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No. 72751
38 kB, 584 × 584
23 kB, 946 × 114
After spamming the last one to Systemkontra with a single broadcast, here's the new thread
No. 72752
That just speaks to the quality of the broadcast. Thank you for that stream.
No. 72769
38 kB, 946 × 114
1,1 MB, 2324 × 4616
97 kB, 1050 × 600
693 kB, 905 × 889
Here the radio data picture with visible password

Did that mistake on /b/ and felt like i'm about to be called names afterwards

Can't even identify individual Germans? Sad!
No. 72771 Kontra
184 kB, 928 × 1280
>Can't even identify individual Germans? Sad!
As far as I'm concerned, every German on EC is you. If there are four distinct German personalities, they are all parts of one entity. Each representing different archetypes of Germans.
In retrospect, a lot was learned about your nation in the last stream. An idea of the Volksgeist begins to form in my mind.
No. 72772
Damn, I couldn't deal with being the single poster under any given countryball. Gotta hide behind my fellow Germans in case I post BS. If that means my positive stuff doesn't stand out either, so be it.
No. 72784
>If there are four distinct German personalities, they are all parts of one entity.
Huh, I can only count three. Who is the last one? Is it you, John Wayne, or is it me?
No. 73062
131 kB, 640 × 637
273 kB, 800 × 800
This weeks winner is "MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday".
Great album by the best MC with no chain you ever heard.

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1,5 hours from now.
No. 73064 Kontra
Not him, but please don't take what I wrote here serious, some if it is deranged bullshit.
No. 73076
440 kB, 1000 × 1000
No. 73090
> The Band
I prefer "Just A Band" Even though it obviously doesn't go with the pattern
No. 73098
>doesn't go with the pattern
My choices were limited. Technically I could have used any artist with "The" in the name, like "The Smashing Pumpkins", or "The Smiths", but it works better if the name is generic like "The Band". Best choice would have been "The The", but they're not good enough to link.
No. 73232
127 kB, 1200 × 628
No. 73541
273 kB, 800 × 800
56 kB, 500 × 500
710 kB, 1500 × 1485
22 kB, 500 × 496
Today we're listening to "The Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night".

New to the poll:
Buju Banton - 'Til Shiloh
Outkast - Aquemini
The Doors - The Doors


Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 73587
59 kB, 500 × 464
Ketzerfetzer777 here.
Real life is pretty devilishly going at the moment, so a rather spontaneous stream, provided my ISP won't fuck up again. Today with CD 1 of the Eläkeläiset Best Of *Humppabingo**. Tune in, tonight at 1800 UTC.
As always there will be a bit of uplifting music at the beginning, with the main programme starting at around 18:15 UTC.
No. 73588

Fucking summertime I hate it so, so much.
Obviously we will start at 1700 UTC because now we're already 2 hours ahead. Fuck summertime, truly the devil's work.
No. 73600
9 kB, 300 × 169
What's up with Germans and Eläkeläiset? I don't understand!
No. 73601
> I don't understand!
Same way I feel about their lyrics.
No. 73602 Kontra
Just now the guy was singing:
>Just by myself I sputter
>And no one understands

No. 73685
59 kB, 500 × 464
Ketzerfetzer777 here.
Due to the surprising success of the last stream, we will today continue with the second CD of the Eläkeläiset Best Of Humppabingo. Tune in, tonight at 1700 UTC.
As always there will be a bit of uplifting music at the beginning, with the main programme starting at around 17:15 UTC.
No. 73698
It wasn't supposed to be. The Lord must want to make me into another Hiob.
No. 73729
What happened? I wasn't around yesterday so I missed it.
No. 73731
The broadcaster's personal internet connection keeps breaking down for whatever reason.
No. 73852
4,0 MB, 2850 × 3000
25 kB, 413 × 429
98 kB, 900 × 900
>Did that mistake on /b/ and felt like i'm about to be called names afterwards
i did it first, so it was meine schuld sowieso neeee
hab ja hoffentlich für ausreichend klarheit gesorgt, mit den bildern mit passwort dennn nee
the alcohol ist wirkend and so muss es sein
Es gab ja sogar schon BIlder vor dem von mir, wieso wurde seitdem immer meins benutzt und dann auch noch das fickend falsche, was kein Passwort hat? nojo, ist doch bestimbt sowieso gerettet und so
wer sich bemüht, der findet es und sonst fragt man halt
Prost! :3
No. 73899
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Kool Keith & Big Sche Eastwood - Magnetic Pimp Force Field"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET which is in around 50 minutes from now.
No. 73924
Since I just missed the blue stream, Andrew Eldritch was born 63 years ago and I did not stream Dark Wave for a while, a Dark Wave stream more or less. We'll see for how long and if you have related wishes let me know.
No. 74042
25 kB, 320 × 410
Short heads-up from the Ketzerfetzer:
In order to test the current state of my connection, there will be a spontaneous stream of spanish-language music beginning at 1900 UTC.
Provided everything works, it will be about one hour.
No. 74044
I do expect the Spanish Inquisition. What now?
No. 74047
Yeah, now I can't connect anymore at all. Fuck this gay earth.
No. 74100
376 kB, 542 × 766
New attempt at 1630 UTC.
No. 74101 Kontra
Attempt failed, fuck this shit I'm out. This is all Satan's work.
No. 74254
79 kB, 1200 × 1105
106 kB, 1200 × 1200
193 kB, 1500 × 1500
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "Soundgarden - Down On The Upside"
Good band, good album.

New to the poll:
Zaunpfahl - Musik
Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker
Edgar Winter - Edgar Winter's White Trash

Next weeks poll:

What is international Ernst thinking of me adding some good ol' German music?

