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No. 72198 Systemkontra
1,3 MB, 1242 × 1458
Previous >>71625
No. 72201 Kontra
28 kB, 526 × 584
I cringe whenever I recall telling people that a swift Russian victory is to be expected.
No. 72202 Kontra
Don't beat yourself up, most people thought the same. Unless of course, there was an element of glee to your observation :DD
No. 72203 Kontra
Well, as a matter of fact, yes, I did have some glee in it. I got hopped up on years of online Russian propaganda and it felt like that this was the moment we've been waiting for, the end of NATO, the death of Transatlantism, Eurasia Erwache, victory in Kiev in two weeks, RUSSIA STRONG and so on.
No. 72204
316 kB, 1188 × 669
>Well, as a matter of fact, yes, I did have some glee in it.
Why, who could have guessed :DDD
No. 72205
me throughout the last few years:
>"nothing's gonna happen. nothing ever happens"
Wow, can things please stop happening?

Probably the second "global event" that directly and immediately influenced my life. For the worse.
Funnily enough, COVID wasn't one of them.
No. 72206
As medieval Chinese wise men said, "better to be a dog in times of tranquility than a human in times of chaos."
No. 72207
2,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:19
4,0 MB, 640 × 360, 1:39
Are those l/dnr troops or russian regulars?
No. 72217
1,1 MB, 852 × 480, 0:16
69 kB, 1024 × 703
Seen them identified as LDGBT troops in an Ukrainian armed forces associated telega page.
No. 72218
New Dugin just dropped.
Based schizo.

>Kazakhstan will not have a military parade on Victory Day
Last year's excuse was COVID, but now they're not even pretending.
No. 72220
> schizo
He's not schizo, he's postmodernist. Used to be showing off attention whore but in last 20 years it turned into his profession.

> Last year's excuse was COVID
This year's excuse:
> "The holding of a military parade in Kazakhstan in 2022 is not planned due to budgetary savings, as well as due to the need to solve other tasks. In particular, the priority is to maintain the required level of combat readiness and mobility of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, the implementation of tasks to ensure security and defense state and military facilities," the ministry's press service said.
No. 72221
He's literally the opposite of a post-modernist. Aggressively pre-modern, that is.
He literally believes in a teleological narrative and "end of history".
No. 72222
1,4 MB, 978 × 1280
121 kB, 769 × 1280
>LDGBT troops
Whatcha guys feel when you see picrelated?
Imho it's sad but also very funny. I mean Russian army has such reputation, these extremely manly recruitment ads circulating in western internet.
No. 72224
157 kB, 534 × 394
Speaking about segs.

> tfw when headline about your death is "he didn't even have a girlfriend"

I doubt that he really believes in anything. It's like Elvis Presley's doppelgangers except he larps as Eurasist orthodox thinker. Haha I'm Russian bearded man like Ra-ra-rasputin but can quote Heidegger, such postirony, very funny.
No. 72225 Kontra
58 kB, 680 × 756
Definitely sad. That's how I feel when I see personal information of people who died in the special war. I think I'd only not feel sad is if the people who die were gung-ho Putinists, which I'd assume isn't the case with this one. Poor guy, his only crime was being born in the start of Putin's reign.
if, however, he is a very patriotic homosexual, then it becomes funny again.
No. 72226 Kontra
863 kB, 676 × 1280
Azov commander says they got civvie hostages in mariupol
No. 72239
Why is it worse to be gung-ho.putinist than to be gung-ho Ukrop? Ukrainians shoot the wounded, spred pictures of captured enemy forces on media, tell propaganda lies, dehumanize the enemy by calling them ork, etc.
And Azov batallion... well >>72226 is one of their stunts.

There is no noble Ukrainian freedom fighters defending their homeland, just a bunch of goons led by a TV-clown turned billionaire turned dictator shooting at other goons, led by a spy turned billionaire turned dictator. It is just that one of the dictators is the started department's dictator, which is why you are led to believe that he is the 'good guy'.
No. 72241 Kontra
>Why is it worse to be gung-ho.putinist than to be gung-ho Ukrop?
A question for the ages.
No. 72249
Chancellor Scholz is being criticized for being such an inert piece of clay who won't decide on anything and just play the sitting duck.
Now the notion gets bigger that he's hindered by the SPD.

The pessimist in me now wonders when they will decide that all those precautions taken after the war to not have the chancellor have as much power as he had before should be removed again, especially with now even "peaceful" green party voters being in full-on "JUST DO SOMETHING" war mode.
No. 72254
The green party has always been a pro war party when it mattered. All the pacifist and environmentalist stuff is just feelgood talking by a fat suv driving middle class that can afford it as long as it doesn't have consequences
No. 72255 Kontra
>Chancellor Scholz is being criticized for being such an inert piece of clay who won't decide on anything and just play the sitting duck.
He has to Merkel it out.

Scholz also can't risk Putin turning of the gas or the oil. Not only for economic reasons, but for the simple reason that people use oil and gas to heat and drive. Germans like to heat, and boy, do they like to drive.
Taz published an article by an author who describes living in Brandenburg without a car for roughly two years. Trivial summary: She and her partner used E-Bikes. After her daughter hurt herself, she decided she needed a car for emergencies. There are >1000 comments on facebook, most of them angry.

I will try some verbal translations, creative grammar included:
>When I read the comments that we could forego driving like HELLO engineers put effort into developing those cars. Can these people live without progress in medicine, anesthesia like it was int he 1920s and have a tooth pulled at the dentist, without anesthesia. Everyone can do as he pleases but our cars never were as environmentally friendly as TODAY.
>Ridiculous. This is what our future looks like! Absurd.
>She should have stayed in the backwoods!
>What an ideological article! <puke-smiley> 'exactly these people, we think, are destroying the planet' God oh god
>In good weather, a lot can be done by bicycle, but maybe do this experiment in winter
>I would be afraid at every crossroads, the driver can't even see traffic
>I will not relinquish my car, the older you get some people can not cycle anymore and if there is no bus stop or tram stop close by you are also strand. And moreover why should us Germans again do everything, the rest of the world, nobody has to buy electric crap or pay a CO 2 tax or because they climate will always regenerate itself as soon as there are no more humans
>Such nonsense and contempt for mankind can only be the invention of a scribbler. Whoever has to go to work and in shifts and lives in the country side is forced to own a car fuck luxury and convenience. The quixotic should stop hating and discriminating people who are not as rich and can't do their work on a PC at home!

This goes on for pages and pages and I will not explain why I think those comments are stupid as heck.
But what counts is this: even the idea of someone else (not even them!) not driving, in an effort to prevent environmental destruction, gets a significant share of the German public foaming. They will not accept driving less or heating their homes less or losing their jobs or being inconvenienced in any way because Scholz supported Ukraine too much.
Upcoming state elections:

  • Schleswig-Holstein 8. Mai 2022 5 Jahre
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen 15. Mai 2022 5 Jahre
  • Niedersachsen 9. Oktober 2022 5 Jahre
Bavaria and Hesse next year.

So if the federal government does not want to deal with an AfD-government in a powerful state, Scholz has no choice but Merkeling it out.
Sage because I don't think this belongs in the thread.
No. 72256
>fat SUV-driving middle class
That attracts your contempt. But what really gets you angry is when these people use bicycles instead of cars, right? Or when they are vegans, right?
That really seems to trigger a lot of people.
No. 72261
Of course there are vegans and hipsters who also vote greens. I can't be mad about them because I don't live in Berlin and have never met any of them. If it were only for them it would be a fringe party like die Linke
No. 72262 Kontra
>But what really gets you angry is when these people use bicycles instead of cars, right?
Nah, what gets me angry is a certain rather visible subset of bicyclists seamlessly switching between being a car/being a pedestrian and endangering traffic with their antics.
No. 72264 Kontra
And you count me among them? Wrong. The problem is that it is impossible to ride bicycle and to behave in a way that makes drivers happy.
Still, I do that, because it's the law.
Drive on the walkway? ASSHOLE YOU ARE NO PEDESTRIAN.
So no point in doing that, they will still fume in anger.

I have come to terms with it: no matter what people say, the sheer existance of cyclists makes them angry. The only reason I still keep to the rules is sheer pedantery. To the point where I do not even jaywalk. I have had people laughing at me for not jaywalking.
No. 72267 Kontra
Why is it so hard for cyclists to admit that shitty cyclists exist? It's always everyone else's fault that you run red lights, don't look left and right, run over pedestrians and behave like you own the road.
Fix your rotten apples, and your reputation will improve along the way.

>I have had people laughing at me for not jaywalking.
Berlin? Frankfurt? Some other shithole?
No. 72269 Kontra
> protesters in Timor probably deserved to be starved to death but how dare Ukrainians call Russian occupants orks? That's mean!
No. 72271 Kontra
>Why is it so hard for cyclists to admit that shitty cyclists exist? It's always everyone else's fault that you run red lights
I do not run red lights.

> don't look left and right, run over pedestrians and
I do not think it is even possible to run over a pedestrian with a bicycle. At best, I could cause a collision.

>behave like you own the road.
Which means: exist on the road while on a bicycle. It triggers people. Now go back to kc, the Zsammfotzfaden is over there.

>Berlin? Frankfurt? Some other shithole?
South-German provincial town.
No. 72274 Kontra
>Now go back to kc, the Zsammfotzfaden is over there.
Oh you're just a Kohlnascher, that explains a lot.
No. 72286
I just got banned again from KC for saying that Russians are subhuman orcs waging a profoundy stupid war against Ukraine and the West in general.

That's all I wanted you to know. This and that Helmut can go fuck himself sideways with a tetanus cactus drenched in acid.
No. 72288
Yeah, I think I saw a post on /b/ complaining about the same thing. They now even have a ban message "jew was put into the oven".
My still can't quite comprehend how being an unironic nazi and supporting a russian war go together.
No. 72289 Kontra
They are allies against globohomo would be my guess. I think it is quite simple. Russia is the last domain of traditional values with Christian religion. Something like conservative Islam would be similar, but for reasons, they don't want to align with these people.
No. 72290
>My still can't quite comprehend how being an unironic nazi and supporting a russian war go together.
They both oppose the status quo. I think social media and mass media plays a role into it, it becomes easier to see/be told what your ideological enemies oppose and hate, which naturally makes one more sympathetic towards it. In isolation, it'd be anathema for someone infused with the spirit of national socialism to defend an asiatic "denazification" campaign - but they're really upsetting international jewry the American world order Brusselite fascism globohomo. Dialetics in motion, etc.
No. 72296
Russians and Islamists are both scum.
No. 72300
262 kB, 1440 × 1800
3,9 MB, 1536 × 2048
>My still can't quite comprehend how being an unironic nazi and supporting a russian war go together.
They see this invasion as an opportunity to spread their ideology in the western europe, using invasion as an excuse or a pretext to revive nazism.
They need someone to point their fingers at and say - hey it's their fault.
First it's going to be "globohomo jews" then it's going to be us or chinese, or the US.
Doesn't really matter.
No. 72301 Kontra
But it's germans posting there, not vatniks (I assume, I actually haven't been to that shithole since about three months after its inception).
They don't have any ideology that isn't already known.
And since it's Poutine's proclaimed goal to revive the Soviet Union I expect more anticommunist sentiments in the future, which to oppose goes even further against national socialist ideology than collaborating with so-called "subhumans", while Israel gives weapons to Azov and western leftists support multinational corporations and capitalism.

