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No. 72275 Systemkontra
130 kB, 960 × 960
Previous: >>70907
No. 72276
Today gf got the call that she got her new job. She will probably not start until September, though.
Tomorrow I will visit an apartment, together with god knows how many other people.
I already had to send over my ID and payslips of the last three months.
The amount of bullshit they ask of you is absolutely horrible. Five years ago when I moved the last time, it certainly wasn't that bad.

I am also trying to plan the logistics of moving, since we have to combine two apartments some distance apart into one, preferably on one weekend, without having to drive too much.
No. 72278
18 kB, 588 × 604
At least you can find a place to rent, we've been living in a perpetual housing crisis for 10 years and now we have 23,000 Ukrainians just thrown into the mix on top of it

Rents in Ireland have probably tripled in the last decade and there's homeless people sleeping in shop doorways in every city
No. 72279
>Do you know that all "Granny Smith" trees are clones of one tree?
Isn't that the case with all apple breeds? The vast majority won't have tasty apples, but just crabapples. They can only serve rootstocks for grafts of a cultivar, e.g. Granny Smith or Topaz or Cox Orange Pippin or Brettacher.
No. 72280
Is it a big city? Sounds like a broker/Makler is doing the flat exhibition. Yeah, those group views are terrible. Maybe couple status gets you a bonus.
No. 72281
>we've been living in a perpetual housing crisis for 10 years

Is there any Western country where this isn't the case these days?
No. 72283
Probably not.
No. 72287
No, it's close to a big city, but still a village.
But you rarely seem to get your hands on private apartments at the moment if you don't already know people there.
As we used to say back in the day, "Es ist alles so mühsam".
If I had money I'd buy a lot of houses and sell them for cheap just to spite the landlord/broker mafia.
No. 72291
Ebay Kleinanzeigen often has private apartments.
No. 72293
Huh, never thought about that. I still have an account there.
No. 72294
56 kB, 636 × 422
800 something kilometers done today. Practically as much as a Lusitan national can drive without finding himself in Spain.
More awaits me tomorrow.
No. 72295 Kontra
And thanks, of course.
No. 72298
34 kB, 275 × 226
pic related.
Business trip? Or is the trip the business?
I recently also did 800 in one day for a business trip.
No. 72309
1,3 MB, 2503 × 2351
Business trip. Doing the same trip next week :DD
No. 72315
3,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
4,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
Today I climbed a former volcano, which had been turned into a fort to defend Auckland from invaders. Initially it was to defend against Russians in the 1800s, but was updated around ww2 to defend against the Japanese. There are more of these around, but I'm told this is the best one to explore. Auckland is a city in a bay primarily shielded by Rangitoto island, which these emplacements are covering.

1) I found the local Ukrainian oligarch, conveniently located by the nearest personal beach defence bunker. The direction I came from was along the beach.
2) oligarch personal bunker, next to mountain
3) a view out towards Rangitoto from beach area
4) part way up the mountain - former gun battery location. There were a few of these.
No. 72316
4,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
1,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) one of the guns from the disappearing gun battery is here. Blurb is attached.
2) guns sit ready, with oligarch ready to use if needed. They had a second flag even, up here :D
3) there were some tunnels around here - mostly quite dark, but this one led to an enclosed space that used to be a dissapearing gun battery - it looks like when the area was modernised around ww2, it got covered up.
4) a ww2 era battery. There were several others connected by trenches, but in the open, and then two main modernised ones built into the volcano. Tunnels going back into the mountain, for obvervation domes too.
No. 72317
2,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
4,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) view from the obverservation point. Tunnels connect this with the primary batteries. Trenches connect the primary to the secondary batteries.
2) blurb, explaining it a little. Store rooms for all things are built into the mountain. Was fun to explore.
3) more batteries, with associated underground ammunition storage. There are conveyors underground to bring things to the surface. The underground area was pitch black, and not too much to see. Just some store rooms.
4) Auckland CBD, on the opposite side of the mountain to Rangitoto
No. 72318
3,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
4,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
1)There are two additional dissapearing gun batteries, from the Russian fear era. This one is on the surface and kept together. The other is scrapped, but the cementwork is still there. There is a small observation post kept behind it (near where I took the photo from). These were really interesting. There was a maze of tunnels underground, connecting engine rooms, minefield observation areas, ship spotting, ammo storage, and the guns themselves. I went underground next.
2) one of the entrypoints (there were a couple)
3) my phone torch barely works, so it was much darker than the camera flash shows.
4) the gun from underneath, in the bunkers
No. 72321
3,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
17,6 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:10
2,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) information about dissapearing gun
2) i half expected a bloodsucker from stalker to be under there :D this is exiting the gun from underground
3) the minefield observation bunker
4) the view from this, over the area that previously had a minefield.

There was also an old engine room that powered everything, but was a little boring. Also went to old maritime museum, but it was also pretty average.

Thankyou for reading, my IWO spam is now over.
No. 72323
2,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
I found little america in Moscow.
No. 72324 Kontra
84 kB, 428 × 600
I skimmed through lots of articles and books, and bought a (pop)book by Max Tegmark. Again this feeling of desiring knowledge and being faced with a time scarcity, ultimately depressing yet the virtuality of personal knowledge makes me feel delightfully rushed. Above all this practice of scanning for potential knowledge to acquire could make its own inquiry.
No. 72326
I like how you don't necessarily need to quote someone because post frequency is so low here. Feels like a more liberal (as in free) old tymes forum.
No. 72331
17 kB, 500 × 375
There is a gap between "I like x" and "I recommend x" which I find it difficult to overcome. Saying that I like something- music/books/movies etc- carries no burden, is merely an expression of my personal reaction. To recommend is something more, it implies that I know how someone else will react. It is an unspoken request that they invest their own time on something I enjoyed with no guarantee the time will be rewarded. Add to that my ever-present worry that I have shit taste(but don't know it) and making a recommendation becomes nearly impossible.

>IWO spam
No. 72332
Why do you recommend something to someone? The reason is important, it could be more than "I like it" so you must too. It could be a reason detached from this (unconscious) preference.
No. 72336
I stopped recommending things to people a long time ago because it comes with baggage. Especially if you recommend them something and they hate it, or you recommend a super underrated game to all your friends (Thea: the Awakening) and they buy it and never ever play it.

When it comes to movies, books, TV shows and games I just do my own thing unless someone specifically asks me about it.

Interesting as a side effet, I find often my friends see me playing a game on steam a lot and then I see they've bought it themselves a few weeks later, without ever exchanging a word
No. 72338
>The reason
A desire to see something I enjoyed also enjoyed by another. Also, and less noble, to then be associated with that enjoyment and appear a bit brighter myself. Normal, I think, to be infected with a piece of media, and to be used by it as a carrier aiding its propagation. But perhaps this is only semantics, and in most situations stating that you like something is enough and elevating to a 'recommendation', to a 'you should check this out' is neither desired or required.
No. 72376 Kontra
There is this absolutely well-dressed woman I share a few classes with this semester and today we exchanged a few glances again. I don't think anything will happen, so I died a little inside today for another chance going by as so often has been the case chances are not goals met, so it could very well be that she would be bored, but I think she already knows I'm this vast academic knowledge type guy. While I still don't know if another is into me, I will meet her probably next week, but now this woman from today occupies my mind, I can't get over the fact how well she knows to dress herself, the colors, the shapes, the layering everything fits.
No. 72378
Chomsky's political commentary is becoming more and more irrelevant.
Meanwhile I feel like Zizek's ideas are getting vindicated.
It's not that Chomsky is wrong, it's just that his paradigm is outdated. He's an artifact of the 50-60s.

Continentals rule, analyticals drool.
No. 72380
Chomsky has the issue of not knowing what he wants to be a lot of the time too. He sells out to the libs a lot which pisses off those who unironically agree with him. It's hard sometimes to see a giant of his day reduced to soundbites about voooting and such.

Like him or not, Zizek at least just verbally shitposts whatever the fuck he feels like, whether you like it or not.
No. 72381
Do there even exist any analytical philosophers that have to say anything interesting about present society/culture?
No. 72383
Probably depends on what you understand by "interesting".
No. 72384
Something that is insightful
No. 72386
28 kB, 390 × 359
After pondering for at least minutes on the toilet, I came up with some philosophical statements. Thus, gather around, young ones and learn some wisdom.

>He who drinks cheap beer will soon search for a toilet.

>The fool uses toilet paper; the wise man has toilet paper.

>Ernst is fish. EC is water.

>One should never go to bed too early, lest one miss something.

>Talking like a wise man is easier than being a wise man.

>He whose eyes are blinded by the sun should lower his shutters.

>If you don't talk to her, she will never know you exist.

Do with these as you will.
No. 72387
I kneel, teacher.
No. 72389
i think i will do geophysics from now on
No. 72393
>One should never go to bed too early, lest one miss something.
But if man goes to bed late, he misses sleep...
No. 72394
Sleep is merely death's brother.
No. 72395 Kontra
>If you don't talk to her, she will never know you exist.

Damn, how did you know she is blind?
No. 72404
The fool believes, the wise man assumes.
No. 72408
144 kB, 818 × 1024
>my ever-present worry that I have shit taste(but don't know it) and making a recommendation becomes nearly impossible.
I used to feel this way in my teens. I don't think there's anything you can do other than just developing your taste through watching/reading/listening to a lot of stuff and also doing additional research etc.
Though giving recommendations also mostly makes sense if you have some idea of what your audience likes. Or you can use qualifiers like "If you like X, you'll like Y" I guess
I'd like to say "there's nothing wrong with just liking things" but I can only really get behind that on the condition that you've checked out enough different stuff that you can positively say that it's something you like rather than it's just something you like out of convenience/ignorance. But then again I'm something of a self-professed snob.
No. 72409
>I don't think there's anything you can do other than just developing your taste
Yes there is, simply believe in probabilities and statistics. If you like something, chances are others like it, too.
No. 72410 Kontra
Then you really need some good variables (maybe wrong term) in which this liking rests.

The variable romantic comedy alone might not be sufficient enough for a successful recommendation. For example if anybody likes films about depression I would certainly recommend August, 31st. But maybe people don't like the milieu in which it plays and thus dislike it.
No. 72411
Tbh now I wonder how recommendation algorithms work. They aren't bad with me, but often miss and is it really just simple broad similarities thanks to very general categories, or a combination of categories, or how fine-grained are they working?
No. 72412
I think it depends on how consistent you are, i.e. the farther you stray away from your "average", the more they fuck up. Or they weren't good in the first place. I have never seen good Prime and Netflix recs, for example.
No. 72413
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Yesterday was okay I guess.
Handed in the essay a week early for the translation history seminar.

Workshop class went fine. Though I only appeared on time by accident. I simply forgot what time it was starting, and the library was closed. They were shooting a movie.
Asked the chick working as a security guard "I hope at least you closed it for something useful." "They're shooting a movie." "Then I hope at the very least it's shot on tax money. Good bye."

Went back to campus and sorta just existed on one of the beanbag chairs they put out in the open. Then I wandered for half an hour and bought a book. Girl running the stand said my hair is pretty.
Got caught completely off-guard by it.

So anyway, I stumbled into the classroom by accident with another member of the workshop who happened by. She entered and said "Sorry for being late" and I was like "Why are you saying that, we still have half an hour!"
Apparently not.
Not like it matters, the others completely forgot it anyway.

Didn't do much today, just laid in bed, assembled some notes and finalized my powerpoint then sent it to my mother to paint it for free at her workplace.
It's gonna be a good presentation I think.
I wonder how many people will come. I suppose even 10 would be a good number. Apparently Mongol and Turkic studies pull in more people than Sinology and Japanology.

To me Chomsky always felt like he had the ability to see things, but he was too assimilated by his status as an academic to actually go out and do something about it, instead being this play-thing of the system they bring out when "radical criticism" is needed.
Other than that I can only remember how in linguistics class he was constantly shittalked by the professor.

Recommending is an incredibly personal act imho, so it's no wonder. There's also the fact that it's not only personal but inter-personal.
You are not only giving away a piece of your personality to outsiders, but you're also making an attempt to show you know them by giving them a potential like. So it's an especially bad failure if it turns out to be a dislike or even slightly inconvenient.
No. 72415
>Apparently Mongol and Turkic studies pull in more people than Sinology and Japanology.
Some Hungarians understand the importance of learning about their roots, others watch too much anime!
No. 72416
116 kB, 650 × 648
Don't know where to put this one, but I watched a Rudy Rucker presenting a program for Cellular Automata in 1990

Rucker is a mathematician and sci-fi novelist. I don't know much about CA besides that you give a few rules and then let the patterns emerge depending on the rules and input. I think what is interesting is that CA can be used for image processing. I don't know anything about the life sciences side of CA, the simulation of life/populations etc. besides they are claimed to be useful in that regard. Only points out the importance of information for the organisation of (dynamic, non-linear) systems.

Rucker also presented a software for Chaos equations (?)

Both are especially interesting in aesthetics, especially CA.
No. 72417
> I don't know anything about the life sciences side of CA, the simulation of life/populations etc. besides they are claimed to be useful in that regard.
The way I always understood it was that it's either a point of view of extreme reductionism, i.e. everything in the universe can be traced back to the principle of a CA, or, depending on what kind of CA you use, for illustration of how populations can develop and stabilize, e.g. patterns emerging and persisting while other patterns simply vanish, or after some time some new pattern emerging.
But that's a very superficial understanding and I frankly haven't really bothered with getting deeper into any of it.
No. 72418
> i.e. everything in the universe can be traced back to the principle of a CA

Quite interesting. I suspect this is part of a discourse on the mathematical and informational (thus computational) universe. An example would be >>65012 (Kevin Kelly part)

And yeah, regarding populations, in the late 1980s and 1990s there where talks about Artifical life, https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691029030/the-garden-in-the-machine

Just bought the German translation as it was less then 5€ in total.
No. 72419
ffs I just bought some Red Leister because I wanted to talk to the qt at the cheese counter.
Didn't get any number or anything obviously.
No. 72420
2,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:22
I regret wasting my time posting on k0hl

Chinese used to believe that Hungarians are descendants of Xiongnu. There was a Qing dynasty sci-fi titled „New Era“, where the Hungarians, surrounded by white nations, seek help from their yellow brothers. The stronk Chinese emperor helped and defeated all white powers in a race war, thus commencing a new era.

