stuff and "nondiscriminatory language" and all that the hardest.
No. 70260 Kontra
Poor mum. Though I don't think that your self reflection makes much sense, you can hate all politicians but that doesn't mean you don't have any political affiliations in though with rightwing etc. you have a problem with certain progressivism it seems which makes you conservative. If you don't like A, it is very likely you are B.
No. 70284 Kontra
> you have a problem with certain progressivism it seems which makes you conservative
> If you don't like A, it is very likely you are B.
Right, because C to Z don't exist, yes? I mean we can clearly see this in the war thread, because if you don't like Americans you MUST be a Putin supporter and if you don't like Putin you MUST be sucking US dick, right?

Also, talking further she said "it was like that with Hitler back then, too" and "how much longer will we just stand by and look?".
I am wondering how widespread that opinion is. Knowing how our politicians will do anything that's popular, what will they do when people actually demand NATO involvment?
I live next to a high priority target and was tempted to ask her if she is really willing to sacrifice me for "helping" the Ukraine.
No. 70303
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Supervisor sent me back my Han Feizi translation at one AM. The email read "Congratulations, it turned out really well! Attached minor corrections." and I went to bed thinking it was actually good, but when I actually got to check it on my PC, oh boy, were there a lot of "minor corrections" to be looked at. Nothing that changes the meaning of the sentences completely, it's just extra meanings I left out or rewordings to be more accurate.

Honestly as good as I felt reading that email praising my work, I feel just as demoralized now reading the corrections. I don't even want to see it or work on fixing up my text.
I should be taking it better, but I just feel demoralised by it. Even with the better use of dictionaries, availability of text-specific notes and checking with the English and the German it wasn't perfect.

We went to some bumfuck nowhere village market because my mother thought it'd be a good idea. Decided to not be a nuisance so I didn't complain about it and just went along with it, but it took twice as long as expected to get there because my mother didn't plan the trip at all and the GPS navigated us to a river crossing with a ferry.
I got nothing against the countryside, but it was not worth it at all to go to a market two hours away just to look at the same shit they sell at Budapest markets.
Had a nice lángos and got some Kalevala-studies volume. Wasn't a bargain but by the looks I could have paid a lot more for it.
No. 70306
>Honestly as good as I felt reading that email praising my work, I feel just as demoralized now reading the corrections. I don't even want to see it or work on fixing up my text.
>I should be taking it better, but I just feel demoralised by it. Even with the better use of dictionaries, availability of text-specific notes and checking with the English and the German it wasn't perfect.

You will overcome and manage better, feel is known and usually you will get better with time. But then again, you guessed it already, the optimization process has no end.
No. 70321
This. It also helps trying not to take things too personally. It's like with an assburger post on EC, the person writing it might not have any bad intentions or anything, but it might come off like that.
No. 70355
I had very intense eye contact with a beautiful girl on the train over a prolonged time and when we both got off I found out she was with a friend I couldn't see from my point of view before. They spoke something that sounded like Russian, how big are the chances they were Ukrainian refugees? I was just wondering. Of course, I was to shy to ask or talk to them.
No. 70415
The roleplaying went very well. Sadly, few treasures were found and the thief was flattened by a giant rock. It means the crew has no thief left and thus is seriously handicapped in lock-picking.
After something like 5 hours in the game we stopped and played hide and seek in the pen and paper bunker with all the lights off; an old tradition, still extremely fun. It’s strange to walk 10cm away from the seeker and still be able to sneakingly get away.
We then talked for something that felt like an hour and was actually closer to four and I think I haven’t laughed like that in years.

A strange experience and a strange team. I think the three girls are single and the guy looks like some kind of Hollywood actor. All fun and chill people. I had a great time.
No. 70419 Kontra
16 kB, 685 × 452
I just remembered I had verse translation assigments, so now I translated like 6 verses in iambic metre from T.S. Elliot's "Cats" in like three hours and I want to kill myself because it's absolute dogshit and I'd deny I have anything to do with this text.
Is this what noblemen felt when they sired bastards?
I kinda see myself in the text but I'd never let it bear my name.

Well obviously I'm not taking it personally, because there's no reason to do that. Ultimately it's all for the better and it's done to help my entry into the field.
It's just that I thought I was making more progress than I actually was. Obviously if this was an Eastern Block industrial project heads would roll, but there's really nothing at stake right now. (Besides maybe my reputation if I can claim I have one.)
No. 70421 Kontra
93 kB, 335 × 438
>stay up until 3 AM to finish it
>she fucking cancels the seminar in the morning
I’m done
No. 70442
181 kB, 1280 × 853
it's very strange, really.

here we had next to zero cases (at least in my city), until late last year, given Australia went comfymode North Korea. everyone took it extremely seriously, and then after the latest wave early this year (really, our first wave), people have gone straight to not caring. It feels like the only place where people are consistently wearing them, is public transport, or the Chinese/Vietnamese suburbs (but even then, it's hit or miss). Sometimes I feel I'm too cautious now, but then again I work with the elderly who have significant comorbidities - and don't really want to kill them.

sometimes it feels almost as if I skipped the pandemic. my city only had a ~one week official lockdown, along with the drama at the start of it all. it went from nothing to normality.

that said, it still impacts. that feeling when NZ border is shut, and family over there sick with (and fairly likely not to pull through) covid. They have 15 - 20k cases per day, and are still waiting 3 more weeks to open the border to Australians (let alone anyone from elsewhere - which will be months after). It's depressing, considering they also went North Korea tier - it's been 2 years without being able to see family. Maybe if they didn't do that though - she would've caught it 2 years ago at the start, before the vaccines were around. Impossible to ever know.
No. 70445
553 kB, 716 × 304
The girl I broke up with moved back to her ancestral lands. Now I can enjoy consequence free fantasizing about could have been without dealing with the very real penalties for maintaining that relationship or risking attempting to contact her again in a moment of desperation.

Everything went better than expected's.
No. 70459
Art blind people operating under a heuristic inherited from the culture of the time can produce good art, as mere instruments of the will of the geist of that time.
But if the culture changes to a worse one, those same people will produce bad art.
They weren't the ones making the art, they were crafting something according the metrics set by the demands of the time, whuch happened to be good.

Explains how people can make amazing things and 10 years later follow it up with crap.

Consistent artists carry a spirit within them, to which they dedicate their craft.
No. 70466
Did an AI writer write this post?
No. 70468
I hate standup comedy, but this Ai generated comedy actually made me laugh

No. 70470
don't worry about it, I was just trying to reconcile how blizzard used to make quite good games, and then once they got big, they made the same games, but shit, despite staffing mostly the same core of people.
And those people seemed to start exuding a deep contempt towards any of their previously good games, and decided to do literally the opposite of what made them good. ("you think you want it, but you don't")
How can someone who is good enough to make something good, then goes and makes a bad version of the thing they've already made?
Well, the answer is that they were never good "artists", only good "craftsmen". They crafted the game according to the prevailing culture of the time that imagined what a "good game" is, and they followed that diligently, as crafters do. And it was good.
Ten years later, nothing about them changed, their methods didn't change. But the culture changed. Again, the diligently implemented the things that were considered "good" in that culture. But the culture had degraded by that time, so they ended up carefully crafting shit.
They're aren't to blame for the outcome, and they weren't to praise for the initial success either.

Some people just make stuff "to spec", they have no internal "spec" guiding them, in the form of an ideal or a principle or whatever. They just implement.

Also, I took a tripple dose of my sleeping pills because the effects were kinda funny. My body is all uncoordinated, as if I were heavily drunk. My mind though, works fine. Quite funny effect to be stumbling around like I'm piss drunk, but actually sober.

