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No. 69854 Systemkontra
93 kB, 1280 × 1024
39 kB, 500 × 250
30 kB, 768 × 448
55 kB, 1148 × 714
Number in title edition

Previous >>63116
No. 69855
Anybody here play Risk of Rain 2?
I really like its roguelike-shooter concept but navigating the maps can be really frustrating sometimes. Had some fun runs but since my aim on controller isn't great I'm kinda stuck playing the one character with auto-aim unless I change to KB+M

Also played some MTG Arena again, had some pretty good drafts but it's too addictive and time-consuming tbh

Sounds cool, perhaps you wanna repost ITT since that's thread is on Kontra
No. 69857
More to tell from my Dark Souls adventure.
Sen's actually went rather smoothly, the Iron Giant went down like a bitch.

I tried not to spend too much time on Anal Rodeo since I find it rather boring.
My strategy for the archers was Hidden Body + Soul Spear.
Sadly I didn't test Hidden Body's duration beforehand, so right on the second bridge the spell expired. It was like a scene from a cartoon when the protagonist is sneaking across some guardian dog or whatever in some elaborate disguise just for the disguise to vanish for whatever reason right when they have almost made it to the other side.
Apart from that, the giant guards were pretty annoying with their 100% magic resistance shields.
Timon and Pumbaa were really also not that much of a problem because I summoned Brolaire. The moment you have someone to lead some aggro away from you, they're basically pushovers.

After that I went to the Crystal Archives to get the talisman and now I am fucking around in Oolacile.
The Sanctuary Guardian was still as much of an asshole as I remembered, but also not that much of a problem after I started actually evading it.
My first try at Artorias was not very successful though, he's just too fast and constantly rolls and does 3000 attacks per second and my casting is just too slow, I have to see how I can tackle this fight.
No. 69862
I dunno what it was, maybe it's because he moves like a regular hack and slash (character action game is one of my favourite genres) boss compared to the others, but I find artorias to be free as fuck.

As long as you have fast roll you should get him with a bit of practice. Fuck going in there fat rolling though.
No. 69863
>Fuck going in there fat rolling though.
Heh, I remember my first time beating Artorias ten years ago or so I just tanked everything.
No. 69875
Wow you're making some good progress.
I just played a bit and got the archers with rolling & parry on first try, only to die to the next knight in the building without lighting the bonfire :D
Then after lots of messing up in the cathedral with the bonfire I finally got to Laurel & Hardy and summoned Solaire only to forget that the other guy replenishes health so I fucked up by spending all my spells and getting rekt by Super Ornstein. I'm dreading to try again since I don't have many humanities left to summon Solaire in case I fuck up

Needed a shitton of tries against him on my first playthrough, but he's probably my favorite boss
No. 69877
154 kB, 1018 × 767
58 kB, 1027 × 793
84 kB, 1026 × 803
119 kB, 1019 × 765
>Sounds cool, perhaps you wanna repost ITT since that's thread is on Kontra
Sure thing:

Ernst now has his very own Quake3-server which is hosted on the Radio Ernstiwan server. Back on Krautchan we also had our own server with a somewhat active community, let's see what we can do here. If you're interested:

How do I get the game?
1. ioquake3 download and unzip: https://ioquake3.org/get-it/
2. pak0.pk3 copy it to the baseq3-folder of your ioquake3-installation: https://github.com/nrempel/q3-server/blob/master/baseq3/pak0.pk3
3. pak9.pk3 for the custom-made Ernst models (mostly old Krautchan-/b/-stuff) get the pak9 and put it also in base3q: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/quake/pak9.pk3

How to play?
Choose Multiplayer => Specify => radio.ernstchan.xyz, Port 27960 should be preconfigured. Or open console (^ or Shift+^) and enter: \connect radio.ernstchan.xyz:27960. Remember to store the server in your favourites (when on the server: ESC => server info => add to favourites).

If asked for a CD-Key you can simply press enter. The following configurations are recommended (enter in console):
\rate 25000
\cl_maxpackets 60
\com_maxfps 125

The server is located in Romania, from Germany I have a ping of 50-60. I'm afraid it might be unplayable (ping way above 100) from overseas, you can just ping radio.ernstchan.xyz and check how it looks.
No. 69925
Alright, so Artorias is now history, too.
Turns out actually dodging for a change helps a lot with staying alive long enough to get those 6-8 soul spears into the target. It's crazy how easy spellcasting is in principle. Granted, it took me three tries that all ended getting one- or two-shotted, but the last one was simply magical (teehee).
Next goal: Grabbing the Dark Beads and devising a way of beating Manus with magic.
No. 69982
I always have ioquake3 installed. Maybe we could do a small event with a few matches where someone streams their pov on EC cinema... I'd be down for some quake with Ernsts, though I'm pretty rusty by now :-DDD
No. 69987
You're gonna have to wait for me to get a new job first.
I disabled the server so I don't get billed while unemployed.
No. 69990
Can Ernst help you out with the server costs? I'm sure 1 or 2 Ernsts would send you a few moneys in the form of crypto.

As someone who already streamed some video I might do that too.
No. 69998
>I'm sure 1 or 2 Ernsts would send you a few moneys in the form of crypto.
I'd help out too. I actually tried to set up a spontaneus quake promo stream yesterday and noticed that I can't connect any longer. Despite it wasn't used that much in the last weeks it's a nice feature to have in my opinion, so it would be a shame if it gets dropped.
No. 70124
249 kB, 1024 × 768
We wanna try out our new Quake3 server today at around 19:00UTC, join us if you're interested. See >>69877 on how to get the necessary software.
No. 70125
I will show you no quarter.
if the game is still running by the time I get home.
No. 70137
Hm, that's 20:00 here, I might just be having diner at the time, but I'll try my best to be there. I'm super rusty though, please be gentle ._.
No. 70138
Oi, noclip uploaded their documentary on black mesa: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=G_TcAxAKCAI

I'll reserve an evening for this, with popcorn and all.
No. 70146
19 kB, 510 × 333
>I will show you no quarter.
And I will show you no skill!

>I'm super rusty though, please be gentle ._.
Rust implies there were relevant skills in the first place. That's already more than I could say about myself, t. pic related
No. 70149
Oh well, I did my best to hurry up, but could only just now start cooking, so I won't be on the keyboard for another hour or so. But please do report back how it went, and if you guys are still there around an hour later I'll join you still.
No. 70160
Turns out you guys were still at it. It was fun playing quake again, danke!

Make sure to post itt the next time anyone wants to play, I'll try to be there again.
No. 70169
160 kB, 512 × 512
First Ernst Quake session was completed successfully, we were I think 5 Ernsts and at least 4 who played simultaneously, server handled it (+2 radio streams) without problems.

Noice! Everything went pretty well, except the map rotation which is fucked for some reason, I'll try to fix that.
>Make sure to post itt the next time anyone wants to play
Will do!
No. 70175
381 kB, 640 × 640
call me when you make a Project Zomboid server
No. 70189
4,8 MB, 1920 × 1080

Using a baseball bat or other stick is sooo last year.
No. 70258
596 kB, 1920 × 1080
622 kB, 1920 × 1080
200 kB, 1920 × 1080
273 kB, 1920 × 1080
forewarning - i haven't touched this game in years, and will be (very) terrible. I am relearning the mechanics and won't see the whole operation through.

I will be 2022 Russian army tier.

If Ernst hasn't played, it's very good. The devs are based in Kharkiv though - so hopefully they don't die and can continue working on it.

1) today we attack towards Federovka. My aim is to take the north part of the village with a tank assault, and hold until infantry reinforcements arrive next turn.

2) my first plan of attack is to send infantry forward to screen, and then charge my tanks forward at the enemy positions to overwhelm them, ideally with mortar support

3) enemy has AT weapons out in the village :~DD my t26's have zero chance. two have been removed, and the rest are prevented from advancing. t34's are holding though - the enemy AT is holding fire, and not wasting shots against them - but advance is slow. The infantry are becoming suppressed by entrenched Germans on the reverse slop of the hill.

4) I have pushed forward my second tank platoon and silenced the gun. The enemy is now beginning to mortar my men and tanks though. Problems were.
No. 70270
297 kB, 1920 × 1080
306 kB, 1920 × 1080
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
1) we have now 'taken' the balance of power in the particular part of the village. I just like watching the ridiculous looking dual MG turret t26 model try and achieve things

2) MG's have opened up - but tanks are suppressing as they can.

3) Enemy probing attack to rear area has been blunted via mortars and reserve platoon.

I think I will try their new Iran-Iraq war scenarios later, after this one.

They have actually changed a lot in the game, over the last few years. Artillery mechanics particularly, seem different - in a good way.
No. 70279
324 kB, 1920 × 1080
345 kB, 1920 × 1080
174 kB, 1920 × 1080
631 kB, 1920 × 1080
1)infantry and tanks have filtered into the village
2) enemy has requested ceasefire - I accept. I don't have the troops to really take the other village half this battle, and my primary goal is achieved.
3) less casualties than expected - sadly most of my BT tanks are out for repairs now though.
4) tanks did nearly all of the heavy lifting. this BT was the clear leader, with 32 kills.
No. 70299
Oh man. This is some old ec vibes here. The days of multiple autistic wargame Aussies.
No. 70302
I'll be here waiting for the CMO posts. Though that Graviteam Tactics looks pretty interesting as well.
No. 70304
Probably at least a week away, if not more. Won't be at the new place til Friday, and dunno how long to get comfortably set up. Then I'm back to work, and even after all that, a new Ghostrunner dlc dropped and it's very high on my list.
No. 70318
I might be one of the ones you were thinking of from back then. I remember there were a couple of Aussies.

I took a several year break from imageboards. Life, relationships, work, travels, all getting in the way. Still remember the comfy times from back then. Were you the Kazakh learning Ernst? I'm so happy EC is still around and seems to be doing well.

Graviteam tactics is really a one of a kind game. Think of it as a modern era total war, with significantly more attention to detail, and ballistics, along with a huge a focus on the tactical level. I like that it is more about macro, than micro. Sometimes you're just not supposed to win a scenario.

If you (or any other Ernsts) want to try, it's quite worth it. The predecessor game, Operation Star (similar, but I feel Mius is much improved), frequently goes on sale for heavy discount. I have nearly all of the DLC operations for it (excl Krasnaya Polyana - one of the best ones sadly), which I can try put on a hosting site if any Ernst needs them. They're extremely easy to just install onto a legit steam copy of the game, even if illigitimately obtained. I like to support the devs now though (suffering on Ukraine), but if Ernst needs, the offer is there. I don't think Mius add ons can be shared so easily though.
No. 70319
I think there were 3, unless you were also the movie guy. We back and forthed a lot regarding wargaming, and shared a bunch of AARs.

You should try combat mission if you haven't already by the way. It handles battalion level less smoothly (big battles will take a long time to plot a turn for) but the company to reinforced company level engagements in it are kino unseen anywhere else.

Also, one of them is weirdly topical


I believe the demo has the 'Gauntles Crossed' scenario which is fucking excellent, well worth a try.
No. 70340
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
I've actually managed to run Elden Ring. Dunno what helped, updating everything that could be updated, increasing pagefile's size to 12 Gb, playing the latest patch or doing all of it together, but now it works completely fine (although on the lowest settings) with rare and tiny lags that don't affect playability. That also means that its ridiculous system requirements were bullshit after all, since my PC is way below them (i5 3570k, 8 Gb RAM, 1050 Ti 4 Gb).

But now that I can play it, it turned out to be a bit disappointing, and it's all because of its open world aspect. It absolutely shines when you explore numerous castles and ruins with all their ebin architecture, secret passages and shortcuts, and it feels like a proper Soulsborne game with challenging enemies and bosses, but when you travel outside, it becomes as exciting as the fucking Skyrim: vast spaces with nothing happening in them beside an occasional encounter with some mobs or sometimes a miniboss which is usually just a souped-up mob and small copypasted dungeons here and there with similar minibosses at the end of them. Sure, the environments are quite diverse and look absolutely stunning, but the wow-effect caused by them lasts only minutes and then gives way to boredom. Also, due to the necessity of crossing large distances, they added mounts into the game, but the mounted combat feels a bit silly and awkward, reminding more of Dynasty Warriors than of Mount and Blade, and at the same time broken, turning some of the pretty tough enemies into complete jokes. Gotta say that I'm not very far into the game, and maybe it'll change to the better later, but I have doubts about it.

So yeah, it's kind of a mixed bag, with solid Soulsborne gameplay, cool-looking enemies and environments and dull, sleep-inducing open world. Now I'm pretty much convinced that only Rockstar can make open-world vidya that don't suck. And yeah what I play now is a pirated version, and I had the intention of buying the game (again, heh) if it worked well and if I liked it. It did work well and I liked it overall, but I'm not sure if I want to pay the full price for the game like this. Probably gonna wait for the sale and maybe the release of some DLCs.
No. 70360
676 kB, 1120 × 872
In Russia it's become problematic to buy games now. We are simply forced to pirate them, as in the good old days. It's strange to remember that at some point there was no Internet, then it was there but the typical bandwidth was about 100 kb/s, and the only games available were cracked versions on pirated CD discs (about 60 Rubles each by 2000, equivalent to $2.15, though the average official monthly wage was only about $130-150). No official localizations even (that situation may return too, actually).
No. 70374
Luckily the torrent-democracy will not abandon you.
Regarding the russian translations: Aren't there enough countries with a russian speaking population outside of the santioned zone? Back in the days of the soviet union pretty much all russian speakers were on the same side of the economic divide, but now you've got russian speakers from Kazakhstan to Ukraine that outnumber those that only speak kazakh or ukrainian. So a marked for russion dub still exists.
No. 70377
>Aren't there enough countries with a russian speaking population outside of the santioned zone?
There are many countries indeed, but not too many speakers. Russia represent more than a half of the total amount. And Ukraine, with the second largest number of Russian speakers, will likely mostly avoid using Russian for ideological reasons. Sure there's a difference between 200 to 250 mln and just about 50 to 100 mln (especially since paying capacity in most post-Soviet countries isn't particularly good).
No. 70393
22,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
Having a good time driving in Dirt Rally 2.0. Trying to get myself near the top of the leaderboard on every course. I'm just using a game controller though and not a steering wheel, but the game handles the input really well. It's a pleasure to drive unlike BeamNG.

No worries. I was just reminded of your CMO AARs/analysis which were great fun to read. Especially the air combat and AA systems displayed a refreshing perspective to the view I get of them in DCS.

>focus on the tactical level. I like that it is more about macro, than micro. Sometimes you're just not supposed to win a scenario.
That's something that not enough strategy games do. You should lose more and the way you lose should really matter as well. I'll probably give the game a go some day. Cheers!
No. 70402
125 kB, 1620 × 1080
Magnificent taste in cars.
No. 70418
142 kB, 800 × 777
180 kB, 800 × 803
138 kB, 600 × 600
Pirate translations had very funny headlines.
No. 70420
1,3 MB, 1184 × 928
What I liked about them is that the translators were often free to incorporate jokes, easter eggs and other content of their own. However, the typical level of translation was far below mediocre. Fargus was really good until some point, I still remember their Fallout I a.k.a. "Возрождение" (Revival) rather warmly. Others not so much.
No. 70423
Sounds better than "Осадок". Or "Радиоактивная братва" as official translation would be.
No. 70424
Well, I'm not complaining at all, attempts to directly translate "Fallout" would have been doomed anyway. Though I'd rather stick to something not so far-fetched, like Радиация "Radiation".
No. 70429
Putting actual work into translations? That reminds me of the SNES era when the German European Nintendo branch would put silly things into their work or namedrop Großostheim, the town where they are were located.
No. 70435
In Russia the SNES never was particularly widespread. Dendy (a Russian-Chinese-Taiwan pirated clone of the plain 8-bit NES) was being imported since 1992 and then even briefly produced in Russia; since 1994 Sega Mega Drive rushed into the market, and soon a pirated Chinese variant SMD II also appeared (which was several times cheaper and somewhat improved; add the huge number of available games and you will understand its popularity). And the end of the 90s was the era of Nintendo 64 and the first Sony Playstation. I never played any of those, though, unlike Dendy and SMD, which two of my classmates had back then; my own family couldn't afford a game console, so I've been a PC guy from the start (the first PC we had in our home - i386-based, if I'm not mistaken - was bought by my father's employer circa 1995; a couple years later it was replaced by Pentium 166).
No. 70449
977 kB, 847 × 1059
252 kB, 1920 × 1200
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
Finished "Disco Elysium" against.
Great thing: good worldbuilding, very special mechanic. Soundtrack is cool too.
Drawing style is specific, but I got used to it.
No. 70450
64 kB, 873 × 535
Yeah, the game is unique. I may disagree with the creators on many different topics, but their creation is undoubtedly a masterpiece anyway. The only real shortcoming, I believe, is how the plot is organized (the main climax is just way too far from the endgame).
No. 70453
235 kB, 914 × 1280
129 kB, 750 × 904
125 kB, 1222 × 1080
Which topics?
No. 70455
Well, obviously, they're communists, philosophical postmodernists and anti-clericals.
No. 70542
Tbh I wouldn't mind just enabling the server and leaving it be, if it's going to be paid for.
I'll also finish the webpage and enable https since that was almost done anyway.
(also would be good to put in a portfolio for job seeking :-DDD)

I have a bitcoin wallet left over from back when my boss asked me to teach him how it works. I'd have to find some painless way to cash it out though.
I could also do paypal or kofi or something like that, but privacy could be an issue.

