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No. 73211 Systemkontra
108 kB, 597 × 800
No. 73212

Now, I wish we had an Alpinist Ernst here. But this comes close to mountain wisdom :DDD
No. 73214 Kontra
Last threda:

I enjoy the paintings that you select for the Today threads that you initiate. Thank you for your service.
No. 73215
Let us talk about something nice.
I am currently listening to Özgür Baba, some old dude sitting in the turkish mountains playing his lute.
It's pretty nice, you should give it a listen:

No. 73222
You are welcome.
No. 73224
329 kB, 1999 × 1333
Thanks for the advice. What you are describing, however, is pretty far from what I would desire. I have great memories of an innocent stroll I did with a female friend long ago, and the chemistry only really happened during the lunch breaks and because we were only both of us, we could stop the break whenever we wanted.
I did my fair share of via ferratas. :DDD
No. 73226
I was wise not to spend money on a covid test as it has since become apparent I am now a host to a Chinese super virus. I can't swallow and I have a burning fever. I am sorry for speaking poorly about sinologists, please uncle, it was only a foolish joke.
No. 73228 Kontra
74 kB, 910 × 684
Too late.
No. 73229
50 kB, 640 × 413
This seems like a common progression of the Chyna virus:

-Suspect that you might have it
-Get mild symptoms
-Wonder what all the fuzz was about, doesn't seem to get worse
-Become terribly ill
-Recover from weeks to months

Hope you have someone to take care of you, at some capacity at least. Try to stack some food and a lot of water by your bedside. Paper towels of course and maybe wet hand towels or something to cool you down from time to time. Hope you got a mild case and feel better soon.
No. 73230
92 kB, 680 × 816
Not an alpinist but I know my way around the local national park if anybody wants to go take a look around.
No. 73233
Most of my acquaintances had it (hell if I know if I had). Only 2 or so had it the hard way. My chief experienced serious fever - never quite stopped working regardless - and a loss of taste, but still recovered in about a week (he's overweight and not very young, mind you); most had it easier. And the pathogenicity of new strains does reduce in time. Covid basically validates taking a shot to be somewhat acquainted with the virus beforehand and taking some measures to slow down its spread, but definitely is not a reason to panic. If you're going to die, you may die even from common flu with comparable likehood. No one is going to live forever anyway.
No. 73236
When I got off the plane to return to Aus, the first thing I see in the terminal is a screen with two messages alternating,

1) come see koala :D welcome to australia :D (pictured cute koala)
2) hate-crime killer who threw exchange student off secluded cliff finally captured :D (pictured - murdered foreigner)

This same alternation was present on screens throughout the whole arrivals area too.
No. 73238
Duality of (Australian) man.
No. 73261
Found a Belarussian passport lying on the street, a 15 year old girl dropped it there, if it were a local's passport I'd just have handed it to the police, but I thought she would be unable to return home without it, so I found her on social media and sent her a message, turns out, she's a conservatory student here, so I shouldn't have worried. Still, we met and I handed it over, she even tried to give me some money, lel.

Anyway, it felt nice to do something good today, even if it's a minuscule thing.
No. 73263
Today I was buying floor tiles from a store called Ottoman Ceramic Designs. The owner told me he was Turkish which I had of course assumed from the name of the store and his ambiguous ethnicity and impossible to identify but clearly foreign accent. I replied "Oh, so that's why this store is named Ottoman Ceramic Designs. I thought it was because you coordinate floor tiles with furniture." Without irony he replied "Everyone knows the Ottoman you put your feet on but there was an Ottoman Empire. It was a Turkish empire for 400 years. But all empires must end." I considered replying that certainly by 1914 the majority of Turkish nationalists did not consider the Ottoman Empire to be Turkish and welcomed is fall and the emergence of a Turkish state. But I felt he would think I was being a smart Alec or might engage seriously with me then quickly become disappointed by my inability to continue past my imageboard-tier superficial remark that implies further knowledge without actually possessing it. So I merely bid him goodbye then made a post because even in America that guy's behavior is a bit funny.
No. 73266
Why does being a student rather than a tourist make losing her passport less troublesome?
No. 73269
I have a scratchy feeling in my throat since a couple of hours and I swear if I get fucking corona now - two days before going to a concert which I bought the tickets for before covid-19 was even in Europe and which I have waited for more than two years and which I took two days off from work for - I will fucking break down.
No. 73270
Because applying for a new passport or retreving the old one from the police takes time. which is a problem if you've got tickets home for tomorrow, less so if you're living in the country. Still saved her a lot of hassle and worrying, I bet.
No. 73275
Get tested, at least. Don't go there if you are sick to infect everyone else.
No. 73277
What concert is it?
No. 73279
One of those concerts that just kept getting rescheduled again and again during the last couple of years? If so, it's not worth breaking down over. There will be a new one I'm sure.
No. 73280
Yeah, I won't go if I'm positive. I did a self test for now, it was negative. Gonna see how I feel the next two days. Maybe it is just my silly allergy to certain types of coffee, I had a coffee today at work.


>One of those concerts that just kept getting rescheduled again and again during the last couple of years?
No. 73286
As conversation length between two elderly men increases, the probability of one mentioning serious health problems approaches 1. Why do they do this? It doesn't even have to be them, which would at least make some kind of sense, but today I heard an old guy talking about someone he knew who was going through shit.

t.Has overheard too much

Perfect small talk execution. Get in, demonstrate you can engage, then get out.
No. 73290
I can't understand how people can lurk by phone. I have been for the past days (not by my own will) and it's extremely irritating.
A single sentence looks like a whole paragraph, you only get threads bitwise and typing on a phone is among the most irritating things in the whole world.
I suffer on the Germany how not a single soul has ever suffered here.
No. 73295
You'll find out when you are old enough.
No. 73298
1,5 MB, 4032 × 2005
2,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
2,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
Yesterday the electricity went away which set off the house alarm and for a second I thought someone started a nuclear war. Turns out the fridge was acting strange but nothing else happened. We thought it broke and already lamented how much it'll cost to replace and how it'll take up the money my father earned, but apparently it works no problem now.

I wrote an okay Latin test today I think. Lecturer said "Collegae Ernst, you are like a pearl in a wine. You keep rising. Albeit very slowly."
Classical Chinese class went very well thought I spent like like 40 minutes before it sleeping in the library instead of preparing.
Lecturer asked me what's going on and I said I don't have anything to report on my projects or anything, but as it turns out, he was expecting me since apparently I always tell some relatively meaningful happening.
Told him about the practice article I wrote on Legalism for another class and he said "There you go, knew you had something to mention."
I'm satisfied with that article. Showed it to an "intellectual" friend who has nothing to do with the Far East and he said it was captivating.

They had free books out. They said they have more inside but I couldn't find it, but I stumbled into another library that had more. Took a Japanese novel, a Chinese novel (both in German), some sanskrit poetry (also in German), volume two of a Russian history book, a Huizinga volume, a Bismarck biography, Thomas Paine's Rights of Man and also Rybakov's "Unknown Soldier". They had two sets of "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" but both sets had volume one missing.
Then I carried it all back to the Far Eastern Library.
>Hey Miss, I want to test a stereotype. - I told the librarian
>Go ahead.
>Do you happen to have a bag?
>I might
>People who are big into books always have a bag on hand. I'm the exception.
She had a bag I could use.

Classmates were impressed with my finds and found it odd that I feel confident enough in my command of German that I read books in it.
Had a discussion about collecting books at the library with that girl and the librarian and basically the librarian concluded that we're both insanely autistic because we keep tables of what we read or have.
She (the girl) said that I might never read these books, but I told them that you don't need to read all your books, because a personal library serves as a database and a set of references. She also said that I'm possibly hogging up books people could read, but I told her that I no longer have this worry, since as I've come to find, nobody actually reads books, so there's no harm done.

Had the best translation seminar this semester. Instead of discussing pre-made translations we did at home, we focused on like 6 lines of dialogue and translated it on the spot. It was a really great clash of viewpoints.
We went hard at it with another guy and I felt like I felt short, because I kept falling back on "that's your literary taste, not a fact".
After class I told the lecturer that I think she should do more of this because it not only felt more stimulating intellectually but also more beneficial. Might have been a bit overly brave on my part but it was just so much better than the boring shit we did all semester sometimes just discussing each other's translations instead of stimulating each other.

Anyway I had a good pizza at that Türkish place I went to last time (Found out the guy's Turkish) and then went home between classes so I don't have to lug my laptop and books around. Fell asleep and because of this I was like 5 minutes late, but this time I could actually stay awake during the scientific writing class.
We talked about recensions and approaches to writing one. We also discussed the possibility of the workshop organising an Oriental Studies conference next year for students. By the looks I might be the organiser if it actually happens.
Also asked how should I approach possibly writing a study and holding a presentation in the "National Scientific Student Circle's" competition next year. It's good practice and also the possibility of winning is very enticing. Nobody actually gives a shit about it in the Chinese department. Koreanists and Japanologist regularly go toe to toe but we don't even represent ourselves.
No. 73301
> but both sets had volume one missing.
It's a conspiracy.
No. 73305 Kontra
I haven't had my Knoppers today, I win the Germanic sufferlympics.

I was down because I feel lonely, why do I feel lonely out of all days today? Because I've been to class with that stunning woman again and we sat next to each other and back home I was thinking about how it would feel like to cuddle her. Also I caught her glancing at my laptop screen.
No. 73306
36 kB, 487 × 495
Think you're suffering? Think again. I had set aside the last serving of mämmi and my gf ate it.
No. 73313
> Germanic sufferlympics
You're not German, Spede
No. 73315
You still haven't made a move? You and you alone are in charge of prolonging your suffering.
No. 73327
143 kB, 1200 × 846
>You'll find out when you are old enough
When I'm elderly I will limit my conversation to the topic of construction techniques, and how they should be improved.
No. 73332
Print that post and look at it again in fifty years
No. 73334
Mein gott, I can't believe I almost missed the post-systemkontra Germanic posting in the last thread. One even talked about shitposting as a "closed system". I have no idea what he meant, but it's quality.
No. 73335 Kontra
319 kB, 960 × 1440
>One even talked about shitposting as a "closed system"

That is a gross misrepresentation.
Rex, schnapp dir diesen südländischen Cyberkriminellen, er gehört hinter Gitter für diese grobe Fahrlässigkeit!
No. 73336
No. 73338
Fugg :DDD
No. 73340
325 kB, 1152 × 2048
No. 73342
You know, Currywurst alone is pretty tasty. Döner alone is pretty tasty.
Now combining those both... this can only be Ruhrgebiet or Berlin.
I am so sorry you had to see this.
No. 73344
Ruhrgebiet and it's beautiful.
No. 73345 Kontra
And it's not Döner but Gyro(s)
No. 73346
39 kB, 644 × 631
Landlord sends you a message asking whether you watched movie X on date Y. How do you respond?
No. 73347
Well, did you? Did you pirate it perhaps?
No. 73348
>No, i watched this fascinating documentary about bureaucratic processes regarding waste disposal in the early ottoman empire.
No. 73349
19 kB, 480 × 360
On all levels except physical, I'm a German.

