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No. 69373
101 kB, 597 × 482
back with a vengeance
No. 69375
I dreamt I had gotten in contact with a Finnish girl I spoke to on the internet several years ago(1). We arrange for me to go visit her, when I arrive in Helsinki (by train, for some reason) I collect a package she left for me in the train station several years ago.
I take a bus to her home, carrying this big bulky mysterious package on my lap. I get to her home, she takes the package. I ask her what's in it, she says it's a series of explosives and a gun. Looking back, it makes sense given the sort of talks we had and I leave it at that.
She takes me to the supermarket where she works, a place called Ösi. After meeting her coworkers, we got back to her place where she says I should also take a job in the supermarket and go live with her. We could split the rent.
I tell her this isn't a feasible idea, it's cold in Finland, I'll never learn the language and I can't just uproot myself over night. I walk out of her apartment, stroll through some snowy and beautiful residential area and wake up.

(1) I had never talked to her and in retrospect I can see she is just a composite sketch of several women I know.

The strangest thing is that it seems my dream self is far more rational than my awake self, given that immediately upon waking up I wished I could indeed move to Finland with this imaginary girl and lead a humble and happy life.
No. 69439
When I was a kid in the nineties, I watched cartoons for an entire day. Then, I had the strangest dream ever. I dreamt I was the hero in a jump'n'run, and it was like a bugs-bunny-super-Mario-crossover where super bunny smashed the opponents with karate-moves, street-fighter style. There also was a water level like there is commander keen 4, and I had to dive.

One power-up was a bottle of fanta pink grapefruit.

Also, about around that time, I dreamt I was a fireman and had to extinguish a fire. When I woke up, I woke up in a puddle of puke.
No. 69450
>I dreamt I was a fireman and had to extinguish a fire. When I woke up, I woke up in a puddle of puke.

Can't help but laugh, what a punchline.

The game dream reminds me of an event some 10 years ago when I took MDMA and went to sleep in the morning, I don't know if I slept or not by now, but closing my eyes for sure, I was trapped in a 2D jump'n'run whose world was unfolding "in front" of the protagonist of that game, there was no sense, only the movement.
No. 69451
I had a very unpleasant dream this night.

I was in some shady, derelict building with weird, probably criminal people.
One guy showed me around.
Eventually we came to some kind of arena. Then they threw a toddler in there, in some cages there were aggressive dogs and I thought they were letting those dogs loose on the baby.
The toddler however managed to get into some alcove to "safety".
That guy who showed me around then brought me to that alcove. It was a small room where you could stand, but not even properly extend your arms, so also couldn't lay down.
Soon I saw everything through the kid's eyes.
The peculiar thing here was that the "furniture", which consisted of a mirror, a radiator, a towel and some other simple appliances, was alive. Everything had a little face and a little maw with teeth and they all didn't seem to be fond of their new "guest". Soon, it was explained, everyone who lived in such an alcove would also turn into a thing. The last thing I remember was that kid (may or may not have been me) turning into a vase, but with arms and legs sticking out.
No. 69526
682 kB, 1440 × 2966
I dreamed that I went out to the kitchen, and poured vegeta from a small bag into the vegeta container we use for storing it, but the container was almost full when I finished, and I panicked a bit that it might overflow.

What an amazingly mundane dream.
No. 69574 Kontra
I had this weird dream about an interview a boyfriend of a female actor gave who died during the shooting of a snuff-film in the Austrian township of Wittgenstein during this weird horror scene where she was bayonet-charged by three dwarf demons in a church.
But she asked for it, and was buried on the spot in an old, open air crypt of sorts with the blood still on it and the thing was vandalized a few times since then.

The dude said he regrets getting her into it and got totally shitfaced when she never returned from the shooting, to the point that he got hit by a water-canon, but because of how secretive everything was, the police didn't even do anything.
No. 69650
131 kB, 859 × 666
I saw a movie which was partially captured in color, partially black-and-white, partially in sepia and so on. Type of capture dependent on epoch to which the captured object belonged. Even one frame could have multiple segments of different type.
For example, there is an econom-class train, and some passengers are black-and-white soviet people, and some are multicolor modern guys.
This movie featured Pahomov from "Green elephant".
No. 69706
Today I had a dream where diverse groups of Russians and Ukrainians in Moscow were taking each other hostage, surrendering to each other and liberating each other until it became actually impossible to determine who's who.
No. 69708
27 kB, 400 × 597
Madness, terminal even

No dreams these past nights, I look forward to what stupid things my monkey brain will play for me, but I come back with nothing. anna anteekesi ;_;
No. 69865
Had a dream where I chased a young man through a snowy mountain with a read.
My read could slide upward with nearly no base velocity.
When I caught the man I huged him.
No. 69880 Kontra
I dreamed I took LSD by mistake in a student flat-sharing. I had to come back home not knowing what was really here and was just a projection of my mind. Turns out everything was in my mind.
No. 69889
All these war news made me have a dream where I was in a war. I don't recall much but I was trying to get from point A to point B in a city while being shot at at times. Also some people from work where there too and at one point I was in a tram wagon. It was more like a world war twoish atmosphere than a war in modern times however.
No. 69890
Grim. It's crazy how much this war affects the Germans unlike any other wars since WW2.
Beyond that constant lingering melancholy that comes with living next to one of the high priority nuclear targets in Germany and constantly flipflopping between making plans how to survive if it happens and being fatalistic about dying for sure, I am actually sleeping rather well, apart from my piece of shit upstairs neighbor constantly trampling, throwing stuff on the ground and blasting music loud enough in the morning that I could probably make out the song if I listened to radio music.

Although this night I had a dream that Peste Noire (french BM band) were getting crazier and wearing disguises, like some steampunkish Daft Punk, coupled with the news that Famine got married; everyone was smiling.
No. 69893
In theme, yes. But it was not a nightmare, actually my "dream self" was rather calm.
No. 69908
Have you ever taken LSD?
No. 69923
No, I took shrooms and truffles though and if the effects are somewhat similar to LSD I’m conscious that I didn’t dream the actual effects of said drug.
No. 69929
114 kB, 960 × 960
I wasn't aware that truffles were hallucinogenic, they're just overpriced mushrooms (which taste great though). Never took shrooms though (hadn't had the chance and I don't know where to get them), though I ordered 150 blotters of 1cp-LSD before it became illegal on the Jermoney.

It's... not for everyone. A great experience overall though, but you should be absolutely sure to be able to stomach it since there's always the possibility of having a bad trip. Everything becomes more intense. Everything. Colours, sounds, tactile sensations, thoughts. Your mind is racing, you can't calm down. Unfortunately, it's more like a toddler full of caffeine, full of energy, ready to go anywhere without really knowing where exactly. You think and think and think, in your mind it makes sense, but for everyone else... not so much. You can't put down your thoughts in writing, either. Sleeping is near impossible. Take it from me, any unresolved issues that you've been brooding on for a long time can -and will- resurface and dominate your thinking. My first few trips were mainly revolving about a lost love (the big one, what could have been...) and bad life decisions, which where objectively horrendous, but LSD catapulted them into my consciousness again, forced me to think long and hard about them and finally come to terms with them. More recent trips have been much more pleasant though. Set and setting is everything and whereas bad trips are something less desirable, at least they've helped me personally to overcome some long-held issues. Overall, I think it's made me better.