Tell your preferred method of donation and I'll figure it out.
All monies will go to server, full transparency guaranteed.
No. 70630
245 kB, 1280 × 1024
How would you like to get it?
No. 70631
I already have some Bitcoin, but I always wanted to get some Ethereum, too, so that would be a decent reason to do so. Paypal sounds gay. How much does it cost per month, so that we have a rough idea how much money is needed?
No. 70728
59 kB, 480 × 480
Looks like we're set for another round of Quake 3 today at 19:00UTC. Please note the changed howto, the old step 3 has been replaced with:

3. download pak1-9.pk3 and put it in the baseq3-folder: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/quake/pak1-9.zip
No. 70735
78 kB, 864 × 538
Again we were up to 4 Ernsts playing deathmatch and having a good time. Let us know if you're interested in joining, we will continue posting here when we plan the next round.
No. 70743
23,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:24
Time trials are so comfy. Especially when drinking and driving.

Thank you thank you, likewise!

Did you stuff that marzipan snack down your pants?
No. 70750
183 kB, 1920 × 1080
90 kB, 1920 × 1080
402 kB, 1920 × 1080
374 kB, 1920 × 1080
Ever tried "art of rally"? Made by one dude who developed "Absolute Drift" before.

Too bad (for me) the game changed to better cater to only the best drivers (which I am not).

Inb4 looks like shit.
No. 70752
It looks like being made in Unity = shit :-DDDD
No. 70757
15,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
12,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
Haven't played that. Looks pleasant and a mechanically fun game but not necessarily something I'd play. I really like the look and feel of Dirt 2 even though the graphics are a bit outdated at this point. Great driving physics on a realistic track in a well modeled car and listening to co-driver's notes is just a very enjoyable combination. Very immersive even when playing with a controller.
No. 70779
Started Witcher 3.
I'm really bad at slashers PC master race. Switched to easy difficulty but this way it's just like ubishit: 90% moving from one place to another, 7% doing boring irrelevant stuff like seeking lost goat, 3% actual plot.
Runs surprisingly smoothly on old hardware.

> communists and anti-clericals.
I heard something about it, but you can't see it from the game itself. Catholics moralists are pretty sympathetic in it.

> philosophical postmodernists
I'm a simple man, I have no idea what it means.
No. 70783
Witcher 3 lives off its story, which gains a lot from having played the first two games and/or read at least the short stories.
Without the story, it really wouldn't be memorable, so if you don't at least like characters, you might as well stop playing.
No. 70788
I disagree, I genuinely enjoyed the combat (played on hard and later on death march). The atmosphere is great, no doubt, but without the combat I would probably not have finished the game.
Also, the expansion "Blood and Wine" was my favourite part of all Witcher games. And I'm undecided whether I enjoy Witcher 2 or 3 more, it kinda depends on the mood, I guess.

... aw shit and now I am realizing that Witcher 3 is 7 years old. What the actual fuck, it feels like "that game from last year".
No. 70789
>I genuinely enjoyed the combat
Really? I found it boring and samey, and I really like TW3. And yeah, Blood and Wine was great, though I think it was mainly because of the unashamed fanservice and because I got the physical version with a whole game of Gwent.
My personal ranking is 3>1>>>2 (relative rating, they're all good) and 3 only wins because of the expansions and memorable characters.
No. 70791 Kontra
Heh, that lin to post >>2 has no right to fetch that data anymore... I guess the admins have overlooked something in the config :D

protip: That means any files ever uploaded to ec will still be there if you have saved the URI, meaning EC could be abused as a filehoster
No. 70792
...abused as filehoster
Some slavs are already way ahead of you, Ernst.
No. 70814
781 kB, 1920 × 1080
Just started with Intravenous.
It's basically Hotline Miami as a stealth game, and with more jank.
You don't die quite as fast, but the levels are much longer and since there's only limited saves available, it can get rather frustrating.
At least all kinds of playstyles are viable; either shooting everyone or just ghosting completely is perfectly possible.

The story is some shitty revenge story, but it's written in such an edgy tryhard teenager 90s rad throwback way it loops back to being hilarious. I think it was made by russians.
No. 70822
> it can get rather frustrating.
Absolutely not what I'm looking for in games.
No. 70917
Oh, I forgot to say something about art of rally: It's full of references. The cars are of course not officially licensed, so it starts with the names. The "histories" are poking fun too, but always good-natured. Then, as you might be able to see on the fourth picture, every car has a hashtag underneath.

>If in doubt, flat out - Colin McRae
No. 70938
479 kB, 1920 × 1080
514 kB, 1920 × 1080
Here's some more of that delicious writing.

>Let's see... porn... gay porn... bomb building instructions...

>Well well well well well, look who it is! First I heard that our little sugar factory suffered from a drive-by (in the german version they apparently made it masculine. I always used the neuter) and now a wannabe SEK (german version of SWAT) stands before me and puts a gun to my face. Do you even know how fucked you are?!

Also, that "store owner" looks kinda familiar...
No. 70939
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:34
Me too but there were a few exceptions
>Xcom 2
>Darkest Dungeon
>Heat Signature
those games could be frustrating but they were so well done that it didn't bother me as much

Other games that are frustrating but have fewer redeeming qualities can go to hui however
No. 70969
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
216 kB, 1920 × 1080
Finished intravenous. The writing stayed hilariously bad until the very end. At the end the protagonist ponders if he should keep hunting junkies.
I also now know why the german translation is so bad - apparently it was translated by russian-german teens, probably of the urban variety. Although I didn't mean to deride russian-germans - german-german teens wouldn't have done a better job, at least not those who would sign up for translating such a game.
So objectively the story is shit, the writing is shit and despite the disclaimer ramps up the justified vigilantism angle higher than Death Wish and Boondock Saints could ever have.
But then again, this isn't a game one plays for the story, so let's talk about other things. Except the music, which I found boring and turned off after 20 minutes playtime or so.
Graphics are decent for such a minimalistic top-down shooting game. Not as stylized as Hotline Miami's, but serviceable.
That out of the way, the most important thing: The gameplay.
Well, this definitely isn't a "love letter to Splinter Cell" because for that to be true, the stealth and auxilliary mechanics should have been more integrated. What do I mean by this? Well, the AI here is supposed to be more "dynamic" than that in classical stealth games. However, my possibilities as a player are not as dynamic. If the guards keep looking for me instead of going back to their regular route I should be able to do something with it. I should have a knife on me all the time and be able to choose lethal/nonlethal takedown. I shouldn't get stuck in geometry all the time and should be able to e.g. keep pressed to a wall or grab around corners, but the way everything plays out it's basically "the fastest levels of Intravenous are like the slowest levels of Hotline Miami 2" - at least you don't get constantly blasted by dudes through windows from outside the screen. What I also missed was a map, since the levels can be confusing at times and doing trial and error like you would in a normal stealth game doesn't work here because of the limited saves, so you can't plan ahead or anything, just go in and blast. And despite the dev claiming he hasn't even played Hotline Miami, the similarity to HM2 is really there. In fact, I had more fun putting on the plate carrier, grabbing the biggest guns I have and just going full John Wick. Also, there are two levels where you HAVE to kill everyone. And trying to kill 49 dudes with stealth with only three saves is just not fun. The dev probably knew that too, because in that level you constantly find big guns and explosives.

So what can I say? I don't regret buying it, it's a good first effort, especially for such a small team, but overall it's just too janky to come back to it.
No. 71013
After getting over Intravenous I now started Disco Elysium. I haven't done more than getting dressing and chatting up the lady outside the apartment, but I am wondering - did I miss the tutorial? If no, where is the manual? Because there isn't one in the game folder and in the GOG extras.
I feel a bit overwhelmed, as right at the start I could one of those dice roll checks, but have no idea what actually happens there.
No. 71022
Frankly, the game is rather intuitive. All the attributes have descriptions, and further on you'll get additional tips just in case. Just beware that the thoughts (the game mechanic you're going to open after a while) have different sets of bonuses and maluses while being internalized and after that, and the those bonuses and maluses may be not really obvious from what the thought is about.

And a couple of tips about time: you don't actually need to sleep game-wise (the precise amount of time you spend sleeping affects nothing) but the game will force you one way or another. And thoughts are only being internalized while you're awake and time is passing (it passes while you talk and participate in other dialogue-like interactions, basically).
No. 71189
19,0 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:46
I built myself a habitat at the deepest point I have ever built, 200 metres, on the edge of a sea cliff. So deep that solar panels were useless and I powered my habitat with a bioreactor

The edge of the cliff it was built on went all the way down to the lost river, at 600-700m
No. 71200
Are there not any black smokers in the vicinity? Thermal is an extremely good energy source down there and with those energy transmitter rods you can pull energy from basically everywhere.
No. 71228
1008 kB, 1600 × 900
998 kB, 1600 × 900
I've never used thermal, what I usually do is I build a 3 level alien containment and breed Reginalds in there. These fish are electrical powerhouses when used in the bioreactor.

That being said a pair of water distillation things completely drained all my power so I built a nuclear reactor also
No. 71235
I hate "survival" games. You are constantly close to starving if you haven't eaten for five minutes, you keep having to repair shit that should last years IRL and everything tries to kill you.

Funny that it took until SCUM (at least as far as I know) that a such a game made you poop, too.
No. 71236
I don't like bioreactors because of the maintenance expense.
Thermals are set up once and then you forget about them.
Nuclear is good because of the massive energy output and it's semi-forgettable, also you finally have some use for all the uraninite.
Solar is ok for auxiliaries in shallow depths.
No. 71243 Kontra
Subnautica is incredibly comfy yet anxiety-inducing. I’ve yet to play a game that triggers actual panic like Subnautica does when you lose your way in an underwater cave and are running out of oxygen. The horror! I had to give up on the game since I lost my way with the story progress and don’t know what to do. I’ve lost the will to force myself through games it seems.

Playing The Witness currently. The perfect intensity for a game when you’re sick. Liking it so far, especially the art. Some poor choices with audio in my opinion though. All sorts of buzzing and shit.
No. 71247
157 kB, 1280 × 720
I liked 2-nd part.
But Witcher 3 story is clearly better, my first impression was wrong. Would be ideal if they cut 20% of the most boring quests.
Сrafting system, fucking with repairing armor and other ubishit stuff makes gameplay strictly worse. But it gives a lot of immersion, like you're witcher, you kill beasts for money, there is world around you with all the stuff, you can even get drunk or learn flora of different regions. Like in GTA games. Bestiary and characters descriptions written by Jaskier are cool idea.
Soundtrack is fine too.
Gwent is fucked up, it comes down to: visit all the players in a world in a order of ascending difficulty. I abandoned it.
Also game became too easy at this point, I'll try to switch back to normal difficulty.

Anyone watched witcher from netflix, how is it?

t. autist who read all the witcher books as a teenager

I had a tutorial when I played it.
No. 71262
Seriously, TW3 has just too many conceptual flaws to me. The main (also leading to many other problems) being the "one million game hours for a complete walkthrough" approach, may it be damned. Also the plot isn't perfect even by itself (you have a long anticlimax after the Battle of Kaer Morhen, which could have been a perfect endgame confrontation otherwise, and the tension and anticipation barely even reach the same level again). Plus personally I find most main characters somehow unsympathetic and/or hollow. May be not much of a problem if you are a fan of the book series, but I'm not.

I criticized TW1 hard, but at least it definitely was a solid game with a solid atmosphere to it.
No. 71263
> "one million game hours for a complete walkthrough" approach,
Blame the "if I pay for a game I want value" crowd, mistaking "lasts long" for value
No. 71267
I only started walkthrough but seems like "main" quest is just an occasion for other, more interesting side quests who cares about this Ciri bitch?.
It's not a novel to look for a climax there, but rather a collection of short stories. Which does not interfere with atmosphere.
No. 71268
Until some point in the game, yeah.

They even managed to keep most shortcomings of TW3 in Cyberpunk 2077 as well (failing to keep only a reasonable amount of side content, over-schematizing everything, making the originally atrocious system of levelling to reach new peaks of madness etc.) - not including those new ones they've introduced (simply because Project CD Red generally have no idea how to deal with freedom once they attempt to provide it to the player).
No. 71269
>Blame the "if I pay for a game I want value" crowd
Better than the "I eagerly pay 60 monies for 6 hours of GRAPHICS (without any replayability)". Although I admit that both extremes are not good and especially if it's "lasts long" padded shit, of which TW3 is certainly also guilty of, I just stop caring at a certain point, especially if there's nothing really to discover, as all the points of interest are shown on the map anyway. Replayability is king and if a game gets its value from there, it at least won't be bad.

I think a game that really managed to strike the open world balance well was KCD. I liked especially the almost total lack of handholding.
No. 71270
> Better than
That's not the only two options. But people are so fixated on "triple AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and what the publishers taught them.
No. 71272
2,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
After almost 10 hours in the game here my initial impression:

I really fucking hate Unity. Apart from making my machine sound like a jet at take-off, why does EVERY SINGLE Unity game have to have that same kind of (SHIT!!!!) look about it? It's like the "Big Tech" Art Style of games. Really, is there any Unity game that actually does not give you some kind of eye cancer? Same with the movements - do they use some kind of mocap library or something? Because movement here looks basically the same as in Desperados 3 with this faux-weighy movement that just looks like shit.
I dig the aquarell-y art though, would be cool if the whole game looked like that.

I like the level of detail and vast dialogue options (and so far haven't found any kind of logic-breaking bugs, which is an easy thing to happen with so many possible branches).

The writing feels ambivalent. Some parts are funny, some are simply well-written, but often it verges into pretentious-cringy territory in the same way Intravenous was edgy-cringy. It's just so often I get the impression the author's favorite hobby is huffing his own farts and constantly mentioning how clever he is.
Doesn't help that there's so many gallicisms; all that french just strikes me as an attempt to appear "cultured" or at least some kind of high-brow to the unwashed masses.
And some of those internet-dwellerisms also left a nasty taste in my mouth "hurr durr cock carousel" "hurr durr internalized misogyny" and this silly refusal of my internal monologue to talk about the racist mug; the racist strawman (so far I haven't met a communist strawman). Granted, the skull measurer was funny, with his old KC /int/ tier haplogroup talk.
But what annoyed me most is this extremely silly kind of self-censoring, so far encountered with the word "faggot". I never understood the rationale behind this. If you don't want to use the word, don't use it. If you use it censored, everybody knows what it's supposed to mean, so why censor it in the first place? I know it's an even pettier complaint than those before, but this is something that really grinds my gears. Same with all those american webcomics who say "f**k" or even "f*ck". If you don't want to write FUCK just leave it out you dumb faggot ass fucking cunt! If it was at least a setting you could turn on or off, something like "faggot mode - censors bad words", but if you don't want the characters YOU devised to say the word "faggot" then just not let them say it. Especially in the context it would be substitutable by "asshole" or "wanker" or literally anything else without any problem, so why then choose this exact word and then censor it? It's just dumb and silly. If you don't have the balls to write it out, just don't write it at all.