Tell them that you feel insulted as you aren't a simpleton who results to mindless audiovisual stimuli when there's still books to be read.
No. 73350
>And it's not Döner but Gyro(s)
What's the difference?
No. 73351
With long and snobbish review on movie X (regardless of whether I've watched it).
No. 73352
I’m getting quickly in a mental state similar as what I half-described here around last year regarding the girl if anyone here happens to remember. I now have prior experience to this kind of weirdo meltdowns which may help me overcome this with a bit more dignity and intelligence.

To give context, she’s in a group of friends. I must have started to half-consciously fantasizing about her. She recently shows interest to another guy in the group. I think I got jealous and it’s now hard for me to focus on things and I’m feeling tired. I want this to stop, I know I can stay like this for way longer than I should.
No. 73353 Kontra
Different meat, different seasoning. It just has a similar shape when cut from the meat tower. One could think you aren't German, or barbariously German.
No. 73354
>One could think you aren't German, or barbariously German.
Are you greek or something? Btw, what's the difference between greeks and turks anyway?
I rarely eat gyros because there's barely any greek restaurants where I live
No. 73355
Oh no, it sounds really bad. Get out and get you somewhere else. Not getting any and seeing potential love interests getting something is the worst. Have been there. Perception is a bitch here.
No. 73356 Kontra
>greek or something

No, I'm just a man of culture :DDD But less not dive any further into the sea of ignorance. I can already sense where this is going again.
No. 73357
Oh come on, just when I thought I met a german capable of banter.
A friend of mine is greek and he always gets mad when I ask him what the difference between greeks and turks is.
No. 73374
There could be ernsts arguing with each other in a systemkontra'd threda on page 20-ish and no one else ever knows.

400 years? Anyway you overestimated how much average people knew about their own nation/country. Quasi-knowledge from imageboard memes would suffice. But I concur with your decision to not comment about things you don't really know.
No. 73376
>I identified with Raskolnikov when I read Crime and Punishment
I identiified with Ivan and Alyosha when I first read Brothers Karamazov. But after I read that DFW identified with Smerdyakov in his book review, I realized I too have been Smerdyakov all along.
No. 73378 Kontra
498 kB, 720 × 540
>Walking to metro station with girl after class
>Waiting for our trains to come
>She asks me if I have any plans this weekend
>Tell her just the usual studying and reading
>Looks at me a bit disappointed
>Ask her "Why?"
>She lights up and with a small stop asks me "Would you like to go on a date?"
Holy shit it's happening. My heart was actually beating so fast and it's still beating so fast I can't concentrate in anything.
I really hope I don't fuck this up.
No. 73380
156 kB, 550 × 314
Nice, congrats! Just bee urself and it'll go great.
No. 73381
Congrats. She asked you, you can't fuck up if you behave like you have done with her in the past. She likes you already it seems. So don't change now.
No. 73388
Congrats, Ernst. Just be yourself.
No. 73391
Cool, good luck.
No. 73393
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyFQVZ2h0V8 -- ITT :DDD
Adding my congratulations against.
No. 73394
Try to enjoy.
No. 73395 Kontra
243 kB, 1600 × 900
They grow up so fast! There he goes, making us all proud :D
No. 73403
Yes he specifically said 400 years. He might have been counting only part of their history for some reason but I didn't want to challenge/ask in case he was just completely wrong.
No. 73407
I am out of tissues for fapping.
I am also out of handkerchiefs, which is doubly shitty since I am probably getting sick soon.
I have been waking up with that particular burning sensation between nose and throat, had this weird pre-illness feeling in my head, including hot forehead/cold sensation and in the evening noticed that I lost my sense of smell.

Today at work I kinda slacked around, glad I'm a home office monkey. Tomorrow is an important meeting with a customer and I would like to attend it, but I am not sure if I can. It depends on how I feel tomorrow.

I am also considering trying to provoke the cold, since I get a bad cold once per year, but nothing else, at all, and since I have some big plans for June I would prefer getting it over with now instead of risking laying flat in a few weeks.
No. 73408 Kontra
Since we are at it.

Went to a bar to see some people. Among them a woman I thought might be interested. 30min in I think she then told me about her boyfriend, I know her for quite some time now even though we have rarely met, so I was surprised. Even more so as she said last time she would like to travel with a person now she did travel alone, I mean why didn't she do it with her boyfriend, why not mention that you have a person to do so? In German friend and girl/boyfriend are the same word and is usually indicated through a possessive pronoun. Not sure if it was the possessive pronoun or the undefined indicating a friend.
Either way, it felt a bit disappointing, like a rejection sort of but then I thought again, I'm just lonely, my world is not shattered and we went on talking and it really isn't, which makes me feel bad because I think I'm really calculator in that regard, not a good base. I need that drowsy, calm, safe and comfortable good feel, like you are home, that is what I need instead of the calculatory thought on intimacy that seems to drive most of my attraction, it just reminded me of my loneliness again. Maybe I'm just getting old and it doesn't feel so bad anymore to just know you can't have somebody you don't really know if you are being just honest enough, so why care. I still have the stunning woman which I exchanges glances with and such in class, maybe dog sent me a sign to finally get on the right track. the end: Ernst is perceived as creep by her and others :DDDD
No, there is some truth in mixed signals should be taken as a no. So while my world isn't shattered I'm still left with the void I've had to deal with before. Nothing really changed. Perhaps that is the shit part right at this moment.
No. 73411
146 kB, 571 × 1024
Tbh, solitary life is both lonesome and sometimes boring, however that is the way it is meant to be, so that's okay. Not good, not bad, just a different experience.
t. fate acceptor
No. 73412
> however that is the way it is meant to be
Well, at least you are probably not going to go on a killing spree. But maybe you should.
No. 73413
Solitary life is simply a different set of living conditions. One lacks a lot of of the interactions with a partner, but also avoids the negative ones. You may find yourself bored, but also never have to give up your time to do something your partner wants but you don't. This is the argument on one level, but also that the fundamental nature of experience is that any given experience is the unflawed version of itself. Vinegar isn't bitter or sour, it just tastes like vinegar. Much like how being single isn't something that is positive or negative, it's just being single.
t. laowai-zi poster
No. 73414 Kontra
Dude, when you want to know why she did not travel with her boyfriend, you can just ask her, maybe you will get an honest answer, maybe you won't, but you will be able to tell.
No. 73418 Kontra
No, while I cherish the mostly solitary life I live at most times, I cherish the love I gave and received more. It's a bit bleak though again at the moment. Also so many beautiful women in this bar. It's a sensory overload when you rarely go out by now and then go right where your type of people/women hang out.

She did travel alone, but not recently. She mentioned an ex boyfriend once. But I never met her bf nor did she says something like I see my bf / did something with bf etc. so I assume they lead a long-distance relationship. She just told me last time she would really like to travel again now with a person. It sounded like she is alone and would like to share a travel experience. There might be reasons why she doesn't travel with him, ok. But I'm not interested so much in why she doesn't do it then, if she is in a relationship. Maybe she said: ein Freund instead of mein Freund, it's one letter that makes a difference. Maybe she was meeting a friend and the "habe ein Freund getroffen / habe mein Freund getroffen", it's one letter in a loud bar. But tbh I will see her again, I won't ask for her bf. I will just carry on, and if she really sends any obvious signals I can still decide, but for now I just assume it's nothing. As I said that is ok for me. I fancy woman, but I know I don't really know most them, so it's ok. I think I was lamenting about another woman I met last summer here and that I really liked but I was a bit skeptical nonetheless and I did feel like shit when she told me she is unlucky in live with somebody that is not me. But continued to I meet her once in a while and by now I can say she is attractive in a way (calm, academic aspirations and some other things), sure, but holy molly we could never ever do as a couple (very differential opinions on some things that would blow up if coming out more prominently) and being with her now feels fine. I don't love her nor am I unlucky in love with her then.
As I said, in most cases, it is just my loneliness that wants to be disturbed by a woman, but that is not love and so one can go on quite easily. Not that it is not having any effect on my mood, knowing your loneliness will continue, no warm bodies, no oxytocin, there are no few meet-ups where you lay in bed together, cuddle a bit, joke around and then see that it's not enough or feels weird and then it's over. But at least for a few hours it was nice. It feels good, like drug in a way and that is not by accident of course.
No. 73423
It has been a year, and Ernstchan is still alive. It lived on as I lived (or not lived).
I had a troubling past 5 years, and did not post or interact too often here. But when I did, I did not feel so bad.
I see there is some new stuff in radio ernstiwan (EC Cinema and radio ports switched). As well, I see the same people posting as when I left. Thank you all very much for being here! Ernst is a part (a small part - but still a part) of the reason I did not kill myself 4 years ago. I think I am on a better path now.

t. CanadaErnst (now in America, probably permanently)
No. 73424
Nice to see you. I remember your posts pretty well and they're always quite thoughtful and worth reading. A pleasant reprieve from the shrill hysterics.
No. 73427
I do not know what to say, except that you are way to melodramatic about it. Don't be so damn complicated. It is not a very attractive trait.
No. 73429
649 kB, 867 × 720
>She did travel alone, but not recently. She mentioned an ex boyfriend once. But I never met her bf nor did she says something like I see my bf / did something with bf etc. so I assume they lead a long-distance relationship. She just told me last time she would really like to travel again now with a person. It sounded like she is alone and would like to share a travel experience. There might be reasons why she doesn't travel with him, ok. But I'm not interested so much in why she doesn't do it then, if she is in a relationship. Maybe she said: ein Freund instead of mein Freund, it's one letter that makes a difference. Maybe she was meeting a friend and the "habe ein Freund getroffen / habe mein Freund getroffen", it's one letter in a loud bar. But tbh I will see her again, I won't ask for her bf. I will just carry on, and if she really sends any obvious signals I can still decide, but for now I just assume it's nothing. As I said that is ok for me. I fancy woman, but I know I don't really know most them, so it's ok. I think I was lamenting about another woman I met last summer here and that I really liked but I was a bit skeptical nonetheless and I did feel like shit when she told me she is unlucky in live with somebody that is not me. But continued to I meet her once in a while and by now I can say she is attractive in a way (calm, academic aspirations and some other things), sure, but holy molly we could never ever do as a couple (very differential opinions on some things that would blow up if coming out more prominently) and being with her now feels fine. I don't love her nor am I unlucky in love with her then.
As I said, in most cases, it is just my loneliness that wants to be disturbed by a woman, but that is not love and so one can go on quite easily. Not that it is not having any effect on my mood, knowing your loneliness will continue, no warm bodies, no oxytocin, there are no few meet-ups where you lay in bed together, cuddle a bit, joke around and then see that it's not enough or feels weird and then it's over. But at least for a few hours it was nice. It feels good, like drug in a way and that is not by accident of course.
No. 73434 Kontra
I was about to interrogate you again on what you’re doing in Finland. You must be a proxy based on
>As I said
So you’re a German with a Finnish proxy. Or are you even German? Reveal your true form, demon!
No. 73435 Kontra
I need to learn more to be less of a retard.
No. 73438 Kontra
11 kB, 480 × 360
Thank you all!