Still my favourite drug in the world. Alcohol makes you depressed and kills you slowly and weed makes you lazy as fuck. Meth and opiates downright kill you (haven't tried them and don't want to).
No. 69942
>I wasn't aware that truffles were hallucinogenic
The ones you eat for taste aren't the same type of truffle you eat to get high, they both grow underground tho
No. 70030
22 kB, 400 × 645
Aside from dreaming of my job (which tends to turn into minor nightmares), I had a curiuous dream with an interesting and rather intellectual teenage sci-fi book series, something resembling Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychev.
No. 70054
140 kB, 550 × 537
I just want to remind Ernst that I was told to tell you about the 25 Aug 2022

No. 70178
426 kB, 988 × 1166
No. 70872
Had a wild night, figuratively speaking. Summer time really fucked me up this year, I wish they would just abolish it.

First I was with people I went to elementary school with. We sat at small coffee tables and talked and drank. My gf was also there, but she didn't behave like it.
Then my alarm clock rang. I had set it to 8:30, but it was 6:25 and the sun was just coming out from behind the houses. I was also in my old room in my parents' house. I was really confused and tired and just wanted to sleep some more, so I turned around and feel asleep.
Right at that moment my alarm clock rang, this time the real one. This is not part of the dream anymore, but just to finish the story: I hit snooze a few times, then even dialed it back to get another half hour or so before I really had to get up and frankly, I feel like shit. I could sleep for another hour or two, at the very least.
No. 70941
94 kB, 600 × 405
I had a dream with a video game where my platoon of 5 tanks had to fight 4 invading Polish tanks. It all seemed easy, but then the same Polish tanks were about to invade my apartment, so I started to place pieces of wooden planks on the floor to stop them. Apparently I had a grenade, and I also was told that my smartphone had likely turned into MP-38, but I failed to find it, and the tanks were already approaching from the direction of the toilet room.
No. 70943
It felt like I have dreamed of a similar sequence before, it is only a sequence, never remember much:
I'm in a sort of sewer system but it is clean like big underground water storage. There are also large direction signs with arrows that display destinations left and right for every tube and it has the style and color of German Autobahn directional signs.

That is it.
No. 71007 Kontra
75 kB, 1920 × 1080
40 kB, 576 × 432
I have another one from just a few minutes ago.

I was walking across a bigger piazza, so I was in Italy, the houses lining it looked like it. Went straight for a pastry shop, I wanted something savory but also something sweet inb4 Fetternst. My Italian is basically non-existent, it would be enough to order in a very broken manner though as long as I'd know the name of the pastry. But I only knew I wanted Panettone (sweet). Anyway, I just stood at the window front and look inside and somebody was cutting pastry, but it wasn't pastry a closer look but something different (a bombe glacée with lots of berries and berry juice, at that moment in the dream I couldn't get the name). The woman behind the counter came outside to me and was able to speak a bit of English after she found it my Italian was non-existent but just before I could order I was woken up by my alarm.
No. 71039
50 kB, 1280 × 720
I dreamt that a Spanish invasion force began crossing the border and that soon enough the entire country was mobilizing and preparing for the worst.
In a Spanish command center, the officers in charge of firing off the various missiles, refused to do so because the software didn't have a Spanish language option. The invasion was called off and the Spanish returned back across the border. Portuguese independence was secured for another century.
No. 71042
I dreamed I was in a chinese childbirth party with chinese friends. A lot of pregnant women (not all of them were Chinese) kept giving birth to chinese babies who were then put on singular square 50cm^2 tables. I then had to weight the babies by hands, some were super heavy, like rocks. At the end I discussed of the rock babies with the mothers and they told me they were just fat.
No. 71047
In the last dream I (apparently) was a teenage Russian girl who had emigrated to Finland in the early 90s. Before she emigrated Finland was a pretty much normal country, but after that it went totally insane (as a result, it seems).
No. 71110
The Ukrainians are marching on Volgograd and despite my Ukrainophile tendencies, they went too far this time. I enlist in the Russian armed forces and arrive on the outskirts of Stalingrad. There are two Mercedes G wagons parked, out of one jump out 3 muscular slavs with shaved heads and they say they're going to hunt ducks. Of the other wagon, a man exits and starts talking about how hunting is sick and so on. I follow him and he takes me to his house. A multi million euro home, inside there are all sorts of girls. I join some table and began making small talk with a few of them. I can't remember why exactly, but my attempts at wooing these girls are cut short and I have to flee the mansion.
I enter the hostel I booked, two friends of mine are there - also ready to do their part in defending Russia. I tell them I left my computer at the oligarch's house so I must retrieve it. It's early morning and I'm outside said house, making phone calls and trying to contact the girl who I left my bag with. I realize the owner of the house is some mafia figure and after several missed calls, I decide it's best to start walking towards the city before it falls. It's too late though, on a cliff overlooking the river I can see Ukrainian jets carpetbomb the area. I didn't have sex with some oligarch's daughter, I didn't save the city and I lost my computer. Absolute failure.
No. 71347
I dreamt that I was in some politics class surrounded by women who argued that you can lead a country with feeling, but I argued that you cannot lead a country with feels, because you need calculation for that.
Then I woke up but I did feel quite controversial.
No. 71354
If you didn't specifically state that it was a dream I would have asked if you missed the Today thread.
No. 71363
Dreamt I was in a forest practice firing a WWII era anti-tank cannon. The barrel’s elevation always dropped lower after a shot. With rapid fire the impacts were walking their way towards me as the elevation kept going lower and lower. Got pretty close until someone yelled me to stop and woke me up.
No. 71442
Finally had my first war-related dream.
I arrived at something that looked like an old school or uni, with other people, complete in green/camo clothes. I arrived with some big burly slavs and had my regular everyday backpack with me, which contained salami slices I had put into a plastic tube.
When we arrived at the shooting range/armory some other guy said something like "fuck that shit I'm out" over and over again. Then I noticed I wasn't wearing my pants anymore (still had my boots on) and noticed another guy had the same thing happening to him.
Then it kinda fast-forwarded because it seemed to have been at least a day later and apparently we had already had conducted an operation.
I had pants again; I sat at a table where also some girls sat (they apparently weren't fighting) and when I tried to get my salami out of my backpack I noticed that the plastic tube had opened and the slices spilled everywhere in the compartment. I managed to fish some of them out, but they had lint and unidentifiable crumbs on them.
We also got some kind of wallet with pictures of ukraine, an ukrainian passport and some orange document and either the document or some official said something like "THE PRESIDENT ONLY ASKS YOU FOR ONE BUG". This was repeated a few times and I still have no idea what kind of bug he meant.
No. 71453 Kontra
386 kB, 905 × 1280
More Ernsts having war dreams.
Psyop complete, returning to base.
No. 71457
34 kB, 450 × 326
I had a dream where I spied for foreign intelligence, then deserted from army and then surrendered to Ukrainians.
No. 71548
1,3 MB, 994 × 688
Had a dream I was watching someone try out Beats headphones to compare their sound quality to Bose. He said Beats were better.