Now I know I have been complaining a lot, but so far it's fun and I am excited to see how the story develops and if I will ever get my gun and badge back.
No. 71275
how does the german translation compare to the english original?
No. 71277
>Same with the movements - do they use some kind of mocap library or something?
Sure. Either that, or you need to do your own mocap. And it can be much worse (take Torment: Tides of Numenera for a comparison). As for DE, it's tolerable, and, frankly, the game was never meant to have impressive 3d graphic. I don't know why one would want to zoom in at all. I always zoom it out to the maximum.
>Doesn't help that there's so many gallicisms; all that french just strikes me as an attempt to appear "cultured" or at least some kind of high-brow to the unwashed masses.
Partly yes. But you must also bear in mind that Revachol has been founded by what is now Sur-la-Clef, largely an in-game analogue of France. In particular, a really great share of surnames and personal names of Revachol natives are French.
No. 71278
I don't know about German, but I checked the Russian translation, and it's... meh. Technically OK, but it somehow misses the style of Kurvitz.
No. 71281
It had some bad translations, also censored the word "S*******l" and didn't really add anything, so I changed it back to english.
I also had to turn off the voiceovers because hearing anglos pronounce french words makes the hairs in my neck stand up.

>But you must also bear in mind that Revachol has been founded by what is now Sur-la-Clef, largely an in-game analogue of France.
But Revachol is not real. It was a conscious decision of the author to use french.
It's one thing to have a little girl speak finnish/estonian snippets or some old lady use spanish words, but all the dialogue feels so anglo in the way it was written and the topics addressed that this frequent french just seems out of place. In fact I was convinced this was written by some californian nu-Bioware writer at first.
No. 71286
It's better to rate games without "cost/content" aspect. After all you practically can play everything for free. And then decide if game worth it's price and maybe buy it.
Sometimes the less is the better.
No. 71287
>After all you practically can play everything for free.
In Germany illegal downloads are actually punishable by law, if I remember correctly. Meaning you need to use proxies at the very least.

But essentially you're right. When I'm buying a game, I am bying an impression, not a way to kill time. In fact, the less time I spend to get the same impression, the better (I have a lot to do beyond playing games, and I fundamentally cannot play all the games in the world).
No. 71297
>When I'm buying a game, I am bying an impression, not a way to kill time. In fact, the less time I spend to get the same impression, the better
Very much this. With story focused games the game mechanics often get stale and progression is padded out with busywork and lousy writing. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Great example: all Ubisoft’s open world games. What a nightmare.
No. 71298
I'm a NEET so I actually do like games that take long and help me get through the day. BUT I only need one of these at a time and I mix it up with short games when I get bored.
No. 71300 Kontra
>It was a conscious decision of the author to use french.
Only partly. All the game’s world is based around the creators’s own pen and paper campaigns. So Revachol was not made for the public at first.

I just offered the game to a cute girl. Hope I don’t pass for too much of a fart huffer and she actually enjoys the thing.
No. 71303
Where to find cute girls to give games to?
No. 71313 Kontra
This post was brought to you by the letters "T" and "O".
No. 71499
2,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
248 kB, 580 × 386
I just finished Disco Elysium, took me about 20 hours (Friday ingame).

I am still extremely annoyed by the Unity look, something about everything repels me.
I still find that "faggot" censoring extremely silly, especially if you have a juvenile delinquent with the slogan PISSFAGGOT on his jacket.
And it being really the only word that has been censored makes it even sillier. Oh well.

Apart from that, the writing had its ups and downs. I think it was best when it was just playing everything straight or sneaking in a small joke or piece of situational humor. Both wannabe clever pretentious "hurr durr THE VOID EVERYTHING IS SO MEANINGLESS, ET, EN FAIT, ON PARLE FRANCAIS" and LOLSORANDUM SUPERSTAR COP dialogues were the weakest parts imo.
The only exception was EGGHEAD because his constant scooterisms reminded me of DÖP posting.

But I liked the plot itself. It was kinda foreseeable in parts, but there still was the odd twist I didn't see coming. And I wasn't disappointed by the ending, as is the case with so many stories. M
aybe the way the part where you come back from the island and have this tribunal talk was a bit too drawn out for my taste, especially with getting that sweet closure in that comfy place with that creature right before.

What I am unsure about is how willing I am to replay it. This was apparently advertised as an RPG, but it was more of a point and click adventure because there really wasn't any gameplay beyond pointing and clicking, and now I know the story and I am really not that interested in the world to replay two more times to get all the details and backgrounds although I didn't manage to get my gun back, I really want to do that eventually. And seeing if I can talk Ruby out of offing herself..

I think I will put it aside, at least for the remainder of the week, reflect a bit upon it, take it in and come back to it later and see how it's working on the second way round.
No. 71512
21 kB, 622 × 552
I used to have a female alt in eve online and dudes were constantly buying me shit. I didn't even pretend to be a girl they just assumed I was and bought me spaceships.

Sometimes I would sit in an asteroid belt in low sec and cry for help in local, saying I was a lady and people would come to ''rescue'' me and then I would kill them

Ah good times
No. 71517
They kinda deserved it, no matter the reason behind their behaviour. Anyway, that doesn't answer my question.
No. 71532
100 kB, 1024 × 1024
I used to bait people in non-combat ships, like heron. I would just fly around nullsec claim space, very often near or around home systems of some alliances (i used to be a part of xdeathx myself).
And if some random grey interceptor would attack me - scram/double web, shield booster, 200+dps.
120k ship kills 2mil.
Overall back then in 2014-2016 you could easily fly cheap noob frigates and have fun because many people would see you as a free kill.
Then they added T3 destroyers, pirate ships like orthrus became OP and suddenly EVE online became pay2win and i quit the game.
No. 71533
I don't know it just happened to me by chance really.
No. 71534
I'd mess up anyway so it's probably for the best.
No. 71535
Right here on EC. Should I post a PO box address?
t. very cute grille :DDD
No. 71538
> Should I post a PO box address
Fun fact, in German the amount of stamps needed to send a postcard, letter, or package is called "Porto".

Anyway, I looked it up and no "very cute grille" will get me to spend 1,10€ on a letter.
No. 71539 Kontra
148 kB, 512 × 512
>t. very cute grille :DDD
No. 71540
26 kB, 480 × 353
>Euro Zehn? Soviel ist keine Frau wert.
No. 71545 Kontra
Beautiful :DD
No. 71547
42 kB, 500 × 461
>Then they added T3 destroyers, pirate ships like orthrus became OP and suddenly EVE online became pay2win and i quit the game.
me too brother, but it was great back in the 2006-2014 days.

I used to rock around in the cheapest shit imaginable and get loads of fights in low sec flying cyclone, ferox, vexor etc. I even made a load of pvp videos over the years. Then it all went horribly wrong.
No. 71583
Looks like another round of Quake 3 in a few minutes in case you are interested.
No. 71584
Installing Quake :DDD
No. 71588
263 kB, 526 × 354
GG :DD A shame we were only 3 people today, last times we were 4-5 Ernsts around. Guess we'd have to play more regularly to keep the flow going.
No. 71604
Also last-minute announces. I'd've been there if I had seen your post.
No. 71610
403 kB, 1920 × 1080
I like playing with virtual LEGO
No. 71613
>Also last-minute announces
Yeah I know, the problem is that I also don't know for sure when we play until shortly before it actually happens.
No. 71622
123 kB, 600 × 900
The Witness was a great experience. At the same time I'd rank it as one of the best and worst games I've ever played. Worst in the sense of traditional assessments of game mechanics, story, rewards etc. but best in so many other ways. It was interesting to get a glimpse into how my mind works when solving all sorts of puzzles. I'd say it's rare for a game to teach me something about myself. Also the game has something to teach about perspectives and such, though at times it seems that it's being taken a bit too far, though balancing something like that is tricky when the players come from different backgrounds.

I do have to say that the game world is just incredible. It's like every single aspect, be that a fallen leaf or a shadow being has been placed with intent. Everything is there for a reason. And because of that the world feels massive despite being a quite small island. There is just so much to see. If you haven't played it already I definitely recommend it. Don't need to be any sort of a puzzle-fan to enjoy it, I'm certainly not. Still, I sort of wish I could forget it all just to play it again.

Really happy this game exists. Bless the developers!
No. 71696
Nice to see you enjoy it. As someone who discovered the whole genre of thinky puzzle games following Jon Blow's recommendations, I suffer from motion sickness and cannot finish The Witness.
No. 71704
>I suffer from motion sickness and cannot finish The Witness
I never would have guessed that to be an issue with the game! While playing I was thinking how nice it is for the game to be so focused on the puzzles and not include any movement related bullshit. If I recall correctly there's only a single timed puzzle, but even that is designed so that players with severe disabilities can probably finish it no problem. I guess the motion sickness hits you outside the puzzles while moving around in world? Can totally understand how that would make the game unplayable.

Is there some specific thing in The Witness that causes motion sickness or is it a common issue for you in games? You probably are already familiar with games by Zachtronics, but if not check them out. They have some great 2D puzzle games that could be playable for you. Also if you remember some of Blow's recommendations please do let me know. Might continue with some puzzles if there is something that seems interesting to me.
No. 71705
108 kB, 1200 × 675
I'm currently playing through Amid Evil and i am close to the end. This game has some extremely beautiful level architecture (and parts that made me seriously dizzy)

No. 71720
Well, I never play any fps due the dizziness. That said, the overworld of The Witness inflicts a particularly strong nausea I've never experienced. I tried tweaking the settings but it's still unbearable.

I got a list of Blow approved games from https://www.gcores.com/articles/95287, where his preacher in chinese community zealously gathered from his talks:
- Everyday Shooter
- Miagakure
- Stephen's Sausage Roll
- Gorogoa
- Starseed Pilgrim
- A Thousand Spikes
- Snakebird
- TIS-100
- The Gostak
- Corrypt
- Heroes of Sokoban
- Aunt Flora's Mansion
- Game Title
- Promesst
Not all of the above are puzzle games. The article was from 2017, so it didn't include newer ones like Baba Is You or A Monster's Expedition. You might be interested in the works of Alan Hazelden (Draknek), Stephen Lavelle (increpare), Corey Martin, Arvi Teikari (hempuli), as well as Jonathan Blow. They are among the most acknowledged puzzle game developers.
No. 71748
>Well, I never play any fps due the dizziness.
I had limited problems with dizziness as well. Now that kind of games seems to give me dizziness whenever my nervous system isn't in the top condition (when I'm not well fed, underslept etc.). Anyway, I just find typical FPS games too dumb, even though I occasionally play tactical shooters (at least for the sake of the atmosphere), especially since those tend to cause less dizziness (due to less flickering).
No. 71775
2 FPS used to give me dizziness, Fallout 3 and Half Life 1.

I think it turned out to be narrow FOV that caused it, and when I was able to adjust the FOV it went away
No. 71777
New Vegas (basically, a massive ossicial mod to F3 by Obsidian) was giving me dizziness very rarily. Not much flickering there, with many open spaces (= lack of intensive on-screen movements) and lots of VATS in close quarters.
No. 71943
2,0 MB, 640 × 480, 0:30
I can't play my favourite games when drunk

I crash and tip over
>surviving mars
too dumb after a few pints to manage my colony
I die to leviathans because no fear
>world of tanks
I improve massively when drunk because I basically become a slav
No. 71954
Makes one think that reduced concentration has beneficial effects on playing WoT, essentially improving the control over the battlefield. On the other hand, WoT is a highly probabilistic game, so that theory would require many dozens of experiments to confirm.
No. 72024
2,9 MB, 2560 × 1440
336 kB, 700 × 393
2,0 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,6 MB, 2560 × 1440
New Monkey Island screenshots.
I kind of hate it.

The art-style is whatever, it can be done well, but the composition on the scenes sucks balls, there's no focal point on any of the paintings, the contrast and emphasis is the same everywhere.
No. 72033
>corporate art style Monkey Island
someone has to pay for this
No. 72036
It just looks kinda bland I guess.
The originals had so much colour and "magic", so to speak.
This looks like anyone with a shitty visual design degree could have made it.
No. 72050
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Been playing some more Disco Elysium.

1 - correct me if I'm wrong, but don't waves only cancel each other out if the phases are different? Because if I superimpose two waves with the same phase they DO amplify, don't they?
2-4 - that whole communist quest was hilarious, from being able to literally smell communists to failing all the checks with Cindy and actually oinking to get her to tell me something to those two dudes who post on the radio computer equivalent of EC infa 100%.
No. 72053
>Сorrect me if I'm wrong, but don't waves only cancel each other out if the phases are different?
No. 72177
467 kB, 1680 × 1050
383 kB, 1680 × 1050
294 kB, 1680 × 1050
860 kB, 1680 × 1050
I've been meaning to play ATOM RPG for a while, and I finally caved in when it was 40% off and bought it.

I'm 10 hours into it and it's kinda good. It has a mood.
But it's also weirdly hard in a lot of ways. My character is shit at combat but good at talking, but the devs made it so that if you run into a hostile random encounter on the map, then you can use a speech check to get out of the encounter if it's raiders or cultists. (Bugs and wolves don't talk much.)

Not really far into the story right at this point, I'm trying to build up my character, since you literally start with 0 items in the game.
You're a member of the Soviet equivalent of what the Enclave is in Fallout, yet you get robbed the minute you leave the base and start with nothing but your skills.

Killing your first enemies this way and making your first rubles is quite shocking and satisfying.
Unlike in Fallout, guns are a luxury. Not in the sense that there are no guns around. There are guns around, it's just that the home-made ones are shit, while the pre-war ones are expensive to get a hold of in the first place, and once you have them, it's impossible to find ammo for them.
So most of the combat is melee or throwing or crossbows. Otherwise it's exactly like Fallout 1 and 2, which either floats your boat or doesn't.

Game is much more liberal with items than the original fallouts were. You can find not only booze and prescription meds and experimental soviet combat stimulants, but also weed. You can get addicted to most stuff, and if you want to kick the addiction, then you will need to pay an arm and a leg to get some magic pre-war drug that empties your system. But you can also get addicted to stimpaks.
Strangely enough booze is used to remove radiation poisoning, which I found out only after I almost died of rad poisoning.
Turns out that while the area at large is mostly clean, random trees and metal object can give off a lot of radiation. Sometimes these are retardedly placed, so you get a few roentgen worth of radiation on your way in and out of a town and so on. You can see a small, sparkling effect around these objects, but you really need to pay attention.

What I found interesting is that they removed the morality system completely. So you don't have a karma meter in any sense. It's quite freeing, and because of it I found myself constantly double-crossing people whenever I could, asking for more money, taking bribes but still turning them in for a reward and then using a speech check to increase my reward again and so on.

I'm going to try and finish it, but so far I have no clue what the "actual" plot is. My only task is to investigate a pre-war bunker where an expedition went missing, but I'm sure that it's not the main plot.

Writing and translation are okay as far as I can tell, sometimes a little typo comes up from time to time or a missing or an extra "the" in places, but otherwise it's cool.
The game has some references, mostly in the form of graffiti on the walls or a reference to Fallout in the form of missions. Some of the graffiti can feel quite dated. Like there was a "Svobodu Kekistanu" written on one of the walls.

Though I don't think the "Soviet" part of the game runs all that deep, even if it does permeate everything with the Ushankas, red flags and posters you can see in places.
Like I like it, but I can also see why someone would think it's off-putting or wrong or even cringe.
No. 72236
892 kB, 1600 × 900
775 kB, 1600 × 900
955 kB, 1600 × 900
I finished my 4th playthrough of Subnautica today, I wish I could play it again for the first time, what a game.

reminds me of silent storm meets fallout, I heard it's pretty good but the last RPG like that I played (Underrail) was so shit it turned me off the whole genre
No. 72251
Frankly, doesn't sound like my kind of a game. Obviously no playable RPG can be 100% realistic, but I already see too much realism (both physical and logical) sacrificed for convenient game conventions and pure balance. The plague of modern strategies and RPGs, in fact.

Also the creators don't seem to realize what actually karma exists for. Removing karma? I'm totally ok with that. But then it means the game must start treating many player's choices in the more natural manner - ot it just becomes more simplistic (and, more importantly, with even less common sense attached to it as a result).