Though I kinda wonder what she sees in me.
No. 73439
>Though I kinda wonder what she sees in me.
Stop doing that or you'll end up like a former friend of mine who married his first gf because "I won't find another one anyway".
Also, women smell low self-esteem and it repels them.
No. 73441
For me it’s more of a question born out of narcissism.
I wasn’t trying to impress her or anything, so I want to know what was it that did it for her. Maybe a bit of everything.
Basically all we did was talk about books so far.

I just like it when people talk about me and say good things about me and have a good opinion of me.
And this is the best opinion she could have so I’m curious.
No. 73443 Kontra
祝你周末顺利 :D
No. 73444
Has resigned as the only supermoderator of a Russian-speaking forum. The owner putting the banner "we solidarize with Ukraine" was the last straw. First, I don't, and many forum members sure as hell do not either. Granted, we sympathize to the average Ukrainian and we're against that damned war, but we surely aren't buddies with the Ukrainian state. Second, it's against the forum principles, in particular - to keep politics completely away from the average forum member (only the selected group of about 150 people, proved as being 100% sane and quite reserved, has been allowed to have political discussions there to begin with). If the owner is going to dismantle everything we've built in the last 10 years, he can do it without me. Third, Russian nationals (who constitute the majority) are leaving the forum rapidly after looking at that mess anyway, and it seems that the most sane, smart and educated part has already left.
No. 73449
I've finally achieved my dream.
I've become a boring fat asshole who wears polo shirts and works a middling tech job.

All that's left is to get an ugly wife and buy an SUV. Here's to 10 more years.
No. 73450
Well, it's now a full-blown cold.
Not as bad as it usually is, though just a few hours ago there was literally liquid DRIPPING from my nose, which I only noticed after the drop had already landed on my arm.
I don't feel well, but at least my skull cavities aren't completely filled with mucus, as they would normally.
I still finished work a bit earlier than usually today. I hope I can keep it this light.
Being sick isn't fun anymore when you're an adult.
No. 73452 Kontra
Well, why do you like her? I guess one thing you guys have in common is reading books, you have to find those people these days, especially when you look for avid readers. maybe you impress her by telling her what you read for instance

In general: certain background, sense of humor, being shy or not, having aspirations, goals etc etc etc. These are things that attract or repel people. And being shy is valued by some women for example. In the end it will be a subtle mix. And tbh after my lamento yesterday night I came to the conclusion that at least for me it is not easy to find a partner that has this subtle mix that makes me go head over heels. I'm picky because you spent a lot of time with this person, I think the best indicator is when you really feel quite "at home" with a person and this intensifies over the period you get to know them before you might kiss and such. Others jump from short relationships to the next. They take it, even though it might not be that good. I couldn't do it, although I can understand hookups or sneaky links but it's not very fulfilling either in the end.
No. 73453
I agree with you on the hookup stuff, but not on that before.
If you try and wait for everything to be perfect, you will wait forever, because at some point something will always not be perfect. A relationship doesn't just magically fall into place, it also needs work, from both sides.
Obviously this is not talking initial attraction, but initial attraction is not necessarily an indicator of long-term stability of a relationship.
And besides, people change.
No. 73454
Relationships are gay
No. 73456
Like, most people have about a week's worth of interesting conversations in them, that's it. Now imagine spending 40 years with such a person lmao.
Kinda like how even the best music bands have like 1 really good album in them. 3 at best. And once they said what they had to say, it's just mediocrity and repetition of old ideas from then on.

True romance is an ivory tower. "Personality" is a resource. Generated with monetary assistance. The trulh poor have no time for philosophy and books and shit.
Most people get together through mutual desperation. You have an intrinsic biological desire for intimacy. So do I. Let's get together in this expedient mutually beneficial arrangement. Plug, meet socket. No better metaphor for sex. I'm whatever you want me to be babe, coz there's no intrinsic meaning anyway.

"Eh, why not" - the wedding vow before the wedding vow, in most cases.
No. 73457
Not sure if brick or AI, but you are operating under the premise that people in a relationship are finished in any way, but people can discover and do new things together, or introduce one each other to new things.
They can even teach each other new things and it's all dependent on how willing you are to engange in that.
If you are just after plain carnal desire, you can do so, why not?
Also, people can be together without marrying, you know? I have been with the same woman for almost ten years now and I am far from sick of it. We also haven't married yet and don't really see a reason to, anyway.

You will eventually find someone, just be yourself :-)
No. 73458 Kontra
>Obviously this is not talking initial attraction, but initial attraction is not necessarily an indicator of long-term stability of a relationship.
>And besides, people change.

I whole heartedly agree. It's hard to describe the feeling of being at home. But it has to be there in order for me to think this is worthy of it taking the character of a relationship. As you said nothing is perfect, won't be perfect and that is definitely not what I meant with feeling at home. Feeling at home is includes the "in spite of" if that makes sense. While I met people I feel and felt attracted to, I never got to the point of feeling close to home so far in the last 2-3 years or so, probably (and it doesn't help I don't see that many people). Like talking about things, especially things concerning the outlook on life, personal experience of existence, and such on a level that makes that deeper connection possible among other things. Bit sand pieces can be revealed. But maybe I'm quite damaged by now (less socializing, too much reading) and it's hard for me to even make that connection again more easily since I might be too detached for many people. It's something I'm afraid of at times.
Humans/partners are full of flaws and irritation that will confront you and it indeed needs work. Ultimately, and your last remark is exactly that, it's uncertain of course.
No. 73459
It's at least beneficial to thoroughly think if you're capable of living together for a really long period beforehand.
No. 73462
Such a fine example of unexamined first world privilege, it could be a parody of itself.
You are under the impression that people in 3rd world countries have the means to educate themselves beyond state mandated level.
Unless you have the privilege to self educate, what you learned in state mandated school is what you get. Btw it's not in English, and the curriculum is based on outdated soviet bullshit, so even if you study hard, chances are, you're studying the wronv thing anyway. Enjoy being the best at the wrong thing.
You are also under the impression that people can get romantically involved willy nilly as if it were Germany, when in fact I live in a muslim country, so no, people can't just be together without marrying or whatever.
Go fuck yourself.
You too
No. 73463
2,3 MB, 640 × 482, 0:07
>Like, most people have about a week's worth of interesting conversations in them, that's it.
Where has your dialectical spirit gone?
A relashionship is to be seen as a synthesis of the contradiction that represent the couple. You don't simply give and recieve meaning in a monolateral way, the exchange creates a new paradigm.
No. 73464 Kontra
54 kB, 651 × 442
>Where has your dialectical spirit gone?
Probably consumed enough spirits for the night to accidentally down his own one as well.
No. 73465
You clearly haven't talked to 3rd wotld retards, or have never seen anything beyond their basic functions.
Xs bags islam btw
No. 73466 Kontra
Went to German class. Lecturer brought me a Chinese book he found at a street vendor. I think I made a good impression by being able to translate the title without much issue. Though it's not a big deal since it was "中国古代史" or "China's Old History".
It was only volume two, dealing with history from the Yuan to the Qing era, published in 1990 by the Fujian People's Publishing House. Very cool.
Fuck, I got like 12 books in the past two weeks and I haven't entered them into my database.
And I only spent like 3k on them since most were free. Got a copy of Catcher in the Rye too and I started reading it today.

Wanted to buy a cheeseburger on the way home but the bus I took home wasn't going that way so now I'm truly Hungary :D
My German essay was absolutely horrible. But I think the grammar just started clicking thanks to all the Latin and Greek I studied.
God, I wish I had time to learn Greek some more.
Anyway, the assessment is that I'm "talkative" with "good vocabulary", I just need to iron out the B1-B2 level mistakes when writing and talking.

Drank too much coffee before class so I felt a bit off as we talked. We talked about "finding something you like by chance or via recommendation" and I accidentally convinced the lecturer to read Venedikt Yerofeyev's Moscow-Petushki.

She looks good and she has a nice voice and dresses well and I can actually have a normal conversation with her without wanting to gouge my eyes out from boredom which is a big plus.
We're classmates but she's minoring in philosophy and is interested in linguistics and philosophy of language.

>maybe you impress her by telling her what you read for instance
I think it's probably the fact that I was very liberal in sharing my hot takes on literature and things.
I also remember her mentioning how she likes when I make a statement and then I so nonchalantly prove it.