I don't believe in horseshoe theory, I now believe in Möbius strip theory.
No. 72302
When ideological lens doesn't make any sense, look through pragmatic lens, and it all falls into place again.
And vice versa.

The only way for absolute losers and rejects and dregs of society to raise in social hierarchy is for the whole society to descend into chaos, so that the playing field is evened. As in, there is a threshold below which, you have less probability to climb the social ladder by official rules, than you do by complete random chance.
In such situation, creating chaos becomes the best strategy for those who have no chance to climb it lawfully.
In fact, in such conditions, ideologically neutral losers will join extremist losers simply because violent extremist losers have a better chance of creating this chaotic "even playing field" than passive losers.

This is neither a good nor bad thing, it is merely human dynamics.
No. 72303
229 kB, 396 × 652
>But it's germans posting there, not vatniks
Which is why i said they are using this as an excuse.
Let me be clear. Right now A LOT of radicals looking at this war and thinking something like:
>wait you can just bomb the shit out of someone, start a war and get away with it? And the US/NATO won't do shit about it?
>You can just jail or outright execute the opposition and the worst thing you will get is sanctions? And even then you can still trade with Russia/China if you need tech or weapons?

Including german neo-nazis and other radical groups.
If something happens in germany - like a revolt or something, NOBODY will do anything about it likely.

The biggest fallout from this war is yet to come and it's the realization that there won't be any real consequences if you decide to show someone a middle finger and use armed forces to solve differences.
No. 72304 Kontra
The sole reason nobody has done anything about it yet is because of the nuke implications.
Germany has no (own) nukes so if anybody manages to stage a successful coup here and start a war we'll be occupied three days later by literally everyone.
No. 72305
Kohlchan posters won't rise in hierarchy in a case of chaos, even by a small chance. They'll lose their Hartz-IV gibs and die from hunger. In optimistic scenario they'll be slaves for local warlords.

This is not a rational strategy but a psychological cope ("It's Jews fault that I don't have a gf, nothing is wrong with me").
No. 72308
76 kB, 1170 × 783
Ukraine receiving an undisclosed numbers of fighter jets.
The great Russian offensive seems to have resulted only in Ukrainians recapturing a village.
No. 72310 Kontra
You are just not able to grasp this n-D chess move. Lose some to gain some, you know? Putin's strategy is like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
No. 72311
334 kB, 1147 × 2261
I want this war to end... Their second "plan" to be done by 9th may will fail too, so how long will this shit show last? Will they just declare a win before that and be satisfied with the coast between Crimea and Donbass + the river area above Crimea? FFS, hundreds of billions down the drain, Ukraine in ruins all for this shit show. Fuck me.
No. 72312
245 kB, 1360 × 765
>“This letter Z symbolizes tragedy and grief for both Russia and Ukraine,” Poklonskaya, who had staunchly supported Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, said in an interview with a popular YouTube channel Tuesday
>“People are dying, houses and entire cities are destroyed [leaving] millions of refugees. Bodies and souls are mutilated. My heart is bursting with pain.”
>“My two native countries are killing each other, that’s not what I wanted and it’s not what I want,” she said in a video address to an international forum.
Pretty interesting. Truly things are changing.
No. 72313
133 kB, 780 × 818
Yeah, she is a retard but at least she something right for once, respect.
No. 72314 Kontra
>Kohlchan posters won't rise in hierarchy in a case of chaos, even by a small chance. They'll lose their Hartz-IV gibs and die from hunger
Lies. Kohlchan-posters all make insane amounts of money already, ever seen an income-thread? They are all prepped to the max with diesel and coal up to the roofs, and they are skilled welders/electricians/machinists with their own machine parks.
I know, because they told me.
No. 72319
Interesting indeed. I wonder what may be the hidden political background of that interview. (Not that I disagree with those words, but politicians very rarely just express their thoughts).
No. 72320
...On the other hand, considering that Poklonskaya proved to be a pretty shitty politician so far, it may be just a sincere opinion.
No. 72322 Kontra
73 kB, 600 × 400
Her statement after backlash for her treasonous statements:

>I truly believe that any form of violence brings grief, death and destruction. I always said this when people died. Hatred and fear are growing in society, and I call for kindness, compassion and the ability to think independently, not collectively.
>Soldiers and ordinary people are losing their lives, many are crippled and how many more there will be ... How many prisoners of war, how much grief ... This is all called misfortune, tragedy, catastrophe ...

>Maybe someone sees differently and was able to see something good and bright, but I can’t, sorry. And this is my personal opinion - I can’t call all these things differently. And if it violates my job regulations, then, of course, I will be punished.

I think she's an idealist assburger like Strelkov, really expressing her actual views.
No. 72325
Cut her some slack. She’s a woman after all. Sometimes women have opinions, doesn’t mean these opinions are 100% correct or worth listening to.
Women often succumb to their emotions.
No. 72327
All people may behave emotionally. It doesn't mean it's necessarily wrong either. But it's certainly not something normally expected from political figures (for whom words are the tools of power, not the means to express one's thoughts).
No. 72328
Is she even a relevant political figure anymore? I thought she was demoted years ago
No. 72334
Not much, as I've actually mentioned. On the other hand, you cannot just stop being a politician.
No. 72335
>Women often succumb to their emotions.
Have you ever been around men and their egos? lol
No. 72337 Kontra
198 kB, 684 × 800
I don't know what you are talking about but EC is the place where men discuss topics in an artic cold rationality. It freezes, when the men of Ec speak. We are close to computers, like nature intended. The Ukraine and today threads shall be my witness.

No. 72339
Yes, we need more women in politics.
Next president after Bunker Midget should be Elvira Nabiulina who is heroically keeping economy up despite his 4D-chess moves. BTW she says that we can live on stockpiles until summer when the country will enter "a period of structural transformation and search for new business models":
And Poklonskaya shall be queen. Bydlo needs a czar to worship, so it better be a symbolic royal figure like in United Kingdom instead of actual decision maker.
No. 72340 Kontra
Oh no, did that vile sexist joke make you cry? ;_;
No. 72341
Get him! Show him what happens when he questions the cold masculine rationality of Ernst!
No. 72342 Kontra
t. hurt ego haver

I rest my case
No. 72343 Kontra
Don't worry, it's all good, but frankly, I did expect such a reply because there is at least one Germanball who is the very model of a modern Berlin hipster copypasta and thus couldn't help but reply to something that would be against the terms of use of whatever social media hellhole he comes from, all the while using interjections like "lol" or "ugh" and the like.
No. 72344 Kontra
why so defensive king? lol.
No. 72345 Kontra
Don't worry, it's all good, but frankly, I did expect such a reply because there is at least one Germanball who is the very model of a modern loser of a man not respecting females like his mother or sister or gf as human beings and thus couldn't help but reply to something that would be against his subhuman behavior of whatever imageboard hellhole he comes from, all the while using interjections like ";_;" or "it's just joke bro" and the like.
No. 72346 Kontra
Imagine getting THIS butthurt over some anonymous internet goon's shitpost.
I bet you start crying when someone is mean to you irl.
No. 72347 Kontra
>hypocritcally distancing yourself from what you said afterward

In Germany we say: Opfer
No. 72348 Kontra
>hypocritcally distancing yourself from what you said afterward
Distancing how?
And no, in Germany "we" don't say "Opfer". Only underage and Musel do.
No. 72349 Kontra
>Distancing how?

It's a joke/ It's just a shitpost hint for two digit iq people: if nobody is laughing and you have to explain that your statement is a joke, maybe you aren't funny and you aren't the joke dj that you think you are

I honestly cringed at the second statement btw.
No. 72350 Kontra
How is admitting it's a shitpost "distancing"? That doesn't make any sense. And how else should one respond to such reckless wimpiness?

>I honestly cringed at the second statement btw.
Good to know it worked as intended. You're also the self-hating germanball who always chimes in telling everyone how lame germans are and how sorry you are everyone has to see this, aren't you? Go ahead, say it :^)
No. 72351 Kontra
65 kB, 850 × 567
>How is admitting it's a shitpost "distancing"?

At this point, I must be convinced you wouldn't see yourself when you look in a mirror. Hilarious. You know, your written words ain't funny, but as a person, you make passable entertainment as an involuntary clown.

>Good to know it worked as intended.

I doubt this was your intention, try something else.

>and how sorry you are everyone has to see this, aren't you?

No, I'm not. As you already noticed there is more than one German that thinks you are an insufferable person.
No. 72354 Kontra
Ernst, just constantly repeating what you said doesn't make it any more correct or true.
But what can one expect from people posting clowns as if it proved their (mental) superiority?
Who is the clown, the one you call one, or you for posting an incredibly needless and obviously butthurt reply in the first place (and thus actually engaging the troll) when everyone else had the tact and brains (or just lurked enough) to just ignore it? But wait, maybe you're also that one dude arguing in all earnesty with the schizo in the history thread?
Whatever it is, try to get off the internet and especially out of whatever bubble you normally dwell in for some time. Touch grass, talk to actual humans.
It will help your mental health, I promise.
No. 72355 Kontra
>Who is the clown

Woah, the pseudo-Socratic method, my intellect was defeated.

>touch grass, RL etc

Says the person who has to shitpost about things completely irrelevant to the topic of the thread. Just bury yourself already, I'm not helping dead people it doesn't make much sense, don't you think? You can research yourself why shitposting (that was rationalized as a joke by you before you called it a shitpost) is a way of distanceíng yourself from what you said. I'm not wasting my time on somebody who is not actually interested in learning anything that questions his fragile self and the worldview that supports it.
No. 72356 Kontra
>maybe you're also that one dude arguing in all earnesty with the other German in the ukraine thread?

fixed that for you
No. 72358
I kinda love how rational and non emotional this thread has become.
No. 72362 Kontra
It is completely irrelevant whether any kind of post was a regular shitpost, an ironic shitpost, a "joke" or completely serious, the point is that YOU actually replied to it.
And obviously you already wasted enough time derailing the thread in the first place and then got so bootyblasted you spent your whole evening playing the "I'm not mad at all" game. Maybe it is you who should distance oneself from all of this for once, it would help everyone.

>has become
Oh, you must be new here. Hello and welcome to the war thread.
No. 72364 Kontra
61 kB, 0:02
>No you, but never me. I'm not guilty of doing anything wrong, it's always other people.

A clown evergreen!
No. 72366
393 kB, 1360 × 765
>"Mariupol has been liberated," Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Putin in a televised meeting. "The remaining nationalist formations took refuge in the industrial zone of the Azovstal plant."

>Putin said the "liberation" of Mariupol was a "success" for Russian forces, but ordered Shoigu to call off the planned storming of the Azovstal plant, calling it “impractical.”