Frankly, I'd rather consider a bit of forced roleplay (i.e. when a game essentially limits your choices somewhat basing on the previous choices).
No. 72284
What I don't get is why the game is so needlessly punishing at times?
It's one thing that you start with no items, but then when you explore the bunker you're told to look through at the beginning of the game, you get robbed AGAIN. And it's not like you can cheat by leaving your items in the bunker, because then the character will say that "You're a smartass" and will shoot you anyway. So you have to have more items on you than on the ground as I've found, so I had to give up a lot of junk and crafting materials so that I could keep the armour, ammo, three guns and the money + the drugs and food I found.

Bullshit. It's "realistic" to get robbed in the postapocalypse, but sure as hell not fun. Especially considering this means that they steal quest-items too, and unlike in the modern Fallouts, quest items don't enjoy protection. And unlike in the old fallouts, you can't get these items back, since the guys vanish afterwards.

I actually ragequit when on my way back from the bunker after getting robbed of a bunch of stuff I ran into some cultists and after killing them, one of the corpses exploded and killed me.
I just don't get why the game is so needlessly punishing at times. It's one thing to give me a challenge to overcome, but putting me in unsolvable situations and taking my items isn't fun.
Without a speech check, you actually lose everything, with a speech-check, you get to keep half the money you have, but you will be out of food, weapons, armour, healing items and crafting materials.

Another thing I noticed is that some of the skills seem to be quite useless. Like "technology" is dogshit because at low levels you can't even identify a soda machine, but it's never beneficial, even when exploring a super-secret soviet bunker. You can just lockpick everything or brute-force doors as far as I can tell.
Maybe it's useful to activate the panel and circumvent the robbery thing by not making a pact with the retards camping at the back, but I don't know.
Speechcraft is actually good. Saves you time and trouble.

The addiction system is quite irritating too. You can get addicted to everything, and it's a crapshoot if you become an alcoholic from a single bottle of vodka or gorilka.
This wouldn't be a problem if most of these addicting consumables weren't serving crucial gameplay purposes like removing radiation, healing mid-combat (though it's kinda logical that a stimpak is addictive), adding buffs or removing poison.
Basically if you can't win a battle without healing, it's not worth fighting, because once you're hooked on shitty soviet combat pills, it's gonna be a permanent thing by the looks, considering addiction removal is over 2k rubles and you just don't have that kind of money.

Worst thing is that I want to go back and play it more and get to the bottom of the story even if at times the game is incredibly annoying. I keep hitting walls in the progression of combat to the point where the only solution seems to be to go out and grind encounters, which is odd. It's a fallout-clone, yet in Fallout you got most of the XP from quest or quest-related combat. The random encounters were usually a detriment and a waste of time, but here, you actually get supplies and like a good amount of XP from it if the group you run into isn't bullshit OP or wildlife.

I'm actually gonna mod the shit out of this probably once I'm done with vanilla. If there are any good mods for it that help with the janky bullshit mechanics.

Yes, that's a way to look at it too. Essentially the removal of the karma system means that there's one less dimension your character works on. It basically removes consequence, which is why I might feel like this is so freeing, since being a dickhead has no consequences in-game.
No. 72297
Are the UI messages customizable or are they always annoying like this? I have been interested in Amid Evil from hearsay but now after watchseeing I am not quite sure I am still as interested.
No. 72299 Kontra
No, it should be "seelooking", shouldn't it?
No. 72390
6,4 MB, 480 × 360, 2:26
For some reason remembered this one today.
The music makes it even more hilarious.
No. 72397
168 kB, 267 × 429
Reminded me of a conversation:

  • Yes, apparently I am one of the best players in Europe in this particular [semi-famous] game, according to that list
  • Oh wow that's amazing!
  • Well, this taking into consideration that the list is made by the nerds that bothered to put their records there! Sure I'm not that good!
No. 72398
that boxes are supposed to be dashes from a conversation
No. 72399
615 kB, 2560 × 1440

Oh wow, I should've expected this but it still made me laugh.
No. 73835
Seth made a video on Company of Heros 2 (in good EC fashion, I'm 5 days late because I rely on chance rather than subscription) and it's a good one. Had laughs, was engaged.

No. 73841
94 kB, 634 × 427
Looks like a spontaneous round of quake NOW!
No. 73871
14,2 MB, 1024 × 576, 2:33
I played a little bit of Luftrausers today
No. 73929
195 kB, 1600 × 800
Yesterday I finished It Takes Two with my gf.

My feelings are a bit ambivalent, so I will talk about the negative first:
It runs with Origin, which means that whenever I start the game through Steam it will also launch Origin asking me for dumb shit. I can then continue in offline mode and it doesn't bother me again, so I am wondering why it was necessary in the first place. So yeah, I am supporting EA here and feel bad about it.

Now for the actual game:
If I weren't cautious with such words, I would probably call it a masterpiece. I am usually not into platformers and jump'n'runs, but this one was probably made specifically for people like me.
There are no lives or anything, you can jump into the abyss as many times as you like and just get set back to where you jumped in. Only during bossfights and other segments you get a life bar and if that is empty you fail and have to start over, but it's no biggie since the checkpoint are set at fair intervals.
Besides the platforming, the heart of the game is certainly the action-adventure kinda gameplay and puzzles that have you use both characters' abilities (which differ from level to level) to progress, so this game simply can't be played alone.
Having talked about the game being rather easy on the player, I have to mention now that a certain familiarity with operating a controller and playing 3D platformers is certainly an advantage, but with a bit of patience (and help) it can also be beaten by people who have never played a 3D game for more than 5 minutes in their life.

What I liked most about the game is probably the creativity that went into all of it. Microphones as snakes, glowlights as partygoers, fidget spinners as hover thingies, mixing up gameplay just because - for example there are parts where one of the players gets flipped gravity and both have to work their way through the stage jumping in opposite directions, or one segment being a Diablo clone, and so on. Also, there is an actual game as a minigame in there, incl. a chess clock. There are lots of cute ideas to find and experience, not even for any progression, just because they're neat, and I like that.

The story kinda hit me, being a divorce child myself and I did ask myself in the past if my parents could have stayed together, maybe even through a miracle. What I didn't like was the Cody character, he was really annoying, although both the parents were right assholes see: Elephant princess.

I could probably sing more praise and point out stuff I loved in every single level, but you should just play it yourself if you find someone to do so, provided you can tolerate the whole EA thing. Imagine going to look at the Mona Lisa and having to walk barefoot over glass shards before.
No. 74195
4,1 MB, 2644 × 900
I've been Project Zomboid recently. Last time I played it was when it was released as early access on Steam. That's close to 10 years. It very much still feels like the same game. I'm not even sure what has changed, if anything. Sure, there's MORE of everything. Still, it was enjoyable for a while but became very same-y after some ingame events everyone who's played it probably knows. Trying not to spoil anything.

The thing that has been added is multiplayer and I feel like the base game, single player experience has been ruined by it. I could be wrong as I have not tried out the MP, but in SP the character skill system is so incredibly grindy for a game where death is permanent that it seems that you're supposed to have a gang of people, all of whom are specialized in something. Maybe it's by design that SP forces you to play in a certain way based on your initial perks/skills whatever, but in my opinion it is not enjoyable. Now I ended up uninstalling the game and failing my self-imposed goal of building up a small base with farming since my character died in a completely bullshit sort of way and I'm not interested enough to grind my way back skill-wise. Maybe the single player experience is going to be improved someday, so I'll keep my eye on it still. Multiplayer could be fun on a whitelisted server much like DayZ. Public server deathmatch won't be a good fit for the game.
No. 74213
561 kB, 1920 × 1080
I have been playing civ5 recently.

I had a fair few re-learning cities, but I finally bumped the difficulty up (emperor/6), and tried a game as Poland. So far it feels that the AI has significant cheats in place re tech research speeds (dislike this artificial difficulty), but also seems more aggressive (not bad).

I've had to make a lot of sacrifices in economy and research due to both discovered AI's declaring war (now peace).

Normally I don't settle so many cities so quickly either, but I had concerns that on the higher difficulty the AI might try box me in - they haven't really. I think to either settle another city to the southwest (mediocre location), or southeast (looks better, but will be sandwiched between two rivals).

This game is a time thief.

Have any Ernsts played civ 6, or the sci-fi one? I heard mixed reviews on both.

I saw videos from this game years ago - it looked like it had a lot of potential. It's sad if they broke singleplayer balance over multi though. Playing with strangers sounds like torture, and grinding usually sucks too.
No. 74215
634 kB, 1600 × 900
I've gotten like 250 hours out of PZ over the years, I never really got too bored of it until late game but then I always built huge cool bases with multiple levels and garages and shit.

It has actually changed hugely over the years in terms of game mechanics, and I know it develops at a snail's pace but I think it's a masterpiece of feels
Civ 6 and Beyond Earth are shit, SHIT! Beyond Earth is particularly shit and Civ 6 was made by a committee who wanted all their boxes ticked how to make as inoffensive a game as possible

t. 1000+ hours in Civ 5
No. 74228
"Beyond earth" is more primitive than Civ5 but in general close to it. One stupid thing is that there are multiple land units, but only 3 sea units while sea is main place for battles.

Civ 6 is on opposite more complex than Civ5, and very different from it. Pretty fun with its built-in mods, but unsuitable for multiplayer.

Definitely both are worth try.
No. 74256
The gameplay turned into a repeating daily routine for me. Nothing ever really happened. It does provide some feels from time to time, but overall life was so easy and effortless even without a base. I was mostly driving around and looting places for materials for a future base and picking up all the food as well. I remembered that there used to be helicopters flying around attracting huge hordes but this time I don’t recall seeing any. All the sticky situations were caused by house alarms. After a couple of those it got quite trivial to make it out alive. The only interesting part was driving on unexplored roads and trying to figure out how to spend the night on the road. I probably would’ve enjoyed the base building but I never got around to crafting a bazillion planks just to level up the crafting to level 2.

It just might be that I was “playing it wrong”. Still, I consider the game to be a sandbox so gating even the most basic base building like that seems a bit silly. It could be a great game even in SP with some minor tweaks in my opinion.
No. 74306 Kontra
706 kB, 1920 × 1080
321 kB, 1920 × 1080
63 kB, 404 × 402
it says we're friendly, and i have a defencive alliance - it's bad for images if they backstab me, right, I didn't build an army because they said I could trust them.

It's just a military excercise. No special operations about to go on here. They've assured me.

Also - that American geopolitics mirror. Cross a huge expanse to stand next to someones homeland, then blame them for being aggressive.

On the bright-side, Poznan is shit, and Krakow is my most (ie only) fortified city. It looks like they suffer first.

I didn't think AI would do this to me. Please just wait 10 more turns.

I might grab 6 if it goes on sale at heavy discount - sad to hear about beyond earth though. If they put a 75%+ discount, I might try it, but expectations will be limited.
No. 74333
On higher difficulties war is your only chance to catch up with AI.
Computer develops suboptimally but thanks to difficulty cheats better than you can theoretically achieve. But it fights really bad. Its two most obvious mistakes are:
1. Attacking your cities with insufficient number of units. in hope to take Warsaw in 2 turns Like now they won't win if you move some units from Lodz to south.
2. Embarking near your forces (you can often shoot their land units placed on sea by archers or city).
No. 74392
131 kB, 666 × 674
Anyone got a suggestion for a game that has fluid and pleasant movement mechanics?

I'm looking for something to zone out with without much thinking involved and with a change of getting into a flow state regards to the movement. Something along the lines of Tribes, Mirror's Edge or Counter-Strike Surfing. I tried surfing again after many many years and it seems like most of the maps in play are designed in such a way that if you're not good enough, you fail and get immediately sent back to the beginning. I'd prefer if there wasn't any hard-gating of the level progression/exploration. In that sense Tribes Ascend is ideal, but as I recall the whole F2P/P2W design ruined it a long time ago.
No. 74397
Ghostrunner comes to mind. Game is a bit like Mirrors Edge meets Hotline Miami.
No. 74405
Looks good mechanics-wise, added to wishlist. Style is a bit too grim for me but I'll take what I can get. Thanks for the recommendation!
No. 74424
> Civ 6 was made by a committee who wanted all their boxes ticked how to make as inoffensive a game as possible
Is it metaphor or there really was such committee? I set starting in information era, only domination victory, prince difficulty level, 4 players. Wanted to test all the plains and submarines and other stuff in battle. And damn, it's so tedious.
In Civ5 city has not much health but regenerates fast, and you need to concentrate forces and rush it. Here it's the opposite. And you can't puppet cities, so conquering lands leads to a lot of management.
No. 74426
706 kB, 3840 × 2160
337 kB, 1920 × 1080
Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but mb check out Risk of Rain 2. It's a roguelike shooter where movement is pretty important, it differs from character to character but most have at least some mobility skill, and then there's also items that e.g. give you an extra jump, let you fly for a limited time etc. And the map environments are pretty satisfying to move around in, though it can take a while to figure them out since there is no minimap.
No. 74427
Australian played such game and even streamed it on EC. I don't remember the name.
No. 74429 Kontra
>risk of rain 2
Wasn't the first one a 2D platform game? How does it compare?
No. 74457
Based on some videos I watched RoR2 doesn't seem like what I'm looking for movement-wise. Might be a game that I'll play some day though as the first one was pretty good.

I actually ended up playing Rocket League. The movement feels pretty damn good in that one. It just might be that I've played Dirt 2 so much for the enjoyable, very physical and fluid movement. Feels like there's so much that could be done in that space, especially with 3D worlds and first person view, just like Tribes Ascend. Dirt 2 is in all purposes a 2D game, even if you're mostly flying like when driving on the Finnish tracks.

Could it be that Ghostrunner? Other than that I have no idea.
No. 74458
Ah, he already mentioned it ITT. OK.
No. 74462
Never played the first one tbh, tho I think it was also a roguelike shooter, just in 2D.

I've been thinking of this char in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeRRJGfzuSw
But yeah it's pretty cool game regardless
No. 74472
107 kB, 522 × 540
94 kB, 637 × 581
89 kB, 180 × 251
499 kB, 944 × 2966
The gameplay with that character in particular looked great! Now I'm definitely interested. Made me think of the Spider man games too. Maybe another possibility.

P.S. Enjoy some quality Tribes Ascend memes I had saved in 2011.
No. 74491
380 kB, 1920 × 1080
260 kB, 1920 × 1080
163 kB, 1920 × 1080
500 kB, 1920 × 1080
Currently playing Submerged: Hidden Depths. You travel by boat through a flooded city and collect stuff. You can't fall off anywhere or get the timing of jumps wrong because there is no jump button. Only have to press forward. Not every game has to be super hard.

Inb4 "filthy casual"
No. 74492
Well, the 3D Zeldas also have autojumping and Assassin's Creed also barely allows you to jump to your death, but the question is: Is jumping an integral part of the gameplay?
If yes, then it would indeed be a bit weird, like a racing game that steered for you.
Or is it one of those "story-driven" games without any actual gameplay ?
No. 74675
31 kB, 483 × 483
No. 74681 Kontra
289 kB, 1920 × 1080
219 kB, 1920 × 1080
320 kB, 1920 × 1080
233 kB, 1920 × 1080
Here's some more. Kontra because nobody cares.
No. 74692
>Kontra because nobody cares.
I would probably care if you actually talked about the game. Optics don't sell a game to me.
No. 74824
69 kB, 1222 × 305
Thank you, Black Santa :3
No. 75004
Stumbled upon this thread recently.
It's funny reading this shit 20 years later
I had to do a double take when about to type "20".
What the fuck.
No. 75005
And it turned out that they both kinda sucked. I never managed to complete either (or another contender for "The Best FPS of 2004" title, Far Cry), because they were simply boring. I tried to play HL2 again recently, but stopped even earlier. Its gameplay has nothing to offer, and the gimmicks that made it popular, like physics, aren't impressive at all today. As for Doom 3, I wouldn't even bother with it, because Doom (2016) was fuckawesome, and it's the true successor of classic Doom games. Also, the best FPS of 2004 was Painkiller, and no one can convince me otherwise.