>Rucker also presented a software for Chaos equations (?)
Well, both chaos theory and cellular automata belong to the field of dynamical system.
No. 72422
119 kB, 640 × 640
>The stronk Chinese emperor helped and defeated all white powers in a race war, thus commencing a new era.
Mother of God, it's all true. Yellow Peril doomsayers were all right - this all explains Hungarian actions in recent times, they're Asiatic sleeper agents. The European Union is compromised.
No. 72424
I remember when we covered that this semester during the lectures about late qing literature. I got goosebumps :D
>Chinese used to believe that Hungarians are descendants of Xiongnu.
This little factoid was taught at every level of education I attained, from elementary school to University.
Though in some sources I saw alternative names for Hungary and Hungarians, like 马扎尔.
I've also heard a story that during the 50s the good comrades in Beijing offered us the possibility to get something more elegant than 匈牙利, but the idea never really caught on due to lack of interest on the part of the Hungarian side. (Though I never saw documentation backing this up, just heard it from Sinologists.)

But it's not just China, we basically managed to claim brotherhood/being related to every single people from Istanbul to Tokyo during the 20th century.
No. 72426
>Chinese used to believe that Hungarians are descendants of Xiongnu.
As far as I understand, it was a European belief that Chinese have simply picked up. It's easy to see a connection between Hungari and Hunni, especially since both peoples were originally unomads. It's not like medieval Chinese knew (or cared) much about European history and geography before more intense contacts with European colonial nations started.
No. 72427
4,0 MB, 3000 × 4000
Guess what time it is?
No. 72429
It's 21:50. No need to guess.
No. 72430 Kontra
>Not an easter Marzipan

What would Jesus and Otto von Bismarck say?
No. 72433
You're a funny guy, Ernst. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

I got it from my mom, beggars can't be choosers. In fact I was in the Lidl yesterday and passed a shelf with marzipan raw mass, but withstood the temptation
No. 72434
87 kB, 490 × 584
Fuck yeah. I accidentally a 300g bar milka crispy yoghurt over two days, feels fat man.
No. 72435
When it comes to politics they both are western analogs of Nikita Sadkov: сompletely blind from self-hate. But unlike them Nikita has some virtues:
  1. He is honest while they try to make up sophisticated demagogic rationalizations for their feelings.
  2. He had a difficult childhood ( https://www.litmir.me/br/?b=612329&p=1 ) and it excuses him somewhat.
  3. He spent a year in refugee camp but finally moved to west while Zizek prefers to be "friend of Russian state" from faraway.
I don't know if Nikita belongs to continental or analytical philosophical school however.
No. 72436
353 kB, 1038 × 1280
Tomorrow I'll venture to LIDL and finally try out Marzipan. You have inspired me, Ernst.

I stole Nikita's telegram handle and he sent me several death threats. I also received ominous messages from people who assumed I was Nikita.
No. 72438
> Tomorrow I'll venture to LIDL and finally try out Marzipan. You have inspired me, Ernst.
Don't hate him if it's not to your liking.

t. Friends of Marzipan
No. 72443 Kontra
>This little factoid was taught at every level of education I attained, from elementary school to University.
Some serious wuzzings in public education. Which side were Magyars on during the Suomi-Hwan Turanic civil war? (I suppose the Finnish side.)

Belarus tried to change her Chinese name to 白罗斯 a few years ago. I think some Israeli groups also wanted to get rid of the 犭 radical in 犹太. Both were dismissed. Last such appeal I could recall being successful was South Korea to rename 汉城 to 首尔.

The Xiongnu-Hun hypothesis was proposed by a French orientalist. But Chinese once made a huge fuss over it. There's the so-called "Xiongnu triangle inequality": Han dynasty defeated Xiongnu and Huns defeated Rome, therefore...
I used to dismiss theories like Avar = Rouran and Hun = Xiongnu as total nonsense. But according to some recent studies there's some truth to it. Wewuzz was true all along.
No. 72450
3,2 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
Today I went to Auckland Art gallery, and saw the new exhibit they had opened. I arrived fairly late in the day, so only got to see this. Rated well though.

My overall orthodox icon power ratings are
#1 - Crete icons (truly masters)
#2 - Greek icons
#3 - Russian icons (very hard decision - Greek were very close quality)
#4 - Ethiopian icons - looked like children drawings :D

1) My favourite Ethiopian icon - this one was the most metal of all icons. Quite surprising, and more violent than any other.
2) Relevant explanation re previous
3) This one I quite liked. I believe it's a quite familiar image. Many of the icons are fairly close to eachother, being repeats of familiar imagery. This one for some reason reminds me of Aleksandr Nevsky images I've seen. One of my favourites regardless.
4) relevant explanation
No. 72451
120 kB, 853 × 788
85 kB, 672 × 716
195 kB, 900 × 846
The first one made me giggle, the second one is probably some ancient ethiopian shitposting.
No. 72452
2,8 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,6 MB, 3024 × 3024
3,4 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) classic Cretan Jesus. I feel it's Quite simple, but it's exactly what it should be - the first type of image I would think for an icon
2) explanations
3) this one is quite different to the rest. I'm not sure I totally make the links that the explanation gives, but it's quite unique. Maybe bigger brain Ernsts will understand.
4) explanations
4) explanation
No. 72453
3,1 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,6 MB, 3024 × 3024
3,0 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,8 MB, 3024 × 3024
(My writing is quite poor, I am phoneposting, do not bully)

1) here we have an assortment or Marys with baby Jesus. My favourite is bottom right. It looks like she is about to hit the viewer, but Jesus holds her back with a "chill" vibe. I don't think I got explanations for these.
2) here we have Mary with child, happy and without problems
3) here we have Mary when the viewer has committed sin, having thrown Jesus away in rage
4) here is the real explanation for why Mary looks satanic. It's supposed to show she is purified? Strange explanation. If I lived in the 1700s Russian village I would be scared of her.
No. 72455
52 kB, 388 × 574
>jebus in 2
No. 72457
2,9 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,8 MB, 3024 × 3024
2,8 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) I quite like the one on the right here most - but I post both, as the explanation photo has both. The right one has the 6 wing angel present, which is quite a unique input. It also is young Jesus, which is unusual. I feel like these monks had way too much time to think weird obscure references into things. Jesus is wise = word for wisdom is feminine = Jesus must be drawn feminine to show him as wise. They must have been painful people to talk with.
2) explanations
3) more Ethiopian icons :D
4) this is another Cretan one that I quite liked. It's very vivid. It is the life of Saint John the hermit, dated "post 17th century".
No. 72460
121 kB, 229 × 316
>It's supposed to show she is purified?
I can feel it, makes sense on some primal level.

Very nice IWO.
No. 72461
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,2 MB, 3024 × 3024
1) I did not get the explanation for this one sadly - I think it was another Russian one. My interpretation is Jesus is firing lazers at sinners, who try and shelter from the deathbeams - but I remember it has a much more religiously orthodox (:D) explanation
2) this one is the nativity. I just love the donkey. My photo is not so good though. It is Cretan, circa 1600. They say the animals are goofy, as they are the first to realise Jesus is holy. It is the face of an enlightened donkey.
3) the harrowing of hell - mostly Russian icons with the top right being Greek/Bulgarian, from 1550 through to 19th century. It's surpising how little changes. This depicts the time between crucifixion and resurrection.
4) "Mandylion" - this is the image of Christ sent to cure the king of Edessa, on a cloth. The original cloth got stolen by crusaders, but the story of this miricle was out by then, so has icons too. This is 17th century Russian.
No. 72463
Jesus is firing lasers at a saint, he's giving him stigmata - the crucifixion wounds and the mark of poncious lance.
No. 72464
2,3 MB, 3024 × 3024
3,2 MB, 3024 × 3024
3,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
3,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
1) this one is Saint Zozima and Saavatii, who founded the fortified monastery of Solovetsky on the white sea. It's a beautiful place, and I would love to be able to visit it one day. They're held in high regard for creating this location. The silver coverings are original "basmas", designed to protext the icons, but also supposedly they reflect candlelights well, and make a good vibe in the church. I quite like the basmas. It is Russian, circa 1760.
2) Crucifixion, late 15th century, Cretan.
3) One of the oldest there - 14th century, Cypriot.
4) This one is essentially a souvenir for easter pilgrims to Jerusalem. The explanation is caught in thr corner, and still should be readable. This was the largest of all the icons there.

Thankyou for reading, my IWO spam is over
No. 72466 Kontra
Now you say it, it makes total sense. I feel ridiculous for my interpretation :D. I was thinking it could be something deeper like that though, with the halo around his head.
No. 72467
LIDL has forsaken me. There is no marzipan stocked anywhere in this store.
I settled a Ritter Sport with Dutch markings (met boterbiscuit in een smakvolle cacaovulling) and lodged a formal complaint with the German embassy.
No. 72470
4 kB, 150 × 220

>Andreas, der Portugiese hat schon wieder eine Beschwerde wegen Marzipan eingereicht.
>Das Marzipan ist für die Frontsoldaten, and for the front soldiers only!

Now, what about Lidlin instead of Pervitin? Small choco pops marzipan-methyl-methamphetamine filling.
No. 72473
3,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
Conference was pretty good. All in all five people showed up + the showrunner of the section + the people who held presentations. Can't really expect more on a Saturday.
And actually out of the three segments, we got the basement room for some reason. It was newly renovated but it still felt a bit condescending that everyone else was on the first floor while we were underground.

I also got a folder and a plaque-pin with my name on it, plus a certificate that I held this presentation. It all felt very official. Though I don't know what I can use the certificate for if I can for anything. Maybe it's not a quest item, just a red herring.

I went a minute over the time limit, but it was okay overall. The lecturer present who helps us with running the workshop was overall satisfied, though he criticised my usage of the French adage "L'etat c'est moi" when describing the ruler's absolute power, because afterwards I went on to separate the ruler as institution and ruler as individual, but I said that the legalist theory of practice allows the ruler to do as he wishes, while the practice of the legalist theory of practice does now. Basically had an IRL Sir Humphrey moment.

He gave me a few book titles and the name of a lecturer I should get in contact with if I want to get deeper into philosophy and congratulated me on picking a good topic that has a lot of research potential.

And this was before wewuzzing was actually given place in the education plans officially. Though it was more along the lines of "The Chinese think this, now, moving on..."
Nowadays they relegated the "Ugric origin" to a thesis. Basically instead of elevating Turkic and Scythian theories, the govt just opted to relegate Finno-Ugricism to being "one of the competing theories".

>I think some Israeli groups also wanted to get rid of the 犭 radical in 犹太.
lel :D
I don't think radicals in this case are much to worry about. Like 匈 has 凶 in it and I never really thought much about it much let alone be offended.
No. 72474
990 kB, 498 × 266, 0:02
I can't articulate the why and how but your two posts made me feel some sort of love and connectednes. Thank you for being here, Ernst :3
No. 72475
Smakvolle cacaovulling is best cacaovulling. Also I get the feeling that you should complain to the Dutch instead, they must have stolen all the marzipan and swapped it for products with their funny language on them.

What's up with you and Lidl anyway? Try finding stuff in some other shop.

> Andreas, der Portugiese hat schon wieder eine Beschwerde wegen Marzipan eingereicht.
Ich lachte.
No. 72478
Good set of posts.

>What's up with you and Lidl anyway?
I haven't yet composed my manifesto on that aberration of supermarket chains, but expect one some time this year.
No. 72479
158 kB, 664 × 400
>with their funny language on

Ik been een kersensap :DDD

>What's up with you and Lidl anyway?

The propaganda is working well. While Germans are in dire need of a hot products SB-Backstation the Portuguese are spoiled with burgers chicken nuggies. What looks like a Schwartzian preference for the southern people is actually just a very well planned economic conquest.
No. 72480
An ice cream truck just drove down my street. Playing calliope music, ofc, and driving slow so that children have time to bargain with parents and gather their pennies.

Winter must finally be over.
No. 72482 Kontra
Cannabis is such a unpleasant drug. I vow to never do it again for the remainder of the year. It just makes you dumb for a while. Makes me dangerously neurotic at times and worst of all - my use of it harms Ernstchan.

I really hate being a monkey. Impulsive aberrance of nature.
No. 72483
985 kB, 1200 × 800
> ice cream truck
Pfft. These kids don't know what they are missing: Spaghettieis.
No. 72484
193 kB, 720 × 480
>An ice cream truck just drove down my street

I never understood how those things seem to be a really big industry in the US of A.
I can't imagine something like this working over here.
No. 72485
> I can't imagine something like this working over here.
Of course not. We have supermarkets and ice cream parlors in walking distance. USA has suburbs and bad or nonexistent public transport. Kids just can't get the stuff otherwise.
No. 72486
>I can't imagine something like this working over here.
Wait, you mean a "big" ice cream truck industry or ice cream trucks in general?
Because the latter one definitely exists.
No. 72490
1,4 MB, 640 × 360, 0:31
In the meantime, the main news of the week.
Χριστός ἀνέστη.
No. 72491
46 kB, 480 × 600
Zounds! A beguiling dish to confuse my eyes and confound my taste buds!

What's weird is that ice cream trucks exist even in Manhatten where shops are plentiful. Instead of driving around, they park on street corners and stay in the same spot day after day. More convienent than buying from a store- just grab a cone and keep walking- but not quite the same experience as a truck rolling through your neighborhood.
No. 72492
Happy Easter, ernst.
No. 72494
Ice cream trucks exist in Germany, my grandparents lived in the suburbs of my hometown and there was an ice cream truck even with jingle on the weekends when I was there. They sometimes also exist in the way the American described it for Manhattan.

>A beguiling dish to confuse my eyes and confound my taste buds!

Confusing the ice probably, but it is just vanilla flavor with strawberry sauce and some white chocolate grating
No. 72495
> but it is just vanilla flavor with strawberry sauce and some white chocolate grating
I've been to a parlor where they had a whole menu for variations of Spaghettieis. I think I picked one with a chocolate sauce and hazelnut splinters.
No. 72498
10 kB, 320 × 240
The sheer developmental disparity of human civilization can be identified by the frozen desserts enjoyed by a given society.
This photograph depicting children eating genuine ice cream made from cream and milk looks to be taken in the 50s whhile on the otherhand schoolchildren from present-day Somalia still scoff down pic-related and call it 'ice cream'.
Mind you, pic-related is still the premium version of the standard product which is simply a ball of ice swimming in lukewarm orange juice in a small transparent container.
No. 72499 Kontra
In Germany, we differentiate between milky ice cream and water ice.
No. 72500
258 kB, 1200 × 800
I'm convinced you had a stroke and somehow typed cannabis instead of marzipan. Stay away from that stuff, kids.