t.Never heard either
No. 71885
187 kB, 1663 × 2495
Had a dream that I was walking around and talking to people and every single time the dialog window from Disco Elysium appeared, complete with inner monologue shit and all that.
For some reason it was extremely exhausting communicating like that with people.
In another, possibly unrelated part of the dream I had actual sex (with I usually don't have in my dreams) with Dee Williams, proper pornstar style with shoving all kinds of fingers in all kinds of holes, standing, one leg up, lingerie, the full Brazzers program. I can even remember what her pussy lips looked like.
No idea why her exactly and why now, because I have had a lot of sex the past days.
No. 71957
earlier this week, i had this dream, and remember waking in such a stress and writing it on my phone

I was shopping in book-store with gf, and found a "book" black folder type of thing with kafka written as author, but impossible to decipher inside (maybe partial to the dream). I remember complaining about my inability to read anything, or find the book within this folder to my gf. She was off looking at art books, around the corner from myself.

Then, I remember an ex (it wasn't really, it was a brief few week thing - who I got horribly emotionally attached to / sad when it didn't work, several years ago now), came into the store and said hey or something like that, and tried to talk. I was very confused, not initially recognising her, and my gf was very upset at this whole thing. The ex then said she wishes we never met several times, and got upset/angry. I'm still very confused, and had nothing to say. I remember thinking, I didn't regret it, even if it hurt me - but I said nothing. I remember barely being able to recognise the ex - in reality, she was Asian/black hair, with many tattoos, and an american/international accent. In the dream, she had blonde hair (but not bleached - it looked like european hair? wig?), and no accent. I only recognised from the tattoos. Something happened, and everyone left. Gf was stressed out.

Second part of the dream, we bumped into ex, and her new partner, and they asked if we wanted to hang out with them or something? It was weird. I remember saying 'absolutely no', and gf was happy. We laughed about it later in dream. Again, I remember double-taking, and only recognising due to the very distinctive tattoos.

I'm not sure what to make of this. That same person from several years ago appears in dreams from time to time, despite it only being a relatively brief thing. No-one else from my past does. Every time, it brings on very strong feels upon awaking.
No. 72074
I'm not sure what I was dreaming but apparently I was dreaming about the history and concepts I'm wrestling with and what felt like a profound insight made me wake up, I immediately got my laptop and opened up my notepad. But everything was lost beyond vague themes
No. 72118
Sennheiser mogs both Beats and Bose.

t. Headphones pro
No. 72406
I was in a hospital bed, waking up to Rachel and Joey (the Friends characters) sitting next to it.
I wasn't sick or anything, I just seemed to have slept in a hospital bed.
We were talking a bit as I noticed it was five minutes before work started. Gladly I am working from home, so I only had to jump up from the bed and run to my desk (since obviously the door to my bedroom led to a hospital room).
Then I woke up for real, probably at least two hours before my actual alarm and tried to remember the name of the actor who played Joey.
No. 72414
Sennheiser sold their name for consumer grade stuff a while ago. So it's not really Sennheiser anymore.
I currently own a pair of Sennheiser headphones and they're great but my next ones are probably going to be Beyerdynamic
No. 72449
60 kB, 960 × 640
Sennheiser made consumer-grade headphones in the 1980s. See photograph. What do you think those open headphones are? Studio-equipment?
No. 73255
I've finally confirmed that with poor sleep I get the best/most dreams. Days upon days of waking up every couple of hours and dozing off again I'm seeing the most vivid and strange stuff during the night. Can hardly remember anything if I sleep well.
No. 73324
Hey, sames here. I can trigger dreams rather predictably by having a cup of strong coffee before going to bed, which results in very light sleep out of which I wake up often and which doesn't last very long. Same if I take other stimulants like MPH or LDX too late in the day (both of which I got from my doctor, in case you were wondering).

Do you have any explanation for why light/bad sleep gives us more dreams (or lets us remember them more)?
No. 73362
I can remember that I was placing shooting points on the roofs of apartment buildings in some urban warfare scenario, and then was firing from a KPV (on an old wheeled carriage) myself, trying hard not to be located and killed in process. First the enemy were Ukrainians, but then it were just terrorists, who tried to approach me in a car; at first I was shooting at its radiator to no effect, but shortly before reaching me the car span out, allowing me to make a neat row of bullet holes in its side.
No. 73365
I dreamed that I had to take care of a Japanese baby. I went from Tokyo to Portugal in some strange motorized stroller. All the dream felt like the end of a long vacation. I don’t know why I dream of East-Asian babies lately.
No. 73546
In dream I realized that it's already July 18 and more than half of summer passed.
No. 73558
466 kB, 902 × 1600
61 kB, 412 × 581
137 kB, 1280 × 757
54 kB, 1024 × 768
I dreamed I saw my ex in the village I grew up in. We were both as old as we were in 2018, but in the dream, it was the 1990s or early 2000s, on a sunny summer day.

I was on my way to my grandparent's home through narrow streets lined with ancient timber framed houses, when I saw her, refilling a bubble gum machine. She closed the machine, went around the corner and was gone. I tried to catch up with her and ask her what she thinks is wrong with me and why I am not good enough for her, so I followed her to the next bubble gum machine, and the next, and the next, but whenever I got to the next machine, she was either already gone or she would just shake her head and tell me that she could not say.

Finally, I ended up in front of the church. It was now night and quite stormy. Wind tore the leaves from the linden- and chestnut trees in the churchyard. Clouds were driven across a full moon, darkness and white moonlight alternated at random intervals. On the church organ, somebody played a dissonant music that was constantly crescending.

I knew she was inside and I tried to get in, but I could not open the door. It would not open. I pushed harder and harder. The more I pushed, the taller the church doors grew, they grew to 12m in height. Finally, my pushing broke the lower hinge. The door opened. But it swung open like it was now hinged at the top instead of at the side. The door swung back and forth, with the collecting tin and some notes and leaflets still attached. It resonated in the wind, oscillating ever stronger.

I knew I was in trouble for disturbing the service and for breaking the church door. I tried to flee, but old pietists stormed out of the church, trying to catch me and beat me. They were lead by the ancient deaconess.

Waking up saved me, but the dream disturbed me very much and I was upset for all of Thursday.

