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No. 72153
97 kB, 787 × 787
EC might be one of the last polite places left on the internet, it might be one of the last places where you can disagree with someone without the namecalling, meme replies or gaslighting that goes on.

You ever hear of dead internet theory? It's the idea that the internet basically died around 2012 and what we have now is basically a dead internet populated by bots and autoresponses, and only a handful of real people left on it.

EC is one of the few places that feels actually alive in a dead internet even though it is slow and often quiet. I often don't agree with a lot of opinions here be they in the today thread or Ukraine war thread but at the same time it feels like I'm reading things written by actual people, instead of bots going through the motions

So you guys should cherish EC, because it is a candle in the dark
No. 72154
I didn't even know this place existed until now, I think you only feel that way because of EC's irrelevancy. If you go to any other social media site, most people will start to act the same way as everyone on it. Twitter for example, is a site for liberals who complain about everything 24/7. While 4chan (which I regularly use) is often contrarian, and has a userbase that can never truly agree with each other. Its either one or the other with the interwebs.
No. 72155
I don't think that's what Ireland means. At least I feel a similar sentiment towards EC as Ireland does and your description doesn't match my understanding of it.

One component (though certainly not the only one and probably not even the most important one) contributing to the EC feeling is that the posts here seem less predictable than on many other sites. It's common for me to see a posters flag, get an intuition of what that poster is going to write, and then find myself surprised.

There is also a mixture of politeness and acknowledgement here that feels special. People aren't overly polite, but enough so that for many topics there isn't even a chance for a flame war.

Quick example: I assume that most posters here are vaccinated against covid and I remember only one poster openly saying they won't get vaccinated - but I don't remember much fuss about it. Almost as if nobody thought their opinion was so much more valid that they needed to tell the other one how much of an <insult here> he is. This was during a time where this topic was all the rage both online and IRL and I was pleasently surprised to see how civil EC was.

Maybe that person remembers the event differently though, haven't asked.

Also, EC doesn't seem to be too much of an echo chamber (at least compared to many other places I've visited).
No. 72158
2bh, it's true of most small website communities, and groups in general. If the group is small enough, people just have a tendency to not shit where they eat. I am sure that many other specialty boards exist that are also pretty friendly.
No. 72159 Kontra
607 kB, 1324 × 1101
>what we have now is basically a dead internet populated by bots and autoresponses, and only a handful of real people left on it.
Things are a little bit more complex than that.
It's not the internet that is dead. While bots are a real thing, undeniably. It's the people themselves that have turned into primitive individuals acting out based on their current emotional state. It is not a coincidence, emotional people are easier to manipulate, to control. The rulers LOVE emotional people, the corporations also love them.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to help these people or change the way they think. If you want to help - be a teacher.

>t. pizzaman
No. 72172
I thought this was gonna be a thread where we discuss the nature of love as a human sentiment. Would have been an interesting topic to discuss on EC in my opinion.

>It's the people themselves that have turned into primitive individuals
The internet had a point in time where it's availability and usability made it possible that enough people could upload images and videos which was a noveltiy at the time and lead to a creative surge along with a certain lack of overall regulation that allowed it to be some kind of big playground. It is not the people that have changed so much, it is that the internet has become more normalized, regulated and professionally commercialized by now.
No. 72173 Kontra
No. 72179
Maybe. Which is the reason why i stick to the imageboards. I miss the anarchy of the old internet. Nowadays it's too regulated.