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1,5 hours from now.
No. 74502
27 kB, 733 × 438
Also for the lads from /int/
We will have a spontaneous streamfestival on the radio in cooperation with Bernd (Kaycee) that starts in about 10mins. All times in the pic are CEST.
No. 74504 Kontra
How do I tune in?

T. Clueless
No. 74507
but atm someone trying to record the streams accidentally the entire server. Streams are still working but the radio frontend is kill.
No. 74508
67 kB, 1733 × 516
And Frontend is liv again. Just hit the play button and music plays.
No. 74511 Kontra
49 kB, 496 × 370
I see. The links on top of the page weren't there so I assumed the show was broadcasted somewhere else. Thanks!
No. 74523
71 kB, 940 × 627
FYI: Had to implement a few measures to deal with the presumed DoS attack on the radio. Should be fine now, at least I hope it is.
No. 74643
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute".
Good band, good album, good good.

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 75001
1,8 MB, 498 × 284, 0:02
Important notice: Tomorrow (saturday) the SSL certificate of the radio will expire. Since it is set to auto-renew and since the simulation process says the auto-renew process is properly configured I am 100% sure that there will be no complications at all tomorrow.
No. 75024 Kontra
41 kB, 699 × 476
Didn't see that one coming :DD I started the automatic process manually, that did work fine, so we're good now.
No. 75034
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Zaunpfahl - Musik".
Finally some good German music after all that inferior anglo crap.

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 2 hours from now.
No. 75146
118 kB, 1363 × 220
Whoops, forgot to post. Is't Metal Wednesday today, so I'm streaming some metal. Since I didn't have time on Wednesday though I'm streaming today instead. Also since I like my motto streams to be some stupid pun I had so flip wednesday upside down so it's metal mednesday. Ebin, right? Probably not...
No. 75181
115 kB, 900 × 900
I made a playlist of popular Russian music. Some examples of what will be offered to you:

I'd like to stream it with https://sync-tube.de/ . It's more convenient than using radio (don't have to download everything) and also majority of songs have videoclips. Is it okay?

Can stream it at any time at weekend. Let's choose Saturday 17:00 UTC unless there is a stream already planned for this time (is it?).
No. 75186
83 kB, 383 × 426, 0:02
>Saturday 17:00 UTC unless there is a stream already planned for this time (is it?)
I checked the calendar to confirm, and that time slot is open. The Weekly Album Stream begins at 1600 UTC, but usually runs less than an hour(not including the spontaneous after show).

Also, this is my second post because time zones confuse and frighten the American :D
No. 75189
> time zones confuse and frighten the American
Weird. Doesn't your country have like five or so? Maybe move to China, they only have one (so that it's noon when some people far away from the capital wake up or whatever).
No. 75190 Kontra
86 kB, 955 × 634
We should do away with time zones and use global time instead.

What difference does it make if you wake up at 06:00 and go to lunch every day at 12:30, or for example in global time wake up wake up at 23:00 and go to lunch at 05:30. With global time communication would be much easier between people residing in different time zones.
No. 75191
>What is UTC
No. 75192
>With global time communication would be much easier between people residing in different time zones.
Most people have nothing to do with that shit and it would fuck them up. Also, calculating time zones keeps your brain fit and stuff.
No. 75193 Kontra
Stop, you're letting the Azorians win.
No. 75194 Kontra
Too late for us. They took over Fall River decades ago. Now they elect corrupt mayors:
No. 75195 Kontra
1,1 MB, 279 × 219, 0:04
>What is UTC
Is your wristwatch in UTC? Is your phone in UTC? Does your workplace communicate times in UTC? Etc, etc, etc. Think before posting.

>Most people have nothing to do with that shit and it would fuck them up
Sure, but only initially. Times like 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, etc. are as made-up as offsetting them to any other section of a 24 hour day. Once you are accustomed to them problems weren't. Then everyone will be on the same page time-wise globally, until the end of time at least.
No. 75196
I have neither
No. 75200 Kontra
342 kB, 556 × 403
A window into the machinations of insular lusophones. Cape Verde-Azorian forces combined into a singular power-over-will beast. I like this mayor.
No. 75377
93 kB, 500 × 500
187 kB, 1426 × 1426
63 kB, 600 × 597
Todays winner is "Edgar Winter - Edgar Winter's White Trash".

Due to a lack of interested i kicked "Cunninlynguists - Rose Azura Njano" out of the poll.

New to the poll:
At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus
Madvillain - Madvillainy

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, whoch is in around 1,5 hours from now.
No. 75388
115 kB, 900 × 900
Starting in 20 minutes.
No. 75389
We'll start with soviet music. First song is about S P A C E.
No. 75390 Kontra
This was about winter. Next one -- about DACHA.
No. 75391
2,7 MB, 318 × 268, 0:07
I'd be interested when these songs were recorded, so if it's possible you could post the infa here or in synctube.

Nice music! Let's see if the song I captured this gif out of is featured. I don't remember the name anymore.
No. 75392
"Our hearts demand changes" -- song from perestroika era.