It seems they've given up on taking the plant, they'll just blockade it now. Interesting.
No. 72368
If they are hiding in catacombs they will come out at one point or another unless they wish to become fallout vault dwellers.
Blocking the exists, leaving them one or two and then waiting seems a lot more humane.
It is kinda hilarious is a sick way too. A human zoo IRL.
No. 72369 Kontra
567 kB, 854 × 476, 0:06
It seems they've already been out for a walk today :DD
Smarter people than me say they've begun diverting forces out of Mariupol and northwards for the Donbass offensive.
No. 72370 Kontra
Over here they say that the plant was promised to some donbass rich dude locals, so they are not bombing it too hard to keep it intact. They will attempt to starve the azov out meanwhile moving forward to encircle the rest of the ukrainian troops. I find it interesting to observe how the supposed elite Ukrainian battalion has turned into common ISIS-tier terrorists who take hostages and squat in factory zones. Ideological fanatics dying for an idea are really a special breed of retards.
No. 72371
Well Putin just has to give such a statement to appear positive for the public.
Of course they will continue to storm the plant in secret, to kill the evil nazi children hiding in the bunkers. After all, Mariupol was conquered 26 times already, according to Ramzan Kadyrow.
And they wanna hold a 8th May victory parade in the city. But they might have a hard time finding an intact street for that.
No. 72372
Sure, with nothing actually preventing that. The remaining Ukrainian forces can be blocked by 1 mech battalion or so.
No. 72373
You need considerable forces to storm the plant, "secretly" or not. Which can be more efficiently used elsewhere. It's as simple as that.
No. 72375
Map of confirmed casualties.

The smaller is the settlement, the bigger is number per capita:
Moscow: 15m population, 1 casualty
Kazan: 1.16m population, 5 casualties
Dimitrovgrad: 120k population, 3 casualties

And with overrepresentation in ethnic regions:
Vladikavkaz: 300k population, 18 casualties

Sure, data in the map is not complete, but probably representative in terms of proportions.
No. 72377
696 kB, 746 × 740
371 kB, 807 × 871
No. 72379
Wars tend to be stressful times in which people ascribe heightened meaning to random events of russian neglect.
No. 72391 Kontra
Research Institutes today are decentralized.
Burning down a building achieves nothing because most of the data is kept someplace else, or even in cloud repository, not to mention personal computers of the people working there. Most researchers work from home ever since COVID started so they are safe.
Either way, it's just a coincidence.

Fires happen all the time. Might as well consider car or train crashes to be related to the war lmao.
No. 72396
>Most researchers work from home ever since COVID started so they are safe

I don't think people who work in high security facilities are allowed to take their top secret work home on a laptop
No. 72400 Kontra
Don't these institutes also have gear and labs they use, I don't think it's all theoretical work they do?
No. 72401
Aerospace Defense probably does lots of simulation, maybe some tensile and other destructive tests. Now they also did fire tests :--DDDD
No. 72402
In other news, a series of recruitment offices went up in flames too. In this case, two men were arrested.
No. 72403 Kontra
952 kB, 811 × 1051
Stress provokes smoking, people start to accidentally drop cigarette butts more often.
No. 72425
23 kB, 250 × 209
I still cannot believe Volkssturm tier mobilisation in Donbass and Luhansk is actually happening.
No. 72428 Kontra
Ukraine is the new Syria, it is obvious.
Going to be a slow and painful proxy war. Ukrainian government is not even in charge anymore, i won't be surprised if Azov and similar groups are taking orders directly from NATO HQ or something like that.
>inb4 some schizo retard out of meds calls this opinion an "unfounded conspiracy theory"
No. 72432 Kontra
It's incredibly fucked, beyond fucked. Reports of units refusing to fight and martial motivation being enforced. To think Donetsk was the #2 city in Ukraine.

Obama is hiding under Azovstal with them.
t. inside sources
No. 72439
67 kB, 320 × 239
I don't know what is worse, the cigarette claim or the Neptune missile claim.

Anyway what is worse is the pain.
No. 72440 Kontra
Cold war 2.0, Chinese proxy attacks American proxy.
No. 72446
Except China and US risk very little. It's rather the question of who is going to get richer as a result (and likely both will to some extent). It's more like two wolves watching a fight between two lambs which they had set in the first place.
No. 72448
>It's incredibly fucked, beyond fucked. Reports of units refusing to fight and martial motivation being enforced. To think Donetsk was the #2 city in Ukraine.
That's what they say in (((our))) media. Do you believe it?

>Ukrainian government is not even in charge anymore, i won't be surprised if Azov and similar groups are taking orders directly from NATO HQ or something like that.
That is certainly the case. Ukrainian government would have capitulated long ago, but NATO will not allow it. They are threatening to release things from biolabs. There are already reports of infectious diseases spreading in Ukraine, where do you think those come from?
No. 72454 Kontra
>They are threatening to release things from biolabs
Seems more like they are threatening the families of Zelensky and such.
Or he's under some stronk drugs because why would they all order their troops to fight like it's some sort of epic 4chan race war?
While there are people among ukrainians who are not suicidal - there are also downright fanatical masochists who take stimulants and then try to assault tanks with the AK's and other small arms.
Similar people also go around on the internet and post meme shit about how they hate orcs.
I have no clue what sort of mojo and how strong was used in the ukraine but holy shit.
No. 72456
>Seems more like they are threatening the families of Zelensky and such.
It doesn't require threats to see that waging the war is a considerably safer bet for the Ukrainian leadership than surrendering.
No. 72459
346 kB, 1360 × 765
With Ukraine adopting NATO standards and western nations being ready and willing to supply them, it's only a matter of time this to become a war of production. Russia has more immediate reserves available to them in questionable combat readiness :DD, but still, but it's obvious that the Russian Federation has no hopes of beating the western economies. The longer this war goes on, the more the balance is shifted towards Ukraine. Expect more misery, more death and more pain for both parties.

It feels like if there was some mysterious entity that has done everything in its power to turn a nation that was friendly towards Russia just 8 years ago into a nation that is burning with russophobia. and it wasn't America
No. 72462
12 kB, 180 × 248
No. 72465
55 kB, 574 × 511
Bunch of russian (gazprom) oligarchs and their families accidentally suicided.
No. 72472
> why can't they just surrender? it's because of a special order from Zelensky! or must be some secret mojo!
Are bravery and patriotism really such unknown things to vatniks? Will they surrender immediately as Abrams tanks cross Russian border?
But even from selfish viewpoint: they saw what happened to people from Donetsk and Lugansk: 8 years of life in bandit republics and then they are used as cannon folder against their own compatriots. No wonder that there's no enthusiasm to be under Russian control.
No. 72476 Kontra
I'm not a fan of Zelensky, but that much even I can understand that negotiating a peace agreement where Ukraine loses ANY land (including Crimea) while Azov has an AKM up your ass isn't really that enticing of a possibility.
Ironically, the only way to achieve peace in the region is by disarming the Ukrainian far right.
No. 72477 Kontra
>while Azov has an AKM up your ass isn't really that enticing of a possibility.
You might overestimating the reach of Azov. They're struggling to reach the surface, let alone the presidency.
No. 72487
i love him
No. 72489
So yeah:


I have to admit some amount of surprise, but also some amount of recognizing my own country in this.

Rather than have opinions on this, I'll try to accept what the reality is and see if I can change it. At least that is my idealised plan forward.

Right now I'm watching a squirrel outside my window, seemingly playing around in a tree - jumping from branch to branch - in my comfortable, war-free city where sitting on a window and looking at the trees outside is still possible.
No. 72493 Kontra
You have to clicl the link, otherwise it's very misleading tbh. So Germany companies made business with Russia 2014-2020 with dual use exports, ok shitty guarantees don't help, but this did not happen after the invasion.
No. 72497 Kontra
Another possible hypothesis: they stole too much money on developing wunderwaffels, it was revealed that they don't work properly on practice, and they tried to cover up leads.

By far worst was the claim about "no losses" on the ship. What's the point to lie when it's so obvious?

BTW they are deploying 107 years old ship (built in Russian Empire) to Moskva wreckage:
Honestly speaking she was modernized since then but still funny.
No. 72510 Kontra
48 kB, 700 × 563
I'm almost certain the genesis of this special military operation was a desire to tarnish the entirety of the latin alphabet.
Devilish Russians.
No. 72514 Kontra
юз кирриликс, ит'с мор конвиниент
No. 72522 Kontra
>bravery and patriotism
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Ukrainian "patriots" are just fools who are throwing their lives away for the lost cause. It's not chivalrous or honorable, it is retarded.
Also this "honor" bullshit you suggest sounds more like Horde philosophy from the World of Warcraft.
It is disgusting and it is childish.

I will end my post with another quote.
"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."
No. 72597 Kontra
So you agree that we should abolish all borders and adopt western supremacy?
No. 72647
Communist supremacy and dictatorship of the working class would be a better option.
Under these conditions i agree. But that means west must have a communist revolution first.
Until it happens all talk about abolishing borders is pointless.
No. 72702 Kontra
31 kB, 780 × 605
>for the lost cause
It seems it's not so lost, it is more unexpected that you find dying in a fratricidal war for the wishes of the manlet Tsar to be reasonable but dying in the defense of your country to be hohol insanity.
No. 72704 Kontra
534 kB, 587 × 552
Phase Two.
Objectives are being achieved.
Trust the plan.
No. 72705 Kontra
5,4 MB, 2057 × 1085
It is unreasonable to not use more drone and cruise missile striskes and bombing runs + arty to limit the casualties of your troops. Hell if it was the future i'd strongly advocate to use star wars battle droids to do the main assaults, instead of human soldiers.

>dying in the defense of your country to be hohol insanity.
dying for an idea is an insanity in general.
No. 72709
All wars are people dying for ideas. There is literally no exception. War as a concept is a consequence of the human ability to tell stories.
No. 72713
Have they started rushing plan B already? It seems that media in Putinist Germany doesn't report on this special operation anymore.
No. 72714 Kontra
Series of probing attacks, the great ura is yet to come if it's scheduled.
No. 72717
Wrong. All wars are people killing others to get stuff. Ideas are only a superficial justification. If you think people are dying for ideas, you are an exploitable victim of propaganda. CIA wants control over strategic position on the black sea black sea gas fields so THEY can supply Europe with energy and weaken Russia. That's why they staged coups in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014.

Ideas are only important for dumb idiots. So-called democracy is a joke.

In France, there are riots because Macron cheated on elections. He got 10% more, but gets to rule (send everyone else to the gas chamber even if it's really 50/50).
Or take a look at Shitmany elections. Three parties with only 10%-20% each pool together against the will of the voters to form a 'majority' government. So-called democracy and plurality of values have failed.

A minority rules with dirty tricks and subdues all real opposition, like it has always been, starting from the first chieftain. I am not opposed to it, it is natural. But the disgusting lying hypocrites keep jerking their tiny dicks raw over how superior they are and human rights and democracy and pluralism and muh values and such dumb bullshit lies made for women and the feeble.
No. 72719 Kontra
What a butt-blasted individual. Perhaps they die over the idea getting something, like a suicide terrorist.
No. 72720 Kontra
Don't engage the schizo, don't reply to schizo posts, ignore schizo posters, report schizo posters.
No. 72721
People do die for ideas. That doesn't mean that ideas are the reasons behind the wars.
That being said, predominant ideas often have global implications, making conflicts more or less likely. Religious situation of the Medieval period is a good illustration of how it generally works. Or the cold war, where the division unsurprisingly happened along the ideological border (after all, communism was an objective threat to any capitalist power).
No. 72726 Kontra
We need some EC OC in the style of 1940s US propaganda
No. 72727

Interesting NYT article about ex-chancellor Schröder. It's always interesting to get an "outsider" view on things you have been living in yourself. Especially interesting for foreigners might be how interconnected all that corruption is and was.
Also, I lol'd a bit at this paragraph:

>Mr. Schröder’s entanglement with the Russian president and Kremlin-controlled energy companies overshadows all he achieved in seven years as chancellor, from 1998 to 2005, a pivotal period of leadership when he was lauded for refusing to join the United States in the Iraq war; giving immigrants a regular path to citizenship; and putting in place far-reaching labor market overhauls that would pave the way for a decade of growth under his successor, Angela Merkel.