It didn't make me any more sleepy though.
No. 70472 Kontra
What happened was that the culture changed. Those same people thought about their work and they tried to make a quality product, even with their previous work still under their belts, but that very quality and work came back to bite them.
What should have happened, is that that the game culture should have evolved, and people would have become less obsessed with crafting "games" into existing, and more with crafting meaningful experiences. But that didn't happen, so they've ended up reverting to the old ways because there's no other option.

If you are able to get away from the typical blizzard stuff you can find many better "artsy" games like Minecraft, Terraria, Terraria 2, Don't Starve, Prison Architect, Frozen Synapse, and many more.

Continued your post with GPT just for fun. Time to go play that artsy Terraria 2 now.
No. 70479
I'm shit and the world would be better off without me. /post
No. 70483
59 kB, 251 × 420
But would Ernstchan be better about you? Think about the others!
No. 70484 Kontra
195 kB, 1000 × 1000
Be careful what you say, he could be the schizo German. I'm really just joking here though and don't think so, if anybody thinks I want to steer things up

Looks like the people that moved in lately are people who think it's ok to blast music that late during the week. I hope they will turn it down once the semester starts.
No. 70488
Sorry to hear how Covid affected- and is still affecting- your family, Ernst.

For the most part, I was personally untouched by the pandemic(so far...). At the beginning I was in Florida, which meant minimal shut-downs, virtually no masking even when it was mandated, and neither my mother nor siblings got it bad enough to be hospitalized.(No other family to speak of, and no social circle)Then, after moving to New York, masks were taken seriously but by this point businesses were open and everything functioned normal-ish.
So I pretty much skated through the whole thing, with only superficial adjustments like wearing a mask at work and making an effort to walk a bit wider around people. Now even that is in my rear-view mirror with only the physical artifacts- masks stuffed here and there, my vaccine card- providing evidence that the whole thing happened at all. I don't know, I guess there are advantages to being isolated and alone all the time.
No. 70491 Kontra
2,5 MB, 704 × 720, 0:21
No way m8! Tomorrow's gonna be a better day.
No. 70492
My mother and I got COVID late last year. Absolutely horrendous experience, but thankfully, we survived.

I completely lost my sense of taste for two weeks and had to drink 1.25 gallons of water a day because the sweating would not cease. Eating was a chore because I had no appetite and would consume maybe 1200 calories a day at most.

Could not be happier to be alive.
No. 70494
just looked in the mirror and realized that I don't have that "young person fresh look" any more.
There's barely any difference to how I looked in my mid early 20s, but the subtle differences that are there signify that my body is now past the peak and has begun the process of deterioration.
The human eye is ruthlessly perceptive when it comes to things like that.
No. 70496 Kontra
I've had the same feeling lately, I still look young it seems, other people at uni think I'm mid-twenties just like them, but I'm ~5 years older. Looking in the mirror my skin seems to be the best indicator for deterioration. As we Germans say "Der Lack ist ab" (the coating/lacquer is gone). Also, my body looks more like an older man body these days I think :DDD
Not sure, but I think you can think for yourself that alcohol consumption can accelerate this process.
No. 70497
227 kB, 897 × 678
My private research concerning the history of the humanities leads me to a broad conclusion that at least strands of theory and methodology in these areas of research is using systems thinking and thinking of self-organization and complex systems vocabulary to describe and comprehend culture for example as a complex system. (same goes for sociology I'd say) Looking at it know, I knew this before, but reading about the history of concepts of self-organization makes it more clear how that might have come about and where it came from.

One question atm for me is how mechanistic (same as reductionist thinking?) conceptualizations for example in physics and complex systems thinking and self-organization in biology are at war or not these days in the sciences? Because the book I'm reading is from the mid 90s, a time when chaos theory had a hype that spilled into culture and society at large. Not the best case to evulate from that point of view, nearly 30 years have passed since then.
No. 70530
Chaos theory is a valid theory though. If the Toba eruption, for example, hadn't happened (or kill all the remaining humans), we would have several races of humans the other humans couldn't even breed with. Imagine hybrids of chimp and humans, I think there's been several novels been published about that theory too (like how America at its discovery by Europeans wasn't settled by humans but by... whatever you'd classify these beings as, intelligent monkeys or really dumb neanderthals, i've forgotten the name of the novel, I just found the concept really fascinating).


Or what if the Tunguska event had happened a few hours later. It would have flattened St. Petersburg and history would have taken an entirely different direction.
No. 70543
264 kB, 777 × 1600
5,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,9 MB, 4032 × 1960
611 kB, 2016 × 980
So yesterday I went to the nearby park and decided to take some photos.

  1. This is what the path towards the park looks like. it's also where I jog.
  2. The park is small and is planted with trees, with pockets of pavement for walking and benches.
  3. It is built against a canal that cuts through the city. It is not functional after fall of USSR. It used to water the fields around the city, but now the fields are the city.
  4. There's a big empty space on this side of the park.
No. 70544
3,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
181 kB, 1600 × 777
159 kB, 1600 × 777
222 kB, 1600 × 777
Bridge is right behind previous photo.

Views from bridge and also from other side of the canal.
No. 70545
4,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
5,3 MB, 4032 × 1960
304 kB, 1600 × 777
304 kB, 1600 × 777
Kazakh "sculpture" and mysterious constructions.
No. 70547
5,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
5,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
5,3 MB, 4032 × 1960
709 kB, 2016 × 980
Back on the "square" we have a rusty stage, a big football field, and a child maiming contraption.
And another smaller football cage.

Why are there so many?
No. 70548
635 kB, 2016 × 980
695 kB, 2016 × 980
522 kB, 2016 × 980
562 kB, 2016 × 980
More "sculpture" and mysterious constructions.
For some reason a bus is driving down the canal.
Cool graffiti tho.
No. 70549
583 kB, 2016 × 980
225 kB, 1600 × 777
249 kB, 1600 × 777
156 kB, 777 × 1600
More vandalism.
Also a transformer station I guess?
4: the least ugly tree in kazakhstan.
No. 70550
744 kB, 2016 × 980
743 kB, 2016 × 980
4,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
608 kB, 2016 × 980
Ok, at this point I was slowly becoming aware that there was loud sounds in the background I was subconsciously ignoring, so I started walking towards them.

Apparently, it was national holidays and there was a festival going on right in this park.
I suddenly realized that "days" and "dates" are things that exist and not just numbers on a screen.
No. 70552
292 kB, 1600 × 777
4,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
4,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
I realized too late that I was caught on TV crew camera, otherwise I'd have not entered the crowd.

Backstage performers.
Further in another corner of the park some other commotion was going as well.
I think the huge gas pipes frame this picture nicely.
Sheep laying on the ground. It was alive, I checked. Although, it didn't react to anything, even kids trying to tease it. I think it knew what was coming.

Source of the commotion. Some kind of childrens' wrestling competition.
No. 70553
3,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
5,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
481 kB, 2016 × 980
862 kB, 2016 × 980
Inside the tents there were tables and food.
I think you could get something to eat, but I didn't want to talk to anyone.

Some doomer goth kids sitting nearby. The upbeat ethnic music blaring in the area really diminishes the image they're trying to project.

Then I went home and met a weird looking squirrel on the way.
I didn't have any nuts or seeds so it fucked off.

The end.
No. 70558
are you trying to pull my leg or something

There's a war going on and people still film their fucking dramas?
No. 70560
237 kB, 932 × 787
No. 70561 Kontra
162 kB, 1169 × 1391
People went to the clubs on the weekend, what do you mean? Live goes on just like when people die of famine in Africa or natural disasters in SEA or some civil war in South America, some terrorist attack in the middle east or some western country, or looney killing spree in some western country or whatever else, you name it.
No. 70563
Searcb engines are so fucking bad these days that i unironically want a centrally planned publicly funded internet now.

Imagine if you searched "how to make dumplings" or "how to change a tire" and there was only ONE result, written by a real human, in a public archive containing answers to to every question, staffed by experts on the subject.

