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No. 71625 Systemkontra
171 kB, 1080 × 810
Previous >>70960
No. 71626
>Making historical links to grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought against Nazism, Elena Kudryashova says in an emotional call to her students that “… today, the conduct of a special operation to liberate the Ukrainian land from nationalistic disgusting dirt is the fulfillment of a historical duty in the memory of victory generation.”

>She says Vladimir Putin’s decision to start the operation was “difficult but forced”.

>Rector Kudryashova urges her students to be careful not to repost controversial information. “Remember that false information is a provocation - a tool to fight against our country, its unity.”

Interesting article, especially interesting in that in notes that some universities didn't go along with this patriotic appeal.
>three universities in Russia’s European north, Murmansk, Vologda and Syktyvkar, have not signed the support statement
One wonders how Russian society will increasingly fracture if the war isn't brought to a speedy close ahead of victory day. I wonder what the parade will look like.
No. 71627
No. 71628
416 kB, 689 × 515
70 kB, 650 × 866
45 kB, 800 × 837
It seems as though no matter what happens, Norwegian nazis win.
No. 71629 Kontra
And they get to sell buckets of oil too. Good thing we control their one weakness.
No. 71634
55 kB, 604 × 405
>I wonder what the parade will look like
My guess is business as normal but with three additions: a segment for captured Ukr/NATO equipment, trucks full of grateful, liberated paid actors civilians and some sort of display of gratitude towards the heroic soldiers that have given their lives in the special military needs operation so far.

Brings me hope that not all the universities went with the bullshit.
No. 71644 Kontra
178 kB, 1280 × 1280

kill em all, drop a nuke on kiev and lvov at this point, i don't care
No. 71646
128 kB, 1395 × 893
6,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:40
According to this source 60 Russian soldiers are refusing to move from Belarus to Ukraine to fight in the war. Very good developments, can only hope the sentiment spreads.

t. https://meduza.io/news/2022/04/07/pskovskaya-guberniya-okolo-60-voennosluzhaschih-iz-pskova-otkazalis-voevat-v-ukraine

Also I wonder what's the fate of the Russians who dug in near Chernobyl. Based on the attached video they've must've done a lot of digging. Not good. Portugal posted something about acute radiation poisoning, maybe it was accurate?

>at this point, i don't care
There was a point at which you cared? Amazed at the power that symbolism has over some people. Who cares about mass killing civilians, bombing civilians every day, raping and pillaging. A nazi symbol? Nuke that shit!
No. 71647
Let's talk a bit more about the russians' red forest adventures.
Don't know if this has been posted in the last thread already:


>In a particularly ill-advised action, a Russian soldier from a chemical, biological and nuclear protection unit picked up a source of cobalt-60 at one waste storage site with his bare hands, exposing himself to so much radiation in a few seconds that it went off the scales of a Geiger counter, Mr. Simyonov said. It was not clear what happened to the man, he said.
>from a chemical, biological and nuclear protection unit
>with his bare hands
Will the putinist russians supersede the fascist italians in the future as the most incompetent military?
No. 71648 Kontra
1,5 MB, 3840 × 2561
Great article, thanks! So, no confirmed cases of radiation sickness so far. Though that part that you quoted is just incredible.

>The backup generators that kicked in require about 18,000 gallons of diesel fuel a day. In the first days, Russian officers assured plant employees that they would have enough fuel [...] But by the fifth day, with the military’s well-documented logistical problems, the officers said they would no longer supply the diesel.

I lol'd. Thanks to Belarusians for fixing the problem.
No. 71649 Kontra
81 kB, 500 × 500
I dislike the ideology not even because of the World War 2 and mass killings of jews. Not due to hitler/mussolini/pinochet and so on.
I despise it due to the fact that it's an ideology that the financial elite and bourgeoisie uses to achieve it's goals and to protect their assets and status via terroristic methods.
In my opinion these people simply should not be in charge of any country, whether the system is "democratic" or totalitarian. To me the very problem is that the real power is in the hands of the aforementioned class of the society - the business owners.

There is nothing to discuss here, it's not about the symbolism it's about the mentality, the logic of the system, the very basic foundations of how it works.
This entire class of people (business owners) should be either taught to understand that they are equal in rights to everyone else or exterminated if they can't change their mindset.
It's rather easy - nobody asks you to change your looks or sex or even hair colour. Just change your ways, change the way you look at things.
If you JUST can't - into the pit you go. There's nothing to discuss when the person is basically an animal.

Again it's not the symbol, it's the mentality of those who carry this symbol on them.

It is sad the the world has come to this, but there is unfortunately no other option. Some people (those who wear nazi symbolics) must undergo forced re-education or extermination.
No. 71650 Kontra
I also liked that final statement, absolutely savage if true:

>and most of that to the Russian soldiers themselves, Mr. Simyonov said, adding wryly: “We invite them back to dig more trenches here, if they want.”
No. 71651 Kontra
7,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
Very good indeed. I'm curious if we'll ever find out what happened to the soldiers that were stationed there. Possible that they will be paid and/or threatened to keep their mouth shut about it for the rest of their lives if they get any substantial health problems.

>There is nothing to discuss here
Why didn't you stop right there then? And no, you never cared. Not one word spared for the actual crimes committed. What a surprise.

Stepped into the schizo landmine again, time for medevac.
No. 71652 Kontra
Of course i did.
I find it rather silly how you just keep thinking you're the sane person here.
In my eyes in most posts you leave here you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. Which makes you a schizo, not me.
Nonetheless you still support ukraine, knowing that they are a fascist country.
Which in my opinion again, makes people like you a part of the problem as well, because you CAN change your opinion if you want but you decide not you. It's especially strange that you are fully aware of the fact that you are wrong but yet, out of two options you choose the wrong option which is absolutely astonishing.

Are you sure, you are not a schizo here yourself? Because i have doubts.
No. 71653 Kontra
No. 71654 Kontra
Again he chooses the wrong option out of two.
Just admit that you were wrong. It's easy.
No. 71656 Kontra
The hero of Rus' is posting from his soul again, powerful stuff.
No. 71657 Kontra
Someone has to post the only correct opinion here, otherwise you guys flood the entire thread with pro-ukrainian posts and it's just not a good thing.
No. 71658
58 kB, 619 × 602
I'll post some things from the Russian side of things, from the foreign ministry, quoting an article written by the Russian embassador to the US:
>The special operation in Ukraine is the result of the unwillingness of the Kiev regime to stop the genocide of Russians.
>The nationalist frenzy and revanchist sentiments of the Kiev regime resulted in the full sabotage of the Minsk agreements.
>Russia had no other choice but to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.
>The occupation of Ukraine is not the goal of the special operation.
>The provocation in the Ukrainian city of Bucha was egregious. While the Russian military was deployed in this city, not a single local resident was injured.
>The policy of our country is based on the right for all the peoples living today in the Ukrainian territory to choose their own future.
>Russia is doing everything possible to negotiate a path to the prompt completion of the confrontation.
It's very schizo, but you still have them beat, my beautiful pure soul. At times, I think you're a NATO agent trying to make Russians look bad, but I understand your posts are transcribed directly from Perun.
No. 71659
You still assume that the opinion of the westerners and the reputation of Russia and Russian people on the west is somehow important.
At this point it is clear that the western propaganda machine will under-report or distort the information they give to the western public and fighting this "information war" on the west, using western social networks is completely pointless.
The YouTube started to outright ban Russian state channels for instance, same with twitter accounts and other social network accounts.
They already banned RT across the entire west and they did it first, remember.

If the western public is uncapable to recieve proper information from the both sides of the conflict because their respective governments have chosen to pick a side and join the war on the side of Ukraine - then there is no point to consider the "West" as anything but an enemy, save for a bunch of countries like Hungary and Serbia for instance.

Since we're past the point of "civilized conversation" and argument exchange, i'm just voicing the only correct opinion there could be in this situation - "fuck the european union, fuck ukraine, kill them all, it's all justified".
No. 71661 Kontra
The meds is what you require, because you seem to have completely lost understanding of who you really are and turned into a sad excuse of a human being, humiliating yourself on the autism opinion exchange forum, in front of the users with foreign flags.
I want to feel bad for you but i kinda don't, you know, one wouldn't feel bad for an insect.
No. 71662 Kontra
21 kB, 480 × 600
>I want to feel bad for you but i kinda don't, you know, one wouldn't feel bad for an insect.

tips fedora in cyrillic
No. 71663 Kontra
170 kB, 599 × 1493
Overall a very familiar tone.

>Russia is doing everything possible to negotiate a path to the prompt completion of the confrontation
Any idea of the concrete demands for peace? Still nothing?
No. 71664
6,5 MB, 1280 × 1280, 0:29
Peace is further away. The original Ukrainian offer of recognition of Donbass and Luhansk is supposedly off the table. We still do not know what exactly the Russians want beyond stalling for time.
No. 71665
221 kB, 798 × 1325
>recognition of Donbass and Luhansk is supposedly off the table
If Ukrainians manage to retake these areas then things get really interesting. Regarding the peace talks and the future of Russia even. Despite Ukrainian success so far I wouldn't put my money on it though.

I do wonder what the Russian play is with the stalling. I don't see how prolonging the war is in their interest at all. Time will tell!
No. 71666 Kontra
>I don't see how prolonging the war is in their interest at all
Mariupol falls, Azov is defeated, return home and pretend you've won the war. maybe, who knows :DD
No. 71667
>I'll post some things from the Russian side of things, from the foreign ministry, quoting an article written by the Russian embassador to the US:
Meaning, from the side of the official Russian propaganda. Which could have been more inventive at least. The mantra about stopping the genocide works only for those who are willing to believe it, frankly. The numbers alone are higgly unconvincing. Beats me why they don't leave it to the internal audience. On the other hand, with near-zero diplomatic credibility now, what to they have to lose?..
>If Ukrainians manage to retake these areas
It's a highly unlikely prospect. Of course, if they hypothetically do, it will be a total political catastrophe.
>We still do not know what exactly the Russians want beyond stalling for time.
Judgin on the general situation in Istanbul - peace on any face-saving conditions. Which should logically include the recognition of the Donbass republics and of the de facto status of Crimea at the very least. As Ukraine looks still unwilling to accept that, the fate of the peace conditions are going to be decided on the battlefield in the upcoming month.
No. 71668 Kontra
The demands have already been given.
Ukraine shall have no military, no NATO presence, banned political parties are to be re-established, banned media is to be unbanned, political prisoners - released, Donests/Luhansk question is solved (Ukraine gives up on it), they forget about Crimea.
Ukraine also does not join EU nor NATO and maintains a neutral status.
This is the bare minimum.

Of course ukrainians can go ahead and say "no".
In which case they lose the war and then it's
>Vae victis.

That's how i see it.
No. 71669
>In which case they lose the war
Provided the Kremlin is ready for that politically. It's going to be really hard without mobilizing the reserves now (Strelkov seems to agree). But again, you can imagine the political impact.
No. 71670
> you can imagine the political impact.
Not him, but I can't. Bloodthirsty babooshkas will be pissed off by not taking Kyiv and siege Putin's bunker?
No. 71671
The implications of mobilizing the reserves.
Overall, Ukraine, Russia and the EU (in that order) are neck deep in shit.
No. 71672 Kontra
Full mobilization means that ukrainian positions will be carpet bombed by the air force and this includes large cities where they congregate, yes.
Which means civillians will very likely suffer.
This is the LAST thing we all want. Regardless of whether i'm imperialist schizo or not and say shit like "nuke everyone like ghandi from civilization ahuahaheuhauhdau".
This is the last argument really and deep down I HOPE it won't come to this, but some of the shit that i saw online so far makes me thing that the option is on the table.
No. 71673
OK, got you. We already argued about political consequences of mobilization.
IMHO (domestic) political consequences of peace are even lower. Vatniks will be explained that corona biolabs were destroyed and Stepan Bandera was liquidated , so all goals of the operation were completed. And they'll believe in it. Rest of the population doesn't care about grabbing new lands.
No. 71674
>IMHO (domestic) political consequences of peace are even lower.
At least they're more predictable. And the Kremling won't sign it without the conditions which would allow it to save face at least partially. Some loss is unavoidable anyway, it's the question of minimizing it.
No. 71675 Kontra
1,8 MB, 480 × 270, 0:11
It's very interesting that you find such immense joy in a hypothetical scenario in which the West gets dragged to a position in which it is 'absolutely fucked'. From the possibility of Beijing invading Taiwan to the final overthrow of the Washington backed world order and, just maybe, a final climax in which Putin presses a button and all of Russia's destructive power is shown to the world, penises fly out of missile silos and penetrate European soil, ukrohohol faggot nazis are erradicated forever and you live to see it even if such for a brief moment. The unmedicated pizza villain wins.
Tell us more pizzaman and don't listen to the traitor or the finngol - NEVER take your meds.
No. 71676 Kontra
I don't find joy in it. There's nothing good about wars and violence in general and it is sad that we have all come to this again 80 years later.
However i see the US being at fault here with their braindead idea of making the USD a reserve currency and then printing it like toilet paper whenever the hell they want and in quantities they wish, raising the external debt without limits whatsoever.
So if anyone should pay the price for the fucked up world economy - it is the US elite, and also the european elite for being spineless and just saying "yeah" to everything decided in washington.