Ok! 1, 3 -- from 80-s. 2 -- from 70-s.
No. 75393
I suggest posting here. We have already so much things going that are draining activity from the board, so I think it's better to keep stuff here. Will also help to raise interest for future sessions.
No. 75394
> Let's see if the song I captured this gif out of is featured
I like it too and it's old but it became popular only recently because of Youtube algorithm.
No. 75395 Kontra
Song from 1991.
No. 75396
Streaming my audio for Radio ernstiwan, hope you don't mind.
No. 75397
80 kB, 1316 × 738
Watching the video on mute while listening to the audio on the radio. Rate!
No. 75398

a new era has begun.
No. 75399 Kontra
This song is kinda sequel to previous. Accountant boyfriend is not American boy, just a simple guy, but very lovely still.
No. 75400 Kontra
Song about chechen war. About combat (COMmander of BATalion) who didn't hide behind his soldiers and died heroically.

cumbutt hehe :DDDD
No. 75401
36 kB, 547 × 533
49 kB, 500 × 500
>who didn't hide behind his soldiers and died heroically
I love military songs!
No. 75402 Kontra
BLATNYAK (next two tracks) are songs about being criminal and sitting in prison.
No. 75403 Kontra
(it's a specific post-soviet genre which now dies off because it's target audience switched to rap music -> Russian rap will be later)
No. 75404 Kontra
this song is called "hey, piggy"
No. 75405 Kontra
Our Tatar Trinity :D
No. 75406 Kontra
Pseudolesbian girls whom we sent to Eurovision-2003.
No. 75407
All the things she said, running through my head running through my head
No. 75408
116 kB, 609 × 600
Fuck yes Tatu!
No. 75409 Kontra
We reached 2000-s btw. Years of subcultures and high oil prices.

This song is about summer and hope.
No. 75410
You are looking for this song:

Mind the epic band, each one looking like representing another genre of music.
No. 75411 Kontra
To me it's amusing hearing Russians saying(or singing) война because it sounds so similar to Finnish vainaa, a deceased person. Maybe the etymology is related.
No. 75412 Kontra
Rap! This song was made ironically. But bydlo didn't get the joke and these guys became very popular.
No. 75413 Kontra
Ukrainian drag queen
This song is assosiated with heavily drunk boomers celebrating New Year.
No. 75415 Kontra
Was there any Russian MySpace-equivalent? This song made me think of MySpace for whatever reason and I don't recall seeing many Russians there.
No. 75416
This stream transports me back to being a child not being able to sleep because father is watching some bydlo russian music concert on TV at full volume.

Thanks for that.
No. 75417
This is our Eninem. INTELLECTUAL rap.

Boomers sit at ok.ru
No. 75418
76 kB, 1314 × 726
I like it, good song. And hot chicks.
No. 75419
Russian retrowave, hui.
No. 75420
Song about girl preferring cool bandit to boring classmate. It's made in 90-s style and it's IRONIC.

My father is intelligentsia. He listens to Аквариум and Машина Времени when drunk.
No. 75421
This is what zoomers listen to when return home after lessons of orthodox culture and patriotic education.
No. 75422
That's it. I can add something which I left off initially.
No. 75424
Nice list, thanks.
No. 75425
51 kB, 600 × 600
Thanks for streaming, I stole a few to add to my music colkection so I'll seem cooler than i am.
No. 75426
Yeah, thanks for streaming!

>I stole a few to add to my music colkection so I'll seem cooler than i am.
Same here!
No. 75427 Kontra
130 kB, 481 × 308
Good stream!
No. 75428
Sad thing I listened and did not make any notices. And you can only see what is still on the playlist and not what already played. Ah well.
No. 75429
I don't have the full list but maybe it can be posted?

ЛЮБЭ - Комбат (концерт "КОМБАТ", 1996)

Земфира — Искала (Official Video)

t.A.T.u. - Нас Не Догонят (HD)

Animal ДжаZ - Три полоски (Official Video)

Oxxxymiron - Город под подошвой (2015)
No. 75430
I'll post the list a bit later. (but it won't be 100% precise, I'll rely on my memory)

Playing some more btw. This is one is called "no need to bend over changing world".
No. 75431
Stumbled upon this a while back:
No. 75432
Current video is an acid trip, what is song about?
No. 75433
You don't recognize words "Snickers", "Capital" and "Karl Marx"? :D
No. 75434
I was trying to figure out if the song was in favor or opposed. I love some of those, but won't say which :DDD
No. 75435
One more Chechen war song, this one from separatist side.

I would say neither.
No. 75436 Kontra
DEADLY SERIOUS (to the comical point) rap about being such a dangerous criminal. Popular among unwashed masses.
No. 75437 Kontra
No. 75438 Kontra
No. 75439
Thanks, appreciate the continuation and list :)
No. 75838
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 30min from now.
No. 76215
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1,5 hours from now.
No. 76565
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "The Doors - The Doors".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 76900
122 kB, 1400 × 1400
470 kB, 1500 × 1491
257 kB, 970 × 970
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Outkast - Aquemini".

After a long time, i'm going to add some vinyl to the poll again:

Mike Oldfield - QE2
Paul Simon - Graceland
Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson - Bridges

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 77084
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Mike Oldfield - QE2".

Next weeks poll:

Since we're streaming directly from vinyl, the pre-stream will also be various vinyl records.

We're going to play:

Poison Girls - Songs of Praise
Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack
Butthole Surfers - Butthole Surfers EP/BRTL

The pre-stream starts right away.
The main act will be here like usual at 18:00CET, which is in around 2 hours from now.
No. 77106
142 kB, 1232 × 3170
Almost on point it is time for another session of metal. Starting at 14:00 UTC for around 3 hours of earache. Just thrashing through some subgenres and decades.
No. 77285
>Heatwave Stream
>Setting Sun
omg, there was a 2016 3 disc reissue of Be Here Now. Why am I just learning this!
Thx, Alt.
No. 77408
124 kB, 750 × 498
No Album stream today. We continue next week with todays winner.

t. sick
No. 77416
Not true!

Gonna jump in with Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River

Starting in an hour as per usual
No. 77422
99 kB, 400 × 400
Scene at Ernst manor, 100 hours in MS paint.