Or better yet, make search engines index books only and force people to get published if they want people to read their drivel.

Mass literacy was a mistake.
We should start scanning linkedin for people who have "copywriter" in their job description and executing them on the streets.
It wouldn't even be homicide, those "people" don't pass the turing test
No. 70564
> only ONE result, written by a real human, in a public archive containing answers to to every question, staffed by experts on the subject.
That's called "Wikipedia". :DDD
No. 70566 Kontra
What's wrong with AI written articles? Here, have one more made just for your search for "how to make dumplings":
This is an extremely easy recipe with very few ingredients. There are no exact quantities here. Experiment with it until you find the proportions that suit you best.

Serves 4 (with leftovers)


• 1 egg
• 50g/½ cup unbleached flour
• A tiny pinch of salt
• 25g/¼ cup frozen peas
• About 50g/2 oz grated cheese, cheddar is ideal
• 1 onion, diced finely
• 100g/3½ oz mushrooms, sliced
• A few spring onions, finely chopped
• 30g/2 tbsp grated coconut
• Small handful fresh parsley
• Oil for frying
• 4-5 dumpling wrappers


  1. Mix the egg with the flour and salt in a bowl, stir until smooth.
  2. Add a tablespoon of cold water and stir it in. The dough should come together smoothly. If it's not forming a dough, stir in a tiny bit more water, 1 teaspoon at a time.
  3. Now, add the frozen peas, grated cheese, diced onion, mushrooms and half of the spring onions. Mix gently.
  4. Place the mixture into a small plastic container and refrigerate for 30-45 minutes. The mixture should get nice and stiff.
  5. With a wet spatula, gently remove the mixture from the container. Then, roll the dough into the mixture with your hands, a little bit at a time.
  6. Put the mixture into the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.
  7. Once you're ready to make the dumplings, take the dough out of the refrigerator. Make small dumplings using about a teaspoonful of the mixture each. This means they'll be a perfect size for the pan. If you make the dumplings too large, they'll take too long to cook.
  8. Mix the grated coconut, the rest of the spring onions and the parsley together.
  9. Spray some oil in a large nonstick frying pan over a medium heat and place the dumplings in the pan.
  10. Gently fry the dumplings for 3-4 minutes each, until they are golden brown on both sides.
  11. Serve them with the coconut sauce on top.

>Searcb engines are so fucking bad these days that i unironically want a centrally planned publicly funded internet now.
True. So far the best method seems to be to use proper search engine to search reddit of all places to find something that a human wrote. And that's going away soon as well. The only glimpse of hope lies with the "boutique" search engines that are beginning to pop up. Unfortunately my experiences so far with them has been extremely bad.
No. 70567
325 kB, 720 × 1480
Didn't work

There's another search engine called "asking friends", but I don't have an account on there and it's invite only.
No. 70568 Kontra
I forgot to add that thanks for the nice IWO. Strange collection of things contained into a single event. The wrestling particularly felt out of place. Nice yurts.

That first picture, middle graffiti has really great colors. Enjoyed the composition very much. But does it say something? I can't seem to make that out.
No. 70569
70 kB, 525 × 770
74 kB, 540 × 960
No. 70573
5,8 MB, 4000 × 3000
Drove 600km yesterday, would post more pics but I was driving most of the time so not many interesting pics.
No. 70575
412 kB, 589 × 1659
4,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
4,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
Way more ebin than wikihow and stackoverflow joges.

See, at least mail ru answers reflect the opinion of "NAROD". As in, the common people. It's anti-elitist like that. You can't get answers to your actual question, but you can gauge the sentiment of "THE PEOPLE".
Other answering websites are way more fascist and aristocratic.

I wanted to also attach a Quora meme, but Quora is beyond jokes. Its existence is too sad and banal.

I can't read gangsta writing, especially in cyrillic, so I couldn't tell.
Matters are further complicated by cyrillic and latin alphabets sharing a lot of symbols, but not all of them, and some symbols having different phonemes attached to them.

So, here's high res pictures of all three grafs depicting the same letters.
I idenfity a {K}, followed by an {N}, than an {i}, and this squiggly thing that could either be {b}, cursive {б}, {ь}, or even an uppercase {G}.
Then we have something that is much more similar to cursive {б} or {в} with upper part squashed, or {ь} / {Ь}.
Then a {T}, or a very stylized serif {L}, followed by a {ь}/{б}/{в} again.

Someone much more well versed in gangsta writing could probably chime in with insights of their own.
No. 70576
For days now I've been mentally preoccupied but can't figure out what exactly my mind is spinning around. There is no conscious center, no subject of which I am aware, only a sense there is something I'm supposed to be doing, or preparing for, a call I was supposed to make, a bill I forgot to pay...nothing, just a tickle in the back of my mind.

>I think you could get something to eat, but I didn't want to talk to anyone.

Surprised to hear some praise for graffiti. I thought you hated all of it on philosophical grounds- artists imposing their work on the public, etc. Agree, though, it's cool. I'm glad the artists, presented with such a fine canvas, took time to tag it properly. And one dude basically painted a mural, lol. Nice.
No. 70577
when i was a kid i used to play with other kids.
one time we were throwing stones at eachother ironically
another kid threw a stone and got hit by a stone in my right eyebrow from about 10-15 meters
it was rather painful.

It happened one more time 5 years later when we were doing the same with my friend.

I got hit in the head by a stone twice in my life.
No. 70578 Kontra
I had a panic attack today. A girl I cuddled with long ago came to the theater. For some reason it made me panic. We had to seat next to each other while watching other people play for around thirty minutes and I started to blink heavily and couldn’t stop thinking about blinking, I think I turned red and it came to the point where I wanted to puke.
I’m still baffled at what happened, I already sat next to her in the same conditions and sat next to ex without fucking loosing it.
No. 70579
I mellowed out on it because
a) you can't control what other people do in public, and you probably shouldn't try to unless you want to become a cringe fascist
b) at least it's competently done graffiti rather than a crudely spray painted "XYN"
c) the object that is painted over is of no architectural value or interest, so ANY kind of artistic expression imposed upon it is an improvement
d) this entire country is such a black hole of culture, art and expression that I'll take anything at this point.
Last winter I gave a busker 5 bucks even though he was playing the shittiest version of "smells like teen spirit" I've ever heard, just because I was so surprised and impressed that someone would dare to be a busker in a country where being a beggar would pay more, if only because you don't have to buy new guitar strings.
I still did troll him by demanding he play Freebird and Vladimirskyi Central though, that's just tradition, you can't break it.
No. 70580
>I still did troll him by demanding he play Freebird and Vladimirskyi Central though, that's just tradition, you can't break it.
Back in my day trolling meant something.
Like asking for Wonderwall.
No. 70581 Kontra
I still think that most graffiti looks bad, is ego driven, and doesn't incorporate the surrounding architecture and context to fully realize its artistry, though.

I guess my point is, given good architecture and good graffiti on that architecture, I'd pick good architecture any day.
If there's no good architecture, then... well it doesn't matter is it, bad architecture means everything is ruined and shit and bad already, so do whatever, anything goes.

t. visual artist insecure about the fact that architecture, music and literature are more noble art forms than painting
No. 70582 Kontra
I'd pay someone to STOP playing wonderwall if they were doing so.
If they refused, I'd instead offer my fists as a currency.

I hate pommy music so fucking much it's unreal.
No. 70583 Kontra
83 kB, 744 × 858
You did well despite not being versed in gangsta. I wasn't even sure if those were letters at all and I (should) know regular cyrillic. Don't know cursive but it feels too sharp and blocky for it, but maybe it's gangsta cursive.

I generally dislike graffiti because 99% of it is very poor in quality over here, which is understandable because authorities are so keen on removing them asap. Doesn't help that many of them are done to facades of neoclassical buildings and such so they don't really fit the aesthetic. The one's presented in the IWO are done with skill and care on a fine canvas, as you put it. Those seem to elevate the surroundings and I'm glad to have seen them.