>I had to do a double take when about to type "20".
Yeah dude, you're old.
No. 75006
>I wouldn't even bother with it, because Doom (2016) was fuckawesome, and it's the true successor of classic Doom games
Ewwwww go away
No. 75007
No. I stand by my words.
No. 75009
No. 75010
It was a great game but it was more Quake than Doom.
No. 75011
Man Doom 2016 is so fucken rad. Maybe my opinion is coloured by not expecting modern reboots to not be godawful though :-DDD
No. 75012
If you want to play old games, play old games. You can't make a game that genuinely plays feels like twenty or even thirty years ago, today.

If you want a game to LOOK new but PLAY old you are a kind of hypocrite, anyway.

Also, if they do manage it you are reminded that YOU are not the same person as back then.
No. 75016
Pretty much this: >>75012. Also, classic Doom transferred to full 3D will basically become Quake anyway, that is if you disregard the setting, of course.

>Maybe my opinion is coloured by not expecting modern reboots to not be godawful though
That was the reason I postponed playing it for so long. When it was first announced, I just thought, "Eh, it's gonna suck anyway, why bother", then just forgot about it and kept ignoring all the info, videos and memes about it (I am pretty good at living under a rock not only IRL but also in the Internet :-DDDDDDDD). I only gave it a try at the start of this year, and it decidedly didn't suck; in fact it just blew me away.

I was a little disappointed with Doom Eternal, though. I think they veered it in the wrong direction by introducing some elements that don't really belong in an old-school fast-paced shootan (acrobatics? What the fuck is that, Prince of Persia? Cutscenes? Did you fire your chief designer and hired some moron who sincerely believes that every videogame should have a plot and lore, or even, D-g have mercy on our souls, deliver a message?). It was still good, but not as exciting as Doom (2016), so I put in on hold for now. Gonna complete it eventually, but I hope that if they make a sequel, it will be closer to 2016 game than to Eternal.
No. 75019
50 kB, 600 × 615
>If you want to play old games, play old games.

Who says i want to?

>You can't make a game that genuinely plays feels like twenty or even thirty years ago, today.

Well, yes you can. See Ion Fury or Amid Evil for example.

>If you want a game to LOOK new but PLAY old you are a kind of hypocrite, anyway.


>Also, if they do manage it you are reminded that YOU are not the same person as back then.


Are we kind of pic related today?
No. 75039 Kontra
Played the Doom 2016 demo, found it boring and Glory Kills became old right after the very first time; movement was shit and the arena-corridor-arena structure is extremely boring level design.
Also, who cares for fucking lore in Doom? Lorefags and storyfags are the worst kind of fags, even worse than graphicsfags.

That is my opinion and I stand by it. Hmph.
No. 75047
>Glory Kills became old right after the very first time
Glory Kills' purpose is completely utilitarian: they're just a way to replenish your health mid-battle. You don't really have to use them if you're good enough, and instead just shoot staggered enemies with a gun. Likewise, chainsaw is an ammo replenisher, and you don't have to use it either if you're frugal enough.

>movement was shit
Provide examples of non-shit movement.

>arena-corridor-arena structure is extremely boring level design
Basically in a shootan you can have three types of levels: corridor with "checkpoints" of enemies along the way (Call of Duty and similar "modern" shootans), arena-corridor-arena you mentioned (old shootans with their keycards, levers, switches and stuff) and big open level with groups of enemies spread around it (open-world shootans like Far Cry and Stalker; some Serious Sam maps). Yes, Doom (2016) is mostly the second type which fits its old-school style, but there are also examples of the third (Foundry, some others that I don't remember), and levels also allow some exploration and backtracking, so I don't see any problems with their design.

>who cares for fucking lore in Doom?
Not me. Good thing that in Doom (2016) plot and lore can be safely and completely ignored so that they don't distract you from shooting things, and that's why I said that making them more important in Doom Eternal was a mistake.
No. 75051
>Glory Kills' purpose is
unnecessary, that's what you wanted to say, because you yourself are saying they're actually not needed. It's all flourish for 89IQ brainlets trying to feel badass.

>Provide examples of non-shit movement.
Uh, I dunno, literally every single type of movement that isn't slow, sluggish and shitty?
Quite literally every single boomer shooter and every single early 3D shooter had better movement than Doom 2016.

>arena-corridor-arena you mentioned (old shootans with their keycards, levers, switches and stuff)
Wrong, absolutely wrong. If you look at the original Doom levels, they don't have any arenas. They have locked doors, yes, but apart from that the levels are rather free-flowing.
Arena bullshit is a modern mapping disease where they throw you into a pit with 20 revenants and 2 archviles.

>Not me.
Good for you, but apparently the YASSS DOOMSLAYERRRRRRR RIP AND TEAR crowd was so vocal that they doubled down on it in the sequel. Not that I care, the 2016 demo was enough for me to lose any interest.
No. 75053 Kontra
To be honest, to me the modern Dooms always looked like a mix between the personality of the original Doom comic grafted onto something resembling Quake 1 and 3.
No. 75061
I finally finished "Witcher 3". Very convenient at easy difficulty: left hand is free for beer and snacks while you left-click enemies to death. Alchemy, crafting and other ubishit is stupid. Main quest is boring, Ciri is stupid bitch. Yennifer is bitchy bitch. Side quests range from boring to very cool. But system is more than sum of its parts. I liked the setting of eastern-European fantasy.


Haven't played addons yet. Are they cool?
No. 75064
>Are they cool?

It's years ago but i remember them positively.
No. 75067
7,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:43
7,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:36
I'm playing the new Mass Effect remaster and it's ebin, I think I have some kind of genetic memory of all the puzzles in this game from playing through them all like 10 times back in the 2000s

I'm playing as a standard, white male Shepard even though I prefer the female voice actress

He's right, Doom 2016 was fucking ebin and if you think otherwise you probably never played it or you're just a contrarian

I liked half life 2 way more, I really hated the ending of episode 2 though
No. 75100
Doom 16 might or might've not been a good game, but it was a flanderization of the Doom aesthetic.

It wasn't so much a Doom game, as it was a game about the memes and pop culture perception of Doom. The developers even said they were inspired by Brutal Doom, which is actually quite different from Doom, both gameplay and aesthetic wise, but has the reputation among normies of being "the way Doom was meant to be".

If original Doom is old school heavy metal, then Doom 2016 is metalcore. To normies, it looks like the same thing but "newer", but for knowers, it's very different.
No. 75101
Doom Eternal also felt kind of bloated. One of my favourite things about the 2016 Doom was its simplicity.

Also RE: Glory Kills, an important aspect that's often overlooked is that Doom 2016 is a tempo game in disguise. The guy who made the music was working extremely closely with the rest of the team so that you could go into a trance of sorts with the music guiding your timing. Glory Kills then don't only serve the mechanical purpose of resource fills, but also as a tempo break, to let you catch your breath and reassess where you're at for a couple seconds before diving back into the action. I think they're actually pretty clever because it lets them have denser and longer fights that don't end up too disorienting.

Old Doom uses arenas, just not exclusively. They also aren't always well done. The Chasm in Doom 2 for example comes to mind. It has one at the end to get the key to exit which is just a round room which you have to push buttons in while pinkies teleport in around you.
No. 75103
Yeah, you're probably right. Thing is, the other sequel to old Dooms, Doom 3, is even farther from them in gameplay/aesthetic, so if we use metal analogy with classic Dooms being heavy metal and Doom (2016) being metalcore, then Doom 3 would be something like grunge or maybe even butt rock XDDDDDDDDD. Same goes for Quake 4.

Glory Kills are also a part of the game's dynamics, since they propel you much faster than your regular running speed to a faraway monster. That allows for some tactical repositioning if you find yourself being swamped.
No. 75372
137 kB, 1000 × 1500
Postal: Brain Damaged is out

I played the demo a few month ago and liked it. Going to get the full game as well.


I played Postal 4 and compared to Postal 2 it is really weak but i feel like Brain Damaged could make up for that.
No. 75442
Honestly the level design is not so good and the entire series that had some potential being turned into a meme marathon is kinda sad.
No. 75560
Don't really know about the level design, but personally I don't see any higher potential in Postal.
The 4th game is nice to have, but obviously the guys aren't going to catch a second lighting in a bottle and create a classic like the second game, with its perfect balance of humor and realism.
The only higher potential I might seen in Postal as a series is having a more elaborate simulation of the city and its workings to give you more consequences to your actions or more choice in handling obstacles. But this has nothing to do with the writing.

I guess time will tell. The topics lampooned in the first game are close to 20 year old now, maybe in another 20 years the new game will seem cleaner too. But parts of it seem to detached from reality based on the gameplay I saw.
2 had a bunch of shit memes, but they were done in such a way that it seemed plausible.
It feels really more like an early South Park episode. New one's more like Family Guy.
No. 75644
52 kB, 669 × 503
Currently replaying Nox via the OpenNox sourceport.

It's one of those hidden gems seemingly nobody seems to know about; in this particular case it was completely overshadowed by Diablo 2.
I got it for my 12th birthday and it's one of those incredibly comfy games I regularly come back to.
I still have the original CD, which I will cherish, since I also have it on GOG, but it's missing the whole installation process that actually tells the background story while some ominous orbs are lighting up one by one.
It was also made by Westwood, shortly before they went the way of all EA acquisitions.

My favorite class has always been the conjurer, which I have loved since the very beginning and which I will love forever.
No. 75658 Kontra
638 kB, 1920 × 1080
373 kB, 1920 × 1080
544 kB, 1920 × 1080
279 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm getting back into Graviteam tactics, now I have a non-toaster.

I have been playing the Chervonnoe scenario (near Sumy). It is an early war one (Sept 41), so the equipment is fairly in line with that. I think there are a few early war DLC's - so this is quite unique compared to the base game. The Russians have a number of T50 and T34 tanks (I have seen about 3 or 4 platoons worth so far, up to turn 3), and moderate amounts of infantry. The Germans have zero armour, but a fairly high number of mechanised (truck) infantry. They also have 5cm (situationally useful AT), 3.7cm (near useless AT), and 8.8cm (only 4 - extremely good AT) guns. They also have fairly good artillery support available.

Russians are quite disorganised by comparison.

So far, the first few turns have been rainy and foggy. I killed a number of tanks in ambush with the flak88's. I don't know how many more tanks are to come, but it's very satisfying pulling off an ambush on them. I think I killed ~13 in an ambush on a previous turn, with the two available guns. Then a whole squad of engineers died to tellermine another my guns couldn't reach. Such cases.
No. 75725 Kontra
348 kB, 1920 × 1080
320 kB, 1920 × 1080
359 kB, 1920 × 1080
247 kB, 1920 × 1080
more turns on operation typhoon scenario

I attempted to move forward an attack, but the enemy tanks prevented significant advance. I expected tanks primarily on the right flank, but they came down the middle. Not all guns effective against the left-most of them, and engineers on the wrong side to help. I need to turn battle length to 2hrs - if I had that, I could've gotten the engineers over and tried to remove them. As it turned out, I only had one 88 with good field of fire, and 4 3.7mm's, on that side. Once the 88 was damaged, the 3.7's had no reason to keep up their fireworks display.

Some nice ambushes again though, and 4 or 5 dead tanks on the centre/right. Enemy infantry didn't fare well. Very satisfying.

Realisations - early war German command definitely was iq179 maneuver warfare to get to Moscow. Combined with iq79 Soviet command.
No. 75732
149 kB, 714 × 910
Tbh, I think it's important to note that Soviet command didn't completely fragment and collapse like basically everybody up to France had. Operationally sure, but above that you start seeing an extremely competent military structure with very realistic understanding of their resources and its condition. It wasn't entirely dumb luck and weather that Germany couldn't close it out despite reaching the outskirts. Red Army units going partisan, cities going hedgehog and so on all were deliberate contributions with intent of trading for time. Controlling a loss on the scale of Barbarossa is honestly iq179 if anything.

Play Combat Mission so you can destroy me in PBEM ya mutt
No. 75733 Kontra
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
One of my favourite Combat Mission screenshots for context since gary grigsby shitposting is mildly off topic :-DD
No. 75734
339 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm thinking to get it soon - it's a shame it isn't on steam (I'm assuming Red Thunder is the one you have?). Will grab one of the CM demos soon and give it a shot anyway.

I pirated a copy of fortress Italy a few years ago, but it seemed like it was a little broken, so I didn't bother to re-try any since then. I think the copy was dodgy though. Combat Mission does seem like the sibling series to graviteam.
No. 75736
5 kB, 205 × 109
I keep meaning to get Battle for Normandy at some point, it being the most popular with the most custom scenarios and all. Haven't done so yet but will one day.

The games are kind of different. CM is much more micro heavy, but that also means you can get much more granular action, in CMFI there is even a tiny little platoon on platoon urban fight which is ebin.
No. 75739 Kontra
Also, RE: Demos. The Black Sea demo has Gauntlets Crossed which is one of my favourite scenarios in the entire franchise and shows off the strengths of Combat Mission extremely well. Well worth a look.
No. 76059
414 kB, 1920 × 1080
216 kB, 1920 × 1080
202 kB, 1920 × 1080
243 kB, 1920 × 1080
continuing the chervonnoe operation.

I have played a few more turns - I'm running behind the historical pace - so I've had to keep the pace up into the night with numerous skirmishes. Historically the Germans were much more agressive, even in the face of tanks. I held back more than they did. This battle I hope to get a foothold in the village, and then bunker down for the rest of the night. I had overextended a little, and the men are running low on ammo and energy. I am not sure of the enemy composition, only that I have 4 BG's again'st their 4 BG's. Hoping no tanks.

1) I aim to take farm to the north, and any possible urban area. There is an extra platoon hidden in a forest that way too. I have one artillery spotter available, who will need to be perfect with spotting.

2) after an hour of bombardment and scouting (confident no tanks in the village - just some trucks and guns), the advance happens. More losses than ideal - but it's difficult to avoid on first contact. Once they reveal themselves, they're relatively quickly suppressed.

3) right flank to the farm is working as well as could be hoped some 3/7cm pak guns moved up to support also - 15cm gun is focused on that side mostly. Enemy kept sending forces to try sneak through my lines - recon kept finding them. SMG squads did infiltrate one area, and severely stressed a section left of the line. Supporting MG's managed to suppress and kill - but not a great engagement.

4) farm is liberated - all right flank running on minimal ammo now though, and directed to conserve.
No. 76060 Kontra
164 kB, 1920 × 1080
107 kB, 1920 × 1080
187 kB, 1920 × 1080
563 kB, 1920 × 1080
1) during advance on right (farm) flank
2) MG's supporting stressed infantry platoon, raided by SMG equipped squads.
3) post mission stats - despite their manpower advantage, we had similar weighted forces. They had a decent logistics section in the back-line somewhere. The farm was captured.
4)I always spend ages zooming around the battlefield afterwards, looking at the mess. Very surprised by this engineer though. No idea how they got this many kills before I could suicide them.
No. 76123
Does Ernst intend to pick up much on the steam sales?

T. Picking up cities skylines airport dlc, beyond earth, "Sengoku Jidai" (the tabletop game looking one), and CM black sea.
No. 76124
Depending on the discount, you may want to get CMBS on the Matrix Games store. You get an installer that just requires the CD Key for install, and a steam key tossed in.
No. 76142
I'll probably get Graviteam Tactics Mius-Front, thanks to the great posts ITT. Are any of the DLCs essential?

Just throwing out a recommendation for Kenshi. A bit weird but a great game. It's only 10 euros right now.
No. 76145
>Does Ernst intend to pick up much on the steam sales?
Nope. For two reasons: I'm still mad they changed the client's library page a while back. I use the small client now but every time I want to uninstall a game it switches to big, and when I return my game sorting is all messed up.

And no matter how often I reset my browser completely, losing all my history in the process, the store page (but not the forums) log me out after a day at most when I dare to log in again.

No. 76151
539 kB, 1920 × 1080
23 kB, 600 × 678
It seems slightly more expensive there actually, assuming I get CMBS and the add-on for it - which is surprising. But, I didn't realise they had a sale going on there too. I will need to compare with steam for more things.

None are essential, but some add content that can be quite nice (flak 88's, panthers, early war scenarios, mid 43 scenarios). The base-game scenario's are totally fine though. You don't need to get any really - but I think the Croatian legion one can be nice to learn the game on. It's quite balanced and manageable.