我很高兴。我父母也很高兴。我妈妈就要认识她 :D

I feel like I'm getting better at Chinese, or at least 李老师 said so when I asked her for feedback :D
Don't know if we've mentioned the latter topic before, sorry if I'm repeating myself. The topic just sort of keeps coming up in my mind for some reason even if it's not very relevant.
No. 73467
> Anyway, the assessment is that I'm "talkative" with "good vocabulary", I just need to iron out the B1-B2 level mistakes when writing and talking.
Find someone to practice by chatting. Hard mode: Said person should resist the urge to switch to English when things get a bit rough.
No. 73468
Dear today thread,
The symptoms are mostly gone. I feel a little bit under the weather, but I probably wouldn't notice it if I didn't think I was going to die two days ago.
However, I have no appetite. Today I've eaten a grand total of two sandwiches, a banana and drank one beer. I do not feel hungry at all, having had to force the previous things down my gob. Mysterious. I'm not even sure if it was COVID anymore.
No. 73469
We could open a German embassy on /int/. But I think it would blow away any autism threshold that is left.
No. 73470 Kontra
Well, it's more like I should just actually give a shit and re-learn the declensions and conjugations + the complements for the verbs so I can actually use them properly.
In HS they never explained it so I just rolled with it and got through school somehow (with an over 90% Abitur in German so I don't even know what the fuck was going on.) but now I know what the fuck a case is, so I'm ready to actually use them.
No. 73472
There are more from where you came from? How many German ernsts even are there? Think of the power that could be unleashed on /int/ if the entire volk was mobilized. Discussions continuing past a systemkontra on page 3. Entire threads derailed over an attempt at clarifying a noun.

we probably just get a skewed sample, I can't imagine a /b/ Ernst is as powerful as an /int/ Ernst. also I may or may not have begin posting under a germball
No. 73474
Glad you're doing better again.

I managed to live through quarantine with my flat made who had covid; 10 whole days and I didn't get infected. No symptoms, but also confirmed by 3 tests over three days before going out again.

For the past two days I've helped my mom move to a new place and the grunts doing the grunt work (mom hired some local firm) were 4 serbo-croats, only one of whom spoke German. None of them wearing a mask and at the end the one with passable German skills started sperging about how vaccination kills you.

Uncomfortable and awkward moments were had.

They were really nice lads though and did flawless work.
No. 73475
Luring Germans into /int/ is a good idea if they are gonna speak international language (English, Latin or Esperanto). Otherwise what's point of it if there is /b/ to practice German language?
No. 73477
I'm out of alcohol and the bottle-o isn't open yet (8am). I suffer on the Australia.
No. 73478 Kontra
Do you drink beer(s) for breakfast?
No. 73479
I wanted some rum because it's cold. But no more captain morgan left so I feel bad man. Also my back is sore and boozing is more fun than aspirin.
No. 73480
4,9 MB, 4000 × 3000
Also already had ans beer. Didn't do the trick.
No. 73481 Kontra
That sucks. But you're definitely right about the fun aspect.

Wonder why I asked about beer specifically.
No. 73482
That preview (not saying thumbnail because I doubt any human has a thumbnail that big) looks really weird, kinda stretched. The actual picture looks rather normal, I checked.
No. 73484
last night I befriended someone while piss drunk, but I have no recollection of who they are or what their face looks like.

I he doesn't greet me on the streets one day, that'd be awkward.
No. 73485
308 kB, 300 × 100, 0:02
Ah yes, I recall we had a Canadian Ernst who would visit the States. A fan of jazz iirc. Good to know you're doing well, or at least better.

>Ernstchan is still alive
Hmm, that could make a good banner :3
No. 73486
I think it would be easier for Hungary to just visit /b/. There are literature and aphorism threads right now.
No. 73487
4,2 MB, 640 × 352, 0:17
Me trying to get work done at new job while everyone else is partying.

Is this normal in your cunt?
No. 73488
They found me and are forcing me to participate.
I should have turned off the lights
No. 73489
361 kB, 978 × 640
Nice, love it! There's quite a backlog on banners these days, hope they will still be implemented.
No. 73490 Kontra
>filming vertically
No. 73491
I pretended to go to the bathroom and then went back to my room.
But if they see me here again, it'll be even more awkward. Need plan B.

I am missing out on my lunch break walk and cigarette because the conference hall where they're celebrating is right by the exit.
No. 73492
What kind of party is this anyway and why are you working?
No. 73493
It was just a fun idea to have an embassy, not that I was actually considering it since /b/ exists.

Drunk Ernst befriends/harasses the working lad.
No. 73495
Fuck, now they know I'm a weirdo. It hasn't even been a week.
And it was going so well.

I just don't see the appeal of being in a room with 30 people and a snack table. What's so fascinating to neurotypicals about such an arrangement?
No. 73496
> What's so fascinating to neurotypicals about such an arrangement?
I suppose the snack table is a constant here. The rest depends. If the people are more or less acquainted, you typically stick to the more appealing (for various reasons) sub-units of that company, occasionally intermingling with others as a social ritual (also allowing one to express himself to some limit). Extraverts typically try to be everywhere, of course.
No. 73498
I really fucking love snack tables.
No. 73499
I don't see the appeal of the people but I see the appeal of the snack table tbh.
No. 73501 Kontra
46 kB, 612 × 411
Someone guide me to the snack table at once.
No. 73503
I did a quick test to see just how slimy the innards of my skull are.
I made a sandwich with a thick layer of dijon mustard, a bit of salami, and japanese wasabi (the good stuff you can feel tingling under your scalp even in small doses).

The theory is that the VOCs aren't able to elicit a reaction in the head because all the mucus is blocking them from reaching the sensitive spots.

And that is exactly what happened. The amounts of mustard and wasabi employed here would usually be too much for me to bear, but today, apart from a tiny little sensation in my nostrils, I didn't feel anything.
No. 73506
I've really been milking the "sorry, I have/had COVID" card. I wonder how long I can continue using it as an excuse to avoid work and social events without people being suspicious.
No. 73507
Just say you feel tired all the time, people will assume you have long/post covid.
No. 73508
J most enjoy works that are so old or so foreign that I have no context in shich to interpret them.
It allows me to better appreciate the thing itself, rather than reading it as a proxy for some other thing.

Context can be blinding too.
No. 73509 Kontra
I found my old wii and the sensor bar is missing. After a bit of searching I cannot believe it only provides infrared LED and has no data transmission to the console. I lit two candles and it worked.

宇文所安 (Stephen Owen) -《論語》:「視其所以,觀其所由,察其所安。」
費正清 (John King Fairbank) -《禮記》:「昔吾有先正,其言明且清。」
史景遷 (Jonathan Spence) - 取「景仰司馬遷」意。
蒲立本 (Edwin G. Pulleyblank) -《論語》:「君子務本,本立而道生。」
高本漢 (Bernhard Karlgren) -「我本是漢人...」
伯希和 (Paul Pelliot)
沙畹 (Édouard Chavannes)
狄宇宙 (Nicola Di Cosmo)
施舟人 (Kristofer Schipper)
这是我印象比较深的几位。不过也有白一平 (William H. Baxter) 这样像是早上在公园里打太极的老头一样的名字。
No. 73510
169 kB, 790 × 1200
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Wow that's neat. I assumed it worked in reverse, as in the "sensor bar" having IR sensors and the controller having the LEDs. Never owned a Wii though.
No. 73511
What on earth? German?
I'm sorry but you seem to have gotten the wrong gentlemen...
No. 73512 Kontra
52 kB, 734 × 576
I got confused by your messed up quote. Now, what on earth are you doing in Finland?
No. 73513
Is 'میز میان وعده' snack-table in Persian? I used Google Translator, I'm fairly certain 'میز' means table but I can't seem to find the translation of 'snack'

Fun fact: The Somali word for table, 'miis', is a derived from the Persian word for table
No. 73514
125 kB, 600 × 873
A relative worked here back in the 80s, I'm an anchor baby
No. 73515 Kontra
46 kB, 630 × 400
Interesting. Well, now I can stop screaming "proxy" every time I see you post.
No. 73516
330 kB, 480 × 270, 0:19
That's a relief. By the way, do you use any of the online food ordering services?
I'm trying them and Wolt seems to be of the highest quality
No. 73517
I received a second-hand one as a present. I never really played anything other than Wii Sports. Now I'm going to give it to my 11-year-old cousin because I saw him playing mobile gacha game the other day. I'm in hopium that it can distract him from that Skinner box. Probably won't work because most of his classmates play that game and it's vital for socializtion.

Also, good luck fighting your doppelgänger.
No. 73518
40 kB, 612 × 373
No, I've only used Foodora and that was years ago. Stopped using them when the local pizza-kebab "restaurant" kept adding ham to vegan pizzas my gf ordered. The service is fine I guess, just depends on where you're ordering your food from.

I do order all of my groceries from K-Ruoka. That works beautifully, except that I have to go to the local shop if I want to get any beers.
No. 73519
>I received a second-hand one as a present. I never really played anything other than Wii Sports.
Sometimes I do get the urge to get a post-2000s Nintendo console just to explore the first party titles specifically. Many of them have such strong visual language that's very different from anything else, though maybe indies are starting to steal some of that now. Maybe an emulator would work for this as well, though the controls might be an issue especially with Wii(u).

>Now I'm going to give it to my 11-year-old cousin because I saw him playing mobile gacha game the other day. I'm in hopium that it can distract him from that Skinner box. Probably won't work because most of his classmates play that game and it's vital for socializtion.
It's scary what mobile games are doing, not only is the monetization strategy just evil, they're constantly getting more creative with the social aspect as well. Some of these games look like you're working a fucking job checking in every 2 minutes and coordinating with your "clanmates" or whatever the fuck. Who knows where it'll end up, but it's not looking great at the moment. So props to you for at least trying to save your cousin!

>Also, good luck fighting your doppelgänger.
:D T. Hanks
No. 73520
41 kB, 474 × 546
>No, I've only used Foodora and that was years ago. Stopped using them when the local pizza-kebab "restaurant" kept adding ham to vegan pizzas my gf ordered.
Wow, that's the most unprofessional thing i've heard in a long time
No. 73521
I had a sorta mirrored experience a couple of years back. A new pizza place near me put vegan "cheese" (oil whipped to look like the real thing) on pizzas we ordered. It was absolutely disgusting.

That place didn't last long, I wonder why.
No. 73540
52 kB, 560 × 444
I will not do anything productive today.
No. 73542
889 kB, 3264 × 2448

When you suddenly have contact with people in a row of days and no time to waste on autistic discussion anymore. Perhaps Portugal is already starving from the lack of german autism?
No. 73543
264 kB, 1600 × 1200
I realize I must make pilgrimage to Germany at some point and observe your people in their natural habitat. Of course, I wont be able to understand what they're saying but that also applies to the discussions on systems.

I wonder if I could sell alheiras to the Germans.
No. 73544
>Alheira (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈʎejɾɐ]) is a type of Portuguese sausage, made with meats (usually pork, veal, duck, chicken, quail or rabbit) and bread.
Why not, sounds tasty.
No. 73547
I'd be interested in how you perceive Germany tbh.

