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No. 73172 Systemkontra
725 kB, 1194 × 670
Previous >>72198
No. 73174
How dare you say Russia is kleptocracy? Why, why do you say it? You're zombie believing CNN propaganda, plain and simple.
[5 minutes later]
Yes, we are kleptocracy, so what? I'm totally fine with it. And I don't care what you moralfags think about, period!
No. 73175
Speaking about nukes do you know that Russian "doomsday airplane" was scrapped for metal?
> From the plane, designed to control troops in the event of a nuclear war, unknown people took out radio equipment. The aircraft was in Taganrog for scheduled maintenance.
Later alcoholic recidivist was arrested for that:
> The lawyer confirmed that her client had previously been convicted of robbery (tried to take 2,000 rubles from a passerby) and for driving while intoxicated.
No. 73177
116 kB, 914 × 806
No. 73179 Kontra
>I know Hitler was a jerk, but I never thought he'd stoop so low as to create a society with classes.

There's an obvious difference between a democratic class society and terroristic dictatorship of the bourgeousie type of the society which is what Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany essentially were.
I don't know why do i have to explain it to a braindead retard such as yourself but there's still a hope you might learn something about XX century ideologies.
No. 73180
110 kB, 1024 × 672
6,7 MB, 640 × 360, 1:25
Don't fall for globalist propaganda: 3-rd Reich Nazism and liberal Nazism are essentially the same. In so-called "free" "democratic" countries there is an open terror against the most revolutionary class: thieves. For a simple "crime" of denying private property and other bourgeois moral these innocent people are being thrown behind the bars!
As an orthodox communist I'm tired of this zionist bullshit!
No. 73181 Kontra
45 kB, 584 × 439
>orthodox communist
No. 73182
You know, judging by your unfunny shitpost, you sound like the kind of person that would probably find taking a dump under someone's door hilarious, which speaks volumes about your intellectual capabilities which i assume to be miserably weak.
Clearly you have nothing to offer to the conversation besides sarcasm.
I feel bad for your parents, if you were my kid i would probably kill myself.
No. 73183
Why do you think that it was funpost?
No. 73184
Who is the
You are talking about?
I am lucky enough to observe Russia from the outside. All I am saying is that Russia operates on the system of sinecures and those sinecures are milked for the last drop, until the metaphorical udder bleeds.
Sometimes, someone overdoes it, by slaughtering the cow instead of only milking it, then he is shipped of into exile or sent on a tour through the labor camps or shot or hanged or whatever is fashionable during the time. But by and large, a certain level of thievery seems expected and accepted and the corruption grows the higher up you are in the hierarchy.
No. 73185 Kontra
Playing dumb doesn't suit you, don't try it.
Only makes you look dumber than you already are.
No. 73186 Kontra
Don't be so mean, I just had no idea about the full scope of the third reich's crimes. I thought Hitler drew the line at genocide.
No. 73187 Kontra
>I just had no idea about
Well now you have. No need to thank me.
No. 73188
You can't attack my reasoning (because it's flawless, obviously) so you try to attack me instead. OK. I don't blame you, it's hard to see truth through reactionary preconceptions.
Come back when you have actual arguments or are ready to admit that I'm right.
No. 73196
What reasoning? The strawman that you have came up with randomly?
Also i see nothing wrong with attacking personally someone who mainly uses sophisms and logical fallacies as an excuse for an argument, which is what you do essentially.

What's the point of having an argument or even a conversation with someone who will simply use one fallacy after another because his essential goal is to win the argument rather than have a cohesive point that can be discussed.
I see no point is arguing with you for that reason.
No. 73198 Kontra
I have to add that i am mostly attacking the rhetoric that you use by then extrapolating it to intelligence because in my opinion anyone who uses rhetorical methods to start a debate and to win a debate is an idiot.
No. 73199
> uses sophisms and logical fallacies
Point out a single fallacy. What do you disagree with? Thieves being revolutionary class? Liberal fascism in western countries?
No. 73201 Kontra
16 kB, 239 × 326
...he said while using rhetorics.

also sophism is the to-go rhetorics to make yourself look like the rational one in a debate, even if you aren't. Also sophistry seems to be used to not engage with arguments of a different kind, it assumes that content is decoupled from how something is said and in what way something even appears as content
No. 73208
The way I see it online and IRL - sophistry is often being used unconsciously. People just by default assume they are saying the right things without giving it a second thought and act surprised they are denied an answer.
I have noticed it MOSTLY stems from a person having a strong need to win a debate, regardless of the nature of the debate. It’s the prospect of the victory that motivates people to abuse fallacies, argue in bad faith, provide weird examples and just in general to avoid a normal conversation at all costs.

When I have an argument with people I am mostly interested in finding out the truth. When I am wrong about something, and I mean factually wrong I am always willing to admit I am wrong as long as it leads to some positive knowledge.
In my opinion there is no winner or loser in a debate, because in the end everybody wins the new knowledge about something.

Which is why I dislike politicians. And democracy. Because it’s less about making the right choices but about looking good on a debate so that the masses vote for you.
No. 73240
Mostly agree.
I'd at least note that despite that populist suckiness, democracies tend to stick around at various levels of governance is because in a world where wrong choices are (so far) an inevitability, democracies impede their realization most effectively.

Keep in mind that's little positive endorsement and not a direct argument against you. Democracies just makes it that much harder than systems of more contralized decision-making to realize choices that most peers find disagreeable. Whether it's is reasonably disagreeable is an entirely different can of worms, of course.
No. 73242
>FACT CHECK: Is Russia smearing Sweden as Nazi in posters in Moscow?
>Pictures are circulating on Twitter of propaganda posters at Moscow bus stops portraying prominent Swedes as Nazi sympathisers. Are they real, and if so, what is Russia doing?

Meanwhile: [Transnistria intensifies] and the front lines look quite static for the last 30 days after Russia gtfo of Kyiv/north Urine.
No. 73245
Suddenly everyone applies for EU.

>Second Part of Georgia’s EU Questionnaire Released
>Georgia decided to follow a fast-tracked EU application on March 3 after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Moldova soon followed suit as well.
No. 73246
Imagine that you own a factory and you want to expand your business. So what do you do? You take a loan from the bank build new factories, return the loan back with an interest rate. Your business profits, the bank profits. Sounds fair? Kinda.
Now what if you own both THE bank you take the loans from and THE factories? An i mean you're the major shareholder.
This way you give yourself a loan to expand your business and pay yourself back with an interest rate. In fact nothing really stops you from just taking money from the bank directly.
You also fund campaigns of certain politicians that agree on the idea that economic growth is a good thing and support this idea of printing more money on the printing press because you just need more and more money, to pay to people who work on your factories. And to also buy yachts and mansions. And airplanes.

And then you let common people to decide which guy supported by you they can choose on 'free' elections.

Despite this system looking like some sort of perfect endless engline it really is not because every engine consumes fuel and in this case the fuel is the quality of life of the common people. Inflation is a thing, so the prices go up, meaning common people get poorer.
At one point they start to figure out what's going on at which point you decide that enough is enough, dismantle the elections and just appoint your funny moustache man.

Is it really a democracy if it can be easily dismantled by the financial elite whenever they feel like their cool thingy is threatened? Is it really a democracy when you have to constantly applease them in order to not get a coup from them? Is it really a democracy when most politicians are on their payroll?
No. 73247
Given the changes in quality of life in the last decades, we can only conclude this is the worst engine of all time.

Transnistria under siege by EU states. Maybe that really is the future. I figure if Moldova gains free trade and travel, there's no way they'll skip getting in on this.
No. 73248 Kontra
Positive changes happen but they happen for whom exactly?
Do you think that 2008 economic crisis and "covid-19 recession" are JUST isolated events?
Do you think that the prices will go up just for a short time period and then they will magically fix themselves?
This sort of economy is in constant freefall.

The problem is that they whole thing is broken and does not work. The only correct way to fix it - is to remove the financial elite and restart the whole thing, instead of trying to extend it's life.
No. 73250
Capitalism: in constant freefall and will collapse any time soon since 1848.
No. 73251
No, at that point it is a failed democracy and has a trajectory of either reform or revolution, as you've alluded. Reform is never perfect, but it also rarely completely fails, so you get the slow recoveries and long bleedouts until external intervention or internal revolution.
Many democracies are in a failed state, and this conflict is one of many that serves as a litmus test.
No. 73252
423 kB, 1280 × 958
356 kB, 1280 × 958
This part was known and obvious, I just had no idea it was getting worse and worse.

Yesterday, Transnistrian police found part of a land mine and some random ammo in a dumpster. I don't know what to make of this, but that's a very interesting uniform.
No. 73253
86 kB, 657 × 527
>deep goncern
>US warns of Russian annexation plans in east Ukraine
>uhh, Mariupol evac stalled...
<Germoney could ban Russion oil and shite
<Lavrov again... No, thx.
No. 73254 Kontra
>In a text published online Tuesday, officials accused Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid of making “anti-historical statements” which “explained the course of the current Israeli government in supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.”
>“The historical tragedy lies in the fact that if during the Second World War some Jews were forced to participate in [Nazi war] crimes, then [President] Zelensky, who speculates on his roots, does this quite consciously and quite voluntarily. He hides behind his origins and uses them to provide cover for neo-Nazis, the spiritual and blood heirs of the executioners of his people.”
They fucking doubled down. Unstoppable.
No. 73256 Kontra
You forgot to mention how Lavrov, that absolute madlad, also talked about Hitler bein part jewish.
No. 73257 Kontra
Hungary beat me to breaking the news. This was in response to the Israeli minister demanding an explanation after Lavrov talking about the Fuhrer's jewish roots.
No. 73258 Kontra
You don't get it really?
It's not about being "in free fall and about to collapse" as a building for instance. It's not even a fundamental problem of CAPITALISM itself as in to own things - to sell things, but a problem of a SPECIFIC FORM OF CAPITALISM.

Imagine that you are on a treadmill racing other people your whole life and the speed of the treadmill constantly increases and there's a few billion at the end of the treadmill.
You are next to the cliff.
Your whole life you are promised that if you run hard enough you will get the whole sum.
People burn themselves out, collapse, fly off the cliff and lie in a huge stinking pile of dung. Everyone else on the threadmill is scared shitless of that prospect, they are also constantly being told - "don't be a loser - run faster!"
Whoever steps off the treatmill is also threated like a loser.
Nothing really stops you from stepping off it. Except for your fear to be treated like someone who is a loser.

Now imagine that the treadmill is your job and the speed at which it goes represents inflation.
Is it all really necessary? Is it all worth it?
No. 73259
163 kB, 1000 × 1363
374 kB, 349 × 517
>this conflict is one of many that serves as a litmus test.
I just don't like the whole idea of
>have faith in our economy and democracy!
with a ticking doomsday clock in the form of financial capital willing to establish fascist regime the second they feel like democracy is no longer working.