Get well soon.
No. 77423
93 kB, 640 × 427
Well done, saved!
No. 77728
223 kB, 1200 × 1200
24 kB, 600 × 601
235 kB, 1200 × 1200
156 kB, 1500 × 1500
Todays winner is "Paul Simon - Graceland"

New to the poll:
Melvins - Tres Cabrones
Callejon - Wir sind Angst
Fantômas - The Director's Cut
Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 78199
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson - Bridges".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 78201
84 kB, 581 × 640
Since i can't show songs from vinyl:
In the pre-stream we're listening to Electric Light Orchestra.
No. 78240
56 kB, 650 × 300
At 14:00UTC there will be a two hour stream with some retro computer game music from the era 1982-2000.
No. 78528
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Fantômas - The Director's Cut"
Good band, good album.

Next weeks poll:


Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1,5 hours from now.
No. 78581
434 kB, 1000 × 667
Streaming some Prog Rock and Classic Rock right now. Maybe there's a switch in genre later and we get some Hip-Hop or Punk.
No. 78878
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter"

Great Blues-Rock from Edgar Winters brother of whom we already had a few albums in the stream.

Next weeks poll:

Like always, we start at 18:00CET, which is in just above 1 hour from now.
No. 79219
33 kB, 500 × 500
Ja, zis Ketzerfetzere back again, tell a friend.
At least for testing purposes - after changing his ISP, the Ketzerfetzer will try again.
Provided this works without any severe problem, hopefully there will be more streams in the future again.
But to test how it works with 1&1, we will listen to the Manhunter OST tonight at 17 UTC in the totally awesome ultra limited overextended edition with songs even from Silence of the Lambs!!1eleven
No. 79262
32 kB, 250 × 250
Ketzerfetzer777 here.
Since the new connection seems to work rather well (BURN IN HELL VODAFONE!), we will FINALLY continue with the second CD of the Eläkeläiset Best Of *Humppabingo**. Tune in, tomorrow after the Weekly Album Stream at 1800 UTC.
As always there will be a bit of uplifting music at the beginning, with the main programme starting at around 18:15 UTC.
No. 79325
364 kB, 1200 × 1200
308 kB, 1500 × 1500
225 kB, 1500 × 1500
The winner of today is "Buju Banton - 'Til Shiloh".

New to the poll:

"Killdozer - Uncompromising War On Art Under The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat"

"Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue"

"Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1 hour from now.
No. 79406
20 kB, 450 × 450
117 kB, 980 × 652
485 kB, 1024 × 768
Coheed and Cambria.
Good stuff.
No. 79414
499 kB, 667 × 600
Playing some cozy party music. Might get retarded. No refunds!
Tune in, Ernst!
No. 79477
2 kB, 225 × 225
50 kB, 600 × 600
310 kB, 1200 × 1200
90 kB, 1200 × 1200
Ketzerfetzer777 here.
Because of real life shenanigans the Ketzerfetzer will probably not be able to stream as much as he'd like to. To compensate for that a bit (and as stress test for the new connection, in case there will be more streams possible in the future) this will be an extra long stream. Tomorrow's topic will be "female voices and reverb". That is why we listen to some singers, starting tomorrow at 1700 UTC, whose music the Ketzerfetzer likes, but whom (after a proper wedding) the Ketzerfetzer would do in an instant. We will start with Chelsea Wolfe with the album The Grime and the Glow, after that take a detour through the mainstream with Lana del Rey's record Ultraviolence, followed by Zola Jesus with Okovi, after which the icelandic ice queens of Kælan Mikla will take over with Nótt Eftir Nótt. After that we will end the night with something a bit more mainstream-y.
As always there will be a bit of uplifting music at the beginning, with the main programme starting at around 17:15 UTC.
No. 79484
434 kB, 625 × 564
Herro, /int/!
Playing some tunes on the radio against. Don't forget to like, comment and hit the bell butter!
imagine a butter of bell
No. 79670
Also this threada goes up, messing up your day dear spambot.
No. 80268
161 kB, 560 × 560
Todays winner is "Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 80271
115 kB, 500 × 378
I forgot to check the lenght of the Album.
We move the start of the stream to 17:50CET because the Album is actually 70min long.
No. 80601
I'll do a few experiments with automatic stream recording, since this was requested on /b/. The radio can be used normally, but there probably won't be an RSS/BOT Erna update.
No. 80625 Kontra
Done - since a while already. Tests looked promising, but it will need several test sessions until something usable will be available.
No. 80741
I'll do another round of stream recording testenings, RSS feed and BOT Erna are temporarily disabled.
No. 80749
71 kB, 726 × 448
Tests finished, the alpha-version of "Bot for Idle Ernstiwan Recording" (B.I.E.R.) is online. Specs:

  • records streams and saves the data to a local file
  • can be globally switched on and off via parameter in the code
  • multistream-support (in theory)
  • recognizes ogg- and mp3-format streams
  • ignores the public stream (for security reasons, so no one can ruin our hard drive by doing a 9001kbps-stream)

Further development:
  • switch for opt-out for users, I'm thinking of looking for a NOREC flac in the stream description

Normally the switch will be off, but I leave it on for today for testing purposes, since there will probably be some bugs. The record may start up to two minutes later than the stream itself. This is the same delay that BOT Erna and the stats module have, because it's the same technology. For festival streams (where this mainly will be employed) it now makes even more sense to have a short intro music.
No. 80759
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Killdozer - Uncompromising War on Art Under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat".
I like it. If you hate it i understand.

Next weeks poll

Like always we start at 18:00CET, whoch is in 1 hour from now.
No. 80828
173 kB, 1440 × 810
Come and tune in, Ernst!
It's time for you to enjoy German Ballermann hits!