The snack dish I posted is dutch though and quite different from German snacks. I'd try yours immediately although the green doesn't look that tasty but look and taste don't have to be congruent.
No. 73548
49 kB, 700 × 394
>and quite different from German snacks

No. 73549
The Currywurst might be one example of similarity due to the sauce. But Dutch have more onions, more variety due to colonies (different sauces is one large difference) or things like bami/nasischijf. Also Kaassoufle or kroket with a meat filling of strange consistency. They have kebab and stuff as well, but there is a notable difference in snacks. Also, think of the automatic snack vendors. The snack culture is different and notably different I'd say. I could imagine that this snack culture is dying due to different eating habits like the healthy consciousness wave and vegetarian/vegan numbers growing.
No. 73550 Kontra
137 kB, 357 × 473
It happened. I have a girlfriend.
Roll the credits pls.

I put on my hawaii shirt, went there and had a six hour long date at a teahouse.
I paid of course.
No. 73551
> six hour long date at a teahous
The heck do you do at a teahouse for six hours? Do tell.
No. 73552
We had tea. And some cake.
But we mostly just talked about random stuff.
No. 73553
42 kB, 612 × 373
>It happened. I have a girlfriend.
You made her sign the contract, right? Otherwise it's not official.

Well done :D
No. 73554
Dog braise the gravitational love forces of higher education :DDD

No. 73555
And do you know what to do next, how to proceed? Have your parents had 'the talk' yet with you?

Use condoms, etc

Also congratulations :-DDD
No. 73556 Kontra
>Have your parents had 'the talk' yet with you?

Ernst the sex ed coach :DDDD
No. 73557
Congratulations! You will do Benis in Bagina xdddd
No. 73560
Hey now, congrats my friend, well done!
And may your first child be a masculine child.
No. 73563
My son, you are man now. All will be well.

>I'd be interested in how you perceive Germany tbh.
Maybe more people would. I could write down an account of my findings and even if my writing isn't all interesting, it's possible some Germans would still feel compelled to read it.
Seeing Germany in the whole is a gargantuan undertaking, I am not yet ready. Too many regions, too long to properly study the various subtypes of Kraut.
I also worry it is not different in a significant way from the European social democratic society I live in, except better. Ernstchan turns out not to be a good sample and Germans are just like us.
No. 73564
>it's possible some Germans would still feel compelled to read it.
We are deeply insecure about our national identity and feel compelled to read anything outsiders have to say about us.
Some popular youtube channels in Germany are just foreigners telling us what they like about Germany, no joke. I think it might have gotten to the point where it is a just a little cringeworthy.
No. 73565
>it is not different in a significant way from the European social democratic society

Definitely. And yet Germany will give off a very different feeling than Portugal overall I imagine. The details. Weather, signposts, peoples faces in the street, the shops, the restaurants in the countryside vs in the cities. Some German indie movies can capture German specialties very well.
No. 73566
1,2 MB, 1125 × 1551
The socialist party is trying to sell me gay flags on the Instagram XD
No. 73567
985 kB, 350 × 197, 0:02
Just received a mailer from the local school district, and it included their annual budget proposal. 122 million dollars, split between admins, capital, and education programs. 5300 students in k-12, which means we spend 23k a year per student. Holy shit that's a lot.

t.Bored enough to read junk mail

There is only one thing to do at a time like this...strut.
No. 73568
>Ernstchan turns out not to be a good sample and Germans are just like us.
Well, I think it's more an "Ernst is Ernst" thing. We are here and not somewhere else for a reason.

>I think it might have gotten to the point where it is a just a little cringeworthy.
It's always funny to in turn see the awkward germans next to them being embarrassed, or saying straightout they don't like Germany. Hating yourself is also a very german thing.
No. 73569
47 kB, 457 × 510
> Hating yourself is also a very german thing.
Only after we lost the war.
No. 73571
>Only after we lost the war.
Which one?
No. 73573
Pick one
No. 73574
6 kB, 275 × 183
No. 73594
I tried to play civ 5 today, for the first time in 5 or 6 years. I felt very iq89 - I forgot everything, and the AI was rude and boxed me in, then aztecs decided to have a forever war. It was shameful. I haven't felt this way in a game for so long - so much to relearn. I feel like I'll get bored of it quickly, but for now it's nice. I feel like once I understand the mechanics, I will just begin to minmax, and it will turn into a performative slog.

Lately I haven't been enjoying film like I used to either. For several years I would watch at least 2 or 3 movies a week - now for the last several months, I struggle to get through one a fortnight. I tried to watch wild goose lake before (definitely not bad), and just got bored. I don't know if it's just that I used to have all the free time I wanted, and could focus entirely, or something else. I feel like I've seen most of the ones that really jump out at me (there will always be more though), but the feels I used to get from film aren't there in the same way they used to be.

I will see the northman on tuesday though - even though it's just supposed to be another Hamlet storyline, it sounds fun. Hopefully it changes something. I just don't like this feeling of becoming estranged from something I used to be so fond of.

Such cases

Don't teachers in the states get poverty-line wages too? Do they need to report where the money specifically goes, or just the amount? I think here the cost per student would be similar, but teachers here earn double what they do in the US.

Congratulations Ernst :~D
No. 73599
>Don't teachers in the states get poverty-line wages too?
Not quite poverty-line, but they get below average salaries. 44k to start here, which is $21/hour. To put that number in context, McDonald's pays $18/hour. The broad budget categories are broken down into line items like "School Library & Audio Visual - $1,133,549" and "Contract Transportation - $1,398,600". Pretty good detail, imo.
No. 73603
1,4 MB, 2560 × 1920
Non-germans of /in/, can you dance?
And by that I don't mean pogo or some b-boying, but "standard" dances like foxtrot, waltz and the like.
You see, dancing schools are a thing in Germany. Somtimes it's older people, but usually it's adolescents learning how to dance at all. It's often rather awkward because, well, it's teens. And not seldomly they're being forced by their parents.
I never went to a dancing school (never went to any club, even if I had wanted to), but I know enough people.
I also know a woman who does even tournament dancing as a hobby. She's not pretty, but she has great legs, but that's not the point.
I also never found formalized dancing to be fun.
No. 73604
Depends also entirely on the town you live in. In my hometown, high school teachers made anywhere between $50k-$90k with an average of $66k.
No. 73605
Nope. Seems incredibly lame and incredibly boring. Where I'm from, you'd probably get clapped for being into that shit lol.

Only dancing I can do is going mental in a pit, and mixing it with some bad/drunk moonstomping.
No. 73607 Kontra
661 kB, 1000 × 1540
Oh, I remember some people from my high school class did those dance lessons when we were 13-15yo or so. It's a bit cringy indeed. I've never ever. So to this day, I can't dance any standard dance. But I've spent some years in techno clubs and on psytrance festivals. So a feel for rhythm exists, which isn't that hard when it comes to techno or other 4/4 music tbh.
No. 73610
850 kB, 280 × 210, 0:07
>can you dance?
No, I have never attempted to dance in any capacity. Well, one time my brother floated the idea of my joining him at a club and I asked if you were expected to stand there, or somehow sway with the music. Alone in my room I tried to figure out how that worked, spent ten seconds walking back and forth, and then gave up forever. I did not join him.
No. 73611
>Phil Collins
I'm more of a David Byrne guy myself.
No. 73613
63 kB, 1280 × 720
I did a lot of abstract body expression for theater over many types of music, but never conventional dance. My mother strongly encouraged me to join a hobbyist ballroom dancing club in my first year of university but I disregarded that offer and don't regret it. I'll keep jumping in approximative rythm with friends while ebriated.
No. 73614
>I did a lot of abstract body expression for theater over many types of music
Something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLU_dAlyRz8
Or this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDywMUdVPqk
No. 73615
More likely along the lines of https://yewtu.be/watch?v=NmGWCzBdcqY&t=40s
No. 73616
72 kB, 709 × 550
What you did there...I..uh..I saw it.
No. 73617
Actually, this is a much better version of the piece: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=27fWeDjPojY
No. 73618 Kontra
Tbqh it looked more like this on good days.
But we never did abstract dance representations, it was always part of a warming or exercise and always in group.
No. 73621
That's not quite as bad as I thought - I thought they were more like 45k - 55k, topping around 70k.

Here, they start in the 70k range, and tend to top out after a few years around 100k. You're starting at more or less the median adult full time wage, and it's only up from there.

A low starting can't be good for attracting the brightest to the profession.
No. 73622
Again, it depends on the town you live in and the type of teaching. Teaching an elective class like programming, home economics, economics, government or foreign languages will earn you less than teaching the fundamentals like math, literature, history or sciences. Coaches / gym teachers are always paid the least, but even they can be expected to enjoy at least $50k. Let's also not forget the benefits packages these teachers enjoy.

My hometown was very rich and bourgeois, so it could easily afford the taxes to pay those salaries. In smaller towns, the pay is likely going to be less, although my residence is in the boonies has teachers earning anywhere between $56k and $74k with an average of $64k. Not that much different, although this town has seen better days.
No. 73623
No. 73625
401 kB, 657 × 609
I see your single use daily anthem and raise you one universal daily anthem of my own.
No. 73626
Is Shostakovich an EC-meme or has he generally gained fame lately?

In any case: Not what I expected when I clicked taht link.

Also, listening to that I begin to wonder if the guy had ADHD, that piece has very much an AHDH quality to it.
No. 73627 Kontra
The heat is here. Daily outfits needs to be changed, it's t-shirt season. Summer is truly here with a nice 27ºC.

For all its worth, he is the only composer to ever be featured on an EC banner.
No. 73630 Kontra
92 kB, 1024 × 576
Luckily it's still only 6C here, 27C is way too much. My apartment gets to 30+ with a bit of sunshine and a couple of hot days. Suffering incoming.

It's a Finnish tradition to wish for summer all year long but when it finally arrives you'd wish it was winter again.
No. 73631 Kontra
Well, the daily temps have recently been:
No. 73634
The joge is that the 9th symphony was commissioned for the ww2 victory parade, and what Shostakovich delivered was a sarcastic mockery of the whole thing. Imagine it playing over a military parade.
Today is 9th may 2022, 76 days since beginning of special military operation on the Ukraine.
End of joge.
No. 73635 Kontra
>My apartment gets to 30+ with a bit of sunshine and a couple of hot days.
Kalsarikännit time's :DD
No. 73637 Kontra
>Kalsarikännit time's :DD
You know it :DDD Time to make another batch of mead to keep me on life support.
No. 73640
>It's a Finnish tradition to wish for summer all year long but when it finally arrives you'd wish it was winter again.