It also explains how much of the western, namely american popular culture is formed around this idea of impending doom or catastrophe.
No. 73260 Kontra
I suppose that by this logic, Japan would be the treadmill that has been becoming slower and more relaxed for the past decades.
No. 73262 Kontra
314 kB, 721 × 1024
85 kB, 486 × 720
513 kB, 3074 × 1858
You gotta be shitting me. Japanese society is one of the most fucked up one, rivaled only by South Korea.
There is a pic related anime/manga Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji which is just about that.
Also squid game did not appear out of nowhere.
The popularity of Battle Royale games? Same thing.
Just reflective of the society which created these things. Essentially life in such society is a never ending battle Royale. The game is rigged like a casino. The elite the owner of the system - always wins regardless of what you do.

Unless you refuse to play.
No. 73264
What you would you say about Russia from position of analyzing pop-culture?
No. 73265 Kontra
74 kB, 357 × 153
It was a reference to Japan's issues with monetary deflation.
No. 73267 Kontra
It's a weird mix. The state in Russia is far stronger than in some western countries.
While there are oligarchs in the country the way i see it they are under control somehow, judging by the killings of some of them, imprisonment of others and the supression of the "peaceful protest opposition".
The fact that Navalny was sent to prison and none of the Russian oligarchs really gave a shit means two things
1) they either don't care about politics and fine the way they are
2) they are scared of Putin
OR they are already friends with Putin and they don't want to lose that friendship and betray him over some dubious profit.

I would say that our system is much closer to the Chinese system although not quite as state heavy.
You could call it neo-soviet with a strong emphasis on intelligence agencies and covert tactics. The business is allowed to exist as long as it's playing the ball and shares with the state.
The second it stops - the guy loses everything, possibly even his life.
Example: Boris Berezovsky.
No. 73268
124 kB, 565 × 800
1,3 MB, 1920 × 2732
130 kB, 1280 × 720
444 kB, 800 × 1143
I asked you about cultural aspect.
No. 73271
It's shit ever since the USSR collapsed.
I don't know if you have noticed but ever since the operation started all the dumb TV shows have disappeared. Sure there are shitty series but they started putting more and more soviet films on air.
No. 73272 Kontra
The original question was:
>What you would you say about Russia from position of analyzing pop-culture?

Your answer is:
>It's shit ever since the USSR collapsed.

I'm not disputing your analysis. Though you could've blessed us with a bit more insight.
No. 73273
143 kB, 1280 × 893
Today in Transnistria, a drone carrying explosives was allegedly retrieved. Somehow they've ascertained that this drone was meant to take down radio and TV stations. Blaming Ukrainians for this draws closer, PMR Novosti said the drone "flew from Ukrainian territory".

>You could call it neo-soviet with a strong emphasis on intelligence agencies
Redundant definition - "neo-soviet" already implies Chekists rule over the peasantry.
No. 73276
It's a cultural wastland no worse nor better than american one.
Pop culture celebrities in Russia are all talentless hacks who appeared in the late 1980s and 1990s and stayed on TV because they were good at promoting a shitty hedonistic california-glamorous-tier lifestyle, something that was apparently popular among the retarded masses back in the day.
To me it all looked back then and still looks like a bad taste disgusting kitsch. I personally have a musical education, so to me this whole late XX-early XXI century pop-music and culture whether it is Russian or not is an absolute trash and AIDS that has no right to even exist.
So i am glad many of those non-art producers are leaving the country today, it literally feels like washing shit down the toilet.
Finally. It's happening.
No. 73278 Kontra
I fail to see how what you wrote to relates to Russia being
>shit ever since the USSR collapsed.

Almost makes me think that you missed the question again.

>So i am glad many of those non-art producers are leaving the country today, it literally feels like washing shit down the toilet.
I have to say that I completely agree as this extends to codegarchs or anyone with a STEM education really. It's like Operation Paperclip all over again.

Russian, STEM-educated and reading this? You're very welcome in the Wect. Apply today.

Apologies for shitting up the war thread. I'll see myself out.
No. 73281
8 kB, 284 × 177
>Almost makes me think that you missed the question again.

For a few days now i have the suspicion that that Russian communist guy is actually an AI.
I watched an interaction of a human with an AI and everytime i saw the AI answering with very long answers that contained close to no usefull information, i had to think of this guy.

Would it even be that far off? We might be at a point where artificial intelligence would be able to replace the shitpost armies.
We might be talking to Russian bots for month now.
No. 73283
824 kB, 2048 × 1365
4,1 MB, 3361 × 3387
Michael Kretschmer, the Prime Minister of Saxony is openly critizising the path of Friedrich Merz.

Saying that Merz' position may represent the published opinion on the matter, but not the opinion of the majority of the people.

The hierarchical structure of the CDU is very rigid. Kretschmer is only 45 years old. He wouldn't have acted in such a way if he didn't have more senior members of the party on his side.

Essentially Merz was loud and rambunctious and that is a bad character trait for a US-Agent working in the CDU. Merz is done.
No. 73284
Hang on, Saxony has a prime minister? Do German states have entire governments? Explain yourselves, Germans.
No. 73285 Kontra
It's a federal republic.
No. 73287 Kontra
189 kB, 1080 × 1317
If Schwarz would knew you lack this knowledge, he would be deeply disappointed.
No. 73288
No. 73289 Kontra
>Russian, STEM-educated and reading this? You're very welcome in the Wect. Apply today.
You see on the west i would have to pretend i like the west and i do not.
It's like living among people that i despise, looking for ways to rob them by pretending i'm their friend.
That and i already did that in the past.
Well then ask better questions? If you ask a dumb question - i can interpret it in any way i can because you're not being specific.
No. 73291
143 kB, 1248 × 468
Are you a robot?
Please solve those Captchas.
No. 73292 Kontra
>You see on the west i would have to pretend i like the west and i do not.
I'm afraid Russian diaspora doesn't act in this way :DD
No. 73293 Kontra
Disregard, by the wording of 'prime-minister' I assumed there were other ministers. My dream of being the Minister of Defense of Thuringia is scrapped.
No. 73294 Kontra
Musical education isn't STEM, so we're good. This is considered a win-win situation.

>If you ask a dumb question - i can interpret it in any way i can because you're not being specific.
Your countryman presented a very specific question, which was reiterated multiple times. It might help to think replying to someone as if it were a conversation. Surely if a person asks you something, you only answer when you understand what they asked instead of presenting a long monologue about a completely different topic.

Honestly, I've only had good interactions with well educated Russians irl. It's the construction worker-tiers and unemployed that cause problems.
No. 73297
>I'm afraid Russian diaspora doesn't act in this way :DD
Indeed. They write things about Soldaty Nato and Xui on their cars, they go on protests, etc.
Really makes you wonder. If Russia is best and you are Russian, then why live in degenerate West? Maybe real worry is...
No. 73300 Kontra
Oh god, just because i mentioned one thing it doesn't mean i didnt study STEM and that i don't have a degree in STEM.
The only reason to live on the west is to do frauds or to push drugs.
There's no incentive to do it for any other reason, at least that how i see it.
Those who do honest work on the west from my point of view are stupid. Because honest work does not exist on the west in principle.
No. 73302 Kontra
How does western work compare to work in the Russian Federation?
No. 73303
265 kB, 458 × 597
>The two Germans burst into the hostel in Lviv, Ukraine, at 2 a.m., bumping into the door frame and shouting questions about where the beds were and how to find the bathroom.

>The Germans were starkly out of place.

>"We are volunteer soldiers for the International Legion of the Ukrainian military," Lukas, the younger of the two men, said. His companion, Tobias, twitched with excitement as he interrupted to say, "We're here to fight the Russians."

>The next morning, Tobias and Lukas were told the Georgians were evacuating the base after getting a report that Russians were heading their way. They should take a train to Kyiv, they were told.

>Out of Lukas' earshot, Tobias offered another explanation. "The Georgian officer asked Lukas to stop smoking in the room twice last night. And he didn't want to. He's not thinking. Then, the officer asked us to go to Kyiv, and Lukas agreed. Katastrophe,"

>The next morning, the reservists drove Tobias and Lukas around Kyiv to search for a new group to join, the Germans told me. But no one would have them. "They told us to leave because the war is lost and it is too dangerous," Tobias said later. (In fact, the steadfast resolve of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians alike has been well documented. Insider was unable to speak to the reservists by phone to confirm details of the visit.)

>Meanwhile, three other recruits had also joined the Germans' unofficial crew. There was William, a moody, 25-year-old Frenchman, who cited his hundreds of hours playing Call of Duty when asked about his military experience; Misha, 42 and Czech, who admitted he didn't know how to handle a gun but said he could survive off the land for months at a time if needed; and Erik, a 20-year-old medic from Germany,

>At around the same time, Neumann, a German field medic who was helping to lead some of their drills, started showing signs of mounting stress, the men said. He had begun shouting during their lessons, they said, losing his patience more often with both the recruits and the Ukrainian officers.

>That afternoon, Neumann pulled Tobias, Kevin and a few others aside. He whispered urgently that he had overheard some of the Ukrainian officers talking. Behind their backs, officers were referring to recruits like them—those without combat training but with a will to fight—as "cannon fodder" and "mine meat." They'd be used to open up the battlefield and test their enemy's capabilities before risking more valuable, better-trained troops,

Unbelievable! Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic and France send their best and these fucking Ukroniggers show no gratitude at all!!
No. 73304 Kontra
Oh god, this is embarrassing. I wish we had our idiots under control.
No. 73307
Damn this degenerate non-art promoting liberal values among retarded masses!
But why patriots can't produce good movies? "Foundation of cinema" gives them state money and they make "Crimea". What's wrong with them?

> Apologies for shitting up the war thread
Too late. It's already today thread 2.0 and here we interrogate Pizzaman about mysterious Russian SOVL.
No. 73308 Kontra
1,1 MB, 2328 × 1424
In German institutions for instance people never tell you what you have to do, never tell you when you should come to the office or leave the office. Even if you ask "where do i have to come?" the response will be "whenever you want".
In practice it means that you should work 24/7 and even on weekends and report constantly. Every day.
People also hate when you ask questions and always tend to suggest you to "look it up yourself", remember this is academia, there are professors, these people are supposed to teach people right? Well wrong they don't care.
If you don't provide any results by yourself - people will stop talking to you and this would mean that you apparently have to feel shame for getting paid and not providing results they want. You are being constantly evaluated which is frustrating to say the least.
When the contract ends they tell you you're a shit worker outright and don't renew it.

So basically it is as follows:
>Do something. We don't know what. Figure out yourself.
>If you do something and we don't like it - you're fired.
>If you ask too many questions - you're fired.
>If you work too slow - you're fired.
In Germany i felt completely burned out by the 4th month.