No. 80841
44 kB, 400 × 400
71 kB, 800 × 600
At 6 PM UTC+2

Show will be in English if /int/ tunes in as well.

Overalls topic: where were you?

How did Ernst spend 9/11 2001? Did the event personally affect him? How did the follow-up influence his daily life? Would Ernst consider the attack on the Twin Towers the major event of his generation? How is 9/11 documented and dealt with in his country?

This and much more will be topic today. Calls are welcome via the Radio Ernstiwan discord.
No. 80842 Kontra
Obligatory: Dragonball didn't air on RTL II that day.

>Would Ernst consider the attack on the Twin Towers the major event of his generation?

This is really tricky. Islamic terrorism or governmental surveillance action might have blossomed without it. And the US doesn't seem hit hard by it in retrospect, while it was a terror attack of unprecedented dimension (to this day I think) its symbolic dimension is the real deal here and not its actual impact. So while it is indeed a singular event, "a once in a lifetime" probably, it still faded quite much into a row of other events of a similar magnitude and thus is not really a major event, it is an important event but if it is major, I don't know. I'm open to be proved otherwise but I won't tune in today, sorry.
No. 80843 Kontra
Imo the biggest happening so far is the current proto-WW3, but 9/11, or, as you already said, its implications and the subsequent GWOT and american rampage throughout the world were until this year certainly the biggest happening of the 21st century.
No. 80844
Corona is bigger than 9/11.
Prove me wrong.
No. 80845 Kontra
The pandemic is just a symptom of globalization.
No. 80846
>Obligatory: Dragonball didn't air on RTL II that day.
I wanted to watch Star Trek TNG on Sat 1.
No. 80847
Wait, did it still run 2001? When was it, 14:15 or something like that?
I distinctly remember watching it in the 90s, but not beyond that.
No. 80848
I learned what 9/11 was like 6 years later once I started browsing 4chan at the age of 13.
Only after learning what it was did I vaguely recall seeing some big news on TV that my parents were watching. They didn't bring it up after that, so I guess they didn't deem it too important either.

Although, in Uni my art teacher told us a story about how he had a friend who was also a painter, and on the day of the attacks, was like a week into living in his studio full time, working on something big, completely isolated.
So they went over to his studio to talk about the news, and he had no idea what they were talking about. They were like "Don't you know? World War 3 is starting, go turn on the TV". My teacher recalls him staring at the TV, hands on his head, exclaiming "God damn it, we were just starting to live decently" - referring to the recent recovery from perestroika.

Such cases.
No. 80849
215 kB, 1024 × 765
3,1 MB, 352 × 288, 1:27
I was 11 years old and wanted to watch TV but there was news everywhere.
No cartoons, no sitcoms just stupid news with a burning building. Since nothing else was on i watched news.

The next day at school we had a minute of silence. I had no idea what all the fuzz was about but felt like saying "come on, people die everyday and that didn't even happen here" wasn't a good idea since my teacher was very serious about this.
No. 80850
Wait, if you were 13 in 2007 that means you're not even 30!
I always thought you were at least mid-30s, how could I have been so wrong?
That changes everything.
No. 80851 Kontra
>"come on, people die everyday and that didn't even happen here"

Imageboard tier from a young age on :DDD
No. 80852 Kontra
I have no memory of 9/11 happening.
t. Zoomer
No. 80853 Kontra
Bad attention, I also though brick is around 30 from his post (that was 3 years ago or so) and was surprised to learn he is around mid 20s.
No. 80855
36 kB, 500 × 500
My grandma did always say that I was very mature for my age.
No. 80857
Sup, you underage twits.
No. 80860
46 kB, 600 × 450
I remember buying food, drinks and party dishes at the superstore with a friend since we volunteered to provide some snacks, warm food and coffee and water for the central international students German language test at university.

Since in September, right a month before courses start, university was pretty empty and the official cafeteria on minimal service, so no chance for the international students to get something warm and cheap after the test while waiting for the results. And we provided some snacks for breakfast and coffee as well before the test. Since the university itself had no interest in some catering, the students union organized this themselves for small coin and we were the main organizing staff.

Whatever, test was on Wednesday 12th, so we rent a small box van and were on tour from one superstore to the next when radio transmission was stopped and special news started. Since we just packed and my friend was fetching something in the store we seemed to have forgot to buy, I wondered about these news while waiting in the van listening radio.

Sounded very unreal, like some radioplay à la Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, with unknown forces attacking New York and the World Trade Center being hit and in flames. So I shrugged it off, but special news were announced every few minutes.

Since they repeated it all the time and there was no deeper indication of it indeed being a radio play, since it was sent on other frequencies as well, we quickly discussed it on the tour.

And in old anti-American tradition speculated who was behind it. Chilean terrorists came to mind, since it was 28 years since the US supported fascist coup in Chile. Would really the US taste their own medicine for once in history? But soon the narrative of islamistic terrorists was dropped and forced, and thus somehow clear it was prepared in the cupboards and a good reason found, to start a new round of imperialistic wars and regime changes. War never changes.
No. 80861
Al qaeda has stuck again. Front page integration is broken.
No. 80862
Front page of what?
No. 80863
There is currently a stream running, but nobody noticed.
No. 80864 Kontra
No. 80865
81 kB, 809 × 600
>Al qaeda has stuck again. Front page integration is broken.
It has been fixed, Deus Vult!
No. 80866
Never mind, it's fixed (The banner at the top of EC with stream details wasn't displaying). Thank you admin-san.
No. 80867
Did using quotes in the description break it? Asking for a friend.
No. 80871
Yes. json uses quotes for its internal structure, so I replaced the " char with nothing while generating the output.
No. 80874
20 kB, 720 × 404
Years after 9/11 I was walking with my brothers in our insignificant hometown and one of us took a picture of a strip mall. Some boomer in the parking lot freaked out "Who are you? Why are you taking pictures?!". That's what 9/11 did to us domestically. Life carried on as normal, but with an added layer of paranoia-flavored patriotism. "See something, say something" pounded into the heads of every citizen had people convinced the next attack was coming and they were Jack Bauer. Having to be conscious of being watched, of how innocent acts like cutting across a parking lot or hopping a fence could be perceived- and not just by the State but by a population who had embraced the surveillance and eagerly joined in.
No. 80878
Imo the actual major event of our generation is the 2008 financial crisis.
Mainly because it affected me personally.