I don't wish harm to the normal people as long they don't pick the side of the EU/US financial elite.
No. 71677
279 kB, 492 × 665
If it happens, they deserve it. Vae victis, blyad.
The 'EU/US financial' elite must be destroyed. Fuck them for the money they steal from your tax by dollar magic.
No. 71678 Kontra
Do you have anything else to offer besides cheap and easy sarcasm, the blight of the 21st century?
No. 71679 Kontra
Why? You want to be taken seriously?
Tell me what percentage of your wage is stolen by the Americans and is paid to the Swiss for loyalty. Tell me how you arrived at the figures.
No. 71680 Kontra
There he goes again with the sarcasm. You know what's your problem? You're the kind of asshole who made some dough by working some IT job or i dunno where the fuck you work and instantly turned into a generic turd.
Or maybe you were born with a silver spoon up your ass, i don't really know your actual backstory.

And know he, a guy who gets paid in euros, living on in the country that used to have a shitton of colonies across the globe - asks me who gets paid in roubles, who's country was destroyed three times over the last century by what's now called "the EU" - "what's my problem and how the dollar/euro economy is bad".

And keeps replying with the sarcasm.
Do you enjoy being a hypocritical piece of shit? Is that some sort of fetish of yours?
No. 71681 Kontra
126 kB, 1259 × 1080
Stop with this self-pitying bullshit. A Russian lecturing me about colonialism.
EU make kolkhoz empire shit itself and had nineties, all because of them(( you enslave negros(((
I specifically want to know the specifics of how your wage is stolen by me, because in something you are right - I made money from capital. I stack mad euro.
No. 71683 Kontra
What self-pitying? I ain't pity myself, i know what i am very well.
>A Russian lecturing me about colonialism.
Well clearly you didn't learn your lesson well enough otherwise you'd be a lot more humble instead of being a turd who speaks with sarcasm.
>because in something you are right - I made money from capital. I stack mad euro.
So like i said, just another asshole who made some random money by chance and now thinks he's hot shit.
No. 71684
71 kB, 1200 × 500
300 kB, 1200 × 900
1,5 MB, 1280 × 806
No, listen to us.
Take the meds and embrace the dark side. Quit drinking "Putinka" and get vaccinated. Learn to code and start robbing honest workers by stock market manipulations.
Glory to Ukraine! God bless America, A City upon a Hill!
No. 71685 Kontra
What historical lesson should I, decadent IT coder from Portugal, have learnt?
No. 71686 Kontra
23 kB, 400 × 300
Psychiatry is with the bad aliens. Good aliens are with Rus'. Don't take the meds.
No. 71687 Kontra
the colonialism one. Which leads us to the modern economics and how they are dominated by the western reserve currencies, which keeps being an extention or even the continuation of the colonial era and thus gives the most benefits to the EU/UK and the US since they are the owners of these currencies and can print the money for themselves and extending the debt endlessly.

The crypto is a much better option than the USD/Euro at this point. Simply because it's not owned by anyone. At least i fucking hope so.
No. 71691 Kontra
>Simply because it's not owned by anyone. At least i fucking hope so.

keke, crypto will be hierarchical too, it already is as far as I have been notified.
No. 71697
Do the american colonialists from hawaii to estonia steal more money from you than putin's mafia?
No. 71700 Kontra
72 kB, 837 × 651
No. 71701 Kontra
26 kB, 540 × 270
fugg :DD
No. 71706
At least we're honest about being thieves. You're the hypocrites.
No. 71707
What do you mean by "we"? Do you belong to the ruling class?
No. 71708 Kontra
You're arguing semantics. You know what i mean.
The West and it's culture today is hypocritical as shit, they always lie, even to themselves, i don't know how can they do it, the whole mindset is fucked.
The funny thing is that it wasn't always like that, not until the 20th century and WW1 happened.
No. 71709 Kontra
>The funny thing is that it wasn't always like that, not until the 20th century and WW1 happened

Pls, next time read some books before you post. Besides being vague as one can be here. The west lied to itself during the enlightenment era, selecting and applying its virtues according to interests.

>arguing semantics

It makes sense to question a "we"
No. 71710 Kontra
Note to self: self-identification extends to his lords.
No. 71714 Kontra
>It makes sense to question a "we"
No. It does not.
Western media keeps saying "our democracy" despite the fact that "western" democracy is merely an oligarchy faking elections and lying to their own people, in order to fill their own pockets with money. It is obvious because they choose to support Ukraine in this conflict and disregard the needs of the common folk which is cheap gas/energy/food.
No. 71716 Kontra
>"western" democracy is merely an oligarchy faking elections and lying to their own people
The so-called "western" democracy.
No. 71717
4,8 MB, 478 × 852, 0:27
No. 71718 Kontra
>No. It does not.

You don't even know what you are talking about. Since language is used to describe what we call reality (while also being part of reality but whatever) it is not useless to argue semantics as in what does it mean to say we, who is meant and what does it imply. Obviously, you will want to "echo" reality with your statement, no? But now that you are called out on it, it's not important anymore, sure. Your we implies a homogenous entity and probably does not exist in that case, it is in itself differentiated, granted that "Russia(ns)" is a useful category after all (it might only be when talking about the world system of states)
No. 71719 Kontra
No, i know exactly what i'm talking about. I just don't take your arguments seriously, man.
No. 71721
75 kB, 627 × 815
134 kB, 827 × 1225
Unpacking of captured Russian UAV. Inside there are a bottle for fuel and usual Canon camera:

Considering the occasion when 60$ worth AliExpress drone was presented as Russian production on "Army2021" forum by Kronstadt company, that's very plausible.
> How do you like that, Elon Musk?
No. 71722
477 kB, 906 × 406
381 kB, 1118 × 433
To be honest considering the fact that drones are expendable stuff, i don't see it as a bad thing. The cheaper the drone is, the less stress there is on the operator of the said drone. If the drone is lost - it can be instantly replaced and it's not a big deal.
Losing a MQ9 Reaper on the other hand means $32 mil of taxpayer money go down the drain.

Also as far as i remember this is a civillian model, the military version has a better camera.
No. 71723
120 kB, 1080 × 640
Common Ukrainian citizens gathered for a pro-Russian meeting in Novaya Kahovka.
No. 71724
74 kB, 1000 × 1000
Man that was funny, thanks for posting! Using consumer gear for military if it fits the use case, but rebranding it to appear as your own product? Sad.

Better camera? As in another off-the-shelf Chinese PTZ surveillance camera. Alright then... I mean why do you bother with the straight up dishonest style of argumentation here? Are you really saying that you don't see a difference between buying what's available at the corner electronics store and nation state level R&D for developing and producing the technology independently? Comparing an unarmed reconnaissance RC aircraft to a drone with 20m wingspan, 7 hardpoints and flying at 15 kilometers?

It's just so tiring. Are you retarded or mentally ill? Both? Please leave.
No. 71726
1,4 MB, 352 × 640, 0:34
Orlan-10 cost is estimated as 100k$. But it belongs to a different class of drones: it's used only for recon while Reaper is a combat vehicle.

Ukrainians claim to capture the drone with electronic warfare.
No. 71727
>Are you really saying that you don't see a difference between buying what's available at the corner electronics store and nation state level R&D for developing and producing the technology independently?
Yeah there is a difference. The latter is a ridiculously stupid waste of resources and the former is cost efficient and thus better.
It works the same fucking way, who cares whether the drone is a cheap quadrocopter or not? If the goal is to correct the artillery fire, or to find pillboxes or hidden armour/positions and drop a cruise missile on top from the ship stationed nearby - you can use a fucking RC helicopter with a cellphone attached to it.
No. 71728 Kontra
106 kB, 1080 × 935
No, you don't know. You try to get yourself out of this now. Yeah, you better back up, that's right.
No. 71730
I am pretty sure i know. I don't need an opinion or help of a german to figure out simple things.
No. 71732
4,2 MB, 248 × 432, 1:23
No. 71733 Kontra
So far you only repeatedly stated you know it all, but you have proven nothing. You don't engage in an argument because you don't know. I'm not under the impression you were able to follow the line from your post onwards.
No. 71734
He's being dismissive of "made up humanities" right now. You will get nowhere because he dismissed everything you hold dear and believe in.
No. 71735 Kontra
This guy knows what's up. It's an ideological thing.
No. 71736 Kontra
2,6 MB, 406 × 720, 0:21
Ideological retardation, great.

One does have to wonder why this is fine for EC but the other schizos aren't. Gotta get this guy to use more exclamation marks and bold text? The message is the same.
No. 71738
4,2 MB, 352 × 640, 0:49
From my point of view YOU have some mental issues because your opinions are plain wrong and stupid. You require meds because you are an idiot who can't understand simple things.
I am right - you are wrong. There is nothing to discuss because i am correct and you are not.
How about that, retard?
No. 71740 Kontra
Why do you even post here? You evade any content discussion but throw around phrases like "arguing semantics"
No. 71741 Kontra
I don't want to argue with you. You start the argument with me yourself every single time i leave a post here.
Our view of the world is fundamentally different, why can't you understand that? If we dig deeper we shall find out that i think that your opinions when it comes to moral/political/cultural values are wrong and you are a schizo because of your shitty beliefs.
You think the same of me and think i am wrong and i am a schizo.

So why don't we just stop arguing about things which we fundamentally can't agree on and stop this pointless bullshit? You know, agree to disagree? Is it fine for you? Or your self-esteem won't allow you to do that?
No. 71745
129 kB, 1280 × 847
>In order to replenish their ranks, the Russians are recruiting residents from the unrecognized Transnistria region of Moldova. British intelligence reports that the Russians seek to bolster the troop numbers with personnel discharged from military service since 2012. “Efforts to increase combat power also include the attempts to recruit residents of the unrecognized Transnistrian region of Moldova,” said the statement.
Will the chessmaster also ruin Pridnestrovie?
No. 71749 Kontra
>I don't want to argue with you

Why don't you just make a blog or a twitter account to spew your nonsense if you don't want to discuss opinions? Here is serious discussion, not "i make stupid claims that I can't defend".
No. 71750 Kontra
Wrong, you think we both will never change our view of the world. I won't change it quickly but I like to adjust my view of the world, granted I get good arguments and insights that have consequences for things I've known already or beliefs I've held so far. You gave me none, while I gave you some. Your game is faulty and it is probably you who is just lazy and doesn't want to engage in anything that challenges your view. That is why you don' want to argue, given that you even understood the argument, do you even know what my beliefs are or will you continue addressing them as "my opinions"?