The difference between that and russian institutions is that here colleagues genuinely are trying to help and you won't get kicked out even if you don't do shit or work slow. You'll just get paid less that's all. If you actively work - you're paid more. The office rules are the same - leave/come whenever you like. And nobody expects you to work 24/7. Although people will still tell you if you're not doing anything AT ALL.
No. 73309 Kontra
29 kB, 496 × 336
>It's already today thread 2.0 and here we interrogate Pizzaman about mysterious Russian SOVL.
Indeed :DDD

But still, I feel a bit bad coming over here just to stir the pot even more. Already took my war-shitposting-business elsewhere where the discussion is moderated.
No. 73310 Kontra
forgot to mention that it seems that in Europe scientists working in institutions see eachother as competitors and are all unwilling to share experience with eachother.
I think it stems from the fact that people compete for tenure positions.
No. 73311 Kontra
8 kB, 433 × 334
You were right to leave, take me with you.
No. 73316
I don't see a problem here. Let them remove themselves from the gene pool. If anything, we should encourage more bydlo to go to Ukraine.
No. 73317
Literally me
No. 73318
116 kB, 1024 × 576
52 kB, 500 × 367
Let's hope Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil get their hands on the Epic of Tobias and Lukas!
No. 73319 Kontra
>In German institutions for instance people never tell you what you have to do, never tell you when you should come to the office or leave the office.
It's a uni, not a factory.
>Even if you ask "where do i have to come?" the response will be "whenever you want".
They mean it.
>In practice it means that you should work 24/7 and even on weekends and report constantly. Every day.
Eh no. If you have do that to meat your workload, you are in the wrong position.
>People also hate when you ask questions and always tend to suggest you to "look it up yourself", remember this is academia, there are professors,
Why would anybody waste 0.5h on explaining something to you that you can look up in 0.5h? What are you, a small child? You are by far not important enough for a professor to give you private lectures. You either have something interesting to tell to them or they are not going to waste their time on you. Neither should they, their time is expensive.

You come across as unbelievably lazy and arrogant. Either pull your own weight or get into a position where your skills match the expectations.
No. 73320 Kontra
433 kB, 784 × 1047
>Whokraine talking about “consequences” for Hungary again
Genuinely mad over this 2bh
They keep doing this and then expect us to turn the other cheek and give them arms and funding.
We are not going to sell them the rope they want to hang us with.
No. 73322
What do you mean by rope? In the direct sense that those weapons could be used against you, or in the indirect sense that siding with Ukraine will paint a target on your back for russias next offensive after Ukraine?

In the latter case: Do you think russia (under Putin) will not try to expand further and eventually invade Hungary if Hungary "behaves well"? I ask because I honestly can't tell; russias politics are pretty illusive to me and I don't really know what to expect.
No. 73323
Never heard of him, we usually hear about Melnyk calling our government cowards and such.
No. 73325 Kontra
The former.
I follow the Russian side of the narrative but day by day I believe less and less in the possibility of a Russian victory.
We must learn from Afghanistan. Weapons don’t evaporate once the conflict is over and the current political situation is very unstable considering there are armed far-right groups in the Ukraine.
No. 73326 Kontra
Also, Putin has no reason to attack us. We’re his Trojan horse.
Both Orbán and Putin know (and Xi by extension) know that Hungary is only interesting geopolitically so long as we are part of the Western system.
No. 73328
>Putin has no reason to
I wouldn't count on that tbh.
No. 73329
Can we switch places? You get to host these cool american and british army bases and on top you get to host american nukes.

In exchange, Germany becomes the trojan horse for Russia.

No. 73330
>you are not important enough
>you are x
>you do not x
It is the judgemental attitude that you display that I personally find annoying and a strict hierarchy within a scientific group where Professor is „important“. In my opinion it’s not a productive environment.
I prefer a collectivist form of organization. Here for instance everyone is paid almost the same regardless whether he’s a laboratory assistant, a professor or a generic PhD.
It’s the productive work that makes you earn more money not your official position in the institution.

With system such as one in Germany a professor has no incentive to work because he’s paid a €5k or more and all he has to do is to show up at work.
No. 73331
I tend to agree with the other german, it seems like it's a "you" problem.
No. 73333
"Peacekeeper" is meme database. Everyone from noname bloggers to Zelensky's spokesman are in it. Also you're exposing us to political speech once again: "Some Ukrainian official said mean things about Hungary and that's why we act like Trojan horse for Putin" (not other way around).

It's fine to sympathize to China not really but no need to distort reality over it.
No. 73337 Kontra
It’s a gross misrepesentation of our foreign policy and mission as a people.
Some might think we act like a trojan horse, but in reality we’re building bridges and mending wounds between East and West.
A most noble foreign policy if you ask me.
No. 73339 Kontra
75 kB, 512 × 649
> "Peacekeeper" is meme database.
And it reminds me of pic related.
No. 73341
62 kB, 1256 × 736
>Some might think we act like a trojan horse
You used the term trojan horse yourself. Plus Hungary, if the primary concern was the very real issue of weaponry finding its way outside of the present warzone, then one should expect you to be the most ardent opponent of the special education operation.
No. 73343 Kontra
330 kB, 1200 × 675
It was a slip-up don’t pay attention to it.
No. 73361
132 kB, 990 × 556
272 kB, 750 × 497
More things happening in the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic.

Today, 20 different bombs threats were called in to several government buildings, schools, museums and hospitals. No explosives devices were found in any of them.
A fake edition of the newspaper Приднестровье was released on Monday, in which residents of Tiraspol called for Russian intervention after a series of terrorist attacks. The editor of the newspaper has since come out and denied that this special issue was theirs.

It becomes clear that Pridnestrovie is no longer wholly controlled by Russia. One wonders how limited their sphere of influence has become in the last couple of months, as both Belarus and Kazakhstan have refused to join in on their adventure. South Ossetia and Abkhazia remain, but what else? A destroyed Syria?
No. 73363
Transnistria just too clearly realizes that the prospect of angering Russia is still much better for everyone over there than the prospect of becoming a copy of Donbass, likely occupied by Ukraine to the top of it.
No. 73364
579 kB, 4428 × 2160
91 kB, 640 × 425
> but what else
No. 73366
171 kB, 980 × 551
Most likely occupied for Moldova after a joint NATO-Ukraine operation.
Still, this adds some interesting questions for the future of this geopolitical oddity if they will indeed break with Russia. Without Russian "humanitarian aid" in the form of pension payments and discount gas and oil, it's unclear how sustainable their living standards are. It might be that the payments will continue being made even if relations worsen with Russia - maybe they'll forget about the recurring payments they've set up since 1992. There is still a Russian contingent stationed there who could maybe even coup the government and subjugate the transnistrian forces.
Either way, you're right that the Sheriff faction clearly sees angering Moscow as the lesser evil :DD
No. 73367
I think they won't join war. And Ukraine won't attack them first too.
They'll maintain status quo if Russia won't stop sending gibz to them (to save it's face). Otherwise they'll join Moldova peacefully.
No. 73368
118 kB, 904 × 1280
2,1 MB, 1600 × 1200
157 kB, 718 × 405
Aesthetics of special operation: authorities cover cities of Russia with hundreds of images of buckwheat babushka.

Very strange symbol to be honest: an old woman out of her mind, strenuously clinging to the past and not understanding what is happening at all. And burning Z at background like on these skull biker memes.
No. 73369
152 kB, 1024 × 1280
They've placed it in Ukrainian cities too. All history is a history of class warfare so it stands the after the dictatorship of the proletariat, comes not communism but the establishment of the pensioner state.
No. 73370
It's not how i view it. If the society does not comform to my standards - the problem is the society. In this case the German society.
No. 73371
853 kB, 1180 × 730
260 kB, 923 × 616
171 kB, 924 × 616
> after the dictatorship of the proletariat comes the establishment of the pensioner state
And then necrocommunism: undeads shall be resurrected by pentagrams in Ministry of Defense cathedral to destroy capitalistic system.

Meanwhile high-T donbabwe warlords prefer younger women:
> "Sisters of Victory" prepared the memorial complex "Sharp Grave" in Luhansk for May 9
No. 73372
Are these really put up by officials? I thought it was some kind of protest
No. 73375
Well, apparently this latest threat struck a nerve with the government too, because today's Magyar Nemzet (basically the official organ of Orbán's party) spent three articles on talking about it. Most of them are the same ("How dare they","Stroking tensions","No proofs of Hungary knowing about the invasion from Russia").
No. 73377
75 kB, 458 × 858
82 kB, 512 × 947
Orban and his buddies seem to have a low threshold of what's considered "stroking tensions".

In other news:
-Russian Mi-17 invades Finnish airspace
-Russian propagandists claim Finland is massing forces on the border, justifying sending of Russian forces into Finland
-Russian foreign ministry spokesperson encourages to spread some "truth" to Finnish medias

As for directly targeting our medias, it's apparently a first time. Publicly stating it anyways. Other than that it's the usual actions of a friendly neighbor.
No. 73382 Kontra
Novosti PMR published a new article on the infowar and disinformation used in transnistria but I can't access it due to the site being apparently DDoS'd.
Transnistrian news updates to continue after this incident is resolved.
No. 73383
242 kB, 1080 × 1191
Bongs write that Russia's plans to attack Moldova:
And Americans -- that Putin might declare mobilization on 9 May:

News in future time and probabilistic modality are not worth much. But westerners were right about invasion this winter. Also mass mobilization seems very necessary for war: Ukrainians already had it, so soon they'll finish training of many new recruits and they have lend lease tech for them. Alternatively Putin can drag out forces from Ukraine and declare victory.

Attack on Moldova sounds rather ridiculous but you know...
No. 73384
83 kB, 1280 × 693
Russians are definitely trying to fabricate some kind of false flag attack in Transnistria, it would be a mistake to escalate but that won't stop them.
No. 73385 Kontra
Also I wonder how hard it will be to fulfill usual conscription plan this year.
No. 73386 Kontra
What benefit expanding the conflict would mean for Russia?
"Who benefits?" :D
No. 73387 Kontra
Mobilization would be quite something. I might get called back into service if FDF increases readiness levels because of that :DDDD Not likely, but there is a chance.
No. 73397
It would be a partial diversion of Ukrainian forces from the east, even if a temporary one.