Only graffiti here that has stuck on my mind is picrel creature, in different places with different lines. Not much in terms of style but it usually gets removed within days... It's called murhe mursu which could be translate as worry walrus. Text goes:

New year.
I hope it would be the last.
No. 70584
See, THAT'S how you get reactions.
I'd rather hear a bad rendition of Freebird than having Oasis play in my living room.
No. 70585 Kontra
394 kB, 220 × 220, 0:05
I felt like absolute shit yesterday after coming home due to lack of sleep. I fell asleep after lunch, which only seemed to have worsened things, and when I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep.

Suffered through the day I don't even know how. I had like a chocolate for breakfast and a piece of French toast and then I somehow managed to get through Classical Chinese class without making too much of an ass of myself because I only did preliminary readings of the texts that were assigned instead of translating them.
Got trolled by 焉. Still, the textbook's example texts are infinitely more easy than going out into the "wild".

Anyway, lecturer said in person that he congratulates me for the Han Feizi translation because it was good, so I'm no longer sad about it.
Like I genuinely saw his eyes light up when he said it.

Went to the library after class to waste some time. Read like 20 pages from Bunbury and then I decided to leave because the place was draining me and I felt like I was going to roll over and die.
Instead I wasted time in the building of the workshop in a defunct library hallway looking at shitty late 1800s books on a variety of topics.

So anyway, during workshop class we talked about conferences, and I kinda got roped into partaking in one the workshops collectively organise every year. (By students for students.)
It's like 20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions, it's good exposure for relatively little work so why not do it. I just need to produce and abstract to hand it in and read a few shorter books/studies.

There's also going to be an "open day" where we invite high schoolers, and we agreed that we'd hold like 30 minute long presentations for them as the "Workshop of Oriental Studies" and answer their questions about the faculty and the programmes the university offers.
I decided on holding a "Don't fear Chinese characters" presentation where I'd break down characters into radicals to show how hanzis being scary are over-exaggerated. Like ~30 minutes or so.
Workshop secretary jokingly asked me not to make my presentations two and a half hour long.

So I'll have two relatively important extracurricular presentations that will be kind of my debut into the field in earnest.
No. 70592
45 kB, 600 × 462
Hellish day tomorrow.
I am spiritually ready. A Wednesday that will start a spree of 12 hour work days until completion of the tasks ahead.
Gonna kill it. I am filled with determination and inner strength.
No. 70596
>Someone much more well versed in gangsta writing could probably chime in with insights of their own.
Despite your lack of gansta cred, you were close to deciphering k-n-i-g-h-t. Surprisingly, the letters all appear to be in English. As you said, this tag appears multiple times. I thought it could be b-r-i-g-h-t, with a b instead of a rounded K and the lower-case n being a cursive r, but the more jagged letters in pic three removed any doubt.

gRiM appears first and third in pic 2, and first in pic 4. The lower-case g is sideways.

BONE is third in pic 4.

Not sure about the first tag in pic 3.

t.Not a hoodrat.
No. 70597

Perfectly sound reasonings. Wait, brick mellowing?
>I'd instead offer my fists as a currency.
Okay, that's more like it :3

>worry walrus
No. 70599
967 kB, 1392 × 1376
Holy! You're amazing!

Now that I know it's "knight" it's so obvious. And the other tags are spot on too. Thanks for deciphering.
No. 70606
3,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
What le fug
No. 70607
Why so surprized? Even in Almaty the average low temperature of March is below zero (warmer than in Moscow, but still), so intense snowfalls may happen, especially since spring in Amaty is comparatively humid.
No. 70621
That saw's gonna rust, if it isn't already. I'd keep that inside if you want to
keep using it.
No. 70628
37 kB, 423 × 243
Saw the hearse carrying Fábio Guerra drive past me. Fábio Guerra was a police officer that died from a brain hemorrhage after being brutally assaulted by two fuzileiros (marines) outside a nightclub in Lisbon.
It seemed they were having a funeral with state honors for him, a row of policemen in their parade uniforms saluted the hearse as it made its way downtown.
Couldn't snap a pic since I was driving, will post some once they come up on news websites.
No. 70637
119 kB, 980 × 724
While I think I grasp more in my field of interest, it seems to evade me even more at the same time. This seems normal to a certain degree, albeit I think a certain grip should be established by now (maybe that can be said after a dissertation or only as professor and even then it seems unlikely, until you day most areas will stay blank, at times dimly lit), yet it also feels like most things are yet too shallowly explored by me and I wish to penetrate deeply into a certain problematic.
The list of "to read" is growing again, hope it will diminish again a bit when I see that most is not possible and not that important anyway.
No. 70639 Kontra
135 kB, 693 × 1024
Additional info: Lidl had Italian cookies on offer, I've had a few different Mulino Bianco in my life already but never these and they taste preddy good. Dog Bless Mr. Schwarz to whom I pledge oath for a blessed supply chains of Italian cookies in these tumultuous times.
No. 70641
Does Lidl have home delivery for groceries in Germany? I suffer because can't order food from Lidl but have to pay top euros for domestic duopoly store chains.

Also tried to find that kissel powder stuff but was unable. The only dessert in powder form was vanilla mousse and even that wasn't delivered because it was out of stock. Why even live at this point?

T. eater of yet another Dr. Ötker frozen pizza that was delivered to me earlier today
No. 70642 Kontra
156 kB, 597 × 600
No. 70649
3,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
Thanks for the advice.
Anything else I should bring inside?
No. 70650
Made it to Melbourne. I want to go back to Brisbane now. Weather is better down here, but the traffic is rooted. Bigger roads, but ten times the cunts on them too.

Big because I fucking hate Brisbane.
No. 70651
What is that metal thing with the four handles with the toolbox lodged behind it?
No. 70653
I think it's like a big press / juicer.
You rotate the wheel to crush citrus fruit.

My father likes to collect trash.
He no longer does after I beat some sense into him.
The whole balcony and half the living room used to be filled with garbage like that, until I threw it away.

The only reason I'm not throwing away the rest is because he'd make an even bigger scene if I threw away the remaining "useful" stuff, than he did when I threw away literal broken garbage.

Also it's heavy and I'm lazy.
No. 70654
1,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
Ok, spoke too soon, he brought more trash
No. 70666
Holy shit :D

Is that normal in KZ or are you guys just extraordinarily messy?

Also, why not some plants on the balcony? How much of the year do you guys have weather suitable for growing herbs and fruits?
No. 70668
I laughed, fuggen saved!

My cellar once looked worse. Fun fact: I cleaned it up a while ago, and after that my neighbour showed me his cellar because it "was so messy". Needless to say it was still much more tidy than my "cleaned up" cellar.
No. 70670
>Is that normal in KZ or are you guys just extraordinarily messy?
In typical Post-Soviet cities balconies are frequently used just like that kind of messy storerooms, especially in older apartment buildings. For reference: my apartment doesn't have a balcony.
No. 70686
227 kB, 1920 × 1080
I crave sweets, have nothing in the house. Hopefully, Lidl still has some Mulino Bianco tomorrow, as far as I can conclude it's still a stock from two months ago or so that hasn't sold completely yet. Germans truly are lowbrow gourmets, rejecting to buy Italian cookies. and this is only have a joge since these cookies taste more aromatic and fresh than what you typically get in a German grocery store that is not an import product (french also make great cookies)

I think I already mentioned somebody new moved in above my room, and they play their instruments quite often, voices etc., sad!
No. 70688
238 kB, 1273 × 967
>I crave sweets, have nothing in the house
Couldn't happen to me, mouse included for size comparison. Also just learned that marzipan is a valid word in English.
No. 70689
86 kB, 700 × 681
What do you guys do to break the spell when you come home from work to your messy apartment and you don't have the energy anymore to do something actually worthwhile like reading and just lay on your bed stare at your phone and feel mildly down?
No. 70690 Kontra
933 kB, 220 × 220, 0:05
You had the power to choose any sweets you desire.