Germany didn't partake in the second Iraq War, but by that time they had already been in Afghanistan and a bit before that bombed the Balkans to rubble; "giving immigrants a regular path to citizenship" is directly related to the "far-reaching labor market overhauls", which were, in essence, nothing but "getting cheap labor from abroad" while also creating a new lower class by introducing Hartz IV, which is basically a big fuck you to poor people and would have fit better with FDP turbocapitalists than a self-proclaimed "social democrat". If Schröder "drove the cart into the dirt", Merkel came and sat her fat ass on it so it sank deeper into it.
No. 72729
50 kB, 1080 × 810
120km from the Russia-Ukrainian border, the biggest oil depot in Europe caught on fire.

If Germany was always that bad, why is it still good?
No. 72730
20 kB, 480 × 360
No. 72731
>120km from the Russia-Ukrainian border, the biggest oil depot in Europe caught on fire.
On whose side?
No. 72732
38 kB, 600 × 399
81 kB, 516 × 344
There are youtube series consisting of compilation of Strelkov's bitchings. Turns out he was agitating for mobilization (in case of war) for 5 years, since 2017.

The first part of the series “Igor Strelkov. Mobilization" reveals external and internal threats in the event of a delay in the military special operation of the Russian Federation (SMO). Igor Strelkov spoke about the need for mobilization long before the special operation. To understand why partial mobilization is so important, we present to your attention a series from a retrospective of Igor Strelkov's statements.

The second part of the series "Igor Strelkov. Mobilization" is devoted to the military aspect of the need for mobilization and the first phase of a special military operation

The third part of the series "Igor Strelkov. Mobilization" will reveal the reasons for the need for partial mobilization, based on the factor of the territory of Ukraine and refers, in part, to the first and second phases of the NWO - denazification and underground activities of banderovyts in the liberated territories of Ukraine.

The fourth part "Igor Strelkov. Mobilization" is devoted to the disclosure of the concept of partial mobilization, the form of mobilization and other organizational measures, including the legislative framework for mobilization.

No. 72733 Kontra
Our side. We openly bomb their oil refineries and depots at this point and they try to damage ours.
Ukrainians are trying to wage total war without understanding that the repercussions of that will be their own ruined cities.
At the same time westoids don't care because pictures of burned down ukrainian cities will be used for NATO propaganda.
>waste a bunch of ukrainians so that NATO gets to live for a bit more
I wish it was poles or lithuanians instead.
No. 72735
89 kB, 520 × 726
Strange to think a mysterious reenactor could so profoundly alter the trajectory of Europe. In fighting Moldovan fascists and pushing them back across the Dniester, he gained a taste for russophobic blood and since he hasn't stopped his crusade. Eternal revolution denazification will consume all and even us westerners will pay for this. Damn you, Girkin - you beautiful bastard.
No. 72737
>without understanding that the repercussions of that will be their own ruined cities.
Why should they think they won't be ruined otherwise? The important question is whether they will be rebuilt or not, and who's going to pay for that. Russia is unlikely to provide sufficient amounts of money.
No. 72740
>The important question is whether they will be rebuilt or not, and who's going to pay for that. Russia is unlikely to provide sufficient amounts of money.
I might suggest Marshall plan. Just give them a loan to fix their country.
Where to get the money? Well just print it on the printing press. That's it.
No. 72742 Kontra
A really ingenious plan.
No. 72750 Kontra
156 kB, 1280 × 853
170 kB, 1280 × 721
237 kB, 1280 × 960
Explosion in Tiraspol. Original Pridnestrovian news didn't mention the existence of a discarded rocket launcher.
Worried for my favorite non-country.
No. 72754
432 kB, 1244 × 945
Split by type of forces. Grey -- no data, blue -- VDV despite making only 5% of army..., green -- motorized infantry.

In Russia VDV have really legendary reputation. Very popular is (fake or real?) quote of American general: "Give me a company of Russian paratroopers and I will bring the whole world to its knees". In high school I had to spend few days on military training in camp by VDV-related organization holy Margelov's church :DDD.

And now they are laughing stock for whole world. Feels strange.
No. 72760
>And now they are laughing stock for whole world.
How come?
>blue -- VDV despite making only 5% of army
Paratroopers always were kind of suicide forces. Unsurprising in the slightest, it's all in the tactics of their usage.
No. 72765
Kohl drove the cart into the dirt by not sending Turks home, like he had promised, so they reminded in Germany in welfare, and by giving Ossis everything. DM, pensions, subsidies, etc. They should have never gotten any of that. He wasted all our hard-earned money on Ossis and Turks.
No. 72773
The way they were used seemed quite bizarre. It probably contributed significantly to the death toll.

To send in unsupported light infantry into a hostile zone, with mechanised support days away even if they go at retard zerg pace, and no real air superiority (or at least, significant air support), seems totally suicidal.

There could be no other strategy than to assume the hohols would immediately capitulate out of fear, and immediatly flip to ruski mir. A real failure on intelligence, or drinking their own koolaid.

If they had been used intelligently, I'm sure they would have been far more effective. They just put themselves in a kettle really. Not necessarily the lower commands fault - but whoever made the call/collected intel that hohols would surrender, has a lot of blood on their hands.

I'm no expert on paratroop usage, but I imagine using them (if they still existed) to disrupt hohol backlines/logistics in the current donbass offensive, would be much more effective.
No. 72779
221 kB, 1138 × 1280
219 kB, 1280 × 801
179 kB, 1280 × 832
More explosions in Pridnestrovie.
Two Russia radio antennas taken out this time. FSB or SBU?
No. 72780 Kontra
Sure 90% of the losses in personnel and about 95% of the dead civilians originate from self-shelling in this war. Only occasionally the Russian and the Ukrainian forces happen to hit the enemy, typically by accident.
No. 72786 Kontra
PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:
>"Those who organized this attack have the goal of dragging Transnistria into the conflict. And I can say with confidence that it will not work. Transnistria will be able to defend itself. We will definitely find everyone who is an accomplice in these criminal acts. But it will not work to drag us into the conflict.”
The Lukashenko line of being too smart to be dragged into this conflict seems to also apply to Transnistria.
No. 72789
Russian foreign minister Lavrov said WWWIII is a possibility and NATO is effectively at war with Russia. I hope Russia will strike back soon! Russia has the power to destroy American minuteman missiles before they ever get out of their silos! NATO should know this! One single missile, and all American missile sites will be destroyed, and New York, and London! America can not do the same!

Why does NATO not stop taking hostile action against Russia? Why does NATO still date to pump Ukraine full of weapons and take hostile action against Russia? The Atlinaticists will soon see what becomes our of this, they leave Russia no choice but to show its true strength.

I hope there will be an ultimatum. I imagine it to be made on international workers day: either the fascists will capitulate by May 8, the day of victory over fascism, or Russian a will take unprecedented action to destroy fascism once and for all!
No. 72790 Kontra
770 kB, 1739 × 2560
‼️ Attention ‼️ This is now a Telegram group for German boomer and rightwing schizos.
No. 72791 Kontra
40 kB, 400 × 400

(User was banned for this post)

No. 72792 Kontra
161 kB, 720 × 1280
>"Ukraine's Security Service urges the evacuation of civilians to safer regions. We assure you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not wish harm to civilians, but the people who remained in the cities will be perceived as sabotage groups and will be eliminated without warning. Exactly at 19.00 rocket and artillery shelling of objects on the territory of the republic will be carried out".
Residents of the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic got this odd text message. Road checkpoints set up around Tiraspol.
No. 72793 Kontra
The pictures must be from a place you actually belong to; like a wasp, you are annoying and disturb the peace of a place you don't belong in.
No. 72796
I think I would have loved to be a child soldier. Dying sucks no doubt about it but children sort of accept things without judgement. They accept any cultural norm. I'd go along with it. Being a soldier as an adult? Now that's silly, why would anyone do that.
No. 72799 Kontra
Most people only grow a brain around 30 years old.
Before that they are dumb muscle to be used as goons for the state. This is why draft is generally done after school while the person is still in his teens or 20s.
After that it is harder to convince a person he's doing a right decision.
No. 72800
120 kB, 828 × 495
Big if true.
Supposedly they also want to get a hold of all the Soviet stockpiles.
No. 72802
269 kB, 1388 × 1062
111 kB, 500 × 500
I wonder if an attack on the russian puppet Transnistria (kekseparatist.jpg) will cause buttpain in the west or media landscape. This area is already a buttpain not only for Moldova but also for Ukraine since thousands of russian soldiers were or are stationed there and tomahawks were shot from there.
No. 72803 Kontra
You constantly replying to him like a "literally just discovered the internet yesterday" newfag are about as irritating. Go look up what "DO NOT FEED THE TROLL" means and then stand in the corner and feel abashed. Also, see >>72720.

What would that mean? Doesn't Transistria belong to Moldavia? Is Ukraine now doing a counter-offensive trying to conquer Russia and its vassals?
No. 72804
To expand, the keen observer should know that this has nothing to do with Mariupol, which is somewhere between the Krim and Donbass, but the scenario of an attack against Transnistria is interesting.

"cruise missile" not tomahawk.
No. 72805 Kontra
>intel slava
I hope the Russsians don't try to drag the poor transnistrians into shit show.
No. 72806 Kontra
>Go look up what "DO NOT FEED THE TROLL" means

For somebody who considers himself ancient in internet years, you haven't learned that much.
No. 72807 Kontra
>Is Ukraine now doing a counter-offensive trying to conquer Russia and its vassals?