No. 71752
9,1 MB, 640 × 336, 1:45
Perhaps, I wouldn't go with an execution of a POW for the propaganda video, but hey :DD
No. 71753 Kontra
>it is probably you who is just lazy and doesn't want to engage in anything that challenges your view
I don't wish to change my worldview that is correct. I've changed it quite recently and the previous one was very faulty and didn't yield any results whatsoever.
This one and this set of values i currently hold works far better for me personally and i will not change them unless something significant happens to me in real life that causes this change.
I don't want to change your worldview/values either. Like i said, i believe they are faulty or wrong but you're free to hold them as long as you agree to disagree with me.
And i don't want to have an argument or debate about it, because i don't want to give you the chance to prove me wrong via sophisms or some other techniques.

I can make whatever claims i want and you're free to listen to them. That's the only way it works. My opinions are not up for a debate.
No. 71754
Wow, everything russian propaganda said about hohols and west is coming true.
Is this meme magic or 5d chess?
If propaganda about hatred for russians untrue, just invade europe and make it true.
No. 71755 Kontra
It was merely dormant.
The problem was the mentality of ukrainians which was aready fucked, now it's out there in the open, they are as animalistic and as primitive as it gets thanks to being subjected to brainwashing over the past 30 years.
There is an entire generation now of brainwashed idiots in ukraine who firmly believe they have some moral superiority over us, so that gives them "right" to torture people on camera.
It's the same shit Catholicucks used during the crusades. I think that preventive strike was necessary. Fuck them.
No. 71756 Kontra
>I can make whatever claims i want

Putin disagrees
No. 71757
>And i don't want to have an argument or debate about it, because i don't want to give you the chance to prove me wrong via sophisms or some other techniques.
Comrade Ostrich develops a new technique to prevent subversion by western propaganda.

It really is impressive, one wonders how much more wind they gave Ukrainian neonazis - if 2014 cranked up their numbers, this is gonna be a rough one.
No. 71758
6,2 MB, 1272 × 720, 1:17
9,0 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
Surely these recruits will have better morale and training than the Russian contract soldiers.


>If propaganda about hatred for russians untrue, just invade europe and make it true.
Wect outplayed once again!
No. 71759 Kontra
Pro-western protesters don't deserve freedom of speech. Simple lol.
No. 71760
225 kB, 620 × 580
It's curious how the brave heros of Ukraine still strongly prefer to stay anonymous.
No. 71761
"I want the Russian people to have freedom of speech and personal liberties"
Is this a pro-western statement? :^)
No. 71763 Kontra
17 kB, 600 × 350
979 kB, 720 × 720, 0:20
Another set of street interviews in Russia.

>Are you brainwashed?
No. 71764
>>ruthless propaganda.mp4
Eat more Ukrainian propaganda. :3 The federal law dictates a one-time 3 mln compensation for KIA soldiers, not including monthly payments.
No. 71765
Russian people have freedom of speech and personal liberties as long as they are not pro-western opposition liberals.
No. 71766
What you're telling is basically equivalent to "Russian people have freedom of speech as long as they speak officially approved truths". Makes absolutely no sense, frankly. Probably citing Chomsky would be excessive, but...
"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
No. 71767 Kontra
>And i don't want to have an argument or debate about it

Then why do you post them? Attentionwhoring?
No. 71768 Kontra
>The federal law dictates a one-time 3 mln compensation for KIA soldiers
All 500 of them?)))
No. 71769
5,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:07
12,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:12
Some great footage coming out once again. I wonder how differently things would've went if Putin didn't choose the invasion date because of some meme magic and instead attacked 3-4 months later. The tanks are still bound to the roads or they'll get stuck in the mud.
No. 71770
Don't mix up propagandistic rhetorics (the data about losses are, in fact, secret by default) and the official document flow.
It's not Donbass, all these soldiers are on official missions.
No. 71771 Kontra
76 kB, 160 × 160
Ignore schizos.
Death to poo, freedom for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
No. 71772
>The tanks are still bound to the roads or they'll get stuck in the mud.
I'm afraid it's not like tanks and roads work. In fact, well-powered tracked vehicles can get stuck only in large volumes of liquid mud. However, using roads is always the quickest way to move.
No. 71773
117 kB, 750 × 784
Well, they're probably unable to confirm most of the losses. So their status shall remain as MIA meaning no compensation whatsoever. Many of the PoWs keep saying that they were simply left on their own devices for days if not weeks. No communication or logistical support at all. In that case the command can't even say if the unit has been destroyed, surrendered or just got lost.
No. 71774
>"Russian people have freedom of speech as long as they speak officially approved truths"
Yes? Why would you want freedom to lie?
Are you saying you approve of lies? Or are you a liar yourself?

Lies are a sin and Russia is a God fearing Christian country, unlike degenerate west, where people can even lie about what gender they are (!!!)
No. 71776
>Well, they're probably unable to confirm most of the losses. So their status shall remain as MIA meaning no compensation whatsoever.
Which is still irrelevant to the topic in question: that is, Ukraine using all kind of lies in its propaganda, and Western journalists (even from respectable agencies) tending to obediently repeat those. Acute radiation sickness in the Red Forest, etc...
No. 71778 Kontra
104 kB, 562 × 889
No. 71779 Kontra
124 kB, 382 × 491
Where are your proofs that there aren't nuclear Russians from Chernobyl out there?
No. 71780 Kontra
359 kB, 2128 × 1406
514 kB, 426 × 240, 0:30
11,3 MB, 720 × 720, 0:59
Denazifying by littering cities with cluster munition mines.
No. 71781
>Where are your proofs that there aren't nuclear Russians from Chernobyl out there?
Plain physics. Intensity of decay anywhere around the plant is fundamentally insufficient to get acute radiation sickness. And IAEA and other independent expert organizations basically said just the same.
No. 71782
>Denazifying by littering cities with cluster munition mines.
Lies again, and that's getting boring. Those are just undetonated bomblets - a usual thing when you disperse hundreds of them over the enemy positions. I have to stress that Russia never signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions, and no international treaty specifically bans using those even in populated areas whenever an objective military necessity arises. Ironically, Ukraine itself used cluster munitions in Donbass.
No. 71783
24 kB, 400 × 300
>Plain physics. Intensity of decay anywhere around the plant is fundamentally insufficient to get acute radiation sickness. And IAEA and other independent expert organizations basically said just the same.

I asked for proofs. Where are my proofs?
No. 71784
178 kB, 1134 × 1134
Why are you using cluster munitions on Ukrainian cities in the first place? Was Ukraine threatening to invade you or something?
No. 71785
>I asked for proofs. Where are my proofs?
You can take the available data and make the calculations yourself, if the public doubts of the IAEA (well, they cannot openly accuse Ukraine of lying after all) aren't sufficient for you.
No. 71786
>Why are you using cluster munitions on Ukrainian cities in the first place? Was Ukraine threatening to invade you or something?
I never advocated this war. In fact, I abhor it. But the rain of baseless Ukrainian accusations against the Russian military, now also repeated by Western mass-media without a shred of criticism, is really boring. Most of the time it just tries to do its job as good as it can. And dying in attempts to save as many enemy civilians as possible isn't actually a part of that job.
No. 71787 Kontra
>You can take the available data and make the calculations yourself

I did and it doesn't proof anything.
No. 71788 Kontra
Stop kidding, you probably don't even know what "calculations" mean.
No. 71789

There are certainly many news stories I dismiss as 'fog-of-war' reporting, particularly estimates of casualties from both sides. Still, you do not do yourselves any favours by making large-scale use of dumb/unguided munitions.
No. 71790
>Still, you do not do yourselves any favours by making large-scale use of dumb/unguided munitions.
I may surprise you, but Russia isn't the US. It simply doesn't have money or industrial capabilities to produce hi-tech munitions in unlimited quantities. So we must generally stick to something sufficiently cost efficient - and cluster munitions perfectly fit the bill.
No. 71791 Kontra
>don't even know what "calculations" mean

And you can proof that?
No. 71792 Kontra
The problem is that westernized liberals are liars and they are trying to limit the freedom of speech for russian people.
They are literally THE fascists in russia.
No freedom for enemies of the freedom.
That's just the paradox of liberty.
No. 71793
13,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:44
>But the rain of baseless Ukrainian accusations against the Russian military, now also repeated by Western mass-media without a shred of criticism, is really boring.
How is the special military operation going? Are you satisfied with the progress? Do you feel that this war serves your interests?
No. 71794 Kontra
1,7 MB, 426 × 240, 0:39
The ones who make it out alive do so while bearing great riches.
No. 71795
>How is the special military operation going?
As I've already said, Ukraine, Russia and the EU are neck deep in shit, and little can change in that regard.
>Do you feel that this war serves your interests?
Don't be ridiculous. It was never able to serve the interests of common Russians. Even Putin must have been seriously misinformed when he decided to actually start that. Now many thousands are dead (Russians, Ukrainians, military men, civilians - not much difference in the end), a good share of Ukraine is devastated and we're all fugged.
No. 71796
1,6 MB, 640 × 350, 0:36
The difference between a cluster mine and cluster munition with a delay fuse is quite insignificant. The delay fuses make them even more difficult to get rid of when it might go off any second without any external trigger. So when an unlucky child is walking by or an EOD tech is approaching it in order to defuse it, they might get blown up without even touching the device. I don't consider cluster munitions to be such a big deal in general, but firing them into populated areas? Come on now. Might as well be executing more civilians. The only goal there is to cause terror and suffering to innocent people.
No. 71797
How is the EU neck deep in shit?
No. 71798 Kontra
32 kB, 468 × 356
Stop, stop stop stop, stop... Stop...
No. 71799 Kontra
55 kB, 1207 × 751
No, I am studying psychology :DD

Also Belarusian border guards claim Polish border guards shot at them.
No. 71801 Kontra
24 kB, 684 × 737
Blease dohn't boke the schizo. ;_;
No. 71802
Austrian military academy analysis: War in Ukraine: Status after 40 days

>Russia threatens legal action if forced into sovereign debt default
No. 71804
>How is the EU neck deep in shit?
Ask Germans, they're feeling it quite ostensibly already. And the US further provoke the EU into introducing more and more self-harming sanctions. If someone potentially wins something from that situation, it's definitely not Europe. Though, as I have said, the EU is less fugged than the other actors.
No. 71805 Kontra
265 kB, 1200 × 850
24,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:01
Studying, but at what cost...

>Belarusian border guards claim Polish border guards shot at them
What an absolute outrage! Their egos will never recover.

I wholeheartedly agree.
No. 71806 Kontra
>Ask Germans, they're feeling it quite ostensibly already

Tbh neck deep is something else. It makes me think how corona predictions in early 2020 had been. Did the German schizo back then also announce a civil war by the end of 2020?
No. 71807
14 kB, 246 × 344
Real life nutters told me each year since the Syria/Deash/refuge crisis we'd get civil war... Btw. nutters obviously call all the stuff around Corona NWO.
No. 71808
It doesn't take a schizo to assert the obvious fact that the EU suffers from the sanctions it imposes, and is going to suffer even more. And Russia suffering considerbly more is a poor consolation when your personal wallet becomes quite empty.
No. 71809
34 kB, 294 × 313
Oh and they still keep telling me that civil war bollocks, once Corona and the war is over they will find another reason for muh civil war prediction, it is gonne happen any moment!!1
Ofc Ukraine is also NWO and everything rightwing and/pr and opposed to "the west" good.
No. 71810 Kontra
But now with the war we will have a NWO :DDDD
Just this morning I was asking myself how the war is discussed in nuty circles.
No. 71811 Kontra
>wallet becomes quite empty

The only wallets getting empty are the ones of poor people, the more money you have, the less this war is noticeable. Prices did surge on many items, but this is not only the war but generally corona supply chain issues and inflation. The war alone isn't having the effects people seem to perceive right now.
No. 71814 Kontra
Hey man, have you heard of Dr. Daniele Ganser, that's some serious stuff bro.
No. 71815 Kontra
quick fix*
>Just this morning I was asking myself how the war is discussed in nuty circles.

Let me "help":
Ukr is Russia, infa120% all former soviet territory is Russia
Biden, Murka, The west and reptile Martian jews are to blame
Also niggers <- how does this one make any fucking sense is beyond me
Russia obviously always good because Murka bad, false dichotomy and all. China is also good.
Some claim Ukraine is Nazi.
Also Nato. NWO something something.