And you chose marzipan.
No. 70692
521 kB, 1060 × 1060
No need to be upset, it's not my fault the sacred marzipan tree doesn't bloom in Finland.

Usually I wait until shit piles up and then I go on a working spree until things are fixed and I can go back to slacking off.
No. 70694
Any fun stops along the way, or was it point A to B all business?

Put on music- usually something to make me feel even more down, because you gotta steer into the sadness like you're skidding on ice- pull up my hoodie to block out the world and then get to work.
No. 70695
Music used to help me a lot but it just doesn't work like it used to anymore. Sometimes it still does kick but I hardly buy vinyl or listen to full albums anymore.
No. 70697
19,2 MB, 8:24
Try this. Fleetwood Mac, off their 1980 album Live.
No. 70699
It's likely different for everyone and also related to what sort of work you do. For me ending up in that state means mental exhaustion, not so much physical. And combating that it's best to do something physical that requires very little thinking. I had a bad habit of drinking in this state - don't recommend it. Some positive solutions are to take a short nap, 30 min max or play some non-taxing games, or even work out a bit. Of course doing something productive like washing dishes or clothes gives you that boost of getting things done. Getting started with those isn't easy but if you manage to do so, great! Also might wanna try getting some really bright and cold lights. I feel they do a decent job keeping you out of that state to begin with or make you less inclined to get stuck on the bed.

Thank goodness for that. Do have to commend the size of that disgusting thing though. You are very... lucky.
No. 70702
I think today was okay.
Half my classes were cancelled so I only had to go from 18:00 to 21:00 for two workshop classes. First one was about Japanese art, the second was the usual German practice.
Nobody came to the German one, so I just talked with the lecturer one on one for one and a half hour and then we bid farewell.
He also gave me some books like "Hey the Germanistik workshop doesn't need these, you can take them if you want". Got a Solzhenitsyn (Krebs Station), three volumes of travelogues about the USSR, Siberia and China from the 60s by Hugo Portisch and a single volume edition of War and Peace in German.

The talk was really nice. Basically he kept asking me about how I got into Chinese culture, what I've read, what kind of an education I got and so on.
It was a genuinely good discussion.

Apparently the package I ordered two months ago from China is in Hungary, because the tolltards asked me for money again for their "service" of evaluating my package and telling me that there's zero toll on it.
I paid 499 HUF for the service on an 1200 HUF package.
Now I'm genuinely anxious if they'll toll the fucking 20k HUF dictionary that's on its way from Albion.

I'm going to start preparing for my mandarin midterms tomorrow. Basically a lot of handwriting and grammar checks.
No. 70706
I just wanted to say that marzipan is great and anyone who disagrees is obviously a savage who needs to get specially military operated.

t. ate a block of marzipan raw mass once
No. 70707 Kontra
Be careful what you say or I will sanction almond deliveries.
No. 70708 Kontra
On the domestic market?
No. 70711
218 kB, 992 × 1500
92 kB, 500 × 500
I secured two packs of Mulino Bianco. On my way out I declared the Lidl a sanctuary by drinking a cold brew coffee that I bought there as well to enjoy in the sun. I also have jobs for the summer again and I went on a small walk. Now I've successfully procrastinated the whole morning and hopefully will start working again on my student paper soon.

Yes, I have to stop imperialist US almonds from invading our marzipan bread. Do almonds gro in Germany?
No. 70713
>Do almonds gro in Germany?
Ach Ernst, they grow all along the wine regions and were actually grown commercially in the southeastern palatinate region. They even have celebrations: https://www.mandelbluete-pfalz.de/

Although I don't know right now if it's the same kind of almonds used for marzipan, but you're right in that the US is the main almond exporter in the world.
No. 70714

I know basically nothing about this state besides that it grows wine. It's the often-overlooked Bundesland for me. Like between NRW and BaWü is nothing, maybe Hessen.
No. 70716
Are you from Berlin?
No. 70719
There are infinite varieties desserts and snacks based on almonds and all of them are great thanks to the heavenly flavors provided by it. There is one exception though, which is marzipan. Absolutely vile and rancid excrement concocted by none other than the devil himself. Keep that shit away from me!

You're gonna get de-marzipanized, sicko.
No. 70720
>Absolutely vile and rancid excrement concocted by none other than the devil himself.
>proceeds to eat mämmi
Finns with culinary complaints are almost as funny as english "people" complaining about food.
No. 70721 Kontra
89 kB, 796 × 827
Over the line!
No. 70722
Just because of you I will now go and buy a pack of marzipan raw mass, subsequently devour it, with relish, and post about it here.
No. 70724
325 kB, 1152 × 2048
No, I was born in NRW and I don't live or lived in Berlin at any point in my life. Face it, RLP is close to the Saarland, not only geographically but also in significance :DDD
No. 70725 Kontra
530 kB, 847 × 735
I submitted my application for the conference the college is going to hold next month.
If they accept it (and why wouldn't they) then I'll be a presenter in the "Oriental Studies" section. A bit circlejerk-y, but which part of academia isn't?

It feels like this will actually be another important step in my life. Even if in retrospect nobody (even including me) will remember much about it.
Isn't it crazy? When I made my first posts on EC I was like in 11th or 10th grade in HS, and now I'm preparing for my first conference.
No. 70729
NRW is almost the same in their general attitude and self-importance.
That said, it was just that your comment reminded me of a map of "Germany according to Berlin" and the description of RLP was literally three question marks. Sadly I can't find it right now, but it was almost exactly your comment.
No. 70730 Kontra
58 kB, 880 × 495
>NRW is almost the same in their general attitude and self-importance.

I'm glad I'm from NRW, I think that says everything :DDD There is a reason people move "up north" :DDD I think it is an interesting remark with anecdotical character but the further north I got the more people I encountered from the south.
No. 70731
154 kB, 960 × 960
Time for some beers and rally driving to alleviate work stresi worries. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Begone, demon! Enjoy your treat my man.
No. 70732
I got a glimpese from the vidya thread that you got Dirt Rallye? Fantastic game, I've played it over a friends a couple of times. I find rally entertaining and fascinating Colin McRae was my first PC game ever but I've never been to one, sadly. Finland has the 1000 Lakes Rally, I'd like to attend. Once in my life at least before the soundless e-cars are coming through fully. Once in my life seeing a full Rally, Finlands 1000 Lakes has cool tracks obviously, lots of jumps and such. Did you go?
No. 70737
That feel when no gf.
No. 70738
My State tax return has been delayed, Federal arrived ~ month ago. At last update it was flagged for further review, then the system simply stopped giving me any status at all- just a 'system maintenance' screen. I sent them an email today asking wtf.

As for the reason my return was initially flagged, I believe I found the problem. Looking at what I submitted, the e-file software failed to attach a copy of my Schedule D- which is for Capital Gains/Losses. So I'm 99% sure they'll send me a follow up letter asking for that, and I have it prepared, but can't do anything until they make the next move.

t.Waiting game player

My God, it seems like just yesterday you were swearing about that librarian's filing system :D
No. 70739
36 kB, 637 × 358
>Dirt Rallye? Fantastic game [...] Colin McRae was my first PC game ever
Indeed indeed, Dirt Rally 2.0 is great. I have not played the newer versions but based on the reviews they seem to be more arcade-y. This one is just perfect for me. Colin McRae RIP was my first rally game too!