Why on earth would they do it? The whole thing doesn't make much sense to me. Could very well be that Russia uses it as justification to take the whole south of Ukraine.
No. 72808 Kontra
Oh, now you're just pretending to be retarded, hm?
No. 72809
Either way, Transnistria seems to be coming to an end at the current rate. You did the right thing by visiting it before it was gone.
If/when the Russians take Odessa, I wonder if they will annex Transnistria too.
No. 72810 Kontra
251 kB, 1200 × 495
Based on Transnistrian news and my own bias, it seems that the explosions were meant to trigger a response from the government blaming Ukraine - however, the transnistrian government has been very careful about pinning the blame on this on anyone. I find it very doubtful these attacks were Ukrainian, given that shattering some windows in a downtown government building and knocking down a few radio towers would yield no conceivable goal. If the large warehouses of soviet junk went up in flames, then perhaps it would indeed be the Ukrainians neutralizing transnistria.
>Maj Gen Rustam Minnekayev was quoted in state media saying it would give Moscow access to the Russian-backed separatist region of Transnistria in Moldova.
I don't know, will the Russians use their 13.000 peacekeeper force and make them die on the road to Odessa? Could it be possible that in a poorly thought-out attempt to increase pressure on Ukraine, Russia would use its assets in the area? In any case, it seems that the Transnistrian president is being very careful about his statements and does not want to drag his funny state into this bogged down fuckstorm. I can't see it being beneficial to anyone, but that clearly doesn't serve as a deterrent anymore :DD
Also victory day parade was cancelled this year in Tiraspol.
No. 72811 Kontra
If they had access to Transnistria, I could see it happening. The population wants to be Russian and it would be an easy way for the Russian government to stop paying loyalty checks to Transnistrian pensioners.
However, I find this all very unlikely.
No. 72822
Why won’t yuropeans just pay us for the gas, oil and grain in roubles? The currency doesn’t make any difference at all, the overall price is the same just converted into a different currency.
You don’t have to starve your economy over a principle. It is so silly.
No. 72823
179 kB, 1920 × 1080
>You don’t have to starve your economy over a principle
If Europe starves its economy - why worry? Perhaps really worry is Russia embargoing its own exports?
It really is unexpected that they are actually refusing to supply Poland and Bulgaria already. Let's see if the Kremlin will continue this ruble demand and continue to close one of its remaining sources of revenue or chicken out.
No. 72825
>You don’t have to starve your economy over a principle. It is so silly.
The same question applies to Russia equally well.
No. 72829
What you are saying is just whataboutism.
Yuros were given an option to continue everything as it was with minor adjustments and now everyone in the EU chimps out over these adjustments even though no significant change was proposed. What difference does it make which currency is used in trade?
No. 72832
34 kB, 415 × 500
>What difference does it make which currency is used in trade?

Appearance is a large part of politics. It always was and always will be.
In a time where most EU nations talk about getting mostly or completely independent from Russian oil and gas, starting to accept all kinds of new demands to get that gas you actually don't even want anymore looks kinda dumb.

Also, it would be like western countries work around their own sanctions.

>Just do whatever we want, what's the problem?

Only works for one side.
No. 72836
It is mutually beneficial because we buy tech from you, you buy gas and oil from us.
You can't be both a moralfag and be driven by economic self interests. It's not how it works. It's one or the other.
No. 72837 Kontra
>It is mutually beneficial because we buy tech from you
Old data :DDD
No. 72839
I'm not talking about RIGHT NOW. Just in general this relationship is mutually beneficial and there is absolutely zero reason to be against this relationship regardless of what happens.
Again it is either morals or profit. This is mutually exclusive.
It also does not make sense to choose morals over profit, especially for the europeans.
No. 72840
German government has pursued a policy of "mutual benefit" for decades and all it led to was Russia pushing towards west again and now it's ravaging our economy. Frankly, I don't see any benefit for us, which means it wasn't mutual, at all. It was about as mutual of a benefit as letting the US occupational troops stay here.
No. 72841
So for you a mutual relationship is the one where you sit on top and make up the rules for everyone about how and in what currency they should trade, in what amounts they should trade what internal and external politics they should pursue? Seems more like a hegemonic approach rather than mutual relationship to me.

The way i see mutual relationship - you don't tell me what to do, i don't tell you what to do. If you want to bomb a country - go ahead and do it, not my problem.
If i want to bomb i country - it's my problem, not yours.

I'm just being retarded by pretending that i'm a country but you get my point.
You don't get to tell others what to do. Just mind your business, pay for your gas, sell your cars and that's all that is required from you.
No. 72842
>Just in general this relationship is mutually beneficial
Allowing your (potential) enemy to grow stronger is never beneficial. And the EU seems really scared of the possible direct conflict with Russia now.
No. 72845
>So for you a mutual relationship is the one where you sit on top and make up the rules for everyone about how and in what currency they should trade, in what amounts they should trade what internal and external politics they should pursue?

In a mutual relationship those things are agreed on beforehand just like it was done with gas exports. It's Russia that now ignores those agreements and makes up their own rules.

>you don't tell me what to do, i don't tell you what to do

So, is Russia telling others what to do? Nothing mutual going on here.

>If i want to bomb i country - it's my problem, not yours.

My grandmother had to flee from her hometown after the war because of invading soviet troops and if she watches the news these days she has to cry. Just because you're a dick that can't feel for others, doesn't mean that everyone has to be like that.

>I'm just being retarded by pretending that i'm a country

There are other things, too

>You don't get to tell others what to do. Just mind your business, pay for your gas, sell your cars and that's all that is required from you.

Thanks for mutually telling others what to do again, Mr. retarded country.
No. 72846
>So, is Russia telling others what to do? Nothing mutual going on here.
You still pay in euros just the money is kept in our banks rather than in your banks.
I think it's cristal clear and obvious that payments done in such a way are far more honest.
When you buy something from someone you don't leave the money in your pockets saying something like
>"well you can take them if you want whenever you want"
You give it to the guy who's selling something to you.

If you buy you provide cash, or you wire money. You don't "promise" you will give the money on demand. That's how it's done.

>My grandmother had to flee from her hometown after the war because of invading soviet troops
What a touching story. Which is absolutely irrelevant to the topic we are discussing.

Also why are you suddenly surprised when double standards are being applied to you? You don't like it or something? But that's how every european acts literally all the time towards non-europeans. Why do you expect to be treated differently?
No. 72847 Kontra
>I think it's cristal clear and obvious that payments done in such a way are far more honest.
Of course the honest manner is for agreements to be carried out in the terms they were agreed to. Russia unilaterally decided not to take euros because they fear the collapse of the ruble. "Euro has no longer credibility".
Of course, this genius move backfired and now the Kremlin faces a self-imposed embargo until they accept euros again, which will just harm the ruble when they inevitably cave. Chessmaster took his chances and it worked as expected.
No. 72848
Read what i wrote. The europeans will pay in Euro. The money will be wired to the Russian bank.
Not to the western bank.
If you buy you hand over the money, not a promise of handing over a money.
This is a deal. Everything else is not a deal it's not an equal exchange.
No. 72849 Kontra
It seems you have misunderstood the fundamental problem. The conversion to ruble is the issue. Russians can place their gas money wherever they wish.
No. 72851 Kontra
I sold you a crate of apples for 50 euro. You handed me a 50 europ bill.
It is not your business whatsoever what i do with the 50 euro you paid to me after i sold you something.
The money is mine, I am free to do with it whatever the fuck i want. I can burn it, i can exchange it, i can use it as toilet paper.
Do you understand?
No. 72852 Kontra
I'm a bit confused does the Russian not understand that agreeing on the currency in payments is crucial to the (buying) contracts?
No. 72853 Kontra
100 kB, 700 × 675
It's the russian schizo, ignore it.
No. 72854 Kontra
Are you pretending to be retarded or you are actually are retarded?
I just explained to you how the system works in very simple terms, even a little kid can understand it. You pay in euro just like before. It's just you wire money to Russian banks rather than European banks.
No money = no gas = no deal.
No. 72855
He already chickened out. First he demanded to pay in roubles but EU didn't fall for blackmailing. Then he proposed them to still pay in euros sum fixed in euros so that Gazprom converts it to roubles themselves. Which practically meant same as it was before but Putin saving a face.
If I remember correctly, europeans agreed to it.
No. 72856 Kontra
Nah the difference is minimal.
The point is that up until recently the europeans paid for everything by wiring money from one account to another IN EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN BANKS.
So like i said. It's an equivalent of this happening.
>a european buys an apple
>moves money from the left pocket of his jeans to the right pocket
>the seller recieves fuck all
It's not even a sale. It's a theft.
No. 72857
53 kB, 414 × 414
In the meantime, Russian cinemas started to hold unofficial premiers of the films made by those studios who had abandoned the Russian market (WB, Disney etc.).
No. 72858
21 kB, 323 × 314
n o i c e
No. 72866
62 kB, 255 × 252
Thx Putaine for nuclear threats.
No. 72869 Kontra
531 kB, 640 × 643
Welcome to the club!
No. 72871
Wait, what did he say now?
No. 72879
If NATO gets involved in the Ukraine directly or if there's a strategic threat of the existence of the Russian Federation in the current form - the nukes will fly.
Basically you have to ease off and chill the fuck out because Putin & Co are ready to press the button.
No. 72880
But that's what he's been saying the whole time.
No. 72882 Kontra
ikr, which is why i don't get why everyone is like
over his latest announcement of a nuclear war.
Just get used to it. Our leadership is psychopathic enough to do it.
No. 72883
324 kB, 800 × 600
44 kB, 558 × 336
He was born too late, one hundred years ahead of his time. The last soldier of the empire fighting for it long after it's death.

I wonder if he likes books of попаданство genre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accidental_travel#In_Russian_fiction Maybe even secretly writes them.
No. 72898
Moreover, it's what any sane person would presume. A direct confrontation between Russia and NATO objectively means an overwhelming chance of nuclear war.
No. 72899
87 kB, 800 × 800
Nukes are weapon of desperate. If complete and total defeat is unavoidable then leadership commits suicide but takes whole world to grave with themselves. Considering how much Putin fears death (hiding from corona on lockdown, drinking from special mug and so on), even sitting in jail in Hague is preferable for him compared to turning into radioactive ash.

So how come there is a "strategic threat of the existence of the Russian Federation"? I thought Russia stronk and Wect is going to collapse any time soon :3
No. 72902
372 kB, 1320 × 1000
>It's another episode of "nuclear weapons are unfair dishonorable shameful display weapon"
Pic related is how you look IRL probably.
(They lost the Boshin War by the way. To the dishonorable modern army. So much for "honor" and "traditions".)
No. 72903
Who said anything about "dishonorable"?... They're just the weapons of collective suicude, it's as simple as that.
No. 72904
> I can't read
The problem of using nukes is not "traditions" but retaliation strike from NATO leading to destruction of Russia and deaths of it's leaderships.
No. 72907 Kontra
Nukes are the sole reason you faggots sit at home right now while jacking of to 2d tranny hentai and complain about politicians, instead of digging trenches on the frontlines.
Nuclear weapons and the constant threat of mutually assured destruction is why we are all alive today. The more often people are reminded about that possibility of being instantly incenerated - the better it is for the entire humanity.
No. 72908
Transnistrian news -
>"We are alarmed by the escalation of tension in Transnistria," Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented on the terrorist attacks in Transnistria.
>"Over the past few days, there have been several incidents at once with shelling, blowing up official and infrastructure facilities," said Maria Zakharova.
>Russia regards the incidents in Transnistria as acts of terrorism and expects an objective investigation.
The last sentence is probably the most telling. Now the question becomes will Transnistria comply with the Russian demands and produce their requested 'investigation'? Will they blame Ukraine or is Russia's influence so weakened that they don't control Transnistria and can't force them into their funny war?
No. 72909
37 kB, 446 × 599
They tried it with Belarus first, what an utter load of shite and I am sure anti western tinfoil hatters are falling for it.
No. 72916
>Let's push Russia until they have no choice left
>It's only threats, after all!
Europe seems to have lost touch with reality. When Finland and Sweden join NATO, they become a danger to Russia. Russia will be forced to respond to any move NATO makes, otherwise, NATO will annihilate Russia. They have encircled Russia and aim to destroy it.

