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No. 69473
262 kB, 1123 × 785
When I read the MIGs should depart from Rammstein, I almost had a heart attack! I thought the Americans had commanded it and Germany had to obey.

Then half an hour later the Americans declined and I finally figured out that the Poles are no idiots and actually saved us all! Holy shit!

Thank You Poland! I will never again question your intelligence!
No. 69492
82 kB, 1394 × 1080
49 kB, 480 × 480
I usually talk shit about Poland but they were 100% right this time not to take the Amerishart bait. So fair play to them
No. 69495
Polish politicians may be neck deep in their anti-Russian rhetorics, but they're definitely not insane.
No. 69501
So Europe knows it is too weak to win this against Russia. When Russia is done with Ukraine, it will turn its eyes further West. It is going to be a cold winter in Europe. Russia is going to retaliate for all the aggressive action taken by Europe in the past. Europe is going to pay for this. NATO is soon going to be disbanded by Russia. Russia will be the dominant power in Eurasia for the coming century, like it should be.
No. 69505
All this war has shown is that Putin was not even remotely prepared for an invasion of any bigger european country.

They already have trouble with european Zimbabwe... in a sense this shows how good European-Russian relations were before this conflict.

Russia did to its military what Germany has done to its own military. They were not gearing up for a war with Europe.
No. 69507 Kontra
I don't quite understand what is going on in this thread... It was the Poles' idea with the MIGs and both the US and Germany declined. Or are you all mocking Poland?
No. 69509
Blinken was trying to push Poland into letting ukrainian pilots starting from polish airbases, with the polish MIGs. That's what the Americans wanted.

This in change would have served as a pretense for the Russians to declare war on Poland, because as Lawrow and Putin have pointed out before, the use of an airport/airfield would be considered actively participating in the conflict.

In a rare case of mental clarity, the Poles didn't fall for the american bait and instead played the ball to the Americans, who immediately shat their pants and declined.

They didn't even give it a few hours of consideration. The americans acted within a few minutes...

Maybe now more of the butthurt belt will finally figure out what game the Americans and Brits are playing. They will happily feed you and your countries to Russia and force the entirety of Europe into a nuclear exchange. I am just absolutely impressed by the Poles. I really didn't expect them to finally figure out what is happening.
No. 69512
Huh, I missed that foreplay. Good to know.
No. 69581 Kontra
44 kB, 399 × 398
Poland proposed that their migs would be flown onto an American airbase and then moved to the Ukraine. The pentagon shut this plan down.
No. 69602 Kontra
The usually pro invasion trolls.