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No. 69784
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
23,2 MB, 1920 × 1080, 4:52
In three stages:

Stage 1: Nuclear War

Stage 2: Fallout

Stage 3: Nuclear Winter

Was surprised by the temperatures for Nuclear Winter, but I looked them up. An average drop by 20 Kelvin is to be expected. Temperatures in winter can drop to -80°C.

Estimated death toll within 10 months 500 million people.
No. 69785
Nuclear winter is still a hypothetical pessimistic scenario.
No. 69786
P.S.: However, those calculations don't incorporate indirect consequences at all. But global economy is going to collapse, which will have its own chain of poorly predictable consequences.
No. 69788
Why is China and India not targeted?
If Nuclear War happens both Russia and the US and everyone else will also target China/India, to make sure there are no winners and they will launch their missiles in response
No. 69790 Kontra
That video feels like such fake boomer bullshit.
No. 69792
Because it makes no sense?
India doesn't even have ICBMs yet (or thermonuclear warheads, to that matter).
No. 69793 Kontra
It makes sense because you want to make sure there are no winners. Everybody loses.
No. 69794
>It makes sense because you want to make sure there are no winners.
Specifically, why?
No. 69805
66 kB, 540 × 720
>you want to make sure there are no winners. Everybody loses

this is the best example of Russian mentality I have ever seen. Everyone who reads this thread should read this line and remember it forever when dealing with Russians
No. 69808 Kontra
If you deal with us you have to read the terms of the agreement carefully. It's not something you can liberally interpret. The deal is a deal, once it's struck you can't reverse it. Also eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. That's how it works.
No. 69814
The USA wanted to use Europe as the main staging ground for a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Why now be angry with the Russians?
No. 69815
Keeps everybody playing ball. If you've got third party nuclear powers who know if it kicks off that they're on the firing line, then their deterrents are almost an extension of your own.

If India knows that of nuclear war goes off, that they also suffer for it, then the Indian nuclear deterrent is put into the MAD 'pot', which raises the stakes for everybody, which under MAD theory makes an actual nuclear strike less likely.

Nuclear war is fucked mang. It's basically applied game theory.
No. 69827
Though especially Israel with the Samson Option and the US are more than willing to call for Armageddon as well. Indeed, only Soviet deescalation prevented at least 2 almost started nuclear wars whereas the US was eager to hope the return of the Messiah.

After all those two leaderships are in the hands of dog believing schizos.
No. 69830
1,5 MB, 1316 × 1088

Depending on how much the Americans decide to escalate, I might even be lucky enough to get away.

Places they will definitely hit:

  1. Berlin
  2. Ramstein (Murrka Airforce)
  3. Büchel (20 murrkan nukes)
  4. Kleine-Brogel (20 murrkan nukes)
  5. Volkel (20 murrkan nukes)
None of these would get me with a blast or with fallout directly. By the time it comes to me, the radiation would have drastically reduced. I might be able to sit the nuclear war out.
No. 69831 Kontra
>they will only drop a handful of nukes on Germany and none on France
No. 69832
I am going by guaranteed targets.

Mind you, the strategic calculation of the Americans is most likely that a Nuclear War will be mostly confined to the european continent.

They don't believe they are that much at risk. Probably think that most of the Russian nukes wouldn't even make it to North America or could be taken out above the Pacific.

The more I have learned about the planned nuclear war of the USA, the more I am convinced they think they can actually survive it. The effect of a Nuclear War after american fashion will be to take out Europe and at worst damage the USA.
No. 69833
We need to break away from the USA and align with Russia and China.
No. 69834
Every single one of these targets will definitely get more than one nuke on its way.
And in the 80s when the USSR had thousands of nuclear warheads basically every single m² of Germany would have been blasted away. Today it's certainly less, but don't think that in case nuclear war happens Germany won't be a single crater landscape afterwards.
That said, even the americans know they can't possibly bring down ALL rockets and I doubt any president would risk even a single hit on his home soil.
No. 69835
>Every single one of these targets will definitely get more than one nuke on its way.