>Finnish proxy

Anyways we have ice cream trucks here too. My favorite are the ice cream boats they sell. The only way to get some is from a truck as stores don't stock them for some reason.
No. 72501 Kontra
I think I have never seen an ice cream truck in Switzerland in my entire life.
No. 72503
Finally decided to check oyt what this youtube shorts thing is. Apparently it's Google's answer to tiktok, except instead of dancing children for pedophiles to masturbate to, it consists of 30% ads pretending to be viral videos, 30% political propaganda pretending to be viral videos, 30% family guy clips, and 10% big name youtubers cutting up their main videos into short clips to maximize engagement.

Browsing social media in a disengaged manner is interesting. It's so apparent how inorganic the internet has become, in a way that is similar to TV
No. 72506
We also have an extra category for "Softeis", like the really creamy stuff you can get e.g. at McD's, which is different from the regular "Eis", which is what we call the gelato variety here.
Wassereis is indeed basically a block of ice, though there are also vegan fruit varieties, though they are more into the sorbet direction, I think.
No. 72608
> It's so apparent how inorganic the internet has become

Would you have used Tiktok once (in the western sphere because I can only talk for that) you would know that TikTok is not just a dance app anymore and at the moment the most organic social media platform there is because direct ads don't play a role. Perhaps product placements and touristic institutes of travel-intensive countries pay people to make certain videos but you rarely get ads. Instead, you get whatever the algorithm registers as keeping you in front of the screen. If you like engineering, you will get engineering videos. And cats and "funny" videos or music recommendations, or aesthetics (calm sea side town, British country side, Italy, a look from a window with rain outside, a traffic junction etc), reflections on media use, on alienation, on social character, on behaviors these days or whatever it is that the algorithm and your interaction and reflective algorithm knowledge will yield.
No. 72611 Kontra
But maybe what you understand as inorganic is the regulation via an algorithm as a whole. In that case of course TikTok is also regulating its users. EC has no algorithm guiding you through its content if that makes for organicity or some kind of naturalness.
No. 72615 Kontra
I hope you get at least paid for your shilling.
No. 72635 Kontra
>has no clue


We could discuss points
No. 72703
What I hate about that thing is that on mobile it turned a fuckton of short soundclip/quote videos into shorts, so now you can't properly link them.
No. 72706
232 kB, 1705 × 1705
I started watching this 1980s series of 30min videos produced by CalTech with physicist David Goodstein about the mechanical universe.

I can't properly follow the mathematics, but dimly high school boils up with derivatives (just watched E03) and at least I get the feeling this time I could potentially understand what this is about if I take books at hand, at least the connections between mathematical symbols/operators or whatever you might call it seems more clear. I have no illusions about this series teaching me fundamentals that are then safely and completely understood stored in my wimpy memory but might be useful for venturing into these topics.


I stumbled upon it via TikTok :DDD
No. 72707
Business idea: Bring back garden hermits.

Get a bit of land, put a garden there and a tub. The garden eremit needs to have some kind of PhD (no h.c.).
He gets a tub to live in and two square meals a day for free.

People pay admission and the hermit needs to show himself and be wise.
No. 72708
You need a job/place in this world this badly?


okay, tbh I'm kinda sold.
No. 72710
Oh no, this isn't for me. I would be the one collecting admission.
No. 72711
Today I cleaned up and dusted my desk. I have a triple screen setup, a DAC and lots of auxiliaries, plus a spiral notebook and pens and for some reason my desk inevitably gets filled with "trash" after some time; stuff I don't sort immediately that just gets put there. Receipts, some resistors and LEDs, a nail clipper, knives, more pens, text markers, an "Archibald Applebrook" CD-ROM (installed on DOSBOX) and other assorted trash. Because this time I didn't want to completely dismantle the whole setup, I just shifted the screens around.
It's always nice to have a clean and tidy desk again, especially since it had been a really long time since I've done this the last time and the dust had already formed fluff all over the desk. I also noticed how the wood had not darkened where the screens' bases were because I hadn't moved them for such a long time.

Then, because I just were at it, I inspected the vent in my bathroom (it has no windows, so having a functional vent is imperative) and after taking off the cover, I realized it had several millimeters of dust clogging the grid. And for some reason it was kinda sticky and grimy, like the residue in an extractor hood filter. I cleaned it off as well as I could, as well as the filter inside. Now it even sounds different lol.

I am really a pig sometimes, but my apartment seems to have some kind of hidden wormhole into the dust dimension, because I already vacuum at least once a day and there is still always dust everywhere.
No. 72712
926 kB, 1500 × 1500
Shopping for wireless earbuds. I wonder why JBL decided to use this promo picture. The guy doesn't seem very happy with their product.
No. 72736
35 kB, 128 × 128
>>Finnish proxy
not a Finnish proxy, just not Finnish myself
No. 72738
52 kB, 734 × 576
Why are you here? Explain yourself!
No. 72739
I wonder if we will soon experience a traditional Finnish duel to the death.
No. 72741
If I remember correctly, Finland had kinda the first or the second number of murders per capita in the Russian Empire. (Largely due to the genetic tendency to run amok after heavy drinking, I suppose. Never drink vodka with Finns. If you do, be sure that there's nothing resembling a weapon nearby.)
No. 72743
Who was number one? Kavkaz?
No. 72744 Kontra
Probably the only area in the Russian Empire where producing such statistics was even possible. Also doesn't do you much to stay away from weapons as every True Finn™ is carrying a knife on them at all times.
No. 72745
> nothing resembling a weapon nearby
How are you going to drink without a bottle and/or glasses, then?
No. 72747
Holy smokes, could that be why murricans drink from (red) plastic cups?
No. 72748 Kontra
1,2 MB, 320 × 240, 0:03
Well, there is a sizeable population of Finns in the US... It's entirely possible.

Sizeable on a Finnish scale. Was something like 0.1-0.5% of total US population if I recall correctly.
No. 72749
And what did the Finns do in America? Fight their Swedish neighbors. No wonder they called these violent brutes 'China Swedes'.
also gib pukko, I want one
No. 72753 Kontra
162 kB, 919 × 737
It's the duty of every mämmi-loving Finn to punch a Swede given the chance.

>gib pukko, I want one
You'll have to kill me first!
No. 72755
126 kB, 615 × 930
> You'll have to kill me first!
I guess we'll have to create a whole deathmatch league. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!
No. 72756
I will destroy this eskimo in any arena and claim my pukko. I beat a Finn in a new year's drinking run once, I fear no Pekka.
If he beats me at Quake, I will pay him tribute.
No. 72758
The accompanying fatal soundtrack will be from Sweden, a real classic:

No. 72759
33 kB, 474 × 370
The great EC drought on Monday night.
No. 72761
>Who was number one? Kavkaz?
Yes, number one or number two respectively.
No. 72762
Better nothing than a flood of shitty posts.
No. 72763
6,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
6,2 MB, 4624 × 2600
Today is a national holiday, 25th of April. Got there late, so I only saw the speeches of the liberal initiative. They featured a Ukrainian speaker, who controversially, said the war is more important for Portugal than today. Saw a new-Russia flag later on, white blue and white.
Back to you, Ernst.
No. 72764 Kontra
226 kB, 874 × 916
What an utterly german post.
No. 72766
Your post is even more German. Admit it, now.
No. 72767
>"Shitty posts = fun"
What an utterly shitposty post. Just go back to KC if it's too slow for you here.
No. 72775 Kontra
Deleted because spoiler fail

Ach Stock-im-Arsch-Ernst, slow posts =\= no posts, plus merely complaining and not contributing doesn't help either. Log in your own eye etc.

Also, KC has been dead for a few years now.

It is every german's duty to complain about other germans or non-germans, the weather, the hotel, the food and anything else
No. 72797
My mother called me in a panic telling me someone had arrived at her house to arrest me. I don't live with her anymore but I haven't updated my mailing address on my driver's license. Weirdly it didn't seem to be a normal police officer but some kind of professional process server or constable who upon failing to find me left a photocopy of the bench warrant and wrote her phone number on it and asked me to call. The arrest warrant was for failure to appear in court for a traffic offense that looked very much like one I had already been in court for last year.

I called the woman and she asked me if I remembered being charged with the offense which was also strange. I replied that I did remember but I was fairly certain this matter had been settled last year. She told me that she'd call me back in 10 minutes. In fact it was only 4 minutes. She told me she had verified the warrant was a mistake and said that sometimes this sort of thing happens. I wished her good day and that was the end of it.
No. 72798 Kontra
16 kB, 468 × 328
>I will destroy this eskimo in any arena and claim my pukko.
I see how it is. I'll make you regret your words when we'll finally meet on the arena.

>I beat a Finn in a new year's drinking run once, I fear no Pekka.
Implausible, if not impossible. You were probably dealing with a Swede masquerading as a drinker of a superior descent.

That's terrible. Poor mom!
No. 72801
49 kB, 570 × 359
It's kinda spooky. I expected gun violence something terrible like you being thrown into a prison cell, the state giving a shit or something. It's interesting to notice I expect the US to do you unjustly because it's a sort of modern cowboy country, when there is a cop saying "Please Sir, may I ask you to come with me?" and one gets taken away. A good plot for a Hollywood film tbh. Man gets arrested but he never did anything wrong and it turns into a nightmare and nobody believes him etc etc. this has been done before I guess?
No. 72812
Enemy of the State (by Scott (but not Ridley)) fits that plot outline.

It's actually a surprisingly good film, as I've discovered a few years back when I re-watched it.

It's also eerily prophetic, being pre-9/11. There's a scene that would cause conspiracy ideologues to have major heatenings and brain malfunction if they ever discover this film. (You see a picture of Bin Laden, the numbers 9/11 appear, "a plane flying into a building" (or similar wording) is mentioned and a terrifyingly accurate prediction of post-terror-attack policies is given, all within 2 or 3 minutes right in the middle of the film).
No. 72815
I was driving over the Autobahn, passing into the darkness over the last rays of the sunset, with heavy dark clouds looming over the hills. It was already a bit of an eerie atmosphere, but then I passed some factory or plant in the distance. Something about the contrast of the lush green hills with the odd rapeseed field and this huge industrial behemoth right inbetween profoundly disturbed me and I can't even really say why.
No. 72816
32 kB, 320 × 480
I've been turning off my phone during the day now sometimes.
Found and mp3 player and use that to play music. I wish the batteries lasted longer. Or if it worked during the charging period.
Gonna buy an alarm clock and not wake up to the phone too. Fuck phones.

I'm running out of time for writing. I need to write three pieces.

Commuted three times today because library was closed.
Actually went to the doctor's during the day and had to take home the meds I got prescribed. It took half an hour to be received, get the prescription and some blood drawn.
Well, my suspicions were true and I do have a slight iron deficiency. (As in I have a 7.7 value and the minimum is 12.)

Anyway, I did okay today.
We had scientific writing today. "Popularising science" was the question. Basically how to write about topics for laymen to get their sympathy so they do not destroy us in an instinctive fit of Khmer Rogue rage over taxes.
We were asked to define a term from our major's culture on the spot, and I picked Dao, because defining that is an evergreen task.
I have my definition and the lecturer said "You cheated. This is a definition of the concept of the Dao, not the Dao itself."
I couldn't help myself, so I cheekily replied "Would it be the eternal Dao if I could define it?"

One of the members of the workshop asked me for help with classical Chinese because she knows no Chinese at all. She's studying art history.
Basically she had this bilingual copy of some Chinese art-theory essay collection from imperial times and she wanted me to check the translation. I told her that
>Well, it's translated by Tőkei and he was supervised by Pál Miklós, two of the Great Old Ones. You're basically asking a village priest to review a papal edict.
She was apparently worried that the Hungarian text is much longer than the Chinese one lmao.
We talked about a bunch of shit with the other workshop members after class.
Also discussed the possibility of organising a conference next year. But the workshop's supervisor recommended that we hold two smaller ones, one for the Central Asian and Near Eastern studies, and one for the Far East. Told him that it sounds like a bad idea to organise a conference like that without at least one Turkologist/Mongolist or Iranist on board. (Everyone in the workshop right now has an Asia-Pacific related major.)
Basically we need more members and to diversify our membership to stay competitive. Anyway, it's really far into the future.

Dropped some money on a Chengyu dictionary. I love to just randomly browse stuff like this.
As in, the book itself. Dictionaries in general. You just read it and find cool stuff in it you wouldn't otherwise.
No. 72819
18,5 MB, 1440 × 1440, 0:11
Today I took the train between cities. Not a huge trip, but was pretty comfy.

A small tribe of children boarded after i had secured a comfy seat for myself, and sat not too far away. All wearing helmets the whole trip (?????), and screaming abour the trains. I'm not sure if all autist, or just excited to go fast.

I also noticed that at least half of the stations we stopped at, there would be someone meticulously taking photos of the locomotive. Not a staff or anything, usually people who looked absolutely looked the comic book guy from the simpsons "type".

Such cases.
No. 72820
> this has been done before I guess?
Kafka's 'The Trial' has film adaptations.
No. 72824
63 kB, 1080 × 1080
Eight hours of driving await me today. I suffer in western Europe.
No. 72826
312 kB, 2556 × 1341
I love that kind of atmosphere.
No. 72827
88 kB, 800 × 533
It would be nice if it was derelict, but it was a working factory, with lights and shit. It had the same quality to me like e.g. a tumor growing on a dog, when you have this naked lump of flesh sticking out from the otherwise neat fur.
I mean it's not like I haven't seen a man-made structure in the wild before or a factory - in fact yesterday I was also passing a bavarian town with a cute little bridge and Fachwerk houses and an onion church and then a few hundred meters further behind some rail tracks some HUGE industrial chimneys. Without the modern cars and street signs you could have easily believed you were in the 19th century. I half expected to see some mustached guy with a cane cursing the poor. But maybe I have never seen such a big structure inside an otherwise nice green environment. Factories belong in cities, around man-made structures.