NATO staged two putsches in Ukraine and then pumped Ukraine full of weapons, then Americans started their Bioland there, where they "research" the 'Rona, whatever that might mean. Maybe they brought this disease into Russia, like the WEst send the AIDS disease to Russia in the 1990s with infected prostitutes? Prior to 1990s, no such thing existed in Russia.
Ukraine hoped to even get nuclear weapons from NATO. All while there was a genocide of Russians in Donbass. Ukrainians crucified a little boy, but western media sites not tell us this! So Russia has to invade to protect itself and Russians to strike first!

German Media does not talk about this at all. Instead, they call Selensky a hero and they idolize fascists.

When NATO starts moving their weapons into Finland and Sweden, Russia might be forced to destroy the arrogant Swedes and the thick-headed swamp-dweller Finns.

It even says so in Pushkin's Bronze horseman:

Along the mossy, swampy shores
Black huts here and there,
Shelter of a wretched Finn;
And the forest, unknown to the rays
In the mist of the hidden sun,
Noisy all around.

And he thought:
From here on out we'll threaten the Swede,
Here the city will be founded
To spite the arrogant neighbor.
Here we are destined by nature
To cut through a window in Europe
To stand with a firm foot by the sea.
No. 72917 Kontra
Not sure if ironic or schizo
No. 72919 Kontra
I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
No. 72920 Kontra
29 kB, 640 × 420
Now normally, I don't mind calls for the extermination of an entire people, but to do so while calling the other side fascists is hypocrisy and that just rubs me the wrong way!
No. 72921
Have you even been tested before? You should take care of that.
No. 72923
German government has decided to send "heavy weaponry" to Ukraine.
Only the leftist and rightist voted against it.

In other news: Russians want to employ trained dolphins to protect the black sea fleet.
No. 72925 Kontra
They should consider using nicotine patches instead.
No. 72927
I was in a literal looney-bin four years back. I only suffer from social anxiety and depressive personality disorder, they said. I have been in therapy ever since.
No. 72931
I would get a second opinion.
No. 72935
Maybe just accept that opinions different from your opinion are not indicative of mental illness? Yours is a very totalitarian and self-aggrandizing point of view to take. You establish yourself as the yardstick of mental health, then you decide that opinions differing from your own opinion are a mental illness.

If I was schizophrenic, you would hardly be able to tell from >>72916
The tell-tale symptoms of schizophrenia are
  • hearing voices (where not culturally appropriate)
  • having thoughts forced upon you that are "not your own" (where not culturally appropriate)
  • having thoughts stolen that are "your own" (where not culturally appropriate)
  • feeling remote-controlled by secret forces (where not culturally appropriate)
Where not culturally appropriate added because there are cultures where it's expected to hear your ancestors voices, or god's voice, or being controlled by the holy spirit and talking in tongues...

The schizophrenic are your literal tin-foil hatters, people we would have diagnosed with "demonic possession" in the past.

In case you think of schizoid personality disorder, I also hardly think >>72916 fits the bill, but you can google that yourself.
No. 72936
At least we can say for sure that you are autistic :--DDDD
No. 72939 Kontra
>Major symptoms include hallucinations (typically hearing voices), delusions, paranoia, and disorganized thinking.
Could be relevant.

Exhibit A: >>72916

Listen, you don't have to take my or >>72931 's word for assessing your mental well-being. But what you could do is gather some of your EC posts and show them to a doctor. That would be a good way to either prove that you are just fine, or get you some help for a potential problem.
No. 72940 Kontra
schizo is imageboard lingo for being delusional. And this German definitely writes deliriously. It could be trolling, but then again it seems more like a delusion lived out in texting. The conspiracy craze going on online these days has a delusional character.
No. 72941
226 kB, 1400 × 700
1,2 MB, 4961 × 3508
Am I delusional? Or was it delusional to not expect a certain amount of backlash after what Russians perceive as a Versailles-style humiliation and defeat? I will dip more than a toe into historic constructivism, forgive me that. I think it is reasonable to expect similar outcomes in similar situations.

From 1918/1991, we saw in Germany/Russia:
1.) The loss of a sphere of influence, national defeat, a retreat from territories that had been controlled for decades or even centuries, considerable economic turmoil, political instability
2.) stabilization during a period of shaky pseudo-democracy that fails to live up to expectations
3.) renewed economic strife leads to strongman taking control, increasing suppression of the opposition, decreasing freedom of press
4.) nationalist expansion begins, internal media presents it as a response to external threats and a restoration of national honor, the population has the feeling they are given back what they lost
5.) expansion meets little resistance at first, but leads to a considerable military conflict later on

So maybe it would have been wiser to not expand NATO and EU into Eastern Europe ever further, to not be so fucking eager to turn a relative victory into an unbearable insult to nationalist feelings? As expected, similar situations lead to similar outcomes.
No. 72945 Kontra
>Gaslighting is considered a form of psychological abuse whereby a person or group manipulates one or more people into questioning their sanity and perception of reality.

>People who gaslight may intentionally or unintentionally use this form of abuse to exert power or control over others, with the goal to manipulate them.

>Gaslighting is an unhealthy form of manipulative control which may arise from a need to dominate others. People are not born to be gaslighters, rather it is socially learned.

>They might have witnessed gaslighting, been a target of gaslighting themselves, or happen into it. For some people, it can become an automatic response to feeling off-balance in an argument and used in a way to deflect responsibility and gain control of the conversation.

>A possible reason why people gaslight is because they were raised by a parent who gaslit them, and thus they learned these unhealthy behaviours as a survival mechanism.

Did your parents never ever loved you, finn?
They were probably so busy with their job, they never had time for you? You always felt alone haven't you?
Or maybe you never had parents or only had one.
No. 72947 Kontra
Nooo wait i am wrooong. Totally wrong.
Your parents are/were strict as hell and used to bully you for every single mistake you ever made. You felt like it was never enough, no matter what you did, you alwayse felt like you're not doing good enough. You always felt unsatisfied, incomplete, unfinished, unworthy.
Yeeees that's how it probably went down. I can sense it.
No. 72955 Kontra
The delusions begin only after one is acknowledging that NATO is a military power association that also is used to pull through with economic concerns of the west. From a phenomenon follows usually all kinds of conspirational right wing bs that is also part of some kind of big picture, the clockwork world is delusional. It doesn't help that the posts are riddled with kohl/pol lingo btw.
No. 72960
What's the difference between a gaslighter and a psychotherapist?
No. 72961
Gaslighters usually don't get paid.
No. 72963
>The delusions begin only after one is acknowledging that NATO is a military power association that also is used to pull through with economic concerns of the west
I have trouble parsing that sentence. I will rephrase
>It is not delusional to acknowledge that NATO is an organization that uses means of military power projection to further economic aims. Everything else you say is delusional.
Is this what you meant?

Are you saying the war in Ukraine is an economic concern of 'the west'?
Isn't this a conspiracy theory along the lines of
>NATO causes wars because war is good for the economy
A common talking point with left, but somewhat ridiculous. War is disadvantageous macro-economically, because it leads to the wide-scale destruction of assets. Meanwhile, income is re-directed from expanding and renewing the capital stock and consumption to armaments production, which has a terrible R.o.I. On a battlefield, a tank survives for minutes. For the value of a single tank, one to five high-end lathes lasting decades can be bought. Every RPG-shot is ten thousands of Euros, the cost of a budget industrial robot. This cost is extracted from the economy via taxes or bank money creation.

Some people would use 'capitalism' as an explanation for war. As if 'Capitalism' leads to war. But such people are in the habit of explaining everything with capitalism, as if the right to own things and trade them for negotiated prices was the cause of malignance, violence and errors in judgement. I.e. there is environmental destruction because of capitalism, there is war because of capitalism, their flatulence is caused by capitalism, because the damn capitalists grow and sell beans. Isn't this mechanistical thinking? Doesn't it become a conspiracy theory when we add in the believe that the 'class' of 'capitalists' is the only subset of humans that even has agency?

>It doesn't help that the posts are riddled with kohl/pol lingo btw.
>schizo is imageboard lingo for being delusional
Pot, kettle, black...
No. 72964 Kontra
R. D. Liang, is that you? I thought you were dead.
No. 72965
whghat if some people sometimes do band and wrong things because they had the power to do so, and then one day decided to do it for whatever arbitrary reason, and there's no grand systematic explanation of their axctions?
No. 72967
27 kB, 284 × 512
That's a good question. One studied in the uni to become one, the other one just calls others schizos whenever he feels like he's losing a debate.

The problem with the accusations of this nature is that when one convincingly tells the other person that he is insane or delusional and does it repeatedly, the target person might actually believe that he is insane and will start questioning himself or his actions.
The gaslighter knows this and he abuses this constantly in every conversation.
It's rather cheap and online i see that people do it way too often these days. On imageboards some will start samefagging in the same thread convincingly to create the illusion of them having the majority behind them, just to not lose a debate. Yes. Some people are like that.

Anyway schizo accusations are an elaborate form of ad hominem, it's a sophism. By accusing someone of schizophrenia you instantly dismiss not only what he said before but also anything he's possibly going to say in the future.

It all stems from inner insecurity and the worst part about it is that the only defense from these people is to not take them and what they say seriously. The one thing these people are afraid of is to be treated like children. Because deep inside they are like small children, afraid of the entire world and thus craving dominance to keep their surroundings, including people around them under control.
No. 72968
but then muh conspiracy theories fall apart!
No. 72970
Brick go home you're drunk.
No. 72971 Kontra
So that's how they make money off war.
No. 72973
Russia repaid lend-lease in 2006. Interest rate was 2%.
Compound inflation between 1945 and 2006 was 1100%.
US GDP grew from $0.2 trillion to $14 trillion.

I assume that the returns would have been far greater if that money had been left in the US economy, compounding and compounding...
No. 72974
602 kB, 623 × 830
It's not about money made necessarily from the lend-lease it's the very fact of lend-lease exists.
You can take every economic problem and say "oh it's just lend-lease and the War - we gotta work harder".
Take WW2 for instance, there was a massive propaganda campaign in the US, it gave excuses for factory owners to break up protests and report misbehavior.

The current situation allows americans to mobilize everyone to work and gives government an excuse to tighten bolts in the system. So less protests - protesters might be traitors working for Russia or China.
War is a business like that. It's not just hard trade. It's a psychological manipulation of the unaware masses.
Everyone has to forget about their life standards decreasing cause there's war going on.
I'm not saying it's not the same over here. It's just i don't believe that the situation with protests and people being unhappy with the government is a lot less pronounced than in the US and the UK.
No. 72976
4,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
>I'm not saying it's not the same over here

What are you even rambling about? A decrease in freedom to protest? As far as i know that freedom didn't really exist in Russia even before the war. I can't speak for the US of A but at least here are enough pro Russian protests all the time and except for some butthurt they don't produce much backlash.

3/10 for topic switch. I'm sure you can do better next time.
No. 72977
>You can take every economic problem and say "oh it's just lend-lease and the War - we gotta work harder".
The biggest economic problem the US have is a discontent, but uneducated black/hispanic underclass, equipped with a culture that idolizes crime, and lots of excuses about racism. Those people are the "protesters" you see on TV, and their riots occur at 20-30 years intervals. Happened in the late 60s, happened in the early nineties, happened again during the last years.