In case someone wants explanations:
Pietists are an independent community within lutheran/reformed churches in Germany. They emphasize a life of frugality, morality, piety, restraint and humility. Deaconesses ... well, the easiest explanation I can think of is a protestant nun. In this particular village, the deaconess was sent from her mother-house to run the kindergarten and to do sextant's service in the church. When I was a child, she still lived there, but had long retired. I think the pietists contrast to bubble gum machines, which offered children the guilty pleasure of buying bubble gum for 30 Pfennig.
Photograph not an actual bubble gum machine in that village, but that's what they looked like. Not actual pietists from that village, neither the new photo nor the old. Not the actual deaconess from that village, but that was what she looked like. Only even older, much sterner and very angry. She was not a pleasant woman. Neither were the pietists pleasant. Some of the old women had a habit of stopping small children in the streets and saying things like "Grüß Gott, tust du auch immer brav zum Herrgott beten?"--hard to translate. Imagine "Hello there", with a religious subtext, "do you always pray to our Lord like a good child should?"
No. 73561
I bought bubble gum (colored balls) from such a machine in the late 1990s or early 2000s. They have a distinct taste. Similar to bubble gum you could get a Kiosks that also had these sweet boxes from which you could piece an make a "bunte Tüte"

Anyway, interesting dream, nice details. Especially the bubble gum + ex part.
No. 73562
>I bought bubble gum (colored balls) from such a machine in the late 1990s or early 2000s.
Weirdly enough, I rarely did that, I can only remember two times. My mother and aunt did not approve of it, I think. Partially for hygienic reasons. Maybe it just did not fit their mentality.

>They have a distinct taste.
True, I did not like it very much when I tried

>Similar to bubble gum you could get a Kiosks that also had these sweet boxes from which you could piece an make a "bunte Tüte"
No kiosks were I grew up. The bakery and the stationary-shop served a similar function for us, but they sold the standard Haribo-fare. Do you remember the white marshmallow-mice?
No. 73572
51 kB, 600 × 600
>My mother and aunt did not approve of it, I think. Partially for hygienic reasons.

Mine neither. I guess the one on my way to school was more than once the aim of youth experimenting with firecrackers tbh. My grandma gave me some Pfennig for it to turn the wheel and receive a ball. They were rather tasteless, yet a certain kind of gum and taste nonetheless.

>The bakery

Yeah, now that many have been replaced by SB-Bäcker and other bakery chains you don't have that anymore and I guess the bunte Tüte also vanished from Kiosks mostly? I cannot remember when and where I last noticed the ability to get a bunte Tüte.

>Do you remember the white marshmallow-mice?

Of course! Also the watermelon gum.
No. 73683
Had a dream that my mom died and I had to confront the abscence of her support and care that I take for granted.
No. 74336
I was back in school and a guy started laughing at me with his friend. I got super upset and attacked him but it only made me look ridicule to all of my class and made him laugh even more. I was too weak to hurt the guy and he didn't even defend himself. The bullying continued for many in-dream days. At least the school had a really strange and cool architecture.

Additional info: I never got bullied in school, but was sometimes an outkast.
No. 74378
I woke up laughing. There was a really funny exchange right before I woke up, I just can't remember what it was exactly.
I think someone bantered me and I bantered back.
No. 74711
Had a dream that everything I planted in the garden shriveled up and died. But like even the stakes I put next to some of the plants wouldn’t stand up straight.
Told myself “I guess I don’t have a green thumb after all” in English.
No. 74901 Kontra
130 kB, 1023 × 654
Me and a few of my old service buddies were garrisoned inside a large lakeside cabin. All was calm and nice until a situational awareness app (it was zoomer tier and it was on me dream, wtf) alerted that our area was now under Russian control. We agreed that it had to be a mistake as absolutely nothing was happening outside and no one was to be seen.

But just a while later two patrol boats approached from the lake so we tried to stay hidden. The boats docked nearby and around 30 Russians came ashore and started doing whatever in the surroundings unaware of any imminent threat. Some fat Russian Jonne soldiers eating popsicles entered the cabin. We emerged from our hiding spots and tried to make them surrender quietly, but two of them panicked and ran back towards the front door. So we started blasting. A firefight ensued but was over very quickly with no casualties on our side. We were in a real hurry to leave as not to get caught in an artillery barrage in case they managed to call one in. I woke up as we headed to the forest. Too bad.

In all of its details the dream felt very real. Other than fighting fat, popsicle eating Russian soldiers who were unable to mount any sort of resistance. On that front I hope to get more realistic scenarios for my nightly military training sessions.
No. 74967
I visited a restaurant of Neolithic cuisine. It was stylized as cold dark cave and served a large slab of almost raw meat.
No. 74968
Surely you meant Palaeolithic?
The Neolithic is approximately the technological level of the Aztec "empire" (though definitions differ a bit depending on the school of archaeology; in the USSR/Russia it's been traditionally defined basing on the presence of pottery and advanced stone technologies, while in the West it normally presumes agriculture).
No. 74969
Perhaps, you're right. But I won't change my words, because Neolithic sounds cooler.
No. 75371
174 kB, 1196 × 896
After some kind of criminal deal which I don't remember much of it, I had to leave my belongings behind and flee in a hurry with a suitcase full of money. I checked into some kind of German hotel. It had a shopping mall inside, but the stores were in different states of closing down.
After regaining my strength, purchasing new clothes and just generally relaxing for a while, I decide to pack my things and try to make my way to Portugal without my passport or any form of ID. The owner of the hotel approached me and spoke in sexual innuendo, I agreed to stay there a little while longer and followed her to her room.
Several POLIZEI cars arrived at the hotel and I woke up.
No. 76484
I dreamed I moved to Iceland for a one year uni economy cursus that everyone was talking about. I was clueless about why I made that decision and didn’t understand a word of the courses because they were all in Icelandic.
The average attendees were mostly into serious outdoors sports and crypto-mining which made it hard for me to communicate with them. It was cool even though mid summer and an my ex was here.
No. 76752
47 kB, 680 × 478
I had a dream that my hair was long, and I was wearing a knitted cap.
t.Short hair haver
No. 76994
802 kB, 965 × 600
It looks like posters in this thread have fairly exciting dreams, at least the ones you post here.
I rarely remember what I have dreamed, but a few times when I did remember something, it was me performing a laughably mundane task like trying to cup-catch a moth to throw it out of my flat (or, in an earlier dream, finding larvae in my kitchen), or even peeling a vegetable. It seems my dreams are replays of the most boring scenes of my unremarkable everyday life. But I prefer those to bad dreams, which I also have sometimes.
Picture not related.
No. 76995
>The average attendees were mostly into serious outdoors sports and crypto-mining

Made me smile. We need more Kafkaesque dream sequencing ITT yes I cannot provide this either but dreams seem to foster great story potential. Outdoor sports and crypto-mining is a perfect starters to make something interesting or funny out of. I think these are close in a certain way anyway
No. 78266
I had a nightmare about a psychopathic German fetishist who surgically removed one eye of a pitbull and also its mouth.
It looked fucked up and the second the photo came up I physically jumped in bed.