Some Teutons seem to have been inspired to follow this tradition then.
No. 73641
>Some Teutons seem to have been inspired to follow this tradition then.
That's because it usually goes straight from 3C+rain to 33C+sunburn with nothing inbetween. I suffer at +25C.
Provided we don't get a normal german summer with 13C+rain.
No. 73642
> Some Teutons seem to have been inspired to follow this tradition then.
It's a universal feeling. Either
No. 73646
Alright, so I found out that those two German Ernsts (bike ernst and car ernst) names are Dirk and Pascale (or Markus)

No. 73652
> Alright, so I found out
This is why we can't have nice things.
No. 73653
307 kB, 1892 × 1892
I apparently commanded tickets for a Kraftwerk concert two years ago and it's happening on Wednesday. It's sad that Ralph is the only one left...
No. 73655
1,7 MB, 3000 × 1637

Graftwerg :D - Das Ernst

Er ist ein Ernst und er sieht gut aus
Ich nehm' ihn heut' gerne mit zu mir nach Haus'
Er wirkt so kühl, an ihn kommt niemand ran
Doch vor der Tastertur, da zeigt er, was er kann

Er trinkt in Nachtclubs immer Sekt (korrekt)
Und hat hier alle Autisten abgecheckt
Im Scheinwerferlicht sein ernstes Lächeln strahlt
Er sieht gut aus und Ernstheit wird bezahlt

Er stellt sich zur Schau für das Todayprodukt
Und wird von dreißig Augen angeguckt
Sein neuer Pfosten ist einfach fabelhaft
Ich muss ihn wieder sehen, ich weiß er hat's geschafft
No. 73657 Kontra
>implying it's hard to find out the single german owning a car
No. 73658
428 kB, 1000 × 563
Last week of the lecture period. Exams will start again.
The day after tomorrow I'll have the oral component of the Chinese exam.
Ahead of schedule.

Latin lecturer is gracious so he will raise everyone's grade by one if they take part in some fielwork, which is visiting Aquincum, Budapest's Roman era archaeological site.
I will go to save some of my honour that's left.

I don't know how this gf thing works. She smiled at me a couple of times, but we didn't talk that much today and she didn't sit with me during class, but she did write me on facebook using a heart-kiss emoji so I don't know how this works.

I don't think he gained any more fame, he's just famous in general.
(Deservedly famous I might add.)

Yeah it's quickly turning into hawaii shirt season.
Too bad that when it's scorching hot outside the Far Eastern Institute's library is cold as shit. (It's in a basement.)
No. 73659 Kontra
1,1 MB, 279 × 219, 0:04
Doxxing Ernsts? Stop being a 4kankermongool my man. If you were to post someone's full name and address I'd probably send them a small gift over the mail just for fun. Aren't we past the "anonymous" shtick already?

Maybe I misunderstood something by not clicking the link. My apologies if I did.
No. 73661
Too late. I've doxxed you now:
fugging assburger :DD
No. 73662 Kontra
145 kB, 1600 × 900
Good. Now everyone will hear my message.

No. 73663
>I don't know how this gf thing works.
Good to see you here. Most dudes tend to just vanish when they get their first gf. I was gone for a year or so back then.

A few words of honest advice: Don't be needy/clingy. As paradoxical as it sounds, the one in the relationship who appears to care less wins. And be yourself. If she doesn't accept you for being you, it won't work out. And if you realize it probably won't work out, break up instantly instead of clinging to a faint hope of things getting better. It will only lead to you crying in the bathroom all by yourself.

Also, as Schiller once wrote about women,
>Bumsr sie, bumsr sie bis ihre Mulle sich weite!
No. 73664
>Maybe I misunderstood something by not clicking the link.

You should have clicked the link, it's a safe mega-corporate website.

it's a German and very recent news report about a car driver trying to run a biker of a road

Haven't you talked and stuff, spent time together the last days?
No. 73665 Kontra
23 kB, 468 × 307
>the one in the relationship who appears to care less wins
Beautifully put by the most romantic man of Germany :DDD
No. 73666 Kontra
Is the Schiller quote actually true and the origin of the Mulle meme or did you made it up?

That fresh into any kind of relationship thing they should cling to each other anyway? My personal experience. We couldn't spent the next day but that day after we met and basically every other day to kiss and stuff we had sex the second time we met :DDD
No. 73667 Kontra
>it's a German and very recent news report about a car driver trying to run a biker of a road
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggg :DDDDD
No. 73668
>Is the Schiller quote actually true and the origin of the Mulle meme or did you made it up?
Ach Ernst :3

>That fresh into any kind of relationship thing they should cling to each other anyway?
Being inseparable at the start is different from being clingy. I mean, we don't know anything about her, maybe Hungaryball is her first boyfriend, too.
It was just a general word of advice from my almost decades (plural) of experience with women.

Fun fact: I am indeed very romantic.
No. 73669
>Ach Ernst :3

The bumsr seemed out of place, but you never know with those old people, they had a strange way of talking. Mulle could be an 18th century word.
No. 73670
>but you never know with those old people, they had a strange way of talking. Mulle could be an 18th century word.
Ach Ernst :3

You might know classical german literature, but have obviously not been lurking long enough. Check this:

Ich war letztes Wochenende mit nem Kollegen auf einer Hochzeit seiner Verwandten und war auch schon gut angetrunken. Wir hatten uns richtig in Schale geworfen und Mercedes S-Klasse Leihwagen war auch am start, aufjedem fall dort angekommen standen auch schon 2 richtig süße Mädels am Eingang und haben eine geraucht die ich dann charmant angesprochen habe ob wir hier richtig seien und das eine Mädchen sagte zu mir "Du bist definitiv richtig hier" Aboooow habe ich nur gedacht. Die mussten aber dann schnell weg weil der Onkel von der einen kam. Im Saal angekommen saßen wir zufälligerweise genau gegenüber von denen und hatten ständigen Augenkontakt und sie hat mir dann ein Zeichen gegeben ihr zufolgen. Sie hat im Flur meine Hand genommen und wir sind hinter so einer Gardine verschwunden wo wir sofort losgelegt haben, die Frau hatte Pfeffer im... Es ging richtig zur Sache und sie hat ständig gebrüllt "Bums mich, bums mich bis meine Mulle sich weitet!" , hat mich richtig angetörnt! AUfeinmal reißt die Gardine runter an der sie sich festhielt und wir beide liegen am Rand des Tanzsaals umgeben von 500Gästen Südländischer Herkunft!!! Das Mädchen war kreidebleich und hat nur noch vor sichhin gestammelt und zum teilgestöhnt. Ich war aber so geil das ich mir dachte, "sterben wirst du sowieso aber zumindest mit dem Puller in der..."! Aufeinmal fangen alle an zu Klatschen uns feuern uns an: "Bums sie bums sie, bis sich ihre Mulle weitet" Aboooooow dachte ich mir nur und hab losgelegt mit der Show und alle Kammeramänner drehen durch und zaubern spezialeffekte ein in dem Film und die Band spielt aufeinmal so richtige Bumsblasmusik.. Seitdem bin ich auf jeder Feier von denen eingeladen...
Das peinliche war: Meine Schwanzgröße war an dem Tag 17CM anstatt einen 18cm Thaiboxerschwanz zu repräsentieren!

That said, "Mulle" is certainly not a neologism created during the time this pasta was created. Coincidentally, just yesterday I watched "Zwei sind nicht zu bremsen" and Hill's character calls a girl "Mulle-Maus" several times. As for the actual origin, no idea. Don't we have a bunch of humanities people here whose job it is to know shit about language?
No. 73671 Kontra
Oh, but on the topic of "old people talking strange", I think not everyone might know what kind of a peepee poopoo humor enjoying bydlo Mozart actually was.

No. 73675 Kontra
>Check this:

I've been lurking long enough to know this one, but I've already forgotten it.
No. 73677 Kontra
>forgetting the abowww pasta
No. 73678 Kontra
I did not forget Abooww. Now that we talk about pasta, the ones that come to my mind are the one about how doors are made, the hipster one and that's basically it for the moment. PUA-Bernd maybe. Baring and the German future where people of different religion/ethnicity get deported, though I'm not sure if that counts as pasta. I never saved any pasta.
No. 73679 Kontra
>are the one about how doors are made, the hipster one and that's basically it for the moment. PUA-Bernd maybe. Baring and the German future
Doors pasta is about the best pasta KC has ever seen. The Berlin hipster one is also funny and PUA-Bernd, sparingly used can be cool too. I never liked the Kommando Sarrazin stories, they were already too unironically rightwing fantasy back then.
But there are some rare classics like the Casio pasta (...nur in Strandnähe), the guy always feeling the helmet on his head, "Ich lachte sehr als ich hörte dass der Haider tot ist", Rolfgang Schneubel, basuka nemen, etc.
No. 73680 Kontra
I agree on the door pasta

>they were already too unironically rightwing fantasy back then

yes, that is why I refused to call it a real pasta, more like a forced story.

>classics like the Casio pasta (...nur in Strandnähe)
>man du must basuka nemen ;)

I remember those, but the others are vague, I remember Haider stuff, not sure about the helmet. There certainly have been more.
No. 73688
I wonder if my ability to function better in society compared to years ago is a consequence of my soul searching + trying to forcefully adjust, or if it's just my physiology stabilizing with age, and it would've happened anyway.

Self agency is annoying in that it can not be empirically tested by definition.
No. 73690
What if you haven't stabilized, but if society got more insaner?
No. 73691
Why not both, boolean Brick?
No. 73692
96 kB, 1280 × 720
Because the answer to the question of "did my actions contribute to result X" is binary in the first place?
So if the answer is "both", then the answer is "yes". If my actions were even a 0.0001% contribution to the outcome, then the answer is "yes".
I mean, the word "OR" is right there in the original post.