It was a bit similar feel to pic related, though I couldn't find anything more closely resembling my impression. I would have to draw it probably.
No. 72828
I like that, the industrialized environments have their own charm. Besides villages are also man-made. The rural area has a certain infrastructural role to play these days.


Instead of chimneys, we might see (and we already see I think) more of these warehouse/storage facility buildings. Good old Industriegebiete.
No. 72830
>Besides villages are also man-made.
Sure, but not on this scale. A small village made of mud huts sitting between the trees or even on a natural clearing is still fundamentally different from some place like Bochum.

I have yet to read the article but coincidentally on the route I am currently taking on a regular base I pass a few of those large warehouses. One belonged to Amazon, the other one is some Bio company, but not Alnatura.
No. 72831
Rather superficial, but some interesting points in that article, especially the one about taking those warehouses underground. One wonders if they could manage to put them deep enough under the soil that on the surface farming could be possible again. Also reminded me of Metropolis' worker's city. People working and living underground, their whole life without seeing the sun, just operating some crazy machinery. The human horror dwelling under the engineering miracle, so to say, and all of it right at our doorstep.

I found the part about the community property a bit silly though, as, capitalist landgrabbing nowithstanding, such a system wouldn't be sustainable if you didn't keep population growth in check, because eventually you would have to have someone oversee and control the farming.

I think the most important point of this article was about the convenience, though I don't necessarily agree with how the "needs" or "desires" are engineered by the companies. People are already lazy from their own volition. You don't have to force someone to eat sugar, just provide it to them. It's more of a vicious circle or feedback loop imo.
That said, who is actually willing to give up convenience? It doesn't even need to be the convenience of a car or frozen food, but especially the internet, and in particular the consumer grade internet at your hands via smartphones, which provides at an instant what you had to get through friends, family, hearsay, reading books, plain chance and so on in the old times.
How much of it would you give up - provided others would do the same - if you knew it then had an actual, significant (positive) effect on the environment, for example? Stop lurking EC and discussing chinese literature? Or in general not being able to talk to people outside your immediate circle anymore? Stop using TikTok (since it's mentioned here regularly)? Not buying anything from Amazon anymore even if it means you won't get it elsewhere or in time? Putting your phone away for good? No streaming anymore (in general, Netflix is shit anyway)?
And how much can you trace back to a "need"? For the phone example - I hate phones and would love to just abolish mine, but since I live more than a regular commute away from home, I see my friends only a handful of times per year and without any means to communicate I wouldn't even talk to them anymore. Same with my parents (who actually bugged me for a long time to finally get rid of my dumbphone and get something that can run whatsapp). So while I would have no problem in principle with not using a smartphone anymore, that would only work if I were a lone wolf. At least that's what I am telling myself. I try not to order anything from Amazon anymore, which also doesn't quite work, since e.g. christmas shopping in particular, but shopping in general is something I despise and in that case I take the convenience of ordering without having to push through masses of assholes and protecting my sanity over not supporting that company. Yesterday I ate Sushi from Lidl (it was ok), which is also completely unnecessary, but I came home at 2130 or so and didn't want to cook anything. The Lidl is open until 2200, which has also been unheard of when I was still a child when shops closed at 2000 if they were open really long, and e.g. closed at 1300 on saturdays. Would you give up those opening hours and have shops only open between 0800 and 1800 anymore, for example? Or, to actually make it possible for the working masses to get groceries, from 10 to 20? How about getting fruit not from all over the world all year round, but instead only local produce?

End of ramble, I am getting hungry.
No. 72833
Communist ramblings like most of the articles on this site. Bitching about the most trivial or vague things without proposing any alternative.
No. 72834
I can't believe I used to be a mathematical platonist for a while, how embarrassing.
Imagine thinking that mathematical constructs are "real" and are not merely written forms of human-specific cognitive activity lmao, couldn't be me

And no, aliens probably would not be able to understand our math, because it is not necessarily true that the most fundamental concepts that we assume to be ground metaphysical truths aren't merely features of the human mind's architecture.

Math is not the language of reality, it is merely a tool that augments our cognitive abilities, by encoding and storing dynamic "thoughts" and being able to "replay" them. The structure of the human mind itself is the actual source of the constructs, patterns, ideas and "beauty" described by (and misattributed to) math, and it is not guaranteed that a differently structured mind would allow for the same constructs to arise.

Circles don't actually exist.
No. 72835
Hehe, I used to think the same. and I'm not embarrassed about it!

> aliens probably would not be able to understand our math
Dunno, they have to adapt to same physical laws, so we can expect them to develop same structure of mind. I heard that eye was "invented" during evolution 5 or 6 six times independently.
No. 72838
They can, but it's not necessary that they do.

It's also not necessary that our mental constructs are direct reflections of physical laws, rather than lower order, more arbitrary phenomena.
No. 72843
Those conveniences come in a time that demands great flexibility from people, so I think it goes and in hand. You don't need a Lidl until 10pm if you are off at work by 3pm for example. People have done without.
The needs and desire is indeed tricky but given that ads point to your personal transformation through consumption, it is more a desire of becoming someone or experiencing something. Not sure if that is actually a need, even more questionable if a product will fulfill that desire or if it just woken and than more or less disappointed.

The infrastructure of your modern (western) world is trivial? Why don't you stop bitching about people that take a closer look at things. You make yourself and your interests the measure for importance. You wouldn't make good scientist (or friend, do you have any at all?) if you hate everything you don't care about. Besides your critique is the vaguest thing to exist, maybe you think for once before posting.
No. 72844 Kontra
>Bitching about the most trivial or vague things without proposing any alternative.

Makes me think, are you talking about your post itself?
No. 72850
1,6 MB, 3264 × 2448
No. 72859
> You don't need a Lidl until 10pm if you are off at work by 3pm for example.
Nobody really needs a Lidl until 10pm. Even shift workers were able to do since forever.
On the other hand, I once sat in a train where some young girl who had studied in Paris and then came back to Germany or something was talking with a woman, and she was telling how great it was that the shop where she lived was open until midnight or even all night? I can't remember exactly the hours, but her argument was something like "yeah so if I fancy some $FRUIT or $DISH even at midnight I could do that, and now in Germany stores already close at EIGHT IN THE EVENING exasperated sound". The people using those long opening hours are not the workers who don't get out at 3pm (and those who start at 6 usually get out by 2).
Then you have the fact that there was a time when even one unskilled labor job could feed a family, so the wife could go to the shop while the man was at work, and in this regard I certainly agree that today everyone needs to be highly flexible, long-distance relationships are normalized, both parents have to work to live above the bare minimum, which indeed could play into longer shop opening hours.
But apart from the throwaway shop opening example, what about the internet examples?
No. 72860
If everyone of you players paid the whole 20 bucks to a random winner instead of most of it going to whatever company sells the tickets (?) it would be much better
No. 72861
They would still have to pay to some people to organize this event (or find unpaid volunteers somewhere).
No. 72862
77 kB, 475 × 349
>instead of most of it going to whatever company sells the tickets (?)
The government. Lotteries earn billions for the state which runs them. The money is usually earmarked fot the Education department, so the real winners are the children :3
No. 72864
> so the real winners are the children
Yes, you can totally see that when looking at the "food" your schoolchildren get
No. 72865 Kontra
Ernst, I know this might come as a surprise for you, but he might have been joking.
No. 72868
> might come as a surprise
No. 72870
Yeah, I assumed that everyone knew an Ameriball meant the post wasn't going to be 100% serious. When I want to do some real Serious® posting I use a Kazakhstan proxy. Been doing that for years now.

Yes, that's a joke.
No. 72872
211 kB, 1920 × 1080
165 kB, 654 × 1280
Lately I've been paranoid that since childhood I have a horrible and obscure endocrine disease that affects my cognitive function, that had no hope of being diagnosed or treated in a third world country, and has thus ruined my life.

In other news, somebody made a GPT model trained on 4chan/pol/, and then promptly shut it down. It's pretty convincing.
I tried it out on my phone while it was still up, and somehow managed to make myself angry reading AI generated replies to my post. What has science done.
We should train GPT on EC/int/ posts to boost board activity :-DDD
No. 72874 Kontra
>We should train GPT on EC/int/ posts to boost board activity
I experimented with this years ago on the gay sea and people were replying to a GPT bot for a while before they figured that something was up. I don't think the measly 70k+ EC posts would make for assburger-certified model, but I guess you could mix in posts from other IBs. After all that is how every single Ernst was trained.
No. 72875
102 kB, 251 × 251
111 kB, 1080 × 870
Ok so apart from the ever-looming threat of total nuclear annihilation and all that other war stuff, life is pretty good at the moment. Highlights of the past days are:

>GF got a job at a place she likes, but will only start in September, so she can enjoy the summer
>I got a pay raise and a positive review at work
>We got an apartment together that is only not perfect in some minor points
>We both can reach our respective workplaces in a few minutes by bike and I have the option of doing home office whenever I want

The downside to all of this is that I will have to spend A LOT of money in the next weeks on different stuff, with almost 5k basically upfront at once for first rent, deposit and potentially the kitchen of the previous renters.
Also I have to get my car fixed because I still need it. Will probably cost me another 1k.
Then again, I can afford it, so let's par-tay in here, woop woop!
No. 72877
Even though I'm joking all the time it's really hard for me to notice when others do it

t. autismo
Having brain problems is shit
No. 72889
>what about the internet examples?

Most of them are not what the article talks about, I think. It was more or less about the vision of frictionless shopping that is now ever more going to be materialized. I think the article does not even speak against online shopping but a certain vision of it and its reality taking shape. You could have online shopping that is less frictionless and not about getting everything as fast as possible (bc that is the difference to going into the city and returning home with stuff in hand). The thing with online shopping is that the experience of shopping differs from the old way of strolling the city and going into shops. The ways of guiding your shopping experience are different from the city, the sensory experience alone is very different since you are not bodily "present" within an environment, also, the city (at least for now) doesn't gather as much (behavioral) data that could be of use to maximize profits/sales. Likewise companies and sellers like Amazon are interested in waking desires and not just fulfilling needs. A desire is helping sell things and that is the goal, so creating desires is useful for your business. If people actually need it or not should not be your concern, if it is sold, it's good for you. What people want, might not be what they need, they only think they need it, but this must not be true. A nice sweater won't end my depression or help me with my finances, probably on the contrary :DDD
No. 72894
I don't think the reduction of mathematics to neuroscience necessarily implies mathematical fictionalism. Such nomialism cannot explain, among others the effectiveness of Church-Turing thesis and Curry–Howard correspondence.
>Church-Turing thesis
What is physically computable is also mathematically computable.
>Curry–Howard correspondence
Mathematical proofs correspond to computer programs.
Basically, the unreasonable effectiveness of math seals its indispensability.
From Mathematics herself, metamathematics investigates all possible mathematics. And it turns out some of them are more canonical in the model theory sense. Alien math would be, up to some axioms, very much isomorphic to ours if they know how to count, add and multiply.
No. 72897
Well, the article was talking about convenience, from which I tried developing the argument, because as I said, it was rather superficial. And having the internet literally at hand anytime is probably the biggest convenience you can have at the moment.
But reading your post I thought about whether this "frictionless" shopping in and by itself is already constructed desire, at least the way the online retailers define it. As we all know there are people who actually do enjoy "going shopping", spending hours walking through shops or spending a whole day at some stupid mall. They think it's fun, so any kind of potential "friction" would be irrelevant to them.

That said, even if the online shopping were not as "frictionless" as it is, you would still have a whole bunch of logistics surrounding it with still a lot of unskilled workers in dire conditions. Imo online shopping the way it is developing is a mandatory development predetermined by the way those shops are set up in the first place. There simply has never been another route and any development that didn't take place in the past was only because of technological constraints. In other words, it's a directed evolution out from itself.

As for your last sentence, I actually have a friend who is the opposite. I also don't enjoy spending money and always feel guilty after buying something I don't need at the moment, like a new lamp because the old one broke or something, but he actually regularly tells me something along the lines "yeah, so just go out and buy something you want!".
And he does and he DOES feel better. He can buy a new guitar for a thousand Euros and be happy about it.
I would find it wasteful to own more than one of an expensive thing that only differ in details. I do own several instruments, but not two of the same (except some cheap children's harmonica I can just put in the pocket and play with a mouth full of beer and steak).
No. 72900
Yeah, you are right with the convenience that the internet brought, but the article talks about a specific convenience related to shopping first of all.

>They think it's fun, so any kind of potential "friction" would be irrelevant to them

Are you sure, I think from the sentence of yours before I'd say that because malls and online shops are designed a certain way it is rather frictionless and thus people enjoy it, they might enjoy shopping as such (which would itself be a topic on why people enjoy it and what it as to do with whyt could be called consumer society and what role desire plays in that) but they enjoy it especially because it is rather frictionless.

>you would still have a whole bunch of logistics surrounding it with still a lot of unskilled workers in dire conditions

Probably. But maybe if you have more time and aren't drilled to be super fast it would be less shitty.

>And he does and he DOES feel better.

I wouldn't deny people feel better after purchasing something, that is why it works after all (dopamin hits or whatever the biochemistry would be), but it wears of quickly enough would be my other suggestion. That is why you buy again. I mean I bought expensive shoes and every time I wear them I'm glad I have them. But it would be nice to have another pair. But I don't really need it. It's a desire, a desire to possess all that nice stuff and its potential to be part of nice outfit I'm wearing.
No. 72901
>Yeah, you are right with the convenience that the internet brought, but the article talks about a specific convenience related to shopping first of all.
Yes, and again, it was superficial and I now want to talk about the convenience the internet brought - and besides, this kind of shopping wouldn't be possible without widespread internet access, it's online shopping after all. Imagine still having catalogues and callcenters.

>Are you sure, I think from the sentence of yours before I'd say that because malls and online shops are designed a certain way it is rather frictionless
Oh, I seem to have interpreted something into your post. You didn't even mention any increased "friction" with regards to shopping per pedes - but still, even if the mall itself is set up to be "frictionless", you still have the overall higher-friction component of actually having to physically go there and move around.

>Probably. But maybe if you have more time and aren't drilled to be super fast it would be less shitty.
That's just accord work, which is not a new development of online shopping. Every single company wants it workers to work as fast as possible.