Also yesterday I had a dream that I was a fanatic young advisor to Hitler and that I took offence when He publicly didn’t take my advice, leading to me getting fired.
No. 78268
Have you listened to Larry Brent recently, by chance?
No. 78270
No, I have not.
No. 78291
I dreamed that I stumbled into an old basement with a lot of junk following the apocalypse where I found a broken polaroid camera that I tried to fix. I found all the parts necessary among the junk, plus some batteries, but I woke up before assembling it.
No. 78344 Kontra
45 kB, 735 × 524
My dream note from a couple days ago says "Frozen salmon autism bicycle girl" but unfortunately I can't quite exactly remember what it means. Though recently I've been dreaming of different girls that would fall in love with me, the day before yesterday it was a sweet but misunderstood coke-addicted model.
No. 78415 Kontra
65 kB, 504 × 345
No. 78618
Had a dream about friend. He transplanted his brain into a robot. Then tried to rewire something in his heda, caused short circuit and burned alive.
No. 78619 Kontra
Why do you all have such interesting dreams
Kinda jealous here
No. 78631
This particular dream is simply explainable. This guy really burned his brains but with drugs. And the robot thing -- I saw this video on sosach before sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMxVUva-MRw (awful but somewhat funny).
and 2 days ago I saw a dream about kissing his ex-gf
No. 78640
7 kB, 400 × 270
I had a dream that I pulled into a strip mall and parked in an area of the lot which was isolated from other shoppers. As I got out of my car, I saw two men who may have been homeless and made eye contact. At that point I knew they were going to fuck with my car once I was out of sight. I turned back and got into the driver's seat to leave, but then my car wouldn't start.
No. 78642
Not a dream but similar.
I opened a window tonight to let in some cool air, and noticed a white cat on the lawn in the yard below the window. Seeing a cat in the yard is rare. The grass hasn't been mown for some time, and light came mostly from a few almost ground-level lamps around the yard's edge, giving the tussocks, combed in random directions by the wind (and possibly the cat), a mix of dim light and dark shadow. I had been looking for a while, when the cat seemed to pounce at something dark nearby, probably a (its?) shadow in the grass, and then stopped again. I watched some more, when – surprise – the cat suddenly gave chase to the "shadow", or rather what was now clear can't have been one, running across the grass, toward a group of trees, where I was no longer able to see the dark thing. There was a pause again, and then more chasing, and more pause, all while I mostly just heard their movement, or got a glimpse of the cat's white fur. After a while of nothing happening, I stopped watching. The end.
I don't know what the dark animal was; after all, I only noticed it when it ran away. It was slim, a bit smaller than the cat, and way faster than a hedgehog. I think it looked bigger than a squirrel, but I may be wrong. It seemed like it ran up a tree, so perhaps a marten, or a big squirrel, or a small cat. Whatever it was, it must have been in the grass, probably terrified, right in front of the cat while I was watching, and yet I didn't notice it before the chase, and I didn't notice the cat was staring at it all the time.
No. 78658 Kontra
Update: The dark animal in >>78642 must have been a marten, because just now when I was worried the cat might have hurt it last night, I actually saw a marten, moving toward the yard. Luckily, no cat to be seen this time.
"This guy" = "friend"? That's sad, poor guy.
No. 78730
162 kB, 1300 × 957
I was running around the office like a rooster and kvetching: "Why doesn't company have a special roostering room? It doesn't respect my hobby! Kudkudah!"

No. 78788
Can you explain what roostering means? Also what was that old Russian saying about how the roosters were roostering?
No. 78791
> Can you explain what roostering means?
I don't remember exact word which was written. It was "кукарекание" (sound which roosters make) or English word "kvetching". I thought that it means the same ("Dog is barking, rooster is kvetching") but it doesn't.

> Also what was that old Russian saying about how the roosters were roostering?
Петушки распетушились, но подраться не решились.
Если много петушиться, можно пёрышек лишиться.
Если пёрышек лишиться, нечем будет петушиться.
No. 79164
I stuck in dreaming. Was waking up multiple times, in different places (where I had lived during my life), doing something for a short time, realizing it's a dream and repeating. The cycle ended when at some iteration I looked out in window (on 16-th floor), everything was white and black from the storm. And then really loud and stronk nuclear explosion happens and I wake up for real. But not for a long time.

After that there was some drivel, which happened in Israel or Ukraine, 15 or 1000 years ago, in army or in school. I met my old emigrant friend and Bibi. Fought some ancient knyaz on swords during feast. Shocked a veteran with skinhead badge.
No. 79973
I saw a platform in my dreams. It was one of those wooden walkways Americans like putting along the coast and then putting amusementparks on it.
But the water next to this one dried up completely and so it was abandoned in the middle of the desert. But it was this American style desert wirh small shrubs and such, not the Sahara.
There were two people on it, both vloggers/youtubers, one of whom was giving up videomaking to become a policeman.
They came out to the platform to film the two dinosaurs next to it, one of them was a T-rex, the other was a Stegosaurus.
No. 80012
I was in Austria on mountain sky resort with family. Wind blew strongly and ground was icy, so it was hard not to slip. Local population behaved exactly like Germans on EC.

t. yesterday learnt that mom's surname comes from Austria
No. 80015
343 kB, 814 × 1000
Not sure what caused it since I don't recall having any dreams at all in a while, maybe it was the combination of drinking Blackberry Gin and Erguotou before sleeping in a new place with earplugs, but I had some of the most intense lucid dreams yesterday night.
It started with me hearing noises, then trying to wake up and see what's going on in the flat but being unable to. I'm not sure if I actually woke up at some point but I kept dreaming that I woke up and every time I was plunged into some new dream which I unfortunately don't really remember other than that at some point I walked around in the flat and could tell that I'm in a dream by the way the sofa was not "rendered" properly. When I walked to the other side of the room and looked at it from a different perspective I was able to tell that it didn't look the same as IRL. Wish I could've made some notes since I had the feeling that I had a couple of moments of epiphany. I remember thinking I should take some notes at some point, but even then I'm not sure that actually happened while I was awake for a moment or inside the dream.
No. 80206
I was on a birthday party where everyone wore anonymous masks. Wait, oh...
No. 80212
I missed the introduction which, judging from comments, was probably good. Looking forward to today and especially tomorrow.
No. 80364
3,3 MB, 496 × 658, 0:01
I wrote a longer post about this dream but something went wrong while posting it and it's just gone. This is what still remains in my heda, but now I'm afraid that typing it out twice will not help me forget but do the opposite. Oh well. Omitted some of the most inane parts.