>Finland has the 1000 Lakes Rally, I'd like to attend [...] before the soundless e-cars are coming [...] Did you go?
I haven't been at any rally events myself but my family members have and they've enjoyed the Finnish rally. You'd most likely have to sleep in a tent or in your car as the hotels are quite limited in the area. I'm too attached to my creature comforts to do that. If you're really interested you should probably think about going this year! The E-cars are coming in fast so go see the "real cars" while you still can(if it's not too late already, not sure). There's always great footage coming out of the Finnish rally and the tracks are great fun to drive in Dirt Rally as well. I only went to see the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix in 2020 but it got re-scheduled due to corona, sadly. Eternal pain and regret shall haunt me until the day I die for not seeing Kimi Räikkönen race live. Still had a good time in Budapest though.
No. 70740
I like the Arctic rally where back in the day half of the cars would barely start :-DDD

My favourite in a season is usually Monte Carlo though. It's just really different from a lot of stages.
No. 70741
Why is it so satisfying to assemble parts, making stuff click and lock and latch and snap in place?
No. 70742
Because PiV substitute.

t. Freud
No. 70744
>you should probably think about going this year! The E-cars are coming in fast so go see the "real cars" while you still can(if it's not too late already, not sure).

Don't ignite fear in me! I won't go this year for sure, it is in August. I was thinking about Germany at least. Some Bulgarians also built an Audi Quattro clone and race it down the tracks heavier than all those appearing on historical rally rallies where they carefully drive/watch not do damage their (original?) Audi, 205 and such. Maybe some more amateur rally will keep the combustion engine cars longer.

I liked Monte Carlo in the first McRae as kid. The scenery is indeed very beautiful and ofc the hairpins are great. Afaik Monte Carlo is tricky because the conditions vary quite a bit from track to track.
No. 70745
Yeah, it's also interesting to see a lot of slow and technical driving compared to many of the other tracks that have high speed technic driving instead. It's fresh and unique that way.
No. 70755
Today, I realized that Germany is fucked. All the problems politicians/actors have been ignoring for decades are becoming apparent.

Energy - fucked
Healthcare - fucked
Welfare - fucked
Education - fucked
Pensions - fucked
Military - fucked
Currency - fucked

And the list goes in, forever. And on top of that, I am getting squeezed like a lemon. Taxes are wasted on megalomaniac projects, gifted away to niggers and friends and family of politicians, blatantly stolen or just used up by the ever-growing beurocracy. Quality of life has declined significantly, and it is getting worse every year.
No. 70756
Same here really. We have terrible heating solutions so our energy expenses are ridiculous compared to for example Danes if there is a problem w production at home or in Europe. Wealth inequality has increased the past decade. Education quality varies a lot depending on the school, there's ghetto schools at this point, at the same time gifted students are not encouraged because muh equality.

I wish I lived in a good country like Singapore or Luxembourg. (:
Memes aside, a lot of my family are moving to Denmark, maybe I should follow along even tho I dislike the Danish language.
No. 70760
>Maybe some more amateur rally will keep the combustion engine cars longer.
Combustion engines won't go anywhere in the near future. And if the government was actually serious in switching to electromobility then I wouldn't need to buy a new electro car, but instead could just exchange one for my old one. But the plan is just to make poor people immobile anyway, so this won't happen.
No. 70761
End of March, and I'm already bitten by mosquitos.
No. 70762 Kontra
Did you intentionally misuse my post to cry the personal musings you have with the government? I was referring to rally alone. Since E-cars will be a thing for WRC in the near future, while amateur events might still cling to combustion cars (also: classic rally cars for instance). It's not about producing new combustion cars nor has this anything to do with the switch for the broad masses to e mobility.

Giving everybody an EV instead, greening our current mobility organization basically, is a mistake anyway.
No. 70763
Sorry, I wasn't aware the WRC is switching to electro.
Doesn't change my point though and EV will also not "green" mobility organization as long as the whole production network is completely "greened".
Also, why are you so butthurt? Are you a Greens supporter or something?
No. 70764 Kontra
greening was used derogatorily
No. 70765 Kontra
I see. It's hard to tell these days. I think we are all cracking up a bit.
No. 70776
531 kB, 1280 × 720
It's weird how learning a new subject gives the subjective impression that your total amount of knowledge has decreased, by making you aware of the things you didn't know you didn't know about.

I'm going through a fundamentals of networking video course, and at some point I realized that I have NO idea why plugging my new wifi router into my old ISP issued modem/router combo, and then plugging my computer into the new router automatically just worked.

I also suddenly noticed that the modem and computers are all on the same subnet, while the wifi router is on a different subnet, which hierarchically makes no fucking sense because the router is the first device in the apartment's signal chain. And then it became clear to me that there is no hierarchy, it's all just arbitrary networks and the router and the modem probably both think they're on

This is deeply upsetting.
No. 70777
Feels known. After finishing my phd studies I felt dumber than before.
After having started my new job I also had to learn a lot of new things of a completely different field, making me feel even dumber.
No. 70778
6 kB, 306 × 165

Learning is a humbling experience, Ernst-san.
No. 70797
You know how seeing, smelling or hearing something unexpected can make you happy?
In February, I heard a passing swarm of cranes returning from their wintering grounds.
Today, I saw and heard a passing horde of three Mongols on my block. Not Finns or Russians, but actual Mongolian Mongols from Mongolia, speaking Mongolian (which is how I recognized them). Their language sounds so strange. Good times.
No. 70798 Kontra
59 kB, 624 × 434
Went out to the garden today. Cherry tree is blooming nicely as usual. The entire garden smells of nectar.
Haven't entered the recent acquisitions into my catalogue. They're in a pile. I'm just not in the mood.

Did some cleaning and then I assembled the second sun umbrella, because the sun was still shining into my eyes as I was sitting at the table.
It was kind of like a shitty point and click adventure game. I needed to get into the old garage, but I didn't know where the key was because I never opened that door ever before. So I found the key, but as it turns out the key isn't even needed, you just need to push the door in a very special manner.
Got the umbrella, but it didn't have the screws, so I had to look for some. Luckily in an old box I found exactly four screws for a motorbike that fit right into the umbrella, but those had a special head, but luckily I also found a screwdriver that while wasn't purpose built for it got the job done.

I read like a third of The importance of being Earnest and then I wandered the garden for a bit and came in. I just can't concentrate properly.
It's going to be a pain in the ass to translate, but not because it has too many puns, but rather because of the style. I need more contemporary, Hungarian books in my diet. Currently I'm either reading foreign stuff, translating old foreign stuff or reading translations into Hungarian, and I continuously find myself unable to compose a "contemporary" text while translating, instead constantly falling into archaisms and old styles from before the turn of the 20th century.

Studying Hanzis right now for the midterms on Monday. Can't take this.
I'm going to fucking fail at this rate.

Abstract was submitted for review. It's kinda comical in a sense because the scene is small. You have like maybe 3-4 people who're into Chinese philosophy in the same field, and one of them is my supervisor. Even if it's anonymous, you still kinda know who's doing what in the country.
I'll learn the results next week anyhow. I wonder if they'll let me actually present on the conference. I see no reason to reject it. It's an "under-researched" field topic in Hungary and there's like two other people volunteering for the section.
No. 70799 Kontra
Also went to the store with my mother and now there's a limit on how much of essential goods you can buy.
At least at Lidl.

Supposedly they're trying to keep panic buying at bay, but also because the government is still controlling the prices and they don't want to lose money on it.
We're so fucked once the price control ends on essentials like sugar, flour and vegetable oil. Not to mention the price of gas. (Not that it matters for the latter, at this point non-state owned gas stations are all about to close down to keep their losses to a minimum.)
No. 70800 Kontra
"flock", sorry.

