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Hey what do you call it when a mirror can be turned on and off with a liquid crystal display, is it called an electric mirror? How much do they cost? I think, it's silverish slightly grayer sheen than a crisper image mirror but it can be turned on and off. Asking from watching a posture video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7ZWPCWv0U and it occurred to me how much nicer it would feel to turn my mirrors off. This does exist right? Or I guess general technology or biomechanics thread. I am also fascinated by this
It is both stressful and relaxing to watch. A full length mirror would be good to check such things but they make me uncomfortable af to have around.
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Also, just to say, maybe five years ago I've seen Chinese dumbphones with semi-transparent screens being sold.
They looked cool but totally impractical.