And I'd wager it affected more people globally, in more profound ways than 9/11.
I didn't even notice 911 or the iraq war because I didn't live in either of those places.
I sure as fuck noticed my entire country's economic growth stagnating without recovery, in the form of our entire extended family becoming poorer, thus changing the course of my life and the lives people who were having the "coming of age" period of their lives at the time.
No. 80879
This, tbh. Government surveillance was and will always be a thing, and every technology that is available will be used. The only question is how they sell it to us (pedos, terrorism, money laundering).
No. 80880
I was 13, getting a haircut. At the hairdresser's they had the radio on and they were talking about some plane or planes hitting buildings and at that point I thought "okay, a bad accident, oh well".
When I came home, my mother looked like the whole family had died.
I personally was mad because DBZ didn't air that day and instead it was news all over all channels.
I remember being bored and reading some books in the evening.

Next day there was a minute of silence. We had art classes in the morning and the teacher allowed us to have the radio on.

Short time later people on TV were talking about the "ending of the fun society" ("Spaßgesellschaft") like this event was so profoundly monstrous like a multiplied Holocaust that now nobody would have ever been able to smile anymore.
No. 80881
91 kB, 1280 × 743
19 kB, 893 × 520
Current reactions to 9/11 are a shadow of what they once were. Ceremonies attended by political leaders, some retrospective news articles and video segments. We all know what day it is, it's noted on calendars, but there is no longer a heightened emotional response, a collective sense of national tragedy. The event is slowly receding into history.
No. 80882 Kontra
Good. Maybe one day the crooks will also admit it was an inside job.
No. 80884
155 kB, 1000 × 1500
No one discussed 911 conspiracy theories so far?

Both corona and 9/11 are nothingburgers but are worrisome in a sense that they make you think:
What if terrorists blow up a nuclear station?
What if someone fucks up with gain of function research of a really deadly disease?

Were you already politically consciousness at that moment? Because certain views can change your perception of the crisis.
t. was a child back then
No. 80885 Kontra
Zoomers 1996-2010

Mr. Wolff
No. 80886
1,5 MB, 2480 × 3508
I was 18 and watched a dump TV show until the program was interrupted when the second plane hit the south tower. I was shocked when people started jumping and finally the buildings collapsed. I recorded the whole event on VHS.

However, days or weeks later I read an article about the "tourist guy", I started a research and found a page called Something Awful.
No. 80887
81 kB, 770 × 513
Zoomers: everyone younger than me
Boomers: everyone older than me
Skufs, skufolds, skufidons: old, fat and pathetic
No. 80889
Same in sports: Everyone worse than me: Loser. Everyone better than me: Doper.
No. 80890
Who hurt you, Ernst? Being this jaded and bitter is not healthy.
No. 80891
96 kB, 928 × 560
They cheat with help of Morse code anorectal transmitter...
No. 80892
How obvious must irony be so that you will spot it? In b4
>m-my post also was ironic

Old and busted: Anorectal violence. New hotness: Anorectal cheating.
No. 80896
>How obvious must irony be
  1. This is the internet, specifically Ernstchan.
  2. You are posting under a germanball
  3. There is at least one very bitter and
ill-humored germanball constantly posting in bad mood and him being bitter about sports just fit too well. Sorry if it wasn't you.
No. 80897
>There is at least one very bitter and ill-humored germanball
Well, not me for sure. Never really noticed that by the way, probably because I mostly ignore ill-humoured and bitter posts.
>Sorry if it wasn't you.
No offense taken.
No. 80898 Kontra
If it is not the same guy making up stuff we have at least 3 Germans here that are older than 35 or even 40. Maybe that bitterness is related to all these old fucks. I just know there is one or two German older than me and one that is definitely younger.

t. borned in the early 90s
No. 80900
>military basements
isn't that just 4chan/k/
No. 80901
Nah, that's just regular basements.
No. 80903
>these fuckers think I don't know who the RAF were just because I'm brown and 3rd world
Omg this is literally racist
No. 80904
no memories on 9/11
1- Sounds weird to me when people are talking quite emotionally about 9/11, especially if they've not been living in the US.
2- I've never realized that some major security measures we have today evolved because of 9/11.
No. 80905
>Sounds weird to me when people are talking quite emotionally about 9/11, especially if they've not been living in the US.
Well, you had to be there
No. 80906 Kontra
To me 9/11 was always more akin to a "baseline" for making "edgy" jokes even if it's childish.
Can't say I feel anything else when it comes down to it.
No. 80907 Kontra
3,3 MB, 496 × 658, 0:01
I just tuned in and the first words I hear are:

"The jews something something... Hitler [...] He did nothing wrong!"
No. 80908
Sounds like your ordinary Kosmonauten-show to me tbh
No. 80909
Just joined. My posts were read and discussed? 0_O
You probably said I'm a smart guy? You did?
No. 80910
The weirdest thing about 9 11 is american southerners pretending to care about a bunch of new yorkers dying.