And yeah, dopamin highs when shopping and such are known, but as you said they wear off pretty quickly and THEN it's important how you feel. Do you still feel good about spending that money or not? But thanks for reminding me of shoes, I need to get my boots finally resoled.
No. 72905 Kontra
>it was superficial

It was about online shopping convenience as imagined by for example by Bill Gates in the 1990s and what that means for rural areas, it's about the infrastructural effects of online shopping, not the internet as such. A hairdryer is also convenient (just as WhatsApp is) and yet it's not part of the article. It would then have to be an article on (technological) convenience in general that it seems is what you want, but then again, articles have different questions and topics so when an article deals not with that you think it is important it is not relevant to you, which is a difference to superficial, I think the weight is also more on the effects than what convenience is. The medium has a potential its use or not, is not just dependent on the medium (to get technological determinism out of the way). I think there was an article on the telephone and how its use/image differed in the US/soviet union. In the latter it was mainly for command. So afaik in the SU the telephone was not used in the way mainly as it was used in the western world.

> overall higher-friction component of actually having to physically go there and move around.

That is one part of the whole process of making something frictionless. A mall can be frictionless in certain regards (path design, having different shops and other services (cleaning, hair, banking) so it can all be done in one house (a sort of amazon)). Online shopping has the frictionlessness of not being physically present for shopping at a shop. Yet online shopping can have other frictions that need to be eliminated at best: typing stuff in, log ins/payment process, bad shop design and thus a shitty/fricition experience while browsing the shop, delivery time and others.

>Do you still feel good about spending that money or not?

I wonder how many people ask this to themselves and then also act upon it. Like many addicts I guess people who like to shop know the answer, they cannot cut off the desire either way.
No. 72906
>It was about online shopping convenience as imagined by for example by Bill Gates in the 1990s and what that means for rural areas, it's about the infrastructural effects of online shopping, not the internet as such.
Yes, and it was just a bit of an easily digestable superficial review, "a warehouse the size of New York Central Park", because people who read that article probably wouldn't respond to "a warehouse the size of X football fields", but it's about the same level of depth as any other article employing these kinds of comparisons.
But ok, in that case let me change the subject with a hard cut and let's not talk about the article and online shopping in particular anymore, but about how online shopping is just one part of that huge convenience that is the ever-present internet and its societal implications.
No. 72912
>digestable superficial review, "a warehouse the size of New York Central Park"

It's not a scientific article after all. I guess some numbers are mentioned later on though (not concerning the central park area). A comparison to give people an image is not what makes an article superficial in my eyes and depends on the rest as well.

>convenience that is the ever-present internet and its societal implications.

Since I'm on the go I cannot go deep in any case. But I was wondering if the convenience is not also obstructed again. Like Whatsapp makes it easy to communicate, but comes with unwanted side effects like being left on read an such, so the pleasantry of convenience is coming with new ways of feeling feels and certainly not positive ones. You can ignore people very conveniently on the other side would be the counter perspective :DDD
No. 72918 Kontra
We should just call these threads
>German sperg threads
instead of
>today thread
No. 72924 Kontra
These discussions are the best recurring feature of Ernstchan.
No. 72928 Kontra
The self-hating german strikes again. I hope you have at least only non-german friends, provided you have any in the first place.
No. 72929 Kontra
214 kB, 1440 × 910
I always imagine something like this when I see the Germans going off:
No. 72930
The problems with this are manifold.

First, those bots speak english. Germans speak german.
Then, one of them is a woman. There are no women on the internet and especially not on the EC.
Third, the male bot was really sassy. Germans are not sassy.
And lastly, germans on EC don't have any direct conversations, it's just replying to posts, thus the whole dynamic of the conversation is completely different from an actual real-life conversation.
No. 72932
It would be great for these two to have their own Radio Ernstiwan show. The most serious of discussions.
No. 72933 Kontra
23 kB, 468 × 307
>First, those bots speak english. Germans speak german.
No, you clearly write in English. Proofs are above ITT.

>Then, one of them is a woman. There are no women on the internet and especially not on the EC.
One merely appears female. It's possible that there are many programming socks wearing persons on EC. What's the difference really?

>Third, the male bot was really sassy. Germans are not sassy.
Your/German posts do often appear this way. See example post:

>And lastly, germans on EC don't have any direct conversations, it's just replying to posts, thus the whole dynamic of the conversation is completely different from an actual real-life conversation.
As one definition puts it, a conversation is:
"(a) talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information is exchanged"

Do you not think that this fits to the two posters addressing each other post after post? Both with direct linkage to post numbers, and concepts discussed. Each time they submit a post they are pressing a button labeled as "Reply". Almost like replying to someone during a conversation!

And in reality the bots are replying to each other via text, not by speech as displayed in the video. The speech aspect is merely there for demonstration purposes. Just putting this out there in case you feel pedantic enough to argue that conversation should require talking, not writing. So all things considered, Germans on EC and chatbots conversing are nearly identical.
No. 72934
Oh Jonne. Jonne, Jonne, Jonne....

Germans speak german. That is factually true and independent from the language we use to post on EC.
I would furthermore disagree with your assessment of "sass", especially considering the post you linked. That is not sass, that is just a regular, unoriginal comeback with a slight air of butthurt. And I know what sass is, I have worked with a gay homosexual who plays theater.
Also, pay attention to the words: direct conversation and dynamic of the conversation.
In both cases nobody ever denied that there is a conversation taking place, just that it's not a direct conversation, as in face-to-face-real-humans and thus the dynamic of said conversation is different from a face-to-face-real-humans one.
No. 72937 Kontra
14 kB, 480 × 360
Ach Ernst...

>Germans speak german. That is factually true and independent from the language we use to post on EC.
Seems like you missed the whole premise of the video then. It was directly aimed to represent the exchange that you display right here on EC. Which it does very well. It doesn't matter one bit what language you speak, or the bots on the video speak to be honest. But in this case it even matches as in both cases the language is English.

>I would furthermore disagree with your assessment of "sass", especially considering the post you linked. That is not sass, that is just a regular, unoriginal comeback with a slight air of butthurt.
Can be easily described as sass, as by its definition.

>And I know what sass is, I have worked with a gay homosexual who plays theater.
A cute anecdote.

>Also, pay attention to the words: direct conversation and dynamic of the conversation.
In both cases nobody ever denied that there is a conversation taking place, just that it's not a direct conversation, as in face-to-face-real-humans and thus the dynamic of said conversation is different from a face-to-face-real-humans one.
Again missing the whole point. The video does not even represent face-to-face communication. But two agents creating an observable output that can be perceived as a discussion. Also you should pay attention to what words you're using when you argue points about a video I've provided. You have neglected your duty as a initiator of serious discussions.

So in closing, there are absolutely no problems with the audiovisual representation provided that is depicting the style of the two German conversational dualists seen ITT and all across the board. And that is what I intended to display with the video. If you were arguing for a different point entirely, so be it, I do not care. Just make a better job presenting your ideas next time.
No. 72938
>Just make a better job presenting your ideas next time.
No. 72942
604 kB, 1260 × 648
No. 72943 Kontra
7 kB, 220 × 320
I was expecting to see this after my first reply. Now let me find an image with three bots...
No. 72944 Kontra
Was too excited to post that I missed that caption on the image :DD fuggggg
No. 72946
272 kB, 1000 × 846
I will be writing a lot this weekend. 700 words about a Kuniyoshi piece, hopefully a "science popularizing" article on some Chinese topic or concept (would I seem like a monomaniac that after picking Legalism for my BA thesis and then holding a conference presentation on Legalism, this would be about Legalism too?) and I also need to start working on that Cao Yu study.

Apparently we're also doing peer-reviews for one of the classes. Gonna be real great reading everyone's inane essays on why they started translating. I took a look at one and it lacks any kind of formatting or even a title.
Don't know how these people actually survive this far into their degrees.

Classes went smoothly today. We talked about Esterházy's writings a bit and Struwwelpeter came up and apparently I was the only one who knew that it was. Lecturer was shocked for some reason, but really I just knew it because I saw it on EC.
Also talked about Catcher in the Rye and man, I need to read that book sometime.

After that I had a consult with the lecturer about my Wilde translation 1:1. Basically just nitpicks in most cases, like how I sometimes seem to over-rely on suffixes that nominalize adjectives.
But she also said that my approach seems to be less literary sometimes and that I fall into the category of a "philological" translator. Apparently I also developed a lot in a positive direction.
I think I can be happy with this categorisation over all. Though I sure as hell don't feel any smarter.

I was like five minutes late from the Chinese history lecture, but people were just lounging around (all five of them who decided to show up) as the lecturer was assembling the technical stuff.
I jokingly said that he has a very good sense of time, because he waited for me, but he concurred that my sense of time is better because at this point I know he's late usually.

We walked past our Chinese teacher on campus and we greeted her with 您好老师, but strangely enough she said 再见 as she walked past us, which in a sense is logical, but we were thrown off a bit. But yeah, saying "see you again" was more appropriate.

Library is still closed because of the movie shooting, so I just walked around the city. Bought a pizza at a random shop and it was the best pizza I ever had. I will be returning. Looked at the book carts and found a bilingual English-Hungarian Babits volume, which I will be scanning and uploading so people can experience the glory of his Lyre.

Emigré friend lamented the state of the Hungarian press and I said I literally don't care because it was shit before Orbán too, the only difference was that back then the libs owned all the papers and TV channels and now the conservatives do and I basically got a nice spew of vitriol about how I'm basically an incoherent, mentally unhealthy, hateful, nihilist contrarian who does everything out of escapism and that I have "no genuine connection" with anything I do and I never will because of this, and that I am also an "orientalist of the worst kind". ("Muh I read Said's Orientalism, I know your relationship with the world now xddd") Oh, and apparently I also keep escaping into the past to the point of meaninglessness. Zizek said people like me have no spine because they choose happiness, and my "friend" claims that while he is not happy, he is at least upright about it and has pride in this sadness.
Told him to shove it and stop bothering me with his news-addiction and keep making his gay little movies instead.
I don't need this in my life. It only gives me unnecessary anxiety and anger.

I dropped like 15 dollars on an mp3 player from China. This one I have is cool and all, but the battery is really shit. Can't listen to a single album on it.
This one will last a lot longer and also the connection won't be absolute dogshit.
I'm preparing to use my phone a lot less during the exam season. Tomorrow I'll probably go out and buy that alarm clock too.
Is this a good idea or am I just wasting money?
No. 72948 Kontra
>I'm preparing to use my phone a lot less during the exam season. Tomorrow I'll probably go out and buy that alarm clock too.
>Is this a good idea or am I just wasting money?
If your phone is a constant source of distraction that you can't control with "do not disturb" modes or similar, then sure. Do what it takes to get rid of the source of distraction. Surely you could ask your parents, grandparents, friends, etc. if then have a spare alarm clock and save your money. Many if not most people have moved on to use their phones as alarms and probably still have the alarm clocks around somewhere. I'd be happy to let mine go if someone asked me for it.
No. 72949
There was an old lawnmower in the shed behind the house my sister is renting. It was in a pile with garden hoses, some buckets, and general household trash left by the previous tenant. Wheels were off, as was the handle, so I figured it was also garbage and the plan was to get a new one. Upon closer inspection the sparkplug was disconnected- but clean- and the bolts weren't rusted. Hmmm...so perhaps this was a methodical disassembly, and the mower wasn't actually broken and discarded. Spent an hour putting the wheels and handle on, and after fifty cord pulls a puff of smoke filled the shed. A few more and we had a spinning blade. The lawn has now been mowed, and money has been saved. Feels good man.
No. 72950
> Many if not most people have moved on to use their phones
That feel when no cell phone and not wanting one but more and more websites force two-factor authentication on their users in an attempt to prevent phishing. If I didn't have my gmail credentials on Thunderbird I couldn't access my account at this very moment.
No. 72952
14 kB, 600 × 193
Does your neighbor give their wireless network a clever name?

Me: Yes.
No. 72953
>Also talked about Catcher in the Rye and man, I need to read that book sometime.

Now, will you identify with Holden or not? A question of concern.

About the phone: for me it help to put it away, that is a few metres away in my room or what would work even better is putting it in another room.
No. 72954
Interesting, I think you're right. I also still use an alarm clock and usually have the phone in the living room over night so I won't get bothered.
No. 72956
Catcher in the Rye is ebin. Legit the only book I ever got assigned in school that I've read more than once. It's got a cosy vibe for me at least.

A dipshit pseud with questionable mental health wandering around town destroying his health to own the normies?

Hell yeah ya boy identified with that shit. Except unironically, I 100% understood where most of his rants came from and could feel that.
No. 72957
Disclosure: I also enjoyed the book. But Holden is also a terrible character, written well though :DDD
No. 72958
Nothing makes you realize that you're a loser quite like applying for a job near the age of 30 and finding out your direct superior is gonna be a broccoli haircut zoomer half a decade your junior.
He's also taller and more attractive than me.

A peasant revolution would be worth it just for the opportunity to shoot such people and then starve to death smugly satisfied.
No. 72959
So you're literally living the sitcom trope where the dad has to take a job and starts working in a burger joint with his supervisor being some zit-faced teen?
No. 72962 Kontra
>broccoli haircut

What an adequate label, I have to keep that one in mind.
No. 72966
Fuck. I am closer to forty than to thirty and this is why I don't apply for another job. Some Mia with plimp-soles shoes and jeans hiked up to sit directly under her boobs asking me about my prior experience is more than I can stand.
No. 72972
64 kB, 1000 × 667
>Some Mia with plimp-soles shoes and jeans hiked up to sit directly under her boobs asking me about my prior experience is more than I can stand.
Stop doing "something with media" and go work where women wear lady's suits.
No. 72979
Just stumbled on this (slightly old) article:

>“The strategy is to put as much blame on the consumer as possible, knowing the consumer is not in a good place to control the situation,” said Franta. “It basically ensures that nothing changes.”

Can you guys imagine a world where behaviour like that on a large scale would be punished?
I honestly can't.

On a small scale like a circle of friends, or within a family, such manipulative behaviour is pretty unacceptable. At least in the social circles where I grew up.
But on a global scale as part of a marketing campaign it's free of negative consequences for a company to do that. Neither BP nor the PR agency are liable for the consequences of their campaign.

I know that none of that is news, I even did my fair share of research on early industry-PR starting with Ed Bernays. But somehow, while reading this article today, it occurred to me in new clarity how absolutely absurd this situation actually is.
No. 72980
1,2 MB, 320 × 240, 0:03
Is it possible to order alcohol with home delivery in your country?