As you can see it is all the typical drivel. Useless horse shite.
Ohh and Maidan was Murka, Oil pipelines vs Ukraine was Murka, EU bad except for Orban. And juice are to blame for rough toilet paper. Also Elites are pharaonian jews or something, not kidding. How is babby formed? I could go on but you get the gist, right? RIGHT? Make it stop. The West forced Russia which is an angel.
No. 71816 Kontra
77 kB, 600 × 450
> Dr. Daniele Ganser
Looked that creature up real quick
ewww, no, thx
No. 71818 Kontra
Forgot to add: Some of the unironically claim the whole country is ruled by Nazis. Maybe RT is to blame, doge knows who blasted this fake news nonsense into their brains, some of them started with this bs years ago. Russian propaganda works wonders I guess.
No. 71819 Kontra
The thing is that I actually think that the US has interests that it pursued before this war started but I don't stand with or defend Russia (which has also interests that are not mine, just like US interests are not mine) in return.
No. 71820 Kontra
Well, Russia did meddle in Ukraine a fuckton, people got fed up, how much Murka did is up for debate.

I think the west failed Russia and its satellites, but Russia failed itself the most, with how it all began by selling the country for crumbs 30 years ago...
No. 71821
They literally worship nazi collaborators, don't ban those parties and wear swastika tattoos and patches.
Of course it's not like the whole country but i think killing off those guys right now is a good thing. Fuck them.
Fuck those who support them too.
No. 71822 Kontra
39 kB, 400 × 558
Russia was the nazis all along. For some reason Russian nationalism = good, otherwise = nazi.
No. 71823 Kontra
Ahh and here is more of the tinfoil shite I heard in RL:
Murka and Fauci (and later +Ukr) made Corona/Biolabs/Nuke or chemical labs around the SU for the NWO/against China/Russia or whatever. Ukrs started killing Russians for teh lulz that is why 2014 happend. Russia tried to curb Ukr corruption and keep it in its sphere of influence, the second part is surprisingly correct I guess.

Also Assad good. Israel evil. Deash aka ISIS was made by Israel and Murka, Muslims are trying to take over the west (and they have to be killed). 5G causes magic cancer and Corona or something. Everyone in academy has an agenda and gets paid lots of dosh to promote NWO stuff, but the majority is evidently against NWO stuff...

Academics are retards who only or barely know their speciality. Big industry/gubmint controls University books/the curriculum. The gubmint has terminators. Space does not real but muh aliums. Moon landing never happend. Weed cures everything including cancer. Everyone rich is corrupt and jewish or a shabbos goy. Disney is Murka imperialist mind control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn20oXFrxxg

Well, I don't wanna remember more tinfoil stuff, this should be enough I hope.
No. 71824 Kontra
And the most important thing: the vast majority of the tinfoil nutters worships Trump. Kill all trumpers.
No. 71825
159 kB, 960 × 1280
>Maybe RT is to blame, doge knows who blasted this fake news nonsense into their brains, some of them started with this bs years ago. Russian propaganda works wonders I guess.
The effectiveness of Kremlin propagandists is questionable, the effectiveness of said propaganda in an environment in which no alternative exists is undeniable. It is entirely unknown how the population as a whole feels about the war. In any case, they have successfully stamped out dissent and suppressed any form of meaningful protest. One man protests, previously the only accessible form of protest is now de facto illegal. The opposition has all been criminalized before the war and its structures disbanded. There are still people who martyr themselves to express their opposition to the war, but to me it seems it's very much just that. By a combination of crushing dissent and mobilizing a vocal part of the populace, they have at the very least made it so that opposition minded Russians see no alternative between keeping their head down or sending themselves to prison. There was a CPRF duma deputy who spoke out against the war.

In other news, the head of the Fifth Service (foreign) of the KGB was imprisoned recently, the author of this article posits that the most likely explanation is:
>that Beseda’s Fifth Service was also still in charge of maintaining official contacts with the CIA. Many people in Moscow and the Kremlin have been asking themselves why U.S. intelligence before the war was so accurate. >This might have added more to the already existing climate of paranoia.
No. 71826
The virgin Russian suppression.
The Chad Belarusian rail sabotage.
No. 71827
And fucking hell I am know brainstorming all the tinfoil nonsense I had to endure the last 10 years, be it rightwing or leftwing or general nuttery, fucking kill me. ;_;

Muh Gates, muh tap water, muh 5G, muh ancient aliums, knowledge and supercrops. Nuke Tinfoilland.

>The effectiveness of Kremlin propagandists is questionable
Disinformation via tinfoil chambers in social media like FB, might've actually yielded a decent result, see Murka, see also my family which fell victim to said nonsense, part of my family is from the SU, yes, I am the germanorussian.

>the effectiveness of said propaganda in an environment in which no alternative exists is undeniable.
Yeah, they even have an hour of hate where it is all about "Ukraine bad", at least they had it for years.

>It is entirely unknown how the population as a whole feels about the war.
Probably split in Russia but who knows.

>In any case, they have successfully stamped out dissent and suppressed any form of meaningful protest.
OMON, 10-15 years prison, huge fines... Beatings from OMON thugs are my favourite <3. Death to Putin, freedom for the former SU.

>By a combination of crushing dissent and mobilizing a vocal part of the populace, they have at the very least made it so that opposition minded Russians see no alternative between keeping their head down or sending themselves to prison.
I guess

>There was a CPRF duma deputy who spoke out against the war.
Wut. They only thing I remember is the girl with the poster in the TV, which read like something "stop the war, don't believe the propaganda lies" or something. Kudos to her, really fucking major respect.
No. 71828 Kontra
>orange man bad
What a surprise, you're a left-liberal subhuman.
As if a confirmation was needed lmao.
No. 71830
49 kB, 400 × 328
No matter your political position, if you think drumpf was decent by any measure then you are a fucking retard. Drumpf is an utter fucking creting, even their current dunce while really bad is a fucking platinum nugget compared to him, that's how bad he is.

This is a real Drumpf imbecile quote:

“Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor
and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good
genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton
School of Finance, very good, very smart —you know, if
you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if,
like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m
one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s
true!—but when you’re a conservative Republican they
try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start
off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there,
went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to
give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little
disadvantaged—but you look at the nuclear deal, the
thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy,
and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is
powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many
years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he
would explain the power of what’s going to happen and
he was right—who would have thought?), but when you
look at what’s going on with the four prisoners—now it
used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and
even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger;
fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they
haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now
than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about
another 150 years—but the Persians are great negotiators,
the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just
killed, they just killed us.”
No. 71831 Kontra
47 kB, 552 × 558
What is it to you?
Why the fuck trump and US presidency concerns you?
No. 71832 Kontra
405 kB, 1800 × 1134
14,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:51
Good doge!

It's fascinating how universal those topics are amongst tinfoilers in all of wect probably, if not globally. Whoever are "the source" must feel pretty good about their work.
No. 71833
His stupidity kills people.

Germany is not an isolated planet my dear. I have read a bunch of his of tweets before he got elected, 2 of them promoted viccine conspiracies and went like this:
child gets vaccinated, gets autism, sad
Some of the shite he tweeted during his presidency made me chuckle, he is such a piece of shite and a real.TM retard. No, I do not use twatter, but I just couldn't resist and had to take a peek at his train wreck of a presidency.

And now, behold, I am feeding the troll, guilty of the very crime I abhor.

Fun fact: All the tinfoil nuttery around corona killing members of my family. Cheers
No. 71834
killed* As in parts of my family fell for the conspiracies around the vaccines and vetoed the older, retarded part from getting the vaccine. I had to watch them die in the hospital after they got coronachan. Yeah, despite knowing it's asshole behaviour I laughed at the conspiracy nutter murkans dying from it. Heh, what irony.
No. 71835 Kontra
342 kB, 900 × 900
>His stupidity kills people.
Oh right, you're another very concerned do-gooder.

>And now, behold, I am feeding the troll, guilty of the very crime I abhor.
This is literally my opinion.
I think you're a fucking retard.
>boo fucking hoo my relatives died from coronachan
You're not the only one who lost relatives to COVID-19, you special fucking degenerate snowflake. Doesn't mean you have to go full fucking schizo-obsessed with DEM EBIL CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WHO AR RESPONSIBOL FOR MY HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SAD DEPRESSED STATE
I'd honestly would've beaten the shit out of you if i ever met you in real life. You're a fucking immature cunt.
[spoler]Yes i am mad.[/spoiler]
No. 71836 Kontra
common decency which you lack

They literally died because mama told babushka and dedushka they would get sick and maybe die if they get the vaccine, true story, and since the old ones had failing mental faculties... Who can blame them? They were born before WW2, quite the respectable age. They could've survived without tinfoil family. Who said I was sad? You are projecting, but I am mad because it could have been prevented, but alas, sometimes stupidity triumphs.

And brotip: You couldn't take me in real life, do not delude yourself my little schizo basement dweller. Inb4 you really did serve, would change nothing.
No. 71837
473 kB, 1949 × 1301
>What is it to you?
Why the fuck putin and Rus presidency concerns you?

No. 71838
There's a difference between "decency" and being obsessed with your self-image. You act like a woman.
>You couldn't take me in real life.
Judging by how you talk, you would cry like a bitch.
No. 71839 Kontra
So you're concerned that the US will invade Gemany is that it?
No. 71840
7 kB, 640 × 480
You shat all over 7# threads, are you satisfied? Entertained?
No. 71841 Kontra
So did you? Yet i don't complain about your utterly idiotic shitposts every time you leave now, faggot.
No. 71842 Kontra
No, that's not it.
No. 71843
Where does it hurt my dear? Yeah, ye shat all over the place. Denying established science, projecting, claiming things which are evidently not true, posting contradictions within one or several posts and generally being an idiot and hypocrite. Devastating result, you got schooled too many times and yet did not learn, but keep to your bullshit since you are free to do so.

Well, obviously or seemingly useless: Austrian leader and Putin talked today
And duh, everyone knows an offensive will come from the east soon. What if shit hits the fan and Putin decides to dozer over Ukraine including mobilization and all?

Kek, Europe is still cleaning up russian spies and diplomats.

Ukraine seems to be pushing, Kharkiv could have more breathing room soon, seems like the Ukrainian army is rolling up from the west but the russian border is close, let us see when Russia will do the ramp up. I hope the fighting ends soon.
No. 71844
Also: What about the troops near the Belarus-Ukr-Pol border? They very idea feels like a Damocles sword to me, imagine if they swoop down.
No. 71845 Kontra
I don't know who's more annoying, the schizo pidorashka or the smug german faggot.
No. 71846 Kontra
Sorry, I meant the smug german faggot ACTUALLY and SERIOUSLY replying to the schizo pidorashka.
No. 71847 Kontra
20 kB, 771 × 576
so sry you had to see this
No. 71848 Kontra
He's ultra right, i'm a commie. Of course he would reply. Two polar opposites found eachother.
No. 71849 Kontra
74 kB, 699 × 697
5,3 MB, 526 × 480, 4:12
What a disaster of a thread once again.
No. 71850 Kontra
3 kB, 126 × 126
>war endings.mp4
Where is the cursed ending?

No. 71851 Kontra
I'm honestly convinced by now that you are the dumbest person on EC next to the German schizo that ravished the previous threads with news headlines and apocalyptic alarms and anti-EU sentiments. Maybe it is just your pride decreasing your IQ though. I hope so for you.

t. not the one you've been arguing the last hours or so
No. 71852 Kontra
107 kB, 680 × 827
He is obviously trolling since he is changing positions each day.
No. 71853
>you are the dumbest person on EC
Why exactly?
No. 71854 Kontra
7,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
36 kB, 790 × 144
It was recently changed to UK-Ukrainian world domination and didn't make the cut to be on the video. Here it is.

Also a funny side note regarding the social credit ending: Putin once told a joke to a former Finnish president that world peace will be achieved when there's only minor border skirmishes between Finland and China.