>The importance of being Earnest
I don't read much but I liked that one.
>unable to compose a "contemporary" text
I don't even know what that would supposed to be like in German. Most German I encounter in my daily life reeks of Translationese, with the sloppiest examples even veering into outright nonsense such as Zoom's "Warten auf den Host um die Sitzung zu starten". I don't have social contact with young native speakers (or anyone else). The few times I happen to catch more than one sentence, they speak slightly like I always imagine marketers want people to speak.
No. 70801
>with the sloppiest examples even veering into outright nonsense such as Zoom's "Warten auf den Host um die Sitzung zu starten".
Well, "Gastgeber" wouldn't sound any less weird in this sentence. But just today I passed a billboard with some horrible denglisch, but I can't remember what it said. It was some nonsensical replacement of a perfectly fine german word with an english term.
Advertisers should all be killed anyway.
No. 70802 Kontra
I also want to add that in part due to my professional environment I actually started noticing my german deteriorate.
I think I asked in some earlier or other thread for examples of "good style german" literature, something like Thomas Mann, but not boring.
No. 70803
German as a language is dying a slow painful death. I blame TV and dubbing. Which leads to people hearing basically English sentences (structure) with German words shoehorned in.

And despite our language being perfect for making up words for new concepts we are either parroting English bullshit, or worse, parroting it WRONG. No, I'm not bringing up the "handy" example, that's been done to death. I'm cringing as I type this, but I'm wondering if a native speaker can guess what we are meaning when people call something an "oldtimer". Or (urgh) a "youngtimer".

Anyone wanna guess? No looking it up.
No. 70807
>I think I asked in some earlier or other thread for examples of "good style german" literature, something like Thomas Mann, but not boring.

Hermann Hesse, Der Steppenwolf.

To quote from the back of my copy: "Dieses Buch hat mich wieder gelehrt was Lesen bedeutet" - Thomas Mann

And while reading, keep in mind the date it was published. There is one line in there about "that new movement who call themselves 'The Nationalsocialists'" and what he thinks of them.

Generally one of my favourite books by a german author.
No. 70808
I think Mongolian sounds unusual because it has a lot of consonant clusters, and yet it manages to sound very pleasant and beautiful.
No. 70811
Ehh, I don't mind "oldtimer" that much. It's not some denglisch devised by clueless marketing idiots, and it nicely compacts a whole concept. I mean, what would your suggestion be for a proper "translation"?

And German is, as other languages, dynamic (to a certain degree). Just adopting specific terms - loanwords in general - is not bad imo, and you can always germanize them. And for example "Friseur" is not a french word, it's as much of a Scheinfranzösismus as "oldtimer" is a Scheinanglizismus.

However, I fully agree with your comment on using english language with german words. But that's also more of a problem with talentless translators working on tight deadlines than with dubbing in general. People have translated foreign poems in the past, but those people were poets themselves who already had an expertly grasp of the german language before attempting those translations. With modern translators it's more of a positive feedback situation. Some idiots made shitty translation other grew up with, who then in turn made even more shitty translations others grew up with and so on. Popularizing certain kinds of immigrant vernacular also doesn't help here.
No. 70812 Kontra
And forgot, thanks for the recommendation, I think my gf even has that book.
No. 70815
178 kB, 1500 × 2000
183 kB, 1500 × 2000
159 kB, 1500 × 2000
154 kB, 1500 × 2000
As I promised to the Finn, I bought a pack of marzipan raw mass and ate it.
Fig. 1-4 show the package (200g with 51% almond content), first bite, half done, last bite. It took about five minutes or so.
I like marzipan raw mass more than e.g. marzipan eggs and such because the chocolate makes it a lot sweeter than it already is.
No. 70816
243 kB, 1500 × 2000
27 kB, 575 × 480
Holy shit I love imageboards! You really should crosspost that in the fat thread on /b/.
No. 70817
704 kB, 1780 × 1176
I made a walk in the neighborhood and beyond to get some sun, finally those give away boxes people place in front of houses yield something useful it has happened in the past but it's very rare for me, namely a german copy of James Joyce Dubliners (a Suhrkamp edition)
No. 70818
>what we are meaning when people call something an "oldtimer". Or (urgh) a "youngtimer".
'old timer' is a colloquial term for an old man, used in a friendly manner. Can't imagine it being used as a pejorative, or for a woman. How do you use it? Never heard of 'youngtimer'.
No. 70820
An Oldtimer is a car that is 30 years or older since registration, a youngtimer is a car that is at least 25 years old. In Germany you get an H for your license plate and it changes car taxes or something, never owned a car so I don't know much though I always wanted a youngtimer in my early twenties, now I'm an oldtimer myself :DDD
No. 70825
Another thing I noticed is that even though German contains a ton more English words (both genuine and pseudo) than in the past, people using these words without thinking mostly couldn't translate them or construct a whole sentence in English (despite lessons for it starting in primary school, much earlier than in my youth).

I like brackets. Well, it's cleaner than using 23425324 commas. My run-on stuff was the source of nightmares for my teachers, I'm sure.
No. 70826
58 kB, 493 × 356
I don't think you understand what you have brought upon this world. Nothing will ever be the same again. The damage has been done and it is irreversible. May God help us all.

I can smell those pictures, how disgusting! I hope you enjoyed it though. Must've been quite the (hopefully unique) experience.

In other news a glass jar fell of the top shelf of my fridge and shattered the lowest shelf that of course was glass too. Floor and fridge full of glass shards. Cursed day.
No. 70828
Laughed out loud at that picture. You're welcome. But I can assure you it was not a unique experience.
No. 70829
I snickered laffed.

> In other news a glass jar fell of the top shelf of my fridge and shattered the lowest shelf that of course was glass too. Floor and fridge full of glass shards. Cursed day.
Got a picture? I can't quite imagine. At least in my fridge all the "floors" roughly reach the door when closed, nothing as big as a jar could drop past them.
No. 70831
Maybe he has one of those fridges where the upper shelves are only half the depth of the box.
No. 70832
This motivated me to buy some marzipan from LIDL but alas there was none to be found. I suffer.
No. 70834
434 kB, 1920 × 1080
To add to the translation/dubbing topic a bit - in the vidya thread I wrote about Intravenous' writing.
Since I am playing in german, I suspect more than more that not only was it written by an edgy teenager, but that it was also translated by a teenager. Foreigners will probably not notice, but the other german should get an aneurism at the least. Hungary can try and figure out the prime thing that is wrong here.
No. 70838
77 kB, 523 × 938
It's a normal fridge as far as I can tell but the jar had some momentum coming out of the fridge so it hit the door that was half-open. Jar bounced back inside the fridge, landing on the lowest shelf's edge before continuing to fall on the floor. Tried to visualize with paint. The door wasn't that much open but otherwise should be accurate.

Stop! This is too dangerous of a topic to be joking about!
No. 70839
an edgy teenager wouldn't use "entsinnen"
also, it's "daß" instead of "das" :3
No. 70842
Sue the whole of Germany for war crimes.

>Zu deiner Erinnerung
Oh man

How do you do, fellow old person?
It sadly has been "dass" for 26 or so years now.
No. 70844
I cannot recommend cheap marizipan

t. not the marzipan German

I meant to add to that translation thing to because I think it is a bad argument to say that only poets can translate because they have a feeling for language, you don't need to be a poet to feel language. You have to be good in both languages and have a feel for them since you produce a translation, that is not a "original" written piece nonetheless a translation is a piece of writing on its own, the idea is not yours though. Thus I'd also recommend translation into German from other languages if you want to read something good in German.
No. 70845
> I think it is a bad argument to say that only poets can translate because they have a feeling for language
I never said that. That example was primarily to illustrate the issue between people who, as you say, have a feeling for the language, versus people who don't.
No. 70850 Kontra
574 kB, 1920 × 1080
720 kB, 1920 × 1080
I think maybe it isn't even a teenager translating that stuff - maybe it's just been pushed through Google translate once?

Also, the jank is really starting to get annoying. If I am supposed to be able to react properly, I shouldn't be hindered by improper prompts and getting stuck in geometry.
This is WAY less polished than even the first Hotline Miami.