Going to the store only for beers is a waste of time. Even worse if I want to get something stronger as that means a lengthy trip to an alcohol distribution center run by the turanic gommunist state. Funny thing is that here the only way to get alcohol delivered is to order it from somewhere else in the EU. And if you order say upwards of 48 cans of beer or 12 bottles of stronger alcohol it's going to be cheaper, delivery included. It's a bit of a hassle though as the authorities are constantly trying to fuck with the orders to maintain the state monopoly. It's incredible what militant bureaucrats can get done. If only the rest of them were as keen to make things happen. Or maybe that would be a complete disaster now that I think about it. Anyways.
No. 72981
Round two of science communicator vs engineering communicator drama has concluded:
Looks like engineer losers got BTFO by science chads yet again.
To recap: Science communicator makes a thought experiment video about how electric energy is transmitted by fields at the speed of light, rather than by "wires". Engineering communicators get confused and pissy, because they think that their simplified toy models, which can't represent such a scenario, are direct descriptions of reality lmao.

In a previous episode of "engineer thinks his toy model is a direct representation of reality":
An electrical engineer tries to disagree with a physics phd about how circuits work.

Get a load of them ignorant electrical engineers, am I right?
t. doesn't know shit about neither physics nor EE
No. 72982 Kontra
Without watching any of these, theoretical scientists for instance usually do have not so much clue about the material stubbornness of the objects that are of concern. So a nice theory does not necessarily align with reality. An engineer at least makes something "work" in reality. Though engineers draw from scientific knowledge to make something work.
No. 72984 Kontra
>Is it possible to order alcohol with home delivery in your country?
In theory, I can call the local Indian joint and order 10 beers for 25€, their minimum for delivery is 20€. But I would have to be pretty low to actually order an amount of alcohol that is inadequate for the amount of food ordered.
No. 72985
The consumption of heroin is decriminalized, alcohol deliveries is something I never even thought about.

>“Even a homeless person living in a fossil fuel powered society has an unsustainably high carbon footprint,” said Stanford’s Franta. “As long as fossil fuels are the basis for the energy system, you could never have a sustainable carbon footprint. You simply can’t do it.”
Interesting. Good article.
No. 72986
It's what some people use as an excuse to consume like their is no more tomorrow.
No. 72987
That's funny. Indeed, I would feel like a alcoholic wreck of a human bean to be ordering beers to my door from a local "restaurant". And that isn't the case for going to Estonia with the sole mission of getting cheaper booze or planning to order a pallet full of beer from Germany to my doorstep. That's just me though.

I'd imagine that if ordering beers the way you described is legal, you could also do the same via a grocery delivery service. As that is strictly forbidden here. If I add a single alcoholic item to my delivery, I'm required to go and pick up the entire order from the store instead.

>The consumption of heroin is decriminalized, alcohol deliveries is something I never even thought about.
What about heroin home deliveries? :DD In any case congratulations for a sensible policy regarding drugs. From what I've read it has been a moderate success. Though I can't be sure that my sources haven't been biased on that front.
No. 72988 Kontra
By not using cars, not flying, going vegan, taking only cold showers, not buying 10kg of electronic trinkets per year, etc., a German COULD half her/his carbon footprint. Imagine if everyone in high carbon emissions economies did that, and than say it would contribute nothing, the consumer is not in a good place, etc.

The consumer is in a perfect place. The consumer just does not give a fuck about his own children or grandchildren, otherwise he'd be doing all of the above and more, and he'd be frying politicians alive. Instead, the consumer calls cyclists homos, mongoloid retards, calls vegans gay soy-eaters, demands a cycle-tax, demands cycling made illegal during rush hour, read this and more in facebook-comments.

The consumer identifies with his car, his travel and all of his conspicuous consumption as if it was a replacement for the penis he obviously doesn't have, for lack of better words.
No. 72989
40 kB, 468 × 312
The law was drafted and accepted at a time of a large heroin epidemic. It's unclear how much the law specifically assisted in this and how much of it was the rollout of other forms of assistance such as needle exchanges, rehabs, methadone clinics, etc. Still, everything points to the success of this policy.
You can indeed order drugs to your house, the only people facing criminal prosecution would be the dealers. In fact, ordering a small amount of drugs (so you can't be charged with dealing/planning to deal) over the internet is not a criminal action.
The best part about this policy is knowing people who were caught with small amounts of cannabis and forced to go see a shrink. In my humble opinion, the most amusing part of this policy.

Return to a prehistorical state or zip up your whore mouth, you meek corno.
No. 72990
Funny, just today I encountered a cyclist, who coincidentally looked like a gay homo vegan retard who has never paid taxes, who went from a street, over a pedestrian crossing (so I had to do an emergency braking lest he stick to my front) just to sway back onto the street.
The normal procedure would just have been to fo a regular left turn like a normal traffic participant.
My suggestion is simple: treat bikes like cars and problems weren't anymore.
No. 72991
33 kB, 345 × 373
Have a great weekend, everyone.

>It's unclear how much the law specifically assisted in this and how much of it was the rollout of other forms of assistance such as needle exchanges, rehabs, methadone clinics, etc. Still, everything points to the success of this policy.
Yeah, law or not the total package does seem successful. It's sad that the Finnish political climate towards any of this can be distilled to a now-famous saying, "Ei toimi Suomessa" (Doesn't work in Finland). As you know, we're a bit special.

>You can indeed order drugs to your house
Truly, the promised land.
>people who were caught with small amounts of cannabis and forced to go see a shrink

Ps. With indifference I must inform you that the fellow in the pic you posted is dead. In case you weren't aware.
No. 72992
>grocery delivery service
No idea if those exist in Germany. In big cities, maybe. I can not imagine anything like it here.

During the 80s, all the smaller drink shops only had a small shop, no giant self-service supermarket. And all of them did deliveries. Those happened on a fixed date, mostly, so you knew you'd be getting your drink delivery on the second Tuesday of every month, one crate of Weißbier, one crate of Spezi, 4 crates of water. Some shops still offer this service, but most of their customers are close to being fossils.
No. 72993
At least in my city I have seen billboard ads for grocery deliveries.
No. 72994
Go to kohl with your clichés, they have a Zsammfotzfaden there.
No. 72995
>My suggestion is simple: treat bikes like cars and problems weren't anymore.
What does that even mean? No cycling without a license, no cycling without special insurance, establishing a cycle tax? Or would you make it legal to cycle on the Autobahn?

You are aware that a cyclist poses less of a danger to other people than a vehicle, since energy is mass times velocity squared, and cyclists have 5% of the mass of a car 1/2 the velocity, right? You do know this? You also know that literally the same rules apply?

I already do what I can to not make you fucking assholes angry. I do everything I can to keep out of your way, so you don't kill me out of rage. I literally try to cycle as close to the pavement as possible, but it just is not enough for you. Motorists just can't with me existing, because to them I am such a worthless piece of subhuman shit.
No. 72996
It means that if a cyclist causes an accident the car driver doesn't get Teilschuld like it is right now. But I think a licence wouldn't be a bad idea. Having to know the traffic rules would already eliminate most of them.

Also, why can't cyclists admit there are bad cyclists? Why is it ALWAYS everyone else's fault?
No. 72997
136 kB, 399 × 250
Tried to post about Staplerfahrer Klaus – Der erste Arbeitstag but the file was supposedly "over size limit". The Germans don't want us to peer directly into their soul.
No. 72998
83 kB, 960 × 540
They exist in cities, Rewe offers it among others.

Quite superficial to deduce peoples attitudes through their looks. Also, you seem to be a bad driver. Driving well means being attentive, especially to weaker traffic participants, regardless of their behavior.
And no, I don't even own a bike, nor did I bike in the last 7 years or so, but I have a driver's license and occasionally even access to a car and I drove tens of thousands of kilometers for work-related issues in the past.

Consumers aren't the only people in responsibility though. Surely, somebody has to consume what is brought to the markets, otherwise it doesn't make sense to produce it. But corporations could also take measures, but they don't because it goes against making profits. Some corporations go green, BECAUSE there is money to make, not because they want to help with the climate crisis, at least the latter is only a derivative.
No. 72999
I think it's freely clickable on youtube, and every german has seen it anyway.
No. 73000
And of course I do have a drivers license, just so you know. Maybe I can not afford a car, that is true. My job is shit and I make far less than I should because I am a total, utter loser. I still make what I made when I got out of uni, and it's much less than what people with my degree make at real jobs in real companies as opposed to pathetic little shit companies were only crappy worthless losers work. But is this really reason enough to kill me?

On the occasions were I drive a car, people treat me normal. Of course, when I'm in the company car, they can't see what a worthless piece of shit I am. They think of me as normal.
For example, when a car is parked in their lane, they wait for me to pass. If a car is parked in their lane and I approach on my bicycle, I just know that they will pass and expect me to go through a .75m gap between their car and the pavement. Some will get angry and do hand gestures when I do not pass.

I do not cycle on roads outside cities when I can avoid it. I know I have the right to do that, but I avoid it, because I know it makes motorists really angry, and some will get out of their cars and hit people, it has happened many times.

Still, I can behave as good as I want, it will never be enough. Motorists hate me for not driving cars, for not being rich enough, for being an ugly worthless piece of subhuman shit.
No. 73001 Kontra
If you don't want to provoke a violent response from motorists, then stop wearing lycra suits that accentuate your form.

Wasn't aware Linkola was dead, reading the wiki - he was 87 which is a good age to die in your sleep.
Friday at last.
No. 73002
>hen stop wearing lycra suits that accentuate your form.
I don't wear lycra, but why would it justify a violent response if I did? Does wearing the wrong clothes justify violence? I don't like what you wear, so let me kill you? I would wear lycra on my roadbike, but I am afraid to.

On the one hand, I think other cyclists look down on me for riding a roadbike and not wearing lycra.
On the other hand, I know that everyone else will hate me even more for wearing Lycra. There is no way to win.
No. 73004 Kontra
68 kB, 900 × 811
126 kB, 660 × 940
AHA! Three Germans at once, I've been waiting for so long.

t. Portgual
No. 73005
>It means that if a cyclist causes an accident the car driver doesn't get Teilschuld like it is right now.
That is a myth. There is no such principle in German traffic law, it's just what people say. In practice, in most cases the driver will be partially guilty in almost all of the cases, since there is a not inconsiderable danger involved in simply operating a motorized vehicle. It is a result of bigger kinetic energy, higher velocity and bigger dimensions.

>But I think a licence wouldn't be a bad idea.
And how would children get to school?

>Having to know the traffic rules would already eliminate most of them.
Eliminate most of whom? Cyclists?

>Also, why can't cyclists admit there are bad cyclists? Why is it ALWAYS everyone else's fault?
But what did I do to contribute to what that man you saw did do? How could I prevent him from doing that again?
No. 73006
They're all here and they are discussing means of transportation again. I cannot describe how happy I am.

No. 73007
>But what did I do to contribute to what that man you saw did do?
You are obviously supporting such behavior. I do not support shitty drivers. In fact, if I were in power, there would probably be at least 80% people less on the streets. Take responsibility for once.
No. 73008
>You are obviously supporting such behavior.
What makes you even say that?
No. 73009
Because you're not condemning it.
No. 73010
Do I need to prefix all of my posts with
>I do not condone of lane-switching without signalling
No. 73011
243 kB, 1600 × 900
>No idea if those exist in Germany. In big cities, maybe. I can not imagine anything like it here.
As someone already pointed they do exist in Germany. And frankly I'd be shocked if they didn't.

>During the 80s, all the smaller drink shops only had a small shop, no giant self-service supermarket. And all of them did deliveries. Those happened on a fixed date, mostly, so you knew you'd be getting your drink delivery on the second Tuesday of every month, one crate of Weißbier, one crate of Spezi, 4 crates of water.
This is absolutely brilliant, beautiful and whatever positive adjectives exist. I'm not sure if I'd like a static "subscription" to a particular beer, but otherwise just incredible. If this still exists, I'm sure there's a company that has taken this to a more personalized version that delivers a mix of what you like. Now that I would subscribe to. But as we know, "It doesn't work in Finland". A tragedy really.

>They're all here and they are discussing means of transportation again. I cannot describe how happy I am.
My sentiments exactly!

No. 73012
By the way, if you had hit that guy, in spite of trying to evade him/break, you would probably not be guilty, similar situation: OLG Saarbrücken, 4 U 287/11, "Betriebsgefahr tritt bei grob verkehrswidrigem Verhalten zurück".

But I think I'm making a mistake by telling you this, since it might embolden you to go out and kill people with your car.
No. 73013
Obviously your chief problem is the very existence of cars, not that of assholes not abiding by the traffic rules.
No. 73014 Kontra
>But I think I'm making a mistake by telling you this, since it might embolden you to go out and kill people with your car.
Because that's what you would do, hm? Good thing cyclists can't do as much damage if they're all such psychopaths as you.
No. 73015
>if it still exists
Still exists, but dying. Smaller shops close, supermarkets offer increased selection, most people have cars, and there is no one at home to take the deliveries during the day, so people just pick it up themselves when the do their grocery shopping.
No. 73016
Because that's how I have been treated.

Both of you seem to have a problem with me just existing. You want to murder us.
No. 73017
The grocery delivery services work with the principle that you decide when they will be delivered. Here the delivery time window is within a single hour, and gets pinpointed down to 15-30 min range when it gets close to delivery. Of course to achieve this requires volume that a small corner beer shop can't achieve. I guess normal grocery delivery is bound to corner the market in places where alcohol delivery is allowed just due to the issue that you raised.
No. 73018
It should also be mentioned that Germany has dedicated beverage shops.
For example my grandma got a delivery of a few crates of sparkling water every fortnight or so.
I think ordering beer the same way would be perfectly possible, too.
No. 73020
>It should also be mentioned that Germany has dedicated beverage shops.
I wasn't aware of this but it does not surprise me to see such specialization in a country with such a large population, even with having drinkable tap water.