The building I live in had been replaced by an incredibly tall skyscraper. I go in and wait for the elevator to come down. I'm going to some of the top floors as I attend some sort of school there. [...] I get in the elevator. It nearly arrives to the floor I was going to, but gets stuck between two floors and the cab is noticeably tilted. With me standing in an alarmingly low corner. The doors open and people are panicked and squeezing out to the higher floor. Everyone has got out I'm about to leave as well, but the cab swings away into darkness and starts swinging and rotating. After a couple of seconds I get thrown out of the open doors and I'm falling down, but outside of the building.

I slam the pavement hard but bounce off like a gummy bear, my clothes disappear. I hit the ground again in front of a Finnish MP who was sitting in front of a café, reading a women's magazine. She's horrified and tries to check if I'm alright and keeps screaming that I shouldn't be alive. I take some of the magazines from a stack into my hands and somehow start shooting out individual pages with great great force and claiming I did the same thing to soften my fall. She doesn't believe me and tells me to follow her. She leads me to the place I first hit the ground and as I approach I see a dark puddle, feeling disgusted that it must be my sweat. Even though I was only thinking that, she answers by screaming "no, it's your blood!". A father holding his son in his arms is standing by the puddle, both in shock and covered in blood. The woman keeps repeating something about how this must be the work of Satan, as her head loses all features and morphs into a giant mouth with huge sharp teeth. She just keeps repeating the phrase in her own voice and I get crept out by this and head back to the skyscraper thinking "hail Satan then I guess...", while not being really sure if it's a good thing to be alive at this point.

There's no one around at the skyscraper and an unsettling alarm rings inside and the lights are all off. I have some clothes on again, but missing my keys, phone, wallet. I ask a dog walker if I can stay the night, nope. I wander on the streets aimlessly, thinking how am I'm going to get back home. [...] It's dark and cold outside. I arrive to a place where there are rows of snowmobiles, but they're propped up on amusement-park-like contraptions that make the vehicles react to steering inputs. I climb one of them and start "driving" around with no idea what I'm doing as I'm incredibly tired and barely awake. A woman who oversees the snowmobile operation comes over and starts talking with me, first about the place(it apparently was some elaborate travel agency marketing installation) and then about personal stuff. She's very nice and we get along well.

Now I'm in my bed with my gf next to me and I smell something odd. So does she, she's crying and saying that it's a different woman's perfume. I try to tell her that it must've remained on me after hugging that snowmobile woman. The scent gets incredibly strong. Her crying becomes hysterical and she's screaming how I could cheat on her on our shared bed. While trying to tell her it's not true, I'm not even certain of it myself as I have no recollection what happened, how I got back home and in bed. I feel absolutely sick, full of anxiety and despair and start throwing up.

I wake up, and I'm drowning in my own saliva. Nightmare so bad it tried to kill me. It all felt so real and never ending. Feel free to diagnose me with various mental conditions based on the dream.
No. 80393
I had this very intense dream last night that my sister's friends conspired and stole my keyring to ransom it from me, so I stole one of their keyrings and threatened to cut the keys with a saw one by one if they don't give back mine.
They immediately folded, though I did cut one of the keys in half as revenge. But I offered to pay for it afterwards.
No. 80414
It was late at night; I was out alone and encountered a pair of men loitering on an empty street corner. We casually walked together and chatted, all the while in the back of my mind I knew they intended to rob me. To prevent this, I took the initiative and suggested we break into some nearby apartments. They can't steal from me if I'm a thief too, right? We went on to successfully burgle several homes.
No. 80424
I didn't notice that this was the dream thread and thought for a moment that schizo burger was back.

No. 80425
Two days ago i dreamed that i'm at work (in a company i don't even work at) and i was really bad at my job (just like in the company i actually work at) and i was afraid i would get fired.
I got really anxious and started to panic, then i woke up.

I don't like working in my dreams at all.
No. 80427
This means your soul is pure and you will surely go to protestant heaven, where you can continue to work in eternal bliss.
No. 80432
122 kB, 960 × 639
I'm catholic though
No. 80434 Kontra
Sorry to get your hopes up.

t.Non-schizo American with a subconscious fear of every other American
No. 80449
Had a dream with tiny warring states on the territory of Moscow, with me being a president and a military leader of one of them.
No. 80462
are you the rt mod?
No. 80463 Kontra
No. 80978
In my dream I was being medically examined, or rather, had been medically examined. It was a big hospital, because I could see out the window and it was in the tenth floor or something.
There was a woman with me who didn't say much, but it was nobody I actually knew.
The nurse was one of those typical NURSE nurses, bad mood, business and lack of empathy.
The medical examination was basically that everyone who had a non-german last name had to be examined and, if deemed in-valid or whatever, to be sorted out for destruction.
So I was in this room with that nurse telling me I was being killed eventually.
I countered with some snarky remarks and she tried explaining to my companion why this was done, but it basically came down to "yeah that's just how it is" (so ist das halt, kann man nix machen". I even joked with her, but she wouldn't respond to my jokes.

Then on my way out I met a guy who was apparently a supervisor or something who asked me when I would deliver that report, all while we were going up and down on crowded escalators.

When I woke up I felt a little bit disturbed, because in my dream I actually felt anxious and a bit scared about the prospect of getting killed.
No. 81098
Just go back to your own country, problem solved.
No. 81136
Dreamed I was trying to fuck my artsy neighbour.
I sneaked in her home while she wasn't there. Accidently stumbled into her ex who was also breaking in her house. He warned me about the neighbour's new bf who was choleric and would kill me if he learned I was hear. She arrived and she kinda rejected me. Then the boyfriend came out of a pond next to the house, he was actually a she and looked like a long siren made of seaweed, I ended up fucking her.
Woke up with a boner.
No. 81137
22 kB, 379 × 366
No. 81138
I can’t be gay.
I masturbate. Homos never masturbate.
No. 81140
> my artsy neighbour
Case closed. Source of ominous chanting detected.
No. 81423
The new king keeps appearing in my dreams for some reason.
He does nothing as far as I can tell or remember but he is there.
No. 81434 Kontra
You mean Obran I, right?
No. 81436
12 kB, 421 × 365
I was about to eat all sorts of foods but they were all spoiled. Opened a yogurt container and it looked fine. But as I held it in my hands mold started to appear on it and the container heated up so much I could no longer hold it.
No. 81445 Kontra
In dream I was Serbian in bombed Belgrade.
No. 81477
When I was 7, I dreamed that while commanding the full attention of my classmates, I slightly pulled down my trousers, pulled back my foreskin and then with my thumb pushed the bottom of the head up, making it pop and revealing a AA battery slot. I changed batteries, popped my benis back into closed and hid it from further view. My thoughts were "I was scared about this, but it went well!".