Pretty strange of a joge tbh. And it's a straight quote from the president, not an urban legend or anything.

When you act like a deranged idiot, it does appear that you are a deranged idiot. For all intents and purposes it's the same thing.
No. 71855
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:41
3,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:48
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:53
4,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:43
> war endings

Trolling by pretending to be retarded for 7 threads in a row? No, he's just sick.
No. 71856 Kontra
4,8 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:24
Re-posting a video with great vibes.

Holy shit those look amazing! They have a lot of text but would it be possible for you to translate a short summary? Great quality.
No. 71857 Kontra
>When you act like a deranged idiot, it does appear that you are a deranged idiot.
I'm posting my honest opinions on EC and somehow you find them schizo which i guess is a cultural thing, or it's an issue with the people on EC.
Because i for instance talk to americans online on other platforms (not 4chan) and they don't consider me schizo.
I also have opinions of my friends, my mother, my girlfriend and my relatives and none of them consider me schizo.

It might be a confirmation bias of course. However it is only on imageboards, in places such as this one, people like you call me a schizo.

So you see? It's an entirely different picture for me.
No. 71858 Kontra
36 kB, 790 × 144
Do I need to attach this pic to every post so you see that it's your own, actual words that I used? This is you. You said it. Not me.
No. 71859
33 kB, 262 × 360
>Vladivostok Officials Ban 'Putler Kaput' Slogan April 06, 2009 15:10 GMT

Also: Third largest French bank is done with Russia, just shut down business in Russia.
No. 71860 Kontra
You ignored my question.
No. 71861
> would it be possible for you to translate a short summary
No. :D
It'd require a "slavic studies" lecture to explain it because they all about local memes such as slave brick factories in Dagestan.
Except 5-th one which references 4chan's story about lahta taking place of janitor in /int/ and being exposed by upper standing moderators:

> Despite the janitors' diligent attempts to hide the truth, the hidden became explicit: based leader, savior of white race, pillar of traditional values Chadimir Putin turned out to be a monkey and Russia became Pynyababwe
> [...]
> Will it be social Darwinism or social justice and how many bananas will simple Ivan get?
> "Man is a monkey who can make the sharpest razor to cut the throat of another monkey" - Stanislav Lem
No. 71862 Kontra
No. 71863
58 kB, 840 × 420
>It'd require a "slavic studies" lecture to explain it
Fuggggg thank you for the part you could translate though!

>Chadimir Putin turned out to be a monkey and Russia became Pynyababwe
Ebin :DDD And for some reason Pynya gets translated by "pölyinen" or dusty in some instances by online translators and it's somehow incredibly funny. There was a picture of two translated posts from dvach that went something like this:

-Why is everyone always sitting so far away from dusty? Is he contagious?

>Because when you get within five meters from dusty a lighthouse inside your ass lights up and explodes

:D Don't know if this is of any value being translated from Russian to Finnish and now to English, but originally I lol'd.
No. 71864
>It is entirely unknown how the population as a whole feels about the war.
Living in Russia, you can extrapolate somewhat. In short: it feels differently.
>the effectiveness of said propaganda in an environment in which no alternative exists is undeniable
You know, the Internet still does exist in Russia. But the effectiveness of state propaganda shouldn't be underestimated. Even lots of people who won't believe it by default get caught in its aftershock, because it creates the general direction of discourse. And as far as the ancient maxim "we're right, they're wrong" goes, lots of people will be willing to support propaganda, even making it self-replicating to some extent - simply because that position is very convenient psychologically.
No. 71865
War as such is an historical normalcy, it is the mode of existence of mankind. There is never no war. During peacetime, conflicts are only transmuted into other, milder forms. The search for a guilty party is vain and contributes nothing to the understand of the coherencies, provides no insight. The question if guilt only served those who try to gain moral support for their own cause and are this leading war themselves. It also served this who are unable to take a historical point of view and do not understand that nature as such is amoral and knows not good or evil. Condoning war, which is a state of nature and declaring one party guilty of fighting is absurd.
No. 71866
>Fuggggg thank you for the part you could translate though!
A direct translation isn't difficult anyway (and not all Russians are aware of the mentioned memes at all - many of them seeem limited to certain circles). I personally find the next one particularly funny.

>>Prokhanov's ideas are going to become the base of new Russia.
>>As a result of long cons, the economical collapse, the population becoming greatly impoverished and feeling dizzy with our constant victories, the Russians needed a new ideology. And this ideology has been embodied by Prokhanov's ideas.
>>Ascending to the throne as a new leader of the Russians, Prokhanov has clearly asserted the main task - to grow the creature which would be best adapted to survival in new Russia, ready to endure hardships and suffering, feed on roots and stock up for winter thinking about the country.
>>According to Prokhanov, every Russian (thanks to the genetical and cultural code) is not a human anymore, but a transition towards hamsters and chipmunks - a creature whose true essence can be revealed only in extreme conditions.
>>"What a country-wide experiment!"
>>"In the times of great sorrows the Russian people are ready to turn into a chimpunk nation, into a hamster nation, who will be storing up for winter all kinds of roots, little bulbs..." - Alexander Prokhanov
No. 71867
War is even beneficial. It destroys the old, the rotten, the degenerate and the weak, and it makes room for the new, the good, and the strong who will only grow stronger. Like a forest fire, it clears away all the old and worthless remains if the past. Only those who are too weak to stand the storm of time need to fear war, those to weak or degenerate to fight. But they deserve to be annihilated! Those suffering from christ-dekusions, the do-gooders and the leftists with all their slave-morality will never understand.
No. 71868
What is funny about it? In times of need, it is better to build storage so you not starve. But Russians will not need it, anyway. Russia has the soil and the fertilizer, more than enough to feed itself, other than the west! The west needs oil from Russia. The west needs gas from Russia. The West needs grain from Russia. The west needs fertilizer from Russia. What does Russia need from the West? Movies about fagots who pretend to be women?

Westerners are weak and pampered, they do not know how to grow and store potatoes, most do not even have a place to plant potatoes. They are also soft and are already crying for the warm showers they can not afford anymore.

Why this sense of self-hatred and defeatism among Russian liberals? Are you fagots like Europeans? Do you hate Russia? What is wrong with you?
No. 71870 Kontra
>hurr nature amoral
>war is good

Humans are moral creatures. You justify war by morals while accusing others of being moral. Morals that follow from a supposed nature, basically social darwinism. Also, war is something different than what happens in nature. A tiger killing an antelope is not war.

>The west needs oil from Russia. The west needs gas from Russia

You mean Europe, schizo.
No. 71871
>What is funny about it?
Well, sure Germans and humor are something from different realms... Sorry, no jokes about shit here.
>But Russians will not need it, anyway. Russia has the soil and the fertilizer, more than enough to feed itself, other than the west!
For reference, while Russia is unlikely to immediately starve, it still imports about 28% of beef, 33% of cheese, 16% of oils, etc. And immediately increasing its food producing capabilities is problematic - you need equipment (largely not produced in Russia) and investments for that.
No. 71872
>You justify war by morals
Not true.

>Humans are moral creatures
Only humans who have do-gooder mentality. But they do not do good. They only pretend to do good, either out of deceit or because they are socially over-adapted. Basically, they are infantile, trying to be good boys for some imaginary super-mommy so you can get good-boy points. They are not really grown-ups.
Catholics call their over-mommy 'mother Mary'. Greens call their over-mommy 'mother nature'. Both wave morals around as if their shit does not stink, but in truth, they are hypocrites much worse than average and everyone else. Catholics subdue the sexual part of their nature to score good-bye points. But behind closed doors, they fuck little boys in the ass. Such moral creatures! Greens pretend to protect the environment, but they do not give a shit about their ugly bird-shredders emitting the worst climate gas known to mankind, SF6. They keep that secret. Conveniently, they forget people to tell about it. But supposedly, they want to stop climate change, which they claim to be existing and man-made, just to shovel moral guilt on others. While making energy for things like heating, cooking, driving cars unaffordable to the masses, because they want exclusive rights on all those things for themselves. They seek to be a new nobility and priests of mother nature at the same time, while everyone else is reduced to mere peasants looking up to them. And the green peaceniks now want more weapons, while they themselves where to weak and pathetic to even serve in the army and decided to rather clean some old fart's asshole!

It is as I said: Man is a moral animal only insofar as man uses morals to subdue others in the continuing and ever-lasting eternal war over existence.
Those who use morals are weak and seek to win the war by being cunning and deceitful.
No. 71873 Kontra
tldr, kid reads Nietzsche once.

This post is oozing from implicit values, and values are what constitutes morals. You don't live in the outside, schizo.
No. 71874
38 kB, 1215 × 223
Such supreme wisdom!
No. 71875 Kontra
While the alpha males kill each other on the battle field, driven and attracted there by their testosterone levels, the betas stay at home and keep the reproduction of the population running, they know how to adapt while other just go to die off. The fate of nature, I don't make the rules.
No. 71876
111 kB, 564 × 768
It's true, the internet exists. But if an alternative view is limited to the internet and even then with some caveats, then the narrative is practically unchallenged for the majority of the population.

Considering Putin's own motivations and lore, it's natural Russo-Germans would be naturally more susceptible to this. Plus, the immigrant question. There was an IRA character who died a few years back and the only newspaper that paid their respects was from Boston. For people here, only a limited few follow the Moscow line. Even those who have anti-NATO sympathies are finding the Russian line increasingly hard to swallow.
No. 71877
>Greek Rail Workers Refuse to Transport NATO Tanks to Ukraine
>Action from the communists: They 'decorated' tanks
>On the other hand, earlier today, members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) "decorated" US-NATO tanks. This action protested the imperialist war in Ukraine and the US turning the port in Evros into a "death base".


Google says it was posted 1d ago, the article is over one week old... Maybe something was added.
No. 71878
145 kB, 680 × 846
>Russo-Germans would be naturally more susceptible
yeah, but I feel like they should know better.

Nothing bad about questioning the gubmint and the news, actually good to question the info questioneverything.jpg, but it aka the horseshit accessible to the normies kinda got more bizarre and spilled out of the web around the Drumpf election. I feel like people started to believe more in the false dichotomy after that debacle: If they lie to us here then the news from there must be true/er.

It is all a shit fest, I wish people would train their critical thinking and learn to evaluate information better, sometimes it's just "I don't know". Meanwhile people eat shit up from dailymail, Bild, RT, unsourced blogs... Maybe potholer54 and university tier standards for info should be beaten into the average joe.
No. 71879
>I wish people would train their critical thinking and learn to evaluate information better
I've found that Russia's supporters tend to be people with higher education - graduates of this and that course, from this and that university who joined the Communist Youth and are now saying Bucha was a false flag. For comparison, my semi-illiterate grandmother has a fairly reasonable understanding of what's happening :DD
No. 71880
10 kB, 300 × 250
I don't know man, current Russia and China are so far away from communism, I don't even. It reeks like "west bad" therefore... To me.
No. 71881
Well, the western communists are quite easy to understand here - they simply use Russia as a tactical ally in their struggle against the main capitalist sharks of our planet. It's much more difficult to understand those Russian communists (here I mean more or less real communists like Platoshkin or Popov, not the clowns from the KPRF) who support the operation.
No. 71882 Kontra
I actually wonder what language it is. Kumyk?..
No. 71883
In any conflict in which NATO is involved, even if tangentially, their analysis practically writes itself. The Communist Party has been speaking about the Ukraine question since 2014, echoing the Russian line about a CIA-fascist counter-revolution. Inertia, Ukrainian anti-communism and a traditional loyalty to Moscow now leads to PCP denying Russian war crimes. They didn't even condemn the Russian invasion.