>It gave excuses for factory owners to break up protests and report misbehavior.
Manufacturing jobs in the USA are skilled labor and comparatively well-paying. Those that were not have all been outsourced to Mexico or China long ago. For example, industrial electricians in the Midwest make about $30/hour. At a 40 hour work-week that is 60k a year, at very generous tax rates compared to Europe.
Those people might be discontent when they have to pay more for gas, because that makes the 35 Mile-Ride from their suburban home to the plant eat into their budget, and that means not buying a Jetski in June. They might vote Republican in autumn, if they do not vote Republican already, that is. But they will not go on strike, or take to inner-cities and loot, plant security will not beat them with batons, they will not be tear-gassed by police, or whatever scenes you might imagine.

>The current situation allows americans to mobilize everyone to work and gives government an excuse to tighten bolts in the system. So less protests - protesters might be traitors working for Russia or China.
Gotta serve those tables harder to beat them damn Russkis? Gotta drive more hours on Uber or Russia will win? The vast majority of American Jobs are service-jobs, and the lowest paying jobs with the worst working conditions certainly are.

>War is a business like that. It's not just hard trade. It's a psychological manipulation of the unaware masses.
The unaware masses in America will have forgotten about this war in another month, to them, it is foreigners killing other foreigners, Americans do not care about that very much.

>Everyone has to forget about their life standards decreasing cause there's war going on.

>I'm not saying it's not the same over here.
It hardly is the same over there.
No. 72978
Most Hispanics try hard to get an education and climb higher, afaik. Trouble is, more and more are continuously arriving.

The blacks are a troubled community indeed.
No. 73003
>Panzerhaubitze 2000 for Ukraine
With love from NL and Ger <3 but like only 5 pieces or so which is fucking nothing, maybe the Bundeswehr should send half or more of its stock (50 of 100?)...
No. 73019
Not russkies. Chinese and Russkies. America had a deindustrialization problem, just like Europe.
Creating an artificial threat of evil russia or China allows you all to industrialize.
There are two general trains of thought on the west right now.

The first one is a hard reactionary.
>let’s bring it all back and revert to the 1990s-2000s state where the western banks controlled much of the world economy
This option is what Biden and his compatriots push. It’a unrealistic and it’s a lazy attempt to half ass the world back into „unipolar“ state through sanctions, propaganda and economic warfare. Mostly through manipulating the public opinion through corrupt western media.
I’m saying quote unquote because the unipolarity is a myth and the world was never unipolar. There was a brief period in the 1990s-early 2000s when Americans thought that unipolar NWO with Washington in charge is possible. That was an illusion nothing more.

The second one is semi-reactionary
This is pushed by trump and implies re-industrialization of the United States. The goal is the same however under trump Americans would’ve cut loose all the dead weight in the form of NATO, allow Europe to plunge into chaos and war and then sell weapons to everyone. After the war ends they would do Marshall plan 2.0 and have another 1950s america (MAGA).
This is more realistic and I assume that this is what they will eventually have to choose.

The thing about re-industrialization is that zoomers don’t want to work on factories. The only way to send them there is to brainwash them into „THIS IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR SURVIVAL“ mentality. Basically to leave them no other choice.

You can dismiss my comments as much as you want but it won’t make them any less true.
No. 73024
This one is better, it shows the Vuursnelheid. The Snelheid is provided by the automatic mechanism and a blonde, long-haired man.
No. 73026
10 kB, 209 × 241
No. 73027
>Not russkies. Chinese and Russkies. America had a deindustrialization problem, just like Europe.

Math lesson:
GDP per capita in the US is $60k. 20% of GDP in the US is from the secondary sector. $60k * .2 = 12k is the industrial output per capita in the US.
GDP per capita in Germany is $50k. 30% of GDP in Germany is from the secondary sector. $50k * .3 = 15k is the industrial output per capita in Germany.
GDP per capita in France is $44k. 20% of GDP is in France is from the secondary sector. $44k * .20 = 8.8k is the industrial output per capita in France.
GDP per capita in Russia is $25k. 32% of GDP in Russia is from the secondary sector. $25k * .32 = 8k is the industrial output per capita in Russia.
GDP per capita in China is $16k. 40% of GDP in China is from the secondary sector. $6.4k is the industrial output per capita in China.
No. 73028
What a magnificent fellow working as a loader. Sure, the five PzH2000 might not make a huge difference in the large scale of things but if I recall correctly the system is well capable for MRSI, so whatever infantry unit they are supporting will surely be thankful to have them on their side. And with a fire rate like that I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end for sure.

I think PzH2000 was trialed in Finland as well but we ended up with the South-Korean K9, mostly due to unit cost. Don't quote me on that though. And like the earlier videos states, it is difficult for European armies to let go of any equipment that is currently in use. It's unfortunate that Finland scrapped the remaining T-72s years ago, they would now be a great asset to send to Ukraine like Poland appears to have done. It's not feasible for us to send K9s or really anything else that's in active use today as that might be needed here to assure our safety at least until we join NATO.
No. 73029
Math is rusophobic, let's stick to rhetoric and emotions.
No. 73030 Kontra
The earlier video I was referring to covers PzH2000s MRSI in great detail, should've watched it competely first... Well, it is a great system indeed.
No. 73031
Yeah, some people think it's a Dutch stoner-soldier who will go and have a joint after the exercise, but he's not. He's a civilian employee of the German ministry of defense. Just some Uwe or Joachim at his day-job in the mid nineties, loading a PzH 2000 as fast as humanly possible. Keiner lädt so schnell wie Volker.
No. 73036
Damn that's an amtlicher Vokuhila.
No. 73037
You count GDP in USD which is a fallacy by itself.
No. 73044
So what metric did you use to determine the state of deindustrialization you diagnosed?
Purchasing power parity? That's saying
>Haircuts in Hanoi are cheaper than in Bucharest, so this Vietnamese sweater is worth more than that Romanian sweater
or did you just compare the raw output?
Or maybe you pulled something straight from your ass?
No. 73047
66th day of war.
Several pro-Russia organizations - House of Russia, Edintsvo, initiatives sponsored by the Russian embassy have been assigned to the aid of Ukrainian refugees. People with ties to the Russian embassy were going so far as to take copies of the documents of Ukrainian refugees. This happened in several cities, most notably in Setúbal where representatives of these Russia funded institutions were in charge of questioning the refugees.

>So what metric did you use to determine the state of deindustrialization you diagnosed?
The figures came from his heart of course.
No. 73049
254 kB, 1280 × 720
248 kB, 1280 × 720
Cmon, everyone knows that Americans are greedy bankers, Germans are soy eating weaklings and Russians are stronk workers from communist posters.

The metric which is relevant here is pic related. The consequences of this is that despite lower industrial output there are millions and millions of people in Russia doing monkey jobs for 300$ on ancient equipment. This contributes to stereotype.
No. 73050 Kontra
>greedy bankers
And lawyers, of course.
No. 73052
Why do you always have to look up biased numeric statistics to prove your point?
Why suddenly everything has to be calculated in USD or Euro?
The problem is that every time you refer to those economic indicators which were created on the west by the western economists it is already biased. It’s not objective in any way whatsoever.

I can sit in my shitty dirty apartment and claim my apartment is objectively clean based on my perception alone and some indicators and stats figures which evolved out of my personal perception. Which is what the west does regarding anything outside the west.
>uuuh if we calculate in coconuts which only grow here - this country has less pineapples.

The whole western economic theory is trash, must be bulldozed and replaced with something more objective.
No. 73053
Or wait here is a better comparison.
Imagine that I took a huge dump.
I have a whole full bucket of feces that I excreted.
I decided call this “currency” just like you call Euro or USD currency.
How much of my feces do you have bro? Oh you have none?? Well that means you are a poorfag according to my standards.
That’s what western economic theory is in a nutshell. This is the truth and you can’t deny it.
Your currency (euro/usd) ain’t worth anything just because you shat it out. It’s not even tied to anything. Might as well replace it with stones.
No. 73054
That's not how numbers work, bro.
No. 73055 Kontra
Well, there is some truth in his words. Statistics are not without context, and numbers aren't either. Also, numbers alone won't explain any causal relationship. Data is selected and interpreted. That is why you have arguments about the way data is generated/won and how it is interpreted.
No. 73056 Kontra
>Yes, straight from my ass!
in long form.
No. 73057
Do an experiment, try buying things for a fistful of stones, then try buying things for a fistful of dollars notes, see what happens.
No. 73058
>Statistics are not without context, and numbers aren't either. Also, numbers alone won't explain any causal relationship. Data is selected and interpreted.
Then maybe move to Russia. In the proper context, and with the correct interpretation, you will be rich. You just have to apply the correct definition of wealth, which is best of course subjective.
Maybe you will only be rich in feces or stones, but as we have learned from the man who is not wrong, it is the same or even better as being rich in dollars.
No. 73059 Kontra
Used to work with a Russian, he told me that in Russia, they still used machines they had 'imported' from Germany in 1945, in 2000s...
The machines do not get better with age, so there are workers in Russia working at less than 1930s-levels of productivity. It is obvious that they can only earn 1930s-levels wages.
No. 73061
All i am saying is that western neoliberal economic theory is garbage and that it must be replaced.
This is what i am arguing.
I will not have a conversation or an argument about things WITHIN the western neoliberal economic theory operating with it's indicators and stats like GDP and all that shit.

For starters a new currency must be introduced.
Then we can talk.
No. 73063 Kontra
He's right, we should start measuring GDP per capita in Transnistrian rubles.
No. 73065
>it must be replaced.

By what?

>For starters a new currency must be introduced.

Why? Who would be in control of this currency and who would pay with it? A worldwide currency?
No. 73066
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1085
Fuck, this is what I was going to write.
Do you have these coins after the journey?
No. 73067 Kontra
The West is deindustrialized, but it is not possible to measure deindustrialization until you have cooked up a new economic theory and introduced a new currency?
No. 73068 Kontra
I was talking in general, but whatever.
No. 73069
Chetons for bumper cars, noice.
No. 73070 Kontra
And your general case does not specialize? Then it is, in general, wrong, since it is wrong for the special case.
No. 73071 Kontra
4,7 MB, 2600 × 3892
No, I saw them for sale but didn't get any. I regret my actions but I was afraid I'd end up not being able to leave after burning through my last bit of moni on a taxi fare and cognac.
Still, I managed to keep some real money to use when the EU stops pushing our discredited currency.
No. 73073 Kontra
I had a wallet choke full of Pridnestrovian rubles when I left (maybe even 100€'s worth, ~80 bills), but I wasted most of them tipping a waitress with stack upon stack of money she would never be able to exchange.
No. 73077 Kontra
>Why? Who would be in control of this currency and who would pay with it? A worldwide currency?
Nobody. I suggest breaking up the world into multiple currency zones and getting rid of "reserve currency" phenomenon completely.
In each currency zone a specific currency will be used. For instance zone around China would trade in chinese yuan and so on.
No. 73079 Kontra
OK, and how is "introducing a new currency" is related to it?
No. 73080 Kontra
as for
>why such a system is better
if one zone experiences economic crisis due to poor economic policy - it does not impact anyone else in a significant manner. For instance in the 1930s issues in the USSR were unrelated to the issues on the West. The two blocs were isolated for the most part.
Same with 1970s. On the west there was an oil crisis. There was no such thing in the USSR.
No. 73081
Means trading just in USR/Euro is not enough.
Rupee, Yuan, Rouble and Real should be used in trade.
Another option is the Gold Standard.
No. 73084 Kontra
>There was no such thing in the USSR.
Possibly because the USSR was an oil exporting nation.
No. 73085
12 kB, 183 × 232
> Another option is the Gold Standard.
No. 73086 Kontra
Measuring deindustrialization can happen in different ways.