The doesn't change the spread of Fallout.

How do you think that works? Drop a second nuke and suddenly the radioactive material flows farther? If they drop them all on one target, that's good for us.
No. 69836 Kontra
  1. More nukes = more material thrown up = higher radiation dose per unit of area
  2. Wind direction is a big element of uncertainty
  3. Not every nuke will be a ground detonation, so speculating about fallout is pointless in the first place
Granted, they will probably try to get the warhead storages by ground detonation, but then again, warheads are useless if you have nothing to carry them with, so MAYBE they will only use airburst detonations, which would at least not cause considerable fallout.
No. 69838
Mutual Assured Destruction is alive and well. Just because a handful of experimental rockets can target and sometimes hit other rockets mid-flight, doesn't mean anybody is protected from total destruction. Everybody knows it's important to maintain this balance, first strike capability would undermine the security system and lead to another arm's race.
No. 69839
109 kB, 750 × 581
MAD is badass because it keeps people's heads cool.
You know it's like texas hold'em where everyone's chair has a bag of plastic explosives strapped to to it and everyone has a button.
Geopolitics is just game at this point.
No. 69864 Kontra
No. 69867 Kontra
14 kB, 226 × 300
Temperatures in winter can drop to -80°C was worst case scenario or even worse, I don't remember, in TAAAPS

... Well, how the fuck it was called


"though never openly acknowledged by the multi-disciplinary team who authored the most popular 1980s TTAPS model, in 2011 the American Institute of Physics states that the TTAPS team (named for its participants, who had all previously worked on the phenomenon of dust storms on Mars, or in the area of asteroid impact events: Richard P. Turco, Owen Toon, Thomas P. Ackerman, James B. Pollack and Carl Sagan) announcement of their results in 1983 "was with the explicit aim of promoting international arms control".[88] However, "the computer models were so simplified, and the data on smoke and other aerosols were still so poor, that the scientists could say nothing for certain."[88] "

Well, it was worst case scenario, with nukes targeting cities and oil refineries and with high altitude explosion and using the strategic ones. Please peace, there is margin for peace. Sit down and stop the killing.

It's true, I am convinced that if it wasn't for nukes we'd have had WWIII decades ago. Anyway I don't trust the blatant cretinism and pride of our human leadership in certain aspects, and errors can always occur.
No. 69870
>Anyway I don't trust the blatant cretinism and pride of our human leadership in certain aspects, and errors can always occur.

Stupidity and psychopathy. That's what our societies have been selecting for for several decades. We have an entire middle management that is partially retarded and or full blown psychopaths that do not care about the aftermath anymore.
No. 69871
*I just had an argument with a guy who works as an analyst examining international money flows for a major bank.

The guy can actively shut out information as "conspiracy theory".

I had a little fun pointing out the irony that the Green Party of all, could be in the German government that unleashes american nuclear weapons on another country.

First I was accused of rightwing propaganda and conspiracy theories.

When I then just pointed to the last german elections as my source, he told me that the Green Party can not be blamed, because they have to follow NATO commands... so all is good.

At least 50 years of selecting and promoting retards with psychopathic tendencies. That's the situation we are in right now. Psychopaths armed with Nukes that believe mankind needs to be culled, so that mankind can be saved. It's a fucking mental asylum!
No. 70020
This, and after 15 years of Runglish I learned that lesson well.

>>69790 [implying nukes will still be flying nine hours later]
It does not even ascend to that level. You'd literally learn more by an afternoon playing DEFCON than this clickbait idiocy. I didn't even need to watch beyond that point but did anyway and then it does insanely stupid shit like for example not give any idea on the altitude of those readings, which btw nuclear winter is a bit overblown. However that being stated, mean temperature fluctuations have a more dramatic impact than people realize, and yes if a single volcano can lead to famines that lead to wars I guarantee you that in addition to the modern world being smoldering useless ruble that there's now blotted out sun, yes survivors are in for a hard time.