This too, although just being against NATO is a goal in of itself.
No. 71884
No, it's much more easier to understand them: condemning the war leads to prosecutions while supporting it leads to benefits from state.
No. 71886
>No, it's much more easier to understand them: condemning the war leads to prosecutions while supporting it leads to benefits from state.
Syomin, Rudoy, Zhukov, Meisner and other people living in Russia don't look too much afraid of "persecution".
No. 71887 Kontra
The war against ukraine is not justified by morals, it's justified by realpolitik and selfish self-interest of the Russian Federation.
The justification is as follows:
>if we don't strike today - they will strike us tommorow
>beat them down while they are weak to not deal with them when they are strong

It's dog eat dog mentality at it's finest.
No. 71888
Tbh I also don't understand communist parties supporting Putin and his war. Yeah, America is still an imperialist devil, but Russia is a capitalist autocracy that is at war because of capital interests and culture (advert globohomo). Or do they think that once China and Russia "won" they will introduce communism instead of being the ruling power in capitalist world system? The Cold War I only know from history books seemed a real system antagonism to a certain degree while this global conflict lines resemble what I would call a capitalist rivalry around which mode of mode of capitalism or better. Political Economy is not about economics, but only the political, liberal western capitalism with shithole periphery or autocratic capitalism, likewise needing shitholes to succeed.
No. 71889 Kontra
I said he was moral, never said the war in ukraine was morally justified and even while you might be right, certainly conflicting interests play a massive role, the war can still be justified morally, it doesn't exclude this.
No. 71890
They're brave people if that's true. Sure laws about "discredit of army" and so on are applied selectively but risk is still too high for many people to endure. I looked it up -- Platoshkin is already under suspended sentence, he wouldn't like another lawsuit.
No. 71891
Typically it's pragmatism over ideology. What many support is muktipolarity (disclaimer though, the KKE mentioned above would block Russian tanks just as gladly as they would NATO ones. Their position is firmly proletarian as an international class, and one that shouldn't support bourgeois wars in any form).

The idea is that it's easier for communist parties to get established when they can play imperialist powers off each other, than it is when there is one main hegemon who the others can't effectively oppose. It also leads to greater contradictions as markets become more cramped, which hypothetically advances the productive forces (when empires can't sustain the quality of life that an imperial core demands due to competition, you see standards plummet and inequalities thrust into the limelight even more, ripe pickings). There are a few true believers in terms of hereditary Moscow loyalty or red flag=uncritical support types but most of it you'll see is based in the idea that many imperialist assholes are better for praxis than one imperialist asshole with all the cards.
No. 71892 Kontra
Also, I think it's bullshit myself. It's framework relies on an ideological clash that doesn't exist anymore. China is the USSR stand-in for the 21st century and it has shown a greater desire for doing business than ideological proliferation. Russia is mask off capitalist itself. The group's likely to benefit from rival powers are not communists imo because they don't have the ideologically motivated power backing them up (say what you will of intent, but Soviet puppets were nominally communists, China isn't as picky).
No. 71893
As a communist i see the ultimate goal of marxism - is to raise class consciousness in as many people on the planet as possible. To make people aware of their circumstances.
The MSM fake news, pornography, drugs, consumerism - all these things in fact decrease the class consciousness of the population. They become obsessed with the things they don't need, it's opium for the people.
Wars, pandemics, natural disasters, asteroid hitting the planet, any sudden changes in lifestyle - they all make people snap out of it.
Raising consciousness can also be done via education, but that requires a soviet/chinese system.
Highly conscious population is bad for business because such people won't really buy shit they don't need and as a result the economy will stop growing. The highly conscious population can also start a revolution if they don't like the way they are treated by the ruling class.
Which is the very reason why in the bourgeois democracy a shitload of techniques are employed to keep as many people unaware as possible and frame those who are aware as "crazies" or "conspiracy theorists".
>Just keep watching porn
>smoke weed
>get drunk with the boys
>have sex (with woman, man or an elephant)
>keep dophamine levels high
>don't ask unnecessary questions
No. 71895
We all know you are trolling as a marxist, since you don't seem to understand simple things.


That is how capitalism works, regardless if it is chinese, Russian, German, American or Puerto Rican. There has to be consumption of commodities and you have advertisement and data analytics to foster consumption and let people buy as many stuff as possible. And that is why you are trolling or are dumb: because you believe in globalhomo Putin ideology which as nothing to do with marxism or capitalism per se.

You just don't like certain forms of consumerism because they are what god(moral forbids, You arent an anti-capitalist you just don't like western liberal values. That is what I mean, people just chose between authoritarian traditionalist capitalist or democartic western liberal capitalism.
No. 71896 Kontra
video games, cars, beef, movies, love, news papers, scandals, everything has turned into commodities. Putin or Xi equally have an interest that you are not class conscious.
No. 71899
Good old days when cars were freely accessible common property.
No. 71901
94 kB, 680 × 847
97 kB, 1280 × 720
At this point there's a thing called "Job Market".
People are being turned into a commodity to be bought and sold themselves.
There's even an informal "Dating Market" where people are rated according to their looks rather than personal qualities. The entire incel movement appeared as a response to this fake brave new world tier hierarchy. Alpha-beta-gamma, you all know this bullshit. They're still delusional but this is their reaction.

And about commodity, Marx wrote about shit as well, it's actually in the first chapter of the Kapital where he describes commodity fetishism. The problem is not that there are goods to buy and sell it's that people become obsessed with things, they worship things, like fetishes. It's neo-paganism in a way.
These people you see (pic related) are essentially neo-pagans, obsessed with owning and collecting "stuff".
They are basically the victims of the system so hating on them is wrong.
Hate the system that spawns them, not the people who suffer from it.
No. 71902
>At this point there's a thing called "Job Market".
>People are being turned into a commodity to be bought and sold themselves.
That thing is actually defining to any form of capitalism.
No. 71903
>They become obsessed with the things they don't need
And what they really need?
No. 71904
>At this point there is a job market

Not at this point, it is a precondition of capitalism, selling your labor, that is making a commodity form, is what constitutes capitalism. As you wrote later on though that chapter one of Capital deals with the commodity form as the cell of political economy that is capitalism.

All that what you mention is a stage of capitalism in which selling food and cloth and cutlets is not enough to keep reproducing the economic conditions hence new commodities, more variety, planned obsolescence, brand identity and catering to milieus, styles, habitus etc etc. capital made use of cultural distinctions in order to sell more shit to people, i.e. more consumption. One look into China and the last decades should make it obvious that it's the same "over there". The political leadership that sort of regulates (they both need each other, state and capitalism are married) it all is different though. But I'd like rather live in a society mostly free of persecution and hatred against minorities. You can say many things before it has consequences in the west. Right wingers mistake social control for dictatorship. Any society will have social control. In medieval Europe hating on god will perhaps big consequences. Today you can freely do so, the state doesn't care, but other social or religious groups do, the state regulates that at most.
No. 71905 Kontra
52 kB, 734 × 576
4,1 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:28
Do consider making a separete politics/communism/reddit thread. It's completely free.

This is a thread for the war in Ukraine.
No. 71906 Kontra
And again the pictures of your post reeks of value bias. Beef, grills and protein, deodeorant, cars are marketed to "manly" man. They too should consume like the cattle that they are, they to have their identity which makes them victim of cooperations.
No. 71907 Kontra
Let me rephrase: their identity is made by consumption.
No. 71908
76 kB, 570 × 760
205 kB, 1500 × 874
44 kB, 500 × 500
38 kB, 416 × 416
Those are "old" examples.
I think you missed the last decade's trend where previously female associated consumer markets like grooming products and services have been "reimagined" and presented to the male market.

Which is kinda funny from third world perspective because men used female marketed hygiene products with roses and flowers on them, and went to regular hairdressers just fine before the trend arrived here.
Which begs the question of, why were universal human hygiene products so predominantly marketed to women in the first place? I think this trend is just a reaction to that fact - certain products were for so long marketed with feminine imagery basically for no reason.
No. 71910
>Beef, grills and protein, deodeorant, cars are marketed to "manly" man.
Yes you are right! Insecure men actually in my opinion.
Man should not define himself and his personality with products he's consuming. I think also fascism/nazism is sort of a fetish in a way too. Obsession with the state or nation. Then again the USSR failed because it all turned into "FAITH FOR THE PARTY, BELIEVE IN LENIN, BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM!", the entire thing was flipped upside down and became a laughable parody of itself. Same with China i imagine.

People are lazy, which is why communism doesn't works. Even now i sit here and talk about marxism while playing Victoria 2 instead of actually learning something useful.
What a waste.
No. 71912
53 kB, 620 × 466
2,6 MB, 480 × 480, 0:27
6,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:30
In the news:

>Ukraine peace talks at a dead end t. Putin
>The head of the UK’s army has predicted the war in Ukraine could end in what he called “a military, tactical stalemate”.
>Mariupol about to fall for the Nth time, but it this time for good(?)
>Possible use of chemical weapons in Mariupol
>Alleged war crimes in Bucha are fake t. Putin

I do believe in the prediction of a stalemate. But does Ukraine take back Mariupol after it falls? They have managed to get pretty close.
No. 71913
5,9 MB, 853 × 480, 0:59
You asked to return to the topic.
That video with Ukrainians makign photos of the BMP and getting killed by the tank HE shell has new info.
It was definetely friendly fire.
There is a new video from the POV of the victims and you can see a tank firing at them at the end of the video.

Jesus. I wonder how the guy who killed them feels at the moment. He killed like 10+ people by mistake.
No. 71914
These are still existing examples, though, but you are right and I had these in mind as well, albeit hazily enough to not mention them. If you want to laugh, I just had to think about the "manly" chocolate that you can buy in german supermarkets (often at the checkout). It's branded "Männersache" (a mans thing) and has whiskey in it or chili, it's embarrassing thinking about how in other parts of the world females eat spicy food on the daily while chili here is marketed as manly and people actually buy into it.
No. 71915 Kontra
60 kB, 383 × 760
Yeah no doubt it's friendly fire. Shit happens and has happened many times before, now just getting caught on video. Both sides using colored armbands and taped symbols for IFF. Not exactly great.
No. 71916
Considering most germans already find pepper too spicy, it is indeed a manly feat.
No. 71917 Kontra
It is only manly because it is "extreme" then, I guess. There is nothing inherently manly about spice, since it is a matter of training/use/tolerance. Small children in countries with very spicy food are getting trained as well, they don't eat a curry with 5 green chillis and chili powder in it from an early age on as far as I know.
No. 71918
Well, duh, what a revelation.
Although I doubt even a thai had no problems eating those crystalline capsaicin sauces.
No. 71919
>I do believe in the prediction of a stalemate
If Russia doesn't bring all the reserves, it's theoretically possible (of course, on the condition of extensive aid from the EU and the US). Again, everything boils down to pure politics.
>Jesus. I wonder how the guy who killed them feels at the moment. He killed like 10+ people by mistake.
Not good, definitely. But at war it actually happens all the time. It's, however, surprising how he made the shot in the range of clear visibility disregarding the obvious blue patches.
No. 71920
2,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:25
>If Russia doesn't bring all the reserves, it's theoretically possible
Manpower-wise Ukraine still has large reserves and wect is shipping in so much equipment that there's unlikely going to be a shortage on that front for a long time. The 100 gorillion tanks and other vehicles listed as Russian reserves aren't functional after sitting outside on fields for at least 30 years already. So I personally don't believe Russia wants to lose much more of the functional reserves, which are large but can't all be sent to Ukraine anyways. Don't know what the military-pros base their predictions on.

>surprising how he made the shot in the range of clear visibility disregarding the obvious blue patches.
Details are hard to make out when you're rattling inside of a moving tank. And that IFV in the ditch is a Russian BMD with V-markings(was visible in some pictures, not really on the video), which might be what the tank crew saw and mentally locked onto.
No. 71921
Actually the defining characteristic of capitalism is that people themself are not being sold like a commodity (which doesn't mean slavery can't exist/hasn't existed under capitalism), but instead they have to sell their labor force/time to a capitalist.
No. 71922 Kontra
321 kB, 949 × 1280
Correction, wasn't a BMD but a BMP-2, here's the picture.