If I was buying DLC's for it, if I had to pick only three, I would go with the following (that I've played) to get the most content per dollar.

Final Offensive - is a really huge operation, with a decent balance on both sides. Tons of equipment to use - and a mix of steppe landscape, and small towns. You get a lot of variety in equipment here. Similar scale to Stepanovka, that the base game ships with. Maybe a bit bigger.

Raid is a recreation of a rescue mission - you need to save some regular Wehrmacht units, with a force of mechanised SS. It's also winter. Smaller scale than the other two. I didn't actually play it on Mius, but it's directly ported from Operation Star. It was one of the best operations on that game. Your force composition as Germans is relatively unique too - mostly halftrack squads.

Against the tide - is the first panther tank DLC. You have a force defending a town along a railroad, with minefields, and adjacent farms, against a Soviet assault. Comparable to Stepanovka from the base-game in scale too.

South African and Iran/Iraq ones aren't bad too - but I find that as everything gets so lethal, it's difficult to maneuver well on them. I also get sad I can never come close to re-creating the victories that historical South Africa managed.

These ones I mentioned are all relatively balanced, and some are quite large (not ideal to learn on) - either side can win on them though. If you want suffering, get either Fateful Strike (Germans die), or Raging Bridgehead (Soviets die). Furtive Spring might be good to learn on too - you get a few relatively small operations (though I haven't tried half of them yet).
No. 76154
Strange. Normally they line up discounts. Such cases.

Anyway, if you do go Black Sea, I recommend the Ukrainian campaign for starters. The missions aren't overwhelming until the end (which is a large and complex base assault), and Ukraine is the worst equipped force in the game, so you are forced to learn good habits that serve you well in a game that is as lethal as CMBS is. Also play on Iron difficulty. Difficulty is about what stuff is ignored rather than difficulty of the AI (which is more of a programmed opponent than an AI). Below Iron you have to think about maintaining contact between forces less (it's in general less an issue in the modern games thanks to proliferation of radio, but if electronic warfare is up, then you'll need to think about audio and visual contact between friendly forces.
No. 76241
16 kB, 336 × 448
Thanks. I went with just the base game for now. Pretty confusing game all-around to get started in. The UI and tutorial are quite terrible, and their combination is a disaster when hovering over UI icons won't result in a tooltip if the tutorial wants you to click on something and the instructions are often confusing. Well, minor issues which are to be expected in a assburger game like this. Played through the tutorial up to the attack scenario, which I've lost 5 times in a row. What an embarrassment. I feel like a game journalist. That one AT-gun just keeps on wrecking my KVs which never even fire back.

Please don't feel like you need to help me out. I'll figure out the game eventually. I was really enjoying it until the tutorial destroyed me.
No. 76279
133 kB, 667 × 146
I was drunk when I bought these.

btw I'd highly recommend the Banner Saga trilogy in this sale, they're like the Mass Effect games where you import your save from each game into the next one and all the choices carry over
No. 76281
I honestly hadn't done the tutorial on it - but it was relatively intuitive for me given I played the previous game (and learned by trial and error there).

Some notes that might help,
1) on steam, there is a guide accessible via the store page. Strongly recommend you look through it for any queries, or even just glance over it. It's a little bit Runglish, but it is up to date, and fairly detailed. I sometimes even refer to it. It will explain the UI too.

2) if you're struggling with on map fire support (mortars, howitzers, or other heavy units, visible and deployable via yourself) - this video should explain it. Basically, each unit needs to communicate. If they're not communicating, then the mortar won't get the fire mission.

3) if you're struggling with off map fire support - watch the following, it'll explain it. Older videos are out of date - the artillery system got overhauled a little while ago.

4) if your unit can't see the obvious threat, it might be that they just can't personally see it. A lot of Soviet vehicles have bad visibility, especially if buttoned up. If you keep infantry not too far away, they can sometimes communicate to them. Sometimes I manually turn them to face the threat by voice too - that way at least they're not hit in the side, and the driver or MG gunner might see them. Again, it's a lot about communication. Just because the far off recon squad can see them, doesn't necessarily mean the AT gun can.

Voice communication is only up to ~100m away.

Sometimes units won't fire either, if it's pointless. A 3.7cm pak gun won't fire at 1km distance against a KV, even if you tell it to fire at will, as it just won't hurt it. It will definitely fire at 250m though.

I'm happy to explain any cryptic questions, but a lot of it is trial by fire :DD
No. 76282
>The Walking Dead Final Season
I didn't make it this far, stopped after the second season because of the game fucking you up with choices that only have bad outcomes. The overall gameplay concept isn't bad, I liked Telltale's take on Borderlands.
No. 76286
290 kB, 1000 × 562
669 kB, 1200 × 628
310 kB, 1920 × 1080
>I liked Telltale's take on Borderlands.

Haven't played it but The Wolf Among Us is fantastic.
There seems to be a part 2 in the making i just found out which is weird because i was thinking that Telltale is kill.
No. 76306
599 kB, 1600 × 900
775 kB, 1600 × 900
703 kB, 1600 × 900
I made it through the third one, looking forward to finishing it off
tales from the borderlands is up there with the wolf among us as the best telltale has made, it's got soul

Actually, I've played all the telltale games including the ones that aren't for sale anymore like Michonne

>weird because i was thinking that Telltale is kill
I wouldn't hold out much hope for the sequel, it's probably going to be a soulless cashgrab made by committee
No. 76307
106 kB, 1229 × 692
96 kB, 1024 × 819
112 kB, 1280 × 720
83 kB, 900 × 675
>Actually, I've played all the telltale games
Wallace and Gromit?
Back to the Future?
Sam and Max?

And more, but I only have four picture slots:
No. 76321 Kontra
Thanks! The videos were great. I think the on-map one didn't have anything about how the communication lines are constructed, but I maybe figured it out by allowing some signals guys to do maneuvers on their own. Then my mortars were able to fire. I did beat that tutorial level and some quick battle village defense.

Looked at the Steam guides but didn't seem to find one that would explain the basic UI unit command button states. Those have me extremely confused. It seems like many of the buttons have different states which have no apparent indications to what they're doing. I really don't know what's the meaning of a box with a circle shape in it vs. just the button with it's icon. Of course other one is the button in activated state and the other is deactivated. I really don't seem to get which state is which when the units often take their time to act and what they're doing isn't that clear to me. Takes time to get used to it I guess!

>if your unit can't see the obvious threat, it might be that they just can't personally see it. A lot of Soviet vehicles have bad visibility, especially if buttoned up.
Oh yeah this might've been the reason that my KVs didn't fire at the AT gun. Here's some questions:

  1. Is there a way to see what enemies a particular unit has spotted?
  2. Would you unbutton the crew in a tank so that you might spot the AT gun?
  3. Do tanks communicate with radios? If yes, is there a way for a battery commander or platoon commander to "observe fire" through them?
  4. Is there a simple LoS tool that I could use to pick an arbitrary place on the map and see the visibility visualization for example?
  5. Why does infantry sometimes get out of the trenches and start attacking towards the enemy even when they're commanded to take defense? (Probably something to do with manuever control, I don't even know if it's on or off...)
No. 76324
3,6 MB, 83 pages
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
839 kB, 1920 × 1080
I attached the pdf for the manual - page ~25 to ~40 should explain the UI mostly (with some other things thrown in), assuming you didn't get a look at this one. It'll explain the special combos for movement orders too.

The wire communication guys if left on "ai control movement" will move around and set up wire connections between the battery commanders, and platoon commanders. From my trial and error, a wire connection maxes at ~1km. Voice maxes at ~100m. Ergo, guns 100m from battery commander, battery commander ~1km max from platoon commander (who spots/feeds targets). Battery commander can also feed targets to their respective batteries.

Answering questions,
1) yes - if you select them, the enemy highlight colour will indicate their knowledge. Page 54 on the PDF explains each colour.

2) I usually wouldn't, as I would be concerned they might catch flak or bullets - but often I'll reverse them out and re-assess the situation, or just turn to face the threat - usually they'll spot faster that way, as the hull MG and driver can have a look too. The vehicles will usually button themselves once under fire anyway. German tanks usually clue on pretty quickly (as they have dedicated commander and a decent cupola to spot). Also - note one guy can't look to two spots at once. If a T-34 gunner/commander is preoccupied with infantry on the left flank - they might not see something moving on the right, unless they're told by another unit (or their driver/hull MG).

I find working on the assumption that tanks (especially Russian ones) are half blind when buttoned up, works best. Try keep infantry near-by to feed information to them, or another tank on overwatch as they advance.

3) yes - they do, but it depends on the tank, and the exact model. If you go to the in game encyclopedia off the menu you can check it. You can also check during an operation per the 2nd attachment on the left side. It has "full duplex radio" which is basically two way. All the other t26's are voice only. Encyclopedia is also useful for determining which guns are effective against which targets - you can put hypotheticals and work out effective penetration ranges. After a while, you get a general feel for it all. If you hover over the ammunition section you can see what rounds you have available too - these matter.

Basically - if you have a team of panzer 4s - it's a safe bet their commander has a 2 way radio, and all the rest have at least 1 way radios. If you have a team of early war t26's, you will have no such luck.

I don't think Mius Front has it - but Operation Star even had some SS halftrack mortar batteries with radios - was ebin to use. It's really vehicle by vehicle though. One operation on Mius has a command KV plus recon infantry in the same platoon as 2 SU-152'S, so the KV can scout ahead and as it is a variant with a good radio, can send back fire missions to the receiver radio equipped SU-152s.

4) on the top bar in the third attachment - look at the 4th, 5th, and 7th from the right symbols. These are "indirect fire areas" - who your selected howitzers/mortars can hit, "distance to target / accuracy / gun angle", and vision area. This map looks like shit to deploy on, but I find if you use topographic map, you can get good spots still (see 4th attachment - this is the sightline of the mortar battery commander, and all mortars are totally hidden). Topographic map button is second from left, top bar.

5) sometimes they're just iq89. You're battalion commander - not squad leader. If you tell them to maneuver, they will do these things from time to time, or to take defence. It isn't always bad either. I've seen that one guy that looked iq89 running out of the trench, end up putting a molotov in a tank engine block. Really though, they do have some autonomy. Sometimes they'll do their own thing if you give them a suicidal order. Not perfect, but usually ok. I just think of them as all a little autonomous.
No. 76326 Kontra
Re point 4 too )

You can't really check visibility by picking an arbitrary point. I think it's something about commanders not knowing this info without scouting or maps - maybe thats just an excuse developer autism. I usually go by topograpgic, or check it during deployment if it's my land. Sometimes if you zoom in to a point on the map from eye level, you can get a vibe too.
No. 76581
793 kB, 1920 × 1080
710 kB, 1920 × 1080
299 kB, 1920 × 1080
953 kB, 1920 × 1080
I love photo modes in games. Especially the ones that don't just let you move around a frozen-in-time scene but also make changes. Like the time of day, weather, remove certain things, add filters and so on.
No. 76590
415 kB, 1200 × 1600
I got me Dying Light 2 because i liked the first one.
It's okay.
The story is there but should be ignored since it's just dumb. Characters, dialogue, missions, stereotypical fractions.. it's all dumb.
I hate the leveling system. What use is a leveling system if everything around you just levels with you?
You're level 1? So you find only level 1 weapons and all enemies are level 1 enemies.
You're level 2 now? Now you only find level 2 weapons and all your standard enemies are level 2, too.

There's a lot of copy & paste going on in the world and there's that "climb on top of the tower to capture the base" thing every AAA game since Far Cry 2 seems to need for the last 10 years or so.

But looking back, most of the negatives already existed in Dying Light 1 and that wasn't bad.
The fighting is okay.
No. 76627
News for a new update coming for into the breach - if any Ernst hasn't played it, it's very recommended. It's great for if you want something downtempo to unwind with, and quite well made, with a good depth. The same developer made FTL, and the advanced edition on that was a great addition.

Has Ernst got a switch too? I have not had a console since the ps3/wii era. Are there any game recommendations for particularly local couch co-op games?
No. 76628 Kontra
496 kB, 905 × 1396
Forgot to upload
No. 76629
65 kB, 1280 × 720
>Are there any game recommendations for particularly local couch co-op games?
Human Fall Flat
No. 76630
The 3D World port is ebin for coop. It supports up to 4 players and supports dipshittery very well, which is exactly what I want from couch coop personally.
No. 76639
Can confirm, both "Into the breach" and "Faster than light" are cool.

Tried "Warhammer 40,000 - Armageddon" and "Rising lords" recently. From first glance it's meh. Thoughts about these games?
No. 76641
341 kB, 1919 × 1079
301 kB, 1919 × 1079
Hey Brick, I finally managed to beat vanilla Spire with the Watcher last week, took me only over 9000 tries and an absurd amount of relics, including the overpowered calipers (which allow you to lose only 15 block between turns instead of losing all block). But it paid off, both the L3 boss and the whole last chapter including the heart couldn't even touch me.
No. 76969
Wasted 30 hours of my life on New Vegas. Again.
Great game. Live the grandiosity of Caesar and House.
It really makes the game fun that they legitimately manage to convince you if you let them.
Honestly, each time I come back and thanks to my studies I'm able to look at their arguments a little differently.
Not gonna do the fucking DLCs because I want to be free of this game again. It's like kicking a temporary heroin addiction.
No. 76984
Imperfect, but great indeed. And the last decent game in the franchise (Bethesda positively cannot into postapocaliptic games, but still will sit upon the rights they bought until they squeeze the last dollar of profits out of them).
No. 77077
2,1 MB, 2400 × 1080
Played some oblivion with aussie and it immediately devolved into item glitch and console command fuckery.

Good times.
No. 77096
installed a good quake 1 sourceport instead of playing on the shitty fullbright web version, + NIN soundtrack
and I kinda don't want to play it any more

it's too scary
No. 77102
What was super ebin about it is that the console commands we used only sped up the exploit. As soon as you have stacked scrolls you can start exponentially duping them until you have the thousand stack that we were using. Dog bless Oblivion.
No. 77103
5,7 MB, 2:30
1,1 MB, 1026 × 743
970 kB, 1025 × 744
512 kB, 1026 × 741
Silent Hunter 3

Just finished the tutorial (naval academy) and I'm about to start this playthrough. I'm in the 1st Flotilla, which operates the small coastal type IIA boats. It's september 1st the start the of the war and I've been assigned to U-6 and my mission is to patrol the seaboard near britain.

Futurely I think I will focus towards patrolling the mediterranean sea around 1941 ~ 1942 with a type VII uboat, when all that fighting is happening in north africa. Then I will look forward towards getting my hands on a type IX uboat and patrolling the african and american seaboards around 1943. The gulf of mexico is quite a wild place, or so I've heard.
No. 77105
446 kB, 1920 × 1080
321 kB, 1920 × 1080
357 kB, 1920 × 1080
733 kB, 1920 × 1080
I purchased a switch - pretty fun. Luigi's mansion is rated good for couch multiplayer. Haven't had a chance to try too much else yet. Still waiting for wifi so as to download / try CM:Black Sea too - though I do have it now.

Otherwise I have commenced one of the largest operations on Mius Front (Black Snow), and will now do my normal spamming of them on this post. I expect this will take many months, after completing the last one in a week or so. This one is set on the Leningrad front.

That feel when ran out of time on 2hr battle duration - I was just about to swing up and take the gun emplacements from the rear with KV's. There are more units there too - I am not shown everything here. Very atmospheric though. I haven't tried one before with so many landmines - it makes moving anywhere difficult.

Best game. Do you have any mods on?

I really enjoyed it with GWX, SH3 commander, 4gb patch, and the 1080p fix mod (anh gui or something).

It's great vanilla, but I found these mods (GWX mainly) totally revitalised it for me.

Memories of sitting there with the type IX sub on 1x speed, cruising along in the middle of nowhere off the west African coast while writing uni papers. Very good vibes. Need to get back onto this sooner or later.
No. 77116
>Best game. Do you have any mods on?
Yep, I've got a widescreen fix mod. By the way the reason these images I posted look small is because the game's screenshot feature wasn't working properly so I had to set the game to windowed mode and take the screenshots manually.
And thank you for suggesting me those mods, they look great, but I'd rather enjoy that full vanilla feel for now even if it's clumsier.