>Most likely occupied for Moldova after a joint NATO-Ukraine operation.
Why in the world would NATO want to get directly involved in that?
No. 73398 Kontra
Preventing a partial diversion of Ukrainian forces.
No. 73399
Why not just lauch all the nukes outright? Would just take much less time to the same effect.
No. 73400 Kontra
Russia would initiate a nuclear strike over a separatist republic it recognizes as an integral part of Moldova? Lay off the spice.
No. 73401 Kontra
But it already diverts like 2 divisions or something like that. It’s still a drain on Ukrainian resources.
No. 73402
66 kB, 1085 × 1080
Russian Ernsts, do you have any more examples of war memes from runet? (Assuming you ever visit places like dvach)
No. 73406
85 kB, 653 × 436
PMR Novosti is still down. Hosted at yandex, maybe it wasn't even a DDoS, they downright pulled it.
No. 73409
171 kB, 1000 × 660
Interesting. It so happens that a Yandex data center in Finland isn't connected to the grid anymore as it has no active deals with any of the companies selling electricity. It was still running on backup diesel generators earlier in the morning at least. Apparently it is/was burning through 12 thousand liters of diesel per hour. Consumer diesel price is around 2.27€/liter in Finland so it probably gets pretty expensive, including all the logistics. Maybe they shut it down intentionally or can't even pay for the fuel.

Yandex comment stated that they're trying to establish a new electricity deal.
No. 73410
>Russia would initiate a nuclear strike over a separatist republic it recognizes as an integral part of Moldova? Lay off the spice.
I just dare to remind that there are Russian troops in Transnistria.
>Russian Ernsts, do you have any more examples of war memes from runet?
Fugg it. The war, the memes and Runet altogether.
No. 73416
Most of memes which are unique to runet require linguistical or local context. If you explain it, it stops being funny. So never mind.
no, I'm just too lazy to translate labels on pics

They changed CEO recently because of personal sanctions. New CEO worked for one day and then resigned too and moved to Israel.
Also they sold Yandex.news to Vk.com group (founder is Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram who had to sell it and left Russia. new owner is son of head of president's administration).
Good company. Image search and other services better than Google, big contributions to science and education. Unluckily they're located in Russia. Considering sanctions on hardware, migration of coders and fall in effective demand, things are not looking good for them. F.
No. 73419
>Most of memes which are unique to runet require linguistical or local context. If you explain it, it stops being funny. So never mind.
I'm still at awe for those "war endings" scenarios. Luxury memes.

>Good company. Image search and other services better than Google, big contributions to science and education. Unluckily they're located in Russia. Considering sanctions on hardware, migration of coders and fall in effective demand, things are not looking good for them. F.
I don't use any Yandex services as far as I know but it truly is a great company technologically. Difficult to say what the real issue is, grid operator and news both state that there are no active sanctions that would effect the situation. A bunch of Russian tech companies are European-based on paper, like the company running the Yandex data center is registered in Finland.

Also the news article wasn't new, it was dated first of May. I mistook it as today's news.
No. 73420
Your flattery worked, I'll look through my 500 files trash folder for something suitable.

> A bunch of Russian tech companies are European-based on paper
Hehehe. Before 24 Feb it was "we are Russian company registered in Netherlands". After 24 Feb -- "we are Dutch company having offices in Russia"
No. 73421 Kontra
77 kB, 489 × 654
>Your flattery worked, I'll look through my 500 files trash folder for something suitable.
Ebin :DDDD

>Before 24 Feb it was "we are Russian company registered in Netherlands". After 24 Feb -- "we are Dutch company having offices in Russia"
Funny, but understandable. That probably works for many companies on surface level, especially when consumer-facing. Yandex is such a large brand that it can't really hide anymore like that.
No. 73471
Thanks, I'd appreciate it too. I speak a bit of Russian, so while some of the jokes may go over my head I can understand puns and such. Even if I don't fully understand a particular meme it's good practice to try, not to mention interesting from a cultural perspective.
No. 73497
193 kB, 1200 × 721
>Transnistria should be and will be recognized - but peacefully, at the negotiating table, via dialogue, wrote PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky in his telegram channel.
>"The process should be exclusively democratic and evolutionary in nature - Without fighting and loss of people. Nobody wants war. It is not needed to fan the flames of provocation" - said the head of state.

PMR Novosti is still down. Putin fears the breakaway Moldovan supermarket chain.
No. 73500 Kontra
Neptune does it again, this time a frigate.
No. 73533 Kontra
The problem is x86 architecture IMO.
As long as there is no cheap open source alternative anyone can make - all computers are kinda compromised as well as most of the IT sector.
If making an alternative is impossible quick enough, crashing the semiconductor production ASAP by destroying major factories in Thailand producing chips would be a good option.
Chinks should either take them over or burn them to the ground.
No. 73536
Chinks are likely more interested in waiting until Russia bleeds dry and then basically buying it cheap while the US will be unable to do so. And then there can be no independent politics where you own everything to seomeone else. A much, much more profitable venue.
No. 73538
So one job with unsuitable for you work-life balance made you devoted anti-atlantist? And life hater in general: calling for dropping nukes on Lvov, destroying factories in Thailand, celebrating murders... very strong mortido vibes.
No. 73570
170 kB, 1080 × 810
9,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:12
12,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:15
4,1 MB, 406 × 720, 0:34
Shitpost coming through.

The third file has some reality-based analysis on the possible mobilization though. It's rare to see anyone making any sense on these propaganda broadcasts, but then again it's usually the most retarded takes that get the most attention.
No. 73575
Sure no mobilization can provide new air units or ships. However, mobilization can dramatically increase the number of ground troops in a month or two (especially since Russia has huge numbers of combat vehicles stored at its military depots). Strelkov a.k.a. Girkin has a point: the current ground troops deployed in Ukraine are basically sufficient to hold the line, but their advance capabilities are very limited, so military-wise mobilization makes all the sense. Political aspects of the war, on the other hand, are something entirely different.
No. 73576
1,1 MB, 903 × 1280
138 kB, 770 × 513
4,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:33
1,1 MB, 894 × 1280
2004: "If you rule a country for more than 7 years you may go crazy!"
2022: "Drug addicts and bandera-nazis took over power in Vladimir Lenin's Ukraine, that's why I start war with Ukraine and prepare weapons of mass destruction"

Everything is not so definitely........
We don't know whole truth.....





No. 73577
334 kB, 433 × 526
1,1 MB, 1944 × 1400
No. 73578 Kontra
Thank you, that is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. Truly a masterpiece of мат!
No. 73579
109 kB, 960 × 720
We have this in Germany.
Two choices: Either government let's them make such insults. Then the answer is
>Xaxaxaxaxaxaxaa you would not be able to do the same in Russia, Russia strong!
or government passes a law making such insults illegal. Then the answer is
>Xaxaxaxaxxaxaxa such freedom of speech! It is only propaganda! Democracy is a lie! Russia strong!
No. 73580
No. 73581
55 kB, 604 × 405
>mobilization can dramatically increase the number of ground troops in a month or two (especially since Russia has huge numbers of combat vehicles stored at its military depots)
I don't think anyone has argued against this. When it comes to the vehicles though, you probably will find out that you had a lot less in functional condition than you thought if mobilization comes around. And like the analyst points:

"Sending people armed with weapons of yesteryear to a war of the 21st century to fight against global-standard NATO weapons would not be the right thing to do"

Terrible idea regardless on which angle you're looking at it. I doubt even Strelkov really thinks it's really a worthwhile effort.
No. 73582 Kontra
What is OF, Offenbach? You will move to Offenbach?

the internet is making jokes about this plays
No. 73583
>Where am I moving
Worst bydlos city in Germany, even worse than Pirmasens.
No. 73584
Gladly I'm not moving right into Offenbach, just into the Landkreis.
I have lived rather close to Pirmasens also :-DDDD
No. 73585
A couple of days back I saw "Bucha cannot be erased" written on a sidewalk in paint, and some mantlet was phoning the police reporting it. Imagine that.
No. 73586
Why is Germany acting up against Russia? Why is Germany still the lapdog of America? Russia can destroy Warsaw, Berlin, London and Washington with one single missile. What then? Do Germans not know this?
If Germany keeps sucking American dick, it will be destroyed!

Keep whining and bitching, Alman. Go choke on Turkish dick you pathetic fagot.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 73589
What I think will happen tomorrow:

He's going to announce that the Donbas region has been pacified and unanimously voted to rejoin with Mother Russia, which will be joining as a new republic. This of course being their plan all along (the Kiev feint as an ingenious ruse to tie up resources away from the true objective), major combat operations are over and our victorious troops will be coming home. However some minor mop-up operations may be required to root out anti-Russian stay behind elements, so a general mobilization of 800,000 men will be temporarily called up to secure the new territories.
No. 73590
I welcome change. Sometimes you have to burn down old things to build new things.
The euro/anglo-centric world must be burned down so that something new and modern could replace it. That includes economy, culture, religion (or rather lack of thereof) - everything.
The only losers from burning down the western-centric world order are some 1-1.5 billion people out of 8.
It’s the weakest link, we got most of the resources on the planet, we got the workforce and most of the industry in the rest of Eurasia.
We cut the westerners out, we get bigger share of the pie and less mouths to feed. Fuck them.
No. 73591
I disagree.
Please keep trying to imitate us while we take your money.
No. 73592 Kontra
I am firmly convinced that EU is a dead weight for humanity. If someone stops off all gas/oil/coal flow - you will return into 1203 AD.
You are all useless and it’s better if we cut you loose.
No. 73593
5,9 MB, 396 × 720, 0:15
As time goes on and victory gets postponed again and again, I expect our resident vata to make more esoteric posts. Looking forward to this.
No. 73595 Kontra
32 kB, 450 × 347
>you will return into 1203 AD
I don't think we'd stoop to your level. And honestly it's great that the war in Ukraine shows the true colors of Russian military might. So watch you, making threats like that might mean that we'll come over and take your oil. Better hope those nukes aren't as rusty as your tanks :DDD
No. 73596
I’m just being realistic. What is the point of this „pls not another war in Europe bullshit“?
So the entire planet is supposed to maintain this faux democracy on the European peninsula, feed you and make sure the high standards of life are kept at all times in the Western Europe JUST to avoid a situation in which Germany or some other shithole such as Poland re-elects shitler 2.0 and starts another war?
You’re basically keeping the entire world hostage at this point.
>feed us or we throw another baby tantrum
If you can’t pull your own weight it’s your problem.
Oh right Joe Biden thinks otherwise - well good for the leftist mutts. Let them share the burden with you and support european democracy at the cost of regular Americans getting poorer because now they have to feed europoors with their taxes lmao.
No. 73597
Are you hyped for victory day?
No. 73598 Kontra
I don’t care much because I work remotely and I only visit the workplace once a week. For me it’s just another day.
I guess students and normal wagies are excited.
No. 73624
Just heard the V-Day speech.