Dear Ernst, you are in War in Ukraine thread.
No. 71934 Kontra
65 kB, 550 × 388
And with this post I understand my time is up. Time to abandon ship.
No. 71936 Kontra
305 kB, 977 × 1280
Peace comes.
No. 71940
175 kB, 1280 × 904
195 kB, 1280 × 904
Germans explain.
No. 71942 Kontra
lol, anti Russian propaganda tuned up to eleven, and that Ulli Stein boomer comic style ...
Nothing has changed since swabian hicks had literal nazi-judge Filbinger as MP.
No. 71944
It's material concipated for one school lesson focused on Hauptschule/Realschule in Baden-Würrtemberg. The cartoon is rather unnecessary indeed, but apart from that there is nothing really surprising. It is rooting for Ukraine obviously.
No. 71945 Kontra
No. 71947
Sponsored by the Pentagon, huh?
No. 71948
34 kB, 809 × 808

-around 700 civilians dead in suburbs around Kyiv, 200 missing, figures according to Ukr
-Russia-China trade goes upp by 12%
-Moldova gets refugeed, supplies come from the EU
-Separatist South Ossetia to hold second round of elections
No. 71949
-Separatist South Ossetia to hold second round of elections
It is about to be "officially" annexed, forgot to add that part.
No. 71950 Kontra
Learn to use a dictionary instead of making up words on the go.
No. 71951 Kontra
No. 71952
>The Kremlin plans to send 100,000 Ukrainians to Siberia and the Arctic Circle, report says, as Zelenskyy warns of 'filtration camps' for captured people
Seems legit... But everything is possible after this pointless war started.
No. 71953
Filtration camps for evacuated civilians are a normal practice (the army obviously doesn't need the enemy to slip out together with the civilians), the fuss about it is pretty absurd. I've yet to see "the document", as I is behind a paywall, but I feel usual baseless propaganda at play.
No. 71956 Kontra
>Filtration camps for evacuated civilians are a normal practice
For the Russians, yes. It's a time honored tradition. For other armies? No so much.
No. 71960 Kontra
152 kB, 1360 × 765
>Moscow will start legal proceedings if it is declared in default by the West, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Monday, after Russia was declared in "selective" default over the weekend.

>Russia last week paid its foreign dollar debt in rubles after it was unable to process the payment in foreign currency due to sanctions over Ukraine.

>"We will go to court because we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that investors receive their payments," Siluanov said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper. "We will present to the court our invoices confirming our efforts to pay both in foreign currency and in rubles," he said, without specifying which legal body Moscow would turn to.

ruh roh :DD
No. 71961
There are filtration camps for migrants in the US on the border of Mexico. And they don’t war with Mexico. Trump even built a wall to prevent migrants from crossing over.
No. 71962 Kontra
Thank you Pizzaman, it will be noted that in America they also lynch negros.
No. 71963 Kontra
I lived around Rhein-Neckar area and AfD posters were vandalized and most people I knew vote Grüne.
I also learned that this place is apparently a place where rich ppl congregate.
But imo München is a lot richer and not really in a good way, you feel like a 2nd tier or 3rd tier person there.
No. 71964
>But imo München is a lot richer and not really in a good way, you feel like a 2nd tier or 3rd tier person there.
I always conceptualized München as a light version of Switzerland for that matter.
No. 71967 Kontra
München is the Berlin of the South, just richer.
No. 71977 Kontra
>suck Pootin dick for years
>wonder why people hate you
Every new day our politicians provide new incentives to hate them even more.
No. 71982
There are many reasons to hate Steinmeier, creating a good relationship to Russia sure is not one of them.
No. 71985
1,0 MB, 352 × 640, 0:27
No. 71991
BW is split between CDU and Grüne with a few AfD hot spots sprinkeled on top.
No. 71994 Kontra
>creating a good relationship to Russia sure is not one of them.
Oh, so THAT'S what it's called...
No. 71998
4,4 MB, 826 × 443, 0:02
No. 72000
154 kB, 1280 × 720
This one is only going for work in a cabbage audience who wants to believe Ukrainians are indeed the next coming for the third reich. EC is more of a left leaning server, you should focus more on overthrowing American power and things of that order.
Feel free to contact me if you need help designing better propaganda pieces for an EC context.
No. 72001
1,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:32
Is it just propaganda? We know quite a lot about AZOV.
No. 72002
137 kB, 749 × 500
Of all the people in the World, it is our Leftards that ar pushing to arm Neonazis with heavy weapons.

Ideology means nothing. I've shared drinks and food with Neonazis and Antifa alike while growing up. I really don't care what anglo-subverted bullshit you believe. There hasn't been a true Left in Europe ever since the 1968s. It has all been subverted and mutated by whatever agency was responsible for it.

There is no Left or Right anymore. Only willing stooges, too stupid to see what is being done to them. These particular Kosher Neonazis in Ukraine are under control of CIA and MOSSAD. They are Kosher Neonazis.
No. 72003
114 kB, 1360 × 765
>Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned Thursday that Russia would deploy nuclear weapons close to the Baltic States and Scandinavia if Finland or Sweden decide to join NATO.
>Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council and president from 2008-2012, wrote on Telegram that if the countries joined, this would more than double Russia's land border with NATO members.
>"Naturally, we will have to reinforce these borders," he said.
>"In this case, it would not be possible to talk any more about the Baltic non-nuclear status. The balance has to be restored," he said, indicating that Russia would be entitled to deploy nuclear weapons in the region.
Do it Finns, just do it. Do it while they can't do anything about it but cry.
No. 72005
Yeah, it's known that Ukraine has some funky nazi shit going on in certain pockets. It doesn't mean that the Russian authorities actually invaded for that, or that the mass murder that they've unleashed upon themselves and ukraine would be justified if they did. Same old "save me from my friends" imperialist bullshit. Fuck the countries involved, much love and best wishes to all the proles though. Just don't expect me to start waving the flag and spouting nationalist slogans for yas.

The uncritical support for Ukraine and NATO getting laundered /is/ for sure pretty cringe though, so I can certainly see the angle that people are getting pro-russia'd from. A place that has a long history of being corrupt as fuck suddenly becoming a bastion of democracy the moment the geopolitical enemy attacks them is one thing, but it being lapped up the way it is makes my fucking skin crawl. At least with the GWOT, most people will acknowledge that it's about energy and mineral resources. Were I the zero-sum media type (ours bad therefore the other side must be more accurate), I'd certainly be tempted to think that Russia was less full of it (protip: they are just as full of it as every other warmonger).
No. 72006
>It doesn't mean that the Russian authorities actually invaded for that,

Patrick Lancaster has been documenting the war in Eastern Ukraine since 2014. The Ukrainians never let go and kept murdering people.

You can't say you are a democracy and start butchering your own population if they vote to secede from your corrupt jewish oligarch camarilla state.

I also support Catalan incependence. You remember what happened to them?

>On October 10, in the aftermath of the 1 October 2017 Catalan independence referendum, a document declaring Catalonia to be an independent republic was signed by the members of Catalonia's pro-independence parliamentary majority.

And you know what, if the fucking Turks, Kurds and Arabs unite and declare North-Rhine Westphalia an independent state, then that is fine with me too. That's the natural course of Multiculturalism.
No. 72009
366 kB, 1360 × 765
>brrt brrrrt :DDD
No. 72011
>if the fucking Turks, Kurds and Arabs unite and declare North-Rhine Westphalia an independent state
According to the German non-constitution that is only legal with a majority on federal level. So there is a legal way to secede, but it doesn't work by some Reichsbürger village declaring itself independent.
No. 72012
No, please don't. NATO has not suddenly become a good thing only because it's strongest opposition has become drastically less popular.

This is a statement that I can agree with.
No. 72013
>So there is a legal way to secede, but it doesn't work by some Reichsbürger village declaring itself independent.

  1. That is why I used Turks, Kurds and Arabs. We now, thanks to US politics forced on us, have more than 10 million and possibly even already 20 million of them in the country.
  2. Completely undemocratic. If a majority lives in a region and they want to secede, then you should accept that.
If you don't like the free will of people, then you probably should not let millions of them immigrate. I fully support every secession movement by any group within Germany. It should be their right not to identify and not to live by the culture of the country that was stupid enough to allow so many to immigrate.

Secession is the logical conclusion of all Multiculturalism.
No. 72014
>if they vote to secede from your corrupt jewish oligarch camarilla state
The problem with that is when Russia (or any other post-sovok shithole, for that matter) is involved (and it did get involved by financing/supplying DNR/LNR militias; it's unlikely that they would be successful by themselves), the vote results don't necessarily reflect the actual opinion of the population. It's a fairly simple scheme: arm the most militant of pro-Russian people, send some mercs there, occupy the territory, hold a fake plebiscite and then beat few of the more active dissenters to intimidate the rest of the population, and you've got yourself a territory that "wants to secede". Naturally, the oligarch camarilla state of Ukraine gets pissed off because of this bullshit and tries to get that territory back under its control. So all the shit going on in the Eastern Ukraine since 2014 might also be Putin's fault in the end.
No. 72015
473 kB, 1360 × 906
>NATO has not suddenly become a good thing
It really has. From an alliance that seemed to have lost its raison d'être to the bedrock of European security office in a couple of months. If before, its role at preventing the baltic states from being levelled was an exaggeration, now it is undeniable. The only institution that prevents a repetition of Mariupol in other equally nazified and russophobic states. If there was a window to create a new system of European security in the past decades, that window has been welded shut by the increasingly unpredictable actions of Moscow. long live the american empire
No. 72018
I think it is everyone's fault.
You can't deny NATO expansion eastward either and arguments in a sense of
>it is done via peaceful protest
are kinda weak because so what that it's peaceful? Brainwashing people into this consumerist materialistic soulless greedy liberal way of thinking where money=everything is almost as bad as killing them, not to mention that those who have different views and opinions suffer under this "liberal-democratic" system.
It's literally rights of the bankers and business owning capitalists and rich investors over everyone else's rights.

I'm not saying that it's 100% worse than other systems however the problem is that these people believe that liberal democracy is simply better and deny other systems the right to exist.
Biden actually said that
>muh authoritarianism is on the rise!
>we gotta stop it!
And you can't convince them otherwise because they're zealots. It's like a crusade sort of bullshit.
You can't reason with someone who's a fanatical liberal either, he simply believes in this, there is no logic behind his beliefs.

Anyway the fault of the NATO, CSTO, China, Islamic World is that everybody wants to expand their territories instead of dealing with what they have, with NATO in my opinion being the most aggressive expansionalist organization.
No. 72027
2,5 MB, 1920 × 950
Ammunition explosion on Russian cruiser "Moskva" last night. Occurred during storm and high seas so no images yet. Ukrainians are claiming it as a successful Neptune missile strike, Russians claim it was an accident and that all sailors survived and were evacuated.
No. 72029 Kontra
the truth is somewhere in the middle
No. 72030 Kontra
The ship was struck by thunder that the Ukrainians summoned.
No. 72032 Kontra
Update: RIA Novosti says the ship sank :DD glug glug :DD
No. 72034 Kontra
It was HAARP, American climate weapon:

Earlier today:
> It became known when the cruiser "Moskva" will be restored
> This was stated to journalists by the Deputy President of the RARAN (Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences) Konstantin Sivkov.
> The academician said that the restoration of the cruiser would take about a year. The exact timing of the repair of damage depends on their severity and is still unknown. According to Sivkov, under the conditions of a special operation in Ukraine, the recovery process can be carried out in a shorter time.
No. 72035 Kontra

I guess it finally did go to hui.
No. 72037 Kontra
233 kB, 600 × 450
No. 72038
77 kB, 960 × 600
149 kB, 1280 × 720
>"During the towing of the cruiser 'Moskva' to the port of destination the ship lost stability due to the damage to the hull received during the fire from the detonation of ammunition," the agencies cited the ministry as saying.
>"In the stormy sea conditions, the ship has sunk."
Russian armed forces will prefer to admit that their black sea flagship sank to the bottom of the seas because of fire and storm than admit to hohli sinking it.
No. 72042
Well, it was merely stating the facts - just not all the facts. More importantly, that outcome was quite likely from the start (once I heard they were towing what had to be a semi-destroyed ship I knew it could end badly), and there was little point in downplaying what had happened. Still they did. Now they're taking the full information impact.
No. 72043
65 kB, 1092 × 1037
What an unfortunate set of events.
Well i am glad to know that the sailors are okay.
No. 72045
101 kB, 960 × 960
I prefer not to relate our struggle that nowadays is found in the lawfare + politics in Spain/Europe with the situation in the east: that stuff is pure poison. Here we have our politicians under [CENSORED] but here it's Candyland in comparison. And every time I have seen comments from the east the comparisons have been awful:

"You are Donbass!"
"No, Azov! Who told you this?"

