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No. 70141
399 kB, 1200 × 818
320 kB, 1332 × 850
459 kB, 1280 × 854
239 kB, 1280 × 853
Since someone had to start one and i clearly have issues (not an autist).
No. 70143
Not a train enthusiast, but there's definitely something calming about these pieces of machinery. I was surprised to learn about a whole railway depot working essentially as a locomotive museum in Moscow.
No. 70145
5,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
Self made pic, from the train goes from Odessa to Tiraspol.
Soviet trains look very cool.
No. 70147
I live not far from a passionate hobbyist railway line where a community of people restaure old trains from steam to diesel and ride them once a week. The station is hidden in a mountain forest and is opened to the public from time to time. There’s a dozen of old trains and a bit less than a hundred active members.
No. 70163
I suffer on the island nation of Finland. Ernsts living in Central Europe have it so good. With a train, you can go anywhere. With great comfort and cheap prices even. Unfair!

Check out this absolutely brilliant site focused on rail travel:
No. 70165
When I move to the new city, there are state programs funding training for the rail industry. Ya boy is doing a course to try and become a line worker.

I did try and become a driver trainee for the last couple years but that's competitive as fuck, and only got worse with COVID. Lots of aircraft pilots ended up switching to trains from what I've heard.
No. 70166
I liked trains and S-Bahn pretty much as a child. ´
Even had an album with many pics.
Nowadays I don't care much but liked this very much:

Train autism is a pretty big thing in Germany.
No. 70167
>With great comfort and cheap prices even. Unfair!
comfort is ok, but prices are way too high in Germany.
No. 70168
1,2 MB, 1141 × 757
Trains are not necessarily cheap here. At least in Germany going my car was mostly cheaper than riding train, at least for non-highspeed connections. Maybe that changed with the change in gasoline prices.

Attached is an older Berlin Subway, probably shot during the 90s or early 2000s.
No. 70170
There was a metro-station in Berlin where you weren't allowed to leave as a western-german, because you went through east-berlin my father told me.
No. 70171
209 kB, 800 × 450
I cannot imagen they even stopped in East Germany because people from the east would try to get on board.

Also, have one of my favorites and of many other train enthusiasts, the Baureihe 420. It was used as S-Train around Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Munich, perhaps also elsewhere, but these are known to me for these three big(er) cities. Not all of them had the orange paint job, Munich I think was blue for instance.
No. 70172
>I cannot imagen they even stopped in East Germany because people from the east would try to get on board.
They did, but there were pass controls when you went outside and it was heavily guarded.

>Die Züge hielten nicht an den Stationen in Ost-Berlin. Die unterirdischen Bahnhöfe waren gesperrt und wurden zu „Geisterbahnhöfen“: Die Züge fuhren langsam durch menschenleere Stationen, die von bewaffneten Posten der DDR bewacht wurden. Ausnahme war der Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse mit seiner Kontrollstelle.

Source: https://www.visitberlin.de/de/event/grenz-und-geisterbahnhoefe-im-geteilten-berlin
No. 70173
Looks like the subway station I took a bus to from Tegel some years ago. Probably not the same but definitely has that same vibe to it. Oh yeah and I checked some ticket prices at bahn.de, what the hell Germany? My illusions, shattered.
No. 70174
Deutsche Bahn belonged to the state once and it's hard to maintain this huge rail network in a profit oriented manner.
They should just shouldn't have privatized it.
No. 70224
> menschenleere
> bewaffneten Posten
Haha. This can be read as "soldiers of the enemy aren't human".
No. 70256
118 kB, 602 × 1064
How much does it cost to travel by train between cities in your country? About 50€ to cross Portugal from Porto to Faro.
No. 70257 Kontra
8,8 MB, 3840 × 2560
Addendum - train related. Nice and fast, interiors are good too.
No. 70259
730 kB, 1920 × 1440
Steam train as fast as an ICE anyone?
No. 70268
Travel by fastest trains in Germany from Kiel to Munich is 135€ on upcoming Monday during the day, capacity is quite full. You can get lower prices 25%/50% if you are in possession of a card that allows for these percentages I think. Don't know what they cost though. For 85€ you could start on Monday evening and be in Munich the following day at 6am.
No. 70305
79 kB, 816 × 631
57 kB, 803 × 439
Helsinki - Rovaniemi which is something between 800 or 900km is priced like in the pictures. If you book way in advance it's quite cheap. I recently made this trip in extra class with a bit more personal space, "free" covfefe and water. There and back cost me a total of about 110 euros total. Despite the long duration it was very enjoyable.
No. 70307
Bit over AU$200 for Brisbane to Melbourne, which is the two furthest apart major cities on the eastern coast. About 1700km. It gets pricier to go east to west though. Only direct I can think of is over AU$2K bit that's a luxury ride. Could probably knock it down to several hundred by going on legs around via Adelaide.
No. 70308
Damn, that's breddy cheap. Especially considering Finnish purchasing power vs our own. Suomi adopt.
No. 70489
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:15
BING BONG Important service announcement! Please see the attached video for more details.

Indeed, the prices are alright. I haven't looked much into the funding structure but it's funny how especially going up north there are train stops in the middle of nowhere in the forests where no one gets on or off the train. Adoption might be in order to make sure that someone still lives around here somewhere.
No. 77775
83 kB, 200 × 200
No. 77823
53 kB, 500 × 357
656 kB, 400 × 300, 0:02
Being a trains man is hard in this day and age
No. 79791