>we dindu nuffin
>us good, they bad
>it was a preventive war
>diversity is our strength

No mobilization, no nuclear war, is this some other 7D chess move and will he sneakily throw bombs at our heads now or is he just trying to fizzle this out in secret?
No. 73633 Kontra
144 kB, 1200 × 800
No Armata, no air show. Disappointing.
> We take pride in the unconquered courageous generation of the victors, we are proud of being their successors, and it is our duty to preserve the memory of those who defeated Nazism and entrusted us with being vigilant and doing everything to thwart the horror of another global war.
No. 73636
187 kB, 1080 × 1550
4,6 MB, 1280 × 632, 0:36
4,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:02
10,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:11
It's official. Russia is in decline.
No. 73638 Kontra
Lies, Russia strong.
No. 73639
Lies, Russia strong!
No. 73643 Kontra
Are you even capable of thinking outside consoomer mentality? Reading your posts is like reading posts of a gamergate obsessed teenager
>X is not exciting
>means X is failing
>X is cancelled lololol
Politics don’t work like that. Some things will exist regardless of the public opinion, because they are not reliant on public opinion, especially abroad. It doesn’t matter what a citizen of the EU or the US thinks about certain countries - because you have no influence, no power here lol.
I mean you can stay in denial and think that your opinion actually matters and can lead to change but it really does not.

The situation you are in is as follows:
> If i want - i can openly break western laws, I can steal something from a European, escape to Russia and you can’t touch me here.
Your laws and rules, your voice has no value in Russia.

Just accept it as a fact and move on.
No. 73644 Kontra
I read headlines of Russia bombing food storages, food logistics and food production which not only is a problem for Ukraine but will have an effect on world food situation. The Ukraine live map has also pop ups for that this actually happened (and Russians taking grains from occupied territory). But we already had the discussions at the beginning of this war about global food supply and its disruption.

I think these kind of posts are not written with the intention of having an effect on the war and its outcome. It is mysterious though how you even come to that conclusion.
No. 73645 Kontra
495 kB, 480 × 854, 0:05
You over-analyzed his post. All he was trying to say was:
>Lies, Russia strong!

In regards the targeting of food infrastructure, just another reason for NATO to get involved. As that's not going to really happen, the strikes at least serve as a good reason to send Ukraine all the weapons that they desire. Maybe a few ATACMS to blow up the Kerch bridge for starters.
No. 73647 Kontra
6,4 MB, 614 × 854, 0:43
Impressive that just saying the show was disappointing prompted this response, clearly you care a lot about my opinion :3
No. 73648
The food shortages will be blamed on war but the actual reason is the lack of will of the EU countries to buy grain/energy from us in roubles.
You’ve all been prepared for this transition throughout the past few decade: recycling, veganism, plant based meat, bicycle infrastructure, „green energy“, electric cars - its all been normalized in order to prepare you all for this geopolitical event. It has nothing to do with climate or ecology, the reasons are purely economical.
Of course you are free to believe that it is all „just a coincidence“, that the climate change is real
No. 73649
But Russia exports grain in dollars. How does this fit into this diabolical equation?
No. 73650
I never said that Europeans will suffer dramatically from this situation. Africans on bikes and carb diet for decades and they still weren't prepared for this? When will THEY learn?

also how does plant based diet and shortage in grain fits together as preparation? After all soy and wheat are used to make those plant protein intake
No. 73651
9 kB, 965 × 128
Interesting: when it comes to criminal, it's "zapadlo" for bydlo to report to police. But when it's wrongthink they are so eager about it.
No. 73654 Kontra
Ignore the Russian shizo.

>You over-analyzed his post. All he was trying to say was:
>Lies, Russia strong!
No. 73656 Kontra
>Ignore the Russian shizo.
No, he is my FRIEND! I will not abandon him.
No. 73660 Kontra
534 kB, 587 × 552
Phase Two.
Objectives are being achieved.
Trust the plan.
Mobilizatsiya soon.
No. 73672
56 kB, 736 × 736
Lend-lease signed.
No. 73673 Kontra
55 kB, 600 × 390
Phase 1: capture Kiev
Phase 2: defend Donbass
Phase 3: retake Belgorod
No. 73674 Kontra
I have no clue what sort of fucked up mindset is that but i can tell why you simp for the ukrainians so hard. You think just like them.
You are just being an annoying bitch and then when someone slaps you literally or figuratively you instantly cry like you're the victim or act smug as if it was the original goal.
You know there is a difference between trolling and being a tryhard shithead. You are the latter.
Then again i know i am wasting my time because people like you don't really understand human language whatsoever, since you are some sort of degenerate masochist who thinks being this way is "fun".
No. 73676 Kontra
No. 73681 Kontra
>cry like you're the victim or act smug as if it was the original goal.
Hasn't this been the russian tactic this whole war?
No. 73684
205 kB, 1080 × 1116
Breaking news:
>Finnish defense committee states: "We will join NATO".

Ebin :D
No. 73686 Kontra
No. 73687 Kontra
No. 73689
82 kB, 1080 × 773
Once the blood contract is signed and the Finnish government pledges the life of every last Finn to protect the Queen of England, we will be glad to have you on board.
No. 73695
>sell your country and people into anal slavery
>be happy about being a slave
i think this is hilarious
No. 73697 Kontra
It seems Russian analysis tends to revert to gay sex. Mysterious!
No. 73699
3,6 MB, 320 × 240, 1:16
4,4 MB, 640 × 480, 0:44
66 kB, 1200 × 675
Lies, Russia heterosexual!
No. 73700
390 kB, 1388 × 824
157 kB, 690 × 381
Vatnik is something new for westerners, they interact with it like with an exotic creature in zoo. It's educational for them, contributes a lot to rusorealism. But after two months it's probably time to stop, you won't see new rants from him, only repeating old stuff.

Russian homophoby comes not from Abrahamic traditions but from prison culture: if you are in active role you're not considered gay.
No. 73702
>if you are in active role you're not considered gay.
This is something that exists in other cultures too. For example, an active homosexual would not be necessarily punished by the inquisition, while a passive one would.
No. 73706
It was also how the Greeks and Romans justified themselves as nohomo while drilling adolescent boys.
No. 73714 Kontra
557 kB, 1080 × 2113
Russian foreign ministry counters western claim that Donbass residents are "a FAKE".
No. 73718
7 kB, 180 × 180
Alexander Subbotin is yet another Oligarch suicided.
No. 73720 Kontra
Russian liberals such as yourself are absolutely no different from the vatniks. Both are low IQ reactionaries, the difference is that russian liberals are also cowardly subhumans who run/escape whenever the opportunity arises. It’s like if you took a class of a high school retarded bydlo gang are always vatniks while the bullied omega-incel-ugly dumbfuck is always a liberal.
No. 73721 Kontra
This is such an essential online statement, I can only think of you as part of the online intelligentsia. Basically a mix of journalist and critic but online and anonymous and not very thought through in most cases as it is mostly opinion.
No. 73722
Mad because passive?
No. 73727
307 kB, 750 × 885
Oh I am so sorry Herr Nörmalfäg.
Did I hurt your feelings by posting something that differs from the same retarded opinion that you and a bunch or other degenerates repeat in this cattle-tier circlejerk?
At this point it is almost like the thing that defines the average user of ernstchan is that
>we are not like kohlchan

Sure you’re not complete incel-virgin human trash like the users of Kohl.
You are incel-virgin human trash with a mindset of a retarded hippie who has more in common with the users of Reddit, Twitter and resetera than an actual normal human being.

And you ask me why do I keep shitposting. There’s no way a normal person would ever consider talking seriously to people who willingly subscribe to movements and opinions while being driven by herd mentality.
No. 73728 Kontra
57 kB, 531 × 640
Posting like a dime a dozen vatnik retard sure is original. Though I have to admit at this point I enjoy greatly seeing you lash out and cry here. Must be tough to see your country in such a state of decline :D
No. 73730 Kontra
You talk of human trash you cannot take seriously but keep on frequenting this board? When was the last time you took a look in the mirror? You seem to be in dire need of doing so in order to deflate your comically large ego, Pjotr. Maybe then and only then you will find out that you are not better than the trash you are making a big mouth about. Online people like you aren't in better touch with reality. Online people are scum as well, just like everybody else they notice shit about themselves. Their own disgust about themselves never slips, just like with many other people. It must be your schizo mentality driving you down this path and coming back to this board then.

And I'm not an incel virgin, like many other Ernsts, apparently. Not everybody who is online has never ever felt a pussy, not sure if that is comprehensible to you. Unlike you I try to abstain from meme categories. But even I must have been contaminated by online discourse since I frequent this board and have a history of online imageboard dwelling.
No. 73734 Kontra
37 kB, 604 × 453
I think I went through the same cycle most people went through in WW1 in the heartland when it comes to the Ukraine conflict.
>Stage 1: This is it, moment of truth, this war will end in a month!
>Stage 2: This is far from over, but it'll forge a new order once it's over!
>Stage 3: Fuck this will never be over and there's no hope for achieving anything sensible or a way to stop it
No. 73739
388 kB, 1280 × 960
2,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
3,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:06
How would a regional conflict between two third world shitholes forge a new order? It's a big tragedy and big crime, but from historical perspective it's nothingburger.

Also, the great battle for Donbabwe finally started with heavy casualties on both sides despite little territorial changes.
No. 73740
And this will end in few months.
No. 73747
>How would a regional conflict between two third world shitholes forge a new order?
"A new world order" is, frankly, nothing but mad ravings in this context, but important geopolitical shifts are possible. The main question is who is going to benefit more from the war: the US or China.
No. 73748 Kontra
new world order might seem abstruse because of its use in light of 1989ff. but a geopolitical shift is nothing else than a different order on a global (world) level.
No. 73753 Kontra
I can give a definition of human trash if you want. Someone who picks sides in any conflict and who is driven by „patriotic“ feels or doing what is „honorable“ or „moral“. Caring about things too much.
When people with such mindset infest anything they ruin anything.
Here is an example of ab unironic subhuman drooling retard unable to think without using labels >>73728.
Sometimes I wonder how people like him are even capable of using a computer, navigating the internet and typing text. Probably by using a manual.
> When was the last time you took a look in the mirror? You seem to be in dire need of doing so in order to deflate your comically large ego
See that’s the only thing you can do. Throw false accusations about my ego and post shit opinions because you know that every single thing I said in the previous post is valid criticism.

The board has gone to shit because people chose to pick sides in a conflict that has nothing to do with them driven by primitive animalistic emotions.
At this point some people just repost propaganda from Team Biden and masturbate over how this propaganda is so much better that propaganda coming from Team Putin.
Jesus Christ, if that’s not a definition of shit-eating retardation of the users here I don’t know what is.

>what are you doing here
You are right actually, this is a good question. I guess I was hoping that there might be at least one English speaking forum which is not another cancerous circlejerk full of people who should’ve never been born.
No. 73756 Kontra
>I guess I was hoping that there might be at least one English speaking forum which is not another cancerous circlejerk full of people who should’ve never been born.