I'll be back after having sunk some serious tonnage. Or if I get depth charged and die, such cases.
No. 77118
82 kB, 1024 × 768
92 kB, 1024 × 768
122 kB, 1024 × 768
You are right to play vanilla, those mega mods are ultra giga autism where you cannot drive 100 metres without a radio message resetting time to 1x, that's the number one thing that killed my enjoyment of mods like GWX, they slow down the game hugely

btw Type IX is a huge beast of a thing, it can be very hard to get out of a tight spot in the thing, I usually stuck to the late war VIIc/42 or whatever those are (the best type VII basically)

Great game though, think I have 500 hours in it
No. 77119
No. 77120
Also, I will say again with Black Sea that the Ukrainian Campaign is the best starting point. It teaches excellent habits by forcing you to exploit every opportunity for concealment, overwatch and first shot opportunity (unlike WWII, passive protection is almost entirely outpaced by offensive power). The first Russian campaign does too, but is more complex and less approachable as a beginner. Haven't done the U$ one, since I find them kind of boring in CMBS, too many UFOs compared to their depiction in CMSF2.
No. 77198
Yeah, but watcher is babymode.
I think the most fun class for me is the silent, because it's the just difficult and tactical enough to be fun, without getting overwhelming like the defect.

Also, eggsperts claim that at difficulty 0, you can get a 100% win ratio, basically.
While at ascension 20, even the best players only get 30%

Between those two extremes, there's a sweet spot where the game is very challenging, but without literally unwinnable seeds.
I claim this sweet spot is ascension 15.
No. 77289
269 kB, 1824 × 716
One of the OGs has passed away.
I remember talking about how he's been poor of health a few months back.
And then yesterday I go to check out his blog and apparently he died last month. Damn, what a strange feeling.

If you wanna check out his work, there's his book sized retrospective on the Mass Effect series

And his youtube channel that dates back to 15 years ago:

Funny articles about how bad Bethesda's writing is:
https://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=27085 (FO3)
https://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=14422 (Skyrim)

And some cool beginner friendly prodecural generation programming projects that were fascinating to me as a kid:

Also, his autobiography was a very interesting read for me, as someone who also grew up with an undiagnosed mental condition and a broken family.

Oh, and he used to be a developer on ActiveWorlds, if you're boomer enough to have been around for that.
No. 77290
137 kB, 498 × 373, 0:00
Fucken RIP to a real one.
No. 77350
Cool guy. Thanks for sharing. Watched this video:
I thought of Mass Effect simply as an AAA-movie with fanservice for yaoi-girls. Now I realized that it's in addition to that truly a masterpiece.
No. 77452
Regarding ME: I've only ever played the first 2 games and avoided ME3 when it came out due to what I had heard from people.
But this video really makes me want to play 1 & 2 again and I've heard that Bioware did try to fix some of the stuff with ME3.

Can you guys give me a short version of what happened to ME3 (without spoilers please) and whether it's worth playing in your opinion?
No. 77459
I haven't played the latest version but the only thing they did to "fix" the original was adding a movie at the end, which didn't help.
No. 77465
ME3 is about gathering allies before epic battle with bad guys. Just like "Dragon age Origins". I was very young when played it, so I don't know if I would still like it now. I'll say that it's at least worth trying.

People usually complain about ending. But it's about process, not result, isn't it?
No. 77466
6 kB, 184 × 184
I played all three parts recently. Part one and two are great, and I abandoned part three because I was annoyed with how mission urgency was handled. Basically you get a gorillion possible missions proposed, and they all sound very urgent, like "leave them alone for too long and everyone will die". ME2 taught me to leave main missions for later and first do side quests since main quests might trigger events that make some missions unavailable. So I tried the same for ME3, and it led to a major mission going wrong the bomb on Tuchanka because I (intentionally) put it off for too long. I checked the implications of this and it basically was a dealbreaker for me, and I couldn't even reset to a point when this wasn't set in stone. That's when I stopped playing. Otherwise the game is ok, albeit not as good as the other two games imo.
No. 77467
i got banned and wiped again on kc.
No. 77640
4,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Battle for Wesnoth

Simple yet funny game. No building granaries and markets like in other turn-based strategies, only pure slaughter.

Since last time I:
1. Tried multiplayer.
2. Tried dozens of mods.
3. Tried multiplayer with mods.
4. Skimmed through AI's source code. It's simple but pretty universal (as much as I understood its algorithm).
Perhaps next stage is developing mods myself. But I haven't drawn anything since elementary school. Next but one stage is contributing to vanilla's code.
No. 77646
25 kB, 315 × 347
> But I haven't drawn anything since elementary school
If you can make it "look bad on purpose" that might be a USP (unique selling point).
No. 77660
502 kB, 1920 × 1080
581 kB, 1920 × 1080
429 kB, 1920 × 1080
383 kB, 1920 × 1080
Recently started my third playthrough of Watch_Dogs 2, only to find out there's even more hidden collectibles than I already knew. Now I'm kinda overwhelmed, especially since that means I have to alt-tab a lot.


Also, it seems like Summer of even years makes me want to play it, first run was July 2018, second June 2020
No. 77717
38 kB, 600 × 500
108 kB, 1535 × 862
25 kB, 309 × 61
When they talk on the mic I can't even play the game because I am laughing very biggest.
No. 77719 Kontra
22 kB, 500 × 500
I hate to break your bubble, but you're definitely playing with Estonians, not Finns :D
No. 77727 Kontra
fugg :DD all look same's :DD
No. 78297
currently thinking about how quake 1 had such a purity of design that it simultaneously created and solved the 3D FPS genre, and no 3D FPS game should have come out after it.
No. 78299 Kontra
A rule of thumb: if you see lots of voiced plosives (b, d, g) it's normally some other Baltic-Finnic language than Finnish (Estonian, Veps, Livvi...). All sburdo spadre thing is based on the inability of undereducated Finnish schoolkids to correctly apply most voiced letters. Estonian also has õ for its back unrounded vowel.
No. 78300 Kontra
75 kB, 720 × 960
>All sburdo spadre thing is based on the inability of undereducated Finnish schoolkids to correctly apply most voiced letters.
Where did you get this from? :D Spurdoing is definitely influenced by Estonian language. Proto-spurdo memes are just regular Estonian pictures with text. They're great fun because they sounds so weird and many words have entirely different meanings between the languages. I can't remember any good examples on the top of my head but they usually make rounds on the Finnish corners of the internet every now and then.
No. 78306 Kontra
Since "spurdo spärde" is essentially a partially broken, partially hypercorrected and additionally distorted form of "pedo bear", I actually fail to see where Estonians come into play here...
No. 78307 Kontra
I don't want to go deep into this but I'm very curious where you got your original idea from. Schoolkid's inability to speak English properly leads to pronunciations like "probably" -> "propaply". In essence, anti-spurdo. The cat picture I posted reveals some clues why Estonian language is relevant to spurdo. Estonian "pojad" (pojat) and "väsinud" (väsynyt) are great examples for words being very close to the Finnish counterpart and softening the consonants.

I can't remember the best Estonian examples but we can take some nonsense like "a man rowed the boat to the harbor":
Estonian: mees sõudis paadiga sadamasse
Finnish: mies souti paatin satamaan
Sburdo: mies soudi baadin sadamaan :DDDd

As you probably don't speak much Finnish or Estonian it might be difficult to see the relation, but it's definitely there. Sure, it is possible be that "bedo bear" was initially spawned by an uneducated schoolkid, though the reason it had any resonance is because of Estonian. Most of the spurdo spam that reached international IBs had already been cooking for a while as Finnish spurdo language and only the "best" ones were translated to English.

So this is not the case at all:
>All sburdo spadre thing is based on the inability of undereducated Finnish schoolkids to correctly apply most voiced letters.
No. 78490
388 kB, 1920 × 1080
740 kB, 1920 × 1080
359 kB, 1920 × 1080
519 kB, 1920 × 1080
Well, that was pretty good. Reminded me a lot of logic puzzles that I saw in Soviet puzzle compilations, where you had to figure out who's who and what's what by deduction from several pieces of information, only here you investigate the fate of the ship and her crew. The game is a bit different though because you actually have to collect most of the information yourself, and some tiny detail that you've missed may hamper your investigation. Because of that I sometimes had to simply try out different name-portrait combinations until I get the correct one (the game acknowledges the correct identities and fates by making them "fixed" as soon as you figure out any three of them), but I looked it up afterwards and there was actually a proper way of identifying every one of the characters, so I can't blame the developers for that.

I also liked that the game is leaning more to historical accuracy rather than applying modern sensibilities to early XIX century society. Characters often discriminate on the basis of nationality, English people are disdainful of Chinese etc. The only thing that I'm skeptical about is a white American guy having a black American guy as his boss, but even then it's not entirely impossible. Also, I'm not sure if Hindu and Chinese crewmen and passengers in the game are realistic, but Russian ones actually have normal Russian first and last names (except for the guy named Alarcus; WTF, is that even a real name?) and not some ridiculous mess like Nikanor Chevotarevich or Uri Omovich, and the lines in Russian language (that is, all two of them :-D) are actually said by native Russian speakers; a pretty rare occasion in Western media.

Unfortunately, the game has zero replayability, because it has fixed characters and linear plot, and the gameplay consists entirely of accessing dead people memories. Still, the first playthrough is enjoyable and the game is definitely worth giving a shot, especially if you like detective mysteries and sea adventure stories, just make sure that you won't get much spoilers.
No. 78741
>I'm very curious where you got your original idea from
Knowyourmeme, for starters?.. Also from Finns on various boards.
>Schoolkid's inability to speak English properly leads to pronunciations like "probably" -> "propaply". In essence, anti-spurdo.
When they don't even make an attempt, yes. When they do, the results may be more interesting, because it's where hypercorrection usually comes into play. Compare that to the famous "nuclear wessels" (while standard Russian doesn't have /w/ at all).
No. 78745 Kontra
First of all, this is the video games thread and second, you're wrong.

Even knowyourmeme has nothing relating to "inability of undereducated Finnish schoolkids to correctly apply most voiced letters". And the "article" is very shallow, lacking cultural and language background and based on the article's edit history mostly written by a single guy that might be Finnish.
No. 78801
78 kB, 1200 × 800
54 kB, 1200 × 800
33 kB, 1200 × 800
59 kB, 1200 × 800
Playing X-com again. Well, Open X-com.

Honestly I find it strange how well the game aged mechanically. With a few QoL additions it's still playable to a megazoomer like me.
I love this game. Even if I don't play vanilla any more. I just have a cocktail of mods I assembled years ago and play with those.
The extra tech and alien races are fun. (Plus it also makes the game easier, since I'm still a mental zoomer and somehow I'm unwilling to play it on harder difficulties.)

Sadly most campaigns slowly devolve into me savescumming every mission to be just perfect because I get autistic about not wanting to lose troops for some reason, even if compared to the remake troops here don't matter as much, you can just go through waves of them, and a squadwipe (or even multiple squadwipes) are still salvageable.

Anyway, it's a great game. Tons of fun. Especially as you re-discover the mechanics again and again, year after year as you come back to it.
Like this mod adds gauss-guns. They have no autofire, but are very accurate. So you have groups of two, one spotting targets and the other shooting them. Great fun.
(Though if one of the rookies fucks up, then it's a proper fuck-up, since there's no burst-fire option to salvage the situation, which means that assaulting ships when your troops only have sniper rifles becomes a real hassle.)
No. 78817 Kontra
My favourite game in all the series. Probably because everything in it makes some actual sense. Dropped XCOM 2 (2016) after several hours of gameplay. Terror from the Deep (1995) is generally good, despite being largely just X-COM with renamed techs and items, but many missions are just TOO long, and the atmosphere is too depressing to my taste - I have completed it only once.
No. 78876
I didn’t play much of XCOM2 because I had a potato at the time.

Played the remake though. I enjoyed it, but I only played the 1994 original after the remake. In retrospect I kinda don’t like that it places such a focus on “making hard decisions” constantly.
It feels like you are way too constrained to conduct business as the commander of an international military organisation.
Why can’t I have two-three strike teams? Why must I always decide between three countries? And so on.
The original had its moments where it forced your hand by simply overwhelming you with large ships, but it never did it via the ruleset, it always fucked you up by simply giving the aliens a numerical or a technical edge.

Plus the remake actually forces you to play almost perfectly even with all the RNG, because you can’t reliably replace troops like in the original thanks to the RPG elements in their progression.

Ultimately I guess the new games are more like tactical RPGs with some management elements instead of a sim game like the original was.

I played TFTD a bit, but it’s just different enough compared to the original that I don’t want to get used to it, especially with how fucking hard it is supposedly.
No. 78892
Started playing Fallout 4.
Dialogue system is stupid, a ring with 4 or less options. Shooting feels unpleasant. Not a single character was any interesting but many of them were annoying. I'm fine with idea to make Fallout part-time Sim-City (you need to manage settlements and buildings in them), but I don't understand how this system works.
But in general it's fine, I'll give it another chance.
No. 78910
Settlements are janky. They feel like a mod, so definitely read documentation on it because it isn't entirely intuitive.
No. 78914
707 kB, 1004 × 750
96 kB, 654 × 361
>people didn't enjoy Xcom2
Truly they are joyless ...
>Russian giga boomer contrarian
Oh never mind
No. 78915
>muh 1488
No. 78917

Tbh, like any game, it's not for everyone. On that scale of combat, I found Doorkickers way more interesting mechanically even if it lacks the same campaign features. Nothing in XCOM has ever been as satisfying as making a really complex breach plan come together nicely.
No. 78925
19 kB, 154 × 305
I've finally gotten around to playing CM Black Sea for a little bit.

Rated pretty good - though very anxiety inducing. I really love the turn based aspect to it. I am finding I move my troops so slowly though, that the timer becomes an issue. It's hard to rush anything when usually contact equals death, and vehicles will easily miss the lone spotter or ATGM in the tree-line. It's something I need to get used to. 30mm cannons absolutely everywhere.

Considering picking up Red Thunder or SF2, as it might be comparatively less punishing for mistakes.

I've been learning on the UKR campaign, and a few pre-set battles - they're quite nice so far.

I do wish the soldiers would take up better windows in their buildings though - maybe this is my fault. Still learning. The heightened control is a curse and blessing. I'm used to graviteam where the little guys kind of look after themselves reasonably well when given generalised orders - CM gives much more options for specific inputs, but also - it requires you actually give these correctly - so it's much more specific work, for a smaller number of units. The tools for testing sight-lines on the whole field at a glance are something I miss too - but then CM has much more detailed info on specific lines, which I would love for graviteam to have.

Such cases.
No. 78947
If they're picking the wrong windows as in facing away from where you want then to, the facing command (g I think?) works on garrisoned troops to get then where you want them.
No. 78973
126 kB, 1200 × 1200
Exactly how did Mortal Kombat survive into the 21st century?

That's a question for the ages as the franchise made several mistakes towards the end of the '90s with big missteps like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat: Special Forces along with pointless Mortal Kombat 3 retreads and an underwhelming fourth installment. Fighting games were rapidly becoming a hobby genre with Tekken and Street Fighter crowding out the rest, and Midway's decline dovetailing with John Tobias and Ed Boon parting ways should've ended Mortal Kombat, but it continues to be one of the most successful franchises of all time. Overexposure alone should've killed it, but it refused to die.

While fandom's dedication was strong, Ed Boon and company carefully took their time structuring the engine and gameplay for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Mortal Kombat 4 / Gold proved that shoveling out a new title and hoping branding sells it was not a viable strategy. What had been developed in Deadly Alliance was expanded upon in Deception. It was during those years that Mortal Kombat could rebuild their brand.