Säge for being semi-offtopic.
No. 70866 Kontra
415 kB, 427 × 240, 0:03
It’s over I’m going to fuck this exam up and it’s all my faul.
No. 70873
541 kB, 769 × 912
If that really is the case, better luck next time.
No. 70874
Don't come back if you don't fuck it up. Nothing worse than people whining and moaning how they have TOTALLY failed just to get 90+ %.
No. 70875
it should be illegal for cars to be parked while running under my balcony specifically.
No. 70877
In Germany, that is verboten and can be fined:

>§ Section 30 (1) of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) states: "When using vehicles, unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust nuisance are prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to run vehicle engines unnecessarily and to close vehicle doors excessively loudly."
No. 70878
107 kB, 1300 × 866
"Hallo, police? My neighbor is closing his car doors too loudly."
No. 70880
Ordnung as fuck.

My dream is to live in a society where every single annoying and obnoxious behavior is explicitly illegal.

And I want the laws to be enforced harshly, so that people feel in public the way they feel in a library or a museum. Where being in public means being publicly judged, where people feel less free in public than they do indoors.
Public space should be used exclusively for moving from point A to point B and nothing else.

In fact, there should be curfew at all times by default, and all movement or action in public space should require paperwork and explicit permission.
No. 70882
267 kB, 358 × 540
>Machen sie mal ihren Motor aus, das ist verboten, wissen sie das?

not sure if the police would arrive, but the police was called on a DHL delivery truck parking in an empty parking spot by a neighbor because that is verboten, I've seen it on TikTok.

Germany would be a good place to start, I once met people from a southern country that were so weirded out by the fact that german public transport is quite silent (groups of people can be annoyingly loud, also teenagers, sometimes phone calls and such[/spoiler]. Yet even in Germany, you won't find a public space that is ruled as a library. Albeit there is more Ordnung than in other countries, it really depends on the location and time of day as well.
No. 70883
>My dream is to live in a society where every single annoying and obnoxious behavior is explicitly illegal.
Germany is not for then, that's for sure.

t. living in a society that accepts people mowing their lawn at 8 in the morning on a saturday
No. 70884
Bonus: when I made my drivers license we stood with running motor and a small street without any cars or whatever going through often while my teacher was explaining something to me and an old lady or middle aged men, don't know exactly anymore, knocked the window and said we should turn off the motor.

Tbh when I see people with running motor I feel the same desire, it's just wasted fuel.
No. 70885
I don't know about other countries but here we somewhat regularly get newspaper articles about old people (all men, I think) with nothing better to do who call the police on every single car that's parked wrong and other stuff.

Singlehandedly causing most of the police/court work where they live. Often getting sued themselves, either by people they told on, or by the police who want them to stop.
No. 70886
Hm, that does seem to be an unfortunate side effect.
Ok, new law. Whoever calls the police to enforce Ordnung, shall receive a beating from the police upon their arrival, as payment.
That way, only those truly and pure-heartedly devoted to ordnung will wield the power of the state.
No. 70887
This happens here as well. The law states that you can may have your engine idling only for 2 minutes when not driving. With the exception when it's colder than -15C, then you may idle for 4 minutes max. And some people are very much interested in other peoples' business.
No. 70890
906 kB, 2272 × 1704
I still have this gem from when I lived in Tübingen.

There was a street where everybody parked and someone was putting these little notes under the wipers of people parked "wrongly".
No. 70891 Kontra
58 kB, 840 × 420
It should be illegal to post something like this and not translate it on an international board. It's 12 words!
No. 70892
Sie sprechen kein Deutsch.
Beim nächsten Mal melde
ich Sie dem Goethe-Institut.
No. 70893
What do you gain from knowing what someone says who wastes ink (at these extortionate prices) just to get a little power trip?

"You're in a no parking zone. Next time (he's not even stating he actually did something) I'm gonna call the Ordnungsamt(enforcers for stuff the real police can't be bothered with)"
No. 70894
24 kB, 333 × 500
>What do you gain from knowing what someone says [...] just to get a little power trip?
As I understood it, the pic was described as a "gem". I've no way of knowing if it's a beautiful German poem guiding people how to park correctly or what your translation revealed it really to be. My annoyance wasn't so much directed at this post but in general. People post stuff in whatever language without a translations or summaries of the message. Solution? Five years in jail!

Thank you for the translation!
No. 70895
I want to apologize and have to admit it was geared more towards the other germans anyway, since foreigners who have never lived in Germany will not be able to fully grasp all the moods, implications and feels that come with getting such a piece of paper.
People always talk about weaponized autism and pedantic germans and such, and this is something right there. There is even a term for such people - "Blockwart", which originates from the national socialist language and still has this kind of fascist-no-fun-allowed connotation.

Also, this conversation reminds me of that reportage I watched on the weekend about vacation campers vs. permanent campers. Lots of old people who complained about young people being loud.
No. 70896
1,5 MB, 1024 × 767
I have a plan how to immediately increase every kazakh's living condition by 10 times.
Let's sell all of kazakhstan to Putin for whatever he is willing to pay, divide the money between all 16 million of us, and use the funds to all collectively illegally immigrate to various developed countries. There's not that many of us, and there are many asians all over first world countries anyway, so nobody will notice.
I guarantee everyone will be better off than living here.
Now make me president.
No. 70897
So, does it help you understand Germans better? If it does, you might wish it didn't.
No. 70899
9/10, I can't see any obvious flaws except for one: Not everyone will want to leave and those that remain (eg. all your ebin steppe riders) will have to deal with Putler.

Oh also, you can't make this plan public until it is enacted... otherwise the US will find ways to prevent your plan (something about a pipeline for example) because they don't want to see russia grow its borders, especially not to territory with more uranium...

So maybe just an 8/10 after all. Still not bad.
No. 70904
keke, those personal announcements are golden.

Once I was working for an Amt/local government agency and I had to park inner city where you have to get a parking ticket everywhere close to where I was doing my work. Weekly I had to obtain data for the agency from that place, takes maybe 10min to gather. During that time representatives of the Ordnungsamt (public order agency) were looking to fine people for not having a ticket. I had a paper in my car saying "just here for obtaining data XY" + my car visibly showed that I work for a city agency btw. They did not fine me for lack of a parking ticket but standing wrong in in a one way street :DDD so an agency was fining another agency basically: Ordnung muss sein!
No. 70906
7 kB, 220 × 320
No worries! True words indeed, but I feel we have many similarities when it comes to this sort of culture. We have a concept for a person, "kyylä", who is someone who dedicates their life to observing that everyone is acting according to the rules and laws, and snitching every time a possibility emerges. For example there was many such cases of people calling the police to give a ticket to a car that was simply parked wrong way on the side of the road(facing opposite way of the direction of the lane's traffic). As only milk trucks are allowed such privileges. Of course, milk trucks have probably not existed since the 60s. Finally the parking laws got changed recently so this doesn't happen anymore. Though I'm not sure if I like the change as it's very displeasing to see vehicles parked facing different directions. I'm sure you can understand! :DDD

Of course the culture goes much deeper, creating disputes of causing too much noise, dusting carpets on non-allowed days, too tall hedges, leaves dropping from neighbor's tree to one's yard, selling snacks for some sort of a small fundraiser - taxes will be paid right? May I have a receipt for purchasing this cookie? etc, etc... Order must be maintained.

Yes. I'm a lifelong student of the human condition and this brings me one step closer to enlightenment. Very nice. Very important! :D
No. 70910
Ah yes, that "kyylä" almost exactly encompasses what defines a Blockwart.
By the way, is it related to "kylähullut", which, afaik, means "village idiots"?
No. 70912
In short, Finns are assburgers who drive very fast on unpaved roads with a co-driver calling the shots