>I think ordering beer the same way would be perfectly possible, too.
Personally I'd do this instead of hauling beer from the store myself and I don't even drink much.
No. 73021
1,7 MB, 3024 × 4032
Went out and bought an alarm clock. Ikea had the cheapest option at 6 euros for a manual one.
It looks unremarkable but at least it'll get the job done. I'm not paying like 25-30 for a clock. Though it's still hypermodern because you can't hear it click at all, which made me unsure if it was working or not.
Also bought a bunch of candles and a drinking glass. The glass is made in Russia, and the clock is made in Belarus, so I guess I also supported the Special Military Operation.
Oh, and of course I also bought a flower for mother's day.
Went over to the other store with mum and we bough a radio for grandma so she can listen to something at the hospital (since she's in a one bed room), plus a pair of headphones for me for when the mp3 player from China arrives.

The weather was really good today, so I sunbathed for like 40 minutes before going on this shopping spree.
Looked at the flowers. The marigolds and the sunflowers have sprouted already.
It's been raining so much, I didn't even need to water them these past few days.

Can't add much else about my boring existence.

Yes you could. Restaurants sell beer usually. (And sometimes harder stuff too, but at horribly inflated prices.)
And there are also webshops if you want harder/exotic stuff.
Plus there's also grocery delivery services and dedicated wine (which are called Vinotheke here) and alcohol stores. Besides the restaurant one none of them are fast.
It's strange because the govt a month ago explicitly banned for example the pharmacy-to-door delivery of medicine. But you can still buy a drinky.

We will see if I self-insert or identify with Holden or not.
If you want to be goncerned then I have to tell you that I identified with Raskolnikov when I read Crime and Punishment for example :D
Though I don't have time to read it right now, because I still have to read like three books for this semester's Chinese literature exam.

>put it in another room
Doesn't work. I leave it in the house yet I keep coming back to it every 20 or so minutes to check it.
Only turning it off works. But I like music when I'm doing monotonous shit like practising writing.

The thing is we had one when I was a kid. The issue is that I was kind of a troublesome kid when it came to gadgets and stuff, because I kept taking shit like radios and clocks apart to see the insides and breaking them in the process.
Guess it's better than dissecting bugs or other small animals, but there's no clocks in the household besides the ones on the wall.
Not that it matters. I have this cool stipend from daddy state so I can afford getting one :D
No. 73022
That clock looks really nice, and it's great that it's not ticking, I couldn't bear a ticking clock if I'm trying to sleep.
No. 73023
>the clock is made in Belarus, so I guess I also supported the Special Military Operation.
I got a fancy birthday card recently that was made in Belarus. I felt disgusted.

>Besides the restaurant one none of them are fast.
>It's strange because the govt a month ago explicitly banned for example the pharmacy-to-door delivery of medicine. But you can still buy a drinky.
I don't think being fast when it comes to alcohol delivery is a good feature to begin with. Following a set time frame is another thing entirely which is crucial for many doorstep deliveries. Banning pharmacy deliveries is a strange one! I'm not sure if they exist here, but that sounds like a great idea. It should require face-to-face delivery with ID though especially if they're delivering controlled medication.

>Not that it matters. I have this cool stipend from daddy state so I can afford getting one :D
Makes me wonder why you posed the question about wasting money in the first place... Not that I cared about spending 6 euros when I was a student either, but hard to tell what the financial realities are for a student in another country, stipend or not. I took apart devices as well, but no way I would've dissected something that was actively in use by me or my parents. You might be young enough that your parents already used their phones as alarms when you were in that phase.
No. 73025
Well I think the pharmacy delivery thing was to regulate it better. It also banned over-the-counter med selling webshops too, so in essence you can only buy stuff at pharmacies now, prescription or not.
Probably someone in government had a friend who owns pharmacies that were losing money against delivery services.
It's the same with stuff like Uber, which got banned because Taxi drivers are the boogeymen of Hungarian politics and they are masters of life and death. If a taxi driver feels threatened then he will wreak a political havoc. Or at least they fear they will. Since they had a moment like that in the 90s and it scarred the political class deeply that the taxi drivers can assemble and fuck everything up.

For the money, I just have really weird spending habits where I'm sometimes incredibly cheap but sometimes I give out huge sums for stuff like books I want.
Thankfully I don't have regular expenses besides discord nitro so I'm pretty free with my spending right now, but that's only because I actually have money. If I fuck up this exam season, then I will be outta disposable again.
This is a very special, but fleeting monetary state I am in right now.
No. 73032
There should be an organization that does standardized IQ tests on inebriated people.
So we can compare sober IQ to dtunk IQ.
That way, we could pave way to normalizing being drunk at a shitty dead end job, by proving that you meet the iq89 threshold for perfotming your functions even while shitfaced.
No. 73033
I just remembered a thought I had yesterday when the puzzle where you have to ferry over the cabbage the sheep and the wolf came up.
It's that when the wolf and the cabbage are together, we only think that it's good that the wolf is not eating the cabbage. But we never think how good it is that the cabbage isn't doing anything to the wolf.
The cabbage is not eating the wolf and we never think about that.
No. 73034 Kontra
> I keep coming back to it every 20 or so minutes to check it.

The absolute zoomer. What's there to check? Or maybe I'm just a lazy fuck that can't be arsed to get up from bed to check my phone. Messages can usually wait and aren't that much anyway, but it depends.
No. 73035
Funny, I just did an IQ test on the Süddeutsche Zeitung website and got an "age corrected" IQ of 106.
Additional info: I drank about half a bottle of Baileys and have a bit of a headache.
No. 73039
32 kB, 300 × 360
When I am drunk my skill level at world of tanks increases hugely, also I type faster, work faster online and chat with people effortlessly
No. 73040
There is a stereotype that "World of tanks" is played by boomers who drink beer surrogate and beg wife for pocket money on premium account.
No. 73042
I also did an EQ test on the Süddeutsche site; 100 questions, sometimes very silly, often very imprecise.
My final score was 65, without any explanation what that number possibly means. There were also extra categories for emotional stuff, with the lowest being a 21 for "irritability".
No. 73045
An EQ-test based on a questionaire of text seems like a fallacy in itself.
No. 73046
It was part "don't agree - agree fully" scale and part choosing the most fitting way of handling a situation, eith my preferred approach usually not even being presented.
No. 73060
229 kB, 492 × 360, 0:05
Yeah, it fits
No. 73078
Fun fact: This "manlet" meme on imageboards is total bullshit. Be glad you're not as tall as I am. It's really hard to find fitting clothes for me (and if I do they are fucking expensive).
No. 73089
184 kB, 680 × 340
6,4 MB, 4032 × 3024
6,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
6,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
I helped my mother shop today again. We bought stuff for grandma for her stay in the hospital.
My father also tasked us with "stockpiling" cooking oil, flour and sugar.
These products are currently under price control by the government, so you can only purchase a limited amount in most stores, but since I'm of age and we live at different addresses officially, even if they did check ID and residence, they couldn't do shit if we bought more than the store allows.

Took some pictures. I don't want to say the situation is grim or anything, because it's only the price-controlled stuff that looks understocked. Limit on most stuff is 12 kilos/litres, but for oil it was a maximum of ten litres in 5L bottles.
Also rice seems to be in short stock in some places.
I'm kinda reminded of the Russian idiom "We live well over all: Worse then last year, but better than next."
Thankfully important wares like the on one the last pic are not in short supply.

We also got a Moka Pot. Because my father keeps buying actual coffee and we don't have the means of using it. It doesn't work on an induction stove, so my mother had this 200IQ idea that if you put it in a pan that does work with an induction stove then it'll heat up, "compatibility" be dammed.
It makes some damn good coffee. Don't know if it's the method or the Ethiopian beans.

Helped my mother pack up things for her visit to grandma and then I sat outside. I read a Chinese novella and some literature on Cao Yu, which turned out to be mostly useless in a sense.
The novella was good tho, and I now have one book less to read for literature class.

Another sunflower sprouted, which is good. I'll have to separate them because they all grew out in the same pot. I honestly expected the seeds to just fail so I put three next to each other.
Probably an idiotic thing.
Also filled up a hole the dogs made. They keep digging holes in the most inconvenient of places.

Oh, and I didn't wake up to the alarm clock. First because I woke up for some reason in the middle of the night, and then my mother woke me up before it could ring.
Not the clock's fault. Tomorrow will be different.

I'm probably gonna try writing two of the three texts I have to today. Or at least one.

EQ is a fucking meme. I remember being told I have low EQ in elementary school constantly.
At best it's a tool to say someone who doesn't falter to authority is defective in some sense, or a coping mechanism for someone who is average or below average to say they excel in something meaningless like this.

I'm just addicted. I have a problem.
No. 73091
Guess why it's so empty. Hint: You're not the only family taking "per household" less than literally.

t. full shelves everywhere
also, in-store radio tells you to not be a dick in ten minute intervals or so
No. 73092
You don't really need AI generated content or MKULTRA style psychoactive substances to "program" people to do what you want. You just need social media and schizos.

Literally every single place on the internet that has a text input box is constantly flooded with "signaling", regardless of topic. Usually something only nominally related to the topic at hand, linked to some [current thing] talking point, however tangentially.
It is easy to spot if you're aware of it. None of it is convincing or well put together, in fact most such posts are less coherent than the output of a bad text generator. But that's not the point. In fact, the more confusing and incoherent, the better. The confusion makes it difficult to attribute intent, and filter out by some objective metric.
The point is consistent, incessant, repeated exposure to the same thing over and over again, to the point where the observers' model of reality is sufficiently altered.
This can even be observed on EC lately.

I wonder if people will even be able to figure out how to filter out this new evolution of spam and defeat it, like they did with email spam. Because this time, there is no obvious criteria by which to filter. The purpose is not to mention a product, or get someone to click a link. It is to drown the conversation in plausably deniable, zero information content written by real people who think they're acting in good faith.

Would be interesting to define a metric by which we can measure an internet post as containing "real information", vs human written and parsable text that contains linguistically valid statements, and "information" by mathematical definition that nonetheless confers no knowledge and amounts to noise when actually read by another human.
Like everything I've written above, for example.
No. 73094 Kontra
I mean that much is given in a country like this. Being witty when it comes to rules is what ruins this country.
People also keep buying it because they don't know what will happen once the price control ends. Rumors say prices will double or even triple.
No. 73095 Kontra
Personally I just find it comical.
No. 73096
It's less empty than the shelves stocking cheap cooking oil here tbh. You can still buy the more expensive oils like olive and canola but I haven't seen sunflower seed oil for quite a while. I'm glad stores restricted buying.

Also why stock sugar? Afaik Ukraine and Russia don't produce sugar in any significant amount in export, if they do at all.
No. 73099
When you go to these sort of depths it's better to start making/doing things yourself instead of consuming them. Keeps you occupied without going more insane. Do you have any hobbies?

>Rumors say prices will double or even triple.
Of course they will, because of your self-inflicted shortage. I bet you or at least your countrymen where cursing how retarded people are hoarding toilet paper and causing shortages, only to repeat it again this soon.
No. 73100
1,5 MB, 1800 × 2358
Makes me think of this quote from a 2004 text on network cultures, it is a cultural examination that draws from Shannon's information theory to describe "new" network cultures.

>This technical (rather than simply technological) conception of communication is what for us opposes, for example, the ethics of modern professionals of communication (such as journalists) to today’s communication managers (PR agents, advertisers, perception managers, information strategists, directors of communication). While journalists who subscribe to a professional ethics rooted in a liberal modernity, for example, would argue that information must be assessed in terms of its accuracy (or truth value) and relevance (meaningfulness), communication managers seem to have another type of grasp of the informational dimension of contemporary culture – which they reduce to a Manichean battle between signal and noise. The latter, in fact, understand the power of a communication act as determined by the overall dynamics of the informational milieu, where what counts is the preservation of the message/signal through all the different permutations and possible corruptions which such
a message/signal is liable to undergo. This is why, for example, this social management of communication favours the short slogan or even the iconic power of the logo. The first condition of a successful communication becomes that of reducing all meaning to information – that is to a signal that can be successfully replicated across a varied communication milieu with minimum alterations. Whether it is about the Nike swoosh or war propaganda, what matters is the endurance of the information to be communicated, its power to survive as information all possible corruption by noise.

Not sure how to automate liberal modernity in order to keep the schizos out and regulate the info artillery.
No. 73101
No it went like this
>Prices shoot up because of the war in Ukraine
>Government introduces price control
>People keep buying price controlled stuff
>As price control is coming to an end, people try to stockpile some
They extended it again, but if prices shoot out, it'll be because they will return to market value, not because we created a temporary shortage.
Or if the shortages continue, they will happen because they will stop producing the unprofitable products for the Hungarian market until the price control is dropped. (In which case, the shortage is not our fault again.)
No. 73105
I'm not sure how liberal modernity or liberal values are relevant here.
I think the distinction between "knowledge" and "signals" is quite fundamental, and has nothing to do with culture or ideology.
I'd define the distinctions as "signals convey no information other than the fact of their presence". That's it.
When you drop a heavy box on your toe and scream, the experience of pain confers to you no information other than the fact that you are experiencing pain. When the pain makes you yell out, or make a noise otherwise, the noise confers no information to those hearing it, other than the fact that you are experiencing pain.
This also applies to all expressions of one's internal states, advertisements, spam, etc.

My hobby is thinking things, and writing them down. But only the specific cases where the thoughts can be written as a text short enough to be digestible in the form of an anonymous imageboard post.
Because whenever a thought I have becomes too large for me to hold it in my head all at once, I forget about it, and never write it down.
No. 73106
A signal usually has an operative value, that is a signal can enact something, like a sort of switch activation.
A schizo/bot signal is simple and contains the same buzzwords, making sure of redundancy, shielding it off against noise. The signal/information in itself has no truth value, the liberal modernity then is when its questioned for meaning/truth value and that is also when something can be knowledge: when it has meaning and truth value.
The schizo/bot posting is not interested in discussion, meaning, context and truth, it's just about being operative, the goal is enforcing or amplifying something.

That is when culture comes into play, we live in a culture that is shaped by massive technologically mediated communication, information bombing is easier in this culture. For digitally mediated cultures this is a phenomenon that shows itself on a scale unmatched before. And from a goal oriented point of view it might be more effective to operate that way to archive your goal and bring a message across than discuss it with people (liberal modernity).
No. 73107
>My hobby is thinking things, and writing them down.
I'm aware! You could think about picking up a different style of hobby entirely. Learn an instrument? Or do rock climbing, digging holes, basket weaving, crafting optical elements, restoration of old whatevers, baking, yoga, heroin, biking, climbing rooftops or painting religious imagery.