You math lesson

>GDP per capita in the US is $60k. 20% of GDP in the US is from the secondary sector. $60k * .2 = 12k is the industrial output per capita in the US.
>GDP per capita in Germany is $50k. 30% of GDP in Germany is from the secondary sector. $50k * .3 = 15k is the industrial output per capita in Germany.
>GDP per capita in France is $44k. 20% of GDP is in France is from the secondary sector. $44k * .20 = 8.8k is the industrial output per capita in France.
>GDP per capita in Russia is $25k. 32% of GDP in Russia is from the secondary sector. $25k * .32 = 8k is the industrial output per capita in Russia.
>GDP per capita in China is $16k. 40% of GDP in China is from the secondary sector. $6.4k is the industrial output per capita in China.

tells us nothing about the industry itself. You could have one sector, a few firms that have huge productivity and little actual employment and this would then still be an industrialized country according to your measurements. A country producing only cars for the whole world but no steel, no electronics or other big industry products would then be an industrialized country and perhaps the most industrialized country in the world because its secondary sector share of the GDP is the highest in comparison. I'm being hyperbolic in my example but it shows the weakness of that measure. It's like measuring poorness by GDP, GDP doesn't account for any distribution of wealth.
No. 73097
>gold is bad because Europe has fuck all gold
so what, the rest of the world has a lot of it.
No. 73102
its not bad just cabal wont allow it

real question is how long they would be able to project their will over the rest of the world
No. 73103 Kontra
>its not bad just cabal wont allow it
Which is ultimately why we have the conflict of this magnitude today.
No. 73111
No. 73112
10 kB, 480 × 360
No. 73113
From accusations of genocide where the primary culprit seems to be criminal incompetence and to now grain theft, historical themes are ever repeating.
No. 73115
198 kB, 1280 × 853
The imperial center needs to style itself differently. Today, Zakharova wrote in a larger article about the press secretary John Kirby's emotional denunciation of Russia's actions -

Among other gibberish, he said it was “hard to look at what Russian forces are doing in Ukraine.” Really? How hard can it be for an American rear admiral to look at anything?

Kirby has an impressive service record: 28 years in the Navy (1986-2015), including as Chief of Navy Information. This means he was among the senior US officers who received all of the Pentagon’s information, so he was aware of literally everything. He knew about depleted uranium in Yugoslavia and about the Iraq War Logs, as they now call a large body of documents testifying to war crimes committed by US military personnel in Iraq.

We learned about all this thanks to Wikileaks and its creators, who are being destroyed by Kirby’s colleagues, but John read these reports every day: about thousands and thousands of civilians who died in Iraqi and Syrian villages from the atrocities of the American troops. Considering the level of the US military’s equipment, there is no doubt that he saw photographs and video footage. I wonder, was it difficult for him to watch those inhuman spectacles?

But it’s different now. I can see 2️ reasons for that.

First, his agency was caught engaging in illegal activities: developing biological weapons in Ukraine. Everyone would start to lose their nerve, considering the US international obligations.

Second, all of this is happening at the same time as the political team is leaving the White House. Everyone is fleeing. According to US media, the outflow of high-ranking officials from the White House has started. The reason given by experts in the United States is pervasive pessimism due to the lack of trust in the Administration and Biden personally.

-excerpt from an official statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the first of May 2022.

Things have gone downhill, from having the power to captivate the interest of a signficant portion of western intelligentsia and their followers by the power of the power of ideas for a new better society to a ministry that still refuses to call it a war. Why not accept it as an invasion, say that you are indeed yes- launching a military invasion because Russia simply will not abide by Pax Americana or some shit. No, there's emojis and biolabs and even when the subtle threats of escalating the conflict are pathetic -
No. 73116 Kontra
>by the power of the power
i am immensely powerful at 1am
No. 73117 Kontra
151 kB, 741 × 610
The mind boggles.

>few firms that have huge productivity and little actual employment and this would then still be an industrialized country according to your measurements
And that would be entirely correct. Why would you measure the number of employees instead of output? If, in country A, 1 worker is employed per unit of industrial output and in country B, 10 workers are employed per unit of industrial output, then country B has substituted less of their workforce by capital and is thus in an earlier phase of economic development, that is all.

Why would you say country A is de-industrialized even when its industrial output has not declined and is even greater than the industrial output of country B? That makes no sense at all.

And why would you take the number of companies into account? Why would 10000 TV-Sets produced by 2 companies be worse than 10000 TV-Sets produced by 10 companies? If anything, the second case is disadvantageous, since economies of scale will be lost.

>A country producing only cars for the whole world but no steel, no electronics or other big industry products would then be an industrialized country
And where would be the error in that? Why would you put diversity or dependence on international trade into measuring industrialization?
North Korea's industry is very independent, but North Korea is hardly a powerhouse of industry, is it?

Clustering, specialization and concentration occur naturally. Factors of location are beneficial not only to one operation, but to the other operations of the same kind. A pre-trained workforce, established supplying industries and established industrial consumers become positive factors of location in their own right. Clustering offers increased learning effects, efficiencies, a certain culture pertaining to the dominant industry often becomes established and helps all of the enterprises in that locale and industry.
Examples for clustering of certain industries, current or historical, would be: Detroit from 1920 to the late 20th century/the Wiesental in the 19th century/Shenzhen today.

>On the west there was an oil crisis. There was no such thing in the USSR.
In petro-states, the crisis hits when prices fall, not when they rise. The 1970s energy-crisis was how the Soviet Union and its nasty little East-German appendix with its nasty petro-chemical industry made it through the decade unscathed, while the Polish economy was already in dire straits in the lead-up to 1980s martial law.
Russians love to think how Gorbachev fucked the country and how Yeltsin was even worse and how Putin made Russia great again...
In reality, when oil becomes too cheap, the Russian economy tanks.
No. 73119
Being chaotic and incohesive is an inherent part of modern Russian propaganda. Works fine enough for a Russian viewer. Not so much for everyone else, though.
No. 73126

Any russian care to give more context on that? Are they really showing already how they would attack with intercontinental missiles or is it just "our missile are so fast and strong they can reach Berlin in under two minutes"?
No. 73127
75 kB, 1090 × 661
32 kB, 520 × 315
> "our missile are so fast and strong they can reach Berlin in under two minutes"
Yes. They've been feeding bydlo this "MUH NUKES" stuff for years, don't bother.
No. 73128
The fragments I've found on Youtube look basically like incoherent ramblings by Zhyravlyov (from the Liberal Democratic Party of Clowns), insisting that "it (the times of arrival) is what they should be shown", with Popov noting that "but in this war no one is going to survive".
No. 73132
I didn't watch it but it looks more justification/preparation for deployement of the said missiles in kaliningrad area.
>look here these timings are why they need to be deployed
No. 73136
How come CNN does not have equivalent content? USA weak?
No. 73137
4,5 MB, 720 × 480, 1:15
No. 73139
Is it satire? Is it fiction? Is it propaganda? I can't even tell.
No. 73140
Patriotic oligarchs would rather commit suicide then betray the god emperor.

No. 73142
30 kB, 437 × 582
Some of their families were suicided too, you know, the whole shtick including 5 bullets in heda and down the dnieper Moskva.
No. 73143
684 kB, 480 × 480, 0:07
No idea.
(phrase on label in video refers to destruction of whole world too)
No. 73154
35 kB, 615 × 410
Play stupid games - win stupid prizes.
>b-b-but it's murder
Yeah it is.
The family is for life, you don't turn your back on the family.
No. 73155 Kontra
427 kB, 1525 × 2048
I always thought lowly of sinologists. I still dislike them, but truly the lowest form of human are those who specialize in the far east of Europe. Interest in Russia is a mark of the sick, whatever the conclusions people make of their interest. Being interested in alcoholics is far worse than being interested in the yellow lore.
No. 73157
You know what is worse?
Having immigrant’s remorse and being insecure about potentially wrong choices in your life and for whatever reason trying to prove you are totally OK to random strangers online in hopes that the feeling of dissatisfaction and depression somehow disappears.
I hope you will get better eventually
No. 73158
Immigrant's remorse?
I hope I'll become cured too.
No. 73163 Kontra
242 kB, 828 × 601
Különleges Katonai Művelet Ungvár felszabadítására in 3…2…1…
No. 73164
1,3 MB, 600 × 480, 0:46
Sorry Ireland, looks like we'll be taking you with us:
No. 73166
>Europe: debates maybe equipping Ukraine with tanks
<Russia: fantasies about nuking European capitals, sinking Britain and decapitating America in a first strike air on prime-time TV
Truly an interesting contrast.
No. 73167
Ivan "We The Thieves" Pizzaman laprs as mafia boss again? :D
No. 73168
72 kB, 624 × 582
51 kB, 640 × 520
I don't even know what to feel anymore.
No. 73169
Kleptocracy implies thievery. Thievery is taking what is not yours. But what if filling your own pockets is just what is expected of Russians in a position to fill their own pockets, as a cultural norm? Is it still a cleptocracy or simply Russians doing their form of kratein without the klepto?

Alternative point of view:
You say Russia kleptocracy? Such insults! Why you not look to America? How come Biden rich? How come Trump rich? How come Obama rich? They thieves! You full of lies and propaganda!
No. 73170 Kontra
211 kB, 640 × 653
No. 73171
162 kB, 955 × 863
Cancelling holocaust and Hitler was long overdue. The more debate there is about the topic and the less consensus there is - the better it is for the humanity as a whole.
The western bloc has usurped the whole conversation and all talking points about the Nazism and WW2 and turned it into
>"Nazism is only when the jews are getting gassed."
>"If jews do not get killed it's not nazism."
>"Hitler's only mistake was the holocaust."
While in reality Hitler's mistake that the regime he established WAS established in the first place.
It's not the genocide that makes Nazi Germany shit, it's the political structure of the Nazi Germany itself that is problematic.
It is irrelevant who is in charge of such a system (whether it's a jew or not a jew) and what the system does, it is the fact that a system like that with the rigid class system like that exists in general.
No. 73173 Kontra
I know Hitler was a jerk, but I never thought he'd stoop so low as to create a society with classes.

Dialetics in motion. Ready to die fighting those damn kikes and their nazism.
No. 73178
1,6 MB, 200 × 150, 0:09
>I know Hitler was a jerk, but I never thought he'd stoop so low as to create a society with classes.
No. 73234
I think you give too much credit to Westerners using those terms with rigor.
Those may be terms that the cultural arbitrators will try to define for others, but for the average voter it's more along the lines of:
>Nazis are the end game of rightism gone too far
>Commies are the end game of leftism gone to far
If you are calling out rightism, use the first. If you are calling out leftism, use the latter.

Really just signals the speaker lacing their spiel with strong cultural associations with guilt, especially if splitting hairs results in the accusation of being or enabling either.
No. 73282
I always put the Socialism infront of the National.

I'm a Sonat.