I've been making less and less ebin schizoposts on EC, so clearly I'm stabilizing into a boring asshole.
No. 73693
>I've been making less and less ebin schizoposts on EC, so clearly I'm stabilizing into a boring asshole.
I am not quite convinced your post frequency on EC directly correlates with your mental stability.
No. 73694
For this exercise you can assume that my output on EC == my overall output, because EC is literally the only place where I express my thoughts, since I have no social life or anything of the like, and I don't post on any other website either.
No. 73696
So all we can conclude from this is that your general output has decreased, which still doesn't tell us anything about your mental stability.
No. 73701 Kontra
70 kB, 524 × 640
186 kB, 680 × 403
54 kB, 320 × 480
680 kB, 890 × 1024
A higher general output seems to be associated with more schizo ramblings. Less output = less need to schizo rambling. Lesser schizo ramblings = better mental space. We still don't know what causes the lesser output though.
No. 73705 Kontra
Those are just assumptions, dear colleague Dr. Ernstsen.
And besides, we don't have the means to quantify the schizo rambling quality, i.e. what we perceive as schizo ramblings might not actually be "schizo rambling", whereas his mind might have become more schizo despite sounding more "normal".
No. 73707 Kontra
Today I spend a couple of hours talking to a cute grille, had fun - it's always nice when someone laughs at your jokes. Made plans to meet again.
Then I went home and masturbated. I realized I don't care much for her and don't really want to see her again :DD
Now the question becomes, when are my thoughts more valid?
No. 73708 Kontra
Post-nut clarity is a thing.
If you don't feel attracted to her after orgasming, it was simple physical Trieb.
No. 73709
> seems to be associated with more schizo ramblings
Not much, on 4chan majority of posts are both short and schizo.

To make a balanced decision think while masturbating and telling her jokes at same time.
No. 73710 Kontra
Mit Verlaub Herr Kollege Dr. Wurf but this is what I gathered the object/subject under scrutiny is assuming of his own condition.

I need this Chad energy to approach my mysterious beautiful woman at uni, she was aggressively holding eye contact today again several times. At the end of class, I had a rather shallow conversation with a woman I had zoom work with during corona last winter instead though. Sad we just had a shallow and short talk. I enjoyed the group work with her back then, she was engaging with the text very much and she also was funny. Together with the other person, we all showed a dedication to making a group project happen that was unmatched so far by all group works I had to do.

Also, somebody I know got into a relationship and it makes me kinda as sad as when I found out that one girl has a bf contrary to my assumption (yes, the last time we met she mentioned him again, this time no misunderstanding). What does it tell me? I'm just lonely and should be careful what I really think of women I meet. Just like Portugal had to realize. And it also tells me I should be happy for these people because I don't romantically care for either of them, lol.
No. 73711 Kontra
>what I gathered the object/subject under scrutiny is assuming of his own condition.
And this, Dr. Ernstsen, is where you err.
First of all, the subject's own accounts rarely tell us the truth.
Second, as our subject being of the central asian turk-related haplogroup, having a specific slope of the forehead, coupled with a characteristic ridge in the lower third of the back of his skull and on top of that not being able to speak german, trying to communicate with it is not merely difficult, but neigh impossible.
I say we bring it here and subject it to further tests, you know, cranial measurements, full genome sequencing, reaction- and pain tolerance tests.
No. 73712 Kontra
>the subject's own accounts rarely tell us the truth.

Aber werter Herr Kollege, I never said that this is true, I was merely restating some data in order to make us think again. I suggest further EEG and the graphs will reveal the inner life of this blue brick in no time. If that really will gain no further insights, I suggest dissecting the patient's brain to make out the malfunctioning parts of the brain anatomy. The schizo module of the brain is easier to detect than most people think.
No. 73713
442 kB, 1512 × 2016
Me opposite settis. Less I post, the worse my mental state is because if I'm posting then I'm either really into something, or bored out of my mind. If I'm into something then I'm not having bad brain settis, If I'm bored then the brain settis are at least not so bad as to distract me. When I'm in that ugly middle ground of very un-hittin brain settis then I'm basically the walking dead or a neurotic mess :-DDD
No. 73715 Kontra
No chad energy, I am Ernst. I get excited and become too friendly because monkey reaction. There are worse things,
>I'm just lonely and should be careful what I really think of women I meet.
Or not :DD maybe you should be more careless. There is nothing wrong with being friendly and allowing monkey reflexes to takeover, at worst you stumble and make a fool of yourself - but you have something to post on Ernstchan about your sufferings.
No. 73723
1,4 MB, 3423 × 2139
I did the oral component of the Chinese exam today. Teacher said I shouldn't be afraid, because I did well.
Though she did us all dirty at one part. One of the tasks were to repeat back a sentence after hearing it twice.
Now she picked 弟子不必不如师,师不必贤于弟子。 [Disciples are not necessarily inferior to teachers, teachers are not necessarily more capable than the disciples], which seems innocent enough, but we all got caught off-guard by it, because it's on of the few Classical Chinese sentences the textbook teaches us for some reason. So I was like 老师,这个句太难。这不是现代汉语,这是文言文。
Apparently she liked it that I could identify it. Yeah I think I made a good impression by having some small-talk between the tasks (in Chinese obviously). Gotta show off that competence.

On my way home I looked at the book carts. I found the first volume of that Chinese history book the German lecturer brought me the second volume of. No idea how this thing ended up here of all places.
It was "in" the cart, not on its shelves, but I dared and took it out. Asked if it was for sale. Clerk said it is for sale, but he has no idea what it is actually.
I read it aloud for him and told him I was looking for volume one.
Was surprised, asked me about "sensitive" topics in Chinese history, I gave it my best to satisfy his interest in the topic, threw in some pro-China points and honestly, I think I changed his opinion on the country somewhat.

Apparently I left my student ID at the library. Got a text from the librarian that it's waiting for me. I'm going to pick up tomorrow.
What a pain in the ass. I sometimes leave it there somehow. You need to put it down as ransom or something and sometimes after a jovial talk about some random bullshit I just wave goodbye and leave without it for class.

Now I have a couple hours before an online class so I'm gonna study some more. I'm also gonna write a small review of a classmate's essay I have to do for tomorrow. No better time.
I'm reading it now, but oh boy, I no longer feel bad about all the grammar mistakes and typos I make. But then again, I never really review my own shit, I just hand it in after a short preliminary browse I do.
Not that I'm perfect or anything.
No. 73724 Kontra
I just took a retrointrospection. I wondered why I started studying history some years ago. When I left school a long time ago I wanted to study sociology. I cannot even say if already back then I had this idea of staying at university. Anyway, my grades were too shit for sociology (:DDD I hated school and did the minimum until Abitur) so I did something else instead but quickly left and I partied/drugs for another three years. Then I returned to uni doing history and I was good at it and fascinated by what I was learning. And then the thought of staying at university came back. This was 5 years ago or so. I have no idea why it was history exactly, I had no job in mind when enrolling I think. Cannot believe I actually wanted to work at uni when I was 20 or so, I mean I read a lot of books back then but I didn't catch much from it. Tbh when I now see 20 year olds reading such texts and saying something about it I sometimes feel bad for myself because when I was that age I was afraid of going to class with people older than me and knowledgable while I didn't get most stuff.
No. 73725 Kontra
I'm gonna do it. I'm going to lie again.
If anyone asks, tomorrow I'll be clinging on for dear life as I battle COVID. I swear this is the last time.
No. 73726
419 kB, 1024 × 589
Reading the first chapter of a book by Bruno Latour, enfant terrible between hard science and social science (that is Marxists and other critical theory guys going towards the historical materialism end of the spectrum)

Here, Latour is reacting to his critics from different disciplines:

>The ozone hole is too social and too narrated to be truly natural; the strategy of industrial firms and heads of state is too full of chemical reactions to be reduced to power and interest; the discourse of the ecosphere is too real and too social to boil down to meaning effects. Is it our fault if the networks are simultaneously real, like nature, narrated, like discourse, and collective, like society? [Latour: Have have never been modern, p.6]

I like that position. And yet I imagine it got heavily under fire. Might read that at later points in my life. At the same time I wonder from a historical perspective how Latour and his fellow companions arrived at the Actor-Network-Theory. What is the world in which this theory could emerge?
No. 73732
> I swear this is the last time.
"Sorry, I died"
No. 73733
Faking my death would be the final power move. Reinventing myself as Ernst von Bauhaus, Austrian beekeeper.
No. 73735 Kontra
35 kB, 600 × 442
>Have a chance of setting up yourself anywhere
>Choosing Austria
No. 73736
What's not to like? Sun, sea, cute koalas, throw a shrimp on the barbie, Foster's, no poofters, m8.
No. 73737
Who said I'd move to Austria? I'd just regale people with my accounts of various hijinks involving running a successful beekeeping operation in the Alps. My uptight but folksy persona would disarm anyone I encounter.
No. 73738
653 kB, 986 × 655
No. 73741
35 kB, 560 × 637
Not gonna say anything.
No. 73742
Yes, this is what I meant, Austria, home of people like Stever Irwin and Josef Fritzl.
No. 73743
242 kB, 1024 × 1038
Here you go, serious answer.
No. 73744
227 kB, 897 × 678
You could join my group of Alpinists.
Fritz Herrenherscher, a slim faced northerner with granite edged cheekbones and an always clean-shaven face, his occupation is that of a medical doctor and in his free time he is an ornithologist;
Carla Louisa Bachmacher, a teacher with a burning passion for Kant as well as the Wienerkreis. She has a musculus body from weight training she is doing against the odds.
Adolf Loswein, an adventurous man, traveling for the world for than a decade now by boat albeit following the call of the mountains, heir to a seals producer. Is interested in the history of alchemy.
Gertrude von Stiegenfels, bohemian and daughter to famous atomic physicists Heinz Casper von Steigenfels, her laughter is dangerous and can destroy spinal cords.
And lastly me: Max Wilhelm Faber, coffee house dweller that made enough money in a former life with patents for complex machinery with a love for mountain ranges in Latin America.
No. 73745
49 kB, 512 × 983
No. 73746 Kontra
229 kB, 857 × 1200
No. 73749
This is exactly how I imagine Germans and I would be thrilled to join this group.
No. 73750
39 kB, 1200 × 675
>She has a musculus body
I see what you did there.
No. 73751
This is a great idea for sitcom.
No. 73752
I'm not as invested in physiognomy as 19th century or early 20th century writers that is what I think is the case after reading a bit about physiognomics "research" about the evil and crime committers during those times. I could imagine writers were exposed to a discourse on physiognomy as well, else I'd give detailed descriptions of their faces and built to make for the character. What would be the forehead of Loswein? What jaw does Stiegenfels have, her eyes? Like a predator!
No. 73754
176 kB, 457 × 545
You laugh, but my grandfather who worked at a bank and was in charge of hiring, due to lack of a better protocol - used the theory of the four temperaments to decide who would be a better candidate.
I should call him. He is the Ernstest man I know.
No. 73755 Kontra
72 kB, 837 × 651
I'm snacking on some almonds but all I can think is the marzipan horrors that I've witnessed here.