Tell me, Ernst. What do you think?
No. 78974
Memes, probably. It's the most memed fightan of them all, rivaled only by Street Fighter. Even if the games weren't particularly good, its fanbase kept sustaining and sometimes expanding itself by sheer memeing, and the fans devotedly kept hoping that the next game will be as good as MK2 and MK3 used to be. Shows how important informational presence is.
No. 78975
So what? I don't like a lot of genres and yet people keep playing them. Does that keep me awake at night? Not one bit.
No. 78977
>Started playing Fallout 4.
I probably should mention it's a mockery of an RPG, nothing in the game makes any sense if you think about it for more than 5 seconds (with total respawns just raping the corpse of the logic), location design is dumb, the combat system is made by imbeciles for imbeciles, the settlement system and a lot of quests are bugged as hell because no one ever bothered to fix them for almost a decade, the plot is nearly linear and, much like the rest of the game, often doesn't make any sense, and, finally, randomly generated quests simply shouldn't exist in single player RPGs.

Overall, Bethesda and Todd Howard should be kept as far from Fallout and post-apovaliptic RPGs in general as possible.
No. 78979
I will try this - it seems that it's sometimes greyed out though. I think like most complex games, there is a learning curve at the start, and that if it doesn't work - it's probably just that I haven't learned how to make it work. I'm taking it that setting a ~25m target arc circle is the best way to "hold fire" a unit too. It's strange, in that when I attempted this for an ambush the RPG guy still got up and fired off a shot at a unit outside the arc - but I assume there is still some unit autonomy for actions. It isn't what I told him to do exactly - but it definitely worked well.

I don't have many inputs, beyond also being surprised it still exists. My only connection is I knew one of the actresses in the 2021 movie (how this even got funded, I have no idea). It had a disproportionate Australian representation. Still didn't watch it though :DD
No. 78988
Yes, firing ranges are your main hold fire tool. And yes, pixeltruppen retain some autonomy. Generally they'll break engagement orders if they come under fire, or if a really primo opportunity presents itself. Regarding movement speed, you should consider a few things too, first is prophylactic fire. Put smoke on good lines of fire even if you don't know that you're exposed there, put suppressing fire on strong suspected positions to keep their heads down instead of aiming at you (keep in mind that many soviet APCs have offensively oriented smoke launchers and can lob them a fair way), and use an infantry screen to locate and fix enemy troops for the big guns to take down. So long as they're within contact two units can share info and acquire targets from each other faster. You don't necessarily have to clear the enemy, just make them combat ineffective long enough to get your guys into the positions you need them to be. Once they're shaken up, you can keep them pinned with minimal resource expenditure.

Also, it's not explained well IIRC, but make sure your spotter has a /good/ line of sight to your artillery call. They're able to guide the fire onto target faster (and expending fewer rounds ranging) if they can see the fall of fire properly.
No. 79007
78 kB, 2500 × 592
I know the tone of my original post came across as disparaging and cynical, but I'm less mad or annoyed and more amazed this title lasted in spite of its flaws. You would think the bar being continuously raised by franchises like Guilty Gear, Street Fighter or Tekken would render Mortal Kombat obsolete, but it persisted well into the 2020s. Yes, the memes helped, but MK's American character, especially its orientalism, humor, gore and ultraviolence, distinguished it from its Japanese competitors. Just one minute of playing MK feels like an immersion in a gritty Hollywood action film.

Make no mistake, I genuinely like Mortal Kombat without any trace of irony, but let's not pretend it didn't survive in spite of itself.

>I don't have many inputs, beyond also being surprised it still exists. My only connection is I knew one of the actresses in the 2021 movie (how this even got funded, I have no idea). It had a disproportionate Australian representation. Still didn't watch it though :DD

I saw the movie. It's as thoroughly dumb as the original and American cinema generally, but if you went in expecting Enter the Dragon, that's a you problem :DDDDD

On a completely different note, I'm also a little surprised that Konami could never develop just one fighting game with a legacy apart from Yie-Ar Kung Fu or perhaps TMNT: Tournament Fighters. The latter case is simply a licensed product rather than a bonafide Konami original.

Almost everything that came after was just a mediocre clone of their betters:
  • Martial Champions: a lesser Street Fighter
  • Fighting Bujutsu / Fighting Wu-Shu: a lesser Virtua Fighter
  • Kensei: Sacred Fist / Bugi: a lesser Tekken
  • Dragoon Might: a lesser Samurai Shodown / Samurai Spirits or Golden Axe: The Duel
  • Battle Tryst: a lesser Fighting Vipers
  • G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream / Deadly Arts: Virtua Fighter with objects?

Rumble Roses came close, but even that is a wrestling game rather than a proper fighting game which only got one sequel before disappearing entirely.

How come they just couldn't do it?

>inb4 Bloody Roar

That was developed by Hudson who became Konami's bitch after 2001. Hardly counts.
No. 79030
What is "brand loyalty"
No. 79032
Don't be so glib. It's a genuine inquiry as to why some survive and others don't.

I later found out that Yoshiki Okamoto's early career included work with Konami. The company later fired him but he then went on to work for Capcom which led to his role as producer of Street Fighter II. I'm no Buddhist, but perhaps that could've been karmic justice for letting him go.
No. 79033
>why some survive and others don't.
Right place, right time. Sometimes things just happen. Looking for reasons afterwards, trying to find a narrative, can be disappointing.
No. 79070
I had the urge of playing TheHunter: Call of the Wild again because I felt like wandering around a bit with a shotgun and the black powder rifle.
But I uninstalled it after the update where they added the ingame dlc store and swore to not play, let alone support the devs by buying anything as long as they don't fix the bugs.
Also, because today you also have to download all the dlc even if you don't own it and I think the whole thing has surpassed the 100 GB and I won't download that with my shitty 100mbps connection if I will probably uninstall after half an hour because I discover none of the bugs fixed.
Thanks for reading my blog.
No. 79074
>shitty 100mbps
Fug u

t. gets 33 at the moment
No. 79076
I had 1000 before.
No. 79078
Is that supposed to make me feel better?
No. 79079
I don't see how that would be a concern of mine.
No. 79167
376 kB, 1280 × 716
>Tribal Hunter

A furry(?) platformer/jump'b'run in which you gain abilities by munching enemies, which makes you fat, but getting too fat will kill you and some enemies specialize in force-feeding you during combat.


Truly, the times we live in and indescribable.

Is that really how you spell indescribable? No matter, spelling is just opinions anyway.
No. 79174
In future biotech will develop and people will be able to modify their DNA sequences to make it more animal-like. 21-st century will be century of furries.
No. 79479
A thing we should talk about and which - at least for me - not only makes gaming in the year 2022 more enjoyable, but to a large part even makes it possible - is sourceports. Or, "sourceports", before some assburger tries to school me on proper terminology.
What I mean is frameworks that enable me to play older, good games on modern machines, sometimes even on different OS'ses without much problem or having to set up actual emulators (I don't count DOSBOX as a sourceport here).
And seemingly every day I discover new ones.
From XCom to Red Alert, Railroad Tycoon, all the other Open[$Game] project to the myriad of Doom sourceports alone, Quake, Quake 3 (with ioquake3), BuildGDX/Raze for Build games, Aleph One for Marathon, which only came out on Mac, so just 20 years ago me as a Windows noob wouldn't have even been able to play it.
Vice City and San Andreas have sourceports so you can play with your original discs instea having to buy the abysmal "remasters". Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis are all playable because some dedicated fans made them run on modern systems.

I have probably forgotten a lot of stuff (of which I don't even know), but I love that these things exist.
No. 79480
I would probably be unable to enjoy the 1994 X-com without the quality of life improvements it introduces to the game. (Same for Doom.)
The best thing about sourceports is that they usually allow for a wide range of playstyles, from vanilla to straight up total conversions where it applies.
No. 79481
35 kB, 500 × 500
I wholeheartedly share your appreciation, for the reasons you have already stated. Didn't know there was a word for it other than "port".
I'm very grateful for ports of two games in particular. Both ports and one of the original games each made by a different guy somewhere in Mitteleuropa in his spare time, and then given to the world.
No. 79496
You can't make such a post without telling us what it is.
No. 79517
> location design is dumb, the combat system is made by imbeciles for imbeciles
Could you elaborate? I don't see much difference with two previous games.
t. imbecile

> nothing in the game makes any sense if you think about it for more than 5 seconds
Good thing that I don't. =D
For me Fallout and TES are not about complicated RPG system or even "serious discussions" with men in red mini-skirts but rather about having fun. Fallout 4 sucks in this aspect too though not as much as in others. I found The Institute (the only thing which got me interested in), explored big part of the map and got bored. There are 100500 almost similar locations flooded with raiders/supermutants/etc and nothing else.

On a positive note:
  1. A lot of nuclear explosions. A LOT. Cool.
  2. I like this Philip Dick stuff with synths and mannequins all around. Uncanny valley.
No. 79674
Nope bro, you won't get your screenshot.
No. 80007
473 kB, 1920 × 1080
577 kB, 1920 × 1080
it is essential to be a patience haver in this game.

half an hour of crawling infantry forward, with the only action being precision artillery on spotted vehicles, and then one minute of chaos. Then, silence returns.
No. 80009
Not what I'd call "fun", but I don't have to play it with the amount of games currently available.
No. 80017
Man, it took a while for me to read the symbols since I've played with NATO symbology mods for so long, fugg :-DDD
No. 80056
Started OpenXCom. Thanks for bringing my attention to that, Hungary.
No. 80211
335 kB, 1920 × 1080
301 kB, 1920 × 1080
375 kB, 1920 × 1080
It's quite satisfying when things work how you intended. Example - dismounts heard a mech platoon moving on the otherside of the hill. BMP swiveled and took all out from the flank as they moved by, while troops are free to wipe up dismounts.

Is a good feel. Similar to the feels in silent hunter, if you line up several torpedoes on a convoy, and all hit as intended.
No. 80320
278 kB, 1920 × 1080
Played the ULTRAKILL demo.
The general idea is hilarious, it's about robots running on blood and after having no humans left they venture into hell to get demon blood.
The graphics are highly stylized in a low-poly 5th-gen/turn-of-century style, with the option of having "PSX" style graphics.
So far, so good.
Controls are responsive, movement feels a bit quakey, but the gameplay itself is rather boring.
You get points for kills, can get combos and work towards a good score, which should be motivation to do cool stuff, but the way levels are laid out reminds me of myfirst.wad. It's always
>enter room
>enemies teleport in, doors get locked
>kill all enemies to proceed
so you're always just moving from one arena to another. Since weapon pickups don't seem to exist (at the start of each level you can use your scored points to buy upgrades and shit), there is no use in proceeding and maybe coming back later with a better arsenal, although this wouldn't be of much use in the first place since levels (or at the least the first three or so I played) are extremely linear.
What I liked was that actual "bosses" exist.

People who enjoyed the nuDooms will probably also enjoy this; for me it's too samey to find joy in it. But kudos to the devs for actually putting out a demo.
No. 80816
Sometimes I find it funny just how far devoted fans can go.
The original Resident Evil game, despite being made in Japan, had gaijin actors (because the RE team was a bunch of westaboos).
For years, their identity was virtually unknown, until some assburgers decided to dox any and all of them.


I have never been part of any "scene" or "fandom" or actually being fanatical enough to even think of doing something like this, but something about it impressed me. Maybe because this is exactly the shit the internet excels at.
No. 80859
307 kB, 1920 × 1080
Another game of Mount & Blade: Warband. Probably this time I'll have enough patience to unify Calradia.
No. 80934
Yep. The identities of the original FMV cast to Biohazard / Resident Evil endlessly fascinates me. They actually got the men together for an interview and talked about their time filming the scenes here:

Linda, the actress who played Rebecca, granted an interview here:

She prefers to remain anonymous, so they omitted her real name.

Inezh is the last piece of the puzzle. While her identity has finally been confirmed as a model / actress who worked in Japan during the mid '90s, her name still remains a mystery. She has neither granted any interviews nor appears to have any interest in being contacted by fans.
No. 81091
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
Currently playing DUSK, which is basically "What if Quake, but Blood".

I have just finished the first episode.
Movement feels almost Quake-like, gibs are satisfying, albeit the guns are kinda "eh". They lack something, but I can't really say what. Maybe it's been the encounters so far, because those certainly lack a bit of punch. I am playing on I can take it, which is basically the middle skill level, maybe I will do one on the higher difficulty and see if it changes anything or it's just bullet sponges. Encounter design is adequate, certainly better than ULTRAKILL's, since you're not locked in an arena until you can continue, but you get more enemies as you progress (and you don't kill them) and areas you have already cleared might be repopulated. I also encountered a boss enemy now as a regular enemy.
The "story" so far is something with a cult and experiments with the military somehow involved, but then again, who cares about the story?
The second episode seems to be indeed the techbase episode. The wheezing gas mask dudes are already irritating me because you hear them breathing, CONSTANTLY. WHEEZZEEEE CHHHHHHHHHH. Speaking of sounds, the ambience apart from that really adds to the atmosphere.
I had to turn off the music though, despite being made by ANDREW HUSHULT, whoever that is supposed to be, but having a Quake-like background dark ambient soundscape disrupted by some YEAH BRO BFG DIVISION METAL is something I find extremely irritating, especially since it's always at those kind of encounters you can see coming from a km away.
>Oh, there's a big empty room and ammo, oh and now I activated that switch and CAN YOU HEAR THAT DOOOOM BRRRAAAAPPPPPP DOOOOM DOOOOOM BADASS MUSIC GET PUMPED MAN RIP AND TEAR
It's just not for me.
Graphics are serviceable, but like all faux-retro games they try to emulate the original style, but fail in actually capturing it.
On top of that this shit was made in Unity and takes a few minutes (on my upper-middleclass laptop in performance mode) to actually reach the main menu, although I haven't encountered any framerate drops or anything during playing.

Okay, I have complained a lot now, but in the end, I am indeed having fun. It's a nice quake-like with a dirty and rotten atmosphere and when it's on sale on GOG the next time I will probably buy it.

Also: It saves the savegame images in full resolution.
No. 81339
Finished Dusk tonight. Will buy, it was good. Not great, but good enough to support the devs.

My points of critique from the first episode still stand, especially encounter design. It's mostly underwhelming. Either you're picking them off one by one or you're put inside a small room with a bunch of them so they instantly start infighting.
There is even one level that could be described as a slaughtermap, which I am not really fond of.
Also, I have read, more than once, that the level design is really great, or even the best level design in any fps. I personally don't feel it. It's serviceable, but it's rather linear and in combination with the encounters seems not 100% thought through. For example there was one room inside a house where a rather big floating enemy basically got stuck behind the doorframe. There are many encounters one can just cheese by popping in and out of a doorframe.
Also, shit gets dark in the third episode. I know it's supposed to be atmospheric having everything pitch black but the light cone of the flashlight, but come on, if that cone is like one meter wide on the other end of the room it gets a bit annoying.

What clashes a bit is the completely grimdark story told by evil voices and graffitis saying stuff like WE CALLED THE DARKNESS and such, and the really cartoony artstyle. There is one enemy that's basically a small version of GROND (you know the one), that had me actually laugh out loud when I encountered it the first time and still had me chuckle every time after.

What is really great however is the sound design. I had already mentioned the wheezing dudes, but now there are also some moaning dudes that are moaning somewhere in the dark and then run at me like Phoebe from Friends in that episode where she goes running with Rachel. Would they not spit some green shit they'd be rightout cute. Then there are all the environmental sounds, making everything that happens just seem so threating and sinister.

I like that there are actually a lot of bosses, though the crocodile dude was also really goofy.
The second-to-last boss was absolute bullshit though, it's basically a multiplayer bot who bunnyhops through an arena, whereas the final boss was piss easy to cheese.

So tl;dr:

Not the GOAT fps some people might consider it, but definitely a very good one.
No. 81899
131 kB, 1280 × 720
New gameplay of the upcomming Amid Evil - Black Labyrinth


Can't wait. I'm currently playing the main game for the second time. Good stuff.
No. 81953
I recently revisited it and tried to finish it in Duskmare difficulty. I stopped at the final mission because I didn't felt like getting through the pain of affronting two bosses in a row in those conditions (one shot = death). Getting there wasn't particularly hard, just really tedious. I guess it's more for speedrunners and very experienced Quake players. I personally can't bunny hop or aim for sh*t

I might compare apples to oranges but finishing Hedon Bloodrite twice in the course of the year really set the bar high for other retro-shooters to give me the same lasting impression, not to mention all the incredible Quake fan maps I played before.

It's a well-polished game with tight controls but I wasn't really impressed. That said I'm still looking forward to play Gloomwood