Physical cringe from feeling your benis pop open still remains to this day.
No. 81719
Saw my great-grandmother in a dream. We had dinner and she was the queen mother. She poured me a glass of coke and put her hand on my shoulder, telling me I’m doing fine for myself.
Then she had to be escorted out because she felt unwell.
No. 81720
Dreamed that my dad came visit us while I was at work. He did a completely new plumbing on the kitchen sink with about 3 times the piping length necessary, moved the drain (!!!) inside the sink and put some weird filter device between the dishwasher and the pipe that girs into the wall, whatever it is called in english. He was already gone when I came home, but he seemed to have been really proud of his job, despite nothing actually draining properly anymore.
No. 81783
Dreamed my grandmother bought me rotisserie chicken and brought a leaflet with her, the father of my childhood friend and my childhood friend were looking for help to renovate a house in the village one over, where they planned to open a community-owned layouting and typesetting business and Mexican restaurant. The leaflet was very well done and boasted the software and methods they planned on using. But it all made very little sense to me. I contacted them to ask them about it, they chained me to a bicycle stand with a bicycle lock and told me they would reach me smithing. The father heated a piece of iron to glowing red and one to white-yellow and proceeded to threaten me with both of them. He explained to me that the White-yellow glowing iron was much hotter than the red glowing iron, even though we consider red to be the warmer color. He proceeded to let me feel the heat, burned me shoulder with the red hot iron and threatened to do the same with the white-yellow iron. I was scared shitless. He then gave me some square something and a caliper to measure it. I measured, the son started laughing at me
>You can't measure anything when the plastic release lever of the screw does not fit the slit,
he said, and I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean.
No. 81785
Had a dream yesterday where I was going to apply for a job as a cashier somewhere. Felt very anxious.
Got to the place, and didn't get the job for some unspecified-by-the-dream reason, I think they either didn't have openings, or the place was closed entirely.

Then I half-woke up, remembered that I already had a job, and experienced a huge sense of relief.
Subconscious status: buck broken by wagecuckery.
No. 82182
Dreamt I was in a room with some international folk. Might not've been a room either, felt pretty open, but there was a table and chairs. I didn't know anybody but everyone still felt semi-familiar.

Then a guy from finland presented the food of his people - it felt like he was presenting his homework, not with pride but because someone else asked him to - and it smelled to terrible that most people were grimacing. I think my dream was referring to those rotten fish from sweden, not sure why in my dream a finn would present them.

I didn't smell any of it because my nose was so clogged.
No. 82305
I had a dream with some weird action-RPG, which looked like a mix of The Cat Lady (and equally crazy), This War of Mine and some 3D shooter. My late father made a try and spent a half of my ammo trying to get around, making me to complain loudly. The action took place in some ruined but still populated apartment building and then shifted to some half-deserted trade center, where I met two familiar workers of our business partners. As usual, they weren't very talkative, and then they just started to behave like zombies and pushed me into the corner.

Also I dreamed that the cold and cloudy weather in Eastern Europe is caused by climate weapons using against Finland.
No. 82407
I had a dream that I was looking through boxes of books in a tent at a used bookseller’s and I found a nice set of Three Kingdoms in German but it was incomplete. It was like 50 volumes with varying quality of binding, most of them being cheapo paperbacks and the main series having this nice 70s green clothbound cover and really dense paper.
I didn’t find all of them but that just meant I didn’t have to worry about the money because I had none on me I think.
Clerk was really friendly and nice with me. She helped me find more boxes to look through.
No. 82535
I've been dreaming almost every day the past few months, I haven' dreamt in years, maybe a decade, before that. Might be the LSD I started taking about a year ago, must have awoken something in me. I don't usually advocate drugs but holy fuck acid has been a godsend.

Today I dreamt about building a house and making it as fuel-efficient and autark as possible. I plastered every unused surface with PV cells and hooked them up to a big sodium ion battery. Then John Lennon (the cartoon version from their music videos, like in Yellow Submarine) came along and sang Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. That song somehow recharged the PV cells and I practically had infinite energy. Then we went to my parents' basement (which was in MY house for some reason) and started fiddling with the used Sony amplifier that's actually standing there (which I bought YEARS ago for 20€ or so) when the basement windows opened and giant flowers grew in. They enveloped me and I felt great, then I woke up.

I haven't listened to the Beatles in years, though I've been in that particular cellar room a few weeks ago, and I've watched The Big Lebowski a few days before and chuckled during the 'I am the Walrus' scene, so that maybe explains Lennon, but why the fuck did I dream about fucking sodium-ion batteries?
No. 83678
153 kB, 1108 × 831
116 kB, 1000 × 582
Two political cyberpunk dreams in a row.

In one I was FAANG employee, attending meeting with congressmen. Some of them were sitting with bandage on eyes while reading statements, according to an ancient tradition, but one of them actually was bearing smartphone and peeking into it. Many of them looked like aliens from "They live", but they weren't aliens, just too old to maintain their original body, so they replaced it with implants. One of them was 3 meters tall and had tail :^) . They were discussing something related to rapid switch of industry and infrastructure for military means in case of war.

In second I was among skyscrapers hiding from AI face recognition used for mobilization (already a real thing btw) by wearing huge AR googles hiding face.
No. 83679 Kontra
65 kB, 612 × 596
During this year I've had three different dreams about flying to USA. Why? What does it mean? I've got no plans to do so, nor would I even want to.
No. 83683
I was sitting next to a window in a house or a (train?) car, and saw a French Concorde airplane landing. I alerted a relative sitting across from me to the scene, but they only looked up when the plane had already passed, which made me a bit upset, but then I noticed that the landed plane's tail was still partially visible, the rest being obscured from our view. I think my relative asked me about Concordes, and as I began to reply, I woke up. Before that, there were two more scenes I remember, involving skateboards, a gathering and a joke, but they are even more boring so I have omitted them.

Subliminal advertisement by visittheusa.com
No. 83685 Kontra
I've dreamt about an argument at work where I was clearly right but people refused to listen. When I got angry about that situation some entity pulled me to the side and showed me the stars. The metaphor wasn't hard to understand and it proceeded to show me the whole milky way. However the milky way had the shape of an asshole and I woke up giggling about the joke my brain just told me.
No. 83720
Last night I dreamed I was still in my parents' house, however the planks that were screwed to the grill to make a door were unscrewed and I couldn't find any screw that could fit in, when I went to the storage room the lights didn't work and then returned to find out that there was a plastic bag attached with tape to the grill however the lower hinge was rusted and broken so I decided to pass the night next to the door
It felt so real this morning the first thing I wanted to do was to get some screws until I realized I was not living there anymore
No. 83731
I usually have nightmares about some kind of feminine monstrosity, I wonder what this means! Once a sea creature, last time a girl like in the ring.
No. 84248
I had a series of nightmares, but the only one I can remember is one where I talked with a group of Chinese near an escalator and I mixed up a tone and I said “would you like to drink a stickbug?”. I could see the bafflement on their faces as one my classmates corrected me.
No. 84249
Had a dream about the fall of the USSR and dismantling its healthcare system, with some fictional historical events in which I was taking part.
No. 84401
I've been having several dreams with a sexual component lately.