In fact the biggest irony, I think, is the fact that that stupid zoomer video actually downplays how dramatically bad it is going to be over long term, because now not just the cities got vaporized, not just the heavy industry to build replacement equipment was targeted, and not even that infrastructure is destroyed with no hope for repairs, but now also you have heavily irradiated topsoil everywhere with darkened skies and freezing temperatures to promote even more crop failures. World thermonuclear war means, in effect, that several billions of people are actually going to die in approximately five years or less. The irony being the fact that this video somehow shows this ongoing war which in reality is going to be over within three hours tops, not counting the alleged provocations and time from first tactical nuke over troop and armour columns or fleets to first targeted civilian buildups, and at the same time wildly downplays the cascade failures and pretty much in boomer tier logic anything other than the blasts. Like let us take for example this guy
who I was right about being a retarded proxy shitposter btw, and see in his boomer/mindset the example of "oh it's far away I'll be fine." I guarantee you this boy lives in some backwater speaking a shitty unintelligible gibberish dialect of German, which is the same mentality I saw in all those idiots of 2020 who somehow believed "it's just a coof in China and Iran and Spain, oh NYC now and oh now it's in my state well I live in a smalltown so I'll be fine" living in a certain ethnic group's useless cornfield reservations on the interior of our continent. They could not even fathom the outside world having an impact on changing their self absorbed boomer lives and daily habits.

This is not only truly false in a nuclear war in a globalized highly interdependent economy no less, but also laughably so because the living shall envy the dead. I spoke a cheerful Slavic optimism to a worried family member only a couple weeks ago when I mentioned how I'll be vapourized, and they'll die in frozen mud with us anyway. That's too say, I'm blessedly within enough blast radius I'm fully expecting not just to see a flash or get pulverized by blast but also hopefully be taken up into the clouds to meet Jeebus once more. Any who aren't in the situation should be more fearful, because it means that first of all you are going to burn to death like it's Dresden and Tokyo, and second of all you're likely going to be trapped under said burning ruble, in extreme pain and fearful agony. If you should somehow not slowly asphyxiate while being burned to death, which btw the thermal flash of a thermonuclear device stretches many miles into your suburbs and in case of the largest bombs can set trees and houses on fire straight into the countryside, then this still leaves the problem of you being trapped under crushed ruble with no way to call for help or any meaningful hope of rescue. Kurzgesagt did a pretty decent video on the subject of basically what one lone terrorist nuke could do
With no roads or railways leading into or out of the city anymore, and with most equipment and personnel destroyed within that zone, it's going to literally be physically impossible to rescue you, which is going to account for the overwhelming majority of deaths within the first three days. Those that don't get rescued are probably just going to die of thirst eventually if they don't succumb to their wounds, and with death a foregone conclusion each addition minute or even second of survival is more like just being cursed by an angry God than a blessing. Those most blessed are going to be the ones who get vapourized and brought up into the clouds like some sort of Rapturebefore raining back down some hours later to slowly poison to death their unluckily surviving countrymen.

It's in the weeks and months to come that you should see the deathtoll rising up sharply and dramatically as a Stalin-esque cannibal island scenario plays out, albeit one with radiation
So now imagine you're somehow emerging from the metro in the case of Americans there almost are none, only the Soviets and some euros planned to try and help anyone other than politicians, rich celebrities, and wealthy elites to survive so basically unless you're an elite whose kids are in the Andover or Exeter nuclear bunker expect fallout and suffering and you managed to survive the worst radiation on top of it. The world you emerge into is going to be a burnt irradiated wasteland with no food, no utilities, no roads, and small roaming bands of brigands and cannibals, liekly to include said metro sheltering survivors. Many of these will still end up dying of Chernobyl tier cancers within months to years anyway, or succumbing to opportunistic infections, since the fallout is just going to blanket the northern hemisphere and poison absolutely everyone and everything. I guarantee you most people aren't going to be smart enough to decontaminate before entering their shelters so they're going to track fallout in there anyway.
No. 70021 Kontra
After some time any remaining supplies near urban, suburban, and even rural zones will be stripped, leading to more and more reliance on procuring new food than just living off pre-war canned goods, and those bands are going to run out of squirrels and dogs quickly, which will soon lead to cannibalism. This will occurr in a sort of Walking Dead like world where everything has been destroyed, there are no governments to speak of, none of your technology works, and people have banded together into warring tribes. All this will be going on as the planet cools off and the skies darken, making agriculture much more difficult which will be likely taking place in irradiated topsoil anyway so people are just going to get more poisoned as time goes by. The average life expectancy will probably drop to about 40 and a global pop of approximately 2 billion within the next ten years, optimistically. Many of the main zones far removed from the war will have become the main power zones, however even in mighty political blocs like New Brazil they too are likely to have starved and faced numerous internal conflicts and civil or territorial wars by time's end anyway as the crop failures are going to be a global problem on top of the globalized economy being near non-existent now, meaning no more shipping raw materials to port B for refinement and then to port C for end product manufacture back to port A. You're all, as national territories, much like the individual German trapped beneath flaming rubble: on your own.