If it happened today, they'd be cheering.
They don't call it "Jew york" for nothing.
Ok, maybe these days they'd be cheering if California had a terrorist attack, but you get it.
No. 80911
Were burgers polarized 15 years as much as now? Are they polarized now? Or we just judge them by politicians and internet lunatics...
No. 80912
I would have a problem with people burning flags. But not because I give a shit about the flag, but because I would expect people who do this to be annoying idiots.
No. 80913
116 kB, 1280 × 723
>Hi, I made of gold. XDDDDD
No. 80915
128 kB, 1460 × 822
>GDR erasure live on kosmonauten
Smh. West germany is illegally occupying east germany as of right now, and nobody correctly recognizes it as neo colonislism smh
No. 80916
Playlist of today, as we're going to finish to show soon:

No. 80917
>southerners pretending to care about a bunch of new yorkers dying.
Patriotism is one hell of a drug.

>Or we just judge them by politicians and internet lunatics
This. The polarization is primarily an internet phenomenon. Going out shopping, working- people get along just fine. There are political disagreements, ofc, but those aren't central to daily life.
No. 80918 Kontra
98 kB, 861 × 851
2,3 MB, 2:00
Today has a special meaning to me and my countrymen. Eleven years ago today cock Pärssinen was brutally murdered while protecting the hen house from barbaric dogs.

We will never forget.
No. 80919
No. 80923
2,7 MB, 424 × 240, 0:47
Why wont our hosts address this?
No. 80924
Because finnish memes are totally out of their element. With worldwide known stuff everybody knows more about than they do they can at least pretend to have some competence in something (while being wrong 80% of the time).
No. 80925
343 kB, 640 × 360, 0:14
942 kB, 1600 × 3250
No. 80926 Kontra
Now I understand why people from this "Berlin" area are seen as insufferable.
No. 80927
We are 49 United States, each with a sense of concern for how the others are doing- then there is California. Practically a separate nation with its own identity.
No. 80928
153 kB, 448 × 599
Interrupting the butchered reading of Kukko's memory to talk about Berlin and how its a 'young capital'.

Horrible, urbanites must go.
No. 80929
77 kB, 750 × 600
No. 80930
Uncritical support for California and Berlin. Urbanites of all world, unite!

t. Mosque
No. 80931
What about Texans shitting up Colorado?
No. 80932 Kontra
44 kB, 606 × 480, 0:02
Thank you host for (not) reading the poem. But the Finnish you produced wasn't that bad at all!

Thank you for raising awareness. The truth couldn't be silenced no more!
No. 80933
Finally! The problem of anorectal violence is being addressed!
No. 80936
144 kB, 819 × 1024
Has there been a border skirmish? Are the Texas Rangers on the move?
No. 80937
Today I realized that I can't use NOREC as a flag for the stream recorder (>>80749) because NOREC is included in aNORECtal, so if anybody would make a stream named anorectal violence, it wouldn't be recorded, thus forcing another bit of censorship to this extremely important topic.
No. 80939 Kontra
The deep state globalists keep penetrating the broadcast to derail all the important and serious discussions.
No. 80941
>They don't call it "Jew york" for nothing.
Aren't republican burgers Judeophilic? Muh judeochristian values and such
No. 80943
On account of my coloradian correspondence:
>For one, Colorado fuckin hates Texas, because rich Texans come here every summer to get away from their heat and they drive like maniacs in giant trucks and they talk too loud and buy up all the supplies, but also because the whole time they're here they don't shut up about how very wonderful Texas is and how great it is.
No. 80944
>I don't know what anorectal violence is
Ignorance is running rampant today...
No. 80945
Well, deep state sounds better than kayfabe. Which is an older concept implementing the same and breaking the theatrical performance, just from wrestling, which is american as it gets.
No. 80946
Everyone hates seasonal tourists. In a perfect world they would just mail wallets and stay home.
No. 80947
>their wallets

Great show, guys; solid playlist. Literal tears. Manly patriotic tears.
No. 80949
>seasonal tourists.
I didn't even know that was a thing lol
No. 80950 Kontra
169 kB, 600 × 600
Dog bless the US of A. And thanks for the show. Was fun!
No. 80956 Kontra
27 kB, 315 × 494
I'm still listening. Merry Christmas.
No. 80958 Kontra
23 kB, 458 × 408
Are going to cover this drama in greater depth in the next episode of live-broadcast-podcast/online fireside chat of Bricked? I can't wait!
No. 80959
I don't know what you are talking about.
Nothing happened.

Everything's fine.
No. 80967
Shit, I missed some drama
No. 80977 Kontra
Huh, must've been the wind.
No. 81225
152 kB, 1283 × 899
150 kB, 1283 × 856
124 kB, 1283 × 883
116 kB, 1283 × 871
Ernst is going to play a few hours of random music.
Mostly 80s pop but also other random stuff.
I also smoke some hash now, feel free to do the same.
No. 81248
173 kB, 1500 × 957
Playing shitty German Ballermanschlager-/partyhits to get into mood for birthday in 1:20h.
Tune in! The music is really bad!
Also getting drunk.
No. 81252
>Playing shitty German Ballermanschlager-/partyhits
Do you want to reverse-anschluss? We don't even share a border.
No. 81255
I want total German Ballerman domination.
>We don't even share a border.
Well we share every border to be quite accurate.
No. 81262
>Well we share every border to be quite accurate.
Me no unnerstan
No. 81264
Me is Germ proxy
No. 81266
No. 81267
Sorry fren, I wish I was more based than pure Aryan gigachad.
No. 81270
Why Moldau?
No. 81272
Moldavia and Romania have best servers. I get up to 750 Mbit/s download and reasonable ping.
Hosting in these cunts is pretty cheap yet very performent. I got considerably slower connection to Sweden or Netherlands.
No. 81306
206 kB, 1500 × 1500
300 kB, 1400 × 1400
114 kB, 600 × 600
90 kB, 1200 × 1200
Todays winner is "Madvillain - Madvillainy".
Good album.