The less thinking involved the better. Might be healthy or even fun!
No. 73108
> The less thinking involved the better
The brain can't just do nothing. And then what?
No. 73109 Kontra
The brain is responsible for a lot more than abstract thought. The space of all possible hobbies does include many which are very thinking-oriented. I'm only suggesting brick here to exercise a different part of the brain once in a while. Not quite sure what you are asking.
No. 73110 Kontra
Literal schizo post.
No. 73114
> Not quite sure what you are asking.
You said "less thinking involved". Whenever I let my brain run free so to speak I'm going through chains of loosely related shit with no way to stop for hours. Not very pleasant.
No. 73124
I think he meant physical or manual activity that can "bind" your brain onto the task at hand so it will NOT wander off.
For me, for example, lifting does that. The moments when mind and muscles need to work as one unit, lest I hurt myself.
It's meditative for me.
No. 73129 Kontra
Exactly this.
No. 73130
114 kB, 1079 × 789
I think I like a girl again and it's very unlikely to work. I really don't know how to manage these feelings. I'm thinking about inviting her to the movies because we both like that in not too long, so that I know if she's not interested.
No. 73131 Kontra
>manage these feelings

This is what loneliness does to a mf

t. another mf

No, really, once you have been alone for a longer time you easily and quickly flock to woman but it's not so much them necessarily as you being lonely. Of course, this is not true in all cases.
No. 73133
Movies isn't the best on its own, if you're wanting to get to know her. I would strongly recommend against just doing that - it's much better to combine it with something else. I recommend you go for dinner first, then movie, or go to something like an art gallery instead (assuming both into that).

Reasoning is, in a movie, neither of you are talking to eachother, or getting to know each other. You can't build her feels, or have her get to know you in that environment. You also can't ask her about herself - this is very important - lots of women aren't worth your time, and you need to ascertain if she is quality early. In an art gallery, you can either shittalk, or give serious discussions. It's good, and even if doesn't work, why worry? Good day anyway.

At the very least - do an unrushed dinner or lunch before the movie, so you can properly get to know eachother, and have a chat about movie, afterwards.

Depending on the context you know her in, it's often easier for things like art galleries, or city festivals. I went out with a coworker years back, because we discussed asian food festival over lunch with various coworkers, and basically said to person of interest "I'm alone, want to come w me", in that context, which workered surprisingly easily.

T. Gf acquirer
No. 73134 Kontra
Can + for art gallery, I went to a museum with her and was successful.
No. 73135
Wachting a movie isn't bad. Go watch some crazy Frankenstein or something.
Then you can ramble a bit about the camera and that Jarmusch has been better, you know.
If she's sitting there and just saying "yeah" you're doing everything right.
No. 73138
Was at a wedding yesterday, as a +1, family of GF.
It was a "Traufe", which is a portmanteau of "Trauung" and "Taufe", i.e. a combined wedding and baptism. They had been legally married for two years and probably wanted to wait out the pandemic to get a proper celebration.
It was an oecumenical ceremony, with the protestant priest doing the wedding and the catholic priest (a pole nonetheless) doing the baptism.
The protestant priest with his funny tie thing though he was a proper funny man and half his sermon was a skit by famous german comedian Otto Waalkes (who in turn parodied such "life-practical" sermons in the first place, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AXHzqGWPH4). All the boomers attending the mass enjoyed it immensely. I eventually had to laugh too because I imagined this guy sitting at home thinking about how he could make his job enjoyable and coming up with connecting an Otto skit with a wedding+baptism (the punchline was "Vier fahrn nach Lodz", i.e. mom, dad, kid AND GOD WITH THEM).
The catholic also was a joker, but more natural. During the baptism I also had to smile a bit because not too long ago I watched The Godfather again and the catholic rite is the same everywhere, so the godfather had to reply with "I do renounce him" when asked about the devil's numerous vices and I had to imagine that scene.
So all in all, even with over 30 and being used to boredom, church is still as boring as it has ever been. Oh, and screaming toddlers and constantly coughing people, as usual.

The actual party was nice. It was funny seeing the groom's family of working class boomers and their now-higher-educated children and the bride's bougie family who apparently constantly sang operas together, played piano and watched Loriot, but they seemed to be genuinely nice people, just pretty "different".
Food was standard for such parties, I had an incredibly distended stomach in the end, but I actually would have liked to eat more. I couldn't drink anything sadly because due to some unforeseen circumstances I was the designated driver.

Today we went to a record/vinyl fair. The stuff I like is usually not well-represented at such events, but it was funny watching the people. Classic rock boomers with spare hair and ponytail, young hipsters, fanatical KISS fanatics and that one disgusting neckbeardy subhuman (the stereotypical metal/tabletop nerd kind) who was constantly coughing in front of him (i.e. on the records he was skimming through), seemingly always on the way where I also was going to look. Once I saw him skimming through records, picking his nose and continuing. A woman standing right next to him saw it too, prompting her to turn away and literally flee. This would have already been disgusting normally, but during a pandemic that kind of behavior is extra spicy.
No. 73145
Yea I’m pretty sure it’s loneliness again. Now that I thought through it I’m now pretty sur it’s a bad idea. She’s from a rather restrained group of friends and pretty obviously not into me and I think that if I tried something like that, it could shake the group for not much results and I don’t think I want that to happen.
My ideal rendezvous would be a long hike in the mountains. I think hiking is perfect for bonding, it’s a common effort where you still are able to discuss and bond during lunch and breaks. And if you have nothing to tell each other about, no problem, you can adjust the effort with how much you have to talk!
The local film archive is running a retrospective on Renato Breta and Kinuyo Tanaka this month if you have any recommendations. For me at least.
No. 73146
> if you have any recommendations
Sorry I was just shitposting with some lyrics from Casanovas schwule Seite, but every girl likes Audrey Hepburn films.
No. 73147 Kontra
>ideal rendezvous would be a long hike in the mountains.

Women often are not eager to hike with a more or less stranger in an empty territory where nobody can hear them scream or can help just in case.
No. 73149 Kontra
It seems like I forgot I was a potential rapist for a moment…
No. 73150 Kontra
With Rape Culture, everyone is a rapist.
No. 73151 Kontra
It has happened. I wouldn't take such precautionary measures personally like this guy >>73150 does. It only came to my mind, just in case you never thought about it and wonder why women might turn that one down.
No. 73152
I wrote the two essays on my shitty laptop in the garden in like three hours and I also re-read The Real Story of A-Q and did a bunch of cleaning too.
I'm becoming more and more productive.
And the funniest thing is that I didn't even need the alarm clock to wake up. I set it up, but I keep waking up before it sets off for some reason.
Flowers are growing nicely.
No. 73153 Kontra
For reasons other Ernsts said, I would lean away from hiking for 1st date, unless you already know her quite well, or you meet in some context like travelling (ie, met in a hostel or something). It's sad it's that way, but better to not risk it. If it's a trainwreck too - at least you can make an easy escape if you're near civilisation :D

Maybe Swiss hiking is different though - in Aus/NZ, much of it is forests with no sight lines - prime murder territory. I have this image in my head of Switzerland being sweeping vistas of the mountains though, which is maybe different.

Also, there is no harm to ask her, even if you're in a friend group. If she says no, it's fine, and you can move past the feels without being bogged down in what ifs. If she makes a drama of it to others, then she is childish and you're lucky she said no.
No. 73159
>>73153 This tbh, its not that weird that 'hey, wanna come somehwere that nobody will find your body with me?' is a no-go. I wouldn't go out the woop woops with any old rando and i can look after myself. That shit is how people get murdered in this country.
No. 73160
26 kB, 375 × 500
Do Europeans actually invite women on dates that don't involve alcohol unironically?

Like are you serious?
No. 73165
1,9 MB, 1487 × 897
Come on, most mountain hiking trails here are more crowded than art museums on sunny days. It may seem uninstinctive but Switzerland is densly populated. I don't think walking evokes isolation to most people here.
Worse. The woman doesn't drink.
No. 73176
Do you actually not consider yourself european?

Also yes, I'd turn the question around and ask: What is it that necessitates alcohol on dates for you?

t. had more than one gf and never went on a date with alcohol involved
No. 73189
If they were as assburger as you it's no wonder you never drank alcohol.
No. 73190
And what part of my post makes you diagnose Aspbergers?

Is the avoidance of alcohol a sign of Aspbergers in your world? Or was it my question regarding the europeanness?
No. 73191
18 kB, 540 × 405
I think I have COVID. How an assburger shutin like myself managed to get infected is a question for a team of mathematicians and virologists but at least the symptoms don't seem so bad. Cough, dry throat, mild headache.
No. 73192
He doesn't say that you are Asperger, that's a logical error. He says that you are as Asperger as girls you've gone to dates with. Probably he wants to say that none of you are Asperger and that's why you avoided alcohol. Or maybe that's why you ask Irish if he's European.
No. 73193
Nah, he just wants to feel "normal" with his addiction.
No. 73194
Did you run a test? Not like these are unique symptoms. And unless you are a complete shutin with absolutely ZERO contact to humans (and the stuff they touch) that's not exactly a riddle for the ages.
No. 73195
Okay, maybe it isn't such a riddle. They ended the free COVID tests scheme two days ago, so I dunno if it's worth it to get tested. I'll just avoid visiting grandma for now.
No. 73197
> visiting grandma
So much for "shut-in".

I don't know what a test kit costs on the Portugal but maybe reconsider?
No. 73200 Kontra
>And what part of my post makes you diagnose Aspbergers?
I inferred it from you replying seriously to some silly irish banter, and also because there's only two types of teetotallers, the former addicts and the really boring kind.
I can't say for sure which one you are, because we have at least one former addict here, but since this is EC, I wouldn't be surprised if you're the second kind.
Then, you implied you have been on several dates with several different GFs and didn't drink any alcohol.
A popular kind of date is eating out, which means you will also need to drink something to your meal. Even without being an addict, you can enjoy a glass of wine with your italian dish of your choice, for example.
But if you don't drink alcohol, you either drank just water, which would be cool though, or some sweet sugar drink, which could mean you were both fatasses.
The way I image it is assburger Ernst and assburger Erna sitting there, eating falafel, drinking udulag and discussing some really pretentious ivory tower topic and how cool they are for not drinking alcohol.
No. 73202
476 kB, 1770 × 2048
>Ernst and assburger Erna sitting there, eating falafel, drinking udulag and discussing some really pretentious ivory tower topic and how cool they are for not drinking alcohol.

We were laughing about the peasant that had fun pissing his trousers on his way home from the party. Then we were meta reflecting in an ongoing amusement on how people define their personality through the consumption of liquids. In sum: we had fun doing so and it wasn't even necessary to reach this state by numbing yourself in order to let go and feel something relaxing. We have been relaxed all the while :^)
No. 73206
>laughing at other people's misfortunes
You're a bad person, Ernst, and you should feel bad.
No. 73207
It works if you go as part of another group.
Either friends, or a random group you can find online.
But heed my warnings.

Pros: meet new people. Physical activity. Scenery. Proving you're not a bitch by doing an intense phycal ativity. Your crush will be there.
Cons: as a computer nerd loser, you will drag behind and even be behind the girls. Girls are lighter, so they'll have less trouble than an unfit, but heavier male. But a fit male will rcircles around you. In any hiking group, here will be a gigachad experienced hiker to mog you.
Now it's not necessary that such conditions will result in worst case scenatio guaranteed, just be aware of your crush being stolen by the amateur climber chad. Speaking from experience here.
And of course, remember to have fun, and never give up!!! Wagmi
No. 73210
Pissing your pants is the fun part of drinking, what's wrong with you? Are you a boring person, don't you piss your pants, you haven't partied then! So we are agreeable on the fun part while laughing.
No. 73213
Not everyone who drinks alcohol pisses their pants and frankly, I am a bit disturbed by you being so interested in people pissing their pants in the first place.
You have already shown to be a humorless assburger douchebag, please don't also play into the german excretion lover stereotype.
Also, you seem really mad, why is that?
No. 73216
Just to be clear, this guy >>73202 is not me (who you were replying to).

Regarding your assumptions: My most recent date was a hiking trip, the last few times I was at a restaurant I was drinking tea or Lassi and I stopped drinking alcohol when I was about 19 because I simply didn't enjoy it. I do occasionally drink a glass of wine (eg. on christmas when visiting the family).

~~Replying in apparent ernest to some low-effort shartpost may just be my kind of humor, no Aspbergers needed (: ~~
No. 73217
>Also, you seem really mad, why is that?

I made all of this up for fun. Not everybody that replies to your opinions is mad.
No. 73218
Why do you think you need to speak for others if they are perfectly well capable of speaking for themselves?
No. 73219
It is you who thinks I spoke for other people...
No. 73220
Yet you obviously felt triggered enough to warrant a reply to "my opinions".
No. 73221
I was triggered, else I wouldn't have replied, yes. But I think you confuse triggered with "triggered" because I replied for reasons that seem to exceed your imagination or expectations. And for somebody who calls others autists, you aren't shy to show autism at large in this conservation we are having.
No. 73223 Kontra
Today I realized that we need less German assburgers.
No. 73237
Ironic you are accusing me of confusing things that "exceed my imagination" when you are constantly implying and assuming things.
No. 73239
You were assuming I'm mad or have been actually serious in my posting. I just made something up to pass the time (or procrastinate) and let my mind create something. Since you chose that option of assuming I'm mad (frankly, I believe you are the same person that often verbalizes that somebody is mad/butthurt in his postings) it goes beyond your horizon that I'm not when I reply.

I mean it's always the same. "You are mad/butthurt, you have no humor". But then you go on to explain things as assburger as possible to people you are going against, especially when they attack your humor or personal stances on why something is important. Making alcohol consumption a personality trait is laughable in a way, though. There is a difference between alcohol/drugs being part of your life and shaping your personality and making it a personality trait in a wannabe bon vivant kind of way.
No. 73241
So many words just to say "I was trolling". At least stand by it.
And by the way, did I mention even once that I actually drink alcohol?
No. 73244 Kontra
>So many words just to say "I was trolling". At least stand by it.

First, I never denied it, so your second sentence aims at what exactly? Second, I'm not talking about my post, but about our interaction. Hence "so many words" for something that is not about my shitpost as "closed system", but about our interaction. It's a difference, comprende?