There isn't, you should leave this filthy place and find someone who deserves the presence of a superior being such as yourself.
No. 73757
>How would a regional conflict between two third world shitholes forge a new order?

The demilitarization of Russia and rearmament of Europe will allow burgers to divert more of their military funding towards China. I think this is just a final goodbye from the cold war era and last time an event on the european continent has any geopolitical relevance.
No. 73758
21,6 MB, 960 × 512, 2:51
Boris was visiting Finland and talking to our president today, here's a good clip from the press conference if you can decipher what he's saying over the accent :D

There's no word better to describe your behavior than "seethe". :DDD I've never used the word since it's sad connotations on IBs but goddamn is it fitting here. Absolutely not a sliver of self-reflection on your posts. If only you could see how funny you appear!
No. 73759 Kontra
For whatever reason the video doesn't appear. The original file was over 25MB so I reduced the quality and it was still working for me locally. No idea what happened here. I'm so sorry you have to not see this.

Now that we're at it, what is the best method to reduce the file size of a video? The less keystrokes or clicking around the better.
No. 73760 Kontra
>Throw false accusations about my ego

I can read your posts and the ego that is within that posts. You posts are empirical data.

>in a conflict that has nothing to do with them

In a way yes, in a way no. Yes, as in ideology is at work. No as in this conflict will have consequences for the ways we live in the future. This is not just Russian and Ukraine as isolated nations battling themselves. You want it to be like that, you always want things to be isolated and treated as isolated things, but it's not a conflict happening in a vacuum.
No. 73765 Kontra
> You posts are empirical data.
Right, where's your spreadsheets then, genius?
>it's not a conflict happening in a vacuum.
Of course it is not. But running around adding fuel to the fire and attacking people in a way that it looks like
Doesn't really make your point of view appealing or in any way worth listening.
This is ideologically driven thinking. Fucking hell man, there gotta be a name for this shit.
Oh, i know one.
NATOism - a religious belief that NATO-enforced order will fix every single issue, including economic ones. Trust in NATO, don't ask questions!!1
No. 73774 Kontra
212 kB, 465 × 617
You see this is the difference between me and you, Petrukha. I am a true Christian. A man that walks confidently through the abyss for I know I can walk through the valley of nuclear annihilation with no fear for I am with God. God is with me for I am with him at all times. You're a pagan who thinks the gospel of Jesus Christ is to be understood as Perun punishing sinners via infant mortality and genocide. Justifying the actions of your masters because your peasant soul only understands power and fear. Seek repentance by contrition before your Lord.

Now I ask you this brother, are you ready - are you ready for that great atomic power? Will you rise and meet your Savior in the end? Remember that a man cannot serve two masters, cease defending the mole rat king and repent before the one true Lord. Only one army will win this war and it's a regiment of Christians guided by the Savior's hand.
No. 73782
26 kB, 450 × 300
103 kB, 953 × 948
President and prime minister declare support for joining NATO. The issue moves to parliament on monday and should be decided then if the news are correct. Ebin :D
No. 73784 Kontra
18,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 2:20
And here's the video I tried sending yesterday.
>Boris was visiting Finland and talking to our president today, here's a good clip from the press conference if you can decipher what he's saying over the accent :D
No. 73787 Kontra
>Yuo gausd dis :DD loog in de mirror :DD
While this may deter a Russian invasion, the real victims in all of this are Finnish farmers who won't profit from high metal prices.
No. 73805
Meanwhile Medvedev is talking about total nuclear war again. Finland, why don't you just move your thousands of nuclear missile carriers away from the borders? You can take Karelia back when Russia is dead anyway.
No. 73821 Kontra
182 kB, 1893 × 812
The state will compensate this loss to the farmers. It was decided that Ukraine shall have all the available scrap metal available as a part of Finnish aid package.

Who told you about our Väinämöinen class ICBMs? They're a highly guarded secret.

>You can take Karelia back when Russia is dead anyway.
Apparently we've already negotiated with the Chinese about how Russian territory will be split. Such cases.
No. 73823
>Kaliningrad split between Poland and Lithuania
Uhm, honey, it's still called "Königsberger Klopse" and not however they would be called in polish or lithuanian.
No. 73826 Kontra
The original image had Chinese text and a TV-caster in front of the map. Sadly I couldn't find it now but I've seen it. Please address your concerns about the translations to the twitter user in question. If you'd like to make a land claim please contact the nearest Chinese embassy.
No. 73850 Kontra
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:50
They are breaking out, this is how mariupol will fall. They did it too, they lived past the 9th.
No. 73859 Kontra
16 kB, 474 × 257
Uh oh, no NATO for us :D

>Erdogan states it's impossible for Turkey to react positively to Finnish and Swedish NATO applications
>According to Erdogan there are multiple "terrorist organizations" in both Finland and Sweden

I do wonder what those are. Sadly, there's no more context at the moment.
No. 73862 Kontra
Wtf, he should stop Putin it in his butt.
No. 73864
Probably something with Kurds and maybe something with Turkey losing influence in NATO because they're pretty much useless and only got into NATO in the first place because burgers wanted to place their missiles there.
No. 73865
No. 73866
Turkey was accepted into nato exactly because of the war that is happening now. They are blocking the Bosporus for russian warships. And Erdog knows this very well and is raising the price for him to admit scandies in.
No. 73867
350 kB, 1793 × 1792
263 kB, 650 × 500
it's true
No. 73868 Kontra
84 kB, 1080 × 1080
Well, it's gonna be a lengthy process and some horse-trading was to be expected. But coming out this early with BS arguments isn't great. We've just been thrown under the same blanket with Sweden with the guise of some PKK-supporting politicians or something. Arms exports from Finland to Turkey are banned at the moment and no way would they let us in while that is in place.

I would definitely like us to get into NATO, but if that doesn't happen I'm not too worried about it. We can try to apply again after Erdogan, form a real alliance with Sweden or maybe get some nukes :D Or do nothing at all really. Russia won't come knocking any time soon and their performance in Ukraine gives me great comfort. There is time to figure out the plan B.

Turkey's position is interesting. I understand that they want something out of this since they're in a terrible economic state. Russia and China might make it worthwhile to block Finland and Sweden, but they'll lose the remaining goodwill of Burgers, and anger Scandis, Baltics and UK to some degree as well. Difficult to say what the real consequences on either side would be though. I imagine it wouldn't be beneficial for their EU-joining dreams, but they are dreams anyway at this point.
No. 73870
Russian military is good enough, for a peace-time army anyway. But it cannot do miracles. By now Ukraine definitely has one important thing on its side: the numbers. Of course, it also means that the operational pre-planning was overconfident and generally lacking, but that's only partly the fault of the military; it was fed false information by the Russian leadership to begin with.
No. 73872
> I imagine it wouldn't be beneficial for their EU-joining dreams, but they are dreams anyway at this point.
Turkey is not Europe, has never been, will never be.
No. 73889 Kontra
German Media has gone full Goebels in their propaganda.

>American babies starve to death because there is no more formula
<But Russia will collapse any day now!

>Macron offers Ukrainian territory to Russia
<But Russia will collapse any day now!

>food prices are exploding, vegetable oils, flour, toilet paper, corn flour, buckwheat, lentils, millet, etc. are not to be had,
<Russia will collapse any day now

>official inflation is 8% and they even admit it will increase, gasoline is becoming so expensive that people can't afford to go to work
<But Russia will collapse any day now!

>Federal government introduces speed limit in the Autobahn
<But Russia will collapse any day now!

>Stock markets collapse, worse economic crisis worse than 1929 is coming
<But Russia will collapse any day now!

Ukraine lend-lease is not getting through because Rand Paul blocked it. Biden will not be President for much longer, and Trump will succeed him. He will stop all the eco-green climate-bullshit, stop renewable money-burning, and stop wasting American money on the ungrateful, pathetic, useless Europeon crybabies.

<B-b-but Russia will collapse any day now!

They are going to repeat their mantra all the way to total economic collapse, poverty and starvation.

>Bruder, was sagst du über Türkei komm her und sag in mein Gesicht!
<Ok, bitte nicht hauen, ich habe ein Joghurt in meinem Rucksack!
No. 73891 Kontra
186 kB, 1280 × 1280
>Ukraine lend-lease is not getting through because Rand Paul blocked it
Why lie? It already passed.
No. 73892
No. It has been blocked in Senate by Rand Paul.

Senator Paul does not want the US to borrow money they do not have from China, just so they can gift it to some Slav country, particularly not in a time of rampant inflation. US infrastructure is crumbling, homelessness is increasing and they do not even have enough baby formula.

In America, babies die of starvation!
Yet, their president wants to give $40 billion they do not even have to a foreign country. A foreign country where the president's son was a 'manager'. It figures that the president wants to help China by borrowing from them and Ukraine by giving to them so his son can receive again favorable conditions. Clinton/Biden/Obama are a Mafia, and they are ready to sacrifice American babies for gain!

But it is all fine, you see, they just outlawed abortion, so America is going to have enough babies to make up for those who starve to death. 13 year old girls raped by black men will be forced to have their babies!
No. 73893 Kontra
Oh, and what do American doctor's do? They warn parents
>The FDA also cautions against homemade formula, noting that mistakes in making DIY formula can result in severe nutritional imbalances and harm to babies.
>“Homemade formula is dangerous for babies,” said Dr. Katie Lockwood, an attending physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Primary Care.
>Cow's milk. Babies can't easily digest cow's milk until age one, and milk doesn't contain enough iron, a mineral critical to your baby's growth and development right now.

Just great. You know what's like really dangerous to babies? Starving is. Dieing of starvation can be lethal. But yeah, rather drive hours and hours after your shift at your night job has ended, trying to track down the last remaining supply, to make absolutely sure the last remaining package gets sold for 100x times it's pre-crisis price, and if you fail, let your child starve, because diluted cow's milk is too harmful.

American be politics, always making sure business makes maximum profits.

And such a country now desperately wants to go to war with Russia, over Ukraine?

Do you not think they are insane?
No. 73898 Kontra
America will collapse any day now
No. 73900
1,4 MB, 360 × 202, 0:02
No. 73901
46 kB, 700 × 700
255 kB, 1280 × 960
194 kB, 1168 × 1116
One senator can't block the law, only delay it with bureaucratic imbroglio. Which means that money he pretends to care about will be spent anyway but their use will be less effective as every day is important at war.

I remember seeing pic1 motorcycle helmet on /pol/ with comments like "globohomo NATO weaklings are going to fight THIS? they have no chance".
On the other hand, Ukrainian army is behind the times too.

pic2 -- attempt to cross a river
pic3 -- users with Russian numbers in mobile network
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIZIspwem2s - compilation of videos from captive's phone. Like a road movie.
No. 73902
video was very soulful
No. 73911 Kontra
3,1 MB, 3300 × 2800
Fucking simps, all of you.
No. 73913 Kontra
29 kB, 800 × 522
No. 73914
938 kB, 833 × 783
117 kB, 1082 × 1080
269 kB, 716 × 379
53 kB, 600 × 800
Triggered, soycuck?