I completely reset the poll to mix it up a bit again.
New to the poll:
Aerosmith - Get A Grip
Johnny Winter - Second Winter
Tori Amos - Under The Pink

Next weeks poll

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 50 minutes from now.
No. 81882
56 kB, 1000 × 1000
181 kB, 1400 × 1388
259 kB, 1200 × 1191
Today we're listening to "Tori Amos - Under The Pink"
If i would have a time machine, i would travel back into the 90s and make Tori Amos my wife.

New to the poll:

Bronski Beat - The Age of Consent
Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments...
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool


Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1 hour from now.
No. 82192
9 kB, 496 × 121
23 kB, 720 × 719
Bad news everyone: Our provider had some issues yesterday evening, and while I thought they were fixed before I went to bed, it seems like some more shit went down in the night, so I woke up to the radio server being screwed. I can still log in, but basically if I try to access files that arent directly in my homedir, the shell commits sudoku. I tried reboots and fsck, nothing. I can't look at any logs, because that also freezes the shell. The radio itself obviously also doesn't work under that circumstances. At the moment there's nothing I can do here on my own.

I will open a ticket with our provider, my faint hope is that they have filesystem issues with the underlying hardware, but if that's not the case, the server might be FUBAR and I will have to get a new one. This would suck big time, but maybe only in the short run, because honestly a move to a more modern OS would be a good idea anyway. Sadly this means that the radio will be offline until a solution is found.
No. 82200 Kontra
I already have an update from our hoster: They are migrating their hardware and are having some issues. They say it will be fixed in a few hours. That doesn't sound too bad, so we can just wait and see what happens.
No. 82330
12 kB, 309 × 169
FYI: The radio is fully restored and ready for operation.
No. 82513
No. 82584
243 kB, 1429 × 1400
182 kB, 1500 × 1500
320 kB, 1400 × 1375
Today we're listening to "Bronski Beat - Age of Consent" (no homo)

New to the poll:
Type O Negative - World Coming Down
The Upsetters - Super Ape
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1 hour from now.
No. 83098
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "Type O Negative - World Coming Down".

Next weeks poll

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 83204
251 kB, 1511 × 1080
Playing some Rob Sonic on the radio
No. 83840
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today: "Eminem - The Slim Shady LP".

Next weeks poll:

Start: 18:00CET, which is pretty much now so get it going.
No. 84593
29 kB, 650 × 488
Having a nice good morning stream with noice rock and stuff.
No. 84595 Kontra
99 kB, 798 × 798
*Noise Rock
No. 84602
Doesn't have to be mutually exclusive
No. 84623
8 kB, 225 × 225
167 kB, 600 × 593
149 kB, 1500 × 1488
112 kB, 1425 × 1425
Today we're listening to "Supertramp - Even In The Quietest Moments"

New to the poll:

"Van der Graaf Generator - The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome"
"Curved Air - Air Conditioning"
"Opeth - Blackwater Park"
"Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 40min from now.
No. 84637
109 kB, 1480 × 617
FYI: Since one Ernst's browser struggled with the inline player on the radio page, I added a direct link, which is an ordinary HTML link to the mountpoint, which most browsers should be able to play. Feel free to try.
No. 85205
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "Van der Graaf Generator - The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome"
Good album.

Next weeks poll:

Like always, we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 85365
144 kB, 640 × 1005
668 kB, 838 × 1200
Going to stream some Hurdy-Gurdy again
No. 85367 Kontra
22 kB, 230 × 240, 0:02
Very nice!
No. 85591
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "MF DOOM - MM.. FOOD".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 40 minutes from now.
No. 85592
4,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:13
No. 86013
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "Radiohead - A Moon Shaped".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1 hour from now.
No. 86086
107 kB, 828 × 1092
Playing some music.
Mostly 80s pop and other universally liked kinds of music.
No. 86233
Right now we're playing Trash and Noise.

GG Allin, Flipper, LOTUS, Ween, The Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers and many more.
No. 86235
Bite it you scum
No. 86237

I never thought I'd hear them from anywhere but my own collection.
Very nice Ernst.
No. 86238
54 kB, 1200 × 630
No. 86240
Would you mind posting the playlist?
And will you play Bite it you scum?
No. 86242
104 kB, 1110 × 867
>Would you mind posting the playlist?

It's more of a live set, but here you have what was last played. I can update that later.

>And will you play Bite it you scum?

It wasn't planned but i play it for you :3
No. 86243
Very nice, thank you. Looking forward to the rest.
And now bite it, you scum :3
No. 86251
425 kB, 786 × 2128
>Looking forward to the rest.
No. 86253
Very nice, thanks for this show. Have a good night.
No. 86427
273 kB, 800 × 800
Today we're listening to "Opeth - Blackwater Park".

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 86599
132 kB, 1215 × 712
110 kB, 500 × 352, 0:01
Was solln des. Bin nicht ON!
No. 86600 Kontra
Hab echt alled drin ^__°
No. 86616 Kontra
Port 80
No. 86725
739 kB, 1000 × 997
292 kB, 1251 × 1111
278 kB, 1400 × 1391
Today we're listening to "Johnny Winter - Second Winter".

New to the poll:
Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
DMX - It's Dark And Hell Is Hot

Next poll:

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