The sinister thing about the Samson Option actually is because as a doctrine it doesn't really distinguish between NBC weapons and a conventional conflict. In fact the whole problem with the Zionist's view of the world which arguably they imported via their "Jewish" Russians along with cultural Germification during the German Captivity period is that they would drag the whole screaming world burning down with them than do what a normal country would do which is establish a government in-absentia somewhere. To be clear: the Samson Option posits that in the event of Israel being overrun by conventional forces they could consider nuking everyone, be it as a revenge ploy or simply to extort the world in coming to help them. Of course it is stupid because half the world's Jews aren't Israelis but try talking sense to the Knesset and Likudniks.
No. 70056
111 kB, 881 × 1024
I've started stockpiling some canned goods, flour, sugar, pasta and other long-term foods just in case. I spent a total of about 100 euro on long term foodstuffs over the last week

>If you deal with us
nobody wants to deal with you, especially your neighbours. God willing we won't have to deal with you for much longer because you'll be too busy trying to feed yourselves to cause trouble
The USA is just as bad, and they'd gladly use European lives to further their goals, but the Russians are just too dumb not to be baited into conflicts like this instead of playing the long game
No. 70057 Kontra
Nice. A stockpile is always good to have. What you've got already sounds good. Easy addition would be to stock up on some oils, crisp bread, crackers and jam. They last forever. And some water!
No. 70059
266 kB, 1200 × 800
>I've started stockpiling some canned goods, flour, sugar, pasta and other long-term foods just in case. I spent a total of about 100 euro on long term foodstuffs over the last week
I continue to slowly amass food reserves. The lower shelf in the freezer is full of flour (chiefly rye and wholegrain wheat, the rest is stored in the kitchen). Most glass jars have been filled with cereals, predominantly buckwheat and rice (with expiration dates inscribed), there are some reserves of peas, beans and sugar as well (need more sugar). Have stored some frozen meat plus several cans of preserved meat and fish (need a bit more). There are several bags of long life milk just in case, though it's not the best way to use fridge space. Vegetables are the main potential problem, I can fully rely only on several bags of frozen vegetable mixes, though probably increasing my stockpile of potatoes is worth considering.
I've enough instant coffee and tea at least for a year, that's for certain.
No. 70085
Warum werde ich zensoriert?
No. 70086
24 kB, 811 × 439
61 kB, 3840 × 2160
>nobody wants to deal with you, especially your neighbours. God willing we won't have to deal with you for much longer because you'll be too busy trying to feed yourselves to cause trouble

You missed recent News, huh?

Koch Industries and Nestle won't leave Russia. Koch Industries is openly opposed to sanctions against Russia.

I have to reevaluate my opinion about Nestle. I will buy their products again. They are helping us right now prevent a nuclear war that the Clinton/Obama/Biden mafia wants.
No. 70089
I suppose they evaluate their long-term losses from leaving the market being higher, ultimately acting for their own profit. Still, it's nice. I am planning to ignore the rats leaving the Russian market now forever.
No. 79750