(User was banned for this post)

No. 73915 Kontra
1,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:08
Long live the ghost of EC.

That video was a strange experience for me. All I felt throughout the whole thing was disgust. Unfortunate situation for the child, but there's a chance of the father coming back home since he was captured and not killed.
No. 73919 Kontra
8,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
No. 73927 Kontra
33 kB, 579 × 536
'ate Russia
'ate Ukraine
'ate EU
'ate NATO
Luv me international proletariat.
Simple as
No. 73932 Kontra
192 kB, 1280 × 720
>Russia has nationalized a major factory that belonged to Renault and intends to use it to revive the famous Soviet-era Moskvitch car in what the French automaker categorized as a “responsible choice” for its thousands of employees in Russia.
Ebin. The Moskvich has returned*.
*maybe, I wonder if they'll actually ever release any given auto parts issues
No. 73933 Kontra
Moskvich as a name always reminds me of the Hungarian tongue twister "Moszkvics-slusszkulcs" (Moskvich car-key).
I wonder what else they'll nationalize. Gotta strike the iron while it's hot.
No. 73934 Kontra
Хорошо известно, что: испанец - человек, а испанка-грипп; американец - человек, а американка - бильярд; индеец - человек, а индейка - птица; кореец - человек, а корейка - еда; болгарин - человек, а болгарка - инструмент; финн - человек, а финка - нож; поляк - человек, а полька - танец; турок - человек, а турка - посуда; голландец - человек, а голландка - печка; чехи и вьетнамцы - люди, а чешки и вьетнамки - обувь; китаец - человек, а китайка-яблоко. И только одно исключение: москвичка - человек, а москвич - ржавое ведро с гайками.

I don't think that they'll establish manufacturing but nationalization will allow to keep workers employed for a while at expense of Moscow's budget.
No. 73963
>National Russian car industry
They'll build the current models for the next 20 years, and the current models are based on 20 year old french technology.
No. 73971
Finnish and swedish parliaments have now officially ratified NATO membership applications.
What now?
No. 73972 Kontra
2,0 MB, 200 × 360, 0:36
Attempt to bribe Erdogan I suppose.
No. 73975 Kontra
20,3 MB, 600 × 480, 4:31
1,5 MB, 408 × 720, 0:15
Forgot to add the first video, somewhat interesting. Surprised to see that fellow on the TV again as he really doesn't seem to fit in with the other talking heads.
No. 73983
Erdogan might save Sweden and Finland from themselves. EU membership was a mistake. This is worse. You give up your independence completely to become vassals of America and get pumped full of American nuclear and chemical and biological weapons directed against Russia. Russia is not going to let this sit! Finland was a friend of Russia, then Finland decided to become an enemy of Russia! When Finland has only Russia to thank for its existence! Such ungratefulness is unheard of! Truly shameful behavior is exhibited by these nations.
No. 73989 Kontra
Cool. Anyway, USA truly is the devil. Without lend-lease in WW2 greater Finland would be bordering China and the rogue state of Russia wouldn’t exist. Russians only have USA to thank for their existence.
No. 73991
62 kB, 570 × 740
No. 73993 Kontra
7 kB, 220 × 320
It's a great name in Finnish :D

While OTAN is the name and "5,3% olutta 44 cl" is description of the contents, it essentially looks like:

OTAN olutta

which translates to "I'll have (some) beer"

Additionally the verb is commonly used in many ways to suggest that one might be having something alcoholic to drink. I'll be having some of that beer for sure when my local store has it in stock.
No. 73994 Kontra
I don't even know if this is shitposting or serious anymore.
No. 74028 Kontra
I don't even know if this place is reddit or not anymore :DDD
No. 74039 Kontra
This is the comment section of a news site.

Maybe we can manage better with the next thread as the schizos have mostly given up.
No. 74041 Kontra
>as the schizos have mostly given up.
You don't have much experiences with schizos, do you?
Always report. As long as we aren't able to punch them through the internet, we have to rely on the mods.
No. 74043 Kontra
I see you haven't been following these nine war threads we've had so far.

>we have to rely on the mods
Mod quote:
>One thread dominated by russian shitposting is plenty.

One thread referring to these war threads. Mods have allowed it so far with the exception of occasionally banning the guy posting under a Bavarian or German flag.
No. 74069 Kontra
5,0 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:31
Ukrainian ingenuity. Found a sale listing of almost an identical item to what's displayed on the video...

Pretty cheap way to transform the use of a weapon.
No. 74084
They teach you such lies in school? Lend lease program was insignificant. Russian war production exceeded any lend lease by far. How many tanks they gave? How many airplanes? Lend lease was a sham. America and Britain could have opened a second front, but they waited and waited, because they hoped Germany would defeat Russia. But the great Stalin would not have it. Even in 1944 and 1945, they tried to make peace with Germany and ally with them to attack Russia. But Red Army took Berlin much faster than they ever thought possible and America's plans were thwarted.
It is as the great Pushkin said: Finns are wretched and dwell in swarthy huts in swamps.
No. 74085 Kontra
20 kB, 284 × 311
What makes you think it's a lie? Maybe you have read too many books by Pushkin and other "Russians" elites who just so happened to speak French and not Russian. Looking at all the facts it does look like Russia doesn't even exist. And like you said, lend-lease was a sham. All those shipments to a fake country is a great cover for corruption.

No. 74086
76 kB, 700 × 406
Schizos aren't really big problem, ramblings could easily be ignored if you wish.

Stalin himself about lend-lease:
> «I want to tell you, from the Russian point of view, what the President and United States have done to win the war. The most important things in this war are machines. The United States has proven that it can turn out from 8,000 to 10,000 airplanes per month. Russia can only turn out, at most, 3,000 airplanes a month. England turns out 3,000 to 3,500, which are principally heavy bombers. Without the use of those machines, through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war».

From Khrushchev's memoirs:
> “I would like to express my opinion and tell in the naked form about Stalin’s opinion on the issue of whether the Red Army, the Soviet Union, without help from the United States and England, could cope with Nazi Germany and survive in the war. First of all, I want to say about the words of Stalin, which he repeated several times when we had "free conversations" among ourselves. He directly said that if the United States had not helped us, then we would not have won this war: face to face with Nazi Germany, we would not have withstood its onslaught and lost the war. No one has officially touched on this topic here, and Stalin, I think, did not leave written traces of his opinion anywhere, but I declare here that he noted this circumstance several times in conversations with me. He did not specifically talk on this issue, but when a conversation of a casual nature arose, international issues of the past and present were sorted out, and when we returned to the past stage of the war, he expressed this.

Marshal Zhukov's words from report on him by KGB chairman Semichastny:
> “Now they say that the allies never helped us. But it cannot be denied that the Americans sent us so many materials, without which we would not be able to form our reserves and could not continue the war. Received 350 thousand cars, but what cars! We had no explosives, gunpowder, nothing to equip rifle cartridges. The Americans really helped us out with gunpowder and explosives. And how much they drove us sheet steel. How could we quickly establish the production of tanks, if not for the American help with steel. And now they present the matter in such a way that we had all this in abundance.

Not to mention that long before the war USSR's industrialization was curated by Americans:
No. 74087 Kontra
75 kB, 1024 × 1024
1,2 MB, 512 × 480, 0:13
>Schizos aren't really big problem, ramblings could easily be ignored if you wish.
I did ignore them successfully for a good while. But as other Ernsts kept replying to the schizos despite countless pleads not to, there was no escape. I come to EC to read other people's posts first, and post something second. There's so few posts a day I really don't understand what purpose it serves to allow the discussion about serious events and topics to be dictated by illness. As the decision is not up to me I just went elsewhere to discuss the war. Now I only make drive-by shitposts ITT as mods indicated that it is acceptable for these threads. And because I have no interest to engage in serious discussions in such an environment.

This is from my perspective. Maybe allowing schizos is the greater good and the problem is only with me. I can accept that. Let's see how the next thread turns out.
No. 74090 Kontra
>the discussion about serious events
i have a strong urge to post a soyjack right now in response to your retarded post but i will refrain from doing so
No. 74091
23 kB, 620 × 402
The first russian soldier has pleaded guilty for committing a war crime in Ukraine.

Exactly everything about this is just sad.

No. 74092 Kontra
Posting what you did doesn’t differ from posting the image at all, so go ahead. And what would be a more serious topic than war?
No. 74093
422 kB, 828 × 1128
No. 74094
Looks like a war crime indeed. It's good they're occasionally punished, no matter the side.
No. 74097
I wonder if they will delay the judgement or reduce the sentence to protect the prisoners from mariupol
No. 74102 Kontra
doing actual things IRL rather than discussing shit that does not concern you in the slightest (aka politics) would be serious.
>inb4 but politics ARE IMPORTANT
No. 74103 Kontra
Wow you shifted those goalposts right up your ass. Impressive.
No. 74104 Kontra
73 kB, 684 × 579
Yes... Good... Answer him, let the desire not to let him have the last word consume you.
No. 74105 Kontra
Mom said it's my turn to have the last word.

The shitposting shall escalate until someone gets banned. Place your bets now.
No. 74106
Well, prisoners and war criminals don't fall into the same category. Russia may (and likely will) initiate its own criminal prosecution of certain prisoners. It hardly can be affected anyway.
No. 74110 Kontra
I doubt it.
I also doubt that the DPR or the LPR or Russia will release any Azov POWs instead of prosecuting them, even if in exchange for their own troops.
No. 74113
Well, the question is if they will be prosecuted simply for being members of Azov (which is not a war crime, even though Azov is recognized as a neo-Nazist organisation). Individual prosecutions are practically guaranteed.
No. 74120 Kontra
838 kB, 1200 × 1016, 0:00
I just made a comparison of this place to reddit because if you look at it with an unbiased eye it is just like fucking reddit with people like you being literally obsessed with retarded shit and also not having any self awareness to admit you are fucked in the head like that.
>moving goal posts
fuck off will you?
No. 74121 Kontra
379 kB, 1300 × 867
>I just made a comparison of this place to reddit because if you look at it with an unbiased eye it is just like fucking reddit

And yet you are here.

Are you the weirdo who said he spews his nonsense and tries to find sense in it afterwards?
Do you always find a sense or to you just post even if you don't?
No. 74125 Kontra
It's cute how you resort to soyjacks like a pacifier. No arguments, constant projections, inability to answer any questions with a coherent answer. Same story throughout all the threads so far with no end in sight. Like some sort of a twisted automaton. Funny!