"Oooh the west is burning!"
"Look RT, we made many massive peaceful demos and you only show a burning container! It's tasteless! If you don't like ultra massive peaceful demos don't show them but don't insult us please!"

Thanks for your concern by the way. Thank you very much.

P.S. Spain fucked up their gas energy supplies recently with Algeria. Bravo.
P.P.S. Praying for wars that end up not hurting anyone. Yes, it's child's wishes month.
No. 72046
If it actually sunk due to missiles, then Harpoon missiles delivered by the UK are much more likely than Neptune missiles developped by Ukraine.

Ukrainian weapons development is so advanced, they still use Tu 141 Soviet Drones for falseflag attacks on the croatian capital.

These Harpoon missiles would directly involve the United Kingdom in this conflict.
No. 72049
>These Harpoon missiles would directly involve the United Kingdom in this conflict.
I'm afraid it's not like it works.
>If it actually sunk due to missiles, then Harpoon missiles delivered by the UK are much more likely than Neptune missiles developped by Ukraine.
As a matter of fact, Neptune is a slight (quantitative) improvement over the late Soviet Kh-35. Kh-35 wasn't even adopted during the Soviet era and represents a quite modern missile.
No. 72056
The main question is, what the heck was the flagship of the Black Sea fleet doing without the escort of destroyers and/or corvettes providing AA/anti-missile defence. I've got a feeling that the military has relaxed again. And now with an exorbitant price attached to it.
No. 72060
354 kB, 1092 × 1023
I'd consider that unlikely, the Harpoon is ship-launched and we're phasing it out anyway. Anti-ship missiles are actually a weak area for the Royal Navy since we focus on using submarines against surface ships. We have this in the pipeline but it's a few years off: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Cruise/Anti-Ship_Weapon
No. 72065
We came for toys, you understand? We are a poor people, we came for toys. Well, not only for toys - we do not have enough equipment, but we came to rob apartments for a reason. We don’t have enough wallpaper, we don’t have enough equipment - microwaves, kettles, TVs. Do you think we just came, just like that, or what? We have a big problem with household appliances, we have huge prices for gasoline. Yes, it did.
You are a completely different people. We are very wild, we are callous and tough people. We came for microwave ovens, for household appliances, and so on, because we simply don’t have it. And we are ready, you know, to make any sacrifices. It's easier for us to change our tanks, our people for your areas and take possession of your household appliances, you understand? We are dying for it - for your household appliances, for your cars, for your apartments. We are suffering losses - thousands, thousands of our soldiers.
I need a microwave - I already have a TV, and I'm ready to come for a microwave.
No. 72104 Kontra
178 kB, 675 × 450
>Total mobilization is underway in Donetsk and Lugansk, even 40-60 year old university teachers are being taken into the army (students were already taken 3 weeks ago).
No. 72109 Kontra
63 kB, 500 × 522
Fukken wat? Is this real?
No. 72113
176 kB, 426 × 670
216 kB, 540 × 650
253 kB, 686 × 816
Russophones of Ukraine must be very happy to be defended from Kyiv junta, both in Lugansk and Mariupol. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Yes. They installed checkpoints on every corner and grab all the male population including AIDS-positives and old men.
No. 72120 Kontra
527 kB, 1437 × 896
In this ITT thread:

(actually, do we have any Ukrainians on /int/?)
No. 72125
Extremely old news.
No. 72126 Kontra
We had one but i think he didn't post in a while.
I hope he's fine.
No. 72137
So Germoney has decided to loosen 2 billion euros more for supporting Ukraine, of which 400 million go into a so-called European Peace Facility to buy weapons.

>European Peace Facility
>400 million euros to buy weapons

Seriously? Directly from Orwells manual, huh?
No. 72138
Were you born yesterday or did you miss all these "peace missions" the Bundeswehr has conducted in the past decades?
No. 72188
Fucking this! As soon as Germany was reunited, the war-mongering started! Here is a list of all those so-called peace missions. Highlighted those missions which were anti-Russian/anti-Serbian

1.) 1990-1991 Operation Southern Flank, German contribution to the 1st American invasion of Iraq. Declared "humanitarian mission".
2.) 1991-1996 UNSCOM, Operation to disarm and weaken Iraq so it can be no more threat to the NATO-imperium
3.) 1991: Fighter-Jets Alpha-Jet transferred to Turkey, support for 1st American invasion of Iraq
4.) 1991: Operation "Kurdish Help", German Airborne Forces support Kurds in Iran
5.) 1991: Germany operates in Cambodia, supports UNAMIC, to make sure Cambodia really becomes a playground for capitalists and sex tourists
6.)- 1992-1996: Anti-Serbian mission to destroy Yugoslavia by Embargo. Support by permanently stationing two German Fregates in the Adiratic, support by planes

7.) 1992-1993: More involvement in Cambodia
8.) 1993-1994: Peace mission in Somalia, support America in turning Somalia into a failed state
9.) 1994: Air-Support, claimed to deliver food supplies to refugees in rwanda, in reality feeding those who perpetrated the genocide.
10.) 1994-2009: Bundeswehr active in Georgia
11.) 1995: Operation deliberate Force, more German support for the dissoulution of Yugoslavia
12.) 1995-1996: Germany fighting in Croatia and Bosnia
13.) 1996-2004: War in Bosnia titled "joined endavour"
14.) 1997: Operation Dragonfly: support for Albanian Terrorists
15.) 1999: Operation allied force: Serbia is destroyed in cowardly air-raids by NATO, INCLUDING GERMAN FORCES
16.) 1999: Germany active in East Timor, to weaken Indonesia and prevent it from achieving regional power status.
17.) Germany active in Yugoslavia: support for Albanian terrorists.
18.) 2000-2008: Germany at war in Ethipia and Eritrea
19.) 2001: Essential Harvest, Germany fights their former allies, Albanian terrorists, in Makedonia
20.) 2001-2016: Operation Active Endavour: Germany active in the Mediterranean, posing threat to Russia.
21.) 2002-2010: Germany part of Operation "Enduring Freedom", war against "Terrorism" in Afghanistan, establishing NATO-presence directly on Russias southern Flank, slaughtering countless Afghan civilians
22.) 2002-2014: Germany part of ISAF: securing peace in Afghanistan, by calling airstrikes on civilians and other murderous, cowardly behaviour.
23.) 2003: Operation Concordia: another Balkan-Adventure to harm Serbia, war in Makedonia.
24.) 2003: Operation Artemis: Germany forces in the Kongo and in Uganda
25.) 2004-2012: Operation Althea, another Balkans-Adventure, war in Bosnia. Germany just hates Serbs.
26.) 2004-2007: AMIS: German Air Force supports imperialist war in Darfur
27.) 2005-2011: German "observers" in Sudan
28.) 2005: More German support for anti-government rebels in Indonesia
29.) 2006-2009: Germans in Cambodia, once again
30.) 2006: 2000 German soldiers in Kongo, making sure the Kongolese elections return the correct results
31.) 2010-2018: Germans in Somalia and Uganda
32.) 2011: Operation Pegasus: Stirring the civil war in Lybia, another war that started after an CIA-instigated color-revolution
33.) 2012-2018: EUCAP Somalia: Past peace missions were a success in making Somalia so poor and destitute that the only viable source of income is piracy and attacks on international shipping. Now, Germany kills those who survived pacification.
34.) 2012-2016: Operation active Fence: Germany active in Turkey, lending Turkish forces support in Syrian civil war.
35.) 2014-2015: Germany active in syrian civil war, support for anti-government islamic terrorists
36.) 2015-2021: Resolute Support: A new name for the ever-popular ongoing slaughter in Afghanistan

In the past 30 years, Germany had its military in every major and not-so-major conflict on the planet, bringing peace! And look how peaceful the world is now! Thanks to Germany!

As we can see, only 45 years after WWII ended, Germany once again started military actions against Yugoslavia and Russia, after it had invaded those countries in 1941. Yugoslavia was once again destroyed by Germany. All while Germany claims those wars to be "peace missions", and claims to be no longer fascist.

Now, Germany delivers weapons for peace to the free, democratic Selensky-Regime, which is most certainly not a cleptocratic, genocidal, fascist junta. German news tells us so and we are to believe it!
Germany is the biggest liar in world history. But Germans are naive, gullible and dumb, and they buy all the little lies. War is Peace! Freedom is slavery!
No. 72193 Kontra
34 kB, 400 × 225
>16.) 1999: Germany active in East Timor, to weaken Indonesia and prevent it from achieving regional power status
Maybe to stop a genocide of East Timorense people. The greatest problem being that it was 20 years too late. As Americans and Australians were happy to bank on Indonesia being an anti-communist regional power, so they were keen to look away from their genocidal practices.
stick to bitching about Yugoslavia, rooster
No. 72197 Kontra
296 kB, 2337 × 1554
104 kB, 1160 × 862
100 kB, 1920 × 1080
The particular massacre that finally prompted a western response was filmed.
>Try Sutrisno, Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian forces, said two days after the massacre: "The army cannot be underestimated. Finally we had to shoot them. Delinquents like these agitators must be shot, and they will be."[22]

If you were a good propagandist, you'd save this for an example of what NATO accepts their regional allies doing and getting away with. The hypocrisy of NATO allowing its regional ally to starve the Timor East civilian population into submission in the game of the greater anti-communist cause, how they're willing to look away Indonesia grabbing a hold of supposed oil reserves that never materialized. How the atlantic powers suddenly realized the horrors of Indonesian imperialist after the end of communism. Of course you don't really care about Indonesia or Timor Leste, you're just trying to push your narrative about post-unification German fascism and now you're trying to deny a genocide of a small group of people on the other side of the planet.
This is why you're not a good propagandist, you're a rooster who isn't taking his meds.

I still remember seeing the videos of these southeast asians from half an island in the pacific begging for mercy in my own language before being gunned down.Probably one of the first macabre things I saw in my life.
No. 72223
>How The Gravel Institute Lies To You About Ukraine
watched the first half of it, decent, I almost cannot believe I found something good in the steaming pile of shite youtube is becoming.
No. 72227
Yep, completed it, video was okay.
my sides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_22g3x15itE
No. 72237
88 kB, 489 × 423
Seems like the long awaited eastern offensive started.
No. 72238
You saw it on TV, right? But all and everything on TV can be cut, taken out of context and staged. Maybe these people really starved and we're crying for help, maybe it is even true. But maybe they deserved to starve?

>One wonders how Russian society will increasingly fracture if the war isn't brought to a speedy close ahead of victory day.
It will not. A few more people of the kind they call bleeding-heart liberals in America, but dissidents when they come from Russia, will emigrate. And that is that. As far as your average Russian is concerned, war on victory day will only emphasize the need to double down. NATO and fascism must be defeated like they were defeated in 1945, threat to the Rodina, glory to the victor, Russia stronk.

There is no way this war will end but in total defeat of Ukraine. Russia will not stop for less, and they have nukes, so even total defeat of the Russian army in the field can be turned into a victory.
No. 72246
>It will not. A few more people of the kind they call bleeding-heart liberals in America, but dissidents when they come from Russia, will emigrate. And that is that. As far as your average Russian is concerned, war on victory day will only emphasize the need to double down. NATO and fascism must be defeated like they were defeated in 1945
You mean, in the manner they were gloriously defeated in one day by Idi Amin in 1975?..
To hell with the liberals. It will be the communists who will actually contest the power. All they're missing is the Russian majority actually realizing its pragmatic group interests.
No. 72258 Kontra
>But maybe they deserved to starve?
Powerful question.