You have cast me into eternal torment and agony, Ernst. I will never forget what you've done to me.
No. 73761 Kontra

I was reading about Lavatar but also a bunch of other guys. The criticism was quite strong even back then but also many people defending this stuff. I think people like Ernst Jünger were super fans of physiognomy, maybe not very Lavater but definitely hold it high. I remember reading his diaries in Paris (not for long, too boring) and he was describing every persons physiognomy in detail.
No. 73763
Funny, just this week I was shopping at Lidl and passed the baking ingredients and actually considered getting another piece of marzipan raw mass to present on the EC again.
Although, I still have some Ritter Sport Marzipan in the fridge, so I might present that instead.
No. 73764
4,2 MB, 4000 × 3000
You know, why the fuck not?
No. 73766 Kontra
86 kB, 955 × 634
You think this is a motherfucking game?
No. 73768
No. 73770 Kontra
No. 73771
241 kB, 1324 × 993
1,4 MB, 474 × 316, 0:02
No. 73772
Very good Ernst. Marzipan Herrenrasse!
No. 73773
This isn't Hotel California. You can check out AND you can leave.
No. 73775
18 kB, 400 × 271
No. 73776
37 kB, 600 × 450
after my searches, it seems LIDL only had marzipan here during Christmas of 2019. I assume no local dared to eat it and the marzipan funds were allocated to the nugget machine.
No. 73777 Kontra
86 kB, 1024 × 576
Good one :DDD
No. 73778 Kontra

>reading essay for tomorrow's seminar to share opinion on it
>bitch cites one of his own seminar papers
I don't want to read five more of this this is just boring shit.
They keep using passive sentence structures and fucking up plural and singular verbs because it's both stylistically barren and overwrought at the same time holy shit.
It's like reverse-runglish but in Hungarian. Everything is full of unnecessary "the-s".

I just noticed there's a 中 volume too I don't have I'm so fucking done with this.
We should introduce the death penalty for splitting up book sets.
No. 73779
Every country has stuff seen as disgusting by others. Go ahead, show us your local "specialty".
No. 73780
337 kB, 1600 × 1195
42 kB, 400 × 300
Rate ours.
No. 73781
But Ernst, marzipan isn't really gross, just odd.
we have snails and bull's testicles.
No. 73783
I've had grilled kangaroo before. In a small town Chinese restaurant here in Germany, believe it or not.

No issues with the shade of green of that pea soup either, would try.
No. 73785
Where's the vegemite? And is that pea soup out of a can that wasn't heated all the way through? Leaving a puck of it floating on the rest of the soup.

Now I'm hungry for pea soup. Without a puck preferably.
No. 73788
54 kB, 683 × 1024
155 kB, 1289 × 959
60 kB, 680 × 1020
That's a pie. A pie floater is exactly what it sounds like, a pie served on pea soup/mushy peas, often with some ketchup on top. Though I've never seen one with the peas also poured on top.

Here's another Aussie classic: fairy bread.
No. 73789 Kontra
Anglo """""cuisine""""" is really something else
No. 73790
> Here's another Aussie classic: fairy bread.
You could have posted another picture. I vote chip butty. Not like the Aussies came out of nowhere.
No. 73791
Eh, chip butty isn't quite an exclusively anglo thing, we also have Pommes im Brötchen in some places.
The Toast Sandwich, on the other hand...
No. 73792
380 kB, 1536 × 2048
I went to the Kraftwerk concert. It was pretty important for me because I've been listening to this band for longer than I remember. My mom came with because the tickets were initially a birthday gift, we ate a small kebab together at the concert entrance and she offered me an Autobahn T-shirt for the occasion. The other people there looked like they were part of a Hyperborean retirement home.

Since nearly no one came to party hard we managed to get very close to scene. A Krafterk concert consist of looking at four old Germans standing still behind desks while cool visuals appears behid them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EBTn_3DBYo. For this tour they wore latex suits and the visuals were in 3D, everyone had glasses on.
At some point, three highly euphoric ravers came front and started messing with old people while screaming to the band to turn the volume up and I was displeased. In the end it was still great and I'm glad I could look at them before they all die.

How are they seen in Germany? My german teacher in high-school seemed to regard them as boring classic variety.
No. 73793
>How are they seen in Germany?
I don't think I have ever heard anyone talk about them.
They exist and are recognized as pioneers of electronic music, but I have also never been around any kind of electronic music people long enough to get a deeper insight.
No. 73794
188 kB, 500 × 375
The toast sandwich is a meme, if you mentioned it in Britain nobody here will understand what you're talking about unless they've read that specific wikipedia article.

It's like Stargazy pie (apparently this is a popular meme in China) which is only cooked once a year in one place in Cornwall, and they do it for the sake of whimsy and tradition. Somehow the internet makes people believe these things are mainstream or well-known in Britain.
No. 73795
>Somehow the internet makes people believe these things are mainstream or well-known in Britain.
I don't think it's the internet making people believe that...
No. 73796 Kontra
You wouldn't encounter a toast sandwich or stargazy pie in Britain if you spent your whole life here. In fact I had heard of neither until the internet, so I don't know how else foreigners would know about them.
No. 73797
I was alluding to Britons being known for having really weird and shitty food. It's not something that has only existed since the internet 2.0; so on account of you people already having a certain reputation it isn't hard to make people believe you eat other kinds of weird/shitty food.
No. 73798
> in some places.
No idea where that could be. Any hints?
No. 73799
You know, I always assumed it was some kind of Ossi think, but I just googled several permutations of fries in a bun and couldn't find anything.
Turns out, rummaging through my memory I definitely know a snack stand in the town I went to school sold "Pommes Frittes im Brötchen". He basically punched a hole into the bun and stuffed it with fries.
I always thought it was something from another region, but as it turns it was most likely just an Einzeltäter.
No. 73800
354 kB, 1092 × 1023
835 kB, 2134 × 2753
I wonder how long it will take before that joke loses its popularity. Possibly never, since people still joke about Napoleon being short two centuries later. From experience I can say the only two countries I've visited where the food was bad were Ghana and America. Ghana because the general food quality is poor, and because fufu is the least enjoyable staple you could ever imagine, and America because everything tasted very processed and fattening.

I found it interesting on this chart how Germans have the most negative perception of British food out of any country apart from Japan - especially since German food is, in my experience, the most similar to British food of any place I've been.
No. 73801
>Finland 2nd worst
What's wrong with finnish cuisine? Also USA doing surprisingly well. t. clueless.
No. 73802
Hamburgers, steaks, chowder... tasty!
No. 73803
One understands the national bias when answering about your own people's food, but the Finns answering that mämmi is the apotheosis of culinary experiences is very funny.
No. 73804
10 kB, 66 × 364
134 kB, 756 × 356
Man, Japan are fuggin haters, and they clearly can't handle the garlic. Guess it's unpolite to smell like garlic or something.

Well, true. Best to keep it simple.

Just read a mämmi recipe, doesn't sound too bad, would give it a try.
No. 73806
> any place I've been.
Where exactly in Germany have you been? There's huge regional differences.
No. 73807
127 kB, 1025 × 689
59 kB, 552 × 518
I don't mind combining pea soup with a pie in a meal, but I'd eat them separately. Why ruin the texture of the pie?

>What's wrong with finnish cuisine?
Almost no one knows of any Finnish foods. Those who do have probably seen mämmi and maybe surströmming, thinking it's Finnish. So with those data points you'd be insane expecting that we have anything tasty to offer. And to be fair most the traditional foods are peasant foods for people who had no access to spices and very little ingredients to work with.

Of course (in my opinion) we have decent cuisine based on somewhat unique ingredients and dishes. You'll get a decent understanding glossing over Wikipedia's Finnish cuisine article. The presentation is horrible in those pictures, but probably realistic considering what you'd be served at an average home. And as that graph is a global popularity contest of cuisines the results don't surprise me at all.

p.s. I've attached a great traditional recipe for everyone to try at home:

North-Karelian squirrel soup
2 dried squirrels
1L peeled potatoes
1½ tablespoons of wheat flour
1 small onion
a little bit of butter

I won't bother translating the instructions, it should be pretty straightforward :D
No. 73808 Kontra
Non-meme answer: most innards of average livestock and poultry are commonly edible here.
I'm not sure about the actual popularity of more exotic ones.

>〔1〕 本篇最初发表于一九三三年九月十六日《申报·自由谈》,署名旅隼。
No. 73809
> to try at home
Should I go to the nearest forest and try shooting squirrels with a bow (failing miserably), or ask at a deli to get laughed out of the shop?
No. 73810
224 kB, 900 × 750
544 kB, 2048 × 1152
Bundeskanzler Kohl (pictured, RIP) was said to be really fond of Pfälzer Saumagen (pig's stomach, also pictured)
No. 73811
>with a bow
Protip: A slingshot works as well and is sneakier. You should shoot all grey squirrels on sight anyway.

It's really nothing more than a kind of sausage, the stomach is just to keep it all together. And it tastes pretty well, I might add.
No. 73812
Me and some friends travelled from East Germany to Berlin, down to Thuringia and then through Lower Saxony where we continued our travels into the Netherlands. The German food we ate was familiar fare - lots of beer, bread, potatoes and pork. A few things stood out; German sausages have a different texture to British ones, the mustard isn't as strong, and sauerkraut isn't common in British food while cabbage is (though waning in popularity). On a separate occasions I've crossed over the border near Strasbourg where the food had a more Gallic feel, but I've never had the chance to visit Southern Germany/Bavaria so I can't comment on the food there.
No. 73813
139 kB, 1200 × 900
Lame. There's better goodie in a pig.

All hotpot restaurants serve these. But I'm too much of a timid weakling to ever try.
No. 73814
Without translating the filename whatever this is doesn't look bad.
>Timid weakling
Is it hot? Or full of piss?
No. 73815
62 kB, 850 × 478
Would you consider cheese fondue as disgusting ?
No. 73816
29 kB, 400 × 185
Only if somone keeps dropping bread
No. 73817
We once had cheese fondue, but apparently you pour wine and schnaps into it, which kinda gave it a bad aftertaste imo.
Otherwise, I love molten cheese.
No. 73818
I would strongly advise against adding wine and schnaps in your fondue. Even adding schnapps at all is a bad idea if you never ate cheese fondue before, the taste is very strong, but white wine is indeed necessary.