One was where someone built a walkway or something from earth to moon, with a gas station right at the middle, and for some reason everyone seemed to have migrated to the Moon, but there were always lots of people walking up and down that walkway.
Anyhow, I was with some people and we took a break somewhere or something, and we had a redhead with us, she had short hair and wore lingerie, and she was crawling over us while we were sitting there, so I pulled her panties away and started tonguing her asshole.

Then this night I had a dream where I was in the uppermost floor of some house and there was some really fat and ugly mulatto woman. She drank something like a bucket of acetone and started screaming and fuming and fell to the ground and it seemed like she was actually deflating. When it was over, it was suddenly a young and pretty woman in some kind of sportswear who did leg raises on rings and deadlift and stuff, but she was petite and instantly came onto me.
She had her small and perky breasts exposed and while I was fondling them she was grinding against me. I was extremely hard.

The interesting thing here is that in no dream I actually had sex, and I always woke up feeling a bit guilty because I am in a happy relationship.
No. 84403 Kontra
393 kB, 604 × 533
>so I pulled her panties away and started tonguing her asshole.
You will know them by their posts. You could have been using a VPN and I would have still recognized this very Germanic post.
No. 84510
I was walking in my hometown with friends, some of whom IRL never lived there. They were telling me about different historical figures who visited it and left discontent. "Pushkin stayed in this hotel and called our town "shithole" in his diary. And Lermontov rode through those road". Even Adam Smith traveled from England to Brezhnevka to see local mechanized loom and disapprove it. They also said that if we spend few days we can walk through every single street here, but I rejected such offer.

People dived into a hole in a frozen river to get some mystical and psychodelical experience. I dived, and there was a second layer of ground there, covered with snow as well. There was a yurt there and inside yurt there was a sage. My friend dived next, but couldn't handle it, and we had to pull her out from there naked. I remember her pussy but I don't remember what the wise man said. =(

My (liberal) mother showed me a project made by (liberal) newspaper Novaya Gazeta. It was virtual reality dedicated to memory of Dasha Dugina. In it there was a club with her and rest of Moscow bohème dancing. High walls had Dugina's photos and if you look at them, text with corresponding description appears nearby. I was a bit surprised by such tolerance and respect to intolerant political opponents and used VR to crush Dasha's skull against the ground.
No. 84748
I dreamt I was wearing my winter gloves.
Can’t remember anything but the gloves.
But now for a split second I have to remember I am not wearing them.
No. 84795
63 kB, 1024 × 576
I dreamt I visited a prostitute- or rather brought one to my home. No idea what we did, as the entire dream consisted of me paying her afterwards. I told her there was $500 in a kitchen drawer, but then she couldn't find it. I immediately knew my aunt had taken the money. My mother came into the kitchen- because of course this was my childhood home, and I was still living there for some reason- and I accused her sister of stealing. I couldn't hide why I needed the money- the girl was standing there the whole time- which should have been embarrassing, but I was too upset over the lost money to worry about that. As I was fuming over being down $500, I realized this was a dream and I could wake up to escape- which I immediately did.
No. 84826
Recently I had a dream with a group of former classmates. Some of them got killed on the front lines, so the other one was giving an interview to Al Jazeera, and my friend expressed a dissatisfaction with that. I replied that Al Jazeera is a decent news agency, and he said that they broadcast videos with various atrocities and are banned in Russia because of it.
No. 85060
In my dream, I recounted what I had dreamed. Not to strangers on a half-dead imageboard, but to my family.
No. 85412
I lost my wallet and perhaps something else I deemed important. The whole dream or what I remember from it, I was going through trains and train stations looking for my wallet and a backpack I think. What made me especially mad is that this never happened to me (except once in my hometown, which is a bit different then being on the move). There were teenagers everywhere and they talked unfunny shit (they found everything extremely funny as they always do ) and I suspected them of stealing my shit. It doesn't help that they only made comments to shine in front of their peers.

Perhaps that is a boomer dream but recently I had a train trip with lots of teenagers. It was Friday evening and I took a faster regional train to my end destination and it had many teens on board for the last 45min because they went to get drunk and to club that's on the way and draws them from every small village around. I mean it's barely different from what I remember of my teen youth, the way they act, talk about drinking etc. but god I hate them, it's dull and stupid but I guess they have to go through the same uncomfortable shit teenagers have to go through anyway. Kids between 10 and 19 are horrible, afterwards they have at least a bit of knowledge in their head on how to behave with others in many cases.
No. 85912
Had a dream that I forgot about my job.

My alarm was ringing and I got up, but for some reason (I think it was because I thought it was aready saturday) ended up doing something else before I noticed it was already approaching noon and I hadn't even logged in today (I wfh).
Then I looked out of the window and in the forest in the back I saw a hunter going after a roe deer. It seemed already hurt, so he was probably trying to put it out of its misery. Since I wanted to help him, I dressed and while I was getting into my boots I remembered that I STILL had to work.
Then for some reason I drove to my parents' place two hours away. The house was now on a hill though.
I got it and the next thing I remember was that I was in my old children's room and because I had my work laptop with me tried setting it up there because I remembered, again, that I was supposed to work, but it was already 4 in the afternoon and I was trying to come up with an excuse why I had been missing today.
I thought about just calling in sick, but I would have done that right in the morning, and just being unconscious wasn't an option.
Then I woke up and realized I was still in my bed and it was friday morning.
I hate work-related dreams.
No. 86081
American humorist Sam Hyde was my new theater teacher, and brought spiciness to the otherwise monolithic and politically correct scenic art scene of Switzerland. He was a surprisingly good teacher, everyone liked him. I didn’t know what to think about him.

The dream had the vibe of the ones where Adolf Hitler was drinking tea or coffee with my parents.
No. 86271
I dreamt I was a judge at a self-driving AI-competition in France. One of the competitors turned out to be my brother, and he had cheated by making his car a remote-controlled battle bot. This made a participating French man so angry that he started to throw CRT-monitors at people. I tried to calm the Frenchman down, I tried to train with him, I told him my brother would be disqualified, he told me I was clearly on my brothers side, pulled out a Laguiole-knife and stabbed me with it.
No. 86608
I went from the cemetary where they sang about remembering loved ones to a beach where I witnessed someone trolling a fat bloke by ringing his doorbell and then running away and him complaining that the food he’s cooking is expensive so he won’t open the door on time. He was making pig’s gut stew.
On the beach I also witnessed a guy breaking up with his second wife because she was too domineering and was ruining his kiosk’s profit by badly managing it. Biden and Trump were there and they occassionally danced and sang to see who’s more popular but Biden always won somehow. He was a borderline mythical figure who could not be hurt.
I was there with a few people. One of them was a beautiful girl who was “looking for a 60s girl”, but then near the end of my dream I kissed her after telling here those are already old and wrinkly and she fell on me as she kissed me back and I asked if she’d be okay with a 2000s boy instead. She said only if he’s as sensual as me. Then the fucking clock rang.