Especially interesting is how you were absent for quite a while, but as soon as you see your trigger word "schizo", the little automaton starts ratcheting :D
No. 74132 Kontra
>Posting what you did doesn’t differ from posting the image at all, so go ahead
Maybe be less of a '"c-word"'?
No. 74136 Kontra
63 kB, 752 × 492
Here you go baby, don't cry :D
No. 74150 Kontra
63 kB, 607 × 794
1,2 MB, 1417 × 1063
690 kB, 1129 × 665
Finland, explain yourself!
No. 74151
78 kB, 680 × 866
>No arguments, constant projections, inability to answer any questions with a coherent answer.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 74152 Kontra
1018 kB, 967 × 1080
Post constructively or go to hui.
No. 74155 Kontra
104 kB, 1075 × 986
A decisive victory in the arena of the mongoose jump thread :DD
No. 74156
88 kB, 652 × 851
Where do I start... It's a Finnish meme to just say "oon tää kissa" (I'm this cat) and post really any picture of a cat, but often somehow related to a topic being discussed. I'm not sure, but I think someone photoshopped cat ears on Marin for another context, but then for whatever reason it became a popular image to use in the "oon tää kissa" posts. Then later on the image with cat ears was enhanced with a tail and a collar. I couldn't find the images right now but they aren't the ones you posted. That well cat-ified picture of Marin likely served as an inspiration for the types you posted. Likely her personality gives more popularity for these memes as she is sort of autistic(surprise surprise), robotic and cold like cats often are.

Unfortunately I have none of these pictures saved.

I'm glad it's over. Lost the bet with myself though.
No. 74158 Kontra
So has this been the Modhaubitze 2000 they are all talking about? :DDD
No. 74160
(It always surprised me how German loaned several words of firearm terminology from Czech, of all languages. And then spreaded them further.)
No. 74161 Kontra
104 kB, 600 × 600
Can you elaborate? Who what where?
No. 74162 Kontra
It was an attempt at a pun involving "mod" for banning the 4chongs russian.
No. 74163 Kontra
25 kB, 600 × 557
Thank you.
No. 74167
41 kB, 612 × 446
>Kremlin says report of possible gas cuts for Finland most likely a 'hoax'
Source, dated 13.5.

>Finland leases floating LNG terminal as Russia cuts off gas supply
Source, dated 20.5.

Of course according to Russian narrative they're only cutting the supply because we refuse to pay in roubles. But I'd be surprised if we are/were still the only ones to do so. Electricity cut off last week, gas this week. We use very little gas so it's not a big deal even though most (if not all) of it came from Russia. I find the statements themselves to be more interesting.
No. 74168
Maybe Kremlin just has no idea what happens in Russia and just invents reasons and justifications post factum to keep its face? Why do we actually believe that it was Putin who ordered the invasion into Ukraine, and not the Russian army who decided it's high time to kill and plunder a bit, forcing Putin to quickly come up with some justification once he noticed that?..
No. 74177 Kontra
>Maybe Kremlin just has no idea what happens in Russia and just invents reasons and justifications post factum to keep its face?
Regarding something as insignificant as halting gas sales to Finland that very well maybe be true.

>Why do we actually believe that it was Putin who ordered the invasion into Ukraine, and not the Russian army who decided it's high time to kill and plunder a bit, forcing Putin to quickly come up with some justification once he noticed that?..
That however seems a little rich...
No. 74180
No, it's absurd. Such attack could be committed only by centralized effort of general staff and was planned months before 24 February.
Generals attacking without Putin's order to "kill and plunder a bit"? Washing machines are nothing for them compared to their usual income and punishment by Putin for insubordination.
No. 74183
>and punishment by Putin for insubordination.
Probably they will just sack Moscow if someone attempts to punish them.
No. 74186 Kontra
Tuvan Occupied State?
No. 74187
81 kB, 684 × 697
Dmitry Donskoy's insurrection was illegitimate. Legally we are citizens subjects of Golden Horde.
No. 74188
Why not use Occam's razor and suppose that it's Putin who decided to "kill and plunder a bit"? Instead of creating unnecessary entity of military junta which secretly rules the country.
No. 74220
No, I mean that no one really rules it. As for why, well, the alternative is just too uninteresting.
No. 74233
No. 74234 Kontra
The time was nearly two years ago, was it not?
No. 74239
50 kB, 980 × 550
It's always Reich time but it seems we're at a point where other countries are fine with it.

Now we only have to get rid of that bald guy and his party.
No. 74241 Kontra
>Now we only have to get rid of that bald guy and his party.
lmao, the SPD has been a ruling party in 5 of the last 6 governments and is currently in the 7th. That's almost 25 years. The SPD is eternal, mainly because they will do anything to stay in power.
No. 74242 Kontra
>Occam's razor
That word betrays the thin-armed leftist soy-eater. They all use it all the time. Are you vaxxed? Are you vegan? KyS, soy-eater l.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 74244
And the green party. And the CDU. They are all Anti-German parties who ruin Germany with their 'sanctions against Rusdia' which make Russia stronger and completely destroy what is left of the German economy.
No. 74245 Kontra
Like every party? Swap SPD with CDU and it's basically the same.

I laughed about the schizo thinking Occams Razor is leftism while in the past it was a thing of people around the Vienna Circle and is a thing is used on the context of debates on the scientific method.
But one thing that the schizo was saying later on reminded me of what I heard today from the international press voices the German state broadcast is giving daily: a Taiwanese newspaper said that Russia has lots of energy and food making it possible to satisfy basic needs over a long period of time that this war can take (we are speaking of several years) and the the EU or US could tear under their own problems as they have to look for supply elsewhere, but also the inflation. But I'm not sure how true that is, energywise it might be true for the EU, food I don't know. Afaik the US is exporting energy as well. The inflation still stands.
No. 74248
43 kB, 458 × 520
226 kB, 893 × 692
Ultimately, the ability to withstand a long war of this type comes down to economic strength and the ability of people to bear sacrifices. Of course, the western powers are bound to be victorious in a simple war of economic attrition against Russia. In terms of food supplies which will continue to reflect themselves on food prices, richer nations will find it easier to deal with them. The only variable will be people accepting to bear the costs for a war they could just ignore. It's interesting to note that in posts from the Russian MFA they tend to bring up various European protests against living costs. The real victims from these supply shortages will be people in nations that simply lack money to pay more for food.

No. 74260
The [[[mysterious]]] fires in Russia keep happening. hmmm.jpg
No. 74261 Kontra
> Swap SPD with CDU and it's basically the same.
No, not really. The CDU is known to be weasels and opportunists, but I would expect differently of a party calling themselves "social democrats" acting all high and mighty when the CDU is making another anti citizen law, when they themselves (together with the Greens) have so far been involved in two wars in Europe since WW2 and the introduction of one of (of not) THE most anti-social programs in history of this country (Hartz IV). And don't even get me started on what they have done between 1914 and 1933.
The saying doesn't go "Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten!" for nothing.
No. 74262 Kontra
Weren't it German commies who refused to cooperate with social-democrats against Hitler with known results?
No. 74263 Kontra
No, it was also social democrats refusing to cooperate with communists (still do).
No. 74264
I don't know much about German shenanigans, but the Comintern did end up favoring Stalin's position that these social fascists were well, just fascists. So the question becomes, who broke up first?
No. 74288 Kontra
80 kB, 828 × 1792
442 kB, 2560 × 1920
848 kB, 1920 × 2560
764 kB, 1536 × 2048
I know someone who cannot get over this very fact till this day that he has to eat SPD every morning to soothe his resentment.
No. 74296
No. 74297 Kontra
No. 74303 Kontra
This machine does not kill fascists.
No. 74304 Kontra
It's not an outright laugh, but the SPD toaster evoked a constant, sensible chuckle from me for the past 10 or so minutes.
No. 74305
>Chinaball is actually a german
At last I truly see...

Although to be fair it should be mentioned that all parties sell party merchandise.
No. 74307
They sell that waffle-iron for >60€.
Same model without SPD-branding retails for 25€.


>Worker's party makes a profit on trash produced in Asian sweat shops under near slavery conditions
It was SPD/10.

Of course, worker's parties were a scam from the beginning. It was all just a way for the 'leading comrades' to grow rich and powerful and dumb little idiots supported their future exploiters so they could get exploiters by then instead of the current exploiters.
No. 74308
That doesn't look like the same product.
Do other German parties sell toasters too? Given the national breadphilia, it's practically a statement of patriotism.
No. 74313 Kontra
1,0 MB, 2048 × 659
Bestron is a Dutch importer in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Turns out there is a whole lot of money in selling Chinese crap at a 200% mark-up to the European lower class, just look at the parking lot.
No. 74316
113 kB, 1000 × 671
10 kB, 236 × 213
45 kB, 815 × 900
406 kB, 1536 × 2048
It is not the toaster, obviously, but it is the SPD-waffle iron, I am pretty certain of it.
Wonder if the board will post the images this time.

While Germany is a culture of bread, it is not a culture of toasted bread. Still, at least one other party sells toasters. Toasters used to be common promotional gifts. It has tempered down a little, but giving certain mid-range incentives to the purchasing department of customers used to be part of German business culture. My dad once got a Bosch grinder because he send out an order to Bosch, my grand parents got several toasters and a simple dia-viewer (not a projector) that actually worked when the lighting conditions were favorable. As companies grew more sensitive to corruption on the part of simple office-workers (not top-tier management, of course, they can be as corrupt as they please to) and as costs have been slashed, this is mostly over.

Still, we get the most god-awful Christstollen from Wago every year. You can count on mid-sized enterprises from eastern-westfalia being conservative as fuck.
No. 74318
85 kB, 950 × 450
Wait, there are companies that send some kind of Christmas bread to their loyal costumers?
Germany really is a fascinating place.
No. 74319 Kontra
Addendum: I now realize I have repeat orders from Wago. I wonder if they would send me some Christmas bread if I harassed them.
No. 74321 Kontra
Neither my friend nor I have much to do with Germany. He did so out of an visceral urge after reading about the history of KPD, SPD and how NSDAP took over. If any Ernst has access to SPD's transaction log, he could find the record of a toaster shipped to China a year ago.

>all parties sell party merchandise
SPÖ doesn't, at least not online. Said person has complained about the lack of an SPÖ toaster because apparently he also dislikes Karl Renner.
No. 74322
SPÖ is not a german party, though.
No. 74323 Kontra
arr rook same :)
No. 74325
>He did so out of an visceral urge after reading about the history of KPD, SPD and how NSDAP took over. If any Ernst has access to SPD's transaction log, he could find the record of a toaster shipped to China a year ago.

Is that considered weird in China? I guess most people would consider that to be a weird thing to do.

Does the communist party sell toasters? Asking for a friend
No. 74329 Kontra
>Is that considered weird in China?
Definitely. Toaster isn't a household thing in china so I doubt CPC sells it.
No. 74387
fucking kek